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📅︎ Dec 24 2020
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My (37M) wife (36F) is a slob and it's driving me up the friggin wall

Ok first... full disclaimer... I'm upset while writing this. That's probably a no-no (kinda like grocery going to the store hungry) so I'll probably say some things that are brash and they probably shouldn't be.

We've been together for 16 years now, married for 13. We have two kids, 12F and 7M. I'm an engineer who works during the week. She's stays home with the kids and also home schools them during the school year. We are a Christian family who works very hard to have a healthy marriage. I bring that up because there are a lot of Christian resources we have used to try to strengthen our marriage in the past (counseling, study, mentorship, etc). Some have worked great, others have been challenging. Together in the end, we don't believe divorce is a option.

My frustration comes from the fact that she is essentially a terrible roommate. Here are some easy examples that are not one-offs, but common everyday behavior:

1- She doesn't clean up after herself. Doesn't matter if it's food, mail, paper, coffee, clothes, etc. For food, she'll just leave the wrapping or box on the counter and walk away. Canned food will be a can lid still attached to the opener, empty can below it. Doesn't matter that the trash can is literally 2 feet from her. The stove is usually speckled with some sort of food. If she cooks, she leaves the pans on the stove with food in them. The counters are usually dirty with some kind of crumbs or seasoning or drippings of some kind of tomato sauce. Guarantee her morning coffee cup is still sitting next to the couch when I get home at 6PM. Oh and the floor is always covered in something... right now it's onion people and tater tot crumbs.

2- She leaves her laundry all over the place. Just sitting here in the living room writing this now... there's a towel on the couch, there's a basket of clothes sitting in a random chair in the living room, the dryer is covered in random things like her socks and bras, there's a shirt and pants on our bedroom floor, and there's at least 5 pieces of clothing either on the floor or in the tub in our bathroom.

3- She borderline hoards. There's literally stuff EVERYWHERE. We've come a long way and I'm constantly pushing her to get rid of stuff, but there's still a long way to go. Right now there's stuff covering our dining room table, covering one of our kitchen counters, our garage and closet are full of random stuff. Not stuff that you actually use, but just stuff that's been acquired and not removed. We'v

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All you need to know about Locations for Chapter 2, Season 1 / Season 11

Note: If this Post gets removed by a bot, I'm not giving it out again.

I Spend 7 Hours Calculating ALL the Main Spots of Fortnite, and this is the Verdict:

X = OP Spots

Slurpy Swamp: 11 Total, 1 OP + Free Regen + Escape + 2 Boats

3 Chests, 2 Epic Chests in Factory

1 Epic Chest in Hideout

1 Chest in Lil' Slurp

1 Epic Chest + Regen River in Seashore X

1 Chest + Good Wood at Left Twin House

1 Epic Chest + Good Wood at Right Twin House

1 Chest at Pipe House

Boat Near Right Twin House

Boat At Slurpy Tears Bridge

Holly Hedges: 11 Chests, 5 OP - No Boats - Bad Location

1 Epic Chest at Brickhouse

2 Chests, 1 Epic Chest at Hedge House X

1 Epic Chest at Keem House

2 Epic Chests at Double Garage X

1 Chest, 1 Epic Chest at Garden Center

1 Chest at Tiny Park

1 Epic Chest at Yellow House

1 Epic Chest at Blue House

No Boats Nearby

Sweaty Sands: 25 Chest, 9 OP + Fieplace + Boat

1 Epic Chest at Brickwood House

1 Epic Chest at Blue Twin House

1 Epic Chest at Twinhouse Bushes

1 Chest at Yellow Twinhouse

1 Chest at Blue Multihouse

1 Epic Chest at RV Park Van + 1 Chest at Flamegos X

1 Chest at Contrustion

1 Chest + 1 Epic Chest at Blue Jools Twinhouse X

1 Chest at Red Coofe Twinhouse

1 Chest at Noms RV

1 Chest at Noms Blue House

1 Chest at Cap N' Carp

1 Chest at Cap N' Carp Disco

1 Chest at First Floor Hotel X

1 Chest at Second Floor Hotel X

1 Epic Chest at Third Floor Hotel X

1 Epic Chest at Rooftop Hotel Hideout X

1 Epic Chest at Umbrella Chair Shop

1 Epic Chest at Skatepark X

1 Chest at Blue Lifeguard

Campfire at Yellow Lifeguard

1 Epic Chest at Right Ice Bridge

2 Chests + Good Metal at SofDeez

Boat at Skatepark RV

Pleasant Park: 17 Chests, 2 OP + Hideout Boat

1 Chest at 5408

2 Chests at Yellow Chimney

1 Chest, 2 Epic Chest at Gas House

2 Chests at L House

1 Chest + Firplace at Center

1 Chest at Soccer

1 Chest + 1 Epic CHest at Brick House

1 Chest at Yellow House

1 Chest, 1 Epic Chest at Garagehouse

2 Epic Chests at Green House X

Boat at Red Bridge, Bit Far X

Salty Springs: 8 Chest, 5 OP + Hideout Boat

1 Chest, 1 Epic Chest at Blue Mansion X

1 Epic Chest at Gas N' Pass X

1 Chest, 1 Epic Chest at White House X

1 Epic Chest at Brick House

1 Chest at Brick Chimney

1 Chest at Blue House

Boat at Salty Tears Bridge

Weeping Woods: 4 Chests, 2 OP + Rods + Hideout Boats

1 Chest + Free Rods at Green House

1 Epic Chest at Bridge

2 Epic Chests at 2 Bears X

Boat at Slurpy Tears Brige

Boat at Salty

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Archive of clips of Kenny from Smokie
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📅︎ Nov 28 2019
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