First Contact - Fourth Wave - Chapter 462

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Stardate 8536.173

The Dakota had made dock at Starbase-19 in order to undergo refit and repair after a four month sweep looking for refugees. Engine updates and repairs, including some additional modifications to the Dakota were necessary. I ordered the removal of the infantry assault transporters, with the exception of a single one of that size, and additional troop lodging and assault shuttle berths.

Additionally, with the SUDS being red-dotted, I have ordered all personnel aboard the Dakota will no longer carry SUDS. I cannot explain why in any logical manner to my Spock's satisfaction, but my Riker and Worf agree with me.

This must be another prong in the enemy's attack against humanity. Not just the Terran Confederacy, but against the Federation and all other human organizations.

I've put out a call for Redshirts. Three years ago I would have been laughed at, now I saw ship Captains swapping out to Redshirt uniforms. I was able to add another full Regiment of Redshirts before the other Captains began putting out a LFM Call, where I was able to pick and choose.

Interestingly, I have a full company of Klingon Battle Ragers and a Company of Romulan Assault Marines. They arrived the day after we did and their leaders sought me out with an LFG request.

Additionally, I was informed that the Dakota has been entered in Starfleet ship registry as an "Murica Class Warship" with my Scotty and LaForge credited with the improvements and design.

So the Dakota is now canon to act as an Admiral's flagship for major fleet engagements.

How weird.

We hope to leave Starbase-19 within the next thirty days. Precursor attacks as well as Unified Council battlegroups are swarming Federation and Harmonous Cluster space.

--Admiral Jeff Picark 8873


Stardate 8536.262

LOCATION: Borg Collective RP Space

This is the third Borg Cube we've found drifting with all hands lost.

McCoy stated something about massive cyberware and bioware rejection, including synthetic flesh rejection. My Pulaski concurs, pointing out massive genetic degredation far beyond anything we've ever seen. My Beverly has pointed out that the Hive

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How Ethereum can become a multi-trillion dollar asset: A summary of Bankless Episode #57 Ultra Sound Money


The following is my written summary of Bankless Episode #57 Ultra Sound Money with Justin Drake.

Please, please do yourself a favor and make some time to listen to the full episode. For brevity's sake, I've skipped over parts of the conversation and greatly condensed others. I've also tried to simplify some of the analogies used - the engine metaphor is far from perfect, but I personally find it more useful than not.

The majority of the content comes from Justin, but I don't directly attribute any of the words to any one person (aside from 2-3 instances). I've also expounded on some of the ideas, substituted in more accurate figures and added external references, when possible. As such, my summary is not intended to directly reflect the opinions of Justin, Ryan or David. Also, you can read Vitalik's reaction to the episode, which includes a few critiques as well as points of support, and you can listen to objections that a bitcoiner had.

I want to express my appreciation to u/davidahoffman, u/ryanseanadams and u/bobthesponge1 for having this conversation and for everything the three of you are doing for Ethereum! I've tried my best to condense a 2.5 hour podcast into a 25 minute read, but nothing will be as good as just listening to the episode yourself :)


From the stone age to science fiction

From listening to Justin's previous podcast appearance, #49 Moon Math: The Bull Case for Cryptography, we know that we have made huge improvements in cryptography, but have we also made equivalent advancements in the nascent field of crypto economics?

Currently, we still live in the age of gold-driven economics, in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Bitcoin has taken the approach to mimic gold and its economic properties as much as possible. This can be thought of as skeuomorphic economic design - where a digital object copies their physical-world counterparts. Since gold is a scarce natural resource, Satoshi thought it was a good idea to make Bitcoin a scarce digital resource by implementing an arbitrary 21 million bitcoin supply cap.

However, when you take a clean-slate approach, new p

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Apr/1/2021: (1) Electoral code reformed (2) Housing (3) "Buy Armenian" subsidy (4) Mental care for athletes (5) Disabled workers (6) Yerevan's new trees (7) Khalifa's nuts (8) Poverty rate (9) March: economy is recovering (10) Science funding (11) Uni admission process (12) Airport taxi regulated

Your 11-minute Thursday report in 2671 words.

##today in history

1967: Soviet movie Կովկասի գերուհին premiers

1976: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple

2004: Gmail is born

2016: four-day April War begins and ends with Armenians losing heights near northern Talish and southern Fizuli.

##Syunik's Nrnadzor will have a new district for Artsakh families / farming and tourism

Nrnadzor is the farthest south-eastern settlement in Armenia located in Syunik, near Iran and Artsakh borders. A new district with 30 single-family houses is being built with donation funds for Artsakh refugees.

The crews took an abandoned 3-hectare area and recently launched construction works. The houses will be for young families with multiple children, for up to 6 household members. The first phase will house 200 people.

With the settlement gaining new students, they will have to handle school issues such as securing transportation and finding teachers.

The families will need land to work on, but the village has none available. The administration will ask the government to reallocate 140 hectares, which were earlier reserved for other purposes. Pomegranate and mulberry gardens are quite popular in Nrnadzor.

Meghri Development Fund is negotiating with pomegranate wine producers to do business with Nrnadzor farmers. The idea is to have private businesses invest in creating agricultural cooperatives so the farmers can join as cooperative workers, instead of working as paid staff at those companies. "This will help us solve social security issues."

Separate work is being done to promote extreme nature tourism in Nrnadzor.

##construction work in progress in Stepanakert, Artsakh

40 structures were completely destroyed in Stepanakert. 200 property owners were informed that their properties will need to be rebuilt.

Some areas have open sewers which complicate their development. Solving this problem will allow authorities to turn these areas into parks and public spaces.

School No. 10, which was targeted by the Azerbaijani army during the war, is currently being renovated to house kindergarten children. Four other schools are on the list.

Thousands of IDPs had to move to Stepanakert. This has significantly increased vehicle traffic in the capital, prompting the city to search for ways to address the lack of roads. "It's impossible to drive in Stepanakert at certain hours

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I e-mailed over 100 politicians about the housing crisis, here is the letter and their responses.

As per the title, I wrote a letter expressing my concerns with the Canadian housing market, and sent it out to over 100 politicians across the country. The addressees were the leaders of every major federal and provincial party, as well as the relevant ministers and opposition critics, and the mayors of every major city in the country.

I sent the letter out in early February. Since then, I received only five real responses. The mayors of Montreal and Victoria wrote me back, as did the Green Party housing critic Tim Grant, and David Eby and Wab Kinew of the BC and Manitoba NDP parties respectively. The office of Jagmeet Singh responded with a canned email that discussed policy largely unrelated to the content of my email.

I will post each response I received as a separate comment. My original letter follows:

To the leaders of this federation,

There is significant anxiety regarding the future of this country that is growing in people of my generation, and it is becoming increasingly impossible to ignore.

I am an average citizen in my early thirties. I do not represent any special interest group, or hold political affiliation with any party. Due to my line of work, I have lived in multiple provinces, in cities of all sizes, and in rural, urban and suburban areas. I have spent time in almost every province and territory, and I work with, and consider friends, people of all ages and backgrounds from across the country.

It is my belief that the biggest reason for this anxiety is the obvious disparity of opportunity growing between the older and younger generations of Canadians. Younger Canadians are increasingly burdened with the reality that no matter how hard they work they will never attain the lifestyle that their parents enjoyed on their own merits alone. This is particularly apparent when you look at the state of Canada’s housing market.

*Adjusted for inflation, wages have been fairly stagnant over the past couple of decades. At the same time, the cost of living for the average Canadian has increased substantially. According to Statistics Canada, in 2000 the median household income was $58,300, and in 2018 (the last year of available Statistics Canada data) it was $69,600, an increase of 16%. In the same period rent has doubled in many markets and the median price of the average home has increased 257% from $163,951 in 2000 to $586,000 in 2020. The traditional financial advice that housing and related expenses should not exceed t

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The Oldest Game Among the Stars - "Red Skies" & "Take Formation"

Hello everyone. I have decided to post my story to Reddit. Chapter updates should happen once a week.

These are the prologue and the first chapter.

Your criticism is appreciated.

Here is a discord link where you can contact me.

Official SSB writing server.

Chapter 2.


Red Skies

The sky bled while red and black clouds danced in the atmosphere.

Among them large shapes moved, obstructed by the clouds and smoke.

Smaller ones came down from the sky and flew close to the ground, others landed and disappeared between the buildings.

A lone shape landed far from the buildings, the fires, and the constant noise.

The landing was smooth, if a bit rushed, the transport took a few bullets and needed to land, the pilot was saying something about a broken fuel line and how they needed to fix it.

That meant they would have to land and spend at least some time fixing it or risk crashing.

The fighting would be all over by then, well, of the fight, the part everybody wanted to fight in, to earn glory and maybe a promotion, to prove themselves to their superior or family.

The clean-up would take days, if not months, and that would be for only the major resistance cells. There still would be smaller cells for years, if not decades, but that part would earn them no prestige, only the commander who gets assigned this place.

The planet was small in size compared to most others, at least in habitable land, most of the land was too cold or too hot, too high and uneven for proper cities, and everything else was covered in water.

The planet had a primitive species which had almost made it to space expansion. This was the primary reason for invasion; if they made it to space they could be used by rival powers to harm the Shil’vati Empire.

This also was a power move by the princess; she had to prove herself to her subjects, mostly to the grand dukes whose families had multiple star systems and planets under their control.

A successful invasion of a planet, even if it was primitive was a good start, but more shows of power would soon follow.

If one of those were to fail, trouble would be on the horizon for the young princess, but she was far away in the orbit, watching from her ship.

The pilots were looking over the brand new holes in their t

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Playbook of the Decade (Ch. 2)

Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: Not financial advice

Spice Must Flow

#1 Trade Deals

Let’s start by introducing someone first.

