WTW for when a musical instrument in the woodwind family has an ‘airy’ sound?the pitch is good but it still doesn’t sound right- kind of like what you would get when whistling with a bit of food in your mouth, or when you hear a beginner playing a recorder.
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Why are saxaphones almost always examples of woodwind instruments on the orchestral instrument family things if they're almost never used in orchestras?
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[WP] Woodwinds. Strings. Brass. Percussion. Long ago, the four instrument families lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the brass nation attacked.
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Popheads Album of the Year 2020 #36: Troye Sivan - In a Dream

Album Details

Artist: Troye Sivan

Album: In a Dream

Label: EMI

Release Date: 21 August 2020

Listen: Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / Amazon Music / Tidal

Original /r/popheads [FRESH ALBUM] Thread

"The truth is I didn't really start [In a Dream] thinking I was making anything in particular. I normally go into the album writing process with … a really good sense of what I'm trying to achieve. And then with this it was different in that I was just sort of going through this rollercoaster in my mind … I was feeling a different way every hour let alone every day.

“I think that's why it's turned out to be such a weird project in that it doesn't really have one sound. I'm exploring the same kind of story from different angles and I think the thing that ties it all together is that it's this very potent and concise collection of songs that were all written in short succession...

“It was sort of unintentional but it's really about an intense time of my life in this time capsule."

Delivering, /u/oscillatingquark !


The year is 2020. It’s been 2 years since the release of your sophomore album, Bloom - an album that had garnered you the most commercial success and critical acclaim to date, and had shown maturity and polish that had propelled you to the precipices of mainstream pop. You even got an Ariana Grande feature on there, now you’ve just finished the Bloom Tour, you had a pretty decently successful single with Charli XCX, you got to perform with Taylor Swift on her tour of all people - and are taking a well-deserved break to spend some time with your parents.

But then, boom. Suddenly, you’re on lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, and worst of all, your boyfriend, Jacob Bixenman - who Bloom was basically about - has broken things off with you. And suddenly, you’ve regressed

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Louis Vierne: Symphony in A Minor, 4th Movement (Community Project)

Hey everyone,

This is my next and current project, Symphony in A Minor, Movement 4, Finale: Allegro Moderato by Louis Vierne, Op. 24. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to feature a work by a visually impaired composer, and I stumbled across this and thought "hey I think this would be really suitable for RSO to perform" so here we are. You can listen to the whole symphony here. This is the only recording that exists on YouTube, hence it is the one featured in the click track provided with this project. Since the first two movements are 13 minutes each with an attacca in between and the third movement is a fast paced scherzo, I felt that the fourth movement would be the most suitable one for an RSO project piece.

Louis Vierne (1870-1937) was a French organist and composer. He toured Europe and the United States as a concert organist, and served as the organist of Notre-Dame de Paris from 1900 till his death. Vierne died while giving an organ concert at the Notre-Dame in1937. He focused on composing organ music. His output includes six organ symphonies and a Messe solennelle for choir and two organs. His Symphony in A Minor Op. 24 is his only orchestral composition. Louis was born nearly blind due to congenital cataracts and underwent eye surgery at age six. He only had enough vision to distinguish shapes and people and read large print.

Vierne wrote his Symphony in A Minor in the summers of 1907 and 1908. However it was not premiered until January 26, 1919 at the Salle Gaveau in Paris by the orchestra of the Colonne-Lamoureux Association with Gabriel Pierné conducting. It was dedicated to Gabriel Fauré. Writing a work for full orchestra was an extra challenge for Vierne because his limited vision made it difficult to write large scores for orchestra. This work was also written during a time of personal struggle and difficulty related to his marriage and family.

As someone who is visually impaired myself, Vierne's story is one that is dear to my heart and one that reminds us that you can do anything you put your mind to and set your own limits, rather than letting others define your limits for you. Vierne also lived during a time where opportunities for people with disabilities was quite limited, and those with disabilities still face many challenges today. For those reasons I felt it was very appropriate to do this piece as a project over here at the RSO, and to share a personal story that's so clos

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Finally moved into my new place, and was able to get a “Family Photo” of my violin, viola, cello, bass, and more.
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PART 1 - An In-depth Analysis of Frozen 1 and 2: Let it Go


Hello. I hope you're having a good day or night wherever you are. Today I'd like to discuss the two frozen movies with you. I also want to discuss other movies like Coco and Tangled on this platform, but I'm starting with frozen. Why? This is a movie franchise that made a huge impact on Animation and Disney. It was and still is very influential...This movie will be remembered for ages. This is one of the most active Disney Subs on Reddit...so I wanted to give the whole 25K of you, an in-depth analysis today.

I hope you enjoy it.

^(The discussion passed the limit so I had to make it into parts :()


What makes a movie great? What makes it memorable?

The Animation

The music? The romance? The controversy? The characters? Sometimes, it can be all of those things.

Over the years, Disney has created many memorable movies? Disney Movies from the 1930s and 50s are still widely known and appreciated to this day...Such as Snow White and Cinderella. Many still consider Beauty and the Beast to be the best Disney movie. The Disney Rennaisance had the most memorable movies of all time. My favourite movies, Mulan and The Prince of Egypt were made long ago...even before I was born. And yet? They both still resonate with me. Meaning, in the future, more new generations of people will fall in love with the movie Frozen, just like some of you.

So that poses the question, What makes Frozen memorable?



The year was 2013, everyone was singing Let it Go, For the First Time in Forever, and Do you wanna build a snowman? Frozen came into the world and broke box office records, probably merchandise sales records, and even more. It was a breakthrough in animation and connected with so many people both musically and character-wise. It was an escape for so many, an escape into wonder and song.

Now, I may not have been the biggest Frozen fan, but I still really loved the first movie. I was also participating in the singing of Let it Go. Ya girl knew all the lyrics. Although it isn't my favourite Disney movie, it's still very nostalgic for me. I think the thing is that when it came out, I grew out of my habit of rewatching Disney movies like 100 times. I think the last Disney movie

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Flute printed with 3D printer

The flute is a family of instruments in the woodwind instrument group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, the flute is an aircraft or wind instrument without reeds that produces sound through the air flow through the opening.

It was a normal day and one of the boys came home saying he needed a flute for school. We went to buy a flute, however, our 3D printing bug led us to look for flute models on the usual pages. We found this one and decided to print it in several colors. We hope you enjoy.



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The Music in Midnight in Salem and Why It's Actually Good

I posted this to Tumblr already, so if you're on there give it a like and reblog!

Say what you want about the game, it’s not that great. The graphics suck, the puzzles were few and far between, and the mechanics awful. However, there was one part of the game that really stood out to me, and it was the music.

I am a huge music nerd. I first started listening and analyzing film soundtracks and scores when I was eleven years old. The first that I listened to was How To Train Your Dragon, which has one of the best film scores in my opinion (and I’d love to talk about it more but this is Nancy Drew, not Hiccup). Ever since then, I’ve always paid special attention to background music. I’ve been studying opera for about 7 years now, jazz for 5, and I am a music minor in college right now. I’d like to do individual analyses for each Nancy Drew game and pick them apart with what I know. But, before I do any of those, I’d like to do Midnight In Salem.

