My experience with addiction . . .

I personally have seen many examples of addiction in my lifetime. Most of the current ones are at my job. I work in a casino. I see gambling addicts on a daily basis. The more I think about my experiences at work, the more I feel I need to ask a question (More on that later).

I don't think I need to go into detailed specifics, but I have seen players who have missed their kids' birthdays because they were on a gambling binge. I have seen the promise of sexual favors for enough money to play one more hand of blackjack. But that's not the fucked up part.

The fucked up part is that I don't have any way to help. This isn't because I don't want to help. It's because they don't want to be helped. If I were to make the suggestion to a player that they have a gambling problem, I would get a lot of reactions, from laughter to anger. However, not one of them would change their behavior, unless they wanted to do so. They have to see it for themselves, and a lot of people can't.

I know a card dealer that cried one day because one of her favorite players was putting himself on the self-exclusion list (The list that you, and only you, can put yourself on in my state when you feel you can't control your gambling problem. Once on the list, you aren't allowed into any casino in the state).

The ambiguity of it all is that she cried because she was losing a friend. She saw this man every day. She knew him as close as she knew a personal friend. She knew about his family, his kids, his job. She also knew that once he signed that list, she would never see him again. She was losing her friend, and she was happy for him. She knew it would be for the best.

Well, I guess I did go into some specific examples, but it leads me to my question. I feel the most important step in recovering from addiction is admitting to yourself that you have one. A lot of people that come may wonder if they have a problem. My question is for those who have personally dealt with the issue. How do you identify if you have a problem? I think Subduction's definition works well. Opinions? Disagreements?

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DNA Evidence Discussion by Lue Elizondo - Curt Jaimungal (ToE); Oct 21, 2021

Not sure how much this has been poked and prodded since October, but I really enjoyed Lue's discussion with Curt in this recording ( where he answers the question related to evidence with a question related to, if we [being the aliens] wanted to leave some evidence of our existence that would last a long time, where and how would we do it? Perhaps it's not actually DNA, but perhaps it's something similar and this is a good reminder that we should keep our eyes and minds open to all possibilities. The evidence is definitely not in the rock or ground beneath our feet, is one main point Lue tries to make.

Here's my transcript beginning from around 40:51:

Lue says, “Let me ask you this as a scientist. Curt, if I said to you, Curt, you have a task. You can make it out of whatever you want, any material you want. Your goal is to… in a million years… You have to create something now that will last 1,000,000 years. To prove you were here. What would you do? How would you do it? You’d find some type of hard material that would outlast just about anything else on earth, right?” [Curt says basically that he'd use whatever’s the hardest material. And put it in orbit.] Lue says, “Hopefully non-retrograde orbit. Here on earth it’s really hard to make anything that lasts more than a few thousand years. You can even make the pyramids and look at them now and say, ‘wow those things are 5,000 years and they don’t look so great, and probably in another 5,000 years they’re not gonna look good at all’ and they might last eventually until a hill of - you might have a hill of sand in 100,000 years but that’s gonna be about it. And that’s made out of rock. Mount Rushmore same thing - it’s gonna be gone in 10,000 years you won’t probably even recognize it, it will be too worn. Even mountains, in millions of years, become deserts. Right? Time moves on. Then you have the subduction zones on earth that eventually, if you wait long enough, on the surface of the planet, it all gets recycled anyways. It’s all gonna get sucked down in the mantle and get spit out the other end as new land. So nothing’s indelible on this planet. It’s constantly changing. And to create something that can last the sands of time so-to-speak is a lot harder than one might think. The few examples we have here on earth that are man made, you can look to the pyramids, you can look at things like Stonehenge, but that’s

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AoE for Heavy DD Jobs

With the Nyzul Uncharted campaign coming up again in February, I plan to run it every now and then in hopes of getting something me it's just a 30 min version of the gobbie box lottery, but I've never gotten anything worthwhile from it yet so my time has to come someday, right? :)

My question is, with my main being SAM, I've always been very limited in what I could do in terms of AoE damage. By design, the job is meant to engage with a single target, which is why there are no AoE GKT weaponskills. This makes me sad, as I feel that there should at least be a subjob selection that might provide some better AoE options for solo farming sub-119 content.

Before the last campaign, based on seeing some YouTube videos about BLU Subduction farming in Nyzul Uncharted, I leveled BLU to 99 and actually enjoyed gathering a few needed spells and pieces of gear. My BLU is nowhere near geared well enough for me to even attempt tier 1 escha NM's or things like that, but it certainly works fine for farming Nyzul Uncharted. Except that it's boring and not much fun. I saw a video the other day of someone on BST smoking the Nyzul mobs with 15k AoE pet commands, making me wonder if I should have gone that route instead of BLU for this purpose. Still, I'm glad I leveled BLU and have farmed some good spells for my RUN/BLU combo. It seems like a fun job to play, and I definitely learned a lot from the guides on BG-wiki.

Back to my point...I've thought at length about this and can't really come up with any ideas of how to do better AoE damage with my SAM. Aeolian Edge...meh. Circle Blade...meh. Haven't tried Sonic Thrust, but it requires specific mob positioning to be effective and I've never been good at that.

So am I missing something, or is it really just that SAM is not suited to AoE even for sub-119 content? Is there a weapon/weaponskill, or a subjob-accessible ability, that would enable a SAM to knock a handful of targets flat in 5-10 seconds without having to target each one individually? I'm especially interested in your thoughts on whether the increase in subjob cap with master levels might open up a new opportunity here that was not available in the past.

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City Council Meeting Notes 11/3/21

Link to Previous Post

Meeting Agenda

Notable Items on the Agenda:

  • Updates and progress on the City's various efforts to address our Homelessness and housing affordability crisis, including the council issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for outdoor shelters
  • Establishment of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Community Assistance Grant Program

Work Session

It's Wednesday my dudes! You know what that means. Time for internet denizens still living in 2018 to post pictures of frogs, and time for me to sit on my couch and wait for the council meeting to start. Which it has! Hello everyone. All of council looks spiffy today.

Direction on Restricted Tourism Reserve Account

City Attorney Ian is here to give us a drama recap. When someone stays at a hotel in Bend, the City levies a small tax. According to State law, 35.4% of that money needs to be used for tourism. The City Council tried to reduce the amount of money earmarked for tourism a few years ago to spend it on useful things like roads, but our local hotels sued the council to prevent the reduction. The City lost the lawsuit, and then appealed. and then lost the appeal. This whole time, the City Council has been saving that money, and now we have just under 2 million dollary-doos to spend on tourism promotion and "tourism-related facilities". The question now is what to spend it on. I keep saying we should use this rare opportunity to build a zipline over Drake Park, but nobody listens to me.

The City has 2 broad options:

  1. Defer to upcoming contract cycle (give it to Visit Bend)
  2. Develop a separate process / RFP and decide what to do with it ourselves, while keeping the Tourism industry involved so they don't sue us again.

Councilor Goodman likes option 2. She wants to know if they could allocate the money to a specific RFP / Project. Answer: Yes.

City Manager and the Attorney emphasized that if we don't give it to Visit Bend, we really need to make sure it's solidly in the "tourism related" category to avoid additional litigation.

Councilor Goodman wants to use the money for public restrooms downtown.

Councilor Kebler also wants option 2, is specifically interested in using it Downtown.

Councilor Campbell wants to know how the Visitor Center downtown is funded. It is not funded by the General Fund. She wants to

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Annual check in time - I am now 5 years clean to the day!

I have fallen out of regularly visiting this sub over the years, but I try to make a point of sharing at least one anniversary post a year. With that in mind, today marks my 5th year without cannabis!

I also wanted to use this post to reassure anyone who might be struggling - stick with it, you are in the right place. Sometimes the road to recovery can feel long or even impossible, but this community provided me with a vital support system when I first tried to quit and I cannot thank u/subduction enough for setting it up. It has been, quite literally, a life changer.

Do I still have hard days? Sure. But all in all, I can honestly say that the urge to smoke rarely crosses my mind anymore. I may feel the occasional nostalgic twinge when I see an old friend, or catch a whiff of it on the street, but I have genuinely no desire to go back. If anyone reading this currently feels like it's taking all of their strength to simply get through the day without lighting up, I'm here to tell you that it WILL get better. Believe me, I've been there. It took a lot of work and persistence, but I'm thankful to be in a new phase of my life where my stoner days have begun to feel like an increasingly distant memory.

Sobriety (I am also 3 years clean from alcohol and 2 from nicotine) has given me the tools to truly work on myself and, although I still have my struggles with mental health, I no longer use weed as a crutch to avoid/ultimately compound these struggles. Although giving up wasn't the absolute solution to my problems, it was definitely the first step in identifying and engaging with some healthier coping strategies. Removing weed from my life afforded me the clarity to truly know and understand myself. Although I didn't always like what I saw, I was able to use it as a jumping off point to enact some other positive changes in my life, rather than hiding behind a veil of smoke. In short, I would say that the rewards of giving up are endless. The rewards of continuing to use are limited by how much is in your bag.

