People looking for jobs: AT&T is hiring 100 new technicians in San Jose/Santa Clara this year!

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I know someone who works for AT&T and they mentioned all the jobs they're about to open up here in the Bay. I think they're mainly focusing on Santa Clara and San Jose, but hey, this could help someone who's had an employment rough patch or needs a hand getting on their feet. The employment flyer is [here] (

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Junior! Chance me for CSU, UC, Northeastern

If you know who I am please do not bring this up in person. I beg of you.


  • Gender: Female
  • Race/Ethnicity: Asian American (Chinese & Vietnamese)
  • Residence: Southern California
  • Income Bracket: Low-income/Below the poverty line
  • Hooks: First generation, low-income

Intended Major(s): Electrical engineering or computer science - maybe statistics idk


  • GPA: 4.15W 3.92UW
  • Rank (or percentile): No idea besides that I am in the top 20% in my school
  • # of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc:
    • No APs available
    • Community college dual enrollment: 6
    • Private university: 2
  • Senior Year Course Load:
    • 8 dual enrollment courses

Standardized Testing

  • None, probably going to go test-optional


  1. American Chemical Society - Summer Chemical Research Intern (Last summer and upcoming summer)
  2. Upward Bound - Student Committee Member
  3. University of California Business Management Program for High Schoolers
  4. Spring Extern for a small business focused on physical therapy devices
  5. Key Club - Vice President
  6. Feminist Club - President
  7. Private tutor for two years: taught middle and high school students
  8. Junior Achievement Student Ambassador
  9. GirlsWhoCode Summer Immersion Program
  10. Took non-credit vocational courses:
  • Auto Technician (9 months)
  • Clothing Construction (9 months)
  • Information Technology Repair (9 months)
  • Plumbing 1 & Plumbing 2 (9 months)
  • Basics in Medical Terminology, Paralegal basics, First-Aid, Rapid Response, Stocks & Investments, Elderly Care (6 weeks each)

Note** I'm probably going to get a job soon too


  1. Honor Roll
  2. Excellent Citizenship Award
  3. Scholarship for private university attendance (2 times)
  4. President's Service Award Bronze
  5. CompTIA A+
  6. CompTIA Network+
  7. Certificate in Product Marketing

Universities I will be applying to:

  1. UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara
  2. Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU Long Beach, San Jose State University, San Diego State University
  3. University of San Diego
  4. Northeastern University

I took a lot of random vocational classes because I am obsessed with learning practical skills. My family is poor and my parents have bad health, so I had to step and learn how to handle household duties - vocational classes helped me become more skilled in them. I honestly don't really have much hope to

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MHA/PSE/CCA/RCA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within! 2-2-21 rollup.

This one is kinda slapdash today. Think I got most of the good stuff posted up. LOTS of straight-to-career carrier jobs and some TTO out there too. Do yourself a favor and search just in case I missed something.

Good afternoon. Brief listing of jobs pulled from for your convenience.

All jobs are full-time regular positions in Maintenance craft (some Custodial may be part-time regular) and qualify for Federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the job as typed for your search term. They seem to be very picky in MA - lot of those job postings span multiple months now.

Laborer Custodial:

SAN JOSE CA NC10529052 02/01/2021

KIRKLAND WA NC10529080 01/30/2021

WEST JORDAN UT NC10529081 01/30/2021

BROOKLYN NY NC10529048 01/29/2021

PETALUMA CA NC10529051 01/29/2021

CLARKSVILLE AR NC10529049 02/02/2021

MORRILTON AR NC10529050 02/02/2021

CAMDEN AR NC10529079 02/02/2021

KANSAS CITY MO NC10530574 02/01/2021

ROSELAND NJ NC10530650 02/01/2021

BROOKLYN NY NC10529047 01/29/2021

NORTH KINGSTOWN RI NC10526364 01/23/2021

WAREHAM MA NC10526373 01/23/2021

WAREHAM MA NC10526452 01/23/2021

Maintenance Mechanic:

GOLETA CA NC10480895 02/01/2021

RICHMOND CA NC10522564 02/01/2021

DES MOINES IA NC10530651 02/01/2021

PETALUMA CA NC10525210 01/29/2021

SAINT LOUIS MO NC10528778 01/29/2021

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:

NORTH READING MA NC10526455 01/23/2021

Electronic Technician:

FRESNO CA NC10529046 01/29/2021


LYNN MA NC10527685 01/25/2021

Non-Maintenance, don't sue me:


BUELLTON CA NC10530673 02/01/2021

WEST TISBURY MA NC10529069 01/29/2021

OAK BLUFFS MA NC10529068 01/29/2021

EDGARTOWN MA NC10529067 01/29/2021

CHILMARK MA NC10529066 01/29/2021

CHANNAHON IL NC10529065 01/29/2021

BORGER TX NC10529064 01/29/2021:

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc.

USPS provides the training.

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you**.**

Once again. ANY QUESTIONS? Post it up. Don't be shy! Get the fuck

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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!
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[MEGATHREAD] COVID-19 Philippines

^(Last Updated: 2020-04-01 04:19 pm)

As the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines continue to develop, we have created this megathread to track relevant news, updates, and discussion about the pandemic in the country. We strongly encourage users to move all items related to the story here to avoid flooding New. For more in-depth coverage on the topic visit r/coronavirus_ph

IMPORTANT: If you or anyone you know have been experiencing fever and/or respiratory symptoms with history of travel and exposure, you are urged to get in touch with DOH and call the designated hotline at (02)894-COVID (894-26843) or 1555 for Globe/TM/PLDT/Smart/Sun/TNT for appropriate management and referral

Helpful Links

Virus Impact as of 2020-04-01 4:00 PM

  • 2,311 Confirmed Cases (+227 today)
  • 615 Persons Under Investigation
  • 6,321 Persons Under Monitoring
  • 50 Recoveries (+1 today)
  • 96 Deaths from confirmed cases (+8 today)
  • Pres
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List of 129 remote jobs published in last 24h
  • DevOps Engineer ^([)^(link)^(])

  • React Native Mobile Engineer (Chandler, AZ) ^([)^(link)^(])
    Infusion Software . dba Keap
    engineering, react-native, react, javascript, mobile, engineer

  • Temporary Housing Attorney ^([)^(link)^(])
    Bay Area Legal Aid Β· California, US

  • Security Solutions - Senior Endpoint Product Manager ^([)^(link)^(])
    Elastic Β· Anywhere
    tech, product, full_time

  • SaaS conversion-focused copywriter for site copy and email projects (freelance) ^([)^(link)^(])
    Ellipsis Marketing LTD Β· Oxford, UK
    sales-marketing, contract, copywriting, anywhere-100-remote-only

  • Engineering Team Lead ^([)^(link)^(])
    engineering, exec, engineer

  • Blockchain Engineer ^([)^(link)^(])
    Request Β· Global
    engineering, blockchain, javascript, nodejs, ethereum, architecture, react, typescript, aws

  • Senior Python Back End Engineer (Remote) ^([)^(link)^(])

  • Paid Social Graphic Designers ^([)^(link)^(])
    MarketerHire Β· Anywhere
    design, anywhere, remote-friendly, freelance

  • Senior Frontend Engineer ^([)^(link)^(])
    Remote Β· Anywhere

  • AWS Focused Site Reliability Engineer ^([)^(link)^(])
    engineering, aws, python, sre, sys-admin, admin, engineer

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8ight After: if you don't believe, then you have nothing to fear -- Part 1

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Night #1

Thursday October 3, 2019

Things got serious the day I installed surveillance cameras. That night, after I kissed my wife, Deanna, goodnight, I retired to my home office to edit a video for YouTube.

Just after 1 a.m., a high pitch shriek fills the house and jolts me out of my chair. I immediately run to Deanna, toward the scream. As I dash down the hall I'm hoping she is just having night terrors.

Later, when I watched the surveillance video, I saw something different. I saw something pulling her leg. Intently, I watch, waiting for it to happen again.