Keep in mind that I am not a professional in musical scores, this is just a hobby I have and something I enjoy.

One thing I appreciated in this score was the way all the soundtracks are linked together. For example, “Townsquare” and “Friendly” have the same theme woven in, same with “Feelings” and “Main Theme”, and that may be the first time I’ve seen interwoven themes in the Nancy Drew games. You’ll hear a lot of soundtrack themes and motifs throughout the game, a lot of repetition, but repetition doesn’t mean it’s bad or lazy. It isn’t done as often in video games as it is in movies, but it’s still done. I think it happens in games such as Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda. It’s a sign of “maybe these things are connected” and in certain parts, they really are. It kind of holds the story together, since MID is more linear than other games.

The game goes along with the creepy vibe, which to me sounds a lot like many Danny Elfman scores, such as the Batman theme, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and Alice in Wonderland. They all have a creepy, dark, yet mystical feel to them, much like this score. Just listen to the MID main theme and then listen to the main title of Edward Scissorhands. You’ll notice the similar sounds.

Now, I’m going to break down the main theme. (This is a long part of this essay so if you want to skip it, go ahead.) When it begins, the first note

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5 Things Legend of Korra does better than Avatar: The Last Airbender; and vice versa (WARNING: LONG POST)

Finally finished re-watching both Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. While most fans can agree the former is the better of the two(myself included), there are at least five things I believe the latter does better (and vice versa).

Top 5 Things Legend of Korra (LoK) has over Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA)

5.) The Music

ATLA certainly has its fair share of memorable tunes I really love. The song that plays while Aang and Zuko escape Zhao's camp in 'The Blue Spirit', the Agni Kai MUSIC, the Avatar's Love (the xylophone in the track really moves me) and especially the masterpiece that plays during Azula and Zuko's final Agni Kai. But if you asked me to describe the show's more subtle score which plays throughout each episode, I'd really struggle to do so as it's most often quick sound quips that aren't super memorable (most Marvel movies are guilty of not having super memorable musical scores as well).

With LoK on the other hand, it has a very Celtic, soothing vibe with it's musical score and uses flutes, ocarinas, and other woodwind instruments which make it stand out more for me. Every time I hear those series of notes it always just pops out to me in a manner I don't remember ATLA did with its more commonly used instruments.

So I guess you could say ATLA's songs during intense moments did a better job where as LoK's songs during more quieter moments did a better job. So overall, I prefer the latter when it comes to musical scores.

4.) The Animation

LoK premiered four years after ATLA concluded so we all knew the animation was gonna utilize more advanced technology. And HOLY CRAP does it show! ATLA was already one of the best looking cartoons out there with its perfect blend of western animation and Japanese anime, but LoK kicks it up another notch!

The sequel series looks even cleaner, crisp, more detailed, and manages to blend CGI and traditional animation even better than ATLA did. Every shot of the show's landscapes and empire city look so beautiful to me and I can't get enough of it with every re-watch!

3.) More focus on mature themes

This might be a tad insulting to other fans regarding ATLA as that show had no shortage of darker, more mature themes either. From genocide, to PTSD, abusive relationships, fascism, environmentalism, even elements of xenophobia. However while these darker aspects of ATLA were certainly there, they usually felt more as if they were on the backburner rather than in the forefront driving the pl

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Good musical instruments for those with TS?

I had a request for claves (two resonant tapping sticks), which is age-appropriate, but as I was about to purchase them, I had a vision of them flying across the room. Lots of throwing tics here. So what would be some other instrument ideas? What has worked well or interested you?

In the musical families of bowed strings, strummed strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboards, and electronics I think my preference would be to stay in the percussion family right now but I don't know what might not pose the same risks. And I'm very open to input.

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Ethel Smyth - Overture to The Boatswain's Mate

Damn, Kestrel, back at it again with the ardent feminism. I had a ton of fun with La Nuit et l’amour, and /u/oboejdub just hosted a movement of Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony, so I figured it would be best to keep the train going.

Dame Ethel Mary Smyth (1858-1944) (Smyth rhymes with “lithe”) was born into a wealthy British military family. She studied in Leipzig and met the most famous composers of her day, who encouraged her to experiment with a variety of styles: a mass, a serenade for orchestra, a wonderfully Brahmsian violin sonata, quite a lot of chamber music. But by far her biggest successes were her operas, one of which was the only work by a woman to be performed at the Metropolitan Opera from its 1903 debut until 2016. The Boatswain’s Mate, her fourth opera, was written in 1913-14 and premiered in 1916. (That word’s pronounced “bo’s’n,” by the way, because sailors like making words shorter.) It’s a comedic romp with a feminist message, in which two men from very different social backgrounds conspire to win the feisty heroine’s heart, and – gasp – don’t visibly succeed.

On theme with the rest of the opera, this overture quotes a suffragette song Smyth wrote. “Song of Freedom,” later renamed “March of the Women,” became the official anthem of the Women’s Social and Political Union and later the UK’s women’s suffrage movement as a whole. After being arrested alongside over a hundred others for an act of mass vandalism, Smyth was even spotted in prison conducting a performance of the tune with a toothbrush! It’s only natural that “March of the Women” became the B theme of this piece, which she wrote not long after she walked free.

It should be noted that Smyth, ever the force of nature as a composer, writer, activist, and athlete, was also an open lesbian who courted an impressive number of influential women of her time. In her honor, the video for this project will feature links to charities focused on creating opportunities for women and LGBTQ people in music.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to ask here, or join me and everyone else on the Discord!

Below is the sheet music for this piece.

I transcribed this piece from a scan of the copyist’s manuscript, which is available via the library of the Royal Academy of Music, and made several adjustments based on existing recordings (I believe Smyth herself may have added these in later

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Ranges of instruments

As a person who has played various brass and woodwind instruemnts, I know woodwinds have a range and cannot really go below it, or for that matter can't unless there's another kind of instrument in the family designed to do so.

But brass.. I can go to a low Bb (C for Bb trumpets) below the staff if I try hard enough, and I can go into high trumpet range on Tenor Trombone with ease, yet it's out of its 'range' in the program I use, MuseScore.

So do brass instruments have an actual range or just a basic range that everyone can do?

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My version of ranking BH albums, please give this attention this took a whole ass hour

Someone else did this and it seemed to get some attention and we both have very similar opinions. I'm mostly just doing this to see what everyone else thinks, but take it as you will. I wouldn't say I'm passionate about music, but I am very strongly opinionated when it comes to certain bands/ albums, so please forgive me if I come off as uneducated at all.

    I really don't like this album, I'd go as far to call it ass. I really have no words at all, the only song I've willingly listened to more than once is Michigan, which is just fine at its best. Although, that meant the only way as up for the boys

TLDR, just not good lol, MICHIGAN is okay though.

