/r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 57: THE TRAGICALLY HIP

Some bands are synonymous with their home country. The Beatles and Britain. AC/DC and Australia. U2 and Ireland. Bruce Springsteen and the USA.

Canada’s national band is The Tragically Hip. These boys were baptized in maple syrup, raised with hockey sticks in hand, fought a gaggle of geese to earn their passports, munched on beaver tail (wink wink, nudge nudge), and have never lost a war.

Their fame in Canada cannot be overstated. They released over 50 singles across their career, and nine of their albums have hit number one. They have been on a stamp. They have appeared in movies and TV shows. They’ve been appointed to the Order of Canada.

When they played their final concert in 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attended. The CBC, Canada’s national network, broadcast the concert across the nation for free. Over 11 million people, roughly a third of the country, watched the show. In their home town of Kingston, Ontario, they have a street named after them, and on the shore of Lake Ontario right in the harbor you can find Gord Downie Pier.

But if you are not from Canada, you likely haven’t heard of them.

Let’s fix that.

Today’s band of the week are aggressively Canadian. They are THE TRAGICALLY HIP.

About them

The most populous province in Canada is Ontario

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My Thoughts While Playing Monday's TOC Game

Hi, this is Sarah Jett Rayburn from Monday's TOC game. I was asked if I would mind sharing my thoughts about my experience in the Tournament. All I can talk about now is Monday's game.

I joked to my husband that I was so happy to be a part of the TOC that if they’d said, “Hey, Sarah, you’re playing Ken Jennings and a hungry shark,” I would have been like, “Where is my buzzer?” I mean, let’s face it, that shark is going to eat me in the end, but I’ll make sure he has to wait through Final Jeopardy to finish me off completely.

Instead, I ended up playing Jason and Ryan. Compared to me, Jason is Ken Jennings. But Ryan is a hungry shark only in the sense that he plays his hardest. And if that makes you a hungry shark, then I’m a hungry shark, too. (I thought, “At least, I’ll pick first in Double Jeopardy.” When I didn’t, I was cautiously optimistic but bewildered.)

To be honest, I was thrilled to play Jason and Ryan. I watched their runs on the couch, not knowing I would ever even get to be on Jeopardy!. (I didn’t know for sure what I was doing wrong in auditions, so I figured it was probably everything.) Now I was on the show, about to play a game with a Jeopardy! legend and a champion my mother herself had dubbed “a cutie” and rooted for during his original run.

Not long before my mom died (on November 13th), she said to me as we watched the show together, “Sarah, every time you answer a question, you still look over to me to see if you’re right! You know more of these than I do! You’re a Jeopardy! champion.” But we’ve been watching together since I was a little kid, so it was a hard habit to break. I feel a bit guilty for not taking her into the studio with me last year. She was watching my four-year-old back in the hotel room, so my daughter and husband could come see me play. But at least her scarves got to go, and wearing her scarf that day gave me a lot of courage. I felt like she was with me (especially when I got to say, “What is Halifax?” I didn’t have to look at her to know that was right. Last Tango in Halifax was one of her favorite shows).

This has been quite a journey for me. A few years ago, I got scared to take risks. Appearing on Jeopardy! was a big risk, and one of the many rewards for me was renewed courage and faith in myself. (Not that I don’t backslide. I was furious with myself for not answering “Galilee.” Both my parents were Sunday School teachers, and I knew instantly. But I panicked and thought, “Is that in Israel, though

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What happened to all the women? Are there female enemies?

EDIT: No, this isn't an April Fools joke... it's unfortunate that I posted this on this same day and it's annoying to have every other poster accusing me of shitposting. I spent a long time writing this up, if you don't want to take it seriously that's fine, just know that it's legit and not some kind of prank.

Disregarding all the NPCs and bosses, as far as I can tell before doing some research, the only female enemies are the Pisacas and the Butchers. EDIT: Forgot the archer, the two knights and the cleric in Darkroot Garden. You know, the Forest Hunters.

What happened to all the women? Did they all die in New Londo? What about the non-humanoid enemies? Are there females there?

Let's ignore all the obviously male enemies. Hollow warriors, soldiers, Baldur knights, Black knights, silver, etc, etc., etc. Let's get interesting here.

You might be thinking "well, the Skeletons might be female!" Nope, I checked. The bone structure is different between men and women. There are two very easy ways to check this:

1 - Pelvis shape. Men's pelvises are heart-shaped (the bottom bones point downward at an angle towards the middle), while women's are more circular and open (the bottom bones point straight down).

2 - Forehead shape. Specifically, the eyebrow ridge is prominent in men, whereas it's smooth in women.

There are more differences, but those two were enough. Yes, I also checked the giant skeletons, although for a while I had some trouble determining their sex as there were some artistic liberties taken while designing them (this is a fantasy game, no duh), but I'm certain they're male. What made it slightly unclear is how round the pelvis is, and it's lacking the bottom bones as well. However, the brow ridge is pronounced, and I checked other traits, namely the jaw. They have a very pronounced and square jaw, consistent with men. So there you go.

Skeleton wheels are also male, as are the Skeleton Beasts (often referred to as "skeleton dogs" for whatever reason, despite the fact they're clearly humanoid/Giants), based on the same traits mentioned thus far.

Rats? Well, I had to read up on them, too. How can you tell without the genitals? One thing we can use to determine their sex is through their behavior. In short, females are more active and rush to explore whenever possible than males are, who spend much more time relaxing and thus tend to be fatter. On the other hand, males are also much more territorial. Furthermore, rats are social creatur

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[Request] A synonym for territorialism

To describe a species' tendency to segregate into cultural groups. Specifically, not nationalism. Not used to describe locational affiliation. Smaller social groups would probably be acceptable too (eg. clique-ism?)

The best thing I can think of is tribalism.

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Secondary Abuse: When victims speak up.

A recent paper asked men to share their experiences with IPV and subsequent help-seeking behaviors. Here are some of their answers:

This paper was published in a peer-reviewed journal:

>This journal is a publication of APA Division 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities) https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/men

>Like other scientific journals, APA journals utilize a peer review process to guide manuscript selection and publication decisions. https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/resources/peer-review


>The current study used qualitative methods to explore men’s experiences of female-perpetrated IPV in Australia, defined as “boundary crossings.” The sample comprised 258 men recruited using a snowball approach through social media platforms and via a monthly newsletter of an online men’s health support site. [...] The sample consisted of 258 men aged from 18 to 77 years (M 40.14, SD 13.90). Almost two thirds (60.9%) reported being in a current intimate relationship; a third (32.2%) had never been married, and a third 32.2% were married or in a current de facto relationship (living with a partner but not formally married). More than half (60.5%) of the sample had obtained a university degree qualification. Almost all the respondents (91.9%) were living in an Australian state or territory at the time of completing the survey (identified via postcode). The greatest number of respondents were from the more populous states in Australia (Victoria, 47.3%; New South Wales, 16.7%; Queensland, 10.9%; and Western Australia, 9.7%), and a small number of respondents (1.6%) identified as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (Australia’s indigenous peoples).

On "boundary crossings"

>In sum, issues for researchers interested in the experiences of male victimization are hampered by the reluctance of men to identify as IPV victims and the limitations of quantitative approaches (such as violence scales) and qualitative methodological approaches (such as small sample sizes) that have been applied to previous research. This study aimed to explore men’s experience of IPV, help-seekin

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/r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 54: BLUR

Competition drives us all.

I know you’ve felt it. The urge not just to succeed, but to succeed OVER someone else.

Anyone that’s ever played sports has to agree with me here. You’re not just scoring the game winning goal or running your PB 100 meter sprint or slugging a home run to tie it in the bottom of the ninth - you’re out there taking ass, kicking names, and crushing the competition into the dust.

In many ways we should thank our rivals, ‘cause they are often our best source of inspiration. You can’t improve if you don't have the drive to do it, and a bit of opposition can be the difference between a lazy, uninspired individual and someone amazing.

It’s very much the same in music. There’s been toe-to-toe show downs between bands since the very first songs were sung. Mozart vs. Salieri. The Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones. Metallica vs. Megadeth. And, of course, the infamous battle of Brit-pop: Oasis vs. today’s band. That’s right. The success of this week’s artist is synonymous with rivalry. A rivalry so sweet and melodic that it still stands out as one of the best fights in music history. Today we’re talking about BLUR

About them

Damon Albarn was born in 1968 in London, England. His mom was a hamster a theatrical set designer and his father smelt of elderberries was an artist. Damon, along with his sister, was brought up as a Quaker in a liberal, Bohemian rhapsody household. The family’s music taste was similarly zany.

Albarn’s parents listened to everything from the Blues to Indian classical compositions to traditional African music. Damon, of course, found all of it amazing. He took an early interest in music, and was soon playing guitar,

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[WWE/Professional Wrestling] The People versus Roman Reigns

Professional wrestling has a very insular, misunderstood and (in Daniel Bryan's words) fickle fanbase that is also chock-full of assholes at every level. A lot of the drama that springs up here is very dense and emotion-driven, as well as being incomprehensible to most outsiders.

I'm gonna try my best to keep the tangents and insider wrestling jargon to a minimum here, so feel free to comment about any parts you don't understand. I'm also recalling a ton of this from memory, so bear with me.

A Quick Glossary:

WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). For the purposes of this post I may refer to WWE/WWF interchangeably.

Kayfabe - wrestling lingo for "in universe", the overall masquerade that dictates all the onscreen action/drama is "real" and the wrestlers are the characters they're playing.

Babyface - the "good guy" or hero in a story. Also called a "Face" for short.

Heel - the "bad guy" or villain. Conventional wisdom in the industry often dictates that heels are more interesting characters than faces. Because wrestling.

Heel turn - a good guy turns evil and becomes a heel. Despite the above conventional wisdom, this is not always a good thing.

