Bonus! - Day 21 - addressable Gem - The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Class that Should be Standard (Incl. Templates ‘n’ More) @ Ruby Advent Calendar 2020 / 25 Days of Ruby Gems…
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📅︎ Dec 21 2020
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The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) DNS Resource Record…
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📅︎ Jul 04 2015
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ESET Detected Webshell


What's everyone's thoughts on this?

I've just ran the below powershell cmd as mentioned here
Get-ChildItem -Recurse -Filter *.aspx | Select-String '<%eval\(Request.Item' -List | Select Path
And when I did, ESET immediately flagged up with the below 'trojan':

Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
file:///E:/Program Files/Microsoft/Exchange Server/V15/FrontEnd/HttpProxy/owa/auth/ews.aspx
Process name

This has only appeared on one of our three DAG members... is ews.aspx a genuine file as part of the default Exchange setup? I'm just unsure as to whether or not this is a false positive because that file was first seen in 2018 according to ESET, which would tie in to when we one upgraded Exchange and it has only just now appeared when I had ran the powershell cmd.

Should I be worried?

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📅︎ Mar 07 2021
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Is there a alternative to CheVolume and Audio Router? Yes!

Both these software are old and has become unstable. But now Windows 10 has its own built in audio router in settings!
It is located in System -> Sound -> Advanced Sound Options -> App volume and device preferences.

If you want to make this a desktop shortcut, create a new shortcut and paste ms-settings:apps-volume as the target. If you want to make a shortcut like this for some other windows 10 setting page you can check out this list of Uniform Resource Identifiers.

Now if you really want to pin it to the taskbar, do the following:
Make a new text file and rename it to "filename.bat" make sure it is no longer a .txt file.
Edit the file and paste the line Start ms-settings:apps-volume and save.
Now make a new shortcut with Explorer "C:/Bat/File/Location/filename.bat" as the target. Now you can pin that shortcut to the taskbar.

I have finally found what I've been looking for and wanted to share it with others.

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Firefox for Android 68.11.0 is the final Fennec-based release

Per, it seems that Fennec has now reached EOL. So it certainly seems that Fenix will see its official release next month, most likely following the usual cadence (i.e. alongside 80.0 Stable/68.12 ESR/78.2 ESR). Fenix requires at least Android 5.0/Lollipop (as confirmed by the release notes above), so devices still stuck on Android 4.4/KitKat or earlier will not be able to upgrade to it.

UPDATE: Judging from the reviews on Google Play, the update is in fact live right now.

I've got heavily conflicting feelings about this since, among other differences, release versions of Fenix intentionally ship with about:config disabled, and last I checked, only whitelisted extensions can be installed (if I'm not mistaken, it refers to this list of extensions).

For the benefit of mobile users who can't view JSON in the aforementioned list without it turning into literal screenfuls of text, there are only 9 extensions listed at the time of writing:

Perhaps they will lift the restrictions and allow any extensions to be installed from AMO closer to release, but I'm not holding my breath. Look at it this way: they gradually added those extensions to the whitelist over the course of development, and those changes only reached the release version after a round of testing in Nightly. At this time, Nig

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Lenovo 500 MTR virtual keyboard issue

Hi All,

Looking to reddit for a last ditch effort as Lenovo/MS have been little to no help...

The screen appears to be “freezing” but in fact the virtual keyboard is popping up behind the Teams kiosk. We know the screen isn’t freezing as we can press the Windows key using an external keyboard, which brings us to the Windows side of the unit. The touchscreen and system is working correctly.

Senior Lenovo engineers have informed us that the issue seemed to be resolved by an OS Update in May 2020

This was an update to correct how the OS interacts with the Teams Room App & VM.

This is still an issue across a small percentage of MS Teams Room devices across all the OEMs

MSFT is investigating - however KB4550945 for now is the core resolution to the issue.

It appears to us that the Virtual Keyboard is getting stuck behind the Teams Room App – you can see the Human Interface Detection – HID working when you press on the device but the VK does not come to the foreground of the app and certainly works when invoking the VK on the Windows Admin side of the device.

The manual work around is:

  • We find the way to RE-Activate the Virtual Keyboard it when this happens is to press “Cancel” - if it doesn’t
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We urge the DOT to unblock WeTransfer. Open up our RTI resources to the public. #WhatTheBlock


Popular file-sharing service service, "WeTransfer'' has been blocked by a direction issued by the Department of Telecom (DoT). This has reportedly been done in the interests of, "national security and public order". Today, we sent a representation to DoT urging them to recall this direction. We further also indicate the need for wider regulatory reforms that have led to questionable blocking orders in the past. Including the blocking of Telegram and Porn Websites in India. This is at it's very threshold a transparency problem. To address it we are in addition to the representation opening up our RTI resources to the public to facilitate greater transparency.

WeTransfer blocked

WeTransfer is a popular file sharing service (link) used widely in the creative and legal communities in India for sharing large files. It has even been as late as 2017 been used in press releases on the Press Information Bureau by the Ministry of Defence (link) and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (link).

Today, we sent a representation to the Department of Telecom to address a direction issued by it to block the popular file sharing web service, “WeTransfer”. This was first reported by Reuters by it’s report dated June 1, 2020, titled, “India asks internet service providers to block WeTransfer” (link). This report was substantiated with several posts on social media by WeTransfer users who further directed us towards a  statement by WeTransfer dated on May 27, 2020 (link). To address this specifically, we have taken a range of steps.

When we heard the first press reports on June 1, 2020 itself we filed a RTI.

