Acrylic Painting in the raincoat kids series. 16x20 canvas. Me. 2020. Commission for a friend who has 3 little ones and lost one baby to SIDS, hence the star.
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This raincoat seems perfect for kids
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Sizing for Kid's LL Bean Raincoat

Ok, I know this is probably more of a question for the simple questions thread, but I have a $10 LL Bean gift card expiring today, so I can't wait!

Anyway, my point/question - I know I have seen some ladies on here purchasing kid's sizes in LL Bean items. I am considering purchasing a raincoat (I need one anyway) with my gift card and I noticed that the kid's raincoats are like $100 cheaper than the women's ones. I know a kid's large should fit me (I typically wear a US 4 so that corresponds to the kid's large chest size of 31-33 inches). I am concerned about the length of the coat, however, which is not listed on the size chart. I am considering these two different coats:

[Trail Model] (

[Cloudburst] (

I haven't decided on color yet. I prefer the cloudburst I think, because it has a sleeker style, but I am afraid that because I am taller than a little girl (5'5") the proportions will be weird. Any advice? I don't really want to spend $150 to $200 on a raincoat (because I won't use it THAT much) so I could theoretically spend the gift card on some small accessory or something instead if this is a terrible idea.

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Three women: one engaged, one married and one a mistress are chatting over lunch and the conversation turns to their relationships. They decide that night to surprise their men. All three would wear a black leather bra and thong, stiletto heels, and a mask over their eyes. A few days later they met.

The engaged woman said: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, "You are the woman of my dreams. I love you." Then we made love all night long. The mistress said: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather outfit, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex for hours. The married woman said: I sent the kids to stay at my mother's house for the night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bra, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. He walked in the door, looked at me and said:

"What's for dinner, Batman?"

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Help me find the name of a movie!

Okay, so when I was a little kid I went out to dinner with my dad and a couple of his work colleagues. The time period was somewhere between 1984 and 1989, but more likely it was between 1985 and 1987. A horror movie was playing on a wall mounted TV. It totally freaked me out and I’ve been trying to figure out the name ever since! Being that it was the 80s, I’m guessing that it was a live broadcast (VCRs were still fairly expensive, and it’s unlikely that a random restaurant in Columbia, SC would just have a dedicated VCR for playing movies. Not really the vibe) and it must’ve been a movie that was at least a couple years old at that point (even if the movie was playing on HBO or Showtime, at that time it still took at least a full year between a movie appearing in theaters and it showing on TV).

There are two scenes I remember:

  1. movie opens with a tracking shot settling over a small harbor. Weather is overcast. The shot zeros in on a small tugboat-looking boat. It’s a well-worn craft, lots of grime on the hull. Workers in dirty yellow raincoats are on the boat doing boat stuff. All of a sudden a rotting zombie-type creature leaps out of the water and overtakes one of the workers on the boat. In that moment, the picture freeze frames, the music ramps up in intensity and the title of the movie appears over the still frame. Super 80s, jagged, multicolored text design. “The [two or three syllable word]” maybe?

  2. Throughout the movie (a main theme?) a scene will start in a public place (party/bar/concert/etc). There will be a shot of a closed door that is just bursting at the seams with bright blue light. No one seems to notice this door, except one person. Whatever is behind that door has targeted that one person. They get increasingly desperate and try to enlist others to help, but people just laugh it off and ignore them. Ultimately, the crowd unconsciously parts to reveal a clear line of sight between the targeted person and the door. By now the person is flipping absolute shit. The door opens, flooding the room with light and the person is either pulled into the room by an invisible force or is compelled to walk in themselves. The door closes by itself, the light fades and everyone resumes their activities. Then, a short time later, the person re-emerges from the room. They are now a completely sedate, pliable zombie, speaking in monotone with no emotion. Their only physical change however is that their blank, staring eyes are filled with blue lig

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How an old rain jacket became my defense against an Entitled Mother

This happened about 2 months ago before all this covid-19 lockdown. To give some more preface, a long time ago I got an old hand-me-down jacket from my uncle who happened to work in the prison system. This jacket happened to have a DOJ Federal Bureau of Prisons logo on it. I’ve worn it many times and it’s always garnered some interesting reactions from people. I just so happened to be wearing this jacket for our encounter with the EM; Now, on to the story.

Me and my fiancee went out to grab a bite to eat on a saturday evening. As we ordered and sat at our table, we decided to play with our Nintendo Switch (which apparently is EM bait) while we waited for our food. After a few minutes, I had to go and use the bathroom. About a few minutes after I left (according to my fiancee) some lady (the EM of the story) came up to our table and had her child (the EK) sit down in my chair which prompted this exchange:

EM: “excuse me? Did you mind watching my kid? There’s no kids play area her and I saw that you had a Switch for him to play”

EK: “ what games do you have on your switch? Do you have Fortnite?”

EM: * starting to walk away* “have fun!”

Fiancee: *putting the Switch inside her bag* “Um… Ma’am? Im sorry but I didn’t agree to watch your kid! He’s your responsibility!. Also, I don’t trust people I don’t know with my Switch.”

EK: “but my mom said I can play with you Switch!”

EM: *to my fiancee* “ hey now! Don’t be like that! It’s hard being a single mom. Plus you obviously have the means to entertain my child so why not help me out?”

Fiancee: “like I said, I’m not responsible for your child. I didn’t even invite him to sit here! Please leave!”

EM: “ Now you listen to me! I know the owner here I will have you thrown out If you don’t watch my child!”

As The EM is yelling this I happened to be walking out of the bathroom towards the table where my fiancee was as i'm walking up the EM sees me coming and notices the DOJ logo on my jacket. A smirk crossed her face and as I got to the table.

EM: *to me* “Now you look like someone in law enforcement! This rude lady here is refusing to give my little angel her Switch to play with after she promised to do so...”

Me: *cutting her off and with a stern voice* “ Is there a reason you’re harassing my finacee and trying to take the Switch I bought for her?”

I watched as the EM’s smirk give way to a look that said “oh sh*t!” she quickly grabbed her child and made a

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Operator summary #1: Blaze

So, since Blaze is releasing VERY soon, I thought I'd give her the limelight today with this second attempt at a lore profile. And so, everyone please welcome our favourite drunk cat who can't zip up her jacket.


Operator Profile: Blaze

Race: Feline

Birthplace: Victoria

Infected (16% Assimilation)

Combat Experience: 7 years

Height: 172cm

Arts type: Heat Arts (can heat up the air around her, and uses her blood as a catalyst, which is why she likes to bite herself to draw blood)


Blaze is one of Rhodes Island's few Elite Operators, who in a sense are very dedicated to Rhodes's cause and are extremely skilled. However, Elite Operators don't have to be combatants, as several Elites in the story merely have useful skills or Arts. However, the one thing all Elites share in common is that they have all been on dangerous missions and have dedicated themselves to the cause.


Her Arts seem useful on paper, but they come with numerous restrictions. Blaze is only able to heat the air near her, and can't heat objects directly. The highest temperature she can attain with her Arts is also quite low. However, Blaze has found several ways to circumvent this, by using several techniques like manipulating the hot air flow to increase her mobility to the point she looks like she can fly temporarily, or creating spontaneous combustions by compressing air with a temperature difference.She also heats the air around her chainsaw to make it hotter and deadlier.

Blaze's Arts


Blaze is one of the most impulsive operators in Rhodes Island. She's also an alcoholic, which contributes to her recklessness. This is primarily the reason why she's respected as a combatant and a team leader, but not seen as a role model. As a team leader, her operations demand the team members to take up numerous risks and take frequent gambles. However, everyone acknowledges that she's fighting for the Infected and for justice, and will gladly give her life for it.Blaze is also an extremely caring person, as seen from when she tries to stop Rosmontis, a very young Elite, from fighting, due to the latter's young age and tries to volunteer herself for the battle despite having severe

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The HEL Jumper [Chapter 3.12]

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper

Book 2 of The HEL Jumper [f]: [p]: [n]: -----

[Previous] [p] | [First] [f] | [Next] [n] | [Patreon] y

Thanks to Tulip, Darth_Android, Big_Papa_Dakky, Damned_Thrice, txgunman65, Krystalin, Mamish, Vikairious, Sam_Berry, ClarityAndVision, RedHawkdude, KillTech, LilLaussa, Daddy_Talon, Gruecifer, Gaelan_Darkwater, Konrahd_Verdammt, and 35 others supporting me on patreon.


Latest Io art from Akella can be found here!

If you like the t-shirt she's wearing, you can buy that here.

And if you want Akella's art on your wall, you can get those here!


“Let’s see here, spare poncho, another field lamp…yes! Unflavored ration bars!” Alice exclaimed as Cromwell threw a dirty look at her back. The girl was dripping water all over the floor of the shuttle as Yvonne quickly extracted her own rain gear from her duffel and threw it over her head. The voluminous, green covering did not win any fashion points, but it would cover her and, more importantly, her bags full of equipment.

“I will not tell my husband about your unrefined palate, chérie. Gerard says hello, by the way.”

“Oh come on. Every time they try to make them taste like a meal it tastes like yuck! The basic ones are better. We’ll have dinner sometime soon, I promise! Tell him I say hi, too!” Alice replied happily, replacing the lid on the small plastic crate that held what she’d requested from the Event Horizon. “Hey Pilot, I can take the box, right? It’s a bit wet out there.”

“You don’t say?” Cromwell snarked back, looking pointedly at the small puddles of water at her feet. Yvonne could only shake her head as Alice giggled apologetically.

“Ah…I’ll request a mop next time?”

“Alice, just put on your raincoat and let’s be off,” Yvonne insisted with a conciliatory look at Cromwell. The pilot nodded her way.

“For now I’m operating on the assumption that I’ll be picking you up later today. These two both hav

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Tonight’s episode: The Bye-Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case

Fasten your seatbelts, kids. We’re in for a good one tonight. At least I think so. We have about 6 minutes to settle in, so get your cigars and raincoats and let’s go for our Sunday night ride

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Unethical life pro tip: how to get home when you've missed the last train

Let's face it. We've all been there at least once. Your boss asked you to just finish that last report. You missed a connection. Traffic.

Whatever the reason, you find yourself running as if a cheetah was chasing you, only to see your last train inexorably fade in the distance.

Fear not, though. If you follow these steps, there's a fairly high chance you'll make it home nonetheless.

First of all, you must have really missed the last train home. So, if say, your last train was at midnight and you leisurely stroll by the station at one in the morning, then tough luck. None of this is gonna work. You must have at least sped your pace to make it in time, and ideally, you've gone the extra mile to get on: running, banging on the windows, chasing the train. The more frantic, the better.

Supposing you really didn't make it, and you genuinely tried, then wait for the train to disappear completely from your field of view. When you're certain it's out of sight, start looking for something in your station that has to do with tickets. A ticket booth would be the best, even if closed, but anything closely enough related to tickets will do: an automatic ticket machine, a ticket barrier.

Look at the booth, machine, or whatever and state out loud “I mean no harm, I will cause no trouble, but please I need to get home.”

Grab seven coins of different sizes – which coins? Doesn't really matter, nor does their value, as long as they can be stacked in a small tower, with the smallest coin at the top and the biggest as the base. Stack them up as precisely as you can and leave them as closely as possible to your ticket point.

Turn around, and walk back towards the tracks without looking over your shoulder. Then look at your clock. If you did everything correctly, you should notice that all the time-tracking devices around (clocks, your phone, your iPod, etc) will be flashing odd shapes and senseless numbers until they all simultaneously stop to indicate a time that is usually just a couple of minutes before the last train is supposed to pass. And, punctually, you should see a train approaching the station – it will likely not make any noise, but it will look like a normal train, stop like a normal train, open the doors like a normal train and so on. You got the point.

Once it's fully stopped and the doors are open, you can simply get on.

Neat, huh?

Well, almost. That was the easy part. The fact that you made it on doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to *get

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Avatar Builds Part 1: Azula, Zuko, and Iroh

In honor of the new update as well as the relatively recent resurgence of ATLA, I figured I'd make some builds of our favorite characters. Theres really only one simple rule to this: The feeling of the character trumps there actual similarities. A Dai Li agent has literally earth hands, but they use them more like Stone Shot than Earth Knuckles. Let me know what you guys think! I'd love to fine tune these as much as possible. With that out of the way, let's begin!


Everybody's favorite violent 14 year old has a few notes to her fighting style. Shes agile, tactical, and ruthless.

Basic: Fiery Yo-yo. Azula hits fast and frequently, and most importantly--oppresively. Combine this with her on the fly thinking and the other 3 dont really fit.

Dash: Flare Rush. Shes almost never on the back foot, and when she is, it's usually in set up for another strike. Even when shes planning to retreat, shes doing damage on the way out, as Iroh learned the hard way.

Standard: Blazing Onslaught. Azula has never had a fair fight in her life and shes not about to start now. This move comes out fast, hits hard, and has heavy enough knockback to blast some poor schmuck off a cliff.

Signature: Ball Lightning. Lightningbending in her hands is like a high caliber rifle. Long range and almost always with lethal intent. The charged version of this would do Aang just like that one scene.

Relic and Cloak: Sinister Ledger and Fury. Pretty straightforward. She hates to lose, and loses effectiveness rapidly when hee confidence is shaken. Shes also almost always has a trick up her sleeve shes building up to.

Rating: 9/10. High mobility and damage, has an option for everything, but has an Achilles heel in that she has no real defensive options, but played smart, she'll never need them.


Now Zuko here is the quintessential firebender, and the middle ground between his sisters precise bending and the more widespread, cone shaped blasts of less skilled benders.

Basic: Flame Cross. Zuko often uses lines of flame along his arms and legs to amplify his martial arts. Solid damage, reliable, and quick. Fitting for his jack of all trades style.

Dash: Searing Rush. This dude loves to use his fire bending like a thruster pack. Couldn't be anything else.

Standard: Burn Cycle. If there was ever an arcana that was straight up fire bending, it's this one. Fire augmented kicks and punches? Zuko.

Signature: Dragon Arc/Tracer Barrage. These do basically the same thing. Zuko often r

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"Rhodes Island, I shall advance." — Chapter 7: The Birth of Tragedy Debrief

Five shielders can slaughter a team of knights;

Four imperial guards can ravage a settlement;

Three wendigos can conquer a small city;

Two armies can annihilate a nation;

One king can disrupt an entire land.

The translation is coming soon™. We're working on it (T^T)

7-1: The One Walking Towards the Sunset Alone (32:00:00)

>Some old monster told me, that the tools that couldn't kill a person will only make them stronger.
>I always thought it was a funny saying, but since that guy was really a monster, I had to take it into consideration.
>Do bugs jump into flames to find a better self? How amusing.
>No, not mentioning how much intellect a bug has, and how frail its body is, no matter how strong a bug got, it's still a bug.
>If a bug jumps into flames, it only proves that the fire messed up its brain. If it had one, it must be mad.
>But what if I was the one throwing myself into the fire? Then what else does it prove other than that I've gone mad? Aside from burning me, would it make me stronger?
>But, death. What would an undead monster know about death?
>Ah, it's the bitter death that no one can resist.

In the core city of Chernobog, currently en course to Lungmen, W meets up with Talulah. She asks Talulah if ramming a core city into Lungmen aligns with Reunion’s goals. Talulah replies that it’s an act that will benefit them both. Reunion will receive help it needs, and the Sarkaz mercenary will find work again as other mobile cities become paranoid of a similar event happening to them.

W then reports on her mission and her failure to secure Misha, but asks Talulah why she wants Misha. Talulah reveals that there are two keys, one given to Misha by her father Sergey and was lost when she died, and another held by the Chernobog mayor which was secured by Patriot. The keys seem to be essential to the inner workings of Chernobog and the system that powers it. She says that since she is being sincere, she hopes that it will clear up the misunderstanding between them.

But of course, when you find out everything, you can’t expect yourself to live long.

The bombs W planted were powerless against Talulah’s Arts. Just by stabbing her sword into the ground, she melted everything that could possibly harm her. As Talulah prepar

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I Used To Be A Stagecoach Driver, And Now I'm Not: I'm A Failure [Part 27]

Part 26

I failed.

Before anybody tries to come down on my side here--which probably won't happen, but the internet is full of weird people--let me make this incredibly clear:

I got overconfident, and arrogant, and Leah's lost her life as she knew it because of it.

This is my fault.

I spent the last three weeks thinking I had this whole thing figured out. The success of the fruit offering seemed clear enough. We started taking fruit and bread to the bathroom daily and it actually seemed like things were reversing—Leah's appetite picked back up, and so did her energy, and one day last week she actually ran all the way out to the parking lot to wave goodbye. She hasn't been past the gates since June. Her hand wasn't healing, but I figured with everything else going on it'd catch up eventually.

You know, like an idiot.

