Anyone have great recipes for fresh sturgeon?

I got WAY too many samples from a potential supplier and I'm looking for interesting ways to cook the sturgeon. I'll probably smoke a little and poach a little. But since I don't have much experience with the fish, I was hoping one of y'all could help.


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Sturgeon Recipe Ideas

I have a bunch of sturgeon and also some steelhead in my freezer and I'm not a very creative cook. Does anyone have suggestions on how I could cook these different kinds if fish? I am on a limited budget and have a picky three year old who will be sharing the meal with me. I appreciate any feedback you guys may have.

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/r/sturgeons - post your news articles, photos, and stories about sturgeon fishing, conservation, or even sturgeon recipes
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I've never eaten sturgeon, but this looks delicious. Link to recipe in comments!…
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What is the difference between confit, oil-poach, and deep-frying?

Hey πŸ‘‹

What’s the difference between making a confit, oil-poaching, and deep-frying?

I’m currently reading Thomas Keller’s Ad-Hoc at Home and have become a bit confused about some of the differences between cooking method. In the book, Chef Keller has an Oil-Poached Sturgeon recipe, and I learned recently about Garlic Confit (food safety warning: read about botulism) for garlic breads where you cook the garlic in oil, infusing a strong flavor into the oil.

At this point though, how do the techniques differ? The confit process, oil-poaching and deep frying all appear (with what I know at least) to cook a food in oil. The heat of the oil changes some (confit being lowest and frying being highest), but is that the only difference?

Thank you for your help and time

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Old Tagalog Food and Cooking Terms from Historical Dictionary Pt. 2

Continued from Pt. 1

Recipes/Styles and Terms Related to Cooking

Loto (luto)- cocer cualquiera cosa/to cook anything. Eg. Ang niloloto co ay balatong β€œI am cooking mongo beans.”

Note: The term β€˜balatong’, same in other languages like Ilocano, is the native Tagalog term for beans (it is used in this dictionary also), including β€˜munggo’. Blust recreated it in Proto-PH as balatun with other various forms valatung, balatum, baldtong. Unfortunately can’t link the Google Book, but here’s another link β€˜balatung = mung beans’.

Combar (kumbad ???)-yesca para sacar fuego. es la lana que sacan de la palma llamada cauong/tinder to make fire. It is from the β€˜wool’ they take from the kaong palm.

Note: β€˜Wool’ likely meant the fuzzy fibers taken from palms including coconut that are highly flammable, used as kindler.

Alipuyo (alimpuyo)- quemarse lo que se esta cociendo; por entrar la llama, dentro de la vasija/burn what is cooking; for the flame to enter the cooking vessel.

Note: The modern meaning/form of this term is β€˜alimpuyo’ β€˜whirlwind’, like meant that one is blowing/fanning flame too hard, it makes fire hotter and thus burn the food.

Quilao (kilaw)- carne en vinagre/meat in vinegar. Eg. Magquilao tayo β€œLet’s make kilaw.”

Note: In Bergano’s Pampango dictionary the term is used for β€˜venadillos’ β€˜zervatillos’ ie young deer/doe, as well as for β€˜cachorillo’ β€˜small puppy’. Likely, without me checking modern linguistic dictionaries, that it is surely cognate with β€˜hilaw’ ie β€˜raw’.

Quilauin (kilawin)- carne o pescado en adobo. Cortan la carne a pedacitos, o el pescado; y luego calientan un poco de vinagre; y bien caliente se lo echan encima; y alli le aplican sal y chile, y a esto llaman quilauing boro la salada/Meat or fish in adobo/marinade. They cut the meat or the fish into pieces, then they heat up a little vinegar, when its very hot they throw it (the vinegar) on it (the meat). Then they apply salt and chili, and this is called quilauing boro (kilawing buro). Eg. Ualang lamangcating sariua at pauang binoro. β€œThere was no fresh meat to be found because they cured/salted/preserved all of it.”

Quilauin (kilawin)-adobo toman sal, vinagre, y chile, y lo echan en la carne, pescado, o tripas de venado; y asi medio crudo lo come

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Can anybody explain sturgeon spearing season to me?

I have an idea about the holes in the ice, the rock bed and some of the rules and regulations, but what do you do with the fish after you've caught it? It's a bottom feeder - it can't taste good. I've never heard anybody go on about their sturgeon recipe. White bass - YES! Sturgeon - NO.

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I bought my wife a life extension plan. These were the first 3 months.

The first month: Overcast, mild temperature. An owl turns its head to stare through our window as we awaken.

It was 8:58am on a Tuesday and once again it was the sounds of violent seizing on the floor by my bed that awoke me.

Stumbling in a stupor to cradle my wife’s head and soothe her as eyes rolled into the back of the head, joints locked and pulled while her mouth foamed was tough.

Finding the opening in her mouth to administer her rescue medication midazolam, watching the paste coat her gums and hoping that it will settle her while assuring her I loved her and didn’t want to hurt her was always harder.

Then came the grunts, the dismal groaning as her back arched and her shoulders rolled before her breathing grew slower, laboured and she entered a state not dissimilar to dreaming, but without waking up.

Blue flashing lights, paramedics gently moving me aside to administer oxygen and prep her for moving to the ambulance. The long drive to the hospital, the slow but steady come around with confusion and the doctors with well-meaning smiles and pats on the shoulder assuring me in a calm, collected and still distant tone;

β€œYou’re doing the best you can, given the circumstances.”

Somewhere in that hospital ward, I would always see a flicker of something in the darker parts of the halls. Shadows clinging to the last vestiges of darkness that the powerful fluorescent lights could not reach.

Never enough to warrant panic, but plenty to invite dread into my body and let it nestle there while I smiled, thanked the doctor and packed up my wife’s things, knowing I’d be back again before long.

Knowing it’d only get worse from here.

Amelia is sick. That much is obvious to you all by this point. We’d been having a spirited Nerf war in our newly purchased home as a newly hitched couple, fully within the throes of love and a honeymoon phase of our relationship that had lasted 7 and a half blissful years so far.

She lost her footing, stumbled and slurred something before smashing her skull on the coffee table and seizing on the floor. For as long as I live I will not forget the image of her face frozen in total neutrality as her brain bled, nor the sound her skull made as it collided with the mahogany.

Doctors would conclude it was a stroke, but the genuine horror lay in their subsequent tests.

The stern faces. The high quality scans showcasing a highlighted mass gripping into the soft flesh of her brain.