The second step we have taken is to send a detailed representation to both the Department of Telecom and the Ministry of Electronics and Infor

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Deep Linking on Flutter using Huawei Push Kit’s Custom Intents

In this article I will show the basics of deep linking for Flutter, using Huawei Push Kit Plugin along with uni_links package.

Deep Linking

The most basic definition for a deep link is: “A link that sends users to related content on an application”.

Okay but why is this important ?

For improving the User Experience (UX) of course. By utilizing custom uniform resource identifiers (URIs), developers can create funnels in their apps for landing users to the specific content and make the user experience better.

We can validate this with an example: An e-commerce application on your phone has sent you a notification that there will be a discount on stickers. Would you prefer going to the stickers page by tapping the notification or rather navigate by yourself through the enourmous menus like Home > Products > Handmade Products > Stationery & Party Supplies > Stationery Stickers. I am assuming you would choose the first aproach.

Huawei Push Kit allows developers to send push notifications that can include custom intents or actions. This is well suited for our case. So let’s get started for the sake of our users’ experience.

Before we begin, there are prerequisites that need to be completed.

  • Huawei Developer Account: you must have this account to use the Push Kit Service.
  • HMS Core SDK setup: For using the Push Kit we have to make some configurations on Huawei Developer Console and in our application. Refer to this medium post for installation and if you have any trouble doing so you can also check this post for a more in-depth setup.

The project

The project will be a very simple app that will display information about Huawei Mobile Services. Here is the project’s Github link if you want to follow from there.

Project Setup

As I’ve mentioned before we will use uni_links and Huawei Push Kit plugins in our project. We will also add flutter_webview_plugin into the mix for displaying the website content of the service. So let’s start by adding these to our pubspec.yaml file

   sdk: flutter   
 huawei_push: 4.0.4+300   
 uni_links: 0.4.0   
 flutter_webview_plugin: 0.3.11   

To listen for intents, **uni_links

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iPhone Camera Hacked: Three Zero-Days Used In $75,000 Attack Chain

One hacker found no less than seven zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple Safari that enabled him to construct an attack chain, using just three of them, to hijack the iPhone camera successfully. Well, any iOS or macOS camera for that matter. Here's how he did it and what happened next. Ethical hackers, those security researchers who put their hacking talents to use in helping secure the products and services they break, can make a pretty penny. Just last month, I reported how work from home elite hackers participating in the virtual PWN2OWN event earned $130,000 in only 48 hours. Indeed, Google paid ethical hackers $6.5 million last year as part of its vulnerability reward programs, and Apple has a top bug bounty of $1.5 million for the most serious of iPhone hacks. It was as part of this Apple bug bounty program that Ryan Pickren, the founder of proof of concept sharing platform BugPoC, responsibly disclosed his seven zero-day vulnerabilities discovery that enabled him to hijack the iPhone camera, and says earned him a none-too-shabby $75,000 from Apple for his efforts.

Who is Ryan Pickren?

A former Amazon Web Services (AWS) security engineer, Ryan Pickren, has a particularly colorful of hacking in its many forms. As a student, he was arrested and indicted after pulling off a prank by adding an event to the an unsecured University of Georgia that read: "Get Ass Kicked By GT." This referred to a forthcoming college football game. That earned him a couple of hours in jail on Christmas Eve and a year of community service. That community service was helping a non-profit with cybersecurity and marked the start of his career. Pickren told me during an email conversation that he also earned "over $300,000 (£242,500) worth of airline miles back in college from the United Airlines Bug Bounty Program over the course of a summer." Later, he proved his hacking skills across hardware and software by building a physical Amazon IoT button that [let him order a drink at Starbucks](

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Word usage popularity spikes

I noticed that sometimes word become more popular, than slowly fade out. I wonder why that happens?

Let's disregard selection bias and faulty memory. Yeah, they are a factors, yet don't account for all cases.

I noticed how recently a word 'conflate' started being popular where everywhere on the net before that it was just simple imprecise 'confuse', e.g. 'you're confusing one for another', or 'mistake' e.g. 'you are mistaking him for your friend'.

Lately word 'salty' became popular, when previously it was generic 'mad', 'bitter', 'frustrated' and, of course, 'butthurt'. What happened?

Also, in 2010s I remember the surge of term URI instead of URL. Previously it was URL only, then, (my guess it's Web 2.0.) URI became the default phrase for internet address, and later URL returned (smartphone era?), and URI are now out of common usage. (In case you wondered, URL=Uniform Resource Locator, URI=Uniform Resource Identifier).

I wonder why this happens? My guess is it's mostly influence from prominent information sources, those that have large impact on the net, and maybe TV as well.

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The Very First (TV1) things to ever happen on the Internet (Part 1)

TV1 (The Very First) internet search engine

The first few hundred web sites began in 1993 and most of them were at colleges, but long before most of them existed came Archie. The first search engine created was Archie, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal. The original intent of the name was "archives," but it was shortened to Archie.

Working as a systems administrator, Alan was responsible for locating software for the students and staff of the faculty. The necessity for searching information became the mother of invention.

He decided to develop a set of programs, that would go out and look through the repositories of software (public anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites) and build basically an index of the available software, a searchable database of filename. One thing led to another and word got out that he had an index available and people started writing in and asking if we could search the index on their behalf.

As a result rather than having doing it himself, he allowed them to do it themselves so we wrote software that would allow them to come in and search the index themselves. Essentially Archie became a database of web filenames which it would match with the users queries. That was the beginning.

