Have you used (Michael porter 5 force’s analysis) and (SWOT) analysis in your SMALL BUSINESS OR YOUR STARTUP ? Or these are tools you Just learn them in school and you forget about them?
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[L2] Can anyone help me with Porter's 5 forces?

Whenever questions pertaining to Porter's forces pop-up, I can't seem to ever get them correct. I can't "logic" my way through them. For example, a question says that the a high technology product created non-standardized products throughout the industry - which force classifies this? Well, non-standardized products means that the products differ; like an xbox vs PS4. Then I'd think; "there's high rivalry between those two products". Or maybe I'd think that because there's high-technology requirements, that it must be hard to enter the industry, meaning that there's a low threat of substitutes. But nope! Apparently the non-standardized products imply a LOW bargaining power of customers...

Can anyone ELI5 Porter's 5 forces? What makes an industry competitive? What makes an industry attractive? Is an industry being attractive the same as being competitive? Any tips to remembering things? Thanks!

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Is a SWOT and a Porter 5 Force together overkill?

Been asked for a SWOT. Since we'd be a new entry to the market, I feel a Porter would be more appropriate.

Is delivering both too much for one report? Will the other guy actually read it all?

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What economic models other than Porters 5 Forces can I apply in order to define the market potential of a service I offer?
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Bestof'd Redditor comment includes Porter's 5 Forces Analysis of the Porn Industry reddit.com/r/IAmA/comment…
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School project - Porter's 5 Forces for MLB Team

I have to do a project on competitive strategy and innovation for a company. Thinking about using a MLB team because it would be a lot more fun. Anyone here familiar with Porter's competitive strategy? Was wondering how difficult it would be for an MLB team.


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Porter 5 forces of competition model (not btc specific, but very relevant)
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How I research stocks from idea to buying decision

I'm not an investment professional or regulated to give any form of advice, so this is only how I do it (and not necessarily the best way). I am sure there are plenty of people who can offer some constructive criticism.

Thorough stock analysis is something people should do before buying any stock for investment. I've done the classic story stocks, jam tomorrow etc, and now looking to build some investment positions for the longer term.

I have a 15 step process which I'll explain in detail:

  1. Find an idea
  2. Find the market capitalisation
  3. Analyse the chart of the stock
  4. Read the recent RNS announcements
  5. Check the stock's EV
  6. Check the stock's PE
  7. Check the company website and AIM Rule 26
  8. Look at the income statement
  9. Check the balance sheet
  10. Understand the cash flow statement
  11. Identify any sector headwinds/tailwinds
  12. Understand how the company makes its money
  13. Identify the drivers of the business
  14. Research the company's competition
  15. Check the broker forecasts

1. Find an idea

This can be from anywhere. I was surprised at how often ideas came from real life - I once got a Gear4 Music speaker from my parents for my birthday or Christmas - when I checked years later the stock had multibagged. I thought it was a cool product but didn't follow that lead. As Peter Lynch says "Behind every stock is a company - find out what it's doing".

Ideas can come from new brands/shops popping up, friends talking about works, the news, and more.

For example, the Guardian reported that many bars are already fully booked up for months. That suggests to me there will be a large tailwind in the hospitality sector with pent-up demand, so I may look to try and trade this.

2. Find the market capitalisation

This is important because elephants don't gallop. It's also harder to get an edge on larger companies, as there will be several teams of analysts covering the stock in detail.

The smaller companies get less attention, therefore the opportunity to outperform is greater (but risk also increased).

The calculation for market cap is simply share price * shares in issue.

I'll rarely look at stocks above Β£250m market cap - at the moment there are lots of small cap stocks that have slashed costs and are now leaner than they were pre-Covid.

3. Analyse the chart of the stock

Lots of investors say that charts don't matter. I find that hard to understand as the price charts tells me the money-weighted opinion of the stoc

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Chance me for Ivy Leagues, UT-Austin, WashU, & University of Rochester

Demographics: Junior, Female, Indian, Upper-Middle Class

Intended Majors(s): Cognitive Science Major, English Minor, Pre-med

  • GPA: 4.0(UW)/4.38(W)
  • Course load: 2 APs (so far) + 3 planned (0 offered by school), 12 honors
  • AP Biology (5), AP Calculus AB (4)

Standardized testing: 36 ACT


  • Consulting for Acton Academy - Initiated & led a project to redesign curriculum for over 250 schools around the world; Paid consulting w/ individual schools
  • Port Farrago Blog & Business - Personal blog/buisness dedicated towards creating a community of like-minded high school and college students who want to live more meaningful lives; 50k monthly views; 10k email list subscribers; Published on Forbes, Better Humans, Inc, Harvard Business Review, Start Up, etc.
  • What Should We Be Learning in High School? - Signed deal w/ well-known publishing company, TED Talk on American Education
  • Health Care Industry Research - 50 Industry Interviews; Shadowed w/ OBGYN, ENT, Surgeons, Family Medicine & Neurology (120 hrs), EMT Training (400 hrs); Porter's 5 Force Analysis; Industry Study, etc.
  • Student Body Co-President - 3 people are elected to lead student council instead of one; Re-elected over 4 times; Planned multiple out-of-state trips for entire school; Planned and led multiple school exhibitions that hosted entrepreneurs and industry experts from all around the world; Redesigned Onboarding Process; Initiated a mentoring program for struggling middle schoolers
  • USTA Competitive Tennis - Played over nine years of competitive tennis untill injury in 10th Grade; Achieved β€œSuperchamp” ranking (highest level in Texas); Highest ranked at Top 45 in Texas; Coach and mentor younger players
  • Charity: Water Fundraiser - Hosted an event for <500 people; Raised <10k for charity: water
  • Jarrod Lewis-Peacock Research Assistant - college-level internship working as a research assistant at a UT cognitive neuroscience lab. Worked on research studying the effects of cognitive distraction on working memory. Presented research alongside undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Kickdrum Internship - Led project to create a system/resources for foreign employees to learn/improve English skills
  • Iron Man 70.3 - Completed a Half Iron Man

I attended a disruptive alternative school called Acton for high school. It is based around the idea of self-learning so there are no

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