    I've said it on this subreddit before and people were not happy, I just don't like SATURATION. The production is sloppy in a lot of areas, most of the songs have good verses but they just aren't special. Like if you asked me to talk about what Merlyn's verse on TRIP was about, I wouldn't be able to remember for the life of me. I don't think Merlyn is even on TRIP now I think about it.
    By far my least favourite part is the production, I don't know how or why it annoys me but the autotune in some areas is close to unbearable, it sounds so off and just doesn't bring me into the song. I love it when a song sort of brings you into a world, there's a strict theme within a song and it feels like you're apart of it.
    However, Dom's verse on HEAT is one of my favourite verses from BH of all time. Top 5 at least
    Plus GOLD, STAR, FACE and WASTE are good songs, but name one bearface track/ verse that isn't at least good. I have to give some appreciation to GOLD, half of us probably wouldn't even know what the fuck a Kevin Abstract is otherwise.

TLDR, Better but the production is still very off-putting. HEAT is very good though.

  1. GINGER:
    Honestly, I would never call this a bad album, not even below average. It's really just not my thing, it doesn't settle right with me. It gives me a really strong emotion that's almost melancholy for most of it, and not in a good way either. Although, the tracks that aren't as... upsetting I'll say, FUCKING SLAP. Like I am deeply in love with Jabari's and Romil's production on BOY BYE, IF YOU PRAY RIGHT and HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU. Talking of which, slowthai's appearance was very... strange. I think other artists would've perhaps fitted the role a bit better, but at least I love slowthai too, the song was good nevetheless. Also I fin
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Hindsight is 2020: #9 - The Cinema Show

from Selling England by the Pound, 1973

Listen to it here!

“Have you ever heard of the Boat of Tiresias?” That was the question posed to the class by one of my college philosophy professors. Nobody raised their hands; though I had heard of Tiresias in another context, I wasn’t aware of any particular association with a boat. The professor went on to explain that the Boat presented a question of metaphysical identity. He posed the thought problem to us thusly:

Tiresias had a boat that was of such cultural/historical importance that it was preserved in Athens, but, as the boat was constructed of wood, it slowly began to rot away, one board at a time. And so, being good caretakers, those tasked with the boat’s preservation would remove the rotting piece of wood and replace it with a fresh wooden board of equal dimensions. Piece by piece the boat was restored and replaced in this manner until after many decades no wood from the original boat remained. Was this, then, the same boat as the one that entered their care? Or was it now a different boat entirely? And if it were a different boat entirely, at what point did the identity of the boat change? After one plank? After every plank? Somewhere in between?

This is deep, thought-provoking stuff. So the idea that Genesis wrote a song heavily featuring Tiresias? Must be pretty heady material indeed!

> Peter: We seem to have lost the adolescent preoccupation with sex and death, and what we have now are certain kinds of unrelated lyrical ideas. ^1

So one just looks at the lyrics and...wait a minute here. Romeo? Juliet? An extended metaphor about earth and sea as pertaining to erotic pleasure? ...This song’s about sex, isn’t it? Peter lied to me. Come on, man! Where are my metaphysics? Where’s this boat I’ve heard so much about? There must be some misunderstanding! There must be some kind of mistake!

Oh, what’s that? It’s the Boat of Theseus? My professor just had his classical Greek figures confused this whole time? Well, that’s just great. <sigh> All right then...I suppose sex it is!

> Steve: It’s a very beautiful song, very romantic… ^2

<deep breath> OK. Let’s talk about this romantic song, shall we? It’s a lovely little opening here with the tinkling 12-string sound. It gives similar vibes to “The Musical Box” a couple albums earlier, though the notes and structures are v

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Countries and ethnic groups based on musical instruments

As my world stands, there are sixteen countries based on musical instruments and several (human) ethnic groups that match smaller subdivisions of instruments. For example, there's an oboe country, and one of the ethnic groups is cor anglais/English horn.

I'm concerned that I'm giving some instruments too much land and others too little. The five "string" countries are on the largest continent even though the piano is the only one that's substantially different. Meanwhile, the "percussion" and "low brass" countries are jam-packed into one country each while three other individual brass instruments get their own space. Then five woodwinds are split up between three landmasses, with three of them sharing the largest one. And the "voice" country is just hanging out like Australia.

I was thinking of overhauling the countries to split the instrument families more evenly. For example, consolidate the bowed strings and make room for plucked strings. Split the percussionists into membranophones and idiophones. Adjust the borders of the woodwinds and maybe put the double reeds on the same landmass.

As for the ethnic groups, I definitely want to keep the instruments I already have. However, they're all western instruments. Should I put instruments from other countries with similar western counterparts? (For example, there would be hichiriki and duduk ethnic groups that would live in the oboe country. Yay double reeds!)

Should people represent the real-world countries where their instruments were invented? (In the aforementioned case, should this high double-reed country be made of Japanese, Armenians, French, etc?)

Here's a rudimentary political map with the dominant instruments as labels. I have names for the countries in mind, but I'll ask about those another day.


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Scriabin’s orchestration

A redditor asked me what Scriabin’s orchestration is like because he’s trying to emulate his sound in his orchestral writing, so in this post I’ll discuss which works have the best orchestration, Scriabin’s textures, and use of instrument families.

Orchestral works: Scriabin has 3 long symphonies, 2 poems, and “Reverie” op 24 (which not many people don’t know but is pretty and short). Of these, the two poems (Poem of Ecstasy and Poem of Fire) have the best orchestration. Prometheus: The Poem of Fire has significantly better orchestration than Poem of Ecstasy and is a true masterpiece of orchestration. His symphonies have great orchestration too despite Scriabin otherwise only writing for piano, cause, well, Scriabin is a genius.

Textures: The textures that characterize his piano works are similar to those in his orchestral works. Two main features are his use of polyphony and trills. He likes writing complex music with multiple interlocking themes occurring simultaneously. He creates rich busy textures on piano and in the orchestra and takes it too an extreme level in climactic sections. For the orchestra this means that instrument families are split up with contrasting roles and opposing melodies. He uses lots of trills to create exiting textures while other instruments carry melodies.

Instruments: In his two poems (his last two orchestral pieces) he uses a pretty giant orchestra: 8 horns, 5 trumpets, 3 trombones etc.

He uses woodwinds to carry melodies and sometimes for trill textures. He seems to like flute the most (there’s a great flute section feature in symphony 1 mov 1) and he also loves getting weird with the double reeds.

He uses the brass for power, and boy does he get a lot of power out of them. He does really dynamic things with the horns like sweeping up, going extremely high, playing loud in general, and of course the biggest climax at the end of Poem of Ecstasy is lead by unison horns. He uses the trumpet to be aggressive and melodic (usually doesn’t use it too much besides in Ecstasy). Trombones are also used to be punchy and to sound evil. He loooves using mutes on all these brass instruments. If you want your orchestration to sound like Scriabin, you’ve gotta use the brass for big powerful sections and otherwise let them hang back.

