If you're in San Jose, stop by Green Lotus! Delicious Buddhist Vegetarian Food.
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Vegetarian food in San Jose?

I'm headed down to San Jose for my second time next week and I want to know where I can eat! I tried and loved Vishnu and Lubnan (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). I am staying within walking distance of Lubnan(on la passe de colones) but I'm not opposed to taking a cab. I don't eat fish, pork, beef, etc. Anyone have any ideas?

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Restaurants with good Vegetarian food?

Over the course of quarantine, I've felt tired of the same few restaurants in the San Jose area that I've been frequenting for take out.

Any suggestions of good restaurants to try in the area with good vegetarian options? I really like asian food.

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Subreddit Stats: LittleRock posts from 2019-09-23 to 2020-06-11 19:11 PDT

Period: 262.19 days

Submissions Comments
Total 994 9947
Rate (per day) 3.79 37.80
Unique Redditors 499 1690
Combined Score 24834 34835

###Top Submitters' Top Submissions

  1. 4881 points, 127 submissions: /u/Otontin

    1. Star of India family dinner is no joke, even included some toilet paper 😊 (214 points, 27 comments)
    2. Taquería Gloria ❀️ (128 points, 3 comments)
    3. Taco stand opened up this week in front of Mercado San Jose on Rodney Parham (111 points, 24 comments)
    4. Support your local grocery stores (109 points, 15 comments)
    5. Some Little Rock restaurants don't feel comfortable opening for dining on May 11 (102 points, 28 comments)
    6. Chicken vindaloo, chicken tandoori, dal tadka,rice, naan and a desert for $50 - Taj Mahal family dinner damn (101 points, 39 comments)
    7. I know it's not going to stick but it's snowing! (101 points, 12 comments)
    8. Mailman leaves $2,200 tip to help employees at Little Rock restaurant (84 points, 4 comments)
    9. Taqueria La Catrina really hits the spot (83 points, 14 comments)
    10. Del Campo a La Ciudad has toilet paper if anyone is still looking for some (80 points, 15 comments)
  2. 861 points, 23 submissions: /u/starbearer92

    1. FAMILY MEAL package from Star of India - rice, naan, samosas and entree dish for 40$ plus tax - feeds 10-12 people (156 points, 36 comments)
    2. BREAKING: Protesters have shut down I-630 in Downtown Little Rock (101 points, 25 comments)
    3. [BREAKING: Emergency declared for COVID-19 in Little Rock](https://i.redd.it/rw88q70jk9m41.p
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(OC) Every nba team subreddit is pretty perfectly summed up by their top keywords

This all started because I was checking out subredditstats.com to see stats for r/ripcity. The way I see it is if you aren't a top contributer on your teams subreddit, then you are a casual nephew. Anyways, I started to notice a lot of the top keywords for r/ripcity were comically summing up the sub. That's when I noticed that you can see lists of others subs on reddit that match up based on keywords and the results were hilarious. Naturally I started checking every teams subreddit stats. Here are the results.

Definition of "Top Keyword": The keywords that are most often used on this subreddit in particular, relative to the global frequency of that key word

Definition of "Related Subreddits by Keywords": The most closely related subreddit by keyword usage overlap

Team Top Keywords Related Subreddits by keywords
Atlanta H
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All about OC6's Food - Review for the casuals

This is a review about OC6 on everything that's not VR, so if you're wondering if you should go to OC just for the experience (yes), keep on eating reading!

OC is held at the San Jose Convention Center, which is great for small to mid-sized conventions. It's clean with a lot of bathroom options. It's also at downtown near many nice bars. The only downside is you'd most likely need to pay to park for the weekend there (~$12 for the whole weekend so not too bad).

There are constantly filled coffee bars (fresh made), variety of drinks and snacks provided the entire time. They hire some really good staff & security where they are patient with each person, despite needing to serve thousands of people. Despite the amount of people, I have never waited in line too long for anything, whoever managed the venue did a great job in providing a smooth experience for everyone.

I've been attending since OC3, and back then there was about (wild guess) 10% of the people compared to OC6. Back then Office Hours weren't even fully booked and you could just walk in, you can easily find John Carmack in the halls and get a private photo with him, sometimes even see the rare pokemon palmer lurking around in the bushes. A lot of people attending were also hobbyists/gamers who just enjoyed VR, since it still wasn't "mainstream" yet.

This time, basically anyone you talk to has or been part of a team who are working on VR, which is amazing. Despite all these people, there are rarely anyone with ego, everyone is very humble with talking about their experiences - mostly due to VR still being so young.

Eventually any conference, over 10 or 20 years start to degrade into a slightly different feel, but I would say OC still holds strong in keeping its young adventerous spirit. Even if you're just a gamer who loves VR, it's still an incredible feeling talking and learning about everyone's work (SO much diversity!)

Alright here's best part. OC6 is technically for 2.5 days, and if you're part of Launchpad it's 5 days. And all of those days they serve amazing free catering for breakfeast, lunch, dinner, and everything in-between. I love food. So I also tried out everything they offered. I hope no one judged me for it!!

Launchpad Day 1 & 2 (before OC):
I'm pretty sure the hotel (Fairmont) did the catering, it looked sub-fancy but also the hotel wasn't a restaraunt so it could never reach that level, bu

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Twitchcon 2018: A Guide to San Jose

Hey guys! My name is Jay and as San Jose is my hometown, I want to welcome everyone by giving you a rundown on what to expect when you arrive for Twitchcon 2018.

San Jose is a huge suburban sprawl encompassing ~180 sq miles with a small but growing downtown center. Some call it the heart of Silicon Valley as tech companies have put roots down here and all over the surrounding bay area. Although San Jose has over 1M people, newcomers will not feel the hustle and bustle of a true large city because the total area is extremely spread out. San Jose is steeped in a diverse cultural history and is home to every type of person you can imagine.

