You ready for new love? Try New Mexican

Hey everyone! I needed to post for my English class. We are supposed to create a public argument and publish it.

Here is my argument that you should try New Mexican food!

New Mexican food is special. It reminds me of home, of simpler days when I would get a certain rumbling inside, anticipating the next meal while distractedly watching Tv or playing Mario Kart with my little brother. The cravings deep within my gut compelled me to feed the beast with whatever I could. Hopefully, some chile would be on the menu. New Mexico is often termed as the “Land of Entrapment” a sarcastic reference to the state’s official motto as being the Land of Enchantment. The word entrapment has many meanings but for me, it implies a connection that pulls you back in. It wasn’t until I had left the state for an extended time, that I realized what it was that had tied me to this place, a tendril that reached past the state borders whispering to me, beckoning me back into the dusty tumbleweed and cacti filled desert of a state. To me, that tendril was made of chile.

Below is my favorite recipe for New Mexican Carne Adovada, it is great in burritos, tacos, or even with a simple side of rice, beans, and tortilla!


3 pounds of precut pork butt or pork shoulder cut into 1-inch pieces. (Its preferable to cut this on your own.)

1 medium onion (you can add two if you love onions here)

6 cloves of garlic, chopped (less or more, I’m a garlic fiend so you do you)

1 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon flour

1 teaspoon of pepper

1 cup of New Mexican Red Chile (any variety, although Hatch is the most available\popular)

1 teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon cumin

5-6 cups water, divided

Step One.

It’s always necessary to be prepared. Gather all your ingredients!

Step two.

Make sure your cooking area is ready and preheat the oven to 350

Step three.

Sauté your cubed pork.

You’ll want oil in your pan and make sure its nice and hot. Always pre-sear the meat in batches. Usually, it will be between 4 and 5 batches of seared cubes. You will each side of the pork for 2-3 minutes until each side is brown and looks crispy. We are invoking the Maillard reaction which will bring out a TON of flavor.

Step four.

The meat is prepped, now we will build our sauce. I add onions first, then garlic, add a stir or two then the salt. Cook until the onions are soft. 3-4 minutes.

Step five.

Onions are soft so we will add flour and cook the flour for a couple minutes st

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I made a full menu for 12 from a cookbook from 1880. Got drunk and forgot to take many pictures, but here are the pictures I do have, the recipes, and some thoughts.

Hello, old recipe aficionados! I'm back with an update on how my Victorian era (1880) dinner party menu went. Everything was actually delicious and I would make (and eat!) any of it again. The goal of this post is to share the recipes with you all and document the process in a much detail as I have the patience to in the hopes that some of it will be useful.

Here's the original post:

In case you don't feel like opening the link, I have a copy of Miss Parloa's New Cook-Book and Marketing Guide from 1880 and last night I hosted a dinner party to serve a menu for 12 from the book. This is the menu:

Menu text: Oyster soup (two quarts), Smelts a la tartare (three dozen), Chicken vol-au-vent (a large one), Rolled rib roast (about twelve pounds), Polish sauce, Grape Jelly, Cauliflower with cream sauce, Potato souffle, Rice croquettes (two dozen), Larded grouse with bread sauce (three grouse), Potatoes a la parisienne, Dressed celery (two heads), Royal Diplomatic pudding (the rule given), Raspberry sherbet (three quarts), vanilla ice cream (three quarts), cake, fruit, coffee (three pints of the filtered), crackers and cheese.

I ended up substituting several things either because I'm not exactly wealthy or because I had guests who don't like an ingredient. You'll notice this menu implies courses, but it doesn't specify. This is the menu I ended up with, divided up by my interpretation of the courses:

Soup Course: Consommé à la royale, made with mixed stock

Appetizer: Smelts à la Tartare, chicken vol-au-vent

First course: Rolled rib roast, tomato sauce, grape jelly, green peas à la Française, potato soufflé

Second course: Larded guinea hen and chicken with bread sauce, potatoes à la Parisienne, rice croquettes, dressed celery

Dessert: Royal diplomatic pudding, demon cake, blackberry sherbet, vanilla ice cream

By the end of this, everyone was so full and I was so tired that we didn't end up doing the last course of fruit, crackers and cheese, and coffee. It's all familiar stuff, so no real loss there honestly.

The Soup Course

The soup was consommé à la royale. It was, honestly, way better than I expected. It wasn't very photograp

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I love SKZ songs! and now SKZ too!

It's a long post, so proceed if you want to ❤.

So I wanted to make a post about SKZ because they opened up a new world of music for me.

I have been a kpop fan for 11 years now with an ARMY phase of 5yrs (now faded away). I'm mentioning this to tell you guys that I usually don't stan or follow any groups unless they actually make a big impact in me or my life (Like BTS did). Kpop has always been only music, dance and the aesthetics in MVs for me (Except BTS as I mentioned).

So I knew about SKZ when they debuted and the songs they put out at that time didn't really catch my attention, like Hellevator, District 9, My Pace (2017-2018). They kinda all sounded similar to me. The first time they did catch my eye was with 'Miroh' and I loved it, but that's all. 'Side effects' went under the radar, so did Double knot, Levanter and God's menu (Yes, God's menu😅). 'Back door' was the next song that caught my attention. Really liked the innovative choreography (knocking on a literal 'Back'). And now 'Thunderous'. Sigh.......

Thunderous took my undivided attention. I just love everything about it. The song, choreography, MV......everything. This made me dive into their album 'NOEASY' and........NO skips......period. Absolutely love it.

At this point I got familiar with this general sentiment of ppl calling their music 'noise'. I was like 'what? really!!, this is noise?'🤷‍♀️ and proceeded to continue with the rest of their discography. I also got to know that almost every song is written by 3racha (a subunit in SKZ), along with other members sometimes, and of course along with other producers as well.

I must say, I was missing out soooooo much. I just love the way they use edm elements in different ways, trying to bring out new sounds in kpop in general and then bring beautiful meanings in such experimental sounds.

Like 'Side effects'. This fits in everyway. Like the music itself is chaotic to address their chaotic emotions they are conveying through their words, along with the chaotic choreography it's just........phenomenal (That's a lot of chaotic, but the interesting thing is finding cohesion in it and human brain is generally good at it.)

