Pop Filter vs. Foam Windscreen

Me and two of my buddies are planning on starting a podcast and iโ€™m looking into our options for recording our audio. With 3 of us in the same room recording on separate microphones which would be better a pop filter or a foam windscreen? (feel free to include your reasoning for your answer)

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The Microphone Myth: What it takes to get the best audio on Twitch.

Hi there! I'm KickedTripod, you may have seen me around here answering questions (mostly about audio setups, OBS settings, and occasional "mindset" questions). I'm a full-time podcaster first and I love the Twitch community and try to give back wherever I can.


So why are you making this thread? Almost every day, this subreddit is flooded with questions about audio setups. "I got a new microphone, but now I have hum." "Which microphone should I get?" I'd like to answer this here, start a great discussion about your best practices, and hopefully create a space where we can learn together.


The Microphone Myth: Your favorite streamer, podcaster, or YouTuber probably has an amazing microphone. You watch them day in and day out with their smooth vocals and say, "I want that too!" So, as most of us did, we went out and bought a nice $100+ microphone, got home, plugged it in, and realized that wasn't the entire issue. There's something more that we aren't seeing or hearing. This is the microphone myth. Now before I go any further, I want to acknowledge ahead of time that this isn't always the case. Some have thoroughly done their research; Others have all the right programs they need to make their audio work; some even have perfectly treated rooms. That's fine. I'm not here to tell you to spend more money. I'm not here to say you need more than you think you need. However, I would like to be a cautioning voice that at least asks, "Do you ALL have the right stuff?" In short, your mileage may vary.


What does it take to get excellent audio on Twitch? There are four major components to making your voice sound awesome on Twitch: your microphone, your room, your effects, and your voice. Three first three components you have major control over, the fourth one you don't and making any major changes to your voice can take months of vocal practice. Before you do anything, assess your budget. If you have $200 to spend, know that up front. Let's discuss each of these:
Your Microphone: The first thing people tend to recommend when you want to make your voice sound better is to get a nice microphone (Hello, Blue Yeti!). Don't underestimate headset microphones. With most headset microphones, you have little-to-no background noise, don't need any additional acoustic treatment, and you don't have to worry about boom arms and the like. Summit1G uses a headset microphone and it's perfectly adequate, out of t

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Cape Wrath Trail (Scotland) Gear report and comparison with u/Arne_L

After u/Arne_L excellent post on his gear for the Cape wrath trail the other week, link, I thought it would be useful to post the gear I used and a quick (hopefully neutral(ish)) comparison to his. Unfortunately I had to finish my hike early, after 8 days as I developed a small tear in my vastus medialis (inside quadricep) and was in a lot of pain whilst walking. It was a great trip though. Good hiking and good company. Arne has read through this prior to posting and he reckoned it was accurate.

The format will be Arne's gear and thoughts, my gear and thoughts then comparison.

Apologies in advance for the length if this: it's pretty huge.

Arne's original intro:

"One week ago I completed the Cape Wrath Trail, a unofficial & unmarked route from Fort William to Scotland's most North-Western point, Cape Wrath. It combines footpaths, Land Rover tracks, pathless sections and varies in length. My variant - taking in the Beinn Eighe alternative & the roadwalk to Ullapool - was roughly 360 km. The route is often referred to as 'UK's toughest trail' & it offers a decent & interesting challenge. If you're out of luck, most trails are rivers and/or mudstreams. Sometimes, or most of the times, trails/tracks have a tendency to suddenly stop and then it's up to you to search 'the path of least resistance' to your goal. In my opinion, it's the best way to see Scotland's finest scenery. For the first 8 days I was joined by the magnificentย /u/craige1989, but sadly he had to quit his walk in Ullapool due to a injury. After that, I continued on my own, northbound to the Cape. Craig took the good weather home with him; the temperature dropped, winds came & snow/sleet/rain/hail said hi. Perfect; the Full Scottish Experience. Since this subreddit is relatively interested on gear, I thought other peopleย mightย find it interesting what I used on the CWT & how it fared. A small warning, however: I am not exactly what you would classify as 'ultralight'. I value ultralight principles (efficiency is king in my opinion), but don't keep a lighterpack (oops) & don't weight most of my gear (ouch). All I know is that I started this walk with a pack weighing 12 kg; this weight included food for the first 5 days, 1L of water and camera gear. Anyway, below is what I used for 14 days."

Craig: Similar to Arne, I

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CAN YOU HEAR THE HYPE? Guide to improving your audio. Pt 1: Equipment

CAN YOU HEAR THE HYPE? Part 1: Equipment


I realize there are a variety of smashers with different needs and interests regarding improving the audio in their product. Whether it's the biggest tournament in your region or a one man show, there's always room to improve your setup and workflow.

This guide will give you a thorough understanding of ways to get the best improvement to audio for the money you spend. This equipment is mainly for commentary audio, as your gameplay audio will be dictated by your video capture setup.

Part 2 will feature how to set up your equipment for the best audio capture.


To be clear, these setups are best for BUDGET systems. If you have a mixer, the V-Moda Boompro will not work with a mixer. Although mixers can be found relatively cheap, compatible headsets run at least $250 a pop.

An additional note about using headphones with traditional mixers: headsets like the v-moda boompro and the antlion modmic are expecting a 5v current from the "ring" in the TRS cable, and should only be used with soundcards with 3.5mm mic jacks. Unfortunately, mixers only have the option to provide a +48v phantom power (for condensor mics) or no power at all (for dynamic microphones). So if you plan on using a traditional mixer, look for a headset that terminates in an XLR plug, but those usually end up costing upwards of $250.

Commentator's setup

Product Type Price
Monoprice 8323 Headphones $20
Beyerdynamic EDT250V Velour Pads for Headphones $25
V-moda Boommic Pro Headset Microphone $30
ATR2USB 3.5 mm to USB Audio Adapter Headphone/Microphone Interface $13

Headphones - There are three things that I would look for when purchasing headphones for your commentary team: closed back, removable 3.5mm cable, comfort. The quality of the monitoring is not as important as keeping the commentators focused on the action, so isolation is key in your purchasing decision. There are better, more expensive headphones out there that also meet this qualification, but the Monoprices are the best at this price point. The standard (or at least what I've seen a lot at

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