Getting away with crime on Koh Tao courtesy of friends in high places.

A sad tale of how having friends in high places elevates certain Koh Tao locals above the law in Thailand. Significant parts of the sad tale have not been covered at all by the mainstream media. On Saturday 15 August 2020, Pat Khokpool (aka Santi Khokpool) slashed open the left side of the neck of a Scottish tourist in the busy Fishbowl Beach Bar on Sairee Beach, Koh Tao. Santi’s attack was unprovoked. Immediately prior to the attack, Santi had been assaulting a female tourist in the bar. Some details about the attack are outlined in previous videos on this channel. This video is about the privileges of having friends in high places. It seems that despite almost killing the tourist, Santi’s friends within the Royal Thai Police have not charged Santi with any offences. Santi’s back was covered by influential people including his friend, Koh Tao Police Sergeant Major “Chet” and his big brother, Police Lieutenant Colonel Saravut Khokpool. Well connected people on Koh Tao are untouchable. In 2014, island headman Woraphan Toowuchien enlisted the Chief of Police, Somyot to shift the “investigation” into the UK backpacker murders away from the prime suspects, being Woraphan’s son, “Nomsod” and “brother Mon.” The murdered backpackers were Hannah Witheridge and David Miller. Casual observers in the West are often oblivious to the rampant corruption within the Royal Thai Police. Somyot was found to have received US$9.5 million from the owner of Victoria’s Secret, the biggest illegal brothel in Bangkok. Somyot’s successor, Chakthip forced one senior police officer to flee Thailand for his life. Major General Paween Pongsirin conducted a highly successful investigation into the trafficking of Rohingya boat people culminating in many convictions. Even though the police apparently took no action against Santi, he was promptly sacked by Ban’s Diving Resort. In December 2020, after an inquiry, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) expelled Santi. Senior Scottish journalist, Andrew MacGregor Marshall tweeted the following: “Santi Khokpool, a Thai diving instructor working on Koh Tao who was involved in several violent assaults, has been formally banned by international diving association PADI.” External bodies such as PADI can find wrongdoing when the Royal Thai Police choose not to. In 2015, Jane Taupin, an external expert in forensic science, found fatal flaws in the “DNA evidence” concocted by the police in the Koh Tao double m

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Violent Thai diving instructor expelled by PADI

Some people comment that it takes a lot before the Professional Association of Diving Instructors will expel one of its professionals.

However, a split second decision by Thai strongman, Pat “Santi” Khokpool left both his employer and PADI with little choice.

Santi Khokpool had initially been hired by the two female owners of Ban’s Diving Resort following the assassination of the previous owner, Virat Asavachin (“Mr Ban”) in early 2002. Later, Santi also became a diving instructor through PADI.

Santi could be very charming but on Koh Tao and the southern Thai peninsula he had established a reputation for violence.

The incident that led to him being fired by Ban’s and expelled by PADI occurred on the Saturday evening of 15 August 2020. Santi was assaulting a female tourist in the busy Fishbowl Beach Bar on Sairee Beach. The bar is part of the Ban’s business empire.

A 28-year-old Scottish tourist was approaching the bar and simply asked whether everything was ok. Santi instantly turned around, smashed a beer bottle on the guy’s jaw and slashed open the left side of the victim’s neck.

Only excellent first aid and life saving surgery on the nearby island of Koh Samui prevented the incident from becoming yet another murder on Thailand’s Death Island.

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Дайвинг и бумажки про дайвинг

Всем привет.

Продолжаем нашу историю про дайвинг. Сегодня обсудим вопрос с бумажками, сертификатами и затронем само по себе обучение дайвингу.

Самое главное - водной среде не важно, какая организация вас обучала. Все зависит только вас.

Вообще, сертификаты дайвинга предоставляет гора различных организаций, вот некоторые из них:

  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) - одна из самых распространенных ассоциаций. Стандартизирована по самое не балуйся, на любой чих есть инструкции. Потому и популярна. Считается, что ее сертификаты наиболее охотно принимают в любой точке мира. Дорогая. Но если вы планируете быть инструктором, то лучше всего изучать PADI, так как дайв-центров, работающих по системе PADI - как грязи, так что без работы вы не останетесь.
  • CMAS (фр. Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) - французская ассоциация. Одна из старейших, основана в 1958 году. Единственная общепризнанная ассоциация, отвечающая за деятельность в сфере подводного спорта.
  • NDL (National diving League) - ассоциация, рожденная в РФ. Обучение в ней дешевле, в первую очередь за счет качества учебных материалов. Это не делает ее хуже или лучше, ведь ассоциация стандартизована и соответствует Европейским дайверским стандартам.

Да тысячи их, SSI, IDD, IDEA, NAUI, PSA, BSAC. В общем, вы можете составить почти любые три-четыре буквы из английского алфавита и с большой вероятностью такая организация существует. Сертификаты большинства ассоциаций имеют свои аналоги в любой другой ассоциации.

Главная идея всех ассоциаций в том, что они обучают вас и вашего buddy (Напарник, второй дайвер) плавать самостоятельно, то есть, как минимум, вдвоем. Да, да, все из-за этих скучных историй про смерть дайверов от глупых ошибок и дублирования всех функций. Та же PADI не является гарантией того, что вы будете более подготовленным к экстремальной ситуации, чем выходец из любой другой ассоциации. Так как PADI наиболее распространена, то и речь будет про нее. Но общий смысл примерно одинаков во всех ассоциациях.

Все сертификаты, которые есть в PADI. Каждый, вообще каждый, сертификат стоит денег. Если вам более 15 лет, то вам надо сразу получать Open Water Diver. Минуя сертификаты для детей.

Схема сложная, ибо на каждый чих есть сертификат. Хотите фотографировать, вот вам специализация. Хотите видео, вот вам другая сп

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Diving Acronym List

So as a recently certified diver I have taken up my time to finally join Reddit to start doing my research on different gear to obtain. I have noticed a bunch of acronyms that I didn't understand and had to stop my research to go understand what everyone is talking about. I couldn't find one here on r/scuba so I thought I might be able to help my fellow greenhorns and make a list of commonly used acronyms. Obviously I'm no expert so if they are wrong I do apologize, and please add more if you can think of them.