Today, the website is still maintained for historical purposes by the University of Warsaw's Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling.

TV1 webpage on the Internet

Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989, while working at CERN. The web was originally conceived and developed to meet the demand for automated information-sharing between scientists in universities and institutes around the world.

“In those days, there was different information on different computers, but you had to log on to different computers to get at it. Also, sometimes you had to learn a different program on each computer. Often it was just easier to go and ask people when they were having coffee…”, Tim says.

Tim thought he saw a way to solve this problem – one that he could see could also have much broader applications. Already, millions of computers were being connected together through the

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SOAP vs REST: A Comparison of Two Different API Styles

When you are thinking about API (Application programming interface) architectures, it is common to compare SOAP vs REST. Both are the most common API paradigms. In spite of the fact that the two are quite similar but they are different technologies and are not compared on a granular level. The question is, Why? Because SOAP is a protocol and REST is an architectural style. A REST API can use the SOAP protocol, similar to that it can use HTTP. So, they will be bundled differently, function differently and be used in different scenarios. Let us see, SOAP and REST one by one.

What Is An API?

An API is a part of software that plugs one application directly into the data and services of another by granting it access to specific parts of a server. APIs allows two parts of software to communicate. They’re the reason for everything we do on mobile, and also allow us to streamline IT architectures, power savvier marketing efforts, and make easier to share data sets. Similar to other software, API’s can be pretty straightforward and also there different ways to program one with different attributes that are better for your application. Also, with more built-in features comes more overhead—something we’ll see when we look at what SOAP has to offer.

What Is SOAP?

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is its own protocol. It is a more complex by defining more standards than REST things like security and how messages are sent. These built-in standards do carry a bit more overhead, but can be a deciding factor for organizations that require more comprehensive features in the way of security, transactions, and ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliance. For this comparison, we should bring up that a significant number of the reasons SOAP is a decent decision once in a while applying to web services scenarios, which makes it increasingly perfect for big business type circumstances. Reasons you might need to build an application with a SOAP API incorporate more elevated amounts of security (e.g., a mobile application interfacing with a bank), informing applications that need solid correspondence, or ACID consistency.

  • SOAP has tighter security- WS- Security, in addition to SSL support, is a built-in standard that gives SOAP some more enterprise- level security features, if you have a requirement for them.
  • **Successful/ retry logic for reliable
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Does something like this exist?

People are finally waking up to what Facebook is all about, and there seems to be a gradual realization of the harmful effects it has on both society and individuals.

This is obviously the time for alternatives to step into the light. But the ones that I find either try to emulate Facebook or Twitter, or they lack thorough privacy protection. Any "social" apps that truly protects your privacy (zero-knowledge) are limited, offering either secure text messages and calls or secure email. At least as far as I can see.

That made me think of Tent, a promising communication protocol that failed some years ago. Its biggest flaw was that it neglected privacy by not encrypting data on disk, but it did have some interesting ideas that I've not seen in other social networking projects.

Besides the privacy issues with social media, I'm also tired of the poor signal-to-noise ratio. Not to mention all the egoism, pretense, stupidity and aggression that come out of that toxic environment where everybody wants to be seen and heard. I only want to communicate with people that I know, in peace, either directly or in groups. But it's 2018, it's not like we can go back to email and newsgroups.

We need an alternative to public social media, that focuses on groups of people (small or large, like Facebook groups or Usenet newsgroups) and direct communication between people (like email or messaging). Where your communication is end-to-end encrypted, with intermediaries having zero knowledge of your data or identity.

So I sat down and wrote an outline for a hypothetical private communication protocol, borrowing heavily from Tent. It may not be a Facebook killer for the masses, but it would provide the features that I enjoy in social media, with cloud storage and app interoperability as an added bonus.

Let me present…

Federated end-to-end encrypted zero-knowledge private communication and storage protocol

… or FETEEZKPCASP for short.

What it is

  • Private communication and cloud storage
  • Decentralized, federated
  • End-to-end encrypted
  • Zero-knowledge auth and storage
  • Persistent storage
  • Data portability
  • Pseudonymity

What it's for

  • Direct communication and sharing
  • Group communication and sharing
  • Personal sync and backup of data (and files?)

What it's

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Edgerouter config archiving with scp + ssh key?

I just bought my first ubiquiti device for my home and I'm trying to set it up to archive config revisions using scp and ssh keys, since I exclusively use ssh-key authentication for my ssh servers. But in the config (and documentation) I can only see that password authentication:

[email protected]# set system config-management commit-archive location 
Possible completions:
  <uri>         Uniform Resource Identifier

Detailed information:


Is there any way to set it up to use ssh key authentication instead?

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📅︎ Nov 12 2018
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About UriFound__Lung11

The user UriFound__Lung11 is posting encrypted data on reddit. It appears to be using reddit as a data dump.

Being an ARG or not, we want to solve it.

Starting by the user name it appears to be a reference to URI (Uniform Resource Identifier). So URIFound meaning the URI was online and connection was established?

About the rest of the username (__lung11) i can't find any connection. Maybe it's related to the content of whats behind it all?

UriFound__Lung11 reddit name is _admi9 and in some posts he uses _admin1 and _admin8. Maybe there's more users related to this that may have more info to help us on solving?

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[Meta] Would the acronym-expanding bot be welcome here?

Edit: On reflection, maybe I won't introduce the bot for now.

You may have seen /u/Decronym, the acronym-expanding bot, around Reddit in places like /r/SpaceX or (most recently) /r/WorldOfWarships, where it tries to help out by expanding on acronyms and jargon that it runs across in a comment thread.