Scriabin does a lot with the strings. He likes doing solos in general and he does a surprising amount of violin solos especially. Once the brass is taking over in a climactic secti

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Piano Education in China and Western Countries | Kong Jianing

Kong Jianing is a famous young pianist and professor of piano in Royal College of Music (RCM). In this Violy master class, he introduced the differences between the music education in China and that in Western countries.


Piano Education in China and Western Countries | Kong Jianing

Content of Kong Jianing’s lecture is as follows (edited in first person):

Good evening, everyone. My name is Kong Jianing. I am very glad to be here to share my views on music education in China and Western countries.

We all know that over the past 2 decades, music learning has been popular in China —- The country possesses the largest number of young music learners in the world. Also, we have cultivated world-famous talents who are outstanding in multiple fields.

However, many teachers and parents are still confused about the level of music education in China compared to that in Western countries, as well as in neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea. Since it is a large topic, I have selected some key points, and my sharing will be based on these points.

What is the World-class Music Education Like?

Few music players can become world-class performers. Therefore, in my opinion, the primary purpose of music education is not cultivating world-famous performers.

If I were to define the purpose of music education, I would say that the most important aspect is training the future audience.

If we take music as a kind of culture, we shall teach the children to appreciate and love music, which is the most significant thing related to music education. All music genres including classical music, jazz music, pop music, and world music can only be preserved when the learners know how to enjoy them. Only then can our musical culture be developed and retained.

Quality education and aesthetic are both related to the education of music. By learning music, the learners may find that music can cultivate their aesthetic, and help them improve their life quality.

Cultivating world-class performers is not the aim of music education. If we can create an environment where a large number of people love and understand music, talented performers will stand out n

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Choosing instrument

People, I have recently decided to learn how to play a wind instrument and my options are: sax, trumpet and clarinet. What should I try?

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Should I Report a Potential Pedo/Sexual Predator?

Based on the title, you might be thinking “What the fuck? Of course you should!”. But if it was that simple, I wouldn’t be here. I have to change some details but I hope to illustrate the dilemma I’m currently facing. Apologies if this post is too long.

This story starts 8 years ago, when I was 19, one year out of high school. In high school I was a very involved in marching band. I worked for my band director teaching kids how to march and stuff for a few summers after I graduated, so I was relatively close with the staff. For those who don’t know, competitive marching bands often have several instructors who teach specific sections - one for woodwinds, one for brass, percussion, a few for marching, etc. These are usually college students or young professional musicians looking to make extra cash. There was this woman who taught one of the sections. Let’s call her Carly. Carly went through the marching band program at our school, and graduated before I was a freshman. She also had several family members go through the program, and her parents were very close to the band organization in terms of fundraising and stuff. By the time she was on staff, Carly was about 24 or 25 years old and already out of undergrad.

One weekend in the fall, I was visiting home from college for the weekend. I had a few friends who were still in high school/band, and I ran into my friend - let’s call him Juan- at a party. Juan was 16 and was a bit of a party animal. He was tall, charismatic, and funny- definitely not your typical high school kid. He was already very drunk when he arrived at the party. The first thing he says to me is, “Bro, I’m about to fuck Carly.”

I assumed this was bullshit. Carly was way older, a teacher, and seemed like a generally normal person as far as I could tell. Not that it is super important, but Carly is an incredibly attractive woman. So not the type you would “expect” to be a predator. (I now know this is a dumb way to look at it.) Juan was also not directly one of Carly’s students - she taught a different instrument, but they would interact in marching lessons. All of this added up to me thinking Juan was obviously full of shit. But then he showed me the texts between them.

She was sending him selfies, asking him about his day, and saying “I miss you”, etc. He told me that she had randomly offered to give him a ride home one day, and they exchanged numbers. They had hung out a few times, and she invited him over to her house when her boyfr

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Sims 4 base game aspirations name game

I haven't posted a name game in a little while so I'm back with a bang and another very long game! As the title suggests, this time it's based on The Sims; each family is based on the base game aspirations and each person & pet has name prompts that correlate to the aspiration. I hope you enjoy!

Mine will be in the comments at some point...

(side note: please point out any mistakes. I did read through it but I may have missed something!)

Athletic aspiration: bodybuilder
Surname: begins with A
Parent one: First name is short and simple (basic trainer) & middle name is from a horror movie (exercise demon)
Child one: First name is one that has always been in the top 100 (long lived) & middle name includes an F and a T (fit to a t)
Pet: name of a muscle (bodybuilder)

Creativity aspirations: painter extraordinaire, musical genius, bestselling author
Surname: begins with C
Parent one: First name is a famous artist (fine artist) & middle name is a poet (poetic)
Parent two: First name is one you like the sound of (harmonious) & middle name is a musical term (tone deaf)
Child one: First name is a colour (painter extraordinaire) & middle name is a character in a book you love (novelest novelist)
Child two: First name is an emotion (expressionistic) & middle name is woodwind instrument inspired (piper)
Child three: First name is an author (bestselling author) & middle name related to your favourite singer/band (musical genius)
Child four: First name is from a country other than your own (fledge-linguist) & middle name means greatest (brushing with greatness)
Pet one: Name is inspired by a branch of the arts (fine-tuned)
Pet two: Name is inspired by your favourite word (competent wordsmith)

Deviance aspirations: public enemy, chief of mischief
Surname: begins with D
Grandparent: First name is a name of a fictional prankster (professional prankster) & middle name is a fictional villain (tormentor)
Parent one: First name is the same of a famous dog (mostly harmless) & middle name is the same as a famous criminal (tormentor)
Parent two: First name is a character on a crime TV show (criminal mind) & middle name is a name of your neighbour/someone you live close to (neighbourhood nuisance)
Child one: First name is one you dislike (public enemy) & middle name is a famous magician (artful trickst

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my experience so far with Flute and Rhinoseptoplasty and Turbinate reduction

I wanted to post this here, just so if someone needed to hear- being a musician of a woodwind instrument shouldnt be holding you back if you want to get your nose done.

i had a rhinoseptoplasty and a turbinate reduction surgery on November the 21st, and of course like anyone getting braces, or having surgery done on their face, i was worried quite a bit about if i would be able to get back to playing, how playing flute or any instrument would be affected by rhinoplasty, and a multitude of other things. It’s been almost 2 weeks, today is December 3, and I played piccolo in class for the first time since surgery today.

Some Questions you might have for me:

How fast is healing? What is the recovery like?

Immediately post op, you will see changes to your bruising and swelling day after day. Take Vitamin C, Zinc, Arnica Montana, and do everything as instructed- sitting upright on your back, sinus rinses with distilled water, generously applying antibacterial ointment inside both nostrils, and changing out the mustache gauze every 4 hours. I say this because having a surgery done leaves you susceptible to infection, and the sinuses are so close to the brain, and you really dont want to mess anything up in there. If you have family around to help take care of you, that is going to be fantastic. It honestly felt like the worst congestion in the world, and it’s very uncomfortable, but getting your splints taken out is the most relieving thing in the world.

Can I wear my mask after a Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty?


~Can I wear glasses after a Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty?

