"Hathaway’s “malfunction” falls under the definition of “creepshots,” where women are photographed without their knowledge, only to discover the pictures are plastered online. Earlier this year, the practice was at the center of the controversy surrounding the online forum Reddit" rawstory.com/rs/2012/12/1…
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halfway through my "death and taxes" concept shoot, I realized I could fit my can of Mother Earth Brew Co.'s Sin Tax into the plaster skull I was using -- resulting in this sequence! it's an imperial peanut butter stout, but definitely tastes more of brown sugar than anything. a delicious treat!
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📅︎ May 21 2020
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Wart on finger tip. Tried removal with super glue then a corn plaster.its rising out like a ‘pillar’ ?and definitely got its own blood supply/nerve endings.moving on with SA but it keeps on coming out while just taking a little of the top each time.
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📅︎ Mar 28 2020
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My parents gifted me this trilobyte when I was a kid. Does it look legit? the front definitely looks/feels like plaster. imgur.com/a/igsvPgu
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Signs plastered around my wife's work. Her marketing department is definitely full of fellow kids.
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Captain Gerald Mansa strode towards the prisoner’s deck at a determined pace, undeterred by the prospect of who, or what, he would be ‘interviewing’. As the Captain of the newly minted Sultan, the first of the cutting-edge Templar class, he had certain duties to carry out, and an infallible image to maintain. Yet no man is infallible, and the Captain was actually quite nervous about the prospect of what he was about to do. The prisoner in question had earned quite the reputation after all, and even though all the necessary precautions had been taken there was still an air of uncertainty that permeated the ship. This only served to make the crew nervous, and a nervous crew is a crew not performing at their best.

Either way, it wasn’t anything the Captain couldn’t handle.

There was a reason he was made Captain of such an important ship at the startlingly young age of thirty, His reputation was simply exceptional, and his track record was almost legendary. Scratch that, it was straight up legendary. Nevertheless, it wasn’t like his reputation was going to help him now. The only things that he could rely on right now were his integrity and wit, so he steeled himself as he made his way to the prisoner’s deck. He walked on for another ten minutes, deep into the bowels of the ship. He lamented it being so far away, yet as he approached, he could almost see the hostility radiating from where the prisoner was held. He was suddenly thankful for all of the security afforded to the prisoner’s deck.

After many twists and turns, he arrived towards the entrance of the deck. Only he and a few others on board were permitted to know, as they were the only ones mentally strong enough to guarantee that they couldn’t be psychologically influenced. To ensure that the location was kept secure, the entrance wasn’t even visible to anyone without clearance. To casual onlookers it simply looked like a smooth, featureless section of the wall, much the same as the rest of the walls on the ship. He placed his hand onto it, allowing the three-factor authentication to take place. His fingerprints, DNA and soul were analysed, and once all three were confirmed to belong to him the door opened.

“Open sesame”, he called out to no one in particular, still chuckling either way. His ‘jokes’ as he liked to call them were the bane of his crews’ existence, much to his amusement. With a deep sigh, he entered the deck.

An existential dread almost washed over him, which was orders of magnitu

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New Strongholds Meta. Drivers involved definitely were not plastered at the time. gfycat.com/GiantAnchoredK…
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📅︎ Apr 27 2016
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A drug from outer space

How will I die?

If I stay put, there will be no pain. I will finish typing this out and go into the kitchen to fix one last gin and tonic. I'll pop one last pill of Z into my mouth, wash it down with the cocktail, and have a seat as the warmth rushes over me. I won't see them coming, and I won't know how they do it. But it will happen mercifully quick, like flipping a light switch, and then there will be nothing.

But if I run? It will take much longer, and the pain will grow so large that it will claw through the calming embrace of the Z, and fill my last moments alive with the sounds of my own anguished screams.


The miracle rock

The rock that fell one evening from outer space and landed in Andre Philips' backyard didn't look particularly unusual, but it cured the man of cancer.

Stricken with stage IV lung cancer, Andre had been sitting on his back porch drinking a beer against his oncologist's advice, staring up at the sky, pondering his own death, when the object dropped down into the grass a few yards away from him. "Right away, I felt it in my head," he later reported. "Felt it all over. Like I'd been purified, mind, body, and soul. A second chance. A gift from God."

Andre bought a special display case for the meteorite that had saved his life, and kept it in his bedroom, to pray beside every night. However, the miracle rock did not stay there for long, as, a week after it landed in Andre's yard, it went missing, along with Andre himself.

Before his disappearance, Andre had contacted a number of new outlets with the story of his miraculous recovery. Only one reporter had taken him seriously, and not for very long. When she followed up with the doctors who had treated Andre, they all denied that anything out of the ordinary had happened. They insisted that the cancer had not been that far advanced (which was a lie), and that, while rare, lung cancer was sometimes able to be cured, if caught early enough.

The reporter, though not very experienced, got the sense that the doctors weren't telling her the truth -- and further, that they wanted to tell the truth, but something was preventing them. Still, there was nothing she could do, and her producer killed the story the day before Andre went missing. And so the public never heard the story of Andre Philips and his miracle rock, and that was very much by design.


Strange elements

The invitation was passed on through my former mentor -- an old and distinguished professor. They

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How did you get sober while single? PLEASE help me figure out how to become sober at 32, single, & super alone.

I'm 32. Single. Started drinking very regularly at 20. Over the past 2 years, I mostly stopped going out and usually just drink a bottle of wine at home while watching tv or being online. I probably do this 5-6 nights a week.

I do go through small 2-3 month flings sometimes, but it's always with men that I would never hang out with if I weren't constantly just getting drunk when we do hang out (not plastered, but definitely enough to make me not care about things and chill out). I haven't truly connected with anyone I've dated in years.

I have high functioning bipolar, but I have a job that is really unhealthy for me due to the extremely stressful nature, even for people without mental illness. I really have no other option, though. So my anxiety and stress are always out of control all day, everyday. I have tried lots of meds but none work enough to help me not want to self-medicate to relax and feel better at the end of the day.

I have started feeling desperate to change because I am recognizing how terrible it is to legit be alone in life with no partner, friends, or family (super dysfunctional family). I live alone. I work from home now. I have not a single person I could call to go on a walk with me because I don't put in effort to make or maintain friendships.

I don't think I will ever be in a position to meet somebody I could have a real connection with if I keep drinking. I just chill out on my own every night wishing I already had someone, rather than going out and doing things that would make me more interesting to somebody I'd actually like and/or help me meet that person. I can't even imagine anyone I'd want to date being interested in dating a 32 year-old woman with basically no friends and no life outside of the job she's miserable in. Not the cutest look.

BUT HOW DO I STOP???? I am so anxious all day and miserable about my life that I desperately need just some kind of break at the end of the day. Whenever I have to face suffering through a day only to then suffer through the evening from being anxious, lonely, and thinking about how much I envy other people, I just give up and drink. I end up justifying it to myself by saying that I deserve to at least drink since I have nothing else to give me any joy or fun in life, especially during COVID.

Ughh this is way longer than I intended. I'm sure I sound extra crazy, which makes me laugh because I think people out in the world see me as a cute, successful engineer and wouldn't guess that t

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Three statements for each week one NFL game


Football is back, baby! After an awesome first week of NFL action, which I watched every full game of, I wanted to kind of recap all 16 matchups and come up with three statements for each one. Some of them may be more hyperbolic or could be labelled as hot takes, while others state for obvious facts. You can also listen to my Youtube breakdown of week one, where I just give more of my general thoughts on all these games, while also bringing up some of the points I make in this article.

So here’s what I took away from week one:

Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs

1. Clyde Edwards-Helaire makes this KC offense unfair

This physicality and ability to break tackles is scary, when you think about how dynamic the Chiefs are with Patrick Mahomes and all those guys streaking downfield. I like what I saw from the offensive line, with Kelechi Osemele adding some power on the inside, but 106 of 138 rushing yards for CEH came after contact. No other player in the league even cracked 100 rushing in general. And he didn’t even get any work in the passing game yet, where I believe he could be even more dangerous, as defenses have to back off and then try to bring this bowling ball to the ground. Thank god I have him in all my fantasy leagues and as my favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

2. Will Fuller is the clear number one option in the passing game for Houston

With DeAndre Hopkins out of the picture, 150 targets were all of a sudden on the table and “The Flying V” (thanks Fantasy Footballers) should take on the lion’s share of that amount. In the season-opener, the fourth-year receiver caught eight of ten targets on the night for 112 yards. He was on the field for 86 percent of the offensive snaps, while newly acquired running back David Johnson was the only Texans player to catch more than two passes and Fuller was responsible for 44.3 percent of their total through the air. Fuller and Deshaun Watson have a clear connection and with me expecting Houston to be down in games quite a bit, this could lead to a lot of production.

3. The Chiefs are in a different league than the Texans

I went into this game thinking the Chiefs were the best team in the NFL and I had the Texans projected to go 7-9, so it wasn’t overly surprising to me that the games was never actually that clos

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Pool Refinishing Question - Which Surface to Choose?

New homeowner here. I'm currently getting bids on getting my pool refinished. The current state of the pool is fairly bad. Tile and plaster definitely has to be redone. However, coping doesn't necessarily have to be replaced, but considering it is original to the pool, built in 1970, it might not be a bad idea.

I have gotten 3 quotes from 3 different reputable companies. However, I cannot decide on which route I should take.

  • Route 1: Quartz based plaster and Tile - $5,500

  • Route 2: Standard white plaster and Tile - $5,070

  • Route 3: Standard white plaster, tile, and coping - $5,600

Thanks in advance!



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📅︎ Sep 23 2014
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Elite Dangerous HUD Mod (EDHM) - custom HUDs without XML


*** UPDATE V1.21 (Oct 04, 2020): Targeting reticle update, plus 15 cabin lighting colours, plus various bug fixes

Included instructions to fix a problematic shader (orange distributor bars)

Download link



As you know, many of us dislike the ghastly orange HUD that's plastered across our fleet of ships.

So over the past two months, my buddy u/xiba2k4 and I have been working on a HUD mod that enables precise re-colouring of each HUD element, without the need to alter the XML. In doing so, we avoid the unintended XML side-effects on radar icons and pilot portraits. But it also means we can re-colour any HUD element, and we're not locked into a particular palette.

We've also enabled coloured lighting effects in the cabin. The ambient light really changes the 'mood' of the pilot's environment, and you can even have multi-coloured lighting if you prefer.