Now, we all know programming is a field fraught with acronyms, so /u/Celdron thought this place could do with a bot to help decipher things for those who aren't necessarily au fait with everything that gets talked about here. If the idea of Decronym dropping by sounds good, it'll leave a comment (like this one from /r/Space) with a table of definitions for things it's seen.

Decronym really tries to avoid spamming a place, so it'll only leave a comment at the top level of a thread, and keep that comment up to date as more acronyms get used. It'll only post that top-level comment if all of the following happen:

  • The thread is at least an hour old, AND;
  • The post has a score of at least 25, AND;
  • There are at least 50 comments, AND;
  • At least 3 acronyms have been used in those comments.

Here's the list of acronyms /u/Celdron came up with; he works in Windows enterprise, so this set is a little Microsoft-heavy and also somewhat terse. I'd welcome some help in balancing the tide and providing deeper explanations for some of these things, before flipping the switch and letting Decronym post here. Let me know what you think!

Fewer Letters More Letters
ADO ActiveX Data Objects
AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
API Application Programming Interface
ARM Advanced RISC Machine
ASP Active Server Page
BCL Base Class Library
CIL Common Intermediate Language
CLI Common Language Infrastructure
CLR Common Language Runtime
CPU Central Processing Unit
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CTS Common Type System
DB Database
DDR Double Data Rate
DLL Dynamic-Link Library
DNS Domain Name System
DOS Disk Operating System
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DX DirectX
DX10 DirectX 10
DX11 DirectX 11
DX12 DirectX 12
FCL Framework Class Library
FLOPS Floating-point Operations Per Second
FTP File Transfer Protocol
GPU Graphics Processing Unit
HD High Definition
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HTML HyperText Markup Language
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Secure HyperText Transfer P
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Historical Inspiration: Nov 12 - World Wide Web

Merry Veteran's Day - remember to hate the war but not the survivors.

1990 Sir Tim Berners-Lee Formal proposal for the World Wide Web

Not too long ago, the internet was seen as something "vague but exciting", and mainly a thing meant for programmers and computer scientists. Amazing what we've come to accept as present! The aforementioned guy solidified these integral parts of the web:

  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language. The markup (formatting) language for the web.
  • URI: Uniform Resource Identifier. A kind of “address” that is unique and used to identify to each resource on the web. It is also commonly called a URL.
  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Allows for the retrieval of linked resources from across the web.

(I like computer science stuff, sue me.)

As the internet is meant for sharing information, what was your first moment of sharing something about makeup with another person? Sounds weird and small, but makeup is often ridiculed and can be an isolating hobby if nobody else shares it.

My first moment was with a coworker at a job, we geeked out about highlighters and packaging for the whole shift. Felt really good to not have someone's eyes glaze or have a confused look while I rambled about such things, as my cosplayer friends were more interested in the full-body aspect of makeup and didn't know anything I was talking about.

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A Swiss Army like module for dealing with HTTP and URLs
#!/usr/bin/env python

this module was designed with web scrapers and web crawlers in mind.
I find my self writing these functions all the time. I Wrote this model
to save time.

import requests
import urlparse
import urllib2
import urllib
import re
import os
import json
from fake_useragent import UserAgent

class InvalidURL(Exception):

class URL(object):
    '''Commomn routines for dealing with URLS.
    def __init__(self, url):
        '''Setup the initial state
        self.raw_url = url
        self.url = urlparse.urlparse(url)
        self.scheme = self.url.scheme
        self.domain = self.url.netloc
        self.path = self.url.path
        self.params = self.url.params
        self.query = self.url.query
        self.fragment = self.url.fragment

    def __str__(self):
        ''' This os called when somthing
        asks for a string representation of the
        return self.raw_url

    def valid(self):
        """Validate the url.

        returns True if url is valid
        and False if it is not
        regex = re.compile(
            r'^(?:http|ftp)s?://' # http:// or https://
            r'localhost|' #localhost...
            r'\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3})' # ...or ip
            r'(?::\d+)?' # optional port
            r'(?:/?|[/?]\S+)$', re.IGNORECASE)
        match = regex.match(self.raw_url)
        if match:
            return True

    def unquote(self):
        """unquote('abc%20def') -> 'abc def'."""

        return urllib2.unquote(self.raw_url)

    def quote(self):
        """quote('abc def') -> 'abc%20def'

        Each part of a URL, e.g. the path info, the query, etc., has a
        different set of reserved characters that must be quoted.

        RFC 2396 Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax lists
        the following reserved characters.

        reserved    = ";" | "/" | "?" | ":" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+" |
                      "$" | ","

        Each of these characters is reserved in some compon
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I wonder if there is a gpg uri ?

You might see a few copies around. This one is edited and streamlined with some advice from Hasimir to help keep this proposal focused.

Last updated: 2015-05-23

  • Switched from openpgp:// to openpgp: as noted by hobarrera.
  • Sent to [email protected] for further discussion.
  • Corrected !encoding from $encoding

This is only a concept of specifically "alternative to openpgp blocks as uri" at the moment, so exact implementation is still up in the air. The main aim is to spur discussion.

============================= OPENPGP URI PROPOSAL (DRAFT)


This proposal is to provide an alternative to the openpgp block messages, in the form of a uri ( e.g. http:// ). This would make such messages more web friendly, as well as taking advantage of autolaunching apps to handle such messages. Such links may be embedded within email messages or webclients, or as a 2d barcode on a physical poster.

