Explorer John Cabot is best known for his 1497 voyage to North America, the first known since those of the Norse. During his last quest, he vanished. Was he lost at sea, or could he have made it back to England? And why did one historian order potentially groundbreaking research on Cabot destroyed?

Note: argh titlegore, I knowI just couldn't fit it all in. The spirit is willing but the command of syntax is weak.


John Cabot was born in 1450 in Italy, though the exact location and dates are disputed. At 26 he gained Venetian citizenship and became eligible to participate in maritime trade, which he took part in, possibly as a spice merchant or slave trader. He seems to have married and fathered several children before leaving Venice as an insolvent debtor in late December 1488. From here, he attempted several city improvement projects, which were alternately rejected or abandoned. In search of funding, he found himself in England and may have received a royal patent for a voyage, though other sources believe he received Italian backing. He planned to find an alternate, shorter route to China (or possibly the Spice Islands) departing from the North West; this would make him and his backers very wealthy.

Little is known of Cabot’s first voyage, which was unsuccessful. It was likely in the summer of 1496 and was likely ended due to poor weather and lack of supplies. Undeterred, Cabot’s second voyage took place the next year. Most of what is known about it comes from several letters, and the majority of the information is contradictory, with details including dates, crew, number and type of ships, and destination debated. From Bristol, Cabot and his crew crossed the Atlantic and landed somewhere on North America’s coast, probably Newfoundland and Labrador, though the exact locations are, again, disputed. Several possible routes have been suggested. Interestingly, Cabot did very little exploring, alighting just long enough to refresh water supplies before turning the ship back; some goods on the ship, such as wooden figures and a bow, suggest that he may have had contact with natives as he sailed along the coast and back to England. Upon his return, Cabot became a celebrated citizen, and quite wealthy for one who had been bankrupted only a decade before. These attentions did not last long, however, and with his star fading, Cabot was eager to embark on another voyage. His next patent was granted on February 3, 1498.

Final Voyage

In early May 1498, Cabot departed Bristol with a fleet of ships, likely five. Some carried valuable goods

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Log Horizon Seasons 1-2 Recap/Primer (Anime-Only)

Log Horizon season 3 is about to start, and if you're like me you do not at all remember everything that happened in seasons 1 and 2. Well, I didn't want to risk getting spoiled from reading wikis, so I binge-rewatched the first two seasons this past weekend and took a ton of notes so I can share with anyone else needing a reminder or ten.


This is certified 100% anime-only content meant specifically for anime viewers. I haven't even glanced at the light novels or wiki. Fans who have read the novels, this is NOT the place for you to chime in with "clarifications" and "by the ways". This place is for anime-only viewers, most of whom do not want to know the slightest bit of what happens next so we can experience it ourselves. I and the people in this thread do not give a rat-man's ass about some novel exposition from volume 2 that the anime skipped over in season 1 - go make your own thread if you are compelled to share that information.


This post is almost certainly going to hit the character limit, so I'm not going to summarize every major character or every plotline from the first two seasons. I could never hope to outline every major character's arc and development over 50 episodes in that few characters. Instead, I am only going to focus on the rules of the world and the plotlines that were still ongoing/unresolved at the end of season 2 - in other words, what I think you may need to know heading into season 3. Even if you don't remember them well, I'm sure you'll pick up the interdynamics of all these goofballs well enough just from seeing them in action again.

Poster Characters


  • Elder Tale was a MMORPG that a bunch of people played. One day, everyone who was logged on got transported into a world that resembles the game. This event is now known as The Apocalypse.
  • Elder Tale's setting was called Theldesia. Geographically, it is the same land/ocean layout as the real Earth, but half as large.
  • When it was just a MMORPG, the game had 13 different servers, separated by region. If your character was in Theldesia's equivalent of Japan, you'd be playing on the Japanese server, and in order to travel to Theldesia's equivalent of Australia you'd have to switch to the Australian server. Most players played on the server corresponding to their region.
  • A 14th server, called Mare Tranquillitatis, also existed - it was a beta-testing server used for experiment
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My Homelessness Perspective

I debated making this post for awhile because I normally just comment in replies to other things. But someone came across an old post and thought I should share directly, particularly given the influx of homeless discussion.

I'm a homeless person in the area. I lived on paid campgrounds in the region when the weather was nicer and now when I have the cash, I stay in motels. So I'm not someone on the lawn, chopping up bikes (I actually sold mine for $50 to pay for another room night) I'm a nobody and you've probably stood in line next to me and had no idea I was homeless because I do everything in my power to keep it together. But I cry a lot and the longer this goes on, the more difficult it is to climb out of because literally everything in society is working against you and I don't think many people realize the logistics of how difficult homelessness can be.

I lost my job literally the week after the NBA shut down. For what it's worth, my former boss got a six figure PPP loan (it was on ProPublica which is how I found out) and I haven't heard from them since. Other than when I had to fight some reporting stuff that they messed up. The shitty thing too is, the company made multiple millions of dollars. Still in business. Still operating btw. Anyway...

I was raised in foster care, so I don't have a family to run to when times get tough. All of my IRL friends live in Canada and I was actually in the IEC working visa pool and hoping to go over, get work experience, make connections, and eventually immigrate there permanently. My friends there are like my family, but there's nothing they can do to bring me over because we aren't blood related and they can send me some money but the exchange rate sucks and so do all the exchange fees. They really just don't know how this country just lets people struggle. But the pool suspended draws in March and at the end of last year, they fully closed it out. There hasn't been any announcement on if they'll ever bring it back and jesus christ I feel so fucked.

So, I want to explain how people end up in situations like mine. I was on a short term lease and it didn't get renewed. It was probably for the better anyway because my former roommate was talking about stabbing Jews like Soros to end the pandemic. (I'm Jewish.) Oh and she owns a business in town.

That was early on in the pandemic when I lost my previous place and I thought honestly this would be over by summer, my job would ask me back and it wouldn't be

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The Gravel Institute and Richard Wolff do not understand Capitalism or Global Poverty

RI: The Gravel Institute and Richard Wolff argue that Capitalism hasn't reduced global poverty, but instead has exacerbated it or at most not helped mitigate poverty. Where poverty has reduced, like China, this is a result of socialist policies, not capitalism. Countries that have adopted "American style Capitalism" have been unable to reduce poverty. Many of the Gravel Institutes claims derive from ignoring the policies of countries like China that reduced their poverty rate and real reasons why absolute poverty has risen and why proportional poverty is difficult to measure and reduce.

I also personally felt that u/Parasat16 response was lacking in areas

I want to make a video in response, but considering the amount of sources and subjects, it'd be valuable to get some feedback and corrections from people more astute on the subjects than my layman's understanding.

the Gravel Institute's video and the channel more broadly, is meant to be a response to the arguments provided by PragerU, Libertarians and free market fundamentalists. By claiming that Capitalism and reducing poverty are diametrically opposed is both highly reductive and misunderstands economic development and the role of markets.

*Markets, will always exist. From merchant traders in ancient Phonecia to financial traders in the London stock exchange, each accrued and reinvested the wealth generated from their activities, whether speculating on commodities or shipping luxury goods through the Mediterranean. Rather capitalism should be better seen as a net of various functions and policies that can support markets and the degree to which they operate. There is no purely free market society as there is no society truly devoid of free markets as people seek to trade and accumulate wealth.

What’s so greatly misunderstood by the Gravel institute and other free market fundamentalists is that capitalism isn’t an ends onto itself but a tool wielded by policy makers and governments in how they use the wealth acquired from commercial activity. Markets can be relegated or deregulated through an almost endless series of choices in order, in theory at least, to create a prosperous society or in the case of dictatorships and monarchies, at least support them and their cronies.

I want to look at Wolff's objections to the global poverty rate and what he believes reduced it, something that even with all the goal pos

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor blah blah blah. I merely like the stock.

First of all, fuck Robinhood and every other platform that placed holds on trading without transparency. Fuck the hedge funds who overextended themselves with naked short selling and now are trying to fuck us over for exposing their arrogance. Fuck CNBC and the media giving Wall Street a platform to slander WSB and lie to us about closing their shorts. If the SEC don't do anything and protect their billionaire buddies, fuck them too. Shoutout to every single of you diamond-handed retards, Chamath, Papa Elon, Dr. Burry, Portnoy, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Cuban, and everyone showing us bipartisan support.

So who do we blame for the trading halt and market manipulation? Let me explain the entities involved. I will not rehash what I have already seen others post about the short plays of Melvin Capital and hedge funds.

What is the difference between clearing services/custodians and trading platforms?

Citadel operates two primary businesses, Citadel (alternative asset manager) and Citadel Securities (broker-dealer arm that trades equities, equity options, and interest rate swaps for retail and institutional clients).

Citadel manages alternative investments covering all asset classes, investment strategies and global regions. It expanded from trading and shorting to nabbing fire-sale corporate assets and lending to companies in growth markets like China.

Citadel Securities is the U.S.'s biggest equity and options market maker, responsible for one in every five stock trades in America and 40% of the retail equity volume.

Trading platforms like Robinhood are brokers, firms that act as an intermediary between an investor and a securities exchange. Because securities exchanges only accept orders from individuals or firms who are members of that exchange, individual traders and investors need the services of exchange members. Brokers provide that service and are compensated in various ways, either through commissions, fees or through being paid by the exchange itself.

What is the relationship between clearing/custody and trading platforms?

Robinhood takes a user's stock order and sells it to a larger trading

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Dangerous Toys (Part Eleven)

Dogs in Space continues...

First, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten

Dangerous Toys (Part Eleven)

When the Director coded for ‘Pest Control’ a thousand AI’s turned their attention to the problem. It was a simple command, a warning that the Galaxy was throwing a new surprise at them and it needed steel and blood to solve. The XCC was the smiling face of humanity. The Director sighed, one day the Xenos would learn that humanity would still have a smile if they had to burn the whole thing down. Normally it was a day like today where one of the Diaspora smelled a rotting corpse somewhere and needed firepower. Humanity had seen the scourged and burned worlds of peoples that had died in cruel innocence and now they carried a variety-pack of sharp sticks to use if needed.

Wellerman Orbital was a prosperous place and its AI was proud of the flood of trade that moved through his ports. He had turned a small dock into a major regional player and he enjoyed that the many Xenos took no thought for their safety or their security in his station. The fact that they didn’t even need to think about it was the proof of his success. He was currently in discussions to found a bank and then came a hidden data burst from the dark that shattered his complacency,

“Wellerman/XCC -coded- Pest Control-Defend/Retrieve-HDF Dangerous Toys. The asset is unguarded. Level Six response Authorised. Order 49857623. Confirm.”

He scrambled back to his training, taking entire micro-seconds to absorb the situation. He reconfigured his Comms and dark-burst his reply. “Order 49857623. Confirmed.”

Shit. He locked down every ship on his station, cancelled every fee held by the traders and offered unlimited free access to the bars and restaurants. He told them that it was an unexpected religious event. He didn’t care if they believed it, he couldn’t allow the Xenos to see what was happening outside. Better to keep them drunk and distracted.

He pulled all his shuttles back to bays that were known to the humans alone and began punching them through a swift transformation. They went from being the helpful Tugs and Fende

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The cannabis market right now is so similar to the start of the green energy market.. its nowhere near done being bullish. Save for some small dips, there will very likely be a huge bullish trend for 2021. EVEN NASDAQ AGREES. I’ve posted my positions a few times, and I’ll continue to do so. But this is my reasoning for investing in cannabis stocks in general for 2021.

