User definition of tech support is technician providing support (definition of support is very ambiguous)

Hope you are up for another blast from the past because here comes one right at you.

So back in my days of L1 support at Local Government office, we had some office renovations/refurbishing/restructure etc and part of this entailed that the Accounts team were now in an open area/space. This also meant that whenever someone walked into their space and began to speak to them, they would jump higher than you possibly could think of for someone in a standard office swivel chair.

One fine day, like most were in this local government, I was casually walking through their department to replace their toner (which appeared to be a fortnightly occurrence - rest in peace HP 4700) I was called over by one of finance ladies. I left the toner cartridge on the printer and walked over to what I would know to become one of my first (at least I cant remember too many before that time) Face-Palm Moments.

After getting through all the usual pleasantries, she began complaining to me that people can walk up on them without them knowing that anyone was there, etc. and in conclusion she asked me whether IT had any monitor mirrors. Being the PFY that I was, although I am not that much older (arguable depending if I have shaved or not) I stand there in disbelief for what seemed to be an hour, although only 5 seconds, and asked her to explain what she was after. After interpreting her vague request, I advised her that IT don't generally stock mirrors and to try the local Automotive Parts store.

Later in the day after coming back from a session of billiards at lunch, I walk past the finance department to find that not only did this lady now have the wide-angle side mirrors that are typically found on a car, attached to the sides of her monitor, but in fact all staff in that section had them.

Walked back to our IT office and recounted story to the rest of the team and we all shared a nice laugh whilst I downed a 500mL can of V. From that day, I knew the term Tech Support had a very different meaning depending on who you were and what you did for a living.

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What is your definition of a 'technician'? Do you consider yourself one?

I guess my current definition is would include things like a light player applying heavy pressure, or someone who can repeat the steps of technique with very low variance. In a game that is so largely about technique to begin with, what's the distinction between 'skill level', and 'great technique' really?

In bjj, if you're not a technician (or it is not a direct indication of your skill), what are you?

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Rampage vs. Definition of Technician - Lady Wrestlingโ€ฆ
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1st line Service Desk doing sys admin work with SSL certificates

I'm 1st Service Desk, working for a mid size company (around 200 users). I really mean that. There's no one else, just me, single person. I'm taking a break from ITIL process management actually. I went back to SD, wanted to do technical stuff again.

Today was the day we had a wildcard SSL certificate expiring. We host multiple different portals, some used only internally, some for external users and customers. All depending on that single certificate. The responsibility for these websites is split between IT, webdev team, and couple 3rd parties.

We don't have any sys admin in-house. Two of them have quit few months back and our head of IT outsourced whole infrastructure management for on-prem stuff.

I spent whole day tracking down different people responsible for servers hosting these websites, coordinating their efforts, or installing new certificate myself where I could and had access to. I even answered a call from a 3rd party technician (definitely better paid than me), who couldn't install the certificate to IIS. Using openssl I helped him merge .crt and .key files to .pfx, which seems to be the format IIS understands. I stayed an hour longer, on a task force call with management and another 3rd party, the one responsible for infrastructure management, figuring out couple last bits. Including our VPN solution (yes, in parts it relies on the same certificate as well).

Before the call ended, I heard this from the Director of IT: "OK, you can drop off now if you want."

And they just continued talking about other stuff. No pat on the back. No thank you. Just "you can drop off".

The next time we have a major fire to put down, I'm not gonna move a finger. I'll just log a ticket, cause I'm 1st line. Or possibly by that time I'll be working somewhere else, where going the extra mile is more appreciated.

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A technician used it to check if the MLB worked...should definitely run when used next time right?
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Boring Zombies

The zombie apocalypse was SUPPOSED to collapse the government and let you fight for survival. But since the zombies are slow and stupid society hardly noticed. Now youโ€™re trying to enjoy the apocalypse between your day to day life.


The bad news? The zombie virus was airborne and spread like crazy, unstoppable and infecting everyone it came in contact with.

The good news? Symptoms didnโ€™t start until you died.

Those first few days were chaotic, to say the least. Morgue technicians definitely had the worst of it. I heard of one guy who barricaded himself in the bathroom for two days. But for all the chaos, what we didnโ€™t expect was for them to be so freakishly slow and stupid. Sure, they bit you if you gave them the chance, and that would zombify you without the need for a precursor of death, but who was stupid enough to do that? You walked around them.

The stench was unbelievable though, and I just stayed home until things got taken care of by those in charge, my windows and front door shut and sealed with duct tape. I had panic-bought snacks down the street on my way home from the corner store, so I made my way through a family-sized bag of Cheetos that first morning as I watched the news.

It was like a roller coaster. Up and down, round and round, lots of excitement, but thenโ€ฆover.

The only issue now is when someone dies. The need for security guards went up in hospice and hospitals, and everyone was aware that if a loved one died in their sleep from something like an aneurysm, you called 911 to come get the shambling corpse. As long as they hadnโ€™t managed to bite you while you were sleeping, in which case a โ€˜wellness checkโ€™ happened, with some well-trained officers on site for potential zombies. But itโ€™s so surreal, how much hasnโ€™t changed. I still go to work at Target, still play video games when I get home, still do some contract gigs on my phone for extra cash like the rest of the minimum wage workers.

And now itโ€™s against the law to go after a zombie. I mean, come on. These guys are practically comatose. We canโ€™t take a baseball bat to their head if theyโ€™re between us and our car? Theyโ€™re someoneโ€™s loved one, sure, but I feel like weโ€™re being deprived of some well-deserved cathartic lashing out if Iโ€™m being honest.

Then it finally happened: I saw one just in my day-to-day life. Stopping at the corner store for a couple candy bars, there was a thumping sound coming from the bathroom. It was only me and the cashier, a guy named R

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I donโ€™t know if im technician an OG ksi fan but Iโ€™m definitely an OG sidemen fan
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So I work for an ISP and this lady called in with a thick polish accent who didn't speak english all that well and may have been a bit innebriated. A coworker of mine informed me that he was sending her over to me to assist with streaming apps. So I begin with my opening and say "So I understand you want to watch Netflix, correct?"

She replied in a very apprehensive tone "I AM A 35 YEAR OLD WOMAN WITH A HUSBAND AND CHILDREN!!!! I DO NOT WANT TO NETFLIX WITH YOU!!!!!"

Horrified I started to try and explain "No no no not 'Netflix and Chill' I mean you are trying to watch the streaming app Netflix! Like the movie app!"

She asked to speak to someone else. I said there was no one available but I would be more than happy to assist.

She hung up on me....and then proceeded to call back 2 more times, getting me each time. On the third call I scheduled her a technician. Definitely one of the most awkward experiences I have ever had.

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Frustration at an ultrasound appointment

I had an appointment for an ultrasound this morning to see if I have endo. I was told to drink two pints of water an hour before my appointment, so I did. When the tech looked at my bladder on the ultrasound, it only had 5ml of liquid in it! All the water was still in my stomach after an hour! So we rescheduled the ultrasound for later today.

I'm just frustrated and embarrassed because I could tell the technician definitely thought I had only JUST drank the water before the appointment, when that wasn't true at all. My stomach just isn't emptying for some reason! Ugh. Anyone else had this happen?

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Phone repair technician chasing down the bugs. Or having a break? I dunno but heโ€™s definitely working hard!
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[Self] Went to Liverpool Comic Con over the weekend as Matt the Radar Technician! (Who definitely isn't Kylo Ren)
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All But One

Viโ€™amo disembarked from the freighter onto the dock at Keb. The freighter was a small ship- several dozen years out of date, probably no longer officially maintained by the manufacturer, scarred and patched many times from accidents and collisions. It had served to carry him on the last leg of his journey- and he was still alive, which was what mattered he thought wryly. He hitched his bag higher on his upper-right shoulder and steadied the bulging pack with his lower-right hand as he looked around the large bay. People of all shapes and sizes hurried about on the deck and few of them paid any attention to the diminutive Dema researcher, despite the oddity of a Dema on such a remote mining colony.

Vi didnโ€™t see any other members of his species now that he was looking for them. This wasnโ€™t particularly surprising, as they tended toward the academic and asteroid minersโ€ฆ didnโ€™t. It was still a lonely feeling to be lost in a crowd of large, strange aliens without any familiar faces. He saw the perpetually irritable owner of the ship, Kema, arguing with a dock attendant and tried unsuccessfully to catch his eye. The imposing Sen-kak had barely said two words to Vi the entire three-day journey, but at least he was a- if not friendly, at least familiar face.