This aims to be flexible and futureproof, by supporting any mix of variables or payload that may be thrown in it's way (e.g. percent encoding, base64, etc... )

This will hopefully make accessing and using openpgp as convenient as datauri (transmitting data), and mailto (launches email handlers easily).

Schema Description

openpgp:   [<mode>]   [;key:value]   [;key<?length><!encoding>::value]   <;<?length><!encoding>::payload_data> 
  • openpgp: - is the start of the openpgp uri ( This is the scheme name that calls for a handler)
  • ; - is used as a delimiter.
  • [;key:value] - for simple keyvalues: ;name:clark
  • [;key<?length><!encoding>::value]
  • :: - is used to aid visual inspection, since the content would be more of a long complex string, rather than a simple key:value pair
  • [;key?length:value] - safely read in string: ;name?10::clark;kent
  • [;key?encoding:value] - ;sig!base64::f4h5k34589ht...
  • <;<?length><!encoding>::payload_data>
  • payload do not require key value. But it has optional encoding and length (Which may have a default setting based on mode. E.g. public keys are often always encoded in base64 )
  • ;::f4h5k34589ht...
  • ;!base64::f4h5k34589ht...
  • ;!octet?100::8BinaryStream
  • ;!json?17::{"key":[1,2,3,4]}
  • !encoding - is used to define how the string is encoded, e.g. base64,json,1010101
  • ?length - is
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Studying abroad in Budapest for one semester, this is my only chance. Should I take Semantic & Declarative Technologies, or Combinatorial Optimization?

Sem. and Decl. Technologies sounds really cool, mostly because I have never done declarative programming, and the professor will be Péter Szeredi, who helped create the Prolog programming language (he wrote the interpreter).

Combinatorial Optimization sounds cool because it's a math class (I love math), and it teaches Linear and Integer Programming, both of which I've never done before.

Here's what I'd be learning in both classes, week by week:

Semantic and Declarative Technologies

W1: Background: propositional and first order logic. Semantic and declarative technologies, an overview. Imperative and declarative programming, a comparison. Basic constructs of the Prolog language: clauses, variables, constants. Simple Prolog programs: declarative reading and procedural execution.

W2: Advanced Prolog control constructs: disjunction, negation, if-then-else. Compound data structures. The unification algorithm. Execution models for Prolog: goal reduction and procedure-box. Tracing Prolog programs.

W3: Lists as syntactic extensions. Basic list handling predicates: append, naïve and efficient reverse, member, select. Operators. A summary of Prolog syntax.

W4: Efficient programming in Prolog: the cut predicate. Indexing. Tail recursion, accumulators. Transforming an algorithm with mutable variables to Prolog. Definite clause grammars.

W5: An overview of built-in predicate groups. All solution predicates. Meta-predicates. Dynamic predicates. The loop notation.

W6: An overview of SICStus Prolog libraries. Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) – basic principles. The background of finite domain constraint solving: Constraint Satisfaction Problems.

W7: The CLP(FD) library: arithmetic and membership constraints. Domain- and bound-consistency. Implementing constraints using daemons. Labeling options: variable/value selection, direction, user-defined labeling.

W8: Reified constraints, domain- and bound-entailment. Propositional constraints. Combinatorial constraints. Practical applications of the constraint technology – highlights.

W9: Semantic Web – the vi

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[Suggestion] Clickable browser links that point to planets in-game

So here's the idea : having URI links that would allow players to click a destination link in their browser and, if they're at their ship's computer in-game, it would load the coordinates.

The links would look like this : starbound://Alpha%20Theta%20Uma%20Majoris%20II%20b/15850057/27709212

It would allow players to maintain location databases online, or to find one another more conveniently. I'm thinking especially about guilds spread across several planets or systems.

What do you think ?

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Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 58%.

> Internauts, today we celebrate this glorious technology that brings us all together! On August 23, 1991 - 25 years ago today - the public gained access for the first time to the World Wide Web, designed and deployed by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Switzerland.

> The World Wide Web refers to the space on this network where information, such as web pages and documents, are stored.

> Think of the World Wide Web as neurons, and the internet as synapses.

> In 1990, he built the HyperText Transfer Protocol; the HyperText Markup Language; Uniform Resource Identifier; the first web browser and server; and the first web pages.

> In April 1993, CERN announced the decision to make the underlying code for the web royalty-free in perpetuity.

> "The decision to make the web an open system was necessary for it to be universal. You can't propose that something be a universal space and at the same time keep control of it."

Summary Source | FAQ | Theory | Feedback | Top five keywords: Web^#1 page^#2 CERN^#3 internet^#4 World^#5

Post found in /r/technology and /r/Technology_.

NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic only. Do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.

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Python Objects for working with URLs and URIs (URLObject, RDFLib, pyfilesystem)

A few class-based approaches to working with URLs and URIs in Python:





  • (subclass of tuple)

Are there more? (XML, RDF, RDFa)

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The Weltweites-Netz (WWN), also called the Netz, is an information space where documents and other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), interlinked by hypertext links, and accessible via the Internet. German Scientist Konrad Zuse, invented the Welt-Weites-Netz in 1989.

In the photo, Herr Zuse, a well-respected member of the Kaiser Vilhelm Society, is about to show the WWN to a bunch of spectators.