Much love to this community as always - you can do this!

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The Best Spots in the USA to Weather Climate Change - Maps & Resources

Disclaimer: Most of this info only applies to the USA and parts of Canada. I'm sorry everyone else, I'm just sharing what I know best. I'm definitely no expert either.

There is no single, best answer and I think two people will come to different conclusions. No one knows what the collapse will look like or what life will be like afterwards, so you must decide for yourself what's an acceptable risk level and plan accordingly. I'm going to outline what I consider some of the biggest risks and share maps that might be useful to you. I have spent a lot of time hitting my head against the wall trying to find the absolute perfect spot but it doesn't exist. You need to settle for good enough and have a backup plan.

To get us started, this interactive tool lets you see the largest climate hazards for each county. It's a good generalization for a tldr:

Future Biome/Temp

This is one of my favorite tools, it shows climate projections from a -6C to 4C world including biome, temperature, precipitation, and more. Select your region and parameters at the top.

Population Density

How isolated you want to make yourself is up to you, some people prefer to go it alone while others argue that communities/neighborhoods will be the only sustainable structures during a collapse. Whatever you think, we can all agree you definitely do not want to be in highly populated areas. Consider the possibility of a mass exodus from these areas in search of food and other resources. I included three resources because it's hard to wrap your head around how many people we're actually talking about.

Population Density:,%202010.png

Population visualization:

3D Human Terrain: [](

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The New Player Experience is a Festering Testicular Boil, part 3: Exploration

(title has been adjusted for CSM deltaxi65)

EDIT: Part 4 is up

Okay, with the Business career behind us, it’s time to learn how to explore. I’m an old enough player that this mission chain didn’t exist when I started playing (though it’s almost a decade old that this point), so I’m looking at this one with fresh eyes.

#Cosmic Anomalies

In which we warp to a cosmic anomaly and loot a can. Honestly, this is just fine. Baby steps. But after this we’re going to need to start probing, and we really should be encouraged to get into a scanning ship.

EDIT: BUGFIXES: The mission tells you to use the sensor overlay, which is not something that is apparent in the UI at all. And I've been told that for brand new accounts, the sensor overlay is disabled by default. Why? Re-enable the sensor overlay AND/OR (preferably and) also include a sentence telling the player that they can find anomalies by opening the scanner probe window. (thanks /u/julienbrellier)

QUICKFIXES: Give an exploration frigate as a reward for this mission.

#An Introduction to Cosmic Signatures

Just no. Everything about this mission is bad. Why does it give us a logistics frigate? Why does it waste our time with all those acceleration gates? And why does it show us misleading examples of fake signatures in deadspace pockets, especially when we’re about to see much better examples in the coming missions?

This is what a Data site might look like? Really? Because the most prominent feature of a Data site in actual gameplay is the hackable cans, which this site doesn’t have. And the most prominent feature of this site is the acceleration gate, which data sites don’t have.

The little blurb explaining what probes do is nice, but it could very easily be tightened up and placed into the mission text for the next mission.

QUICKFIXES: I’m afraid the best and quickest fix for this is deleting it. Unless this mission is here because there’s a technical limitation preventing a mission from giving out this many items as rewards? In which case, fine, keep the mission, but just have a single deadspace pocket where we pick up the gear and get a short spiel. Definitely remove the acceleration gates and the fake sites.

SUGGESTIONS: Delete this mission entirely. The exposition that Rulie Isoryn gives can easily be moved into the later missions. The mission chain will flow just fine without this, an

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1 whole year of leaving weed, thoughts and reflections

TL;DR : 27 year old, smoked daily since I was 17, quit when I started feeling like shit anytime I smoked, used the discord chats all the time, saw a therapist, built a sober life, not perfectly happy now: but it was worth it a million times over.

Sidenote: If anyone ever wants someone to rant to/needs advice, my DMs are always open. If you find my journey spoke to you at all, I would love to help you on yours. :)

Well I made it to a whole year, a whopping 365 days. You may recognize my username from the Leaves discord chats, although I have been much less active the past 6 or so months than I was the first 6 months. I cannot believe that I was able to stay off weed for an entire year, it literally boggles my mind. In this post I want to give some thoughts and advice to anyone who is thinking of starting their journey, or is just beginning theirs. I firmly, firmly believe that if I am able to, then anyone is able to.

A little background on me: 27yo male, started smoking when I was 16, daily by the time I was 17. Depressed, anxious, ADHD, used weed to "level myself out" and "calm down" at the end of the day. My consumption grew to insane levels by my freshman year of college, and had to leave college after one year to try and figure things out. I returned, kept smoking, and eventually flunked out. I worked for a while, saved up some money, and then left to go to Mexico to follow a passion: scuba diving. I loved it and spent 5+ years doing it, but I was smoking daily, I was just in a place that it didn't matter too much. I didn't realize it then, but I was doing what I loved but my mental health was still a total mess. After corona shut that down I came back home, and over the first 6 months of lockdown I kept finding ways to pickup/ get carts or bud. And then I had my break through with finally being strong enough to quit.

I picked up an oz of bud from my cousin, and this shit reeked to high heavens. I was going on a date that night, she smoked but I was still embarrassed by how much this weed stunk. Then I went on a weekend away with friends who didn't smoke, and the entire car just reeked of pot. I just felt shame about this and it made me anxious anytime I smoked. My heart rate was spiking to like 120, I could feel my blood pressure rise, and I just generally felt shit anytime I smoked, but I also couldn't stop. I knew of /r/leaves from many years in the past, and started lurking again. I checked out the discord chats, and started to really belie

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My parents got to see some of my preps in action today

My dad has given me a bit of crap about all my preps. He thinks all the food I have is a waste (about two months worth for four of us). And he doesn't see why I have 160lb of propane stored in a suburban location even though we will get hammered by a Cascadia Subduction Zone quake (estimates are 6 weeks without power or natural gas and NO gasoline available for months). Well this week he lost power from the snow and has NO back up heat source so his place was down to 55 degrees last night and 50 this morning. Power isn't due back on until late Tuesday and the drive to his place finally opened up, so I took him my Mr. Buddy heater, several 1lb bottles of propane, and my big lithium battery to run his laptops and charge their cell phones. He said he definitely wants to pick up some items now.

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Baru Cormorant fan theory: The Lightning (Spoilers for book 3)

Over the past decade and a half, there's been a growing number of fantasy series diving deeper and deeper into science- both hard and social sciences- for inspiration. That's not to say it didn't happen in the past, of course, but something just feels different about this trend. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy with geology is probably the most prominent example at the moment, but Seth Dickinsin's Baru Cormorant series draws just as deeply from the wellspring of science, but from half a dozen fields at minimum, and almost certainly more that I didn't notice.

A couple months ago, I did a fan theory post trying to figure out some of the scientific mechanisms behind another series that's a part of this trend, RJ Barker's Tide Child Trilogy. (Spoilers for that series, obviously, though concealed behind spoiler tags.) I just recently got a book of my own off to my editor, and having spent the past couple weeks recovering, my fingers started getting itchy to do some writing again, so I decided to limber up by doing another fan theory post to try and figure out the mystery that's been bugging me the most about Baru Cormorant:

What the hell is the deal with the lightning at the end of book 3?

(Lots of spoilers ahead, no spoiler tags.)

In the last chapter of The Tyrant Baru Cormorant, a lost ship lands on a mysterious continent, far to the east. It's not the first ship to do so, but landings have been exceptionally rare, and fraught with disaster. While searching the mountains near the shore for trees to replace their mast, they stumble across a bizarre, terrifying scene: A group of armored figures with prisoners, trailing chains across the ground, walking through a ceaseless lightning storm unharmed, who then proceed to sacrifice their leader to the lightning, then force their prisoners to eat the brains of the sacrificed leader.

It would be easy to claim that it's just magic, but none of the magic in the series so far has been blatantly physical. Instead, it's revolved around the manipulation of social structures and expectations. Every other supposed magic- the Cancrioth, the glowing pools of the south (geologic nuclear reactors), etc- has all turned out to have specific scientific causes. So I'm going to assume that the lightning (and the other weirdness) does to.

And I think I've got an explanation.

Let's start with the easiest part: The lightning itself.

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Is there any way to know if a house/apartment building is earthquake proof?

Hello, friends. I'm moving in with my partner and we'll be looking for a place to live in soon. However, both of us being from Mexico City, we know it's important for the buildings to be up to date with earthquake proof resistant systems, especially with the Cascadia subduction zone being so close.

I've been investigating a lot about this and I've learned that some areas in metro Vancouver are definitely more at risk (such as Richmond), and I've read that skyscrapers that were built after the mid 2000s are up to date with regulation. I've also read that there hasn't really been an effort to enforce these regulations for old homes/buildings to be updated.

