How to get foggy/smeared marks out of a clear plastic (thermoplastic polyurethane) bag?
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πŸ“°︎ r/CleaningTips
πŸ‘€︎ u/puberty-2
πŸ“…︎ Jan 26 2021
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Made my sharp teeth for Floyd out of thermoplastic and decided to go for a quick costest!
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πŸ‘€︎ u/Dia_blossom
πŸ“…︎ Jan 13 2021
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I am looking for toe puff stiffeners for sale. I haven't been able to find online thermoplastic heat moldable toe puff and contour. Can anyone help me?
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πŸ“°︎ r/shoemaking
πŸ‘€︎ u/nucci_king
πŸ“…︎ Jan 15 2021
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[OTHER] COVID-19 Impact on Composites Market by Fiber Type (Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber and Natural Fiber), Resin (Thermoset Resin and Thermoplastic Resin), End-use Industry and Region - Global Forecast to 2021
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πŸ“°︎ r/Scholar
πŸ‘€︎ u/ntntfe
πŸ“…︎ Feb 02 2021
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Forbidden crispy bacon (dyed thermoplastic strips)
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πŸ“°︎ r/forbiddensnacks
πŸ‘€︎ u/KaizergidorahXi
πŸ“…︎ Dec 12 2020
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Breasplate collection. Favorite part in all my costumes)) Eva Foam, thermoplastic, leather
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πŸ“°︎ r/cosplayprops
πŸ‘€︎ u/Keller_cosplay
πŸ“…︎ Oct 14 2020
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In with our kitchen utensils, about 8" long, thermoplastic of some sort. Hook one one side, and sharp/flat on the other but not sharp enough to cut anything.
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πŸ“°︎ r/whatisthisthing
πŸ‘€︎ u/deadzebra
πŸ“…︎ Dec 05 2020
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For you salty veterans: Remelting 3D printed thermoplastics (the salt method)…
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πŸ“°︎ r/3Dprinting
πŸ‘€︎ u/kryvian
πŸ“…︎ Sep 22 2020
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Update on modified Shure se215. Working with the thermoplastic has taken some trial and error but now have a decent fit. Paired with some memory foam in the silicon tips.. the isolation is immense. Still need to do some work in the left side, once new cable arrives
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πŸ“°︎ r/headphones
πŸ“…︎ Sep 16 2020
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Israeli company turns coronavirus masks into recyclable thermoplastic

UBQ Materials converts trash into treasure with patented process it hopes will be adopted worldwide.

An Israeli company has found a creative solution to the mounds of discarded single-use COVID-19 protection gear that is littering beaches, ocean floors and cities around the world.

Demonstrating how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, UBQ Materials converts face masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE) into an alternative form of recyclable plastic.

The company processes nearly 30 tons of garbage each week at its factory in the southern Israeli kibbutz of Ze’elim. Its innovative process can turn all types of household waste β€” everything from diapers, food, plastic bags and masks β€” into a durable and sustainable material that costs roughly the same as conventional polymers.

β€œThis [mask] is unwoven plastic,” Jack (Tato) Bigio, co-founder and chief executive officer of UBQ Materials Israel, told The Media Line as he held up a standard surgical mask during a recent tour of the company’s plant.

β€œIt is a material that you cannot recycle as is, and therefore, it will typically end up in landfills,” he added.

There are growing concerns among environmentalists about coronavirus-related single-use items and the threat they may pose to wildlife.

The Marine Conservation Society, a UK-based environmental group that organizes the annual Great British Beach Clean, recently reported finding discarded face masks and gloves on nearly 30% of the beaches. In addition, it found common PPE on the ground in 69% of inland litter clean-ups.

the link:

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πŸ“°︎ r/recycling
πŸ‘€︎ u/ZaisubaoGroup
πŸ“…︎ Nov 25 2020
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Atomstack Cambrian Thermoplastic Plastic Rubber 3D Printer
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πŸ“°︎ r/Mywalletisready
πŸ‘€︎ u/cirad
πŸ“…︎ Jan 06 2021
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Printed a pick handle from flexible TPU filament. Turned out way better than Sparrows thermoplastic handles and for roughly the same price!
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πŸ“°︎ r/lockpicking
πŸ‘€︎ u/Lethalogicax
πŸ“…︎ Oct 13 2020
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Made this guy from thermoplastic molds and green stuff
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πŸ“°︎ r/Tau40K
πŸ‘€︎ u/NNowheremaNN
πŸ“…︎ Jun 23 2020
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