Not counting bots, what's the most robotic and unlifelike thing someone has said on the internet?
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πŸ“…︎ Mar 08 2020
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Are the people you meet on the trail and trading real people because they are so unlifelike
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The Wall Street Way

Dear Viewer , Do you Tendies ? would you just so happen to be retarded? Coincidence your both? What if i told you your not Alone and there's 2 million other people just like you. Welcome to WallStreetBets

previously know for the land of infinite leverage . Non photoshopped Gains using inspect element money . 8 second movies that take no time or skill , the miserable end result of endless trading and financial stupidity. so your new here ? Great.

We know you found this subreddit aimlessly watching the amounts of Loss Porn and Unlifelike gains and you figured ... Hay let me just thrash out those 100 dollars uncle Chuck gave you into your measly robinhood account . mega Great

you just found out how to do options and your spy puts end in 1 hour . you made 600 dollars off of you initial investment of 100 dollars and you feel like the brightest unsung hero there is . ok lad the first trade is always free.

you nabbed those FD's . you understand your next meaningless position into HERTZ because you spent hours collecting douche debris or DD , looking at fundamentals and futures , fundamental futures , futuristic futures , lil bit of that infinite leverage when GUUHHH you've been risen . Congrats your not vaccinated and if you don't understand anything i said neither do 1.7 other Degenerates .

while millions of Americans got facefucked . us the degenerate smooth brained army somehow racked in over millions of dollars in gains then blew it on the mear thought that toilet paper was the next gold. luckily for all of Americas future , that actually happened in the hands of jerome powell.

i bet you wonder how are these dogdamn shit brain retards pulling in this kinda doe .they certainly not lying , they certainly are betting modest figures to immodest figures . as the feds turn the US currency into monopoly money more and more millennials will cough up there life savings on risky option contracts while the nonretard collects the premiums . its time we fight back

let me introduce you guys to

me Lucky-designer.

this Lesbian Polarbear has found a flawless way to print your endless cash needs . The Cross space of the robinhood Headquarters are anal tight . im no ordinary degenerate . The goverment has gifted us with edil Grant of $1,000 dollars and a Wholesome Mango check of $2,000 dollars . thats $3,000 dollars . and with a measly 5 dollars down on robinhood gold you get Margin. The sweat smell of margin dripping down my smooth fingers .by turning that $3,000 into

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Can anyone remember Easter? + A theory/ my theory).

not to sound like a weirdo or what not. but I can’t remember Easter or Christmas really, I have the most vague memory of Christmas. But Easter and everything after that is completely a blur. As if it didn’t even happen. And it’s strange seeing I can remember quite a bit of stuff through out my life, like my 3rd birthday. When I was 2 and had a koolaid, when I saw my mom buy her first car. I can remember literally everything and every holiday, besides last years Christmas and Easter.

but serious question out there, does anyone genuinely remember it? Because I don’t. And neither does my family or friends. And it’s just freaking me out.

but here is my theory, Wether you believe in god or not (I do), or some powerful source like him, anyways. Then read.

so my theory is, what if we can’t remember Easter because. Jesus came back that day, Easter was the day Jesus died. So what if Jesus came back, and the world ended just like the bible said. β€œWhen Jesus comes back, a rapture happens”. And the life we are living now isn’t real, but a simulation. So we don’t realize we died, and get freaked out. or well being, this could be heaven. or matter of fact we could all be dead and... this is just all a Dream?

I mean let’s be honest. Lately everything feels like a dream. Admit it.

Have you ever really like enjoyed life recently or like actually felt alive? because I haven’t, lately everything seems idk. just living day by day, nothing has that happy exciting life feel it use to have. I mean I can’t even remember last week. It’s like, everything is a dream.

I mean, 2016 and before that. Everything felt real? Like you could remember everything clearly, and you felt alive. And felt like you actually were alive. And now, well for me anyways, everything feels like a dream. Everything is dull, boring, and so... unlifelike. And not to mention I can’t remember shit all, I can’t even remember what I had to eat yesterday. Or what I even did.