Amelia has Glioblastoma. Aggressive Gliob

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[Animal Crossing] That time PETA tried to cancel a fictional owl

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more commonly known as PETA, is an organization that has risen to infamy. Whether it’s disrespecting Steve Irwin on his birthday or making a commercial of animals kneeling for the national anthem, the group is known for its shocking content and advertisement, leading to them becoming widely hated. Very few animal rights activists actually support PETA, though they do obviously have their supporters.

The organization has crusaded against video games in the past. They called out the Pokemon franchise for supposedly supporting animal cruelty and dogfighting, criticized Mario for wearing a suit based on the Tanuki (a Japanese raccoon-dog), and slammed Cooking Mama of all games for featuring meat-based recipes. Crusading against Nintendo-based properties seems to be a bit of a theme with PETA (Cooking Mama is not a first-party game, but it is exclusive to Nintendo systems). Now, there are several video games that they could easily fight back against. I mean, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows you to shoot animals and eat their meat, and Fire Emblem Three Houses features characters riding on dragons and horses.

Instead, they chose Animal Crossing.

TW for mentions of real-life animal abuse!

Animal Crossing in a Nutshell

In March 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out. This was right as the COVID-19 pandemic was really starting to pick up, and people needed a happy escape from reality while quarantined, which Animal Crossing conveniently provided. The game was definitely a bit bare-bones at first, but it’s been updated consistently throughout the year, and will likely continue to receive updates for a good while. I need to emphasize, literally EVERYONE was playing this game when it came out. Brie Larson, T-Pain, Elijah Wood, and even [Danny Trejo](https://tw

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Where to get green tea?

Sorry if i’m not posting in the right place, i’m just about to go crazy over the fact that I haven’t been able to get a recipe for green tea from the TV or buy a green tea from the saloon or cart lady. Can I get the recipe from a villager or something? My poor blob fish can’t multiply without it. It’s funny that i’ve been able to find rarer things for my sturgeons and lava eels, but not a damn green tea lol

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I for one welcome our Russian overlords...
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Animal Crossing Camp v3.3.1d Update

How’s it ginkgoing, Pocket Campers? With this update, we’re saying a sad sayonara to summer cicadas and hello to the much subtler sights (or lack thereof) of fall like walking sticks and red dragonflies (with the exception of the new less-than-subtle king dab). Whether we’ll be hiding out in acorn cubbies or displaying all our colors with new art supplies, the warming palettes of fall will be a rousing backdrop for seasonal hunts, homemaking, and hobbies. I’ll warn you right from the ginkgoβ€”Coco and gang aren’t in this update. It looks like they’re coming out too late in September to be included in this one. Could this mean we might get a couple spooky animals apt for October? That or Gulliver just took a wrong turn somewhere. On a more competent note, thanks to Miranda for mining this data, and to all the users from the ACPC Discord, MrPoptart, dolly, and more, who all helped document the new fall creatures!

  • Version Codes
    • 3.3.1c was 27463, 3.3.1d is 426e4
    • This is a client-side update that should not require you a new version of the app if you already have Version 3.3.1.
  • Fall Creatures
    • Is it unfair that cicadas had less than three months to exalt our eardrums? Yes, but life is unfair, demonstrated by the return of some Fall 2019 fauna that already had their long turn, but at least they’re joined by several new autumnal oddities to signal the cooling weather and make our catches a little more interesting. (And word has it we might not have heard the last of our cicadas yet…) Just as our spring tadpoles grew into summer frogs, our frogs have grown into soft-shelled turtles! Hooray! Finally, in case you felt some colossal displacement from somewhere in the deep… yes, something unthinkable has occurred. Our beautiful king olive flounder, ruler of the sea, majestic in his ways, has been dethroned by our new overlord, the astounding king dab! This king dab may look similar to the king olive flounder but is actually totally different, for he faces the other way! (The right way, as fish law now dictates...) Come see the new era of fall critters ushered in under his backwards regime...

Below is a table of the new creatures, their prices, and their rewards when given to campers (when they ask you for β€œany fish” or β€œany bug”). This information is collected anecdotally, so while we did our best compil

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[Animal Crossing] Bunny Day, and why everyone seems to hate it


Animal Crossing (AC), also known by its original Japanese name Dobutsu no Mori, is a video game series, first released in Japan in 2001 for the Nintendo64. Since then, it’s grown massively, with various installments for different types of Nintendo game consoles - Wild World for the DS, City Folk for the Wii, and New Leaf for the 3DS. The main draw of AC is that it’s a relaxing, low-stakes game which usually involves the player cultivating a small town in real-time. Throughout the course of the game, the player can cultivate friendships with their animal villagers, make their house bigger and better, and even create some public-works projects such as wells or bridges. If it sounds fairly nothing-y, that’s because it is - however, it’s also one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, and for good reason. Every game is made with love and it really shows.


The newest installment in the franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (AC:NH), was released on the 20th of March to overwhelmingly positive reviews and general fan delight. There are many reasons for the hype, which can be simplified into four main factors:

  1. The last main game in the franchise, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was released in 2012, so many fans were starved for content (this ignores the mobile game, and spin-offs such as Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival, the latter of which was largely reviled for being a pale imitation of an actual AC game).
  2. The release date for New Horizons had been pushed back already, from β€œsometime in 2019” to March 2020. This gave more time for the hype to build.
  3. Due to Coronavirus, many, many people were stuck inside with nothing else to do. Although it was entirely unintentional, there was really no better time for Nintendo to release an escapist game than now.
  4. Based on the adverts and various reveals, there were some specific new features - such as terraforming, and crafting - which fans were very excited to use. The graphics were also ridiculously clean; people were fixated on the fact that your hair moves in the wind, you can change your appearance whenever you want, etc.

For the first 11 days, all was well - Twitter was flooded with videos of people building their idyllic islands, inviting new villagers to live in adorable houses, and chatting to various endearing NPCs. Of course, there were a few scuffles along the way; PETA [released an article]

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Easy Loved Gifts for Every Villager

I saw a couple of posts asking about this, and even some decent answers, but none of them had the list I really wanted, so here goes. The goal is to stash at least one loved gift for every villager that is relatively easy to gather and doesn't have much value so you aren't sacrificing your early wealth. Use this list either as a quick reference so you don't have to visit each wiki page, or to build a chest to fill with a Loved item for each villager.

##Universal Loves: Rabbit's Foot. As soon as you get a Deluxe Coop and can raise rabbits, you can start amassing a supply of universal loves (for all villagers except Penny). This is especially helpful for Villagers like Alex and Pierre, whose Loved items are recipes, or for Marnie and Jodi.