Many of you will be arriving and departing via SJC, normally a fairly slow and straightforward airport. Easiest way to get to your lodging location will be via ridesharing apps. Most Ubers/Lyfts will get you anywhere you want to go for in the city $15. Fairly reasonable and if you’re not traveling solo even better!

San Jose is also known for being one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Average rent for a one bedroom apartment will run you ~$1600. Expect to pony up some moola for food and drinks while you’re here.


Item Price
Breakfast $12-15
Lunch $12-18
Dinner $18-29
Beer $9
Mixed Drink $10
Signature Cocktail $15
Wine $12


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I’m sorry, y’all, I’ve been busy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:

  • Cap City Video Lounge: β€œTallahassee Florida's premiere cult cinematic theater and movie rental store. Many free showings in their small theater of movies from Lord of the Rings and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to the best/worst in B-rated horror. Super fun small theater. You can even rent it and have a film fest of your own!”

  • All Saints Cinema: β€œThe Tallahassee Film Society was formed for the purpose of bringing foreign and American independent films to the Tallahassee area.”

  • Monticello Opera House: β€œA historic theater in Monticello featuring musical performances and local theater.”

  • Quincy Musical Theater: β€œQuincy Music Theatre is North Florida’s largest and only all-musical community theater.”

  • Ruby Diamond Auditorium: β€œThe primary performance venue for Florida State University.”

  • Student Life Cinema: β€œFlorida State University's Student Life Cinema (located in the Askew Student Life Center) is one of the nation's leading campus film programs, featuring five to six nights a week of everything from the most recent blockbuster movies to documentaries, alternative and foreign films, to restored cinema classics.” General Public permitted.

  • Theatre Tallahassee: β€œServing the community since 1949, Theatre Tallahassee has been a leader in professional-caliber community theater featuring your friends and neighbors.”

  • Young Actors Theater: β€œYAT is a non-profit youth theatre and school for the performing arts founded in 1975. YAT provides quality theatre and theatre education to the community.”


  • Breakout Games is new and does that escape-a-locked-room thing with multiple theme options. Good for fun times with friends, team building exercises with coworkers.

  • Joyride Bicycle Collective offers various fun bike riding options, usually accessible for all levels of ability.

  • [Gulf Winds Track Club](http://www.gulfwinds.org/Calendar/2016%20Calendar/Calendar%202016.asp#

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Going to Coalesce? Here's is a Guide to the Bay Area, brought to you by Bay Area Bassheads!

Welcome Tipper and friends! We have collaborated to put together this in-depth guide for you to use when you visit our beautiful home. We hope you love it and it helps you out immensely, and if you have any questions or need more suggestions, feel free to reach out!

The Bay Area includes the San Francisco peninsula, the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, San Leandro, etc.), the North Bay (Marin, Sausalito, Sebastopol, etc.) and the South Bay (San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino, etc.).

Map of the Bay Area

The Richmond Craneway is located in Richmond in the East Bay. Please be advised: Richmond is not the safest neighborhood in the world. Which leads to this next, and most important point…


The Bay Area is insanely beautiful. However, you will notice quickly that there is a particularly massive homeless population here. A large portion of the homeless in the Bay Area are SEVERELY mentally ill and/or suffering from severe addiction. I’m gonna mom you for a bit:


Do NOT walk anywhere alone if you can avoid it, and DEFINITELY do not walk around fucked up and making a scene. Don’t wear headphones, walk with your phone out, or walk alone. Don’t have large pieces of jewelry on that will make you a target. Mentally unstable people do some pretty jarring shit sometimes, so if you're not used to being around heavy drug addicts, it can potentially be very uncomfortable. Don’t engage, don’t taunt, be respectful. Be smart, be careful and you’ll be gucci.

Alright now back to the fun stuff.


California may be notorious for warm, balmy weather year-round, but that does not necessarily apply to the Bay Area. The Bay Area’s weather is fucking weird. Ever heard the saying β€œthe coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”? Well that shit is true (even if Mark Twain didn’t actually say it). It’s cold. Wear layers and close-toed shoes. The juxtaposition of the city to the Pacific Ocean means cold, damp fogs are regular occurrences and they will get you when you’re not expecting it and it will make you miserable. *Bonus fact: Bay Area residents call the fog β€œKarl the fog” and he has his own Twitter account. :)*


Finding a place to stay in this area may seem tricky, since Richmond is largely an industrial city. The cities closest to

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132+ Teams 132+ Days: Colorado


Year Founded: 1876

Referred To As: CU

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Total Attendance: 29,894

Mascot: The Buffaloes, Chip

Live Mascot: Ralphie the Buffalo: Ralphie One of the highlights of any CU football game is the running of Ralphie the Buffalo. Before the game and before the 2nd half, Ralphie, along with a team of trained handlers, run from the CU team entrance, around the field, and exit at the visitor team entrance. The crowd goes absolutely crazy, especially for important games. When not at games, Ralphie spends her days in the Boulder frontrage.

Ralphie is a bit of a misnomer. CU has actually had 5 Buffaloes, each with a unique name (#1 Ralphie, #2 Moonshine, #3 Tequila, #4 Rowdy, #5 Blackout). Blackout has been the CU Ralphie since 2007. The tradition of running Ralphie has been around since 1966, and Ralphie even won homecoming queen in 1971!

Here is a clip of the Ralphie run from 2004

Ralphie is always ranked very high as far as mascots go (almost always in the top 3, wish I could say the same for the team). In 2013 Ralphie was ranked #2

Cheerleaders: Cheer Team, Cheer Team 2, In Action, In Action 2. A special shout out to nationally recognized Ozell Williams. The guy is an absolute monster when it comes to flips

Express Dance Team: Dance Team, In Action, In Action 2.