I assumed there was probably a faster way to help unturn her, but it was working, whatever poison Warin put in her was finally working its way out, and so I slowed down. Took a couple nights off. Had Dale over to the apartment to help me cook enough to refill both Leah's park freezer and her apartment one. Stayed with him a couple nights, too, and things looked so good for Leah, Oliver and Maxine didn't even take the time to be somber before whistling when I walked in wearing one of Dale's jackets. The season's over in a week and I was sure by then Leah would be home, or at least able to leave the park for a few hours every day while the process finished reversing. I'd been right, it never had to be human sacrifices at all, and I was just waiting for the day she came home so I could call Rick and Betty because at least somebody in this family didn't just passively sell her out. Life would start going back to normal, I could help her get back to the normal workaday of being human, Dale and I would be free to regroup and see how we wanted to go forward, the winter park schedule would take over and everything would be okay.

And then today I found out I was wrong.

I really was looking in the wrong place all along. It was a wild goose chase. And it did waste time until it was too late. I almost had it once, but I got distracted.

Because Leah's not a pretender.

She was never becoming a pretender at all.

It was raining today, which was the absolute pits because October rain is freezing and turns everything into glue and pastes the leaves

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AITA for refusing to spend time with my husband?

Clickbait title, I know. Here's the background: my husband and I have been married for 10 years and have four kids. I am and always have been an outdoorsy person; if the weather's nice, I don't want to be inside. When we first got together he would go do outdoorsy things with me, and I would also stay on and play video games with him at night. He seemed to enjoy the outdoors stuff, and I like gaming. All was well.

As time has gone on, he's become more crabby about doing outdoor things, whereas all of our kids tend to be like me - they'd rather hike, bike, swim, go to the lake, go fishing with relatives, that sort of thing. The older two like gaming but aren't going to choose it when the weather is good - even if the weather is crap they'd rather put on rain boots and raincoats and go out. He also has stopped playing video games with us in the evenings and pretty much exclusively plays overwatch by himself, so I'm setting the kids up with some co op games on their computers to play with me.

On nice days he'll ask me if I have plans, and I'll say I don't want to waste a beautiful day indoors. He will want everyone to load up in the car, drive a half hour to the nearest city, and... Go shopping? (And with the pandemic, this means sitting in the car while he goes in stores to get what he needs.) It's miserable. He considers this doing something together. He says he doesn't want to have to always go alone. He also said he hates doing things outdoors and doesn't want to go with us.

I finally told him, we can't arrange the wants and needs of five other people around one person who just wants to go to stores on beautiful days. He is free to go by himself and we will go out on a hike or what have you. But we aren't going to spend any more days driving around from store to store, nor will I bother asking him to do things with us anymore.

He says I'm excluding him, and that it's selfish, and ignoring what he wants. And part of that is right: I am "ignoring" what he wants, and I am excluding him in a way. But I've tried compromises. I've enjoyed his interests and we have, or had, family activities that don't involve being outdoors. I think I'm reasonable, but he clearly thinks I'm an asshole. Am I wrong? AITA?

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Tanuki Kids Buying for 510

Now that I finally have a high price from the kids, I am happy to host and give back to the community who have helped me sell my turnips in the past.

To join the queue, please comment with your IGN, Island name, and favourite movie.

When you come to my island, the store is behind the town square and the pond (basically head north). I will be sitting outside the store with a raincoat and hat.

Some ground rules:

  • Please leave through the airport when you are finished
  • Please don't pick the fruit or trample flowers
  • Although I usually don't mind people exploring, please help me to be able to help as many as possible and limit the visit to selling turnips

I will help as many as I can.

Note on trust: I don't put much energy into island design (Isabelle reminds me of this weekly), so I don't have any fencing or blocked areas. It would have taken a hour to set that up and as there are only three hours left for this turnip price (it's morning on my island), I wanted to choose to trust people instead of setting up boundaries so more people could benefit. Please reward that with not doing silly things :)

EDIT: Seems I helped everyone who needed it here, so I will close this off now :)

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Imaginary Friend vs. Tulpa Help

Hello there,

Err... I just found this place after falling down another Reddit rabbithole. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm really curious now...

Did I unknowingly create a tulpa?

It all started when I was in middle school. I liked this boy that was tan with blue eyes. Later, I had a dream of the same boy... Or so I thought. He was younger and the entire world was pink. He was just a little boy in a raincoat gazing into a puddle, only now, he had magenta eyes.

The real boy's name was Dillon, and I referred to this boy as the same until recently since I found it to be too plain of a name. Now I call him Delaiah. Meaning "YAHWEH has drawn up", which I find fitting since I've drawn him for years and thought of him as a guardian angel.

Now, he's been there for me since then. Just in my head, near me, a comforting presence. As a kid I often imagined him in my own imaginary world doing his own thing at times. Now I imagine him fighting my inner demons when he's not interacting with me. (I kinda wanna make a comic about it.)

Even so, I do have a sense of when he's with me, and he helps encourage me to take care of myself. Awhile ago he motivated me to try jump roping again, it was fun. Sometimes I think him as the avatar of my muse so to speak. Kinda like when Stephen King says his muse is an old guy chomping on a cigar and occasionally giving him ideas.

Anyway. Just last night I had an awesome dream where Delaiah was there when I was in trouble. He looked real, and he's grown with me. We winked at each other since I knew he was my ally.

He's not around much when I'm especially depressed, but that's because I never wanted him to see me that way. I always wanted to be strong for him since it gave me a sense of purpose. If I stop existing, then so will he.

So I guess he's a coping mechanism? I don't know. But he does do his own thing usually. Occasionally coming out to encourage me. And this dream was pretty awesome too.

What are your thoughts? Any similarities with you guys and tulpas? Would you class him as just an imaginary friend/coping mechanism? I always thought of him as my little brother and even my mother recognizes him when I draw him.

I just wanna hear your thoughts.

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[SPOILERS] Dark Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

FINALLY...the day we've all been waiting for!

This trailer launch has got me psyched more than most show's season premieres would!

Anyway, much like I did with the Season 2 teasers last year, I'm doing a shot-by-shot trailer breakdown for the Season 3 trailer.

Needless to say...SPOILERS

-We see someone, wearing an old-timey suit, rotating a lever on a control panel, and a dark matter orb opening. My guess is that this is the creation of Adam's time machine in the Sic Mundus bunker, and the person in question is Adam (who still looks like the Stranger at this point).

-Voiceover of Adam from Season 2, "You must have many questions", followed by a replay of Season 2's last scene with Jonas meeting alt-Martha.

-Overview of the ruined nuclear power plant post-apocalypse.

-Voiceover of Adam saying "The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end", as someone walks into what looks like the abandoned Sic Mundus bunker in 1921. That someone is the character played by Jakob Diehl (

-An explosion of gold energy (from alt-Martha's device?) followed by Jonas saying "Why am I here?" I'm guessing this is immediately after he's transported to the alt-world.

-We have a weird time-reverse sequence, where we see Jonas running through the woods in reverse, the shot of Season 1 Jonas waking up from a nightmare in reverse, and then a shot of Jonas in the bunker from the Season 1 finale reaching out to touch Young Helge's hand and being transported away.

-At the abandoned Sic Mundus base in 1921, we see Jakob Diehl's character running into two other people who are clearly his past and future selves. The older self is played by Hans Diehl (, and the kid is played by Claude Albert Heinrich ( So this is clearly a brand-new character...not someone we've seen before on the show at any age.

-There's a new voiceover from Adam saying "Everything in life happens in cycles. But this time, it will be the last cycle", even as the three versions of this mystery character set the Sic Mundus bunker on fire.

-There's a shot of a letter addressed to Jonas burning. Its unclear if this is part of the torching of Sic Mundus. Is this THE letter, ostensibly from Martha, that Young Noah handed Stranger Jonas?

-Adam saying "Can we change the course of events?" a

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Need creative tasks

So we're going on our summer camp in 2 weeks and I want to play a game with the kids.Everyone gets a task at the beginning of the week that they have to fulfill within that week. First one to do it will get a bag of marshmallows or so.Now. Everyone needs a different task.

They should not be to easy, should hurt nobody (of course), and are for teens from 14-16yo. The 7 kids sleep in the same tent and will do everything together.

3 tasks i already have are:

- Put a purple hat on xy's head.

- Make xy wash your dishes.

- Make xy wear their raincoat while the sun is shining.

Every task should include another person, can also be the second scout leader (not me of course as I'm the one giving out the tasks and that would be unfair)

Anyone got ideas?

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Hello. To all the cool people on here, here is shrek 1...but it's the script. Have fun(I had to shorten it because it was too long)

{Man} Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. But she had an enchantment upon her of a fearful sort which could only be broken by love's first kiss. She was locked away in a castle guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. Many brave knigts had attempted to free her from this dreadful prison, but non prevailed. She waited in the dragon's keep in the highest room of the tallest tower for her true love and true love's first kiss. {Laughing} Like that's ever gonna happen. {Paper Rusting, Toilet Flushes} What a load of - Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was lookin' kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead The years start comin' and they don't stop comin' Fed to the rules and hit the ground runnin' Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do so much to see So what's wrong with takin' the backstreets You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow Hey, now You're an all-star Get your game on, go play Hey, now You're a rock star Get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shootin' stars break the mold It's a cool place and they say it gets colder You're bundled up now but wait till you get older But the meteor men beg to differ Judging by the hole in the satellite picture The ice we skate is gettin' pretty thin The water's getting warm so you might as well swim My world's on fire How 'bout yours That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored Hey, now, you're an all-star {Shouting} Get your game on, go play Hey, now You're a rock star Get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shootin' stars break the mold {Belches} Go! Go! {Record Scratching} Go. Go.Go. Hey, now, you're an all-star Get your game on, go play Hey, now You're a rock star Get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shootin' stars break the mold -Think it's in there? -All right. Let's get it! -Whoa. Hold on. Do you know what that thing can do to you? -Yeah, it'll grind your bones for it's bread. {Laughs} -Yes, well, actually, that would be a gaint. Now, ogres - - They're much worse. They'll make a suit from your freshly peeled skin. -No! -They'll shave your liver. Squeeze the jelly from your eyes! Actually, it's quite good on toast. -Back! Back, beast! Back! I warn ya! {Gasping} -Right. {Roaring} {Shouting} {Roaring} {Whispers} This is the part where you run away. {

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I live in a town called Beaver Falls. Tonight we went into the forest and witnessed something horrible [Part 2]

Part 1

Well, I’ll come.” And that was how we found ourselves at the door to the witch’s lair.

Except not really.

Mary Alice’s house looked relievingly normal. Sure, it was a little run down, the yard was a little overgrown, but that’s how most houses were here. Her house was made of bricks that were once red but had now more of a faded dirt color. Ivy crawled over most of her house and the grass grew high.

“This is where you live?” Martin asked incredulously. He had insisted on tagging along, so if something happened to me, someone would know about it.

“Yeah, why?” Mary Alice asked.

“It’s so… normal,” Martin replied. Truthfully, her house looked in better condition than most of the houses in town.

Mary Alice shrugged. “My family was one of the original settlers here, way back.” She opened the front door and we all went inside.

As we took our shoes off, I looked at the house around me. It was warm, cozy, more inviting than my own house was. A delicious smell wafted out of the kitchen and my stomach growled. I flushed with embarrassment as they both turned to look at me. All I’d eaten that day was the cereal my mom had given me for breakfast. My mom rarely packed a lunch for me.

“Grammy? I’m home!” Mary Alice called out as she made her way to the kitchen. “I brought some friends, I hope that’s okay.”

We followed her and found an ancient-looking woman standing at an old oven. She set down a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen table, pulled Mary Alice in for a hug, and planted a kiss on the top of her head.

“Oh, well hello! How wonderful it is to see you! It’s been far too long since we had guests here,” she said. “Come in, sit, sit. You look hungry!” I flushed again, and it felt like her eyes pierced right through me.

“This is Martin and Dewey,” Mary Alice said, sitting down and grabbing a cookie.

“Of course, how lovely to meet you!” Grammy exclaimed. “Make yourselves comfortable, I’ll leave you kids be.” She gave us a wink and headed off into the house.

“Are you going to sit or what?” I asked Martin as I climbed into a chair and grabbed a cookie. Martin was still standing in the doorway, frozen. He forced himself to walk over and climb into a chair next to me but his eyes were wide.

“Have a cookie,” Mary Alice said, biting into another one. As I bit into mine, the cookie melted

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I am 25 years old, I make $30,065 as a social worker in Huntsville, AL

TW: Grief

Section One: Assets and Debt:

Retirement Balance: ughhhhhhhhhhhhh $5,900. My 401k took a huge hit over the past few weeks, so this makes my head spin Equity if you're a homeowner: haha, I wish

Savings account balance: I have multiple, ridiculously named savings account (I change them every week to get a giggle out of my husband when we do our check ins, none of these are actually appropriately labeled)

In case of emergency, break glass: $2k Getcha handbag girl: $1400 Juste Un Clou: $700 Getcha shoes girl: $150 Apple 4 Life: $70 Checking account balance: $745

Credit card debt: $0, I pay my cards as soon as they are charged

Student loan debt: Netted a civitan scholarship that covered what my pell grants didn’t. $0

Net worth: about $10k if we leave off my jewelry and handbag collection/car

Section Two: Income

Main Job Monthly Take Home: $1968 monthly net, $2505 gross. Big ole southern disclaimer: I don’t contribute anything to household expenses (pitchfork me if you need to!) nor are my finances combined with my husband’s. He makes $105,000 as a senior aerospace engineer, and his only debt is our mortgage.

Section Three: Expenses Mortgage/HOA/Homeowner’s: $915, but I don’t pay for any of that.

Retirement contribution: 10% monthly

Savings contribution: $1200 monthly

Investment contribution: none until my birthday, then the getcha handbag girl account is getting drained for my IRA :/

Debt payments: just paid this all off, woohoo.

Donations: $32 monthly to St Jude and $500 yearly to Rescue Goats of Puget Sound

Electric/water/gas: around $150, but ya girl doesn’t cover any of that.

Internet: $70, nope

Cellphone: $45 for me on AT&T prepaid, my husband has his own account

Subscriptions: $2 for Hulu and $15 for apple music family for me, the broseph, and my husband. My husband covers HBO ($15) and Netflix ($14) Gym membership: $99 monthly to climbing gym, but yall can probably guess at this point that I don’t pay for that either

Car insurance: $60, paid to my husband for my portion of the car insurance.

Regular therapy: $200 monthly for grief counseling Paid hobbies: $150 for my hair, though not recently. Health insurance: $150ish, includes my dental.

April 22nd, Wednesday: 1am: Wake up and realize my brother hasn’t sent me a single picture of my nieces for the day. He gets off work about the same time I head to bed, so I send him a text asking how the babies are doing. He sends me videos of Blossom playing on her cat

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My rewatch notes: S1E1

Unmarked spoilers for seasons 1-2.

I originally posted this in the group rewatch thread, but since I posted more detail than everyone else, I decided it deserves its own thread...

Opening narration, with my added emphasis:

>We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly, into infinity*.* But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion**.** Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle**.** Everything is connected.

This to me is a strong indication that season 3 will loop back around to the beginning of season 1, with even the alternate universe(s) being connected in an interdimensional loop, maybe via a Big Crunch. S3E8 might even end with Claudia completing this photo wall and a repetition of Tannhaus's opening narration - though I'm open-minded to other possible endings.

21 June. Is it significant that Michael commits suicide on the solstice? Is this related to the astrological/numerological significance of the 33-year cycle?

Michael's paintings full of black ink suggest he knows more than he's letting on. The writers say their original title for the show was Black Ink, so I'm sure this is going to be important. It also shows some evidence of the writers planning ahead on their visual effects - one painting looks like the ball of dark matter in Season 2, another looks like >!the presumably interdimensional machine Adam is manipulating in the Season 3 trailer. Has Michael traveled between worlds as well as through time?!<

Michael's suicide. Did he really kill himself or was his death a Houdini-style trick? Or maybe before he hanged himself he did some non-33-year time-traveling or switched places with an alternate-universe Michael? Who discovered the body? Or did someone discover him hanging there still alive? Who investigated his death?

The letter. How did Michael's letter addressed to Jonas end up with Ines instead?

"Goodbye" theme song. Does "Goodbye" imply the entire series will end up having never happened? Also, the reflected images seem to foreshadow the parallel worlds, but why does it start out with two images and end with three? I notice it switches about two-thirds of the way through the credits - does that mean Adam succeede

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Virtual Drag Race REWIND! Season 1: Episode 1 Mega-Ep- The Barbie Dolls

Hi All! So a few months ago... Season 1 of Virtual Drag Race Launched! I'm doing a little thing called 'S1' Revealed' Which is a little changed version of S1... with the more modern flair I use. Let's get into it!


I'm looking for my Queens... I am looking for Virtual Drag SUPERSTARS! It begins with this. My first ever group of girls...

Indiana Clark walks in a cowboy hat and pants. "Hi!"

Indiana Clark: "My names Indiana. I'm from Atlanta, and I am a Rodeo Queen! You're probably wondering what this means... Well, back in Tennesse, we don't have those drag clubs... so I do it at our local rodeos! I guess you could say... I know my way around a Carrie Underwood song." Indiana winks.