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1 Link Mega 100%real no feik
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AWS CLI batch file for drag and drop OCR through Textract

I am very much a beginner when it comes to batch files. Somehow I managed to make myself a .bat where I could drop in a txt file and it would produce an .mp3 using Polly. It looks like this:

> set prefix=%1
> echo %prefix%
> for %%F in (%1) do set prefix=%%~nF
> for %%F in (%1) do set fname=%%~nxF
> echo %prefix%
> echo %fname%
> aws polly start-speech-synthesis-task ^
> --region <region> ^
> --output-format mp3 ^
> --output-s3-bucket-name <bucket> ^
> --output-s3-key-prefix %prefix%^
> --voice-id Matthew ^
> --text file://%fname%
> pause

I'd like to do something similar for Textract, but what I've come up with doesn't work:

> set prefix=%1
> echo %prefix%
> for %%F in (%1) do set prefix=%%~nF
> for %%F in (%1) do set fname=%%~nxF
> echo %prefix%
> echo %fname%
> aws textract start-document-text-detection ^
> --document-location file://%fname% ^
> --output-config <bucket> ^
> --kms-key-id %prefix%^
> pause

Any clue where I'm going wrong?

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Hey Seniors, if your decisions disappointed, then it can really hurt. Like nothing you've felt before. Here's how to get through it (or try to).

When decisions don’t go your way it can feel really awful -- like the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. As u/CollegeWithMattie so eloquently and appropriately put it: “Not getting into the school you want fucking sucks.”

Look, I’m gonna be completely honest -- It can really hurt, more than anything else you’ve ever felt before, but here’s the deal: The only way through the pain is to go through it.

You know, I’ve never gone through the specific pain and frustration of the application process that some of you are going through, but I’ve had my share of fucked up shitty experiences when I didn’t know where to turn, and I’ve felt a lot of shitty feelings. Like, a lot a lot. And here’s what I’ve learned. You can’t squash those feelings. You have to accept them and let them in in order to be able to process them and move through them. If Mattie’s post resonated with you, that’s great -- because it means that you are on your way.

Feeling Numb?

That numbness is your body and brain protecting you from pain, but it’s ok to feel the pain. In fact, the only way to get past the pain is to go through it. Basically, what you resist, persists. So, as hard as might be, you’re gonna have to give in to the anger and sadness, and maybe even angry cry a little and bash some pillows. If you have a hard time tapping into your anger because you’re suppressing it, I suggest reading Mattie’s post. Also, what works for me is listening to angry music. I’m Gen X (not a Boomer, no), so Eminem, Smashing Pumpkins, and Linkin Park are my gotos, but you have your own I’m sure.

Go on a Bear Hunt

In my family, we call getting through the pain, Going on a Bear Hunt. I don’t know if you know the children’s chant, but it’s about making your way through the tall swishy swashy grass and the thick oozy gooey mud and the fast rushing river. To me, those are metaphors for the emotions we have to pass through as we make our way through anger, sadness, and disappointment. It’s like making it through the train tunnel; if you can’t go through that darkness, you get stuck there.

The RAIN Technique

In Mindfulness, we use the RAIN technique to help go through the emotional process of dealing with pain.

Recognize your feelings.

Accept and acknowledge that they are there.

Investigate them — what caused them, why are you feeling them

Non—identify; know that they are just feelings and feelings come and go. You are not your feelings. You are the observer o

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An eye-opening interview with Doc Russ on how the Galaxy is generated in the game Elite: Dangerous

I found this article online and was just absolutely blown AWAY at how much went into making the Galaxy realistic. If you love this game, you will almost certainly love this article.

The interview was initially conducted by Kirill Tokarev and you can find his article- photographs and all- here:


Hello! I’m Doc Ross, current lead render programmer on Elite: Dangerous via a rather convoluted route. I used to be a particle physics researcher with Lancaster University (UK), attached to the DZero Experiment at Fermilab in the United States. My focus was looking at differences between matter and anti-matter in sub-atomic interactions. Five years ago I made the jump to games programming with Frontier Developments, where I cut my teeth on some gameplay functionality for Elite: Dangerous, before helping create the StellarForge system which simulates the galactic data forming the environments you play within. This crossed over with graphics programming to display all this data on the screen, which has eventually lead to my current role.

Generating The Universe in Elite: Generating Planets

Hierarchical data is useful here, where the smallest details on planets are informed by the results of planet-scale information generation, which are informed by star-system scale information, which are informed by galactic information. Everything is simulated top-down, where parent data is always available for generating the sub-objects – for example having the average star system values on hand before we create planets within the system. The body will only store information relevant to it but will have a link to its parent and access to its siblings if it is required.

We have galaxy-scale material and age distribution functions, the mass of the Milky Way which informs us of how much “stuff” is in a volume of space (a sector) and approximately how long it has been there. The top-down view of the distribution is one of the only non-programmatic resources used in StellarForge, and it ensures the spiral arms and galactic bulge form the correct shape.

This allows the simulation of star systems with stars of the correct type and age of a primary star. The leftover materials that are designated to that star-system are used to generate the parameters of a proto-planetary disc, providing distributions of elements that can be accumulated over epochs that the simulation steps through during generation. Th

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META: An Historical Overview of 9/11, as the 20 Year Rule Enters 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to 2021! As most readers are aware, we use a 20 Year Rule which rolls over every new year. Most years, the newly available topics are fairly mundane, but as we've been noting for some time, 2021 is different. Despite jokes to the contrary, we are not implementing the 21 Year Rule. We are, though, acutely aware of the interest surrounding the events of 9/11, and most especially the bad history and conspiracy theories that revolve around it.

