what's this actors name? he's not listed on the Sex Education cast on imdb but he's in a bunch of episodes.
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Sex Education is the most popular series on IMDB right now and is "tracking to be a huge hit" (Netflix)

Netflix announced in their quarterly report that Sex Education is estimated to reach 40 million views within the first four weeks, which will be at least on par with You.

Of course this is just a calculation from 6 days after release (at best) and the series could be in trouble, if it ends up doing a lot worse in the weeks to come, however given that it surpassed You and Punisher to reach No. 1 on IMDB 'Most popular' on its tenth day, it looks like, if anything, it is gaining traction.

Honestly, a bit of scepticism o.k., but the possibility of a 2nd season is way higher thank some of you think. (In other words: it is very likely.)

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👤︎ u/AkaSuzaku
📅︎ Jan 21 2019
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Charlie Barlett

From the IMDb trivia for Sex Education: Charlie Bartlett (2007) has very similar plot. Both protagonists are outsiders and both help high school students with therapy from a public toilet.

So I decided to watch Charlie Bartlett and actually quite enjoyed it, despite it being a 14 year old movie. The main character was rather different from Otis (but Anton Yelchin still did a great job) but there was definitely similarities in themes of high schoolers not getting an adequate education from adults about real life problems so they turn to that one weird kid that seems to have all the answers (or at least listens!).

Has anyone else watched Charlie Bartlett? I'd recommend this coming-of-age comedy-drama if you're looking for something similar to Sex Education.

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📅︎ Oct 27 2021
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Movie Review: Junebug (2005)

Have you seen the movie Junebug (2005)? Have you ever even heard of it? Spoilers follow!

It's not obscure, per se. It landed Amy Adams her first Oscar nomination (Best Supporting Actress) and a bevy of other awards for her role as Ashley--the young, pregnant wife of Johnny (Ben McKenzie). But it would be difficult do a movie on a $1,000,000 budget with either of those actors today. The opening weekend take was less than $75,000; the worldwide gross, just $3,399,228. Roger Ebert gave it four stars. Which is to say, it's far from "underground"--but you've probably never heard of it.

As I write, I am wondering whether this reflection/review should go in the Culture War thread, or the Friday Fun thread--because I am definitely posting about this movie for its relevance to culture war. In one early scene, three men arrive at a rural abode in North Carolina. One takes a seat outside, as if to serve as a lookout for some shady dealing. But when we join the other two, we see that they are scouts for a Chicago art gallery that specializes in "outsider" art--work produced by the untrained, often by people suffering from mental illness or disability (the movie opens, briefly, on an auction of work by an autistic convict).

This particular "outsider," David Wark (Frank Hoyt Taylor) seems a bit "on the spectrum," though in 2005 I don't think that phrase was in anyone's repertoire. The only diagnosis the movie offers, from the point of view of a certain local, is that he is--without judgment or condemnation!--"retarded." Based on visions he receives from angels and God, he paints scenes from the American South, scenes of the civil war and of slave uprisings that are wildly ahistorical, not least because they feature (among other things) computer monitors and giant rifle-penises firing semen bullets. Where black slaves appear in his work, they are depicted with white faces--because, David explains, he can only paint the faces of people he's met, and he's never met any black people.

Occasionally, he says "black people" with a hard "r."

The observant audience member will remember that the "lookout" in this scene is black. Indeed, to the best of my recollection, the "lookout," who is not

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28 [M4F] Bangalore,India. Dogs and Deep house?

#2 attempt.

Hello there,

I love music,dogs, art, philosophy and all things in between.

I am a huge TV and movie buff. My favourite shows are breaking bad, that 70's show, friends, two and half men, bbt, Fargo, fleabag, mindhunter, Ozark ( oof that scene of Bateman and Laura linney arguing in front of the therapist was TV gold!) and loved the world of GOT before they had to shit all over it.

Also how good is season 3 of sex education, you and squid games!!

My favourite movies are pulp fiction, big lebowski ❤️, tarantino movies, all gangsta movies involving de niro and Joe pesci. Current ones I liked are marriage story ,parasite, can't remember more but I like my drama more than action.

Oh god recently went on a spree watching Korean flicks, watched I saw the devil, chaser, the wailing and all of Mr. Park chan wook’s filmography! Handmaiden, JSA and sympathy for mr. vengeance we’re my favourites!

Unpopular opinions:

Shawshank redemption is an overrated movie, sure is a good movie. But IMDb #1? Nah. Maybe Schindler’s list?

Forrest Gump just sucked ass. I hate the way Tom hanks acted in it. Maybe it's closer to Americans that way coz it's related to some of your events or whatever. I just didn't get it.

I work in IT. A bit drab for my liking but yeah pays my bills nonetheless. So music is like constantly playing in the background while I work.

Favourite genres: deep house, progressive house, mainly electronic but I do listen to some rock and indie now and then.

I have learnt a bit of DJing of too. So every now and then I keep putting up mixes on SoundCloud.

Favourite artists: Yotto, lane 8, budakid, joris voorn

I like to sketch too, very rarely I do it these days. Its mostly pencil sketches, however these days it's mostly on the phone.

I don't like to put myself in boxes but you could call me an atheist and also antiwork ( but sadly no intergenerational wealth and got bills to pay😭)

Sports: I follow cricket a bit here and there although I cannot sometimes regard it all together stupid. People getting hung on jerseys and collectively losing their shit over folks passing ball or something haha.

But yeah right now following f1, a hugh checo fan just because of his trajectory and rooting for max to win the wdc, maybe like some Hamilton and mercedes schadenfreude too lol.

Books: I am not into much into fiction more into pyschological/self help books. Some of my fav books of the subtle art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson, six pillars

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The Best TV Shows to Watch in September

"What We Do in the Shadows" | Season 3 Premieres on FX on Wednesday, Sept. 2

"Q-Force" | Series Premieres on Netflix on Thursday, Sept. 2

"Money Heist" | Season 5 Premieres on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 3

"Impeachment: American Crime Story" | Premieres on FX on Tuesday, Sept. 7

"Wu-Tang: An American Saga" | Season 2 Premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, Sept. 8

"Lucifer" | Season 6 Premieres on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 10

"Pretty Hard Cases" | Series Premieres on IMDb TV on Friday, Sept. 10

"Scenes From a Marriage" | Limited Series Premieres on HBO Max on Sunday, Sept. 12

"Y: The Last Man" | Series Premieres on FX on Monday, Sept. 13

"The Premise" | Premieres on FX on Thursday, Sept. 16

"Sex Education" | Season 3 Premieres on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 17

"The Morning Show" | Season 2 Premieres on Apple TV Plus on Friday , Sept. 17

"Star Wars: Visions" | Series Premieres on Disney Plus on Wednesday, Sept. 22

"Doom Patrol" | Season 3 Premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, Sept. 23

"Foundation" | Series Premieres on Apple TV Plus on Friday, Sept. 24

"Midnight Mass" | Miniseries Premieres on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 24

"La Brea" | Series Premieres on NBC on Tuesday, Sept. 28

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Cult Interview: Kanti Shah | 2012

I first saw Gunda in 2006, a good eight years after the film had released. I was befuddled by the collection of bizarre scenes and acting sequences but, surprisingly, I was piqued too.

