USA Ultimate Masters Championships – Tournament Talk [July 19-21]

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Tournament Talk is a weekly discussion series highlighting some of the top tournaments every weekend. Chat about the teams, make predictions and share reactions! Feel free to discuss any event, even if it's not listed below. Be sure to check out our Discord channel to discuss the events live!

###Masters Nationals

Featuring 88 Women's, Men's and Mixed division teams in sunny Aurora, CO

Women's MastersSchedule/Scores

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Seattle iRot Oakland Golden Poppies Raleigh Ripe Minneapolis Surly Cougars
Iowa Pumas Portland PDXtra Philadelphia Loose Cannon Denver Molly Grey
Austin Yeehaw Pittsburgh Rusting Bridge Face Bay Area Cold Lava Seattle Mint
Cincinnati Hot Flash Minneapolis G.O.S.E Madison Aged Cheddar Providence Gaspee Burners
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📅︎ Jul 19 2019
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Okay y'all! Looks like a repeat story, but new event. Slow and steady is the way it goes, the customer multipliers are low but frequent.

Theorized base: The Sunnyvale Screwjob

Required: Solstice 6, Hydro Tunnels 4, Fam 2/3/2 gets you 4.9 AO/hour. (order is important, shorty has a x3 multiplier while floyd and dave are x2)

In between Characters and Businesses:

Eugene 1 Extractory 1 Lily 2 Dispensary 1 Sasquatch 3 Blue Dream 1 Bob Ross 4 Bob's Bowls 3

Prizes: 10 baked goods, 10 Terrance, 10 Dave, Andrews and Mcintosh (5 cards if you already have them) 25 more A&M cards, 4250 Bud, and 250 Shatter.

Trades: Only the 5 for 20 trades until you get the levels you need then you can trade off any cards.

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TIL if you live in California and your neighbor installs solar panels (like the new Tesla roof), state law can require you to cut down the trees on your property that are blocking the sun.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)

> To avoid future problems, Mr. Simitian has introduced a bill to ensure that trees planted before solar panels are installed have a right to grow in peace.

> Despite a 1980 Arizona law to protect homeowners who install photovoltaic panels, Henry Speak, a retiree in Avondale, Ariz., had to battle his homeowners' association through a series of state courts to keep his rooftop solar system without adding expensive screening - screening that, like the redwoods, would have reduced the panels' efficiency.

> On both sides of the Sunnyvale backyard fence, there is evidence of environmental virtue - one Prius, one electric car, one water-free xeriscaped front yard with recycled-plastic borders, 128 solar panels providing almost all the power for one home, and eight carbon-dioxide-sipping, bird-friendly redwood trees in v

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I need to come up with a funny kickball team name. What can you come up with?

Of course you can incorporate a little inneuendo, maybe some pop culture references, and the always faithful ball joke.

Here are some of the teams that are already out there:

  • The 1% (CA Star, North Hollywood)
  • 99 Problems but a Pitch Aint One! (NC Glory, Charlotte)
  • All American Riff Raff (CO Mile High, Denver)
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us (NV Lucky, Las Vegas)
  • The Andy Dufrenses (NM Zia, Albuquerque)
  • Annexation of Puerto Rico (CA Hollywood, Los Angeles)
  • Back in Black (AL Capital, Montgomery)
  • The Ballkickers (MO Jazz, Kansas City)
  • Balls Deep (CA Dogtown, West Los Angeles)
  • Cojones de Conejo (CA Canyon, Newbury Park)
  • Dandy Lions (CA Star, North Hollywood)
  • Dice. Kickball (CO Mile High, Denver)
  • Dragon Army (CA Studio, North Hollywood)
  • El Guapo (MO Kansas City, Kansas City)
  • Electric Mayhem (MA Ivy, Cambridge)
  • Fake Chow (AZ Blister, Tucson)
  • Holla Holla Kickballas (CA Capital, Sacramento)
  • Howie's Heavers (NM Mesa, Albuquerque)
  • I'd Hit It (TX Thunder, D
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