##Date-able villagers:

  • Abigail: Amethyst, Pumpkin
  • Emily: Topaz, Amethyst
  • Haley: Coconut, Sunflower
  • Leah: Wine
  • Maru: Strawberry, Cauliflower
  • Penny: Poppy, Melon, Sandfish
  • Alex: Rabbit's Foot, Eggs (only Liked, his specific Loves are recipes)
  • Elliot: Lobster, Duck Feather
  • Harvey: Pickles, Wine, Coffee (note: ANY fruit or vegetable can be used for pickles and wine, so use one with low value)
  • Sam: Cactus Fruit, Pizza (You can buy Pizzas for Sam from the Saloon before Cactus Fruit becomes available in the Desert.)
  • Sebastian: Frozen Tear, Sashimi (Use cheap foraged fish like Mussels and Oysters to make the Sashimi, if possible)
  • Shane: Hot Peppers, Beer (Beer can be purchased from the Saloon)

##Non-dateable Villagers:

  • Caroline: Summer Spangle
  • Clint: Topaz, Amethyst
  • Demetrius: Strawberry (like father, like daughter)
  • Dwarf: Topaz, Amethyst
  • Evelyn: Tulip, Beet
  • George: Leek (The reason I made this list. I would have saved more Leeks if I realized George loves them)
  • Gus: Oranges
  • Jas: Fairy Rose
  • Jodi: Diamond (Rabbit's Foot is cheaper)
  • Kent: Roasted Hazelnuts (I avoid recipes, but this recipe is just 3 Hazelnuts combined)
  • Krobus: Wild Horseradish, Pumpkin
  • Lewis: Hot Pepper
  • Linus: Cactus Fruit, Coconut, Yam
  • Marnie: Diamond (Rabbit's Foot is cheaper)
  • Pam: Cactus Fruit, Parsnip, Beer
  • Pierre: Rabbit's Foot (he does like Daffodils and Dandelions, though)
  • Robin: Peach
  • Sandy: Crocus, Daffodil, Sweet Pea
  • Vincent: Grape, Snail
  • Willy: Pumpkin, Sturgeon, Catfish
  • Wizard: Solar Essence, Void Essence
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Medicine vs. Survival checks for cooking?

My PCs are currently traveling upriver in a boat they acquired, and so far on their journey they've been making pretty solid use of their downtime in between encounters. This past session, all of them decided to go fishing off the back of the boat, a process I homebrewed by having them first roll Survival to see if they snagged a fish/how big the fish was, then make a saving throw in either STR or DEX to see if they could reel it in without letting it snap the line.

With a 21 in Survival, my cleric hooked a huge sturgeon and successfully brought it in, and the party then decided they were in the mood for a fancy dinner. What followed was basically all three of them collaborating on a recipe for cooking it on the ship's stove that actually sounded pretty delicious, thanks to some spices and whatnot they had on hand. But when it came time to actually put the plan into action, I was a bit conflicted over whether the roll for cooking should be Survival or Medicine.

I ultimately went with Medicine, seeing as they were putting together herbs and ingredients just like one might do for a poultice or something of the like. I reasoned that Survival might be more along the lines of seeing if you can roast a rabbit out in the woods over a campfire without burning/undercooking it, but in this situation the PCs were operating with complex ingredients and trying to make something that was legitimately good, not just edible.

Have you guys encountered similar culinary situations? If so, how did you handle it?

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[LF] To buy / trade for Golden Stag model [FT] 10 NMT / Gold - other models, seasonal mats, a few Moms items, birthday glasses, diy crafting - all 608 diy, all catalogable furniture, many catalogable pieces of clothing, Royal Crown and some recycled clothing items too.

[LF] Having had zero luck w finding anymore golden Stags than the one in my museum - i decided to give it a shot and look for a trade here - i can offer 10 NMT - or any butterfly model you would like - also got miyama, rainbow, cyclommatus and saw stag models, and a bunch of other bugs and fish that i would happily trade for. All Sharks / Napoleonfish / Sturgeon / red snapper and lots more.

I also got some gold, or seasonal materials i can offer - or i can offer crafting help for Anything in the game. I have learned all 608 diy recipes. So if you got the materials - i will be happy to help you w anything in exchange for a Golden Stag model. I will happily do as many crafts as you like IF set up w materials.

I can also order any furniture in the game and lots of the clothes in the game.

I have a royal crown spare, a mom's plushie, birthday glasses, and some recycled clothing too.

Let me know what you want.

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Updating the Science of Jurassic Park

One of the things I liked about the novel and its sequel (and the first film) was the effort put in to keep the dinosaurs as realistic as possible given the known science of the time and the themes at play. It's been 30 years after all.

Also, beyond just updating the dinosaurs, we're also going to update the location and some of the practices so that, while things can and should go wrong, they'll go wrong differently, based on things we know now about all the sciences involved.

EDIT: I am always open to corrections, new ideas, and other updates, so feel free to mention any that cross your mind.

The Island

Before InGen got there, animals were already on the island. In the books, there are species of frogs, leeches, large tarantulas, and opossum (the Common Opossum most likely) that made it on the island. Frogs getting to an island that remote is a little wonky, but I'll roll with it for now, and use it as an excuse later for other additions. The Cocos Islands, the basis for Isla Nublar, are already a biological preserve for various endemic species: an Anolis, a Gecko, and several endemic birds (the Cocos Cuckoo, Cocos Finch, and Cocos Flycatcher), with another 90 species of birds flying to the island and back on various journies (mostly seabirds like Pelicans). Most of the diversity is for ants and other arthropods, but we'll gloss over them for now.

Also, in reality, there are populations of feral pigs deer, goats, cats, and rats. The books only acknowledge the rats. These are likely to be killed for the Dinosaurs (or the Dinosaurs may kill them, depends on the species after all).

Since the book added so many less hardy (for sea voyages) animals to the island, I feel no compulsion against adding a few hardier species. The Water Opossum (a semi-aquatic opossum in an otter-like niche) and a mouse opossum right off the bat. Followed by the Central American Agouti, Northern Tamandua, Nine-Banded Armadillo, Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth, Hoffman's Two-Towed Sloth, the Central American Dwarf Squirrel, and there are about a hundred species of bat native to Costa Rica, so a few of them could easily have come over (including the vampire bat).

