[OC] The HEL Jumper [Chapter 36]

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A/N: Oh yes my friends, it's [that time again!] g Today's chapter is brought to you by Darling in the Franxx episode 15. If you aren't watching that show...well...do it! High five goes to /u/bracabrad, defeating /u/omenofstorms by mere seconds! A well fought victory indeed.

“What do you mean no?!” Io and Winters pouted at Veera, who threw up her hands in exasperation.

“I mean exactly what I said. We are not stalking Zolta and Asha!” She told them in a tone that clearly indicated she’d broker no argument. “And those cub eyes aren’t going to help either mister!”

“Oh fine.” Winters grumbled, returning his face to a normal expression. “But Veera, she just led him off. What if she eats him?” He pleaded dramatically.

“She’s not going to eat him!”

‘If he’s lucky she will.’ Io muttered, causing Winters to suffer a fit of laughter as Veera looked on in confusion.

“What? Why would he be lucky?” She asked earnestly.

‘Oh you sweet summer child Veera. Perhaps one day the Lieutenant here will teach you.’ Io continued, taking great delight in how Winters immediately froze and began reddening in the face. Veera was too out of her depth to react.

“Ok Io, I’m turning this car around right now!” He insisted before taking a deep breath. Gentia and Thantis looked with interest at the two of them. Even if they couldn’t understand the human, it was heartening for them to watch a relationship bloom so organically. The two elderly priests clasped their paws together and leaned against one other, taking in all the sights and sounds of another harvest festival. Veera seemed to agree with Winters’ sentiment and moved them to another topic.

“Maybe we should go find some more food? I’m not hungry now but it might be nice to have it ready for dinner.” She suggested. They still had plenty of chesko, but they had run out of vegetables. Winters looked her over as she stood from the bench they’d essentially claimed as theirs, along with the two elders. They were situated on the northwest side of the square, near the main road that led back to the gate Winters

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Classical Survey Results

Hi again! I just finished going through the survey that I posted yesterday. It got 79 responses. I put all the graphs in an imgur album at the bottom if you just want to see those. The imgur links under each heading is the graph for that specific question. If you want to take the survey, the link is at the bottom as well. I'll make a new post if I get at least 50 more responses. Here are the results:

Question 1: How old are you?


Based on my survey results, the plurality of r/classicalmusic is 18-22 years old. Based on all the concerts I've been to, there are a lot of older people who are not on reddit.

Question 2: What is your gender?


81% of this subreddit is male, 15% is female, and 4% are other.

Question 3: What Continent do you live in?


67% of r/classicalmusic live in North America, 22% live in Europe, and the rest live in other continents. I think the percent of people that live in North America might actually be a bit low because I posted it at a bad time for North Americans. Reddit is primarily North American, so this data could also show that classical is more common in Europe than NA.

Question 4: How old were you when you first started to get into classical music?


Almost 80% of this subreddit got into classical music before they turned 18. This probably means that they were introduced to classical in band or orchestra, or their friends and family influenced them.

Question 5: Do you make a living off of music?


16% of the subreddit makes a living off of music. I think that I should have asked this question differently, because, based off the ages, there are many college students who might be aspiring to have a job in music, but don't have one yet. I would have phrased it: Do you currently make a living off of classical music, or are you planning to?

Question 6: Do you play an instrument or sing?


80% of this subreddit plays an instrument. If you replied no to this question, you skipped the next ones because they wouldn't have applied.

Question 7: What is your main instrument?


This question was only asked if you answered yes to question 6. The most commonly chosen instrument was piano. The person who chose other chose harpsichord. I don't think that the other answers are large enough to be statistically significant. I was rea

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Arnold Schoenberg - Chamber Symphony No. 2, Op. 38 (1939)

Arnold Schoenberg's second chamber symphony is probably my favourite piece of classical music. Here's a massively TL;DR thread about it, including my formal analysis of it.

Historic context

Schönberg (still spelled with an ö at this point :P) started working on the composition only days after finishing his first chamber symphony, op. 7 (1906), which considerably overshadows his sophomore effort in this genre (wrongly so, in my opinion). Hands up - how many of you guys even knew that he wrote more than one chamber symphony? And now just the hands of those who have heard both...?