He’s not just another old white dude in government. This man was the first United States Deputy Trade Representative under Ronald Reagan. He negotiated dozens of trade deals on goods like steel and automotive. Reagan was also the administration that signed the Plaza Accord. This man specializes in stealing other country’s tendies.

Ok, you’re wondering why this guy even matters? Well, he came back during Trump’s presidency as the 18th United States Trade Representative. 🤔

What did he negotiate during those 4 years? A lot.

The deals that were struck under Trump administration was all about “America First” and that is what they did achieve. The trade deals with Japan and Korea secured U.S.’s position with her closest allies in Asia. This will ensure supply chains in critical areas of tech (especially hardware) remains secure until America brings as much as it can back home. NAFTA was renegotiated into the new USMCA deal where U.S. just strongarmed both Mexico and Canada into submission. This is a man you don’t wanna negotiate against.

Fast forward to Biden’s administration. Who did he pick to replace Lighthizer? Katherine Tai. Now, who the fuck is this woman? Who knows? She supposedly helped in the USMCA deal but her experiences don’t give me confidence.

Now, where is Biden going with this?

He’s keeping the section 232 steel tariffs and the aluminium tariffs. Biden’s trade policies are no different from Trump’s “America First” trade policy so far.

To me, this administration just doesn’t look like it cares about making deals. Maybe we will get a trade deal with UK this year? But beyond that, what else does America need? USMCA, Japan, Korea, and UK account for about 40% of America’s trade value.

#2 Trade Logistics

Now, most of you probably tuned into the infrastructure speech that Biden gave the other day. There was a lot of things he talked about that makes me optimistic. But, wh

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Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!

Welcome to the /r/Bitcoin Sticky FAQ

You've probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin recently and are wondering what's the big deal? Most of your questions should be answered by the resources below but if you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comments.

It all started with the release of Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper however that will probably go over the head of most readers so we recommend the following articles/books/videos as a good starting point for understanding how bitcoin works and a little about its long term potential:

Some other great resources include Michael Saylor's and "Bitcoin for Everybody"' course, Jameson Lopp's resource page, Gigi's resource page, and James D'Angelo's Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series. Some excellent writing on Bitcoin's value proposition and future can be found at the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.

If you are technically or academically inclined check out developer resources and peer-reviewed research papers, course lectures from both [MIT]

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Apr/5/2021: (1) Post office to launch air delivery (2) Artsakh busts Shushi mayor & others w/aid theft (3) Yerevan installs solar (4) Hero title (5) Real estate & consumer $ (6) Foreign affairs (7) Environmental news (8) Easter (9) Kocharyan to lead alliance (10) Lawsuit fee reform (11)

Hello there. This is your 13-minute Weekend to Monday report in 3195 words.

##Armenian post office Haypost will have an air delivery service

Haypost Air will be its subsidiary company. It will operate several jets. "We will significantly improve the postal delivery process and reduce the time of international mail delivery." Details later.

##video: Armenian-made solar panels are being installed on 100 Yerevan buildings

The EU and Yerevan officials are working on a solar project. 100 large apartment complex buildings with 6,000 families will have solar on their roofs.

It aims to provide a 50% discount on the energy bill. "If residents pay 1000 Drams on elevators' electricity today, now they will pay 500." Low-income families will receive cheaper electricity.

All the stairways and entrances will be lit with LED lightbulbs that detect motion and sound, "something that hasn't happen in the past several decades." The wiring is ready; will be connected this Autumn.

The 360W panels are assembled in Armenia. The installation project costs €1.250M, from which 20% is paid by Yerevan. The solar panels will become the residents' property after the installation, and serve them for 15-20 years.


##COVID stats (update: from Saturday to Monday)

11,944 tested. 2,261 infected. 2,344 healed. 62 deaths. 15687 active (slightly down).

One of the hospital officials says people are a lot more likely to need oxygen aid during the ongoing third wave. Don't gamble with your health, stay safe. 👌 , , ,

More on oxygen:

##Healthcare Ministry wants to conduct an autopsy on COVID patients

When the pandemic began, the Ministry said they won't conduct an autopsy on patients who died from COVID due to a lack of special autopsy centers that can make it safe to work on bodies. Later, the Ministry created Armenia's first "pandemic-certified" autopsy center.

Ministry said today: in the past year, the autopsies on patients who had COVID have revealed that it is possible to prevent the spread of infection during an autopsy by using ordinary PPE and safety protocols. We have drafted a bill to allow autopsies.

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My experience during TX water/power outage and what you can expect

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. All opinions expressed here should not be misconstrued as advice in any capacity, be it plumbing, purchasing emergency supplies, or otherwise. As always, do your own research and make your own decisions.

Alright, with that out of the way, strap in. It'll be a long ride. TL;DR with the main take-aways and recommendations at the bottom. I tried to make this post as complete and detailed as possible, without being preachy. Ignore it if anything comes across that way, it is NOT intentional.

Part 1: What happened in Texas

(play-by-play; skip to Part 2 if you only care about recommendations)

Inclement weather came in across the entire state. My family and I were in Austin, in central Texas. Things were normal and to my knowledge, no major warnings were issued by the city. A family friend who is always very cautious recommended I turn off the water to the house on Sunday night (Feb 14). I took his advice, filled up some pots and jugs for extra water and turned off the water supply at street level around 5pm, drained plumbing. Went to bed around 11 PM. Briefly woke up around 3-4 am as my face was freezing. I thought it was odd, I remember thinking "hmm maybe power went out" and went back to sleep. My wife and I use a super heavy "duck feather" blanket we got from Costco and turn the heat down anyways to save money.

Woke up around 8 to go to work; house was freezing, temp inside was around 56 F based on a thermometer/clock combo we had. All power was out. Outside everything was covered with snow, deep snow. It snowed once a few weeks before, which was unusual but it did not stick to roads. Now all roads were impassible and covered with snow and ice. I tried going online but internet was out due to the power outage. Cell reception was...not there. Could not load any web page to check what was going on. Sent out a text to my manager, it failed. Tried a few more times and it was finally sent out.

As the day went on, it was clear power wasn't coming back on and the house kept getting colder. I risked turning the water back on for a few hours, then turned it back off around 5pm again. Temperatures were below freezing the entire time. At some point I managed to load up Twitter and saw posts from Austin Energy about ERCOT asking them to shed load. Lots and LOTS of technical jargon and unclear messages. Absolutely no word on when anything may come back. We lit up some candles and had a "mandatory Valentine's candlelight dinner."

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Cardano Rumor Rundown 03.29.2021

Hey Everyone!

I've been obsessively consuming all the Cardano news and media on a daily basis for years now. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share a list of what I'm seeing for anyone else who's interested. Feel free to make additions as you see fit. Many of your additions from yesterday are in the “Newly Covered” list for today. Also let me know if you think any of the “Previously Covered but Still Interesting” items are no longer interesting and should leave the list.

Check out the youtube companion to today’s post:

Let's go....

Newly covered today:

  1. Every once in a while, I like to take stock of where the rest of the crypto space is on Cardano. So, let’s do a little review of what a few of the larger youtube crypto and other influencers are saying about Cardano right now.
  2. The biggest crypto youtuber with 717k subscribers says “shame on you, Cardano community” for talking so badly about EIP 1559 (the latest Ethereum Improvement Proposal). Then in the same video he says he may tell people to sell their Ethereum for Cardano & DOT if things don’t improve by the end of April (with a bunch of caveats).
  3. Another youtuber with 587k subscribers posted a video called “Why I'm Dumping Ethereum For This Coin” and said that ETH would have “massive problems” if Cardano hits its deadline for smart contracts on mainnet. He’s actually recommending some other coins that aren’t ETH or Cardano, but made his lack of confidence in ETH in the face of Cardano’s challenge very clear if Cardano achieves its goals.
  4. Lark Davis (256k subscribers) released a video called “Don’t Buy Cardano” in which he lays out the devil’s advocate argument against Cardano and then responds to those arguments. He finished by saying “I think that Cardano will prove the haters wrong this year… will simply be a piece of the bigger picture of the cryptoverse.” This followed a video a few days ago that seemed to identify the delay of Ethereum’s layer 2 scaling solution as “probably the biggest crypto fail of 2021”.
  5. That’s a collective 1.56 million subscribers. Of course, some ov
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[Conflict] Arise, You Mighty Motherland. Arise for Sacred War.

##Arise, You Mighty Motherland. Arise for Sacred War.

###The Preparations

Calling up a large number of troops is unfortunately quite hard to hide, which is why we won't bother trying to hide it at all. Quite public notifications will be made that a large scale callup of forces is required for a parade to celebrate August 1st. Full preparations standard for a parade will be undertaken to maintain the cover while our forces prepare for the actual operations. This should obfuscate the true intentions of the callup for long enough to achieve a moderate degree of Strategic surprise(not to mention in the past several years equally large formations have been called up for major exercises somewhat suddenly so it shouldn't look too strange)


Cyber Warfare operations will be timed to begin at the same time as the initial strike, and will focus on degrading all aspects of Taiwanese Internet ideally achieving the vaunted total shutdown of the Taiwanese internet. Further efforts will be made to target the Taiwanese military communication network which likely has backup systems run through its civil systems(although this civil system probably won't exist very long)

###First Strike

Following the initial wave of cyber operations, the PLAAF and the PLARF will launch a highly coordinated surprise first strike on important ROC targets. This first strike will be launched in the evening timed to arrive following the conclusion of a shift change to minimize troops located at the targets and maximize the time the facilities are out of action.

H-20 bombers will launch the first wave of strikes aimed at the following installations

  • Taiwanese PAVE PAWS site
  • Ministry of Defence building
  • Heng Shan Military Command Center(targeted with ultra heavy bunker busting bombs aimed at entrances.)
  • Any other Strategic CIC or Warning systems

Timed to arrive at the same time will be a first strike of Cruise missiles launched from our ground systems. These missiles will target all Taiwanese armed forces bases, command centers, power plants(specifically the transformers), and highway strips designed or capable of supporting fighter operations. 960 Missiles will be allocated for this strike.