AAS: alternate air source
BC: buoyancy compensator
BCD: buoyancy control device
BWARF: (BCD, weights, air, release, final) (pre-dive check)
CCBA: closed circuit breathing apparatus
CCR: closed circuit re-breather
CESA: controlled emergency swimming ascent
DAN: diver's alert network
DIR: doing it right
DUI: diving unlimited international EDC: everyday carry
HP: high pressure
IP: intermediate pressure
LDS: local dive shop
LP: low pressure
MOD: maximum operating depth PDC: personal dive computer
SI: surface interval
SPG: submersible pressure gauge
STA: single tank adapter

NAUI: National Association of Underwater Instructors
PADI: Professional Association of Diving Instructors
SSI: Scuba School International

Argox: argon and oxygen
Heliox: helium and oxygen
Hydreliox: hydrogen, helium and oxygen
Hydrox: hydrogen and oxygen
Nitrox: nitrogen and oxygen

edit- added "EDC"

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[meta] Feature suggestion: Decronym (acronym/jargon expander bot)

/u/Decronym is an acronym/jargon expander/definer bot popular around spaceflight subs, but I thought I'd make the suggestion here too as scuba seems to be another hobby plagued with acronyms and jargon and I've noticed a lot of 'what does n mean' in threads.

The bot works by scanning new threads submitted periodically (and I believe once they reach a certain upvote/comment threshold too) for any of the words in the list and posts a top level comment containing a table of the expanded acronyms which gets appended once new ones are used within the thread.

I thought it'd be a good idea to make the sub a bit more accessible to people just getting into scuba, or even just as a resource for the more exotic ones. Assuming the feedback in this thread is largely positive, I'll probably request for the bot to be added after a few days.

To start, the bot needs an initial list of acronyms and jargon to use, and it can be expanded upon as needed. I've put together an initial list of some I've thought of, but please comment with any further additions, subtractions or corrections for any of them. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Acronym Expansion
OW/OWD Open Water/Open Water Diver (Basic recreational diving certification)
AOW/AOWD Advanced Open Water/Advanced Open Water Diver
BC/BCD Buoyancy Control/Buoyancy Control Device
BP/W/BP&W/BPW Back Plate/Wing (Alternative to a BCD)
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[SEIKO] SUN065 So happy with my new SEIKO


Bought this new Seiko SUN065. Its a PADI watch which is the Professional association of dive instructors. Ill never dive with it but i just had to get it. Love the almost \"retro\" divers look.

I saw it for a while here in Dubai where i live at my local AD. Was dancing around to getting it. Finally they were on sale (30% off) meaning it was cheaper then in other markets, which is rare wher i live.

It wears a lot like a 40mm watch. The rubber strap is SUPER soft and seems very durable. The only negative that i can think of is that its a rough rubber strap and that lint likes to get caught on it. Also another gripe is that usually these come with a hard plastic case. Turns out this is limited to a few of these "special" edition models.

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Students who had recently started an advanced degree (MA, MSc, PhD), How has your experience been during the pandemic? How do you feel? What are you afraid/excited for?

TL;DR: I am nearing the end of a non-funded 1-year course-based masters program here at waterloo and I really feel like I am not getting my value. I was wondering how other graduate students are doing?

Rant time:

I feel as if my time here has not met my expectations. Waterloo was advertised as a great school where my particular interest had started, and I felt as if I had a chance to meet my educational goals from anywhere, it would have been here. I was unfortunately mistaken, as, despite efforts from my advisor to connect me to the right courses and people, I was declined from all but 1 course recommended (of which I was only added to 2 weeks after class had started despite contacting the course instructor in August).

I was not granted permission to enter the 3 other courses I submitted requests for, including one of the last pieces of my educational requirements for a professional designation. Should I be pestering these professors to let me in despite the classes being full? Moreover, I had e-mailed all the professors in my department involved with my interest in order to hopefully put together an independent course, yet only one had responded to me, who was unfortunately unable to facilitate my request as their lab was full.

Last summer I had e-mailed the graduate team asking about the indirect value of networking lost through the online format of the program this year. I was assured that there would be something set up to mitigate these concerns, now I assume by means of the GSA events and a weekly departmental seminar series. Although I feel these are not very applicable to a course-work student either, for instance even in the introductory e-mail for the one of the seminar series, only the research-based students were addressed. To my knowledge, every speaker in my interest group's series have been researchers, we have had with no exposure to industry. To supplement this, I had attempted to attend a few other seminars offer to graduate and doctoral students, which again seem to all be focused on thesis-based streams. In one case, I had joined a seminar regarding navigating graduate life, only to exclusively be exposed to discussion about TA-ships, which are not offered to unfunded course-based students.

I understand the university requires research and associated publications to secure funding, but course-work students are not being invested into like the traditional MSc and PhD students, despite paying out of pocket. I feel the pr

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ISPR(N): In March 2021, ISPR (Navy) released 18 press statements. The press releases covered Pakistan Navy’s exercises, welfare activities, and diplomatic visits. [Long Post]

March 2021

Some notable events this month:

· Bilateral Exercises with Japan, Oman, Russia, and USA

· Al Bahr-II exercise with Qatar

· Delivered food aid supplies to Niger and Benin

· Established a free medical camp at Pishukan, Gwadar

Naval Chief Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi made the following Visits:

· Qatar


· Bahrain

· PAF Air War College

· Cadet College Sanghar

Naval Chief Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi held meetings with the following people:

· Pakistan Chief of Air Staff - Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan

· Chief of Staff Qatar Armed Forces - Lt General Ghanem bin Shaheen Al-Ghanem

· Commander Qatar Emiri Naval Forces - Major General Abdullah Hassan Al-Sulaiti

· Commander Qatar Emiri Air Force - Major General Salem Hamad Eqail Al-Nabet

· Qatar’s Staff College Commandant - Major General Fahad bin Mubarak Al Khayareen

· Chief of Staff UAE Armed Forces - Lt General Hamad Mohamed Thani Al Rumaithi

· Commander UAE Naval Forces - Rear Admiral Saeed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

· Commander-in-Chief Bahrain Defence Forces - Field Marshal Shaikh Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa

· Commander Bahrain National Guard - Major Gen Sheikh Mohammed Bin Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa

· Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Forces - Rear Admiral Mohammed Yousif Al Asam

· Deputy Commander US NAVCENT - Rear Admiral Curt Renshaw

· Italian Deputy Defence General Secretary Vice Admiral Dario Giacomin

· President Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) - Sardar Masood Khan

· Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan – Kuninori Matsuda

Press Releases

1. March 03, 2021 – Air Chief paid farewell Visit to Naval HQ

No PR-PN-32/2021-ISPR

Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan paid a farewell call on Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi at Naval Headquarters, Islamabad.

​Upon arrival at Naval Headquarters, Air Chief was received by the Naval Chief and a smartly turned out contingent of Pakistan Navy presented him Guard of Honour. Thereafter, the dignitary laid floral wreath at the Shuhdas Monument.

During the call-on, Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi commended the remarkable services of Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan for Pakistan and Pakistan Air Force during a long and illustrious career. The Naval Chief also highlighted the dynamic role played by Air Chief Marshal and acknowledged PAF’s all-out support t

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Casandra’s deck - an exercise in learning card meanings through change and contrast

Tldr - composing the ideography for my own deck variety. Could use some help and input.

Current main question:

How or why did the elements get assigned to the suits?