Marching Band: The "Golden Buffalo Marching Band" is comprised of 220 members from all various fields of study and is the single largest studen organization on campus. The band celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. The band travels with the team on several away games each year, as well as post-season play. On the Friday night before the home games, the band travels to Pearl Street in Boulder and plays a pep-rally up and down the street for home and away fans. This event has been dubbed the "Stampede" on Pearl Street and was started in 2006, and has grown to epic proportions. The team, as

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SJSU Foodies, Let's Talk. where is your favorite lunch spot Downtown?

All summer (I work on campus), I've been trying to go to every restaurant in Downtown San Jose, with the exception of the high-end restaurants (McCormick's, Morton, Mosaic), and I feel like I've eaten everywhere twice.

I've been to (at least twice, maybe even more):

  • All of Student Union
  • Just Below
  • On Fourth
  • Subway
  • Togo's
  • Flames
  • Whispers
  • Super Taqueria
  • Pho Cong Ly (best pho in DTSJ, so far)
  • Corner Deli (formerly CreAsian)
  • Sonia's
  • SA-By Thai
  • Iguanas
  • La Vics
  • Boba Bar
  • That Cheesesteak place next to Boba Bar
  • Pizza My Heart
  • Jack in the Box
  • Tengu Sushi
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Tandoori Oven
  • Pho 69
  • Both Hawaiian Poke Bowl places
  • Erik's Deli
  • Gordon Biersch
  • Original Gravity
  • K zzang
  • Ozu Sushi
  • Fuji Sushi
  • Cafe Pomegranate
  • M Asian Fusion
  • The Loft (Okay, I've only been there once.)
  • Chacho's
  • Pieology
  • Osheyo
  • Vegetarian House
  • Poor Boy Bistro
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Chipotle
  • Sushi Infinity
  • That Gyro Truck across the street from Psycho Donuts
  • Fourth Street Pizza
  • Ike's
  • That Halal place on Santa Clara
  • Angelou's
  • Mezcal
  • Sammy G's Pizza
  • HOM Korean Kitchen

What should I try next? Or have I touched all bases?

TIA! :)

ps. If you would like my review on any of these places or a recommendation, let me know!

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Thoughts on this itinerary for a couple going on international vacation to Costa Rica for one week in August?

Hello All,

My wife and I have been married five years and are now planning our first international vacation together. I have never left the USA before and so I'm a little nervous about not planning appropriately. My wife has been out of the country but it has been some years. We have both recently recieved/renewed our passports.

The current time frame for our vacation is the last week of August. I would have preferred a slightly longer vacation, but one week is all the time my wife could swing with her work. We are flying from Knoxville, Tennessee to San Jose in Costa Rica. From there we plan to rent a car and spend the week making our way toward the west coast, seeing sites along the way and flying back at the end of the week out of Liberia. The only thing we have committed to at the moment is our flight itinerary. Our budget is quite flexible in that we prefer value, but are willing to pay more if the experience is truly great. This is our biggest vacation in five years after all.

We are both nature lovers and so we want the trip to be focused around that. My wife wants to see sloths and hopefully some sea turtles. She is a keeper in the bird department at our local zoo, and so it would also be cool for her to see some interesting native birds as well. I want to tour a coffee plantation, go surfing, and relax. We definitely want to hike Arenal, but we'd also like to see Monteverde if we have time. Neither of us like super touristy spots, but we understand with this type of vacation sometimes it's unavoidable. I should mention we are both SCUBA certified. Food wise I am very easy to please, though I am looking forward to trying as many local items as I can. My wife is harder to please. She is a vegetarian, though she generally loves rice and bean based dishes.

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Day 1 - Fly into San Jose, arrive around noon local time, rent car, drive to hotel (possibly Tapirus lodge or Finca Rosa Blanca)

Day 2 - Toucan Rescue Ranch Tour, Coffee Plantation Tour (Britt or Finca Rosa Blanca), explore Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo

Day 3 - Drive to Arenal, hike Arenal volcano, hotel Kokoro

Day 4 - More Arenal

Day 5 - Drive to Monteverde, explore cloud forest

Day 6 - Drive to west coast (not sure which beach yet, maybe Samara?) explore area

Day 7 - Relax on the beach, go surfing

Day 8 - Drive to Liberia, Fly Home

Since we have only just started planning, this itinerary can be considered pretty fluid. I'd like to fill in the l

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132+ Teams in 132+ Days: Eastern Michigan University Eagles

Eastern Michigan University

Mid-American Conference

Year Founded: 1849

Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Total Attendance: 30,200

Mascot: The Eagles

Live Mascot: Swoop

Cheerleaders: Group shot, Performing

Stadium: Rynearson Stadium from above, Rynearson Stadium behind the band

Conference Champions (10): 1896, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1987 (*1987 being the only MAC championship)

Number of Bowl Games: 1 Win, 2 Total

National Titles: 0


  • Central Michigan and Western Michigan – Eastern, along with Western and Central, compete for the Michigan MAC Trophy in a round robin series. The school with the best overall record against the other two claims the trophy. Since 2005, when the trophy was introduced, Eastern claimed the title four times. They swept the series in 2007 and retained the trophy when the other two teams went 1-1 in 2008. They again swept the series in 2011, and retained it in 2012 when the other two teams again went 1-1. This makes them the all-time leader of the series.