Face turn - a bad guy turns good and becomes a babyface.

Smark - shorthand for a hardcore wrestling fan, for the purposes of this post. A portmanteau of "smart mark", which has elaborate carny roots I won't go into here.


The central conceit of professional wrestling is guys doing a mostly-convincing performance of beating each other up, often against the backdrop of a wider feud or narrative spanning months or even years at a time. Think MMA, but less boring and with soap opera dramatics. And like any other soap opera, wrestling had its designated heroes (babyfaces) and villains (heels).

Let's get one thing out of the way: WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a wrestling fan who hasn't heard of some version of it. WWE is also synonymous with wrestling itself to most (but not all) lay people across the world. WWE's biggest storylines play out on one of two weekly TV programs: Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown Live. (WWE's third major weekly show, NXT, is a whole other messy story that merits an entire post of its own.) WWE also has monthly pay-per-view shows - think Wrestlemania or the Royal Rumble - which often serve as the "climax" to a given short- or long-term feud.

There are genera

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An Analysis of the military of the Mughal Empire between the 16th and 17th centuries : The philosophy and the factors affecting it's nature, it's differences from contemporary West Asian and Iranian state's practices of maintaining military slaves

It must first be stated that no military system, culture or tradition emerges without the influence of external factors such as society, environment, geography and experience. And while each system is quite unique in it's own way, there were certain characteristics shared by the military cultures of West Asia, the Middle East and South Asia since the rise of the Abbasid Caliphate. One such practice was that of keeping military slaves. However, among the many things that made the Mughal military culture unique for it's time was it's aversion to this practice. Let us first look at the nature of military slaves and the problems they pose upon the state and sovereign that raises them. Next, we shall discuss the Mughal military culture, it's unique characteristics, similarities to contemporary military cultures in the near East and the problems it created for the Mughal state and how it developed as a necessity and practical measure given the nature of South Asian society in the time period.


As stated above, the practice of maintaining military slaves was not unique. And the many "elite" formations in the armies of states in West Asia and Iran and South Asia that came into being under Islamic rule, were examples of a continued culture being imitated and improved upon by successive states and dynasties. One such example is the Janissaries who are often regarded as a unique feature of Ottoman military culture and/or system and seen in isolation from the contemporary "elite" formations of their period such as the ghulam corps of the Safavids. However, the truth is far from it. The Janissaries were not a unique military formation. Infact, the practice of taking young boys or men, from defeated and subjugated or minority populations and having them undergo years or lifetimes of rigorous training to produce a fighting force singularly loyal to the ruler was well established since the days of the Abbasid Caliphate, which enslaved young Turk boys and trained them into their famed Mamluk cavalry and guard formations. This practice was only tweaked, improved upon and adapted to changing military requirements by the Ottomans, the Delhi Sultans, the Safavids or the Afsharids. It must be understood that neither this system nor the system of the Praetorian Guards was without heavy liabilities :

  1. The extensive period of training required ro raise these formations meant that in case of a crisis, had they been diminished in the previous ca
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Detective Stories #8 - The Exchange (Kingside, Part Seven)

DC Next presents:


Tim Drake & Azrael in...

Issue Eight: The Exchange

###KINGSIDE, Part Seven

Written by AdamantAce

Scene by PatrollinTheMojave

Edited by deadislandman1 & GemlinTheGremlin


<< | < Prev. | Next Issue > Coming Next Month


KINGSIDE - The Story So Far:



A lot had occurred in the last few hours. Together, Tim Drake and Jean-Paul Valley had raced to New York to intercede as Checkmate launched a dastardly plot to take out the refuge-seeking Princess Tara of Markovia. That had led them to a stone quarry where they found themselves caught in a bloody fight between a band of colourful rogues and Carnelian, the rock-tossing compatriot-turned-enemy of Jean-Paul. There, Tim learned that Carnelian’s true identity was of the thought-dead Markovian prince Brion, Tara’s sister. Tim and Jean-Paul fought beside their newfound allies - including the son of Deathstroke and former Titan, Jericho - but the princess was gravely injured, buried alive. But, miraculously, Tara emerged rejuvenated, sporting newfound geokinetic power rivalling her brother’s, a metahuman. With the tide turned, the group fought and incapacitated Prince Brion long enough for Jericho to delve into

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[Traverse] A Book By Its Cover

This is the record of a man born and raised on the world of Nalor. I say this knowing that some of you will now disregard everything that follows as the propaganda of a man evil beyond all redemption, but I beg your indulgence. Please, wait until the end.

I would begin by speaking of history. Specifically, the history of Jidania.

The Human Race went into the stars as a divided species. The first man to stand on Terra's moon claimed to do so in the name of all Mankind, but he carried the flag of only one nation. The first colonists of Mars were drawn from many nations, but it was again to one nation in particular they held allegiance. This remained true through all of our history; the solar system, and later solar systems beyond were sliced up along political, cultural, racial and religious lines. That does not mean we were hostile to one another - on the contrary, there was frequent cooperation. It is simply that Humanity never saw itself as 'Humanity'. Perhaps that was too big a concept. Perhaps it still is.

Let me tell you what I was told of Jidan. It was a colony world. Not a planet, I want to make that clear; "world" is simply a term for any habitable location that is, relatively speaking, stationary. A planet, a moon, a man-made orbital satellite - all of these are worlds. Jidan was likely one of the latter.

Jidan burned. Hostile outsiders, aliens whose origin and nature history has long forgotten destroyed it for reasons known only to themselves. These aliens were the space-faring equivalent of ancient Earth's faceless marauder-cultures; the Vikings, the Barbary, the "sea peoples" whose ships emerged in the dead of night to murder, rape and pillage until there was nothing left but smoking ruin and ship-holds full of sobbing slaves. This is how Jidan began.

The survivors knew how this would end. They knew that the entire human race would fall because we were divided. It's in our nature. If your family home is on fire you will put the fire out, but if a strangers home burns you assume someone else will take care of it. This is how empires fall - not through singular events, but death from a thousand cuts, every one of which was effortless to avoid with the omniscience hindsight gives us. They vowed to save us all.

They conquered Earth, but not through malice. They conquered Earth as a symbol of how far we had all strayed - that a no-name fleet could effortlessly bring the birth-world of the species to its knees was a sobering wakeup call to the

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Dhu al-Qarnayn as Alexander the Great

Qur’an 18:83-102 and the Alexander legend

The Qur’anic pericope in Surah 18:83-102 describes a figure named Dhu al-Qarnayn. Dhu al-Qarnayn is not a name, but a title, literally meaning something like “The Two-Horned Man”. After being introduced as someone who God established on the Earth, this figure is described as having travelled so far that he reaches the place where the sun sets, finding that it sets in a spring of muddy water. He also is said to have found a people living there. Then, Dhu al-Qarnayn travels some more, apparently following the sun through its course, until he finds the place where the sun rises, and finds a people there as well who have no shelter from the sun. Then, Dhu al-Qarnayn travels again and he finds the place where two mountains are separated, and there is another people there, described as being barely capable of understanding speech. These people ask Dhu al-Qarnayn, in their fear of the spread of Gog and Magog, for him to build a wall separating them from Gog and Magog. And so he does, and Gog and Magog cannot penetrate it. However, the Qur’an in rather apocalyptic manner then describes that there will be one day, at the end of the world, where this wall will be turned into trouble and the Day of Judgement will arrive.

Who is Dhu al-Qarnayn? In the late 19th century, Theodor Nöldeke proposed that he was Alexander the Great, connecting him with the stories in the Alexander Romance. This thesis was barely noticed until Kevin van Bladel revived it in a major chapter in the 2008 book The Qur’an in its Historical Context (Routledge 2008). Tommaso Tesei further developed the thesis in a 2014 paper (titled “The prophecy of Ḏū-l-Qarnayn (Q 18:83-102) and the Origins of the Qurʾānic Corpus”) and I now know of no critical scholar that challenges the thesis that Dhu al-Qarnayn is Alexander. As we will see, the evidence for this thesis is immense. Though few if any scholars challenge the identification with Alexander the Great, some people online do, so I’ll offer some comments on that towards the end of this post.

The connection

The original story of the Alexander Romance was composed by Pseudo-Callisthenes, perhaps in the 3rd century. However, much later, a Syriac and very different version of the Alexander legend known as the Neshanâ dîleh d-Aleksandrôs, hereafter the Alexander Legend, was produced. The story begins with Alexander summons his court to inquire about the edges of the world, where he wishes to go. His

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I feel grateful, not lucky

I just wanted to get this out into the void. It's been weighing heavy on me.

When I entered my marriage I just assumed because my husband is a self-declared feminist in thoughts, words and deeds, we’d automatically have equity across all the areas of our relationship. Being young, inexperienced, and naive does that to a girl. I'm also an immigrant and an elder daughter in a brown, ethnic conservative patriarchal culture and have my own evolving relationship with misogyny and feminism. Let's just say my back hurts from having the weight of the family reputation and emotional labor of others thrust upon me from a young age. A whole other story in itself. Cut the chord some years ago, it got way better and I'm definitely happier now.

Anyway, over time in our marriage, we realized that my white male feminist husband had maladaptive ingrained patterns of behavior that he wasn’t even aware of rooted in his privilege, combined with my hyper-independence and really unrealistic expectations of others as a means of staying walled up and "safe," and we’ve been on a journey to bridge the gap of inequity over the course of our 7 year relationship. So much dormant childhood trauma got catalyzed and brought to a head by adulthood and marriage for us both. It’s been w o r k. We are both committed to change and each other, and things have mellowed a lot and pretty smooth now. Still working on it being better.

I don’t need to tell all of you parents on here how stuff, especially division of labor, all got brought into even sharper relief after we had our (first) kid two years ago. The first year was a messy journey. It got messier in another way after the pandemic hit. Half of our parenting life together has been in the context of Covid. We’ve had to work hard, we have struggled and clashed often with figuring equity and balance now parenting, working, and keeping our sanity in a pandemic.