Following this will be the ballistic missile strike that will be timed to impact 5-10 minutes after the cruise missiles(or roughly when repair operations should begin). This strike will be targeted on the sites identified earlier, along with any locations that PLA recon a

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Feb/22/2021: (1) Education reforms. Drone & high-tech labs (2) Australia about Artsakh's self-determination (3) Opposition rally. Plans and rebellions (4) Interview w/soldiers & Meghri residents (5) Prosthetics & charity (6) Russian troops (7) Willy Wonka & mask factory (8) Army reforms & audit

Your 13-minute Weekend-Monday report in 3328 words.

##Artsakh will have aviation lab to teach drone production / education reforms

Education Minister Lusine Gharakhanyan: The current educational policy in Artsakh must take into account the existing challenges.

One of the priorities is the program of introduction of security systems in schools and kindergartens. We're drafting the plan.

We'll develop TUMO and IT in Artsakh. Soon, we will install TUMO Boxes in Martuni, Martakert, and Askeran cities to serve 320 students.

We want to expand the ArMath engineering and robotics program by building 12 new labs this year. 10 out of 30 labs were lost during the war.

We want to create a technopark in the educational system of Artsakh. In April of this year, we will open a drone workshop in Stepanakert School N3, which will be an educational aviation laboratory.

Question: which Artsakh settlements have resumed education in schools?

Minister: with the exception of Szneq (Askeran), Sus (Qashatagh), and Hin Shen (Shushi), every school has resumed its activities. There are 18.6K students, compared to 23.9K before the war. The other 5.8K continue their education in Armenia.

Question: have you helped teachers who lost their jobs as a result of war?

We have registered 280 teachers from areas that are no longer under Artsakh's control. We helped 58 of them to find a job. We will have a new initiative soon to help others. We're working with Armenia's EduMin.

##Saturday marked Artsakh Movement's 33rd anniversary

Artsakh President Arayik: February 20, 1988, entered our history as a symbol of the revival of the national spirit, strong unity, and unbreakable will. A beginning of a whole period of struggle, reconstruction, and creation, loss and victory.

33 years have passed since that day. Today, the Armenians of Artsakh are living through one of the most difficult periods in their history. They live, keeping alive the spirit and ideas of 1988, confident and asserted that the path they have chosen is right and irreversible. More than ever, today they must live and prosper on their native land.

And for the sake of our martyrs and generations, Artsakh will be reborn again, will rise from the ruins, and will continue its eternal course.

Pashinyan: 33 years ago, not only Artsakh was reborn, but also the entire Armenian nation. The spark of the rebellious spirit of the people of Artsakh lit our hea

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$BHP $FCX & $RIO &VALE- Miners heading for new highs & a TOP-SECRET PLAY!

The past 5 trading days have shown strong reversal patterns for these three miners and although, less pronounced - $VALE.

$BHP, $RIO &$VALE - #2, #3 & #5 miners in the world respectively.

#2 BHP Group Ltd. (BHP)

  • Revenue (TTM): $42.9 billion
  • Net Income (TTM): $8.0 billion
  • Market Cap: $137.2 billion
  • 1-Year Trailing Total Return: 9.9%
  • Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

BHP is an Australia-based international resources company. It explores and mines minerals, including coal, iron ore, gold, titanium, ferroalloys, nickel, and copper properties. It also offers petroleum exploration, production, and refining services. The company serves customers worldwide.

#3 Rio Tinto PLC (RIO)

  • Revenue (TTM): $41.8 billion
  • Net Income (TTM): $7.2 billion
  • Market Cap: $79.8 billion
  • 1-Year Trailing Total Return: 21.0%
  • Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

#5 Vale SA (VALE)

  • Revenue (TTM): $34.7 billion
  • Net Income (TTM): $1.3 billion
  • Market Cap: $59.9 billion
  • 1-Year Trailing Total Return: -3.7%
  • Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

I know what you are thinking - "this must be part of the steel play you've been talking about non-stop since December. . .blah, blah, blah. . .yeah, we know. . .don't need anymore CB from you."

That's Confirmation Bias for the newbies.

I know, if you are here you know about steel and why I like $MT - hey, it was up today - I think we see more price run due to $MT being able to unload $CLF shares - which I also think is bullish for $CLF and yes, I'm buying more $CLF on the dip tomorrow.

It was a brilliant move, in my opinion, by our boy, LG @ $CLF.

He clears the deck before the earnings call and this is seen as a bullish move to pay off 9.875% high interest notes with a share offering of 60

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Advice: How to deal with Exec

(Throw away account) Seeking advice, or people to simply say that I'm not crazy

We've got a new team established in our company. It's the R&D/Do whatever they feel like that day team. The problem with this is that (to the team leads credit), they're excellent at marketing to the exec

They've got all the buzz words: Data lakes, Kubernetes and promising to revolutionize the entire business. It'll all be magic! And all they need are the keys to the castle. The issue I have now is that this team have no governance, and my team (being the platform/infrastructure side of things) is unable to setup anything for this group and establish boundaries as they're special. I've quite literally been directed to let them do whatever they want. This has basically resulted in:

  • Insecure Docker registries being exposed to the internet
  • Unsecured storage accounts facing the internet
  • APIs facing the internet with no authentication/authorization or transport layer encryption
  • K8 management APIs facing the internet with no access control
  • Virtual machines created in our cloud tenant without anti virus and administrative credentials locked down etc. Group policy isn't applied to windows VMs as they aren't in AD and Linux VMs aren't hardened either
  • Applications published into Azure AD that have bypassed all conditional access we had in place

My greatest issue is that explaining is losing. I'm up against cool buzzwords and a team that doesn't actually have do deliver anything. They quite literally have no KPIs. Pointing out critical security holes due to the lack of governance is deemed to be anti change and and anti progress. For me personally, I don't actually care what their new applications do (within reason) providing the foundations they sit on are secure and that the application isn't a giant hole itself. If the customer wants an API that returns inappropriate pictures in ASCII, I just don't care

All the security points have been put in writing to our CIO numerous times as well

Anyone dealt with this situation before? What did you do other than simply resign? All I can see is that we'll have a massive security event and I'll end up under the bus for it. Funnily enough, nothing they've produced in the last 4 months has been useable by the business, So my only hope now is that the management team will simply see them as a waste of time/money.

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So, you wanna see BTS live? A guide to ticketing.

Ticketing for BTS is a bloodbath, not gonna lie. Especially with the influx of a lot of fans who will want to see them live post-quarantine. I was able to get my hands on some twice, although it was a very intense and fast paced process. Keep in mind, I am writing this from the perspective of someone who has only seen BTS in the US. I think a lot of the advice is still applicable internationally, but I can’t provide detail on that.


BTS tickets, in comparison to the other artists who are in their caliber of popularity, actually aren’t hugely expensive. You can get nosebleed seats at around 60-80 USD a pop. BTS tickets range from $60 to $300 USD face value per person (not including fees) at first sale value depending on where you sit. The average price of a ticket according to Ticketmaster is $299 (with fees). The only official initial ticketing site for BTS is TicketMaster. Don’t forget about the cost of transportation, food, lodging, and merch! If you’re gonna buy merch, you will probably spend a few hundred. Allocate $50 dollars per person for food/drink. Transportation and lodging heavily depend on your proximity to a venue, but it will probably be a few hundred for a hotel room. Transportation heavily depends.


It really depends on the venue. Being close without actually being on the floor is probably your best bet. To prevent mobbing, all of the floor seats have actual chairs, but it can get quite intense down there and the tickets are more expensive. Lower 1st level seats close to the stage are what I consider to be the optimum. However, if you want the chance of getting to see BTS really close up, then you’ll wanna look for floor seats, but those can range from 300-500 USD at face value. The only VIP experience is soundcheck. These tickets are more expensive, but you’ll be let in with a small group of fans for floor seats and get to see BTS do their mic checks. There’s a higher chance of interaction with them there, but it is more expensive. Hi-touch and meet and greets aren’t something that BTS do now.

Even if you don’t get your ideal seats, there are huge screens and the staff do live camerawork and follow BTS around so you’ll have a good view. The show itself is very immersive, around three hours with no opening acts, and the production value is quite literally insane. If you want a taste, look up the concert performances of Anpanman, Euphoria, Dionysus, and Mikrokosmos of YouTube. Your seats won’t matter much when you

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Hellfire Across the Heavens Ch:5


Date Point: January 23, 2437

Unity Station

Pan Asian Coalition Security Council

Seven of the most powerful people in Terran space looked at the holodeck in front of them with grim faces. A Senate war fleet approached the linchpin of PAC power in the Outer Rim. Long Kou was home to the single largest station beyond the Iron Belt. If it was lost then there would be no counteroffensive.

“What is the status of the 2nd Coalition fleet?”

“72% of all ships are accounted for,” a general said bringing up a new projection, “this includes all four Dragon class dreadnaughts and eight battleships. The overall strength of the fleet numbers at 666 ships.”

Zhang Fei rubbed the bridge of his nose, “please tell me my son did not reduce the number of ships under his command based on superstition.”

“Moral is important for the men, if they believe that number is special then they will make it special.”

“Fine, what is the word from the 7th Han fleet and 8th route army?”

“Admiral Yamamoto is on route, she will arrive within the week, the 8th, for the most part, is already in the system.”

“Is there any word from the United Nations?” one of the men asked hopefully.

Another general shook his head, “Other than their ‘thoughts and prayers?’ they will not send us aid. This will be another challenge we face alone.”

“Very well, see to it that the men understand the importance of this conflict. For if we fail to stop it here and now, billions more shall perish.”


“Prepare for docking in ten, nine, eight…” Oscar flicked through his HUD, noting the various distances between him, the other men of Bravo Company, and the much larger distance between him and Outlook on Forever station.

