Arriving in a civilized system - The "Standard Protocol"

I was wondering what the standard protocol would be for a ship that arrives out of hyperspace into an Imperial-controlled system, so I could plot out the various checks that might be involved. For instance, would the authorities usually ignore a small passenger craft entirely, or would they have a basic challenge-and-response communication and a check for valid transponder code, possibly even including a fly-by and a close-range sensor scan? Also, how would the level of Imperial presence in the system impact that protocol? Basically, if you have some rebels flying a shuttle or a small freighter, what would they typically expect to encounter, and what would seem out of place?

Starting With Earth

I am not an experienced sailor or pilot, so I welcome anyone with experience in this area to help me fill in more accurate details. Also, I mostly based my research on the US and the UK, but I would be very interested to hear about how foreign ports handle this. Anyhow, for starters I researched the process that small foreign watercraft should follow when entering a US port.

Prior to arrival, the ship should have filed a "Notice of Arrival" or NOA so that the port would be expecting the ship's arrival. So if a ship arrives having not filed an NOA, or filing one right before arrival, would potentially arouse suspicion and increase the chances of the agency taking more interest in the ship. On Earth, this prior notice can be needed 4 days in advance or as little as 16 hours in advance, depending on the type of vessel and the port in question. In Star Wars, the HoloNet would allow that type of NOA to be filed normally, and is the kind of thing that the Imperials would expect. ("We were not expecting a shipment…" is a very Imperial bureaucrat thing to say.) Some countries call this an ANOA (for Advanced Notice of Arrival) and can be more strict than others on the details.

Upon arriving in territorial waters (or arriving in-system in Star Wars), the norm is to hoist the courtesy flag of the country you are visiting (along with quarantine flag where relevant.) So the Star Wars equivalent here is to make sure your transponder is on, and you reach out to Port Control ASAP instead of waiting on them to call you.

The relevant government agency in America is Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and if you sail a non-commercial small boat into a US port, you have to report immediately to this agency. This can be handled by phone, and they also have an app, or you c

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