The overall series records are:

vs : 28-56-6

vs : 17-29-2

2012 Season

Record: 2-10

Coach: Ron English

Key Players:

Bronson Hill – RB – For anyone who watched the Eastern – Toledo game last year was treated with a third quarter that was truly astounding. Hill rushed for 283 yards and 4 Touchdowns tha

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150+ Teams in 150+ Days: Cal Golden Bears

University of California, Berkeley (California Golden Bears)


Year Founded: 1868

Location: Berkeley, CA

Student Body Size: 36,142 (25,885 undergraduates, 10,257 grad students)

Mascot: Oski Bear, Bonus Video: Oski takes down the Tree on ESPN

Cheerleaders: Dance Team, More Dance Team

Fight Song: Fight for California

Arena: Haas Pavilion (capacity 11,877) Inside, Outside, Cool New Court Design

Arena Location: On campus in Berkeley, CA

Band: The University of California Marching Band, officially known as the Cal Straw Hat Band for basketball games

Student Section: β€œThe Bench” Sideline Section, Baseline Section

Regular Season Conference Championships: (15) last in 2010

NIT Titles [lol]: (1) 1999

Final Fours: (3) 1946, 1959 (champion), 1960 (runner-up)

National Titles: (1) 1959

2012-13 Season

Record: 21-12 (12-6 T-2nd Pac-12), NCAA Tournament 3rd Round

Coach: Mike Montgomery, 5th year

Key Players:

  • SG/SF Allen Crabbe Crabbe was the Pac-12 Player of the Year and led Cal with 18.4 ppg. He was the team’s only consistent deep threat so opponents often double teamed or face guarded
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Let us make a list of good, decently priced, food places that are a walk-able distance from SJSU!

So, I checked out the other list (http://www.reddit.com/r/SanJose/comments/ss8jx/what_are_your_favorite_san_jose_eats/) and many of them are only drive-able. So, I thought we should make a list for walk-able distance! This is good for commuters who take the bus and for people who don't have a car. All these are walk-able distance!

Let me start: K-zzang Pretty good and cheap Korean Food! Good enough to fill you up!

Peanuts Deluxe Cafe A diner, serves things like omelets or sandwiches. Cash Only

Cafe Pomegranate Good Mediterranean Food

Hawaiian Drive Inn You actually walk in here.... Serves Hawaiian food like a Bento Box. Has lunch special for pretty cheap for $5.95. Similar to Ohana's.

Lee Sandwiches Vietnamese Sandwiches for a cheap price. Line gets long around lunch.

Also, Thirst Tea (Milk tea) Place is opening this Friday!

Thanks to user slumber42 for the following list!

Asian food

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Breweries and Craft Beer Bars in San Jose

I am coming to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I am trying to plan out my limited time in San Jose. I am a huge lover of craft beer and I am very eager to sample some of Costa Rica's offerings. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the best places to go in the afternoon? Also looking for a good place to get some good vegetarian food. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: This article is what prompted me to post here. I was wondering which of these have the best local selections or if there are any other places not mentioned in the article.


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πŸ“°︎ r/costa_rica
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Dick Gregory, Comedian and Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 84

Dick Gregory, Comedian and Civil Rights Activist, Dies at 84

by Daisy Nguyen / AP via TIME

URL: http://ift.tt/2uVfMEB

(LOS ANGELES) β€” Dick Gregory, the comedian and activist and who broke racial barriers in the 1960s and used his humor to spread messages of social justice and nutritional health, has died. He was 84.

Gregory died late Saturday in Washington, D.C. after being hospitalized for about a week, his son Christian Gregory told The Associated Press. He had suffered a severe bacterial infection.

As one of the first black standup comedians to find success with white audiences, in the early 1960s, Gregory rose from an impoverished childhood in St. Louis to win a college track scholarship and become a celebrated satirist who deftly commented upon racial divisions at the dawn of the civil rights movement.

β€œWhere else in the world but America,” he joked, β€œcould I have lived in the worst neighborhoods, attended the worst schools, rode in the back of the bus, and get paid $5,000 a week just for talking about it?”

Gregory’s sharp commentary soon led him into civil rights activism, where his ability to woo audiences through humor helped bring national attention to fledgling efforts at integration and social equality for blacks.

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey tweeted, β€œDick Gregory’s unflinching honesty & courage, inspired us to fight, live, laugh & love despite it all.” A tweet by actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg said, β€œAbout being black in America Dick Gregory has passed away, Condolences to his family and to us who won’t have his insight 2 lean on R.I.P”

Gregory briefly sought political office, running unsuccessfully for mayor of Chicago in 1966 and U.S. president in 1968, when he got 200,000 votes as the Peace and Freedom party candidate. In the late ’60s, he befriended John Lennon and was among the voices heard on Lennon’s anti-war anthem β€œGive Peace a Chance,” recorded in the Montreal hotel room where Lennon and Yoko Ono were staging a β€œbed-in” for peace.

An admirer of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., Gregory embraced nonviolence and became a vegetarian and marathon runner.

He preached about the transformative powers of prayer and good health. Once an overweight smoker and drinker, he became a trim, energetic proponent of liquid meals and raw food diets. In the late 1980s, he developed and distributed products for the popular Slim-Safe Bahamian Diet.

When diagnosed with lymphoma in 2000, he fought it wit

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[Share] Large Master Suite near Downtown San Jose, A/C+laundry+parking, couples/dogs OK - $1485

Three-floor townhouse style apartment. This master bedroom and bath has almost the entire second floor, with the exception of the W/D down the hall. Located at West Julian St and Stockton Ave.

Album. It is bedroom #1 on the floor plan.

