Chicken sandwich from Scratch cookery pop-up in San Jose, CA
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📅︎ Feb 24 2020
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Your favorite San Jose area sandwich is...

What's the place called and what do you get? If you say Subway, bad things will happen to you.

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📅︎ Aug 30 2019
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Best sandwich spot in San Jose ?
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📅︎ Feb 28 2019
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McDonald's is testing its new crab meat sandwich on San Jose menus…
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📅︎ Feb 09 2017
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Best or favorite sandwich spot in San Jose?

My favorite place is in los gatos (smokehouse) Any good spots here? And also drop your favorite sandwich

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📅︎ Jan 26 2016
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Looking for burger/sandwich places in N. San Jose/Milpitas/Santa Clara area

Just moved to the Bay Area and am looking for some food recommendations. Looking for casual American. Burgers, Sandwiches that type of thing. Found Ike's Sandwiches and it was exactly what I was searching for.

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Earl of Sandwich: 11 things to know about San Jose’s new eatery…
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📅︎ Sep 26 2017
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Bánh mì w/ a fried egg, from one my favorite sandwich shops in San Jose, CA
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📅︎ Mar 03 2015
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Pesto Sandwich from Whisper's Cafe & Creperie, San Jose [2500x1406]
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📅︎ Aug 27 2013
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FYI, *Hidden Gem Alert* $2 bahn mi (Viet Sandwich) on Story Rd.

My gf told me not to tell anyone but this is too good for me to not share with you guys. It's by far the best viet sandwich I've had in San Jose and everything is baked fresh right from the oven. This is the place across the street from Walmart with grand opening signs.

Duc Huong Gio Cha Sandwiches

Pros: $2 for a 5inch sandwich, $3.75 for a 10inch. , buy 4 large, get 1 free. , $1 for 4 "mini" garlic butter rolls(not so mini at 5")

Cons: No seating (eat in car or take it home), Cash only.

Protip: if you're saving it for later, tell them to keep the veggies on the side. Stores very well in the fridge, toast up the bahn mi when you're ready and just add the veggies. Crunchy like fresh :)

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Mod Post: A Visitors Guide to San Jose by /r/SanJoseSharks're coming to San Jose to see the Sharks and need to know what to do before and after the game...With the help of the members of /r/SanJoseSharks, I have compiled the responses they have generously given into the following guide to kill some time in SJ before and after the game. In the comments below let me know of anything I missed and I will happily add it to the respective section.


Name Description Direct Sale?
Seatgeek Online Ticket Search. No
SAP Center Ticket Office 525 W Santa Clara St., San Jose ~ Ticket Office is located on the South East Corner of SAP Center. Yes
San Jose Sharks Official Ticketmaster Official Online Ticket Vendor of the San Jose Sharks. Yes
/r/SanJoseSharks Ticket Exchange Buy or Sell tickets from/to fellow Redditors! Yes

###Seating Info

  • Don't lean forward in your seat as it obstructs the view of the person behind you.
  • Sections 109-121/209-221 enter from the North entrance
  • 101-107/201-208/123-128/222-228 enter from the South entrance (on Santa Clara St.)
  • View from lower rows in the Upper Bowl may be slightly obstructed by guard rails.
  • Don't lean forward.
  • There aren't really any bad seats in SAP Center. Sight lines are great no matter which section you sit in.
  • The Sharks attack towards the lower numbered sections (103-113 & 203-213) in the 1st and 3rd periods.
  • Ticket prices will vary depending on the opponent. Higher profile teams mean the prices will be higher than average.
  • Don't lean forward.


  • The parking garage across from San Pedro Square has $7 parking before games. Expect delays exiting the garage as it gets full very quickly on game nights.
  • If you can find parking on the street, it is free in the evening.
  • Diridon Station is south west of SAP Center and offers CalTrain and Amtrak service to the Bay Area. The train departs 15 minutes after the game ends but no later than 10:45. Details for CalTrain and Amtrak.


  • Here are a few hotels mentioned by fellow redditors if you are
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Let us make a list of good, decently priced, food places that are a walk-able distance from SJSU!

So, I checked out the other list ( and many of them are only drive-able. So, I thought we should make a list for walk-able distance! This is good for commuters who take the bus and for people who don't have a car. All these are walk-able distance!

Let me start: K-zzang Pretty good and cheap Korean Food! Good enough to fill you up!

Peanuts Deluxe Cafe A diner, serves things like omelets or sandwiches. Cash Only

Cafe Pomegranate Good Mediterranean Food

Hawaiian Drive Inn You actually walk in here.... Serves Hawaiian food like a Bento Box. Has lunch special for pretty cheap for $5.95. Similar to Ohana's.

Lee Sandwiches Vietnamese Sandwiches for a cheap price. Line gets long around lunch.

Also, Thirst Tea (Milk tea) Place is opening this Friday!

Thanks to user slumber42 for the following list!

Asian food

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What's your favorite sandwich place in the bay?

I used to have an awesome sandwich place back in Boston but haven't found anything that quite clicks here yet. So wondering, what are folks' favorite places in the area? Won't lie I hope to hear about stuff on the peninsula but at this point I'm also willing to travel a bit to explore more options.

EDIT: Wow what a turn out! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, this will keep me busy for a good long time. For people who are interested to see what's been suggested without scrolling through the entire thread, here you go (organized by location):

  1. Santoro's Deli--->Alameda
  2. Dominico's Deli--->Alameda
  3. Lorenzo's--->Belmont
  4. Saul's--->Berkeley
  5. Star Meats--->Berkeley
  6. Yummee Sandwiches--->Campbell
  7. Lucca's Deli--->Casto Valley
  8. Mr Pickle's--->Castro Valley / Campbell
  9. Sam's Sandwiches--->Daly City
  10. Lou's Sandwich Café--->Daly City / SF
  11. Domenico's--->Danville
  12. Freshly Baked--->DTSJ
  13. Lunardi's--->East Bay / Peninsula / SJ
  14. Ike's--->Everywhere
  15. Roxie's--->Excelsior
  16. Jersey Joe's (original menu)--->HMB
  17. Ofelia's Kitchen--->Livermore
  18. Alotta's Deli--->Los Altos
  19. Los Gatos Meats--->Los Gatos
  20. Café Barrone--->Menlo Park
  21. The Refuge--->Menlo Park / San Carlos
  22. Leonardo's--->Millbrae
  23. Rhea's Deli--->Mission
  24. That's It--->Mission
  25. R Image Market--->Mission
  26. The Sandwich Place--->Mission
  27. Sandwich Spot--->Mountain View / Milpitas
  28. Molinari--->North Beach SF
  29. Italian Deelite--->Novato
  30. Jerry's Deli and BBQ--->Novato
  31. Banh Mi Ba Li--->Oakland
  32. Clove and Hoof--->Oakland
  33. Colombos--->Pacifica
  34. Driftwood Deli--->Palo Alto
  35. Piazza's Deli--->Palo Alto
  36. Fambrini's--->Palo Alto
  37. Little Louie's--->Point Richmond
  38. Woodside Deli--->RWC
  39. Prima Deli--->RWC
  40. Roma--->San Bruno
  41. Bara's--->San Leandro
  42. Ravioli House--->San Mateo
  43. Americano Deli--->San Mateo
  44. Michael's Sourdough--->San Rafael
  45. Jones Deli--->Sausalito
  46. Redwood Sandwich Co--->Scott's Valley
  47. Limoncello--->SF
  48. Deli Board--->SF
  49. Boy's Deli--->SF
  50. Gene's--->SF
  51. The Yellow Submarine--->SF
  52. Saigon Sandwich--->SF
  53. Zanotto's Market--->SJ
  54. Banh Mi Oven--->SJ
  55. Mexico Bakery--->SJ
  56. Amato's--->SJ
  57. Antipasto de Rose--->SJ
  58. Teriyaki Dude--->SJ
  59. California Sourdough--->SJ / Milpitas
  60. Annie's
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I think I want to be in America right now. Am I stupid?