Lastly, some ships have lights on the dashboard or canopy that shine directly in your face. So we dimmed them down to reduce eye fatigue and make flying a more pleasant experience.

The mod is based on software called 3dmigoto, which was introduced into the Elite community by CMDR AD in Feb 2019. He used 3dmigoto to turn off particular shaders, such as scratches on the windows, space dust and smoke in the cabin.


Then CMDR Old Duck released the Realistic Immersion Mod that continued the work of AD, and demo'd an environmental mod that mimicked atmospheric flight, it was very cool. So that's when xiba2k4 and I started, and then we spent many many hours learning the basics of HLSL coding. There isn't an instruction manual for 3dmigoto, so it took a very long time to learn even the basics.

Coincidentally, I notice Old Duck has just released his own HUD mod yesterday - however, our EDHM mod was developed independently over several months using slightly different techniques with different outcomes.

To get a feeling for what the EDHM mod can do, I made a short video


You can download and install the mod at this pastebin link


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How do you even begin a project when needing to hire people?

I guess as the title says, we've just moved into a 1930's house (UK) and want to change the cupboard under the stairs into a toilet and sink, there is definitely room and the main waste pipe for the house is the other side of the wall in the garage so I think it's doable.

But I don't know what to do next? Everything else we've done DIY or has been a simple fix with one tradesperson (like a rewire) but I've never done work in a house BEFORE and I don't know where I should begin? I'll need an electrician, a plumber, a gas man to move the meter and someone who can plaster. But what do I do? Which do I get to come and look and explain, they'll need to work together so how do I do that?

I'm sorry if this just seems obvious or ridiculous but I feel like it's so basic that when I look it up online it's just lots of info about how to physically do it, rather than the process. I have recommendations of trades people from neighbors on our street who have had other work done and know I need to get multiple quotes etc. To figure out pricing but I just don't know how to actually start - or who to start with.

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ILPT on mistakes that get you caught stealing (and how to avoid them)

This is what some people fail to understand when stealing (although I don’t encourage it, if you’re gonna do it then do it RIGHT). After working pretty much all my teen years in retail I have noticed the big differences between a shit thief and a good thief. Take note on a few things:

  • If you look suspicious our eyes are on you as soon as you enter the store.
  • Most stores, if not all now, have one way radios that connect all the store employees to each other and allow communication amongst other employees and security in store seamlessly. If any one of us picks you up on suspicion of stealing or even acting suspicious, you best believe it’s not that single employee that knows about it.
  • Everything from how you dress to how you pace in store is taken into account when profiling you so all this matters.

After a few regrettable years of knowing how to steal really well from knowing the inner operations of most stores, I have stolen literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of items and only ever been caught once. Not my proudest achievement but those days are long gone + fuck it I understand the struggle if you’re going through it. Here are the main points:

  • The way you dress is pretty much 80% of how we judge you as soon as you enter the store. You really think we’re going to look the other way if you walk in with a baggy hoodie, a used up backpack, cargo shorts and a poorly groomed face? Nah champ. My friends used to constantly talk shit to my face about how much expensive meats they stole from the local grocery store and how they were “in the game” much longer than I was and when I tried giving them advice to get away with it (they’d been caught multiple times before this) they would openly tell me to fuck off. I decided i’d take a day to head up and check out how they do it since they were so sure they were pros at this and we went to a local office supplies store and stole a pair of sennheiser headphones. The way the security looked at us when we entered automatically gave me antsy vibes and the way they were dressed and how they were walking just made everything a shit ton worse. When we were walking out, the guy on the door asks to check my friends bag (the headphones are stuffed at the bottom) and he starts fiddling around with it and talking extremely unlike himself. Luckily this was a major retail store and they don’t persist on checking bags too thoroughly as their policy is to respect the customer but had that been any other store all
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One good looking lass goes on jeremy kyle and now it's plastered all over Facebook with lads saying they'd definitely smash...

Says it all really.

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[PIC] New Stitchy Magic!

I got a Lowery stand.

My first floor stand was a terrible experience, and I swore never again. I need to *wiggle* or else my body gets cranky, and all I ever saw were stands that were the very definition of stationary. But life changes. I'm pretty sure I have a connective tissue disorder that can't be ignored, I still need to wiggle but I have to temper it with the fact that my left hand won't grip things the way it used to anymore, and it turns out I kinda hate being trapped behind a table holding a lap stand.

This thing came in today, and my partner helped me set it up, and then I stitched for about half an hour until I started crying because it didn't *hurt*. (This is how you know you found a good one--you're supposed to be having date night, and he helps you sort out your hobby stuff and then holds you when you cry).

My favorite parts? It's solid metal, so nice and sturdy, and even better, nice and MAGNETIC, so I have all my tools just plastered to the thing. It's really adjustable, and those adjusters aren't the usual knobs, they're LEVERS. When your thumb won't work right, turns out a lever is magical. Plus, some of the pieces are powder-coated, so they sparkle, and my inner 12-year-old is delighted.

I know it's not a life-changing thing, like getting the right medication at a price you can afford, or suddenly being able to eat a favorite food you've been allergic to forever, but I had to share this with someone. I'm just so *happy*. Thanks for listening.

(Post edited because I accidentally posted the pattern. Pattern is Temperature Tree from Stitchin Mommy on Etsy.)

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Munnariyippu (2014) Movie Appreciation


· Please see the Film before reading this review [Spoilers ahead] because I don’t want any of you to ruin your film experience by reading these theories (Valid unless verified by the Director) proposed by me. I believe atleast some part of this film is inspired by some person in real life. The character seems realistic in ways I cannot describe.

· There could be flaws in this film and I simply don’t care because we humans are not perfect too, like our creations. I don’t claim to have any expertise with films other than a fanaticism for this movie and an active and empathizing imagination.

· This film is a character study very much like the Joker movie released recently. The driving point of the story is to understand how the character’s mind works and ultimately what choices he made/will make in the course of story.

· This film suggests that society has a bias against independence as the Policeman interrogates the journalist in a confrontational manner. And in cases like Raghavan where he would go to any lengths to preserve his freedom, Society fears this freedom. And how do we deal with lies. By telling lies to ourselves that there is nothing to fear. That’s why the Journalist is curious to prove that Raghavan is not the killer because otherwise this humble and soft spoken person would be the killer which almost seems impossible for her.

The Path of the Journalist:

· The Journalist in the movie truly desires freedom. Her aspiration for freedom is evident from her dressing to the ornaments (Necklace, Earrings, Bangles, Watch, Ring, and Nose Stud) she wear and the way she has kept her hair short. She refuses to be dictated by the society’s way of normal. And she is a freelancer too. One cannot imagine a more liberated woman in the society hindered by nothing. But she allowed her independence to be traded for earning respect from a senior journalist. Now she is a slave to that desire. She looks Independent but is not at all Independent. As she grew more interested in Raghavan she became allowed herself to be dependent on him by signing the Book contract. Raghavan never sought anything from her. Yet she went on demanding like he owed her something.

· C.K. Raghavan is a prisoner sentenced for two homicides. People feel sorry for himself that he had to spend 20 years in prison. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself that he had to spend so much time. He knows that he had done those crimes and feels that he deserves that punishment and may be ev

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I'm done trying to defend this game. Tapping out.

Marvel's The Avengers game is hands down the biggest letdown of this generation for me. It's so unbelievably grind, buggy, repetitive, and just not fun. At all. Hulk can shatter planets with one hit.

In this game he can't even lift a car and Struggles with the most basic of enemies. Everyone feels like a cheap Kmart version of their comic counterparts and it takes dozens and dozens of hours to max just one character out. Replaying the same mission layout in the same maps, with the same enemies to get gear and, Outfits that are terribly underwhelming, with enemies that are incredibly overpowered, only two post campaign villains repeated dozens of times, in dead empty levels that all look the same, frustrating cameras, corridors, controls, and mission objectives, And mission objectives that just piss you off and frustrate you because of how difficult and stressful, and utterly boring and repetitive they are (looking at you mega hives). Contrary to popular belief, this DOESN'T MAKE FOR GOOD ENGAGING GAMES THAT WILL KEEP PEOPLE AROUND.

As is evident by the player numbers constantly dropping. While I understand that the devs have been buying fixing bugs, IF A PATCH JUST DAYS AFTER LAUNCH REQUIRES 10 PLUS GIGS OF PATCHWORK, THE GAME PROBABLY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN RELEASED. And stiff STILL isn't fixed.

There is no excuse for this kind of mess. None. Not covid. Not working from home. None. You can't sit there and tell me the devs weren't aware of the game being a boring, copy and paste mess. You can't tell me they didn't run into bugs while test playing. I'm checking out.

This game is a bloody mess. Even with the recent patch there's still issues. Hell I still have locked outfits I paid hard earned in game currency for that I can't use. Because the game relocked em. Even with the patch work, the game is unbearably repetitive, lacking in any kind Of memorable levels, or villains. There's very little character depth outside of Bruce and Kamala. Every one of the Avengers just seem plastered in there randomly. With no personality at all. Just spewing random one liners and banter.

I WANT to like this game. I tried. I even said it can still turn around. And it can. But not every game that comes out like this gets the Star Wars Battlefront 2 come back story. And it's gonna take more than new missions in areas I've seen over and over again for me to return. I hope to come back. But with Ps5 just around the corner, CODBO Cold War, Spider-Man, Watch Dogs Legion, Star Wa

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Can I make an onlyfans if I am: large, male, hairy, have scars, have tattoos, am a three headed tarantula with green nipples? (Plus general reddit/ promotion guide)

Yes, there is a market for pretty much everything and everyone. The audiences for some things will obviously be bigger than others. If you fit into a more niche look your audience is obviously going to be smaller than a slim young girl for example. However the markets for popular aesthetic is heavily saturated and therefore more competitive. If you fit into a unique market then the audience is smaller but often more committed and willing to pay for your content because there is less of it around and less people offering it!

Consider the fact that there is a whole genres dedicated to women stepping on small objects while wearing high heels and sniffing armpits. I can guarantee no matter bizarre or unconventionally attractive you think you may you look, you probably fit into several popular nsfw categories that don’t even scratch the surface of being truly niche.

Having a more unconventional look can take a greater learning curve and a little more research to work out how to market yourself effectively. You promoting has to be more precisely targeted. If you are capable of learning and promoting cleverly and efficiently then the earning potential can be as great as the skinniest whites big titty girl you ever saw.

What I mean by learning is:

-Studying how other successful creators who are similar to you promote themselves.

