[Table] I am Dave Plummer, author of Windows Task Manager, Zip Folders, and worked on Space Cadet Pinball, Media Center, Windows Shell, MS-DOS, OLE32, WPA, and more. (pt 1/2)


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Space Cadet Pinball, how does it feel to be the most played "bring your child to work day" game? I remember it fondly. The best part is that I used to "teach" computer lab when my kids were in K through 6th grades, back when Pinball was still included and well known. The kids could care less about anything technically hard or interesting that I'd worked on, of course, but Pinball gave me instant street cred with them.
Especially cool was being able to walk over and enter a secret code that only I knew that would turn on all the cheats, like infinite lives. They thought I was a wizard at that age!
The code, by the way, is "hidden test" without the quotes! Then various keys do different things, you can click and drag the ball around, and so on. Google it for the gory details!
I always like to point out that I was working with a full set of original IP from Maxis, so I had nothing to do with the design of the game, or it's art, etc... that was all done! My contribution was volunteering to port it, including a partial rewrite from asm to C, to work on MIPS, Alpha, PowerPC, IA64, ARM, and so on, which was actually a lot of work. But I got it into the Windows box, which is how and why everyone knows it today. But all credit for the gameplay and so on goes to Maxis, all I did was not screw it up in that case!
^(the below is a reply to the above)

To add a bit of detail re Space Cadet Pinball: we built Space Cadet originally at my company Cinematronics and did a deal with Microsoft to ship it with the Plus Pack that accompanied Win 95 and Win 98. While it technically didn't ship w/ Windows, the Plus Pack had something like a 25% attach rate and pinball wound up on most systems anyway. Microsoft actually had an option in our original contract from 1994 to ship it with the OS itself or the Plus Pack. Maxis was our publisher for the subsequent retail version, and later bought my company. More germane to this thread: I believe Dave's port entered the picture a few years later, after Win 98, and was likely critical to pinball continuing to ship on later iterations of the Windows OS (i.e. 32-bit). I definitely appreciate the time he put in to give the game extra years of life on the Windows platform. Kevin Gliner, game designer and producer for 3D Pinball, and co-foun

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SCP-0001: Meta Ike Proposal

Item Number: SCP-0001

The Solution

Object Class: Thaumiel/Apollyon

If the object class didn’t make it apparent enough, this is about to get really, really weird.

Jack Ike’s works can be incredibly complex, intuitive, and sometimes can get a bit too carried away. However, a Jack Ike 0001 proposal is not only all of those things, but more. A number of prolific authors have downvoted the piece (as well as upvoted), which is understandable — it took me over seven reads of this article to even get an idea what was going on. But now, as I write this, I think I finally understand enough to convey just how well-nuanced this SCP is, and why it should stay on the mainsite.

If you don’t want to go through the entire article and extrapolate it alongside me, there will be a TL;DR at the end for you to get a quick runthrough of it.

So, my fellow scholars, electrocute the bubbling mass of stars, enlighten a crab with toothbrushes, but notwithstanding the quadrupeds, and let’s get right into it!

I think the best way we can introduce this article is by displaying the introduction to the article itself:

> Item #: SCP-0001 > > Object Class: Thaumiel/Apollyon > > Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0001 cannot and should not be contained by the Foundation.

What a start, huh? Let’s dissect this.

The Item Number is SCP-0001. Pretty standard for an SCP-001 proposal, except for the fact that it has three zeros instead of two. This gives us an idea that this is happening in a later point of the Foundation canon, as there are four digits instead of three.

The object class is not only Thaumiel, but also Apollyon. For those unacquainted, Thaumiel means that an object is beneficial to the Foundation and counteracts the effects of other dangerous anomalies; Apollyon being an object which cannot be contained and will destroy everything. How can this object be both at once?

The Special Containment Procedures seem to align with the object class. It can’t be contained, but it shouldn’t be contained, either.

Onto the description, which is surprisingly short.

We’re introduced to three objects: SCP-0001 itself, SCP-0001-Α (Alpha), and SCP-0001-Ω (Omega), though we only get details of SCP-0001 now. SCP-0001 is described as a “autonomous biomechanical device produced by SCP-0001-Α and SCP-0001-Ω during Project Phantasos,” meaning it’s a machine with organic and met

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Some humble requests for our Reddit overlords.
  1. Please consider auto-linking subreddit addresses. Anything that matches /r/something should link to that subreddit. Yes, even if it doesn't exist... I'd be ok for those to 404 or whatever.
  2. You have the /r/blog subreddit. Use it as the blog. Yes, you've said over and over that you need images... markdown supports this. Turn it on only for admins... we're ok with it. It's your fucking site, you really are allowed to do that, especially when it's for a non-trite reason. Be proud of your software for once, and get rid of that awful Blogger/Wordpress/whatever-the-fuck it is.
  3. Please PLEASE please modify markdown just a little bit. We need subscripts and superscripts... some of us have things to say that require these. Strikethrough would be nice, but it's harder to make a case for that, other than that the FTFY inanity would be a little nicer looking (assuming those mouth-breathers could be bothered to use it).
  4. Some cross-posting would make sense. It's bad when someone wants to ask a question and needs to post it both places, and gets two different sets of answers. Some stories are both worldnews and politics, some things are both frugal and cooking. They wouldn't literally have to be the same story internally in the database... keep them separate so each group of moderators can sink it in their respective subreddits if needed, but that the others can still see it.
  5. As above, please consider some merge functionality. Something only you admins can use, but that would allow you to clean up the front page a little. Both sets of comments would appear in one place, and however you reconcile which link/headline to use... that's fine by me. If it only gets used a few times a year, it'd be great. When it's needed, it's really needed.
  6. An automatic subreddit for everyone, with the same name as their username. You'd need to put it under another namespace... maybe /b/ketralnis or something like that. Automatic crossposting any submissions to this would be nice.
  7. Loosen up on the username limits. Maybe spaces, but definitely more than 20 characters. And for those of us not in the US, allow some unicode for crying out loud.
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