The US is only hell right now by its own comfortable comparison. Where I live, the U.K., is the apocalyptic Stasi state you Yanks all seem to think you live in. Everything Alex Jones tells you Biden will do AND everything Rachel Maddow tells you Trump would have done has been happening here for nearly a year. Americans describe their present situation with book analogies, but they know nothing. A Trump coup, you say? Try Boris Johnson handing control of the government to SAGE, a private scientific advisory board, in March, then enforcing lockdown policies before Parliament has a chance to vote on them despite the courts saying he couldn’t. Biden is bringing about 1984, is he? Lmao, imagine not been able to afford rent because you walked home from Aldi through a park that a pig arbitrarily considered to be an unreasonable distance from your house. You’re getting $600, we’re getting a ham sandwich and a satsuma if we’re poor enough and have kids that are old enough.

Thankfully, I have a nuclear option - my fiancée in San Jose. The moment Biden opens that border (and he will very soon, if only as an act of de-Trumpification), I’m shelling out for a visa, marrying for a green card, using my qualifications in Python to get a job in Big Tech and never coming back.

This is what the prognosis looks like for me:

USA: Sheer economic austerity which is in full transparent view, with an elected government running the show and standing up for elections. Since the US COVID response was entirely about manifesting political goals that have now been achieved, you’ll be able to do pretty much whatever you want soon except be visibly conservative, you’ll also be able to spend your money wherever you want as well. Andrew Cuomo of all people has called for an end to lockdowns, the MLB expects full, unmasked and unvaccinated stadiums on April 1st and Google Maps has removed its COVID disclaimer from American destinations and businesses. If any blue state still has a mask mandate by April Fool’s Day, you have the right to call me the naughty R word in the comments.

U.K.: Sheer economic austerity which every authority and media outlet denies, a group of Big Health technocrats running the show and cancelling elections (the current COVID regulations give the government the right to cancel any election up to May 5 2021 inclusive, which just so happens to be the day the London mayoral election is supposed to be). No lockdown endgame in sight even with the highest vaccination

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📅︎ Jan 14 2021
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How likely is every NFL stadium to host WrestleMania? An investigation

With the announcements of WrestleManias 37, 38, and 39, some users were critical of WWE selecting the same venues every year. Every WrestleMania since 23, with the exception of three in Orlando (two at the Citrus Bowl/Camping World Stadium and one at the Performance Center due to COVID-19), has been held at an NFL stadium. As something of an NFL stadium expert, I decided to examine each NFL stadium's likelihood of hosting a future WrestleMania. Please note that some stadiums are located just outside of the city limits listed, but I listed the major city most associated with it (so for instance, while AT&T Stadium is technically in Arlington, it hosts the Dallas Cowboys, so I listed Arlington.) I'm also giving WWE a significant benefit of the doubt and assuming they'd be interested in hosting a Mania outside of their usual go-tos.

Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV

  • Stadium Profile: A $1.9 billion stadium opened in 2020 to house the newly-moved Las Vegas Raiders. Starting in 2021, it will host the Pro Bowl, Las Vegas Bowl, and the Pac-12 Championship Game. As of yet, it has not hosted any fans. It has a capacity of 65,000.
  • City Profile: Las Vegas is the 28th biggest metro area in the US. Las Vegas previously hosted WrestleMania IX in a temporary arena built at Caesars Palace, and the recently-built T-Mobile Arena hosted 2016 Money in the Bank and 2018 Elimination Chamber.
  • Likelihood of hosting WrestleMania: Very high. I'm honestly surprised it didn't host one of the next three Manias given its attractive location and massive new stadium. I suspect it will host one very soon in the future.

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

  • Stadium Profile: Arrowhead is the third-oldest stadium in the NFL, having been built in 1972. It had a renovation completed in 2010 and seats 76,416. It's known for its incredibly-loud fans, as they currently hold the world record for loudest crowd at 142.2 decibels.
  • City Profile: Kansas City is the 31st biggest metro area in the US. Kansas City has hosted four PPVs, most notably 1999 Over the Edge with the death of Owen Hart and most recently 2010 Money in the Bank.
  • Likelihood of hosting WrestleMania: None. Arrowhead's age and Kansas City being a smaller market (and not an attractive vacation destination) mean that Missouri won't be hosting WrestleMania any time soon.

AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX

  • Stadium Profile: "Jerryworld", a pioneer in the billion-dollar stadium craze, ope
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Motor City Management - Detroit Tigers Report 2024 - Cleveland Rocks

If you'd like to catch up on previous installments, you can do so here: Initial Setup, 2020 Season Report, 2021 Season Report, 2022 Season Report, 2023 Season Report

Let's take a look at the award winners from 2023 to wrap that year up and then get into the moves made and the season recap for 2024!

2023 Offseason News

League News:

  • Scott Oberg wins the AL Reliever of the Year award, Detroit's Drew Carlton received votes. In the NL, Miami's Thomas Burrows wins the award.
  • 1B Diego Maicon powers his way to the AL Rookie of the Year with 43 homeruns while SS Nasim Nunez's 30 stolen bases helps him take the NL trophy.
  • Detroit's Casey Mize takes home the AL Cy Young Award, receiving all 32 first place votes. San Diego's Luis Patino was the NL's best offering and wins the award.
  • Houston's Kyle Tucker unseats Mike Trout as the AL MVP with a stellar season for the Astros. In the NL, Cody Bellinger wins his third straight MVP and 4th in the last 5 years.

Detroit Achievements:

  • Ke'Bryan Hayes wins his first Gold Glove at 2B.
  • SP Casey Mize wins the AL Cy Young Award!

Offseason Transactions

Owner gave us a $4,000,000 budget increase, but we have some solid players coming off of minimums, so our scouting and development budgets will be going down from their max.