There are three birds that, if not already on the island or attracted to it, would likely be brought in by InGen to aid their animals: The Bronzed Cowbird, the Cattle Tyrant, and Yellow-Headed Caracara. These birds are all insectivores who eat ticks and other animals attracted to (or stirred up by) large anima

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Attention Devs! Four days spent designing, compiling, and writing a HUGE list of Sea of Thieves suggestions. Complete and fully detailed overhaul of the game's progression system! Large list of NPC/Mobs to add! Four new boat types! 39651/40000 characters of ideas! Make this game into what it can be!

As a preface, these ideas started rolling around my head on day two. They namely spawned from a desire to have a fishing trawler in the game. However, as that idea grew more prevalent in my head, it started to expand until it eventually caught sail on a wake of ideas. The ideas began flowing and before I knew it, I was playing my dream version of Sea of Thieves in my head.

*I was initially going to write up a 'short' story to introduce these ideas because of how passionate I was about seeing them come to fruition, but the story is currently taking longer than I can type it and in the mean time, before my memory fails me again, I want to get these ideas out to the public to start churning the minds of others. So, if you're interested, I'll be adding a 'short' story at a later date, perhaps in a separate post so we can just focus on the game in this one.

I'd like to start with an attempted summary of my impressions with the game and my current feelings. I'd heard about this game over the years since it's reveal, but I can't say that I was ever entirely interested. I never watched gameplay, I never read articles, none of that. It wasn't until about a day after it's release that I started growing curious. I was watching videos of gameplay, which in essence were exactly like the trailers, so nothing new really jumped out to me. However, it was when I saw the water effects in full force that enticed to me to sign up for the Game Pass trial. I'm a PC-exclusive gamer, haven't touched an Xbox in about 7 years, and have no games on the Microsoft Store. Things are likely to remain that way.

The first day I played it, i was absolutely enamored. I ended up playing it to the wee hours of the morning and going to bed an hour and a half before work started. Sufficed to say, I was late to work that day. While there was nothing terribly enthralling about the game outside of it's water effects, I was just generally hooked because the world's style was so interesting. Everything meshed beautifully with each other. However, art alone can't hold this gamer.

**As I noticed my play sessions shortening, I realized just how badly I would like this game to succeed and how much it's formula is appealing, but just not where it needs to be. It's frustrating to me because of how atmospheric of a game it is, but I'm just unable to find anything else there. I get chills just being alone in my Sloop on the sea. I've caught myself falling asleep in my chair to the sound of t

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ROUND 3/ sorry to the people who couldn’t come. But here I am again. Come to my south hemisphere island to craft and fish and hunt for bugs . Details in comments please read.

Here are all the fish and bugs to catch at this time Snap turtle, catfish pike tilapia cherry salmon mitten crab angelfish seahorse sturgeon zebra-turkeyfish ribbon eel moray eel.

Cricket bell cricket. Violin beetle and of course scorpions

And for the fall recipes, I can craft them for free but YOU have to collect the materials for it. I will dm you a picture of all the recipes I have.

First come first served this will be open for ten minutes but it fills up real fast

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What are the pros of Cactus Fruit?

For a fruit that takes quite a bit of progression to be able to grow, namely the Bus Repair and the Greenhouse, they seem pretty lackluster. They don't sell for much on their own, they don't make special products from the Preserves Jar or Keg like Sturgeon Roe or Hops and they don't have a special grow time or fruit production schedule or are necessary in a Recipe. Basically they are just lame.

I put 16 plots of Cactus around 2 quality sprinklers in the Greenhouse and after they bloomed I immediately cut down 8 and am now considering removing the other 8 now.

Anyone know something about these I don't or just like them for some reason I'm not aware of?

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Shipping Collection with Update *Spoilers*

Edit: new items in order:

  • Unmilled rice: get this from planting rice shoots. Rice shoots can be obtained in a variety of ways: fishing treasure chests, killing bugs, digging up artifact spots. This is between corn and eggplant in the collection tab.

  • Caviar: obtained from sturgeon roe. Build a fish pond to get roe. Put the roe in a preserves jar. Between duck feather and rabbit foot in the collection tab.

  • Aged roe. Put the roe from any fish other than sturgeon in a preserves jar. Between rabbit foot and ancient fruit in the collection tab

  • Green Tea: brew tea leaves in a keg. Between apple and apricot

  • Dino Mayo: put a Dino egg in mayo machine. Between battery and roe in the collection tab.

  • Roe: gather roe by putting any fish in fish pond. Between Dino Mayo and squid ink in the collection tab.

  • Squid ink: obtain by putting squid in fish pond or killing squid kid in mines. Between roe and tea leaves in the collection tab.

  • Tea leaves: obtain from scene with Carolyn in new sun room behind the kitchen. Can gather leaves from her plant during the last week of each month. She also gives you a recipe to grow one for yourself! Last item in the collection tab.

Original post below

I am on a relatively new file with Stardew, currently summer year 2. I have completed the Community Center and I'm just trying to achieve as much as possible by the end of year 2 for Grandpa's evaluation.

One of my goals was to complete the shipping collection. I had everything... Before the new update :( (sadly I didn't get the achievement either because I had not actually shipped a sweet gem berry or a red cabbage - I just had them planted before the update)

Asking here since the wiki isn't updated yet - hoping to get a full list so that I can see if it'll be possible to complete the new collection before the start of year 3!

So far it sounds like these are added:

  • unmilled rice: sounds like you can get this from fishing treasure chests, killing bugs in the mines, or artifact spots, but I haven't found any yet. (Can you find it in summer or only spring?)

  • tea leaves: edit: can be found through a heart event with Carolyn, or apparently harvested from the bush in her new room

  • caviar: I made a fishing pond with sturgeon but no luck yet.

  • roe: it sounds like this is also from the fishing pond, but again no luck. Wondering if I should make another one with a different fish? Edit: was about to collect roe! Just had to wait for it

  • Dino Mayo: put a Dino egg

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πŸ“…︎ Nov 29 2019
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[SPOILERS] 1.4 ALL new cooking recipes, farm & forage items

I haven’t found any compiled lists of the new recipes and items in the farm & forage tab so I guess I’ll make one on my own (lol). Since I’m making this list on my own, any additions or corrections are appreciated!!!