Another such song is 'The Tortoise and the Hare'. This song is 'experimental' at it's core. They tell us about doing things at your own pace while referring to the famous story and moral of 'Slow and steady wins the race'. The way the songs moves is based on the meaning (it gets fast with the hare whereas

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I realized… those low sugar options are not so low sugar after all

Reducing added sugar made me realize just how much sugar is added to everything. I used to count calories but now I look at the sugar content instead. I’m surprised just how much sugar is in, for example, an iced coffee from starbucks. Just a 16oz has 23 g of sugar, which is almost the daily recommended limit of added sugar. And by limiting your choices you eliminate almost all items on the menu. I was looking at the calorie content, when I should’ve been looking at the amount of sugar instead… and I thought this was okay because my BMI was in the normal range but my body was telling me something was wrong. It’s no coincidence that after I eat something sweet, I’d get a sugar high and crash immediately or even feel my extremities tingling. When I tried to make my own coffee I couldn’t replicate the taste and a part of it is because of the added sugar… I would just use a teaspoon of table sugar when they’d use so much

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$40-ish Dinners - Week 6

Week 5 Recap (Menu HERE)

-The store was out of the fresh basil I ordered for the soup last week, but substituted a living basil plant instead! The last time they did that, I managed to keep it growing in the kitchen windowsill for months by taking cuttings and letting them root.

-I forgot to the lentil soup in the crockpot, but it worked just as well on the stovetop by cooking the lentils and then adding the rest of the ingredients and letting it simmer for 20-30 minutes. A little more time than I'd like to spend on a weeknight dinner, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Week 6:

Finally, a slower week now that soccer season is winding down. No frozen pizza, though I am going to do a take on breakfast-for-dinner with the hashbrown casserole. I went heavy on the meatless meals this time so I'll probably get some complaints from the kid. The total is higher than I'd like if you're starting from scratch, but there are quite a few things that you should already have on hand if you've followed the previous weeks' plans.

Shopping List:

*Left from previous weeks **optional


Monday - Chickpea Salad

Tuesday - Hashbrown Casserole and scrambled eggs

Wednesday - Tomato Soup/Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Thursday - Veggie Pot Pies

Friday - Mexican Rice Soup

Saturday - Black Bean Taco Sweet Potatoes

Sunday - Chopped - Broke Ass Edition


Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

1 (15-ounce) can chickpeas, rinsed and drained

1 teaspoon Dijon or spicy brown mustard

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1/4 cup diced red onion

1/4 cup diced pickle

1 teaspoon capers, drained and loosely chopped

Healthy pinch each sea salt and black pepper

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds (optional)

Sliced Bread

Carrot Sticks

  1. Place the chickpeas in a mixing bowl and mash with a fork, leaving only a few beans whole.
  2. Add mustard, maple syrup, red onion, pickle, capers, salt and pepper, and sunflower seeds (if using) to mixing bowl. Mix to incorporate. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. You can add a bit of pickle brine or more mustard if the mixture needs more liquid (add a bit more sugar to balance out the acidity of the additions though).
  3. Serve on toasted sandwich bread with carrot sticks on the sid
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Best Mac and Cheese in SLC?

Looking for the best gooey, golden gift from God 🙏

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[OI NaNoWriMo] The Prophecy and the Two Daughters

Author's note: This story was inspired by all the other NaNoWriMo stories I've read since the start of the challenge, and also other otomeisekai stories, particularly "Actually, I was the real one". I've tried to avoid anything potentially triggering, but if there is a warning that you believe this work needs, please inform me! The story and characters are original. I've posted the main story and two side stories, which will be labelled so you can skip those.


“At the dawn of the kingdom’s birth, two new souls will enter this land.

One carries the goddess' blessings, And the other brings curses and regrets.

I'll bestow upon you a simple mission, To return my blessed child in her prime

The other must be removed from my sight, else the fall of the kingdom is a matter of time."

The Kingdom of Hales. A kingdom brought to life by the Goddess, it once boasted of rich fertile lands and natural beauty. However, as the greed of the new rulers grew, Hales fell out of favour from the Goddess, leaving it vulnerable to the weather forces they had been spared from. With every passing year, it became harder to sustain the beauty and the lushness of the kingdom, and hunger and famine grew.

And yet, the royals’ greed only grew. Why wouldn't it? They never had to worry about any material needs. They had been sheltered and shielded from the poverty and the ugliness, and only ever thought to increase their treasury.

That is, until the spark of a revolution. King George VI had been assassinated in his carriage. And it was revealed that his coachmen and knights were all in cahoots. Who knows how many in the castle had turned over? It was an act of rebellion, and a frightening, albeit needed, wake up call for the new king.

The new King of Hales, King George VII, was in trouble. He had heard of the beauty of Hales from the kingdom’s founding stories, and yet his very reality was a far cry from it. He did prepare to take over the throne, but not when he was still a teen and prone to assassinations. Overwhelmed by desperation and fear, he cried out a plea for the Goddess’ blessings. One where he promised to give anything -- even his soul, if she desired it.

In response, the kingdom received the prophecy. It was a big sigh of relief for King George VII, but now he had a very important mission - to find the two daughters mentioned, and determine who was the saviour and who was the curse.

Well the first step did not require much effort. On the wee hou

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Yachi Shimizu Writes A Pizza Recipe

How to make a pizza:

Step 1: Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Step 2: Place bread in preheated oven and cover with plastic wrap, keeping the bread warm until it’s ready for consumption

Step 3: Once hot, place slices of the bread into a bowl and pour over grated cheese or tomato sauce. This should coat all edges. Serve with the desired toppings

Step 4: Mix together a bowl of ranch dressing, season with salt and pepper if desired. Use as a topping

Step 5: Mix together a bowl of mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper, using only enough to coat the bread

Step 6: Season the salad with olive oil, salt and pepper before serving

If you want to spice up your pizza, add something like diced onions or minced tomatoes along with the peppers that have been cooked to soften the dough.

Yield: Approximately 20 slices.

A few years ago, when Yachi had first heard about making Pizza Hut, she thought it was a great idea. But then she had gotten older and more successful and learned how much time is involved, so maybe not. Or maybe she just got lazy?

Whatever, Yachi was getting better at baking, anyway. She knew exactly what she needed, and knew exactly who could help her out.

Step 7: Remove the crust from the pizza and lay flat with a sharp knife on a paper towel. Press into one corner of each slice, pressing lightly, ensuring all sides are even. Lay flat with the knife on another paper towel to prevent the crust from curling in the shape of a loaf. Spread evenly with parmesan cheese. Lay flat with the knife on another paper towel to allow the cheese to spread evenly. Cover with foil. Wrap tightly to ensure pizza stays crisp. Bake for 45 minutes or longer, depending upon the quality of ingredients

After the pizza had cooled slightly, Yachi sliced it open and took a bite.

Step 8: Cut two pieces and serve with some of the dressing

For those who don't know, this is where the fun starts! Yachi has developed a recipe called “Stuffing” that involves the use of bread crumbs as stuffing. There are many ways to do this, but it's easiest to use a pastry cutter.

