Guess who's gonna spend his time trying to get banned instead of studying for his finals?

###Edit: excluding the title and this edit 69600 words were tested in this post and no luck, I quit because reddit started giving me 5 second time-outs after every new comment and it got old pretty quickly

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The Tale of Genji: Does It Get Better? [1,000-Year-Old Spoilers]

I'm about 350 pages into the book and it hasn't grabbed me at all. I almost never abandon a book but I'm seriously considering giving up on this one; I have quite a few other, much longer books to get through this year.

I don't have a problem keeping track of the characters and I don't mind the slow pace. My biggest problem with the novel is how much I despise Genji. To be blunt, I think he is a huge douchebag. Yes, I know times were different back then and society had different morals and expectations of people, but I seriously can't stand him. I'd say The Tale of Douchebaggery and Dickishness would be a more fitting title, but that's pretty much the same thing since those are synonyms for Genji.

I mean seriously, Genji, you find the daughter of your awesome brother-in-law and then hide her from him? The love of your life gets strangled to death by a ghost that also wants a piece of you and then you hardly think of her? Your wife gets possessed by the spirit of a still-living woman

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