"Oh my... i'm the first girl here. Hell yeah..."

Dressed to the nines, and serving high fashion executive realness, walks out Dexi Pâris. "Did anyone call for a star?"

Dexi Paris: "Hello Baby. I am the Performer, the Model Dexi. I am here to give you looks, beauty and grace... and I am here to win."

"Oh hello darling!" Indiana shakes Dexi's hands. "How ya' going?"

"I'm well." Dexi grins.

...They awkwardly look at each other and smile.

Looking like a scene kid, The Tarantula smirks as she walks in covered in both black and neon. "I'm feeling emo."

The Tarantula: "Hey. I'm the Tarantula. I'm a proud Emo Queen. You have these pretty, pageant queens, and these funny Queens... well I'm fucking goth, bitch. I'm punk, i'm wild, i'm alternative and... well, I'm here to be the first winner."

Yana Yak walks in dressed as a sexy Yak. "Moooooooooooooooo..." Dexi looks confused. Tarantula laughs.

Yana Yak: "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I'm Yana, and I am 21 from Malibu, formerly Oklahama! I am a dancing Queen who's obsessed with fun, the sun and loving life! I'm 21, and... this is my first time doing drag professional. I've never performed in a club, I actually turned 21 two days ago... and uhm I've kinda just gone to a lot of parties in drag around town?" Yana laughs. "I'm so excited to be here!"

"Hi!!!" Yana smiles.

"Omg, so i'm not the only young one." Yana smiles.

"How old are you?" Dexi grins.

"21!!! I turned so... 2 days ago?" Yana giggles.

"Woah... so have you.." Indiana starts.

"Never performed in a club!" Yana laughs. "But like... I'd love to?"

Dexi Paris: "Yana's cute. Cute gets crushed against a bunch of other Queens.

Decoda Affair walks in classic drag; strong makeup, big hair, a 1960s Beauty Evening Gown. "Does someone want to find out my secret?"

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AJ’s family therapy scene

Did anyone else find it hilarious that AJ brought up being called an animal for smoking pot at his confirmation as an example of abuse, that he said maybe him smoking pot was him “self medicating” and literally goes back to that one time when Carmella had him wear a raincoat in second grade and it got him beat up as an example of how traumatic his life was?

And then Carmela says all he did was sit in his room all day and he says he never felt comfortable showing his emotions in the house.

Who the fuck was he kidding?

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Giving a basic prison survival guide and answers questions in the comments

Hey there this is for people that have never been to prison before and are just curious or for people about to have to go and are nervous plus I thought it would make for a interesting discussion, background I got together with some of my friends that have been to prison and we decided to make a basic prison survival guide for all U.S. prisons regardless of weather it’s male or female and also regardless of if it’s state or federal then answering questions. So I’m going to start with some basic facts first, like what it’s like when you first get to prison and the transfer process as well as what a inmates daily routine looks like depending on what level prison there in, after that I’ll talk about the rules the inmates make and enforce in their own way, then I’ll talk about prison hustles, then I’ll talk about some general prison etiquette and how not to irritate people and how not to walk right into trouble. After I’ll be answering any questions that You might have, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to get back to as many of you as possible, this will be a long read so settle in. Ok so here we go when you first get arrested you’ll go to county jail until you’re court date unless you bond out but I’m just going to start as if you’ve just been sentenced. So a couple of days after sentencing the guards are going to come to your cell at around two or three o’clock in the morning and tell you it’s time to go, this is the start of a very long day so what there going to do is tell you to stand up and strip out for a strip search this will also happen again when you get to your first prison, after that you’ll get to put your country jail uniform back on or if you bonded out you can choose to put your street clothes back on then they’ll tell you to stick your hands though the tray slot then they’ll put you in handcuffs with your hands in the front after that they’ll tell you to turn around and back up to the cell door, then they’ll put your leg irons on after that they’ll put your belly chain on and back you out of the cell then they’ll connect your handcuffs to the belly chain for now, then they’ll have you wait in a line until they call your name and DOC number, you’ll have the last four digits of that number locked in your memory by the end of the day trust me, then they’ll walk you up to a little desk with a higher up guard behind it and they’ll ask you what you want to do with your things you were arrested with such as your phone, your car keys, pretty

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[FT] Clearing out my Storage! TONS of Fossils, Rare Clothing, Furniture, DIYs, and more for sale! [LF] Specific furniture, Bells, Extra DIYs

Edit: Got a ton of replies, will be sticking to processing comments I've gotten already! I will post a new thread when I'm ready to trade again.

Looking to clear out my storage! I've got a wide variety of things to offer. If any of the listed items below have a variant and I didn't list it, please point it out and I'll let you know. I did the best I could just by looking at them.

In return for my items I'm looking for fair offers from amongst the following. I know some of these items are rarer and others, and in turn I know I have some rarer items amongst my own:

  • Bells (no NMTs)
  • Spare DIY Recipes
  • Hybrid Flowers
  • Arcade Seat (Grey)
  • Arcade Seat (Red)
  • Cyprus Plant (White)
  • Electric Bass (Orange(?))
  • Fire Pit
  • Ivory Simple Bath Mat
  • Macrame Tapestry (Green)
  • Pinball Machine (Brown)
  • Pinball Machine (Purple)
  • Rocket Lamp (Pink)
  • Yucca

What I have available will be a long list but I will break it down by the following categories, so use Ctrl+F to find the category (or item!) you're looking for. All items are first-come, first-serve!

  • Housewares
  • Miscellaneous
  • Wall-mounted
  • Wallpaper
  • Floors
  • Rugs
  • Fashion Items
  • Fossils
  • DIYs

I will ignore and block PMs or direct chats coming from anyone who doesn't comment on this thread.


  • Anatomical Model
  • Anchor Statue (Blue) x4
  • Antique Chair (Black)
  • Antique Console Table (Brown)
  • Antique Mini Table (Brown) x4
  • Automatic Washer (white)
  • Bamboo Doll
  • Bamboo Partition
  • Bamboo Stopblock
  • Beach Towel
  • Beehive
  • Bidet
  • Birdbath
  • Box Corner Sofa (Orange
  • Bunk Bed
  • Camping Cot
  • Changing Room (Brown)
  • Clay Furnace
  • Cyprus Plant (Blue) x2
  • Cyprus Plant (Brown) x3
  • DIYs
  • Destinations Signpost
  • Director's Chair
  • Director's Chair (Black)
  • Double Sofa (Green)
  • Effects Rack (Black)
  • Electric Guitar (Light blue)
  • Exercise Bike
  • Fan (White)
  • Fashion Items
  • Fish-Drying Rack
  • Fishing-rod stand (White) x6
  • Floors
  • Fossils
  • Freezer (White)
  • Fresh Cooler x2
  • Garden Lantern (Black) x2
  • Go Board
  • Housewares
  • Imperial Bed (Red)
  • Ironing Board
  • Ironwood Chair
  • Ironwood Dresser
  • Kitchen Island (Silver)
  • Mama Panda
  • Marimba
  • Miscellaneous
  • Monstera
  • Mountain Bike (Green)
  • Natural Square Table
  • Neon Diner Sign (Red, Yellow letters)
  • Oil Barrel (Damaged)
  • Outdoor Generator
  • Pile of Leaves (Green)
  • Plastic Pool (Blue)
  • Plastic Pool (Green)
  • Pull-up Bar Stand (Red)
  • Rattan End Table (Black)
  • Rattan End Table (
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"My Mom Passed Away in an Isolated Ward in Wuhan." A retelling of a Wuhan resident so powerful it made me cry in the gym, have to take a shot and translate it.

The article is from the "Living" column of the Phoenix Television, a Chinese television network that serves both Chinese and Hong Kong audiences. You can find the original article here: I find this retelling extremely powerful and I will try my best to translate it as accurate as possible. To my fellow Chinese peeps feel free to point out mistakes (Also if there is an English version of the article please post it here and tell me I'm an idiot).

TL,DR - A female resident in Wuhan recounts her and her family's journey in Wuhan from Mid to Late January, after her Dad, Mom and Brother have all been infected with the coronavirus.

Edit: The article is reverse chronological, part 3 happened first then part 2 and 1.


Part One

Mom had passed. Everything is so surreal.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year on 25th Jan, Dad called and asked me to bring some meds for him to the hospital. I grabbed some both for him and Mom.

I put the meds in a corner of the isolated hospital building and walked away so my Dad can come and pick them up. Before he went back to the ward, he said "Mom might not make it." which shocked me. Dad texted me and said the hospital called 10 minutes earlier and said Mom‘s organs were failing and was being given emergency treatment. I was desparate to get in touch with Mom's nurse but couldn't.

I texted Dad back, "She will make it. Mom has always been strong, have faith in her."

Dad texted back, "She won't. The doctors are just going through the motions."

Mom was happy with the flowers I bought her after she went through lung surgery on 17th January.

I then called the hospital in tears and begged, "I can give up all I have, I don't care how much money it will cost. Please save Mom with the best meds and the best equipment. I can't be without Mom."

The hospital called back moments later. I knew it was all over when the caller formally introduced himself as a doctor. He said they've notified the funeral parlor to take Mom's body away in a few moments. I begged him to wait and I will be there in the hospital asap. He agreed but specified that I cannot be near Mom.

After the first call with the hospital I cal

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A real life DARK-experience - Or that one time I met someone from Winden

Norwegian DARK-fan bringing a fun moment to you all.

So this happened this Tuesday. I'm out driving with a friend of mine, who's just finished season 1. We talk about the show for a while, before we go into a electronics shop. While we're looking at some headsets, a dude walks up to us, wearing an orange raincoat.

And I kid you not, this guy suddenly asks us, in a German accent:



After a few seconds we realized that he was in fact pointing at a Commodore 64 Retro Console, amused by the fact that someone would retrofit a console. We didn't ask him about Season 3, though. .

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[For Sale]

Here’s the deal: $5 shipping flat. Doesn’t matter how much you buy. I ended up getting a double order of mailers and pads because the place I order from shorted me and just resent the entire order. My tiny NYC apartment literally cannot handle the number of mailers I have right now, so I’m tossing a ton of weird stuff for sale that I wouldn’t normally list because I just have to use some of these mailers!

Links to all the pictures:


Photo 1 - Jazz, Blues, World Music, super super weird private press

Peter King - “African Dialects” - VERY good jazzy afrobeat that might as well be a long lost american funk LP. OG copies are $$$, this record seems to have only sold in Europe so the only copies that show up for sale have $ shipping. Clean copy. Listen: - $15

Elmore James- “Got to Move” - wickedly cool chicago blues. Slide guitar with a pile of distortion (unusual for the genre). These early 50’s and early 60’s recordings include his most famouse song, “Dust My Broom” - - $10

Ravi Shankar ‎– “The Sounds Of India” - second and far superior LP by the master. This is a somewhat modern repress (no tip on sleeve, newer vinyl) and sounds great. Mono copy (stereo split is notoriously bad on this). Super clean vinyl (was unplayed till a few weeks ago when I listened to it) Listen: - $10

Pharaoh Sanders - “Love Will Find a Way” - a few years ago I ended up with a small box of sealed dead stock of this LP. It’s a little bit more electronic than the stuff he’s most famous for, but definitely still a solid freaked ou Jazz LP from the greatest. In shrink, was my personal copy - $8

~~Lightin’ Hopkins - “Live at the Bird Lounge” - super rare first press of this unbelievable live set by the master of Texas blues. Super sad, rough, raw, incredible. This copy has lots of wear BUT it doesn’t really take away from the sound. I don’t know how to describe it, but I actually super dig the w

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S1 E2 length recap

S1 E2 – LIES – November 5

WAKEUP SCENE – Jonas’s ear drips blood, then his father covered in goo or blood or cesium or something.

Next scene is Pathologist talking about busted eardrums with Charlotte. So, just an amusing editing cut, or some weird connection between Jona’s dream and what Charlotte is hearing? Also echoes a scene with Egon86 checking out the sheep.

Ulrich in cave. Slips … same spot as Mikkel did? Finds the door with radiation symbol on it.

Fran + Magnus .. doing what, I forgot

Peter listens to radio news and starts crying. (we learn in S1E10 that Peter and Tronte have moved Mads body from where it materialized in the bunker to the woods)

Jana+Tronte. Tronte washing laundry – looks like blood or dirt on his sweater. Jana notices, asks T where he was. She noticed the car was missing. I have the feeling Jana is a lot sharper than she looks

Family photo – the famous Muttertag 1985 Mads + Ulrich – Mads not wearing yellow sweater

Katharina + Martha: Mikkel thought being missing (like Madds) was the worst, worse than death.

917 Tiedemann house. Bartosz calling Martha

Mads body. Yellow sweatshirt. Atomic Power No Thanks. Q1 apparently there is something wrong with this shirt. Doesn’t match photo? Or it was a “thing” in Germany but said something different? Atomic Energie versus Atom Kraftwerk? Some threads out there I should check out.

Police meeting. Body dressed in clothes from the 1980s. Walkman. Timestream song on tape. Red soil. Oddly for me (old guy) a Walkman doesn’t seem like a “old” device, probably still have a couple laying around the house somewhere. But yeah, thinking about it, who the heck has a Walkman anymore.

Ulrich – says he found door – starting to believe Charlotte’s “all connected” idea

Jurgen + Boris/Alex at the nuke plant. Jurgen is reluctant to be hauling magma muck around at night – after all his kid is missing – and family members are typical suspects in disappearances – so I think he has reasonable grounds to be cautious. Boris says “are you trying to blackmail me”. Which seems an odd thing to say. My theory is that Boris blackmailed Bernd after Claudia disappeared post86, which is how he started his rise at the palnt. In the future he will be blackmailed by Hannah. Also, I like to call Alexander “Boris” because that seems to be his real name.

Waldhotel – I like to call it the “Vlad” Hotel - the Stranger arriving with his Samsonite suitcase. *I do

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I had a dream in black and white

So it starts off with me jogging in the rain. I’m wearing a black raincoat and jogging around my neighborhood. But for some reason nothing has any color. It’s all shades of black, gray, and white. And there’s no life or sound anywhere. I'm the only one there. I’m on the sidewalk and before I cross onto the road to turn, I start to blackout as the rain gets heavier. My vision gets clouded with dark spots and the rain keeps hitting my face with such a force that it's the only thing filling my mind and ears.

As I turn the corner, I immediately gain control again, stop seeing spots, and it stops raining. Like everything stops as soon as I turn the corner and now everything’s dry as well. I keep jogging and I see these 2 kids playing in their front lawn. There’s a boy wearing a blue shirt and a girl wearing either a pink or red shirt. But other than that, everything else is devoid of color.

The boy is by their mailbox motioning the girl to come play with him. She’s on their driveway with her arms crossed and pouts. But I can’t hear them. I can’t hear anything, there’s just no noise. The boy in blue is trying to get the girl in red or pink to play with him but she keeps refusing. And that’s all that I remember. Anyone know what this could mean?

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S1 E4 - lengthy and dull recap

S1 E4 – DOUBLE LIVES – Nov 6 (to morning of 7)

Title is “Double Lives” and will mostly be about the Dopplers (which means double) - five Dopplers in this episode, maybe 7 if we count Helge86 and Noah. Questions are marked with Q if you care to answer.

Montage Voiceover

  • Bunker open
  • Noah’s chair time machine
  • Wallpaper
  • Pinecone art (Helge’s)
  • Sic Mundus door
  • Emerald tablet – with a mottled background – Q0:is this the one in the hospital?
  • Noah’s back tattoo
  • 0028 Dead Body … Q1: whose?
  • Comic books -- Q2 :I have to check where these are ... was it the future bunker?
  • Someone making pinecone art
  • Old Helge – TICK TOCK
  • Somebody in raincoat, leaves 2019 cave, think this is Helge

0241 Doppler House – which is 2-1/2 storey brick. Looks a bit like the Nielsen house, but perhaps more modern, with a larger vertical window. Hallway – features a weird artpiece. An upset Franziska comes out, wearing her weird bird sweater. (She also has a bird necklace and her mom was studying the dead birds in 1986 we later learn). Complaining that Eli stole her lipstick. Claudia and Peter – come out opposite doors in the hallway. It’s funny and sad at the same time. Symmetry. Peter says he will visit “dad” (Helge). (So Peter seems to exhibit fondness or responsibility for Helge). Charlotte will take Eli to school, doesn’t want her alone. (perhaps a worrisome thing for the police chief to admit)

0327 Jonas with Map. Where is the Crossing? ST 731. Jonas still has pills.

0350 Elizabeth is reading. Franziska yells at her about the lipstick. Eli: I’m only 8 and don’t use lipstick. Eli says she doesn’t like Mikkel, he is a show off and a jerk.