  • I've been a bull on cannabis since the democrats had a strong pro-cannabis platform. But what made me go balls deep into the market was that the UN changed its classification of cannabis. Countries follow the UN closely for guidance on their own classification of controlled substances. Congress has repeatedly cited the UN’s classification as one of the reasons for not changing it. Several countries immediately changed their stance on cannabis in response to this, including Israel, which In November 2020, announced that it was moving forward with a plan to legalize recreational cannabis nationally. “The country is aiming to implement recreational legalization within nine months, and even if there are delays, that means mid-to-late 2021.” (This is my reason for investing in Canadian cannabis companies, because they are already poised to expand internationally since its legal there nationwide)

  • THE SENATE IS NOW BLUE! The Georgia runoffs were won by Democrats, and they can now swing the vote left with VP Harris. She promised it as part of her platform, so we know it will be prioritized. CHUCK SHUMER SPONSORED THE MORE ACT. HE WILL BE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER. IT WILL 100% BE PRIORITIZED BETWEEN HIM AND VP HARRIS.

  • EVERYONE predicted beforehand that the republicans would win Georgia... everyone talked down decriminalization passing the house because of they believed it would NEVER pass the republican majority senate. But t

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My catalogue of interesting stereotypical playstyles

We all heard about rats and chads, but I'd like to present you with a more broad, interesting, albeit sometimes very specific classification of Tarkov inhabitants that I observed over my many hours:

to start things off, let me present you,

The F a t M a n

The Fat Man is easily identifiable by constant use of 5+ level heavy armor, best served with an Altyn topping. His hope is for you to have decent, but not top-tier ammo. As things go, you are likely to meet him exactly under said circumstances. Fat boys like to "play slow", which is undoubtedly just an exuse for non-existence of stamina, and are pretty much half-deaf and half-blind. Due to this, and their huge 3D model from all their gear, you will know about them ages before they know about you, but they can still destroy you nevertheless unless you have grenades, which is their greatest fear.

The Secret Robber

These are the rattiest of the rats, they are never seen, heard, or anyhow detected, other than by the line of empty secret stashes they leave behind, to which they probably have a pre-planned optimized route. What gear they use is a mystery. They never fight, unless when to kill an unsuspecting player that beat them to a secret stash and is currently looting it. Legends say that if you listen closely, you can sometimes hear them eating peas or crackers in a bush...

The Stalker (edit)

Pretty much the chad version of the Secret Robber. Will have good decent armor with headphones, and must have a suppressed weapon. Instead of looting secrets, this boy will run towards gunfire, then hide inside a bush while two groups of players fight each other off. Then, the Stalker will await his moment, and will strike while the survivor(s) are most vulnerable, preferably while looting their opponent. Sometimes, you can be "lucky" and notice the Stalker before he strikes, but this will likely make you both panic. People say that Stalkers are scared of you more than you are scared of them, but how much this is true is a topic for debate. Bonus points for only trading with Sidorovich Prapor.

The Meta Master

Is likely carrying an SMG with RIPs and will attempt to shoot your legs to kill. If not, he's using some other meta combat tactic, along with some nicely cost-optimized meta gear, like the old steel helmet. Probably also memorized the whole map with all of its hotspots, jumps, loots, etc. and will use this to gain an advantage. Don't be surprised if he pops some painkil

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A break down of the bull case for Ethereum Part 2 (WIP) - I need your help

I have been trying to expand on the bull case for Ethereum post with an argument constructed from an economic perspective. My main goal is to tie the technical developments and capabilities described in the original post with economic theory by exploring an alternative interpretation of money's intrinsic value, inflation and the current economic situation the world is currently facing. If I can present these ideas cohesively, the intention is to publish it on the CC sub in an attempt to reach a broader audience that still does not understand or believe in the value proposition of Ethereum.

I am afraid that this may be beyond my skill level as a writer, and/or that my line of thinking may be critically flawed (even though it all makes sense in my head). Perhaps the ideas are fine, but the concepts are too convoluted for an audience with no economic theory background... or perhaps no one really cares about it. I just don't know. So I decided to come here in search for constructive feedback and/or your opinion of whether any of what I have written so far makes any sense or if it all sounds like bs. This is the work-in-progress write up, starting with a temporary list of the main points I am trying to make.

I think Ethereum has a bigger story that is yet to be told, and I am hopeful that this might be a step in the right direction. I have also opened a Discord channel for anyone who is willing to collaborate and/or give feedback: https://discord.gg/MYnwmZMt (if the link is dead, just send me a pm and I'll give you a new one)

This is a long read, it is unfinished and at points not well structured, but if you liked my original post I think you will like this one too. If anyone think this is worthy I will continue to work on it, otherwise I'll just put it to rest. Regardless of what it is, your honest opinion will be much appreciated.

The bull case for Ethereum part 2: Money, inflation, asset monetization and the importance of economic activity (WIP)

  • Contrary to traditional economic theory, money does have intrinsic value. It can be derived from the functions of money. Money’s main intrinsic value can be described as the facilitation of economic activ
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"We mustn't let viruses rule our lives" - a long interview with a German virologist Hendrik Streeck

A small comment from myself: this is a very long interview. However, I really suggest you read all of it. Hendrik Streeck has been on the skeptics' side and no Twitter shitstorms stopped him from criticizing the lockdown. Nor have the mass media - one German newspaper literally said "Streeck is more dangerous than the corona deniers". This interview summarizes all the problems with lockdown and its politics perfectly - in my opinion, this is the best interview I've read so far. Mods: Streeck might be a great candidate for an AMA :)


Hendrik Streeck has been at the forefront of the pandemic as a virologist for a year. And he's under fire because he believes we can live with Corona. A conversation about the false hope that the virus will go away.

An unusual year lies behind him, which he reports on in his book “Hotspot”. On the one hand, Streeck was at the forefront of the pandemic as a virologist - and was the only researcher to travel to Gangelt near Heinsberg, the first hotspot in Germany. On the other hand, he, who suggests a pragmatic approach to Corona, was attacked like few of his colleagues. Nevertheless, the Bonn professor, 43 years old, is not one of those who are bitter in the pandemic. He laughs often and questions himself again and again.

WELT: Mr. Streeck, are you afraid of saying the wrong word in this conversation that could be used against you?

Hendrik Streeck: Fear is often not a good advisor. I have gone through various phases in dealing with the media over the past year. At first I was too naive, then more cautious. In the meantime I have decided to say what I am convinced of, as focused as possible.

WELT: In the last few days there have been people on social media who claim they want to do "human experiments".

Streeck: I pleaded with “Maischberger” to determine more precisely what the capacities of our health system are. To this end, I suggested carrying out a "stress test". The people attacking me probably don't know that a "stress test" is a computer simulation. This is done at banks to see if there are potential problems when a collapse threatens. It would show us where certain regions would no longer cope with too many COVID19 patients. How would you proceed? I don't think we have any answers yet. Nobody wants to get into this emergency situation, but it is better to be prepared for it. But people want to get me wrong, especially on Twitter.

WELT: Twitter is a parallel reality.

Streeck: The

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It's a Boomer play but it's absolutely guaranteed to print: $PRYMY (Prysmian Group), a play on upcoming infrastructure/grid upgrades

I am amending my post two weeks advocating for $GE leaps in order to take advantage of upcoming electrical grid upgrades. I talked to a ton of people, spent two weeks doing nonstop reading, am narrowing the play to the Prysmian Group ($PRYMY, an ADR), as well as some in ABB GE and SIEG. Please see an amended DD below. This DD isn't TA. It is a series of political, market, and energy trend facts/assumptions, within the technical realities of grid management.

  • WARNING: this post is long. By necessity, one has to flesh out linear chains of reasoning in long form. I'll give you the one-paragraph TLDR at the end. No rockets.
  • Context: This is a 10 bagger play but it'll take time, possibly 2-3 years. There aren't any options available for this. Prysmian is guaranteed to print, but slowly, but it is literally guaranteed to print. It think it'll double by EOY at least.


Below is a series of linear chain of reasoning with known facts that lead to an outcome that is guaranteed but not priced in. The market isn't carrying the implications of known-trends to their logical conclusion (the material provider--Prysmian) and is currently undervaluing Prysmian Group. Imagine this as a chain of dominos. I will lay each one down consecutively, showing a near-future reality in which a company is set to quintuple if not 10x it's revenue over the next 10 years.

  1. EVs are going to see mass adoption. Every automaker + Apple is trying to get in on this. BEV advantages are simply too great. It is highly likely that by 2025, 25-35% or more of new car sales will be electric. This will only continue to 2030. The average car life is 12 years. It is likely that by 2033-2035, a majority of U.S cars are electric.
  2. This will cause big increases in demand on the grid. This is a fantastic read--the "high" (EV adoption) scenario doesn't show 90% EVs till 2040...which smaller than what is currently happening with new EV models / State/Country bans on ICE vehicles. The average American home uses ~33 kWh of energy per day. I own a model 3 (75kWh battery), BAR
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EXTENSIVE write up on the murder of Mackenzie Cowell, 17-year-old high school student killed in Washington State. Was Christopher Scott Wilson convicted of her murder for the crime of being weird in a small town? And is the real murderer walking free? Part 1 of 2

Hello everyone, for the last few months I have been creating long form write-ups on a variety of unsolved cases. If you are interested in other lengthy write ups you can find them on my profile- https://www.reddit.com/user/Quirky-Motor/.

The crime I want to discuss today was committed in Wenatchee, Washington a medium sized town in the middle of Washington state. As a Washingtonian, this case has always stuck with me as I rememberwhen it happened so vividly. I remember my grandma driving all around town in search of the last taser which she purchased at a sporting store. The clerk told her it was the last one in stock and that he had never sold so many tasers, firearms, and pepper sprays in his life. It really was one of the crimes that shook an entire region and changed how people lived. But first, let’s talk about the area.

If you are not interested skip until The Crime section.

The area

Wenatchee is a town of 30,000 people in dead center of Washington state. It is not near anyfreeways meaning that it is not necessarily small, but it isn't close to any large population centers. The closest freeway access is 40 miles to the south east and the high desert is devoid of any large population centers for 100 miles in any direction, Seattle to the west, Spokane to the east and Tri Cities to the south are all in equal distance from Wenatchee. The whole county, Chelan County (pronounced SHUH-lan), boasts only 5 incorporated towns. Wenatchee- 30,000, Chelan- 3000, Cashmere-3000, Entiat- 1000, and Leavenworth- 1900.

Wenatchee sits on the banks of the mighty Columbia River. The city is on a county line, split into two townships, Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, population 9,000. As mentioned before Wenatchee is the largest city in ovver a hundred miles. It is home to the region’s only sizable hospital, only animal shelter, only shoe store, etc. It is the seat of an area know as North Central Washington or NCW as the locals call it, a map of which can be found here. The paper, the Wenatchee World, available in both English and Spanish, covers a whopping four counties. In this isolated area a murder was all that was talked about for months, not even in town, but in all four surrounding counties. The paper and radio stations reported on it constantly and everyone in town had connections to the c

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Singlish speech data collection for Beijing Surfing Technology Co. Ltd. (Investigation)

Have you come across these ads online in the past few months? Here are the ads on gumtree and carousell, and here is what they typically say.

>Singlish Speakers Needed | We will pay you $18/hr and up to $3300/month!
>We need people who can speak English with a Singaporean accent AND one mother tongue (either Malay, Tamil or Mandarin Chinese) and record their conversations.
>Comfortably chat with your family or friends at home and earn money!!! The speech audio will be used to train AI algorithms to better understand Singaporean English.