-Be willing to admit when a certain strategy is ineffective and isn’t yielding good results and work out how to adapt it. There are no failures. Finding out something doesn’t work is a good learning tool and gets you one step close to success.

Some reddit promo tips:

Don’t be spammy! This is a huge turn off for so many people. Just because someone doesn’t want to see a grainy, zoomed in arsehole pic with the caption saying ‘CUM GET IT ON ONLYFANS LADS, UPVOTE IF U THINK I’M HOT’ and text plastered all over the image does not mean they are against onlyfans. You need to be subtle and temp people in. Try and present yourself as a REAL PERSON not a set of over sexualised body parts. Post a selfie that shows off your whole body and choose a caption that shows a bit of personality, imagine it is a photo you are sending to your boyfriend/ girlfriend.

Try and imagine things from the perspective of the audience you are trying to engage with. There is mountains of free porn out there so why do people pay for onlyfans? Because they want to see a real person who is creating the content themselves. They are turned on by the fact that this is

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JNILs making birth of child about them

I gave birth 3 weeks early. We weren’t going to to let the JNILs know until the baby was born (because they make everything about them, but I didn’t want them to take it out on my husband), so we texted a few hours after my water broke and it was definitely confirmed I was in labor (and provided another update via text with multiple pictures once the baby was born).

We FaceTimed JNFIL the next morning to show the ILs the baby. FIL was driving to work, so we talked on audio and then video once he got there. We then called JNMIL. Her call got “interrupted” due to a nurse coming in, so we had to end the call. She texted us numerous times asking for more pictures (and we ignored the requests). She kept texting for pictures, so we said no, and it was easier when she had children because people needed to wait for them to be developed. Honestly, if she didn’t demand pictures for everything, I would have sent them, but you send one, she wants fifty.

Later that evening, she texts demanding another FaceTime call because hers got “cut short” and it wasn’t fair. We ignore it. JNFIL then texts my husband asking for a call. We ignore it. JNFIL texts again saying JNMIL has been “sobbing” all night and my husband needed to call him immediately to talk “man to man.” We ignore it and now I’M PISSED. We literally just had a baby and they are making it about them and trying to guilt my husband into making a phone call while we have nurses in and out of the room and we’re trying to bond with our newborn baby.

The next morning JNFIL texts that he does not know what he or JNMIL did to my husband, but my husband clearly doesn’t want to talk to them, but husband can reach out in the future. He also stated its highly offensive he didn’t have ANY pictures to show his friends and basically we owe them this because they’re first time grandparents (again, we sent the same numerous pictures to my family and his family after the baby was born).

My husband responds back we just had a baby and how his side of the family is never satisfied with what we send or when we call and always demands more. He also stated this is about us being first time parents and our experience. JNFIL responds back they have to demand more because the feel shunned and ignored unlike my side of the family (not sure how he knows what my family feels, but the projection and jealously is real and so inappropriate).

We FaceTime JNMIL the following evening when we get home from the hospital and SHE IS PLASTERED

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AITA for not wanting to invite my grandparents (on my dad’s side) to my wedding?

I’ll start this off with some background knowledge on my grandparents and myself. I (24F) am the daughter of a Syrian man and an Irish woman (so I’m 50% Irish and 50% Syrian). My grandparents on both sides of my family immigrated from their respective countries to California many years ago. My dad and my mother grew up fairly westernized. They met in college and a few years later had me.

My parents are divorced now and have been for quite some time (16 years). Sometime before I was born my father got addicted to coke. He managed to kick that, but addiction is a mental illness so he eventually became an alcoholic. His parents (my grandparents) have spent tens of thousands of dollars on rehabilitation/therapy to try to get him better, but in all honesty he is a broken man (and they are a huge reason why he started doing drugs in the first place). Regardless they, for a fair reason, hate alcohol and no one in the family can drink or even mention drinking around them (even though basically everyone does besides them). I imagine they’re afraid that we’re all going to end up like my dad if we start to drink.

Since my grandparents are Syrian I’ve also had to hide a good deal of who I am from them. They have very frigid views of who I should be/what I should become. However the fact remains that I grew up even more westernized than their own children and how I go about life is very different from what they expect of me. I wouldn’t necessarily say I put up a facade for them, but I definitely don’t share parts of my life with them because they would not accept me.

Fast forward to today where my significant other and I are talking about weddings and I mention that I wouldn’t want those grandparents there. I definitely want my wedding to be a full on rager. I fully plan to invite all of my friends to come drink and get down and dirty. I also plan to be pretty plastered myself. And of course, I don’t want to invite people who I know wouldn’t approve/judge me. My wedding is supposed to be my special day and I should enjoy it how I want to. However, at the end of the day I still feel like shit for it because they do love me and have done so much for me. Am I being an asshole for not being accommodating for my grandparents?

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Ranting about every single SSBU character - Day 14 : Bowser

SSBU is agreed to be the most balanced of all the smash games, so naturally all the characters are broken beyond comprehension and I hate them all.

Keep in mind that this is not a serious post, I am not directing this at anybody, this is just for fun and to relieve the immense amount of salt I've accumulated

Day 14 : Bowser

Hello, and welcome to the Build-A-Heavy Workshop! Here, we build a heavy character for you to play in Smash! Normally we don't allow civilians to make Smash characters, but you were one of the lucky few who found the Golden Amiibo, and here we are.

First, why don't you pick a character?

Ahh, Bowser, excellent choice! The heaviest, his weight makes him extremely difficult to be launched, and you have immense power to boot- oh, excuse me, my personal assistant demands my attention, yes Sheila, what can I do for you?


Oh. Um...okay, but- okay, understood.

Ahem. The higher ups have instructed me to go along with whatever you wish to imbue into Bowser. Strange, they've never asked this of us before, but I can acquiesce. Did you have anything in mind?

...an armor mechanic at all times? Interesting. I mean, it'll be a real pain for characters with multihit moves, but it's a fascinating mechanic that no other characters possesses. Let's just add that in there...

Alright, so we're at ground moves now, you don't really have to bother making any, my team will be more than happy to create them, the other Golden Amiibo winners just made up the specials.

...oh, my apologies, were you not done? What other- fast? You want Bowser to be fast? As in, you want a fast super heavyweight? Oh lord.

Listen, the whole point of a heavy is that they trade off speed and combos for raw power, we can't have a heavy outrunning, say, Marth or something, that would be absurd, are you sure you wouldn't like to reconsider? Hm. Alright, I suppose we can make him fast, DK and Charizard are pretty speedy too...

What else, then? Or can we move on?

Armor? But we did that already-

More armor??? On all his grounded moves barring jab???? Ye gods!

L-look, child, be reasonable. The Midweight division gets the highest budget and they took all the armor and plastered it on Little Mac, we really don't have enough to go around, we really can't-

What? You're a little bitch who just wants to throw out unsafe moves that beat out anything the opponent does, simply because you can't be interrupted? Oh very well, very well, if you insist...

I can underst

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[The Extramundane Emancipation of Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large] --- Chapter 34: Damned Bloody Prophecies

Synopsis: After hoodwinking Darkos, a holy priest, into escorting her back to her castle, Dark Enchantress Geela has one item left on her list: revenge on her ex-husband. With a confused Darkos in tow, she sets out. However, Geela isn't the only one with secrets. And Barney isn't the only old enemy who's about to get a visit.

Index ||| Previous Chapter ||| Next Chapter

Patreon ||| r/TalesByOpheliaCyanide

(Note: I'll be getting you two chapters next week but I have until next Wednesday to submit my derby project, so that will take momentary precedence.

Thanks for sticking with me through some crazy times!

On with the show!

Darkos shifted uncomfortably as he stood in the foyer of Liani’s Table, Geela’s restaurant of choice for dinner. He was uncomfortable, partly because of the trinkets weighing down the bag on his back and partly because of the trinkets weighing down his conscience. Geela wasn’t going to be happy when he showed her what he’d bought but he couldn’t help it. Every little thing he picked up that he found himself enjoying or could see her loving went into the cart and the next thing he knew, he’d paid out the equivalent of a horse’s weight in gold.

Now that horse’s weight in gold bore down on him. Stupid stupid stupid! Jane should have stopped him. Someone should have stopped him. But the little wooden mule had reminded him too much of Shawn and he thought it’d make Geela mad, in a funny way. Then he’d bought her an ornate necklace made to look like a hydra, to remind her of her old pet. Then, remembering how he’d killed the hydra, he also picked up a tea sampler of twenty different flavors, some of which, mint clouds, sleepytime honey, blueberry fields, and, above all, ginger summer zinger, he just knew she’d love.

And it had continued from there. He’d bought a clay maraca filled with metallic pebbles, which made a shimmery, tinkly sound whenever shaken, for Dad. Then he bought an ivory watering can in the shape of an elephant for Mom. But then he was worried Mom wou

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In 2020, if you still oppose the legalization of marijuana, you’re actively making the world a worse place

“...simply put: good, decent people do not use marijuana...”

  • Jeff Sessions, U.S. Attorney General, 2017-2018

I couldn’t disagree with a quote more.

I’ll give you a short backstory of my life to make my support of cannabis hopefully more understandable.

From the age of 16 until I was 22 I was a severe alcoholic. I drank 2-4 bottles of hard liquor a day and spent 99% of the time between 4pm-2am the next morning drunk.

I only sobered myself enough during the morning/afternoon to finish my dead-end shift to make enough money to support my bills and my addiction.

I spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars a month on vodka, rum, and beer to take my own self-pitied insecurities on a roller coaster to forget my problems and drown myself in a false sense of reality.

I drank alone, with friends, with classmates, with co-workers, but never with family (I was raised strictly Mormon so drinking of any sort - let alone dangerous daily binge-drinking - was incredibly taboo and would’ve resulted in me being kicked out).

When I said dangerous, though, I could’ve easily swapped that adjective out for ‘lethal’ because my drinking eventually landed me in the hospital.

At the young age of 22 I was rushed to the E.R. after I fainted at work. I woke up in the hospital with vague memories of what happened but I had an overwhelming sense of agony and unrelenting dull pain in my abdomen. After a few seconds of allowing that sensation to get comfortable with my body, my stomach immediately flipped upside down and a rush of intense nausea filled my insides.

I puked all over myself, my bed, my IV, and the floor.

I blacked out again but woke up seemingly immediately. In actuality, it had been a few hours.

Doctors diagnosed me with Severe Acute Pancreatitis (AP) and Liver Disease (FLD).