0449 Hannah is sitting with her knees up inside sweater (Martha does this somewhere else). Says Jonas doesn’t have to go to school, they could do something nice. Jonas refuses, “mama” he says in a disappointed tone Q3: So why not? I suppose he just started school again, seems weird to take time off again. Hannah looking for help? Hannah realizes losing Mikkel has to be traumatic. Echo: Is Jonas rejecting her like Michael did, day on Nielsen party S2

0532 Old folks home. Peter’s Volvo wagon in front. Helge is agitated. “Have to tell him” “He has to stop”. Peter is puzzled, tell who what? *Irony: I think Peter is in a 12-step program for sex addiction, so he has issues with not being able to stop. Also, Peter and Tronte have been messing with Mads bo

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My mom used to make we wear boys clothes

I’m just wondering if anyone has insight into this behavior.

When I was a kid my mom would encourage me to dress up as men and would make me wear my brother’s clothes.

The most vivid memory I have of this is when I was in elementary school, it was a rainy day, so my mom has me wear this green raincoat that was my older brother’s. But when I was inside the classroom I took it off. Because it wasn’t raining. My mom went so far as to go in the classroom during class as a “volunteer”, and when she saw I had it off, she kept trying to make me wear it. It got to the point that I was in the hallway crying saying I didn’t want to wear it because it’s boys clothes and it’s not raining inside, and that it’s making me too hot wearing it inside. She had this weird pride about it, the idea of me wearing boys clothes. I just remember feeling so confused why she was doing this, just wishing she’d let me be, and it still doesn’t make sense to me. She had this love for me wearing men’s clothes and I don’t know why.

A few years later I did some biography report on Walt Disney. She had me dress up as Walt Disney and went so far that she drew a moustache on me. But dressing up wasn’t even a part of the report or presentation. It felt weird and now that I’m thinking about it, and it’s becoming more clear to me that my mom has some kind of mental problem, this seems even more weird. I liked dressing up girly and wearing makeup but that was always discouraged. Around that same time, I had this choir performance and I had to wear makeup for the lights, and all my mom let me wear was the brightest red lipstick- I looked horrible and even my grandfather pointed it out.

The contrast between encouraging masculine looks and discouraging feminine things is just sticking out to me and I’m wondering if this is a sign of something.

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Planning trip to Disney world in April 2025

Wish I could edit the title of this thread, at least I can edit the original message itself, my travelling dates could be subject to change between march, april or October 2025 for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival if its still a thing in 2025.

Ok, I got big plans and a long time to save money for it, I've decided for either a solo or family Disney trip in April 2025 (will invite everyone in my family, if some join me that will be epic if none, I will be on my own and still enjoy it), yes I know, its quite a long trip planning well in advance with 5 yrs from now, but I have very low income and saving for a trip to Disney for me will take much more time than most people, my goal right now is to save 80$ a month till December 2024, if I do this right, I will have around 4000$CAD for a magical Disney trip of a lifetime. My plan is 9 days vacation so I have a full week and don't count day of arrival and departure. Am I alone to plan a trip for such a long time period.

I've been to Disney World before in 1990, 1997, 2001, 2008 and 2012, so I know a lot of tips and tricks already, like to never ever visit Disney world in summer months like I did in 2008, horrible mistake, way too hot and humid and no winds ever. in 2025, I want to leave the dream of staying on property at a Disney Resort, I've never done that because of the price but I'll be 44 yrs old and want to experience this magic adventure once in a lifetime. My plan is to stay at Value resort, ideally one that is accessible from the new Skyliner so I guess it will be Pop Century, I prefer less crowded mode of transportation as I'm Autist Asperger, crowded buses are a nightmare for me even if I can survive them when needed.

I've read about how so many things changed that maybe tips I've learned aren't working anymore, like how the new way FastPass work, I don't plan on getting any since it force schedules and dates and time are locked for each park, I don't want that, can we still get FastPass for popular attractions at the park or this is a thing of the past. I will travel with my backpack, I never go anywhere without it (medication, water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, raincoat, phone charger and battery for it, camera, extra pair of socks...), I've experienced the checking of the bags in 2008 and 2012 and didn't have a problem with it, but are they more strict now, will they take my snacks and drinks out, my biggest trick to save money usually is to have plenty of snacks like granola bars and protein bar

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2 YEARS OF HAULS (50+ KG) PART 3. 8.8 KG WINTER HAUL REVIEW - Shoes/Sweatshirts/Jackets






I noticed a distinct lack of shoes/sweatshirts in my previous hauls, and it was getting close to Christmas, so I figured I might as well buy some. Needless to say, I'm pretty addicted at this point.


Usual blurb: Many of these items were bought a long time ago, so links might be dead. I like my clothes somewhat oversized. Temperature degrees will be in celsius. Reviews are going to be very direct/straightforward with little exaggeration, in attempts to make it as objective as possible. Keep in mind I don't really care at all about minor flaws, but rather quality.




Height: 178cm

Weight: 63-65 kgs

Build: Semi-athletic

Location: USA

I usually wear size M shirts TTS. Size 29 pants.




Courier: EMS

Agent: CSSBuy. Switched from superbuy due to pricing. Customer service was great at the time, never had any issues through several hauls.

Timeline: Submitted 2018-11-25. Delivered 2018-12-03. 8 days. Other half of a split package.


Products costed 1735 yuan in total, including domestic shipping.

Shipping costed 109 dollars for 8.8 kgs. Declared at 0 dollars for the memes.

CSSbuy also took 103 yuan in service fees.




Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s High (120 Yuan) 821 Grams


I had just recently discovered cnfashionbuy. I wasn't interested in hype shoes, but basic shoes that I could match with a lot of outfits. Can't go wrong with chuck taylors. Only issue is that they ordered the wrong size, so I'm stuck with a slightly smaller shoe. I can still wear it, it's just a bit tight. Not much to say about quality, been wearing these for nearly 2 years. Still holding strong, and for 17 bucks, it's a great deal. 8/10 QC


Cwhat Oversized Kanye Style Hoodie (Size M) 657 grams


This was high

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I think I became a medium [Part 6]

Context: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Sorry for not posting an update yesterday. After the events I'm about to describe, I was extremely exhausted, and slept as soon as I got home, up until a few hours ago. I'm still collecting myself, so I apologize in advance for the (even more so) lackluster redaction in this post.

I've been poking around town, asking people here and there about folklore, and most importantly, Dean Kennedy. I have a better idea of who he was and what he did now that I've fully read both notebooks I have on my possession, and that I have talked to Katherine, Melanie, and the shaman about him.

About folklore, there aren't many things I heard that are useful: ghost stories, haunted houses, witches, basic stuff. There was one, though, that caught my eye: apparently, this specific town sometimes lingers between realities, and results in a peak of supernatural activity. Sounds outlandish, but it might lead to something. I can't help but think that's the conspiracy Melanie talked about. This theory would be reinforced by the experiences I'd go through later that day.

While walking around, doing researched, I stumbled upon a familiar looking house near a park, the exact same one I had a vision about. When I went up to the fence, I got the lead I was hoping for: the mailbox had "Kennedy" on it. I crossed the fence, walked to the door, and knocked on it. A man in his forties opened the door; he was tall, around 6'3, and thin, with dark blonde hair, and green eyes, with glasses resting on his nose.

"Can I help you?" His voice was deep, and a bit intimidating.

"Are you Dean Kennedy's father?"

His eyes opened wide, seems like no one had asked that in a long time. He simply nodded, and asked me if I was a friend of his. I shook my head.

"I'm more of a friend of a friend. If you don't mind, though, I'd like to hear about him.

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Impressionable [Short Story, part 4]

We're now a little over halfway there, with just three more installments to go after this one! All going well, this series will be concluded by Friday, June 12th.

Rain slicked down the door in heavy spurts as the two children stood in front of the door, a knocking ringing throughout the house. And so, they waited. Looking over his shoulder, Michael, the eldest of the two, could see the car still parked on the street. No surprise there. Their mother didn’t quite trust their father with them, but such were the terms of the divorce, and there wasn’t much anyone could do about it.

Keeping tight his hold on his sister’s hand, Michael gave another knock. This one was more successful than the first and sounds could be heard from inside the house. After another few moments, the noise of a door being unlocked came from inside and the white wooden door swung open to reveal the inner hallway of the house and in the doorway, a man.

He was barely recognisable with the father Michael had once known. He was thin and twisting, dressed in a purple button up and black slacks that seemed to hand off his body, clearly not fitting his frame whatsoever. His face was gaunt and lifeless, with tout cheekbones and scarring covering his face. His hair had just recently began growing back, in short, messy tufts. One eye was bloodshot, and the other was simply not there, covered by a patch.

“Daddy!” Elizabeth, the younger child yelled, leaping forward and giving her father a hug that threatened to crush him. She clearly didn’t care how her dad looked; She was just happy to see him again. The father looked a little taken aback, before returning the gesture, wrapping his arms around his daughter’s huge yellow raincoat. Mike did not doubt that no warmth could be found in the hug.

“Daddy, look!” Exclaimed the oblivious seven-year-old. “Mummy and I fixed her up!” As she yelped this, she held up Circus Baby. She was a small doll of a girl with bright red hair, dressed as a clown. Her father had made it for her to celebrate Elizabeth’s third birthday. In recent times, the doll had been a little worse for wear. Her stitches were falling out, it smelt of damp mildew and, well, it had not survived an encounter with Stanley, the family dog. But it had been fixed since then by the diligent efforts of Mrs Afton.

“Well… Isn’t that great?” The skeletal man noted, as a thin smile crossed his scarred excuse of a face. “I always thought Baby could use some repairs. Come on, you two.” And

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Killer Concept for Pennywise the doppelganger/the fable

DISCLAIMER! I haven't done this before, and I am an admitted "noob" to the game only really playing the last month or so and only being rank 8 as I write this. All this said I love thinking of new ideas and concepts for the games I play and enjoy so here goes;

Lore- After the first lose Pennywise has ever faced, against the likes of the loser's club he needed to regain his strength once again. During his 27 year "long sleep" the Entity beckoned him to spreed his terror and fear across the misty realms it controls.

MAIN ATTACK (M1); Pennywise claws the survives in front of him causing damage to any survivor hit.

SPECIAL ABILITY (The Red Balloon); While standing over a Survivor in the dying state Pennywise ties a red balloon to the survivor. The red balloon causes the survivor to have a 12 meter terror radius and can be removed by another survivor. Each balloon while remaining on a survivor reduces Pennywise's terror radius by 6 meters up to 24 meters.

SPECIAL ABILITY (Polymorph); Pennywise after a short time of being unseen can turn himself into another survivor that is in the game ( become one of the four players in the match), while disguised he is in the injured state with a red balloon attached to him. He maintains his terror radius of 32 meters, and within 8 (maybe 12) meters of a survivor drops his disguise ready to attack.

Edit; I wanted to point out that if you have 4 balloons out Pennywise's terror radius is the same as a survivor with a balloon, plus with the right addons you can get a few steps closer to your prey


Georgie's Raincoat (ultra rare); Pennywise no longer drops his disguise within 8(12) meters of a survivor. If an injured survivor attempts to heal Pennywise above 50% , he immediately grabs them causing them to enter the dying state throwing them over his shoulder. (Groups of friends ruin this just a little bit but would be so good late into a match with panic running wild)

Demon's Helium (ultra rare); Start the game with to generators having balloons tied to them. Any survivor that starts repairing these generators will become ensnared by the balloon. Reduce all healing, repairing and sabo speeds by 5% while a balloon remains on the survivor. (nurse's perk is 4% per injured person, I feel this is not that bad)

Others (purple); cause the balloons to be much smaller but increase terror radius. Increase all balloon removal time by (X) secs. Cause a loud notification when a balloon is removed. So on

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Bibio AMA Transcribed

Q1: What was your first instrument and when was the first time you picked up a camera?

Bibio: My first instrument was a Bontempi Electric Organ. My first camera was a tiny plastic thing that used 110 film cartridges. I was probably 8 or 9, that's a guess. I probably took the odd photo on my mom's or dad's camera, which probably would have been a 110 camera too, they were popular in the 80s. They're pretty lofi as the film is only 16mm.

Q2: What inspires you the most?

Bibio: (There are a few questions about inspiration) It’s impossible to single out any one thing, inspiration comes from within, as a reaction to what's outside and one's own experiences, but inspiration is a feeling, a feeling of motivation and love of thinking, the joy of having and developing ideas.

Ideas and inspiration come in a multitude of forms from a multitude of sources and experiences. Being open and observant of the world around you increases the chances of inspiration. I usually start every day with lying in bed for an hour, just thinking.

Q3: What songs of yours would you like people to listen in the's to each their own...

Bibio: Any of them, but to pick a few that I think would be suitable: For walks in the rain in suburbs or town, I'd say Wet Flakey Bark, Puddled in the Morning and Raincoat. For walks in the country in the rain, Capel Celyn or any of Phantom Brickworks.

Q4: What were some of the most challenging songs to complete? Which took the longest?

Bibio: I can often remember which tracks took the least time, but I lose track of the ones that took ages, because the ones that took ages probably went through several completely different versions before I settled on one. The tracks that take the least time tend to be ones that arise from experimentation, they tend to form as I start recording. Where the tracks that take longer tend to be songs that are developed prior recording, as a series of evolving sketches that I record as videos on my phone, then eventually I'll take them to my studio and do a 'proper' version. Some of the Phantom Brickworks tracks were the quickest to make, because they were pretty much straight improvisations recorded with a delay pedal straight to tape. So apart from the setting up time of the mikes etc, they took as long as the track is in duration. As for the most challenging - hmmm, not sure. I have some new material coming out soon that was challenging in that I played lots of violin, viola and cello parts, and they are relati

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I've been looking for a raincoat to buy myself. I like to wear brightly coloured or patterned clothes, and with raincoats being known to be quite brightly coloured, you'd think I'd have an easy time right? Well…Every site or shop i've visited has the exact same type of coat! None of them are patterned, none of them are brightly coloured or even medium coloured - they're all just various shades of khaki, grey and navy! They're so ugly it's almost depressing.

Then I came across this one page which sold these beautiful patterned coats. They had floral pattern, cute cartoon whales and fish, fruit, abstract dots and zigzags, and lots of other things. They were beautiful and I thought "yes I've finally found something I would love to wear!" and I checked the sizes for the coats and…I'm ashamed to say I had been browsing toddler's raincoats.

I went back to all the other websites I had looked, and checked the kids section, and lo and behold, they were beautiful. Full of fun patterns and cheerful colours, I was desperate to buy one but I'm not a toddler unfortunately. It makes me really angry actually that the adults raincoats are so expensive and yet so horrible-looking…do they just assume adults like to look like they just crawled out of a sewer?

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[An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character] - 4.3 + 4.4

Re-rewind | Support the author

41,880 | Constance

Sure, it was the fifth rewind, but they’d get him this time — the front door of the library represented the sole escape route, and Connie covered it, ready with her net. Alan MacCain could hide, but he couldn't run. After several minutes, however, Faust emerged from the building shaking his head. He looked pissed off, and the double-edged sword worked wonders for his personal space, effortlessly parting the crowd around him.

They sat by a fountain in the square for the fourth time, where the air smelled relatively fresh.

Faust sighed, squinting at the laptop screen under the sun. "For fuck’s sake. Not in the library at 11, not in the stock exchange at 10, not dropping off his kids at 9. It's almost like people can just lie on the internet. Or, you know, set up a script to lie for them."

She leaned over to look. "Come on, man, nobody said it'd be easy. Let’s try a different angle — what about his wife? Where's she at?"

"Let's see," he said, uselessly hitting the brightness button, "At 9, she was... at the Fruit and Wool Exchange, because of course she was. That's a place that normal people visit. At 10, she went to feed the ducks in the park, presumably to fatten them up, because by 11 she was chowing down on their brethren in a restaurant. Have fun on your wild goose chase, Connie, but I think I'd rather stay here and watch paint dry."

"Well meow to you too," she said, holding up the remote. "Suit yourself. I'll contact you on the tile when I've—"

"Don't you think we've done enough rewinding?" he spat.

She glared at him, and he glared back. The fountain trickled down behind them, while an endless throng of people streamed by, oblivious to the intensity of their staring contest.

She straightened out her blazer. "It's almost like you don't want to find him."

He smoothed over his beard. "It's almost like you're procrastinating getting on with the day because you're terrified of finding out the truth."

"Excuse me?" She shivered, then put her hands on her hips to imitate justified anger.

"Tarquin insisted I quell my self-loathing until I knew for certain — well regard thyself, mistress! If we just kept going, we'd bump into MacCain eventually, wouldn't we?"

"But the information's right there,"

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The Vampires of Charleston

Another story from the Navy's nuclear power school in Charleston.

First, a bit of background, for those who haven't had the pleasure of serving in the Navy, or working with Navy nukes.