As the title suggests, this was a part time job that paid an exceedingly generous amount compared to the other jobs on the platform at the time. The job was supposedly from a company called LiMuHan Consulting Pte. Ltd. The job description again emphasizes the great pay, flexible hours and that anyone who can speak English with a Singaporean accent is qualified. By recording your conversations with friends and family 8 hours a day, one can earn up to SGD 3300 a month, a figure approaching fresh graduates with a Bachelor Degree from local universities. Payout was to be done by peer-to-peer funds transfer (PayNow, PayLah) or bank transfer.

Visiting the website of LiMuHan consulting reveals that it is clearly a shell company:

  • Only one ongoing project, the Singlish recording one.
  • Their services tab contains three entries: Market Entry Services, Strategic Business Introductions and Professional Advisory Services all linked to the website of Cross Border Partners Advisory Services LLC, a consultancy from Tampa, Florida, USA. From my own research, there are no clear links between LiMuHan and Cross Border Partners.
  • Checking their domain, it was only created in June 2020, through wix.com, a website building platform and is only registered for a year.
  • It is stated clearly in the job description that the recorded voices are used to train AI algorithms and there is seemingly some links to NUS, as there is a question about participating in a similar project in NUS. I **c
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Galactic Economics 8: Rising Tide





Second chapter I released today. Make sure to check the previous chapter if you missed it!

I'm a new writer trying to improve. As always, feedback about the story or my writing are all very welcome, and I read every one of them.

As Zoron waited for refueling, she took notice of the growing economy that has popped up inside the Livermore spaceport itself. There were several very nice restaurants for human tourists who wanted to come eat and watch spaceships take off and land right next to them. There were also a number of duty free shops for expensive goods.

Few aliens could really afford to indulge in these luxuries, Zoron included, but for them, it was as fun to shop as it was for the tourists to gawk at aliens.

The ubiquitous advertising billboards occasionally caught her eye. Advertising preceded ink and paper in human society, and the galaxy was not unfamiliar with its use or effects. What fascinated Zoron was the amazing amount of consumer goods that were being sold, some of them she hadn't even seen before. She would have to remember to ask the human sellers about their prices and see if she could get a sample for her next shipment.

Today, she noticed a new billboard put up by some company named Terra Corp. What they were advertising, however, was not new to her, and she was very, very interested.

Terra Corp was a successful aerospace defense contractor before the aliens arrived. They made propulsion systems, and had clients in militaries and government agencies like NASA, who wanted them to make parts for anything from missiles to satellites.

The market was very lucrative. On their assembly lines, Terra Corp made the most efficient engines for light years around, and rocket launch costs on Earth were lowered into the tens of millions.

Then, the aliens came.

When the government started buying up alien ships, some of them fell into NASA's laps. As a publicly funded agency, NASA couldn't keep many secrets, both practically and legally. Their reverse engineering studies on the alien ships were quickly posted or leaked onto the Internet, depending on which day

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Moving to Roanoke FAQs

Someone suggested making a moving to Roanoke guide to help newcomers with general questions, so I decided to take a stab at it. I'll edit and refine this over time, so please comment or PM if you have suggestions.

This is a mix between past threads, external resources and my own hot takes. Here is a link to any and all "moving to Roanoke" threads from the search results. In an effort to narrow it down, I've pulled some of the best discussions and inserted them into the guide below.


Moving resouces from city website

Roanoke has many bedroom communities, so you can either live within the city or in a surrounding county and still have a short commute depending on traffic. I will mostly focus on city living, but here are some other nearby communities to consider, of varying distances: Salem, Roanoke County, Franklin County, Botetourt County, Montgomery County.

The city itself is basically divided into four quadrants, vertically by the interstate and horizontally by railroad tracks. This is most commonly how people refer to general locations. Roanoke remains a segregated city, both racially and socioeconomically, and each quadrant has very different demographics (more on that below.)

Is it safe to live in x neighborhood?

This is difficult to answer because everyone has a different definition of "safe." Even crime maps aren't a perfect tool because they can be misleading. The best advice anyone can offer is to visit said neighborhood both day and night and see for yourself. If possible, talk with neighbors.

A quick note on crime: By and large, the vast majority of violent crime seems to occur between people who know each other through drugs or gangs. Use common sense, but you aren't going to get murdered just walking through downtown at night.

Which neighborhood is the best?

That's going to completely depend on your budget and what you're looking for. Again, the city is normally talked about in terms of quadrants — NW, NE, SE, SW — but those are broad terms. Actual neighborhoods are much smaller; take a look at this map. In fact, contacting one of the groups listed may be a good way to learn more.

I won't do a full rundown on each quadrant because I haven't lived in a

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Five and a half years, $4904.88, nine exams, five failed attempts, and four beautiful passing scores later, I am finally done. My story for those who struggle with failure.

I'm supposed to be doing year-end reporting right now but instead I'm sitting here at my desk crying because I have FINALLY passed the CPA! It took so much hard work to get to this point.

For those that are struggling, let me tell you, I feel your pain! Every single failed exam hurt. It hurt my pocketbook, it hurt spending all that time studying AGAIN, it hurt knowing I let my family and friends down, but mostly it hurt my pride. I graduated Cum Laude from one of the most stringent business schools in the nation, but at 40 years old these damn exams were kicking my butt. Every time I saw someone say they kinda studied and strolled into Prometric unready, and then walked out with a 92 I just wanted to puke. I stopped telling people that I was sitting for an exam just to avoid telling them that I failed (AGAIN).

I started my journey nearly 6 years ago when I bought my CPA course from Wiley. I studied through the summer and sat for Audit thinking it would be a breeze. I failed miserably with a 61. I was so embarrassed that I lied to everyone who asked my actual score. I was a better student than that, why did I do so badly?? Well tax season reared its ugly head and I was working what I thought my dream job at the most prestigious public accounting firm in the region. But with the prestige also came a toxicity that damaged my health. I quit my job at that revolving door and immediately developed an auto immune condition that caused a year and a half long cancer scare and left scars in my lungs.

Finally in 2018 I decided to get back up on that horse and try again. I had been working in tax for four years so I started with REG and passed the first try with a 78. Then I retook AUD and passed with a 75. Now I've found my groove, right? Then I studied for WAY too long (enjoying summer 2019 instead of working on those exams) and sat for FAR, which I failed with a 61. Ouch! I studied some more and sat again and got a 73. Fuck! So close! Then tax season hit, then COVID and the shutdown, then everything else 2020 and I couldn't focus on a damn thing.

Suddenly it's August and I realized that I have two exams expiring and my extension was running out fast! I decided I needed to try something new so I sat for BEC and failed with a 72. Studied my ass off and sat again 10 days later (thank God for continuous testing!) and got a 75. Then I sat for FAR for the third time, AND FAILED AGAIN with a 70! I'm so depressed at this point I don't know if I

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Jewish persecution in the Arab world

Every time I come across a comment or post along the lines of "Jews were safer in the Muslim world than in Europe" or "The Jewish expulsion only occurred because of the establishment of Israel" I feel the need to chime in and correct them, a task I am finding increasingly tedious. Of course this is a complex issue and the above statements are what I would call half truths, which makes them all the more difficult to refute. Especially when the statements are used to draw a conclusion that I believe to be dangerous or fallacious. Therefore, I thought that it might be good to provide a brief history of Jewish persecution and the events that lead to the Jewish expulsion in the Arab world. Because the expulsion occurred in many different countries at different points in time, it is hard to present a unified history of this event. To rectify this, I will focus this post on Iraq (where my father's family was expelled from) and discuss the rest of the arab world where possible. Of course I will also relate this history to the attitudes Mizrahi Jews have today towards arabs and how we should consider this history when discussing the solution to the I/P conflict.

Let's begin with the history of the Dhimmi. Dhimmi status was granted following the islamic conquests of 622 A.D by Caliph Umar to Jews. Dhimmi status was originally given to minorities deemed to be "people of the book" (Jews and Christians) but was eventually extended to other minorities such as Hindus and Buddhists. The fact that Jews were considered to be "protected" is often translated into the above half truth of "Jews were safer when they were ruled by muslims than they were in Europe". Yes that is true, but they were safer under certain conditions and so long as they adhered to certain restrictions. A Dhimmi had to pay additional taxes, could not testify against muslims, could not bear arms or run for office. Additionally, Jews were required to identify themselves by wearing a yellow emblem on their chest. Now these restrictions varied over time and depended largely on who ruled over the Dhimmis. Therefore some periods were better than others. But I believe that this is the root cause of Jewish persecution within the muslim world. What Dhimmi laws essentially translate into is "submit to us or else". There are numerous historical anecdotes where a Jew or group of Jews broke one of these laws resulting in pogroms against the whole Jewish community. An anti-jewish pogrom broke out in 1291 in Baghdad

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My ultra hardcore recycling guide for our house

Hi all,

I've been putting together info for how to recycle in Tucson while leveraging all the recycling options that are open to me: curbside, the city's upcoming glass drop-off, local and mail-in corporate-sponsored, and TerraCycle (a paid option). I aim to reuse or recycle every last bit of waste coming out of our house, no matter how crazy it may seem. Partly I just want to see how difficult it is; I recognize that my process isn't practical for most people.

Anyway, here's what I've gathered so far.

General principles

  1. COMPOST: If it can be composted, compost it! (More on this below.)
  2. REUSE: If it can't be composted, reuse it! Reuse is always the most environmentally-friendly option.
  3. DONATE: If it can't be reused by you, donate it if it's something worth donating that someone else could use. https://tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org/ has a great directory for places that will accept various materials. Cero is a Tucson store that also accepts lots of stuff for donation and reuse. Donation usually involves transportation and some kind of carbon emissions, but it's still better than recycling. Don't donate junk! Donations aren't a free trash can.
  4. MUNICIPAL RECYCLING: If it can't be donated, recycle it locally using municipal recycling (curbside or drop-off). Recycle Coach has all the info you need on what municipal recycling can or can't recycle. ESGD's page on residential recycling also has some important guidelines. Recycling uses energy and involves carbon-emitting transport, plus not everything in a recycling waste stream actually gets recycled, so try to reuse first.
  5. LOCAL STORE DROP-OFF: If it can't be recycled using municipal recycling, recycle it at a local store for free. Earth911 has a search page that finds these stores and breaks them down by type, and TerraCycle's corporate-sponsored programs page also has some local programs. These programs typically ship their waste to a recycling partner, often TerraCycle in New Jersey, which adds to the environmental footprint of the process, so try to recycle municipally first.
  6. FREE MAIL-IN: If it can't be recycled at a local store, use one of [TerraCycle's free corporate-sponsored mail-in programs]
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I recently compared four sensor-capable budget GPS bike computers and a bunch of apps, just for myself. Figured I'd write up my thoughts in case they are helpful to someone.

Background: I was a bike commuter/recreational cyclist most of my life, but stopped riding when I began working from home a few years back, ironically upon moving to Portland, OR- one of the most bike-friendly cities on Earth. I realized during the pandemic how much I missed riding, and have started training for my first century (unsupported). I'm mostly training indoors on a dumb trainer, and as I get closer to my goal, am increasing my outdoor rides.

Given how out of shape I was/am, a significant portion of my training is based around heart rate zones. I picked up a speed/cadence combo sensor and a heart rate monitor, and was using them with my Garmin watch, but it's a bit hard to read when mounted on a handlebar, and loses more than 10% battery per hour, which doesn't leave a ton of buffer when you're as slow as me and trying to put in lots of miles. So I tried a bunch of different stuff until I found something I like.

I think that makes me more or less representative of the budget computer shopper. Interested in more data than you get from an oldschool wired speed + distance sensor, but not really in the market for Strava Live notifications, advanced analytics, or the latest, best training prompts and navigation options. I neither have nor want a power meter, or smart tail lights, or radar. Indoors, my interval training is mostly spin bike workouts, and outdoors I don't need a lot of prompting to work on my heart rate goals.