Step 9: Lay the pizza cut into two pieces, top and bottom halves facing one another, place two slices atop them, brush lightly with parmesan cheese and press. Repeat this four times. Cover again with foil and bake 15 minutes. After cooling slightly, remove the foil and place both halves back on top of the pizza

This step can be used as a sandwich instead, or even as an appetizer. It's pretty good either way. And it

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Egyptian falafel are made with fava beans, which makes tastier, crispier and lighter falafel than chickpeas. They've won many awards and are pretty easy to make at home. Full recipe inside and I'll also teach you about stuffed falafel

It's safe to say falafel has taken the world by storm. Other than Hummus, it's the most widely known Middle Eastern food and for good reason. The bite sized fritters are extremely crisp and if done right, they're packed full of flavour. Apart from being vegan, they're also incredibly cheap to cook and so they make for a great filling meal on a budget. It's my opinion that falafel made with fava beans are better than the more common chickpea falafel (Photo proof here), and it may just be the original ingredient historically used in falafel. It's a matter of contention that can cause rifts between Egyptians (Fava falafel) and Levantines (Chickpea falafel), however competitions and critics have confirmed this over and over again. The resulting falafel have a crispier exterior, fluffier interior, lighter texture and are just way more flavourful. To top it all off, they're a lot easier to cook and if you use this recipe, you can say good bye to falafel that fall apart when frying.

As always I have a full video recipe where I go into all the details and show off the special techniques that I mention below. If you enjoy the post I'm sure you'll also like the video.

If you just want the recipe ctrl+f for "Ingredients"

What is Falafel and how is Taameya different

If you've not had falafel before; they're deep fried fritters that are usually made from ground chickpeas. This Middle Eastern food is as synonymous with the region, as Pasta is to Italy, and it's become one of the most popular vegan foods in the world. Traditional falafel is made with lots of fresh herbs and onions, which give them a bright green colour as well as a fresh and herby flavour. For the most part falafel is considered a breakfast or lunch food, and most people in Egypt (and the Levant region) will eat falafel sandwiches

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Healthy Breakfast Zucchini with Parmesan. Lesson 4

Zucchini with parmesan in the oven is one of the greatest culinary joys of summer. In this recipe, crunchy, bright bread crumbs make up for the sweet, soft zucchini in the most delicious way. Fresh summer food. This recipe can be easily prepared for the company, if you have a huge crop of zucchini. A dietary breakfast is the basis of a proper diet. It should be both nutritious and contain a small amount of calories to keep fit or lose weight favorably.

The lessons can be read here: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3.

Many nutrition systems and diets for weight loss suggest that breakfast must be rich, nutritious and low-calorie. The morning meal should be present in any diet — it is mandatory even when losing weight. To prepare a delicious and low-calorie fitness breakfast, you don't have to wake up very early every morning to prepare it — there are many quick and simple, and most importantly useful low-calorie recipes.

It is necessary to include water in your morning diet — it helps to awaken your metabolism and prepare your body for a busy day.

A proper breakfast should consist mostly of carbohydrates. Porridge, cereals, and fruit are the perfect foods to include in your morning menu.

By choosing the right diet meals in the morning, you will feel great for the whole day. Therefore, do not miss the first meal, and you can always find recipes for dietary, healthy and delicious dishes on our website.


Olive oil 3 tablespoons
Garlic minced 2 cloves
Red pepper 1/2 teaspoon
Breadcrumbs 1/2 Cup
Parmesan cheese 3.53 oz
Fresh thyme leaves to taste
Lemon zest 2 teaspoons
salts to taste
2 large zucchini, cut lengthwise


Cooking time 25 minutes
Calculated 4 servings

Mix the oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper in a small skillet over a low heat. Cook, stirring frequently, until the garlic is soft and golden, 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat; allow to cool for 5 minutes. Stir in the b

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Representing pre-measurement preparation in recipes: units vs. products

How do those of you who use Grocy to cook represent ingredients you have to process before you measure them?

For example, when I make my granola recipe, I fill a 2 cup measure with chopped hazelnuts. By recipe-writing convention, this is "2 cups chopped hazelnuts". "2 cups hazelnuts, chopped" would mean I fill a 2 cup measure with whole hazelnuts, then chop them, which is fewer hazelnuts than I want and normally use.

To get this ingredient to appear as "2 cups chopped hazelnuts" in my granola recipe, I created a unit, "cups chopped", and a conversion factor for the product "hazelnuts". But to follow this pattern for other recipes, now I need "cups minced", "Tablespoons minced", "teaspoons minced", "cups ground" and so on. In short, I have a unit explosion after entering just a few recipes and I'm questioning my decision.

The other alternative I see is to create a product "chopped hazelnuts" and use it with the unit "cups". This could make sense, especially because we were buying chopped hazelnuts but hope to start harvesting (presumably whole) hazelnuts from a bush in our yard. But I think I would need a recipe for "chopped hazelnuts", to get Grocy to understand that I don't need to buy chopped hazelnuts when I have a stash of whole hazelnuts squirreled away somewhere. Of course by extension, I'll also need conversion recipes for "chopped apricots", "chopped onions", "minced onions", "sliced onions" and so on. Maybe multiple, since one can clearly mince sliced onions. In short, I will have a recipe explosion and I hope I never want to search for recipes with onions in them. I'm not even sure this strategy will do what I want; I have a recipe for tortillas, too, but I'm not at all proficient yet and I don't expect (or want!) Grocy to silently assume that I will make them from my stock of masa harina every time I put burritos on the menu.

How are others solving this problem? Any cautionary tales regarding attempted solutions that did not work?

Happy cooking, Blue

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Seattle Style Teriyaki

My wife is a PNW transplant and apparently generic hole in the wall teriyaki joints are a thing up there, sort of like taquerias are here. Anyway, she's been craving what she calls "basic teriyaki" and apparently nothing really satisfies. I know about Cocky Teriyaki in Cedar Park, but as we live closer to Lockhart, there's not much chance of getting up that way. Zen is close but no cigar, she claims. We tried the Bonsai Bowl food truck at St Elmo and she said that was an absolute abomination, so we shan't speak of it further.

Any PNW style teriyaki available further south?

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I am 36 years old, make $72,000, live in San Diego, CA and work as a graphic designer.

My apologies this is so late, things got WILD last week when I was supposed to post between work, school, and vehicle issues. Also I'm really verbose so I have to split this up because I wrote more than 40k characters :)

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance (and how you got there): $0. Yep, my financial life has been an absolute mess.

Savings account balance: $100 when I started this diary, up to $300 now.

Checking account balance: $3200

Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): Just over $11k. From doing dumb stuff and being an idiot with money, mostly. I took out a personal loan to get out of credit card debt, and the amount I took out still left $5k over. I transferred that to a 0% APR card, but didn't pay it down before that period ended, and ended up adding to it when I was unemployed in 2019 and EDD didn't pay me for nearly 6 months.

Student loan debt (for what degree): $22k for a certificate program in Museum Studies at Tufts University. The tuition was not that high for the program, but the federal loans gave me the full amount possible, so I wanted to use that to live on instead of working while in the program. Wasn't worth it, let me tell ya! I haven't made a payment on this in a LONG time.