“You ever been to Outlook?” Captain Bryce asked, he was the company commander and a veteran of the 13th Afro-American war.

“Yeah, it’s one of the few populated human stations this far out. Most people transit from here to the outer rim worlds.” The airlock opened and they entered the docking hanger where the rest of Bravo company was waiting. Eighty-one marines stood in straight ranks chattin

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Fabian tactics pt. II - Earth's last general

Fabian tactics pt I

Common Federation Era 197

Back at the company lines, the cadets had finally retired for the night. They had spent all day at lectures, PT and small arms training; they were physically and mentally fatigued . Even so, Cadet Berlin's section still had enough energy to spare, to roast her for her input in the morning's lecture.

“Classic Fabian Mao tactics straight from the Pam, every boot cadet knows this basic shit hey?” Cadet Kromigh, an Isae said, “Berlin you are the biggest fucking suckhole I have ever seen. I mean, I think he was sweet on you. Did you hear him? Ooooh, let's ask someone who knows, look at pretty little Cadet Berlin!”

“Kromigh... I just want you to know... It's not my fault you taste awful... But at least I'll eat MRE's before I eat you.” Miranda replied, grinning aggressively.

Everyone in their room laughed at that.

“Seriously,” Max Luther, another human began, “This isn't ancient history, and every human child gets brought up with the history of the Imperial insurrection. It's why humans have such a strong military culture.”

“And Isae don't? My pod leaders had me running survival drills for years before I even made it to adolescence.” Ralek said. His pod leaders had a proud tradition of being in the Naval artillery, though traditionally Isae were outstanding engineers. While he had still been in his first phase of education, he was simultaneously taught basic tracking principles and marksmanship. He hadn't been the only one.

“It's not the same bro. When was the last time the Isae fought a war of defense. A war for themselves? Five, six thousand years ago?” Miranda said. “Six thousand years ago we didn't even have steel. But two hundred years ago? We have video of how it started. And how it ended.”

The two Kelress' ears simultaneosly perked up at that.

“What do you mean?” Hugo, the male, asked.

“I mean we kept the... Well we just call it Earth's last General... The Emperor intended it to be propaganda, which is exactly how we use it. His problem was that he didn't understand our psychology. Instead of terrifying us into submission it completely hardened us. We also have the helmet footage of the Imperial negotiation and execution. You can find it on the nets, if you want to see, and you know what to look for.”

“No shit. Show us.” The Kelress both crowded the humans.

“Naw man We'll show you later, it's getting late.”

“Max,” Garek, a Ji Te said

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Mar/1/2021 news: (1) History: March 1st crisis & Armenia's recent politics (2) Pashinyan holds a rally, responds to GCoS, Constitutional reforms, offers snap elections (3) GCoS criticized for politicization & March 1st participation (4) Opposition rally (5) Russia-Pashinyan resolve Iskander dispute

Your 18-minute Monday report in 4735 words.

##Artsakh Parliament resolution about the occupied lands

The Parliament officially declared that the actions committed by Azerbaijan are classified as an occupation of legal Artsakh lands. "Artsakh Republic's independence in Sep/2/1991 was based on international and USSR law."


##LHK leader Marukyan offers a solution to de-escalate and hold snap elections

LHK Marukyan: Pashinyan gives up on the attempt to fire the GCoS chief over the letter, and re-hires the deputy GCoS who was fired earlier. Then snap elections are held. //

A ruling QP MP found such pre-conditions unacceptable because the "GCoS should not be part of political agreements." The ruling party accepts the second part of Marukyan's offer, about elections.

LHK Marukyan: Okay, but I'm waiting for Pashinyan's official response. Let's all leave the army alone and go for snap elections. Dissolve the Parliament and hold elections. //

QP MP: GCoS is fired, then political consultations are held around snap elections. , , , ,

##Pashinyan and Russia settle dispute over Iskander's quality

Serj earlier criticized the army/government for not using the Iskander missiles sooner during the war. Pashinyan responded, saying the missiles purchased by Serj were often not exploding.

Russian Defense Ministry felt offended over the portrayal of Iskander in a negative light, and responded, saying Iskander was never even used during the Artsakh war, contradicting both Serj and Pashinyan. However, there have been videos claiming to show how Armenians used Iskander.

Today, Pashinyan backtracked on his Iskander claim, "As a result of the combination of existing facts and data, the Prime Minister of Armenia came to the conclusion that he was not properly informed about this situation. Moreover, the Prime Minister's statement has nothing to do with the content and quality of the Armenian-Russian allied relations in the sphere of military-industrial cooperation," said the office.

Vladimir Putin's spokesman Peskov expressed satisfaction over the message. "It is very important that the truth has been restored in this matter." ,

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what if god committed suicide

What if God turned himself into dust

What if God was bored of being God and was too disappointed with mankind or the life that he originally created for the force that he was given what if we are all fragments of God and we all share the same gifts and our core we are all the same we are all not children of God fragments

How badly have you ever wanted to kill somebody when you were a child that you can remember have you ever wanted to try to kill somebody as a child what was your most fearful experience as a child that you can remember and also have you ever taken an IQ test or please provide your results of IQ see the problem is that people lie that's the issue that is

We all have to learn to pay attention to things but those things end up being different from one another Due to the differences in our biological systems in our DNA and our environment and everything that relates to

That is the primary issue with surveyical psychological research that is one of the issues regarding psychological day for research

We want somebody that we like to listen to and that we also like to talk to we like we want somebody that first of all likes to talk with us and engage and connect with our ideas all the words coming out of our mouth the topics the subjects that we're speaking about casually as we go through life things that stick to our memory when we go to bed at night or think about during moments of silence and quiet if there are any we want somebody everybody needs or wants and needs whether they know it or not somebody that they can trust this establishes trust but they need somebody that they can trust with their ideas with their frequencies and because so it can be so so that they feel comfortable knowing that the echo that's going to come back is not going to be painful to them or it is going to reach a certain level of pain that they know is tolerable this creates a psychological feeling of safety in both persons but or maybe one maybe some some not all those that have those that have those that have issues with trust and communication in a way for a lot of people the problem for a lot of people is that the people with communication issues and bond related friendship malfunctions relationship dysfunctional relationships or establishing them and maintaining them part of the issue is maintaining this is another issue with this concept or this idea of frequencies for this angle looking at it at an angle of frequencies if people don't like to talk to

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Transcript of the CEO Live Update: Introducing the Care.Protocol (March 26, 2021) | Part 1

Watch the Live Update here:

This is Part 1 of this Transcript.

Read Part 2 here:

Read Part 3 here:

Pradeep Goel

Hello, everyone, this is Pradeep Goel with Solve.Care. And I'm joined by our Chief Architect Raj Kushwaha. And we are delighted to have you all join us today. And if you're watching this video later on in the day or in the week, we are very glad that you are joining us on this great and exciting day for Solve.Care and for healthcare in general. Before we get started with the content, it is my great pleasure to introduce to you all our Chief Architect, Raj Kushwaha. He has taken over a lot of the vision and the mission and the strategy of building the most powerful decentralized platform on the planet. And Raj is going to do most of the talking today, which I very much look forward to. Raj is based in India, and I am, of course in the [Solve.]Care office. And we are both looking forward to this conversation with all of you. Today is a very exciting day and we have a lot of material to cover. So let me share with you the deck that we will cover, that Raj will present a majority of it.

And the topic today is the announcement of the release of Care.Protocol. During this webinar, we will be publishing the Care.Protocol to GitHub. And towards the end of the conversation, I will also publish the roadmap for where we go from here, because there's a lot of exciting things in the works. Today is just the beginning of a very exciting period for Solve.Care, and for all of you. Before we get started, I want to thank the Solve.Care community around the world — Korea and India, Turkey and Netherlands and U.S, of course, and Canada. There are so many places where we have such wonderful, amazing support from physicians, from all of you, the crypto community, the blockchain communi

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All out of Bubblegum: Chapter 1

First | Previous | Next Chapter | Subscribe

A/N - Off the back of interest in the Teaser, I am going to continue All out of Bubblegum by starting from the beginning. The teaser will get worked in later, likely as a more fleshed out arc.

If you're looking for some fantasy with hints of erotica thrown in for good measure, please feel free to check out Mid-Earth Maidens.


His vision swam back into focus as the ship emerged from the Warp Gate, signalled by the end of the swirling mess of purple lights that had bombarded him during the violent, if brief, voyage.

Captain Theodore Jenkinson sucked in a few breaths until the nausea subsided; warp travel always affected him this way, much to his annoyance, but he was loath to admit such a weakness to the crew. Looking round he could see others on the bridge had fared about as well as him, but all had remained safely secured in their seating.

Jenkinson helmed the Rimor’s Spirit, a sleek vessel tasked with verifying the seventh expansion of the warp network laid out by the East Outreach Surveyance Company, or EOS for those with little patience to pronounce the full title. Over four thousand crew and an occasionally irate captain called the ship home for several months at a time, traversing their employers’ sector of the universe and verifying the work that had facilitated their arrival before the gate could be opened up to allow for excavation and terraforming of new worlds.

Jenkinson had been given command some five years prior, sold on the idea that the ship spearheading deployment of the latest warp network expansion would be peerless, its crew and captain garnering praise and recognition throughout the Confederation. What he had not been told was just how thankless and tiresome the task would be, and that all the great exploring had already been done by past generations; there was nothing of interest this far from Earth, no new frontiers to pique interest.

“Caudwell, read off the ship’s vitals whilst we wait on the full diagnostics for the jump,” Jenkinson commanded.

A wiry bundle of nerves masquer

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Filtering posts from usernames suggested on signup

I noticed that a lot of the lowest quality content in my subreddits often comes from users who select a suggested username on account creation. You know, that name format that's often "Adjective-Noun_Number", always with the first letter of each word capitalized, and optionally dashes or underscores between each element. This may or may not be the case for you, but when someone is looking for a quick throwaway account, they'll often use a username suggested by Reddit.