I will say proudly about my husband that he’s consistently over the years worked hard to adjust and change and adapt to the needs of our family and relationship. And so have I. It’s been very imperfect and hard, albeit very worth it to not pass on generational trauma to our son. But the bar is so low for cis het male partners in LTR especially, that over the course of our relationship as our marriage evolved and changed and as we fought for actual true equity across the physical, mental and emotional loads, I often heard from outsiders looking in about how lucky I was to have s

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On Rebellions, Revolutions, and Reactions

So, the glorious revolution, the plucky rebellion, a few heroes against the tyrannical evil empire of kicking puppies and nazi analogues. They're classic tropes for a reason. We all live in the aftermath of the age of revolutions. American culture dominates the world, and America was founded by one of the most successful revolutions in history. Understandably, the concept of the heroic rebellion has sunk its way into the cultural zeitgiest.

Of course, that means that many stories will often feature some form of rebellion, revolution, or though it will likely not be called it, reaction. As such, these are elements of your worldbuilding that, if you are making the story revolve around a revolution, pardon the pun, you will need to fill out.

So, firstly, what is a revolution, and what is a rebellion? The two are not synonyms. The exact definition of a revolution is somewhat contested among historians, but a solution which I shall settle upon for this is "A fundamental change in a society that replaces a pre-existing order with a new one." This is a somewhat wordy definition, so I will begin by listing the four most common forms of revolution as means of further explanation. However, I will first include a definition of rebellion and reaction.

A rebellion is specifically a conflict between two groups, specifically a subject and ruler group. Not all rebellions are revolutions, and not all revolutions bring with them rebellions. For example, the Glorious Revolution in England was a revolution without a rebellion, and the American Civil War was a rebellion without a revoltion, as southern society fought specifically to prevent a social revolution. Rebellions are often triggered by and often trigger revolutions and reactions.

Finally, we come to a reaction. A reaction is the exact opposite of a revolution. Rather than altering the status quo to bring about a new order, it is the desire to revert the status quo to a previous order. Reactions and Reactionaries have negative connotations, mostly due to the actions of certain left-leaning historians, but they're more commonly heroes than villains in fiction. For example the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars is exactly a reaction, desiring to abolish the new order of the Empire and restore the Old Republic. Any sort of story where the goal is to depose a usurper and restore "the right order of things" is fundamentally a reaction, not a revolution. Other famous fictional reactions include the Narnian revolution in P

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[Various Sources] Cultural Icons, Metaphysical Murderers of the Aeldari Empire and Potential Gods in The Making. Who are The Dark Muses?

As many of you already know, Drukhari are egoistical as fuck. They see themselves as True Kin, absolute masters of the Galaxy and (aside from Incubi or those that join Harlequins/Ynnari) they worship no Gods.

However in this universe, you can't just not-elevate anything. Even Drukhari's delusions of power have some small limitations. And so, they decided that if they are not going to worship Gods, they will worship...themselves.

Sort of.

>The Dark Muses
>Though the Dark Eldar typically do not worship anyone apart from themselves, they do pay homage to those they respect. Vaunted warriors or dark artists may become revered amongst their own kind. In this way truly mighty Dark Eldar have become almost folkloric figures.
>They are known collectively as the Dark Muses, and are figures of terrible power.

Codex: Dark Eldar (7th edition)

So let's talk about them. In this post I will cover those particular topics:

  1. The history of this concept and how it led to The Fall.
  2. Every known Dark Muse - who were they and what is their cultural significance.
  3. Is it possible that they ascended into Warp-beings?

Anyway, let's move it.


What many people don't know, is that Dark Muses as a concept were invented during the reign of the Aeldari Empire, Drukhari are simply continuing the trend. It is even implied that first Dark Muses lived and died looong before Birth of Slaanesh.

Speaking of which, there is a direct corellation between rise of The Dark Muses and fall of the Aeldari Empire.

>From Light into Darkness
>In the wake of the fabled War in Heaven, the Aeldari rise to supremacy as the galaxy’s foremost race. Empowered by their supreme technology, they enjoy every luxury and pursue every curiosity. It is a golden age, yet as the millennia pass the magnificence of the Aeldari empire gives way to corruption, indolence and spiritual decay. Pleasure cults spread through their society, and the pantheon of Aeldari gods is gradually abandoned in favour of personal deification and insane excess.
>Yet the Aeldari are not becoming gods. Instead, the gestalt psychic outpouring from their descent into perverted madness nurtures a new deity in the warp, a Chaos God whose time creeps closer with each new act of debasement and debauchery.

Codex: Harlequins (8th edition)

As we can see, as Aeldari's power grew, their respect for the Gods

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Hello fellow blankies! Alex here, stumping for my candidate, William Oliver Stone. I have no other platform to campaign and know context is crucial, and just wanted to spark some silly debate about why I think Stone is the absolutely best candidate to be covered.

What I love about seeing the disparity of choices is how everybody has their own Blank Check. Some perhaps prefer a Miyazaki-eqsue consistency, films all unified in tone and quality. Others enjoy underrated filmographies that are elevated via thorough consideration. Me, I enjoy classic splashy Hollywood career sagas. I love to hear, within a single series, episodes on Oscar winners and catastrophes that people have avoided seeing until now. Deep cuts, idiosyncratic personal preferences and most importantly, a window into considering how the movie industry shifted underneath the feet of the subject during their career.

I don’t personally deeply love Stone as a director. Like, he’s not in my top 25 all-time favorites. But I love a lot of these movies. So this isn’t about pushing my favorite filmmaker forward: this is about offering a chance to have a handful of amazing episodes of Blank Check, and to me, Stone stands head and shoulders above the rest in this regard. His career is exactly what I personally love hearing analyzed on this show: highs, lows, “whoas” and non-existent whiffs. And discussions covering just about every major movie star of the past 30 years.

To me, he feels like a perfect successor to previous winners Demme and Zemeckis. I think, much like those guys, he has a very specific take on American culture and society and memory and history and so forth. We get a nice, long series (a fun benefit of MM winners lately) and, as with those, you know long in advance to get ahead of a dense filmography and, most importantly, you can look forward to specific episodes where one of the most significant films of the past few decades is placed in context of the career overall. And, to me, Stone is one of the wildest careers out there and encapsulates everything I love about this show. Allow me to (briefly) run down specifics:

Seizure/The Hand: What if there was a hand? Assuming these are combined…haven’t seen either since college but The Hand has fun paycheck-chasing Michael Caine. A rare horror film to be discussed. A softer start than 5 early Demme's....

Salvador: A solid movie I think Griffin said he has never seen. I remember recently David saying James Woods is, despite going

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How the Capellan Confederation Earned my Loyalty

For context: I’m playing a BEX career, I started in Arano Restoration territory at the beginning of the clan invasion with the intent of slowly making my way up to Clan space.

I’ve been essentially juggling reputation between Houses Davion and Liao while I ready a few more assault mechs for the clans. I’m heading North, and stop at a planet with a few good looking contracts. A contract vs the 1st Robinson Rangers, a 2v2 assault mech duel, and then finally a contract vs the “Davion Brigade of Guards”. I’ve never heard of them, but they sound tough, and if my two experiences with the 1st Robinson mean anything, that means good salvage.

So I take this mission for Liao. But thanks to fatigue and some wounds from the other two contracts on this world, I’m down to two of my reserve list pilots, who are alright but not as good as my main lance pilots. This contract is only 3.5 skulls in difficulty, so it should be fine, but I’m expecting tough opponents so I bring the best I have in terms of mechs:

My souped up Atlas, my heaviest mech my character would be using if he wasn’t injured

A Victor, who I love to jump around and backstab with it’s AC/20.

An energy weapon Awesome

A LRM Stalker

I’ve got this, I think. So I drop, but I’m not the only ones. A lance of Liao mechs drops next to me, so I guess I should’ve read the description better. They’re cordial and glad to have us on station, unlike that Agamemnon guy I keep having the same conversation with every now and then. Liao has brought to the party:

1 spider (oh no)

1 cataraphact

1 striker (I’ve never seen this before)

1 Phoenix hawk (I love these guys for similar reasons to my victor)

It’s a fairly good load out for a 3.5 star mission with a lance of assault support, I think.

We move up and engage the four enemy mechs. They’re Davion royal guard, as expected, and we’ll equipped. The map is mostly forest on our side, with them being positioned on a large ridge (mostly flat enough it doesn’t block shots), but almost every pilot seems to have bulwark, so their minimal cover really gets put into use. The enemy is all heavy mechs, but one goes down and we all start stripping the next, a Jaegermech, of its armor

That’s when a Federated Suns drop ship appears. I briefly forget Federated Suns and Davion are synonymous, and am hopeful that this new force landing in the midst of the current group will be fun.

Four more Davion Royal guard heavies are not fun. But we perseve

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Spanish Inquisition Joke Here: A Spain Breakdown

Hey everyone! Today's breakdown will cover a civilisation on whom I have some rather unusual opinions: Spain.

Previous breakdown: Indonesia, found here.

Before we get into this guide, I'd like to specify that these are my opinions on this civilisation. If you disagree, you are well within your rights to do so; all I ask is that you hear me out before you judge me.

In Civilisation VI, "Spain" and "power creep" are almost synonyms. Whether you like their abilities in concept or not, their execution has fallen behind in the power levels; the release of Byzantium in particular solidly placed them in the lower tiers.


None of this is to say Spain are now "irrelevant" or useless; Spain are still quite capable of winning, and in fact have a unique playstyle to do it. Also, despite the similarities in their playstyle, Byzantium are not, as many people seem to believe, a simply better Spain; they have very distinct and separate approaches to religious warfare.