I see the gentle rise and fall of Deanna's breaths as she sleeps soundly. She tosses and turns a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. She snuggles into our waterbed with her right leg hooked around the comforter exposing her foot. Suddenly, her leg kicks as if it were yanked. She's startled, but tries to fall back to sleep.

Our surveillance cameras have audio, so I could hear her grumble, "Vince, don't pull my leg. I'm trying to sleep."* I must admit, messing with her is something I regularly do, but not that night.*

Moments later, Deanna is forcibly pulled to the end of the bed. Jarred awake, she clings to the sheets trying to fight it off. It lets go, freeing her to scurry back to the headboard. She gasps and balls her limbs around her body like a child.

Surveillance Footage capture of Deanna pulled to the foot of the bed.

She scans the room attempting to make sense of what just occurred. Gaining a presence of mind, she creeps toward the foot of the bed to investigate. Slowly, she approaches the edge, grasping a fistful of the comforter for safety. She peers over but sees nothing. Relieved, Deanna rubs her face as she reassesses the room. She turns to my side of the bed and gulps, it must be there. Cautiously, she peeks over that edge, but again finds nothing and breathes a sigh of relief.

As she lingers over my side, the bedroom door behind her creaks. She turns and sees the door closing. Quickly, she sits up to glare at it. The door moves again. In a panic, with revved-up breaths, she calls for me. A hushed gasp at first, until she builds up the nerve to scream, "Vince!"

I fly out of my chair, blaze past the dogs and

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Defending the draft 2019: Jacksonville Jaguars

Defending the draft 2019: Jacksonville Jaguars.

The 2017 season was one of the best in franchise history, 2018 the team faced expectations for first time to be a super bowl contender. Week 2 was the key game of the season, vs Patriots at home, the revenge game. The Jaguars beat a patriots team and looked like the contenders out of the AFC for february. The universe though had plans to bring balance on all things, The jags ended the season 5-11 and many would argue it’s one of the more disappointing seasons the Jags have had. The offense was probably the worst offense we’ve seen since the Gabbert years, predictable and putrid, couldn’t run the ball and no pass traveled more than 3 yards. Bortles was so bad that he was cut the first hour he could be cut (1st year after his extension) and signed Nick Foles from the Eagles to replace him. Fournette after a good rookie season regressed BADLY, The OL was murdered by injuries, the TEs were non existent and the WRs couldn't catch a cold on a cold rainy day. The Jags still boasted an elite defense, but what’s the point when the defense is on the field so much since the offense couldn’t stay on the field.

This offseason the jags started with multiple cap casualties like Tashaun Gipson, Jermey Parnell and Malik Jackson to have enough caproom to sign Foles and have some for future contracts to upcoming expiring contracts. Some signings that could prove to be good are Chris Conley and Geoff Swaim. Conley might be the most athletic WR that jags have had in a while and Swaim is a great blocking TE (who can catch if need be) which was sorely missed after Marcedes Lewis was cut.

The front office for the 2019 needed to hit homeruns on the jags many holes in the roster in order to be able to contend for the AFC south and AFC as a whole, since in the division the Colts and Texans aren’t going anywhere for a long while. But also for their job security, the 2018 offseason (FAs and draft) have been as close to a disaster as possible. The rookies under performed (when an argument can be made that the best rookie out of the class was the 7th round punter… you're in trouble) and the FAs, like Donte Moncrief were horrible.

NEEDS entering draft.

OL: Depth was non-existent and the Jags cut Parnell, opening a huge hole at RT. My biggest need coming in.

TE: Can you name the last time the jags had a productive THE season? All the way back to 2010.

WR: A group consisting of players you hope take the next s

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PLA's Most Used Words

According to the automatically gernerated subtitles on youtube, these are the most used words from PLA shows.

