Best restaurants to support right now with good vegetarian options

Hey all! Been trying to get takeout about once a week to help support local businesses and I'm looking for more places to try! I'm vegetarian so options are a must. Not really picky about type of food.

Already ordered from Walia, Bills Cafe, and Iguanas already.

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📅︎ May 04 2020
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Fucking Linda wants partial custody and visitation with hypothetical grandchildren

TW: Fucking Linda story. You can't get more specific than that, she's just that fucking horrible. This one isn't so bad but Fucking Linda is known to drive pacificts to wall-punching rages, and the emotionally jaded weep.

Hello my lovelies, I am taking a break from the utter shit modding I do (honestly it's mostly posting flair for people on mobile, approving or dissaproving comments filtered by auto mod, and being a horrible slacker. I am, however, in my LAST SEMESTER at college, working full time, managing a divorce in my marriage, and currently- SICK AS A DOG. I got tested and its influenza A, not corona, but the 103 degree fever and inability to do anything more strenuous than cough and pee at the same time is just as shitty, regardless of the source of infection. This is a good visual representation of my life right now. However, this leads to a whopper of an email from Fucking Linda and everyone's favorite way for Bippy to post- fucked up on Nyquil!

The best part is at the end of this long ass letter. Sorry, not sorry.

For those unfamiliar with the Fucking Linda saga (check the Bot for more)- she's Satan's least favorite concubine, which is why she still roams the earth. She's my narcissistic, undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, massively unplesant tantruming elderly child of an egg donor. She's an emotional and financial vampire, beat me severely enough that my bones have a network of scars along them and my spine had permanent damage before I was 13, stole thousands from me, forced me into prostitution as a child while my Dad was in the hospital fighting for his life because she was "too stressed" to get a job, and is still completely and utterly confused as to why I've gone no contact for the last four blissful years.

She a bitch. K?

So my AwesomeBrother, the GC who gets it, got a whopper of an email from her. He replied with kindness and grace (basically he said HELL NO but really nicely), but I wanted to copy/paste enough of this thing to show exactly what the fuck I am dealing with, still, from the mouth of the she-viper herself. Fuck her privacy, BTW, if she wanted me to respect the privacy of her emails she shouldn't have forced me to suck dick for money at 15 years old.

>Dear (AwesomeBrother):
I don't want to be stranded in tiny, cold, blue-collar Kenosha.

Good. Stay out of my badass state of cheese and pork

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SJSU Foodies, Let's Talk. where is your favorite lunch spot Downtown?

All summer (I work on campus), I've been trying to go to every restaurant in Downtown San Jose, with the exception of the high-end restaurants (McCormick's, Morton, Mosaic), and I feel like I've eaten everywhere twice.

I've been to (at least twice, maybe even more):

  • All of Student Union
  • Just Below
  • On Fourth
  • Subway
  • Togo's
  • Flames
  • Whispers
  • Super Taqueria
  • Pho Cong Ly (best pho in DTSJ, so far)
  • Corner Deli (formerly CreAsian)
  • Sonia's
  • SA-By Thai
  • Iguanas
  • La Vics
  • Boba Bar
  • That Cheesesteak place next to Boba Bar
  • Pizza My Heart
  • Jack in the Box
  • Tengu Sushi
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Tandoori Oven
  • Pho 69
  • Both Hawaiian Poke Bowl places
  • Erik's Deli
  • Gordon Biersch
  • Original Gravity
  • K zzang
  • Ozu Sushi
  • Fuji Sushi
  • Cafe Pomegranate
  • M Asian Fusion
  • The Loft (Okay, I've only been there once.)
  • Chacho's
  • Pieology
  • Osheyo
  • Vegetarian House
  • Poor Boy Bistro
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Chipotle
  • Sushi Infinity
  • That Gyro Truck across the street from Psycho Donuts
  • Fourth Street Pizza
  • Ike's
  • That Halal place on Santa Clara
  • Angelou's
  • Mezcal
  • Sammy G's Pizza
  • HOM Korean Kitchen

What should I try next? Or have I touched all bases?

TIA! :)

ps. If you would like my review on any of these places or a recommendation, let me know!

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Let us make a list of good, decently priced, food places that are a walk-able distance from SJSU!

So, I checked out the other list ( and many of them are only drive-able. So, I thought we should make a list for walk-able distance! This is good for commuters who take the bus and for people who don't have a car. All these are walk-able distance!

Let me start: K-zzang Pretty good and cheap Korean Food! Good enough to fill you up!

Peanuts Deluxe Cafe A diner, serves things like omelets or sandwiches. Cash Only

Cafe Pomegranate Good Mediterranean Food

Hawaiian Drive Inn You actually walk in here.... Serves Hawaiian food like a Bento Box. Has lunch special for pretty cheap for $5.95. Similar to Ohana's.

Lee Sandwiches Vietnamese Sandwiches for a cheap price. Line gets long around lunch.

Also, Thirst Tea (Milk tea) Place is opening this Friday!

Thanks to user slumber42 for the following list!

Asian food

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📅︎ Nov 11 2013
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