The Effect of Recapitulation on the Assemblage Point

If you look at the J curve pointers, you'll see that recap is a \"complete path\".

As far as I can remember, everything which goes on in the darkroom goes on in recap.

Certainly the assemblage point moves to all the same locations, and the same things happen at each.

But, to experience that you need to do it at least 2 hours at a time. Otherwise you are very unlikely to notice anything. The assemblage point moves very slowly in the beginning.

And what you don't notice, won't come into focus.

It's like the meditation guy who sees the room with his eyes closed. But then, he's been told to ignore that. Just to make sure, he heads to his "shrine", talks to his friends there, and they say, "Yea, that's really cool when you can see the room through your eye lids. Doesn't happen often. But as you know, it's not important."

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!

Meanwhile, the meditation police arrive at the shrine and they inform him he'll have to wait another month before he can complete his "teacher course", because he hasn't learned not to brag about inconsequential meditation experiences, such as seeing the room with your eyes closed. He still has a bad attitude. He's not a "team player".

Just don't let the same thing happen to you! There's all the cool stuff I could both remember, and fit in that picture.

Back then I was doing 6 hours a day at times, and even ended up switching rooms physically, with no apparent explanation.

During recapitulation inorganic beings will visit you. It's pretty obvious why. You are invoking scenes of memories, with the idea of continuing until you can actually view them, as if in a real dream. The goal is to be standing there watching the memory, the way one might stand in a dream and watch the activity.

Once you focus your attention from object to object like that, it "compels" the inorganic beings to send a scout.

And good thing! You probably won't get past the red line in the J curve diagram, without some "dark energy".

In fact, at first you'll find that you "blank out". That is, if you do 3-6 hours at a shot. You'll be smoothly turning the head left and right, and breathing deeply, and suddenly you'll notice you stopped in the middle. And you were gone. For how long, you can't be sure. But you can sort of figure out which way the head was going, so you continue.

Then you

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Accelerated Recapitulation

Recapitulation is a \"Complete Path\", as long as you heed the Assemblage Point position.

I'm calling this a "darkroom game" because it's basically just ping pong recapitulation.

But it works like a charm!

And the good news is, you can close your eyes if you like. The head turning eliminates my concern about falling asleep, and remembering keeps you from blanking out in a non-beneficial way.

True, you go "inside", something I consider bad for darkroom practices.

But this is recap! It's all about "going inside".

I wish someone would "specialize" in this for a while. I can't afford to.

I'm trying to dive into the green furnace you see in the picture.

The Abstract.

It's the passage to the old sorcerers. Our link, through intent, to them.

Of course you can do that with less of a link, but once you've seen in there it becomes very alluring.

So let's look at this, from a darkroom gazer's point of view.

You find an IOB floating head. Or a VERY crusty puff of purple light.

You recapitulate such that they remain in your view, going back and forth, as in the ping-pong game. In this case, non-directionality is a help.

And of course, I missed one example pic in that diagram. I didn't bother to show "translocation" during recapitulation, because you probably won't notice that with closed eyes.

Just keep in mind, if you are doing it well, but with eyes open in perfect darkness, translocation is constant, and IOB caves are common.

Likely you'll end up recapitulating in another world. Or at least, another world will be projected all around you.

I recommend you try to brightened up the hypno-head or crusty puff before you use it, by blowing into it, and inhaling it into you, as you move it out and in.

Remember, we can learn to levitate objects by pushing and pulling on inorganic beings.

I don't know why, but they like that sort of thing.

The speed at which it brightens up is a little disappointing, but don't let that cause you to give up.

If you move your hand in and out 10 times and it isn't brighter, but you can still see it, even barely, go ahead and use that.

But if you hit the jackpot, your IOB manifestation will get what you are about to do, and even come up with a funny new outfit, to make it more entertaining.

That's what Fancy came up with. Speak easy times???

Hey, Fancy! I'm not that old.

Fancy a

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So hey, i just finished season 3, can someone make a recapitulation od the story? like, everythinf we got of the storyline until season 3, im kinda confused about the eldia stuff and about Krista backstory, so... Help me?
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Recapitulation Effects

If you don't look for it, you won't find it. And your recap won't be very effective.