YES! unless your surgeon says not to. you’ll notice some glasses marks, but the swelling is just going down and those will dissapear soon enough. my nose had to be completely moved and the shape was completely changed- a lot going on with the bridge. I have been wearing glasses the whole time (a light thin wire frame <<yes theyre perscription and I have astigmatism! I highly reccomend!!>> from eyebuy direct for about $40 total. They’re called daydream)

~Why can’t you play your instrument immediately after getting your cast and splints removed?

Obviously, you don’t want to be stretching, poking, bumping, or really enacting any sort of force on your nose, as the cartilage and bone is still doing it’s best to heal into place and become solid again. For me, the stretching of the upper lip over my teeth caused enough discomfort/pain to where I knew to not push it.

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MacCunn: The Land of the Mountain and the Flood

And now for something completely different.

While I honestly feel bad about hosting another project by a white man when I had so many other excellent and diverse options on my idea list, Hamish MacCunn (1868-1916) is at least a composer who deserves a little more attention. MacCunn was a prodigy from Scotland who composed his first piece at age 5 and wrote this overture, still his most famous work, when he was 18. While his musical genius (and, it must be said, wealthy family) got him far in life as a composer, professor at the Royal College of Music, and opera conductor, the stress of his many responsibilities took a heavy toll, and he died of throat cancer at 48. The Land of the Mountain and the Flood, inspired by MacCunn’s homeland, received something of a revival a bit over fifty years after the composer’s death, when it was recorded in 1968 by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. It still gets some attention here and there; a few other orchestras have recorded the piece since and the RSNO gave it another shot in the ‘80s, but the original recording inspired a TV show theme, is an oddball favorite of my local classical radio station, and in my opinion provides the best reference. After all, a Scottish orchestra does the best and most faithful job of playing music from their homeland.

In the true spirit of such a patriotic piece, I’ll be using the project release to promote a handful of charities benefiting various social causes in Scotland, including wildlife preservation, resources for LGBT youth, autism advocacy, and cancer research. (Shoutout to my friend Rook for recommending one of these charities, and for reaching out to their friend Artemis who recommended the rest!)

The wonderful thing about this overture is that most everyone gets the spotlight at some point, in some way. The string parts are all exciting; the first violins go without saying, the inner voices are keeping up a current of 16th notes, and the basses spend an unusual amount of time doubling the cellos an octave down. The brass gets to have some fun as well, with some beefy horn and trombone writing. The winds of course provide some necessary substance, but literally everyone gets chances for solos. And all this accomplished

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The best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a better one - and how to cook pasta sauce

Hello! I put together this method and it's really helped me gain perspective on how to tackle PMO after failing** at quitting over 10 times.

Before I start, I want to share a quote with everyone that really helped me to solidify why I personally quit PMO.

"[One] who wants to keep [their] garden tidy does not reserve a plot for weeds”. ― Dag Hammarskjold

I first came across this quote in a book titled "The 7 habits of highly effective people". This book changed the way I viewed my current situation and how I interact with people. I find myself being a lot more sympathetic, a better listener and an overall better person after reading this book. A big part of my method is to replace bad habits (PMO) with better habits and reading is the one that has been most effective for me. I'll put a list of books and activities that might help you at the end of this.

Last thing before I start, I'm writing this up because this is the method that worked FOR ME. I'm not a psychologist. It might not work for you but I'm sure it will help some other people.

Last last thing before I start. NoFap doesn't give you superpowers. NoFap doesn't make you a better person than anyone else. What it does do, however, is make you a better person than what you once where. You will have more self discipline and control to live your life to its fullest potential.

Okay lets go!****

**Failing is a bad term but I'm not sure what else to use. I wouldn't be in the position I am now if I hadn't "Failed" those 10 times. I see them more as 10 learning points rather than failures, and so should you. If you're struggling to quit, the next time you try it might be the one that finally kicks the habit.

****Disclaimer: I'm not liable for anything you do. This is just my method and ideas I've used in my own life that I am sharing.

1 - Identifying triggers

The first step to dealing with this habit, is to identify any triggers. These could be really broad and complicated, or even something as simple as a thought. As soon as you can identify any triggers, you can start telling yourself that it's just a silly emotional response that YOU DO NOT need to give in to.
It could take some time to work out all of your triggers (It took me over 2 months to pin point exactly what mine are) but as soon as you think you've found one, write it down / put it in a locked notes on your phone. Make sure you write them down and don't just keep a mental track of them. It's important to recognis

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TuneTuesday: Pocahontas' Soundtrack

Pocahontas is a phenomenal movie that was made in 1996. I used to rewatch Pocahontas a lot, but it is only now that I have begun to acknowledge and appreciate it's soundtrack more.

The Soundtrack was done by Alan Menken (Music) and Stephen Schwartz (Lyrics). They have both done a lot of great soundtracks and I'd just like to credit them for their amazing work.

Awards Won

It has won and been nominated for many awards, but I'm just going to mention 3:

  • Oscar - Best Music, Original Song - Colours of the Wind
  • Oscar- Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score
  • Golden Globe - Best Original Song - Motion Picture

General Songs

The songs in this movie are very beautiful and thought-provoking. The gorgeous animation combined with the beautiful instrumentals and lyrics really fleshes out the art of animation and its ability to tell a story. It teaches us lessons through its wonderful songs.

I have learned so much over the years from songs like Colours of the wind, that talk about spirituality, unity and appreciation/understanding of nature. Just around the Riverbend that touches upon destiny and decision making (a fork in the road/stream). Savages that outlines the truths of life and the way many diverse people clash because of their differences.

The songs in this movie teach so much and I'm happy about that. One can learn so much from this music and the art of thought and philosophy that surround it.

General Score

The scores and instrumentals complement the characters, cultures, animation, and surroundings very well. I think they really emulate the feeling of the Native Americans' beliefs and spirituality very well. In the instrumentals, I can hear a lot of rattling, windy and natural sounds. Many a time the increase in volume and pitches are used very well to express the danger or emotion in each scene. Overall, the score is amazing and definitely deserved all the awards it got.


So here, I'm going to look a little bit into each song and score. Be it exploring the meaning, lessons or just the general sound of it, that's what I'll do. So here goes:


These are all songs, except from 3 scores.

1. The Virginia Company

  • Song: Here
  • This song comes at the beginning of the movie. I like how it sets up the story and the motives of the Europeans. It even shows that before reaching the land of the natives, John Smith was alright with going to fight the Natives. So, th
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No, it’s my flute

I had a boyfriend sophomore year of high school. We were both in band, him playing saxophone and I played the horn.

So, I decided I wanted to learn flute. Waited on craigs list until a cheap one showed up and bought it for about $100.

I texted him excitedly saying I bought a flute!! His first response; “oh cool can I have it?” Lol no, this is my flute. I bought it cause I wanted it... “come on, you don’t even play a woodwind! Please?” What? No again, I want to learn how.... it’s mine. “But your family is so much better off than mine!”

And that’s how my first relationship ended!