League News:

  • 1B Matt Olson signs with the San Francisco Giants for $212,600,000 over 7 years.
  • Reliever of the Year Scott Oberg, along with SP Carmen Mlodzinksi and $2,000,000 in cash are dealt to the Rockies for CF Garret Mitchell.
  • The Chicago Cubs and White Sox complete a cross-town deal with RF [Nomar Mazara](
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📅︎ Jan 21 2021
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[TOMT][TV SHOW][80s/90s] What 80s/90s coming of age, one camera sitcom in the vain of "The Wonder Years" had a best friend character who had a bowl cut and glasses, always ate peanut butter and sprouts sandwiches, and used the catchphrase, "Holly Cow!"? (TRYING AGAIN)

Posted this awhile back and it was never really figured out so I’m trying again. Here is the original information:

[TOMT][TV SHOW][80s/90s] What 80s/90s coming of age, one camera sitcom in the vain of "The Wonder Years" had a best friend character who had a bowl cut and glasses, always ate peanut butter and sprouts sandwiches, and used the catchphrase, "Holly Cow!"?

I saw this show in the early-mid 90s. It looked like it was made in the late 80s-early 90s from what I remember, could be wrong. It was either American or possibly Canadian.

the following is a description of the single episode I saw:

A grade school aged boy embarrasses himself at school (I think in front of a girl he likes), so he pretends to be sick to not have to go to school the next day. When he's home sick, he decides he is going to commit suicide by asking for ginger-ale because he thinks can slip in a vile of liquid from a chemistry set and drink it.

His best friend camps out in front of his house to see if he will actually do it.  His friend has a bowl cut and glasses, uses the catchphrase, "holly cow" frequently, and eats peanut butter and sprout sandwiches out of a cooler he brought.  Some of the neighborhood kids gather around to see what's up.

Turns out, nothing happens when he drinks the ginger-ale because the stuff he put in turns out to be harmless. His dad, who is sort of a Patrick Duffy type, comes home and figures out what he's doing and remarks knowingly that he tried the same thing with the chemistry set when he was his age with much the same result.

The same vibe as "The Wonder Years" but it was somewhat strange as you can tell from the description.

New info:

-I looked through Patrick Duffy’s filmography and nothing seemed like it was would be this exactly, it most likely had a guy that just looked like Patrick Duffy, but of course I could be wrong.

-The show could have been produced by a religious company. Kind of had the vibe of something like “Just Like Dad” or “The Buttercream Gang”.

-The show could have aired on:

PBS stations (KTEH (San Jose affiliate) or KQED (San Francisco Bay Area affiliate), both of which was carried on San Francisco Bay Area cable systems, which is how I would have seen both)

KTSF (Bay Area Independent station)

KTEH (Bay Area Independent station at the time)

I’m guessing these stations since it seemed like the sort of thing that might have likely aired on them considering the nature of those stations, etc. but could be wrong

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The Transplant's Guide to Laredo

Buen día!

Welcome to The Gateway City. You're probably reading this because you are relocating to Laredo for work. Moving somewhere new can always be a chaotic experience, but I hope this extensive guide on all aspects of Laredo living will help make your time in Laredo as memorable as mine was. Grab a Dos XX with Tajin or a Margarita and enjoy. A bit about myself: I lived in Laredo from early 2016 - to late 2017 after I graduated from college for work. I periodically go back to visit friends since I live in Houston now. I didn't make a ton of money when I was there for my flying job, but I still had the time of my life. Please keep in mind these are my opinions and thoughts from my time there. I had a blast being there in my early 20's, but I know priorities and interests change as people age, however, I've tried to be objective when writing this guide for everyone.

Mods please please feel free to pin this post to help others out down the road.

Overall thoughts:

The best way I can describe Laredo is that it's like you took a trip to Mexico, but you get to keep all the cool benefits of being in the United States. It's kind of the best of both worlds, and I found both the people and culture of Laredo to be great. There is nothing like grinding at work during the week just to make it to hang out at the pool day drinking with your friends doing Carne's (short for Carneasada aka cookouts), going out, and the afters (after parties) on the weekends. Oh, I forget to mention the food is AWESOME. Also worth noting, anyone that is not Latino in Laredo is a minority which is kind of a cool experience in itself.

The Weather:

Take a look at your weather app for Laredo right now, if it's winter you'll notice that it's probably in the 50-70 degree range. In very rare circumstances it has snowed in Laredo, but being from the Midwest I found the winters are super mild. Summer on the other hand is a whole other animal, expect hot temps in the low 100's especially in mid to late summer. In reality, there is Summer and Fall in Laredo. Fortunately, it is a normally dry heat. It can get slightly humid though if the winds are out of the East from the Gulf, but it depends on the day. It's usually sunny a majority of the time though which is cool. Your summer wardrobe will be in use 9-10 months of the year.

Where to live:

Like anything this depends on your budget, however, Laredo is a very affordable city when it comes to renting and buying. I lived o

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Since there is a lot of Bruins are dirty talk, I figured I would prove it.

Hey y'all, I am a bruins fan. I understand this team is dirty, however, after the game today, I figured I would take a look at why every single team's fanbase would hate the Boston Bruins. The only 3 I cannot find a reason are the Ducks, Predators, and Wild. Have fun


Anaheim Ducks- Do not think there is anything here

Arizona Coyotes: One of the teams I was surprised that would have this much to hate the Bruins for. On February 28, 2017, Bruins defenseman Colin Miller was assessed a 5 minute major penalty for charging Alex Burmistrov here. Also on February 8, 2020, Bruins defenseman Jeremy Lauzon was assessed a 5 minute major penalty for an illegal check to the head on Derek Stepan here. Also, the Boston Bruins have won 16 consecutive games against the Coyotes franchise, with their last win over the Bruins being October 10, 2010.

Buffalo Sabers: The Boston Bruins recently have had their number, as the Bruins have gone 36-21 against the sabers since 2010 (not including playoffs)

Calgary Flames: On February 13, 2018, Bruins forward Brad Marchand was assessed a 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for grabbing Flames forward Michael Frolik’s facemask here. There was no supplemental discipline from the NHL for this incident.

Carolina Hurricanes- The Bruins have beaten the Hurricanes in the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals and the 2020 First Round. Also the fact that they used to be the Whalers, who the Bruins tumbled throughout their existence, with a record of 83-42-14. Also noted that current Bruins color analyst Jack Edwards is on record that he dislikes the franchise and quoted when mentioning Andrei Svechnikov’s injury in the 2020 NHL. Playoffs First Round “he had it coming to him”.

Chicago Blackhawks- I do not think there is too much hate here. The Blackhawks defeated the Bruins in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals. The biggest thing that hawks fans may have against the bruins is when they traded Phil Esposito to them back in the early 70’s. May be some just original 6 hatred here as well.

Colorado Avalanche- This should be the team that likes the Boston Bruins the most. They received Ray Bourque from them and were able to win Bourque a Stanley Cup. The Avalanche have also never lost a game in regulation

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COVID-19 Transit Impact Roundup US/Canada 2021-January

More cash needed. I'm posting these with a historical intent. Links where possible, and let me know if your local is missing. Updates will be slower as the pandemic continues to take their toll.