To account for this, I put together an AutoModerator rule that will filter posts from these users, here:

type: submission
    name (regex, case-sensitive): ^((Aardvark|Abalone|Abbreviations|Abies|Ability|Abject|Able|Abroad|Abrocoma|Academic|Acadia|Acanthaceae|Acanthisitta|Acanthocephala|Acanthopterygii|Acceptable|Access|Accident|Accomplished|According|Account|Accountant|Accurate|Acrobatic|Act|Action|Active|Activity|Actual|Actuary|Actuator|Ad|Adagio|Addendum|Addition|Additional|Address|Adept|Adeptness|Adhesiveness|Administration|Administrative|Admirable|Adorable|Advance|Advanced|Advantage|Adventurous|Advertising|Advice|Advisor|Aerie|Affect|Affectionate|Afraid|After|Afternoon|Age|Agency|Agent|Aggravating|Aggressive|Agile|Agitated|Agreeable|Aide|Aioli|Air|Airline|Airport|Alarm|Alarmed|Alarming|Albatross|Alert|Alfalfa|Algae|Alive|Alone|Alps|Alternative|Altruistic|Amazing|Ambassador|Ambition|Ambitious|Amoeba|Amount|Amphibian|Analysis|Analyst|Ancient|Angle|Animal|Animator|Annual|Answer|Ant|Anteater|Antelope|Antique|Anxiety|Anxious|Any|Anybody|Anything|Anywhere|Apart|Apartment|Appeal|Appearance|Apple|Apples|Application|Appointment|Apprehensive|Appropriate|Apricot|Arachnid|Archer|Area|Argument|Arm|Armadillo|Army|Aromatic|Arrival|Art|Artichoke|Article|Artist|Artistic|Arugula|Ashamed|Aside|Ask|Asleep|Asparagus|Aspect|Assignment|Assist|Assistance|Assistant|Associate|Association|Assumption|Astronaut|Astronomer|Athlete|Atmosphere|Attempt|Attention|Attitude|Attorney|Audience|Author|Automatic|Available|Average|Avocado|Avocados|Award|Aware|Awareness|Away|Awkward|Baby|Back|Background|Bad|Badger|Bag|Bake|Baker|Balance|Ball|Banana|Bananas|Band|Bandicoot|Bank|Bar|Barber|Barnacle|Barracuda|Base|Baseball|Basic|Basil|Basis|Basket|Bass|Bat|Bath|Bathroom|Battle|Beach|Beans|Bear|Beat|Beautiful|Bed|Bedroom|Bee|Beginning|Being|Bell|Belt|Bench|Bend|Beneficial|Benefit|Berry|Best|Bet|Better|Beyond|Bicycle|Bid|Big|Bike|Bill|Bird|Birthday|Biscotti|Bison|Bit|Bite|Bitter
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Blackberry DD: Comprehensive Analysis and Market Exposure Discussion

Financials: Ticker Symbol: BB Price: $15.00 Market Cap: $7.9B Trailing 12-month Revenue: $1.04B 2020 Q3 Revenue: 0.02 Estimate 2020 Q4 EPS: 0.01 Price-to-Sale: 8.13

Note: This was copy/pasted from my Google Doc, so all figures and charts are hidden. Message me directly for the link if you’re interested. I included figure legends for some reference.

If you’re reading this post, then you probably haven’t given your boss the middle finger and retired yourself on your new private island funded by the gains from the Gamestop (wallstreetbets) crusade against the MM’s. I missed that train after having unloaded my $5,000 leap calls position on GME back in November - but gains come and go. I’ve already made a post on why I believe Shift is a great investment both in the short term and long term, so if you’re interested, you can check out my post history for more on that.

This time around, I’ve got my eyes set on BB. I’ve started a position in September (before the WSB hype-train began) and I’m here to share my findings as comprehensively and analytically as possible. At this time, I do not believe BB is assessed properly and it’s valuation has astronomical potential if the cards are played correctly by BB management.

First and foremost, I owned a Blackberry ages ago when it was actually cool to have one of those keyboard on screen devices. It was a flex-phone for sure and people loved it for some time. From 2009-2012, Blackberry was on top of the smartphone world having created an aesthetically pleasing device, both functional and practical for professionals to get their day-to-day tasks done on the phone. In the midst of this smartphone revolution, Apple had already released its iPhone in 2007, and garnered attention from the tech world for its design, accessibility, and the branding. Between 2010 and 2012, Apple iPhone sales jumped nearly 400% from 39.99M units to 125.05M - the rest was history. At around the same time, other smartphone manufacturers upped their antics with new technology (Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, etc), ultimately overshadowing the classic Blackberry devices that were once so loved.

Fast forward to 2013, current CEO John Chen was appointed to make a difference at Blackberry, which by then had reduced revenue by 50% since 2011. Their CEO made a swift move to downsize the company from smartphone designer/manufacturer to a more diversified, stable, and less competitive market (at the time). By 2014, just less than one year under Chen’s l

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#Now Updated To Include Banggood Brands!

Sellers added to this list represent a good chance that you will have a good experience, good-quality product for your money, and good experience in terms of customer service with no scam issues etc., almost like buying from Amazon. Some I can personally endorse, other are recommendations taken from the community. I do not take responsibility for any issues you face using the recommended seller list, however I can say I would definitely buy from any of the sellers in this list without hesitation as they're all pretty reputable and have built their trust up.

If something you're looking for is not in this category or is not very centralised (i.e. sold by a bunch of weird sellers rather than one central reputable storefront), do some research and try to buy from a reputable shop. The best way to do this is to look for a high store rating (95%+ is good enough for most of my purchases, 98% indicates a well trusted big brand), and searching for your item then sorting by orders. This isn't foolproof as some sellers fake orders (and then often have few reviews), however it's a much better sort than most of the default results AliExpress can give you. A few thousand orders from a shop is genuinely a green light that the item is okay. Make sure to inspect review photographs (lack of photographs can be a red flag), read comments, etc. This is not meant to be a foolproof, full list of trustworthy AE sellers, but a list of trustworthy brands to buy from's biggest stores (and a few "aggregate" sellers which are highly respected and trusted in their field of expertise)

Guides & Clone Lists

A number of Western products are cloned by the Chinese - to varying levels of success. For somewhat notable fields where this happens, I've compiled a subject-specific guide to the industry and the various clone items.

Motorisation/Transport etc.

ROCKBROS (alt. store) - Very affordable cycling gear store, very high quality and great customer s

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Metro: Endgame [Short Story] Part Two

Part One

Metro: Endgame

Part Two: Damnation

I stared into the fire, savoring a cup of warm tea. Rizhskaya was fairly quiet at this time of night, since the traders couldn’t peddle their wares when everybody was asleep. Only a few guards and nocturnal travellers were up and about, and I tried to enjoy it while I could. In the morning I would have to head to Prospekt Mira, and that was sure to not be a fun trip.

I drained my cup and stood. There was a beggar sleeping by the fire so I did not douse it before returning to my tent and calling it a night. My bastard submachine gun was still tucked under my bed, so as far as I was concerned I was well-fitted for the job. I had some connections amongst the Hansa guards, so it should be no problem getting through. I blew out my lantern and fell to my cot.

In the morning I sacrificed six bullets to get a decent breakfast of pork and bread. It was delicious, perfectly greasy, the bread light and fluffy. The clocks read that it was going on nine o’clock in the morning, so I decided it was time to start getting ready. I would have to meet my client, Mikhail Rasnikov, in thirty minutes. That was plenty of time to dress up for the trip, gather my gun and ammo, and smoke a couple of cigarettes before I left.

I chose a light leather tunic with a thin kevlar vest beneath it, and some old camouflage pants. The Hansa were a little jumpy lately with the Reds so close by, and showing up dressed for war was not good. I also tucked away my passport and documents.

Mikhail was sitting on the edge of the platform, near the tunnel entrance. I passed by several merchants, my unloaded submachine gun dangling from my hand. Mikhail looked up as I approached and waved. He seemed like a nervous little man.

“Hello,” I called.

“Hello,” he replied, extending his hand. “It’s... Pavel, right?”

“Yes, Pavel Dostoevsky at your service.”

“Well? Are you ready?”

“I suppose so. It’s an easy trip to Prospekt Mira but it’s a lot of walking.”

“Hey, you’re going to Prospekt Mira?” asked a man that was passing by.

“That’s none of your concern,” I said.

“Sorry, sorry. It’s just that you better be careful. They’ve been real jittery since that D6 fiasco, and now that Igovich is in charge of the Red Line, well... they’re really suspicious of foreigners, you know, with all that bullshit he’s been spouting.”

“Igovich? Who is that?” inquired Mikhail.

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InspireMD (NSPR) Fundamental DD **LONG READ**

Hello everyone,

I hope you're having a great week so far.



*** I attempted to be as informative as I could possibly be. If I missed a few details, please feel free to comment them below.*** Best of luck to you all!

What you will find in this DD:

  • About InspireMD
  • InspireMD Products
    • Technology
    • CGuard
    • MGuard Prime
  • Financials
  • The Team
    • Executives
    • Board of Directors
  • Catalysts

InspireMD (TICKER: $NSPR) - About:

InspireMD is a commercial-stage medical device company with proprietary and innovative stent designs with integrated embolic prevention systems (EPS) delivering neurovascular protection and stroke prevention. Proprietary MicroNet mesh addresses the primary shortcomings and harmful consequences of conventional Carotid stenting and surgery. InspireMD seeks to utilize its proprietary MicroNet™ technology to make its products the industry standard for sustained embolic protection, neurovascular protection and stroke prevention. InspireMD is focused on changing the carotid/neurovascular market through expanding its portfolio of solutions along with pursuing applications of its MicroNet technology in other indications such as peripheral artery procedures.