With a done-to-death story, the only highlight of the film was its sheer randomness coupled with some funny dialogues. Before I realised it, I too became one of the zillion fans of Kanti Shah’s films.

Often celebrated for the ‘they-are-so-bad-that-they-are-good’ phenomenon, Kanti Shah’s films have created a cult of their own and the filmmaker, popularly known as the king of C grade films, knows it.

In fact, when I asked him about the success of Gunda, he proudly proclaimed,

>Gunda’s rating on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) is 7.6 which is higher than Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One (4.5), Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture (6.9), Ranbir Kapoor’s Rockstar (7.3) and many other superstar films. This is the inheritance of Gunda.

Apart from Gunda, his films Loha, Kanti Shah Ke Angoor, Daku Ramkali, Shaadi Basanti ki Honeymoon Gabbar Ka, to name a few, have all been successful.

In this interview with Sonil Dedhia, Shah explains with refreshing candour his penchant for sex in all his movies, why he does not agree with the C grade categorisation of his films, and the reasons for casting his wife, Sapna Tanveer, as the leading lady in all his films.

People know you for your films but not much is known about your background.

I grew up in a middle class family. I stayed in Juhu with my parents and my brother and sister. I studied till FYJC only. I didn’t like studies so I left it.

My parents were very angry and told me to start working so I started working as a car mechanic, which lasted for six months. Then I started buying pillow covers and handkerchiefs from Ulhasnagar and sold them outside Santa Cruz station. I did this for a year.

After a while a friend, Ragunath Singh, hired me as his production assistant. This was somewhere in the year 1979, and since then there was no looking back.

Your films are categorised as C grade films. Does that bother you?

I don’t feel bad when people call my films C grade films. Even if I fight for it my film is not going to become an A grade film. I believe all films are the same.

I know I have an audience that enjoys the kind of films I make. The perception of the industry is very wrong. They feel low budget films with non starrers are all B grade or C grade films.

The industry and audiences think that just

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What exactly does 'House of Hilton' say about Kathy Hilton, aka Little Kathy? Part 1 - I Wanna Be a Hilton

Welcome to the Little Kathy posts. There was so much information in the book regarding Kathy and Paris, that I have had to split the post into two. The good news is I should be able to release the second part fairly quickly. I wanted to include some relevant details about Paris as it shows what sort of parent she was. If you haven't already, please check out my posts regarding Little Kathy's mother, Kathleen, or Big Kathy. Hopefully I have spread them out enough for mobile users to easily click! Again, a friendly reminder that these posts are summaries of what I read in 'House of Hilton.' I haven't done a lot of research into anything further. I have included links and photos I found helpful without moving too far away from the info in the book itself. For those of you who have awarded me, thank you. It is very kind of you and thank you to everyone who took the time to read these posts!

Here is Part 1 about Big Kathy

Here is Part 2 about Big Kathy

Here is Part 3 about Big Kathy

Here is Part 4 about Big Kathy

Kathleen Elizabeth Avanzino Richards was born to Kathleen Dugan and Larry Avanzino. Larry had gotten Kathleen pregnant and the two had a shotgun wedding. The book claims that the identity of Little Kathy's biological dad and her conception were kept secret. “Larry didn’t bring Kathy up, so nothing in her life had anything to do with him, other than the fact that Kathy Hilton has his genes" Larry's second wife would share.

An Avanzino relative said "it made me angry that with all of Paris’s fame the real identity of her [maternal] grandfather has been covered up. You only hear the name Hilton, never the name Avanzino. I guess it just doesn’t have the same ring.” Avanzino would never be in contact with Paris either.

“She was an absolutely stunning child,” says her aunt, Madonna(Big Kathy's older sister). “She was so perfect with beautiful light blond hair and an absolutely gorgeous face like a China doll.”

Little Kathy was discovered before she was two years old, thanks to Big Kathy,

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31 Knights of Halloween, Day 22!

Happy Friday! Tonight, for the 31 Knights, we will be watching Orphan. Please share your thoughts and take on this 2009 thriller!

Movie: Orphan (2009)


Orphan (2009) is a mystery/thriller, horror film featuring Kate and John Coleman who, following the death of their daughter, try to pick up the pieces of their lives and adopt a 9-year-old girl, Esther, from a nearby orphanage.  The innocent, sweet, educated, well-spoken Esther is not who she claims to be.  Kate, her adopted mother, becomes suspicious, unraveling a plot that reveals [spoiler alert] Esther to be a 33-year-old Russian woman named Leena who suffers from panhypopituitarism.

How it relates to the field of psychiatry

Orphan serves as an opportunity to teach Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) and “sociopathy.” Esther is an intelligent, highly manipulative, and superficially charming “child.”  She easily induces fear, empathy, and even admiration when it suits her ambitions, as evidenced by the first time Kate and John meet her in the orphanage.

It is evident that she is charming and manipulative at her own whim in her interactions with John.  Her agenda is to seduce him, so she behaves accordingly for his continued approval.  This is not the case with the other characters in the film, especially with Kate.  Esther preys on Kate because she believes she took her family for granted.  This trope parallels that of John Kramer (Jigsaw), the antagonist from the Saw franchise who also demonstrates sociopathic traits.  In response to her discordant relationship with Kate, Esther brings John closer and closer.

Kate depicts a “dry drunk,” absent spiritual recovery when she discloses to her mother-in-law that she “simply stopped drinking.”  While Kate serves as a case study of Alcohol Use Disorder, Esther turns her attention to John.  One component of Esther’s desire to seduce her adoptive father stems from her fixation at the phallic stage.  The phallic stage, according to Freud, is the third stage of psychosexual development that occurs between 3-6 years of age when the child becomes aware of their bodies and the bodies of others.  Esther’s fixation at this stage could be due to the abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of her biological father.  In support of this, the European psychiatrist tells Kate that Esther has a history of having seduced her father.  Her sexual feelings towards the opposite sex, and hostile feelings towards the same sex, are examp

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What would be the best episode of the show?

According to IMDb ratings, episode 7 of Season 2 is the best episode of Sex Education. It's the one where the girls get together to take the bus at the end.

I liked Season 1 better than Season 2, so my pick would be either episode 1 of S1 because it was a terrific way to introduce the world and characters to us, or episode 7 of Season 1. That episode is the one where there is a ball at the school, Eric and Otis patch up, Otis makes a great speech and Maeve realizes her feelings for Otis. Dramatic ending as well.

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👤︎ u/Boss452
📅︎ Jul 05 2021
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Season 3 is shot on the Sony Venice

Just was randomly browsing The Orville tech specs on IMDB and noticed they switched from Arri Alexa to Sony Venice for season 3 - being a bit of a cinematography geek, I'm a bit disappointed by this. Imo the Alexa still has the best and most filmic colour science and stuff shot on Venice hasn't impressed me at all (e.g. Sex Education, Your Honour). I'm probably overreacting, hopefully they can match season 1 and 2 in post-production. It will help that there are a lot of effects shots.

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📅︎ Aug 18 2021
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Woman says She-Ra is too "unfeminine"


>"Then they argue that New-Ra is a teenager which is why she doesn’t have breasts. Last time I checked most teenage girls have developing breasts. In fact all women have breasts because – deep breath – THEY’RE WOMEN!!!"