Yeah, I skipped December. There wasn't many updates as there is now.


😷 😷 😷 Just assume you need to wear a mask and check the schedules. No exceptions. 😷 😷 😷


  • 🆓 FREE RIDE! (Likely board in back)
  • 💵 Reduced fare for recovery.
  • ⚠️ Changes expected soon.
  • 🚧 Agency working on construction projects during pandemic.
  • 🕒 Long term schedule change being enacted
  • 🎫 Ticket proraiting/partial refunds available!
  • 🧴 Use hand sanitizer on boarding
  • 💰 Radical service reductions being floated due to budget reduction

Please note, operating changes outside of the schedules are rather common. Reduced capacity and skip-stops are implemented on some systems. Some have fully changed their schedule for long-term and thus are "full service" but not back to pre-pandemic service.

🛑 Some states are enacting travel quarantines. Check your destination state if you are traveling across state lines.

If the agency has a pass app or tap card, please pay for the ride through it -- it helps to stop the spread! Also, most agencies are using Transit to help with getting routing changes out to people.


AMTRAK: Covid-19 info 🚧 🕒

Note: All long distance trains (except Auto Train) will switch to Flexible Dining menus until further notice. Cafe service is take-out only (no dining in Cafe car). Some Cafe service is suspended.

Reduced: Acela, NEC, Hartford Line, Thruway Buses, Capitol Corridor, Carolinian, Downeaster, Empire Service, Illini/Saluki, Illinos Zephyr/Carl Sanburg, Keystone, Lincoln Service, Missouri River Runner, Pacific Surfliner, Pere Marquette, Piedmont, San Joaquins, Valley Flyer, Wolverine

Truncated, Reduced service: Adirondack & Ethan Allen Express (terminates Albany, NY), Cascades (terminates Seattle), Maple Leaf (terminates Niagra Falls), Vermonter (no service north of New York)

LD Reduced:

  • Silver Star departs NYC Fri-Sun, Miami
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Fires all around and I'm looking up where to purchase a chicken sandwich. Got recommendations?
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📅︎ Aug 27 2020
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Jewish Deli or Pastrami Sandwich?

Are there any good Jewish delis in San Jose? I'd really like a pastrami sandwich, but also looking for matzo ball soup.

I've tried pastrami sandwiches from Ike's and Zanotto's, but those aren't exactly the deli style I'm looking for. Thanks!

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📅︎ Nov 09 2020
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My stopdrinking story

I'm most likely older than most of you - in my late 50s now. I've known for a long time I've had a problem with drinking, and my family all have problems - both grandfathers were alcoholics (one very bad), my mom's two brothers were ragers, and of my two siblings, one is doing his/her program (I’d rather not be more specific) and the other sadly is not dealing with it.

But this is not their story.

I'm prefacing this with two stories that explain how I feel about my drinking.

One is a scene from a detective show from the '70s called Barney Miller. In one show, a guy got picked up and sent to the precinct, a borderline homeless guy who says he was walking down the street and found a place that could give him solace, and "I tried the door. It was open." Detective Miller: "Church?" Boozer: "(shakes head) Liquor store". His AA sponsor comes to pick the drunk up - this middle-aged, very upstanding guy in a three-piece business suit. Every hair is in place and his back is ramrod straight. He reminded me of a lot of nice, friendly, judgmental people I grew up with (I grew up a Southern Baptist, and if you know, you know).

Mr. Three Piece stands above the boozer and announces to him, loudly enough so that everybody in the precinct room can hear, "I'm the example of what 20 years of sobriety can do." The boozer looks up at him with a look of sorrow and panic on his face, and quietly says "...I know".

The other story was a throwaway joke on the Conan O'Brien show where he was doing that Clutch Cargo thing with a picture of George W Bush's face and somebody else's mouth talking. Fake W said "I realized that drinking was a problem with my life, so 20 years later, I quit." Substitute "20 years" with "40 years" and that is my story.

The first time I got cut off, I was 15. I grew up in the Inland Empire of Southern California and was in the John Perez Little League. At the end of the season, we went to Empire Bowl and then to Shakey's Pizza Parlor next door, and we ended up at the beer bar they had there. For some reason, our coach decided to buy a few pitchers and give us all some dixie cups of beer. I drank more than my share. The coach had a wandering eye, and when he told me "no more", I asked him, “are you looking at me?" I was a jackass from the first sip.

I had my first car accident when I was 16. My father passed away from pancreatic cancer around that time. I was too shy to invite anybody to our school prom, so me and a friend hung around outside th

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The Latest: Still attacking Gary Webb; Former Newsweek correspondent and best-selling author Elaine Shannon tries but doesn’t quite succeed in taking down Amazon’s series “The Last Narc.”

Jefferson Morley's reaction to Elaine Shannons piece calling government involvement in drug trafficking a conspiracy theory:

‘Last Narc’: How the CIA Did Business With Drug Traffickers by Jefferson Morley; SEPTEMBER 28, 2020; Former Newsweek correspondent and best-selling author Elaine Shannon tries but doesn’t quite succeed in taking down Amazon’s series “The Last Narc.”

See Elaine's Post below:

Elaine Shannon claims that Hector Berrellez never mentioned the CIA/Contras involved in drug trafficking in the early 1990's Camarena case and only brought this up in recent years. This is entirely a lie. You can read The Newspaper headlines of that era (1990) and see that it was an issue at the time. She also claims that (former DEA head and federal Judge) Robert Bonner refutes CIA involvement in drugs, In reality, He went on 60 minutes and told everyone they imported and sold tonnes of cocaine (up to 27 tonnes) and this was after he told them not to do it: (Post your comments on Elaine Shannon's site, let her know what you think.)

(Except of her article)

Around 2013, in interviews with freelancer Bowden and others, Berrellez promoted his conspiracy theory that the CIA killed Camarena because Camarena was about to reveal that the agency was working with the Guadalajara cartel to run drugs to the United States. The arrangement supposedly was that the cartel got protection from U.S. authorities and the CIA got drug money for the Contras. This theory was a Mexicanized twist on a 1996 series, Dark Alliance by San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, who committed suicide after his work was discredited. (Webb’s photo

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Mandarin or Sandalwood Real Estate

Hi r/Jacksonville!

I’m looking to purchase my first home and my price range and overall wish list has me looking in both Sandalwood and Mandarin area.

I’m currently renting in Southside and enjoy the proximity to Town Center and ease of hopping on JTB to hit 95 or 295 to get to just about anywhere.

It seems like Mandarin is more of an established area of town, and your dollar seems to stretch a bit further. Sandalwood retains proximity to Town Center and seems to be expanding with more development on Atlantic and east on Beach Blvd.

I’m not considering public schools for myself, but that may impact resale down the road but it seems the schools are compatible in each area.

Anyone living in these areas have any recommendations or considerations?

Also, I realize Mandarin is pretty big, so we are looking closer to the neighborhoods sandwiched between Baymeadows and 295 (and east of San Jose).