How is it that people can practice meditation for 20 years, and get nowhere?

If that sounds like it has "gall", just go look around in the meditation forums. And point them to the things being done in here. They should either understand it, or rejoice to see it. But instead, they will lynch you.

What goes wrong is, someone tells them to ignore the visions they have during meditation, and "just keep going down".

The same is true with recapitulation. You have to notice when the second attention comes out, when inorganic beings manifest, when you translocate, and when the dreaming double finally shows up in the vicinity.

There's an order to that, keep it in mind.

I suppose the key to this is the same as the key to a child playing in the bathtub, with his little toy submarine.

Or a little girl with her ducky/squirt gun.

Think back to the endorphin rush you got, moving your little toy though it's imaginary stories.

A true high came over you. The same kind of high people get from Codeine.

Or from reading the books of Carlos Castaneda.

It's the daydreaming high! A natural reward, to encourage that type of behavior.

Especially in children, who have incomplete understandings of the things they see, and benefit by thinking about them more and imagining the possibilities.

Can a child actually visibly see the scenes in his bathtub adventure?

Yes! But it's in the second attention. He sort of switches "bodies" to view that scene.

It's not the same as waking dreaming, but it's very close.

That's what you want to find in recap. And in fact, recap restores that ability to adults.

I don't want to alter the rules you use during recap, so follow the instructions you found closely.

But keep an eye out for the fun stuff.

I left one out of that picture.

Tunnels. Entries to the inorganic beings realm.

A tunnel can manifest in front of you, just the right size for you to stand up and walk in.

Just gaze in there. And try to remember the kind of dedication to remembering the scenes from the list, which triggered it. Was it the smooth breathing? A better way of sweeping the head? Slower, faster? Deeper breathing?

Probably, it was the concentration on the scene, which caused your internal dialogue to stop for long enough to shift th

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Irenaeus of Lyons: The Work of Recapitulation

Eve was deceived, but Mary believed. Adam obeyed the devil, but Jesus obeyed God. Irenaeus of Lyons affirmed that through the work of recapitulation, of repeating the work of the first Adam as the second Adam, Jesus freed us from the devil and delivered us back to the Father.

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One recapitulation of history of Tibalt point of view
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What are some good resources on recapitulation throughout the Bible?

I'm interested in doing some study on recapitulation in the Bible, including its various examples and its significance. Could anyone recommend some good resources or study materials on the topic?

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Recapitulation List of People

I thought I'd finish the recap list of people I started years ago, since it seems it is not much work really (at least compared to actually performing the recap). Also I want to have it ready in case I get stuck in darkroom gazing.

One question comes up, do we have to include literally everybody, including bus drivers ("one ticket please"), taxi drivers, flight attendants etc? Or only people we got to know at least a little (e.g. people where we know the name of)?

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This is an old one. 'Dreamers Recapitulation'
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New Noxian Story serving as a recapitulation on the recent state of the empire.

PD. The image is from Legends of runeterra in case anybody is wondering.

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"Law is not as disinterested as our concepts of law pretend; law serves power; law in large measure is a recapitulation of the status quo; it confirms a rigid order designed to insulate the beneficiaries of the status quo from the disturbances of change." β€”William Sloane Coffin
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A recapitulation of my snug healing so far -
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Recapitulation- needed or not?

Ok so I'm a bit confused about the idea that recap may not be needed. What I thought a full recap does is to permanently raise your energy level greatly. This is because we remove energy fibers that do not belong to us, and take back our own.

Is this a misconception? If yes, is recap more similar to practicing Tensegrity (which can obviously give a great deal of energy, but only short-term)?

From my own limited experience, so far only Darkroom practice had a somewhat lasting effect, spanning at least a few days, perhaps even weeks or more. Which is fantastic of course!

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Cradle 1-7 Recapitulation

There was someone asking for a short summary of previous books. Here it is. Don't take it too seriously.


Trial, Unsouled/empty, Scripting, Sacred Tree, encounter with cousin, dead tree, remnant, spirit fruit, injured Lindon, family appropriating the fruit, he eats half in the end. Elder, Lindon and cousin punished, feeding Elder Whisper, father of the cousin angry, his daughter challenging Lindon to fight, Lindon in the library, secrets, empty palm technique, practicing with Kelsa, fight with the father of the cousin (Iron guy) and winning.