Section Two: Income

Income Progression: I've been working in my field for almost 15 years, my starting salary was somewhere in the 30s. I did a lot of contract work and freelanced, so my income was all over the place. I worked full-time at an animal health company for $42,500 (grossly underpaid), left there and got another job at $65k that was a hybrid marketing/design job and also freelanced that year and made about $19k (total $84k that year). When I moved to San Diego, I took a nearly $30k paycut; the job I got here paid $55k for the first three months, then bumped up to $58k. Two or three years later, my CMO fought tooth and nail to get me $60,600, which is what I was making when I was laid off. I contracted/freelanced again, but that year ended up only making about $57k. 2020 my salary tanked to around $25-30k, and now I'm at $72k.

Currently trying to change careers into user experience (UX) design from graphic design.

Main Job Monthly Take Home: $4,092. This is just taxes as I'm a temp employee and not yet eligible for health insurance. During my diary I did join the 401k plan though.

Side Gig Monthly Take Home: $0

Any Other Monthly Income Here: $0

Section Three: Expenses

Rent: $800 for my portion

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Ha words

Build Vocabulary : List of Common English. How many words do you know? World Class Learning "Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used" .... Dr. Carl Sagan

Home | Computers | Stories for Kids | Learn English | Facts (Did you know ?) | Please Support Us | Contact Us | Sitemap | Blog Click Here to Get Free Question Papers, Mock Tests, Practice Sets for SSC, Bank Jobs, RRB and other Govt Jobs

Learn Verbs || Learn Tenses || Learn Articles || Active & Passive Voice || Learn Auxiliaries || Common Errors in English Usage | Do you Know || Idioms || Parts of Speech ||Phrasal Verbs ||Build Vocabulary

Most Common Words 4000 Most Common English Words

dialogue language rhythm a diamond lap abandon diary large rib ability dictate largely ribbon able die laser rice abortion diet last rich about differ late rid above difference lately ride abroad different later rider absence differently Latin ridge absolute difficult latter ridiculous absolutely difficulty laugh rifle absorb dig laughter right abstract digital launch rim abuse dignity law ring academic dilemma lawmaker riot accelerate dimension lawn rip accent diminish lawsuit rise accept dining lawyer risk acceptable dinner lay risky acceptance dip layer ritual access diplomat lead rival accessible diplomatic leader river accident direct leadership road accommodate direction leading robot accompany directly leaf rock accomplish director league rocket accomplishment dirt lean rod according dirty leap role account disability learn roll accountability disabled learning rolling accounting disagree least Roman accuracy disappear leather romance accurate disappointed leave romantic accurately disappointment lecture roof accusation disaster left room accuse disc leg root achieve discipline legacy rope achievement disclose legal rose acid discount legally rough acknowledge discourage legend roughly acquire discourse legislation round acquisition discover legislative route across discovery legislator routine act discrimination legislature routinely action discuss legitimate row active discussion lemon royal actively disease lend rub activist dish length rubber activity disk lens ruin actor dismiss less rule actress disorder lesson ruling actual display let rumor actually dispute letter run ad dissolve level runner adapt distance liability running add distant liberal rural added distinct liberty

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S24 E07 - A Wedding In Hell

(Narrator) Last time on Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas II, the chefs were out to the test to create dishes written on the back of their jackets, and in the end, the winner was an easy decision. At dinner service, it was family night, and despite Braden tasting the risotto with his finger, Angela’s natural leadership made the blue team finished strong. In the red kitchen, Sam’s pasta, and Paige’s scallops slowed down the red kitchen appetizers, but more mistakes happened in entrees with Jonah’s chicken, Paige’s garnish, and Sam’s chicken, which kicked them out. The red team nominated Jonah, Paige and Sam, and it was Sam that said goodbye to her dream of becoming Head Chef at the Stratosphere restaraunt.


When the chefs head back to the dorms, Chef Ramsay tells Angela to come and see him for a few seconds. The thing Chef Ramsay tells Angela is that she has got the leadership qualities, and that she had helped the men work together, which was what he wanted to see. After speaking with Chef Ramsay, Angela knew that she was one of the strongest chefs in the competition, and still had the skill and passion to become the Head Chef at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. When Angela heads back to the doors, Jamal was jealous, and thinked that Angela was going to be the best chef in the competition. The blue team later got into a circle, put their hands in the middle, and said “great dinner service”. John-Lukas liked the idea of having Angela on her team because it separates the stronger chefs from the drama, and felt like Braden was their next to go.

When the red team headed back in the dorms, Paige felt like she had dodged a bullet, but was still hoping that she can bounce back. On the way back, Julie accompanied her, and told her that during her time in the kitchen, she has made mistakes, and also knew that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Donna was still shocked that one of her best friends, Sam has left the competition, and Paige was still in the competition, and felt like she had the passion but not much else. Sabrina also felt that they were probably going to lose every dinner service after losing one of their strongest members on the red team. Donna then mentioned that she can still lead her team to victory, but they still won a challenge without Angela on their team.

Team Challenge

The next morning, the chefs walk into the dining room, and there is a shot with a TV showing photos of Chef Ramsay‘s marriage with Tana. When most of the chefs saw the p

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Some useful vocabulary for restaurants
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[P] Ask my GPT2 Transformer what to cook

A friend of mine and I created an AI that writes recipes. We trained a hugging-face transformer on our own scraped dataset of german recipes. And after some fiddling, it create sensible output. And now I thought it would be fun translating the german recipes into English by another AI. You can find the source code on github. We even built a whole website for 100k+ german recipes generated by a computer. And I want to soon add AI-generated jokes...

And some results are just hilarious:

Cane sugar

  • 6 cup/s of cane sugar
  • 4 tsp. cane sugar
  • 2 tbsp. lemon juice
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tsp clove(s)
  • Vanilla

Rinse the peels with water and water. If you do not have peels, you will need to omit the peel. Drain peels through a fine sieve. Mix well with remaining ingredients and pour into a clean bottle. Screw cap on and let stand for about 1 year. Tastes best when it has stood in a cool place. It tastes great with less sugar crystals and is a great side dish for anything.

Quick Spice Pasta

  • 500 g noodles
  • 0.5 l milk
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • salt and pepper
  • Herbs

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water until al dente, drain, and drain. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the pasta until golden brown. Then add the milk and bring it to boil briefly. Season with salt and pepper and fold in the herbs. This dish can be served as a dip or as a sauce.

Summer vinegar sponges

  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp. sugar
  • 2 tbsp. vinegar
  • 5 cup/s of water
  • 0.75 cup/n oil

Remove the green tea bag and mix all the water well with the salt until the salt is completely dissolved. Place in the refrigerator to infuse for 30 minutes. Caramelize the sugar in a saucepan. Add the vinegar milk and heat, stirring constantly, until the caramel is completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into a cup and place it in the refrigerator. Keeps in the refrigerator for at least 1 week.

