Vulture “The Bachelorette Recap: Rules of Engagement” by Ali Barthwell…
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📅︎ Oct 22 2020
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Ali Barthwell's recap of the premiere on Vulture

This was hilarious! Would love to hear everyone's favorite lines- I laughed especially hard at "Greg is a simulation AI created by the Bumble algorithm"

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📅︎ Jun 09
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A Compilation of Chris Harrison’s Problematic Behavior

I posted this originally in a comment on another post, but someone suggested I make a separate post here. Please add things you think of?

Would be great to have to share around tonight!

MASSIVE UPDATE: FEMINIST MAMA SAYS SHE WILL MAKE ONE TONIGHT! Keep sending in tidbits so we can give her the best material possible!!!!

UPDATE: here’s her TikTok!!!

And part 2:


-Extra interview

-quotes about why no black leads: Referencing this interview

-speech to college students in November 2019 about addressing systematic racism in the franchise as low priority: “While I would love to only make great social statements and really change the world, I can’t just do that because we have to stay on the air”

-BHH interview saying men are assholes even when they’re right at 23:37

-HTMF appearance when he said women on women bullying was a women problem

-snippets in here on the Lee incident

-Almost Famous podcast

6:10-6:50 talking about someone on the spectrum being “off” and surprised when someone is not on the spectrum but “normal”

16:50-17:50 say saying the difference bw Madison views on sex and Luke P’s misogyny/slut shaming of Hannah B was just “optics”

-Problematic comments about Victoria Fuller on BHH— anyone have the specific episode number and time stamp? Reference here-

-deleted his BLM black square on Instagram when the trend was over (Photo sent to feminist mama couldn’t figure out how to add it here)

-told corrine on hot mic the show h

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📅︎ Feb 15
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The Strange Case of Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood, one of the most memorable, albeit problematic, stars of the BachelorTV franchise, has come out as gay.

Underwood, 29, made the announcement in an interview with Good Morning America that aired on Wednesday. “I’ve ran from myself for a long time. I’ve hated myself for a long time. And I’m gay,” Underwood told host Robin Roberts. “I came to terms with that earlier this year and have been processing it, and the next step in all of this is sort of letting people know. I’m still nervous, but yeah, it’s been a journey for sure.”

Underwood appeared as a contestant on season 14 of The Bachelorette as one of Becca Kufrin’s suitors and was subsequently cast as the lead of season 23 of The Bachelor, which aired in 2019. His stint as the Bachelor was a rocky one: Much of the promotional material around his season and the conversation during it focused on Underwood’s virginity, and his season ended with him choosing to pursue Cassie Randolph, who tried to break up with him and leave the show. (Even if you’re not a Bachelor fan, you may remember the infamous fence-jumping scene.) The pair wound up dating, but after their 2020 split, Randolph accused Underwood of stalking her and requested a restraining order. She later dropped the request.

*During his GMA interview, Underwood acknowledged that some of his past behavior, including his decision to appear on The Bachelor and his actions during his time on the show, had been questionable. “I d

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Some thoughts from Sharleen and Ali Barthwell on how the show are handling contestants' backstories and trauma: "It's emotional quid pro quo"

For a long time, the show has always pressured contestants to "be vulnerable" and open up to the leads far more than what you'd expect from people who are casually, not-exclusively dating. That's not unique to Tayshia; it's done every season to varying degrees of "success". Last week, Sharleen spent most of her Flare recap critiquing the show for pressuring the contestants into revealing deeply personal stories and traumas on camera, particularly Ben's past suicide attempts. She also mentioned that the producers most likely already know about contestants' back stories and traumas before they discuss them with the leads, because contestants are supposed to answer "close to a thousand questions about yourself, your personality and your most private thoughts" during the casting process.

Ali Barthwell wrote this in her Vulture recap this week:

>Here’s the issue with how this show and this season is handling people’s backstories and to an extent their trauma: It’s not great! Tayshia (and the show) has decided that being vulnerable and open is something that these men must do in order to keep going along the relationship track. It becomes transactional. Tayshia looks them in the eye and literally says, “Be vulnerable with me. I’m waiting on you to open up.” Tayshia is not a mental-health professional, and someone’s emotional baggage is something they have to decide to share in a relationship. It’s something each couple has to navigate together, with the person sharing being in control.
>But Tayshia (and the show) drags these men into revealing deep-seated emotional things about themselves, responds by going “Thank you. I appreciate that,” and handing them a rose. It’s emotional quid pro quo. And because the exchange all season has been so plainly “You tell me something emotional, you get to stay,” when Tayshia has to send someone like Riley home, it’s even more painful for him. He revealed some really difficult family stuff that was VERY CLEAR he doesn’t talk about often or in public. It seems like his own family has only recently started to deal with these issues, but he’s supposed to tell some girl he’s known for like nine business days without any promise of reciprocation. I’m not saying that Tayshia is ob

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📅︎ Dec 15 2020
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Thoughts on Ivan and Tayshia's conversation?