The main reason most people have with Spain is that Byzantium are by-and-large Spain but with more useful bonuses to warfare. The combination of free cavalry units with the ability to ignore walls makes Byzantium a spectacular Domination civilisation, and their bonuses to spreading Religion makes the city's conversion requirement almost irrelevant. What can Spain possibly do to make themselves noticeable against this?

The answer is simple: Byzantium and Spain have two subtly, but certainly different playstyles. Byzantium uses the Crusade beliefs and conversion in advance; they use Religion to reach a Domination Victory. Spain, on the other hand, has bonuses towards fighting civilisations following a different religion; they use warfare to reach a Religious Victory. A subtle difference - using one to reach the other - but they certainly are different.

None of this is to say that Spain are as good as Byzantium; Byzantium are one of the strongest civilisations in the game. But Spain are worthy of being more than a footnote in Byzantium's entry.


Philip II's leader ability is El Escorial. With this ability, all Spanish units get +4 Combat Strength when fighting civilisations following a different Religion. Inquisitors have one extra use of their Remove Heresy ability. Inquisitors eliminate 100% of the presence of other Religions.

This ability, along wit

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A film for every country in the world.

I've been working on a project to see (at least) 1 film from every single country in the world. I thought this might be a fun way to generate some recommendations, and also start to think about all the possibilities for Criterion to explore world cinema even further. As good of a job as they do, once you start compiling a list it becomes clear how little of the world has been explored cinematically (or at least for me.)

I haven't completed my list, and haven't seen them all yet. Bold means I've actually watched a film. Blank means I'm actively looking for recs, and unbolded means I'm open to recs from films that people have seen and genuinely think are great.

I'd also love to see your own versions of the list to see which countries people have explored. And to steal viewing ideas from.

For the purposes of my list, Palestine & Taiwan are distinct countries. If you have any recs for other politically fraught territories that I have neglected to separate, please let me know as I'd be very interested in those as well.

I leave the specifics of what makes a film "from" a certain country up to you. I did my best to avoid films made by colonial forces, but have not completely succeeded. (I also think Beau Travail for Djibuti is a bit of a cop out.) So a lot of these will change as I get further under way. I've also leaned into using criterion titles/criterion filmmakers as the default, especially if there were multiple films I have seen from a specific country.

  1. Afghanistan – Wajma an Afghan Love Story
  2. Albania – A Tale from the Past
  3. AlgeriaThe Battle of Algiers- Gillo Pontecorvo
  4. Andorra – Devil’s Kiss
  5. Angola – The Hero
  6. Antigua and Barbuda – The Sweetest Mango
  7. ArgentinaHour of the Furnaces - Humberto Solas
  8. ArmeniaThe Color of Pomegranates - Sergei Parajanov
  9. AustraliaThe Babadook - Jennifer Kent
  10. AustriaRevanche - Gotz Spielman
  11. Azerbaijan - Ashik Kerib
  12. [T
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Exordium Development Diary 1: A Map Of Many Names

Hello there and welcome to the first Development Diary for the planned Victoria 3/Hearts of Iron 4 mod Exordium! While you may be expecting such an important diary number to be reserved for an inaugural explanation of the setting and tone of the mod, I wanted to first explain the context in which the general concept for Exordium came to be, the many iterations of its existence, and the HOI4-style map I’ve been using since the very start as a guide as how to how the world at game start appears.

The very first time I ever thought of something remotely related to Exordium was when I played the Henry Stickmin games as a child, you know- the one starring that stick figure who tries to rob a bank and fails, escapes a prison, steals a diamond, infiltrates an airship, escapes another prison, and then completes the mission. The Stickmin games were never particularly realistic nor were they ever that serious, though there are some moments in the collection that are emotional in a sense beyond just nostalgia. As a kid- I think I was ten or eleven, I would imagine an elaborate backstory for the whimsical world Henry inhabited, and I always thought that if I ever made video games in the future, that I should make it a sequel to those wonderful games that I knew so little about.

Since I was about 9 years old I would consolidate all of those funny ideas for a fictional universe into my head. I would doodle comics revolving around stick figures, or concepts from whatever I was into at the time, like Metal Gears or Luigi’s Mansion or internet meme culture in its primitive form. When I got into middle school I started to write short stories, (none of which I particularly feel like digging up from the dust) set in the middle of a third world war. And I would imagine said Third World War to start in 2035, as it was a full 20 years from when I started writing them, and plenty of interesting things were bound to happen since then.

Originally, WW3 was between the ideologies of collectivism and some rightist faction, with a mysterious AI system in the center of it all. The central premise of Exordium- a Third World War between an AI system and the rest of the world, didn’t really materialize until I started getting into Hearts of Iron 4 through the mod Kaiserreich. Being a huge Kaiserreich fan, I started to imagine the fictional universe as being a sequel to KR instead of following the events of OTL or Metal Gear or whatever.

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Hard Mode Bingo: Gothic Edition - Square #2 The Witching Hour by Anne Rice (HM: Cat Squasher)

Hello again, friends!

My quest to fill an all-gothic fantasy Bingo card began with The Death of the Necromancer by Martha Wells and continues with Anne Rice's The Witching Hour. At 986 pages, it not only squishes the lion, but also makes an icky paste of it too. (Sorry, kitty.) It's been about 10 years since the last time I read an Anne Rice novel, and this project seemed like it wouldn't be complete without one of her titles. Cracking this heckin' chonker open for the first time, I was filled with both excitement and apprehension, and both feelings proved well-founded.

This is going to run a bit longer than my first post. When it comes to Rice, one of the most prominent and influential gothic spec fic writers alive today, indifferent opinions seem less common than strong ones, one way or another. Certainly my own relationship with her work is passionate but complicated, even going back my days of binge-reading The Vampire Chronicles. For this specific book, too, I've never had my opinion vary so wildly from section to section. As a result, this write-up ended up wandering into essay territory, due in major part to the heavy focus on its depictions of sexuality and sexual violence. I want to give advanced warning for those who might not be up for that kind of discussion right now.

Just like before, I'll give a description, mention other Bingo squares this can work for, establish gothic credentials, then try to untangle this big old knot of feelings I have.

SUMMARY: The official book descriptions are pretty aggrandizing, TBH, so instead I'll give you mine. The Witching Hour is the first book in the Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy. This lengthy saga follows a family of witches who, over the course of four centuries, have benefited from and been tormented by a powerful spirit named Lasher.

The two principal characters are Rowan, a neurosurgeon with telekinetic powers that run in the blood of a family she's never met, and Michael, a restorer of old homes who Rowan rescues from a watery grave in the Pacific Ocean. After being technically dead for an hour, Michael returns to life with fleeting visions of a grand purpose. He remembers accepting the mission, but not the mission itself, and also he has psychometric powers now which are driving him insane.

After diving headfirst into a whirlwind romance, the tw

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Advice Needed: I (31 M) and my wife (29 F) are arguing more and more. How do I move on from the past and encourage her to address her temper and the way she treats me?

My wife and I dated for about six years before getting married. We bought a house and then lived together for about a year before marriage, and we've now been married for about a year and a half. We've had our ups and downs, but now I'm approaching my limit and I'm scared to address this issue that's seemingly not going away on its own.

Our first few years were blissful. I had just moved to a new city, and she was one of the first people I met. I got to know her friends and family, who then became my friends and family. She was everything I wanted: creative, smart, funny. Our religious and political beliefs were perfectly aligned. I knew immediately that I could see myself marrying her.

Things continued wonderfully until we began disclosing past relationships. I had had other relationships and flings before meeting her and she had had none (this turned out to be important to her, which she never once mentioned to me). I was mum about my previous relationships to her because they were all in the past and left without any baggage or future issues (8 other relationships between ages 17 - 23). In my eyes, the past is the past, and she was not a part of it nor did I know her at the time. We got into a blowout argument regarding a particular past fling that I kept from her (I know I shouldn't have, I'm bringing this up for context). That fling also happened well before I knew her, but her issue was that I still had contact with the woman on a friendly basis. I then severed all ties in respect for my wife and have not spoken a word to that woman, and blocked her from all media accounts, for at least four years.

Right before that argument, when she threatened to end things, I had just bought an engagement ring and asked her dad's blessing for marriage. I was, needless to say, devastated. She accused me of awful things and that I had cheated (never), mentioned to her friends that I may have cheated (never), and that I would cheat on her (never once crossed my mind). I apologized, cried, begged, did everything I could to repair her trust and love for me. In retrospect, I worry that that was when our relationship began to fray at the edges and become what it now is today.

Flash forward to today. We have been married for a year and a half and she is ALWAYS angry. She does not present her personality the same way she used to. I wake up and she is cursing about what clothes to wear. She slams doors. She screams on the phone at her parents. She's cursed at me. She

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My Thoughts and Opinions on NK 5 Months After the War

So, 5 months have passed after the war, and still the main question on everyone’s mind is, what happens to the part of NK which is currently under control of Russian peacekeepers?

Dmitry Medvedev's last speech, in particular a passage on the status of Karabakh, again provoked active discussions on social networks.

At first glance, the speeches about the status of NK from Aliyev, Pashinyan, Putin, Lavrov, Matvienko and Medvedev are completely different. But if you look closely, they all say the same thing, only in different words. Everyone is not lying, but a little disingenuous. If we put all the speeches together, then we can build a coherent picture of the agreement on the status that was reached on November 9, and about which there is not a single word in the trilateral statement.

To be convinced of this, you need to spend a little time with me. This is not an entertaining reading matter, but if you are not satisfied with what the propagandists of both sides are feeding, then you yourself must figure out what's what. Unfortunately, without an in-depth study of the issue on your own, you will have to rely on engaged polemicists. And the fact that everyone is lying - you are convinced of their words.