Yes and not all teen girls or women have large breasts especiallythe more athletic ones: https://images.app.goo.gl/foc7SQDuj4jEuAer8 https://images.app.goo.gl/of7Pf7CdvN2xQKEW9 https://images.app.goo.gl/AgGiu2UxAbgMc5ht8 https://i.pinimg.com/originals/51/ff/0f/51ff0f06227b5694042a223e3f3d49fb.jpg http://cdn2-www.thefashionspot.com/assets/uploads/gallery/your-bods-best-swimsuit-update/millycolorblock.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a7/3d/06/a73d068f7a0c2deed5000529acf73536--athletic-body-athletic-girls.jpg https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/61APwhtJMfL.AC_UL1200.jpg

Ever hear of phenotypical variation? https://theconversation.com/how-we-inherit-masculine-and-feminine-behaviours-a-new-idea-about-environment-and-genes-82524

>"“She’s a warrior, so she’s not gonna look too womanly.” Did this guy forget that Gal Gadot once served in the Israeli military? Has he ever seen the documentary Served Like a Girl on PBS?"

So all women need to look "womanly" do you realize the unfortunate implications here? You make sound like a qualification that has to be met to count as a woman.

In an age where people are bullied for not being fitting into what is considered "gender conforming" or "acceptable standards of beauty" as far as roles, behaviors, and yes, body type and appearance are concerned we sorta need this diversity in body types:
https://www.bbc.com/news/education-43212006 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.3102/0013189X20968067 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5836796/ https://jacobsberger.com/gender-conformity-family-diversity-and-bullying-in-elementary-school/ https://www.verywellhealth.com/gender-non-conforming-5087006

>"When I watched this show as a child, I never saw anything sexual about it. She-Ra appealed to me because she was brave, wise and kind. She saw potential in everyone she met, whether it was a cowardly dragon or the nephew of Hordak. She proved that women can be strong and feminine at the same time. The show appealed to girls and boys because it embraced its masculine and feminine sides. "

What does "masculine" and "feminie" even mean? People aren't simply binary you know:

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Notes from Paul Verhoeven's Biography

I recently read Paul Verhoeven's biography and I relistened to the Verhoeven miniseries and I thought I'd give some extra context I got from it.

The book is called Paul Verhoeven. Een filmersleven. I read the dutch language version that was updated with extra content about the production of Elle, I could find a 1997 English language version on Amazon.

  • A little nitpick to start with: it's pronounced Verh-oo-ven with the 'oe' sounding like 'oo' in 'boek' book. But I understand that Ver-hoe-ven is just the way everyone pronounces his name in English since the 80s.
  • They mentioned on the pod how, while conscripted in the Royal Netherlands Navy, he made a film about the Netherlands Marine Corps. The way he got to make that reminded me of the "okay, just give me the money.... IT'S ABOUT NAZIS" bit. He was supposed to be conscripted to somewhere in Germany where (because of his maths and physics education) he'd calculate trajectories of rockets towards the soviet union. But he knew the Navy was planning on making a film about the Marine Corps, so pushed to be conscripted there and spent basically his entire conscription making the film.
  • He started making films in the Netherlands with a producer named Rob Houwer, who was mostly producing soft core stuff in Germany. When they first started working together, he didn't really care what Verhoeven made, as long as there was nudity in it. That's why Verhoeven's first film Wat zien ik is based on a book containing different stories about two prostitutes in Amsterdam.
  • Rob Houwer is also the reason Verhoeven's dutch films are difficult to find in English, since he'd cut his own versions (focusing on nudity) for foreign markets.
  • There's a Rutger Hauer story about him asking costar Monique van de Ven to drive with him to buy a second hand motorcycle (so she could drive his jeep back). Hauer drove the motorcycle to the Turkish Delight set, left it there, and at the end of the day it was stolen.
  • Jan de Bont met Monique van de Ven on the set of Turkish Delight, and they got married later. He had some
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A Feedback From A Fan - A Case For Infinity Train


Greetings, dear reader! Thank you, whoever you might be, for taking the time to read this essay, it means more than you can imagine.

Please allow me to clear up a few things first, so that there be no confusion, suspicion, or unnecessary assuming during all the following parts of this essay.

- This document is not an attack, threat, accusation, slander, court attendance notice, defamation, or insult. I am in no way looking to harm or bring any negativity to anyone reading this. My goal is not to make this a big legal fuss or anything else of such complex nature. I do not seek to ruin anyone’s reputation or besmirch their name.

- This document is merely a statement and feedback from a very passionate fan of cartoons, animated shows, and entertainment on such platforms in general. This essay is open for all to read, and no matter who you are, you are welcomed and are encouraged to proceed.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I shall introduce myself. I am, as stated above, a passionate fan of entertainment and TV shows, especially animated ones as they’ve been a major part of my childhood and continue to be so even today.

I write to you today to attempt to give my view, the fandom’s view, on a situation about a certain animated show that, as to our knowledge, has not been renewed for more seasons.

The show in question is Infinity Train.

The show has recently as of April 19th, 2021. reached the end of it’s fourth season, and despite the creator’s wish for eight seasons in total, the show was not renewed for a fifth season or any beyond it.

This essay was written with the goal of reaching out to people, and attempt to persuade a renewal of the truly beloved series that so many fans love dearly.

From our understanding, the show is not being renewed due several reasons, the main one being HBO Max’s feeling that the show might be too dark and unappealing for children. This document is a message from us fans on why the show should be renewed for its remaining four seasons.

The Appeal of Infinity Train

The Themes of Infinity Train

Infinity Train is a show filled with passionate fans that can be found all over the internet. In fact, one need not look further than most of the comments in all HBO YouTube videos released after Season 4’s finale, begging for a renewal. And while it is true that the show has a darker atmosphere than others, I believe that there is reason still on why it should be renew

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📅︎ Apr 29 2021
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Movies and series I’ve watched for the first time (Jan/Feb)

I’m making an effort to watch new stuff and stop filling my time with the same content over and over again. I’d recommend everything on this list. And there were a few things I tried to watch and could not finish. So I’ll do this again in 2 months. Let me know what you think!

Ravage - a wildlife photographer is attacked after witnessing a horrendous crime. Think You’re Next meets some movie about someone surviving in a rural/dessert area.

American Animals - college-educated thieves attempt a heist. It’s a true story. And no one cares, but I watched this movie the same day I I watched ep 5 of WandaVision, but again, no one cares.

Den of Thieves - the cops are as nasty as the robbers in this one. wtf?

You (S2) - Joe’s up to his weird shit again, with friends this time. If you don’t know: Joe’s a guy who talks himself into doing anything he feels is necessary to provide the perfect life for himself and whoever he believes is destined to be his lover.

The Sinner (S3) - Detective Harry Ambrose is a somewhat troubled man who gets dangerously close to the sympathetic, alleged criminals he is supposed to be investigating. S1: Jessica Biel, S2: Carrie Coons, S3: Matt Bomer. Good thing they let Bomer keep the beard while he was in scenes with Chris Messina.

Disenchantment (S3) - Bean is great, Elfo really makes the show’s jokes work, Luci is there too. The Zøg storyline really ate at me this season, in a good way.