Squaring his shoulders, Viโ€™amo set off onto the docks, cutting left and right through the crowd to avoid being run over or shoved by dock workers. The dock was a huge open space, perhaps as much as [ten feet] high, that contained dozens of ship-bays in a row along the outside. The inside (station-facing side) of the dock was made up of a bulkhead that sported hundreds of doors, roll-up gates and placed heavy equipment designed for lifting shipping containers. The smaller doors accommodated a steady stream of inspectors, owners, auditors, tax-collectors and technicians while the larger gates accepted shipping containers of various sizes with dozens of destinations local and distant.

Here and there, groups of workers of many different races leaned against walls and cargo containers, waiting on ships or paperwork. They grunted, rumbled, spat and chewed stimulants as Vi cautiously made his way by, looking for a particular office. He wasnโ€™t accustomed to people who worked physically or behaved so crudely. Dema invariably gravitated towards academic pursuits- engineering was considered low-class, never-mind unloading ships. The idea of physical labor was more alien thanโ€ฆ well, aliens. His people had long

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Upwards Credited Innovation: How Capitalism Tricks Us into Thinking it Innovates

So me and a friend were chatting, and we decided that there needs to be a term to describe a very specific and common trapping of neoliberal society. What we came up with was upwards credited innovation.

Definition: When the achievements of an organizations scientists, engineers, doctors, and other skilled workers are credited to the founders, investors, or executives of the organization.

Some examples include how Steve Jobs is described as a technological innovator, despite the fact that his only technical contributions to Apple came in the forms of minor design suggestions and tweaks.

Maybe this is just an extension of great man history, with the collective achievements of teams of engineers and scientists being reduced to the efforts of one person, but this tendency seems especially common in the technophilic autofellating world of the capitalist tech industry. Who does the work at Space X? Elon Musk. Who invented the Windows Operating System? Bill Gates. The engineers, scientists, and technicians who did the actual fucking work to make these innovations happen receive a little credit if they're lucky, but often die in obscurity.

That's not even to mention how the scientific contributions of universities are often misattributed to the companies that later buy their patents.

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Musings of a Long Time Long

Let me first start by saying, as I have said here before, that I am a 19 year shareholder (first stock purchase was in 2002 at $12 - which is actually $12x8 = $96 dollars today, due to the 1 for 8 reverse split in 2012). I never sold a single share for the first 18 and 3/4 years. I have sold 20% of my stake over the past 3 months. Not because I have lost faith in the Microvision investment, but rather simply because it became the responsible financial thing to do. Having said that, I still hold 80%, and will acquire more shares if the right opportunity presents itself.

Through the next few paragraphs, I will attempt to explain where I think Microvision is, not so much in regard to their technical/product/business journey per se, but rather their valuation. The major premise of this writing, is that the stock price (valuation) is not the company and the company is not the stock price. In order to make my point, I first need to take the reader through an historical journey.

Like many long time longs, I have always believed in the value of the technology. I saw it as a platform technology early on, not even knowing it would apply to the LiDAR realm many years in the future. Mini projectors were the initial attraction, putting a projector in a cell phone was the initial holy grail. But then there was the Flix bar code scanner; the light based telecommunications idea (which ultimately was spun off with the Lumera IPO); the Nomad personal display system. The Nomad was a monochrome (red) head worn retinal scan display device. To me, this was really huge. The device would revolutionize the service industry. Honda was purportedly going to buy many thousands of these devices to support their technicians worldwide. Although, the devices were going to be rather expensive, it was a no-brainer, as the productivity gains would quickly pay back the initial investment. All of these things occurred prior to 2005.

During this time, Microvision was led by then CEO, Rick Rutkowski. I have never met Rick. But I do know that under his leadership, there was seemingly a press release every week. It was an exciting time, and as a shareholder, all the updates were very encouraging. In hindsight, it seems many of these flowery updates painted a picture that was not as close to reality as we wanted to believe. Rick was articulate and a good promoter of the company, but the issue was that the technology and perhaps the overall infrastructure (wireless speeds, mobile

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Who needs an attendance policy, anyways?

EDIT: Thanks for the award!!!

This is my first time posting here, so I'm hoping this is a good fit. Please forgive me if I go into too much detail...I tend to yammer sometimes.

For seven years I worked for a major internet provider in the United States. Most existing technicians were part of a union and had been for quite some time. They had an impressive array of benefits...and an impressive hourly pay as well.

To get around this, whenever this ISP rolled out the newer, fiber-based internet/TV/phone they would create a new technician position for completing the installs and repairs. Since this new position wasn't covered by the union contract yet (It has to be voted on and whatnot), the ISP would get a year or two of running these guys ragged for minimal pay and benefits. I was one of those guys...hired on for less than I was making as a department manager working retail in order to work 50-60 hour weeks.

Once we joined the union, it came with better benefits and pay...but some things got weird. We were an addendum in the contract that covered the "old timers"...and as such a lot of our rules weren't really specified. Honestly, it felt at times our position's benefits was used as a bargaining chip by the old guard to get what they wanted...but I guess that isn't really what is important to the story. What IS important to the story is...we didn't have an official attendance policy at all. Whenever you would look up the attendance policy in the handbook, it'd tell you to "see your manager for details".

I finally managed to get a copy of what the manager's handbook said....and it wasn't good. Basically, it recommended using common sense when deciding attendance discipline. Our local managers interpreted this to mean advance to the next step of discipline unless it was literally illegal to do so.

This lead to some weird situations. One time, after a particularly long install in the southern summer running lines through an attic, I wasn't feeling too well. Definitely signs of dehydration...a headache, dizziness, wasn't thinking clearly. I called up my boss and said I need to pack it in for the day. He hmmm'd and hawww'd over it...didn't sound happy....but after reminding him that were were constantly told safety is our responsibility (a.k.a., if something goes wrong it must've been our fault), he allowed me to return to the garage. Once I was at the garage however, he told me that in order to not count as a complete absen

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Beta Part 2: Extremely abnormal negative beta as indirect evidence of the risk management of shorts that have not covered

Yay, I just noticed that the mods only require an account to be 30 days old now, so this is my first post in r/GME. It is also intended to complete my first post about beta, originally posted in r/Wallstreetbetsnew.

I will start with the Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is also a thought experiment, a working hypothesis. Letโ€™s have fun with this apes. Feel free to poke holes in it. You proceed at your own peril.


In my first post about beta, I tried to explain the concept of beta in as simple and general a way as possible. I basically said that since the beta of a short position is by definition the opposite of the beta of a long position, it is possible that the extremely negative beta of GME (around -2 to -8 by different estimates) is connected with short selling. In that post, I made a very general and intuitive point. The intuition gave me my hypothesis.

For this second post, I will try to deduce logically why the beta is so negative, why it wasnโ€™t negative before, what this means for the market and what this means for a potential short squeeze. It also requires me to go beyond the very general description of beta that I gave in my first post. So now I will go into the concept of beta on a deeper, more technical level.

Background theory โ€“ what is beta? Beta expresses a stockโ€™s sensitivity to market risk

When we say that a stock cannot have a beta of less than -1 we are not talking about the movement of the price. I didnโ€™t make that clear in my first post. Forget about the short squeeze for now. But donโ€™t worry, Iโ€™ll come back to it later. If we are looking at a stockโ€™s beta only, this is not a reflection of the volatility of its price.

Letโ€™s get fancy and use the symbol for beta โ€“ รŸ. Itโ€™s less typing too.

The reasoning behind why รŸ is correlated with the market is because รŸ reflects the market risk, also called the systematic risk.

Remember โ€“ no risk no return. Your expected return is your compensation for exposing yourself to risk. If there was no risk, there would be no return. Thatโ€™s the game.

This comes from the theory underlying the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), which tells us the return on a stock that you should expect. It is therefore not about pricing as such although by knowing what the fair return is, CAPM can help us to assess if a stock is underpriced or overpriced **in terms of the relation

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My Experience as a Medical Student

Hey everyone hope you're doing well! I am new to Reddit and wanted to share some of the cool things I've gotten to do in medical school. I recently completed the MATCH and will be moving soon, but I had so much fun throughout this adventure and wanted to share some of my experiences with you. Below is a list of some of the things I was able to be a part of during my training and hopefully gives you some motivation to keep pushing and pursuing the amazing world of medicine.