Key features:

  • Huge bedroom (two people currently live in it with room to spare)
  • Air conditioning/heating controlled by floor (all yours for the 2nd floor)
  • Parking spot in underground garage included
  • Great storage (two closets with overhead storage space)
  • Double sinks in master bath
  • Linen closet in master bath
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows with pool view
  • Natural sunlight
  • Washer/dryer in unit
  • Fully stocked kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • Dishwasher
  • Spacious dining and living room
  • 62" TV with Chromecast in living room
  • Patio
  • Grill

Community amenities:

  • Fitness center -- free weights and machines (ellipticals, treadmills, stair-master, stationary bikes)
  • Free wifi in common areas
  • Swimming pool
  • Communal grills and outdoor lounge area
  • TV lounge and club room
  • Bike storage
  • Security-patrolled area

About the area:

  • Whole Foods - which has a great brew pub - is a 5 minute walk
  • Trader Joe's, Target, Staples, PetCo, and lots of other shops are less than 5 minutes away by car
  • Walkable to SAP center, Diridon Station (Caltrain, ACE, VTA and Amtrak), and downtown San Jose
  • Very bikeable, 10 minutes to most of downtown
  • Easy access to highway 880, 87, 280, 101


14'1" x 13'8" plus double closets with overhead storage and master bath with double sinks and linen closet


  • Rent $1485/mo
  • Utilities/Internet ~100/mo (Comcast high speed)


  • J: M, mid-20s, in biotech. Loves to grill and is always down to play video games or go to trivia night. Super down to earth, clean, and easy going. Vegetarian who has no problems with meat (I always have meat in the fridge). Music lover.

  • D: M, mid-20s, in tech/software. Loves binge watching TV shows, reading, and catching the latest movies. Foodie who loves to cook or try new restaurants with friends. Low key and relatively neat, respectful, and quiet.


  • Please send us a PM with your facebook/instagram/linkedin link and a little about yourself
  • Couples ok
  • Dogs ok (breeds restricted due to corporate policy)

Major BONUS points if you complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-QcAxpbM9Am9m1GvpEoaqCjXBu25qyhw8etL6iA_0q6zt0Q/vie

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πŸ“°︎ r/SFBayHousing
πŸ‘€︎ u/GreatSanJoseApt
πŸ“…︎ Dec 14 2016
🚨︎ report
what food eating challenges are there in Oakland? the bay?

hey Oakland, i'm bored and love to pig out. ive eaten entire little ceasers pizzas's by myself but want to challange myself with something bogger! I know fentons has the banana split challanange but i cant find the coupon for it in the UCB newspaper. what places in oakland do you know has food eating challanages? also im vegetarian so that kinda removes a lot of the challanages haha..

or it could be around the bay! like burritozilla in san jose.

πŸ‘︎ 3
πŸ“°︎ r/oakland
πŸ‘€︎ u/miguelmathletics
πŸ“…︎ Jun 27 2013
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/r/california Drilldown November 2016

/r/california Drilldown

Of 3639 Users Found:

Subreddit Overlapping users
/r/The_Donald 883
/r/LosAngeles 794
/r/interestingasfuck 783
/r/trees 769
/r/SandersForPresident 765
/r/pcmasterrace 713
/r/woahdude 695
/r/BlackPeopleTwitter 664
/r/Android 635
/r/pokemongo 614
/r/reactiongifs 560
/r/bayarea 550
/r/Frugal 535
/r/nfl 531
/r/PoliticalDiscussion 519
/r/OutOfTheLoop 513
/r/StarWars 501
/r/nba 495
/r/conspiracy 494
/r/EnoughTrumpSpam 491
/r/TumblrInAction 485
/r/gameofthrones 485
/r/sanfrancisco 478
/r/cringepics 471
/r/ImGoingToHellForThis 464
/r/apple 461
/r/MapPorn 455
/r/Games 452
/r/mildlyinfuriating 436
/r/oddlysatisfying 436
/r/facepalm 425
/r/cars 414
/r/Unexpected 410
/r/hillaryclinton 408
/r/Overwatch 408
/r/baseball 406
/r/HistoryPorn 399
/r/legaladvice 393
/r/4chan 392
/r/TrueReddit 391
/r/AskMen 385
/r/AskHistorians 382
/r/me_irl 380
/r/relationships 375
/r/Libertarian 375
/r/buildapc 370
/r/pokemon 368
/r/offbeat 366
/r/guns 360
/r/cringe 359
/r/SubredditDrama 357
/r/CringeAnarchy 353
/r/MURICA 348
/r/malefashionadvice 348
/r/quityourbullshit 335
/r/Tinder 333
/r/sandiego 330
/r/worldpolitics 324
/r/sex 323
/r/travel 322
/r/CrappyDesign 321
/r/YouShouldKnow 319
/r/trashy 319
/r/changemyview 317
/r/iamverysmart 315
/r/Economics 315
/r/JusticePorn 314
/r/Whatcouldgowrong 312
/r/comics 312
/r/europe 311
/r/pcgaming 311
/r/uncensorednews 307
/r/soccer 299
/r/whatisthisthing 292
/r/NoStupidQuestions 289
/r/Justrolledintotheshop 285
/r/Political_Revolution 283
/r/Cooking 276
/r/asoiaf 274
/r/environment 270
/r/hiphopheads 270
/r/lifehacks 268
/r/motorcycles 264
/r/Steam 262
/r/Fallout 262
/r/natureismetal 262
/r/millionairemakers 261
/r/HillaryForPrison 260
/r/business 260
/r/thewalkingdead 258
/r/techsupport 257
/r/cats 254
/r/nonononoyes 254
/r/PS4 254
/r/Drugs 253
/r/orangecounty 250
/r/olympics 248
/r/thatHappened 248
/r/PublicFreakout 248
/r/PoliticalHumor 247
/r/canada 245
/r/bicycling 245
/r/NetflixBestOf 245
/r/BuyItForLife 244
/r/iphone 244
/r/Conservative 241
/r/rickandmorty 239
/r/holdmybeer 237
/r/CFB 235
/r/wow 234
/r/leagueoflegends 234
/r/CrazyIdeas 234
/r/cordcutters 233
/r/tipofmytongue 232
/r/instant_regret 231
/r/southpark 231
/r/Sacramento 231
/r/AnimalsBeingJerks 231
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πŸ“…︎ Nov 19 2016
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Elan Village Lane. Shared Room.in San Jose