Below Zero - a great revenge tale involving a prisoner, a guard and someone who will stop at nothing to get justice

Outside the Wire - Anthony Mackie is a cyborg soldier who is in the company of a fledgling human soldier who faces a moral dilemma

Trust_ - that poor girl, that poor family

Hello, I Must Be Going - Christopher Abbott is always good isn’t he? In this one he plays a college guy who falls for an older woman

Thunder Road - a widower (mourning dad/cop) tries to juggle his job and his personal life. Here, the director is the lead actor and he puts it all out there. Also, the director responded to my response to a post about a certain scene in the movie, thanks to u/little_chupacabra89 !

Most Wanted/Target Number One - Josh Hartnett works to get to the bottom of a kid’s drug-related imprisonment

Alice In Borderland (S1) - like Battle Royale (because of the terrifying, undeserved circumstances; not because they’re both Japanese productions!) meets Escape Room (they’re allow

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📅︎ Feb 28 2021
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📅︎ Mar 13 2021
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(Transl. from German) Jakob Tanner (2009) "Doors of Perception" vs "Mind Control:" Experiments With Drugs Between The Cold War And 1968 - pp. 340-372 in Kulturegeschicte des Menschenversuchs im 20. Jahrherundt (ed. Herausgegeben von Birgit Griesecke et al.)

Book: "Kulturgeschichte des Menschenversuchs im 20. Jahrhundert" (Cultural History of the Human Experiment in the 20th Century) 2009, ed. by Herausgegeben von Birgit Griesecke, Marcus Krause, Nicolas Pethes and Katja Sabisch www.amazon.com/Kulturgeschichte-Menschenversuchs-im-20-Jahrhundert/dp/3518295365

Jakob Tanner (2009) "Doors of perception" versus "Mind control". Experimente mit Drogen zwischen kaltem Krieg und 1968 - pp. 340-372 (in the original German) - www.academia.edu/7405757/_Doors_of_perception_versus_Mind_control_Experimente_mit_Drogen_zwischen_kaltem_Krieg_und_1968

Note: This work by Jakobs immediately preceded the publication of research, by Albarelli most notably (A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War www.amazon.com/Terrible-Mistake-Murder-Secret-Experiments/dp/193629608X ), pointing to an apparent explanation for the Pont St-Esprit incident of 1951 in terms of a CIA-staged "LSD test" upon an entire town unawares.

Up to that point the academically accepted, officially-approved explanation for the incident ascribed it to a historically late outbreak of ergotism aka 'St Anthony's Fire' as it was designated in mediaeval times. Ergotism, affecting whole regions, occurred more frequently prior to scientific knowledge of its cause - infestation of grain crops by Claviceps purpurea aka ergot, a parasitic fungus containing ergot alkaloids, from which LSD was first developed by semi-synthesis in 1938.

The previously unquestioned explanation was popularized in a 1968 book Day of St. Anthony's Fire by John Fuller (www.amazon.com/Day-St-Anthonys-Fire/dp/B000QB63Z4 ). The author was previously known to general readers for his best-selling 1966 book The Interrupted Journey about the Betty & Barney Hill "UFO abduction" case, which largely founded the contemporary narrative of alien abduction (as widely popularized since).

The following translation leaves out footnotes, but includes numeric superscript citations to them for reference.

Drugs are polyvalent and multifunctional substances. The effects they have on people cannot be explained without taking into account the ways they are used, their institutional settings, legal status, existing knowledge, diverse wishes and fears, and the social position of those who consume them.

Substances that fall under the collective name "drugs" can be variously used, for appropriate treatment of physical and psychological disorders, as components

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New S-ex Mo-vie to wa-tch_

Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play

[With Sex And Drugs Movie On Netflix Sex With In Movies Sex With On Amazon Prime Movie Sex With On Netflix 2014 Movies WithOn Netflix Instant Watch WithOnline With The LongestScenes With Too Much With Young Mumbai Com Must Watch My Friend Mom My Lesbian My Little Pony My PhonePartner Korean Myanmar Girl Namitha Com Nargis Natasha Henstridge Native American Neighbors Scenes Nepali Xxx New Anime New Online NewAnd The City2014 NewAnd The City2018 NewComedy NewMalayalam New Download New In Tamil New Shemale New Story New Xxx Nice Ass Nice Free Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman List NigerianWith Nina Mercedez Ninja Scroll Scene Nipple NoPlease We Re British Nokrani Noomi Rapace Notorious Nude Lesbian NudeEnglish Nurse Nuru Nymphomaniac The Scenes Obsessed Scene OfficeFree Old And Young Lesbian Old Gay Old Man And Teen OldWithScenes Old Retro Old School Older Woman Younger Man Older Women Anal Olga Kurylenko Olivia O Lovely On The Basis OfFullOnline Free 123 On The Basis Of Imdb On The Basis Of Poster On The Basis Of Theaters On The Basis OfOnline One Free Online Desi Online Free OnlineOf Online 18 Online Telugu Orissa Outsourced Scene Painful Pakistani Full Pakistani Indian Pakistani Real Paoli Dam Papua New Guinea Paris Parminder Nagra Passion Pathan Pawn Shop PbsEducation The Peeping Pet Philippine Celebrity Philippine Free Phone Free Phone Ara Mina PhoneOperator Pics Pinay Celebrity Pinay Scandal PinayPorn PinayVideo Pinoy Celebrity PiratesFull Plantation Poison Ivy Scene Pon Pony Poran Com Porn Anal PornHardcore Porn Rape PornFullHd Porn Youtube PornScenes In Pornhup Pornoxo Possession Premature Pretty Woman Scene PrivateFull Pron Download Pron Star Pron Xxx Prono Prostitute Punjabi Girl Pvc Rambha RapeIn Rape Online Real Explicit Real Full Real Granny Real Nude RealFrench RealIn Korean RealIn Main Real Com RealOn Mainstream RealScenes In The Real Xxx Recent Telugu Redtube Xxx Reese Witherspoon NudeScene In Wild Rekha Hot Relax It's Just Rent Reon Kadena Repa Reshma Retro Family Riley Steele Rio Rio The Ritual Rob Lowe Role Play Romance & Romantic Erotic Romantic Hot RomanticLove Rude Safari Sakura Samantha Ryan Samsara Sarah Vandella Satin Saw Scarlett JohanssonIn Scary5 Scary Part Sci Fi Scenes Secret Family Secret Home SecretLife Of A Single Mom SecretRelationshipList Sensuous Set It Off Scene Seventeen & The Single Mom 2003 Tv

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Dune (2020) - Everything We Know So Far [Regularly Updated]


Hey folks, seeing as how there are so many posts regarding the movie regularly hitting the front page of this subreddit - often with the same questions and answers being repeated in the comments - I decided to put together something a little more comprehensive. For those you of who have yet to read/finish the book, I've kept this post spoiler free but I can't promise the same for the comments below.

What's the timeline?