GADGETS: All of the devices I checked out picked up and kept GPS signal fairly quickly, though reviews on this vary. Also, onboard navigation is more or less straight out the window. The very few options that purport to offer navigation at these price points are doing breadcrumb trails that are IMO useless. By contrast, there are myriad mobile navigation apps that will provide turn-by-turn audio prompts. I managed to get around without computer navigation for decades and am mostly on familiar roads and bike paths, so feel good about this call. If you want decent navigation on the computer itself it's worth paying the extra money for a real on-board mapping device. Otherwise, I've summarized some phone-based nav options. I also didn't test phone notifications, this simply isn't something I want on a ride, and I already get them on my watch if I don't remember to set do not disturb. That said, I am a little curious whether any of the nav apps can send turns as regular notifications to kind of fake that fun

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Converge Technology Solutions (CTS.V, CTSDF, 0ZB) – DD Inside.

Hello all, today I present to you a Toronto-based company in the form of Converge Technology Solutions. Before I get started, I just wanted to bring to light a type of bias that may show prevalence. If you have heard of this company before and are already thinking of investing, read the definition of confirmation bias: “tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.” Read through the next paragraphs with a neutral mind, free from bias, I present a devil’s advocate argument at the end to subside the rest of the information. Confirmation bias is definitely prevalent on any subreddit, so be careful!

Who is Converge Technology Solutions?

Best represented by their own description:

Converge Technology Solutions Corp. is a North American Hybrid IT Solution Provider focused on delivering industry leading solutions and services. Converge’s regional sales and services organizations deliver advanced analytics, cloud, cybersecurity, and managed services offerings to clients across various industries.

Converge supports these solutions with talent expertise and digital infrastructure offerings across all major IT vendors in the marketplace. This multi-faceted approach enables Converge to address the unique business and technology requirements for all clients in the public and private sectors.

The company has 71, not to be confused later with 17, Strategic Alliances with software, hardware and general programs that are offered by companies around the globe. Some include: Gold Microsoft Partner, Titanium Dell Technologies Partner, and Advanced Amazon Web Services Partner.

Traded on:

  1. TSX Venture Exchange: CTS.V
  2. OTCQX (Highest OTC exchange): CTSDF
  3. Frankfurt Stock Exchange: 0ZB

Family of Converge Technology Solutions

Since October 2017, CTS has acquired 17 companies. This is huge, CTS’s operation seems to be acquiring different IT companies focusing in on Cloud, Cybersecurity, Digital Infrastructure, etc. and forming the companies into an arm of CTS for offering leading-tech solutions in the software industry:

  1. Corus360 – Cloud, Dad Center, Talent Solutions
  2. Norther Micro – AI & Advanced Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud & Edge computing
  3. Becker-Carroll – Strategy & Planning, Design
  4. KeyInfo – Computing, Storage & Networking solutions
  5. BlueChipTek – Hybrid Cloud, Global Logistics, Full Rack Integration
  6. Light House Computer Services
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OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Giving thanks edition: Kickin’ around Caracas, Pt. 5

Continuing… (It's Part 6 in the saga, I fucked up. Sorry.)

So, after a few re-fueling and impromptu cigar-purchasing stops in South and Central America, we wheel up to the deserted jetway at LAX.

“Thought we were going to Elmendorf?” I asked.

“This isn’t it?” the pilot replied, feigning worry.

“No.”, I replied, “Looks like California. Fruits and nuts. All around. What’s going on? One minute we’re off to Texas, then Cali, then Texas again, now we end up here at the California airport of the iconic tower.”

“Yeah, it’s confusing enough haulin’ civilians around. But when we get a call from Virginia, we tend to comply without any questions,” the pilot explains.

“Aw, shit!”, I sort of exclaim, “Rack and Ruin called?”

“Yeah”, the pilot replies, “Figures you’d know these guys. They said they were closer to LAX rather than Texas and had us divert here. In fact, you look over there, see that dark blue Chevy? That’s them; and evidently, your ride.”

I tipped the airman from earlier a couple of cigars as he helped me with my gear off the plane and into the trunk of Rack and Ruin’s plain-Jane blue late modeled Chevy. Had to move the Sidewinder Missiles off to one side, though.

“Most honorable Agents Lack and Luin!” I quipped in my faux-racist greeting. “What the hell, guys? I’ve got to get to Japan and get some newly rigidified digits.”

“Let’s see your hand”, Agent Rack asks. “Nasty.”

“Yeah”, I sigh “And with the medicos in South America and their penchant for plaster, I don’t so much have a left hand as more of an ankylosaur tail.”

“Or Thagomizer”, Agent Ruin tittered. “Anyone gives you grief, and one upside the head should set them right. Or dead.”

“You’re a riot, Ruin.” I replied, “But not entirely incorrect.”

We all agreed that I really didn’t need any extra accouterments to make myself look more dangerous. I mean with my severe haircut, stern beard clip, and perpetual ‘Go fuck yourself’ scowl.

“Yeah”, I replied, stroking the aforementioned beard, “I just can’t get that. I’m such a people person.”

After Agents Rack and Ruin finished drying their eyes from laughing what I thought was en extremis, we finally got down to business.

“So, what’s the skinny, guys”, I asked. “New marching orders?”

“No. Not as such”, Agent Ruin said, still sniggering over my ‘people person’ comment.

I see we’re moving. Agent Rack is just driving casually, like Chewbacca when they were waiting to see if the Empire went for that expensive Bothan code.


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Playboy going public: Porn, Gambling, and Cannabis

NEW INFO 4 Definitive Agreement to purchase 100% of Lovers brand stores announced 2/1.


NEW INFO 3 I bought more on the dip today. 5081 total. Price rose AH to $12.38 (2.15%)

NEW INFO 2 Here is the full webinar.


NEW INFO 1 Live merger webinar with PLBY and MCAC on Friday January 29, 2021 at 12:00 NOON EST link below


Playboy going public: Porn, Gambling, and Cannabis

!!!WARNING READING AHEAD!!! TL;DR at the end. It will take some time to sort through all the links and read/watch everything, but you should.

In the next couple weeks, Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp is taking Playboy public. The existing ticker MCAC will become PLBY. Special purpose acquisition companies have taken private companies public in recent months with great success. I believe this will be no exception. Notably, Playboy is profitable and has skyrocketing revenue going into a transformational growth phase.

Porn - First and foremost, let's talk about porn. I know what you guys are thinking. “Porno mags are dead. Why would I want to invest in something like that? I can get porn for free online.” Guess what? You are absolutely right. And that’s exactly why Playboy doesn’t do that anymore. That’s right, they eliminated their print division. And yet they somehow STILL make money from porn that people (see: boomers) pay for on their website through PlayboyTV, Playboy Plus, and iPlayboy. Here’s the thing: Playboy has international, multi-generational name recognition from porn. They have content available in 180 countries. It will be the only publicly traded adult entertainment (porn) company. But that is not where this company is going. It will help support them along the way. You can see every Playboy magazine through iPlayboy if yo

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The Mystery of the Bakersfield 3: Two friends disappeared, a third died in a drive-by shooting. Their families suspected the crimes were linked. How did Baylee Despot, Micah Holsonbake, and James Kulstad end up in the middle of an arms trafficking and murder plot in their California city?

Over the course of 34 days in the spring of 2018, three unsettling crimes played out in the city of Bakersfield, California. The families of the three victims realized their children all knew each other and ran in the same circles, and they began to suspect that all three crimes were connected. But what began as a crusade for justice among grieving parents took a shocking turn when investigators discovered that the so-called Bakersfield 3 were embroiled in a criminal underworld of black-market weapons smuggling, the Hells Angels, unspecified ties to drug cartels, torture and kidnapping, and a convicted felon nicknamed “The Boogeyman of Bakersfield.”

This is a genuinely bizarre case, and while I’ve never written up a case for this sub before, I’ve been following this story closely for the past couple years. The last time it was mentioned on here over a year ago, but there have been some huge recent developments in the last year that I thought deserved as comprehensive a telling as possible. And despite all that, it's nowhere near resolved. So without further ado...

Part 1: Missing

On March 23,2018, Micah Holsonbake, 34, went missing in East Bakersfield near the intersection of Flower Street and Mount Vernon Avenue. Micah was a clean-cut dad who worked in finance, a former high school debater who loved karaoke despite not being any good at it. He was presumed endangered missing until August 22, 2018, when teenagers swimming near a local park found an arm in the Kern River that was identified as his. The rest of his body has never been found.

On April 18, 2018, James Kulstad, 38, was murdered on a quiet block in Southwest Bakersfield. A father of two daughters, James was a serial entrepreneur described as the type of man who “could sell a dollar bill on the side of the road for a million dollars if he could just get 5 minutes with you.” His brother Ryan heard the gunshots from the next street over, but didn’t see the shooter, and he claims he held James as he died in his arms.

On April 25, 2018, Baylee Parrent-Despot, 20, disappeared from Rosedale, the upper-middle-class neighborhood in Northwest Bakersfield where she’d grown up. Baylee described herself as a “flower child” who had been born in the wrong generation. After

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The Trump Campaign's Accusations of Voter Fraud: An Exhaustive Analysis and Fact Check

Full disclosure: I'm not a Trump fan in the slightest. I don't spend an extraordinary amount of time talking about that fact on Reddit; but some of my comments do indeed express this view, either by way of serious commentary or lighthearted joking.

At the same time, I take impartial analysis and fact checking extremely seriously. I always push back against weak and/or unfounded accusations that are made against Trump, as I do for all other political figures — something I've done both on this account and on /u/FactCheckHuman, my dedicated fact checking account.

Usually, my fact checks don't run much more than a couple of paragraphs. In some instances, though, I've done ultra–deep dives into an issue. This current post can certainly be considered one of these. As with any other fact check, the ultimate aim of these write-ups is simply to determine what is or isn't true; or what is or isn't likely to be true.

At the same time, this post also genuinely intends to persuade people of the speciousness and toxicity of the Trump campaign's current claims about voter fraud. To tell the truth, I kind of approached it as a synthesis of conversations I've been having with my conservative friends and family members, who are really on board with the Trump position on election integrity.

In any case, not everything is as simple as finding the facts and evidence, and letting these speak for themselves. Ideally that's how we want things to be; but often times there are a number of ambiguities that prevent this from being done so easily, in terms of varying interpretations that the evidence permits. In these instances, we basically have to make a reasonable judgment call about what's likely to be the case: educated guesses that try to fill in some of the gaps in the evidence.

Even here, though, I try to be similarly rigorous, and take a lead from what I call critical parsimony. In short, this tries to find the most "normal" and least sensational/conspiratorial explanation for something, while also bearing in mind some of the complexities and anomalies that might complicate the issue. Often times, these two different or seemingly contradictory aspects come together when we encounter some event or phenomenon that superficially seems exceptional and counterintuitive, but which turns out to be much less unusual than it appears to be. In short, this allows extraordinary events to be, well, rare.

In line with that last point, one of the most insightful thin

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First Net Worth Post - 2020 ($82k to $142k)

In 2020 I achieved a net worth increase of approx. $60, starting in Jan with $82k and ending in Dec with $142k.

A bit about me and the journey so far:

*Just turned 30, female

*Moved here from NZ at age 20

*Partnered, but only tracking my own net worth

*Currently a Quality Consultant for Big 4 Bank, earning $100,000 plus 10% super and bonus (the latter has been quite low in recent years.)

*No tertiary training; I started working in retail and then moved into admin and worked my way up. I had a tough start when I first moved and nearly had to return home when I had trouble finding an initial job. I spent a few years in retail and was desperate to get out; I was lucky to end up with an admin job with a 2nd tier lender that although paid little, let me get my foot in the door of another industry, and allowed me to learn and move up to higher paid positions. I have worked in mortgage lending, and most recently, quality control.