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Base Lore Ideas

The groundwork for worldbuilding and the plot.(At anytime, if you have any ideas or information you want to share please reply and I will add to this post. This goes for if you disagree with an idea, if you don't like it, reply and we'll sort it out)

Four "tribes" or "species" that derive from the four families of instruments:

Brass - A military focused clan. Strong and stubborn. Ruled by one single leader (an emperor, king???). Their lives and traditions are old and "classical". Whilst there's variation in instruments in other families, Brass are all closely similar as its seen as wrong to stray from what makes a Brass mighty.

Woodwind - Peaceful and calm. They live a pacifist lifestyle.

Strings - High variation in each instrument, from loud guitars to classical violins, the lifestyle of a String is commonly different from another.

Percussion - (no ideas at the moment)

(Had an idea that Synths could be a sequel or something and its an infection of sorts. Reference the Flood from Halo or CIVA from Destiny.)

Player Character:

I was thinking a species system that works around classes too. So if you chose to be a Brass then you would use heavy Brass weapons and armour. Be a tanky class (even though there are Brass Wizards and stuff). Woodwind could be the light and fast class, an assassin (but that doesn't fit completely with the peace stuff).

Or the player character could just be a person. Someone of proceeded reputation (think maybe Dovakin from Skyrim) or a brand new character in the lore of it. An empty vessel for the player. If the player character isn't fixed into a family of instruments then nor should the enemies be so lore wise.

A descendant from an ancient race that once rule the land. Revered by the current population due to the resemblance they bare to an old and mysterious race (Perhaps the ancient race were turned into folk tale and legend as time went on).


Game is set in the middle of a war started by the Brass Battalion. The player character will travel the four separate lands which have been invaded by Brass and witness the destruction left. (This way there's less character designs needed for each kingdom)

Ideas in the replies please.

Edit1: Added ideas from replies
Edit2: Added ideas from replies

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Ever wondered about how transposing instruments work? (part 1 - woodwinds)

Prompted by a related question vis-a-vis recorders and clarinets I found on r/clarinet, I thought this could use a more comprehensive treatment somewhere else, and that a variety of readers might find some value in it or learn something new. Part one will focus on woodwinds; part two will cover brasses. Questions, corrections, and fun facts are welcome in the comments!

In simple terms, the phrase "When I see C, I play my name" covers the basic idea of how transposing instruments work. In other words, when a transposing instrument plays its written C, the sounding pitch will be the same as the instrument’s name – so when an E♭ alto saxophone plays its written C, the note the listener hears is an E♭.

The written pitch for transposing instruments serves a few main functions - primarily simplification of fingering systems for the player and making most of the instrument's written range fit within the staff (thus minimizing the need for leger lines).

Transposing instruments constitute a large portion of a modern concert band, and a significant portion of a modern orchestra's wind contingent. Because of this, much of the standard literature - especially for band, such as marches - tends to be written in a handful of keys that are more accessible for instruments pitched in B♭, E♭, and F. The fact that most of the transposing instruments commonly used are in these keys helps improve tuning and intonation, since the instrument's tone-hole + pad + key mechanisms are based around the "home" key. Music that is in or close to an instrument's "home" key will be easier to keep in tune with the rest of the ensemble; this is especially helpful with marching groups that already have other things to worry about (like observing formations, spacing, and so on).

In addition to transposition, this post also contains some general information about the woodwind family’s many members.

Broken down by instrument families within the larger grouping of woodwinds:

  1. Saxophones are most commonly found in B♭ (soprano, tenor, and bass) and E-flat (sopranino, alto, baritone, and contrabass) and they share one set of fingerings - which makes doubling between saxophones easier. Baritone saxophones often have an additional key (operated by the left thumb) to give a low A (concert pitch C2, the same as the lowest open string on a cello).
  2. Clarinets are most often pitched in B♭ (soprano, bass, and contrabass) and E♭ (E♭ soprano, alto, and "contra-a
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Music: The Cure for All My Trebles

Music is and always has been a very important aspect of my life as well as the lives of many others. From a very young age, I have always been interested in music. Humans have been making music since before they were using stone tools, so there obviously must be some reason that we still are to this day.

When I first started actively listening to music, I never really thought about what the artist may have meant within their work, I only thought things like “Oh, this sounds pretty cool, this is a good song.” It was a sort of blissful ignorance, much like what Mark Twain meant in his personal essay Two Ways of Seeing A River. Music held no greater meaning to me than whatever subconscious effect it had on my mind, compared to now whenever I hear a song, even songs I’ve known from the womb, I am constantly looking for new meanings that the artist may have been trying to convey.

One major downside to my ignorance was that I was not able to appreciate great music and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities when I came across them. It was a hot 2012 summer night in Atlanta, Georgia when me and my father were at a Live Iron Maiden concert with VIP tickets. I was so young that I had to have a dog leash attached to my belt loop so that I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. As an 8-year-old Alaskan in Atlanta, Georgia in the middle of the summer sitting not too far from a large pyrotechnics display, I was obviously a bit uncomfortable. Thinking back on it now it is obvious that I should have been paying more attention to the rock gods in front of me than the temperature of the stadium, but at the time all that I could think about was the nice, refreshing, and most importantly air-conditioned VIP lounge we had passed through on the way in. Unfortunately, I absolutely blew my shot to see my favorite band of all time (whom Alice Cooper happened to be opening for), and will most likely never get a chance to witness such greatness ever again.

Almost everybody on my Mother’s side of the family plays an instrument or sings, and I have definitely inherited that trait from them. Whether it was sitting next to my Grandpa playing piano, playing the electric guitar with my Uncle Phil, or listening to my brothers’ songs on Soundcloud, I have been lucky enough to enjoy musical activities very often. Every time I visit my Grandparents in Idaho I get to experiment with all sorts of new instruments, from the mandolin to the harmonica. Even now, sitting just beside me I have a slide wh

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Ranking Every Camel Song Day 8: 70-65

Welcome back! I'm starting this in the morning but this is likely going up in the evening once again. I had some lukewarm reactions to my Summer Lightning placement last time, which is fair. I don't think any of these should be too controversial :)

70: The Millers Tale (A Nod and a Wink)

I think this track works best when played after Foxhill as I kind of see it as a bit of a shorter cool down from that track. It opens with a really nice soft acoustic passage that echoes the nostalgic feel seen throughout the album. It flows into a somewhat menacing sounding section with some heavier strings and xylophones and I think it sounds really cool and pretty Rajaz-Esque. It ends on a very touching note musically with an instrumental passage that kind of sounds sad yet hopeful. I think its another one of those tracks that speaks through the music and allows you to determine your own interpretation of it.