Tournament, Lindon beats all the children, should fight enemy copper but is placed against one of his own clan, Li Markuth arrives and kills everyone. Suriel intervenes, shows Lindon his future, death of Sacred Valley and how to prevent it - find Yerin, leave SV and these monarchs can help you.

Li Markuth is gone, Lindon makes deal win = apprentice in Heavens Glory School. Remnant hornets, Lindon winning, angry elders. Trial to the school, Lindon skipping by taking taxi. Reward, illusory banners, fight, elixirs, beating, hospital bad, escape to find Yerin. Another fight, travelling with yerin, looting treasures, beating Elders, Yerin killing her master remnant becoming gold. Lindon killing Elder kid. Leaving SV on the cloud.


Lindon advancing to copper, ambush by viper people, running, sleep in the tree, morning surrouned by dreadbeast. Flow of aura, madra followed by dreadbeasts, followed by remnants, followed by Yerin&Lindon. Ancestral Ruins, fight, ashamed Viper woman, bath, Eithan, Jai Long pursuing to capture Lidon as punishment, fishers, Gesha soulsmith, apprentice, cocky Eithan, Yerin/Lindon working for fishers, kidnapped Lindon, rescued by Gesha, captivity in dungeon for scales, Eithan joins, feeds Lindon lot of viper-worms killing him, advancement to Iron, resurrection, finding top of the pyramid, Lindon kills Viper-prince, Jai long pissed, Eithan revealed as underlord. Cocky elders trampled to the ground. Eithan adopting Lindon and Yerin and arranging deathmatch for Lindon with Jai Long.


Gesha new soulsmith tutor for Lindon, Cassias arrives, traveling, cocky Jai Underlord, paths for Lindon, totally not-forced-selection of Blackflame, angry turtle, bonding, feeding Little Blue, fire trials in the cave, Jai Long killing his own, Jais attacking Arelius, Eithan punishing cocky elders and killing Jai underlord for the first time, Yerin advancing in fight with Jai

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While this is a very basic technique I find it among the most transformative of them all. The process known within toltec shamanism as recapitulation does a very deep and critical work for everyone: it "erases" our personal history.

Within the toltec tradition practitioners are told to clear their entire history, in order to reach a true clean slate state. A worthy endevour for anybody. The basic approach of this technique is known in other traditions as well. Some mostly obscure yoga instructions (bypassed & ignored) describe it and it was/is the axis of Ron Hubbard's Dianetics. Psychology and many traditions tap this indirectly.

The technique is as follows: you re-live the countless, different events of your life internally, in detail, until there is no emotional burdens associated with them. This frees up your energy and allows you have more of it to engage in life and to follow your calls.

I can attest that it does bring about radical changes and it works well with other shamanic and non-shamanic approaches. There are more intricate approaches to this, including ritualistic practices, breathing and external help, but this is the core concept.

If you ever wanted to be the light, unburdened being you were as your life began this is one way of doing it.

Hope it helps!

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Share your experience with recapitulation

Hi guys. Ive started yesterday with my recapitulation. As Dani said, the lack of control that i had in my dark room practices was becoming so obvious.

As most of the sorcery exercises, it took a little effort to get started. But remember that once it starts, you have done half the work. So i found it very interesting, specially the details i could remember, that definitely can make you feel exactly the same way you felt at the moment. Memories flow very naturally, so when starting I doubt the usefulness of making an exhaustive list. And it becomes obvious too, the energy that you have left there.

Also, i have noticed that this activity is perfect to precede the Dark room! An hour of recapitulation takes me to a colourful dark room, with lot of lights everywhere and my IOBs ready to play; this usually takes me an hour or more of being bored watching darkness.

And i have more interesting ideas! The recapitulation could work in the Darkroom too: especially when you're not getting results or getting upset. This can work as a energy boost; some minits of recap and you will be watching very bright colors! Lets see what Dan thinks about this. For me it worked perfectly.