So my question is: is there a way to know if a building is compliant with earthquake proof resistant regulations? Like, a document from an inspector, a database, a certificate, or anything that we could ask landlords for when looking for a new home?

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MULL (Part 17): The Final MUHL MULL - Faultlines, Trips to IKEA and Cooperation {Section B}

To recap:

>As always, we acknowledge that NMAPs exist on both sides of the bed. > >If you are an NMAP, or are partnered with an NMAP this post does not apply to you in any way, shape or form. > >Because all problematic NMAP traits are deliberately harmful, in those cases, blame and fault are correctly applied to those people/behaviors. I'm hopeful that anyone reading this will recognize their own behavior and take ownership of it, if necessary. But again, to be incredibly clear, if you or your partner is an NMAP, if your relationship has any history of assault or abuse in any form, if either partner has acted in a proven, sustained, deliberately harmful manner, this post is not about you, your partner or your relationship. > >Please don't think we're letting the actual bad people off the hook, we don't excuse, condone or support any of that behavior, as per our rules. But, this is not about them, this is about you.


In this MULL (broken into 2 parts) we're going to have some community members speaking about their experiences, their journey, and the person they love. Again, this will be as gentle and loving as I can manage, with a minimum of jokes, I promise. You may ask why the heck is this being written for the other side of the bed? Well, hopefully that will become apparent.




Every relationship has faultlines. Not the blame kind, just places where you naturally have the potential for friction. Much like an earthquake, there are a few ways that friction can resolve: subduction, divergence and transformation. The funny thing is that the only thing they don't do is completely meld together (which is why avoiding codependency is important). You can probably see how this translates into adult attachment theory or other pop-psych analogs. I just think the visuals of an earthquake are more fun, and more visceral.


Location Matters


If your sex life is on a faultline, what can you do? Well, the first option is relocating sex to a much safer location. But it may st

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r/creation on oceanic sediment. As usual, why check the scientific sources when you could also just take AIG’s word for it.

There's a discussion going on at r/creation atm in which users are defending the old argument from a supposed mismatch between the rate by which oceanic sediment is gained and by which it is lost.

The trouble is that r/creation, being r/creation, is of course taking AIG’s claims at face value and not bothering to check the references.

This is rarely a good idea, so let’s remedy the omission.

Source 1. Rate of discharge is 20bn tonnes per year.

Based on this:

The article they link does give that number as their estimate, but somehow when reading this article our creationist friends missed the following paragraph:

>Even if the present global flux of river sediment could be calculated, the significance of such a number to either future or past river discharge is questionable. Mid-twentieth century river discharge (to the sea) may have been about 20 bt/yr, nearly half of this amount coming from Oceania and another third from southern Asia. But because sediment loads may have increased by a factor of 2-10 since humans began farming (see Saunders and Young 1983; Berner and Berner 1987), the annual sediment discharge 2000-2500 yr ago may have been considerably <10 bt. Extensive human influence in Oceania and southern Asia suggests that sediment loads in this area are disproportionately elevated

So they're quoting as evidence for discharge rate through time an article which explicitly says that their number should not be extrapolated through time and might be off by an order of magnitude.

Definitely not unethical to conceal that from the reader.

Source 2: Rate of subduction is 1 bn tonnes per year

Based on this:

The abstract of this article says that "some fragment of the terrigenous sediment" is being subducted. Implying that not all terrigenous sediment is removed by subduction. Which renders the whole issue rather moot.

As for the calculation itself, the article itself doesn’t seem to explain the maths behind it, but it does remark that (emphasis mine)

>... it can be estimated that if the overall mass has remained constant through time, between 150 and 250 x 10^21 g of ocean floor sediment are subducted every 180 m.y.

Essentially, the authors are saying that they formulate this figure in such a way that the overall mass of sediment remains constant through (dee

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My "I don't know what to do on a Friday" post. This week: A very basic and probably badly worded post to explain what PAWS, CHS and the Pink Cloud are (and some other things) for those who have seen them mentioned but don't know what they are

This post is aimed more at the new members than the older ones, so by all means don't read any further if you've been here a while, it's a looooong ass post and no Earth shattering revelations, just a bit of information collected together.

So, when I wanted to quit weed I thought it would be a battle but once I'd got to a point that'd be it, I'd be over it and would just have to deal with odd cravings as if I'd given up cigarettes. If only...

I came here to Leaves and saw posts about the quit process and saw terms I'd never seen before and things that could happen that I didn't even know were possible so if you're about to quit or are early on in your quit, this post MAY be helpful.

The following is my attempt to explain: PAWS, CHS, The Pink Cloud, Melatonin, CBT, DBT and some bonus deluxe CD content 😏

What is PAWS? (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome)

"The term PAWS was created to describe the cluster of ongoing withdrawal symptoms, which are largely psychological and mood-related, that can continue after acute withdrawal symptoms have gone away. Although post-acute withdrawal rarely involves aches and pains, nausea, cramping, headaches, or other physical symptoms, it can be just as intense as acute withdrawal and still puts a person at risk of relapse, as they may return to drug use in an attempt to stop the discomfort" (Source: American Addiction Centres)

So in other words, Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome can occur after a weed (or any other substance) user has quit their chemical of choice leading to a number of different issues even though the drug is no longer being used and so no chemical withdrawal is actually taking place.

In terms of weed, common symptoms of PAWS are insomnia, depression, anhedonia, brain fog, and others. The good thing is, PAWS does pass, however it can take a while.

As someone who suffers from PAWS I describe it as coming in waves, I'll be fine for days or weeks and then it'll return for a bit and then go again. I'm hoping it'll stop soon but I have prepared myself for potentially a long ride, so be it, that's still better than the alternative.

What is CHS? (Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome)

"Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is a condition that leads to repeated and severe bouts of vomiting. It is rare and only occurs in daily long-term users of marijuana." (Source: Cedars Sinai)

This appears to be a relatively new and fairly unknown side effect of using weed. Not all doctors seem to be aware

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My thoughts after Model 3 test drive

Hi, folks.

Being a curious Tesla sceptic, I took a long (longer than 20 minutes) test drive yesterday in a Model 3 SR+ (Short Range Plus = 240 mile range). Here are some of my thoughts and impressions:

  • Panel gaps seemed inconsistent, but didn't seem to be a showstopper. Didn't notice anything obviously wrong with the paint.

  • Salesman seemed to think the only competition was other plug-in vehicles, ignoring most of the almost-300 competing models on the US market. He only asked me what other plug-in vehicles I had driven (Bolt, Volt, Leaf, uncharged Prime).

  • Tried the back seat. Legroom seemed fine, but no thigh support as reported elsewhere. Seats abnormally low to the floor. I'm 6'1 and my head touched the glass roof while sitting in the back seat. I had thought the reason for the low seat was to prevent that. Seems it didn't work. Thus, Model 3 is basically a 2-seater that can seat 5 in a pinch. Maybe children could fit in the back. Salesman excused this with "It's a compact". No, a Corolla is a compact. Model 3 is supposed to compete against Camry, which is a midsize, and which fits five adults comfortably.

  • Salesman was eager to show off acceleration and Autopilot. Didn't seem to think anything else was really important. I guess those are what sell the car to most people.

  • Acceleration was not surprising, and exactly as described elsewhere. Throttle response was too immediate, and, in my opinion, dangerous. See below. I would only drive it in Chill Mode. Forgot to ask the salesman to let me try that, but I would imagine the throttle response problem would still be present in that mode.

  • Regen was set to high, and slowed the car with authority upon pedal lift (down to about 7 mph). Not a problem once one gets used to it.

  • Brake pedal seemed strangely hard and seemed to require excessive effort to stop the car hard. I was even a bit concerned.

  • Front seats were excellent. Full electric adjustability with memory. Car automatically remembers driver upon unlocking door.

  • Interior wasn't too weird and got used to it right away.

  • Center screen interface was surprisingly easy to use. Easy to adjust mirrors, control wipers, etc.

  • Auto dimming mirrors is a nice feature.

  • Salesman insisted "Full Self Driving" was already shipping. $6k option, which he insisted I had to take or otherwise there would be no reason to buy the car.

  • Autopilot caused a panic attack in me when I first engaged it, but that soon subsided and I then found it e

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OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Just take a hard left at Daeseong-dong…6


After the third pony keg of beer was delivered, it was decided that the next few days would be spent in the conference room discussing what we thought was the best way forward.

We wanted dry-erase boards so we could start taking detailed notes, even though I was well ahead of the curve in that regard. We instead ended up with some mobile elementary-school blackboards and a pile of grainy, sooty chalk.

Leave it to Dr. Cliff to go into a discourse on the genesis of chalk and its economic importance.

Bloody carbonate geologists.

Bloody White Cliffs.

We geologists need to punctuate their conversations with pictures, so these would suffice quite well.

At 1700 hours, the official end to the workday was called; we’d meet here again tomorrow. I’m not certain by whom, but it was readily agreed upon. We were more or less on our own until 1000 the next day. I needed to spend some time in my room with my notes and update a number of dossiers, field notebooks, and other items I was using as a running chronicle.