InspireMD Products: Technology:


The MicroNet is designed to trap and seal thrombus and plaque against the vessel wall, preventing embolization. It essentially is a bio-stable mesh woven from a single strand of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Key Features:

  • PET is a bio-stable synthetic fiber widely used in a variety of industries.
  • Attached and secured to the proximal and the distal crowns of the of the stent.
  • Does not alter the procedure as it expands with the stent.
  • Pore size is typically between 150 - 180 µm.


What makes CGUARD (EPS) Unique?

  • Dual Layer Design
    • Combines the largest open-cell frame of available carotid stents with the smallest mesh pore size.
  • MicroNet
    • Prevents plaque protusion through the stent, for lasting embolic protection demonstrated for up to 47 months.
  • SmartFit Technology
    • Eliminates the need for tapered version and supports accurate vessel wall apposition.


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The New Front in the War on Terror is going badly, it might be even worse than we realize. [Part 1a]

The bearded, middle-aged man took a last sip from his cup of Afghan-style chai, one of many things he had learned from the Mujaheddin of that distant land. He brushed the dust from his tattered, earth-toned clothing of wool and cotton, then hefted his bolt-action Winchester 70 hunting rifle. Equipped with a Tasco 3-9x40mm scope, he could easily hit a man-sized target at 600 meters or more, and that’s exactly what he intended to do.

He looked around around at the rest of his squad as they waited for combat in their camouflaged and covered foxholes. Seven boys and one girl, aged 16 to 24. One carried a Belgian FN-FAL, another had a functionally-similar American M14. Five more had a smattering of ancient Mausers, Lee-Enfields, and Mosin-Nagants. The last had mounted a stolen ACOG scope to his family’s 1871 Martini-Henry. They would be slaughtered if they tried to fight at close range against soldiers armed with modern rifles or machine guns, let alone those armed with artillery, tanks and helicopter gunships. But at a distance they might have a chance, and perhaps their comrades would do something about the tanks and helicopters before too many of them died.

As he heard the beat of rotors and the roar of diesel engines, he remembered something else he had learned from the Pashtos. They, like many warrior cultures, have a fatalistic outlook on life and death. Man can do his best to plan and prepare for struggle beforehand, but success and failure is ultimately in the hands of powers much higher than he. Thus, it was absolutely pointless to give council to one’s fears or doubts when the time of battle came.

Inshallah, he thought with grim resolve. He cleared his mind of troubles and held the rifle tight against his shoulder. Time to hunt.


Well, so much for my lifelong dream of going into ballet after I retire from the military.

I’m staying with a family that has me peeling and canning vegetables for them, and I’m getting pretty good at it. They say they’ll have me chopping firewood and cleaning the stables when my leg's in better shape. The girl who apprentices with the village midwife visits about once a day to check my bandages and reapply the poultices on my burns. She seems to be very happy with my recovery. She says the care I receive here would be at least as good as anything my ruling class elites would have given me. Scary thing is, she’s probably right.

Today, she brought a tape recorder and asked if I would like to talk about the course

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What If We Had An MCU Franchise During The Early 2000s? (Phase 1)

While I did love the MCU Movies that we've had in the last decade, The early 2000s Marvel Movies were very good to look back at from time to time. While some of them were A bit campy, they did have their good moments. My favorite Marvel Movies In The Early 2000s were the first 2 X-Men movies, but the third one which was "X-Men: The Last Stand" was pretty terrible to me.

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 1 and 2 were my personal favorites and they were my favorite Superhero movies at the time, but Spider-Man 3 wasn't that good to me. Fantastic Four 1 and 2 weren't that bad, but they were just too cheesy and campy for my taste, and Ben Affleck's Daredevil movie.

There are also some other ones I liked despite being A bit too campy to me like Ang Lee's Hulk Movie, Ghost Rider 1 and 2, Blade: Trinity, The Punisher, and I think that's it for the Early 2000s Marvel Movies I watched.

It did give the idea to Pitch some new ideas and it's as if we had A Marvel Cinematic Universe during The years of The Early 2000s before we had the Current MCU Franchise, and It would be its own separate Marvel Cinematic Universe from the current MCU We have today.

How I would make it work is My ideas of The early 2000s Marvel Cinematic Universe will consist of The Heroes that had their own movies before The Avengers, and The Heroes that will be used for the universe will be X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ang Lee's Hulk, Daredevil, and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man.

Before I share My Pitch for the Early 2000s MCU, A small but very important thing I should note is that in the way of how How this Alternate Marvel Cinematic Universe would be able to happen is that 3 big film companies that would be Sony Pictures, 20th Century FOX, and Universal Studios would decide to work together and be involved with creating the franchise. Each studio would have the movie rights to Marvel Heroes Like The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Hulk during the 2000s, and each studio would get along with Marvel.

Anyway, Here's how I'd write Phase 1 of An Early 2000s Marvel Cinematic Universe:

1.) Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2002)

  • This movie would be The "Iron Man" of the Early 2000s Marvel movies where it would be the movie that starts off The Early 2000s MCU. As for the movie itself, I wouldn't change much it, but A few things I would add to it is that There could be references to the mutants and Matt Murdock, which can be foreshadowing for the X-Men and Daredevil app
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Pelion: Third Layer of Arborea



"Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?"

--David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

--Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Ozymandias"

"The question underlying all of your other ones is 'Why?' Why is Pelion even here, on a plane dedicated to the grandeur of emotion? A desolate layer that produces nothing but sand and the occasional mummy. And that's because it is the most fundamental emotion of all that underpins it: the fear of annihilation. Pelion serves as testament to the idea that, no matter what you accomplish or how much your ideas permeate the lives of others, eventually you will be forgotten.

"But people also forget that there's more than dust to Pelion. The reasons we go there involve the tombs and monuments to races and creatures and heroes we've forgotten, to seek the last crumbs of their being for one reason or another. Even if it's for an ancient item, that item is often the crux of that time-eaten existence. And it echoes through the eons into our own, telling us that, no matter how much time may pass, those people and places are still important today, even if it is only for today. They have endured long enough to be sought by us, and that is why they have endured so long. If Pelion is founded on primal fear, it is driven by primal will: the triumph of the self over annihilation, the eternal echo of 'I AM' resonating through time."

--Kiri the Forgotten, cleric of Celestian, head priest of The Celestial Cathedral in the Market Ward in Sigil, and experienced planewalker.

No one likes Pelion. Even the Dustmen, who many think would be a natural fit for the layer, find it disquieting, but for other reasons than most do. Most simply see the constant dust and sand as a desolate wasteland, which it is, and write off the whole la

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Twilight Mirage thoughts, up through Skein (ep 54)

I was going to wait until the end of TM to do another writeup, but things are really accelerating, and I have too much to talk about to hold off anymore.

Unmarked spoilers for the first 54 episodes of Twilight Mirage. Counter/Weight spoilers will be marked.

Cards on the table, I didn't expect to really like Twilight Mirage this much. It seemed weird, and I guess I don't know a lot of utopian stories and how they work, but I kind of thought I would just skate through TM to get back to Hieron, but at this point, I honestly wouldn't mind if they kept going. (I know they're really doing a lot with the pacing of character arcs and stuff that wouldn't make sense to extend it out; I know we're getting into final act material in a lot of ways. I just really enjoy this.)

The music got really extremely good on this back half of TM, and there seems to be a lot of it. It blew my mind to realize that Jack had written each character a leitmotif, and I kind of wish they would get used more in scenes where those characters are prominently featured, but really I just think it's so cool for that to exist. (Kind of want to do theme tunes for characters in tabletop games I play in, in the future. Not that I will, that seems like a lot of work.) There's a little moment in "The Notion", that plays at the end of this episode, where most of the layers drop out and the melody is really exposed, and it's just so pretty. It's like the clouds parting and the sun shining through, and I want it in a music box.

I'm loving the switch to Scum and Villainy. It's jogging my memory of Marielda, and making me want to go back and relisten (but I won't, not until I'm caught up with everything). I realized I had bought a digital copy of Blades in the Dark as part of an bundle and never actually got into it, so I'm flipping through that system now. Ah, the games I'd love to run if I had I group.

The real reason I felt compelled to write this earlier than I planned is because the content of these missions has so much to dig into. We've had: tracking down missing children (Sailors of the Ark), securing access to the stitch (Barricade and Polyphony, and Advent), following Acre 7 into the Wound of Skein (Ache, and the Second Miracle), and trying to prevent Dark Day (the Compel project). And I think the common thread they all share is that they have a commentary on violence. The whole of Twilight Mirage is a commentary on violence (overtly, Quire hates violence so much

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Indonesian State Formation and its Geostrategic Posture


I decide to write this piece because there is a lot of misperception and clichés about Indonesia in the media and even many think tanks. Often people remark that the country isn't cohesive and will balkanize. Many Australian observers have been saying this since the 1950s. This post will explain geographical and historical coherence of Indonesia.

First, Indonesia must be understood as a West-East Thalassocracy orientated around trade much like civilizations in Mediterranean. The trading concern transitioned into a plantation economy, and from this arose the plantation-settler state. The Indonesia's geostrategic drive even before it became independent was furthering the territorial expansion and exploitation (ie furthering the plantation system). Indonesia's foreign policy throughout much of its history involved advancing this form of nation building -- securing Indonesia's independence, recognition for Indonesia's "territorial expansion / consolidation"

The post will be organized as follows



Indonesia's geostrategic document is Wawasan Nusantara or ARCHIPELAGIC OUTLOOK. It states Indonesia's geography. the Indonesia's geographical challenges, and how to deal with them. Wawasan Nusantara is based on the Djuanda Declaration which recognized:

  • Indonesia is an archipelagic state made up thousands of islands
  • All the islands and the seas connecting these Island fall under Indonesia's national territory
  • Free peaceful navigation by foreign ships through these waters will be guaranteed, as long as they don't disrupt Indonesia's sovereignty.