On the enlisted side, at the time these stories took place, there were three varieties of nuke ( at least in school):

  • MM's, or Machinist's Mates - 3 month long initial 'A'-school. Work with mechanical systems; water, air, lube oil, and most of the bits that go roundy-roundy. Affectionately referred to as "knuckle draggers," because they were jokingly said to be the first in their families to walk upright, and because in the fleet, their preferred form of troubleshooting any equipment (including electrical or electronic) is with "mechanical agitation," usually applied with a 10 pound sledge or the largest pipe wrench within reach.
  • ET's, or Electronics Technicians - 6 month long initial 'A'-school. Work on the reactor control and protection systems, and stand watch as actual reactor operators underway. Teased as being the prissiest rating among all the nukes, because most of their maintenance involved very little physical labor. In school, they were often the ones found staying in playing video games or board games all weekend.
  • EM's, or Electrician's Mates - 6 month long initial 'A'-school. Work on the power generation and distribution systems associated with a nuclear propulsion plant, and fix/ repair/ maintain basically anything with a wire coming out of it. Because we were the best of the best of the nuclear navy, we got called on to fill in/ help out with both of the other rates (also, because at least on carriers back in the 2000's, we had the manning) - strong enough to be MM's, and smart enough to be ET's. Yes, this was my rate.

The nuclear power pipeline for enlisted sailors consists of three separate schools, which total over a year of training before any operator gets to the fleet:

  • Nuclear field "A" school - this is the initial training that determines your source rating - mechanical principles for MM's, electrical theory and principles for EM's, electrical and electronics for ET's.
  • Nuclear Power School - this is standard (for the most part) across all three rates; it's an intensive six months in physics, thermodynamics, reactor theory, chemistry, radiation theory, metallurgy, and mathematics. This is where most students usually drop or fail out of the pipeline.
  • Nuclear Prototype - hands-on training operating an actual nuclear propulsion plant, at on
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Products that I did NOT add to database today (29.5.2020)

Products that I did NOT add to database today. Check image compilation: . If you want to add an item to Couponsfromchina database, then click on "Add Product" button on

  1. ✔️ 1PCS INR18650-30Q 3000mAh Unprotected Button Top 18650 Battery 🌐 💰 Price: $6.99

  2. ✔️ X5 LCD Projector Support 1080p HD Multimedia Home Cinema Smart Home Theater LED Projector HDMI VGA AV SD USB 🌐 💰 Price: $63.99

  3. ✔️ 3000LM 3x T6 Super Bright 3Modes Easy Operation 18650 LED Spotlight Flashlight Torch Light 🌐 💰 Price: $16.99 💵 Coupon: BG3T6

  4. ✔️ Syma X21 2.4G 4CH 6Aixs Headless Mode Altitude Hold Mode RC Drone Quadcopter RTF 🌐 💰 Price: $-3 💵 Coupon: BGX21US

  5. ✔️ Cuteroom DIY Dollhouse Miniature LED Light Box Theatre Gift Decor Collection 🌐 💰 Price: $11.18 💵 Coupon: BGCOP04

  6. ✔️ Cuteroom DIY Dollhouse Miniature LED Light Box Theatre Gift Decor Collection 🌐 💰 Price: $11.18 💵 Coupon: BGCOP16

  7. ✔️ Eachine E10W Mini Wifi FPV 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Drone Quadcopter With Camera RTF 🌐 💰 Price: $-3 💵 Coupon: BGE10WUS

  8. ✔️ Toyan4 Stroke RC Engine Gasoline Model Engine Kit Starting Motor For RC Car Boat Airplane Toyan FS-S100G 🌐 💰 Price: $413.81 💵 Coupon: BG165TY

  9. ✔️ STEM Human Torso Body Anatomy Model Heart Brain Skeleton School Educational 🌐 💰 Price: $32.44 💵 Coupon: BGCOP17

  10. ✔️ Giant Strawberry Squishy 25*20CM Huge Fruit Slow Rising Soft Toy Gift Collection With Packaging 🌐 💰 Price: $19.08 💵 Coupon: BGCOP08

  11. ✔️ 216PCS 5mm Cube Buck Ball Mixcolour Magnetic Toys Neodymium N35 Magnet 🌐 💰 Price: $13.42 💵 Coupon: BGCOP06

  12. ✔️ NEWYES 10inch bluetooth Archive Synchronize Writing Tablet Save Drawing LCD Office Family Graffiti Toy Gift 🌐 💰 Price: $53.38 💵 Coupon: BGCOP01

  13. ✔️ Surpass Hobby Waterproof 3650 4300KV Brushless RC Car Motor With 60A ESC Set For 1/10 RC Car 🌐 💰 Price: $45.88 💵 Coupon: BG1295HJ

  14. ✔️ 4 Stroke RC Engine Toyan Four Stroke Methanol Model RC Car Boat Airplane FS-S100(W) 🌐 💰 Price: $409.72 💵 Coupon: BG155GH

  15. ✔️ Microwear L11 ECG Hea

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An Old Sailor Sits on my Porch Every Night

As the warmer months roll in and the cold bitterness wanes on Cape Ann, the beaches are usually loaded with visitors near and far, but this is an unusual year, and the only ones here call it home. There's typically a steady buzz of traffic and motorcycle engines, laughing families and blaring music escaping from slow moving vehicles. Once you shed those layers of noise, you're left with a quiet ferociousness. The seagulls in the blue mornings, the tide breaking and receding, the fog horn and the wind that crashes against tin storm doors are reminders that this is the edge of Earth, and beyond the blue horizon is as unforgiving as an angry god.

It was 2:15 AM when I woke. The wind was hitting my bedroom window straight on, causing a draft great enough to rustle me awake after being asleep for only three hours. The air isn't typically so frigid around this time of year, so I grabbed my winter comforter I packed away in the closet last month. While I was up, I went for a glass of water-- I think it's the salty air that makes me so thirsty at night. I filled the glass twice from the kitchen sink. Lifting the glass further as I gulped the water, through the bottom of it I saw what looked like a face staring back at me. I quickly pulled the glass from my face, to immediately feel silly for my irrationality. It was often the wind that would wake me, but it was psyches like this that kept me awake. I decided to go into the living room to read until I felt tired enough, or until the coffee maker started brewing, whichever came first. The wind outside set the backdrop for the sailors tale I've had on my bookshelf for quite some time. It's a canvas-bound first edition with artwork of sails and rope on the front. It was an exciting read; one good for the earliest morning hours. A crew of fishermen were to sail off the northeast coast earlier than anticipated to provide enough food for their village during an unusually dry season; a seemingly simple effort with little chance for dangerous waters. The ocean, however, is an unpredictable one, and soon on their journey they realize the error they made in their assumption. As I read on, the words seemed to have come alive, and then the sea shanty...

>The work'll be flowin' like waves I be rowin'
>My kids'll be feedin' My wife'll be smitten
>I only pray that if I'm taken away
>My good deeds don't wash away too

The words wistfully blew in with the draft. I stopped reading an

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Subreddit Stats: cockerspaniel top posts from 2019-05-12 to 2020-04-21 11:13 PDT
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I had a nightmare about Little Nightmares II

I had a nightmare about the upcoming Little Nightmare II game, where I was playing as Mono. The game was different than the original. It wasn't about going from one area to another and encountering new foes along the way. Instead, it was a large 3D map you could explore at will, kind of like a Slender game, and gather clues and additional allies so that you (from what I understand) create a coup d'etat against the Broadcaster. This game was interesting; you started right away in the woods and Six ran off from me to get straight to an important area. Although this was free roam, Six kind of acted like a hand holding feature where she would clue you in on where you had to go next. Unfortunately I chose to go a different path and the many dead branches I stepped on made a lot of noise.

I immediately gave away our position and the Hunter already appeared to look for us. Because Six was wearing a bright yellow raincoat in the woods, she was spotted immediately and the Hunter gave chase. Unfortunately, this brute was much taller and could take larger strides as he walked, so Six was captured within seconds of the game starting. I, Mono, kept on running in the opposite direction. As I ran, I learned that whenever a character died, the screen would go black and the monster who was closest in range when you died would taunt you with a scripted line (a bit like the Batman Arkham or the FNAF Ultimate Custom Night games). The hunter's voice was like a growl of an animal, but I couldn't quite remember what he said.

As I ran, I started noticing other creatures. They looked like Nomes, but instead of a mushroom cap on their head, they had what I can only describe as a metallic rotating door lock, the same kind you would find on the inner side of a office bathroom. Just like Nomes, these creatures would run off scared from me at great speed so I couldn't keep up. The little bugger of course gave away our position again (even though Six was caught, she did respawn somewhere out of my line of sight) and the Hunter sensed our presence. Except now he wasn't alone. Every time either Mono or Six were captured, an ally of the monster who caught us would spawn and aid him in his search. I didn't get a good look at this ally because I was finally crouching down among some weeds, but they and the Hunter did give chase to Six again.

For whatever reason I still ran on in the opposite direction to avoid getting caught, running down a hill past tall skinny trees. It was then that I

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I got a missed call from my apartment callbox the other night.

I got a missed call from my apartment callbox the other night.

I put down my phone to take a shower and when I got back I saw the notification. Missed call: Burnside Front Door. I checked for other notifications – texts, emails, tracking numbers – and didn’t see any reason someone would want to get into the building. Maybe it was a friend who randomly stopped by? It’s odd they wouldn’t call, though.

I wrote it off. Slept just fine. I went to work the next day and it was normal, talking the same shit with my coworkers, getting my work done in between. It was a good day.

I went home that night and started to make dinner. Roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes. I fed both my cats in their twice-a-day routine. They came mewing to the bowls.

I must have been standing at the counter for 15 minutes preparing food, but when I got back I had three missed calls from the callbox. The thing is, I put my ringer on that morning. I didn’t want to miss anyone calling this time.

Three calls and again no message. I checked my online orders and nothing was scheduled to arrive today. No one texted, no one called or emailed. But three missed calls that never rang through. OK, could it possibly be random anymore? There’s no way they could be doing this to everyone in the building.

There were no other calls that night. I went to sleep knowing that if I never put the code in, they couldn’t get in when they called.

• • •

The next day at work was stressful. Some projects didn’t go my way – people being nasty and asking for a lot of changes. It put me in a sour mood. I left 30 minutes early that day without telling anyone, partly because I knew I was being cranky.

I got home, opened the door and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I set my phone on the table, and the moment I let go of it, I noticed the screen light up. Again – no sound even though I set it on ring. Sometimes that happens. These phones have been kind of buggy since they started relying on all software.

I answered the call.


Silence, besides the ambient swishing of a bare mic and cars driving by.

“Hello?” I said one more time. Nothing. I hung up and put down my phone. I was starting to get annoyed. Who the hell is this, wasting my time? I walked down the hall to start putting my laundry away.

I got back to my phone with 10 missed calls from the front door. Whoever this was, they were targeting me specifically. I was only away for a moment. They had to be calling me over and over.

As I sat

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📅︎ Mar 17 2020
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A complete list of all Marvel characters owned by Sony


  1. A’Sai
  2. Abigail Slade
  3. Ace / “Ace” Spencer
  4. Agony / Leslie Gesneria
  5. Alexis Sharp
  6. Alien Symbiote / Alien Costume (origin of the black-suited Spider-Man)
  7. Alison Mongrain
  8. Amanda Saint
  9. Amun / Jon Kasiya
  10. Amy Chen
  11. Andros
  12. Angus (Sandy Aitchinson’s bloodhound)
  13. Angus Munro
  14. Answer, The / Aaron Nicholson
  15. Anti-Venom / Eddie Brock
  16. Antro / Hashi Noto
  17. Anubia / Anubis
  18. Apocalypse (first appearing in Vampire Tales #7)
  19. Arachne / Dr. Sylvia Yacqua
  20. Arachne / Julia Carpenter
  21. Arachne as an alias for Jessica Drew
  22. Araknet, The Spider-God
  23. Araña / Anya (Ana) Sofia Corazon
  24. Ariadne / Julia Carpenter
  25. Ariadne Hyde as an alias for Jessica Drew
  26. Armada
  27. Armand Dubroth
  28. Arnold Strunk
  29. Ashcan / Alexander “Alex” Woolcot
  30. Aura / Annie Herd
  31. Banjo
  32. Barnett, Geoffrey “Boss”
  33. Basilisk / Wayne Gifford
  34. Batwing / James “Jimmy” Santini
  35. Belladonna / Narda Ravanna
  36. Bert Gilmore
  37. Big Man (I) a.k.a. Mr. Big / Frederick Foswell
  38. Bigman (II) / Janice Foswell
  39. Big Wheel, The / Jackson Weele
  40. Binka Ivana
  41. Black Alfred
  42. Black Cat / Felicia Hardy
  43. Black Fox, The / Raul Chalmers
  44. Black Insect Swarm
  45. Black Tarantula (I) / Carlos LaMuerto
  46. Black Tarantula (II) / Fabian LaMuerto
  47. Blackie Gaxton
  48. Blaze (I) / Ashley Crawford, Thomas and Barry (students participating in a hoax)
  49. Blaze (II) / Kirk Donaghue
  50. Blitz
  51. Blitzgeist 2099
  52. Blood Leader
  53. Blood Rose / Richard Fisk
  54. Blood Spider
  55. Blood-Tide
  56. Bloodbath aka Bloodbather, “Subway Vampire Killer”
  57. Bloodlust / Beatta Dubiel
  58. Bloodshed / Wyndell Dichinson
  59. Bloodthirst
  60. Blowtorch
  61. Bluebird (I) / Zora Loftus
  62. Bluebird (II) / Sally Avril
  63. Bombadier
  64. Bomblast / Parmenter
  65. Bones (I) / Rosa Estevez
  66. Bones (II) / Bess Bliss
  67. Morgan Boone
  68. Bounty Hunter / Tommy Barrett
  69. Brainstorm / Jimmy
  70. Bramer
  71. Brother Power / Achmed Korba
  72. Brown Raincoat
  73. Bruno Grainger
  74. Buddy Corbett
  75. Buel a.k.a. Plasmmage, a.k.a. Gremlyn-Lord
  76. Bugeye / Abner
  77. Burglar a.k.a. Carjacker / Carradine
  78. Buzz, The / Jack Jameson
  79. Buzzard
  80. Caesar “Big C” Cicero
  81. Caiman
  82. Calypso / Calypso Ezili
  83. Captain Power / Dr. Christina “Chris” Carr
  84. Captain Zero
  85. Cardiac / Dr. Elias “Eli” Wirtham
  86. Carlyle, nicknamed Carlyle Calamari
  87. Careta
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[Short Story] Blood Night (Part-I)

The forest is nothing but a lifeless monument when looked from afar,

There is no movement, nothing but the sound of wind and the dancing leaves,

Only once you enter you realise...

Tyler closed the notebook and kept it on the ground next to him. He laid back on the ground, not worrying about the dirt sticking to his shirt and looked at the sky. There was no sun, only uncaring grey clouds. The cold wind blew over Tyler’s face as he closed his eyes and imagined himself standing on an Island. The soft sand on his feet, warm sunlight beating down on his bare arms, looking straight at the horizon where the sea and sky fused into one.

He walked towards the sea looked inside. He saw fishes swimming in groups, flexing their bodies as they cut through the water and corals dancing to an imperceptible m. He saw another world inside the sea and it was pulling him towards itself.

Next moment he was inside the water, among the creatures of the second world. He swam deeper, towards the dark patch which called out to him. He swam deeper and deeper until he realised he was out of breath. Panic took control of his body and he fluttered like a trout kept outside water. He flung his arms in every direction and moved his legs as furiously as he could but he only kept drowning further into the sea. He opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out. The pale yellow light turned into a big, dark cloud and he opened his eyes.

Cold drops of water splattered on his face as he reached out for his senses. It was raining. He pushed himself up and looked around.

How long have I been asleep?

The trees looked like shadows and sky was as dark as it could be. His clothes were wet and he was lying in a pool of water. He reached out on his right and found his notebook dripping with water and dirt.


He grabbed it and stood up. The pen fell out of his notebook and onto the ground with a plop. He decided to ignore it considering his clothes now seemed to weigh as much as himself and the raindrops hurt wherever they fell on his body.

Tyler turned around and ran towards the cottage. His phone and flashlight were packed inside his bag and the bag was in the second floor room where he usually sat.

He crossed the porch and pushed the front door as hard as he could. The door made a loud creak. Inside, the water leaked everywhere. It ran down the walls only to seep into the wooden floor. The stairs were flushed and as Tyler made his way up to the second floor, the stairs crea

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[Camp Piquaqua] - Chapter 14: Television

[Cover] [Table Of Contents] [Chapter 1] [Patreon] [Discord]

The sound of the breakfast bell rang through the din of the storm, but I barely heard it in the library. I was in my own little world, my lips locked to TJs.

He moved his hand to my cheek and I placed mine gently on his shoulder. I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing, but it didn’t feel like I was doing something wrong.

The doorknob of the library clicked as someone began to open the door. TJ and I jumped apart. TJ tried to make himself look busy doing his math homework. I started pressing random keys on my laptop.

The man who stood in the doorway didn’t seem to notice we had not been studying. He looked lost. And wet.

“Oh, excuse me,” he apologized. “I was trying to find someone in the office. I saw a light on in here.”

“Not a problem,” I said brightly. My heart was racing, between kissing TJ and this man walking in on us. I just hoped it wasn’t pounding out of my chest like it felt.