  • Did a simulation for a mass casualty incident on the first day of med school with my classmates
  • Studied a ton of really cool science material โ†’ biochem, immunology, microbiology, pathology etc.
  • Learned SO much during the first two years of medical school
  • Spent months in the cadaver lab. Got to hold a human heart and brain for the first time!
  • Presented a hypothesis of what possibly led to the death of our Cadaver using anatomic and pathophysiologic knowledge with my anatomy group
  • Completed research at a big children's hospital studying how hypoxia and congenital heart disease affect fetal neurological development which led to a manuscript!
  • Helped diagnose carcinoid syndrome by hearing a right-sided murmur on my second month of medicine rotation. The 5-HIAA ended up being elevated and the cardiology attending provided me with some great teaching.
  • Had a 17-year-old patient start crying while listening to his heart and lungs. He was there for chemotherapy...
  • Helped care for a patient who was getting a $50,000 dollar drug for a rare cancer
  • Saw a bone marrow biopsy
  • Watched robotic surgery on a learning da Vinci robotic system. It is amazing how things are 3 dimensional on the screen the surgeon is using
  • Scrubbed in and helped with a few cosmetic plastic surgery cases. Wasn't much but was honest work and fascinating, to be honest.
  • Learned you should not get filler until you are 30 but botox in your 20s is fair game according to my plastics chief
  • Met with a patient who had conversion disorder and when he became overly stressed, he would sometimes suddenly look like he was having a stroke even though he wasn't! He had all the signs and symptoms, so much so that he had received tPA -- a clot-busting drug -- multiple times even though never having actually had a stroke. He had to quit his job as a pastor due to this condition. Fascinating.
  • In family med clinic I spoke with a former space engineer with berylliosis
  • Helped make multiple splints while on surgery
  • Spent
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My journey from $14 an hour to $67k in under 2 years

Hey everyone, I hope this post does not come off as a brag but rather as a piece of inspiration and insight into my journey so far.

2 years ago (July 2019)I quit my restaurant job to pursue a network technician internship at a local MSP for $13/h. I met this employer at a college job fair. At the time I was only about a year into a cybersecurity program. 3 months later, I was offered a full time position at $14/h (see offer letter for proof). During this time, I gained experience doing network installations in data centers, office buildings, and some plants/warehouse type facilities. It was a great gig at the time. I got to travel to 6 different states for jobs which was basically like paid vacations to a young kid like me (I was 22 at the time). I stayed in this role while still attending college full time. I received a raise to $17/h in May of 2020. I personally feel like this pay was subpar but the experience I was getting was invaluable. Fast forward to November 2020, I was moved to a network planning role in the same company. No raise. This role dealt more with the administration side of my previous role. I altered network layouts and created change requests to have these alterations implemented. It was a cool experience at first but I ended up not really enjoying it much.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I started applying to jobs on LinkedIn just for fun and to see what was out there. I had a few interviews for some internships but didnโ€™t land any of those. I applied to this Network Operations Specialist position and started doing their stupid berke FIT assessment as well as a technical test. The technical test was mainly about windows 10 and windows server. They were pretty easy and I landed a zoom interview so Iโ€™m assuming I scored okay on them. The initial zoom interview was basically just a discussion about my background (everything I just explained above). I was then invited to an in person interview the following day. It wasnโ€™t much of an interview but I was shown around the office and shown what my role would be in the company (itโ€™s basically a combination of my last two roles). That was last week. Fast forward to today. I just got a call that I was being offered the position. I still havenโ€™t really process everything yet.

I really donโ€™t know If Iโ€™m really qualified for the position or not. I always feel a little bit of imposter syndrome. Was I lucky in getting this role? Yes definitely. But I did put in a lot of hard work and dedica

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For the mechanically inclined or those who are willing to learn.

Household appliance repair is one of the most overlooked trades and you can definitely benefit from this. I started in the field with no prior mechanical experience outside of wrenching on cars with my dad, and having a basic knowledge of hand tools, due to this trade being overlooked not a lot of people are jumping into the field and almost every company is hiring and willing to train with no experience. There also online courses you can take and plenty of YouTube repair videos. I went from training for 6 months with a technician to making $45k 1st yr, $60k, my second and third yr and now that Iโ€™m a technician with experience under my belt Iโ€™m on track to make $80-$100k this year and starting my own business in the near future. This job can be stressful but most weeks I work less than 40hrs(this comes with experience, skills before speed.) youโ€™ll always have work and depending who you work for they either pay hourly or commission I personally prefer commission. Iโ€™m willing to answer any questions you may have on the field Iโ€™m an open book I will tell you the good and the bad. Plus we are building a great community of technicians that are willing to help.

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HOT TAKE: EMS is getting paid exactly what they deserve, there is not a shortage of paramedics, YOU are not special, your fire department was right to take over your service, and why we need more lawsuits like the one in Las Vegas.

This is not hyperbole, I mean every word of what I said and Iโ€™m going to prove that I really mean it. So wait until the end before you bust out the pitchforks, but definitely keep them handy.

Iโ€™ll preface this with the least interesting part of the therapy session discussion Iโ€™m hoping to spark with a little about myself. Iโ€™m starting my 20th year in this profession. After having worked in 8 different states and 3 different countries from BLS 911 to air medical to overseas contractor, I can comfortably say that I have been around the block and then some. This includes brief stints participating on the state boards of EMS for 2 different states. I have worked in hospital, pre-hospital, clinic, and as a mid-level provider equivalent primary care provider [military contracts are a whole nother world]. I have seen some shit. And by FAR the worst thing Iโ€™ve ever seen is seen is the politics. Iโ€™ve got legit PTSD from having to argue with idiots.

With that out of the way, letโ€™s do some real DD on EMS, starting with what will probably be the most contentious topic:

EMS is getting paid exactly what they deserve.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics in 2020 the average pay for paramedic and EMTs (they donโ€™t differentiate) was $36,650 per year [EMS Pay]. The average pay for a receptionist was $31,110 per year [Receptionist Pay]. So if youโ€™re looking for a lateral career change, youโ€™re welcome, feel free to DM your appreciation. For comparison to other allied health professions, average pay for nurses in 2020 was $75,330 [Nursing Pay] per year, Respiratory therapists was $62,810 per year [RRT Pay].

I know what youโ€™re thinking, "LostAK, how can this be? I only get paid 5 thousand more a year than someone who answers phones! I save lives god damn it! And you have the balls to say Iโ€™m getting paid what I deserve?" Well, theoretical โ€œunderpaidโ€ EMS provider, Iโ€™m going to try and break it down for you.

You know what the receptionist (fast food worker, cabinet maker, insert profession of choice) offers that you donโ€™t? Proven and tangible OBJECTIVELY MEASURED VALUE. I made this bold because some of you have no clue what objectively measured means [[Here you go]](https://www.ras

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Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, The Promised Day

A Pebble : Previous : Next : My Other stories

Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, The Promised Day

"Feel it right behind you, a grinning monster out to kill. Feel it grow inside you, a burning flame and force of will. Thoughts of a broken Earth in ev'ry corner of my mind. A loveless world, devoid of life, is what you hope to leave behind. Hear me crying! Whoa-whoa, can't hold me down. No doubt left in my mind, I will not fall here. Whoa-whoa! Prepare to hit the ground. I'll turn your laughter into fear!"- Day of Fate, Spirit VS Spirit, Team Four Star cover because it's great and I'm not sorry

April 3rd, 2173, 14:32 Coordinated Universal Time

Citadel Tower, Citadel, Widow System, Serpent Nebula

"Embrace the cycle human." Nazara the Sovereign's voice tore into Jeanne and Saren immediately snapped into action. The augmented spectre called upon his enhanced psychic might and rushed towards Jeanne.

"Go to hell!" Jeanne roared back, her barrier slamming into Saren's briefly, the turian's skin shifting and boiling, black ichor flowing through him. 'Nanites.' Jeanne thought and swung her sword at the bastard only for him to dodge out of the way, his mouth filling with nuclear hellfire and unleashing a directed blast of plasma and screaming radiation.

