I like Solstice of Heroes 2020

I've been here since D1 Beta.

I was there for Solstice 2019 and have the gloriously beautiful Titan armor set with Arc Glows that I PAINSTAKINGLY grinded for to show for it.

Why do I like this year's Solstice? No 100 EAZ Miniboss Kills required.

For those that went thru that hell, I understand your hesitation to participate this year but i promise you...what took me personally the entire ~4 week event to get done last year I finished by this Saturday morning this year. White Glows from top to bottom. The overall grind is 1/1,000th of what it was last year.

Edit: The reason 100 Miniboss Kills was absurd was because they were Final Blow kills ONLY. I believe (with no evidence!) that an average EAZ run got you ~8-9 minimum boss kills. Assuming all three of you were evenly contributing and SECURING YOUR OWN FINAL BLOWS, that means YOU got maybe ~3 Miniboss kills per run. It was the absoulte antithesis of teamwork.

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2020 Solstice of Heroes - Armor Upgrade Requirements Google Sheet Checklist

If anyone finds this helpful to help keep track of objectives, I made an armor upgrade checklist in Google Sheets. Just make a copy into your own Google Drive and it's yours!


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2020 Solstice of Heroes Rewards + Objectives

I created a video showing off everything I could find in the destiny api for the 2020 Solstice of Heroes event. I showcase all rewards plus objectives found on the 3 sets of gear on all three classes.


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How dare Bougie just hope that we forgot about last year! Fuck Solstice of Heroes 2020 then!!

btw can anyone pls carry me for the 7 trials wins? pls 🥺 pls 🥺 pls 🥺 pls 🥺 pls 🥺

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Can't seem to start Solstice of Heroes 2020

My new light titan is a light level 778 and I can't start it. Any quest prerequisites or something that I need to do to get the helmet from Eva Levante? I'm able to approach her and view the rewards but no quest line.

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Solstice of Heroes 2020 - Magnificent Hunter (no glow) - 106 Shaders Applied for reference [Imgur Album] imgur.com/a/knC8bPV
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Solstice of Heroes EAZ - Time-lapse + Music - 2020 youtu.be/ADC9n59Cp3c
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Upcoming Solstice of Heroes 2020...

I seriously hope that any of us that bought the armor glows for the Solstice of Heroes 2019 armor set carries over to the new armor sets coming to the 2020 set, it'd be a pretty scummy move to sell the same colored glows again for that particular armor set.

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Solstice of heroes armor 2020/2019 -------> ornaments

We know that in next or some future season we will be capable of converting existing armor to the ornaments. And my question is: How or will it work with special void/solar/arc ornaments for solstice of heroes armor from 2019 and 2020?

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Solstice of Heroes 2020 Exotic Weapon

In the new exotic ornament collections page there is an exotic ornament for a >!sidearm - Traveler's Chosen!<.


Really cool to see they're giving it the Kvostov treatment. I imagine it'll be released for the Moments of Triumph/Solstice of Heroes.

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