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📅︎ Nov 16 2020
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[OC] What would happen if every NHL team was named after the iconic food in that city?

Hey all I'm super bored at work, and I got to thinking - if every NHL team scrapped their current names and named their teams after the most popular/iconic food of that city, what would they be named?

Pacific Division (Grade: D-, we suck):

Anaheim Doritos - The Dorito was invented in Disneyland

Arizona Apache Trout - Phoenix got nothing. The Apache Trout is the state food of Arizona.

Calgary Caesars - The Caesar was indeed invented in Calgary. I considered picking Ginger Beef, but it doesn't have the same ring to it

Edmonton Green Onion Cakes - there hasn't been a lot of culinary experimentation in Edmonton.

Los Angeles Hot Fudge Sundaes - there's a lot from LA, but we needed a dessert here

San Jose Eggo Waffles - they are easy to poke holes in, kinda like San Jose's goaltending this year

Vancouver California Rolls - believe it or not, California Rolls were actually invented north of the border

Vegas Buffet - y'all don't have too many dishes, but theres lots of opportunities to stuff yourselves there

Central Division (Grade: B+, some interesting food out of the Central):

Chicago Deep Dish - nuff said

Colorado Cheeseburgers - this one actually sounds not terrible

Dallas Tex-Mex - I don't have a witty comment

Minnesota Cheerios - thank you for inventing my breakfast

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken - Nashville is synonymous with this food

St Louis 7UP - nothing speaks more about big ol St Louis women like gallons of 7UP

Winnipeg Honey Dill Sauce - only in Manitoba

Atlantic Division (Grade: A, although Florida doesn't pull its weight here):

Boston Cream Pie - because you want to lick it like Marchand will lick you

Buffalo Wings - thank you all so very much

Detroit Square Pizza - Detroit invented a shape, good job

Florida Key Lime Pie - since the Panthers don't play strictly in Miami, I needed a food that wasn't strictly from Miami either

Montreal Poutine - probably the most iconic Canadian food, no arguments here

Ottawa Instant Pots - Ottawa hasn't invented a food, but it has invented a way of cooking

Tampa Bay Cuban Sandwiches - Tampa must have eaten these before the playoffs last year

Toronto Crispy Crunch - the food title goes to Montreal, but the crunch title goes to Toronto

Metropolitan Division (Grade: A+, because it was so hard to choose for the cities here):

Carolina Pepsi - they did good. Just not as good as coke

Columbus Swiss Cheese - indeed, Swiss Cheese was invented in Ohio

New Jersey Pork Rolls - pork ro

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Tomorrow on the Double: Ike Shehadeh joins the Doughboys for an Ike's revisit…
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If Chuck E. Cheese goes away, so does a bit of San Jose history

>It’s because Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater got its start in San Jose in 1977, founded by Atari co-founder and Pong inventor Nolan Bushnell, who — the story goes — wanted to create a family-friendly place where kids could play games. The original Pizza Time Theater was on South Winchester Boulevard — Santana Row occupies the site now — but it wasn’t long before Bushnell’s concept caught on and the colorful pizza joints started popping up all over, introducing families to characters like Jasper T. Jowls, Mr. Munch and Pasqually the chef.

>In a valley full of invention, Chuck E. Cheese — along with Togo’s Sandwiches and Eggo waffles — is a rare San Jose original that caught on nationwide. The signature character has evolved over the years, transforming from a gangster-themed, paunchy rat to a slimmed-down mouse along the way, and trading in his cigar and bowler hat for athletic gear.

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Stand name:「Smash Mouth」Stand user: Pierre Fauchard (This belongs to JelloApocalypse, i just figured it deserved a spot here.

Backstory: Pierre (aged 23) was an aspiring dentist and oral surgeon in southern Louisiana when he manifested his stand while performing surgery on a patient, killing them accidentally in the process. Due to the misunderstanding caused by his stand, he fled from the police with the help of his stand. He lives as an outlaw in the San Jose swamps with his alligator, all star. All star enjoys French dip sandwiches.

Power: B

Speed: C

Range: B (can control organisms within 30-40 meters)

Durability: A

Precision: E

Potential: C

Description: Smash mouth has the ability to bite an organism, and infect it with venom which causes it to grow excessive amounts of large teeth around its mouth. Pierre can choose to control the organism’s movement, and can set off an explosion inside the mouth of the organism once the teeth are fully grown. If shrapnel from the teeth get into the bloodstream of another organism, that organism can also be infected. Pierre can also remove the effects of smash mouth at will.

Pierre and Smash Mouth

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Bakery with good bread rolls?

I'm looking for a good bakery that makes fresh bread rolls that would work well for sub/hoagie/hero sandwiches.

Anyone got some recommendations? The place doesn't necessarily need to be in San Jose. Anywhere in South Bay would work.

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📅︎ Aug 16 2020
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A look at the worst draft of every NHL franchise from 1990-2010

So we'll take a look at all of the drafts for every team from the years 1990-2010, which gives us a decent enough timeframe to determine who was a hit and who was a miss. Important note is that I only took into account drafts in which the team had a first round pick. Otherwise it would've probably been a list of years where their drafts didn't start until the third round.

This list is of course purely my own opinion, and yes we know, there are a ton of reasons why a lot of these guys didn't pan out. Some were because of injury. Some of the drafts just weren't very deep. And some guys just plain-old weren't as good as their teams thought. But regardless of the reason, these drafts definitely weren't anything to brag about.

Also, when taking into account the success of a player drafted, I looked at a players entire career, not necessarily what he did just with the team that drafted him.

Anaheim Ducks

Worst Draft: 1997

Rd. Overall Player Pos GP G A PTS +/- PIM
1 18 Michael Holmqvist C 156 18 17 35 -25 72
2 45 Maxim Balmochnykh LW 6 0 1 1 2 2
3 72 Jay Legault LW
5 125 Luc Vaillancourt G
7 178 Tony Mohagen LW
7 181 Mat Snesrud D
8 209 Rene Stussi C
9 235 Tommi Degerman LW

This one hurts. A dud of a first round pick and then completely whiffing on the rest of the draft. Honorable mention: 2006, 2007.

Arizona Coyotes/Winnipeg Jets

Worst Draft: 1999

Rd. Overall Player Pos GP G A PTS +/- PIM
1 15 Scott Kelman C
1 19 Kirill Safronov D 35 2 2 4 -15 16
2 53 Brad Ralph LW 1 0 0 0 0 0
3 71 Jason Jaspers C 9 0 1 1 -3 6
4 116 Ryan Lauzon C
4 123 Preston Mizzi C
6 168 Erik Lewerstrom D
8 234 Goran Bezina D 3 0 0 0 -1 2
9 262 Alexei Litvinenko D

Yikes, this one is tough to see. Four picks in the first three round and all bombs, including two first-round picks. 1999 was not a deep draft, but there was still some decent NHL talent in later rounds that the Coyotes missed on here. Honorable Mention: 2002, 2000

Boston Bruins

Worst Draft: 2000

Rd. Overall Player Pos GP G A PTS +/- PIM
1 7 Lars Jonsson D 8 0 2 2 -4 6
1 27 Martin Samuelsson RW 14 0 1 1 -2 2
2 37 Andy Hilbert C/LW 307 42 62 104 9 132
2 59 Ivan Huml LW 49 6 12 18 2 36
3 66 Tuukka Makela D
3 73 Sergei Zinovjev C/LW 10 0 1 1 1 2
4 103 B
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r/hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 22: Injury Edition

/r/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Feb 24, 2020 - Mar 1, 2020

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.