Triple shot espresso (3 coffee) - buy the recipe from Gus (5000g)

Shrimp cocktail (1 shrimp, 1 tomato, 1 wild horseradish) - learn this from the Queen of Sauce year 2 on the 28th of winter, however I believe they made it so on rerun days of recipes that you already know it just gives you a new recipe or something like that bc I learned this watching a rerun in like fall of year 6, so if you (like me) already have all the recipes, try a rerun day

Seafoam pudding (1 flounder, 1 midnight carp, 1 squid ink) - I believe you just learn this when you hit fishing level 9, I was already level 10 before 1.4 so it just appeared in my recipes without any notification or anything so if you were already level 10 you should have the recipe :) The flounder (ocean, spring & summer, 6am-8pm, any weather) and midnight carp (mountain lake & forest pond, fall & winter, 10pm-2am any weather) are both new fish

I think those are all the new cooking recipes as those are the only new spots in my cooking tab, however there are some new things in the farming and foraging tab as well, I don’t have them all done yet so this is only me guessing by the silhouettes and by new things added (these are in the order in which they appear on the farm & forage tab so similar recipes and things won’t necessarily be right next to each other)


Tea leaves - Pierre and Caroline’s house has a new room in the kitchen which is Caroline’s tea room, if you go in there she talks to you about tea and then the next day sends you the crafting recipe for a tea sapling (2 wild seeds any season, 5 fiber, 5 wood). The sapling takes 20 days to grow and then you can harvest tea leaves every day for the last week of whatever season it is (except winter unless in your greenhouse), however I’ve also seen the tea sapling sold by the traveling cart!

Caviar - have Robin build you a fish pond (5000g, 200 stone, 5 seaweed, 5 green algae) and put in a STURGEON, it will produce sturgeon roe which you put in a preserves jar to get caviar

Aged roe - age any fish roe besides sturgeon in a preserves jar

Green tea - 1 tea leaves put in keg

Dinosaur mayonnaise - dinosaur egg in mayonnaise machine (this one’s gonna kill me, I still haven’t found a dino egg!

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Stardew should add new crops

>I have a few good ideas to make the farming aspect of the game better and new animals, recipes, and machines to make the game better
>I think they should add a fish farm
>the fish you can farm is Carp, Sturgeon, Sardines, and Rainbow Trout
>you get fish eggs you can put the eggs in the incubator or mix with salt to make caviar and sell for lots of money
>the first new machine salt machine you can collect the water from the fish tanks and you can turn into salt which is used to make many foods
>the second machine can be the freezer if you put water in the freezer it turns it into ice which can be used to make recipes
>the third machine is the paint maker add linseed oil and pigment to the machine to make oil paint for paintings
>the fourth machine is the pigment machine turns crops into pigment for oil paint
>the fifth machine is the sauce maker can make Ketchup Mustard and more
>the new spring crops include
>Lettuce 40 gold 7 days, Primrose 50 gold 6 days, Chamomile 10 gold 3 days, Basil 10 gold 3 days, Tea 70 gold 9 days, Rice 90 gold 9 days, Red Onion 50 gold 7 days, Pineapple 100 Gold 10 days, Hyacinth 80 gold 7 days, Mint 15 gold 5 days, Passion Fruit 70 gold 9 days, Canary Melon 60 gold 9 days, and Indigo 90 gold 7 days
>Trees that produce products in the spring are
>Vanilla Tree 8000 gold 28 days, Cocoa Tree 7050 gold 28 days, Banana Tree 5500 gold 28 days,
>Spring plants you can harvest multiple times
>Canary Melon 60 gold 9 days produces every 5 days, Rice 90 gold 9 days produces every 3 days, Pineapple 100 Gold 10 days produces every 7 days, Passion Fruit 70 gold 9 days produces fruit every 6 days, Tea 70 gold 9 days produces every 5 days
>the new summer crops include
>Mustard 40 gold 6 days, Carrots 50 gold 7 days, Shiitake Mushroom 70 gold 8 days, Raspberry 90 gold 10 days, Rose 110 gold 8 days, Gooseberry 80 gold 10 days, Peanut 90 gold 11 days, Oregano 10 gold 4 days, Watermelon 140 gold 13 days, Sugarcane 110 gold 8 days, Marigold 40 gold 3 days, Chives 50 gold 6 days, Cotton, 70 gold 10 days, Flax 10 gold 5 days, and Soybean 70 gold 11 days
>Trees that produce products in the summer are
>Olive Tree 7000 gold 28 days, Almond Tree 6500 gold 28 days, Dragonfruit Tree 5000 gold 28 days, Cinnamon Tree 4000 gold 28 days, and

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πŸ“…︎ Nov 23 2019
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Switch Update #1 available now!


It's taken a while, but finally the 1st update for the game should be available for download very soon!

It features the following changes:

New features:

  • You can now manage a list of presets in the Customize section
  • You can now wear glasses and earrings at the same time.
  • Added a Quality/Performance selector
  • Added a Power Saving Mode

New items:

  • 4 new hair colors
  • New tree: Hazelnut tree
  • New crops: Jicama, Purple Carrot
  • Zen & Lilypad roads
  • Explorer glasses
  • New pink cowboy clothing
  • New glasses: Pencil and professor glasses
  • New farmhand clothings
  • 4 New dance emotes
  • 2 New flowers: Daffodil, Mustard
  • 2 New fish: Bream & Sturgeon
  • New flags: India, Slovenia, Colombia
  • New animal: Turkey


  • The recipe select window and the map window are now scaled on uncommon aspect ratios.
  • Farmhands on the map window show a strike if they need to be paid.
  • Items in the shop are now sorted by family when using the "Availability" mode.
  • Reduced volume of the tractor interaction sound.
  • Resource count on the pause menu is updated every second.
  • You can now build trees, animals, ponds and flowers in a 3x3 range with the tractor, just like with crops.
  • You can now see how many items you have planted on the quest panel (only for crops, and only if the task hasn't been fulfilled yet).
  • On the Customize section, items are now ordered by family.
  • Done some noticeable performance improvements.
  • The Shop UI now shows the maximum item count for limited items.


  • Fixed some customization options not being saved properly.
  • Fixed progress not updating on pinned quests.
  • Fixed clothing unlocked in events not loading properly.
  • Fixed not seeing clothing of visitors using DLC items.
  • Fixed star glasses icon.
  • Fixed some item requirements overlapping in the Shop UI.
  • Increased a bit collision height of the stone road.
  • Fixed slopes on tree trunks (now they won't attempt to connect).
  • Fixed water tiles showing a small dot of land when placing them in specific layouts.
  • Fuel refill rate for the Fuel pump and gas station now show decimals in the Shop UI (they were not round numbers).
  • Fixed Easel/Cooker/Piano progress being still shown on the HUD when deselecting it.
  • Fixed Office glasses using the Star glasses model
  • Fixed asphalt road not connectin on slopes.
  • Fixed only viewing 4 results on the Find Farms section.
  • Fixed error when creating a private farm.
  • Fixed settings
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The NEET's Guide to 100% RDR2 Completion [Spoilers]


Hello, fellow basement dwellers.