Several folks decided to invade one of the hotel’s restaurants for dinner. Some wanted to head to the casino, a couple wanted to get a massage, and others wanted to do what tourists are normally wont to do on the second day of being a foreigner in a foreign land.

I declined invitations to dinner and other activities, as I had a long writing session in front of me. I wanted to get this all in its proper place while the memories and notes were still fresh.

30 minutes later, in my room after a 25-minute wait for the elevator; I’m updating dossiers, creating several new ones, and updating my field notebooks. Suddenly, after an hour’s work, I notice something is amiss.

“I don’t have a drink or a cigar,” I said to the four walls. “This. Will. Not. Do.”

I was used to Happy Hour in Russia. Happy hour is slightly different; there are no ice cubes or orange-peel twists in the vodka. Also, it lasts all day.

I remedy that situation by finding and clipping a nice, oily oscuro cigar and digging the bourbon out from under my boxer-briefs in my dresser drawer. I heft the bottle and feel that it’s significantly lighter than when I left it last night. I happen to look in the trash can and spy the wrapper for a box of my festively colored Sobranie cigarettes I obtained back in Dubai.

“Hmmm”, I think, “It would appear that we have some light-fingered Cho Louies or No Louises around here. I’d best guard my supplies a little more securely.”

I mo

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Any good custom map recommendations to add to this list? [KF2]

Hey, I'm curious if anybody can recommend some good custom maps from the workshop in addition to the ones listed below. To get the ones I currently have I went thru the top rated ones on the workshop, downloaded probably about 60 or more of them to try solo, and if they look fun I throw em on my servers to see how they play in multiplayer. However I could have definitely missed some well-rated good ones or perhaps some hidden gems with not as good/many ratings. Here is my current list:








KF-Joker.kfm (not really a great map but I enjoy the meme aspect)

KF-ShrekSwamp.kfm (actually a pretty good map, don't sleep on it just because its a meme)


























Some of these I've played a ton of multiplayer on but some I still haven't had much experience on, so some may not actually be that great and I'll eventually get rid of em. I try to avoid really easy maps that are just one big open area or one small lane. Any recommendations?

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OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Just take a hard left at Daeseong-dong…11


That being handled, I leave a wakeup call for 0430 as I want a shower and a couple shower-sunrisers before we leave. It takes me about 10 minutes to pack. I call home to let Es know what’s going on. She’s not in, so I leave a message. Same for my friends Rack and Ruin of the Agency. They’re thrilled so far with my reports.

The security forces here are absolutely going to freak if they reverse-review my phone records once we leave.

Covert? Schmovert. I’m too old for playing such games.

The next morning, after a sudsy shower and a couple of vodka-infused shower-beers; I’m in the lobby with all my kit, checked-out, and waiting on the tour leader. My passport was stamp-stamp-stampity-stamped here at the hotel, which I thought was weird, but after spending time in this here country, not all that unusual.

At 0545 on the dime, the tour bus pulls into the lot. Without a word, bellhops grab near all my kit and escort it out to the waiting bus.

After tipping each extravagantly, I fire up a huge cigar, and wander around outside, loitering by the bus. I see members of my team at the front desk, checking out. Everything’s been paid for already, they just have to sign documents that they’re not secreting hotel towels or televisions or errant nationals in their luggage.

It’s a weird country.

I see them loading box breakfasts for us as well as box lunches on the bus.

Hell, they’re actually doing ‘field trip’ correctly.

If the bus us fueled up, we can go for days at this rate. There are several coolers bearing the hotel’s brand and I sidle over to see what they’re carrying.

Case after case of iced-down beer and a couple of cases of various high-octane potables; and over there? A couple of boxes of mixers…ah, soda…pop…carbonated citrusy goodness.

“OK”, I sigh, “All is as it should be. Now the field excursion may begin.”

My teammates filter outside as does their luggage. I suggest they get out and keep what is necessary for preliminary outcrop excursions; such as a backpack or knapsack, hammer, acid bottles, field notebooks, Brunton compass, lighters, cameras, personal tobacco products, and the like in the bus. That way, we don’t have to go tearing through all the luggage at every stop.

I pull out a bundle of 100 Hubco™ large geological dual-sample bags. That’s right: ‘dual’ sample…

I distribute these to everyone on the team

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How We Solved RWBY

This madcap plan to solve RWBY is brought to you by the Qrow’s Nest Discord server, especially Psiah, shoober, Tabris, and myself, who are collectively known as the Yeet Meet.


As we all know, the big problem facing Team RWBYJNROQ (hereafter referred to as Team because wow that’s a pain to type out) is that Salem can’t be killed. Well, she can, but she comes back faster than that one guy who takes all the free samples. We even know that this is a fixed thing; when asked, Jinn told Oz that Salem straight-up can’t be destroyed.

Over on the Qrow’s Nest Discord server, this sparked a bit of a conversation about how to actually deal with Salem besides the usual narrative solutions. While fun to watch, those are not nearly as practical as what we came up with. See, when you can’t kill a pest, the next best thing to do is to just get rid of it. Call animal control, have them trap the thing, and drag it off to someplace not-here. Problem is, with magic etc. in the world of Remnant, trapping Salem and throwing her into a volcano, or encasing her in concrete, or rolling her into a subduction fault line are really not an option. She’d still be on the planet and still be able to reform.

Thus it was propose that we just yeet Salem to space.

What's that you say? Dust doesn't work in space?

Fuck Dust, we've got railguns.

Here’s the thing: the only reason you would need proper fuel to get into space is because you want to have a controlled object. Presumably, you want this thing to survive the trip and maybe relay some data back or maintain an orbit or something. But if you’re yeeting Salem to space, you don’t need to worry about that because you really don’t want her coming back. So, all you need to do is get your container to sufficient velocity to escape Remnant’s gravity well and fly off into the void, never to return.

Practically speaking, the way to do this is to load Salem’s container into a stonking huge railgun and yeet it to space at high altitude from one of Atlas’s stonking huge airships. This reduces the effective escape velocity requirement to far lower than surface-to-void would be, especially considering the lower air resistance as you move into the upper levels of the atmosphere. I won’t bore you with the math here because Reddit sucks for showing calculations and honestly, it ain’t that deep.

For a number of obvious reasons, this plan is logistically impossible to pull off. First, you’d need to disable Salem long enou

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Typical chain-hotel breakfast buffet, nothing like the one in Bangkok, but entirely serviceable. Truly some British influence with the grilled tomatoes, baked beans and mushrooms on offer. I opted for a couple of fried eggs and some chili sauce that I think I’m still tasting; it was that hot. Ram thought that was incredibly funny as he buttered his toast with the stuff.

So now it was north as our eventual destination was south. It sounds weird, but we had to make a big loop up through Hpa-An to Bago. Then we could turn south towards Yangon. All this was some mighty scenic driving, although I was more interested in my reprints than staring out the car window for the next few hours.

We finally arrive in Yangon and I’m booked a suite at the Strand Hotel in the center of town. It has, according to one gushing write-up: “Ritzy suites with personal butlers in an opulent hotel built in 1901, offering plush dining & a bar. Clients have included the Prince of Wales, Orson Welles, and Prince Charles.”

Way, way over the top for the likes of me; but since I’m not paying, who am I to examine the dental work of a free equine?

Ram is headed back to Bangkok after he delivers me to the hotel. I tip him generously and wish him safe travels and clear sailing. He shakes my hand with a crushing grip and makes certain that I have his business card if I should ever pass this way again and in need of a driver.

I assure him that if I do, he’ll be one of the first I call. We part best of friends after I found another carton of American cigarettes for his journey home.

I check into the hotel and there’s already a problem. My deluxe suite is not available.

“Oh, is that a fact?” I asked icily.

“Yes, Doctor.” Came the front desk reply, “However, we have transferred you to the executive suite instead, at the same rate.”

“Well, now then. That’ll be just fine.” I replied.

I get all registered and go to grab my day bag. Already, my private butler has it and is refusing to relinquish it until we are in the room. He informs me that my luggage has already departed room ward.

So, we trundle up to my suite. Once there, I realize I didn’t ask if there were any messages or packages for me. No worries, now I have a butler and he insists on taking care of such little peccadillos.

No messages, but a package from the Agency, with some bulky reprints, from the heft of the thing and some more articles on Myanmar economic geology. No word from my sponsors for thi

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How Creationists don't understand geomorphology.

An individual of interest in this sub lately has posted to /r/Creation an article entitled "Geomorphology provides multiple evidences for the global flood". This is, of course, from CMI, so we can be sure right off the bat that it will be either dishonest, false, or both, given the track record of papers from that organization. I figured I'd try my hand at showing how poorly both the author of the article, and the individual who posted it to those who share his belief in fiction (defined by Wikipedia as "the classification for any story or setting that is derived from imagination—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact."), understand the topics at hand.