Other questions:

  • Is it fair to expect the system for interpreting tarot cards to be logical and consistent?
  • Why does the Rider-Waite deck keep so much of the original tarot’s iconography’s Christian influences, if the RW adaptation were based on Hermetic philosophies?
  • General feedback on the ideas presented below...


Since maybe a month or two I’ve started getting into tarot. It’s not as easy as some people make it look. Which, I suppose, is the case with any skill that requires even a modicum of actual practice and experience to master. So I should study, learn, practice. Get better. Right? How though? To a newbie, the world of tarot can be somewhat overwhelming and quite confusing.

For me, studying benefits from the practices of simulation, change and contrast. My background is in academic philosophy. Though I’ve made my career in professional kitchens, rising through the ranks from dishie to chef. Both philosophy and cooking I’ve learned by: first, imitating someone else’s work; second, applying changes to the copied; and, finally, contrasting the original with the new version, to see what effect my changes have brought about.

Following the tried and true, I’ve started studying the tarot by imitating an existing deck (the Rider-Waite), changing it and contrasting the effects of my changes on the semantics of the original.

Basically, I’m composing the ideography for a new deck: Cassandra’s.

In this post I will give an overview of the ideas behind Cassandra’s cards. I will also provide an overview of the deck’s proposed semantics. And I will present the first problems I’ve run into, the first questions I have.

What this is

This is the first of a series of posts in which I rapport on my progress of learning tarot, by composing Cassandra’s deck.

My posts are meant, in the first place, for me as a place to organize my thoughts and for me to ask questions I have for you, the community.

Second, I hope that others who are learning about tarot might find these posts instructive.

Third, I’d like it if at least some of these posts will foster some healthy discussion and debate on the history, the theory and the practice of taro

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(ALL FREE) Curated list with 6 Virtual Cons, 34 trainings (8 live w/labs), and growing list

********The list below is current as of: 7/29/2020 4:32PM. (EST) **********

***** had to remove podcasts from the reddit post. I'm hitting 40000 char limit*****

I've been diligently maintaining a list of free resources for cyber folks during this pandemic. I'm constantly adding to it. Please check it, share, add to it if you have something. Theres a ton of great stuff out there and I want people to take advantage of it.

The full list is here:

Drop me a subscribe on YouTube and lets connect more:


  • [email protected] July 31 - August 01 - [email protected] is a HackerOne hosted hacker conference built by the community for the community. [email protected] is a place for hackers to learn, share, and meet friends. Hear talks and panelists exploring offensive hacking techniques, recon skills, target selection and more.
  • DEFCON 28 Aug 7-9 2020 - This is a very well known, premiere conference within the cybersecurity space. Check for more information as there will be villages, events, parties, talks, etc. You cannot register yet, but details here:
  • SXOS 2.0 SiberX Aug 10-14 2020 - siberXchange is a global community of cybersecurity leaders and professionals representing leading organizations across the world. Led by an advisory of cybersecurity champions, this online community has groups for problem solving, custom solutioning, networking and broadcasting. Address the global community from our reporting hub with live statistics and immersive visuals: multilingual, accessible and customized outreach.
  • Tactical Edge Virtual Summit 2020 August 11-14 2020 - The Tactical Edge event covers a multitude of important cybersecurity topics, from the importance of awareness to pryvacy to new technological solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • The Diana Initiative Virtual Conference - Aug 21-22, 2020 - A
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Does it worth to ex-diplomat to start finance career at 28 in the middle of PANDEMIC? Long story, but really need a piece of advice.

I am 28 years old guy from post soviet country. Got my B.B.A degree from local university- which didn’t teach very much (But I was always self learner and initiator, so time spent well). Then I got my M.A in International relations and got professional diplomatic internships in Brussels and worked in other key places, have been involved into politics. But never liked it that much, don’t even know how it happened. So for that reason I wanted to be back into more corporate environment and last year I was graduated from MSc International Business program of well known UK university. Program was very broad, general, I thought it would be soft transition. Besides that I always had entrepreneurial soul, have been involved into tons of projects, launched startup and did a lot of business and finance related stuff. So since the start of pandemic I felt lack of technical skills I have and also I have decided to deeply dive into finance career and become an financial analyst. For that reason I have registered for CFA Level 1. I thought as it is hard (due to pandemic) to find internship jobs and practice being an analyst, now it would be better to have profound achievement -like passing CFA L1 (together with my education and experience) for finding an analyst job in western countries (mainly UK). Sorry for making it very long, so in my 28 I just took my life and changed it dramatically, I gave up my political career, gave up my personal business projects and teaching career (I also was an instructor for one semester) for becoming financial analyst. I really enjoy while learning CFA material, learning many stuff about finance and with my political economy knowledge and experience in startups I do now understand things more clearly and it makes me believe that with my mixed background, multicultural values, multilingual skills and adding new deeper quantitative and qualitative finance learnings(CFA), I might become a valuable analyst for corporations. So, here is the question - My only fear is that- I am afraid being too late. People normally start their analyst career just after finishing undergraduate (22’s) and until 28 they already become full analyst (sometimes associate) and then go for MBA. I really afraid of being late and unsuccessful in this career path just because of my start time. The thing is that I always believed that my age of 20’s is time for trying many things and then at the end to find out yourself, so that is why it took time to self determine m

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[Ballroom Dance] A Decades Long Blood Feud Between Dance Governing Bodies Because of the Olympics

Hopefully everyone's been enjoying their quarantine! But if not, maybe this next installment of ballroom dance drama will help! This is actually pretty much a research paper at this point, so you might want to settle in or take it in chunks. I may actually divide it up.

Anyway, I’ve been teasing for a while about this installment so hopefully it lives up to expectation. The Olympic bid on the part of ballroom dance goes back decades, meaning this post is just a small glimpse into the drama that’s created.

A few additional installments are going to come out of this, including USA Dance's micromanaging and ruining one of their biggest competitions and the Great Italian Judging Scandal of 2010 and how USA Dance ruined their biggest competition! The Italian judging scandal is gonna take a while, since, well, it's all in Italian and google translate isn't that great.

So let’s dive into the fever swamp that is how one governing body's Olympic bid is ruining ballroom dance for everyone around the world! Good times...

Some Background

The world of competitive ballroom dance -- also called “DanceSport,” — lest ANYONE forget that this is a sport now and we’re SERIOUS — is overseen by two governing bodies globally and another two governing bodies in the US. They maintain syllabuses on dance styles and determine what moves are allowed at what level. Dancers also register with one or more of these organizations to compete at levels higher than your good ol’ collegiate competitions.

These governing bodies originally had different purposes. Some would only govern professional competitions and the others focused on amateurs. This division of power brought peace to the DanceSport world. Until the Olympic committee attacked.