What we know so far about some key milestones:

Release Date: 12/18/2020*

Filming Wrapped for Budapest, Hungary (and presumably the entire film): July 20th 2019

Filming Wrapped for Jordan Desert Location: April 26th 2019

Principal Photography Started: March 18th 2019

Script Finalized: August/September 2018

Pre-Production Began: July 2018

*As far as we know this release date has not been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Official Logo Poster


Official Synopsis

From the March 18th 2019 press release:

>A mythic and emotionally charged hero’s journey, “Dune” tells the story of Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, who must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet’s exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence—a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential—only those who can conquer their fear will survive.

Official Stills Released So Far

A collected album of all official stills and images released to date.

Major Interviews and Articles

Vanity Fair First Look - Introduction to Dune and Paul Atreides

Vanity Fair Exclusive Look - Shooting in the Desert & Changes to the Source Material

Empire Magazine Online Exclusive - Paul as Godfather's Michael Corleone


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Sex Education - Series Premiere Discussion

#Sex Education

Premise: 16-year-old Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) decides to form a sex therapy clinic with "bad girl" Maeve (Emma Mackey) after it is revealed his mother (Gillian Anderson) is a sex therapist in this dramedy created by Laurie Nunn.

Subreddit: Network: Metacritic:
r/NetflixSexEducation Netflix [80/100] (score guide)


  • IMDb
  • [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_Education_(TV_series))
  • Trailer
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@Different S-ex Pos-itions To Do_

Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play

[For A Low Cervix Sex Positions For A Tall Guy And Short Girl Sex Position For Aries Sex Positions For Black Couples Sex Position For Cancer Woman And Scorpio Man For Fat Burning For G Spot Orgasm For Gender Of Baby For Girls To Do For Herniated Disc For Inverted Uterus For Man With Big Belly For Married Christians For Mature For Men On Top For Men With Bad Backs For Noobs For Obese Men For Penetration For Pregnant Woman Photos For Real People For Riding For Short Girl Tall Guy For Short Tall Couples For Tall And Short People For Tall Man And Short Woman For Virgo And Sagittarius For Your Man Foursome Gemini And Virgo In 3rd Trimester Of Pregnancy In Photos In Spanish In The Third Trimester In Your 40s Leo And Aries List With Pictures Live Pictures Multiple Partners Not To Do While Pregnant Orgy Over Age 60 Photos To Conceive A Girl Naturally Pictorial Real Photos Squirt That That Drive Her Crazy That Feel Good For Girls That Make Men Last Longer That Will Drive Him Wild To Avoid During Pregnancy To Avoid In Early Pregnancy To Bring On Labor To Bring On Labour To Conceive A Baby Pictures To Conceive A Boy Naturally Videos To Conceive A Girl Naturally In Hindi To Conceive Baby Video To Get Pregnant While On Birth Control To Get Pregnant With Images To Make Her Want More To Make Him Cum Faster To Make Him Scream To Pleasure To Pleasure Men To Promote Pregnancy To Spice Up The Relationship To Try At Home To Try On Your Honeymoon Using Emojis While Tied Up With A Fat Girl With Bondage Without Bed Positive Community Positive Documentary Film Series Stool Swing Guide Techniques And Com Train y Hot y Pictures Show Me All Show Me Pictures Of Sick Side To Side Simulated Sledgehammer Sleep Number Sleeping Beauty Sleepy Snail Spiritual Spit Roast Spoon Gif Spooning Of Ssbbw Super Hot Swing Taurus Man Ten Top The Best For A Man The Best Not To Get Pregnant The Best To Conceive A Girl The Best While Pregnant The Clip The Corkscrew The Craziest The Frisk The Golden Arch The Good Spread The Little Black Book Of Free Pdf Download The Normal The Perch The Proposal The Snail The Soft Rock The Spider Web The Top Ten Thigh Master Tiger Top 10 In Top 10 Video Top 10 2015 You Must Know Top 10 For Girls Top 30 New 2015 Top Oral Top Selling Book Top Men Love Top To Try Top With Pictures Tuna Melt Twerk Unusual Porn Vixen Vulgar Western What Are Safe W

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me_irlgbt survey results! really long post! this took me 6 days! exclamation mark!

Long post. REALLY long post. buckle in.

#TLDR at the end

First off, thanks to everybody who responded! There were 467 responses in total, which is amazing. I know filling out surveys online can be boring, so I really appreciate you all indulging me for this.

A few notes before we get started!

  • The aim of this research was to get a better picture of the people who involve themselves in this shitposty mess. Nothing was too strenuous, and as this was basically just research for funsies, it’s obviously not fully academic. I did try to follow general good practices, but I’ve also fucked about a little. This isn’t going in a fancy journal.

  • I have presented the data with the finest graphs Google Sheets has to offer. I am not an expert in using spreadsheets, so some of it may be, in academic terms, somewhat fucky.

  • I am not an especially adept researcher or statistician. I’m studying this shit in college but that doesn’t mean I’m good at it yet. I know we get some researchers round these parts, and I’d thank you to not cringe too hard at my work.

Now. Let's get started with the results.

#Total survey responses: 467


#AGE: 460 responses


As we can see here, the majority of respondents are between the ages of 13-24, with most being 18-24. No surprise, this pretty much tracks with the general demographics of reddit. We have 3 tiny kiddos who responded, bless them. One person over 60, heyhowareyougorge. It’s interesting to cross-reference the age demographics with the type of posts we see here. I’m in my early 20s, which in gay years is like being in your early 40s, and i’ve been out for years. I see a lot of closet or coming out type posts, which I personally don’t relate to as much any more, but that totally tracks with the amount of youngins we have here. If you’re looking to karma whore, here’s the data you need.

#COUNTRY: 457 responses


So, clearly very US-heavy. Again, not a surprise here for a US-based website. I would like to confess to purposefully splitting up the UK demographics out of sheer curiosity too; I’m Scottish and wanted to know how many fellow Scots I had. Happenin troops.

I also wanted to use this to see how many people were from countries with less legal protections for being LGBT. The countries in here I’d particularly like to highlight are:

Dominica, where it is illegal to be gay. Penalties include a 10 year prison sentence, or “incarceratio

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questions about gender identity and being transgender you were too embarrassed to ask

Transgender people are now at the forefront of LGBTQ issues in America.

Across the country, conservative lawmakers are pushing policies that prohibit transgender people, who identify with a gender different than the one assigned to them at birth, from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. State officials say these laws are necessary for public safety — despite no evidence that letting trans people use the bathroom for their gender identity causes public safety problems.

And recently, Trump administration revoked a guidance, originally written by the Obama administration, that told federally funded schools to not discriminate against trans students and, most controversially, let trans students use the bathroom and locker room that correspond with their gender identity. The Trump administration effectively argued that whether trans people are protected under the law should be decided at the state, not federal, level.

At the heart of the issue seems to be a widespread lack of understanding of trans issues and gender identity. After all, until a few years ago, concepts like gender identity and expression — and how they affect the hundreds of thousands of Americans who identify as transgender, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, and nonbinary — hardly scratched the surface of mainstream news and entertainment in any meaningful way.

Now, the issue is at the forefront of public attention. The stories of Caitlyn Jenner; Laverne Cox, a trans woman who plays Sophia on Netflix's Orange is the New Black; and Maura, a fictional trans character in the series Transparent, have all drawn greater attention to the many aspects of trans lives and what it means to identify with a gender different than the one a person was assigned at birth. And state lawmakers, notably in North Carolina, are now passing anti-LGBTQ laws that specifically target trans people — in large part as a response to the progress we've seen with LGBTQ rights.