The first AI Christmas Menu

Okay, how about creating a whole menu? First, we serve a Christmas punch. As a starter, we have a Vegan Zucchini Coconut Milk Soup. The main course is the exquisite Raisin Feast. For nibbling afterward, there is [Zucchini - Zucchini - Cookies with Cloves](http

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Wecipe Wednesday - July 28, 2021 - Overabundance

Welcome back to Wecipe Wednesday. I volunteered to lead a return of this longstanding regular thread at r/loseit at least until the end of March 2021. Since no one has stepped up to take my place yet, I'll keep going until I run out of recipes.

I'll include the ingredients list, nutritional information along with other hints. Some recipes are vegetarian/vegan, others not so much.

Post your favourite healthy recipes here to share with the rest of the loseit community! Recipes don't have to fit this week's theme at all, they should just be something that you can eat reasonably frequently while actively losing weight.

Due to the spirit of the sub, please try to include the calorie and nutritional information if at all possible. MyFitnessPal has awesome recipe calculators you can use!

For the most part, I target my meals to have a component in the 350-550 kcal range. My breakfast and lunch tend to be right around 400 kcal each and dinner can be a bit heavier, or include a side dish to bring the calories up a bit. When I was eating 1650 kcal/day the breakdown was roughly 400/400/600/250 for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks.

Anyhow: enough background on to the recipes!


I’m moving houses this week so things are a bit nuts.

We are growing basil among our tomatoes and have also received a few large bunches from our CSA and we are also still getting more fennel. The tomatoes are only just beginning so no Caprese for use just quite yet.

Last night I made some quick pickled fennel and carrots so that I could move last week’s fennel out of the crisper drawer and use some of the carrots we got two weeks ago before they get ugly.

Still planning on making the fennel relish for salmon, but with this week’s batch of fennel.

The celery egg and feta salad from last week is also on the menu as we got some CSA celery too and our garden celery is beginning to look like what they gave us. Thin stalks lots of leaves.

But Basil is what I need to figure out what to do with large amounts of it that isn’t pesto. So this Thai inspired stir fry will be the basis for dinner tonight.

I’m going to use breast instead of thigh and serve over brown jasmine rice and I think the portion size may be a bit large at the original 715 kcal/serving.

  • 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken brea
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Fed random cat tins of tuna

I'll try and make this brief. A neighbour's cat who chills in our garden a lot got extra curious and peered into our house. I thought it might be hungry and looked around for something for it to eat. Saw some cans of tuna and layed one out on a plate for it to eat while i made some eggs for myself and joined in on the feast. It ate about 3/4. Tonight while I was dozing off it climbed on top of our bathroom and peered into my bedroom window so I thought I made a new friend and layed out the other can for it. It ate about 1/3 which is when i decided to take the rest away and search it up because while I know they eat and can hunt fish tunas are not naturally on their menu and might have too high mercury. Saw things about only feeding teaspoons, neurological damage and steatitis and felt very guilty and worried. I obviously won't do it again, but am just wondering if I've already done significant harm or if he/she will be fine.

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Mai Tai using Peanut Orgeat. My family is doing a weeklong lock-in since 2020 has been cancelled. My 6 year old nephew, though not drinking, is severely allergic to the majority of nuts and some legumes... but not peanuts.
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Baked pork knuckle in the oven with apples

Photo by the author

Today in our menu – baked knuckle in the oven with apples. For a good meat dish, just a few ingredients, a simple recipe and a little patience are enough.

The taste of pork shank is well complemented by garlic, cumin, sauerkraut, beer or honey marinade and, of course, apples. We will bake the meat in the oven on a vegetable pillow. Moreover, vegetables will take longer to cook than meat.

Pork knuckle cooked in suvida. This is a ready-made semi-finished product that does not need to be baked for 2 hours, as a raw product. It takes 30-40 minutes to bring the meat to taste. It will be juicy, soft and fragrant. Suvid technology, in which products are prepared in a vacuum, has a lot of advantages. Among them, the uniformity of cooking, preserving the benefits and "clean" taste of the product. If desired, you can add hot pepper to the dish, and replace the beer completely or partially with аpple cider.


4 servings

Pork knuckle 2 PCs
Sea salt 2 teaspoons
Cumin 2 teaspoons
Garlic 3 cloves of garlic
Onion 2 PCs
Apples, sliced 4 pieces
Potatoes, cut into quarters 4 PCs
Beer 16.91 fl oz (500 ml)
Boiled water 16.91 fl oz (500 ml)


Cooking time 1 hour 20 minutes

Place the sliced onion and potatoes on the bottom of the baking dish. Add salt, cumin and garlic. Pour one glass of beer. Bake at 338F (170°C) for 30 minutes.

Then put the knuckle and аpple slices on the vegetables. Pour the remaining beer over the meat. Bake for another 30 minutes at  428F ( 220°C).

Transfer the knuckle to a chopping board, and place the apples and potatoes in a separate dish. What is left in the baking dish, pour into a saucepan, add 0.5 liters of boiling water and put on the fire. Boil the liquid to the consistency of sauce. Pass it through a sieve so that the large onion slices are crushed.

Separate the meat from the bone and divide into fibers. Serve with potatoes, apples and sauce.

Use boiling water for the sauce as needed. If you will bake the dish covered, you may not need to add water. Bon Appetit!


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A smoregesbord of Nui Cobalt Designs reviews (Valentines 2021, Epithets of Athena, April Fools 2021, Bees 2021, Cobalt Druids, Winter 2020 etc).

That snappy Gemini season energy finally kicked in for me today (and my nose is finally healed albeit a bit crooked but functioning after a nasty fall- gotta love the natural grace of a cancer, haha) and I bring to you long-overdue ramblings from one of my favourite houses of fragrance (Many thanks to Josh and Forest at Nui Cobalt Designs for allowing me to sample and be reunited with the following fragrances).

Without further ado...

Kazzate: Tiramisu (The beloved Italian classic: golden vanilla lady-fingers infused with espresso and Marsala wine, then layered with sweet mascarpone, and finished with a fine dusting of cocoa. Wear when you need to slow down and restore calm. It’s a uniquely grounding and stabilizing blend.)

A textbook rendering of a classic decadent dessert magically smooshed into a vial. One wave of the applicator wand and then huff of the wrist and you immediately recognize the iconic dessert with layers of espresso drenched buttery lady-fingers (along with a hint of booziness of wine; this is an adult indulgence after all), sweet whipped cream mixed with mascarpone and a dusting of cocoa powder for that familiar bitter chocolate finish of a picture-perfect Tiramisu! There is also a drop of Nui's superb honey hiding in the espresso dipped syrup lady-fingers and the drydown reminds me of my beloved Malarkey from last year's lineup with the egg whipped cream. Mmm one dab and you are in heaven with Kazzate and on me, this perfume lasts well into the next day bringing my nose to my wrist for one more huff and rumble of my stomach throughout the night.