The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /r/hockey opinion.

It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here


How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.

The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /r/hockey!


Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (2.11) Boston Bruins - 41-13-12 2-1-0 After the dud game against Vancouver the previous week, I was hoping it was a one-off but the Bruins then had another stinker against the Flames at home too where the team had no chemistry. The two best defensive teams played against each other and there was some solid offense from both teams but the Bruins eked out a win with the Stars having a defensive lapse for 2 minutes. The Bruins do what they usually do the Islanders and beat them, another shutout for Rask this season. No points for Kase yet and the Bruins have seen the good and bad sides of Nick Ritchie already. Also appreciate Boychuk returning to the Bruins for a cameo.
2 (3.21) St. Louis Blues 3 40-17-10 3-0-0 It isn't always pretty but the Blues have that "find ways to win" look to them that they had for the latter half of last season. The Scandella move looks better and bet
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Chick-fil-a, my sworn arch nemesis!
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Countdown to Kickoff 2020: Portland Timbers

###Countdown to Kickoff 2020: Portland Timbers

###Basic Info:

Club Name: Portland Timbers

Location: Portland, Oregon

Stadium: Providence Park. Beautiful timelapse of the recent renovations.

Head Coach: Giovanni Savarese (3rd year)

Captain: Diego Valeri

CEO/Majority Owner: Merritt Paulson

USL Affiliate: Timbers 2


###2019 in Review

Final Standings: 14-13-7 (W-L-D), 49 pts, +3 GD, 6th in the West

In one word, the 2019 Portland Timbers season was draining. It was an endurance test for the players. It was an endurance test for even the most ardent supporters. And it was certainly an endurance test for a Front Office that invested serious capital into organizational infrastructure. Bookended by snowy affairs in the Rocky Mountains, a year filled with tantalizing potential melted away, leaving a passionate (some might say capricious) fanbase searching for explanations. So, what went wrong?

Well, it was always going to be an uphill battle from the opening kick. Starting with the coldest game in MLS history in Colorado, the Timbers faced a daunting 12-match road trip to accommodate the impressive renovations to Providence Park’s East stand. After accumulating 1 pt from the first six matches, including blow out losses to both FC Cincinnati (!) and then-winless San Jose, the fanbase collectively smashed the panic button entering a match against ex-coach Caleb Porter and his Columbus Crew. However, for the next few months, we witnessed a different team and a different mentality. Three consecutive quality victories against Columbus, Toronto, and RSL brought the team back from the abyss. And a subsequent win against upstart Philadelphia saw Portland finish its road marathon at a respectable 14 points.

Suddenly, the narrative flipped. Pundits consistently listed the Timbers at the top of their power rankings, and with 17 of the final 22 matches at one of the best home-field advantages in MLS, it seemed the positive momentum would prevail indefinitely. More importantly though, the Timbers had found their final piece to the puzzle: an elite, ruthless, and fiery DP striker in Brian Fernandez. Fresh off an impressive campaign with Necaxa

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Who runs the báhn mì game in SJ? Cheapest? Tastiest? Best Value/Overall?

Benchmark: Huong Lan Sandwich IV & Fast

$3.75 for grilled pork, maybe <$1 for double meat to make it 1.5-2 meals. Pretty fresh. Health department is OKish with them and only found a small piece of bandage in my sandwich once 😉

This kind of value in the Bay Area is incredible. Even cheaper than phở. (Thank you, Vietnamese immigrants, for taking risks to keep us full & happy!)

So, who else has bomb báhn mì that is this cheap? And if it’s all around this price, who has the best health score or freshest bread, hottest meat...?

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👤︎ u/brbposting
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I put together a list of all businesses in San Francisco (past and present) with at least 1000 reviews and a cumulative rating of 4 stars or higher on Yelp.
Number Name Address
1 15 Romolo 15 Romolo Place
2 54 Mint - Ristorante Italiano 16 Mint Plaza
3 5A5 Steak Lounge 244 Jackson Street
4 Absinthe Brasserie & Bar 398 Hayes Street
5 Acquerello 1722 Sacramento Street
6 Aha Fresh 4007 24th Street
7 Akiko's Restaurant 431 Bush Street
8 Alcatraz Island Alcatraz Island
9 Alexander's Steakhouse 448 Brannan Street
10 Amber India 25 Yerba Buena Lane
11 Amélie 1754 Polk Street
12 Ananda Faura 1298 Market Street
13 Anchor Oyster Bar 579 Castro Street
14 Anthony's Cookies 1417 Valencia Street
15 Arinell Pizza 509 Valencia Street
16 Arizmendi Bakery 1331 9th Avenue
17 Arsicault Bakery 397 Arguello Boulevard
18 Art's Café 747 Irving Street
19 AsiaSF 201 9th Street
20 B Patisserie 2821 California Street
21 B Star Bar 127 Clement Street
22 Bar Crudo 655 Divisadero Street
23 Barbacco 220 California Street
24 Basil Thai Restaurant & Bar 1176 Folsom Street
25 Beard Papa's 845 Market Street, Ste 16
26 Beard Papa's 99 Yerba Buena Lane
27 Bella Trattoria 3854 Geary Boulevard
28 Belly Good Café & Crepes 1737 Post Street
29 Benu 22 Hawthorne Street
30 Beretta 1199 Valencia Street
31 Bi-Rite Creamery 3692 18th Street
32 BIX 56 Gold Street
33 Blackwood 2150 Chestnut Street
34 Blue Bottle Coffee 1 Ferry Building
35 Blue Bottle Coffee 315 Linden Street
36 Blue Bottle Coffee 66 Mint Street
37 Blue Plate 3218 Mission Street
38 Bluestream Brasserie One Yerba Buena Lane
39 Bob's Bakery & Pastry Shop 1621 Polk Street
40 Boba Guys 3491 19th Street
41 Boba Guys 429 Stockton Street
42 Bobo's 1450 Lombard Street
43 Boogaloos 3296 22nd Street
44 Boudin Bakery & Café 160 Jefferson Street, Lower Level
45 Boulevard 1 Mission Street
46 Bourbon & Branch 501 Jones Street
47 Brenda's French Soul Food 652 Polk Street
48 Brenda's Meat & Three 919 Divisadero Street
49 Broken Record 1166 Geneva Avenue
50 Burma Love 211 Valencia Street
51 Burma Superstar 309 Clement Street
52 Butter 354 11th Street
53 Café Bunn Mi 417 Clement Street
54 Café Claude 7 Claude Lane
55 Caffe Greco 423 Columbus Avenue
56 California Academy of Sciences 55 Music Concourse Drive
57 Cha Cha Cha 1801 Haight Street
58 Cha-Ya 762 Valencia Street
59 Chantal Guillon Macarons 437 Hayes Street
60 Chapeau! 126 Clement Street
61 Chez Maman East 1401 8th Street
62 Chez Maman West 401 Gough Street
63 Cockscomb 564 4th Street
64 Colibri Mexican Bistro 438 Geary Street
65 Coqueta Pier 5, The Embarcadero
66 Cordon Bleu 1574 California Street
67 Cotogna 490 Pa
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Things to Do - March 9-15

UPDATE 3/12/2020
Many of these events are likely cancelled.