  • Mountains

The article claims that the origins of mountains is unknown, while at the same time linking to a book that shows how mountains came to be. Well, suppose that this doesn't meet his skewed definition of "fact" for the moment, because the book didn't witness it or somesuch. Howsabout we look at the Cascade mountains. These mountains are at the edge of an oceanic and continental plate, with the oceanic plate subducting under the continental one, causing the mountain range to rise. How do we know that this is actually happening? Well, because we've observed it happening, and we've measured it - the oceanic plates are subducting there about 3-4 cm per year. We have confirmed that there is material from the oceanic crust beneath the mountain range, as well as tholeiitic basalt ophiolites from the mid-oceanic ridge present in the tops of the mountains in that range. However, for the most compelling evidence, I think, we need to go to the Carbet Mountains on the island of Martinique in the Carribean. A study done in 2016 showed that the lava from the volcanoes that formed these mountain masses, which was originally formed in the mantle, also contain a magnesium signature unique to oceanic crustal materials in the area, confirming that it came from oceanic crustal material joining with mantle material beneath the volcanoes, just above the subduction zone.

  • Planation surfaces

The article claims they're difficult to explain... What, the author couldn't go to the wiki page on Mesas?

  • Inselbergs

The article claims they're difficult to explain... What, the author coul

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SIE.v/SNNAF Sienna Resources, an opportunity over the 3 months...

Just wanted to provide some DD regarding Sienna Resources.

Why I think this company is going to go is based on several reasons. They are just starting their work programs and traditionally are quite active with news. They are partnered with EMX and committed to fairly significant exploration programs. The project data from EMX looks extremely good especially considering they also licensed the Kakuna project to PDM (Palladium One) which has tripled in price since they reported their drill results and resource forecast on their project. Sienna Kuusamo project is adjacent and in the area of the Kakuna project and the mineralization on both projects is part of a 30km strike zone previously identified by EMX. While the info available on the SIE site and PDM site is decent, you really need to look over the EMX data to appreciate the value of these projects.

In addition to the Kuusamo project Sienna also has Bleka and Vekselmyr projects in Norway. These projects are Orgenic Gold Formations and known as folded nose formations. To understand what that means you have to think on a geologic time scale of a few billion years. Mineralization is formed on the same fault as a volcanic subduction plate and over the last few billion years the mineral heavy deposits are essentially rolled up into a tight formation. AKA, a folded nose formation. When identified it can produce very high grades of mineralization in relatively small areas along fault lines. While deposits are not currently proven, the formations exist on the two claims and this years work program should validate their worth.

In Canada, the Marathon North Platinum-Palladium project is one of interest as well. While I don't know much about this one, other than it's proximity to Generation Mining's marathon claim, what stands out to me is the announcement from the company on October 14th that they were getting Flow Through funds. Flow through can only be used in Canada and I assume this is the project that will benefit from the additional financing. Generation Mining estimates the palladium reserves in the area to be over 8,668,000 oz.

Sienna is currently trading 8.5 cents on the Canadian side and 7 cents on the US. Having not really done any work yet this

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A small favor to ask of the subreddit and an update.

Finding news and contributing to the subreddit

Just like you I too come to the subreddit to check up on any news in on this subject. However one thing I notice is that we really don't have as much action, in terms of number of posts per day or week, as I thought.

So I have a small favor to ask of you that I think will actually help you out as well. I want you to seek out news on the fight against climate change in terms of reversing it and adapting to it. You may ask yourself "how do I find this news?" The simplest way would be to go to google and to look up some keywords, go to News, and to search by posts from the past week or month (to keep it current.) Keywords such as:

  • Hydroponics/aeroponics farm
  • Solar plant/farm
  • Nuclear reactor/plant construction
  • Iron Fertilization
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Carbon Negative
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Climate Change GMO
  • Desalination Plant
  • etc

You get the idea. The thing is I do go about and look up articles with these keywords and I do find so much good news being put out every day (nuclear not getting as much but it's still there), and I don't want to be spamming the subreddit to make it seem like I'm doing this for karma. If you do this, please be careful with the website you're posting. Just check to see if it's a credible source.

Looking for a few more moderators

So we're looking for a couple of new moderators to the subreddit. You won't necessarily have to moderate it, but will have a few specific tasks involved (depending on what you want to do.)

  • Create and track weekly posts that contain all posts to the subreddit throughout each week (so something you'd really only do for a few hours one day of the week.)

  • Help create a look for the subreddit. We really need this subreddit to get out of the default look and I'm looking for somebody who can do that.

Preferably, please already be a moderator of an existing subreddit.

We have a discord

LINK HERE------>

It's not meant to replace the subreddit. It is a faster way to not only get into contact with me in case there's some severe trolling occurring, along with being a way for people to get into conversations about various subjects and share content they normally can't on the subreddit.

AMA coming soon!

I'm pleased to announce that this subreddit will soon be hosting AMAs to those on the front lines of combating climate change. More info soon to follow, but I'm very excited to announce this. AMAs wil

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SGS 8/9 Winterhold

Mount Anthor and Winterhold 8/9

From the White River delta to the Yngvild, the icy glacial coast is the next climate we will cover. The specific place we will begin is The Chill, a vanilla easter egg cave northeast of Septimus Signus’s Outpost that anyone can be forgiven if they never knew it existed. We start here so we can pick up right were we left off from Solstheim regarding the subject of ocean currents. This place is, very obviously, cold. Arguably the very coldest place on the map if the easter egg is taken seriously. From here to Signus Outpost, from there to the Skytemple Ruins, and from there to the mainland, one could, plausibly, hop from ice raft to ice raft without getting wet. The sea is practically paved with ice, and this we have every reason to believe is sea ice.

Sea ice is actually very meaningful, because it has variable textures that can be exploited, for example "nilas" ice, which is more plastic than one might expect, streaky and blue green, six centimeters of it will still flex with the tides and waves without cracking. Sea ice freezes straight out of sea water, whereas continental ice forms on land and then floats out to sea as glaciers. Sea ice isn’t salty, the salt mostly falls out as the ice crystals form, but it is saltier than continental ice, and that little content gives it slightly different properties.

So let’s revisit for a moment that we are saying that Skyrim is not polar or tundra in latitude, but temperate and cooled by a combination of altitude, and a polar current coming straight from Atmora. We need this to explain quite a few things, such as Solitude being north of Windhelm and Solstehiem having such a large temperature range on a small island. But we also need it for archeological reasons, including stuff that is in the lore. Before we get into that however, let’s be clear, Atmora has to have a certain shape to drive a select current, or two, the other being for Wrothgar, on a select trajectory. A “m" shaped double crescent for example with a circular bay/m-lobe such as the Caribbean Sea, or a strait, such as the real world Davis Strait, or Bering Strait. So Atmora basically has to be "m" shaped, star shaped, or be circular around the pole with two outlets aimed at Tamriel. This is not that hard to force if need be. You don’t need the surface to completely follow this sha

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Competitive Discussion: Laissure

Alright, I'm bored and feel like doing another analysis, so let's do one on Yatagaryu's Western Tandor counterpart, Laissure! I'm also gonna try a slightly different formatting style this time.

Laissure is, like Yatagaryu, a Pseudo-Legendary. What does that mean? By definition, a Pseudo-Legendary is a pokemon that:

  • has a three stage evolution

  • has a base stat total of exactly 600

  • has a final exp earned value of 1.25 million at level 100, placing it in the Slow class of exp gain

Pseudo-legendaries are often known for their massive power compared to most normal mons. Yatagaryu is an excellent example of it in and of itself, as it's one of the strongest special attackers in the game. Where does our earthen bunny friend fit into the meta, though?


Laissure has a hefty 105/100/95 spread on its bulk, allowing it to tank hits very well from both the physical and special sides. 125 attack and 95 speed isn't too shabby either, though 80 Sp. atk isn't much compared to those other stats.


Type wise, pure ground isn't the best defensively, resisting only two types and being weak to 3 (not including nuclear, and 2 of those types are common on attackers). Ground is a spectacular offensive type though, and should be feared coming from a base 125 attack stat. Particularly when it has a base 140 power STAB signature move: Subduction. It's also worth noting that taking neutral damage from most types does have some defensive advantages, even if it's not ideal. At least it doesn't have more weaknesses, right?


Now, abilities. Laissure is blessed with two spectacular abilities. For defensive variants, it has access to the ever useful Intimidate, making physical attacks much easier to stomach. For offensive sets, it will instead use the incredibly dangerous Moxie, which can help Laissure steamroll opponents after it kills a single mon.