The blackouts, stabbing-pain, and nausea were results of my body becoming diabetic from my Pancreas failing. Worse than that, I nearly had to have it removed in surgery, only being saved because I started improving slowly on my own.

I was in the hospital for 17 days. Only 12 of which were for my AP & FLD.

The final 5 days were a result of something I came to shiver if I even hear said aloud: Withdrawl.

See, to those of you bastards reading this lucky enough to have never had to endure withdrawl from any substance, you may be rolling your eyes.

“Oh, boo-hoo, you couldn’t get your deadly potato-juice to get numb and dumb agai—“

Shut. Up.

Holy fucking hell, I knew up to that point I h

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There are 54 words in the English language that are trying to kill me. And I need your help. [Part 2]

The last time I trusted someone with these words, I was attacked.

I had been locked away in my apartment for months and the isolation was getting to me. The apartment was one that my dad bought cheap in the 80s and never really renovated. He usually rented it out to grad students, but this year, he was allowing his “troubled daughter” to live there and “figure things out” as he so offensively put it.

There comes a moment, a distinct moment, when discolored, molded walls just don’t do it for you anymore. When staring out your window at the sky (there are no words up there) doesn’t quite entertain as it once did. When walking the perimeter of your apartment to get more steps in isn’t cutting it. When you finally feel a resounding, passionate, unmanageable desire to simply say: fuck it.

I was done hiding. I was not going to let these words _______ my life. I had a __________ that life was better lived on the edge than inside its safe, warm, unfulfilling center. So I walked over to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of tequila, and poured myself a few shots to gain a little courage for my reentry into the world. Having made zero friends in this city for the past few months for obvious reasons, I decided to download a dating app and grab a drink with a guy. Just a warm fucking body. I wanted so desperately to have one normal night.


That was fast. A message from ‘Ryan’. I guess something that didn’t change in my isolation were desperate guys. I took a deep breath before opening the message, knowing it could contain one of the deadly words…

“I’ll keep this simple: I’d love to meet you.”

Forward, unoriginal, desperate, but who was I to judge? He didn’t kill me with his message, and for that, I’d say he was off to a good start. Your standards for a strong opening change when words can attack you.

I wrote back: “Meet me at Bar Campo at 9PM.”

He fired back: “See you there!”

I then added: “And one more thing. I have one rule: You are not allowed to speak to me until I give you permission. Is that clear?”

This time, he was less quick to respond: “Ha ok? I’m actually known to be a really good listener.”

I could smell the bullshit through the phone.

I knew this plan was really dangerous, but it was also necessary. I was reclaiming my freedom in this world, and I think we can all get on board with that.

The date got off to an awkward start. I told the silent Ryan that he couldn’t allow any of the staff to come to our table and speak

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[PI] There's a manticore (lion with bat wings and scorpion tail) on your front lawn.

I rub my eyes and stare for a few seconds. Then I pinch myself. Okay, that hurt. This isn't a dream. There really is a freaking manticore on my lawn. An honest to Echidna manticore on my lawn, leathery wings sprawled across the grass.

Higher creatures are usually pretty good at avoiding human areas, meaning the average person will never even get a glimpse of them. Dragons are the exceptions, with the giant attention hogs frequently landing on parks and school playing fields in order to get the adoration they believe is their Echidna-given right.

I take another look at the manticore on my lawn. It looks... wrong, somehow. The wings are crooked, and that dark green patch on the grass is the wrong side to be the manticore's shadow.

Great, I have an injured manticore on my lawn.

I call the RSPCA, but the lines are all engaged. I could try again, but... what if the manticore is really badly injured. It must be, to have taken refuge in a human area. They're really not fond of us, after all. They only stopped hunting humans, legend says, because it was ordered by Echidna herself. She foresaw the destruction of her children if peace was not made, and so she brokered one enforced by her divine will.

I grab my first aid kit and a couple of towels and slip out of the front door, using my leg to stop my Staffie from following me. She's a loyal little beast, but dumb as a box of rocks and given to protectiveness. I don't want her needlessly antagonising a higher creature, especially one that could crush her with a single paw.

She could probably crush me with said paw, to be honest. Manticores are at least twice as large as the lions that they share their basic shape with, and I'd estimate this one is even bigger than that. Her eyes track me as I walk slowly towards her, and that sting-tipped tail twitches menacingly. She doesn't lift it though, so I kneel down next to her.

I don't know what's made the wound in her side, but it is massive. Bigger than my head, and still bleeding sluggishly. I definitely don't have a plaster big enough for this. It's probably going to take most of my bottle of wound disinfectant just to clean it off. And I only restocked my first aid kit yesterday, damnit.

I search for the right words in my mind. I don't think dumping a bottle of TCP on this injury would lead to me living much longer. It does tend to sting a little bit, especially when undiluted like this will be. No one ever teaches you how to speak to a manticore th

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[This Quest is Bullshit] - Chapter 33: The Kneads of the Many

New? Start here!

The stairway swayed as Eve climbed it, taking care to plant both feet on any given step before moving on to the next one. It was slow going, but Eve’s spinning mind needed all the stability it could get. When she finally reached the top, she steadied herself against the wall for a brief moment of breath and celebration of her triumph before a certain baby drake wrapped around her arm reminded her of her task.

She slammed on Wes’s door. There was no response. Eve contemplated shouting through the thin wooden barrier, but the late hour combined with the row of other doors along the hallway eliminated that idea. The last thing she needed was a bunch of angry adventurers.

He’s probably passed out in there, she thought, reaching for the doorknob. It wasn’t locked. I could just leave Reginald insi—

Her mind ground to a halt as the door swung open, revealing a very much not-passed-out Wes standing in the room’s center. It wasn’t shock at finding her friend still awake that so stunned the intruding Striker. It wasn’t his apparent toplessness or the exposure of his bare skin and rippling muscles that reddened Eve’s cheeks.

It was the white-robed Priestess he held in his arms.

“Eve…” Preston started. “What are yo—”

“You forgot your lizard,” she blurted. Reginald leapt from her grasp, darting across the floor to hide under Wes’s discarded shirt.

Wes blushed, stepping away from the lithe healer. “Eve, maybe you shou—”

“I’m going to bed.” She cut him off, clumsily turning to stumble back into the hallway. Preston followed her out.

“Wait—Eve.” He caught up to her, placing a comforting—and stabilizing—hand on her shoulder. “Look, I’m sorry that we—”

“What do you have to be sorry for? You’re both adults; you can do whatever you want.”

Preston shrunk back at the sharpness of her tone. “You’re not going to tell Alex, are you?”

“I’m not gonna—what? What does Alex have to do with this?”

“She—uh—she has a thing for Wes.”

Eve’s eyes widened. “No she doesn’t.”

“Believe me, she does. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely there.”

“Yeah, if her thing is that she resents him for getting a Rare class so easily.”

Preston sighed. “Eve, as your spiritual advisor—”

Eve snorted.

“Okay, as your friend, I’m asking you: don’t tell Alex about us. It really should come from Wes, and he’s resisting but I’m working on that.”


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My sister and I are staying at my uncle's lake house. She found a treasure map that's leading us to something sickening - Part 6

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


I went to the bathroom for only a minute. That’s all.

I return to the breakfast table to see Natasha already eating, still seemingly unaware of what has happened to her hair. The table hosts a carton of cereal in its centre, my empty bowl and spoon by its side.

Where’s my phone? I definitely left it here.

“Tash,” I hiss, careful for my uncle not to hear, “where’s my phone?”

She shrugs, barely looking up from the bowl of Coco Pops she’s lost herself in. My eyes scan the floor around my seat, around Natasha’s seat. Nothing. I definitely brought it down. It’s not in the bathroom, I remember leaving it on the table.

“Looking for something, Em?” my uncle chirps up behind me. I spin around, taken aback by how quietly he had snuck up on me.

“Uh – just my phone?” I say, “Have you seen it?”

“I don’t think so, not recently. Have some breakfast and then we can look together.”

As I eat my cereal, I feel my uncle’s eyes burning into the back of my head. He's watching me from his office.


My phone is nowhere to be found. I KNOW I took it down to breakfast but I’m not sure where it could have gone. I think Uncle Curtis has taken it.

Natasha hands me her phone and I quickly leave a voice recording to my parents.

Mum, dad. It’s Emily. You NEED to come and pick us up. Something- something is happening here. Uncle Curtis he’s not who he says he is. He has a basement with dead people – or something… and he sneaks into our rooms at night and cuts our hair and nails. Please, mum come pick us up.

I begin to quietly sob as I talk.

Mum, dad, please. I’m so scared. So is Tash, we’re –

Our bedroom door opens.

Uncle Curtis stands tall, his frame blocking the exit completely. He wears a smile, but something sinister lurks beneath.

“Emily?” he asks, “What are you doing?”

I’m frozen. I don’t know how to explain it, I just freeze. Fear overhauls my body. I feel nothing but fear.

“Emily. Are your parents on the phone?” He reaches his

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A story only the Norn Irish will appreciate..

As a reaction against my very staunch Protestant childhood I took a big interest in civil rights, not only the marches here during the 60's but also the civil rights movement across the USA.

Consequently, 15 yrs ago, I found myself pitching up on a Saturday afternoon at a motel in Greensboro, North Carolina to learn about the tumultuous events there in the early 60's..

I'm getting cleaned up and I'm surprised to hear Irish music drifting in through the open window. I thought this is unexpected, I'm pretty sure I'm the only Irishman for a hundred miles around, it's not like I'm in some skanky tourist trap, Greensboro really is out in the sticks. So I leave the motel and follow the sound of the music until I find a bar called M'Couls.

I went in and it was buzzing, seemed new-ish but with a lot of tricolours, shamrocks, luck 'o the Irish tat around. I couldn’t hear too much because of all the chat downstairs so I said to the barman where was the Irish music coming from. He said upstairs, a group plays there one Saturday every month, I said “God, I thought I was the only Irishman for miles around” and he said, “Oh yes, you are, in fact you’re the first Irishman I’ve met since starting here” ….oh dear..

So I headed upstairs and it was packed there too but out on the veranda there were about a dozen men and women all sitting down with goose harps, drums and Irish bagpipes playing what I thought was traditional Irish music and a large appreciative audience enjoying them. I thought this is great so I went to the bartender and asked for a drink. The barman gave me a huge big smile and asked if I was Irish and I said yes, of course and he asked to shake my hand..I thought they're very friendly in this town!