69: Irish Air/Irish Air (Instrumental Reprise)/Harbour of Tears (Harbour of Tears)

I think this is just a great opening to the album, Irish Air opens with acapella and somewhat folky female irish vocals which seamlessly transition into the instrumental reprise which opens with with the same melody now played on the flute. After that its repeated on the guitar and man, the tone is absolutely towering. Following that, this short little song develops into something really big with its celtic influenced sound and marching rhythm. This instrumental once again seamlessly flows into the title track with its steady three chord sequence and this really kicks the story off. Every time I hear "I, am one of seven brothers" I get kinda amped up. Latimer delivers a really nice vocal performance and after a bit Colin Bass comes in and they both sing different vocal lines and melodies at the same time. I love when they do this, Colin Bass has a great voice and here on this album Latimer wrote some really strong and subtly complex vocal arrangements. I love the last 20 seconds as the music kinda speaks and narrates the story. I interpret it as the family watching their mainland grow distant as they sail away on the ship for a new life....

68: Simple Pleasures (A Nod and a Wink)

This track is a flowing deserty journey with some nice percussion and electric piano. It's on the mellow side, not necessarily as in slow and plodding but moreso in its low-key yet very detailed soundscape throughout. It probably wouldn't sound all that out of place on Rajaz, similar vibe. Throughout t

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TEAM RECORDER IS TRIGGERED AF! 250 up votes and I'll put my money where my mouth is demonstrating what I wrote below (it's a long one)

I know this is a skit video - https://youtu.be/2C8PwVf9liQ - and it's all a joke but for those who don't know so much about the recorder (and possibly believe only these stereotypes), allow me to shed some light on the recorder from a professional perspective. (FYI - I'm a recorder graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire, UK, albeit no longer involved in music at all)

  1. Range - while more limited than other woodwinds to typically just a little over 2 octaves, the true range, with some careful body movements (called kneestops) and learning some more complex fingerings (plus more air!), the range actually increases to 2 1/2 octaves. Let's also not forget that there's a huge family of recorders ranging from the subcontrabass (lowest note is the bottom F of a piano) right up to the garklein (highest note is a top C on the 7-octave piano) and everything in between. So you may need to change instruments mid piece (which some require!)

Modern instruments can act like flutes and have a semitone extension downwards with similar-looking keys too. If one has a decent enough instrument and gets the right air pressure (as well as not relying too much on the upper register), it's possible to hit the 3rd octave. To put this into perspective, the treble recorder (a size smaller than what Eddy's playing and the most commonly used) could theoretically hit the top C and D of a flute, and potentially even to the F above that (the highest F on the piano!). The Martin Helder models have several keys which make this even easier to achieve.

  1. Tremolo - this isn't really an effect wind instruments play to begin with, at least not on a repeated note, but when the time comes for it, we use the tongue, usually double but sometimes triple depending on the rhythm. To achieve this, a variety of syllables are needed to be sounded (d-g, t-k, did-'ll, etc) when tonguing rapidly but in a way so as to not tire the tongue out.

  2. Dynamics - always a tricky thing to do on a (largely) keyless instrument but achievable by using a combination of varying air pressure with alternative fingerings. In the extremities, this is harder to do but still somewhat possible. Again, modern instruments with keys often have an easier time doing this due to being more similar to a flute and having greater control.

  3. Vibrato - vibrato is done with the diaphragm and can, like the violin, be altered in terms of speed. The fundamental principle is the same as other wind instruments but due to the lack

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Teaching Beginning/Intermediate Band During a Pandemic

Good morning everyone, I am doing some work for a graduate class as well as my PLC about the best way to proceed with teaching instrumental music during a pandemic. If you're anything like myself you have some fears about what state your program might be in after this pandemic is behind us. My goal is to share with you how I continued teaching online during a nine week quarantine, and how I intend to teach this fall with the expectation that we will be moving through various states of social distancing and school closures. I hope that my current plans will help some of you adapt to what has to be one of the more difficult teaching assignments during this time, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions so that I can improve my own instruction.

First of all, I think it is important that you understand my situation before we dive into my plan. I am the only band director for grades 5-8 in a district of 2,000+ students which makes me responsible for about 240 band students depending on the year. I do some co-teaching with the HS director and vice versa but we are mainly responsible for our grade levels. We are located in a town of 12,000 people about 40 minutes away from a larger population center. So far, our community has been largely untouched by COVID-19 with no new cases in over three weeks. You will see later on how our current risk of infection is giving me more flexibility than some of you will probably have this fall.

While we are on the subject of social distancing, let’s try to avoid arguments about the responsibility of mask wearing. I am operating under the direction of our local health department and district office. As the threat of infection likely rises, my administrators and myself have plans to respond accordingly. If your students are required to wear a mask all semester and unable to play instruments in the building then I look forward to hearing how you plan to respond to keep students engaged in your program.

Spring 2020

All that being said, here is how I taught during the last nine weeks of the 19-20 school year. Please keep in mind I realize it was not perfect and thus the reason I am also sharing my new plan for this fall. Our region of the U.S. went from thinking this virus was a couple weeks away from reaching us and that we could make it to summer until the governor shut us down with only 24 hours notice.

5th Graders

  • All students were offered an individual weekly 15 minute lesson online
  • I also posted short vi
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Project - Sleigh Ride for full orchestra


It's that time of the year, snow is falling, colorful lights are glowing, and - what's that? Sleigh bells? Oh! What better way to express some winter love and holiday spirit than to bring the RSO family together to play a favorite seasonal piece by the beloved Leroy Anderson, Sleigh Ride!

Sheet Music

Click Track with Audio

Be sure to listen carefully to the click if you use this!

Click Track

The click track starts with two measures of rest before the first measure of the piece. Remember it is in cut-time.

Audio Performance

Deadline to submit recordings is Sunday January 19th! (but may be extended if needed)

Submit recordings here!

Please include a name you'd like to be credited as and your instrument in the file name. If you submit a part that includes a divisi line, please specify if you played top or bottom in the name as well.



  • Piccolo
  • Flute (1,2)
  • Oboe (1,2)
  • Bb Clarinet (1,2)
  • Bassoon (1,2)
  • Eb Alto Saxophone (1,2)
  • Bb Tenor Saxophone


  • Horn in F (1,2,3,4)
  • Bb Trumpet (1,2,3)
  • Trombone (1,2,3)
  • Tuba


  • 1st Violin
  • 2nd Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass


  • Sleigh Bells
  • Bells
  • Temple Blocks
  • Xylophone
  • Whip Crack

If you don't see your instrument part, contact me and I might be able to hook you up with something special... just for you... maybe... I guess I can't guarantee it for everyone though... sorry about that...

Good luck, and have fun recording! If you have questions about anything, you can ask in the RSO Discord server or PM me either via Reddit or Discord.

Happy Holidays!

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Album of the Year 2019 #26: Men I Trust - Oncle Jazz

Hello everyone and welcome back to Album of the Year 2019, the yearly series where the users of r/indieheads talk their favorite albums of the year. Up today, /u/simonthedlgger goes in-depth on the massive Oncle Jazz from Men I Trust.

Artist: Men I Trust

Album: Oncle Jazz






Apple Music


I can’t believe the odds. It’s December 26th, my favorite holiday not named Halloween. A day of leftovers and familial decompression. Outside, the year is ending. Pine trees, some still webbed with lights, lay on sidewalks.