But the increasing coverage of gender identity issues has in many ways outpaced public understanding. What does it mean to be transgender? And what would compel not just a rich and famous person like Jenn

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PSYCHOPATHS, PSYCHIATRISTS & PSYCHONAUTS by Hans Schmid (Aug 8, 2009) < There is no excuse for such inhuman experiments. But one can try to understand how they came about. >

Psychopaths, Psychiatrists and Psychonauts by Hans Schmid

Translated to English (with reference links added) - archived https://archive.is/jzLOn ( www.heise.de/tp/features/Psychopathen-Psychiater-und-Psychonauten-3382056.html ):

Part 1: "Special interrogation methods" in the Cold War

Barack Obama's plan to focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday does not seem to be working. The US Attorney General is considering the appointment of a special investigator to investigate allegations of torture against CIA people. Senators are calling for a commission of inquiry into Bush and Cheney's secret programs in the fight against terrorism. If it is really resolved, it could turn out that yesterday was already tomorrow.

**Whores to the front **

No, says the witness John Gittinger, he never saw the red curtains. He couldn't remember exactly either. It was all a long time ago, and he hardly had time to prepare. Yes, yes, LSD was used in the tests, cannabis was also discussed. But he had next to no direct information. He was just a little psychologist. And anyway:

"This is the part I find it difficult to talk about now, and I am sorry that I am forced to. In connection with the work we were doing, we needed information about sexual habits. Morgan Hall found informants to talk to about the sexual habits I was interested in. For a period of time, as far as I was concerned, the conspiratorial house was only used for this particular type of interview."

The year is 1977. John Gitinger's appearance before the US Senate subcommittee responsible for legislative oversight of the secret services creates amusement. Senator Ted Kennedy pulled the following facts out of the nose of a witness struggling with memory gaps: From 1955 to 1965 the CIA ran a brothel in San Francisco, headed by an agent with the code name "Morgan Hall", in which subjects were administered LSD and other mind-altering substances without their knowledge. This was done as part of a field test to research and test "special interrogation methods."

There was also a lot of laughter when Gitinger's colleague David Rhodes reported about a second conspiratorial house that was outside of San Francisco and used for experiments that required more peace and seclusion. The CIA had given a Stanford University chemist a generous research assignment. In return, this gentleman regularly supplied substances with which the enemies of the free world were to be harassed and worn down: stink bombs, itching and snee

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Currently Active, Upcoming Shows, and Bestof (HBO, Netflix, & Amazon)


(Current): The Outsider, Curb Your Enthusiasm S10, and Avenue 5.

(Upcoming): 1/3: McMillions (Documentary series based on McDonald's Monopoly Scandal)

BESTOF: Sopranos, Watchmen, Nightof, and Game of Thrones


(Current): Sex Education S2


2/7: Locke and Key (series adapted from Joe Hill Comic)

2/27: Altered Carbon S2

3/27: Ozark S3

BESTOF: Stranger Things, The Spy, Living With Yourself, Witcher, and You


(Current): The Expanse S4

2/21: Hunters
?? : The Boys S2

BESTOF: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Undone, Good Omens, Mozart In The Jungle

Edit: I know I’ve left things out.. There is certainly many more for best of..

This is my list, it’s not for everyone and that’s why I’m not including Hulu, Disney+, or Apple+.

But I’ll mention Mandalorian (Disney+), The Morning Show (Apple+), and for Hulu I’ve heard Castle Rock is cool.

Also bonus:

AMC BESTOF: Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Mad Men and I’m personally anticipating Farmhand (Rob Guillroy Comic Adaptation).

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Audio-Drama.com links from September 20 to September 26, 2020

Audio-Drama.com is an online directory of audio drama and spoken word websites, with at least one new link added to it each day. As of this post, there are 5,000 published articles. Here are the newest articles from the previous week:

  1. The Spectrumverse (Narrated Superhero Series) Everyone wants to be a superhero when they are a kid. Billy was no different. When he was growing up, he idolised Metropolis Man and the other superheroes from his home town of Haverford. After a night unlike any other, Billy is forever changed and gains the power to control light.
  2. Ombligo Del Diablo (Role-Playing Horror Series) Welcome to Ombligo Del Diablo! This is an actual play podcast of a home-brewed Mage: The Ascension.
  3. Forgotten Sci-Fi (Narrated Science Fiction Anthology) An anthology series of great, but unheralded, science fiction from the Golden Age, the Gilded Age, and the Victorian Era. Unadapted, presented in its original form. The stories vary from character-driven to narrative, with everything in between.
  4. Cold Open Stories (Full Cast Science Fiction Fantasy Anthology) Cold Open Stories was founded as a love-letter to short fiction and pulp stories which have the power to quickly throw us into new worlds, cultures, and feelings. Our feed includes unofficial short fiction, audio dramas, and immersive experiences set in the grimdark galaxy of Warhammer 40,000.
  5. Tales of the Text (Full Cast Drama Anthology) Tales Of The Text is a teen/YA scripted audio fiction podcast wrapped in Black culture. When you press play you will hear stories about relationships, friendships, peer pressure, drugs, sex, secret societies and more. You should listen if you want to be entertained by episodes filled with drama, secrets, and plot twists.
  6. Deep Folk (Narrated Comedy Series) Welcome curious Deep Folk adventurer, you have uncovered Deep Folk: Tales from the Generator. Deep Folk is a collection of serialized first person fiction radio dramas created by Studio Tortu in unison with one of the most powerful Ar
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Discussion Megathread: Leah Remini A&E Special + AMA Announcement for Cedars and Steve Hassan!

The long-awaited special will be airing at 9PM ET/PT on Tuesday November 13th, 2018. It will air on the cable channel A&E in the US.

Edit: How to watch in the Netherlands (Nov 22)

Edit: How to watch in South Africa

Edit: How to watch in Germany

We'll be trying to keep this post up to date with links/details on how to watch Leah's A&E expose as we get them in, so please comment below if you know of a way to watch that isn't listed.

Here are their faces matched up with their names: https://imgur.com/a/TOs0VzY

Do you want to Thank Leah? Do that here! A few Folks are organizing a Twitter S

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The Keepers Timeline I









  • April 13: Maskell's first birthday


  • April 13: Maskell's second birthday


  • April 13: Maskell's third birthday. (Maskell's sister Maureen is born in 1942)

  • Maskell's older half-brother Tom - who would become a cop - graduates from City College.

  • November 17: Cathy Cesnik was born in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.


  • April 13: Maskell's fourth birthday

  • [Maskell's older half-brother Tom - who would become a cop served in the army until 1944](http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1998-04-17/news/1998107021_1_police-lieutenant-ve

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Better Know a State: Indiana – discuss Indiana politics and candidates

Welcome to our 39th Better Know a State (BKAS), which will focus on INDIANA. As I indicated before, the plan is to do these state-by-state, highlighting upcoming elections, progressive candidates in those states and major issues being fought (with an emphasis on Democratic, Independent and third party candidates). State residents can let me know if I’ve missed anything important or mistakenly described some of these issues.