I mean before 2018, everything was like. Lifelike, and fun, exciting, happy, and felt real. And you could actually remember what day it was. And what you did the day before.

and now, the best way I can describe it is. Everything now feels like a game. We are controlled to do things, or we are just following roles. Everyday is just, like. Dull. Like a replaying game.

and I don’t really think it’s β€œgrowing up” as some say. Because I mean even little kids aren’t the same anymore.

I mean what happened to Halloween, I seen no kids out

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Loading Human... ultimate disappointment so far.

Anyone else playing this? The training section was 100% silent. The controls are unresponsive and glitchy. I can see my arms and hands at all times and they are at unlifelike angles always. In the mirror they are worse. When the game starts I'm supposed to freshen up in the bathroom, and I can pick up a dozen different bathroom objects but none of them do anything. I'm stuck in the bathroom no clue what to do. I can grab the door handle but it won't turn. I have loved every demo and game I bought but this is TRASH. How do I open the door... I'm hoping it improves with practice.

EDIT figured out that shaving unlocks the door...

EDIT it gets better... lots of nice visuals. The controls are shit but maybe they improve with practice. Decent story. Hot chick. The real problem is you turn to where your controllet is aimed instead of where you look. That would fix everything

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Escape from Tarkov's 2016 Developer Report

The unedited transcript from Battlestate Game's Escape from Tarkov video, Developer's 2016 Report

"The Escape from Tarkov team has come a long way since the reveal, setting the bar for the hardcore shooters to a whole new level. Developing ideas, working on the project every day right here in St. Petersburg, we are bringing the project release closer with every new version, maintaining a high level of quality and realism.

Hello everyone, my name is Nikita Buyanov and I head the independent Battlestate Games studio that is developing a PC exclusive first-person hardcore multiplayer battle simulator Escape from Tarkov. EFT is unique in many ways, a project that, although hardcore, will be intuitively understandable for players, while remaining as uncompromisingly realistic and captivating as it was planned out.

The Escape from Tarkov tells a story of a private military company operator caught in the maelstrom of events in a fictional Russian town of Tarkov - Events, that would eventually lead to a global collapse. Trapped in the center of the city out of contact with the command, the players will have to escape from Tarkov to survive. Or escape from their past by staying in the city ​​with a new world order. Consistently heading towards the exit, the player discovers that it's not as simple as it seemed, and there are plenty of unknown parties pursuing their own goals.

Starting last year with the first cinematic trailer and first combat prototypes, we have now come to a full-fledged alpha version ready to become beta. Many parts of the game were undergoing constant changes, from network engine and physics to some key gameplay aspects and graphics. Regular adjustments to the development course have become a necessity in order to maintain the cornerstone concept of the game - maximum immersion multiplayer shooter. EFT is not about survival, although such elements of gameplay are more than abundant. EFT is a game about combat situations in dangerous conditions, where degree of the player involvement and knowledge play a very important role. Expertise in operation and modification of weapons, orienteering skills, tactical training, control over speed and body position, team work under different weather conditions and time of day, aptitude in non-standard combat environment and many more.All these skills and knowledge, all these unpredictable variables are involved in the creation of the EFT unique combat situations. All these variables we hone to perfecti

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I got completely wasted and ended up with seeing the Star Wars movie and mild alcohol poisoning

Could only get a midnight showing, and I hit the bar again afterward. Still kind of woozy, but I'm ready to rant about it and spoil nearly every shot, like I spoiled those shots of single-barrel rum at the Continental.

Opening crawl shows up. Yeah, make sure you capitalize "RESISTANCE" and "FIRST ORDER" just in case people only look up from their phones long enough to read two words. These are definitely the two words we want them to see.

First Order ships start appearing on the screen without the Star Wars 'lightspeed shimmer'. Huh, I think, just like in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. That's odd.