Below are the materials that will help you. These are un-edited excerpts from the speeches of each politician and a set of general data that can be found in any reference book. So let’s do it.

We'll start with the question - what is status? What can be the status of Karabakh? If we look at the extremes of the question, there is either "lack of status" and "independence" and in the middle there are hundreds of types of autonomies. Autonomy is also a type of status. In the examples below, I show only the two main categories of autonomies, but each category includes many types.

In an administrative autonomy, a representative body cannot issue laws, but only regulations. Usually, administrative autonomy has broad rights to use the national language (schools, media, etc.) and take into account the cultural characteristics of the population.

Cultural autonomy is not tied to a territory, it is tied to a national minority, which can live in isolation. Cultural autonomy is essential for the development and preservation of national culture, traditions and language. Cultural autonomy can have its representatives in government bodies. In our case, cultural autonomy can also be equated with “no status”, since in this case it is not about the status of

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Sunday Reflection (6th June 2021)

Whilst devastating and heart-breaking - what happened with DWT54 will fore'er be remembered...and that's the kind of stuff we're ideally looking for. Whether it be horrifically cruel, or of course - wonderfully terrific. We've had quite the number of balls added to the cruel pile, that’s for fucking sure haha...even the relative consolation of a double coming in, is robbed from us with alarming regularity. Emphasis evident on DWT54 owing to the early demise of the Treble - we appeared to have gotten away with one after that dejection had arrived early. Indeed - I was up out of my chair celebrating as if we had indeed bagged the big one - no wonder to be fair. Sat there I was, willing a single goal to slip home after Machida had handed us the plate of opportunity. Time passed agonisingly - Come the 90th, I had all but resigned myself to yet another Whitewash (9 now by fuck - we is near terminal). Then - 3 full minutes into injury time, the magic arrived...finally a moment that really captured every essence of good fortune - summat I could really sharpen the pencil for and write a blurb befitting of such wondrous magic. And then it happened. Wiping the tears of joy from my eyes, I sat back down, ready to wallow in the terrific mud-pile I had just discovered. What’s this? Cash out 2 pence? But they jus...oh ho - 1-1? What? But they couldnae h....they fucking went straight up the fucking park and equalised. As harsh a stab to the abdomen as you'll experience it were; twisted and driven in, in a moment of hateful punishing horror.

But here - if there's owt I've experience in, its losing out on sums of money in various twisted and disgusting ways. Sure - this current cunt of a time is jostling for top spot, the wee arsehole that it is - but in essence, nowt that hasnae been processed afore. Within moments, I was realising the good in it - another lump of preparatory experience in having me properly learned and humble. Whilst this is true and essentially the only way it can be viewed for fear of becoming overwhelmed by dejection - it doesnae dilute the passion with which I would argue vehemently with Lady Gambling, as to the status of my readiness to receive good fortune. Based on what, she may ask - a question always prospered - I'm well versed now in the style of retort previously utilised by Red in Shawshank prison. Rehabilitated? Thats just a bullshit word. Except this isnae Hollywood. We dinnae have the luxury of a scriptwriter creating a much anticipated g

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Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that entirely rejects a set hierarchy.[1]

Anarchy was first used in 1539, meaning "an absence of government".[2] Pierre-Joseph Proudhon adopted anarchy and anarchist in his 1840 treatise What Is Property? to refer to anarchism,[3][4] a new political philosophy and social movement which advocates stateless societies based on free and voluntary associations. Anarchists seek a system based on the abolishment of all unjustified, coercitive hierarchy and the creation of system of direct democracy and worker cooperatives.[5][6] In practical terms, anarchy can refer to the curtailment or abolition of traditional forms of government and institutions. It can also designate a nation or any inhabited place that has no system of government or central rule. Anarchy is primarily advocated by individual anarchists who propose replacing government with voluntary institutions. These true institutions or associations generally are modeled on nature since they can represent concepts such as community and economic self-reliance, interdependence, or individualism. Although anarchy is often negatively used as a synonym of chaos or societal collapse, this is not the meaning that anarchists attribute to anarchy, a society without hierarchies.[1] Proudhon wrote that anarchy is "Not the Daughter But the Mother of Order".[7]

Anarchy comes from the Medieval Latin anarchia and from the Greek anarchos ("having no ruler"), with an-+ archos ("ruler") literally meaning "without ruler".[2] The circle-A anarchist symbol is a monogram that consists of the capital letter A surrounded by the capital letter O. The letter A is derived from the first letter of anarchy or anarchism in most European languages and is the same in both Latin and Cyrillic scripts. The O stands for order and together they stand for "society seeks order in anarchy" (French: la société cherche l'ordre dans l'anarchie),[3] a phrase written by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in his 1840 book What Is Property?[4]

Although most known societies are characterized by the presence of hierarchy or the state, anthropologists have studied many egalitarian stateless societies, including most nomadic hunter-gatherer societies[8][9] and horticultural societies such as the Semai and the Piaroa. Many of these societies can be considered to be anarchic in the sense that they explicitly reject the idea of centralized political authority.[10] The egalitarianism typical of human hunter-gatherers is interesting when viewed in an evolutionary context. One of humanity's two closest primate r

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Turkey-Azerbaijan war against Artsakh [Day 44]

> Armenia sub strives to be a quality source of up-to-date information and related developments

> => No justification, celebration or trivialisation of violence

> => No hate speech, personal attacks, trolling, low level or off-topic participation

> => Telegram channels are not official nor journalistic sources

> => When posting new info, include the link and relevant text

> Donations

> https://www.armeniafund.org <-- tax exempt for US citizens

> https://himnadram.org/en

> https://www.1000plus.am/en/payment

> Previous Megathreads => Nov 8 | Nov 7 | Nov 6 | Nov 5 | Nov 4 | Nov 3 | Nov 2 | Nov 1 | Oct 31 | Oct 30 | Oct 29 | Oct 28 | Oct 27 | Oct 26 | Oct 25 | Oct 24 | Oct 23 | Oct 22 | Oct 21 | Oct 20 | Oct 19 | Oct 18 | [Oc

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The "Dere", the "Tsundere", and the Nagatoro. [DISC] [Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san]

Not exactly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Hey, it’s me again… with another immoderate prose-dump about the wonderful world of Nagatoro and that which goes with it.

Hope everyone’s been enjoying the first weeks of spring. I’ve done a lot of grilling, we’re almost ready to start planting, and the summertime limited-edition beers are already out! 😊 And the regional Warhammer group is finally starting to hang out again, so I’m hoping to get a few sessions in before planting starts. Maybe I’ll get around to my Thousand Sons army-restructuring. Those Sons are a bitch to paint, but I love their aesthetics.

I’m also hoping I still have a little time to drop the occasional post about our favorite little sadist and her beloved senpai. But there’s always a little time for the things we love, granted we make it.

I get a little grief for putting this much time and skull-sweat into something that doesn’t matter all that much. Seriously, in millions of years, when our bodies have finally made their paltry contribution to the Earth’s supply of fossil-fuels, the most any of us can hope for is to supply enough energy for a single piston-stroke in the engine of some vehicle, belonging to a member of whatever species rises up, gets intelligent, and repopulates the Earth, long after we Homo sapiens finish eradicating one another. 😅

But I still insist it’s fun. I mean, Hell, why not? It beats watching marathons of Little Women: Atlanta (my mom moved back out to the farm last year, and she loves trash-TV) or punching myself in the testicles. Both of these pastimes objectively suck. 😵

Believe me, though, I can understand if anyone was a little weirded out by Thoughts on Sakura, Revisited. That one got drawn-out, but I had points I wanted to address, and it just wound up as it was. Whatever.

When I read comments on my posts that users have started looking for more details in the story, have decided to reread the manga (something they had never planned to do), have chosen a new Naga-girl as best-girl, or that they simply enjoy reading my tripe, I’m glad for it. It’s nice to share this stuff with others that appreciate the same series.

Onto other matters, today will be a little different than my normal fare, but it’s an ide

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[Barterverse] Wealth of Planets 3: Unbalanced





A Zakabaran walks into an Earth department store and buys makeup. The cashier asks, will that be cash or card? The bird face replies, ah, just put it on my bill.

Galactic Credit HQ

"The whole hecking planet?!" Sarah asked incredulously, "we're supposed to sanction their whole planet?"

Cathy nodded at her sympathetically over the Internet and said, "that's just for us to buy time until we figure out why the Zakabarans are conducting a massive military buildup."

The news had hit the people of Earth hard. Cutting them off from money was the weakest of all the possible responses thrown around. The idea of aliens invading Earth that had gone away when humans found out about the state of the galaxy were now returning. Some pundits were calling for a preemptive strike.

"Is this even technically possible?" Sarah turned towards her team.

"Sort of, we already have FTL triangulation worked out to a pretty good accuracy that we can essentially geo-fence them off," Jen replied, "but there's nothing stopping them from relaying their transactions with FTL to other systems. At that point, we'll be playing whack-a-mole."

Cathy nodded and said, "that's a good start. We just want to make it inconvenient for them for a while, force them to come to the negotiating table…"

Gophor, Gakrek

Enrico woke up with an ear-splitting headache. His eyelids felt like they were welded shut. He'd had too much champagne at the franchise deal celebration last night. Chicago had finally signed the franchising agreement. He barely remembered being helped into his straw mattress by Rey.

"Rise and shine!" she said cheerfully, holding up a cup of freshly brewed coffee. One of the first things she had the space trucker FedEx over to Gakrek was a load of coffee beans. Without electricity and electric-powered coffee machines, it was a lot more complicated to make the drink, but it was ultimately just beans in hot water, and she had the beans.

"How are you always up so early?" Enrico asked sleepily.

"I think my body rhythm will just never adjust to these longer day cycles," Rey said, referri

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The Map & The Road: Getting Silver to 100$/oz in 2 months, 1000$/oz in 2 years

Dear fellow Silverbacks!