Ali Barthwell (a black woman) from Vulture said this in her recap:

>THE BACHELORETTE HAD AN EXTENDED CONVERSATION ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY THAT WASN’T INTERRUPTED BY A COUNTRY STAR NAMED CHEZ WILKS OR SOMETHING. Two Black adults sat down and talked about the state of race in America during the pandemic on the same television program where men had to make orgasm noises into a hotel phone. Tayshia and Ivan talked about growing up biracial in mostly white towns and schools and Chris Harrison didn’t pop in to put them in a hot air balloon over the desert.
>What is HAPPENING? In the middle of the most average, ordinary episode of The Bachelorette, we got an in-depth conversation on police brutality, prisons, racial identity, and George Floyd. Or as in-depth has these two people and the show are capable of. Because I’m putting together the context clues here and… has Tayshia ever dated a Black person before? Has she ever had these conversations with a partner of any race before? She seemed a little stunned that Ivan had been called the n-word walking around school. Like… girl… that shouldn’t be a surprise to you considering everything.
>And when I say everything I don’t just mean “the racial climate in America this summer,” I also mean “the history of America as a country up until and continuing past this moment in time.” But just think about how fucking nuts it was in America this summer. I was spending most of my time doing interviews with various reporters about how racist literally every place I’ve ever worked was, and all my white friends were apologizing to me. I know Tayshia and Ivan have been quarantining for a few weeks but things were, to use a euphemism, racially awkward for a while. This really seemed like one of the first times that Tayshia was letting her guard down about being a Black woman in America and connected with someone about that reality. It was one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in the Bachelor franchise in a long time, and when this show even attempts to strip away the artifice and just lets the leads be people with needs and desires and emotions, it’s a better show. Just let the show be a better show! And Tayshia, get a Black girlfriend or something.


>Ivan wins and gets to head to Tayshia’s suite where they play the floor is lava, have a pillow fight with open bags of feathers, and order a co

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📅︎ Nov 25 2020
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NY Mag: "Matt James’s Impossible Role As the First Black Bachelor: Like many black men before him, Matt James has to make his Blackness seems palatable, amiable, and safe to appeal to white audiences"

Full article here.

Some notable passages:

>But despite the slapdash quality of his television debut, Matt James held his own, appearing calm and unflappably self-assured on GMA. He dodged more controversial questions with finesse, refused to condemn the franchise for taking too long to make a change, and expertly invoked his mother when pressed about what qualities he looks for in a woman. When asked if he felt any pressure being the first Black male lead, James demurred. “I’m just going to lean into myself and how my mom raised me,” he said. “Hopefully, when people invite me into their homes on Monday night, they’re going to see that I’m not much different than them.

He already had to affirm that he's "not much different" from BN's white audiences, something that a white lead wouldn't have to. The fact that he was raised by a white mom is also highlighted by the show. Even Matt himself as admitted on his social media that people use his white mom as proof that he's "safe" compared to other black people. See also:

>To the casual viewer, casting James as the Bachelor might seem like a no-brainer: He is smart, accomplished, hardworking, athletically gifted, philanthropically inclined, and most importantly, incredibly handsome. Why then, did it take 38 seasons and 25 leads for ABC and Warner Bros. TV to finally cave?
>The answer to that question becomes more obvious on a close watch of James’s rollout on GMA. When listing his Bachelor qualifications, there’s an emphasis on James’s relationship to two very popular former Bachelor Nation stars: former contestant Tyler Cameron and former Bachelorette Hannah Brown. In fact, his friendship with Cameron and Brown was mentioned much more often than his other, arguably more notable accomplishments, like playing football at Wake Forest University or founding his own charitable business. It seems likely that what pushed James firmly into mainstream territory was his relationship with these two powerful, white Bachelor Nation stars — friends who had publicly and frequently given him their stamp of approval via social-media channels. The gatekeepers had spoken: James’s Blackness got a “pass.

He's even got (famous) white friends! He's safe; he's not like other black people!

On the nuance of casting a Black Bachelor (vs. a Black bachelorette) and Black

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📅︎ Jun 25 2020
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Press round-up of the season/finale

Since I'm a masochist, here's a list of articles from today/last night about the finale and the whole season. Maybe other masochists want to read them too. (In my defense, a lot of these publications I read anyway, and came across these. Others I found from other websites or Twitter. I didn't obsessively seek them out!)

The Undefeated

The Atlantic

The New Yorker


The Washington Post



NY Times

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Ali's recap.
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📅︎ Nov 06 2020
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