Reminder: The deadline to file as a candidate for the 2018 races in Indiana is February 9, 2018 (if running as a member of an established party). Here are the filing requirements – link. The date of the primary election in Indiana is May 8, 2018.

Here’s what I’ve found about the various races:

United States Senators:. The Senators from Indiana are Todd Young (R) and Joe Donnelly (D). Donnelly is up for re-election in 2018. He is quite conservative for a Democrat (Progressive Punch Crucial Lifetime Progressive Score =65%). He was one of the Democrats to vote ‘yes’ on confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He opposes abortion. He is also a co-sponsor of Senator Mike Crapo’s legislation to roll back regulations on Wall Street – link. He has not co-sponsored Bernie’s Medicare-for-All bill in the Senate. However, he does support the ACA and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). He’s facing a primary challenge by Bill Bowser and Martin Del Rio. There are also seven Republicans competing in the primary to challenge Donnelly – State Representative Mike Braun, Terry Henderson, Mark Hurt, U.S Representative Luke Messer, U.S. Representative Todd Rokita, Kiel Stone and Andrew Takami. There is also a candidate for the Disability Party, Andrew Straw, and one Independent, John Piper. Bill Bowser does not seem to have a formal campaign website. Here is his Facebook page and here is his Twitter account. Neither page is super active. But he has retweeted some of Bernie’s tweets and describes himself as a progressive on his Facebook page. He supports marijuana legalization. Martin Del Rio is a veteran, an Army Wounded Warrior Advocate and was formerly homeless and destitute (so he k

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/r/S01E01’s Weekly Watch: Sex Education

The winner of this weeks poll vote goes to Sex Education as nominated by /u/Goncalo120

Please use this thread to discuss all things Sex Education and be sure to spoiler mark anything that might be considered a spoiler. If you like what you see, please check out /r/NetflixSexEducation

A dedicated livestream will no longer be posted as, unfortunately, the effort involved didn't warrant the traffic it received. However, if there is demand for it to return then we will consider it at a later date.

IMDb: 8.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 91%

Socially awkward high school student Otis may not have much experience in the lovemaking department, but he gets good guidance on the topic in his personal sex ed course -- living with mom Jean, who is a sex therapist. Being surrounded by manuals, videos and tediously open conversations about sex, Otis has become a reluctant expert on the subject. When his classmates learn about his home life, Otis decides to use his insider knowledge to improve his status at school, so he teams with whip-smart bad girl Maeve to set up an underground sex therapy clinic to deal with their classmates' problems. But through his analysis of teenage sexuality, Otis realizes that he may need some therapy of his own.

S01E01: Episode One

Air date: 11th Jan. 2019

What did you think of the episode?

Had you seen the show beforehand?

Will you keep watching? Why/ why not?

Those of you who has seen the show before, which episode would you recommend to those unsure if they will continue?

Voting for the next S01E01 will open Monday so don't forget to come along and make your suggestion count. Maybe next week we will be watching your S01E01

👍︎ 19
📰︎ r/S01E01
📅︎ Feb 09 2019
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What films did you see last week (29/10-04/11/2017)?

Hello, mis amigos!

Thank you for participating in my last weekly thread and forgive me for my bad English in replies. Anyway, I had a pleasure reading your posts, so let's continue.

I work today and tomorrow, so don't be mad at me if the answers arrive with one or two day delay. ;)

Two weeks ago I made a thread about vanity projects (here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/IMDbFilmGeneral/comments/77nqqs/vanity_project_movies_any_suggestions/), and the first name that people brought up there was Barbra Streisand. Thus, I thought it was a right time to watch or rewatch some of her movies.

FUNNY GIRL (1968) - 6/10

"Funny Girl" opens with a scene, showing Barbra Streisand in a leopard coat, standing in front of a theater and staring at big, fluorescent letters on the billboard, which tell us her character's name: Fanny Brice. Even if you have no idea who Fanny Brice is (a famous singer-slash-comedienne), this shot, the following five minutes - during which she enters the theater from the back door, makes a quick stop at the mirror and says the famous 'Hello, gorgeous!' To her image in it before reaching an empty auditorium - and the slightly sad music on the background tell everything what you, as a viewer, need to know about this woman: she's a Broadway star, who has everything (fame, money, talent, admirers), except one – established personal life. In other words, she doesn't have a man waiting her at home. Having realized what sort of Hollywood fluff I'm going to witness in the next two and a half hours, I winced and immediatedly lost interest in this William Wyler's beloved classic.

In order to not come across as a prejudiced sourpuss who made a sour verdict after seeing just a short exposition, I'll start with the positive news, and admit that I was surprised by some aspects of this film. First of all, the first half is a moderately entertaining piece with refined period details, splendidly staged musical numbers and the great performance by Barbra Streisand who demonstates her natural charisma, effective vocals and comic skills.

Secondly, the movie doesn't fully follow the tired 'the rich also cry' trope, and pays enough attention to the career of its eminent heroine, thanks to what she doesn't come across as a stock character from a Jacqueline Susann's novel. Streisand displays a sheer blend of self-confidence, ardor and vulnerability, which, together with her being a magnetic performer, capture Fanny's multi-layered persona.


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King of the Hill 1x02 "Square Peg" Episode Discussion

Premise: Peggy is chosen to be the Sex Education teacher at Bobby's school.

Directed By: Gary McCarver / Wesley Archer

Written By: Joe Stillman

Original date: January 19, 1997




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📅︎ Nov 04 2018
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[S2E2] A few things I've noticed and my theory of what's going on...

So I have been frequenting this subreddit quite a bit since the show started up again and I have noticed a lack of conversation on a few subjects that I found to be interesting or possibly important. So I am going to touch upon these topics and give an overall theory of what the hell is going on...

First, I think the character Osip Agronov, (the Russian guy played by Timothy V. Murphy) is connected to Caspere's abduction, torture, and murder. Something about the way he smiled in episode 1 to Frank when he asked when he was going to meet him made me suspicious of him. He also agreed to be a partner with Frank and then backed out without much of an explanation. It is implied that Osip is representing an organization, but little is known yet. I suspect they are similar to Frank's operation, a semi-legitimate company with strong ties to organized crime. I have a suspicion that they have some kind of deal with Catalyst, the company behind the railroad project. That line delivered by the Catalyst guy, "We're not gangsters, Frank," struck a note with me. It was said that Caspere frequently visited the Russian River Valley and drives a car with a lease paid for by Catalyst, the company behind the California Central Rail Corridor project. So Caspere is acting as a middleman, collecting dirty money from seedy investors for Catalyst, and they employ Osip's organization to keep their hands clean.

