Peterson's weird (new?) essay on thinkspot, "Hell, One Step at a Time.": An EPS Exclusive!

Hell, One Step at a Time

[Dated Today, August 31]

In 1991, the American historian Christopher Browning wrote a book called Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland about the Ordnungspolizei (Order Police) Reserve Unit 101. The book detailed in a very psychologically plausible manner the terrible transformation of conventional and essentially well-socialized working men—most with families—into killers capable of taking naked pregnant women into the Polish countryside and executing them with a pistol shot to the back of the head. Such a book is best read with caution—and, more importantly (with that caution firmly in mind), read as a potential perpetrator, rather than as a hypothetical victim or, worse, hero.

The men of Police Battalion 101 were tasked with mopping up after the Nazis had marched through and subdued Poland. Their commander, Major Wilhelm Trapp, was by all accounts a decent man, considering the times. Furthermore, the men in the batta

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Our Grace and Her Faux Pas

I'm not sure what type of reception a lengthy post like this will get, or even what to tag it as, but I thought others might enjoy learning a little more about the dress Grace is based on. It's such an odd piece in our wardrobe, but it really is a cunning addition. So turn back now, or bear with my obsessive babbling.

LN sneaking historical clothing into our wardrobe has been mentioned a couple times before. As many already know, Grace is practically identical to the gown in the infamous painting Marie Antoinette en Chemise by Vigée Le Brun. The fact LN chose to include this dress has always always impressed me

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