Despite the temporal proximity of initial composition and likeness of genre, the two chamber symphonies have more differences than similarities:

  • The first CS is scored for eight woodwinds, two French horns and five solo strings. The second CS is scored for a traditional small orchestra (details later).
  • The first CS is written in a form typical of the turn of the century, a sprawling single movement interlacing the four traditional movements of a symphony (sonata form, scherzo, slow movement, finale) into one. The second CS consists of two hard-to-classify movements (details also later). Both CS are roughly twenty minutes long.
  • It feels like the first CS consists almost entirely of melodic lines, of which (it feels like :P) there are at least three at any given time. All of the themes are complex and diverse. The second CS has "simpler" themes, and when they appear for the first time, the accompaniment holds back to give them room. Some themes later interlace like they do in the first CS, but are often repeated almost verbatim (which is pretty unusual for Schoenberg). Most of the themes in the second CS are sort of similar in character, whereas in the first CS, something entirely new happens every ten seconds... it feels like. :P (Of course I'm polemicizing somewhat. I love the first CS deeply as well, and of course most of the themes in it turn out to be related to each other in some way, after all.)

Over the span of a year, Schönberg composed most of the second chamber symphony's first movement and about a quarter of the second one. In 1907, he aborted his work when he was inspired by a set of poems by Stefan George, which he set to music as "Das Buch der Hängenden Gärten" for soprano and piano, op. 15 (1909). With these songs, Schoenberg detached himself from functional harmony completely for the first time and felt that he had to continue on this path which c

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Artist Spotlight: Cardiacs

Welcome to Artist Spotlight, where members of the sub can draw attention to some of their favourite bands, or maybe help guide you through a more daunting discography! /u/cultofneurisis will be talking about Cardiacs.

Welcome to the land of Cardiacs


This is one of those bands that isn’t on your favorite streaming service, so this will largely be done with YouTube links — you are encouraged to click on all of the links as we go through! And with that said, this first track that I’ve linked above has the lyrics:

>This is EVEN

>Things are fine odd

>But we all like it EVEN

>This is EVEN

And I don’t think I could more aptly describe Cardiacs if I tried. But this is an artist spotlight, so here I go: Do you like theatrical chaos? Psychedelic soundscapes? In-your-face pop music? Progressive rock? I would say that all of these (and other phrases) equally describe Cardiacs, a band that went so far to even create some of their own instruments, like the Television Organ. Cardiacs themselves always just referred to themselves as a pop band. And there's a bit of truth here. (If you are a pophead, looking at you /u/theNealCutter, please don’t be upset when this is not what you expect!) Yes, they're rooted in rock, they dove into psychedelia, and they are often turned up to 11, but it is always super catchy. And if this is hard to wrap your head around, just revert back to the EVEN description! (:

I know that I’ve mentioned a few times here that Radiohead in particular is on record citing Cardiacs as a major influence, and I would imagine that to a bunch of people who know nothing about Cardiacs but lots about Radiohead that that is attention-grabbing, so I’m letting you know near the beginning that this will be addressed! Ctrl+F Radiohead if that was the only part you cared about!

Self-proclaimed: “The most secret, unique, yet biggest cult band this England has ever seen” (and I don’t think that is far from the truth), the band’s roots were surrounded by weirdness and controversy. From the quickest of Google image searches, here is one and two pictures of the way they present themselves (sorry for the tiny sizes). The chaotic pop music of sorts that was the focus of their early c

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San Diego bands have a tough time finding musicians; please help one band find instrumentalists...

Hi Everyone,

My band is looking for classical instrumentalists, and we will gladly pay professionals to join us on stage. We're looking for strings, horns, woodwinds and reeds as well as tuned percussion.

The music would likely be classified as indie-pop/baroque with an experimental bent, and has already written and arranged (though we'd make adjustments for the instrumentation and welcome arrangers).

We're fairly well established (but still local). We took a few months to build a highly secure practice studio, so practices tend to be easy on the setup process (musicians might find this to be a huge pro, which is why I mention it).

If any of you know an instrumentalist who is looking for a project, please send them our way! We are looking to launch a live performance campaign for our upcoming LP.

I hate to use this subreddit for what is essentially a classified ad, but searches in the usual venues have turned up short. San Diego is a tough city for musicians, but I'm proud to call it home.

Interested musicians can reach us here, and we will gladly send them samples of the new material: [email protected]

Contact me directly: [email protected]

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