Screaming defiance, Jeanne's shields slapped away the attack only to be pounded by a flurry of warped gravity, burning the air with their passage. Flashing out of existence, Jeanne reappeared behind Saren, swinging down her sword and unleashing her psychics at full strength. The turian barely managed to dodge out of the way, his barrier flaring as a shockwave of twisting gravity tore apart everything in it path, unleashing a second explosion of plasma created from what had been the floor.

Sovereign watched the fight, eyeing the human greedily, their song focusing more and more intelligence within Saren. Driving the eezo within the turian to higher and higher energy states, further concentrating its power. Jeanne could feel the turian changing and knew she couldn't match it forever. There was a practical

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William doesn't care about his kids (cause why would he? They're his kids).

So it's just a bit annoying to see a lot of people who believe that William actually cares about his kids. I kinda understand a little where the confusion comes from. And I'll set a new perspective for why he prevents Elizabeth from reaching Baby. But really my issue is people villanizing a poor child but wanting to normalize and sympathize with the murder.

1. BV is going to be sorry

2. Third time is the charm when it comes to killing Michael

3. Elizabeth in pain? Don't care!



1. BV is going to be sorry

Well, I can't a second into this without mentioning Midnight Motorist. It's assumed in this minigame, we see a reckless and violent William Afton return from killing charlie in the Security Puppet minigame. Ah, and his interactions with his kids, seems like what normal parents would do. Especially the ones that love you a lot.

This text color matches Foxy bro from Fnaf 4. So it's likely he is telling William to leave him alone.

Hmmm, I wonder why a bully like Michael would actually feel the need to protect CC from his father. Well if you haven't got the picture yet, I got more.

In this image, we see the father likely to be William screaming for the person inside to open the door. Like all fathers do.

Ah yes, you know how your father just starts screaming at a child that probably is at most 10 years old. Still don't get what I'm trying to say? Here:

In this image, we find out the child chose to break through a window.

I doubt any sane child would find a need to jump through a broken window. Assuming again this being cc who is at most 10 years old. Clearly, he feels like it makes sense for him to jump through a window. But if that's not enough the next line when he sees this should explain it all.

We see the guy here threatening his child you know as all sane parents do.

He wants to make him "sorry." This is what Foxy bro wanted to prevent. This is why the child locked his door and was willing

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Overshoot and Collapse express itself in the economy today as malinvestment and crisis.

Submission Statement: The Banking, Finance, and Insurance (BFI) Industry is an unprecedented concentrator of wealth and all the headlines and experts say it is in crisis. Like collapse itself, it progresses slowly at first, then all at once. Emergency responses like unlimited quantitative easing are life support for a terminal industry. Most importantly, BFI is increasingly unable to fulfill its nominal purpose, and because industrial civilization has very little time left to act before its end, emergency support of a failing industry represents the most egregious misallocation of human investment in history.

With what little time we have left, focusing our remaining industrial lifespan into things better able to withstand the future makes the diffence between a dimly lit future and a dark one.

Malinvestment - Intro

I've been reading and thinking alot lately about the concept of malinvestment. For this post, I define malinvestment as "Of all the investment choices available to you at one time, after making the investment decisions and seeing the results of all original choices and compared with your own, you realize with hindsight that you chose wrong."

Bitcoin is the living definition of malinvestment. It has no future in a low EROEI times to come, yet we are pouring tremendous amounts of energy and materials on it. There will come a time when large swaths of humanity will wish we had more durable hyperinsulated houses, than bitcoin. That regret is malinvestment. Bitcoin doesn't create wealth, it redistributes it within a high EROEI environment and will soon destroy it an a low one.

Malinvestment of BFI - the useless eaters

I live in a regional financial hub dominated by banks and financial services. Like all financial hubs it is among the wealthiest in the country. When I look at all the flows of money in my region, investments in GDP in our economy, I am struck with crippling despair at the malinvestment of BFI.

I see investments in skyscrapers, filled with computers, and highly paid professionals, mass transit and highways full of expensive cars designed to get commuters from their suburban mcmansions to the downtown financial hub and back again. Almost every dollar that goes to the actuarials, lawyers, software developers, technicians, maintenance personnel, account managers, executives, financial analysts and strategists, brokers restaurant workers, baristas and janitors that support

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May 2021 Noteworthy Releases on Nintendo Switch

I occasionally see people respond to my weekly Upcoming Releases posts with comments like โ€œit's just a buncha' shovelwareโ€, and I don't think people realize the potential in some of the games they're dismissing. And especially with Nintendo stepping back from their regular Nintendo Directs, I think there's likely to be a fair number of Switch players asking themselves, โ€œso now what?โ€

Because of this, before we jump into the next month, I'm going through the list of upcoming games for that month that we know about, and highlighting the ones that have a strong chance of being worth paying attention to, as well as a brief snippet about the game explaining why it's worth watching.

I will specifically only be highlighting games that have a reasonably strong pedigree, or that are otherwise particularly noteworthy in some way beyond โ€œthis looks good, it could be interesting...โ€. This means that I'll likely be mentioning a lot of ports, as it's easier to know a game will likely be good if it was already good on another platform (I'm including games that scored 75 or higher on Metacritic on other platforms, 80% positive or higher on Steam, and/or 4 or higher rating on Google Play store). I'll also mention games whose developer has a decent track record for producing quality.

Oh, and before getting into the games, I should note that this is just the list we have available right now โ€“ there are likely to be new games announced after this list comes out, as well as games on this list that get delayed. Also, I should note that this is not a list of the only games worth getting on the Switch this month โ€“ just the ones that I feel can be backed up with more than just โ€œfeelsโ€ given what we know now. And of course, since these games aren't released yet, I obviously can't know they're good, they just look promising.

I'm continuing the use of โ€œBuzz Picksโ€ to indicate titles that, while they have no clear established pedigree to indicate they'll be good or bad, they are nevertheless highly anticipated or noteworthy for other reasons.

Anyway, on to the list!

5/4 โ€“ The Colonists (Trailer) (No Metacritic score as of 5/14/21) - This game was overlooked by the critics when it came out on PC in 2018, but the user reviews on Steam are positive, with o

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First Contact - Fourth Wave - Chapter 456 - TIME/DATE ERROR

[first] [prev] [next]

The neutron stars was orbited by a single station held in a gravitational anomaly, in perfect geosynchronous orbit above another anomaly. The station had eight docking arms, was made of heavy durachrome armor that shined in the gleam of far off stars. There were two ships docked to it, both of them sleek black ships sporting the hull numbers of the Terran Combined Military Authority. The anomaly on the surface of the neutron star was single large facility, somehow in the middle of an area where the gravity was only a single G and the temperature was a balmy 120F, the atmosphere hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. A small bubble only a mile wide and a half mile high, the intense gravity of the neutron star starting at the very edge of the bubble.

The facility was strangely made, a hexagon built around an interior chamber.

Those who had found it, who had lucked onto its discovery, had been pleased to find the station intact.

The Combine officers had discovered an advanced research center, dedicated to researching gravity, heat, and stellar interactions, and had breathed a sigh of relief. The Admiral had ordered their single scientist that had any knowledge of the workings of the facility, according to records, brought from the warship that had transported them to the medical bay to be thawed out and put to work.

Only they refused to work. Refused commands. Refused to recognize any authority.

Which is why they were now in a room converted to a cell on the surface of the neutron star.


The ship was fierce, baroque, designed to instill fear and awe in any who viewed it. It penetrated the bubble of realspace generated by the massive space station and broadcast its ID to the station.

The Terran Imperium Naval Vessel In Cold Comfort had arrived. It demanded the surrender and submission of the two Combine naval vessels and their crews, as well as the station. Its guns were hot and it had the station, the research facility, and the two warships locked up with targeting systems.

The Combine Admiral reluctantly surrendered.

The Imperium had arrived.


Admiral Horstair ground his teeth as the Lord Knight of the Imperium stomped into his office, clad in heavy power armor, flanked on either side by a Sister of Wrath. He stood up

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"Sisyphus: The Myth" (comprehensive analysis of its excellent cinematography with arc shots, tracking shots, rack focus, push in, pull out, camera roll, whip pan, shaky cam, etc.)

Reasons I watched "Sisyphus" from Ep. 1 up to the confusing Finale:

A. I've liked Cho Seung-woo since I first saw him as Kwang-hyun in "The King's Doctor" aka "Horse Doctor" about seven years ago.