Property Has

1 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms Property Amenities PoolGymLaundry Bed Room 1

You Can view property at below link:


Looking For Tenant, any gender, 15-99 years old, With any pet ok, Doesn't smoke, Doesn't drink, Non-Vegetarian (Fish ok),

Rent: $700, Deposit: $250, Avail. From: 06-01-2015 Condition: NEW Rent: $700/month Utilities:$50 - $100/month Furniture: Unfurnished Centralized A/C and Heating Nearby: Close to Montague Expressway. Starbucks, Chase Bank and few other stores. 880 is also close by. Under 15mins(by car) to Great Mall, Oracle, Cisco, Levis Stadium, Safeway, Bank of America, 15mins walk to VTA (Orchard Station) Amenities: Tennis Court Swimming Pool x 3 Jacuzzi Gym Covered and gated Parking Covered Visitor parking Pet friendly Clubhouse Requirements: Food - Any Pets - Any (Extra on rent as per community rules) No Smoking About Me: Software Engineer Soccer Fan Rarely parties Cooking (Almost daily - Veg/Non-veg) Keep to myself mostly .


πŸ‘︎ 2
πŸ“°︎ r/Roommate
πŸ‘€︎ u/nancyct
πŸ“…︎ Dec 16 2015
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/r/Coffee Drilldown June 2014

/r/Coffee Drilldown

Of 3903 Users Found:

Subreddit Overlapping users
/r/malefashionadvice 200
/r/Android 156
/r/trees 144
/r/gameofthrones 135
/r/roasting 134
/r/bicycling 132
/r/Frugal 129
/r/beer 125
/r/soccer 122
/r/barista 120
/r/cringepics 110
/r/nfl 107
/r/apple 107
/r/Cooking 98
/r/AskMen 97
/r/asoiaf 97
/r/Games 94
/r/running 91
/r/nba 81
/r/pcmasterrace 80
/r/AskWomen 80
/r/sex 79
/r/photography 78
/r/frugalmalefashion 75
/r/BuyItForLife 75
/r/Homebrewing 73
/r/cafe 73
/r/wicked_edge 70
/r/electronic_cigarette 70
/r/hockey 69
/r/leagueoflegends 67
/r/tea 66
/r/baseball 65
/r/buildapc 61
/r/iphone 60
/r/AskCulinary 60
/r/cringe 59
/r/Seattle 59
/r/MakeupAddiction 59
/r/cars 59
/r/travel 59
/r/vinyl 58
/r/hiphopheads 58
/r/sysadmin 58
/r/motorcycles 58
/r/reactiongifs 58
/r/programming 56
/r/rawdenim 55
/r/MapPorn 55
/r/keto 55
/r/DotA2 54
/r/dogecoin 54
/r/Guitar 53
/r/mildlyinfuriating 53
/r/chicago 53
/r/SubredditDrama 53
/r/gardening 51
/r/FoodPorn 51
/r/whatisthisthing 50
/r/PS4 49
/r/Drugs 49
/r/canada 48
/r/SkincareAddiction 48
/r/woahdude 47
/r/TrollXChromosomes 47
/r/Minecraft 46
/r/TrueReddit 46
/r/TumblrInAction 46
/r/australia 45
/r/relationships 45
/r/formula1 44
/r/Paleo 44
/r/linux 43
/r/Watches 43
/r/woodworking 42
/r/boston 42
/r/Entrepreneur 42
/r/talesfromtechsupport 42
/r/worldcup 41
/r/Parenting 41
/r/Steam 41
/r/Diablo 40
/r/femalefashionadvice 40
/r/battlestations 40
/r/audiophile 40
/r/loseit 40
/r/Austin 39
/r/Portland 39
/r/HistoryPorn 39
/r/cats 39
/r/offmychest 39
/r/Christianity 38
/r/nyc 38
/r/headphones 38
/r/LosAngeles 38
/r/Bitcoin 38
/r/guns 38
/r/WeAreTheMusicMakers 38
/r/tipofmytongue 37
/r/minimalism 37
/r/EDC 37
/r/casualiama 37
/r/boardgames 36
/r/EatCheapAndHealthy 36
/r/4chan 36
/r/GameDeals 36
/r/CFB 36
/r/hearthstone 35
/r/interestingasfuck 35
/r/cigars 34
/r/CampingandHiking 34
/r/OutOfTheLoop 34
/r/BBQ 34
/r/techsupport 34
/r/JusticePorn 33
/r/childfree 33
/r/recipes 33
/r/MechanicalKeyboards 33
/r/AskHistorians 33
/r/oddlysatisfying 32
/r/beerporn 32
/r/pcgaming 32
/r/changemyview 32
/r/starbucks 31
/r/TalesFromRetail 31
/r/NetflixBestOf 31
/r/vegan 31
/r/unitedkingdom 31
/r/truegaming 30
/r/climbing 30
/r/cocktails 30
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/r/sikh Drilldown January 2015