A quick aside -- if you follow ballroom dance long enough, you’ll hear about Blackpool. This is the most prestigious dance competition in the world, held in Blackpool, England. It goes back to 1920 and is basically its own thing. The champions of this competition basically set styles for everyone downstream. You can trace popular variations back to Blackpool.

Alright, this part is kinda boring but there’s gonna be a lot of acronyms tossed around, so if you get confused, come back up here and maybe this will help.

NDCA -- The oldest governing body is the National Dance Council of America (NDCA), established in 1948. Their job for decades was to foster competition between profession

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The Finances of Harvard University: 2004 vs. 2019/20

I thought that to investigate the potential causes of the huge increase in education spending it might be helpful to do a deep dive on the financial situation of one institution. Harvard University is unusual for a lot of reasons, its very low acceptance rate and massive endowment chief among them, but it's typical in its rapidly increasing tuition so I figured it's as good a place to start as any. Plus, it has more clickbait potential.

To be clear, this is comparing the 2003-04 school year to 2018-19. The section on employees is using the factbooks and comparing to the 2019-20 school year because I couldn't find the factbook for 18-19. Ideally this would go much further back than 2004 but that's the earliest year for which I could find a detailed financial report, so that's what we're doing. Costs have still increased significantly since 2004, so hopefully this will still tell us something useful.

#I. Overview

First, let's just look at some basic facts about the institution in those years.

. 2004 2019
Number of Harvard College students 6,597 6,722
Total Number of students 19,638 23,336
Number of faculty 2,391 2,507
Undergrad tuition $26,066 $46,340
Endowment $22.6B $40.9B
Total Operating Revenue $2.60B $5.51B
Total Expenses $2.56B $5.03B*

The two lines I'm most interested in are undergraduate tuition (which increased by around 75%) and total expenses (which doubled). Of course, anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows you can't just compare numbers from different years like that, that's what the Consumer Price Index is for. For the rest of this post, all money amounts that are adjusted are using the Consumer Price Index via this calculator. Here's what the relevant part of the above table looks like after adjusting for inflation:

. 2004 2019 Increase
Undergrad tuition $35,277 $46,340 31%
Endowment $30.6B $40.9B 34%
Total Operating Revenue $3.52B $5.51B 57%
Total Expenses $3.46B $5.03B 45%

^(*This is less than the number in the report. Harvard counted interest paid as part of expenses

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CFI Initial Oral Passed!

A few days ago I successfully passed my CFI oral. I thought I would do a write up for everyone on here attempting the same thing in 2020. The oral was completed on 8/29/2020 and I am working on rescheduling the flight. Hoping to get it done within the week. Below is a full "gouge"

Examiner: Ed Verville
Date: 8-29-2020

Oral: 5.0 Hours

Ed started with an FAA chart of airport markings and signs. He will go through it asking what each one means, and why they are on the airport surface. This includes what side of the runway or movement area you are on.


  • Talked about the definition of learning and how students learn
  • Laws of learning
  • Levels of learning (likes to see an example)
  • Scenario based training including characteristics of a good scenario as well as a good example
  • Aviation instructor responsibilities and CFI responsibilities (they are different)
  • Professional development as flight instructors and how we can continue our knowledge/education/ratings
  • How to renew a CFI certificate as well as the difference between renew and reinstate
  • How students forget information
  • Aids in retention
  • How can CFI’s help students retain information
  • Lesson planning
  • How do we prepare for a lesson plan with a student
  • Different training delivery methods
  • Computer based training and the aspects/positives that go along with that
  • Types of memory
  • Types of instructional aids
  • The difference between an informal and formal lecture

Runway Incursion Avoidance

  • This was pretty straight forward, I kept the CFI PTS open and made sure to cover every area talking about Runway Incursion Avoidance. Be sure to cover every area of the PTS as he wants you to “teach” this as a lesson to a student. During this section of the oral, I pulled up a taxi diagram for midway airport after covering the areas in the PTS, I briefed Ed on a taxi route and then gave him a mock clearance. He did simple things like not hold short of the correct runways or turn on the wrong taxiway. After this lesson he asked me things like threshold markings, elevation, and hotspots on the taxiway diagram. Hot spot information can be found through foreflight using the hotspot button.

Collision Avoidance

  • After runway incursion avoidance, Ed had me teach him a lesson plan about collision avoidance. He went off on a tangent about how Tenerife was the worst accident in history. After this, I made sure to cover every area in the CFI PTS in regards to my “lesson p
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Here is the list of essential services at Level 5
  1. Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing, animal welfare and related services

  2. Manufacturing

  3. Supply, repair and installation of machinery and equipment

  4. Electricity, gas, water, sewage and waste management

  5. Construction and development

  6. Wholesale and retail trade

  7. Transport, storage and communications

  8. Accommodation and food services

  9. Information and communications

  10. Financial and legal activities

  11. Professional, scientific and technical activities

  12. Rental and leasing activities

  13. Administrative and support activities

  14. Public administration, emergency services and defence

  15. Human health and social work activities

  16. Education

  17. Community and voluntary services

  18. Diplomatic missions and consular affairs

This list applies for Level 5 only.

Physical attendance at workplaces is only permitted for those providing the following services where such services can only be provided in person and cannot be delivered remotely. It does not include administrative and other support for such businesses and services unless specified in section 13 and the physical presence of a worker is required.

Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing, animal welfare and related services

1. The following services relating to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing, animal welfare and related services:


farm labour

farm relief services

crop and animal production

fishing for commercial purposes

aquaculture and fish farming



veterinary, animal welfare and related services

marts held online with arrangements to facilitate weighing of animals, matching of stock between buyers and sellers, drop off of animals and buyers inspection of stock in the pens by appointment. Bidding process is online only

the provision of support services relating to any of the services specified above (including artificial insemination and animal disposal)


2. The following services relating to manufacturing:

the manufacture, production or processing of food and beverage products

the manufacture, production or processing of animal feeds

the manufacture of work-wear apparel, personal protective equipment or footwear

the manufacture of wood pulp, paper and paperboard

the operation of sawmills and the processing of wood and cork

the printing and reproduction of newspapers and other media services

the distillation of coke and refined petroleum products

the refining of alumina

the manufact

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Bury FC Avoids EFL Expulsion, Must Field Volunteer Replacements Team

July 2, 2019
Bury, Greater Manchester, England


In February of 2019, it became clear that Bury FC were in deep financial trouble. Despite excellent on-field performance, leaving ultimately to promotion to League One, the future of the club was very much in doubt. Two weeks after the season ended, when it seemed as though dissolution of the club was inevitable, Bury were thrown a lifeline. The EFL told the club that if they could pay off their debts by June 20 (and not accrue any further debts), the club could play the 2019-20 season.