I have comprised something of an outline for Red Dead Redemption 2 Completion. Because many of the RDR2 guides published by the larger gaming companies are so huge, it's usually hard to find most of the information I want from one page. So because I'm a lazy NEET with nothing better to do, I decided to draft a single post of everything I'd need to know to fulfill each requirement.

Initially, I wanted to consolidate my completion checklist so that I could easily access my maps and keep track of my overall achievements. While I was working on my easy-access guide, I figured I may as well make this a masterpost for any other players aiming for completion. Of course that added maybe 5 hours to my initial task, but I can't complain seeing as I've spent the past 33 days in makeshift Westworld.

What I have here is a summary of the Total Progress requirements including specific details, necessary maps, some debatably helpful bonus information, and a few of my own tips. I've used many sources of gaming sites (IGN, PowerPyx, Eurogamer, etc.) - I chose what I thought were the best links and copied them onto here for sake of ease. I didn't notice any spam or ad problems, but I've only been operating off desktop, so I don't know if there will be any mobile site issues.

Let me know if there are any mistakes or discrepancies within the text. 1 semi-solid proof-reading assured me that I left no Pornhub links lying around. However, I may be mistaken and now 479k subscribers will be subjected to cowboy hentai.

And of course, let me know if there's anything I should add. This outline is a bit rough and I know it's lacking in details here and there.

Maybe some of you will find this to be of use. Maybe not. Yeehaw. Β―\(ツ)/Β―

Table of Contents:

  1. Maps
  2. Completion Items in Each Region
  3. Events
  4. Collectibles
  5. Compendium
  6. Player
  7. Challenges
  8. Miscellaneous


Here is an assortment of Web Articles that I found to include the best maps and information needed for completion quests. Also passed for minimal ads and interruptions.


Eurogamer: All 10 Locations + Reference Images


[PowerPyx: All 30 Locations + Reference Images](

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In for a penny, in for a pound

Anyone want some Jesus elixirs?

So last night I was lamenting not having a water strider mount for BFA, started looking into the two options, and trying to determine which one would be less of an ass to finish. Pandaland, probably, but I'm only like 1/4 way into 'Stranger' so it's still a ways to go.

So I thought, "fuck it, i'll just get like 50 water walking elixirs, that should last me the quick run to 120" - looked em up on the AH and draenic elixirs were 140g apiece. 7k gold. I think I've got an alchemist with the recipe, surely I can make it cheaper.

So I bought 10,000 Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh and 10,000 Crescent Saberfish Flesh, obviously.

Hours and hours later. I now have 3,400 water walking elixirs. None but mine on the AH. No mats on the AH to make more.

I'm probably boned and they won't sell, but whatevs, worst case scenario is my paladin can walk on water 24/7 for the next 23.6 days /played.

Anyone got a big time youtuber on speed dial to say "if you don't have a water walking mount, stock up on these, stat!!!"

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πŸ“°︎ r/woweconomy
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πŸ“…︎ Jul 26 2018
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Not getting x5 nookmiles

Hello! I’ve upgraded my town hall and Tom Nook said about I can get x5 nookmiles a day but for the last two days it hasn’t popped. Some of the tasks I haven’t been able to complete because I was missing a diy recipe and then I couldn’t catch a sturgeon yesterday, would that have anything to do with it?

πŸ‘︎ 3
πŸ“°︎ r/ac_newhorizons
πŸ‘€︎ u/Rikafreakuh123
πŸ“…︎ Mar 28 2020
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Custom modpack crashes when loading a world.

Idk if im supposed to put the log in the post,but ill do it cuz idk what to do otherwise.

---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Uh... Did I do that?

Time: 4/1/19 6:23 PM Description: Unexpected error

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate id value for 23! at net.minecraft.entity.DataWatcher.func_75682_a(SourceFile:64) at com.tihyo.legends.entities.ExtendedLiving.<init>( at com.tihyo.legends.entities.ExtendedLiving.register( at com.tihyo.legends.handlers.ExtendedPlayerEventHandler.onEntityConstructing( at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler_530_ExtendedPlayerEventHandler_onEntityConstructing_EntityConstructing.invoke(.dynamic) at cpw.mods.fml.common.eventhandler.ASMEventHandler.invoke( at at net.minecraft.entity.Entity.<init>( at net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase.<init>( at net.minecraft.entity.EntityLiving.<init>( at net.minecraft.entity.EntityCreature.<init>(SourceFile:23) at net.minecraft.entity.EntityAgeable.<init>(SourceFile:17) at net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityAnimal.<init>(SourceFile:26) at net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityTameable.<init>(SourceFile:23) at com.sirolf2009.necromancy.entity.EntityMinion.<init>( at com.sirolf2009.necromancy.tileentity.TileEntityAltar.<init>( at com.sirolf2009.necromancy.block.BlockAltar.func_149915_a( at net.minecraft.block.Block.createTileEntity( at at at net.minecraft.client.renderer.WorldRenderer.func_147892_a( at net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderGlobal.func_72716_a( at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78471_a( at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78480_b( at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J( at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d( at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:148) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAcce

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Stock up on cheap fish before 6.1.

Just a reminder that 6.1 is introducing 125 stat food that uses fish, since it'll be the best food available even above feasts, raiders are going to be wanting a lot of them for BrF.

Best off buying the fish cheap now, ready to make lots of food or resell for much more than the current price.

Here's the new recipes:

Buttered Sturgeon (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Haste

Reagents: Blind Lake Sturgeon Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Jumbo Sea Dog (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Versatility

Reagents: Jawless Skulker Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Pickled Eel (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Critical Strike

Reagents: Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Salty Squid Roll (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Multistrike

Reagents: Fire Ammonite Tentacle (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Sleeper Sushi (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +125 Mastery

Reagents: Fat Sleeper Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

Whiptail Fillet (New) Cooking. 2 sec cast. +Stamina

Reagents: Blackwater Whiptail Flesh (12), Crescent Saberfish Flesh (6).

