[KD] A man was found dead alongside the railway. He had no ID and all of the labels on his clothes were cut off. Nobody stood forward claiming to know the man and multiple international notices from Interpol lead to nowhere [Norway, 1987]

Hello! Thanks for clicking. I just want to give everyone a heads up about some of the images included in this write-up. Some of the images are NSFW and may be found disturbing. The image of the dead body is marked with (NSFW), view at own discretion. Thanks, and enjoy the case! Related picture for front page pic.


It's September the 22nd 1987. The clock has just passed 8 in the morning when train driver Svein Ivar Johannessen and conductor Roger Aaserud are getting ready to drive the commuter train from Moss to Oslo. Before they start their journey, another train arriving from Oslo stops next to them, and the conductor of that train gives Svein Ivar a sign to hold their departure.

>The conductor signaled me to stop. We did not have communication at that time. Then he said to me: Drive carefully, because there is something in the track between Kambo and Moss.

After receiving the message, they depart heading towards the unknown object in the track. Svein Ivar is the first to spot it. He says he first thought it was a garbage bag, but when they got closer, he could see that it was a human body. They stop the train and get out to investigate. After realizing what they had just found, Stein Ivar drives the train to Kambo police station to notify the authorities. All train traffic on the stretch is stopped and the police arrive by train at 8:50 AM.

The body

The man (NSFW) looks to be between 55 and 70 years old. He's laying on his stomach on the left side of the tracks. His right arm and leg are separated from the rest of the body. He is wearing a grey jacket, a yellow sweater, a white shirt with thin lines, a black belt of artificial material, blue jeans, a pair of brown shoes (brand: Mephisto), and medical support stockings. With the exception of his underpants (brand: Elan Body), all of the clothes have had their labels cut off. The unknown man does not have any ID papers or money on him. The only things in

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The Tsavo Man-Eaters were a pair of man-eating male lions which were responsible for the up to 135 deaths on the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1898. A chemical test of the lions' bones from 2009 found that one likely ate the equivalent of 10.5 humans while the other ate 24.2 people. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsa…
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March 1848, after unveiling the tricolour for the first time on the Mall in Waterford city, Tommy celebrated this great moment in history by getting a bag of cans and spent the evening getting wrecked in the playground at Railway Square. Illustration I did to commemorate the big man himself
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[PS4] H: aae25 LMG combat rifles, j2525 Tesla, all *E railways, white powder js death claw winter man masks etc. W: aa2525 or ts2525 Tesla reddit.com/gallery/m4ysbd
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[XB1] H: B33250 fixer, crazy man mask, AAE15 guass, VE15 railway, TS2515 handmade and JE15 Railways W: Rare outfits, Legacy, fixer and Handmade offers reddit.com/gallery/ltyc44
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Metro man of India built the Delhi Metro, Konkan railway and several other projects. But nahhhhhhh we gotta spread lies, hate and bigotry like a typical Indian liberal.
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[XB1] H: Weapons, Armor, Raven and Winter Man Masks W: QE Railway, New Masks, AA/33/25 Compound Bow, VSS90 Grognak, Offers
  • Wants:

Quad/Explosive Railway Rifle (maybe FFR)

New Fasnacht Masks

AntiArmor/33%vhc/25%lvc Compound Bow

Vampire’s/Explosive or FFR/15fr .50cal

Vampire’s/SwingSpeed/90rw Grognak’s Axe

Quad/Explosive/(?) Fixer/Handmade

Leather Coat

Open to other offers on most items, including apparel or good amounts of Ultracite, lead, steel or flux.

  • Have:

Raven Mask

Winter Man Mask

3* AntiArmor/50vc/90rw 10mm SMG

2* AntiArmor/SS/+1S Fire Axe

3* AntiArmor/FFR/+1P Minigun

3* AntiArmor/SS/90rw Switchblade

3* Assassin’s/FFR/50 Fixer

3* Assassin’s/SS/+1S Pole Hook

3* Assassin’s/FFR/250 10mm SMG

3* Assassin’s/+10/50drwa Handmade

3* Berserker’s/33%vhc/25%lvc Fixer

3* Berserker’s/+10/25lvc Handmade

3* Berserker’s/SS/90rw Grognak’s Axe

3* Berserker’s/FFR/fmswa Fixer

3* Berserker’s/FFR/50drwa Railway Rifle

2* Berserker’s/SS Sheepsquatch Club

3* Berserker’s/FFR/25lvc Combat Rifle

2* Berserker’s/FFR Handmade

3* Bloodied/Explosive/15vcf Pipe Revolver Rifle

3* Bloodied/+10/15fr Black Powder Pistol

3* Bloodied/+10/+1P Minigun

3* Bloodied/+10/15vcf Pipe Bolt-Action

3* Bloodied/+10/15vcf Radium Rifle

3* Bloodied/50vc/15fr Laser Rifle

3* Bloodied/33/+1A Tesla Rifle

3* Bloodied/33/15vcf Western Revolver

2* Bloodied/SS Bowie Knife

3* Executioner’s/+10/90rw .50cal

3* Executioner’s/50vc/+1A Handmade

3* Executioner’s/FFR/+1P Combat Rifle

3* Furious/40PA/90rw Sheepsquatch Club

3* Furious/Explosive/250 Lever Action Rifle

3* Furious/Explosive/25lvc Lever Action Rifle

3* GhoulSlayer’s/50vc/25lvc Lever Action Rifle

3* GhoulSlayer’s/50vc/25lvc Handmade

3* Hunter’s/+10/90rw Handmade

3* Hunter’s/FFR/+1A Handmade

3* Hunter’s/+10/50drwa Fixer

3* Hunter’s/+10/15fr Tesla Rifle

3* Instigating/Explosive/+1A 10mm Pistol

3* Instigating/33/15fr Fixer

3* Instigating/+10/+1P Bow

3* Instigating/+10/+1A M79 Grenade Launcher

3* Instigating/+10/90rw Railway Rifle

3* Instigating/Explosive/90rw Submachine Gun

3* Instigating/50vc/250 Combat Rifle

3* Instigating/SS/+1A Sledgehammer

2* Junkie’s/Explosive Black Powder Rifle

3* Junkie’s/Exposive/15fr Hunting Rifle

3* Junkie’s/33/25lvc 10mm SMG

3* Junkie’s/33/90rw Flamer

3* Junkie’s/33/50 Gauss Rifle

3* Junkie’s/33/+1P Lever Action Rifle

3* Junkie’s/50limb/+1A Minigun

3* Junkie’s/SS/90rw Pole Hook

3* Medic’s/Explosive/15fr Double-Barrel Shotgun

3* Medic’s/FFR/fmswa Fixer

3* Medic’s/FFR/15fr Minigun

3* Medic’s/+10/15fr Tesla Rifle

3* Medic’s/+10/25lvc M79 Grenade Launcher

3* Medic’s/33/25lvc 10mm SM

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[TOMT][MOVIE] man running along railway track?

I saw parts of this movie in 2005 and have never been able to find what it was called. Sorry my details are vague but whoever I was with kept switching channels lol ...

  1. It was shown late (maybe 2/3am) on UK TV and seemed to be an older film, perhaps 1970s or 80s.

  2. There was a scene with a man running along what I think was a railway track at night. He was being chased by a group of people wearing raggedy clothes.

  3. I feel like there were some occult/witchcraft type themes involved.

  4. There was a hanging scene and I'm almost certain the positioning was like the hanged man tarot card

  5. The main actor had one of those quite rugged faces with strong bone structure. His hair was dark and thick, and I recall his eyes being blue.

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I see the butterfly knives, both of them, they're fucking sick and I wish I could do that but here in England big man bozza J says no. So enjoy me climbing a big abandoned railway bridge to spray a cheeky lil tag at the top reddit.com/gallery/lhh2mb
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[PS4] H: Handmandes Junkies Explosive and Instigating Explosive, Combat Rifle Instigating Explosive, Railway Rifle Junkies Explosive, Two Shot FF 50 cal, TSE Lever Action Rifle, Junkies Bear Arm, Brahman mask, Old Man Winter Mask, Crazy Guy Mask, and Raven Mask. W: Explosive Tesla 2Shot or Quad reddit.com/gallery/lvdrzu
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[PS4] H: Buffoon Mask, Deathclaw Mask, Winter Man Mask, Crazy Guy Mask, QE25 Railway Rifle (5:1) W: BE or VE Flamer
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A specially-abled man working as lab technician in Railway hospital, helped a woman deliver a baby on running train.
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A man got his leg stuck in between a train and the railway tracks, all the passengers push the train to help him get free. v.redd.it/lxgl4e2wavm51
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Man makes model railway while in managed isolation
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[xb1] H:Winter man mask W: decent bloodied/junkies/quad. handmade, fixer, or railway rifle offers

With new perk load outs dropping soon I’d like to try something other than the explosive heavy gunner build I’ve been running for a while. Hoping to trade this for something decent to start a new build with!

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ITAP of a man on a railway station.
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[PS4] H: Winter man mask and a lot of unyielding armour W: Bloodied explosive railway

[PS4] Looking for a bloodied explosive railway last star doesn't matter but reload would be nice. Can offer a Winter man mask and if you dont want that I have many pieces of unyielding armour I can bundle together.

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ANI on Twitter: "#WATCH: Two Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel yesterday rescued a man at Kalyan Railway Station, Maharashtra who slipped while he was trying to board a moving train. https://t.co/ONU4llnLtH" / Twitter mobile.twitter.com/ANI/st…
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