We are here to create some serious Wealth!

So it is important to know what price levels can be achieved and how fast. And the most important how it will be achieved, what is the path, what is the mechanics of the Silver market that will cause the explosive revaluation of Silver.

TLDR: 10 million Siverbacks each buying 100 oz. of Silver this month empties all the investable silver from the exchanges and the dealers 2 times over, causing explosive revaluation of Silver to over 100$/oz. This sets in motion a multi year rotation from negative yielding bonds to Silver which lifts the price to 1000$/oz. in next 2 to 5 years. It is important to buy now so we get 3 to 4 times more Silver than we would at 100$/oz, at the price that may not be that far away. Be generous and introduce the opportunity that Silver represents to the people we know. Let's make Silverbacks many!

Now a longer story

Silver Stock:

There is cca 50 billion oz. of silver in the world. It has mostly been used in products and is not investable. Only a small fraction of it will come back to the market and only at much much higher prices.

Silver flow:

There is cca 1 billion ounces that are coming to the market every year (cca. 3/4 from mining and 1/4 from recycling). That is investable. But approximately 1/2 of that is industrial demand that is quite inelastic. So only 500M oz. per year left to meet new investment flows. Let's say less than 50M per month.

Exchange and dealer inventory:

There is around 500M oz. of investable physical inventory among exchanges and dealers. That is the main buffer that absorbs demand waves that are greater than 50M oz. per month.

To summarize: Short term supply of Silver is 600M oz of physical silver during 2 months.

On the other side of the equation that determines the price of Silver is investment demand. Money. The stock and more importantly the flow.

I won't elaborate money aggregates here. Lets just say that this side of the equation is not just about money and new flows of it (you know central bank printers going brrrrrrrrr; QE eternity, MMT, direct deficit monetization etc.). It is especially about other asset classes and rotations among them.

And the biggest elephant (100 Trillion$) in the room is Fixed income market. Bonds.

Bonds of safe, high quality issuers around the world are trading at zero or negative nominal yield.

You are guaranteed to lose at least a part of nominal value by holding this instru

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The roots of Beagar in Kashmir can be traced as far back as the Ancient period during which Hindu kings ruled over it. It remained in vogue throughout the Sultanate, the Mughal, the Afghan, and the Sikh periods down to the Dogra period.

The founding of the Dogra Raj in Kashmir, in 1846,brought with it a number of policies and practices that proved detrimental to the interests of the masses, in general, and the producing class, in particular. Apart from a regressive taxation policy, Beagar or forced-cum-unpaid labour was one of the most notorious systems of oppression that the Dogra rulers imposed on Kashmiris. Although, it was not an innovation of the 19th century Kashmir, its institutionalization as an integral plan of administrative and economic structure was certainly unprecedented

In Kashmir Beagar existed in many forms. The most conspicuous form of it was the Gilgit Beagar named so because the peasants were used as porters for carrying goods and supplies for the Kashmir troops stationed in Gilgit -the harsh mountainous outpost to the north of Kashmir at a distance of about 300 miles from Srinagar. In the absence of any pucca road leading there, and an inadequate transport system, peasants particularly from the countryside were pressed into service for transportation of supplies. Without any provision for remuneration, all that they were provided with was a seer (800gms) of rice per day, enough to keep body and soul together, and the straw for making their straw shoes.

Every year thousands of coolies would be pressed for the carriage of loads to Gilgit, of whom very few returned to their homes with the result that 'Gilgit had become almost synonymous wrath "terror". Besides the fact that the peasants were forced to do this labour now convened task, and were paid no wages at all, what made the journey worse were the passages leading through narrow passes and mountains that often exposed the coolies to frost-bite and sickness; starvation and cholera were not uncommon. As a result, most of the coolies would perish enroute to Gilgit or on their way back home. Unburied corpses on the Giljit road was a common sight. The third Dogra ruler, Maharaja Pratap Singh (1885-1925), while on an inspection tour to Gilgit in 1893, himself saw skulls and bones of men scattered at a spot. Some coolies were sold as slaves to the wild inhabitants of that inhospitable region

The system assumed extremely dreadful proportions in Kashmir valley under the early Dogras mainly

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Main article: Terminology of the Low Countries

The Netherlands' turbulent history and shifts of power resulted in exceptionally many and widely varying names in different languages. There is diversity even within languages. In English, the Netherlands is also called Holland or (part of) the Low Countries, whereas the term "Dutch" is used as the demonym and adjectival form.

The Netherlands and the Low Countries

The region called the Low Countries (comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and the Country of the Netherlands, have the same toponymy. Place names with Neder, Nieder, Nedre, Nether, Lage(r) or Low(er) (in Germanic languages) and Bas or Inferior (in Romance languages) are in use in low-lying places all over Europe. They are sometimes used in a deictic relation to a higher ground that consecutively is indicated as Super(ior), Up(per), Op(per), Ober, Boven, High, Haut or Hoch. In the case of the Low Countries / Netherlands the geographical location of the lower region has been more or less downstream and near the sea. The geographical location of the upper region, however, changed tremendously over time, depending on the location of the economic and military power governing the Low Countries area. The Romans made a distinction between the Roman provinces of downstream Germania Inferior (nowadays part of Belgium and the Netherlands) and upstream Germania Superior (nowadays part of Germany). The designation 'Low' to refer to the region returns again in the 10th century Duchy of Lower Lorraine, that covered much of the Low Countries.[37][38] But this time the corresponding Upper region is Upper Lorraine, in nowadays Northern France.

The Dukes of Burgundy, who ruled from their residence in the Low Countries in the 15th century, used the term les pays de par deçà ("the lands over here") for the Low Countries, as opposed to les pays de par delà ("the lands over there") for their original homeland: Burgundy in present-day east-central France.[39] Under Habsburg rule, Les pays de par deçà developed in pays d'embas ("lands down-here"),[40] a deictic expression in relation to other Habsburg possessions like Hungary and Austria. This was translated as Neder-landen in contemporary Dutch official documents.[41] From a regional point of view, Niderlant was also the area between the Meuse and the lower Rhine in the late Middle Ages. The area known as Oberland (High country) was in this deictic context considered to begin appr

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Semper Shil'vati: And SSBverse Story: Chapter 3

Another story that takes place in the Sexy Space Babes universe written by /u/BlueFishcake. He owns the story, I just got permission to write my own. If anyone is interested is joining the Discord server and participating in writing, here's a link. https://discord.gg/aJTTaf649S


Chapter 3: Decisions

Zachary’s eyes went blank, and face expressionless, before turning back to the bartender. “Have a good night, Sheila.” Zachary said as he put money on the counter for the drinks, walked around the Shil’vati Marines, and walked out of the bar, not saying another word.

“Zachary, where are you going?” Mal’Ava asked, as she and her fellow Marine followed him out the bar. The response she got was the human flashing his middle finger, a symbol that became synonymous as an insult on Earth.

“You’ve got some fucking nerve asking me that question, Mal’Ava!” He snarled as he walked faster and faster, wanting to get away from the aliens. “After everything I lost to you people, why the fuck would you even ask me that?”

“Please just listen to me, I’m trying to help you!” Mal’Ava said desperately. This caused Zachary to stop, and turn around in her direction, a rage burning in his eyes she never saw before, and terrified her more than a little.

“Help me? You Shil’vati have a weird fucking definition of helping people out! Slaughtering millions from orbit, taking away the independence of billions, defiling our most cherished monuments, destroying religious sites, yeah, we totally wanted your fucking help!” he snarled at her, in a way that Mal’Ava had never seen before. “Like those people at the hospital, or that prisoner of war camp that was run by your Gestapo! Why the fuck do you think I want to join the same force that not only fucked up my life, but those of countless millions?”

“That wasn’t our fault!” she growled back, causing Zachary to intensify his stare.

“Which part, because I brought up quite a few!” he said, not breaking eye contact with her. Sergeant Kolani tried to interrupt, but a hand gesture from Mal’Ava stopped it.

“Our attacks on those cities were intended to knock out the military capacity within them, not intentionally damage or destroy them! And those latter two events y

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Popheads Talisman of Power #31: Lady Gaga - Chromatica

#╠ Greetings To You ╣

##We have received countless transmission communiqués from your Earth Planet’s homo sapiens. More particularly, a subspecies labeled with the colloquial vernacular of “homosexuals" have been the loudest out of all Earth Planet’s 7,874,965,825 beings with their missives, and thus, have caught our attention. We understand that your desperate pleas have been diffused all over the galaxy for some time now, to no avail.

##There can be 100 planets in this galaxy we share, and 99 of them do not hear you, but one does.

##We, the peaceful and loving denizens of the planet c̷҉͝h̴͞r̸̷͟͟͜o̷͘͢m̶̸̀͜͝a̵̕͢͠t̸̶͘̕͜į́͢c̷̶̡̧a͘͟, hear your despairing. In your woefully limited physical tongues, you may call our planet “Chromatica.”

##We have been gathering information for much time now. We have learned many things: Oppression is rampant. Hate is accessible. Division is ubiquitous.

##A sizable swath of your population has been living under a terrorist regime for the past 4 years.

##Our planet’s greatest minds in our labs have pondered and debated how best to convey this sacred gift to you, and we have come to a decision:

##We gift you with a holographic ambassador representation of our Most Great Empress Agagydal. Through the metaphysical manifestation of her holy being, you will be guided to dance through the pain until we can resolve your multitude of myriad problems.

##We are coming with the clouds, but as we are light years away, it will take much time for us to arrive. In the meantime, we give you a talisman of great power from our planet. This object of infinite greatness will precede us by many years, because we can transmit it using one of your most powerful technologies, which in your world’s terribly limited vocabulary, you call “streaming.” An album talisman of music, powerful enough to heal, named after our great planet: Chromatica.