I sat down and started to listen to this group playing and then it dawned on me that I hadn’t a clue what they were playing, I sat there for ages and I had no clue what any of the tunes were. The weird thing was it was definitely Irish music but they would be playing away continuously and then one of them would slowly stop, put his drum down, go for a quick drink and then come back and start playing again, and they all did this, there was this continuous movement of group members to the bar and bog but the music just kept on going, and then the music would slow down and someone would start a different beat and then they would all follow that beat and join in..


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"Love for All Hatred for None"

Anyone find this to be a really cringy slogan especially given what we know the jamaat was like on the inside? I met plenty of lovely people all over the place during my time in the Jamaat, but I did notice that there was definitely a lot of hatred. And this always made me think, even as a kid, how this could be reconciled with the blatantly loving slogan that you saw plastered everywhere at every event and "jalsa" as they called it.

I think the Jamaat has a lot of hate for its own members and it has a weird sort of "snitching" culture -- I'm sure you've all heard about announcements of people being kicked out for dancing at weddings or going to a mixed wedding or I don't even know what. There's so many internal conspiracies against each other, it reminds me of that American show "House of Cards" except with Asians haha. I'm not Asian myself, but I always got the sense that Asian Ahmadis were especially involved in all sorts of conspiracies and plotting against each other in order to advance in the dominance hierarchies of the jamaat (i.e. by bringing others down by snitching on them).

Another hateful aspect I definitely noticed was against other religions. This is probably to be expected as it's inherent within all belief systems (all belief systems are hierarchies of value, or you wouldn't be a part of the belief system to start with). And given how much Sunnis hate Ahmadis, I can definitely say Ahmadis hate Sunnis less in return -- so you can even overlook that. But it's still problematic with the "Love for All, Hatred for None" slogan that is so often parrotted.

Thanks for reading

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[The Extramundane Emancipation of Geela, Evil Sorceress at Large] --- Chapter 33: An Old Friend, Deep Within the Academy

Synopsis: After hoodwinking Darkos, a holy priest, into escorting her back to her castle, Dark Enchantress Geela has one item left on her list: revenge on her ex-husband. With a confused Darkos in tow, she sets out. However, Geela isn't the only one with secrets. And Barney isn't the only old enemy who's about to get a visit.

Index ||| Previous Chapter ||| Next Chapter

Patreon ||| r/TalesByOpheliaCyanide

“Alllright dearie, now hold out your thumb just like this. Ooh you’re a smart girl, very good, very well done. Almost done honey now I just need you to sign your name— oh look at you, so clever, such a smart cookie.”

Geela could have strangled the old woman who held Geela’s and Darkos’s future identifications trapped in her gnarled old hands. And because of this hostage situation, Geela was forced to bare her teeth in a terrifying grin while Old Sondra showed Geela how to make an ID.

“Got my first ID when I was twelve,” Geela said, through the aforementioned grit smile. “It’s not that hard.”

“Well you are a feisty one,” Sondra warbled. “Wish all my clients were as good as you.” The woman was, according to Jane, seventy years old, blind, senile, and thought she was still working at the official ID registry. When Geela had first heard the story, she’d let a rare hint of empathy twinge her blackened heart. That empathy had died the moment the woman started talking and now Geela wanted nothing more than to cause another City shattering explosion.

“Good good. You’re all set Mrs. Bronwyn. Why don’t you wipe your little bitty thumb over on this rag.”

Geela gagged as the old rag was thrust in her face and she pushed the gnarled hand away. “I’m good.”

“Alright then, now to Mr. Bronwyn.” She smiled, a truly horrifying sight. Somehow, the woman had all of her teeth, despite not a single one being in good condition. The more Geela inspected the yellowed tusk, the more Geela realized that there were closer to forty of them than thirty… “Let me take those hands of yours and I’ll show you where to sign.”

Darkos, who’d spent Geela’s half of the appoin

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Rivals III from a first time viewer.(Part 11: Jesus, I didn't think my hate for Johnny could go any higher)

I'll be honest. I'm not exactly looking forward to Rivals. What I would call Rivalry's, or worthy of calling a rivalry, have been either pretty tame or pretty rare. The season's have been on a pretty downward spin with the casting being low caliber and not much competition when it comes to actual challenges.

Anyways, this is my eleventh go-around, if you want to check out my thoughts on other seasons check out my submissions. As I get close to caught up with CBS All Access I'm thinking more and more about a finale type post to follow the seasons of a whole bunch of rankings and thoughts on the show overall as I was going through it. If you have any ideas for random rankings you'd like to see that I might not have thought of, just let me know in the comments.

EP 1:

Wes and Bananas this time around?

Fucking Vince...

It's weird they're listing "championships" with the confessionals? Bananas has 5?

Johnny Reilly is back again? Didn’t Exes prove that he was worthless and got lucky with his first season?

I'm actually surprised Nany has only been on five seasons. It feels like more.

They brought Christina back after one episode? What? just because she hooked up with someone immediately?

Sarah's back? I honestly thought she was done the way she was talking on Exes.

Johnny saying someone else is playing dirty is hilarious. Only because it was against him.

Well this Ashley chick looks like a fucking wreck.

I'm fine with seeing Kellyanne again.

Jenna again! They really see more out of her than I do.

Kinda surprised to see Avery and Jessica back. Those are two people I didn't expect to see again.

Fucking Dario, guess we know Vince's rival.

Thomas, Cory, and Leroy. Ok, I'm honestly not hating this cast so far.

Thom now changes the story to making out. Fitting with the narrative Cara was pushing lmao

I'm not hating the rookies either. This cast has potential.

Nicole, Jamie and Vince walked in. I changed my mind. Well we needed some fodder I guess. I can't wait to see Vince prove he's the worst.

I'm so goddamn tired of Johnny's speeches.

I'm not liking how many people of Johnny's inner circle there are this season. Camila, Nany, Vince, Leroy, Johnny, Jenna, who knows how many other ties he made in the off season or how the rivals of those people will feel. I feel like Johnny would be the quenticiential pregamer. Any time anyone even has the potential of getting on the show I feel like he's probably chatting them up and trying to get friendly w

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Terrifying Experience on the NYC Subway

I've lived in NYC all my life, and I have countless stories that I can tell you about this city, but this one takes the cake for sure.

I live in one of the safest and most affluent neighborhoods in all of Brooklyn, near the Verazzano Bridge. My friends and I, being high school students at the time, would use fake IDs to get into this college bar in Manhattan most weekends. There is one train line that serves my neighborhood, and even then it's a decent walk to get to the nearest station.

On this night, my friends and I left our neighborhood and boarded the train. Everything was totally fine on the way to the bar (it's one straight shot ride there) and we had a pretty decent time.

I left the bar at around 3 in the morning, and my friends decided that they would all stay at one of my friend's grandparents houses in the neighborhood next to mine as to not get caught by their parents, which was served by a different train line. We boarded the train headed toward my neighborhood, but my friends disembarked about 7 or 8 stations before I needed to get off so that they could transfer to the other train line.

As I said before, my neighborhood is very affluent and most people do not use the subway and opt for cars instead (its semi suburban, imagine a mix of New Jersey and a scene out of Saturday Night Fever). Therefore, I was the only person in my car. Two stops after my friends left the train, a man wearing a stuffed black backpack entered the car and sat down in one of the corner seats, next to an advertisement plastered on the wall.

I paid little attention to him, but anyone boarding the train at 3 AM in my area would be kind of unnerving, especially because of his shabby appearance (not homeless, but he definitely had not showered for a few days).

My eyes stayed glued to my phone for about five minutes, until my attention was ripped away from AFK Arena due to the man removing a large permanent marker from his backpack. He began writing on the advertisement and smiling at me every so often, as if he wanted me to acknowledge whatever he was scribbling down.

The man began by drawing a hanged man with several religious crosses surrounding him, and then began to write phrases on the advertisement: 'the end is near', 'you will pay for your sins', 'the awakening is upon us', etc etc. Normal things for a super religious person to say or write, even if it was unnerving that this was happening at 3 AM in an empty train car.

I tried to shrug the situation off b

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Most Metagaming is Good

Metagaming is the great boogeyman of the RPG world. If you google the term, all of the top results describe it as poor sportsmanship, bad roleplaying, or outright cheating. I've played with many DMs and online communities with NO METAGAMING plastered across the rules doc.

Metagaming is usually defined as something like, "Using out of game knowledge to make in-game decisions." I'd argue that some amount of this critical for a good game of D&D, and even when people complain the metagaming itself is rarely the problem.

So what does this supposed "good" metagaming look like?

1) Sharing the Spotlight

One of the best things you can do is make sure other players get a chance to shine. This is unambiguously metagaming. It doesn't matter whether Lidda the Rogue would actually care about Uthgart the Barbarian's feelings. It's still good to think about what will let your friend Mae get to do something awesome during the game tonight.

2) Going Along with the Party/Story/Game

D&D is a collaborative experience. The player who mistreats party members or ignores all story hooks because "it's what my character would do" is rightly criticized. Yes, players should create a character who makes sense with the party/story/game. But in my experience, things go a lot more smoothly when players are willing to compromise.

3) System Mastery

D&D is also a game. Few things are more fun than the process of learning about a game, getting better at it, and feeling rewarded for that growth. Does that mean you should completely ignore drama and verisimilitude in order to "win" D&D? Of course not. But gradually getting better at the game as you learn about different spells and monsters is part of what makes the game fun.

Bad Metagaming

So what about all the bad metagaming you hear people complain about? Players who read ahead in the adventure, make implausible decisions based on OOC knowledge, or spoil plot twists for the other players. In almost every instance, the player could make a different decision based on the same out of game information that would improve the game.

Metagaming that disrupts the tone and verisimilitude of the game is bad, but intentionally making decisions that maintain the tone is good. Metagaming to avoid risk and drama is boring, but choosing something because it will lead to a more interesting story is awesome. The problem isn't the metagaming; the problem is what the player is doing with it.

It's fine if the DM occa

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I work as a waitress at a diner, and I think one of our regulars might be the devil

I work at a rest-stop diner in a town people pass through as quick as they can on their way to something, or someone, better. It’s called Lucky’s, which is a little ironic because if you’ve ended up here you’re anything but. If you stay too long the dust settles. Working at Lucky’s you never see the same licence plates twice, or faces for that matter. I’ve lost count of the amount of times the answer to my “Where you heading?” has been “Anywhere but back.” The lights flicker more often than not, and the jukebox sometimes spits out songs that aren't on the index cards, but the coffee’s hot, and most people who try them say the pancakes are the best they’ll ever have, and I’m inclined to agree.