Within seconds of this the baddie is introducing a super star destroyer - but not a super-star-destroyer, because they have those already - expositively even as it enters the shot. Looks just like one, though, but I guess Dreadnaught sounds scarier. Also, people saw a pirate movie this year.

So he's yelling about the Dreadnaught and saying the Dreadnaught will destroy the rebels in one swift swoop with its cannons, because this is a very appropriate time to remind your subordinates why you built the thing in the first place. You don't want them thinking it's just there to cheer the rest of the fleet on or anything. Leia's commanding the rebel fleet which is about to make an escape but the fleet just stands there. Why can't they just start escaping? Why do they have to all escape together? And soon she starts yelling about the Dreadnaught and then Po Dameron is heading toward the Dreadnaught ohmagah I guess we gotta destroy the Dreadnaught!

Po's just paving the way for bombers. Bombers. Ships that are going to hover about 300 yards off the Dreadnaught's dorsal area and release on the order of hundreds each of little round bombs which will fall onto the Dreadnaught and destroy it. In space.

Maybe there's some reason these explosives can't be fired like projectiles from relative safety? Maybe they- holy shit the payload from just one of the bombers blew up the whole fucking thing.

That's neat, why didn't they do that in the first place?

Was the bombing run a suicide mission from the beginning? Because they were like right on top of it when it blew. Four or five of them were also destroyed right on top of it. How can a ship carrying hundreds of super powerful explosives go up in a fiery blast and none of the bombs detonate? Why didn't they just f

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πŸ“…︎ Dec 23 2017
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Reflections. (long)

First off, let me say a bit about myself. I'm 24 and currently enlisted in the military. Gives me a great opportunity to travel the world (though I've only been in 2 years.. Haven't seen much yet) and meet new people. I'm from Louisiana and with that comes an understanding my state is (mainly) famous for food, mardi gras and hauntings, usually having something to do with an old plantation.

I grew up in a rural area down a pretty crappy road that was occupied mainly by family members, nothing too fancy mind you. It was nice having family that close sometimes. I didn't live far from my grandmother's house and that is where the majority of what happened took place.

I will take this time to rewind to when everything happened and do my best to set the stage. I'm sorry if it seems boring or I run off in a tangent direction. I was 17 just starting my senior year of high school. I was going through a bit of a 'goth' phase, mohawk, make-up, nail polish.. All very non-typical of males from the area I'm from. I was angry at the world for quite a bit, including the loss of my grandfather about a year prior. My grandmother was going in and out of the hospital on a regular basis and, due to how stubborn she was (all people from her generation can be stubborn, but I swear the woman could argue a rock soft) she refused to live with my mother and my family or one of my uncles despite several strokes.

Well, I was home early from school one day, having been kicked out for refusing to take a facial piercing out and considering myself a rebel for not backing down. I promptly got on the computer and began poking around on the internet. My younger sister was also home, having complained to our mother that morning about feeling sick (I'm pretty sure she was faking).

We got a phone call from my grandmother asking us to go over and help her up. After some of her more recent strokes she began to lose her balance and fall quite often.. Not wanting to give my uncles or mom an excuse to force her to live with one of us so that we could keep a better eye on her, she felt it would work to her benefit to call my sister and I to help her back up before they could find out. Little did she know we were telling them anyways.

We both walked the short distance to her house, helped her up, then sat down to talk with her a bit. Do the polite grand kid thing. That's where things started to go bad.

My grandmother, a deeply religious woman, started telling us how she was afrai

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So I got a new tablet and here's the first work I did with it -- I want to focus on improving my eyes.

The drawing in question.

I try to take after people like Burge-bug and Loish and, I'm really having trouble with the eyes (among other things.) Basically, if I add a pupil, they look too pointed too... creepy. Unlifelike. For example, I did this one a couple days ago for /r/sketchdaily. See what I mean? But loish has also done some without pupils, and they don't look flat and dead like mine. What can I do to make my eyes look more alive?

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πŸ“°︎ r/learnart
πŸ‘€︎ u/NessaTesla
πŸ“…︎ Dec 12 2012
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