Large events prohibited in Dallas

“Gatherings of 500 or more people will be prohibited in Dallas County as part of the order which begins at 11 a.m. Friday.”

Things to Do posts will go on hiatus until April or later.

I may attempt a post or two of ways to support local businesses and hourly/gig workers in the safest possible manner. If you have suggestions, generic or specific, please message me.


Here’s your list of fun things to do in Dallas this week. If you want to get a look ahead at the month of March, there’s a link to that list on my website in the Other Lists section at the bottom.

As always, please share events I missed in the comments of this thread.

Multi-day & Weekend Events

Mar 9-12 | Paul Baker New Plays Festival at Booker T Washington High School

Mar 12-15 | All-Con Dallas | Crowne Plaza Hotel, Addison

Mar 12-15 | Texas Storytelling Festival | Denton Civic Center

Mar 13-14 | Deep Ellum Metal Festival | The Blue Light Dallas

Mar 13-14 | Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater | Winspear Opera House

Mar 13-14 | The Polyphonic Spree: Jukebox Jamboree at The Kessler

Mar 13-14 | Pickle Parade & Palooza | Main Street, Mansfield, TX

Mar 13-14 | Jeremy Piven | Addison Improv

Mar 13-15 | Dallas Quilt Show | Dallas Market Hall

Mar 14-15 | Funky Finds Spring Fling | Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth

Local Exhibits

Liberty & Laughter: The Lighter Side of the White House at the George W. Bush Presidential Ctr

[2020 Nasher Prize Laureate Michael Rakowitz](https://www.nashersculptur

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Looking for a really good Nashville chicken sandwich

Hello Reddit,

I have been trying to get a chicken sandwich from Scratch SJ for a while with no luck. I was never able to make it to their public San Jose dinners becusse of work and with the online system they have, I can never seem to win a spot. With my craving for a really good chicken sandwich, I was hoping you guys would have a suggestion! I live in Sunnyvale so prefer Sunnyvale, Mtn View, Santa Clara, San Jose, Milpitas.

Thanks in advance!

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📅︎ Apr 11 2020
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Closest Mario Kart 8 Game (and Switch) to Mountain West Schools

It has been said that the Mountain West conference is “At the Peak,” and to me, nothing illustrates that more, than the fact that there are 12 teams competing in the only NCAA Division 1 conference that sponsors e-sports. Of course, since the matches are played head-to-head, Boise State has an advantage because they tint the monitors blue, and play with all blue avatars; an advantage that is confirmed in their winning of League of Legends and Overwatch, but with the Spring season being cut, next year the Mountain West has announced that they will be playing Mario Kart 8, for the Nintendo Switch. Due to the large amounts of people in the Mountain West cities suddenly having $1200 burning a hole in their pocket, every store that sells Nintendo Switch has sold out of their allotment; yes, even, Amazon. So, thus the conundrum becomes: How can these players, prospects, and ordinary people practice in order to “git gud” as the gamers would say? Well, that’s where I come in. For, you see, since I am allowed out on the streets again, finally, due to both my prison sentence being cut short, and my work being determined to be “essential,” I had the time to scope out some places. Alas, while my cough and fever are not improving as much as I had hoped since I last got back from Italy, I did manage to find some time to visit all of the Mountain West cities in order to find the easiest place to get a Switch and Mario Kart 8 location. For simplicity’s sake, I am going by the football stadium since it’s a well-defined point in most locations – San José State fans, the football stadium is that big ovoid building at the corner of E Alma Ave, and S 7th St… It’s the place where the people aren’t on Saturday’s is September. Should you get hungry during your travels, I have also managed to find a some breakfast locations in the same vicinity


###Air Force

Okay, so I lied a little; I tried to get into the university, but, unfortunately the men with guns wouldn’t actually let me get beyond the gate on S Gate Rd, and I was still a little jet-lagged having just gotten in from Frankfurt after having woken up for my 0610 flight for the Linate to Frankfurt leg (stupid weather prevented the flight from Denver to ABQ, but my loss is your gain). So, while this may not b

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📅︎ Apr 01 2020
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WAKE UP for the PanarinGoalSandiwches Hattrick EXTRAVAGANZA!!!🚨🎩🚨🎩🚨🎩

As we’re all aware, Artemi Panarin is a super stud ice hockey and a full on loaf. Because I eat a sandwich for every goal number 10 scores, I’ll be having an extra special day due to last night’s hat trick in San Jose! I’ll be updating this post throughout the day as each sandwich is posted. 🔟🏒🥅🚨🎩😎

It starts with 1! His 16th goal of the season was created by a great defensive zone play by Buchnevich, which led to a pass across the crease by Ryan Strome.

I’m going to be honest, and totally brag, at that point I was asked what sandwich I’ll be eating. I said I’d have to wait for the other two to decide. I was feeling it. Bread delivered.

Be sure to check back later for the highlight of my day, a special visit to at truly special place #lunch

First edit: It’s not deja vu, it’s GOAL NUMBER 2!! Which means here’s SANDWICH #2!!

I did it. I went to Panera. Our boy is named for it, I had to. How he sniped that through the tiny hole left by Jones is unfathomable. Just like how Panera can melt that Gouda perfectly with the fresh avocado for a symphony of flavor.

And don’t forget, Bread had an apple last night for a 4 point game, so I also ate an apple. Banged out my 10 pushups for this one too, 990 to go.

Stand by for a final edit to reveal tonight’s dinner!!

Edit 2: Electric Sandwichoo?

Sorry for the delay! Things got a little hectic after work today, but have no fear! Artemi’s empty net goal did not go in vain!! Sandwich 3 easily measured up to the Yeast Beast’s 150 bomb!

What a day. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it was my first time eating Panera. Now it’s time to kick back with a beer or 4 and rewatching How I Met Your Mother until I remember how mad the final episodes made me. Then I’ll do the 10 pushups to relieve my stress. 980 to go!

I hope you’re all enjoying my journey, it wouldn’t mean as much without you... ahh who am I kidding, I’m gonna eat 69 sandwiches by June anyway. See you all tomorrow for Rangers @ Ducks!