##The expected trajectory landing of this gift shall be in your calendar time of May 29, 2020, but be aware, due to cross-broadcasting and satellited wavelength-diffusion, this talisman may experience leakage before its proper due time. Please do your best to ignore these.

##While we journey light years into your known universe, our leaders have been gathering intelligence on Earth Planet’s response to Chromatica.

##7,874,965,825 is a size too big study, so we have decided to investigate a smaller sample size of these so-calle

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Network: Missing the Obvious

Sydney Lumet's Network was released in 1979. Now, 40+ years later, people are still wildly missing the point. So (in the spirit of throwbacks), "Who wants to see something ugly about themselves?"

The catalyst

There's nothing particularly urgent about this, so if you're not the type to rubberneck at traffic accidents feel free to move along. That said, this popped up in my feed this morning, which if you're not going to click is a picture of a T-shirt with the (mis)quote, "We're MAD as HELL and We're NOT going away!" Now, for my part, I'm just trying to work out some material and the shirt alone is practically funny enough to close up shop and go home for the day, but let's see where this goes.

Two immediately (meaning "before I even bother to contextualize its phenomenal appearance in reality") relevant things about the shirt:

  1. The quotes ("...") are printed on the shirt.
  2. The second "We're" is improperly capitalized (and it can't just be a typographical error that comes with new-line territory, because the first word on the second line is actually "and").

The next two things I tell you (if you didn't look at the photo already) will probably provide all the context you need:

  1. It's red.
  2. A box of these shirts was dropped off in a parking lot in Texas by a middle-aged white woman.

Knowing this, we can now file it away somewhere under the ideological heading of our choosing and use as directed to confirm our biases. The low-hanging criticism is of course that the exact same words could be printed on a different colored shirt, and be dropped off by a different colored woman, and used in exactly the same way to confirm an obverse set of biases. But let's put that aside in favor of talking about an awesome movie.

If you haven't seen it (or even if you have), here's a link to Howard Beale's rant at the end of the film: I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore! Speech from Network (1080p) - YouTube

Compelling stuff, I know. And that's exactly the problem.

Boring heaven; lively hell

Ever since John Milton wrote Paradise Lost, critics have been aware of how appealing the "bad" can be. After all, given the centrality that Descartes's "Cogito ergo sum" placed on the evidence of our senses (and only 30 years prior, at that), how can something that feels so good be so bad, anyway?

"Modernity" carried with it the spac

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Producer Spotlight: Iggy Yongbae

Kpop producers are the unsung heroes of the industry. So today I would like to showcase the work of one of my favorite production teams, the duo commonly referred to as Iggy Yongbae. You might know them from their work with Orange Caramel, GFriend, Astro and Fromis_9. But they've been around the block, and worked with a lot of artists and groups. I've loved their work for a while, so I wanted to go all in, and look up everything they've worked on together. And that little journey eventually turned into this spotlight of their work. So if you're at all familiar, or interested in them, read on and you might find some new music, or connect some dots on things you already knew. A lot of goodies ahead!

>I did my best researching their history, but there might be mistakes. Please let me know if you see anything off, and I'll be sure to correct it. This post will be way too long as is, spanning 80+ songs and 9 years of work, so I have to omit some tracks. I'll try my best to make it legible. For reference, title tracks are linked to the official MVs, bsides to the official youtube audio, and albums to their wikipedia pages. Some songs may have additional producers involved, without me mentioning them. Personal song recommandations are in bold!

You can find their full production credits on KOMCA. Their producer ID numbers are 10001323 (Yongbae) and W0985700 (Iggy).

#An introduction

Iggy (이기 - real name: Lim Soo-ho, sometimes credited as "Lee Gi", or "Yi Ki"), and Seo Yongbae (서용배), together commonly referred to as Iggy Yongbae, are a producer duo who's worked together since 2011/2012. Probably most commonly known for their work with Orange Caramel, Astro and GFriend. But (!) they have produced for a large number of artists, and worked on a ton of amazing songs.

They both produce independently too, and are involved in a lot of other avenues, most notably: Iggy is also part of the production team OREO (responsible for songs like Yukika's Neon and GFriend's Fever). Yongbae works inhouse at Mamamoo's company RBW. He is also part of CUBE's production team TENTEN (Weki Meki's Crush, BTOB's Insane).

I would say they have two signature sounds, one big, orchestral, which is seeped in nostalgia, and one more western

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The History of Feminism and Doing Gender in India

While the women’s movement is a much earlier phenomenon, the term Feminism is a modern one.

The term became widely used in the mid 19th century when the Women’s right movement emerged in the United States of America with the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848. This was followed by the writings of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Mary Wollstonecraft, who questioned many injustices met out to women.

Hence the term Feminism emerged long after the women started questioning their inferior status and demanding an amelioration of their social position. Many groups were not comfortable with the use of the term feminist and did not identify their struggle for women’s right with this term.

Today feminist as a term is understood to denote the political stance of someone committed to changing the social position of women. Feminism comprises a number of social, cultural and political movements, theories and moral philosophies concerned with gender inequalities and equal rights for women. One can clearly see the history of feminism as consisting of three waves.

The second wave was in the 1960s and 1970s when protests were centered around women’s inequality not only in the context of women’s political rights but in the areas of family, sexuality and work.

If first-wave feminism focused upon absolute rights such as suffrage, second-wave feminism was largely concerned with other issues of equality, such as the end to discrimination .

Carol Hanish , with her essay The Personal is Political, coined a slogan that became synonymous with the second-wave and was related to the women’s liberation movement .The third wave of feminism extends from the early 1990s to the present.

Some contemporary feminists, like Katha Pollitt, consider feminism to hold simply that “women are people”.

Feminist theory developed from the feminist movement.

It takes a number of forms in researches in a variety of disciplines such as feminist geography, feminist history, feminist literary criticism etc. and the Centre for Women’s studies became the nodal centers.

In the Indian context we can see the rise of feminism and the women’s movement in two distinct phases, the pre-independence era and the post-independence era. We can divide the women’s movement into three phases:

  1. First Phase (1850-1915)

  2. Second Phase (1915-1947)

  3. Third Phase (1947-Present).

The third phase can be further classified into three sub-phases:

  • The Period of Accommodation (1947-1960s)

  • The Period of Crisis (19

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Throne of Tartarus

These creatures evolved in a world without us, and have to deal with us now that we’re back. This world belongs to u/Sparkmane.

I know it sounds like a D&D setting, but it’s a fungus. A fungus is a creature, right?

Fungi are often overlooked, but they are absolutely vital parts of ecosystems. The majority of plants would not be able to grow to large sizes without symbiotic partnerships with soil fungi. The two groups form an economy of sorts. To vastly oversimplify how things work, mycelial fungi are very good at collecting mineral resources from the soil, which they trade to the plants for photosynthesized sugars.

Fungi thirst for sugar. Without a plant partner, a fungus will do unspeakable things to get it. Yeasts are the vagrants; they stay small and unicellular to keep their sugar needs low. Their small size lets them get into places that they shouldn’t, where they will set up in huge numbers, which gets… itchy. Others are even more desperate, the lowest junkies that eat nasty shit like rotting wood or even actual shit, just to get whatever scraps of sugar remain. Still others have turned to assassination, infecting arthropods and digesting the chitin in their exoskeletons. Anything for another hit.

You got any more of that… scratches neck… sugar?

During the Great Drying, the mycelial fungi in the central deserts lost their plant partners to the spreading sand dunes. Lack of water killed off even the hardiest plants in many areas. The desperate fungi were faced with a choice: go extinct too, or go into organized crime and make a living for themselves that way.

The crimes? Racketeering, drug trafficking, and of course… murder.

The Throne of Tartarus is a fungus found in desert habitats, wherever there are few to no plants. It is a communal organism, in the same way that a Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish is a communal animal. That is, many individual organisms with simple body plans link up and specialize for certain tasks, allowing for greater overall complexity; these specialists form what are effectively organs of a full body. The Throne of Tartarus is a collection of mycelial fungi, each working together for the common good of their colony. Rather like an ant colony, each "caste" has a specific job. Some “organs” are composed of only one caste, while others are cooperatives of multiple castes at once. I won’t get too far into the minutiae of that, lest this article get really, really boring. ^(Also, I don’t know enough about fu

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The Duality of Democracy: Tomsk, Sablin, and the Ghost of Bukharin.

In the timeline of The New Order: Last Days of Europe, Bolshevik ideologue Nikolai Bukharin became de-facto leader of the Soviet Union instead of Joseph Stalin.

Bukharin was an idealistic leader, if perhaps an authoritarian one. His attempt to manage the economy with a light hand through the New Economic Policy failed, and as a result the war against the Nazi menace was lost, and his Union shattered.

Bukharin's shadow is cast over each and every warlord state in Russia in its own way. But the two I want to talk about are Tomsk and Buryatia, namely how one of them will inevitably end up repeating the mistakes that led to the authoritarianism and fall of the Union in the first place, and how one of them will not. And you might be surprised which is which.

Tomsk, officially the Central Siberian Republic, is an idealistic republic set, appropriately, in central Siberia. At beginning of the game, it is led by Boris Pasternik, but since it is a republic, once he dies it can have several different leaders depending upon who is elected.

Buryatia, officially the Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, is a warlord state that is rebelling against the last pathetic, legal remnant of Bukharin's Union, which is based in Irkutsk and is led by the chief of the NKVD, Genrikh Yagoda.

Buryatia is led by Valery Sablin, an idealistic young commissar who used to serve under Yagoda before becoming disillusion with his authoritarianism and rebelling in order to try and revive Leninism and start the October Revolution anew.

At game start, Tomsk is already a republic with a functioning government, albeit an emergency one with extraordinary powers. It has a legislature, an established bureaucracy, and a well-liked and respected president.