Immediately, Bury FC supporters began organizing, and a massive crowding campaign was launched. While donations were being raised, the club held a fire sale, auctioning off everything from training equipment to kits. On June 19, one day before the deadline, the crowdfunding campaign, along with the club's efforts, had nearly erased all the debts, but time was running out. In a stunning turn, Bury FC's board of directors released a statement, declaring that they wouldn't be taking a salary for the upcoming campaign. And, neither would anyone else. They had found clubs to take on the salaries of all the players, effectively reducing the club's expenses to below the necessary threshold. Bury FC was still alive!

Unfortunately, that left Bury with just over a month to fill the roster, the coaching staff, and the stadium grounds with volunteers. They scheduled a two-week open tryout. Then they got the news. EA had picked up on the social media buzz surrounding the club's crowdfunding campaign, and had decided to invite them to their preseason tournament being held right there in Manchester, the winner to receive a £650,000 cash prize. Naturally, the board accepted. Bury now had just over a week to field a team.

The community of Bury, galvanized by the opportunity to save their beloved club, once again set to work. Before they could do anything, though, the board had to find a manager, someone to lead a ragtag group of pretenders through a grueling 11-month schedule. They turned to one of the people primarily responsible for organizing the community efforts to save Bury FC, 72-year-old retired teacher, lifelong Bury supporter, and former Shakers Ultra, William Robert Taylor. The six students in the community watercolors class he taught were sad to lose their instructor, but they encouraged him to lead the team anyway. Everyone was doing their part to help. A local craft store even donated some t-shirts and markers

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Top Moves and Flourishes That Beginners in Cardistry Should Learn

Getting Started in Cardistry

Cardistry is the performance art of card flourishing, in which playing cards are manipulated to create visually pleasing displays. Cuts, pivots, spins, twirls, and other moves are just the beginning of this thriving art-form. Today's cardists are constantly pushing boundaries, and applying creativity and originality to produce moves that have never been seen before. But because this is a hobby and performance art that anyone who owns a deck of playing cards can easily get into, there's never been a better time to discover this emerging and exciting pastime.

With the help of technology, it's easy to share ideas, and to learn some basic card flourishes - and you'll have enormous fun doing so! If you are brand new to this growing art-form, and want to know why it is so popular, you can check out our previous article: How to Get Started in Cardistry. In this article we'll point you to some resources that will help you learn some basic card flourishes, to help you jump right into this fun and rewarding way of using playing cards.

To begin your cardistry journey, there are a few essentials that you need to think about:

1. Your deck. You don't need an expensive deck, but you should make sure that you're using a quality poker-sized deck that handles well. Use something that has an embossed air-cushion finish, and is quite new. Standard Bicycle or Bee decks produced by United States Playing Card Company are very inexpensive, and will do the job just fine. When getting started, don't worry too much about how your cards look, but focus more on the handling quality of your deck.

2. Your attitude. Cardistry isn't a competitive activity, but is something that you can enjoy for its own sake on your own. So we're excited about having beginners start out, and we warmly welcome you into the cardistry community. But you do need the right attitude. Don't expected to be a skilled performer right away. It would also be a mistake to immediately trying to create your own moves. Instead, it's better to start by mastering the basics, and have a graduated approach by starting with easy moves, and building on those towards more difficult maneuvers. Other than that advice, there's no right or wrong way to do this, and you can learn what you like. Different people will enjoy different kinds of moves, and by all means go ahead and just learn the moves that interest yo

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For those looking for something to do this weekend at VT and Blacksburg with a little NRV sprinkled in...

For anyone who 's looking for something to do and/or wondering what's going on the NRV, here's 21 events you can enjoy at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg and around the New River Valley.

1. Kenneth Massey: Spring Forward: Sorting Teams with Robins and Brackets
McBryde Hall Room 129, Virginia Tech
Friday, January 31, 2020, 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Admission: Free
The Sports Data Analytics Club at Virginia Tech presents Kenneth Massey with the talk "Spring Forward: Sorting Teams with Robins and Brackets". Kenneth Massey, a VT graduate and producer of the Massey Ratings, a component of the Bowl Championship Series for 15 years, will discuss the challenges and methods of composing college and professional sports rankings. The lecture is free and open to the public. 

2. International Cafe Hour: Countries of the Arabian Peninsula
Deet's Place, Virginia Tech
Friday, January 31, 2020, 4:00 - 5:30 PM
Admission: Free
In partnership with the Cranwell International Center, The Saudi Student Club, the Untied Arab Emirates Student Association and Omani Student Association present an International Cafe Hour featuring the Countries of the Arabian Peninsula. Enjoy free refreshments and snacks, door prizes and cultural conversation. Sample sweet and savory dishes and a selected beverage prepared from student recipes. Enjoy entertainment and view presentations and artifacts from students.

3. 2020 All You Can Eat Pancake Dinner Fundraiser for Honduras
130 Jackson, Blacksburg
Friday, January 31, 2020, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Admission: $5.00
Enjoy all-you-can eat pancakes and more in support of the NLCF Honduras Missions team. There will also be a raffle for prizes including gift certificates to local restaurants, artwork and more. Raffle tickets are $1.00 for 1 or $5.00 for 6. NLCF is a campus-focused, non-denominational church serving Virginia Tech and Blacksburg.
Link: [**

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I am 31 years old make $101,000 live in New Jersey and work as a consultant.

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance: About 50k in retirement accounts between old 401k accounts rolled into an IRA, a roth IRA, and my current 401k plan. I currently contribute 9% to my 401k. My employer does not match, but they do contribute via profit sharing.

Rental Property: Rental income 3300/month. Mortgage is 2700/mo inclusive of insurance. Balance goes toward landlord covered utilities and repairs. Co-owned with my boyfriend, N. We split all payments 50/50.

Savings account balance: About 20k in savings. I consider 15k to my base emergency fund (worst case if I had to pay both mortgages and basic bills) so I do want to dip into this balance.

Credit card debt: None

Student loan debt: Paid off student loan debt of about 45k a few years ago.

Section Two: Income

Main Job Monthly Take Home: I got two raises in the past two months, and have not gotten my first check at my new rate. I believe my new monthly take home will be around 4900, my job doesn’t provide us a breakdown in writing in advance. The below reflects the rate I was at for most of 2019 on 87k salary.

Monthly Take Home: 4410

Taxes: 1736

Benefits: 9.48 (just vision, employer pays other premiums)

Retirement: 534

Side Gig Monthly Take Home

$120/month teaching pole fitness

$100-200/month as a Brand Ambassador

Section Three: Expenses

Condo: Mortgage/HOA/Insurance/PMI $2000/month split evenly with N.

Savings contribution: Usually 800/month but recently 0 due to rental property expenses

Investment contribution: Usually 300/month using Robinhood, but 0 currently

Debt payments: No official debt but I owe N about 10k in rental property expenses. I am also planning for out for pocket surgical expenses for a surgery I am having next month. My savings isn’t going to be seeing much growth for the foreseeable future.