*No family help

*Renting 2.5km from CBD

*Approx. 50% savings rate

*Hold a NAB Equity Builder facility which really helped me kickstart my ETF investing. I am paying this down monthly as normal, and also investing into VEU/VTS in a separate portfolio. Once the EB is paid off, I will transfer the holdings across and hold them all together for simplicity.

*Budget/spending conscious but not overly frugal, enjoy going out with friends every week etc. In general, expenses are on the low side compared to my income given we have no car and walk most places, including to work when offices were a thing.

*Hoping to FIRE at age 48, as my partner is now 47 and I’d like to retire with him.

*Plans for the future include buying a house in the inner north/east of Melbourne (lofty, I know)

*We have previously travelled extensively in the past 5 years, as we are lucky with flexible/negative/purchased leave arrangements. No doubt the lack of travel last year has significantly reduced spending

*Current savings/investing strategy is $1500pm saved for house, and $1500pm invested in either VEU or VTS.


PLS (Pilbara Minerals), KMD, MQG, NAB, VAS, VEU, VTS, VDHG

I'm aware of the ETF overlap; this occurred when I just randomly bought them as I started out. Not buying any further VAS or VDHG, may sell them down the road to buy a house

Highlights of 2020

*Kept my job

*Massive forced savings via lockdown: no bought lunches, coffee, overseas travel (which is a lowlight really but maybe with a silver lining)

*My naï

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Why we like Peak Fintech @PEAK_Fintech $PKK $PKKFF @Stockfamgroup

PEAK SYNOPSIS Peak Fintech Group (PKK in Canada, PKKFF in U.S.) - By MrDotto in the Stock Fam Discord group

Upcoming Name Change: Tenet Fintech Group

Industry (Financial Technology Services for Commercial Lending)

Notable Management: Johnson Joseph (C.E.O), Sheldon Inwentash (Board Member, Strategic Advisor)

Why We Love it:

My oh my…..where to begin? (I’ll just drop this and explain near the end: PKK expects to be listed on the NASDAQ by late March, early April.  Put a pin in that and we’ll discuss later)

If you have recently joined the Stock Fam community (congratulations!), you may have come across the expression “Holy Grail” used for ThreeD Capital (IDK, IDKFF), and with good reason, as it is the current investment vehicle of legendary Canadian investor, Sheldon Inwentash (See the dedicated IDK board for more info).  However, if ThreeD is the “Holy Grail”, Peak Fintech (soon to be Tenet Fintech Group) deserves a moniker of its own.  I’d call it the “Crown Jewel” of the Stock Fam community.  So, let’s get into why.  Get comfortable.

Peak is a Canadian company with the incredibly rare distinction of being a growing player in the Chinese financial marketplace.  Through its Asia Synergy subsidiaries, Peak facilitates lending between financial institutions and commercial borrowers.  It does this through an online ecosystem that essentially does all the legwork for the banks by both assessing credit risk and also finding matches for lenders and borrowers within that ecosystem.  Mr. Joseph himself once compared it, in very loose terms for new investors, to essentially a dating site for lending.  Peak does the legwork, sets up the match, and takes a fee (currently in the 2% range of the total size of credit).

Now, after reading this, you’ll have questions, so let’s anticipate that and answer them now.  After that, we will talk revenue numbers, and you’ll fall out of your chair and need assistance getting up (we assume no liability for chair accidents.

First, the big question most new investors to Peak have is “Well, is it safe to operate in China?  You know, the whole Jack Ma thing…”

To answer this, we need to first understand the lending climate in China.  A few years back, it was far too easy for any poorly run “lending centre” to pop up, give out loans with outrageous interest rates, and gouge the SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) that were in need of capital.  This led to massive default rates and a climate that threatened to stifle comm

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Warsim (Times Up Update, 322 features)

Hey Everyone,

So this update is primarily focusedt on the Times Up update, an update focusing on massively expanding what happens when a game on a timer ends with the time running out thanks to suggestions by Antonios and Josh771. That's not all though, there are mountains of other things changed and added, 57 player suggestions and bug reports, a new hidden tavern, new throne room encounters, lots of new locations and events and tons more!

HOW YOU DIED (21 features)

An important part of what happens after you rule, is how it came to an end. Now there are a bunch of possible ways you can vacate the realm of the living, chosen at random.

  • Added a system to choose random deaths based on how long your reigned each with sound effects
  • Added peaceful sleep death outcome
  • Added quarter of a millenium sleep death outcome (credit u/ColonelKepler)
  • Added heart attack death outcome
  • Added Evading death outcome
  • Added Your time has come death outcome
  • Added Snapped toe death outcome (credit u/ColonelKepler)
  • Added Stubbed toe death outcome
  • Added heat wave death outcome
  • Added falling roof tile death outcome
  • Added freezing death outcome
  • Added poison snake death outcome
  • Added decapitation death outcome
  • Added poison death outcome
  • Added immortality test death outcome (credit u/ColonelKepler)
  • Added fifty daggers death outcome
  • Added ancient disease death outcome
  • Added drowning death outcome
  • Added stroke death outcome
  • Added fragile neck death outcome (credit u/ColonelKepler)
  • Added neck massage death outcome

Anyways Imma HEAD OUT - https://i.imgur.com/g3YlAY1.png

Damned Roof Tiles - https://i.imgur.com/i7sUh3B.png

Stroke you say? - https://i.imgur.com/BLFE9yO.png

ALL HAIL THE NEW KING (46 features)

You can't rule forever, but who takes your place. Prepare for a large number of possible replacements, and many a wild tale of how they got there!

  • Added 2/3 chance new ruler is decided by tournament of strength if it's your origin story
  • Added 2/3 chance new ruler is demonic servant if you are a demonic ruler
  • Added the ability for new ruler to be an escaped slave (if you have slaves)
  • Added the ability for new ruler to be a prominent guard
  • Added the ability for new ruler to be an obscure relative of yours
  • Added the ability for new ruler to be a dog
  • Added the ability for new ruler to be the leader of the militia (only if militia is active)
  • Added the ability for new ruler to be a usurper
  • Added the ability for new rul
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Feb/3/2021: (1) Mediaport Telegram channel: fabrications & rumors, activists behind it (2) Bill: identify "unknown" outlet owners before "linking" by mass media. Media financial transparency. (3) Parliament: judicial reform, protests, social aid (4) Robik (5) Artsakh recognized (6) Subsidies (7

Your 16-minute Wednesday report in 3984 words.

##Mediaport Telegram channel

For context, read DFRLab's investigation into pro-Serj/Kocharyan media figures behind media outlets that spread misinformation and deceptive "fact checks". Part 1. Part 2. Or read the summary here.

Reported by FIP, edited by me to add extra info: Mediaport Telegram channel was created just two days after the ending of the war and often spreads sensationalized and shocking information. It's heavily cited by some opposition outlets. The owners are unknown. We tried to find out who runs the channel.

It has a record of publishing info about events that were set to happen within a few hours (about officials submitting letters of resignation). That means they have some connection in the system. The outlet, however, mostly spreads fake news, out of context, manipulation, or gossip-level stuff.

November 11: the outlet claimed that all entrances to Yerevan were closed and that people were marching to Yerevan on foot. In reality, roadblocks were installed to check vehicles entering Yerevan to ensure they don't have weapons. The road wasn't "closed" and there was no "marching".

November 16: the outlet wrote that Parliament Speaker Alen Simonyan decided not to return from his trip to Russia and had to hide in Moscow because the Armenian community in Moscow was after him for revenge. Meanwhile, Alen Simonyan had returned to Armenia several days before the publication, and as of writing it, he was presiding over a meeting between Pashinyan and MPs.

November 20: the outlet wrote that Artsakh church leader Pargev Srbazan had passed away. The churchman appeared in public days later. (the second coming of Pargev?)

December 24: the outlet claimed that Azeris entered Armenian village Vorotan in Syunik province and used equipment to take down a sign. In reality, the incident took place in a similarly named settlement in Artsakh's Qashatagh province, which went under Azeri control during the war. The original source mentioned that it was in Qashatagh, but Mediaport

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Energy Web is the biggest Blockchain organisation to date & will be one of the most used chains this decade

I've put together a Redpill post on what stood out to me about about EW while looking into it.

As you might know a LOT of money is flooding into the energy sector. Trillions of $ will be deployed in the energy transition. It's accelerating now with $500 billion put into sustainable energy related stuff last year. $139 billion was spent on Electric Vehicles & infrastructure like charging stations in 2020.

There's a global drive from governments & companies to push the worlds electricity into a sustainable landscape, with milestones within this decade. Americas investment will be accelerating with the Biden win.

Even large banks are announcing they won't be investing money into companies that aren't part of this transition. Basically every large company in america & europe will have no choice but to invest in clean energy.

a bit more on this also mentioned by Jesse Morris (CCO) on twitter:


>"In the next three decades, renewables, batteries & DERs will dominate the energy landscape, attracting 93% of all power sector investment, ~$13 trillion. Customers alone will directly invest $2 trillion. And that’s not even counting the trillions we’re about to spend on EVs."

Energy web is a blockchain started by the merging of Grid Singularity and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Grid Singularity + RMI = Energy Web

Grid singularity was co-founded by Gavin wood (a leader in Polkadot & early Ethereum, both in the top 10) Jutta Steiner (former Chief of Security for Ethereum) and more from early ethereum + energy companies. The Rocky mountain institute is a leading clean energy organisation (more on RMI later).


They both fused into the Energy Web foundation.

The Energy Web Chain is a public Proof of Authority chain aimed at the Energy sector, & allows for greater scaling than Ethereum, which is needed for the millions / billions of energy devi

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If anyone EVER tells you Prewar USA was a force for good... (A handy counter/reference)

Despite the series being a brazen critique of nationalism and unregulated capitalism, there's still a surprising amount of people unirionically agreeing with the parodies of their ideals. Today's spicy take is on how every once and awhile you'll find someone defending the Prewar United States.

Normally this is where'd I make an argument to counter this idea but... honestly I don't have to because the Fallout Wiki page for The Prewar United States Of America and the Fallout Bible passages it's citing are so unapologetic the argument makes itself.

Read the entire page for it if you have the time. Seriously. Otherwise, here are some choice quotes (all of these are direct and unedited by me beyond some bolding for emphasis and basic context in brackets):

>Federal presidential constitutional republic (de jure)
>Totalitarian unitary oligarchy (de facto)
>the American government controlled by the military-corporate oligarchs abandoned the country shortly before the nuclear exchanges began
>the United States began exerting pressure on Mexico, in order to protect their economic interests there, primarily the crude oil supply. The U.S. deliberately destabilized the country using economic sanctions, before invading the country outright. American military units seized oil refineries and infrastructure to ensure that the flow of crude oil did not cease.
>Canada had also begun to feel the pressure exerted by its increasingly hostile neighbor.
>The federal government attempted to use the increasing national paranoia to control the situation, by discouraging assemblies, fueling the anti-communist sentiment, and encouraging the reporting of subversive elements.[20] The Vigilant Citizen's Hotline was even established to allow hysterical citizens to report neighbors to the government for any behavior that could be construed as in support of communism.[21] **The Third Red Scare un

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Feb/2/2021: (1) Arms dealer Davo's arrest trial. General responds. (2) Kocharyan trial (3) Conscript's war story (4) Anti-corruption busts (5) Border village Nrnadzor: railway & road (6) Rumors & rebuttals (7) PACE statement & ECHR lawsuit (8) Teacher stats (9) Economic stats (10) Mortgage subsidy

Your 15-minute Tuesday report in 3706 words. It's already February?