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[Sunday, April 28 2019] World's first malaria vaccine to go to 360,000 African children; 19 teenage Indian students commit suicide after software error botches exam results; Ford Is Under Criminal Investigation for Emissions-Testing Program


  • [deleted]

[Title Post] World's first malaria vaccine to go to 360,000 African children

Comments || Link

  • /u/niryasi

[Title Post] 19 teenage Indian students commit suicide after software error botches exam results.

Comments || Link

  • /u/ManiaforBeatles

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the comedian who last week won Ukraine’s presidential election, has dismissed an offer by Vladimir Putin to provide passports to Ukrainians and pledged instead to grant citizenship to Russians who β€œsuffer” under the Kremlin’s rule.

Comments || Link

  • /u/Dismal_Prospect

"So today, as first minister of Scotland, I am declaring that there is a climate emergency. And Scotland will live up to our responsibility to tackle it." | Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has declared a "climate emergency" in her speech to the SNP conference

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  • /u/Everybodysucks_

Bumbling burglars butt-dial 911 on themselves, arrested after high-speed chase in Houston

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  • /u/Wagamaga

Insomniacs tend to have a hard time getting past embarrassing mistakes, even when the stressful event occurred decades ago. The finding suggests that insomnia could primarily be caused by a failing neutralization of emotional distress.


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/r/UKPolitics Subreddit Stats for the past 30 days.

Period: 29.80 days

Submissions Comments
Total 1000 102368
Rate (per day) 33.56 3373.29
Unique Redditors 357 7467
Combined Score 129540 569287

###Top Submitters' Top Submissions 0. 25254 points, 1 submission: /u/bnzss 0. A solution to Brexit (25254 points, 3554 comments)

  1. 6774 points, 70 submissions: /u/Crappy99
  2. Trump officials don't want to work with Boris Johnson 'because they think he's a joke' (1147 points, 222 comments)
  3. The Telegraph Matt Cartoon - EU Exodus (909 points, 177 comments)
  4. The Telegraph Matt Cartoon - London Train Ticket Prices (512 points, 70 comments)
  5. Most UK Jews think Labour is too tolerant of anti-Semitism, YouGov poll finds (304 points, 389 comments)
  6. Jeremy Corbyn says no to women-only carriages on trains because 'people don't want them' (271 points, 340 comments)
  7. Prince Philip 'told Blair spin doctors to f*** off when they said William and Harry should walk behind Diana's coffin' (172 points, 53 comments)
  8. The Telegraph Cartoon - Waiting for Brexit (172 points, 24 comments)
  9. Corbyn: A federal UK is on the table if I become PM (165 points, 336 comments)
  10. [The Times Cartoon - Brexit Position Paper...](
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[SoS 1] Two interesting things of note, regarding a recipe and Big Fish

Don't know how many of you are still playing this game, but I found one sort of interesting thing and confirmed something about the Big Fish since the conflicting explanations were annoying me.

  1. Recipe 13 doesn't require you to have both recipes 11 and 12, I only had recipe 11 when I obtained recipe 13 during the previous cooking contest.

  2. You only need to have caught all listed fish at a location for that location's big fish to appear, when you caught it doesn't matter so you only have to know which fish you've yet to catch! I didn't bother fishing at Piedmont for the same fish over the seasons but still got a Red King Crab immediately after my final normal fish catch there (Spiny Lobster).

That's all, happy recipe gathering and fishing!

EDIT: I had some further doubts about point number 2 and my sole Angler's Luck was used to prove this: You do need to catch the fish at that dock (So for example, you need to catch everything at the dock you swim to even if you've caught it at another location), season still doesn't matter. Source of the proof is that I now have Arowana, Keiji Salmon, Red King Crab, Marlin, Catfish and Sturgeon and these were my most fished docks- Rest were done solely for its unique fish if it had those and no luck after hours of resets while I nabbed these big fish after about 30 or so minutes. Well, that sucks...guess it'll be winter year before another shot at the rest of the big fish for me. ):

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Feeder Question

Has anyone noticed a difference at all when using feeder setups and recipes, for any fish but Carp? If so, any tips for Catfish, Sturgeon, Musky, Lake trout would be much appreciated. It's been my experience that I catch just as many, just as big, with a Bobber, or by a regular sinker. Not to mention the extra animations to fill the feeder, which costs valuable time.

Follow on question. What leader lengths are preferred for different fish? I assume nobody keeps them at the stock 78. There is a myriad of info on Bobber leaders and none I can find on bottom leaders.

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πŸ“°︎ r/FishingPlanet
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Year 1 – Quick Timeline of Events

Foreword: I know there is tons of information already available for this game, but I wanted to make a data dump compilation for ease of those that would like it.

#** WARNING! May contain spoilers!**

###Important Events Not on Calendar

Spring 2 – First fishing pole quest. (Willy sends letter in mail to go to beach)

Spring 5 – Mines become accessible (Northeast of Mountains Area)

Spring 5-19 – Community Center quest CAN unlock if not raining

Spring 15-18 – Salmonberry Season (harvestable bushes everywhere)

Summer 3 – The Railroad and Spa area become accessible (North of Robin’s shop)

Fall 8-11 – Blackberry Season (harvestable bushes everywhere)

Every Sunday – Watch TV to get Cooking Recipe

Every Friday/Sunday – Traveling Saleslady appears (Near Southwest Lake)


Spring 13 – Egg Festival | Town Square | 6am

Spring 24 – Flower Dance | Forest below Wizard Tower | 9am

Summer 11 – Luau | Beach | 9am

Summer 28 – Moonlight Jellyfish Festival | Beach | 10pm

Fall 16 – Stardew Valley Fair | Town Square | 9am

Fall 27 – Spirit’s Eve | Town Square | 10am

Winter 8 – Festival of Ice | Marnie’s Ranch | 9am

Winter 15-17 – Night Market (v1.3) | Beach | 5pm

Winter 25 – Feast of the Winterstar | Town Square | 9am


Kent – Spring 4 (not available until Y2) | Fiddlehead Risotto, Roasted Hazelnuts

Lewis – Spring 7 | Hot Pepper, Vegetable Medley

Vincent – Spring 10 | Cranberry Candy, Glazed Yams, Pink Cake, Grape

Haley – Spring 14 | Coconut, Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, Sunflower

Pam – Spring 18 | Beer, Cactus Fruit, Glazed Yams, Pale Ale, Parsnip, Parsnip Soup

Shane – Spring 20 | Beer, Hot Pepper, Pepper Poppers, Pizza

Pierre – Spring 26 | Fried Calamari

Emily – Spring 27 | Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cloth, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Survival Burger, Topaz, Wool