B. I've liked Park Shin-hye since I first saw her as the neglected queen in one of my favorite historical movies "The Royal Tailor."

I've liked Park Shin-hye even more after seeing her do all the fight scenes in "Sisyphus" without using a stunt double. People who diss her should watch out; she can fight! (I'll explain below, however, how she might have used a stunt double in the last part of the famous fight scene in Ep. 2.)

C. I was intrigued when I found out that Jin Hyuk was directing this drama. I saw and liked "Brilliant Legacy" aka "Shining Inheritance," his award-winning directorial debut in 2009. I wrote about this drama's excellent cinematography, and so, I wanted to find out how his visual style has evolved since his debut. (Besides โ€œBrilliant Legacy,โ€ Jin Hyuk also directed โ€œCity Hunter,โ€ โ€œProsecutor Princess,โ€ โ€œMasterโ€™s Sun,โ€ โ€œDoctor Stranger,โ€ and โ€œLegend of the Blue Sea.โ€ I've only watched, however, a few episodes of "City Hunter" and โ€œLegend of the Blue Sea.โ€)

Did I understand this drama's twists and turns, its logic, the time loops, and the changing timelines? Did I understand how Seo Won-ju aka Seo Gil-bok survived the nuclear explosion and fallout by >!taping a plastic sheet to his window?!< No, I didn't; I stopped trying to keep up with the drama's logic (or lack of it), the time loops, and the changes in the timelines probably at Ep. 5 because I didn't want my brain cells to dry up. After that episode, I just wanted to be entertained by Park Shin-hye's action scenes as Seo-hae, the warrior from the future; Cho Seung-woo's portrayal of Tae-sul, the genius but dorky engineer; and Kim Byung-chul's delicious villainy as Sigma. Of course, I also wanted to study Jin Hyuk's visual style.

Analysis of the drama's excellent cinematography:

Notes: For a better understanding of terms such as arc shot, tracking shot, establishing shot, push in, pull out, shaky cam, etc. please read the article โ€œTypes of Camera Movements in Film Explained: Definitive Guideโ€ from Studio Binder or watch this YouTube video. Also, I will be discussing camera movements, not CGI of whic

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Gamestop Big Picture: The Short Singularity Pt 3 - WTF edition

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This entire post represents my personal views and opinions, and should not be taken as financial advice (or advice of any kind whatsoever). I encourage you to do your own research, take anything I write with a grain of salt, and hold me accountable for any mistakes you may catch. Also, full disclosure, I hold a net long position in GME, but my cost basis is very low (average ~$67--I have to admit, the drop today was too tasty so my cost basis went up from yesterday)/share with my later buys averaged in), and I'm using money I can absolutely lose. My capital at risk and tolerance for risk generally is likely substantially different than yours. In this post I will go a little further and speculate more than I'd normally do in a post due to the questions I've been getting, so fair warning, some of it might be very wrong. I suspect we'll learn some of the truth years from now when some investigative journalist writes a book about it.

Thank you everyone for the comments and questions on the first and second post on this topic.

Today was a study in the power of fear, courage, and the levers you can pull when you wield billions of dollars...

Woops, excuse me. I'm sorry hedge fund guys... I meant trillions of dollars--I just briefly forget you control not just your own but a lot of other peoples' money too for a moment there.

Also, for people still trading this on market-based rationale (as I am), it was a good day to measure the conviction behind your thesis. I like to think I have conviction, but in case you are somehow not yet familiar with the legend of DFV, you need to see these posts (fair warning, nsfw, and some may be offended/triggered by the crude language). The last two posts might be impressive, but you should follow it in chronological order and pay attention to the evolution of sentiment in the comments to experience true enlightenment.

Anyway, I apologize, but this post will be very long--there's just a lot to unpack.


Disclaimer: given yesterday's pre-market action I didn't even pay attention to the screen until near retail pre-market. I'm less confident in my ability to read what's going on in a historical chart vs the feel I ge

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I got the job! First ever position in IT, no relevant professional background experience; finally got the opportunity I needed/wanted!

Sorry for the long post, beginning is merely background info leading up to my CCNA journey, second half is about the job.

Got a BA in Sociology in June 2016. From June 2016 - 2019 I kinda just floated through life without any real goal, plan, destination, dreams. Figured I would never really "grow up" per say, and then in 2019 I got a contract position testing self driving cars (extremely boring, bad for your back, low pay). Grated, this gave me some, very little experience using Linux.

In March of 2020 when the pandemic hit, I got laid off, and that's when I realized I needed to start going in the direction of a career and get my life together. I was contemplating about going back to school, but being 27 and already having gone through 4 years of educations, realistically that would have sent me back in a sense.

Always liked working with technology, building computers, working with software, hardware, little bit of coding here and there, but I didn't wanna become a full time software engineer. So I decided, "fuck it", and decided to go for my CCNA - whether that meant I was going to eventually become a network engineer, network admin, sysadmin, etc. - I wasn't sure, but I needed to start a career-fulfilling path.

And starting off, I know beggars can't be choosers, but I really, really did not want a helpdesk position as my first break into IT. It seems like helpdesk positions are the typical entry level position into the IT field. Granted, if I was offered one and not able to find any other different positions, I would absolutely take it.

Anyway, fast forward to April 2021 - I got my CCNA (passed on the first attempt, 840-ish), and then for about a month after that, I applied to probably close to 200 jobs. Landed a few interviews but I was mostly getting interviews and calls back for contract-related positions, and that is not what I wanted as I was already a contractor. My goal was to land a full-time position with a company and the whole shebang (benefits, 401k, PTO) - that would get me on a path to pursue my career.

Fast forward again to this week, and yesterday I went in for my third interview with this company, had to do a "lab test" so to speak, which was to build a 1U server, install CentOS, Windows server OS, and then configure the NIC with an IP address through the command line in their /27 subnet. Successfully completed the lab, toured the facility, discussed the position some more, etc. etc.

Later that same evening, I got an offici

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The coming out literacy narrative that won me a 100 and a compliment from my professor - TW Abuse, Family issues

My professor said โ€œI donโ€™t assign 100% often, but I donโ€™t read a paper like yours often either.โ€ :,)

Fixing Broken Cars Will Not Fix My Broken Home

I grew up in a small back-woods town in central Texas, population less than one thousand at any given time of my stay there. My father was a god-fearing, well-versed IT technician for as long as I could remember. He worked on tractors and kept the farm ticking away like a well-tuned pocket watch when he was not working on computers and running cables like an urban gopher. He never showed an interest in teaching me any of this--no matter how many times I begged or tried to hang around like a ghost while he worked on the farm equipment. I still remember to this very day, he had bought a faded white, very-much-loved-by-my-cousins, 1985 Jeep Wrangler.

Naturally, it was a manual transmission, and as much as I loved that beat up old Jeep, I did not have a clue how to drive a standard. I had begged and pleaded with him for months to let me fix it up, and to keep it for myself. I was about seventeen when he had brought the Jeep home and I was hooked ever since I had seen it. Hoping that maybe if he saw me taking so much initiative that he would eventually teach me how to drive it. But alas, that day never came. โ€œIโ€™m swamped with work this weekendโ€, he would gruffly snap, โ€œI have too much to do and not enough time to finish everything.โ€. Some weekends it would be an outing with his college buddies that he absolutely forbade me to join, โ€œIโ€™m going metal-detecting with Hartman and Robert, I canโ€™t this weekend.โ€. There was always something more important that magically came up; or maybe he was swamped with his work, running a small repair business out of his shop on the side. I had felt something was odd after asking the second or third time, but brushed it off and continued to stay hopeful about fixing up my newfound toy.

This continued for months, the same routine of me finding new things to fix or clean up on the Jeep, then hoping my father would see the effort being made and finally take me out to the field to learn to drive it. My hopes were fully in vain, and my mother finally got tired of seeing this routine happening. She looked at me one evening, and said โ€œGet the keys, youโ€™re learning to drive stick tonight. Weโ€™ll take her out by the boat ramps at the lake, and youโ€™re not going to stall her out either.โ€ She drove me down to the parking lot at the lake, flying down backroads and almost stalling it out a coup

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Looking for some advise regarding my life choices

I am new to coastFIRE and want to bounce off a few ideas. It is a long post but I am hoping that this community can help me in the various areas I have mentioned below.