Second, the mayor is most definitely the slimiest character in the show and he isn't getting the suspicion he deserves from this subreddit. We know he is a womanizing drunk with his hand in everyone's pocket. On multiple occasions he has asked Ray to break the law and is only looking out for his business interests. Based on his own account, his son is a degenerate "monster." Frank said of his son, "That hit and run... [His] face was so coke dusted he looked like a clown." I highly doubt he is responsible for Caspere's death on any level due to how much he has to lose by the State poking their noses in his business, but considering the "sprawl" of last season and how high things were implied to have gone, it's no jump to assume he is privy to the worst of the shady dealings going on. Based on the teaser for next week's episode, we get to meet the spray-tanned son and his wife. My guess is that they will be a very dysfunctional family; the son being a heavy partier

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Friends Briefing

^(July) ^(22nd) ^(2019)

More local than local news gets

#Timesup At Binghamton

By: Bridget

I've been sick so that's shitty. Binghamton sucks ass, my research has barely even started and I've been here for almost 2 months. My boss hates me because she caught me sitting on the desk instead of the chair one time 4 weeks ago. She also provides a workspace filled with sexual tension as she blatantly flirts with all of the male employees. Her husband works out here, she should be ashamed.

Technically, It Was an Office Party

By: Jackson

So niggas was lit on Friday. Working from home was super calm, especially cause I was a little smacked for half the day. After my only meeting at 10:00am, I rolled up in my backyard and watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee during my “lunch break”. I sent a few emails that took me about an hour to write and eventually went offline at 3. I’m glad that the boys were able to come through. Big ups to Askia, cause Hennything’s possible. Plus, I got to pass the boof with Matt, which was a long-awaited first. I had no idea he could spit bars like that. Before I knew it, niggas were shirtless listening to DaBaby in the living room. Here’s hoping my sister goes on more college tours this summer.

There’s No Money In Education

By: Safir

Teaching has been really good so far. I still don't know what I'm doing and I'm winging most of it but the students seem to like what I'm doing. In other news, I just went to a dinner with my friends dad. I thought I overheard them saying the bill was $188 which I didn't think was that bad for the food we ate. A few minutes later my friend told me that the bill was $1,808 instead. That's when I choked on my spit and realized how far I am from being a wealthy person.

That Micky D’s HIT

By: Askia

I'm just here to say that Nicole came back safely. I also saw Matt this week. He got too high. Yelled at me to order McDonald's. D I C K H E A D.

Peter, The Human IMDB

By: Peter

Not much happened currently except I've been watching band of brothers on hbo with meemaw. It's really good actually, but meemaw always is asking "who that is?" or "What happened?" every couple of minutes or so. I had to put on subtitles and I'll chime in every now then to explain little bits. Silly meemaw.

EXTREME Gender Blindness

By: Tim

So this girl i've been talking to told me this story about how she sees people. She sees everyone without a dick or vagina unless she has had sex wi

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Other Series/Webseries like Young Royals [Netflix]

Know of any other shows movies or webseries like Young royals? or something that falls in that high school coming of age niche, if yes please recommend. and i'll list down the ones i know~

the ones i know of

  1. Skam and its Adaptations - OF COURSE
  2. Baby
  3. Eyewitness
  4. Elite
  5. Skins
  6. Love, Victor
  7. Love, Simon
  8. Sex education
  9. Atypical
  10. Loveleg
  11. SLiDE
  12. First Girl I loved
  13. Bloom into you
  14. Doukyusei : classmates
  15. Blue is the warmest color
  16. The Half of It
  17. Euphoria
  18. Grand Army
  19. Tiny Pretty Things
  20. Trinkets
  21. My Mad Fat Diary
  22. GLEE
  23. I am not okay with this
  24. The Society
  25. Dare Me
  26. We are Who We are
  27. Extracurricular
  28. Deadly Class
  29. Freak Show
  30. In the Flesh
  31. [The way he Looks](https://www.imdb
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March 2 Madness - Southeast - Round 1 Loser's Club - Welcome, ESTHER!

Movie: Orphan (2009)


Orphan (2009) is a mystery/thriller, horror film featuring Kate and John Coleman who, following the death of their daughter, try to pick up the pieces of their lives and adopt a 9-year-old girl, Esther, from a nearby orphanage. The innocent, sweet, educated, well-spoken Esther is not who she claims to be. Kate, her adopted mother, becomes suspicious, unraveling a plot that reveals [spoiler alert] Esther to be a 33-year-old Russian woman named Leena who suffers from panhypopituitarism.

How it relates to the field of psychiatry

Orphan serves as an opportunity to teach Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) and “sociopathy.” Esther is an intelligent, highly manipulative, and superficially charming “child.” She easily induces fear, empathy, and even admiration when it suits her ambitions, as evidenced by the first time Kate and John meet her in the orphanage.

It is evident that she is charming and manipulative at her own whim in her interactions with John. Her agenda is to seduce him, so she behaves accordingly for his continued approval. This is not the case with the other characters in the film, especially with Kate. Esther preys on Kate because she believes she took her family for granted. This trope parallels that of John Kramer (Jigsaw), the antagonist from the Saw franchise who also demonstrates sociopathic traits. In response to her discordant relationship with Kate, Esther brings John closer and closer.

Kate depicts a “dry drunk,” absent spiritual recovery when she discloses to her mother-in-law that she “simply stopped drinking.” While Kate serves as a case study of Alcohol Use Disorder, Esther turns her attention to John. One component of Esther’s desire to seduce her adoptive father stems from her fixation at the phallic stage. The phallic stage, according to Freud, is the third stage of psychosexual development that occurs between 3-6 years of age when the child becomes aware of their bodies and the bodies of others. Esther’s fixation at this stage could be due to the abuse she experienced as a child at the hands of her biological father. In support of this, the European psychiatrist tells Kate that Esther has a history of having seduced her father. Her sexual feelings towards the opposite sex, and hostile feelings towards the same sex, are examples of being fixated in the phallic stage; an unresolved Oedipus Electra complex. Interestingly, if Jaume Collet-Serra would hav

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Director Cut S-ex Mo-vie Nw

Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play

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Are you upset with the lack of Emma Mackey's award recognition?


It seems she literally has been nominated for around zero things. And yet her movie roles seem to be because of her work on Sex Education.

View Poll

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What is the age rating for Bad Education?

Posting this here because this is one of the only movie subs I trust. What is the age rating for Bad Education?

I was thinking about watching it with a parent and was wondering about what kind of content is in it. Just trying to avoid uncomfortable or really graphic sex or nudity stuff. IMDb’s age rating system is unreliable and isn’t completed as of yet anyway. There’s nothing too graphic in there is there? Feel free to give spoilers.

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“Sex education” is amazing and binge worthy!

I’m sure, I’m late to the party! But kept postponing watching this as I thought this will be some stupid romcom series. Over the last weekend I was finding it hard to find something to binge on and saw that “Sex education” had a great ratings on imdb. So started watching it and couldn’t stop!

I don’t know how to explain it but you’ll be hooked after 1-2 episodes! Its actually a romance series (and not a rom-com). The episodes are quiet complex, they have done an excellent job in character development of several teenagers and follow several teenage couples stories throughout 2 seasons. I’d say it tracks stories about 8 students. After watching several episodes, I was only interested in following just two couples’ stories so I skipped through a lot of stuff but still really liked it a lot.

The biggest thing is it actually really “connects” with you and you’ll feel like wanting more and more! You’ll kind of feel like you are part of that school!

And the stories of several students go through a roller coaster, you’ll see after you watch 4 or 5. And some are such long stories that Even after two seasons the main couples story is not done (in fact, only started)! Looking forward to season 3!!

Anyway, if you are thinking of watching something totally binge worthy, this is it and you won’t go wrong!


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