Terran Worlds: A Guide (part 1)

Aznat: The Fortress World


Type: Mesocontinental World
Atmosphere type: Nitrogen/Oxygen (81% Nitrogen, 18% Oxygen) at 0.8 atm
Environment type: Hot Dry-Mild
Biome classification: ABBCDE AACCDE
Biological classification: Class 7.8
see Terran Habitable Planet Classification System


Aznat is the second planet of the Awrazian system. This system is located over 1000 light years from Earth, right on the frontier of Terran space. Aznat's most defining feature is the gigantic continent covering 30% of the planet's surface. This massive continent stretches from the North pole to a the 80th parallel south, nearly reaching the planet's south pole. This continents interior is a massive desert, known as The Great Aznat Desert, but often referred to by the natives as the Sahara, after the desert located on the north half of the Terran continent Africa, where most Awrazians can trace their heritage to. Aznat's other continents are far smaller and separated by vast oceans. Aznat's ecosystem is home tropical jungles around the equator and massive deserts. The temperate region of Aznat is dominated by Mediterranean forests, transitioning into more temperate forests in the higher latitudes before ending in tundra. Aznat also boasts one of the biggest Redwood forests in the Terran Empire.

The fauna of Aznat ranges from Barbary Lions, Barbary Leopards, Atlas Bears, Saharan Cheetahs, North African Elephants, Giraffes, Gazelles, Kudu, Oryx, Addax, Deers, Camels and many others imported from Earth. The sea is also rich of sea life imported from Earth originating mainly from the Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Arctic Seas. Settlements are mostly confined to the Mediterranean regions, but settlements do exist in the deserts and tropics.


The settlers of the Awrazian system originate from Berber Merchant/Mercenary fleets. The systems surrounding Awrazia were originally dominated by a group of warring alien states, but they were driven out by the Berber Mercenary fleets. In the 24th century, these fleets dominated trade within the eastern fringe of Terran space. Aznat was designated as an merchant outpost, far away from Terran jurisdiction. Over the years, this planet attracted more Berber retirees and their families. Due to the system being a long way from Terran jurisdiction, a

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Wife is turning 30 in Nov. Looking for some great restaurant recommendations for her and a group of friends

We recently relocated here from the Boston area and my wife is turning 30 in November. Yup, the big 3-0. Right now we're living near Palo Alto and dont get a chance to go into the city often. She has some friends visiting from out of town during her birthday weekend and hinted that she'd like to go into the city with all of us for dinner followed by drinks/dancing/etc after. Out of all of her friends, she's probably the most mature and doesnt like to get overly hammered but knows how to have a good time. We both appreciate great food and drink and of course a great vibe. I'd love to get some recommendations for a restaurant that's worthy of a 30th birthday for an amazing woman. She works hard and deserves an extra special and memorable day.

[edit] - WOW. thank you so much for all of these great responses! Some additional information:

  • We go out into Redwood City frequently and she really enjoys places like Martins West Pub and Vesta. Food, vibe, and drinks are really great at these places.

  • number of people: we're probably going out with about 10 other people

  • budget: Ideally no more than $30 a plate. Some of our guests might be uncomfortable paying more than $30 just to eat.

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