Finally, I will tell you about my results in the Dark Room, and I hope you will also tell me about yours. My nights are not so regular, so i can have a crazy night followed by a really boring one. But the ones that are crazy ... make the whole work totally worth it. Better than watching any movie. And i have to confess that one of my favourite part is when i finish the practice, so i walk through my house watching everything with my second atention activated. At this point, you prove that magic doesn't just happen in the dark. Its always there, but you have to learn to find it. Every movement you make generates colors, the air is dense, you see lights everywhere. Any type of routine activity becomes wonderful. For instance, when I brushed my teeth, I saw an incredible amount of colors as a result of the rapid movement, while my two IOBs were trying to understand wtf I was doing.

I wrote this after practice, still very silent, because i know that tomorrow i will be very unsure of my self, wondering if i should post this or not (ego stuff).

(Note: I'm a complete newbie; I started practicing in the darkroom just over 2 weeks ago. So you're fully capable of doing the same and more, with practice.)

Please share your experience with the recap, any kind of results you have obtained and any

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Uprooting agreements through recapitulation

Back in July mom and I had dinner with my niece and her husband. My niece is going through some particularly trying times with her health, and was talking about this over dinner. Mom (grandma) cut her off and started the conversation in a new direction. Noticing this, I went back to my niece and continued talking to her about her health.

From this one little moment, I've thought a lot. My mom must have conversation ADHD, because I know she cares. My poor niece was devastated. I couldn't help but think of myself growing up. My mom did this all the time! I internalized the messages: I don't care. You're not important. No one will listen to you unless you say it short and sweet... on and on.

I've been watching myself and I have, indeed, internalized this on many levels. I can see it in almost everything I do from not talking much and even writing. I've gotten more and more quiet over the years and it's this tapeworm that's been running in my mind. Since I have discovered this, I've been trying to do the opposite, especially with mom. I give a lot of detail, I keep talking. It's been a liberating process.

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Composition Challenge #26: October 12, 2019 – Sonata Form, Part 2: Development & Recapitulation

Greetings, /r/musictheory! Welcome to our composition challenge. This is a space to put theory into practice by writing your own original music. An archive of all composition challenges, past and present, can be found in the wiki.

This challenge thread will be stickied from October 12 through November 2.


The emphasis here is on skill acquisition. In order to build a knowledge base that will enable you to engage with the larger corpus of music theory and analysis, observe the following:

  1. Submissions must include standard notation. If you don't know how to read or write with standard notation, consult a music theory textbook or websites such as or

  2. Satisfy all items on the challenge prompt. There is always room to write in excess of the prompt, but you should solve the compositional problems given in the challenge.

  3. Post submissions as replies to this thread.

  4. There is no deadline to submit and we encourage you to explore these prompts whenever you feel like it. However, know that challenge threads will be un-stickied and will receive less attention after the first Monday of the next month.


Using the exposition materials you wrote for the last composition challenge, compose a development section and recapitulation. (If you're entering this challenge late and still want to participate, go over to the other thread and use the information there to help build your exposition.)

  • Restrict the motives and themes in your development section solely to the materials you used in the exposition. (You do not have to use every theme though.)

  • In the recapitulation, transpose the S theme so it is in the tonic key. This usually require you to rewrite the transition as well, or possibly even omit it.


Since this is just a continuation of the previous thread, check out the resources over there. However, as a reminder, the trajectory of a normative type-3 sonata form drives toward a tonal resolution, and specifically the ESC (Essential Structural Closure), the structural cadence onto tonic following the S theme in the recapitulation.

Development sections can

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Recapitulation in the dark.

Just reporting on darkroom gazing. During the session I was acutely aware about my inner dialogue and some daily life stuff tugging me one way or another. I decided to recapitulate those thoughts on the spot. I began recapitulating what was most obviously present in my mind at the moment, but then things took off on their own and it was like something was guiding me organically to recapitulate what was needed the most.

During the recapitulation -in the darkroom- I was concentrated on the images or visions of those events.

When I paid attention again on the darkness in front of me, I immediately began to notice purple puffs. They were dark purple and in the middle had some brighter dots (also purple, but of a different shade) and were surrounded by a deep swirling black . Everything came more alive and the colors were more defined.

So far it's been one of the most productive sessions, so you may want to give recapitulation on the spot a go to see if it helps.