28513 the

27359 i

21476 you

19489 a

17908 to

15575 and

12021 that

9509 in

8929 it

8713 on

8043 for

7864 i'm

7567 is

7002 like

6863 know

6033 your

6031 this

5627 me

5560 have

5207 just

5092 so

4950 not

4887 yeah

4727 okay

4703 but

4701 are

4600 don't

4588 we

4410 my

4333 up

4144 with

4132 all

4130 be

4112 was

4031 can

4011 what

3989 at

3955 now

3944 he

3647 do

3604 it's

3469 call

3467 of

3263 from

3256 no

3064 think

2984 if

2870 get

2824 here

2792 gonna

2784 about

2749 there

2599 one

2559 or

2498 you're

2491 really

2488 they

2457 phone

2410 out

2283 well

2232 that's

2126 as

2120 right

2090 show

1941 her

1935 people

1918 them

1916 number

1909 by

1849 because

1848 an

1767 back

1722 got

1705 when

1704 how

1703 go

1674 some

1665 good

1625 she

1542 yes

1522 their

1507 am

1500 i'll

1472 time

1458 going

1450 did

1446 will

1404 our

1403 would

1328 we're

1320 had

1300 see

1287 mean

1282 name

1259 want

1222 its

1211 who

1207 his

1202 cactus

1195 been

1184 then

1160 thing

1160 say

1148 something

1146 calling

1143 over

1142 more

1133 make

1130 where

1129 said

1114 other

1107 need

1105 there's

1095 should

1066 come

1063 way

1041 were

1029 work

1028 him

1020 could

1020 any

1010 oh

993 why

992 has

991 actually

989 tell

959 didn't

934 let

926 us

909 down

906 new

904 he's

898 sorry

890 maybe

872 yet

846 much

841 take

840 called

838 ok

834 only

831 last

827 which

825 sure

818 talk

813 wanna

813 very

811 week

807 give

804 they're

803 into

801 look

799 even

796 anything

774 home

770 thank

751 doing

748 put

729 next

700 day

698 lot

681 hear

674 after

670 again

669 can't

666 thanks

665 first

663 guy

658 everyone

649 car

644 i've

639 year

639 hello

637 two

637 these

636 never

633 play

628 love

627 calls

625 still

622 hi

621 what's

612 little

612 cuz

611 today

605 pretty

598 guess

596 ever

595 says

589 things

589 stuff

582 hey

578 kinda

574 trying

572 too

572 night

569 help

563 better

562 old

560 man

559 try

558 radio

556 um

551 also

548 great

545 live

542 p

533 doesn't

531 before

529 she's

529 another

527 three

527 house

526 money

523 prank

521 talking

517 numbers

508 use

504 every

502 those

497 guys

489 probably

485 idea

476 alright

475 through


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Tool's sound, tech and lights team - take a bow

Saw them live in San Jose on Jan 16th, and my god the sound just rocked. The drums were mic'd to perfection. I could feel every tom and snare hit from Danny. Justin's basslines even the ones that were not overdriven were clean. Adam had some problems that day but even with that the sound was an absolute match to their new record.

The last 3 times I saw them in the last 4 years, I realized that I always found Maynard's vocals a little off because he recorded the albums decades ago. Now that I got to Bear the new songs, I must say I was very impressed with his vocals being on point.

All in all - sound engineers, instrument technicians, lights effects and lasers team - you do a fantastic job and I thank for you for making the concert one that I cannot forget.

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[HIRING] 26 Jobs in San Jose Hiring Now!
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[MEGATHREAD] COVID-19 Philippines

^(Last Updated: 2020-04-13 04:18 pm)

As the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines continue to develop, we have created this megathread to track relevant news, updates, and discussion about the pandemic in the country. We strongly encourage users to move all items related to the story here to avoid flooding New. For more in-depth coverage on the topic visit r/coronavirus_ph

IMPORTANT: If you or anyone you know have been experiencing fever and/or respiratory symptoms with history of travel and exposure, you are urged to get in touch with DOH and call the designated hotline at (02)894-COVID (894-26843) or 1555 for Globe/TM/PLDT/Smart/Sun/TNT for appropriate management and referral

If you're seeking or offering help, please check out the community outreach thread.

The government is urging all to answer these surveys: if you are an individual consumer, if you own an SME. The data collected will allow them to shape policy on how to stimulate the economy. (Manila Bulletin)

Helpful Links and Info

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