“What can we do for you?” TJ asked politely.

“My family and I wanted to go to a service this morning. Do you happen to know if there are any synagogues around?”

TJ closed his eyes, pointing in mid-air as he mumbled something about churches. “I don’t remember seeing any,” he said aloud as he opened his eyes.

“Let me check online,” I said, rolling my eyes at TJ.

“You get internet access here?” the man asked as I searched for synagogues in our area.

“Only for official camp business,” I smiled. “This certainly counts. Is this one okay? I don’t know much about synagogues. Are there different denominations?” I turned the screen for the man to examine the website for a place of worship about twenty minutes away in the next town.

“There are,” he said, “but this one will work for my family. Thank you.”

“Not a problem,” I said, writing the address on a clean piece of notebook paper and handing it to him.

“Your phone GPS should work once you get back onto the main road,” I informed him, “but, just in case, turn left at the main road and go about three miles before you start following the maps. The GPS may want you to turn right, because it’s shorter, but there ar

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These creatures evolved in a world where humanity disappeared, then reappeared several million years later. Thank you u/Sparkmane for giving permission for me to post these abominations.

The most oddball mammals of all, the monotremes, have somehow managed to carry on into the far future. Though both platypuses and echidnas are highly specialised, their specialisation wasn't irreversible or crippling, so even in the face of the Great Drying, both were able to carry on and produce some interesting descendants.

From the platypus, two species have arisen. The first is the painted platypus, which is fairly unchanged from its ancestor. They are a little bit smaller on average, and have proportionally longer limbs. The most visible changes, though, were in their fur; painted platys have light tan fur with large red-brown calico splotches, rather than the uniform dark brown of the modern platy. These changes are a throwback to the Great Drying (I'll talk about that in another article, though you can probably infer a big part of it yourself), where streams would regularly dry up and require the platypuses to move overland to find a new place to live. Smaller size, longer limbs, and camouflage patterns helped them do this quicker and more safely.

Besides that, the painted platypus is very similar to its modern ancestor. They live in small stream habitats, scouring the riverbed for invertebrates to munch on with a specialised electrosense, and dig burrows to lay their eggs in. Males duel each other with venomous spurs on their hind legs, and will happily use these to inflict mind-shattering pain on anything that grabs them.

Much stranger, however, is what the platys that lived in the big lowland rivers did.

Modern platypuses eat a wide variety of foods, but most commonly they eat hard-shelled invertebrates. Although a platypus loses their teeth when they become adults, they are perfectly capable of crushing a yabbie (Aussie slang for crayfish) or small mussel with keratin plates inside their bills. However, there was a vast, unexploited resource in the big rivers, which lowland platys evolved to take advantage of, eventually becoming the paddlepus.

A paddlepus is about 2m long, not counting the length of the bill. They have dark chocolate-coloured fur, which is thick and greasy like its ancestors'. The legs have nearly disappeared, leaving big, flipper-like feet; the paddlepus moves in a seal-like undulating movement, with their tails prov

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theories and thoughts abt the new teaser??

At the bottom of the city picture you can see Six being dragged. She looks like she's being dragged into the TV cause of how much it's glowing, and in the trailer Mono presses his hand up to a TV and a similar glowing thing happens before being cut off. Possible TV teleportation evidence? Maybe. Also, who's mystery kid? It looks like Runaway, but I thought the devs said we wouldn't see him again. But Mono isn't blue. Also, in the trailer Six is washed up, but she's wearing this brown ragged dress/coat. In this picture, she's wearing her raincoat. Figures in other concept art have been brushed off as being there for size comparison, and that's probably true, but in this picture we can clearly see Six, so mystery kid has to be someone of importance too, right? Idk, thoughts on this??

close up of six and mystery kid

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[Anime Discussion] Magia Record Anime Episode 12 notes + General Opinion (Warning! Contains Spoilers!)

Episode 12:

  • Man, it sure is lucky that Yachiyo has to stay quarantined at home because of the Corona virus, otherwise she would’ve been soaked! What? What do you mean, “you’re not allowed to make corona virus jokes”? Why not? “It’s offensive”? Since when can the internet not take a joke well? Oh. Right. Always.

  • Ok, so is it cheesy that Yachiyo is hallucinating ghosts of her past friends, essentially taking the term “ghosts from the past” to a whole new level? I mean, it’s touching and somber nonetheless, but still, is it cheesy?

  • Cute and innocent person? Check. Pouring rain? Check. Yellow raincoat? Check. Man. All we’re missing is a paper boat and then we KNOW that Ayaka’s gonna eat Yachiyo alive. And they’ll probably make a horror movie out of it. I bet they’ll call it “she”.

  • Man. I legit almost forgot about Yachiyo’s stalker tendencies and how she planted a GPS tracker on Felicia.

  • So. This meeting between Iroha and Touka… Where have I seen it before… It seems familiar, yet I can’t quite wrap my head around it.

Oh right. Every interaction between Ryuko and Satsuki.

  • OK, please don’t tell me that I am the ONLY ONE that is irritated by Touka’s voice. IT’S UNBELIEVABLY GRATING AND BRATTY AND IT GETS ON MY NERVES WITHOUT EVEN TRYING! ARGH!

  • So, the opening started playing. I’ll be honest, I think it’s a BIT of a missed opportunity that they didn’t have Kanae start playing a guitar cover, and then it cuts to the actual opening, but I guess that that would be pretty hard to do.

  • Hey! Look! It’s Kaede! She looks really cute with her sad smile and black umbrella that hints at either A) Death, or B) Grieving… Listen, I wanted to find something to say that wasn’t just “Oh, wHErE’s YouR ShiElD, MaPlE?!??!?!”.

  • So, if the memory museum allows you to live out the memories of a magical girl, becoming a character in her memories, doesn’t that make the memory museum the world’s most advanced RPG? Like, yeah, the whole brainwashing thing kinda sucks, but aside from that, it would be a pretty dope RPG game, provided you load the correct memories.

  • So, yeah, Kanae’s death scene hurts. It hurts me so much. God damn, I did not know I had so many emotions left in me. Yes, it’s sad.

  • Touka: “Ooh! Did the babysitter finally get here? Great! It’s way past my bedtime, and I can’t fall asleep without a bedtime story! Please read me one, miss babysitter!” Yachiyo: “WHY THE FUCK DOES EVERYONE THINK I TAKE CARE OF LITTLE KIDS!?!??!?!”

  • Ah, yes, Yachiy

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My sister died three years ago. She still comes to family reunions.


Amanda was born thirteen years before me. As older sisters tend to be obliged to do, she practically raised me. Our parents worked low-wage odd jobs and were out of the house for most of the day, the only hours they could share being too sleep-addled to deal with a child. Until I was twelve, Amanda was my only family and most trusted comrade, but I suppose the old hurt of giving up her youth to a younger sibling must have piled up. She turned cold and then mean. She moved out when I was thirteen and by then, it was a joy. Amanda used to leave my socks out of the house during the night just so in the morning my feet would freeze.

Three years ago, she died. It was accidental, a delivery on early morning going awry duo to frozen roads. We weren’t close, but the feel of loss was heavier than anything I have ever felt in my life. She moved away from home, then close to it when I myself was gone and I felt like I had failed for not trying to regrow our bond. We had family reunions every Christmas, but for every one of them I tried to keep as distant as possible, old hurt coming out in petty behavior. I wish we had more time.

Now I regret the wish.

Three years ago, I went back home after the funeral. An old, dusty apartment to make me feel even more miserable. But as I walked up the building stairs, I noticed a sea of colored wool on the balcony. Blue socks, pink socks, socks with little dots. I recognized every single one of them.

I remember picking them in silence, my head numb. When I walked up my door, I looked around and whispered:


There was no answer. I caressed the ice-cold socks cradled in my hands and went inside.

As I tried to make sense of that welcome through the rest of the day, a new sunken feeling surged on my stomach. I looked through my drawers, every sock gone (every sock on my hands). No one else beside me had the key to my house. If there was a home invasion, why the hell did they mess with my socks from all the things?

I felt bone tired. For some day, I considered calling my parents, to tell them about what had happened, but it felt too stupid. “I think Amanda tried to talk to me”.

“She messed with my socks”.

By December, the event had been retired to a deep place on my mind. I hadn’t forgotten, but I had made an effort to try to leave it behind. If it was indeed…her, it didn’t feel like a last goodbye. As weird as it might be, it made me relive the feel of that lost year betwe

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AITA for leaving a kid behind in the rain?

So this happened a while ago but it kinda bothers me.

I usually am tasked to pick my younger nephews (Ages 8 and 10) up after school. What I usually do is catch public transport, pick them up and walk home.

The drive is usually a 5 minute drive from my home and about a 20 to 30 minute walk back home. The kids like to walk so they don't mind. And it saves a ton of busfare.

Anyway, usually my mom collects the kids if im not there. Sometimes another kid in the neighborhood would walk with us.

Let's call him Jay. Jay is about 8

Jay is not a bad kid, he isn't friendly towards me, but he isn't rude. I make sure everyone walks safely etc. Buy them snacks if i had the money etc

Jay eventually started going home on his own without us sometimes. Sometimes walking by us not speaking or hardly doing it at all.

We had a rainy day one evening. Dark and gloomy, moderate showers. I really didn't want to walk home with the kids. I didn't walk with an umbrella as well. I knew they had raincoats so i decided that day I'd let them take the bus with me as to avoid being in murky weather.

I get there, find my nephews by themselves and told them we will take the bus.

Jay rolls up in his raincoat and just kinda stands next to us.

Now my dilemma.

I seriously only walked with enough busfare for me and my 2 nephews.

I told Jay sorry i was not walking home today, Im catching the bus and I didn't have enough busfare with me. He was wearing a raincoat and it was lightly showering.

He just kinda shrugged and left. Not sure if with other kids or not.

I caught the bus.

One of my nephews Nate said he didn't mind walking home.

I felt really guilty because he was moody he could'nt walk with his friend. My other nephew was unbothered and just excited about the bus ride.

My mom says i should have walked home with them all as the rain was not that heavy.

Jay's mother who does not speak to me but instead sneers and stares amped it up the next time she saw me.

What does reddit think?

Was I the asshole?

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TIFU by throwing a stone at a 9 y/o and making him bleed from the forehead.

Important: This didn't happen today but it happened twelve years ago when I was 11.

I used to take the bus to go to school because it was quite far, and I was one of the oldest children on that mean of transportation. Therefore, just like any other 11 soon to be 12 years old annoying boy, I had to show the other younger kids who the alpha male on that bus was. Instead of peeing to delimit my territory like many different mammals do, I used to meddle in other kids' businesses to make sure they know who rules the bus.

On that particular beautiful and breezy morning, one 9 years old, let's call him Randy, got on the bus with a stone the size of his palm and said that he has that rock in order to play hopscotch during recess. I thought that bringing a stone to school was extremely weird and his argument was not valid at all, but I found myself indifferent at the time and did not comment on it.

Halfway to school grounds, I found Randy making fun and bullying girls 2 years younger than him, so being the annoying patriarchal figure (I cringe every time now, I'm sorry), I had to interfere and told Randy while looking intimidating: "Stop picking on these poor girls, why don't you pick on someone your age?". So Randy looks me in the eyes, doesn't say a word and throws his stone with a slow force at me and it hit my chest. I didn't feel a thing because I was wearing a raincoat and his throw was pathetic, but his actions were unacceptable and must be punished.

>"He has committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, and it's time to face the Jarl's justice."

So, I picked up the stone, and I threw it back at him at a very high speed and with full force, I felt like I was Christy Mathewson for a second, and that was the fuck up.

I landed my throw on Randy's forehead and when the stone hit him, every single kid on the bus emitted a shocked sound followed by seconds of silence. When the entire bus was silent, Randy's forehead started to bleed uncontrollably and he started crying hysterically. The way the blood was coming out of his forehead reminded me of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. When I saw the kid covered in blood, I felt shame and sorry and knew that I will be in huge trouble, I was sending the kid to school with a bloody face and a ruined shirt.

As soon as I reached school, I tried to keep a low profile as much as possible without being seen, hoping that I will be able to spend the entire day without being caught by the princ

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It’s always been a part of my life.

pretty long post

Since I was a child, I have experienced both good and bad.

My first experience I think I was like 5 years old, must have been between 5am-6am, I remember seeing some light outside. I woke up cause I had heard what sounded like a party going on in the living room. I heard multiple voices and I heard music. I remember getting out of bed and running to the living room, expecting to see my parents, but when I reached the living room, to my surprise, I saw no one and no music playing, no tv on, nothing. As a child, I brushed it off that I was dreaming or maybe just heard something from outside and assumed it was going on in the living room, I just went back to bed and left it alone.

Fast forward a few years, we moved upstairs to a 3 bedroom apartment.

Before I continue, my mom has always been sensitive but at that stage of her life, she never really practiced anything, my father was somewhat a believer in afterlife, my sister never really talked about any of this stuff as it has always scared her, my brother is sensitive, and I am as well.

I always remember feeling something in that apartment, not necessarily always bad but there was always this energy going on.

The first spirit I remember seeing was this lady in red. What was funny at the time, anyone remember the iMacs? They had ruby red and a blue? Anyways we had the computer desk in our hallway and we had the ruby red iMac. I remember sometimes waking up to a knocking sound (knocking on the plastic side of the computer)...the first time I remember seeing her, her attire was as if she was from the early 1900s. She had a red dress with white gloves and a large hat that had flowers...I remember flying up from bed and I think my eyes bulged out of my socket cause I was like “wtf am I seeing??” She never did anything though, she would just stand there and look, as freaked out as I was, I didn’t feel any malicious energy from her because she literally never did anything but stand there. But anytime she wanted me to know she was there, she would knock on the side of the computer.

Fast forward a few years later, my parents got separated and it was a really nasty separation. My fathers sister played a big role in all this, I remember always feeling something extremely negative from my fathers sister, like something wasn’t right. Later I come to find out she never believed in God and never went to church, yet her kids were always in church and Sunday school every week.

I remembe

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Did Pitchfork sell out?

I think the most solid piece of evidence of how much they've changed is in their "best of the 80s" list. It's the only list they've redone, so it makes for a perfect comparison, considering the original is pre Conde Nast while the update is post. I'll cover the differences at the bottom.

The original top 100:

  1. Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation

  2. Talking Heads - Remain in Light

  3. Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique

  4. Pixies - Doolittle

  5. R.E.M. - Murmur

  6. The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead

  7. Pixies - Surfer Rosa

  8. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs

  9. Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

  10. Joy Division - Closer

  11. Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones

  12. Prince - Purple Rain

  13. The Fall - This Nation's Saving Grace

  14. Sonic Youth - Sister

  15. XTC - Skylarking

  16. Galaxie 500 - On Fire

  17. Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime

  18. De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising

  19. Public Image Ltd. - Second Edition

  20. This Heat - Deceit

  21. David Byrne & Brian Eno - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

  22. My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything

  23. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy

  24. Gang of Four - Solid Gold

  25. Black Flag - Damaged

  26. Elvis Costello - Get Happy!!

  27. Michael Jackson - Thriller

  28. New Order - Power, Corruption and Lies

  29. The Replacements - Let It Be

  30. U2 - The Joshua Tree

  31. Sonic Youth - EVOL

  32. Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade

  33. The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour

  34. Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden

  35. N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

  36. Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes

  37. The Replacements - Tim

  38. The Cure - Disintegration

  39. The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

  40. Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me

  41. Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill

  42. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session

  43. Run-D.M.C. - Raising Hell

  44. Kraftwerk - Computer World

  45. Prince - Sign "☮️" the Times

  46. XTC - English Settlement

  47. John Zorn - Naked City

  48. R.E.M. - Document

  49. Mission of Burma - Vs.

  50. Spacemen 3 - The Perfect Prescription

  51. Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man

  52. Eric B. & Rakim - Paid in Full

  53. Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls and Marches

  54. Big Black - Songs About Fucking

  55. The Police - Synchronicity

  56. King Crimson - Discipline

  57. Pixies - Come on Pilgrim

  58. Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom

  59. Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction

  60. Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska

  61. Nurse with Wound - Homotopy to Marie

  62. R.E.M. - Reckoning

  63. Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth

  64. Tele

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My grandad used to come to my room at night wearing a mask. Now I know why. Part 2.

Part One


"Don’t let me catch you talking about werewolves." Grandad sat down on the edge of my bed. The mattress sagged beneath his weight. "This isn’t a bloody storybook."

It’d been several hours since dad had left with mum. I’d been sat up in my bed, watching the sky outside my window fade to black. Watching as the glow from the moon grew brighter. When grandad finally arrived half an hour ago, the headlights from his Land Rover spilling into our driveway, I felt a mixture of excitement and fear. The same way I’d felt when I was speaking to dad earlier.

In the time grandad had been in my room, I’d already asked him what felt like a hundred different questions. And we’d barely even scratched the surface.

"So... you’re not a werewolf, then?" I forced myself to meet grandad’s gaze. His blue eyes stared back at me, bright and unblinking. After a moment he looked away and sighed.