/r/sikh Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/r/punjabi 0.14213
/r/india 0.13778
/r/sikhism 0.10281
/r/religion 0.07077
/r/islam 0.065
/r/Bhangra 0.06195
/r/ABCDesis 0.06038
/r/indianews 0.05428
/r/AskHistorians 0.048
/r/pakistan 0.04754
/r/POLITIC 0.04444
/r/trees 0.04353
/r/worldpolitics 0.0383
/r/exmuslim 0.03594
/r/Judaism 0.03574
/r/buildapc 0.03466
/r/malefashionadvice 0.03396
/r/tipofmytongue 0.03276
/r/Buddhism 0.03223
/r/techsupport 0.03157
/r/NoFap 0.03045
/r/hinduism 0.0303
/r/hiphopheads 0.0299
/r/bakchodi 0.02897
/r/offmychest 0.02875
/r/canada 0.02825
/r/Christianity 0.02821
/r/beards 0.02754
/r/loseit 0.02677
/r/woahdude 0.02572
/r/relationship_advice 0.02515
/r/circlejerk 0.02496
/r/DebateReligion 0.02326
/r/Israel 0.0228
/r/gameofthrones 0.02276
/r/relationships 0.02275
/r/travel 0.02257
/r/secretsanta 0.02251
/r/conspiracy 0.0224
/r/nba 0.02221
/r/Android 0.02189
/r/self 0.02175

Of 533 Users Found:

Subreddit Overlapping users
/r/india 132
/r/trees 74
/r/islam 62
/r/malefashionadvice 61
/r/Android 60
/r/AskHistorians 59
/r/religion 59
/r/cringepics 56
/r/nba 53
/r/woahdude 51
/r/canada 50
/r/soccer 49
/r/gameofthrones 49
/r/punjabi 49
/r/hiphopheads 49
/r/sex 42
/r/nfl 41
/r/buildapc 41
/r/AskMen 37
/r/relationships 37
/r/reactiongifs 37
/r/JusticePorn 37
/r/ImGoingToHellForThis 37
/r/Christianity 37
/r/ABCDesis 36
/r/offmychest 36
/r/loseit 36
/r/4chan 36
/r/beards 35
/r/worldpolitics 35
/r/cringe 35
/r/Buddhism 35
/r/AskWomen 34
/r/hockey 34
/r/Frugal 34
/r/apple 34
/r/tipofmytongue 34
/r/NoFap 33
/r/reddit.com 33
/r/unitedkingdom 32
/r/pcmasterrace 32
/r/changemyview 31
/r/relationship_advice 31
/r/HistoryPorn 31
/r/facepalm 31
/r/cars 31
/r/travel 31
/r/iphone 31
/r/DebateReligion 30
/r/circlejerk 30
/r/exmuslim 30
/r/pakistan 30
/r/TrueReddit 30
/r/self 30
/r/techsupport 30
/r/leagueoflegends 30
/r/TheLastAirbender 29
/r/Games 29
/r/pokemon 29
/r/lifehacks 29
/r/YouShouldKnow 28
/r/DoesAnybodyElse 28
/r/conspiracy 28
/r/vancouver 27
/r/Judaism 26
/r/TumblrInAction 26
/r/breakingbad 26
/r/MapPorn 25
/r/skyrim 25
/r/Bitcoin 25
/r/gonewild 25
/r/casualiama 25
/r/MorbidReality 25
/r/Cooking 24
/r/learnprogramming 24
/r/seduction 24
/r/hinduism 23
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/r/fastfood Drilldown August 2014

/r/fastfood Drilldown

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/r/trees 91
/r/nfl 79
/r/shittyfoodporn 78
/r/SquaredCircle 74
/r/Games 65
/r/nba 59
/r/cringepics 57
/r/FoodPorn 57
/r/hiphopheads 45
/r/cringe 43
/r/baseball 41
/r/leagueoflegends 40
/r/PS4 39
/r/reactiongifs 38
/r/mildlyinfuriating 34
/r/gameofthrones 34
/r/Android 33
/r/AskWomen 33
/r/Frugal 33
/r/hockey 32
/r/pcmasterrace 32
/r/soccer 32
/r/Pizza 31
/r/Cooking 31
/r/TumblrInAction 31
/r/sex 31
/r/nostalgia 30
/r/cats 29
/r/cars 29
/r/tacobell 29
/r/wiiu 28
/r/JusticePorn 26
/r/McDonalds 26
/r/Drugs 26
/r/offbeat 25
/r/beer 25
/r/wow 25
/r/CFB 25
/r/pokemon 25
/r/AskMen 25
/r/TalesFromRetail 25
/r/trashy 24
/r/malefashionadvice 24
/r/MapPorn 23
/r/lifehacks 23
/r/eatsandwiches 22
/r/xboxone 22
/r/SubredditDrama 22
/r/casualiama 22
/r/motorcycles 22
/r/MakeupAddiction 22
/r/4chan 22
/r/fantasyfootball 22
/r/facepalm 22
/r/relationships 21
/r/MMA 21
/r/rage 21
/r/NetflixBestOf 21
/r/offmychest 21
/r/recipes 20
/r/hearthstone 20
/r/TheSimpsons 20
/r/ImGoingToHellForThis 20
/r/MorbidReality 20
/r/LosAngeles 19
/r/StarWars 19
/r/OutOfTheLoop 19
/r/tipofmytongue 19
/r/electronic_cigarette 19
/r/apple 19
/r/fatlogic 19
/r/woahdude 19
/r/self 18
/r/techsupport 18
/r/comicbooks 18
/r/whatisthisthing 17
/r/OkCupid 17
/r/anime 17
/r/GrandTheftAutoV 17
/r/Marvel 17
/r/Steam 17
/r/DoesAnybodyElse 17
/r/TrollXChromosomes 17
/r/disney 16
/r/conspiracy 16
/r/pcgaming 16
/r/horror 16
/r/Justrolledintotheshop 16
/r/thatHappened 16
/r/travel 16
/r/houston 16
/r/DotA2 16
/r/HistoryPorn 16
/r/Whatcouldgowrong 16
/r/whowouldwin 15
/r/circlejerk 15
/r/guns 15
/r/slowcooking 15
/r/BigBrother 15
/r/MURICA 15
/r/keto 15
/r/relationship_advice 15
/r/nyc 15
/r/WWE 15
/r/GameDeals 15
/r/teenagers 15
/r/Autos 15
/r/chicago 15
/r/starbucks 14
/r/breakingbad 14
/r/gentlemanboners 14
/r/community 14
/r/Sneakers 14
/r/batman 14
/r/iphone 14
/r/Guitar 14
/r/interestingasfuck 14
/r/running 14
/r/buildapc 14
/r/business 14
/r/nintendo 14
/r/PublicFreakout 13
/r/Metal 13
/r/foodhacks 13
/r/magicTCG 13
/r/gonewild 13
/r/Parenting 13
/r/AskHistorians 13
/r/toronto 13
/r/Atlanta 13
/r/oldpeoplefacebook 13
/r/drunk 13
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/r/California Drilldown August 2014