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📅︎ Dec 13 2019
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[USA-CA][H] Valve Index Full Kit + Cybershoes Bundle (local), Ghost S1 ITX build (i5-9600K/RTX 2070 Super) (local), Alienware 13 R3 OLED (1440p/i7-6700HQ/GTX 1060), CH HOTAS Set, Vikingdom M1S ITX Case [W] Local Cash/PayPal


Hello /r/hardwareswap! Selling my failed VR gaming setup and some other bits and pieces as I've lost interest in gaming. A few rules before we get to the items:

  1. Local only means local only. PMs asking for shipping on local only items will be ignored.
  2. Local means you come pick up from me in the South SF Bay Area (Santa Clara on weekends/downtown San Jose on weekdays).
  3. No part-outs. PMs asking for part-outs or for me to contact you if I do part-out will be ignored.
  4. Prices are generally set well below retail or eBay/etc. availability. Open to offers, especially on bundle deals, but please be respectful. Lowballs will be ignored.
  5. Shipped prices are not just local cash prices + shipping. Local cash prices have additional discounts because I'm lazy af and don't want to deal with packaging, labels, PayPal, etc.
  6. Local cash means cash. No PayPal, no Venmo, no Square, etc.
  7. Please comment before PMing.

Valve Index Full Kit + Cybershoes Gaming Station Bundle - $1300 local cash SOLD

Cybershoes info - essentially a VR treadmill experience without needing to go to an arcade

Lightly used Index - probably less than 20 hrs on it. Includes all original packaging and accessories. Cybershoes Gaming Station is from the original Kickstarter and still sealed. Will part out the Cybershoes for $240 but will not part out Index.

Listing this on Craigslist/eBay if it doesn't sell this go-around.

Index = $1000 MSRP + tax, out of stock and unknown when restock will be due to coronavirus, currently going for $1500+ on eBay
Cybershoes = $369 MSRP + $50 shipping to the US

Best deal you're going to find on these, going for less than an Index goes for on eBay. Just want to get rid of these in a convenient fashion.

Ghost S1 Build - $1100 local cash SOLD

Includes the following parts, see notes below:

PCPartPicker Part List

Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor $219.99 @ Best Buy
CPU Cooler CRYORIG C7G 40.5 CFM CPU Cooler $99.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard [ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard](
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The Latest: Still attacking Gary Webb; Former Newsweek correspondent and best-selling author Elaine Shannon tries but doesn’t quite succeed in taking down Amazon’s series “The Last Narc.”

Jefferson Morley's reaction to Elaine Shannons piece calling government involvement in drug trafficking a conspiracy theory:

‘Last Narc’: How the CIA Did Business With Drug Traffickers by Jefferson Morley; SEPTEMBER 28, 2020; Former Newsweek correspondent and best-selling author Elaine Shannon tries but doesn’t quite succeed in taking down Amazon’s series “The Last Narc.”

See Elaine's Post below:

Elaine Shannon claims that Hector Berrellez never mentioned the CIA/Contras involed in drug trafficking in the early 1990's Camarena case and only brought this up in recent years. This is entirely a lie. You can read The Newspaper headlines of that era (1990) and see that it was an issue at the time. She also claims that (former DEA head and federal Judge) Robert Bonner refutes CIA involvement in drugs, In reality, He went on 60 minutes and told everyone they imported and sold tonnes of cocaine (up to 27 tonnes) and this was after he told them not to do it: (Post your comments on Elaine Shannon's site, let her know what you think.)

(Except of her article)

Around 2013, in interviews with freelancer Bowden and others, Berrellez promoted his conspiracy theory that the CIA killed Camarena because Camarena was about to reveal that the agency was working with the Guadalajara cartel to run drugs to the United States. The arrangement supposedly was that the cartel got protection from U.S. authorities and the CIA got drug money for the Contras. This theory was a Mexicanized twist on a 1996 series, Dark Alliance by San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, who committed suicide after his work was discredited. (Webb’s photo appea

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[OC] What would happen if every NHL team was named after the iconic food in that city? - an offseason update

So I got a lot of chirps for this the last time I posted, because "iT's nOT the OfFsEAsoN"

Well the NHL season was just postponed, so it's time for shitposting round 2. I've updated this based on angry comments from you all (mostly St. Louis and New Jersey people). Changed team names are bolded

Pacific Division (Grade: D-, we suck):

Anaheim Doritos - you're still staying as the Doritos

Arizona Tacos - ok ok you guys get tacos. so much anger the last time.

Calgary Caesars - still golden. Drink alcohol to prevent coronavirus people

Edmonton Green Onion Cakes - still perfect.

Los Angeles Avocado toasts - cause hot fudge sundae ain't good enough for y'all

San Jose Eggo Waffles - San Jose really doesn't have much. still stands.

Vancouver Nanaimo bars - even though they're technically from Nanaimo, Vancouver fans really wanted this

Vegas Buffet - was up for contention, but some people thought it was fine so it stays.

Central Division (Grade: B+, some interesting food out of the Central):

Chicago Dogs - wow, for a city that loves pizza, you really hate pizza, so you get chicago dogs now

Colorado Edibles - by popular demand, although Seattle may sue

Dallas Tex-Mex - still the same

Minnesota Hot Dish - "for those that don't speak Minnesotan think Casserole" - u/WeWantTheCup__Please

Nashville Hot Chicken - Nashville is synonymous with this food

St Louis T-RAVS - I think I made all of St. Louis mad at me by calling them the St. Louis 7UP

Winnipeg Honey Dill Sauce - only in Manitoba

Atlantic Division (Grade: A, although Florida doesn't pull its weight here):

Boston Cream Pie - because you want to lick it like Marchand will lick you. remains the same.

Buffalo Wings - thank you all so very much. remains the same.

Detroit Coneys - I don't know why you wanted a food that's named after a place in a different state

Florida Key Lime Pie - since the Panthers don't play strictly in Miami, I needed a food that wasn't strictly from Miami either. remains the same.

Montreal Smoked Meat/Bagels - smoked meat is Montreals. Bagels are between Montreal and NY. Y'all can fight

Ottawa Beavertails - even though it isn't really from Ottawa, you guys get this one

Tampa Bay Cuban Sandwiches - Tampa must have eaten these before the playoffs last year

Toronto Crispy Crunch - seriously I got no opposition to this one

**Metropolitan Division (Grade: A+

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Help: places to take a foreign friend

I will be having a friend visiting from Europe soon and I want to take him to some good restaurants/bars/anything social. Any suggestions? Would like to hear your favorite spots!

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Best Restaurants in or near San Jose?


I am a second grade teacher in San Jose and we just got a new student from out of the country. When I met the parents the conversation turned to food and they asked what are the best restaurants/food in the city, something thats local....So, can you guys help me out with some spots? I know in/near my neighborhood we got:

Tacos Autlense - Mexican Food

Metro Balderas - Mexican Food

Fresh Baked Deli - Sandwiches in Downtown SJ

Da Lat Restaurant - Best Pho I've had

What are the spots you'd recommend?

Thank you!

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📅︎ Feb 08 2020
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