The embroidered name tag on my uniform reads Isabella, but that ain’t even close to my real name. It was my mom's. Lucky’s has been here a long time. I wear it because I like hearing her name said by other people. It’s like she’s still here, still coming up in conversation. Like she might walk through the door any second and isn’t buried in the cemetery just past the strip club.

Lucky’s is also always open. Always. Working long shifts serving drifters and truckers and runaways, those who have become impermanent out on the highways, you get to know how to read people pretty quick. When you move around that much, always on the road, you leave parts of yourself behind sometimes, lost between the miles. Sometimes, people are just driving because there’s nothing else left to do. Working at Lucky’s I’ve seen all sorts of lost things.

I once saw a man hit a deer with his truck and pull over to bury it in the red dirt, digging as the sun went down, tears a steady flow down his face as he fought the ground to cover up what he had done. I once had a man I recognised from the news leave me a blood stained $20 as a tip, sad-eyed in a denim jacket that barely hid the gun taped to his ribs. I once saw a one-armed girl no more than sixteen stand up on the roof of her car and sing, until a coyote came and sat in front of the hood, howling along. I once saw two women fistfight in the parking lot in the night outside, until one was spitting blood and teeth and then they kissed in the blue lights of the police car that happened to pass them by, faces lit up red and shining.

I’ve seen the highway on fire, lines of flames between tires as the asphalt set itself alight in the heat. I’ve seen roadside baptisms, preacher pulled up with a van and a kiddie pool. I’ve seen things walkin

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Bennett and Amelia’s Chore Draft

As strange as I found this activity, I thought it was a cute potential solution to some potential problems. Bennett is definitely tidier than Amelia and he took the chores more related to actual cleaning. I am a huge introvert so I really appreciated that stuff like “answer the door, answer the phone” were considered “chores” (they would be to me). I thought it was awesome that Amelia picked those items.

That brings me to, when he was making her dinner and there was a knock at the door. Both of these two are SO QUIRKY it’s anyone’s guess who’s friends were knocking (I thought for sure they were Amelia’s friends). I did appreciate the song and harmonies as much as what looked like a pair of plaster underpants on the guitarists head.

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[SF] The Consular

I We all gotta start somewhere...

In the year 2022, the police force as we knew it was abolished. Departments no longer had standard beat cops. Instead, detectives were stuck with violent crimes while we were left with the rest.

My name is Tom Halstead; and I’m a Civic Consular.

The night in question--June 27th, 2034. Began like many of my nights in the quiet, upper middle class town of Rose Haven, Texas. It was like a lot of suburban towns in North Texas. With a mixture of one and two story brick houses curved throughout the town like a maze.

That was just the surface though. Deep in the innards of this seemingly innocuous town, near where the lake resides, there was an entire network of extravagant mansions quietly tucked away. Isolated from the rest of the town by thick wrought iron gates and a thick mess of trees. As if they were trying to hide their wealth from the less fortunate residents.

This is where most of my calls came from. More often than not, they were just simple altercations that I wouldn’t have to call a detective for. Domestic disputes, house parties, that sort of thing.

The alert on my phone was for the latter. That was how it was all done now. People would file a complaint through the Consular app and it would go to the nearest one of us available. Which oftentimes meant calls got passed around to whoever wanted to deal with it at the time.

Luckily, for a town like Rose Haven that wasn’t a big deal. Other cities weren’t as privileged though. And they had suffered far worse fates.

The address that appeared as a banner on my screen was a familiar one: Noise Complaint - 8256 Rosemary Dr. That was the Johnson family house. The father, Mark was a stern but kind middle-aged executive type--like many other homeowners that sat behind the coded walls. His wife, Stacey was a lawyer for a large consulting firm.

Nearly needless to say, their jobs required them both to travel quite often. Leaving their son, Jackson alone in a ten thousand square foot, three story house all by himself. At just seventeen years old.

So, like any kid he threw a lot of parties. Which pissed off his uptight neighbors who would inevitably put in a complaint through the app. Most Consular’s let those go. And I would have too. But, I was always worried that they’d get some pissed off, overworked detective to come in and make a bad call.

I figure it’s better for me to be slightly inconvenienced rather than some kid get shot.

Besides, Jackson

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I just inherited a haunted house that came with many rules. Today, I decided to browse a couple.

Sarah pulled me by the hand through the hallways to my room, using a sharp yank every time I didn’t turn exactly where she wanted quickly enough. She snapped my arm even harder whenever I spoke, effectively cutting me of from talking entirely. It’s like she wasn’t even interested in what I had to say, and had made up her own mind already.

I’m not going to lie: I had thought about Sarah heading eagerly up to my room more than once. Like, 80 times more than once.

But I had never fantasized about her ripping open the bedroom door and slamming it shut again right away.

“Raymond,” she said, chest heaving, “I have a question for you.”

I made sure not to stare at her chest, because that had gotten me into trouble before. I really wished she weren’t inhaling so deeply, though, because that made it very hard to look away.

“How long has that message been written across your floor and wall?” she asked in a voice that sounded very fakely casual.

I prodded carefully. “Message?”

I opened the door a crack.

Oh, yeah.

The words “I WILL TAKE WHAT I WANT” were displayed in ash across my room. Each letter was several feet long.

I closed the door quietly. “You’ll be happy to know that I wasn’t the one who wrote it – the message appeared when I thought the room was empty. Secondly, it didn’t even say that at first. The words materialized somehow from footprints that someone made while I was sleeping.”

She pulled her lips into her mouth while her eyes got bigger than I’d ever see them. “How is either one of those facts supposed to make me feel better?” she hissed.

“Um,” I put my hands on my waist. “I’m not sure. At first I thought it would, but now that I think about it-”

I was interrupted by a creaking sound in the ceiling above. Sarah and I looked up as the wooden planks whined; the sound traveled down the hallway and crossed over the wall, into my room.

I looked back down at Sarah to see that her face had gotten much paler. “We need to move,” she explained with forced calm. “We’re going to read the rules, follow them closely, and head out any door we can. Capeesh?”

Dang. No fantasy had ended with her being done so quickly. “Sure. In and out.”

She raised one eyebrow at me before turning to open the door again.

I could feel the chill wash over her as we walked into my room. The ashen message was rendered much more ominous by the size and silence of the room; with nothing else to see, the presence of the letters was palpab

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A situation that could have been a horror story in another group wasn't for mine. I am blessed to have such great players. (A proper PVP scenario)

My players are awesome and as their DM I wouldn't replace them with anyone. I'm lucky to run a game for people who understand that beef in the game doesn't translate to beef in real life, no matter how attached they are to their characters. I'm sure that in many many other groups had this situation occurred it could have gotten ugly, but not here. Saddle up for a lesson in proper PVP.

A little backstory to this because it is relevant, though I'll try and be brief. Our two main players are Nyx and Whitefire. We're playing in a Forgotten Realms and Eberron setting. Due to prior events the two spheres are very much in contact with one another.

Nyx is an elven rogue. Her allegiance is to The House of Vol, a dragonmarked house of Eberron thought long destroyed. The house has made a comeback in the last few decades and Nyx was sent to spy on the party because the leader of said house, Lady Vol, saw them growing in power abnormally fast. (They got from level 1 to 8 in two weeks) Nyx has since revealed this and joined up officially since there isn't any real bad blood between House Vol and the party.

There is plenty of suspicion though.

Whitefire is a veteran adventurer, currently a variant dragonborn barbarian, who has died several times. The only reason he's not level 20 is that his body was fractured across the land, sending him back to level 8 and nerfing his DEX and CHR hard. This is actually a character that Whitefire's player has used before in two other games and those games were brutal leading to a lot of PTS. Curse of Strahd was one of the previous adventures and he witnessed many of his friends get torn apart by undead leading to a major hatred for them, especially vampires.

House Vol is viewed by the vast majority as a blood cult, promoting strength and divinity through blood. This can be interpreted many ways and many of those interpretations involve blood sacrifices and evil deeds. Throughout history this has lead to some... More than questionable practices leading to the creation of a religion called The Blood of Vol. One of these practices is turning yourself into an undead in service of the house. Doing this is not taken lightly as to do so you sacrifice your blood and therefore The Blood of Vol's definition of divinity. In recent times this has lead to a high amount of undead in the employ of House Vol and due to the circumstances in which they are created, those undead are highly respected.

The conflict began after the party visited Doctor

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Of Men and Dragons, Chapter 31

My cat is napping in his bed next to my computer, (Yes he actually uses the bed I got for him!) my clock is ticking quietly away in the corner, and the sun is shining brightly outside. Well, as brightly as it ever shines in the northern US. It's a good day, and I hope Y'all are having a good day as well!

As usual, I welcome any and all constructive criticisms y'all might have. I'm always seeking to become a better writer and your input helps! Also if you're bored feel free to just stop and chat. I don't always respond right away, but I'll get to it sooner or later.


<<First <Previous Next>


Of Men and Dragons, Chapter 31

S'haar was performing her daily tour of the camp. It was usually uneventful, so she allowed her mind to wander a little as she walked. Day by day, it always seemed like so little changed, but looking back now she couldn't help but think of all that had changed since Jack had fallen into his coma. They had four buildings up now, a billet for the workers, a woodworking hall, a smithy, and a warehouse. At the moment the buildings were mostly empty, but Angela had insisted they build them in anticipation of growth in the settlement.

The billet was designed to sleep two to a room comfortably, but right now, everyone had private rooms with a room or two between each of them. They were all situated around a large common room with a good-sized fire pit for cooking and storytelling.

The woodworker's hall could comfortably fit double what it currently housed with no further additions, but a portion of the building was also set aside for storage of tools and materials. If they were to put up another building nearby for storage, they could easily fit several more workers. Fea'en had made sure all the stations had been built to perfection, she'd taken her charges to task on more than one occasion when she found their work sub-par. S'haar honestly couldn't tell the difference between the quality work and the rejected attempts, but Angela had said to her, "That's what delegating is a

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Carlos Santana could feasibly finish this season 5th All Time in Homers for the Indians, and sits just 25 behind Albert Belle in 2nd. If/when Carlos does take the number 2 spot, where does he sit in the Pantheon of Indians Hitters?

If we played a full 162 game season, I would be comfortable in assuming Carlos’s stats would rise to his career averages, and I’m comfortable in saying that 25 homers is very achievable for him by the end of next year.

It feels weird to think about Carlos in the same stratosphere as Belle, Manny and Thome. Belle reached 242 in just 8 seasons with the tribe, Manny had 236 in 8 seasons as well. Thome had 337 through 13 seasons with the Tribe.