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Dynamical Systems Approach to Evolution-Development Congruence: Revisiting Haeckel's Recapitulation Theory…
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How does Recapitulation work exactly?

I want to start recapitulation from scratch. Years ago I tried to recapitulate but didn't seem to get anywhere. Maybe I was too lazy or too distracted, dunno. Other techniques like Tensegrity or Dreaming worked better for me, maybe they are easier?

Anyway here's a few points I'm interested in:

- How long should a recap session be?

- The sweeping breath is only done once at the very end of a specific scene right? So basically when I have already finished a particular scene entirely?

- How to recapitulate online experiences? E.g. anonymous people offending you, people you do not know at all. Is it even possible to lose energy to anonymous people? For sure it has shifted my own assemblage point in some cases.

- Should I just do recap as thoroughly and as often as possible, and not care about results at all initially?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

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Recapitulation - you are never finished...
  1. List everybody you ever have met. Starting today, ending with parents.
  2. Make a smaller list with every sexual encounter you have had.
  3. Find a small and peaceful place where you can sit undisturbed.
  4. Start with the first person of the shorter list.
  5. Breath in as you recall every detail concerning your interaction with that person.
  6. Breath out to release the energy involved.
  7. When you are finished with the short list. Start with the longer list.
  8. If this is 10 years from point 1 just continue!
  9. Now you are starting to get the hang of it.
  10. Remember you are never finished.



The Nagualist Newsletter and Open Forum / Issue 1 June/July 1994


Dear Nagualist Newsletter,

I am interested in your newsletter. Please send it to the address below. I will pass it along to several others. I have listened to two phone interviews. One each with Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau. They made many interesting points.


Recapitulation can begin from either shoulder. The R to L or L to R motion is not critical. (Note that in the Art of Dreaming Don Juan tells Carlos to begin on the left shoulder and in The Sorcerers' Crossing Taisha begins on her right shoulder.)

Also a sweeping motion can follow the inhalation/exhalation. This is the same shoulder to shoulder movement without a breath. This sweeping is said to further clean off the luminous fibers.

The place of recapitulation isn't that critical - a closet or shower stall will work. The idea is to put pressure on the luminous body. A claustrophobic person need not force themselves into a small room. She also stated that Florinda Donner-Grau recapitulated a huge amount of her life on a bus, on the way to Oaxaca. In other words you could recapitulate while driving your car.


On dreaming - states that women do not need to go through the same steps as men do to dream. She said women can go directly to the dream state. However she did not elaborate, her comments suggested that women still need to gain control of their energy body.

The two women made it clear that one must recapitulate to aquire energy needed to dream. They were also very clear that one must have a written list of all people that you know or have interacted with, especially in

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Another view on recapitulation

It seems that recapitulation is one of the main things that shamans of ancient Mexico did. The description of the recapitulation that Carlos Castaneda left for us - (β€œrecapitulation is necessary in order to return the lost energy”) is a conscious simplification or a stalker trick, so that we treat the recapitulation as a harmless β€œexercise”, as part "Energy gymnastics" for health and well being.

Carlos Castaneda, obviously, was trying to adapt frightening knowledge to the realities of a psychologically β€œtraumatized”, gentle, spoiled modern person, so he prudently kept silent about many aspects of knowledge.

However, a recapitulation case is much more complicated (and partially worse). Ancient shamans used it not only to β€œreturn energy”. The return of energy is just one of many functions. It seems that recapitulation was one of the complex forms of energetic β€œsacrifice” and recapitulation served as a gateway for traveling across the Dark Sea of ​​Awareness. Recapitulation is the practice of waking death, in the present tense, while you and your awareness are still alive. When recapitulation the energy fibers are β€œburned” in the focus of intense attention and β€œfumigated” with the help of sweeping breathing.

The so-called "chacmool" - the figures of reclining guards, this is a direct recapitulation template left to us by ancient magicians. A turned head (in some cases to the left, in others to the right) is a sign of a turn of the head during recapitulation. A bowl or load on the stomach is an additional magical tool for recapitulation. Apparently, in some cases there was a massive obsidian mirror on the chacmool’s stomach, in other cases there was a bowl filled with released force, in the third, perhaps some kind of object like a β€œtime wheel” etc

Russian text

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Do you guys think the book:A Brief Recapitulation of Troll Lore: Volume 48 is worth reading?
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More Advice on Making the Recapitulation List

I was rather mechanical in my approach to making a list of things to recapitulate.