"It’s not a word anyone uses," he muttered. "I suppose there are similarities to what you’re thinking of, but it’s different, too. Not like in films."

"But... you... we... whatever happens to us... it happens when the moon’s full, right?"

"Well, yes and no. Not exactly. It’s..." Grandad frowned and paused for a moment. He stared down at my duvet, as if he could find an answer in it. Then he let out a sudden, throaty chuckle. Grinned and shook his head. "I went though all this with your mother, but I’m still no good at explaining it. It’s like... it’s like falling asleep, in a way. Moving between awake and sleeping. Between different states. You can do it anytime you want, but it’ll happen quicker if you’re already tired. And if you’re really tired, it’s hard to avoid."

I stared at grandad. Tried to understand what he meant. He must have seen the confusion in my face.

"Sorry lad, I’m not explaining myself well at all. What I mean is, we can... change... any time we want. Older ones who’ve lived with it for years can change in a matter of minutes. But there are times of the month — when the moon’s at its fullest, I mean — when changing is a lot easier. Like how sleep comes easier when you’re tired. And on the night it’s completely full the change can be... well, it can be almost impossible to control. Even when you’re as old as I am."

He smiled at me, but I didn’t smile back. I was trying to concentrate on everything he’d been saying. Trying to take it all in. Questi

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📰︎ r/nosleep
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📅︎ Aug 21 2019
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Ron Magill: February 18 2020, Hour 3

A synopsis of the Ron Magill segment. See the 2020 Index for other shows.

Dan and Stugotz; both Cotes are out today.

Quote of the day

At the appropriate time of the dance is when I just bend over and stand still, so the bird can mount me

New stats of the day

number of times Ron says:

Phrase This show Year to date
Bottom line 1 5
at the end of the day 0 2

Animals mentioned

  • Dogs
  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • European white stork
  • Fish
  • Insects
  • Possums
  • Raccoons
  • Seagulls
  • Squirrels
  • Water Moccasins


>Dan: Ron Magill does this wonderful thing, occasionally, at Zoo Miami where it's Sex and the Animals. And he told a story about the time he dressed up as a giant bird. You're 6 foot 6, you've got a mustache, and you dressed up as a giant bird to arouse another giant bird?
>Ron: Well...uhhh...I knew you were going to bring this up. Yeah. We have to collect semen to artificially inseminate other birds. We don't want to chemically immobilize the birds, so the trick is to stimulate him to voluntarily donate the semen. So to do that I have to dress up like a female bird. I use kinda like a raincoat that has a head on it that looks like the bird and then I have to do the dance in front of the bird. Because the dance is part of the courtship that stimulates the bird to want to reproduce. So after studying the dance, what I do is the same dance and the bird does the dance back to me. At the appropriate time of the dance is when I just bend over and stand still, so the bird can mount me. There's a little collection cup at the base of my back that I just kind of have to sit there and the bird breeds me and makes a deposit in that little cup.
>Dan: [laughing]
>Ron: It's not really funny, it's science. We're trying to save an endangered species.
>Dan: [laughing] Did you question your life choices at that point?
>Ron: Dan Dan. We're trying to save an endangered species.

>Dylan: Before the last earthquake all the birds starting taking off right before it happened. How do they and other animals know it's going to happen?
>Ron: An earthquake starts, not necessarily right where you're at; not usually at the epicenter of the earthquake, so they sense these tremors way before you sense them. These tremors, even in wat

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📅︎ Feb 19 2020
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[TOMT][Barbie][pre-2010 2000s] A specific Barbie line I had as a kid, all dolls in line had seethrough vinyl coats

This was a specific Barbie doll that I had as a kid, but which I lost in a move in 2008. I remember unboxing it on a birthday, so I think it'd be something you could purchase in Europe around 2005 or so. I was never a big Barbie fan and saw it as no big loss, but recently, childhood nostalgia has reared its head and I would like to know what Barbie it was in order to buy another one.

What I remember about the doll, in order of descending certainty:

  • The doll was your usual blonde caucasian Barbie, wearing a coat made of pink seethrough vinyl. Of this, I am absolutely certain.
  • The coat had a belt in the middle, for a more stylish figure. It was more of a trenchcoat made of unusual material than the typical baggy raincoat shape.
  • The box contained a user's manual which had printed on it a grayscale picture with my doll in the middle, surrounded by the two (I think?) other dolls in the line, wearing similar coats.
  • One of the others I am around 70% waas somewhere in color and had a purple vinyl coat, and I think the third one was green? orange? not sure if there even was a 3rd.

Does any of this ring any memories? Do you know what Barbie release this is?

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📅︎ Mar 11 2020
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17 year old here, need major tips for bug-out and budget prepping, and for fitness.

I (M 17) have been maintaining a very minimal version of a bug-out bag since I was 11, it felt almost instinctive for me and even though it was a gimmick at that age, I soon discovered the prepping and bug-out communities, which have helped me shape an arguably decent, little to no budget BOB.

I attend junior college and travel minimally, and keep the following in my BOB:

500ml water bottle, An instant noodle pack(size of my palm, it's a gimmick but takes up little to no space), 2x Energy bars, A coffee packet (20mg)

L-Theanine(200mg of pills), Metal camping cup, Hard plastic spork

Rain-cover(it's a poorly stitched raincoat that works fine as a coat but can be made to be a medium-sized tarp-like plastic by ripping the stitches), 1x cigarette lighter with some easily burnable and waterproofed cotton soaked in alcohol

A negligible amount of toilet paper, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, A single full outfit(1 each of full shirt, tee(both nylon-like material), grey joggers, pair of socks, pair of underwear), Finger Gloves (I go mountain biking sometimes), Bandanna.

Old multitool

A small, somewhat weak torch the size of my thumb(r/flashlight does not like it)

A pencil, sharpie, pen, mini-notebook, 6x Bandages, Negligible amount of cash, about the equivalent of $8 but where I live it's enough money to get me public commute from one side of my city to the other and still have $6 left.

Power Bank, my phone is a 2014 model, overused, and lasts a pathetic 3 hours of average use on a full charge. With the power bank it runs me through 2 days until the battery hits 0.

2x power cables for phone, 1x earphone for FM radio.

I keep some nylon and paracord lengths, again, in a negligible amount.2x KN95 MaskA metal can of energy drink that I replace every 6 months.

I used to keep around 6 of these items, not in order, in a small bag near my door when I was around 12. The point of mentioning it is that I'm poorly biased and need input about what is unnecessary.

I have next to no clue what to add, what's redundant, and what else I should keep other than a folding-knife, which I plan on purchasing once I've saved a decent amount; keep in mind, I have a shoestring budget, live in a medium-sized city in India, and will probably not see a real SHTF situation for the next 3-4 years.About fitness, I'm pretty much a mildly-obese but decently built kid, 5'9", and am currently going to the gym because of my obesity problem. I workout for a lighter build, and train for some ba

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What If Hat Kid was in Smash Bros (What if #14)

Hat Kid! a cute little humanoid alien kid who is trying to get home, but has to reclaim her ship's main fuel source because the mafia broke some glass on the ship and the vacuum of space sucked out the fuel source and hat kid has to explore the planet for all 40+ time pieces...... there ya go, i just explained the entire plot of a hat in time, it's simple, i love it.

Now before i started this, i actually made a hat kid moveset BEFORE i ever played the game... but this time, I've played the main game and the seal the deal dlc. (not the other one yet, gotta finish up the deal section of the seal of deal dlc) and i can now say with confidence that i am ready to make a great moveset for Hat Kid... now.... just a heads up, before i get to the final smash... there will be something new i will sometimes do for these what if movesets, you'll see...

anyways, Hat Kid would be a lightweight fighter because.... well... she's a child. She would have two jumps, and would be able to wall jump and crawl.

The Basic Stuff

Hat Kid's intro would have her fall in from the sky, land on her feet, do a short jump, then pose at the camera, a reference to how she enters levels in a hat in time. Her first idle animation would have hat kid pull out two dolls (if you're lucky, they could be some of the characters she's fighting) and play with them before looking around, and putting them away. one of her idle animations in a hat in time, her other idle animation would have her jump in place excitingly. another idle animation from a hat in time. her walking animation and tip toeing animation would be the same as the walking animation in a hat in time. Hat Kid's dash would have her equip the sprint hat to

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Halfling Hobo Healer Travels to a Meet an Informant

&gt; Be me, halfling hobo healer

&gt; Be not me, human sorcerer, human bard, orc fighter, dwarf cleric, and elf ranger/rogue

&gt; Have a bit of sailing ahead of us

&gt; Hopefully this doesn’t end up with another attack on the ship halfway through

&gt; Last time we traveled on the high seas, 18 people died and a kid was kidnapped

&gt; None of us seem to trust ships at this point because of that

&gt; Set up watch schedule for night time just in case we get attacked again

&gt; I don’t need more sahuagin in my life

&gt; Spend some time talking to the sorcerer about his outlook on life to pass the time

&gt; Something seemed to click for him

&gt; He seems to understand that there are nicer ways to treat people

&gt; Like letting them keep their clothes when we capture them for instance

&gt; Spend the rest of the time relaxing and studying a bird I learned to summon

&gt; Bright blue and orange feathers

&gt; Has a beautiful and relaxing song

&gt; Oddly calming honestly

&gt; I could probably learn to play music to the bird’s song

&gt; May be able to make some money that way

&gt; Also have to figure out a name for it at some point

&gt; A few days into the trip, that paranoid watch schedule comes in handy

&gt; Elf and I are on watch during a rather foggy night

&gt; About an hour into our shift, the elf hears something bang on the side of the ship

&gt; I see something hanging off one of the railings

&gt; Wasn’t there a second ago

&gt; Neither of us like where this is going

&gt; Before we can do anything, there are skeletons climbing aboard everywhere

&gt; I get surrounded by 10 skeletons

&gt; Elf runs to wake up the rest of the party

&gt; Oh okay

&gt; Just leave me here

&gt; The unarmored hobo is totally capable of murdering undead hordes all by himself

&gt; Don’t believe the Dwarf’s lies

&gt; I’m not a killing machine

&gt; Quite the opposite actually

&gt; Before I my turn arrives, they drop me to 1/2 of my max hp

&gt; My paranoia from the previous ship ride comes in handy

&gt; Cast Luminous Armor on myself to drastically improve my AC

&gt; AC so high they only have a 5% chance to actually hit me

&gt; Well at least I won’t die as quickly now

&gt; I’m the only target that they can see

&gt; They flail away at me until backup arrives

&gt; Elf makes it below deck and bangs on the party’s

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📅︎ Mar 20 2020
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Bought condoms at full price

This happened a couple of hours ago at my local superdrug store.

I was with my wife and 2 kids; we are enjoying the fruitful and prosperous new year air traveling into our ever hopeful lungs when we passed the shop. I went in for toothpaste and saw superdrugs own raincoats half price at 3.49. I discreetly showed the wife and held them against the inside of my arm because in Britain we don't like people knowing that we practise safe sex.

When the time came to pay they scanned in at full price: £6.99!! Being a quiet British person I duly trapped my bank card against the money grabber. There was no way I would be causing a fuss about the price of their "ribs and dots" Jonnys. Besides, 7 quid to have sex 12 times with my fit wife is still a bargain. And because we have two kids they'll be in my company for quite a while.

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📅︎ Jan 01 2020
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Little Nightmares: a post-apocalyptic world where the Axis powers won World War II

This theory might be a huge stretch, but I think there’s a possibility: what if the world of Little Nightmares is an alternate history where the Axis powers defeated the Allies and won WW2?

There’s a fair bit of WW2 symbolism, most egregiously the shoe pit that Six comes across, which is highly reminiscent of how concentration camp prisoners had their hats and shoes piled up during the Holocaust. TVTropes also points out that the Janitor’s clothing fits in with that era, and judging by the LN2 trailer, so does the Teacher, whose outfit looks like that of a school teacher in the 1940s. The Teacher’s students and the Broadcaster in control of the Signal Tower also look like their clothing would be appropriate for that time as well, in my opinion. The Teacher also seems to have the role of indoctrinating her students, which may not be far off from how there were classes where they were taught about “worthy” and “unworthy” races in Nazi Germany; maybe that’s why Six and Mono are attacked by the students, because they are part of the “inferior” human race that’s being oppressed by the monsters in this world, and the students attack them because of how they’ve been indoctrinated by the Teacher. Not to mention how the televisions look, with their screens always being black and white, as shown in the television used to distract the Janitor in the Lair.

It’s also pointed out that Six wears a yellow raincoat, which is a splash of color in the world of Little Nightmares, which might be similar to what the girl who wore a red coat in Schindler’s List represented. The girl’s red coat was the only colored object other than the Shabbat candles in that film, which symbolized the innocence of the Jews who were slaughtered, similar to how Six and the other children imprisoned in the Maw start out as innocent kids that are either enslaved by the Lady as Nomes or killed and fed to the Guests.


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[TOMT] the undertale before undertale 2010s

There has been this game that has always been on my own person as the years go by. It was this game that's main character was a young boy who fell into some pit that had a monster society inside.Immediately, you might think it's just undertale, but there are many other factors to such.

For one, the kid was in a yellow raincoat, and there was a sequence that resembles the comparisons, yet with a comic-book esque style as opposed to pixels of mountains.

Child in the coat was talking about school when he fell in the pit ("*********** Schooooooool")

Graphics were SO much better than undertales, despite being pixelated, kinda 90's sega quality, and there was a room with a chef hairy monster that served carrots at you.

0h, and if you think i'm confused with undertale, then think such; I played this game around the 2011ish era, four years before the game in question was released.

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👤︎ u/Bagman444
📅︎ Jan 17 2020
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[TOMT][BOOK][1990s] children’s picture book about a field trip

This has bugged me for years - there’s a picture book I used to read as a kid in the late nineties, but the only things I remember about it are that somebody (maybe the teacher?) was wearing a yellow raincoat and rain hat, somebody spills juice in the classroom at one point, and there’s something involving a park bench later in the book.

Thank you in advance!

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📅︎ Feb 17 2020
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[FS] [US] Authentic Youth Burberry Jackets - Size 8

I’m back at again with some great authentic purchases from the Zappos Outlet. I’ve sold many times on the BST before (feedback here) and have been approved for PayPal Friends and Family.

Pic of all with username - note, only size 8 jackets are still available.

Authentic NWT Burberry Youth Girls Penelope Raincoat - Size 8. One available.

  • Purchased from the Zappos Outlet for $185 including tax. Retail is $520 before tax.
  • Selling for: $180 $150 $120 including priority shipping with USPS.
  • Quality is perfect. There’s nothing wrong with this and it still has the original tags.
  • Pics
  • Authentic

Authentic NWT Burberry Youth Joshua Cotton Car Jacket - Size 8. One available. Please note, this has a very slight sheen/sparkle to it. I believe it’s a unisex jacket.

  • Purchased from the Zappos Outlet for $185 including tax. Retail is $550 before tax.
  • Selling for: $180 $150 $120 including priority shipping with USPS.
  • Quality is perfect. There’s nothing wrong with this and it still has the original tags.
  • Pics
  • Authentic

All sales are final. Let me know if you have questions!

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[let's make] d100 urchins/beggars on the streets of the city.
  1. The quiet "child" in a raincoat poncho- a goblin who wears a mask, poncho and gloves to hide their appearance.
  2. A mute man that seems disheveled and unkempt as their mind drifts into insanity while he wanders the city and walks back into his ramshackle hut. Every other Thursday, a single figure in a dark robe enters with a large leather bag, two voices are heard, and leaves with a neatly bound book.- The man is a ghost writer for a hack of a bard who can not write their own material, but, made a contract with a demon who then lead the man down a twisted path of events to become a mute outside of a small circle in his home.
  3. A skilled con artist that seems to just be another face on the street and another riff-raff but, is actually the king's long thought dead son who was kidnapped as a baby by a dopplerganger who trained him.
  4. A warforged who preaches about peace and camaraderie, but, is built like a bipedal tank with mechanical arms.
  5. An elven drunk who was a famous archer of a revolutionary force that is now been decimated by the local tyrant. She drinks to forgets but, she remembers her missed shot that could have ended the war all to well.
  6. A blind barbarian who has a paraplegic halfling to act as his eyes. He is great with a sword and throwing knives but, needs the halfling to direct him.
  7. A miniature golem who is entrusted with protecting a goblin hole who does a good job hiding the entrance and distract people from seeing the goblins as they move around the city.
  8. An heavily muscled up orcish bard that is terrible at singing or playing an instrument but, intimidation is off the charts that multiple taverns and town-guards "sponsor and schedule his tours to other cities" (pawn him to the next city and pay the guards to use his music or the resulting beat-down of not cheering as punishment for criminals).
  9. A little dwarven lady who acts like a smiling old frail grandma and speaks in broken common with a heavy dwarvish accent and has her nurse aide, a hulking mountain of a man, to keep her safe while doing business around town. She is actually a crime boss that controls most of the gambling, prostitution, and illegal alchemical trading in the surrounding town. She can speak fluent common, dwarvish, gnomish, elvish, abyssal, celestial, and orcish. The hulking man that follows her is a expert spellsword that she brokered a demon for his contract. She is also not a frail person and knows her way around
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YA - girl moves to CA during senior year to live with relatives, set in 50’s or 60’s

Read this book as a kid and can’ remember title for the life of me.