In that light, we are opening up the year by addressing it head on. On behalf of the mods and flaired community, /u/tlumacz and I have put together an overview of the events surrounding the attacks of 9/11, including the history of relevant people and organizations such as Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda. This isn't meant to be the exhaustive, final word or a complete history. Instead, we want to provide the AH community with insight into the history and address some common misconceptions and misunderstandings that surround September 11th, 2001. Additionally, as a META thread, we welcome further questions, and discussion — both on an historical and a personal level — of the history and events.


Osama bin Laden and the formation of al-Qaeda

To best contextualize the events of the day, we’re going to start with Osama bin Laden. His father, billionaire Mohammed bin Laden, was one of the richest men in Saudi Arabia. Mohammed made his wealth from a construction empire but died when Osama was only 10, leaving behind 56 children and a massive fortune. The prominence of the family name and wealth are two important factors for understanding Osama's rise to power.

The bin Ladens were generally Westernized and many members of the family frequently travelled or sought out education outside Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden, however, was upset at Saudi Arabia's close ties with the West and was more attracted to religious practices. The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the US was established in the 1940s when FDR signed a deal with King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, essentially giving the US primary access to oil in exchange for support and — essential to this history — defense from the US military.

Osama bin Laden went to college at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the late 70s. After graduating, he traveled to Afghanistan to help the freedom fighters — known as the mujahedeen — in their battle against the Soviets, who had invaded in 1979. Unlike some young men who joined the battles

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First Contact - Third Wave - Chapter 418

[first] [prev] [next]

The Terran, if that's what an android was, straightened up from fixing Palgret's cradle and restraints and started to turn away. The door thumped dully as it locked into place. Red light came on and there was a hissing sound.

The outside temperature started climbing, quickly reaching 293.85 Kelvin. Steam hissed out, flooding downward from hidden nozzles, hitting the deck, and pluming back upwards. Palgret's head was held still by two padded braces, his feet strapped in, his entire body held tightly. A padded restraining bar had lowered in front of him.

A red laser flickered to life in the steam/smoke, the dot touching his chest. It widened out to his full width, then began expanding into a grid. A green laser line started above his head and moved up and down him across the grid before winking out.

PASSENGER FOUR appeared in mid-air in front of him, then rotated so that he could read it backwards. It hovered in front of him silently as a vibration started.

Palgret could see the Terran out of the corner of his eye, his lower half hidden by the padded brace pressing against his head. Two of those 'androids' were standing next to the Terran, who was obviously refusing to move or follow their instructions.

The vibration shifted, the angle shifted, and Palgret knew that the vehicle he was in was crawling up the side of the crater.

The suit radio clinked several times then there was a burst of static across his datalink. After a second data streamed across his visor. Armor status, memory load, time in suit, diagnostic data, ammunition status, life support, everything. He saw the suit logs playing at high speed, rewinding several times when the Hellspace journey showed up.





All of the data appeared in front of him, then rotated to face out, burning dark red.

Palgret swallowed. It was just data but there was something almost malevolent about it. How the onboard system had managed to get al

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[Rant] An update to Transgender Discrimination in Singapore Schools

Hey, this is Ashlee, and I was the original poster of the other reddit thread.

To avoid breaking the subreddit's rules, I will avoid revealing specific identities of people involved. I understand that some students may be in a similar situation to mine, being a trans student, but who is still closeted in an MOE school. I hope this thread, doubling as a rant, serves as a reference of the discrimination I have experienced as a result of having a proper medical diagnosis from a qualified doctor. I would like to offer my side of the story.

Over the past few weeks, my parents and I have met with the school's administration a few times. While MOE and the school has continuously said that they would 'work with me', their overall inconsistency, intentional disregard for proper medical advice and discrimination is showing to me - I have not received the level of support I had hoped for.

Going by the doctor's official memo from last year, the MOE, through their Facebook post, started off by blatantly misgendering me, outright disregarding and throwing aside my doctor's official memo from last year. Like the comments section suggests, this shows little interest in protecting transgender people against discrimination or acknowledgement of the medical community's professional advice.

This suggests that the 'we are against discrimination' message they put up is a farce, and although they claim that they 'work closely with and respect the professional advice', I do not see it myself. MOE publicly encouraged me to speak to the school's administration about this issue, which I have explicitly stated that I have done so for a long time. To me, it seems that they are trying to deny the existence of the meeting between MOE and the doctor, which happened around July-August last year, in which the MOE insisted that schools had to work with and consent before any referral or life-changing decisions was done - in addition to 'the family', and that the doctor was not to write memos for trans students to schools (family whom in my case already consented and planned to consent long before last year as soon as I turned 18).

Over the past several weeks after the post was made, the principal has insisted, in multiple meetings between me and the school's administration, that I had intended to 'crossdress in school' and it was not allowed. She justified it, saying 'there is no discrimination' and 'we have done a

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How to dispersed camp on the Colorado Plateau while being respectful of the environment

So ive been meaning to get on this soap box for a while, and now seems like a good time. Several recent comments on here have asked if they can “find some BLM land to camp on” or “boondock” (I.e. dispersed camp), and you definitely can - I do it all the time. Dispersed camping is super fun, and can really give you an outdoor experience that is closer to the land than staying in a crowded campground. BUT, it’s also terrible for the environment. Campgrounds exist for a reason: concentrated use in developed, maintained campgrounds is much more environmentally sustainable at higher visit rates than dispersed or primitive camping.