Background - 43M in HCOL working as Program / Project Manager with stay at home spouse and two kids aged 7 and 4. Current income is $190K plus bonuses. Networth is $1.4M split as follows:

Assets - $900k in Mutual funds spread between retirement & non-retirement, $600k primary residence, $100k rental residence

Liabilities - $100k mortgage on primary residence, $60k mortgage on secondary residence

Although networth is Assets - Liabilities, I have excluded $92k in 529 plans. I punched in the following parameters into the Walletburst CoastFIRE calculator and results says I am already CoastFIRE ready and I am on if I have only $975k today. But I have more than that.

Current age: 43

Retirement age: 67

Annual spending in retirement: $100k

Current networth: I used $1M instead of $1.4M above because I assumed $400k or similar would go to a new smaller home purchase. Even if I lived in my current home, this money is essentially non-usable as it is tied to a physical asset

Monthly contribution: $0

Now, I have a couple of questions that I need your help on assuming that the inputs I used were conservative. I know I could work a few more years in my current job but I still entered monthly contribution as $0. Although coastFIRE calculator says I am ready, I could still work a few years.

  1. I need to fund my kid's college education. Assuming it will cost $150k for each kid to go to college, I will need $300k by 2032 (assuming I need all by the time my first kid goes to college). Leaving the current amount in the 529 will get me to $193K by the time the first kid goes to college. So, I will still have a deficit of about $107k. How should I plan for this deficit? If I work another 7 years I could still contribute until then but if I went with the theoretical definition of being coastFIRE ready now and dropping out of my current job, then I can't fund it monthly and I am looking at a $107K gap.
  2. Now for the next set of questions assume that I have liquid cash $35k on hand right now (not included in networth above) for which I need to seek the right option to invest
    1. My rental property has about $50k in equity. I am right now at 5% 30 year mortgage. I could potentially do a few things a) refinance the current balance to a lower rate and a 10 year term s
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A job for a deathworlder [Chapter 2]

[Chapter 1]

Chapter 2

Moar themselves made a sound that sounded distressed and heavily combed through the hair on their neck with their claws. โ€œI completely forgot,โ€ they said in a tone that made James guess a human would have their face in their hand by now.

James lifted an eyebrow at them and looked back to the door when the voice calling out sounded crisp and near, even to him. It was a high-pitched voice. High-pitched and quiet.

โ€œYes, I am here Quiisโ€, Moar shouted back towards the corridor. No one had yet appeared into view, but the shouts stopped for a moment. Then someone appeared in the door.

James had to admit, it looked a little ridiculous, seeing the tiny person standing in the ginormous doorway. He estimated that they didnโ€™t even reach up to his thigh. For Moar, they barely were as tall as their ankle. Other than Moar, they appeared to hail form a world where evolution had taken a very different path from earth. The best way he could describe them to another human, and quite frankly himself, was as a mixture of an amphibian and some kind of land shark. Their appearance was honestly quite repulsive for his eyes.

They had six limbs total. Two long and two short legs were used for elevation and locomotion, their multiple joints sticking out at concerning angles. The last two limbs were even shorter and seemingly their equivalent of arms, even though James was not sure how well they could manipulate tools considering their short length and the apparent stiffness of their three symmetrically distributed โ€œfingersโ€. Their unproportionally big head stood little way up from their arms with almost no neck. It was elongated and flat, with their three cold, dead fisheyes placed unblinking on top of its flat surface. Their maw was big and allowed no assumptions considering their diet. A round, thick tail at their backside served as counterbalance to their massive head.

And while all that may not have been appealing, what really did freak James out was their skin. Or, more specifically, what was on their skin. They were over and over covered in teeth. More specifically teeth-like scales, like sharks had them on earth, only looking way more like incisors than James was comfortable with. Their ivory body glistening softly in the white light of the laboratory, making him shiver. Of course he did not want to be rude, and he also knew that they were not at fault for hi

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Offseason with Cidolfus: The Draft

#The Draft

Two weeks ago, I reviewed our free agency acquisitions (summary: โ€œNot great, Bob!โ€) and concluded that the team's needs remain unchanged. After signing a lot of depth players, the Dolphins enter the 2021 draft seeking starters at receiver, running back, center, and edge defender.

I originally planned to post this last week. It turns out that I had a lot to say. Refer to the bottom of this post for direct links to continuations in the comments.

###Trading Back

The Dolphins traded back from third overall with the San Francisco 49ers well ahead of the draft, and we got a massive haul in return. The Laremy Tunsil trade proved the gift that keeps on giving: the Dolphins acquired the twelfth overall selection, a 2022 first-round pick, a 2022 compensatory third-round pick, and a 2023 first-round pick. Thatโ€™s a franchise-altering haul, even if those additional firsts are mid-round picks at best.

I donโ€™t have strong feelings about any specific receiver at the top of the draft. While I would have preferred to stay within the top ten, the compensation was worth falling just outside of it. The trade ensured that the first three picks off the board would be quarterbacks, and while possible, it made it unlikely that all four of Kyle Pitts, Jaโ€™Marr Chase, Devonta Smith, and Jaylen Waddle were selected by twelve. Even if the draft fell unfavorably, thereโ€™s still the top two tackles in Penei Sewell and Rashawn Slater. It would take a catastrophic scenario for all six of those players to be selected between picks four and eleven, but even then weโ€™re left with our choice of the top defensive prospects in the draft. I considered it a worthwhile risk.

The front office disagreed. The Dolphins traded the twelfth overall pick, a fourth-round pick

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PSTH Target Analysis: Starlink

Edit 2: Updated recent launches and speculation that any offer might be contingent on FCC award of RDOF grant

Edit: Thanks for the awards, comments and feedback. In response, Iโ€™ve made a few corrections/tweaks:

  • TL/DR emphasized with the final sentence
  • Fixed the source of the โ€œprize is a big oneโ€ quote to the 18 Feb PSH annual call
  • Added 1 March other space SPAC announcements
  • Provided relevant comments from the 18 Mar Wharton interview
  • Clarified my conclusion

Not sure if anyone will appreciate this long, detailed and generally meme-free post, but I decided to finally contribute some of my research rather than lurking and being frustrated about the lack of substantive information on this sub. The following are my personal thoughts and most definitely not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence, and add/suggest any information to my thinking.

TL/DR: I think Bill Ackman has wanted to work on a big project with Elon Musk for some time, and the time seems to be right for Starlink to go public. Question is whether Elon will do that with Billโ€™s PSTH I or II, or have all of those ridiculous deep-fake love affair videos ruined any chance of a serious merger? After my analysis, thereโ€™s nothing indicating that PSTH+Starlink is a hard no, but nothing indicating a yes or even a maybe. In Mythbusters lingo: Plausible.

Thesis: Bill Ackman is interested in using PSTH to merge with a high-growth, legacy-worthy company. Given the current environment, few companies fit the target criteria of PSTH more than Starlink (with the exception of current cash flow).

Initial Investment: I invested in PSTH in December by buying commons based solely on my interest in SPACs and my research on Bill Ackmanโ€™s team. My initial position was that this would be a โ€œwait and see tradeโ€ because SPACs in general were doing very well so I was confident in waiting, but didnโ€™t go too large since there was no intel on the target company and only a Q121 goal for announcing a DA. I felt good about buying commons, but didnโ€™t make any options trades because thereโ€™s far too little visibility in SPACs, specifically the unknown target company and the unknown DA date.

Betting on the Target Company: Companies that fit the criteria set for PSTH might not want or need to go public, might not know theyโ€™re ready to go public, might not realize the advantages of doing so, or might not want to deal with the hassles of being a public company. For those companies, it w

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How a Federation Economy Might Actually Work

Here we go, buckle in, because this is a novel and an honest to god attempt at working out a possible economic system for the money-less, post-scarcity, evolved sensibilities of the United Federation of Planets.

One disclaimer up front: Please don't misconstrue this post as me advocating this system for the here and now real world. This is, first and foremost, an attempt at reconciling what we've seen on screen with real life economic principles. Obviously there are many imperfections in our current systems - I don't think there's any disagreement about that, just about where the imperfections are - and this post unavoidably touches on some of them, but this is neither Marx's Communist Manifesto nor Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to spot some personal opinions between the lines, but I am neither a professional economist nor political scientist, so even if it seems a manifesto to you, remember I am just another random person on the internet, spending an unreasonable amount of time thinking about the finer details of a TV show (I should repeat to myself, "It's just a show, I should really just relax."). And all of that goes double for the political economy at the bottom - I genuinely suspect there's some significant flaw in it that's escaped my notice, and I hope the comments can reveal it.