Historically, December 26th is grey and cloudless. Cold, but not necessarily wintry. A void of a day, ideal for lounging and reflection.

“Have a lay in,” says the universe.

On December 26, it is constantly evening.

And now, there is a playful bounce of synth, murmuring bass like a bear waking from a long nap ... a swell of brightness:

“You’re listening to Oncle Jazz .”

Allow yourself, listener, for seventy ephemeral, December 26th minutes, to be swept away in jazzy philosopop fantasy. All smiles, slide across the kitchen floor in your brand new socks, treat yo self to a warm beverage and snacks, nest in bed as opening titles fade like a path into the deep forest.

I can only suggest you take that path. We’re about to Oncle Jazz.


Men I Trust are a three piece indie pop band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The band was established by producer/multi-instrumentalist Dragos Chiriac and bassist Jessy Caron in 2014. The pair released their self-titled debut that year, followed by Headroom in 2015, both of which featured numerous guest vocalists. After guitarist Emma Proulx became the permanent singer of Men I Trust, the band put out a series of successful singles from 2016 through early this year. After a few delays, Men I Trust released their third full length album and first as a trio on September 13, 2019.

Review by /u/simonthedlgger

Men I Trust Radio

It’s easy to view Men I Trust as more “chill but

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PART 2 - All is Found: An In-depth Analysis of Frozen 1 and 2

Because of the Reddit post character limit, I had to separate this into parts...

The Twist Villain


I’ve heard some people say Frozen’s twist villain was not good. That it didn’t make sense and Han’s motives didn’t make sense/weren’t concrete. Well…I don’t know about that. I just think he wasn’t done too well. Yes, we see the motives behind him. We wants to be King, he’ll never be King because he’s the last born or whatever, something like that. Maybe…just maybe if we were given more exposition in his conversation with Anna before Love is an open door or anyone else, it could have been better.

In all honesty, I think he was just alright. Maybe we’re just used to really well-rounded Disney villains. The ones whose ideals and motives you can analyse and debate because they were done so well. I think the most developed and well-rounded Disney villain is Frollo.

His motives are so clear, his goals make so much sense and you can easily see which real life people he is based on. You know he's evil, I don’t like him in a sense of liking his goals or character, no way, my favourite Disney villain is Scar…I just love how developed he is. They explored him so well. He’s the opposite of a 2 Dimensional villain. Those who are evil just because they are evil. We know he hates the Romani people because he thinks they practice witchcraft (Satanists) and in religious eyes, that is evil. He only raises Quasimodo because he feared for himself (we see this in the mention of the eyes of Notre Dame). Also he has the best and most killer Disney Villain Song.

But Frollo isn’t a Twist Villain? Ah ah ah, stop right there. I got you. Enersto De La Cruz. An Amazing twist villain with a very clear motive. His music and fame. He killed Hector for his “betrayal” and to steal his songs to continue fueling his fame. His reveal, awesome. Especially since we thought he was Miguel’s great-grandfather.

Tefiti. Best Disney Twist Villain in my opinion. Well...kind of a twist villain. Because unlike the others, the villain was actually the good guy but corrupted, phenomenal. Others, Lotso from Toy Story 3, Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2, Muntz from Up and King Candy from Wreck it Ralph. And even more, twist villains can be done well.

Anyway, Hans was just an okay villain. He gave the message don’t trust strangers and showed the dangers of the love at fir

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I made a wonderful name!

I'm so excited! I was making a new Neopet in my side account and I was trying to give him a really cool name that wasn't already taken. I found one!

I am now the happy owner of Crumhorn, the green Kyrii :D

(A crumhorn is a Renaissance musical instrument of the woodwind family).

Now I just need to decide what colour he can become. I need to get him into my main account, where all my neopoints are, lol. Crumhorn could become magma (I know my magma pool times) but there are so many nice colours I could paint him too.

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Piano Education in China and Western Countries | Kong Jianing

Kong Jianing is a famous young pianist and professor of piano in Royal College of Music (RCM). In this Violy master class, he introduced the differences between the music education in China and that in Western countries.


Piano Education in China and Western Countries | Kong Jianing

Content of Kong Jianing’s lecture is as follows (edited in first person):

Good evening, everyone. My name is Kong Jianing. I am very glad to be here to share my views on music education in China and Western countries.

We all know that over the past 2 decades, music learning has been popular in China —- The country possesses the largest number of young music learners in the world. Also, we have cultivated world-famous talents who are outstanding in multiple fields.

However, many teachers and parents are still confused about the level of music education in China compared to that in Western countries, as well as in neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea. Since it is a large topic, I have selected some key points, and my sharing will be based on these points.

What is the World-class Music Education Like?

Few music players can become world-class performers. Therefore, in my opinion, the primary purpose of music education is not cultivating world-famous performers.

If I were to define the purpose of music education, I would say that the most important aspect is training the future audience.

If we take music as a kind of culture, we shall teach the children to appreciate and love music, which is the most significant thing related to music education. All music genres including classical music, jazz music, pop music, and world music can only be preserved when the learners know how to enjoy them. Only then can our musical culture be developed and retained.

Quality education and aesthetic are both related to the education of music. By learning music, the learners may find that music can cultivate their aesthetic, and help them improve their life quality.

Cultivating world-class performers is not the aim of music education. If we can create an environment where a large number of people love and understand music, talented performers will stand out n

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Piano Education in China and Western Countries | Kong Jianing

Kong Jianing is a famous young pianist and professor of piano in Royal College of Music (RCM). In this Violy master class, he introduced the differences between the music education in China and that in Western countries.


Piano Education in China and Western Countries | Kong Jianing

Content of Kong Jianing’s lecture is as follows (edited in first person):

Good evening, everyone. My name is Kong Jianing. I am very glad to be here to share my views on music education in China and Western countries.

We all know that over the past 2 decades, music learning has been popular in China —- The country possesses the largest number of young music learners in the world. Also, we have cultivated world-famous talents who are outstanding in multiple fields.

However, many teachers and parents are still confused about the level of music education in China compared to that in Western countries, as well as in neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea. Since it is a large topic, I have selected some key points, and my sharing will be based on these points.

What is the World-class Music Education Like?

Few music players can become world-class performers. Therefore, in my opinion, the primary purpose of music education is not cultivating world-famous performers.

If I were to define the purpose of music education, I would say that the most important aspect is training the future audience.

If we take music as a kind of culture, we shall teach the children to appreciate and love music, which is the most significant thing related to music education. All music genres including classical music, jazz music, pop music, and world music can only be preserved when the learners know how to enjoy them. Only then can our musical culture be developed and retained.

Quality education and aesthetic are both related to the education of music. By learning music, the learners may find that music can cultivate their aesthetic, and help them improve their life quality.

Cultivating world-class performers is not the aim of music education. If we can create an environment where a large number of people love and understand music, talented performers will stand out n

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What is your favourite musical instrument from each family?
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Have you learned how to play a musical instrument growing up?

Hi everyone! I am interested in learning about music education in your respective countries. Is music as an extracurricular emphasized a lot where you are from?

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