But “it’s bad don’t do it” is not the whole story. There a places on the Plateau you can park a 40-foot RV for three months with zero environmental impact. There are also places where walking off a trail to piss will cause enough damage to set back plant cover for 100 years. You can, however, get a pretty good idea of how much of a destructive shitbag you’re at risk of being if you stop and pay attention for a minute.

Here’s my recommendations for environmentally-friendly dispersed camping/“boondocking” when you visit Moab. They are “observations” you can make when you are scoping a spot: open your eyes, harness your inner Lorax chakra or whatever, and look at what the land might be saying. Or look for literal poop, that’s a good giveaway.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Im not a BLM or NPS resources or recreation authority, so if someone in uniform tells you to move your ass, don’t try and tell them some weirdo on the internet said it was cool.

Observation 1: Has this spot already been shit on by people?

The most environmentally-friendly places to dispersed camp are in places where dispersed and primitive camp sites have already been established. There’s lots of these on the safari trails (White Rim has loads), and can usually be identified with tire tracks and fire rings. These are essentially primitive camp grounds, and you’re not doing any more damage by camping there also. DO: pack out all your trash, put your fire out completely. DO NOT: make new fire rings, clear or widen new areas for tents or parking if you can help it.

Observation 2: Has this spot already been shit on by cows?

OHVs, Jeeps, and narcissistic Instagram hobos get a (much deserved) bad rap for shitting on the landscape around here, but as far as environmental impact... nothing compares to grazing cattle. They eat, shit, and trample everything, and there’s *th

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Excerpt about India from Lee Kuan Yew’s book, From the Third World to First

There are mentions about almost all prime ministers till 90's but I've only included a few here. Also do check out the last para about India and it's bureaucracy.

Estimated reading time: 10 minutes, 28 seconds. Contains 2096 words.

Lee Kuan Yew is recognised as Singapore's founding father, credited with rapidly transitioning the country from a third world country into a developed first world country within a single generation under his leadership.



As a young student, I admired Nehru and his objective of a secular multiracial society. Like most nationalists from British colonies, I had read his books written during his long years in British jails, especially his letters to his daughter. They were elegantly written, and his views and sentiments struck a resonant chord in me. Together with other democratic socialists of the 1950s, I had wondered whether India or China would become the model for development. [Sanjeev: Note how LKY started as a socialist]

I wanted democratic India, not communist China, to win. But despite achievements such as the green revolution, population growth has kept down India’s standard of living and quality of life.

I visited Delhi for the first time as prime minister in April 1962. I was driven to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s home to meet him. It had been the residence of one of the British military commanders-two storeys, wide verandas, spacious grounds beautifully laid out. We had a half-hour discussion.For lunch, we were seated at a long table, probably inherited from British times. Each guest had a large silver tray as his dinner plate, and picked what he fancied from a wide array of rice, chapatis, curries, vegetables, meats, fish, pickles, and condiments that were brought to him. What was unusual was that everyone ate with their fingers. Choo and I had had no practice at this. While they held their food neatly and daintily with their fingertips, we rummaged through ours, the gravy reaching up to our knuckles. We felt and looked messy. I was relieved when silver finger bowls of water with slices of lime came for guests to wash their greasy fingers before eating the sweets, which were delicious. Nehru, sitting opposite me, noticed our awkwardness. I explained that besides chopsticks we usually used forks and spoons. Fortunately, they provided us with cutlery at oth

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Ways we can lower violence

Comment below good ways we can lower violence and, as long as they have positive upvotes by the time I wake up, I’ll add them.

  1. Provide better non judgemental mental health services either for free or a significantly low price to everyone So they can get help if theyre struggling with suicidal thoughts, -u/thegreekgamer42 (there’s a lot that are pretty much just this comment, so I’m not gonna add all of them)

  2. End the War on Drugs, reform the prisons so we aren't putting hardened convicts back on the streets, and find a way to address inner city poverty, - u/TheBadLuckKennedys

  3. Fix the problems we have in the home and restore the nuclear family, - u/IAmQuietFire

  4. Bring back the trades starting with high school shop class. Stop convincing the youth that they must go to college take on crippling debt to be successful. The world needs carpenters, plumbers, welders, farmers, and masons, etc. as well as people with degrees, - u/YourOwnPersonalDevil

  5. Create boarding schools for impoverished families, resocializing kids from an impoverished/ "the world is against me" to an "I can do it" mindset, - u/ChineWalkin

  6. ⁠Get NRA gun safety courses back into public schools, starting at grade school. Little kids need to be taught how to respond, if they find a gun. Older kids should be taught how to handle firearms with care &amp; respect, so they can exercise their rights responsibly.

  7. ⁠Make zero tolerance policies illegal, so bully victims are not at the mercy of teachers' goodwill.

  8. ⁠Abolish all gun free zones as a requirement. If a business or public institution then chooses to ban firearms on their property, hold them legally and financially responsible for any deaths and mental health or physical injuries incurred in the event of a firearm attack. After all, they had the arrogance to block your Constitutional rights.

  9. ⁠All states should be required to allow opt-in armed teacher programs, similar to Colorado's FASTER.

  10. ⁠Stop the "girls first, no matter what" approach to education. Promote classroom techniques that cater to boys' preferred learning styles, too. Getting boys invested in their own future has many benefits.

  11. ⁠Promote boys' mental health from an early age. School counselor's, especially, should be vetted to ensure they aren't misandrists.

  12. ⁠Abolish all laws requiring a license to concealed carry. Reciprocity between states shouldn't even be a thing because there should be ZERO laws obstructing concealed carry in t

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