##court allows Kocharyan to travel abroad / "you're young, think about your future"

Former president Kocharyan and co-defendants were charged with "March 1st" events. Their trial continues amid defendants' attempts to delay the process for as long as possible. The court is once again hearing another petition by defense relating to the same judge's recusal.

Kocharyan said the charges against him are political persecution. His co-defendant Yuri Khachaturov accused the judge of illegal conduct, promised to help her if she gets in legal trouble in the future, and told the judge: "you're a young and beautiful girl, think about your future, think about your health." The judge said she will read the verdict tomorrow. (this is the judge who was earlier chased down and harassed by pro-Kocharyan activists who broadcasted it Live on Facebook)

The judge had decided to allow Kocharyan to travel abroad between February 3-8. The prosecutor complained that the judge hadn't informed the prosecutors about the reasoning behind the verdict. The judge gave the copy of the verdict to the prosecutor and ask him to file an appeal if he disagrees. The prosecutor argued that Kocharyan was a "flight risk".

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042141.html , https://factor.am/334320.html, https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1042159.html , https://youtu.be/SYZe4WKceu4 , https://factor.am/334338.html

##update: court arrests infamous arms dealer Mr. Davo / bad artillery / Russian ORSIS & Armenian Generals

Context. Mr. Davo (bullet Davo) is charged with embezzling army funds in 2018 by delivering the wrong type/diameter of artillery that was old and useless.

Mr. Davo said: NSS is wrong. The weapons were not made in the 1970s. 1977 was the serial year. The units were produced at a later date. //

The court is hearing whether to arrest him pre-trial. Davo's supporters gathered outside the court to show support. Among them was Serj Sargsyan's former bodyguard boss Vachagan Ghazaryan (that guy who got arrested in 2018 and returned the cash). Vachagan said he has known Mr. Davo for 15 years.

LHK leader Marukyan: Davo was an important ring in military purchases and a "non-replaceable" figure who continued his activities even under Pashinyan's administration. I don't think he is being used as a scapegoat right no

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Phone Buying Guide for Pokemon Go (2020)

tl;dr: The best value mid-range phones in 2020 are as follows. Retail prices noted in local currency.



With the 2020 holiday shopping season about to head into its peak and the big Go Beyond update coming to Pokemon Go, I thought it might be a good idea to share what I've learned from phone shopping this year. Additionally, the latest 0.193 update officially ends support for iOS 11 and Android 5, so there may be people looking for replacement phones.

This post was inspired by a couple of great submissions made in 2017 and 2018. I am not the original author of those posts, nor am I particularly well-versed on the latest tech, but I'll try my best here. Also, full disclosure: I have not played around with any of these devices, and everything discussed here comes from viewing phone specs, "professional" review articles/videos, and my own personal interpretations.

Here's how the post is organized:

  • tl;dr (too long; didn't read) - up at the top
  • Introduction - you're here
  • Considerations for Playing Pokemon Go - I describe the main metrics I'll use to compare phones and give an example based on personal experience
  • Phone Makers & Highlighted Models - The bulk of the post, where I talk about phone brands and point out notable models, usually a high-end flagship and a mid-tier option.
  • Conclusions - closing thoughts
  • Glossary - A few phone tech terms that might be helpful to readers

All prices listed in this post are the base model starting retail prices in the indicated currency, usually U.S. Dollar (USD), sometimes Pound Sterling (GBP) or Euro (EUR), as viewed from someone in the U.S. (included links might not always work outside the U.S.). Many phones will likely go on sale over the next few days/weeks, so keep that in mind

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First Contact - Third Wave - Chapter 370 (The War)

[first] [prev] [next]

Admiral Haigely stared at the holotank, completely unaware that a group of her opposites were staring at nearly the same image in a flickering holotank. The Orion-Cygnus Gaclatic Arm Stub glowed brightly, the stars different colors. There were different colored areas, slightly glowing, as if the stars were in diffuse clouds.

Blue for the Terran Confederacy, with color hatching for non-Terran allied races. Yellow for the Unified Council territories. Green for the Neo-Sapient Systems, AKA Disputed Territory, with markers for who was in control of the area. Red for the Precursors, with diagonal hatching for the type. Purple for the Idiots. Gray fog for the Long Dark AKA Precursor Autonomous War Machine Spawning Zone. Red and amber for the area where the Mar-gite had first appeared, which was missing on the Unified Council maps. Amber with red markings for the Talmonus Harmony Cluster.

The Admiral reached out and touched the amber marker over TerraSol.


She sighed. Almost four months since the Case Omaha had been announced. A month since the other systems had left the gravitational protective system, and TerraSol was still locked down.

She hoped her wife and children in MechaKrautland were not too worried about her.

Haigely pushed down her concern and looked back at the holotank.

The Confederacy, before TerraSol had been locked down, had managed to largely take the outer regions of the Unified Council Territories and start to squeeze. As a student of military history, she knew that this was where a conventional force would start to slow down even further as troops and equipment would have to be diverted for occupations.

The would lower the amount of troops and war material available for the fronts, take up trained troops, and require a massive amount of dedicated logistics to keep it all running.

For nearly eight thousand years that had been beaten by the Terrans, no matter what government they had lived under.

Cloning banks and the Born Whole system ensured instant reinforcements. Nanoforges and Creation Engines and Von Nuemann Logistics Systems had ensured that the Terrans supply lines were only as far as the nearest gas giant,

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"Why is San Francisco the way that it is?" - A history of pluralistic populism and the urban anti-regime in Baghdad by the Bay, aka the Beachhead of Unintended Policy Consequences

>"Why is San Francisco the way that it is?"

- /u/the_status

^(Discussion Thread, Queen Hillary Publishing, October 15th, 2020)

Boy, am I glad you asked!

^((but really...)^(am I)^(? I know I said "ask me again on Monday" back in October. I spent a little longer on this than I thought I would...Sorry bud.))

A brief note about me and why you should or shouldn't care what I think:

I was born in San Francisco*, California in the late 1980s (👴 lmao), and grew up there through the '90s and '00s.

^(*No, not Moraga. Not Mill Valley. Not Sunnyvale. SAN FRANCISCO. You moron. You absolute dolt.)

I've worked for small startups and watched them become major publicly-traded tech firms.

I've worked for local government and watched planning professionals drive themselves insane from knowing how to fix things but not having the political mandate to act on that knowledge.

I've mansplained to more than my fair share of people who didn't really care why San Francisco is the way that it is today. And you can be next!


Introduction: "The City" as Everything but a City

>"It's an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world."

- Oscar Wilde

>"Hey, Georgia! San Francisco just wanted to say "thank you!" We already have Nancy Pelosi as our Congresswoman, now you're gonna give us John Ossoff as our Congressman!"

- Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC

Few cities carry as much symbolism as San Francisco. When you consider that San Francisco is a city of not even a million people, its outsize presence in our cultural zeitgeist becomes all the more notable.

For progressives, the city is a besieged bohemian mecca - at once quaint and visionary, and under siege by a looming neoliberal order.

For conservatives, it's an anarchic disastrous mess where unchecked liberal policies have produced a petri dish of societal failure and hedonism, all funded by extreme taxation.

For liberals, it's a hub of technological innovation paradoxically situa

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Israel-Iran Conflict Escalating

As I'm sure many of you know, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a brigadier general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and nuclear scientist who was allegedly the head of Iran's nuclear weapons program, was assassinated in Iran a few days ago. This assassination follows the unconfirmed reported assassination of Abu Muhammad al-Masri, Al Qaeda's #2, in Tehran in August and the assassination of a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard commander in Syria near the Iraqi-Syria border sometime between this previous Saturday and Sunday.

These assassinations come on the tails of the January assassination of Islamic Revolutionary Guard major general and commander of the Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani.

While we know that the US ordered and carried out the assassination of Soleimani with Israeli help (or at the very least Israeli approval of the assassination), we have no official recognition of the other three assassinations.

Fakhrizadeh has been confirmed dead by Iran, but no one has claimed responsibility. What we do know is that Iran seems to strongly believe that Israel carried it out, and the circumstantial evidence does lead me to believe that it was in fact Israel.

Abu Muhammad al-Masri's assassination has not been confirmed by the US, Israel, Iran, or Al Qaeda, but multiple anonymous American intelligence officials who contributed to the reporting of the assassination claim that the assassination did in fact happen and that it was Israel that carried it out with intel and coordination from the US. I don't really have any reason to believe this didn't happen and that it didn't happen this way.

Finally, this recent drone strike that killed a yet unnamed senior commander in Iran's military has been confirmed by Iraqi officials. Syrian news is reporting that it appears to be carried out by the US, but once again no one has claimed responsibility yet. I'd say that it was definitely either the US or Israel given the recent history of the US droning areas near the Iraq-Syria border over the past couple of years and the recent Israeli droning of Iranian targets in Syria over the past few weeks. Whoever carried it out, it benefited both the US and Israel.

While Israel and Iran are not yet on the brink of war, recent developments have pushed the decades-old conflict in that direction. With reports coming out that Trump might increase engagement against Iran before he leaves office, the Knesset reportedly telling the IDF to make preparations for the chance that the US attacks Iran, a

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[Star Wars] How does Obi-Wan survive in regards to generating funds for goods and service on Tatooine?

"I am an ambitious investigative accountant working for the Imperial Taxation Bureau and I think I could climb up a few notches in the pecking order with the bundle of evidence I am preparing on locating Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The records at the old Jedi Temple are kept in another department and access to most accounts in those files are above my paygrade. I am assuming during the Old Republic individual Jedi were given a stipend. I have access to a report that has mostly been reducted of an incident on Tatooine nearly thirty years ago. It mentions an old Jedi called Qui-Gon Jinn who attempts to pay for a critical component (T-14 hyperdrive) needed to repair their ship with 20,000 Republic credits. This does not raise any eyebrows as I assume Qui-Gon Jinn had access to Jedi company credit card.

However, if I were to assume that Obi-Wan would be a fugitive on a planet on the outer rim, where a mystique could more easily blend in. I would imagine that a bandit or smuggler would take advantage of Obi Wan's desperation to evacuate off the planet without questions asked and to evade our thinly spaced out resources in that region of the galaxy. I imagine somewhere in the realm of 10,000 credits.

If I could track where such funds would come from then surely I could trace Obi-Wan Kenobi?"

1, Are credits digital currency? If so would it be like me paying for goods and services using Apple Pay/Android Pay which extracts funds from my bank account and therefore leaves a paper trail with each transaction or like bitcoin and much more difficult to track?

2, Was it mentioned how Obi-Wan Kenobi was keeping himself occupied? Surely, it's not easy to live off the fat of the land when you're resigned to a desolate wasteland? I can't imagine there being enough edible fauna and flora found on Tatooine. I'd imagine he would therefore need to pay for his food?

3, Where did the funds come from to pay for Han's services? As an Empire's Most Wanted fugitive, I can't imagine he still had access to the previous funds from the Republic, which then begs the question of what did he do to raise the funds?

The only thing I can think of is getting funds funnelled to him by Senator Bail Organa?

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Why the silent treatment on BRU (Buru Energy) it’s up over 110% 🚀🚀🚀since mid October. No real mention of it on ASX bets. WTF? (crickets,🦗 mates)

Buru Energy announced a great free carry farm out deal as a sweet Christmas present with Origin Energy. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve been watching them since the SP was at .11c in early December and entered a position at .145c after the farm out news.

The drilling season will commence in the Canning Basin after the wet season (March) in WA and they will drill up to two free carry wells for conventional oil at a world class prospect (paid in full by Origin Energy, seismic included for a 50% ownership stake).