Los has 215 through 10 seasons with the Tribe so far.

I’m not saying that I see Carlos in the same universe as these guys, especially Thome and Manny. But it’s worth noting that Carlos is already 2nd in Walks, 2nd in Strikeouts, 10th in Doubles. He will almost definitely move into the top 10 in RBI’s next year (Los: 706, Belle in 10th: 751).

I guess the real question is this: What is Carlos Santana’s legacy as a Cleveland Indian?

Unless something very very dramatic happens in his 30’s, he isn’t a Hall of Fame level guy like Thome and Manny, and hasn’t reached the same heights as Belle. But he’s going to be plastered all over the Indians Baseball Reference page, and has been a mostly consistent and improving mainstay in the Indians lineup through the last 12 years (minus 2018).

Interested in what you all think about this.

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Blank Slate

[This takes place before Mara came to camp.]

"Girl, you know my grandma won’t let me out of the house,” Mara said to her friend.

“Like that means anything, sneak ‘ya lil ass out the window,” Her friend responded, pursing her lips, “You goin’ to that party with me tonight.”

Mara sighed, “Renee, you know my granny gon’ be pissed if she catch me there. I can’t go.”

Renee rolled her eyes, “Then you can just come to my place, we don’t have to let her know.”

Mara sighed and gave her best friend a cheeky grin, “I’ll see you at nine.”

“That’s my bitch!” Renee yelled, jumping up for joy. She dapped Mara up and pointed a finger at her, “And you better not skip out on me.”

“Girl you know I won’t,” Mara laughed, moving her hair out of her face. She waved Renee goodbye and sighed. Now, she had to think of a way to sneak out of her house without Granny noticing. That wasn’t the only issue, Mara didn’t even know if she wanted to attend the party, but she couldn’t let her friends down. Besides, she didn’t have a lot of time left here anyways.

The final bell rang, signaling Mara was done with school. She got out of her chair and pulled her backpack onto her shoulders. Her legs were sore from sitting in the uncomfortable school chairs all day. Her eyes drifted to the walls of her schoolhouse. Old brick that nobody bothered to clean, bits of mold slowly creeping at the corners of rooms like a spider waiting to overtake its prey. Below the brick were lines of gray lockers with numbers on them. Some had writing to discern who’s was what, and what was who’s, many were blank and unassuming, just like her classmates tried to be.

Just like Mara wanted to be.

She loved having her friends, as any kid would. She loved that they wanted to hang out with her and do all kinds of wild shit together. But Mara didn’t know if she liked doing wild shit. She didn’t know whether or not her parents would be proud of wild shit. But, Mara still made a promise to Renee, her best friend in the universe (a self given title), that she’d be going to this party.

And dammit, Mara Lyones was gonna be at that party.

“Hey, Mar-Mar,” One of the girls passing by said.

Mara smiled, “Hey boo, how you been?”

“Girl,” She said, drawing out the word, “Mr. Evans been handing out too much damn homework and I’m struggling.” She sighed, exaggerating the last word.

Mara rolled her eyes, “Oh I know.”

“You going to D’s party tonight? All the girls gon’ be there. Some of the guys too,”

Mara nodd

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The Italian words and phrases we've learned during the coronavirus crisis (article link in post)

From The Local:

In the early stages of the pandemic, we listed the essential vocabulary you’d need to follow the latest Italian news reports on coronavirus. But since then, we’ve picked up quite a few more words and phrases.

Here’s a quick look at some of the virus-related Italian expressions which, though we had probably never used most them before, have become part of everyday speech.

Tampone - No sniggering at the back. While the idea of having a tampone up your nose can sound quite alarming, the word means "swab test" and, though not particularly nice, it's nothing to worry about. As more proactive testing is key to Italy’s strategy for keeping future COVID outbreaks under control, don't be surprised if you keep seeing this one pop up in headlines for weeks and months to come.

Decreto - Along with a few medical terms, everyone had to quickly pick up a bit of bureaucratic lingo as the crisis unfolded. As the Italian prime minister issued one decreto emergenza (emergency decree) after another, the word not only dominated headlines but conversations as people discussed - or grumbled about - the latest rule-changes contained within.

Focolaio - Many of us might never have learned the word focolaio if it weren't for the coronavirus pandemic. It comes from the Latin focus, meaning 'fireplace' (the same root gave Italian its word for fire, fuoco). So un focolaio is quite literally 'a hotspot'. It’s often used in Italian news reports to talk about outbreaks or clusters of new coronavirus cases.

Smart working - It may not be Italian, but only Italians use this phrase when talking about working from home, or remote work. The concept was virtually unheard of in Italy before, and so perhaps there was no suitable Italian expression at hand when almost all workplaces were suddenly shut down in March. Either way, it’s something many people in Italy, as elsewhere, have had to get used to.

Lockdown - We English speakers didn’t have to learn the Italian word for “lockdown”, as Italians started using ours. The the noun “lockdown” could translate to blocco or isolamento, while s

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[Review] White Day Banner

Guide Hub for xArceDuce

Well, seems like we are in full swing of banner releases, as we got hot dropped the White Day banner today. With that, it is around the time I get started with the banner review.

Not like I definitely wasn't procrastinating trying to get my 2nd SS weapon from the JP SaGa event... Oh who am I kidding.

Regardless, let's begin.

TL;DR of Banner:

100% a skip.

One of the biggest patterns you see here is the fact that Akatsuki got REALLY scared from the aftermath from JP's White Rose release and decided to try to pace releases to try to test the waters of what people will want in the game in terms of extent of efficiency and other merits on a character.

This means two things:

  • There are sometimes good characters like 0.5 Anniversary Asellus, Selma, Vampire Girl and Emilia.
  • But there are also pretty awful characters who still, to this date, do not have good enough kits to really stand out amongst their competition in their attributes (Harid/Khalid is a big example).

White Day Banner SS characters falls into the category 2 for examples I'll list below.

Banner: White Day Asellus (SS), White Day Last Emperor (SS), White Day Neidhart (S) and White Day Julian (A) with White Day Wil (S) as welfare

SS Last Emperor is basically a prototype of cover tanking

White Day Last Emperor comes in with a defender with the following:

Level 50 Stats:

Stat Multiplier Level Bonus
STR 70% +13
END 84% +15
DEX 58% +5
AGI 80% +5
INT 39% +5
WIL 40% +5
LOV 36% +5
CHA 63% +5
Skill Effect
Running Slash 4(3) BP D-Power Single Target Slash Skill
Empty Blade 8(6) BP B-Power Single Target Slash Skill
Brilliant Flash 13(10) BP A-Power Row Slash Skill
Passive Effect
Iron Wall Protection III 10% Mitigation to all damage
Self-regeneration III 25% chance to heal self (10-power)
Active Dedication 10% Chance to cover

Last Emperor has very solid END and AGI multipliers and base bonus alongside decent STR multipliers. The base bonus leans towards him being someone who t

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The worst yard in the neighborhood was cleaned up for cult activity. Only Karen was strong enough to save us...

In every little slice of suburbia, quietly tucked away in those “cute neighborhoods” referenced in the real estate pamphlets, there is always THAT house. You know the one. The “shit show.”

Welcome to Saddle Downs. At one time the best neighborhood in town, but now amongst the perfectly manicured lawns and driveways with nary a spot of oil leakage, an unholy abomination that looks like an episode of Hoarders made sweet love to Fred Sanford’s bread and butter elicits sighs and dramatic eye rolling from all who reside here. They wonder out loud “how someone who can afford to buy here could live in that kind of mess. Of all the damned nerve!”

Standing in the driveway--garden hose in hand and meticulously rinsing my yard tools, I surveyed my crab grass outbreak with disdain and BOILED under the surface about what he’s done to this once beautiful collection of domiciles. I know the property values here have completely gone to shit. How could they not? And it’s ME who has to live DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from him.

The trash. The junk. The 1989 Geo Metro with no hood. The kiddie pool full of slime and frogs. FFS, he has three VCR’s stacked beside the mailbox. Yes…I said VCR’s

And is it so damned hard to cut your grass on Tuesdays like the rest of us?? I want to try the new edger I picked up during a July 4th sale (40 volt, top of the line), but as of right now I haven’t even seen the point. My yard will look like shit no matter what, because of HIM.

The neighborhood association won’t help. If it’s anything other than potholes or barbeques, they have a “hands off” approach to governance. I plan to run for president in the spring.

Anyway…I could feel my blood pressure going through the roof that night, and the plant-based diet I switched to wasn’t doing shit to help bring it down. Something HAD to be done about him…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Allen.

Mid 50’s, twice married and twice divorced, he works as an I.T. contractor for the state. Being stuck at home because of Covid, I hadn’t seen him outside in months. Who needs to go outside when you have GrubHub and your lawn mower is lying next to the house in 100 pieces? He had made a perfect hermit’s life, intrinsically safe from those of us who only asked for a little bit of respect for the neighborhood.

So, imagine my surprise when at 6pm last Friday evening, he suddenly stumbles out the front door, down the steps, and begins cleaning up his yard. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was so stunne

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Cheat on my my friend and spend all her money? Get deported

I’m not too familiar with writing reddit stories so bare with me. I still can’t believe this actually happened and isn’t some plot to a sh*tty SVU episode.

Obligatory: this isn’t my story, it’s my friends but I watched the whole thing go down

So my friend let’s call her “Coco” was really popular in highschool, the type of girl that everyone wanted to be friends with and nobody wanted to cross. Coco was was known to be promiscuous but by senior year she seemed to have finally settled down and was in a stable relationship with a boy let’s call him “Edgar”. Edgar immigrated from Ecuador as a child but was completely americanized and I don’t even think he spoke Spanish that well from what I can remember. He was type of kid that was seen as kinda a bum to most at the school. He was nearing 20 and barely showed up to class sometimes only to smoke behind the school and hang out with friends. I guess he was on some sort of program to get his diploma before he legally couldn’t continue showing up. Regardless of this he made my friend happy so even if I didn’t think he was Prince Charming I tolerated him.

Coco on the other hand was head over heels. She worked everyday after school at the local grocery store and with her hard earned money she spoiled the hell out of him. A new xbox, shoes, taking him out to eat, the whole nine yards. She kissed the ground he walked on and I was of course skeptical but again, she was happy and it wasn’t my business.