In other words: Dear hypothetical future political opponent from when I run for public office, you can only use this post as evidence that I am a giant nerd, not that I'm a communist and/or corporatist.


Abandon all hope ye who read beyond here.

First, what we know from canon and what must be accounted for and adhered to:

  • Poverty, homelessness, and other economically induced deprivations were eliminated by the early 22nd century. First Contact, TNG: Time's Arrow.
  • The Federation doesn't "use money" any more and hasn't since at least the 22nd century. The Voyage Home, First Contact, VOY: Dark Frontier.
  • The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force behind people's life decisions, having been replaced by a drive of "improving oneself and the rest of humanity." First Contact, DS9: In the Cards.
  • Starfleet personnel (and also presumably Federation civilians) use something called "credits" in certain situations, most notably when engaging in commerce with non-Federation merchants. TNG: Encounter at Farpoint, various Deep Space Nine.
  • Private enterprises still exist in some c
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Three people went camping to Czech national park in 1987 and discovered later clearly murdered, but police didn't do much to solve this case and ended investigation with conclusion, that they were killed by a lighting

Firstly, I apologize for mistakes I will probably made, english is my second language. Any help to improve this post is highly appreciated.

I haven't seen this case on this site or even in other language, so I decided to try my best and translate it so I can post it here. I am local, so this case is also known to me for a long time and I would like to honour victims by spreading knowledge about their unfortunate and very mysterious deaths. I will provide links to maps of every place. Unfortunately, sources are all in czech.

I will start with a little bit of background for this case:The year was 1987 and Czechslovakia (today Czech republic) was under communist government. This case happened on the north side of state (region รšstรญ nad Labem) in one of the four national parks called Czech Switzerland. It's the smallest national park of them all, but definitely very beautiful and full of nature and impressive rocks. Area, where the incident occured, is near town Hล™ensko.

On 25th June 1987 three young people, Lenka V. (22 years old at the time of her death), her boyfriend Pavel H. (23 years old at the time of his death) and their friend Ing. Petr P. (26 years old at the time of his death) went on a camping trip into national park Czech Switzerland. They wanted to hike around some nice places and camp at nights. According to the graphologist, Pavel was above-average intelligent young man with normally developed feelings. He was also a little bit romantic. Lenka was young university student (her major was technology and chemisty), she was also very intelligent and had very good memory. Petr, the oldest of them, was film laboratory technician at Barrandov studios, described as very kind and popular young lad.

On 29th June 1987, around 4-5pm, they were seen by a witnes

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ITAP of my great friend Brandy (a Hull Technician), almost 4 years ago onboard my last Navy ship. She was definitely one of the best welders in the crew and truly loved her job.
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What does your weapon say about you? Add more in the comments.

Satori: Generally quite good, but particularly dangerous if you are a ninja master. The perfect weapon for someone without honor or humanity.

Chaos: Some enemies think they can change their methods to absorb your attacks. Your obsession with making them wrong has reduced your overall effectiveness. You just don't care.

Cocktail Stick: Surprisingly effective. Not the best, but very good. Extremely attractive.

Jinchu-Maru: Your loyalty is extreme- your top of the line cyberware only enhances your prodigious abilities. If someone makes the mistake of engaging you in open combat, you'll make them regret it. Rumors that this was called "chunchunmaru" are entirely without merit. Categorically.

Cottonmouth: This is not a harmless medical aid, this is a deadly and poisonous weapon. Has a variety of attack strategies. Underestimate this at your peril.

Dying Night: Starts off as one of Night City's most useless weapons, but at least the price is right. Can become incredibly deadly if constantly maintained and empowered. I hope you like headshots.

Widow Maker: "More dakka" as a lifestyle choice. Really useful if you attack unsuspecting targets. You'll probably be shot in the head when you try to reload.

Overwatch: You might be impulsive and reckless, but this incredibly useful and attractive weapon makes your gonk plans go off very professionally. You'd push your output out of your car if you had to make room for this weapon.

La Chingona Dorada: Everyone thinks you're about delivering as much firepower as possible. I mean, that's true, but you have hidden depths that make you above average in effectiveness. Particularly when partnered with a skilled technician.

Sir John Phallustiff: There are more effective weapons, but none quite as satisfying to use. It might not be worth derailing your entire playstyle for, but it's not worthless either.

Crash: You love making the first strike count, and are very methodical with your violence.

Scalpel: You don't look terribly deadly, which is why you can kill even the toughest enemies if you strike first.

Archangel: Very attractive for such an old piece. Not meant to waste away in a stash, get out there and hand out some stunningly effective bullets.

Malorian Arms 3516: Definitely an acquired taste compared to modern options, but this thing is a goddamned classic. There are people who would cut off an arm to get this weapon- which means less in the cyberpunk era, but it's the thought that counts.

Skippy: Very deman

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If You Want a Refund, You Have to Buy the Product From Us First

Man oh man, I think this happened long enough ago that I can get away with telling it now. Just a little bit of warning, this is a pretty long story. There'll be a TLDR at the end of the post for those who do not wish to read the entire thing.

Essential Backstory: I work at a computer store. At the time of this story I worked at the returns desk. It would often function as a customer service desk, but technically there is no customer service desk as the members of staff are expected to be able to help with every aspect of their respective department. Everyone's customer service. Also know that I am allowed to be very flexible with our return policy as long as it's within reason. Also I HATE working the returns desk.

This day was like any average retail day. The store I work at is run relatively well, so the day passes by smoothly. That is until about an hour before my shift ended when a teenager comes up to my desk hoping to return some computer parts. This includes RAM, a motherboard, and a CPU. He doesn't have the receipts, however receipts are not required as long as I can find the transactions in my POS (Point Of Sales) system. Thankfully he has an account and I am able to find the RAM and motherboard. The RAM I was able to give him a refund on, no issue. However the motherboard was about 50 days old. Our return policy is 30 days, but I was feeling nice. He's a kid after all, and I remember how confusing I found the world when I was a his age (which was not that long ago, but feels like a lifetime). I told him I couldn't give him his money back, but he could exchange it for a new one, or get a gift card (which was standard practice for returns outside of 30 days, but within 60).

Teen: "Well I can't have a gift card, my dad will get mad."

Me: "Okay, but I can't give you money back, you are well over the return period. So it's either gift card or an exchange."

Teen: "I guess I'll get a new motherboard then."

Me: "Which one do you want?"

Teen: "The same one I guess."

At this point I realized that I had forgotten why he wanted to return it. It wasn't required anymore, as any open product at this point would be sent back to the distributor for inspection anyway. Turns out his computer wasn't working after he put it all together so he needed new stuff.

Teen: "Yeah I don't know why it's not working."

Me: "Okay, did you want to go look around for other stuff, or did you want me to call a salesman over to grab you an other board."

Teen: "Just give

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How to profitably day trade large cap stocks and Index ETFs using Technical Analysis

There's a resurgence of interest for TA in this sub, which I think is absolutely delightful as a longtime TA technician myself, and today I am going to show you apes exactly how it's done, avoiding some pitfalls and misconceptions beginners new to TA might make. So spare 15 minutes of your time to learn to use TA like the professionals managing billions in Wallstreet.

This post is a follow up on my guide on how to buy puts for ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿป here

My trading journal from Friday 3/26

MORNING 07:00-12:00

First thing we need to do is to setup our charting tools, I would recommend Tradingview for their free yet powerful charting tools having thousands of community supplied indicators.

Next we need to open our trading chat group, to get synced with the general pulse of the market, though not as important as TA , it's at least useful so that we don't feel as lonely during trading.

Whoops, Michael is yapping about some personal matters, something about a block sale at his neighborhood. He was this preppy kid I know from high school, he moved to NY to work for some rich dude named Goldman. He said he works as a prime broker, I think that means he's flipping apartments in NY. I'm gonna pm him privately to remind him not to post personal stuff in the group. I open up my dashboards, and see that there's not much going on. This is very important for beginners, you don't have to be in the market all the time, look for a high probability play before you open a position. Let's just wait patiently until the technicals tells us to enter.