The declaration was made formalized into law in 1960, and serves as the basis for Indonesia's archipelagic state concept submitted to the UN.

Over time, four main themes emerged out of this conception[(1) an enduring concern over geographical location; (2) a suspicion toward extra-regional powers; (3) an aspiration for regional activism and leadership; and (4) a concern over national unity in the wake of fragmented geography](

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Jan/25/2021 news: __ Shushi mayor about defense battles in city and outskirts, president Arayik's visit, famous speech, artillery __ Tax stats __ Anti corruption __ COVID & investigation __ Foreign affairs __ Tonoyan interview __ POW & searches __ Housing for Artsakh __ Multiple education reforms

Your 16-minute report in 3801 words. Part 1.

##Parliamentary Committee to investigate govt's handling of pandemic

Opposition LHK and BHK parties recently formed a Committee to examine what was done right and wrong during the pandemic. Today the Committee appointed several members and began its work.

Headed by LHK MP Arkadiy Khachatryan, they will examine the effectiveness of preventative steps taken by the Emergency Taskforce that was lead by Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan during the early days.

The Committee's ruling QP member cast doubt on the objectiveness of some members, noting that the members had earlier accused the government of failing the pandemic, "therefore these members cannot provide objective and fair assessment; they've already made up their mind about the government failing it." , ,

##anti-corruption: small hydro plant and State Property Management

Investigative Committee said: the director of Ani OJSC wanted to pay fewer taxes and earn more income. He decided to use his "Jradzor" small hydro plant on the Akhuryan river to manipulate finances to present some unqualified expenses as deductibles.

To do this, in 2017 he contacted the Prime Minister's office to purchase Jradzor and Akhuryan water canals, a tunnel, and an adjacent area. He claimed that they would be used for providing water to a settlement, and were an important part of the project.

The petition was sent to the State Property Management department. PM's office informed the Property department that the repair of the irrigation system will supply water to 9 settlements, which means the project cannot be considered as "local" small scale, therefore the businessman wouldn't qualify for benefits.

The Property department assessed the value of the property that Ani director wanted to purchase, and found it to be ֏200 million. The director decided to pay less than that, so he used personal connections in the Department to falsify data and reduce its valuation to ֏30 million.

The head of the Property Department was made aware that the number is intentionally reduced, yet he agreed to authorize it.

[a few more falsifications later]

֏615 million worth of properties, which had strategic importance for the state, were given to the director for only ֏22 million. Several public officials and the director are charged with multiple f

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[WTS] MYOG Gear and Goodies NEW YEAR/NEW GEAR SALE! Pockets, Wallets, Fannys, Slings and Packs. Weights in description!!

Hiya All! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season. Me? I holed up with the family at a lake, unplugged, for the first time this year. Was it glorious? Yes it was, thank you for asking!

First, verification:

Hey! It's me again, that guy who hides in a basement with sewing machines and likes gnomes. I'm back again with another drop of various MYOG Goodies....New year NEW GEAR SALE. Fanny Packs, shoulder strap pockets, some small daypacks and frameless backpacks, sling/sacoche/purses/drug bags, as well as my perenially popular wallets!! Its been a lot of fun putting all this together. All items are completely one of a kind. I produce everything on a totally nano scale, and love mixing up colors and textures. If you want unique ultralight or ultrabright ultralight you are in the right place

**Note: I leave all straps and cordage long to accomodate all different body sizes. Feel free to trim as necessary for your own personal use, or just to shave some grams

Prices are listed for the items and shipping/ fees are included, I can accept Paypal or Venmo. If you need another payment method let me know and I can work something out. All items will be shipped USPS with tracking, except the wallets and shoulder strap pockets. It's far cheaper to mail those out in envelopes. Again, if this doesn't work let me know. If you want more than one item reach out, we can certainly figure something out. I can make runs to the post office any day other then Wednesday, and if you make a purchase before 2pm CST odds are good it will go out same day (it IS snowing/sleeting today, the 29th, so we'll see if I can make it out..I'll keep ya posted). I'll provide shipping numbers as soon as I send them off. Larger items go out using 2 day priority shipping and I've honestly been impressed by USPS service. It IS prime shipping season though, and I've now officially had one issue with USPS shipping that is vexing me, but it still seems like the best/cheapest way to get stuff out.


Padded zip shoulder pockets with a stretch pocket on the outside. These pockets are sized to be able to hold a large cell phone easily (I have a galaxy s20 for reference). Interior has spacer mesh padding, outside features a secondary stretch pocket. Want to store your power bank and phone together?? GO FOR IT. Water bottle and phone?

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Tackling The Issue Of Doomstacks

IMPORTANT: This post is going to delve into the issue of doomstacks, what they are, why they are a problem and what the developers can do to mitigate or outright remove the issue of them entirely. Feel free to offer feedback on whether or not you think some of these ideas are good or bad and please add some of your own if you feel like I missed any. I know that both the community and developers have for a long time tried to find a solution to this problem and I hope that this post can inspire some ideas. Thank you!

The Issue Of Doomstacks

First of all I want to clarify for those who may not know what a doomstack is. A doomstack is a common term within strategy gaming used to define ‘’an army that is too powerful to be defeated.’’ In Stellaris terms, it’s often what we call a super fleet that comprises every single ship available to an empire. Alternatively, it is a term we use to define ‘’the strongest possible army (fleet) we can get from what we have’’ which of course will always be to merge every single ship you have into a single massive fleet. This is how wars are fought in Stellaris. Both sides will always merge all of their ships into a single massive fleet, then duke it out in one lose all/win all battle where the winner takes everything and wins the war.

There are many reasons why having every war revolve around a single massive battle between two doomstacks is bad game design. First and foremost, it means that whichever side has the strongest fleet is always going to win, with the other side having close to no opportunity to change the outcome. This makes wars very one sided and unengaging. If you are the stronger empire, wars are going to be a boring steamroll taking system after system with no repercussions. If you are the weaker empire, you’re simply going to get rolled no matter what you do, which is frustrating.

It is important that the player always has the opportunity to do something about a bad situation. An empire with a small fleet shouldn’t instantly lose to a bigger empire. Of course it should be at a major disadvantage, but it shouldn’t be without a chance to defend itself. We see this constantly in the real world. Take Vietnam or Afghanistan for example. Both were fighting against a superior force, yet they still managed to hold their own. Wars aren’t fought by taking one massive army and doing a push. It is fought over frontlines stretching unbelievable distances. There is a reason for this. Defense. If you consolidate all

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[Tales From the Terran Republic] Barnard's Star Round Two

Here we go again...

The rest of this series can be found here


“Video games?” Sheila asked, “Seriously?”

Sheloran nodded her head vigorously.

“I love crafting games!” she squeaked.

“Crafting games.”



“No, some of them are really good!” Jessie piped up. “Some of them can actually be used to learn electronics and stuff.”

“It’s true,” Bunny agreed.

“So you mean to tell me that there is a game out there that details how to arm a nuke?”

“Several!” Sheloran squeaked. “There’s Matter Effect twenty-seven, Condemned Eternal, and of course the classic Night Falls-”

“Seriously?” Sheila asked. “Bunny confirm that.”

“Don’t have to,” Bunny replied. “I love Night Falls Over Terra.”

“And don’t forget Federation Fun Time!” Jessie chirped. “The nuke DLC is great!”

“I refuse to believe that the Republic would allow classified material to be in a fucking video game!”

“Well it’s not exactly the same,” Sheloran said, “they change a detail here or there but the overall principle is the same. It was close enough that I could figure out the rest and the manuals really helped too!”

“Manuals?” Sheila asked in a dangerous voice. “Bunny!”

“I’m sorry,” a synthetic voice replied, “Bunny.exe cannot be found. Would you like to delete the shortcut?”



Gloria’s eyes opened as an impulse hit her brain through her neural link accompanied with a dose of Clearbright being shot into her veins, rendering her instantly awake, alert, and refreshed.

Five minutes before real space.

Time to get ready.

She pulled up the latest shipping schedules for Barnard’s Star along with her target list.

She already knew everything on it. She had spent most of the trip staring at those lists, running one simulation after another.

She looked at the countdown timer.

Two minutes before real space.

She quickly reviewed her ship’s status. Everything was in the green.

One minute before real space.

She pulled up her auto-injector satchel’s inventory and selected a dose of Shatter.

Inside her helmet, her the pupils of her eyes constricted to pinpoints and she let loose a ragged, happy exhale.

Thirty seconds before real space.

She laid her hands on the controls as a happy smile graced her lips.




///RETRIBUTION has been gran

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Ultimate Multi-Layered Security 🛡️

Multi-Layered Security

Adonx backend is built on a multi-tier application architecture, & all requests will always flow through multiple secure layers in order to fulfil the request.

Adonx platform has been architected carefully to mitigate security issues and vulnerabilities in different stages, some of them but not limited to transport, application & storage level security issues.

On Adonx.One Secured Sockets Layer is always enforced when & wherever applicable in the transport layer. Data encryption/decryption is always enforced in several layers where ever applicable.

Adonx platform by default supports following user-level security

• Strong password • 2FA • PIN-based authorization • OTP based authorization ( E-Mail, SMS & 2FA apps)


#BTC #BNB #ETH #IEO #Sale #ico #crypto #altcoins #uniswap #alts #tokens

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Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 updates for 1/12/21

Via the Microsoft Support website:

>IMPORTANT Adobe Flash Player went out of support on December 31, 2020. For more information, see Adobe Flash end of support on December 31, 2020. Flash content will be blocked from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021. For more information, see Adobe Flash Player EOL General Information Page.

>IMPORTANT Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 have reached the end of mainstream support and are now in extended support. Starting in July 2020, there will no longer be optional, non-security releases (known as "C" releases) for this operating system. Operating systems in extended support have only cumulative monthly security updates (known as the "B" or Update Tuesday release).