Pish-Tosh: Passionfruit Custard Tart (A bright, tropical tang complements smooth vanilla custard cradled in classical shortbread crust. Wear for protection against interpersonal drama and discord. It instantly conjures a sunnier disposition and enchants any room with the spirit of levity.)

As it says on the tin, a bright tropical fruit evenly balanced vanilla dessert with a non-soggy bottomed shortbread crust fragrance. Passionfruit and the word Pish-Tosh are such underused stars of ingredients in perfumery and everyday vocabulary, Nui Cobalt is here to correct that! On me, there is another fruit possibly apricot mixed with the beautiful tartness of the passionfruit, plum and vanilla adding just a bit of more grounding element and again I smell a drop of Nui Cobalt's trademark spring honey at the base with the buttery shortbread. J

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"Impeachable" NEIPA recipe.

On this historic day I wanted to share the full recipe and method for my "Impeachable" NEIPA.

This is by far the best NEIPA I have made, nice light colour, very smooth and juicy, fully and completely hazy.

I will admit to using the "cheat-mode" combination of hops, Mosaic and Citra, but it is a genuinely perfect fit for the style.

The use of Vermont Ale yeast imparts wonderful peach notes as well, and this really brings the brew together. I've had some success with "grassier" hops in other NEIPAs, such as Galaxy or Vic Secret, and it works well, and can add some balance, but I can't lie - I'm after the full juice effect.

That said, I don't put juice into beers, so it's all got to come from the hops and yeast. There are a LOT of hops go into this brew - this is the drink that taught me first hand about hop burn. (It does fade, but you don't want to drink it the week after kegging).

Also a surprise for some is the use of table sugar. In such a high quality and frankly expensive batch that can raise eyebrows, but I just say suspend your judgement and try it.

I first made this in Summer 2018, and posted my beer menu that included it here well over a year ago ( ) .

If you'll allow me a moment to gloat on my prescience, my two tap beers on that menu were "Impeachable" & "Quid Pro Quo".

Here's the label for the beer:

The label is very simple but I was always proud of the fact that it could be read three ways, as "Impeachable", as "I'm Peach Ale", or vertically as IPA. :D

Without further ado here's the grain bill:

4Kg / 8.8 lb Pilsner Malt

1Kg / 2.2 lb Malted Oats

1Kg / 2.2 lb Flaked Wheat

750g/ 1.6 lb Table Sugar

Other additions: Calcium Chloride

Hops are Mosaic and Citra

And for the Yeast: Vermont Ale Yeast, by the Yeast Bay (WLP4000)


We're aiming for ~19l / 5US gallon of wort in the FV. Adjust your Mash / Sparge volumes depending on your devices, to deliver approx 22-24l at boil (5.8-6.3 US gallon), again depending on your setup.

Mash for 50 minutes at 65c / 149f

Mash out for 10 minutes at 75c / 167f


In terms of hop additions, we have:

30g / 1 Oz Mosaic at start of boil (60 mins) Note: I'm assuming Alpha Acids of about 13% for Mosaic. You can vary the bittering hops quantity with that in mind.

You do want to add 2 teaspoons of Calcium Chloride during the boil. This will make the beer "s

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Baked stuffed pike with herbs

Baked stuffed pike with herbs will perfectly decorate the festive table. The pike prepared in this way is very tasty, it is eaten with pleasure by both adults and children. Pike is a very good fish for stuffing. And so that the minced meat does not seem too dry and fresh, you can add vegetables and mushrooms to it.


Designed for 5 servings
Pike 33.51 oz
Mayonnaise 2 tablespoons
Salt 2 teaspoons
White bread 3.53 oz
Milk 1 Cup
Chicken egg 1 piece
Onion 2 heads
Rice 3 tablespoons
Greens to taste
Ground black pepper to taste


Calories 243 kcal
Proteins and 7.6 grams
Fat 9.8 grams
Carbohydrates 31.8 grams


Cooking time 1 hour 15 minutes

  1. Pike to clean (the abdomen is not cut), fins aren't cut out to separate the head, remove the gills. Make incisions in a circle, separating the skin from the meat. Carefully, slowly, remove the skin. At the base of the tail, chop off the bone. Remove the entrails from the fish. Separate the meat from the bones (it separates very easily).

  2. Soak bread in milk. Skip the pike fillet , bread, and onion through a meat grinder (you can chop everything in a blender). Finely chop the greens. Mix meat, onion, bread, rice, and herbs. Season with salt and pepper. Add egg. Stir well.

  3. fill the skin with the Resulting mass (it is not necessary to fill it very tightly, otherwise the skin may burst). Put it on the foil (the foil can be slightly greased with vegetable oil), attach the head. Brush with mayonnaise. Wrap the foil.

  4. Put in the oven. Bake at 356 F degrees for an hour. Cool completely, and only then unwrap the foil. Serve the pike cold. Decorate to taste. I made a net of mayonnaise, made a crown of onions. Let the pike cool on a baking sheet, then transfer to a dish. Festive stuffed pike can be decorated with lemon slices, pomegranate seeds, and mayonnaise patterns.

By the way, I did not cook in foil, but simply greased the pan with oil and laid out the fish. Bon Appetit!

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$40-ish Dinners for Three - Week 3

I'm going to be kind of busy for a couple of days, so I'm going to go ahead and post this before time gets away from me.

Week 2 Recap/Notes (shopping list/menu found HERE):

-We ended up having something come up one night this week, so we only needed the 6 planned dinners. This is one reason that I tend to only plan for 6 meals in a week. I'd rather be able to get creative, or eat leftovers, one night than throw out something that went bad because it didn't get cooked.

-For the potato soup (which the kid hated, BTW), I ended up stirring in some of the cajun spice mix that I had from the red beans and rice into my bowl. It gave it a nice kick. I had a tiny bit of shredded cheddar cheese that I had left on top as well. My husband ate it plain.

-Speaking of the soup, by the time I got ready to make it, we were running low on milk. I ended up using a 50/50 mixture of milk and chicken broth. It came out fine, just needed a little less salt than normal.

-If anyone is interested, I can recommend a few cheap "upgrades" to some of these meals. These are things that I left out because it doesn't fit into the $40 goal, but are nice additions.

Week 3:

This is 6 nights worth of dinners for 2 adults and an 8 year-old who eats like a picky hobbit. The shopping list assumes that you're starting from scratch, but if you've followed the last two weeks' plans then you should have some of the ingredients on hand already. These are the prices in my low COLA.

Shopping List:

If you've been following weeks one and two then you may have some garlic, cumin, and soy sauce left.