Donations: about $50/month to sad puppy and other causes (line item in my budget sheet). Usually make a few larger donations throughout the year as they come up.

Utilities: about $100/month split evenly

Wifi: $85/Internet, $30/Sling split evenly

Other Streaming: N. pays for netflix and Hulu ad free

Cellphone: $30/mo with a discount on a corporate plan

Gym membership: $35/month

Massage Membership: $72/month

Pet expenses: about $200/month for walks, food, toys. $35/mo for pet insurance. I pay all the monthly expenses myself, N. will contribute to vet costs and boarding costs.

Car Insurance: $91/month

Storage: 90/mo split

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What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional counselors, additionally known as dietitians, aid patients identify and also manage food and nutrition-related issues through brief- as well as long-term therapy methods. Nutritional counseling is frequently applied to individuals experiencing neuromuscular or musculoskeletal disorders, digestion ailments, excessive weight, diabetic issues, menopause, maternity, allergies, to name a few conditions.

By evaluating as well as analyzing diet regimen as well as workout habits, nourishment is seen as a crucial factor in developing as well as preserving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Without sufficient nutrition, a lot of diseases can take place partly due to the vulnerability placed on the body. Nutritional therapists aim to locate integrated ways to establish goals and also assistance people achieve them. When nutritional counselors evaluate clients, individual profiles are analyzed. The details the client gets from the counselor is contingent on their way of life (vegetarianism, as an example), age, life phase (menopause, pregnancy), and also case history.

Nutritional Counseling incorporates weight surveillance and education regarding weight, food records, self-control strategies, dish planning, and problem-solving skills. Direction of food preparation as well as self monitoring is viewed as critical in getting patients to adhere to a defined program.

The Job of Dietitians
Dietitians and also nutritional experts plan nutrition programs, helping to stop and treat health problems by advertising healthy eating practices while resolving nutritional imbalances. They also advise particular nutritional changes to fit an individual's momentary problem. (Recommending additional folate for pregnant women, for instance.) Dietitians frequently operate in medical facilities as well as institutions, using their solutions via education and learning and research. Professional dietitians offer dietary services to patients in establishments by examining individuals' dietary needs, creating and recommending nourishment programs, and reviewing the results with various other professionals to work with medical and also nutritional demands. Community dietitians advise people and also groups on dietary methods intended to avoid illness and advertise health. They work as independent specialists with health care centers or take part in their own personal technique, evaluati

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11 Reasons Why Living in Cebu Is Awesome

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines, Cebu, the Queen City of the South, has a mix of coastal and mountainous terrain. With an average temperature of 32 °C, it is a sought-after destination for people who long for the sun and warm weather. Besides, Cebu’s clear skies and consistently beautiful weather makes it very desirable for people coming from industrial cities who don’t have that luxury. Below, we list 11 reasons why life in Cebu is better.

1. Views of the sun, sand, and sky

Cebu is a coastal city that has clear skies all year round. Over the years, Cebu’s skyline has changed to include buildings that range from 10- to 55-storey buildings The mix of Asian and western developments can be seen in Cebu’s commercial districts featuring different building designs also in real estate. More so, the mountains of Cebu have a lot of fruit, vegetable, and flower farms that one can view while driving through Cebu’s mountains. On the residential side, a lot of locations in Cebu have the potential to be livable communities.

What makes living in Cebu a luxury is the convenience of having to travel only a few minutes to get to the beach, or the mountain, unlike in other cities where doing this takes several hours. Little islets like Mactan, Bantayan, Malapascua, Sumilon**,** and more surround Cebu. Tourists flock to these islands for its white-sand beaches and diving spots. More so, many foreigners have come to settle in these islets to enjoy the quiet and beautiful beach. Foreigners who have come to stay say the islands are as peaceful as it gets.

The cool breeze that blow in Cebu’s mountaintops brings in a lot of people from the metro on weekends. They go there to buy fruits, vegetables, most especially corn. People like going to the mountains to relax and spend time with family and loved ones. Whether you ride a mountain bike, motorcycle, or a car, the scenery going to Cebu’s mountaintop is literally and figuratively, a breath of fresh air. While the Philippines is prone to the occurrence of tropical cyclones, different islands surrounding Cebu act as a shield to protect the city from the disastrous effects of these weather disturbances.


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the stories - true or false?

Stories that could be true and how:

  • The way Sam told the story was that one night, an old friend showed up at his door scared. The friend told Sam he was leaving town, that he was in danger and that he needed someone to care for a little girl that her father had died that night in a fire. So Sam took the little girl in, and he raised her as his own always sheltering her from the truth about her biological father. =>The friend that arrived at Sam's door could have been Katarina. It does not conclude Sam took the girl that night.
  • Ah. A Russian milonga. Watch closely, Lizzy. Everything you need to know about negotiation is there in the tango milonga. At the outset, they are opponents. Each has something the other wants. They size one another up, assessing risk, setting boundaries, challenging each other to breach them. A sensuous battle-- violence and sex balanced on the blade of a knife. Nothing given that is not earned-- nothing taken that is not given. This is the pure essence of negotiation. Not a poker game, but a milonga. A tango. A seduction.=> This describes pretty well Katarina and RR
  • Be careful, Lizzy. Because the truth of it is, once you start down this road there's no logical place to stop. You can see to her education, health insurance, housing. You can watch her or have her watched keep her safe try to ascertain her hopes, dreams, desires. Pull strings, call in favors to discreetly smooth the path. And for the first few years, it may work. You'll draw some measure of virtue from being her invisible benefactor. But that won't last. It's all a fraud. That it's really not about her at all. That it's all about you. And you're just going through the motions to salve your own guilt. Look, all the money, all the time and effort, all the favors in the world cannot possibly equal what you took away from her. Everything else is just a nice gesture. => If he had a part in the death of her mother or father, in her growing up without them.
  • His story to Zoe about having a daughter: Do you have kids, Kenneth? I do, a daughter. The two of you close?  It's complicated. She doesn't like anchovies? -  You know, I don't know about that. I wish it were that simple.
  • Years ago, a Wisconsin housewife named Maureen Rowan was outside in the wee hours with the family dog, Dodger. It was absolutely frigid. No one in their right mind would've been out in that kind of bitter cold, and if not for Dodger's aging bladder, I imagi
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[Advice] PeaceH's Guide to Becoming Disciplined


Before you dive into this, I must preface it with a few words.

The title of this post is ridiculous in a way. Developing discipline is an endless process of trial and error we go through individually, not something you follow a quick guide on and then master. Discipline is so abstract, that everyone will have their own way of describing it. This guide is solely based on my own experiences. For this reason, it's simply "PeaceH's Guide" and not anyone else's.