Her mom ought her this fancy raincoat but she only wanted a yellow slicker that she could mend with tape. Ate an uncured olive at family dinner, attended football games in white blouse. Liked it when it rained because she wouldn’t have to “ coax” her hair so much.

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📅︎ Jan 10 2020
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I'll start off this bad boy.

Okay, so to set an example of what type of stories I'd love to hear, I'm going to relay an experience I had 2 days ago.

To give off the setting, I was looking for rental assistance because I was recently laid off my job. I was internally panicking about my situation, heading upstairs to the rental company in our mall that I had to walk in to and tell I didn't have their full rent yet. I was nervous, scared, and very much worried about the future. As I walk up the stairs fighting with myself if I want to go through this uncomfortable social situation, an even weirder one happens.

As I hit the top flight of stairs I see a teenaged boy. He was perhaps 16, light blond medium length hair, an average getup, raincoat, rain boots (it rains a lot here) both in earthy normal tones. He had bright green-blue eyes, and was a decent looking kid. He made eye contact with me and asked a question that completely launched me out of my self pity and thrusted me into confusion.

Kid - "Excuse me, do you know where I can get baby meat in this mall?"

Me - "Baby meat?" (My brain immediately goes to meat for babies to eat, makes no sense but that was the initial thought).

The kid could see I was internally trying to make sense of what he just asked, so he clarified:

"I'm looking for the flesh of a baby for me to consume, do you know where I can find that?"

I stared wide eyed for a moment, looking to see if I was being recorded for shock value, trying to make sense of all this. Well, my brain and personality is a problem solver, you bring me a problem my brain will try to solve it without asking first if I should solve it, so I replied:

"Uhhm….the darknet? That's about the only place I can think of you could acquire that..."

I start babbling about all the negative things that could happen from pursuing this line of questioning with strangers, and if he legitimately has those urges he should seek help. As soon as I started acting serious about it, he told me "It's a joke, jeeze" and walked off.

Now, this itself could be just a fluke joke. However, this kid didn't laugh, there was no social cue of a joke. Usually when kids joke, they joke with other kids. He was alone. Now the part that REALLY made this weird, is the fact that the whole upper floor of the mall was confused.

I was approached by two jewelry store workers, a plethora of shoppers and a sushi bar worker. As we all congregated, we discovered that he'd been walking around the mall asking everyon

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[Finds] Best of 2019 Taobao Kids Finds & Stores

Hey all! Again in an attempt to purge my bookmarks before the new year, here is a list of all the best kid stores I have discovered this year. I know some folks are concerned about buying kid goods on the tao but for clothes, I don't mind. Why? Because all kid clothes are made in China anyway. Also, they are smaller, so less costly shipping. I include a few in each haul and chunk always has something to grow into. We live in a place where kid clothing is kinda awful so I personally prefer to shop online anyway.

Anyways here's the list of the stores and the finds that I personally liked from them.

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[Maxie Flowers & The Alphaton] Part 14

Previous | Next | Part 1

Link to the index! Thank you for reading! For more prompts and such, here's my sub!

Maxie could not recall another time in her life where she felt so low. She was certain that she had just failed the engineering exam, but it almost felt like it didn’t even matter. Her thoughts were filled with her friends, especially Clyde. She started to wish that she did go with Clyde to get ice cream the other day. Then she started to wish that she had been nicer to him and his theories about the Wooden Artifact.

As the school day continued there was no sign of Clyde, even at lunch. Maxie sat by herself. She didn’t eat her food, sadness had curbed her appetite. Even jazz class did not have the same appeal it usually did.

Mrs. Jingle was perplexed on the absence of all the normally punctual students. The class did not play together as a group, but instead Mrs. Jingle worked with each student one-on-one with their piece if they needed it.

The only thing on Maxie’s mind was getting ahold of Qyma. As soon as school let out Maxie messaged her mom, letting her know she was going to a friend’s house after school, and that she wasn’t sure how she did on the engineering exam. To her slight surprise, her mom allowed it. Then Maxie messaged Qyma and asked her if she was available to get-together. She quickly responded and said yes. Gray clouds had formed in the sky and a heavy rain had begun, but Maxie didn’t care, she kept her head forward and jogged to Qyma’s house.

Qyma was waiting on the porch for Maxie, when she approached, Qyma let her in the house immediately and gave her a towel. Maxie was drenched.

“Thank you, the rainstorm came out of nowhere,” Maxie said.

“So what’s up?” Qyma asked.

“Clyde is gone. You seem to have some information on what happened to Alima, so I wanted to see you about him.”

“Would you feel better if I told you that he was fine and that he will return safely? Because it's true.”

“No,” Maxie sighed, “I have to be honest. It doesn’t make me feel better, it doesn't change the fact that he's gone.”

“What more would

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Mister Leech, Part One

The body had washed up by the Sadlers’ holiday home, getting wedged under the set of steps that led from their patio deck to the gritty stretch of beach.

The Sadler boy had discovered the body at roughly ten in the morning in a rather gruesome fashion; he had stepped on it as he bounded down to skip stones on the lake. He’s only ever going to take the elevator for the rest of his life, I thought. Poor kid.

He was watching the whole scene unfurl from the top of the steps, one thumb being twisted in his other hand, as if he was revving an imaginary motorbike.

“Can someone get him out of here?”, I wondered aloud.

My partner had been questioning the parents under the shade of a palm tree. He twisted around to look at me, and then up to the house.

“What are you doing right now?”, he asked.

“Looking for some help.”

“You’re the help. You go up there.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but decided against it. I was a newly minted detective, and I didn’t want to look lazy. Still though, I felt uncomfortable as I went up the steps. I’ve never been the best around children.

The boy followed my trek up with wide, solemn eyes, and hopped down the window seat to slide open the back door as I approached.

“That’s very kind of you”, I said, touched by his manners. I looked around the house, and whistled. “Whoa, what a big house you have here.”

“It’s not ours”, he replied quietly, eyes focused on his shoes. “Dad helped a guy at work and he let us stay here for the holidays.”

“That was very nice of him.” Mr Adler was a lawyer up north. Mostly small claims but clearly he struck gold with one of his clients. The only people who could afford to live around these parts were big-time lawyers, drug dealers, and televangelists(who I considered to be a mixture of the former two professions and twice as bad).

The kitchen was bigger than my apartment, with an island in the middle with a granite top and laden with fruit bowls and cereal boxes. The Sadler boy watched me ogle the place, and looked around himself as if this was his first time here too. I really should stop calling him the Sadler boy.

“My name is Detective Casey”, I told him(and yes I’m aware that my surname sounds stupid in this line of work). “What’s yours?”

“David, but my friends call me Danny.”

“Can I call you Danny?”

He considered the request for a moment and eventually nodded his head. I half expected him to stick out his hand for me to shake, but alas I was mistaken.

We stood around awkwardly for

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I live in a town called Beaver Falls and tonight we discovered the secret of the beavers [Final]

Part 1| Part 2

“You shouldn’t have crossed me, Marcos,” a voice called out. I peeked over the bush to see three people standing in the truck bed. Then someone was kicked out of the truck. He fell onto the ground with a grunt and scrambled to stand up. His arms were tied behind him. A second person jumped out of the truck and dragged the first to his feet, then dragged him in front of the truck.

I recognized the first person immediately. His name was Marcos and he was an engineer. He worked with the construction company, which is where I recognized the second person. I’d seen him with the construction crew when they worked fixing up houses and roads. I was pretty sure his name was Vinny, and he was always glued to his boss’s side. Which means the person in the truck must have been Tony.

They were bad news. They were always cutting corners on their projects and drinking on the job. No one told me, but I always stayed out of their way out of instinct. But what were they doing out here?

“Did you really think you could just throw me under the bus like that? That it wouldn’t get back to me?” Tony was saying. “You’re a stupid sack of shit.” He jumped from the back of the truck to join them. He kicked Marcos again.

“Yeah, did you really think you could leave town and turn us in?” Vinny sneered.

“You know you can’t leave this town. And trying to turn us in to the feds? The local police are in our pocket, you idiot. They know exactly what’s going on and they get a cut of every deal that goes on,” Tony continued.

“Please! I made a mistake! I’m sorry! I’ll do anything you want, I’ll give you anything you want! Just please, don’t do this!” Marcos pleaded.

“See, that’s the problem, you don’t have anything I want. You’re no use to me anymore, and now we can’t trust you,” Tony chuckled.

“No! Please!” Marcos cried out. There was a pause and my blood froze as I thought I saw something big and hulking moving around just beyond the reach of the headlights. I looked at Mary Alice and Martin, both of their eyes were wide with fear. They had seen it too.

I turned back and watched as Vinny stooped to pick something up. Then he pulled back his arm and threw something. There was a soft thud and a primal grunt as whatever

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I don't want you to leave.

I don't want you to leave.

Life with you comes in phases. We're either way to close, or way to distant there's no in between. Back and forth, back and forth. Closer and closer, further and further. The rubber band protracts, the rubber band retracts. I hate it.

Selfish isn't it? But life can be cloudy, there's rain in the forecast and sometimes it's too dark. We both know how dangerous travelling the dark empty roads can be. We aren't kids any more, we grew up and started to see what was beyond the walls of adolescence. There's rain, there's clouds there's darkness and danger. We're deep in this thing. Sometimes it's easier to stay behind the walls. For years I did that. Watched the darkness swallow everyone. For years I've moved at the speed of a glacier.


But eventually something happened. Something crashed through my walls.


Destroyed. Crumbled. Decimated. Nothing left.


And in that moment the sky blackened. All except one shining piece of light where you stood. Like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day you just stood there with a smile. You took my hand and offered me a raincoat. I liked that feeling. But I didn't need it. When next to you, there was no rain. No clouds. No darkness. You took me outside the crumbled walls, showed me the demons and proved they can be conquered. Showed me that sunshine isn't something to find but to create.

You made me feel the way I did back when the wall around my world was to high to see beyond. How do you do that? How do you do what no one else can do? You did for me what I thought impossible with but a wave of a wand.

Why couldn't it stay that way? You showed me how to fight the demons. You showed me how to turn the devil on my shoulder to an angel in the ear. You grabbed my hand showed me how to light a spark and find some calm in the raging storm. I know you don't know that you did this. I've never told you so many things. I have a habit of leaving things unsaid. So what happened? Why didn't you light a spark? Why didn't you fight? Why did you welcome the devil on your shoulder? Why did you listen to what he had to say? Why did you walk into that storm? You were the strong one who lit up the darkness I was just along for the ride. How did i miss it? Its not like you were hiding. You crept out the front door slow and I was too self-absorbed to see.

I wanted to return the favour. I wanted to take your hand, bring you back, and show you there's nothing to fear. But how

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📅︎ May 22 2020
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[FST] 300+ items (including DIYs) for sale + catalog my items! [LF] NMTs

EDIT: Closing up shop for the day, I will make sure to finish with the last people who have commented. Expect to see many of these items for sale another day.

Prices negotiable, especially for those buying/cataloging many things or if you have something on my wishlist.

DIYs for sale - 1 NMT each unless noted:

  • Backyard lawn
  • Bamboo doll x2
  • Bamboo drum
  • Bamboo wand - 2 NMT
  • Bamboo-grove wall
  • Basket pack
  • Birdhouse
  • Bone doorplate
  • Cherry dress
  • Cherry-blossom wand - 4 NMT
  • Coconut juice - 3 NMT
  • Cutting board - 5 NMT
  • Fossil doorplate
  • Garden bench - 5 NMT
  • Green-leaf pile x3
  • Hedge standee
  • Honeycomb wall
  • Large cardboard boxes
  • Log bench
  • Log stakes
  • Modern wood wall
  • Money flooring
  • Mountain standee
  • Peach surprise box
  • Shell bed - 2 NMT
  • Shell table - 2 NMT
  • Steamer-basket set
  • Western-style stone - 5 NMT
  • Wooden full-length mirror
  • Wooden simple bed
  • Wooden toolbox

Gulliver items for sale - 3 NMT each:

  • Ancient administrator hat
  • Silk hat (green)

Items for sale - 1 NMT per 5 items (all DIY items on here are crafted**):**

  • Accessories stand (white)
  • Anatomical model
  • Aqua tile wall
  • Baby chair (black / bear)
  • Bathroom towel rack (gold)
  • Birdhouse
  • Black-design kitchen mat
  • Blossom tee (pink)
  • Blossoming kimono (pink)
  • Blue corner x2
  • Blue diner wall
  • Boa blouson (beige)
  • Boa blouson (purple)
  • Boa fleece (navy blue)
  • Board game (kids' game)
  • Book stands (pastel)
  • Bowler hat with ribbon (pink)
  • Bowling shirt (light blue)
  • Brick oven
  • Bulldog jacket (red)
  • Bunny ears (black)
  • Bunny nose (yellow)
  • Butterfly fish model - not CJ item
  • Butterfly visiting kimono (black)
  • Butterfly visiting kimono (fuschia)
  • Butterfly visiting kimono (indigo blue)
  • Café uniform (brown)
  • Camo tee (avocado)
  • Camp stove (yellow)
  • Cardboard box (pear)
  • Cat grass (black)
  • Cat nose (white)
  • Chalkboard
  • Champion's pennant (red)
  • Changing room (gray/white)
  • Chef's outfit (yellow)
  • Chino pants (red)
  • Chocolate herringbone wall
  • Clay furnace
  • Colorful tile flooring x2
  • Colorful vinyl sheet
  • Cordless phone (pink)
  • Corkboard (white/apple)
  • Coveralls with arm covers (pink)
  • Curly mustache
  • Cute bed (white)
  • Cute sofa (blue)
  • Cute tea table (white)
  • Cyber suit (pink)
  • Desk mirror (red)
  • Digital scale (black / white)
  • Diner coun
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Wet Karen

When I got of the service, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. A friend told about a security company that was looking for guards. The pay sucked, but the job was easy and you didn't have to worry about what to wear every day. The place I was sent for the most part was good but like every where there are some that thought the world revolved around them. One rainy afternoon, a women came to the guard shack. She asked to borrow an umbrella, I looked around didn't find one, I told her I had one and would walk her to the car. We got there and she said she wanted my umbrella so she wouldn't get wet going from the car to the house. I honestly thought she was kidding, I said are you afraid to get wet, you won't melt or something like that. She demanded my umbrella, I told her it's mine, she said you have a raincoat. I said I have to catch a bus. The next morning while walking from the bus stop I smoked a joint I was in a good mood until there. I had to report to the security manager. The women said I was rude and wanted an apology. I tried to explain, he wouldn't listen and she was waiting in the break room. As I got mad, I walked in she looked at me like I was shit, a big part of me wanted to grab her by the throat. While I don't remember my exact words it was something like. That I was sorry that I wouldn't give her the umbrella I paid for and remembered bring with me and if she wanted I give her $10 so she could buy her own. Plus I was stupid for not being able to afford a car. Damn she was mad. I walked out of the room and heard people laughing at her. I quit, I wasn't going to kiss anybody ass to keep a job.

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📅︎ May 31 2020
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[FST] mega list furniture and clothes, NMT, DIY [LF] see list; bells

200k for one nook mile ticket

furniture: cute bed, cat tower (white), baby chair(red), piano bench (blue), writing desk (dark), outdoor table (black), cute wardrobe (blue), upright locker (white), whiteboard, simple panel, purple floor light, retro stereo, fireplace, monstera plant, garbage pail (blue), mama panda, brine shrimp aquarium, mrs flamingo, ping ball machine, basketball hoop, punching bag, hose reel, blue kettle, oil lamp, amp (white), tapestry (blue), throwback skull radio (black), cordless phone (black), moss ball, tool box (teal), microscope (black), tin bucket, paper tiger, skull doorplate, wood mobile, wall fan (mint), pro tape recorder, judges bell, rice cooker, fishing boat flag

diy cards: cabin wall, barbell, bunny day table, bunny day wardrobe (x4), bunny day wreath, wooden-block bed, honeycomb flooring, armor shoes (x2)

clothes colorful striped shirt, groovy tunic , kung fu tee (cream), floral skirt, bomber style skirt(black), sweater vest(beige), open collar shirt (green) , alice in wonderland dress, diner dress (red) , milkmaid dress (blue), cafe uniform (black), pineapple dress, raincoat (yellow), rugby uniform (blue), baseball hat (black and orange), gas mask, purple pacifier, beret

LOOKING FOR: bells, cute kitchen furniture !! (not utensils), “mom” series, frog kids smock!! pastel tea cup ride, pastel cotton candy machine, pastel popcorn machine, anything pastel for outdoors lol

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📰︎ r/ACTrade
👤︎ u/kennabunny
📅︎ Apr 08 2020
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