Monday - Peanut Stew

Tuesday - Black Bean Chicken

Wednesday - Breakfast for Dinner

Thursday - Frozen Pizza

Friday - Thai-Style veggie ramen with peanut sauce

Saturday - Bean Burritos

Sunday - Chopped - Broke Ass Edition


Peanut Stew

4 cloves garlic

1 Tbsp grated fresh ginger

1 sweet potato (about 1 lb.)

1 medium onion

1 tsp cumin

1 6oz. can tomato paste

1/2 cup natural style peanut butter

6 cups chicken or vegetable broth

12 oz frozen spinach or other greens

  1. Peel and grate the ginger using a small holed cheese grater. Mince the garlic, and dice the onion. Sauté the onion, ginger, a
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[PRIMAL MEAL PLAN] for week of 17OCT2021

This week is a very "low-meat" menu. I started getting monthly meat delivery through Butcherbox (referral link, we both get a benefit if you get it!) and the meat quality is very good for the price, though the quantity is a bit less than what I usually buy from Costco or Winn Dixie or whatever. I'm trying again to cut back somewhat on meat consumption and increase my veggies, and it provides me a good way to do it.

It's been a bit since I thanked my Patreon supporters...thank you SO MUCH! These are Dustin, Lacey, Erika, Misty, and Joe who have generously chosen to donate a bit of money each week that the meal plan goes out. I DO NOT have it charge anyone on weeks when I don't send out the plan. You can do as little as $1 a week, or do more if you like. If I've helped you cut out a bad fast food habit for $5+ a day, I'd appreciate if you could toss me back even a fraction of that. All added up, it helps buy some of the groceries each week!

COVID cases have been falling in most places, but PLEASE continue to be careful. I hope that many of you have been able to make it through and continue to go forward without catching it, but even if you have please get vaccinated; there's a pile of evidence that even if you've already had it, being vaccinated can help stop you from catching it a second time, and even if you do happen to get it twice, it will be much more mild with the vaccine vs the natural resistance you may have got.

Instant Pot Collard Greens - This will work in a crock pot or just a regular pot on the stove top, but the instant pot makes it extra fast. If you don't eat pork, you can use smoked turkey legs instead. Obviously you can use whatever seasoned salt you want.

Speedy Ratatouille with Goat Cheese - Having an actual rat under your hat helping you make it is optional.

Cajun Cauliflower Casserole - This has a bit of everything...sausage, chicken, shrimp,'s very gumbo-ish.

Spinach, Feta, and Tarragon Frittata - Frittata is just a fancy name for an omelette. Yummy!

Potato-And-Broccoli Soup - Even though it's warm, I do like a hearty soup occasionally.

Grocery List

Canned and Jar Goods

☐ 1/4 Cup Reduced-sodium chicken broth  
☐ 3 cups canned low-sodium chicken broth or homemade stock  
☐ 32 oz Chicken Broth, low sodium  
☐ 2 oz Cans Whole tomatoes 14.5 each  
☐ 1 Tbsp Tomato paste


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Need recipe ideas for virtual cooking class


This is long, but I got excited. 😅

TL;DR: I need menu suggestions for a zoom cooking class my office has asked me to teach. I did this last year and did Italian-esque dishes, so want to try and stay away from Italian. A cocktail, an appetizer, a main, and a dessert. Dessert not mandatory. Needs to be completed in no more than 1.5 hours. Easy-medium skill level and no totally bananas equipment requirements. Ingredient lists go out ahead of time so folks can shop and then cook along. A few simple “do-ahead” steps is ok.

Self-Deprecating Preamble (Can Skip):

Let’s get this out of the way: I am not a professional nor do I work in a field even semi-adjacent to any aspect of food. I was taught by my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, the early days of food network, and the internet. Very active and ambitious home cook. On a résumé, I would say that I’m north of proficient. Probably too generous, haha.

Relevant Background:

I’m being asked to teach another zoom cooking class for a small group of summer interns and co-workers as a social activity for the interns. We send ingredient lists out ahead of time so folks can shop and cook a long if they’d like. Last year, the majority of my group cooked along.

The Ask:

I need menu/dish ideas that are not overtly Italian—as noted below, I did Italian last summer.

Easy to medium skill level; no off the wall equipment requirements.

Cocktail (a mock tail option would be great, but not required); an appetizer; a main; and a dessert. Dessert isn’t mandatory.

It needs to be able to be completed in under 1.5 hours, but the closer to 1 hour the better.

Historical Data From Last Summer:

The goal for me was that the group could take away a few basics and customize to their own preferences. Here’s what we made:

-Cocktail: I taught what I know about making cocktails with egg whites (acid, dry shake/reverse, aquafaba swap, etc.) and showed two variations (bourbon, honey, lemon; and one with gin & lime). Talked about the basic idea/formula and went through lots of other different options. I asked everyone participating at home to make simple syrup the night before.

-Appetizer: a griddled piece of toast with a “southern summer caprese.” Burrata, mozz, or ricotta (whatever people could find), peaches (I’m in Atlanta and found good ones), tomatoes, basil, and mint—the last three of which I got from my home garden (channeling my inner Ina Garten, I was sure to let everyone

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3000 words

a abandon ability able abortion about above abroad absence absolute absolutely absorb abuse academic accept access accident accompany accomplish according account accurate accuse achieve achievement acid acknowledge acquire across act action active activist activity actor actress actual actually ad adapt add addition additional address adequate adjust adjustment administration administrator admire admission admit adolescent adopt adult advance advanced advantage adventure advertising advice advise adviser advocate affair affect afford afraid African African-American after afternoon again against age agency agenda agent aggressive ago agree agreement agricultural ah ahead aid aide AIDS aim air aircraft airline airport album alcohol alive all alliance allow ally almost alone along already also alter alternative although always AM amazing American among amount analysis analyst analyze ancient and anger angle angry animal anniversary announce annual another answer anticipate anxiety any anybody anymore anyone anything anyway anywhere apart apartment apparent apparently appeal appear appearance apple application apply appoint appointment appreciate approach appropriate approval approve approximately Arab architect area argue argument arise arm armed army around arrange arrangement arrest arrival arrive art article artist artistic as Asian aside ask asleep aspect assault assert assess assessment asset assign assignment assist assistance assistant associate association assume assumption assure at athlete athletic atmosphere attach attack attempt attend attention attitude attorney attract attractive attribute audience author authority auto available average avoid award aware awareness away awful baby back background bad badly bag bake balance ball ban band bank bar barely barrel barrier base baseball basic basically basis basket basketball bathroom battery battle be beach bean bear beat beautiful beauty because become bed bedroom beer before begin beginning behavior behind being belief believe bell belong below belt bench bend beneath benefit beside besides best bet better between beyond Bible big bike bill billion bind biological bird birth birthday bit bite black blade blame blanket blind block blood blow blue board boat body bomb bombing bond bone book boom boot border born borrow boss both bother bottle bottom boundary bowl box boy boyfriend brain branch brand bread break breakfast breast breath breathe brick bridge brief briefly bright brilliant bring British