From a move standpoint, I've already mentioned subduction. What I didn't mention is unlike EQ, it has drawbacks. It's less accurate, and it also has the nasty side effect of confusing Laissure when it connects. As such, EQ is the more spammable of the two options. Laissure's physical movepool is also extremely scary, containing gems for coverage such as Outrage, Dragon Tail, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, and the elemental fangs. From a support side, this bunny isn't letting up either. It has access to both Stealth Rock and Spikes in addition to the eve

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Advice for preparing for a large earthquake/escaping building collapse

Hello, looking for some help because this issue is starting to effect my mental health

I live in an area where an 8.0-9.0 is 40% likely to happen in the next 50 years (cascadia subduction zone?). I've been freaking out about it for the last few days or so. Getting some basic food/medical supplies ideally building up to having enough to be self sufficient for 2 weeks like local experts say.

One thing I need help on is my immediate plan. I live on the top floor of a seven story appartment building and it's definitely not built up to modern standards for surviving the shakes. I'm not sure if I should try to grab my roomate and my immediate bug-out bag and try to sprint down the stairs in time, or if I should try to take cover/triangle of life and just hope the building doesnt fall apart from under me. Which has higher odds of survival? Thanks

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Death and what comes After

So, another recent thread posed some questions about the Rinnegan which got me thinking.

Death is a heavy subject in the Narutoverse, but it’s not a completely opaque one. Several ninja have developed immortality techniques, of varying potency and styles.

The weakest is probably Sasori, who is merely Deathless. Simply put, he does not carry death inside himself; he won’t die unless he is killed. He doesn’t age, can’t get sick, and as long as he doesn’t neglect the maintenance of his puppet body for several years at a time, he will last forever.

The next step up is Kakuzu, though he is more of a step up and slightly to the side with his Redundancy via the Jiongu. Kakuzu can die, but he has to be killed multiple times in order to get there. I don’t think he is actually Deathless like Sasori is though, because it seems likely that his organic hearts still experience normal decay and wear and tear, even if his body rejuvenates itself from their energy. Unlike Sasori’s immortality, Kakuzu’s requires consistent upkeep. If Kakuzu sat in a cave by himself for a century, his hearts would likely fail one by one until he died.

Orochimaru combines elements of both Deathlessness and Redundancy, though more of the later than the former. I highly doubt he has failed to make himself immune to most poisons and diseases after all these decades, however while he is able to keep himself young by switching from body to body, canon would seem to imply that the bodies he switches to have a shelf life and need to be replaced much more rapidly than Kakuzu’s hearts. Since Orochimaru’s immortality orients around manipulation of his soul, we might call him Post-Biological. He no longer relies on organic systems to perpetuate his existence; he just likes having them around because they are convenient. Notably, while he doesn’t age and so on like a living thing, he can still die if certain conditions are met, such as every Curse Seal bearer dying.

The last, and arguably most definitive form of immortality we see comes from Hidan who is Undying. He can’t die. Then end. Chop off his head, and it will just scream profanity at you. Bury him alive, and he’ll emerge in a

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Climate Change/Global Warming Rant

This is my logic to my understanding of global warming.

I'll first begin with some ideas and facts that are the root of my train of thought.

Earth is nearly a closed system, meaning everything on it comes from Earth and just changes form. From your bed sheets to your iPhone. They are made up of parts that at some point came from the earth.

The earth goes through cycles. At one point Colorado was under water. At some other point we had a snow ball earth, the ice ages, everything was covered in ice.

Human have dramatically changed natural processes on earth. We tear up the land, destroy forests, and create pollution.

Pollution creates an ozone layer due to green house gases and warms the earth.

CO2 is a green house gas.

CO2 is stored in various parts of the earth. Air, land, and ocean.

The ocean is our largest CO2 reservoir, but it had a limit of how much it can hold and once it reaches that limit the excess CO2 will be forced to go elsewhere.

Something about plankton being able to reduce CO2 in oceans.

Global Warming is scary because it raises temperatures and melts ice caps causing sea levels to rise.

Many people will be affected by seal level rises (lightly put).

The earths surface is made up of a rigid and brittle layer called the lithosphere which lies above the fluid asthenosphere. Plate tectonics, subduction, renewal of crust, mid ocean ridges, etc. Essentially, land sinks into the earth, is melted down into magma, the heat causes an increased in buoyancy and this magma rises one again as new crust.

Of course it is way more complicated than that because there are heavier elements that don't always come back up due to their density. And then there's crustal assimilation and a bunch of other science.

Looking at these very rough "facts", (Im no expert, some info could be incorrect), it seems that earth has undergone lots of crazy shit. I'm not too sure if we are the worst but we definitely are the only ones to really affect natural processes.

The sea level will rise due to global warming, global warming has been "sped up" by humans. But sea level changes and temperature fluctuations are all things that have happened to Earth in the past.

My personal thoughts: In the very distant future the earth will completely renew itself because of plate tectonics. Everything man made will eventually be subducted, melted back down into magma, sorted by density, mineral composition, atomic structure, etc. We will no longer exist and the earth coul

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Can Today's Continental Arrangement be Considered a Supercontinent?

If you think about it, the ongoing Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny has produced a composite continent of the same magnitude seen in past supercontinents/Wilson cycles.

Europe and Asia are actually a giant continent called Eurasia, India has completely collided with Eurasia, and Africa has essentially collided with Eurasia as well, in a big way with the collision of Arabia with Western Asia and Anatolia, and in the Mediterranean with the Alpine Orogeny, with the Betics and Apennines, and ongoing collision all around the Mediterranean, interrupted wth and complicated by back arc extension. North America is essentially connected to Siberia (a big chunk of Siberia lies on the North American Plate), and in fact during times of lower global sea level, North America and Asia would be connected by a substantial land bridge, continental crust extending to high latitudes on the Arctic margin. South America is connected to North America by the Isthmus of Panama, and juvenile crust in the American cordillera is continuing to build there. And technically, there is no plate boundary between North and South America. The two 'separate continents' are actually connected by a 'diffuse plate boundary' that isn't a boundary in the sense of a subduction zone, MOR, continental rift, or transform fault. Lastly, Australia is not properly conjoined to Asia but is in the process of colliding with Southeast Asia - it has already collided on its northern edge, resulting in the mountains of Papua New Guinea, and in the west will soon collide with Malaysia/Indonesia.

So basically all of the continents are connected except for Antarctica and Australia, the latter of which is in the process of collision. If you look st Pangea, Pannotia, and Rodinia, it's basically a similar situation. Pangea was a supercontinent par excellence but still didn't involve all continental land masses (china and south east Asia was more like Southeast Asia and the maritime continent today), and Pannotia/Greater Gondwana and Rodinia definitely didn't involve all landmasses. Laurentia, Baltica, and Siberia were essentially "island continents" like Australia and Antarctica today. Today's ongoing Himalayan-Alpine Orogeny is comparable to the other great supercontinent-building/wilson cycle-ending orogenies of the past - the Hercynian-Alleghanian Orogeny that assembled Pangea, the Pan-African Orogeny that assembled Pannotia, and the Grenville Orogeny that assembled Rodinia. In other ways today's continenta

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[Fluff][XKCD] Using dog breeds in unconventional ways

Link to comic

Image: People standing around, looking at rocks. One person says, "This bedrock likely formed as the Dalmatian Microplate subducted under East Laika during the Upper Pomeranian." Another peron, hand rubbing his chin, replies "Ah, yes."

Caption: Geology tip- There are so many microplates and ages that no one remembers them all, so in a pinch you can bluff with dog breeds.

Alt text: "The mountains near here formed when the ... Newfoundland ... microplate collided with, uhh ... Labrador." "Ok, now you're definitely just naming dogs." "Wait, no, that's actually almost correct."

Any ideas for other vaguely convincing applications of dog breed names?

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hirschism quotes

1/24/2017 "I'm a quitter, not a stopper."

"no, I'm not going to stop stalking you."

"someone please help me before I harm myself."

"it's not through voting or anything like that. you change the world throughh erosion and deposition, that's it."

"instead of answering my question, he sent a long paragraphj blowing me off, which could have been used to answer my question."

"this is total crazyness in riverville!! oh george..."

"you are mre than likely going to be eaten."

1/25/2017 "what's an l?"

"if you take half an hour to put dirt in dirt, you must be braindead."

"I almost said hello, but I don't like people, so I didn't."

"give it some love. not inappropriate love, though."

"I'm not retiring, I'm dying right in this room so I can show you what decomposition is really like. but don't touch me, my bowels go boom once I die."

"almost killed me this morning. I don't have to go to the gym for a year."

"unfortunately, I am not a rectangle."

"terry's gonna do some math-a-matics."

1/26/2017 "when I go to your house, sit down, and have difnner with your whole family, I will show your family your growth, so they don't try to fire me again."

"two weeks later, I add my son's left arm."

"you're drinking out of plastic? not in my class you wont."

"I thought yesterday was saturday. totally BLEW my mind.L

"I give my lectures for the week on sunday. I practice with cardboard cutouts of all of you. I have one of ma'nai, ally, brianna... my son runs around and changes the expression on all of them."

"if I had to go to your breakfast table and force you to answer the interview questions..."

1/30/2017 "stand towards the drainage system. so if you die, it'll be easier to bury you."

"I am a landform."

