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Something for each of the senses, something for the mind, for the soul, a good base, and a little bit of magic. What are some of the potions formulas you've come up with for your games?

Sleeping Potion

A base of warm milk, cloth from a blindfold for sight, fabric softener for scent, a feather from a pillow for touch, a bit of Nyquil for taste, a yawn for sound, a clip of sheep's wool for the mind, and a folded lullaby for the spirit.

Liquid Death

Your potion begins with diluted household cleaner. Add in a warning label for sight, Crumblings from a headstone for touch, rotting meat for smell, bitter almonds for taste, and the death knell of a mouse for sound. Cigarette smoke for the soul, an obituary for the mind, close it with a little murderous intent and you're in business.

Luck In A Bottle

Begin with your favorite cocktail. For sight, you'll want an ace of spades. For touch, hair from a rabbit's foot. For scent, you'll want iron shavings from a horseshoe. Taste comes from a cherry on top. The sound of rolling dice. For the mind and soul, you'll need a shamrock and gold shavings.

Brew of Unbreakable Bones

You’ll need milk from a school lunch as the base. Brick from a wall for sight. A jawbreaker for taste. Roofing tar for scent. A block of steel for touch. The sound of a hammer striking concrete. Powdered rhinoceros horn for the soul, and a bit of Kevlar for the mind. Pour all of your confidence into the brew before taking it off the heat.

Single Use Dragon’s Breath

This one is complicated, but I assure you if you ever have to use it, you’ll be glad you did it. To start with, clear a magic circle and set up a large pot of water over a pile of kindling. The kindling must be wood taken from a house, be it furniture or foundation or floor. All three if you can get it. This fulfills the mind requirement. For each of the senses, you’ll need to stack each of the components onto the kindling. A picture of a wildfire for sight, gasoline for smell, a funeral dirge played on a wooden instrument (and throw the instrument on the kindling) for sound, newspaper for touch, and marshmallows for taste. For the soul, a a few drops of your blood into the water, and a good amount onto the wood. Light the fire and close the circle. You may want to put some good wood onto the kindling to ensure the fire burns long and h

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