...unless you apply it to your own life using your own reasoning, thus making the guide your own.

In /r/getdisciplined, you usually find that most posters are asking for advice on a situation specific to them. The aim here is not for a universal solution to all problems, but an attempt to convey a more complete system of thinking, and also, a practical framework for discipline. It intends to help with details, but also concerns the big picture. It is as much for my own sake as it is for yours.

If this interests you, read carefully. You can skim through as many books and articles as you want, but I invite you to read this properly.

###What Discipline Is

To discipline yourself is to consciously change your patterns of thinking and behavior.

You may know what it feels like to be disciplined. You do your very best and stand up for your own values, whilst doing this outwardly, you feel a calm satisfaction on the inside. On the contrary, you may feel chaotic inside when you're undisciplined and not doing much. Unless we can express and act on our thoughts and highest wishes, they collect inside us, we stagnate and slowly turn depressed. To grow is to live, after all.

I don't know if I can pinpoint exactly what discipline is. It's partly open to your own interpretation. It's a way of going about things in life first and foremost, a way to travel, not some sort of destination. The journey of discipline can be associated with doing many things:

  • Deriving pleasure/satisfaction from doing what is ultimately good for yourself and others.
  • Living according to your values, even when it's hard.
  • Acknowledging what is in your control and not letting yourself worry about what is not.
  • Letting your "rational, higher self" rule.
  • Living once, doing it right, and making sure that it was enough.
  • Realizing how your mind affects everything else (your thoughts > words > actions > habits > character > destiny).
  • Earning your rest and realizing how the e
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Stress inoculation.


In a laboratory, it's extremely difficult to study why some people are better at bouncing back than others because it's so hard to simulate the real stresses and strains of life. Scientists can show people scary pictures or movies to trigger their reactions and measure how they recover, but it's hardly the same as a mugger in an alley or a grizzly bear on a hiking trail. Dr. Andy Morgan of Yale Medical School set out to find a real-world laboratory where he could watch people under incredible stress in reasonably controlled conditions.

He ended up in southeastern North Carolina at Fort Bragg, home of the Army's elite Airborne and Special Forces. This is where the Army's renowned survival school is located. It's also where they believe in something called stress inoculation. Like vaccines, a small challenge or dose of a virus in your system prepares and defends you against a bigger challenge. In other words, they expose you to pressure and suffering in training so you'll build up your immunity. It's a kind of classic psychological conditioning: the more shocks to your system, the more you're able to withstand.

The toughest part of the 19-day training takes place in a secret location at Camp Mackall called the Resistance Training Laboratory. Translation: a mock prisoner-of-war camp where students have the chance to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom phases of survival school. Everything is modeled on real enemy encampments, including guard towers, razor-wire fences, concrete cells and metal cages. It's even got fake graves marked with crosses to scare you. The goal is to simulate hell on earth like the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam or Al Qaeda's torture chambers. If they allow you to use the latrine, they make you relieve yourself in a hole in the ground like some do in the Third World. The camp itself is off-limits to outsiders, and what really goes on behind the concertina wire is strictly classified. I'm told by several people who have gone through this program that highly trained professionals serve as jailers and interrogators who put the prisoners through a kind of carefully choreographed chaos designed to disorient them and break them down.

While they're frightening you and wearing you down with sleep deprivation, blaring music and semistarvation, they're also interrogating you using enemy techniques copied from World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

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What's happening around town (Wed, Aug 8th - Tue, Aug 14th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Aug 8th

  • Anxiety Management Support Group (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 6:00pm
    Anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness and affect more than 40 million Americans. Symptoms may include: overwhelming feelings of panic and fear, uncontrollable obsessive thoughts, painful intrusive memories, recurring nightmares, physical symptoms such as feeling sick to your stomach, “butterflies” in your stomach,…

  • AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Sun, Aug 12th
    The AQHYA World Youth Championship Quarter Horse Show arrives in Oklahoma City. This is one of the top youth events in the…

  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 5:00pm

  • 🎓 Oklahoma City Career Fair (Hilton Garden Inn Bricktown - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 11:00am
    National Career Fairs is having a hiring event in Oklahoma City August 8, 2018. The career fair is FREE for all job seekers. You are encouraged to dress professionally and bring multiple copies of your resumes. Pre-register to attend at:

  • Mary Battiata (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 8:00pm

  • Parents Supporting Parents (Mental Health Association Oklahoma main office - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 6:00pm
    This group is for caretakers and parents who are supporting an individual managing the complications often associated with having a pervasive development disorder such as autism or aspergers disorder. This group will also provide education and support to those parents who have loved ones with diagnosed or undiagnosed mental, emotional,…

  • 🎓 Robert Herjavec & Bob Stoops LIVE (Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 8:00am
    Take Charge of Your Life!


    Robert Herjavec - Entrepreneur and Star of Shark Tank

    Bob Stoops- Legendary

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Chryssa Kali
Name: Team: Age: Gender: Species: Aura:
Chryssa Kali 17 Female Human Gold


Mental # Physical # Social #
Intelligence 2 Strength 3 Presence 2
Wits 3 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 1
Resolve 2 Stamina 1 Composure 3


Mental -3 Physical -1 Social -1
Academics Athletics Empathy 2
Computer Brawl 1 Expression 2
Craft Drive Intimidation 1
Grimm 3 Melee Weapons 5 Persuasion
Choose One Larceny Socialize 1
Medicine 1 Ranged Weapons 4 Streetwise 1
Politics Stealth Subterfuge


Merits # Flaws # Aura/Weapons #
Armour 3 Short temper Free Aura 2
Quick Draw 1 Untrained Aura (Striking Aura) 2 Semblance 1
Fighting Finesse 2 Overprotective 1 Weapon 3
FS: Fencing 5 Overconfident 1
Custom Armour 2 Phobia (Water) 1
Blunderbuss 1 Phobia (Needles) 0

Blunderbuss - 1 Requirements: Range weapons 2 dex 2 shotgun or similar weapon that fires in a spread pattern. Your gun really can’t shoot very far and still hit things, but when it’s up close, it blows a nice big hole in them. The gun gains +2 to ranged attacks made within 6 yards of a target but suffers a -2 penalty made against targets outside of that range, this penalty increases to -4 outside of 20 yards

  • Physical Description:

Chryssa is about 5'7", with a petite, hourglasses shaped body. Her legs are smooth and toned, as are her arms, trained from constant training of her body for combat. She has a heart-shaped face, with large, rather inquisitive golden eyes, set beneath plucked, black eyebrows, a cute button nose centered on her face, below which is a set of full lips, which are often in a rather neutral expression.