/r/California Drilldown

Of 2605 Users Found:

Subreddit Overlapping users
/r/LosAngeles 216
/r/bayarea 176
/r/sanfrancisco 137
/r/trees 129
/r/nfl 118
/r/sandiego 112
/r/Sacramento 96
/r/baseball 90
/r/orangecounty 87
/r/Frugal 81
/r/nba 79
/r/AskWomen 74
/r/MapPorn 72
/r/soccer 70
/r/AskMen 68
/r/Games 65
/r/malefashionadvice 64
/r/cringepics 59
/r/Android 59
/r/sex 56
/r/TrueReddit 55
/r/woahdude 54
/r/cringe 54
/r/Libertarian 54
/r/apple 54
/r/cars 53
/r/travel 53
/r/offbeat 52
/r/Economics 50
/r/conspiracy 50
/r/guns 49
/r/pcmasterrace 49
/r/hiphopheads 47
/r/motorcycles 47
/r/relationships 47
/r/reactiongifs 46
/r/bicycling 46
/r/leagueoflegends 46
/r/HistoryPorn 46
/r/environment 45
/r/SanJose 45
/r/SubredditDrama 44
/r/49ers 44
/r/changemyview 44
/r/Bitcoin 41
/r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 41
/r/Cooking 39
/r/business 39
/r/beer 39
/r/whatisthisthing 38
/r/CFB 37
/r/gameofthrones 37
/r/oakland 36
/r/MakeupAddiction 36
/r/AskHistorians 36
/r/SFGiants 36
/r/MURICA 36
/r/investing 35
/r/TrollXChromosomes 35
/r/legaladvice 34
/r/TumblrInAction 34
/r/DotA2 34
/r/self 33
/r/worldpolitics 32
/r/AskSF 32
/r/dogecoin 32
/r/hockey 32
/r/pokemon 32
/r/offmychest 31
/r/iphone 31
/r/mildlyinfuriating 31
/r/buildapc 31
/r/OaklandAthletics 31
/r/OutOfTheLoop 30
/r/fantasyfootball 30
/r/PS4 29
/r/dogs 29
/r/wow 29
/r/StarWars 29
/r/JusticePorn 29
/r/PoliticalDiscussion 29
/r/Parenting 29
/r/interestingasfuck 28
/r/circlejerk 28
/r/nyc 28
/r/tipofmytongue 28
/r/europe 28
/r/MorbidReality 28
/r/Justrolledintotheshop 27
/r/Military 27
/r/progressive 27
/r/NoStupidQuestions 27
/r/ImGoingToHellForThis 26
/r/InlandEmpire 26
/r/OkCupid 26
/r/scifi 26
/r/FoodPorn 26
/r/4chan 25
/r/Autos 25
/r/berkeley 25
/r/everymanshouldknow 25
/r/hearthstone 25
/r/photography 25
/r/gaybros 25
/r/gardening 25
/r/Foodforthought 24
/r/aviation 24
/r/Dodgers 24
/r/sysadmin 24
/r/asoiaf 24
/r/cscareerquestions 23
/r/loseit 23
/r/Conservative 23
/r/facepalm 23
/r/polandball 23
/r/BurningMan 23
/r/casualiama 23
/r/comics 23
/r/comicbooks 23
/r/SkincareAddiction 23
/r/skyrim 23
/r/jobs 22
/r/techsupport 22
/r/pettyrevenge 22
/r/inthenews 22
/r/energy 22
/r/oddlysatisfying 22
/r/RealEstate 22
/r/entertainment 22
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πŸ“…︎ Aug 18 2014
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Breweries and Craft Beer Bars in San Jose, Costa Rica

I am coming to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I am trying to plan out my limited time in San Jose. I am a huge lover of craft beer and I am very eager to sample some of Costa Rica's offerings. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the best places to go in the afternoon? Also looking for a good place to get some good vegetarian food. Thanks for the help!

πŸ‘︎ 3
πŸ“°︎ r/travel
πŸ‘€︎ u/Baelackh
πŸ“…︎ Jan 13 2016
🚨︎ report
Visiting San Francisco for just one day - which touristy things are skippable vs. must-see?

I'm traveling to San Jose in two weeks for work, and will have just one extra day during my trip (a Friday) to spend in San Francisco. This will be my first time in California ever, and I'm super excited for the chance to see San Francisco!

I've been perusing the 'Things to do' thread on the sidebar and researching things to see, but am overwhelmed! Since I'll just have one day, what things should I make the time to see, and what can I skip this time around? I don't mind walking a lot, but also don't want to try to cram so many things into my day that I don't enjoy myself. So, where would you go as a first-time visitor?

I'll be traveling by myself, so suggestions to grab good local food (but where a single person wouldn't feel out of place) would also be appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Edit: About me for more tailored suggestions: I like walking around and exploring, big cities, parks, interesting architecture, unique stores & shops, vegetarian food, anything French

πŸ‘︎ 6
πŸ“°︎ r/sanfrancisco
πŸ‘€︎ u/dccookiemonster
πŸ“…︎ Oct 05 2013
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