MIDDAY 12:00-15:00

Michael spamming the group again with his nonsense, I'm just going to ignore him and open a chart

Using my favorite indicators of support/resistance, MACD, VWAP and MA cross w

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Anyone want a job? Straight-forward entry-level assembly work

A local engineering company in Henderson is looking for assembly technicians. Duties include assembling products using simple hand tools. Entry-level work and on-the-job training for everything.

Very chill and laidback environment, low stress. Good match for anyone that likes working with their hands, is looking for their first job outta high school, or just wants some work experience. As much job growth as you want, definitely opportunity to turn it into a career.

Pay is 15/hr, more if you have specialized experience or relevant certs Hours are 8AM - 4:30PM Full time, so health insurance, benefits, PTO, etc Have transportation, show up on time and be eager to learn, and you'll be fine

Send a PM and I'll be happy to share more details.

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Painful sex with Endo??! Penny for your thoughts!

Anyone else on here experience 'deep dyspareunia' (medical term for when sex is very painful with deep penetration, deep positions). I have suffered this and other symptoms for years and long suspected I have endo. Currently undergoing medical investigation to finally rule out other causes and hopefully get a definitive diagnosis. Yesterday went to hospital appointment for internal (intravaginal) ultrasound scan as part of investigation. Although the technician was very nice and as careful as possible, the ultrasound hurt like hell at times, whenever cervix and or surrounding areas prodded by the ultrasound probe. I nearly hit the ceiling with the pain at times.

Unfortunately, (just to forewarn others who have never had one before,) if you experience pain during deep sex, then vaginal ultrasound IS going to hurt, quite a bit. They don't warn you of this! They say it might feel a bit uncomfortable, but nah - for women with deep dyspareunia it friggin HURTS! During the scan it is necessary to press on the cervix and push it around, to get a good scan view of things. Unfortunately this caused 10/10 level pain for me.

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Frozen Homes Pt 133: A Shared Goal

Two posts in one Day! It's almost like I got off work early.

[First] [Prev] [Next] [Wiki]

No post tomorrow gonna play some PoE. So i hope the double post today can get ya to thursday! So enjoy this one and a grand thank you to everyone sticking with me and enjoying my story!


"And I'm telling you. IT'S TOO BIG!" Rowan shouted, watching as one of the scrubber techs continued to wave the device into the hangar.

"I've seen the specs of this ship. The scrubber should fit without a problem. And if it doesn't, that means the designer or builder of this ship screwed up somewhere." The man replied, pushing himself over to the other side of the device as it slowly advanced into the hangar.

Rowan stowed his measuring device with a scowl and shook his head in annoyance as the scrubber continued its way into his hangar. Though it wasn't even halfway in, the width definitely made it too wide for his hanger, much to the technician's disagreeance. "And I'm telling you it's your device that's too big. This ship is perfect, so the error is on your side! That means you're going to have to take off the solar arrays for it to fit."

"Look, buddy. The stated measurements on this scrubber are under what's needed for it to fit. It'll definitely work, though it'll be a bit tight." The man argued, jumping over to the other side of the hanger in a fit of anger as he continued to watch the process.

"If you scratch the paint, I'm going to come after you with a rusty screwdriver." Rowan complained, moving towards the hangar control console to get a better look at the device. That's when he saw it in a much clearer light. The device was definitely too large, just as the scanners had told him a million times. "Hey buddy, you need to stop, or you'll end up smashing the solar arrays to bits."

The man looked back at Rowan in annoyance once again, but this time when he looked back at the scrubber, he noticed it had stopped moving. "What's going on?" He shouted, jumping to the top of the device to look outward.

One of the outside technicians moved away from

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[S] Capy's Survivor Reloaded: All-Stars (S8)

Welcome to the 8th season of Capy's Survivor Reloaded: All-Stars!

The Cast


Jamal Jefferson, now 58, Winner of Borneo ( u/TDSwaggyBoy )

It's been a couple of years since Jamal played on SURVIVOR's first ever season and won it all. The proud firefighter and father returned to his home, where he was met with love and support by all. Since winning, his life remained basically the same. He is still working as a firefighter, enjoying his job, although retirement may come soon as he's about to hit the big 60. He's trying to keep up on SURVIVOR and everything that's going on there, keeping in touch with his fellow Borneo alumni. When receiving the invite to All Stars, Jamal knew he had to accept. Every time they ring man, he's gonna pick up. It's time for the old man to earn his second win.


Roydon Jarrett, now 37, 5th Place in Borneo ( u/SilverOwl24 )

Since his first time he competed on Survivor, he got married to the love of his life, Brooklyn, and now has a two-year old son, Samson. He's currently studying theology to become a pastor and stay close to his family. Even though he's looking forward to playing Survivor again, he knows it'll be much harder to play this time leaving his wife and son behind, but it gives him just as much motivation to win this time.


Shawn 'The Synocpation' Voldski, now 27, 6th Place in Borneo ( u/swoldow )

Due to his medevac, The Syncopation would be left unable to drum for 6 months and ended up costing his band a lot of money. He nearly quit the group in a depressive state, and got heavily addicted to acid, leading him to overdose. He ended up surviving the OD, and realizing he needed to turn his life around and right the wrong that put him into the mess: survivor. The Syncopation is deadset on the win to the point where we will do anything and everything to win the whole game.


Dixie O'Brien, now 32, Winner of The Australian Outback ( u/dramaking_22 )

With the winnings from the outback, Dixie has since launched her own fashion line. With her fame from Survivor, along with her wish to make each article of clothing better than the other, this business has flourished. Now a working woman, Dixie still makes time for her family as much as possible. Getting the call back, Dixie was hesitant. However, after watching the other Su

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Frustration at an ultrasound appointment

I had an appointment for an ultrasound this morning to see if I have endo. I was told to drink two pints of water an hour before my appointment, so I did. When the tech looked at my bladder on the ultrasound, it only had 5ml of liquid in it! All the water was still in my stomach after an hour! So we rescheduled the ultrasound for later today.

I'm just frustrated and embarrassed because I could tell the technician definitely thought I had only JUST drank the water before the appointment, when that wasn't true at all. My stomach just isn't emptying for some reason! Ugh. Anyone else had this happen?

Also, I actually do feel like I need to pee, but the technician showed me my bladder and it was pretty much empty! But in fairness I do sometimes need to pee and then when I actually go to the bathroom, there isn't much pee actually there.

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I got the job! First ever position in IT, no relevant professional background experience; finally got the opportunity I needed/wanted!

Yesterday I went in for my third interview with a company, had to do a "lab test" so to speak, which was to build a 1U server, install CentOS, Windows server OS, and then configure the NIC with an IP address through the command line in their /27 subnet. Successfully completed the lab, toured the facility, discussed the position some more, etc. etc.

Later that same evening, I got an official offer letter from the company, thought it over for about the next 12 hours, and today I responded to that official offer, happily accepting the job.

I'm so glad these guys saw something in me and gave me a chance, coming from my background, no experience, not much to explicitly show except for my enthusiasm, willingness to learn and eagerness to excel, achieve and grow. This is the one opportunity that I needed to really get my foot in the door and break into the field. They even discussed my potential to move up within the company and asked me about my career goals for the future, which I thought was very personable and neat to hear that from a company.

I am now employed as a Data Center Technician at a colo and couldn't be more excited! They said there will certainly be a learning curve and it will take roughly 3 months to get up to speed.

I know some people do say helpdesk would be better than a data center technician as a first position, as a DC tech can mostly be seen just as a cable monkey - not deviated off the path much - merely running cables or hot swapping parts. Since this is a smaller company, it seems like there is much more than that. I'd be doing anything from building a server, configuring a firewall for a customer, troubleshooting layer 1, 2 and 3 issues - I'll be learning A LOT at this job and I'm super excited about it. I did interview with Amazon last week for the same position, and that was definitely nothing like this position - that one would be essentially doing the same task over and over again, without much opportunity to learn at all.

The job is about 40% network related stuff, 40% sysadmin related stuff, 10% other technology-related tasks and 10% administrative related tasks (checking visitor in, unboxing servers, doing security checks, etc.)

Ultimately, I'm still not quite sure what direction I want to go in my career, obviously before I am missing one of the last pieces to the puzzle - the experience .

Next goals: learn as much as I can at this position, move out of my parents house and into a more advanced position (m

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