But then, I was a single consultant for 4 companies, schedule-less, and with no companion to use up my time.

I put 2-6 hours a day into recapitulation. And the total was always 6 hours. It was just a matter of the balance between dreaming practice, and recapitulation.

My list was:

1). Everyone I could possibly think of, and every event. I must admit that was a lofty goal, but I tried. That list was 20 or 30 pages with very small writing and multiple columns on each page.

2). That was followed by a new list, generated by visiting every place I'd ever lived, or remembered going to more than once.

3). And a new list taken from looking at every single item in the local grocery store, to find memories about that thing.

4). A small dictionary. I recapitulated each word, to see what other memories come up. Halfway through, I couldn't even finish a single sweep of my head, before blanking out and staring into a tunnel made of light.

However, that's a bit extreme.

The witches used to suggest just making a list of major events.

Once they suggested making a list of lovers to recapitulate. The women in class were all a buzz about those lists!

That might have just been a trick on the part of the witches, to motivate the women.

And a vague memory: We'd need Pat to figure this out. There was some kind of written thing that the women were supposed to make, and only share with a few who were very close to them. I'll ask Cholita too, but she's fled. And Carlos kept her away from a bunch of stuff.

In cases where people had emotional trauma in their background, they were advised to list them in whatever way they felt comfortable with, and recapitulate around it until they could tackle those directly.

But no one should be thinking that if you were molested as a child, recapitulating that will produce the most progress.

Or in general, that you are recapitulating the "bad things", and don't have to or want to do the happy things.

You aren't erasing stuff from your life! You're just getting back the energy you lost there.

You have to recapitulate the "happy" events too!

Here's some advice from someone who's concentrating on recapitulating. However, he can also move his own assemblage point on demand, and enter dreaming directly from awake.

He knows what the second attention is and how a shift of the assemblage point feels.

Here's his advice on the list making:

I t

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Hyperpigmentation – A recapitulation

What is it?

As per some of the famous Dermatologist in Mumbai, Hyperpigmentation is a term that refers to a skin condition where patches of skin appear darker than the surrounding area of skin. These patches result from excess production of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin. This common skin condition can affect people of all skin types. It can occur in small patches or cover large areas effecting the entire body. But you will be happy to know that skin pigmentation laser treatment in Mumbai is now available in Dr Shoma’s Aesthetic Clinic.

The greatest blessing one can have is the wellbeing of body, mind, and soul. With advancement of science and technology, the lifestyle of people also has changed drastically. Pollution has taken a toll on everyone’s skin health. The skin is under ever greater assault from the toxic elements present in the environment. The biggest enemy, nevertheless, and one that have probably been overlooked is pollution and this is something which none of us can escape from. But, the flawless, blemish and acne-free skin that is always wished for is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Skin Pigmentation Laser Treatment in Mumbai

As the skin is one of the most precious parts of the body, it needs special and dedicated care to keep the skin of the right age. Lack of proper diet, climate, hormonal changes, pollution are few factors that can cause severe and lasting damage to the skin. Hyperpigmentation is one of them. But you need to visit one of the top Dermatologist in Mumbai when the first sign appears.

Reasons and Causes:

There are some special cells present in the skin which are responsible for the production of melanin. When there is certain damage to these cells, it can affect the melanin production which may lead to pigmentation. There are various causes but check with few of the Best Skin Doctor in Mumbai to find out the actual cause. Hyperpigmentation on face can arise mainly due to physiological and pathological.

Β· One of the most seen areas affected by hyperpigmentation is on face and forehead, which can be aggravated by constant rubbing on the affected areas. rubbing/friction.

Β· Other rea

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[WP] You died. There is no heaven or hell. There is a recapitulation of your life. Best things you did, worst things you did, all achievements. Best, worst, funny outcomes of decisions if they would be different. And much more. It's reality show of your life. And your ancestors are the audience.
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