Jas – Summer 4 | Fairy Rose, Pink Cake, Plum Pudding

Gus – Summer 8 | Diamond, Fish Taco, Orange

Maru – Summer 10 | Battery Pack, Cauliflower, Diamond, Gold Bar, Miner's Treat, Pepper Poppers, Rhubarb Pie, Strawberry

Alex – Summer 13 | Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner

Sam – Summer 17 | Cactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Pizza

Demetrius – Summer 19 | Bean Hotpot, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Strawberry

Dwarf – Summer 22 | Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Jade, Omni Geode, Ruby, Topaz

Willy – Summer 24 | Catfish, Diamond, Iridium Bar, Pumpkin, Sea Cucumber, Sturgeon

Penny – Fall 2 | Diamond, Emerald, Melon, Poppy, Poppyseed Muffin

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Where can I source Vesiga (sturgeon marrow) and what is a resource for cooking it properly? For Coulibiac

I live in the north east of America. I have contacted vendors in Canada but they can’t import it given that sturgeon is an endangered fish.

I am trying to source this to make a traditional coulibiac, the recipe I will be using is a combination between the Chez Panise and NY Times recipe. But have been on the hunt for the Jean Louis Paladin recipe!


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πŸ“°︎ r/AskCulinary
πŸ‘€︎ u/LongIslandgrown
πŸ“…︎ Mar 11 2019
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Story i have, with some characters you could draw

It's like this planet full of dwarfs, it's pink and has a ring around it. It's called Plewmonia and there was a war there between the Dwarfs and Flamingos and some dwarfs say the planet is pink because the color from the Flamingo's feathers sucked in into the ground. There's three main characters: Flens, the Dwarven cook god who can change sizes and cooks for the dwarves there yearly, his most famous recipe is Cinnamon soup in which he adds Cinnamon spiked with magical sturgeon dust (we'll get to that later), his spice mixture is so popular that even the god of the underworld spices the unworthy with it. The second guy is the dwarven God of lightning and thunder and son of the king of the dwarven gods Sturr, he didn't really like the life of a god so he became a mercenary who loves money, he's very tough and rough. his weapon is a horn. The last of the main characters there is the king of dwarven gods Gronn, he is thousands of years old but still strong and intelligent and moves as though he was still hundred. He had only 34 children and all of them were gods, he wears an old flamingo on top of his shoulders, his weapon is an axe. A long time ago Flens the Shapeshifter god and part-time cook came to Gronn the dwarven king because he has seen a Sturgeon, a very big Sturgeon in a big pond through his telescope on a distant planet. He asked Gronn for some backup because he was useless as a fighter and the Sturgeon could feed the whole planet. Gronn agreed and sent his son Sturr to come with him, as the two made it to the pond the Sturgeon rose from the water toppling trees , he had a top hat on, The sturgeon proceeded to explain that he is the Wise Sturgeon, the last Forest Spirit, and that the only way they could beat him is by making him laugh, and that nothing can make him laugh. To which Gronn replied by blowing his horn at the Sturgeon, the Sturgeon couldn't feel anything, Gronn attacked again, but this time the blow tickled him, and so he laughed. the Sturgeon died, a strange dust exiting his mouth, The dwarves ate it, it was so good that the dwarves called upon the god of healing and they revived the Stugeon, only to make him laugh again. The cycle still continues today.

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πŸ“°︎ r/DrawForMe
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Just finished the Community Center on Winter 3 Yr 1

Started a new game with this as a loose goal. Got the red cabbage off the traveling cart in late spring, and it sort of became real at that point. Surprisingly, the snow yam was the last item.

Some highlights:

Reached mine level 120 on Summer 28 (by far the earliest I have managed).

I bought as many rare seeds from the traveling cart lady as I could, ended up with 11. Which I forget about until the first Friday in Fall, at which point it's too late to plant them! But then I remembered that I would have the greenhouse completed soon and I could just plant them in there (harvest should be in the second week of Winter).

On the first rainy day in fall I go out with the singular purpose of catching the Walleye and Eel and waste the first 2 hours of the Walleye time window fishing in the town before realizing it's not in the town river, but the forest. But it wasn't a waste of time as I did get a chest with a dino egg in it, first time I've ever gotten that!

I actually managed to get married in the middle of this. Not only that but I had a dance partner for the spring dance! I hit 10 hearts in the third week of summer, but couldn't justify spending the money for the house upgrade until fall (coop and barn were way more important).

I have never used the fruit bat cave before, and I don't think I will again. I was quite disappointed in it. I did use one pomegranate and one peach from there, but I'm glad I planted an Apple tree. If I were to do it again I would just plant apple and pomegranate saplings in mid summer and get the mushroom cave.

I have yet to find an ancient seed or prismatic shard, and I have yet to get a void egg.

This is the first time I have ever filled a deluxe coop. Two chickens, two ducks, one dino (baby), and 7 rabbits (all adults). The rabbits foot dropped on Winter 2 (third to last item).

Fall 28: 25g bundle to fix the bus

Winter 1: Crocus and Crystal Fruit

Winter 2: Rabbits Foot and Sturgeon

Winter 3: Snow Yam

Now I have made myself a new goal to complete by the end of year 2:

Ship every item. Max out all hearts (at 8 or 10). Cook all recipes. Catch all fish.

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πŸ“…︎ Jul 05 2018
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Does anyone else feel like fishing kinda sucks?

Admittedly I'm only level 8, but so far after 3 hours of farming, the sturgeon fillet is literally a component in nothing, and the flat crust is only really useful to make a fishing rod that improves fishing yields. I look forward to catching bow meow fish since they're actually useful in 2 things

Edit: don't get me wrong, I want to like fishing, I mean I chose suffokia. There just doesn't seem to be much there to do. The random boots/underwear that aren't useful till level 35 of a completely different profession don't help either

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πŸ“…︎ Aug 14 2016
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Second round. Come to my south hemisphere island to fish and craft autumn recipes full details in comments. Please read

Here are all the fish and bugs to catch at this time Snap turtle, catfish pike tilapia cherry salmon mitten crab angelfish seahorse sturgeon zebra-turkeyfish ribbon eel moray eel.

Cricket bell cricket. Violin beetle and of course scorpions

And for the fall recipes, I can craft them for free but YOU have to collect the materials for it. I will dm you a picture of all the recipes I have.

First come first served

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πŸ“…︎ Apr 14 2020
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