"if I was in ninth grade right now, I would have ZERO notes. I spent a lot o nights not sleeping in highschool. man, I just didn't fo the assignments."

"you don't get a 2.7 gpa from doing the assignments."

"I'm a well fed shark."

"questions are for the weak."

2/1/2017 "it's your grade, not mine. I don't care."

"if I get in trouble, all I need is a shovel."

"the beginning will consist of my complaining."

2/16/2017 "I'm not gonna drop your pen. I'm gonna stab myself in the eye."

2/22/2017 "you can join my cult online. it's called the cube earrth society. we worship the square." "cults are how you make money. you don't make any money teaching."

2/23/2017 "many of your teachers are probably insane this year."

"I would enjoy throwing a cat in a box and

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The First and Second Book of the Arcane Truths

[Looking for C&C on this, which is a direct combination of magic and religion in the system/world I am creating.]

THE FIRST BOOK The Word of Beginning

  1. Where fertile soil lies, a seed may be planted. Where that seed is planted, water may come and fill the seed with life. Where that seed is filled with life, a tree may grow.

  2. The tree seen is not the tree that grew. A tree’s bark, rotted, cut, and dry, gives the image of a hoary grandfather, covering his land in cool shade and loamy soil. But the heartwood is what shapes the grandfather, defining each branch and leaf that sees the sky.

  3. So it was in the first moments of existence; the first note played fully chorded in the deep bowels of chaos brought all things to be. Existence as it was divided into four, not three; three always harmonious with the fourth harsh against one other. They were; Absence, Presence, Point, and Set.

  4. Balance against and with, these four siblings had and still have. What is the Void of Absence defined by without the Space of Presence, and what boundaries are set of Presence save in Absence? If the Absolute Position of a Point cannot exist without comparatives, then the Set of Positions of a Plane may not come to be without a collective group.

  5. Balance with, they had as well, for no quarrel does one have without their nemesis. Void and Space are comfortable both with Point and Set, able to co-exist with both as a binary of their beings. Point and Set see no issue with the friends of Void and Space, for they contribute to the being of their fellows.

  6. It might be likened to a Parliament. One member pits two friends against each other who fight often and loudly, in hopes that they will be dominant in their own right. It is true that each of the four wishes to define by their being a greater share of all.

  7. So it went; one and another and another fighting on and on. But the Four did grow to Eight, then Twelve, then Sixteen, then to the substrate of all that mortal minds understand in the Twenty. But, as before, the heartwood of each bound their Five.

  8. So it came to pass that Void, Space, Point, and Set became the Gods who walk among the mortals they grant favor to. Void as Water, master of the deep, opposes Space as Fire, shining light of hope, who befriends often Point as Stone, master of making, who opposes Set as Wind, master of nothing but itself. They are; the Abyss, the Beacon, the Colossus, and the Zephyr.

  9. Each of the Four has Five Aspects, the

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Total newbie - UVB5 or UV82?

To start, I don't have my license yet but I will get it. I'm looking to get a pair of inexpensive HTs for emergency situations, possibly for camping as well. Simplex is what I'm primarily concerned with. I need them to go at least 4 miles, definitely trees but no serious terrain. I'm in the city, Olympia WA. This is so I can reach my wife at her work from my office in case of emergency (possible subduction zone earthquake has my attention).

I want the cheapest setup possible with the best simplex range. I'm thinking UVB5 or UV82 with a Nagoya 717 or 771. That puts me at about $47 per radio. Any chance I'll make my 4 miles?

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Making a Decision

Hello r/leaves!

First of all, I want to say thank you for everything you stand for as a community (& shoutout to Subduction for the creation). You all help struggling individuals overcome their 'addiction' to marijuana by giving them the reinforcement and reassurance they need to make and commit to the decision of quitting smoking. I recently discovered this subreddit a few weeks ago and started reading a few posts here and there. Lately, it's gotten to a point where I check everyday to see who else has quit or if there's any "[insert day #] weed free" posts. I know I do this because I'm fascinated with the idea of quitting. So, I made a Reddit account and here I am!

I guess I'll start off by saying I honestly love smoking. The feelings, the laughs, the seshes, the relaxation, the sex, the smell of herb, all the good stuff. I used to be very, very against smoking when I was in high school but my views changed in college (I became more open-minded after frequently seeing people smoke) and I smoked for the first time 3 years ago with a cool chick to get with her (it worked). Over the years, smoking evolved from something that initially was occasionally fun and social to something more along the lines of an everyday habit, often multiple times a day. What gets me thinking is that my 23rd birthday is this Thursday and, when I look back at previous goals that I've set for myself over the past few years, I realized I haven't achieved all that I envisioned for myself. I believe smoking is definitely holding me back from being the best version of myself, which I strive to be everyday. Also, as someone who genuinely loves to be intellectually stimulated, whenever I'm stoned I feel 'dumbed down' and whenever I'm not stoned I feel cloudy/hazy and somewhat anxious. There also are more personal, financial, and obligatory reasons, but these are definitely my top three. Knowing that there is so much more I could be, I didn't want to regret putting manifestation off any longer.

In a nutshell, I'm making the decision to quit. For how long that is not certain, but I know it will be for a while. I just want to say that sharing this with everyone has been therapeutic for me as I finish off my last g. I feel like I am more determined and invested in this decision now that I wrote all this haha. If you read this post, make a comment! I'd love to hear what people have to say because this community is amazing. Have a fantastic Sat. evening everyone! Going to sleep early so

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Flysch vs. Molasse

What is the critical difference or dividing line between Flysch deposits and Molasse deposits in front of a developing orogen?

My understanding is that flysch is deposited in the early stages of orogeny, when a deep marine basin exists in front of the orogen, and erosion fills the deep marine basin in cycles of upwards-dining sediments, each cycle beginning with a turbidity flow which settles down into slow quiet deposition leaving cycles of conglomerates, and upwards-fining shales and greywackes, while molasse is deposited afterwards, once the basin has filled (and the flysch may itself be deformed from continued folding and thrusting to form new basins for the molasse), and the molasse too consists of layers of conglomerates, sandstones, etc.

Is it that flysch is associated with deep marine trenches and molasse with a passive margin after slab breakoff once subduction has ended? Or is molasse terrestrial and flysch marine? Or molasse is associated with fluvial deposits and flysch with turbidity deposits?

Specifically, what marks the transition from flysch to molasse? I understand the definitions, just not specifically where one can differentiate one from the other.

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Some interesting research on Tsunami-potential in the Bay Area

With the increasing writeups about potential earthquakes and fault lines lately (first San Andreas, then Cascadia Subduction Zone, and now the Hayward Fault) I've been increasingly worried of tsunami's hitting the Bay Area. After watching this vid though, I'm no longer worried, esp having property within the physical Bay:

The above is a computer simulation of a 16 foot wave hitting the coast. By the time it hits within the bay it is reduced to just 2-3 feet in height. With that math, even a crazy 33 foot wave like the one that hit Japan in 2011 after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, would only be about 6 feet high within the land inside the Bay.

Mapping the water level increase using Surging Seas, that would put the temporary water right near my door step. Definitely still sketchy, but not complete chaos: At this water level 1/3 of Soma and good parts of the financial district in SF would be pretty wet, though.

However... all the above is moot. Apparently because California's plate boundaries are moving laterally (transformative) vs up and down (subductive) like Japan's faults. In short, tsunami's are not a real threat for the Bay. Lots of scientific details in this post:

Anybody care to validate or challenge these findings, as my research is really just pure internet sleuthing. I'd be happy to hear any additional thoughts.

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[SPOILERS Season 5] Gravitonium and its effects, Graviton and the possible paths to the Breaking of the World[THEORY DISCUSSION SPECULATION]

Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm doing with tags. Massive Wall of Text. Sorry, TL;DR at the end. Completely meaningless speculation. Also sorry, but I find it fun.

The finale was amazing, so emotional with so many things tied together. So much was tied together, yet enough loose ends were left for the possible (and now confirmed) 6th season. Being a holiday Monday up here in Canada, I just spent the last several hours pouring over threads and comments in this sub. I loved some of the deeper insight about the events of episode 22, but the more i read, the more I started thinking about the gravitonium, and its distribution, what effects that would have and exactly how the Earth could have cracked.

To start with, what do we know about gravitonium? Its a near sentient material that can allow control of gravity. It's present on Earth in sufficient quantities to justify interstellar travel for. While it allows Graviton to mentally control gravity, in it's raw form it can be incorporated into technology to give basic control of gravitational fields, like on the zephyr (the bus?). So it can be manipulated with electricity somehow. Im getting pretty speculative roundabout now. My simplest thought on the how that might be achieved would be that the direction of flow of current would be the crux of control. Positive increases gravity, negative decreases. Am I stealing that from Mass Effect? whatever.