  • Addresses a security bypass vulnerability that exists in the way the Printer Remote Procedure Call (RPC) binding handles authentication for the remote Winspool interface. For more information, see KB4599464.
  • Addresses a security vulnerability issue with HTTPS-based intranet servers. After you install this update, HTTPS-based intranet servers cannot leverage a user proxy to detect updates by default. Scans that use these servers will fail if the clients do not have a configured system proxy.

>If you must leverage a user proxy, you must configure the behavior by using the Windows Update policy Allow user proxy to be used as a fallback if detection using system proxy fails. To make sure that the highest levels of security, additionally leverage Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate pinning on all devices. For more information, see Changes to scans, improved security for Windows devices.

>Note This change does not affect customers who use HTTP WSUS servers.

  • Addresses an issue in which a principal in a trusted Managed Identity for Application (MIT) realm does not obtain a Kerberos Service ticket from Active Directory domain controllers (DCs). This issue occurs after Windows Updates that contains [CVE
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What is the 5G network slicing?

What is the 5G network slicing?

Network slicing is an on-demand networking method that allows operators to separate multiple virtual end-to-end networks on a unified infrastructure, and each network slice carries out logic from the wireless access network bearer network to the core network Isolation to adapt to various types of applications.

In a network slice, it can be divided into at least three parts: wireless network sub-slice, bearer network sub-slice, and core network sub-slice.

Adapt to the needs of multiple network environments

The core of network slicing technology is NFV (Network Function Virtualization). NFV separates the hardware and software parts from the traditional network. The hardware is deployed by a unified server, and the software is undertaken by different network functions (NF), thus realizing flexible assembly of services demand.

Network slicing is based on a logical concept and is the reorganization of resources. The reorganization is based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) to select the required virtual machines and physical resources for a specific type of communication service.

In the 5G era, mobile network services are no longer simply mobile phones, but various types of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, fixed sensors, vehicles, and so on.

Application scenarios are also diversified, such as mobile broadband, large-scale Internet, mission-critical Internet, and so on. The requirements that need to be met are also diversified, such as mobility, security, latency, reliability, and so on.

This provides an applicable place for network slicing. Multiple logical networks are split on an independent physical network through network slicing technology, thereby avoiding the construction of a dedicated physical network for each service, which is very cost-effective!

From the perspective of slicing, the traditional EPC can be regarded as a large slice serving all supported mobile devices. However, as mentioned earlier, it is not efficient nor efficient to use a unified network architecture to satisfy all service requests at the same time. It is easy to implement, so the future network must transition from one size fits all to one size per service through network slicing technology.

What is the network slicing of 5G?

5G network slicing refers to the implementation of traffic managemen

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The Flash #56 - Future Debt (Unwritten Futures, Act I)

##The Flash #56 - Future Debt (Unwritten Futures, Act I)

<< | < | > Coming February 1st

Author: brooky12

Book: Flash

Event: Unwritten Futures

Arc: Speed Force

Set: 56

Read First: Linear Man #1 - The Future is Wrong

Additional Recommended Reading: New Titans #3 - The Past Was Close Behind


The Flash walked up the stairs to the Hall of Justice established in Metropolis. The tourists and press nearby immediately began snapping pictures of him, which in their defense was the point. One of the Hall’s defenses was a bit finicky if Flash ran too fast last he checked, so he had developed a habit of walking into the Hall at normal speed. He liked seeing the pictures on the various social media sites for some reason.


To him, he was one of dozens or hundreds with powers, and focused so intently on doing life-saving work and ensuring the world stayed safe. Sometimes, just walking up stairs and seeing the reactions of people who see them a role model or celebrity helped make it worth it.


He entered the Halls of Justice, the employees working at the front already stepping to the side. They were regular people, down on their luck folk in the area around Metropolis that the Justice League had hired to give them a second shot. While their job caused them to see members of the League more often, they were still awestruck regardless.


The Flash made his way to the central Hall, limited only to employees and members of the League. He heard the machinery process as he took his first steps in the hallway as the defense systems began checking his identity. A small drone disconnected from the roof, flying down to him.


He let the device land in his hand, respective glove already removed. A small pad swiped his palm, the prick of the needle that accompanied it on his finger to check his blood almost painless. He continued to walk down the hall, a low hum of the security system confirming his identity allowing the employees behind him to get back to work. He wasn’t sure what their protocol was if someone was foolish or powerful enough to attempt to break in

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What makes a face mask

This is a PSA for people who do not yet have masks, are confused about masking, or are hearing 'wear a mask wear a mask'

As of 12:01am 19/11/20: masks meeting these requirements are strongly recommended if you are leaving the house for at least the duration of the forthcoming "circuit breaker" lockdown. Official written advice and more information to be provided at in future.

The current COVID restrictions from SA Health (as of 4:30am 18/11/2020) only require masks to be worn by some people in some settings where there is a higher risk of spread or severe illness. These include in aged care and personal services (such as hairdressing, tattooing and piercing, massage etc.)

They also advise, but do not require, people to wear masks where physical distancing (keeping 1.5m between yourself and others) is difficult or impossible, such as on public transport.

The current advice is subject to change and is posted at:

A specific and current advice relating specifically to face masks, who needs to wear them, what is suitable and how to wear them is here:

Why masks?

Masks are considered useful to limit the spread of the virus as it is transmitted through droplets and can be aerosolised. When we speak or sneeze we emit small amounts of droplets which can hang around in the air and on surfaces, and which we can then absorb by breathing in, through contact with broken skin. Small amounts of the virus can build up over time to make a larger infection if we are exposed to them enough.

Wearing masks limits both the amount of droplets we expel when we speak, breathe, sneeze etc., and the amount of droplets we breathe in if they are present in the air. If you are already infected, a mask will go a long way towards preventing you infecting someone else as it both reduces the amount of droplets you are leaving behind and how far they travel. It will not on its own prevent you from contracting anything,

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Cardano Rumor Rundown 03.30.2021

Hey Everyone!

I've been obsessively consuming all the Cardano news and media on a daily basis for years now. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share a list of what I'm seeing for anyone else who's interested. Feel free to make additions as you see fit. Many of your additions from yesterday are in the “Newly Covered” list for today. Also let me know if you think any of the “Previously Covered but Still Interesting” items are no longer interesting and should leave the list.

Check out the youtube companion to today’s post:

Let's go....

Newly covered today:

  1. Charles says they are actually going to hire investigators for the IOG anti-scammer team. People with a law enforcement or intelligence background should feel free to apply. Should have a report on the team’s first investigation soon. Hopefully, this will contribute to scammers actually actively avoiding (those alliterations tho!) Cardano. Could also be a nice basis for an intelligence apparatus and private military when we build the Cardano Citadel. I mean somebody is gonna have to man the watchtowers if we’re gonna keep out all the no-coiners and ETH people. Kidding...kidding.
  2. Cardano hodler Ben Askren continues preparations for his boxing match with Jake Paul. Being a Cardano hodler, it is already a foregone conclusion that Askren’s aura will cause Jake Paul to refuse to fight before the opening bell even sounds.
  3. We hit 100% decentralization of block production tomorrow. Breath it in, friends. Taste the sweet completely decentralized air. Many crypto ecosystems will never know that feeling.
  4. Charles has also announced that he will no longer go on podcasts that are primarily concerned with price and trading of cryptos (even if they are friends) as he feels it is irresponsible. Certain youtubers are gonna be sad about this. But, one can hope they realize that Cardano will always appreciate their steadfast support over the years. [](
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Playbook of the Decade (Ch. 2)

This is original content created by u/MoistGochu(Karma:8489, Created:Apr-2017). Thanks for adding to the DD hub of reddit, r/MillennialBets!

Playbook of the Decade (Ch. 2) on r/vitards

PICTURES DETECTED: this DD post is better viewed in it's original post

Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: Not financial advice

Spice Must Flow

#1 Trade Deals

Let’s start by introducing someone first.

He’s not just another old white dude in government. This man was the first United States Deputy Trade Representative under Ronald Reagan. He negotiated dozens of trade deals on goods like steel and automotive. Reagan was also the administration that signed the Plaza Accord. This man specializes in stealing other country’s tendies.

Ok, you’re wondering why this guy even matters? Well, he came back during Trump’s presidency as the 18th United States Trade Representative. 🤔

What did he negotiate during those 4 years? A lot.

The deals that were struck under Trump administration was all about “America First” and that is what they did achieve. The trade deals with Japan and Korea secured U.S.’s position with her closest allies in Asia. This will ensure supply chains in critical areas of tech (especially hardware) remains secure until America brings as much as it can back home. NAFTA was renegotiated into the new USMCA deal where U.S. just strongarmed both Mexico and Canada into submission. This is a man you don’t wanna negotiate against.

Fast forward to Biden’s administration. Who did he pick to replace Lighthizer? Katherine Tai. Now, who the fuck is this woman? Who knows? She supposedly helped in the USMCA deal but her experiences don’t give me confidence.

Now, where is Biden going with this?

He’s keeping the section 232 steel tariffs and the aluminium tariffs. Biden’s trade policies are no different from Trump’s “America First” trade policy so far.

To me, this administration just doesn’t look like it cares about making deals. Maybe we will get a trade deal with UK this year? But beyond that, what else does America need? USMCA,

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Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!

Welcome to the /r/Bitcoin Sticky FAQ

You've probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin recently and are wondering what's the big deal? Most of your questions should be answered by the resources below but if you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comments.

It all started with the release of Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper however that will probably go over the head of most readers so we recommend the following articles/books/videos as a good starting point for understanding how bitcoin works and a little about its long term potential:

Some other great resources include, Gigi's resource page, and James D'Angelo's Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series.

Some excellent writing on Bitcoin's value proposition and future can be found at the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute.

Some Bitcoin statistics can be found here, here and here. Developer resources can be found here. Peer-reviewed research papers can be found here, also course lectures from the Princeton crypto series.

Potential upcoming protocol improvements and scaling resources [here](

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