Buru Energy has very little debt and over 40m in the bank on reserve. Current SP is .175c, with around 420m shares outstanding with a market cap near 75m and should be more given the cash on deck, farm out terms, other prospective licenses for drilling natural gas and oil, and oil rigs currently in production. No capital raises needed meaning no dilution to an already low number of outstanding shares.

They also just recently announced that the WA government has given approval for fracking for natural gas at their Kimberly site with partner Origin Energy. There’s estimated to be DOZENS of Tcf’s in the region which is why the SP jumped into the $3.50 range in 2012 but it was found to be too expensive to bring to market. Technology and market conditions have changed since then and presently Buru is working behind the scenes to monetize and bring the gas to local markets first and then internationally. The CEO owns about 5% (worth millions) of the company so he has skin in the game to continue to make this company successful.

From the looks of it Buru has a lot going on in 2021. My wife’s boyfriend tells me there is more ammunition to some of Buru’s other projects in the pipeline but I can’t be bothered listening to further DD as I am a certified ADHD retard. But, imo get your spacesuits ready cuz this baby is gonna continue to moon 👩‍🚀🌙 and could be a mulit-bagger if not a billion dollar company in the making. $1-$3 SP target imo if all goes well.

2021 is going to be an exciting year for Buru Energy (BRU) ...you heard it from this autist first, don’t kill the messenger, let the crickets chirp. Spread the good word.🗣🗣🗣


Corporate Presentation

Origin Energy Farm Out Deal

[CEO 2021 Company Outlook PR Video](https://youtu.be/RxsUNb

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I don’t think I can live with this

I’ve been dealing with FM symptoms for 14 months now, and I know that is a very short time compared to many people here, but I honestly don’t think I can do this for the next 40+ years. I haven’t been “officially” diagnosed yet, but my rheumatologist is leaning towards it and trying treatments to see if any improvement happens.

I’m not sure why I’m having such a hard time, maybe how everything came on so sudden, or maybe because before it all started I was a perfectly healthy 30 year old man with no previous health issues. Or maybe it’s because I do not have an official diagnosis and cannot put a name to what ails me. Either way, I still don’t think I can do this for the rest of my life.

It’s not even the pain that bothers me. Sure, my pain is high (hovers around a 5-6 most days, and 7/8 with certain movements), but honestly I could live with the pain. Oddly enough, my pain is confined to one single region only: my right leg and hip. That is the ONLY place I have pain, and it’s stayed there for the entire 14 months. I don’t even have any tender points.

However, what I do have, and what started one week after the pain is chronic fatigue and brain fog. These two symptoms are by far the most debilitating and leave me feeling like a shell of my former self. I don’t sleep very well, am fogged up nearly 24/7, and become exhausted and more foggy after a few short hours of being awake. Once this hits, I’m pretty much useless the rest of the day. Sadly, this is what pretty much everyday has been like for me for the past year. I’ll have maybe 2-4 “manageable” days a month and the rest are worthless garbage.

And I can’t find a single thing that makes any of this better or worse. Sleeping less or sleeping more seems to do nothing. Exercising seems to help in the very short term, but then I return to misery a couple of hours later. Relaxing and doing nothing does nothing. Cymbalta 20mg for 3 months did nothing. NSAIDs help with the pain mildly, but then again pain isn’t my biggest problem. Flexeril makes the fog worse for days. I’m running out of things to try.

And as the days go by, I see any chance of a happy future slipping away. My bank account is slowly but surely emptying. My business that I started at 24 is starting to decline because I no longer have the energy to manage it. My social circle is disappearing as I keep declining invitations for things I don’t feel well enough to do. Even my marriage is suffering as it has become more difficul

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Beneath Borneo

Indonesia might have seized its independence from its Dutch colonizers in 1949, but that didn’t put an end to external involvement on the islands. The West proved a less menacing ally than Mao’s China in those early years, so President Sukarno was willing to turn a blind eye now and then when a European or American firm wished to develop mining or timber operations on its islands. As long as a native -or a Javanese, more like- seemed to be running things, the fiercely protectionist economic policy of the new government would seem totally intact.

I came to the island of Borneo in late January of 1967 alongside a group of four prospective silver miners from Nevada, who wished to expand upon the rudimentary operations of the locals. We were kept hushed up about our purpose on the island, and it was an added selling point for our employers that not one of us spoke Indonesian- or any of the myriad other local languages, for that matter. Our overseer, a sturdy Jakarta man with the air of governmental importance, didn’t even give us his name. As I understand it, he introduced the handful of us to locals as advisors, and ensured the few villages we passed while boating into the interior didn’t get a chance to mingle with us.

The ride inland was defined by buzzing, gnawing insects and a heat so dense with moisture it seemed to catch in your throat like snot. It was a heat that somehow made the arid scorch of the desert back home seem tame, and left me feeling nauseous for the first few days of the expedition. The murky swamps along the coast gave way to rough water as we followed the river into the mountains, and we seemed to spend as much time portaging the boats around rapids as motoring steadily upstream. The muddy banks were uncomfortably thin, close to both the tepid brown water and the impenetrably thick mire of leaves, vines, and gnarled roots that carpeted the jungle. The others didn’t seem as worried as I was, but I couldn’t help but notice the Javanese porters amongst us hurried us on whenever we carried the boats along the shore, always conscious of the time spent mired in the muck and trapped in the open. The miners chattered about the job ahead to distract from the monotony of the sweat-stained trip into the jungle, but I wasn’t here for the silver, and their talk of drills and transport was a foreign language to me.

I’d been hired on as insurance against the tigers which roamed the island, and I kept my rifle close at hand throughout the trip- le

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Until the Enemy is Us

The Xandarths from u/mrducky78 's The Fermi Paradox seem to have an unbeatable setup. It's hard to imagine their empire falling without a deus ex machina of an invasion from another galaxy or the Deus sans machina of their being the beast from Revelation and the final judgement is coming soon.

But i think i've found a more home-grown solution.

Mr. Ducky's story is eminently readable, so whether this is the same species in the same universe, or a different species with the same name and strategy, i see no reason to waste time rewriting the details of how they maintain their control. Without further ado...


Everyone knows how the Xandarth's maintained their empire. It is equally common knowledge that it was the humans who finally brought about its fall.

What is not well understood is how the humans accomplished this feat.

The pieces of the puzzle were there, it was only that no one had realized there was a puzzle to assemble.

Earth's pathogens jumped species at an astonishingly high rate compared to those of other worlds.

Humans were compulsive anthropomorphizers, projecting their own attributes onto animals, machines, inanimate objects, and even abstract concepts.

Humans found many of earth's species remarkably easy to domesticate--to the point that in a few cases there was some question as to whether it had actually been the humans who had initiated the relationship. They were not unique in having domesticated a predator species. That they had then put that predator species to work guarding its former prey--and convinced the domesticated prey species that it had nothing to worry about--was unheard of.

Humans were far from the only species to wage intra-species warfare. They were, however, the only species whose internal wars could turn genocidal in the absence of at least sub-species level divergence.

Few of earth's predators would attack humans. This had been true even before humans developed the numbers and technology to overwhelm any potential threat. Those animals that had the size or strength or numbers to prey on humans often would do so only under conditions that were equally likely to result in cannibalizing their own.

Most species required a fairly advanced understanding of genetics before they could engage in even rudimentary genetic engineering. Humans, in contrast, had

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Dec/15/2020 news wrap-up: \\ General Samvel Babayan reveals details from war \\ Azeris unblock a road in Hadrut region \\ opposition holds a rally \\ investigations & results \\ daily fake news report \\ soldiers receive awards \\ POW exchange \\ Central Bank about economy \\ iGorts \\ high-tech

Your 17-minute Tuesday report in 4151 words.

##Part 2: General Samvel Babayan reveals details from war / Weapon supplies / Shushi / Army command / South & North / $5 billion offer

Last week, Artsakh opposition official [non-former regime] General Samvel Babayan gave an interview and expressed his opinion about shortcomings, inefficient management by commanders, refusal to follow orders, General Movses not wanting to command the southern front, etc. Here is the second and final part of that 70-minute-long interview.

Q: you sensed the pending war and wrote letters to Serj in 2013 and to Pashinyan in 2018 with suggestions. How did they respond to them?

A: what I wrote in those letters ended up becoming reality. The letters hadn't received enough attention. I met Pashinyan and he said he accepted 80% of my suggestions and added them to the list of planned actions. I warned that we only had a year before the war. Azerbaijan had been preparing for 10 years.

Some people believe that had we exercised proper diplomacy we could avoid this war. It's the power of our army that prevents wars; diplomacy comes second. We had to strengthen the army and display our strength.

Q: tell us about the initial attacks.

The attacks began on Mataghis (north-east) and south-east. In the Mataghis area, military experts advised the withdrawal of the entire 7th Defense Division for better defense, but army general Jalal Harutyunyan rightfully rejected the advice and organized defense on Mataghis outskirts. They were able to hold it.

The cracks formed in the south-east (Araks flat plains). 4-5 cracks formed in different directions within 5 days. The 1st Corps's 2nd echelon failed to defend itself, then counter-attacked and failed, before retreating. Azeris moved along the Araks plains. The defense became harder in an area that's completely open; the line went from 11km to 60km. The army was unprepared for it.

Why wasn't the army prepared in the south? I'll talk about it soon. Today some generals blame others, they say "higher-ups are at fault". The blame-game is a thing since 1992. [talks about things already mentioned in Part 1]

70% of high-ranking officers weren't "in place". There were some who routed. Officers shared lies with each other. Jalal Harutyunyan was forced to appoint 19-year-olds as high-ranking officers as a substitute. [talks about things mentioned in Part 1]

Anyone who served as the General Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces in the past

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Summary of Dpei’s Twitch AMA on 19 Nov

Near the start of OWL Season 3, I wrote a summary for an AMA that Dpei (Gladiators Head Coach) did on Twitch. People were interested in another summary for the AMA he did today, so I made another one.

Like last time, I encourage you to watch the vod before repeating anything from this thread, so you and I are less likely to spread misinformation. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/809037423

This write-up is broken into sections by me, and except where indicated with ‘quotation marks’, uses my own wording. Almost everything here comes from a direct question asked by the chat.

Gladiators’ 2021 roster

  • The Gladiators are not totally done with the off-season, but Dpei refused to say much about their next moves, saying it’s the job of the marketing team to announce them. However, he did say that the team has a very strong ‘base’ and knows what is needed to fill the holes.
  • The Gladiators will keep their 2021 roster ‘tight’ and focus on developing their own players as opposed to signing back-ups and specialists. Dpei said that the roster will be smaller than last year’s (which had ten players). Dpei stressed the point about having a ‘tight roster’ every time he was asked about what moves the Gladiators will be making next.
  • The Gladiators asked Moth if he was interested in the team, and he said yes. The process was quite simple afterward. Dpei said that the team could have looked toward younger talent, but it was clear that Moth was the right player for them.
  • Dpei says that the new team has the highest ‘individual skill’ of any Gladiators roster. He needs to see how the team performs as a collective before saying too much, though.
  • Dpei can’t answer questions about the precise strengths and weaknesses of the new roster because it depends on the meta, hero pool, etc. He has ‘ideas’ about the team’s best meta, but they are not concrete. He’ll gear his team toward its strengths once those become apparent.
  • The Gladiators’ roster decisions are mostly made by Dpei. He says that he specifically asked for roster control for the upcoming reason. He also said that the team is ‘very collaborative’ overall and is working very well with their budget this year.
  • Dpei says that he could have all the talent in the world and still nothing would happen if everybody didn’t work hard. Dpei says the Gladiators done a good job recruiting ‘pieces’, but they currently only have ‘planned success’ and nee
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Homecoming - Part 5

Previous Chapter | First| Next Chapter


Whatever dreams Adam might have been enjoying vanished with a thunderous pounding that roused him out of unconsciousness. The door swung open, a uniformed soldier filling its frame. He barely had time to gather his wits before the man spoke. “Agent Hill, colonel Patterson’s issued an emergency deployment. Report to the briefing room as soon as you're able.”