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S24 E02 - Sweet Surprise

(Narration) Last time on Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas II, 18 new chefs from across America stepped into the kitchen which became a haunted house at first sight…but the spookiness ended later, and Chef Ramsay informed them to cook their signature dish. While Dominic, and Sabrina have their times highest scores on 5, Rohan failed to live up to his country, and Caitlyn finished her dish over 30 minutes in the challenge with a scorched plate. However, the worst dish tended to be Felix. In the end, It was Paige’s fried catfish ramen…that clinched the first victory for the women, and then a sweet treat stood out in the back for their first Individual challenge…

Continuing Challenge

Chef Ramsay introduced two punnishment passes for the best dishes on the red team and the blue team. However, he announced that somebody will be going home after the challenge, surprising Felix, after his 1 on his signature dish, for using the canned crawfish. He made sure to bounce back, so he can win the pass and get out on the reward. Julie declared that it would be the best prize for her, and also mentioned that she had a love for chocolate desserts. John-Lukas mentioned that it was going to be the perfect challenge for him as he was Mexican, and used to work at a bake shop, thinking that he had it in the bag. Later, Chef Ramsay advised the chefs to start making their chocolate desserts.

(Skips Cooking)

Once everyone has finished making their chocolate desserts, Chef Ramsay asks Sous Chefs, Christina and Jason to taste the best three dishes and the worst three dishes. Chef Ramsay asked for the best dishes to be tasted first. Chef Ramsay asked Chef Christina for the three best dishes on the red team. Chef Christina announces that the best chocolate desserts on the red team belong to Angela, Donna and Julie. The first person to bring up their dish was Angela who made a double chocolate brownie with a blackberry sauce. When Chef Ramsay bit into the brownie, he declared that her brownie was very moist, and told her to taste her blackberry sauce, because he wanted to know how much sugar she put into her blackberry sauce. Angela declared that she put in a tablespoon. Chef Ramsay told her that she needed to put in a teaspoon as it would make her sauce less sweeter, and Angela did not know if she was having the run for the Punishment Pass or not.

The next person from the red team to bring up their dish was Donna who made a chocolate spiced rum cake with a cinnamon whipped cream and b

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Where can I find some paella?

Can somebody point me towards a good paella locally? I need inspiration.

Either way, thanks yall

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Gratin of tomatoes

Photo by the author

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Gratin of tomatoes baked under a crisp crust of cheese and bread crumbs is a great option for a vegetable side dish or hot appetizer. Delicious, easy-to-prepare tomato gratin is a rich and delicious dish that will bring a pleasant variety to the everyday and festive menu.


Cooking time 1 hour

5 servings

Cherry tomatoes 21.16 oz ( 600 g)
Olive oil 5 tablespoons
Mix of Italian herbs (dried Basil) 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
White bread (dried) 7.05 oz (200 g)
Garlic 3 cloves
Parsley 1 bunch
Cheese 5.29 oz (150 g)
198 kcal per 100 grams of ingredients


Prepared on the basis of cherry tomatoes, baked under a crunchy aromatic crust of bread crumbs, cheese and fresh herbs, gratin is simple in composition, but it turns out very juicy, fragrant and delicious. This dish is a godsend for cases when you need a hot appetizer, side dish or light dinner.

Grease the baking dish with a thin layer of olive oil. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Put the tomatoes in a baking dish. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a mixture of Italian herbs (or dried Basil), and salt and ground black pepper to taste. Mix everything well so that the oil and spices are evenly distributed.

Cut the crust from the dried white bread - you won't need it. Cut the bread into large cubes. You can pre-slightly dry fresh bread in a pan or in the oven. In a blender bowl, place the parsley leaves, garlic cloves, 2 pinches of salt and olive oil.

Whisk everything for a few minutes, until smooth. Add the bread and grate the cheese to a fine crumble. Put the mixture on the tomatoes and distribute evenly.

Place the form in the oven, preheated to 392F (200C) degrees and bake for 12-15 minutes. When the mixture of cheese and bread crumbs is browned, cover the form with foil. Bake the gratin for another 25-30 minutes. Tomato gratin is ready. Bon Appetit!


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Warm & Creamy Pasta Fra Diavolo, $1.25/serving

Skippable intro:

Buckle up buckaroos, I'm here to read you a paragraph about how much my husband and kids love this recipe and how wonderful it is in my rustic farmhouse kitchen. Just kidding, I'm a broke college student and I have no husband or kids hahahah ^(I'm so alone)

I went to a fancy Italian restaurant near me for a work meeting and paid $20 for the Shrimp Pasta Fra Diavolo, because it was the only thing on the menu I could pronounce or afford. It was really frickin good. First thing I did was go home and look up recipes. Turns out it's really cheap and easy to make. Even if you add 1/2 pound of meat, it still comes in around $2.00 for a serving, and I like big servings.

I've included two versions: a fancy equipment version and a broke college student version. The fancy equipment version requires an enameled dutch oven and a potato masher.

What it is:

A pasta dish with with a very slightly spicy tomato cream sauce. Great for meal prepping. Base recipe is vegetarian, but I've added beef, sausage, chicken, shrimp, and even venison before.

Ingredients (2-3 servings)

  • Whole Peeled Tomatoes, 28oz can
  • 3/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1/2 Onion, yellow or white, not sweet or red
  • 3 cloves Garlic (or go wild)
  • 1 1/2 tsp Italian Seasonings
  • 1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
  • Pasta, I prefer Rotini or Penne
  • (optional) Your choice of chicken, ground beef, ground sausage...
  • (variable) Olive oil, butter, or other fat

Fancy Instructions (Preferred)

  • Preheat your oven to 400F, and put the rack on the bottom.
  • Dice your onion, mince your garlic
  • Enameled dutch oven goes on the stove, medium high heat.
  • Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to the pot as it heats.
  • Drop in diced onions. Stir in the oil, cook for a minute until translucent. Add salt and pepper if you like.
  • Drop in garlic, seasoning and red pepper flakes. Go until the garlic is fragrant.
  • Carefully pour in your can of tomatoes.
  • Stir and allow to come to a simmer.
  • Put the lid on and place into the oven for 40 minutes. We lowered the rack so it would fit.
  • While it's in the oven, this is the time to cook up your meat on the stove if you plan to put some in there.
  • Also, boil a pot of water and make your pasta.
  • Beep, time's up. Take the pot out and open it up. The tomatoes are still whole, but they're really soft.
  • Take the potato masher and gently mash down the tomatoes. Don't splash hot stuff on your arms.
  • Now, stir in the heavy whipping cream. You get to watch the de
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