Buryatia is, despite the language it uses to describe itself as a free socialist republic, a totalitarian dictatorship with massive powers vested in the head of state, government, and party, Valery Sablin. In fact, when people playing the game refer to something that they did as Buyratia, they usually refer to it like Sablin did it personally; his name is more synonymous than the name of the state he commands.

It would seem that we can already see which one is fated to repeat the mistakes of Bukharin. And yet...

The system of government that Tomsk utilizes is quite unusual. Instead of political parties that compete in elections, political power in the republic is instead split between Salons, which are collections of artists, scienti

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Why do you dislike dogs!? - A complete guide and compilation

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, I do find myself often struggling to come up with a comprehensive list of elements which I dislike about dogs or dog worship when I am having a discussion. Therefore, I decided to compile of list of elements which I dislike or sentiments which are uttered by others who share a similar disdain/indifference. In that regard, I compiled some items which I have collected from various threads and would like for everyone to contribute if they feel like something is missing.

Update: Added a disclaimer to clarify a few points due to some negative messages.


Some of these are highly subjective of course and your experience and opinion may differ. Not all of these elements represent my personal feelings. The following list provides an extensive selection of issues which are not necessarily applicable to every dog or owner. Thus, it is inevitable that some generalisations are included due to the broad variety of points. The content is offensive at times and strong adjectives with a negative connotation appear.

Dogs as a pet

The look and smell:

  • Dogs are aesthetically not pleasing and generally ugly. Some of course may look majestic but more often than not, they are hideous animals. Actually, some dogs look absolutely atrocious.
  • Dogs often convey a feeling of being lost and confused, which is heavily represented in their movement and facial expression. Thus making them look brainless and vacuous. In essence, dead soulless eyes constantly staring at you.
  • It is noticeable that dogs do tend to smell unpleasant or outright awful, this scent also often permeates through households in which dogs live. There are many reasons as to why dogs generally smell horrible.
  • Often the fur feels extremely greasy.
  • Dogs tend to lose a lot of fur and it sticks everywhere. Be it on furniture, clothes or areas which need to be hygienic such as a kitchen or bathroom.
  • A lot of dog breeds do slobber everywhere and leave a disgusting trace of their saliva on everything they touch.

The behavior:

  • Compared to other animals or pets, dogs have a very limited sense of hygiene. They are not naturally inclined to clean themselves compared to other animals (such as hamsters or cats). This results in the awful stench and unpleasant touch of the animal.
  • Dogs adore to spread their feces everywhere in order to mark their territory, be it in public spots or at home.
  • Dogs primarily use their mouths for every sort of interaction. Th
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Toum is an insanely fluffy garlic sauce that comes from the Levant, and Shatta is a spicy fiery chilli sauce served all over the Middle East. Together they are the perfect condiments for sandwiches and grilled foods, full recipes inside

If you buy a shawarma or grilled meat sandwich at any Middle Eastern restaurant, you've likely had both these sauces without realising. They're so ubiquitous in Middle eastern cuisines and essential for saucing up anything, I've had them with dozens of different foods and have yet to find one they don't go with. Here's how my sauces turned out

If you'd like to support me, or prefer video recipes, here's the link to the full video recipe

What are Toum and Shatta

Toum in arabic means garlic, and it's also the name given to a specific garlic sauce from the Levant region of the Middle East. It's made by finely grinding garlic into a paste, then emulsifying it with oil and lemon to make a fluffy and delicious garlic sauce. It is closely related to the Spanish Aioli, though there is a slight difference in colour and texture. The sauce is also called Thomeya in some countries and has become synonymous with Shawarma partly due to the spread of Syrian shawarma stores throughout the region. Though most countries in the region have their own garlic sauces of some form, few have earned the reputation that Toum has. The primary difference between Toum and most of the other garlic sauces, is that Toum is very simply an emulsion of garlic and oil, other sauces such as the Egyptian Thomeya, or the saudi version usually contain Cream, Milk or eggs. The exclusion of these and the creation of a real stable emulsion, results in a fluffy sauce with the texture of a mayonnaise but 100% vegan, which means it can last a whole month in the fridge without deteriorating.

I've had Toum with all manner of foods, from falafel and shawarma, to pizza and chicken wings, and they've all been great. I find that it's also a great mayo substitute in sandwiches particulary smoked turkey or grilled cheese sandwiches. The only downside to this sauce is that you'll have a serious case of garlic breath for a few hours after eating it, but lifes short and you deserve this sauce.

Shatta (pronounced Shut-Ta) is the generic name given to chilli sauce, though it can also be known as Salsa Har (Hot Sauce) and this is usually made using a blend of fresh chillies. Unlike Toum there is no one specific recipe or formula that most people or na

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Dhu al-Qarnayn as Alexnader the Great

Qur’an 18:83-102 and the Alexander legend

The Qur’anic pericope in Surah 18:83-102 describes a figure named Dhu al-Qarnayn. Dhu al-Qarnayn is not a name, but a title, literally meaning something like “The Two-Horned Man”. After being introduced as someone who God established on the Earth, this figure is described as having travelled so far that he reaches the place where the sun sets, finding that it sets in a spring of muddy water. He also is said to have found a people living there. Then, Dhu al-Qarnayn travels some more, apparently following the sun through its course, until he finds the place where the sun rises, and finds a people there as well who have no shelter from the sun. Then, Dhu al-Qarnayn travels again and he finds the place where two mountains are separated, and there is another people there, described as being barely capable of understanding speech. These people ask Dhu al-Qarnayn, in their fear of the spread of Gog and Magog, for him to build a wall separating them from Gog and Magog. And so he does, and Gog and Magog cannot penetrate it. However, the Qur’an in rather apocalyptic manner then describes that there will be one day, at the end of the world, where this wall will be turned into trouble and the Day of Judgement will arrive.

Who is Dhu al-Qarnayn? In the late 19th century, Theodor Nöldeke proposed that he was Alexander the Great, connecting him with the stories in the Alexander Romance. This thesis was barely noticed until Kevin van Bladel revived it in a major chapter in the 2008 book The Qur’an in its Historical Context (Routledge 2008). Tommaso Tesei further developed the thesis in a 2014 paper (titled “The prophecy of Ḏū-l-Qarnayn (Q 18:83-102) and the Origins of the Qurʾānic Corpus”) and I now know of no critical scholar that challenges the thesis that Dhu al-Qarnayn is Alexander. As we will see, the evidence for this thesis is immense. Though few if any scholars challenge the identification with Alexander the Great, some people online do, so I’ll offer some comments on that towards the end of this post.

The connection

The original story of the Alexander Romance was composed by Pseudo-Callisthenes, perhaps in the 3rd century. However, much later, a Syriac and very different version of the Alexander legend known as the Neshanâ dîleh d-Aleksandrôs, hereafter the Alexander Legend, was produced. The story begins with Alexander summons his court to inquire about the edges of the world, where he wishes to go. His

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A three year history of the map I made for my in-development 2030s mod for HOI4, Exordium

Exordium is a realistic worldbuilding project consisting of two interconnected parts: an alternate history of redemption and resurrection in our nature, and a modification for Hearts of Iron IV- or perhaps, Victoria 3. The alternate history is told through imaginary maps, artwork, and narratives, while the modification depicts a World War 3 between an AI system and the rest of the world. Because of the expansive and multifaceted scale of Exordium as a project, the team is open to anyone regardless of skill level in coding, graphical design, or writing- come find us at /r/EXOmod!

The first map I ever made for the world of Exordium I ever made came after I saw this post on the Kaiserreich subreddit. It seems easily editable enough, so I did some paint bucketing in Paint.net and called it a day. If you have an observant eye, you might notice the fact that many colours from this map are still used on the current map you see used today. But anyways, this is the earliest available map I ever made for the world of Exordium. As you can tell, it is very lame, and there’s not much to say. I didn’t show it around that much. But thanks to the good ole chap /u/uncountablyInfinit (who would later become my co-worker on TNO USA, surprisingly enough), I was eventually able to create an actual map for what I wanted the world to be using this state map, at the time without a proper title and still an apparent sequel to Kaiserreich.

#September 23rd, 2018

I made this map just a few days after going into high school for the first time, and as stupid and silly it is, I can’t help but feel nostalgia looking at it. There’s so much funny mistakes, stupid concepts and ideas, and just flat out silly countries that I jotted down without a care in the world. To name a few interesting design choices I made:

  • When I was starting to get into politics I thought it would be interesting for a part of the USSR to follow anarcho-communism, in contrast with the authoritarian socialist system of the rest. The “Siberian SSR” was my first iteration of that very stupid idea.
  • Why did I include the entirety of China in the USSR? I still don’
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📅︎ Apr 11 2021
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Turkey-Azerbaijan war against Artsakh [Day 43]

> Armenia sub strives to be a quality source of up-to-date information and related developments

> => No justification, celebration or trivialisation of violence

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📅︎ Nov 08 2020
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Azerbaijan-Turkey war against Artsakh [Day 33]

> Armenia sub strives to be a quality source of up-to-date information and related developments

> => No justification, celebration or trivialisation of violence

> => No hate speech, personal attacks, trolling, low level or off-topic participation

> => Telegram channels are not official nor journalistic sources

> => When posting new info, include the link and relevant text

> Donations

> https://www.armeniafund.org <-- tax exempt for US citizens

> https://himnadram.org/en

> https://www.1000plus.am/en/payment

> Previous Megathreads (day) => 33 | 32 | 31 | 30 | 29 | 28 | 27 | 26 | 25 | 24 | 23 | 22 | 21 | 20 | 19 | 18 | 17 | 16 | 15 | 14 | 13 | 12 | [11](/r/armenia/comments/j6k76v/azerbaijanturkey_war_against_artsakh_day_11/

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📅︎ Oct 29 2020
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