She wears her pitch-

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What's happening around town (Wed, Jun 29th - Tue, Jul 5th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


  • Children's Summer Camps at Yoga Lab (Yoga Lab)
    Thru Thu, Jul 14th
    Start Time: 10:30am
  • Concerts in the Park (Yukon City Park, Freedom Trail Park & Chisholm Trail Park - Yukon)
    Thru Thu, Aug 18th
    Enjoy free concerts every Thursday during the summer months in Yukon. Concerts in the Park, held in Yukon's…
  • 🎨 Matisse in His Time: Masterworks of Modernism Exhibit (Oklahoma City Museum of Art)
    Day 2 of 2
    For the first time in history, “Matisse in His Time: Masterworks of Modernism from the Centre Pompidou,…
  • 🎡 Victorian Walk (Apothecary Garden - Guthrie)
    Thru Sat, Dec 31st
    The Guthrie Ghost Walk will take you through part of the state's largest historic district, focusing on Downtown…

Wednesday, Jun 29th

  • The 44th Annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale (Western Heritage Museum)
    Day 2 of 2
    ** The 44th Annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale **



    Open to the Public with Museum admission. Be the first to experience more than 300 new Western paintings and sculpture by the finest contemporary Western artists in the nation when the doors open an hour early on June 10, 9:00 a.m. The National Cowboy & Western…

  • 😂 Aaron Kleiber (Loony Bin Comedy Club)
    Thru Sat, Jul 2nd

  • Adult Coloring: Independence Day Celebration (Moore Public Library - Moore)
    Start Time: 2:00pm
    Coloring is an activity that we tend to associate with children. As we grow older, we put aside our crayons and colored pencils in favor of more respectable writing utensils like pens and highlighters. However, it turns out coloring can be beneficial for adults -- namely for its de-stressing power. The practice generates wellness, quietness and…

  • 😂 The Agony & The Agony (Carpenter Square Theatre)
    Day 2 of 2
    Start Time: 8:00pm
    ‘Agony’ is Comedy at Carpenter Square Theatre

     Carpenter Square Theatre closes its 32nd Season with “The Agony & The Agony” June 24-July 16, 2016.  Playwright 
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Getting away with violent crime on Koh Tao (Thailand’s Death Island) courtesy of friends in high places.

A violent Thai diving instructor, Pat Khokpool aka Santi Khokpool almost murdered a Scottish tourist by slashing the left side of his neck open with a broken beer bottle in a busy bar on 15 August 2020.

Although he was fired by Ban’s Diving Resort and expelled by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) it seems the Royal Thai Police took no action against him. Khokpool’s older brother Saravut is a police Lieutenant Colonel and the instructor is also a close friend of the island police.

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What's happening around town (Wed, Apr 18th - Tue, Apr 24th)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Apr 18th

  • 89er Days Celebration (Downtown - Guthrie)
    Thru Sun, Apr 22nd
    The annual '89er Days Celebration commemorates the Land Run of 1889 and the birth of Guthrie. On April 22, 1889,…
  • Aaron Hale and the Human Beings (The Deli - Norman)
    Start Time: 10:00pm
    Aaron Hale gets on The Deli stage with a full band! Check him out at Aaron Hale is a classically trained (Oklahoma State University) multi-instrumentalist…
  • Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City)
    Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • 🎨 Beyond ART: Lunch with an Artist - John Wolfe (JRB Art at the Elms - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 11:30am
    Bring your lunch and join us for our BEYOND ART: Lunch with an Artist Series. Eat, converse, and make connections to our art and artists. Artist John Wolfe will be in attendance. Artwork:…
  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 5:00pm
  • Bringing in the Bystander Training (Robert S Kerr - Edmond)
    Start Time: 11:00am
  • 🎨 Can't Touch This: Visualization and Technology (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond)
    Day 1 of 2
    Start Time: 10:00am
    Artists: *James Ewald | Assistant Professor of Graphic Design *Amy Jacobson-Peters | Instructor of Interior Design *Amy Johnson | Chair, Department of Design & Professor of Graphic Design *Sam…
  • Caregivers Support Group (First United Methodist Church - Edmond)
    The first support group for caregivers will be held Wednesday April 18, at 11:45-1:15. Participants who can come only for lunchtime are welcome to come and leave to go back to work. While a…
  • 🎨 COMIX: OK (Oklahoma Contemporary - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Sun, Apr 22nd
    Following the success of Not For Sale: Graffiti Culture in Oklahoma, COMIX OK looks at the thriving artistic cultur
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What's happening around town (Wed, Aug 16th - Tue, Aug 22nd)

Oklahoma City's event list.

Wednesday, Aug 16th

  • 1/2 Price Game Day (Dave & Buster's of OKC - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 11:00am
    Need a little midweek pick me up? Come to Dave and Buster's for 1/2 Price Game Day, ALL DAY LONG. Come for the games, stay for the amazing food and drinks.

  • 🎨 Annual Spring Show artwork by Lu Beard, Beth Hammack, Dodge Hill, Phebe Kallstrom, Margot Holaday, Amy Maguire, John & Marylou M (The Studio Gallery - Oklahoma City)
    Day 1 of 2
    The Studio Gallery, 2646 W. Britton Rd., OKC, is pleased to announce its

    2017 Spring Show Thursday, April 20, 5:30 - 7:30pm.

    The show will feature new works of art by: Lu Beard, Beth Hammack, Dodge Hill,

    Phebe Kallstrom, Margot…

  • Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City)
    Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!

  • 🎨 Artwork by Benjamin Harjo Jr., David Holland and Nancy Junkin (Howell Gallery - Oklahoma City)
    Start Time: 6:30pm
    Benjamin Harjo, Jr., David Holland, and Nancy Junkin on hand to meet public

    OKC, OK: Coffee with the Artists, a popular event at The Howell Gallery, will take place on Saturday, August 12, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is an opportunity…

  • Beneath The August Moon. Collaboration Of Work From The Artists Of The Purple Loft Art Gallery. (Contemporary Art Gallery - Oklahoma City)
    Day 1 of 2
    Beneath The August Moon. Collaboration Of Work From The Artists Of The Purple Loft Art Gallery. Opening Reception Friday August 4 6pm to 10pm. Show Runs From August 4 Thru August 31. The Purple Loft Art Gallery. 514 NW 28. For More…

  • 🎨 Cartoons & Comics: The Early Art of Tom Ryan (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City)
    Thru Fri, Aug 18th
    Start Time: 10:00am
    Acclaimed Western artist Tom Ryan (1922-2011) spoke often about those who inspired him: N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Frank Reilly, even Rembrandt. Yet sketches from the Museum’s Dickinson Research Center reveal another influence —…

  • Ceramics, Fiber and More - featuring the work of artists from the Guthrie Art Center (Owens Place Art Museum - Guthrie)
    Day 1 of 2
    1202 E Harrison Ave

    The Owens Arts Place Museum will open a new

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