As for the distribution and quantity, we dont know much, and a lot of what I'm going on is inferred from subjective interpretation of hints. So take it with a block of salt. From Talbot's interrogation of Robin, we know there's a sizeable amount of gravitonium under Chicago. When he gets there, he pulls a column of the earth up several hundred hundred feet, and gets a papaya sized glob. But we know Earth has much more than that. Enough for the Confederacy to justify sending a ship to Earth to gather. How much is there? Enough for Talbot to think he'd become more powerful than Thanos with a completed Gauntlet, and also apparently enough that Talbot would need Quake's powers to access it. What we do see is that there's a small amount bound up in the Earth's crust, and that there's apparently a lot more down there to the point that Quakes powers will be useful for getting it. To me that suggest a dispersed model of mineral deposits, not all in one big clump. Some larger, "economic" deposits and a whole scattering of tiny deposits.

What effect would a diffused miner

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6 Months. It's still hard work.

The time has really flown by. Today is 180 days; in two days it'll be 6 months by the calendar. I stopped on November 30. I smoked for 15 years, 10 daily, 6 waking and baking.

Sorry for the wall. I have a lot on my mind about this lately. Thanks to anyone who reads it all. Feel free to read any one part.

  • It's still hard, but not in the same ways it was at the beginning. It's a deeper kind of hard. The work of finding new ways to cope with stress and anxiety. But it's rewarding work. I think I am going to have to stay vigilant about this for a very long time (as in, years). I know if I smoked now, I would be very vulnerable to going back to my old ways. 6 months really isn't a long time when a lifetime is considered. It's still nice to celebrate the achievement, but I have a long way to go.

  • I've gained weight. I would have thought I'd lose weight because munchies, but it's been the opposite. I've seen several posts here recently about how to replace the reward of smoking that a lot of us fell into the habit of, and I replied that there really isn't such a thing. I think I've unconsciously been eating to soothe an uncomfortable feeling or stress; and eating to treat myself when I've had a good day. My partner and I were talking about this last night. He's overweight, and he was saying he can see how he thinks of food as a reward, but that pretty much every day he can come up with some reason to overeat (last day of school, I'm on the road, someone is in town, it's the weekend). I said I can identify completely, and he knew just what I was talking about. This is something I have to work on. I want to lose the weight and stop looking to reward or soothe myself on a daily basis.

  • My partner been wonderfully supportive, by the way. He was always great about letting me be with my habit, not making judgements in either direction -- that I should or shouldn't smoke. I was scared to ask him how I'm different now, but I did ask. He says I'm more fun and spontaneous now. He said I was always fun, but now it's a different kind of fun. I don't have to smoke before everything, so it's easier to make snap decisions to do something cool. More adventurous. I like that too.

  • I am a lady, and I have noticed a strong correlation between my desire to smoke and my cycle. I think pot was easing my PMS symptoms way more than I realized. I miss that. It made the moodiness easier to deal with, eased cramps. Now, when I reach those emotional moments before my period, I

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Trip to the Columbia Gorge (2/3): Washington Wineries

Part 1/3

Part 3/3

Our first day of tasting was on Friday. We decided to do the Washington side first, and then do the Oregon side on Saturday. We were based out of the town of Hood River, which seems to be the largest (and most tourist friendly) town along the gorge. We stayed in the Best Western along the river and had a beautiful view.

The view from our hotel room

To get across, we had to cross a terrifyingly narrow toll bridge.

This thing will give you riverphobia

But once across, we had a nice clear path along the river.

Region map again for reference

We headed east to the town of Lyle to do the “Lyle Loop.” Four wineries grow up on the hillsides behind the town, and they’re all within reasonable distance of each other.

Now before we get started, we noticed a few key themes about the Washington side’s wineries:

-Everyone talks about trying to do wines in the “Old World Style” ad nauseum

-Everyone had a large variety of grapes that they were growing

-Everyone was very friendly. They talked effusively about their wines, gave big pours, and almost all of them pulled out 1-3 extra wines to try that weren’t listed on their flights (which were already 6-8 wines).

-The wineries are very proud of the fruit flavors and crisp acid in their wines, so almost every winery used very little to no oak.

-All of the tastings were $5 per person and waived with a purchase. Also, many of them gave us free tastings with a “wine pass” included with our hotel room.

-The vast majority of the bottles we took home were from this side.

The first winery we visited was Syncline. Their tasting room was a little counter tucked away in the corner of their aging warehouse.

The tasting/aging building

Too early for growing season yet

The tasting counter; next to it are some concrete containers used as neutral aging vessels

This winery was a tiny bit disappointing in that everything on the tasting flight was from the Columbia Valley, not the Columbia Gorge. However, they were still very nice wines. Syncline seemed to specialize in grapes from Southeast

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OK, so did we decide what to do for April Fools Day?

This is kind of a follow up on Subduction's post a few days ago asking what a April Fools Day prank we could all pull would be. There were some great ideas, but two of them I really like and I think we could do both of them.

The first one was that everyone wears a solid red shirt and blue jeans on april 1st and 2nd (since a lot of us won't even be out of the house on the 1st). I don't remember who suggested it, but it would be really fun to do and a great way to meet fellow redditors

The second one will take a bit more work, but it'll be worth it as long as someone doesn't give us away. The idea was suggested by AtheHigh and the idea was: >How about a virtual recreation of Independence Day or War of the Worlds? Plot lines on a map leading to every major city then get redditors along the 'flight paths' to report fake but similar UFO sightings at intervals consistent with objects moving on those paths at a particular speed. Maybe set the scene with amateur astronomers all over the country reporting strange lights around the moon or coming from Mars in the early hours of April 1st.

We could definitely do this, my friend and I are willing to make a video of the "UFO" flying over and then it shortly disappears behind a cloud with just enough time to make it out as a possible UFO. Then we could have a few Redditors Photoshop a bunch of pictures with UFOs that are blurry or hard to see and then we all post them on Facebook and twitter at a certain time that corresponds with the path that the UFO is taking. One suggestion was that it would be travelling towards the Bermuda Triangle. I live in the Midwest so I will post the video on Sunday morning and point out in the video that it's heading southeast. Anyone that lives west of me could post pictures they took on Saturday. We'll all have to do it on time.

I'll post the video on Reddit, we'll want it to hit the front page. If we want this thing to get noticed and possibly get media coverage we'll need it to go viral. everyone post the video on Facebook and Twitter along with some pictures maybe.

Also it was suggested that at the end of the day as the pictures get better it's revealed to be troll face or something, or we could have a picture of the UFO with the Reddit alien on it.

So what do you think, Reddit?

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[Table] IAmA: We are earthquake experts. Ask us anything about The Really Big One coming for the Pacific Northwest.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)

Date: 2015-07-14

Link to submission (Has self-text)

Questions Answers
I am curious about Portland. Can you do a basic overview comparison of the issues for Portland versus Seattle? What you've said so far seems to be that Seattle is more about shaking and sliding. Is Portland's issue more liquefaction and bridges collapsing? Are there finer points I am missing? (Thank you, this is a great AMA!) Portland's buildings are more vulnerable, because Oregon didn't adopt a seismic code until ... the late 1980s. (They thought they were immune from quakes!) Most of the bridges downtown are really old and aren't going to stand up to much shaking. Also, most of Portland's fuel supplies (gasoline, jet fuel, oil) are concentrated on the banks of the Willamette, on ground that's going to liquefy. On balance, I think Portland is going to suffer more. Seattle's utilities are very vulnerable, but some of our major bridges through town - the Ship Canal and the 99-bridge, have been recently upgraded. In both cities, neighborhoods will be cut off and folks will have to get by on their own for quite a well - days, maybe weeks - because emergency responders will be overwhelmed. Sandi Doughton.
Buildings in Portland are more vulnerable, because they didn't factor quakes into the building codes until the late 1980s. The old bridges downtown aren't going to stand up to serious shaking, either. And virtually all the city's fuel supplies (gasoline, jet fuel, oil) are stored in tank farms on an island in the river where the soil is going to liquefy. In Seattle, some of our major bridges have been upgraded, including I-5 and 99 over the ship canal, so they're not likely to topple. But in much of the SoDo region, the ground will turn to soup from liquefaction. Both cities have loads of old brick buildings that are going to crumble. And in both, neighborhoods will be cut off and on their own, because first responders will be swamped. On balance, I think Portland might fare worse - but I'm not sure I would bet my paycheck. Sandi Doughton.
Wager much of.

[What would you say is the most helpful action(s) that an individual can take to prepare? (whether that is hiring someone to retrofit structure of their house, simply preparing an emergency kit,

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Island Arcs commonly have younger and more K rich volcanic rocks farther from the trench. Why?

There is a definite relationship of depth of melting along or above a subducting lithospheric plate with deeper originating magmas being more alkalic. Why might this be so? My guess is would be that the distance to the surface lengthens the time required for the magma to reach the surface allowing it to fractionate from some primitive calc-alkaline basalt to produce an alkalic product. Any good (non-paywalled) papers on this topic?

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📅︎ Apr 05 2014
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