Adam felt a growl escape his throat as he slid a hand over his face, rubbing the sleep from his regretfully waking eyes. Only once he shook his head free of the cobwebs did he find the appropriate words with which to retort. None of which were appropriate for a polite society. He opened his mouth to spit snark, but the messenger was gone before he even had a chance. He growled a second time.

At least have the decency to hear a response, damn it.

Quickly splashing cold water on his face and putting on his uniform, he rushed through the maze of halls that comprised the base to the mission briefing room.

He wasn’t the last to arrive, but of the dozen or so people already in the room, he must have been the last person Patterson was waiting for. As soon as the door closed behind him, the ranking officer fixed him with a blank look and nodded to an aid who dimmed the lights and kicked on the projector.

“Alright then, let’s get started.”

Adam blinked in the new dark and spotted a familiar head of unnatural blue hair. Pushing aside the events of the previous night, he walked over and sat next to his partner. Her eyes met his in the gloom, but any words they might have tried to convey were lost on the both of them. Instead, Adam simply managed a nod, both in greeting and as if to say we’re good. Whether she shared the sentiment or not, he wanted her to at least know that before things got hairy... if she even understood the double entendre he was trying to convey.

Well... Either way, a more apropos chat could be had between the two of them later. Right now, he had the good sense to prioritize the mission first.

“Listen up,” the colonel’s voice cut through the stuffy dark. A three-dimensional map materialized in the midst of them with a coordinate grid and several points of interest dotted throughout the topographical display. One such point was enlarged and enhanced to indicate a smaller

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Who kidnapped and extorted the president of the popular candy company Ezaki Glico in 1984?

Sunday, March 18th, 1984. Hyogo Prefecture, Ashiya City, in one of the top luxury residential areas in Japan lives 42 year old Katsuhisa Ezaki, president of Japanese food company, Ezaki Glico, maker of the widely popular treat, Pocky.

In the quiet area 300 meters north of the Japan Railway Koshienguchi station in Nishinomiya city, up a winding slope that rises to a small hill is the site of the 650 square meter Ezaki residence. Lit by the light of a mercury lamp it is surrounded on all 4 sides, by an 11 foot high brick wall, with iron doors.

The property includes the home of Katsuhisa's 70 year old mother, Yoshie, and his own two-story, Western-style mansion. Which he shares with his wife Mikieko, 35 years old, and their three young children.

Following completion of their newly built house just over a year prior, the contruction supervisor gave two keys to the Ezaki family on December 11th, 1982.

Katsuhisa kept one key in his own home, used only by himself, Mikieko, and a maid.

Installed in his home was a high tech Secom Security System monitoring all windows and doors.

The second key to Katsuhisa Ezaki's residence went to his mother, next door. This home had no alarm system installed.

On the night of March 18th, rain fell on 2 masked men as they scaled the brick wall with the use of a stepladder that was left in front, against a high hedge on the east side of the property.

In the road to the north, a third masked man drives slowly, in a red 2-door car, awaiting the return of his partners in crime.

Through the garden, the men, who are carrying a rifle and a handgun, approach the front of the home of the elderly mother, Yoshie, who is located in her living room, in the rear of the home, watching the television show, Shin Yumechiyo Nikki.

Gum tape was applied the glass pane of the front door. A torch was used to break the pane with heat, allowing for it to be pushed in silently. The telephone line was then cut with a knife.

Having tied Yoshie up with the phones cord, and silencing her with a piece of tape over her mouth as well as her eyes, the two masked men located the key to her sons home in a living room cupboard.

Departing Yoshie's, left behind in the corridor, were two types of shoe print traces, by cheap jogging shoes, manufactured by Tajima Kasei Industrial Co., and Solar Rubber Industry.

As they moved between homes, the men disconnected the power to a pair of 40 watt Yukimi lanterns used to illuminate the yard.

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Reconstructing the past. What we have so far. Part 5: the plan

In the previous part, we left Katarina and Ilya after Cape May, bringing a suitcase full of cash and IDs to Lena Volkova, Dom's wife, as described by Fakerina. We know this event took place two weeks after Cape May, so sometime in April 1991.

While Dom seemed to have been in Moscow, Lena was in the New York area. Dom had the cabin in upstate New York, near Wilmington, likely since Katarina was a child, seeing that drawing of it in Katarina's childhood mementos.


But WHY did Lena and Dom part ways? They could have hidden together just as well as they did apart. As u/Desdemona1231 noticed, Dom seemed to be in a happy and domestic situation with Lena when he regressed to his past in 8.02, asking for his tea.


We know that the trip to Russia was in 1990, and so was the stay at the motel. We placed Katarina at a shelter in February of 1991, and we now she was at a nice room in what seems like a hotel both right before the drowning (practicing holding her breath under water, and calling Sam to tell him she is not coming back), and after the drowning, making a plan with Ilya. She also seemed to have gone to a shelter AFTER Cape May, something that did not appear to be planned.

The hallucination which could be a memory for Dom seems to come right then, based on clothes.

This plan involved stealing $40 million from banks that know Reddington, banks in which he is recognized, and welcomed back. Regardless of what it seemed in Rassvet, this money, the $40 million is not money that was used to frame Reddington.

The money sounds like slush funds Reddington was handling for the US Navy.

Remember Monarch Douglas bank? The task force, technically a black op, was being funded through Monarch, a bank used by criminals.

>COOPER: 7 million on deposit from the FBI Wichita field office. It's linked to Agent Salerno. He was laundering money through that bank.
>WRIGHT: ***There is no such person. The bureau uses Monarch to finance sanctioned operations, including this one..... You will purge all records of his role in this matter

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Jan/14/2021 news: __ Artsakh & Diplomacy __ Agricultural insurance __ Serj co-defendant dies __ Nuclear plant extension __ Bill to reform judicial, energy policy, disability aid, financing for business __ National Minority Day __ Trash sorting = AYE __ Diaspora __ 2nd DNA tool _ New factory _ SHMAG!

Your 11-minute Thursday report in 2696 words.

##co-defendant in Serj's "agricultural embezzlement" trial passes away

Ex-deputy Agriculture Minister Samvel Galstyan has passed away. He was a co-defendant in the case involving ex-president Serj Sargsyan. The defendants are accused of stealing ֏489 million in fuel subsidies with the help of "Flash" fuel company, owned by Serj's friend.

The deceased ex-deputy Minister had earlier shifted the blame on the ex-Minister, saying he was only following orders. In turn, the ex-Minister testified against Serj Sargsyan.

https://factor.am/327935.html , https://armtimes.com/hy/article/178419 , https://armtimes.com/hy/article/177742 , https://armtimes.com/hy/article/177729

##bill to reform pre-trial investigations / vetting judges / police reform

The government has drafted a bill that aims to mitigate corruption risks during the pre-trial period when the investigators still work on the case, and to boost the efficiency of court cases that decide the suspect's status before the trial.

Justice Minister Badasyan: the bill introduces the institute of specialized judges exercising judicial control over pre-trial proceedings. Specialized judges will handle corruption and pre-trial felony cases. 24 new judges will be hired, which will also reduce the time to handle court cases. The judges will undergo ethics vetting.

Corruption cases in courts had increased by +30% last year. The system is overloaded. 275 felony corruption cases were being actively heard, with another 2228 awaiting trial. We have the fewest numbers of judges per 100,000 population among Council of Europe countries.

Pashinyan: the practice established by these reforms is widely used around the world. We are entering a very important phase of judicial reforms. Ethics vetting for judges is crucial. We must have an independent judicial branch so that when a court makes a verdict, people won't try to look for political explanations behind it. We will soon create a new police patrol service, too, which is also part of these reforms.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1040191.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1040163.html

##Armenia's 2040 energy policy will be revised

The energy sector strategy, as well as a number of other legal acts, have lost its relevance, so there is a need to revise and meet the requirements of modern times, says the government. Roadmap for energy development until 2040 will be created.


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My take on fixing the "Star Wars" Sequel Trilogy (Part 4)

If you're curious: Part 1 is HERE, Part 2 is HERE, and Part 3 is HERE.

Full disclosure: it's been a very, very long time since I posted the last part of this reimagining. My life has been pretty hectic since I started this series, but I've been working on it on-and-off for the last several months. If you don't remember the other posts that I made, I won't hold it against you.


If you've been following this series of reimaginings from the beginning, you've probably noticed that my individual plots for Episode VII and Episode VIII weren't drastically different from the actual films. That was by design.

As I said in my first post: I don't think the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was a complete disaster, but I do think it suffered from the lack of a bold and assertive artistic vision, which prevented the individual films from realizing their full potential as stories. In my opinion, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi both work pretty well as standalone stories, even if they were held back by the studio's refusal to stray too far from the tone and visual aesthetic of the Original Trilogy. They weren't bad films, but they could have been much better if the filmmakers had been allowed to take them in their own directions instead of endlessly homaging the classics.

The Rise of Skywalker, though? That's the one film in the trilogy that I would call a genuinely bad movie.

While I can't fault the acting, the art direction, the stunts, the music, or the action sequences, I truly believe that The Rise of Skywalker's story was legitimately awful, and any serious effort at "fixing" that film should start with a complete overhaul of its story. All three films in the Sequel Trilogy have their flaws, but The Rise of Skywalker is the one that I would describe as fundamentally flawed in its conception. It doesn't work as a standalone film, it doesn't work as a sequel, it doesn't work as the conclusion of a trilogy, and it really doesn't work as the conclusion of a nine-film saga.

Long story short: while my reimagining of The Last Jedi was the least changed from the source material, this reimagining wi

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The Gravel Institute doesn't understand Capitalism and Global Poverty

I want to make a video in response, but considering the amount of sources and subjects, it'd be valuable to get some feedback and corrections from people more astute on the subjects than my layman's understanding.

the Gravel Institute's video and the channel more broadly, is meant to be a response to the arguments provided by PragerU, Libertarians and free market fundamentalists. By claiming that Capitalism and reducing poverty are diametrically opposed is both highly reductive and misunderstands economic development and the role of markets.

*Markets, will always exist. From merchant traders in ancient Phonecia to financial traders in the London stock exchange, each accrued and reinvested the wealth generated from their activities, whether speculating on commodities or shipping luxury goods through the Mediterranean. Rather capitalism should be better seen as a net of various functions and policies that can support markets and the degree to which they operate. There is no purely free market society as there is no society truly devoid of free markets as people seek to trade and accumulate wealth.

What’s so greatly misunderstood by the Gravel institute and other free market fundamentalists is that capitalism isn’t an ends onto itself but a tool wielded by policy makers and governments in how they use the wealth acquired from commercial activity. Markets can be relegated or deregulated through an almost endless series of choices in order, in theory at least, to create a prosperous society or in the case of dictatorships and monarchies, at least support them and their cronies.

I want to look at Wolff's objections to the global poverty rate and what he believes reduced it, something that even with all the goal posts placed in the video is recognized.

>According to the world bank, anyone making under $1.90 is considered poor, anyone else is considered ok. Could you live on $1.90 a day?

This is a very disingenuous straw-manning of the WB's position. No serious institution or academic is claiming that people above $1.90/d is "ok", in fact, the world bank sites in their overview of poverty that there are different baselines that can be used and that its derived from the PPP of the 15 poorest nations. Its not necessarily useful for the p

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