Things seemed cool for awhile but when sh*t hit the fan it hit with ferocity. Five months into their relationship he cheated on her, not only did he cheat but the girl he cheated with was freshly 14 years old and a freshman at the same highschool. Keep in mind he’s 19 and probably shouldn’t even still be at the school. This 14 year old girl wasn’t exactly innocent, she’d had a reputation for awhile for sleeping around with older men and looked around 17-18. Not to take away from the gravity of the situation but to point out she was a very willing participant, I just feel it’s needed context.

News broke because this girl was bragging to all her friends about sleeping with Edgar and I guess one of the friends told Coco. I was almost 100% sure that Coco was going to fight this girl, she being 17 at the time wouldn’t have gotten into the trouble she would have being an adult. To my shock however that’s not what she did. Coco was obviously devastated, the man she’s adored for almost half a year, her first real boyfrie

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Girl's Day is a top 10 2nd-gen girl group

I'm not sure how Girl's Day are viewed on Reddit as I joined quite late way after their prime so they're not talked about as much anymore, so if this is popular here on Reddit, I'll take it down, but on other forums (onehallyu, allkpop, soompi, etc.), whenever the topic of top 10 all 2nd-gen girl groups, it's pretty rare to see Girl's Day being included. Hell, sometimes Girl's Day are not even in the discussion (???), much less get included in the actual list, which is completely ludicrous.

Note: In this discussion 2nd gen is from beginning of TVXQ to beginning of EXO (meaning EXO is the first group in 3rd gen). Also, I’m judging based on a combination of factors: physicals, digitals, group’s popularity, peak, individual member’s popularity, and general public recognition.

First, let’s get this out of the way. SNSD, 2NE1, WG, KARA, and Sistar comprise the top 5 in some order. This is not really up to debate.

Girl's Day is prob often overlooked on international forums because, despite being an easily top-5 group at their around 2013-2015, they had a tiny international fandom esp. compared to other girl groups of their era. They are often thought of as a group who only has Something (yes, some fans don't even know Expectations exist) as their major hits. yet their accolades are no jokes: 9 top 10s on Gaon digital charts and 7 top 5s on Gaon digital charts. Melon's real-time datas are a lot harder to find, but I counted at least 11 top 10s, 6 top 5s, and 3 number 1s. Admittedly, GsD’s physicals are a tad weak since they had a small international fandom + they came from literally the smallest of company (literally, their company made their debut into the entertainment industry with GsD) but honestly 40K physicals at their peak with little international presence for a 2nd gen group is perfectly good enough.

But GsD’s ace is the their high public recognition + “it-girl” Hyeri. High public recognition is usually the specialty of girl groups, and Girl’s day public recognition, based on group recognition + individual member’s recognition, is among the top in all of 2nd gen. They’re one of the few groups where every member is known across all age groups among Korea’s GP to some level. Consider this: when Girl’s Day went on Knowing Brothers in 2017, none of the members wore a name tag. I’ve only seen this happened a couple of times, namely when SNSD, Sistar, TVXQ, Davichi, BoA, and several other famous actors/comedians went on. As a contrast, here’s a sampli

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BAIRD - In-depth guide and discussion

Hello Gearheads,

PizzaLegolas here with his next Character Guide as promised :-)

This time I will talk about Baird, one of my favorite characters in the Gears universe lore-wise and in Gears 5 Horde playstyle-wise!

About me

I'm in love with the Gears universe since Gears 2, and an Engineer(ing student) in real life. I love to use my brain (theorycrafting) and optimize things, even the smallest everyday-habits (e. g. writing my grocery shopping list in order of how the things appear at that certain market).

I started to play Gears 5 right at the start of Operation 4, but I have very much Gears and especially Horde experience since Gears 2, and mastered all Maps in regular Horde and Horde-Frenzy without abusing barrier exploits.

Disclaimer: I am a PC player and write this guide for Master difficulty and with an optimal playtyle in mind. Other playstyles may work as good, especially on lower difficulties. All information used in this guide is earned throughout my own thought processes and gameplay experience!

Horde & Horde-Frenzy Stats

Horde Stats from Gears5.com (2020/09/09)

Horde-Frenzy Stats from Gears5.com (2020/09/09)

Horde Stats for Baird from Gears5.com (2020/09/09)

Horde-Frenzy Stats for Baird from Gears5.com (2020/09/09)


Baird is the ultimate Engineer lore-wise and one of the three currently available Engineers in Gears 5 Horde, along with Del and Kat. That means he starts the game with a repair tool and has cards available that boost his fortifications instead of just hist own damage output. He also has a discount (currently 10%, but soon to be 15%) for buying and upgrading fortifications from the fabricator, and moves slightly faster than other characters while moving fortifications.

Baird's signature card is Precision Repairs in my opinion and this is what really forms his identity as an offensive, sniper-ish Engineer compared to Del, who is a more classic and de

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How to train your dragon - WTF Edition

The thunderous sound of a supersonic round exiting Clem's 50 caliber rail-rifle was almost instantaneously accompanied by the draconic equivalent of a squawk as the massive reptile plummeted from the sky in what could only be described as an airborne fetal position.

Clem cackled madly for a moment as the traumatized apex predator crash landed far enough away from his group that they could continue their journey hazard-free.

The human pathfinder turned to give his elven clients the good news only to see expressions of shock and horror plastered across their faces.

Clem scoffed at the young nature warden and her handmaidens as he slung his rail-rifle, affectionately named Bertha, across his back and reclaimed the shotgun he'd leaned against a nearby tree.

His reaction to their stupifaction was apparently enough to remind at least one of the elves how to speak.

"Did that just happen?"

The Pathfinder snorted, "Which part there missy? The dragon falling from the sky or the sound it made when I shot it in the dick?"

"Oh Mother have mercy, this must be a fever dream!"

"Sorry darlin, this is definitely reality. I'm obliged to mention, on account of how you folks revere the scaled rascals, that Hubert isn't likely to have any permanent injuries from his little fall. Draconic regeneration will have him right as rain in a month or two, hopefully with a lasting reminder to keep his sausage in his pantry until mating season when he can fornicate with his own kind. We've got enough of the older overgrown lizards running around with syphilis as it is, letting a young buck like him catch it and rut with the local wildlife year-round would set back our Catch, Cure, and Release program by at least a decade. If I ever figure out who reintroduced STD's to damn sheep flocks that started this mess I'll..."

The crusty old pathfinder trailed off when he noticed the bewildered, and still traumatized, expressions on his erstwhile companions. He coughed lightly before redirecting their attention to the rest of their journey.

"Alright ladies, we should have a clear path through the valley now. We'll reach the city just before nightfall. Once there we'll bed down at the university dorms and then get you enrolled in the biology, ecology, and environmental science programs first thing in the morning. Lets get moving before we waste any more daylight."

The Nature Warden and her entourage followed quietly as they collectively struggled to understand their first direct encounter

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I’m back again and still traumatized

link to my old thread from Nov

Hello, I am back again with more questions and concerns after I first posted here in Nov 2019 seeking help and guidance. I’m scared, suffering and have more questions.

Ever since Nov I could NOT get an appointment with a GI specialist due to insurance issues and then of course the pandemic hit. I was finally able to get one for the 29th of this month. But this comes after I’ve been experiencing weird BMs pretty much since Nov of last year. I mean, pretty much since c diff happened at the beginning of 2019(literally New Years week). But in Nov I caught what I think was a bug again from traveling and ever since I’ve been hyper aware of my daily pooping habits. They change daily and can change during the day as well. Ranging from soft, fluffy poops(like inflamed) to straight up constipated to pencil thin and all varying in colors as well.

We’ve been eating fresh veggies and meals from a place called HungryRoot(a grocery service) and that seemed to help for while but I would still have like soft fluffy poops pretty regularly. And even then my poop would still be inconsistent everyday.

Fast forward to this past week(Since my birthday on Sept 7th lol) I was having pretty decent poops! Like literally what would be considered normal on the Bristol poop chart. And then we had Indian and Blaze pizza as a treat as we hardly EVER eat out anymore due to my tummy being weird on foods and plus we are vegan so I can’t eat a lot of things. I felt absolutely fine at the time of eating them but at this moment me and my partner and friends have been talking about how it’s possible that I have an IBD of some sort and that’s causing my ‘fluffy inflamed poops’. So we were discussing low FodMap foods and talking about how much we love like onions and garlic but it’s considered a huge fucking NO NO if you have any IBD or IBS type things and what did I have on my pizza that day.....garlic and like..not your average amount of garlic cuz they PLASTERED IT with it.

Skip to the next day/morning and I am farting so much like. A LOT which led to me asking my friend and partner about it and they too had the same issue and we all 3 had pizza poops as well where it smelled exactly like pizza. My only weird thing is that when I went to poop and I farted at first all that came out was a mucus

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100K Giveaway - Boujee Autumn Brunch 🍂

Mood board: https://imgur.com/a/34NFvhW

Autumn is my favourite season... and to my fellow Brits, yes, I mean the 4.5 days of mild, sunny weather the UK gets before the Baltic weather hits! Yay! Long coats and cosy knits are my fave. This mood board is inspired by our 4 day autumn and a bottomless brunch.

Review time!

Review #1 -

Chanel Trendy CC

Seller- TS Aaron Factory - 187 King Price - $645.49

My photos: https://imgur.com/a/AHfRD9f

CONFESSION- When I first received this bag I cried! I hated it. The leather felt awful, I was convinced it was part PU / plastic. The bag actually squeaked to touch and move around. I spoke to fellow RepLadies and they said it didn’t seem right, however, I also received some suggestions to use a leather conditioner (leather honey) on it. I plastered this bad boy in leather honey many, many times. And... WOW. Honestly, I felt like I had a new bag. The leather is now SO soft and buttery. I love this bag and it’s now my pride and joy! The leather is so soft that when you lie the bag down, it can leave imprints on the leather. But these can easily be buffed out quickly.

Rating - 10/10

I love this bag! In all honesty I’m not an expert with Chanel, but after watching many, many YouTube videos, I think this bag is perfect. This bag comes with a big price tag, but it was my dream bag so for me, it was worth it! I would recommend this bag if you know you’ll love it, otherwise, I would recommend trying a more mid-tier version - just to make sure you love it before taking the plunge! Aaron was responsive and lovely to deal with, if I would definitely buy from him again!

Review #2

Chanel slingbacks

Seller: TS Fisherman Factory: unsure! Price: $75 + $45 shipping for two pairs of shoes

My photos: https://imgur.com/a/SKG70zS

So when I first saw the PSPs ( https://imgur.com/a/B5ZLiqP ) I was a little disheartened... the toe caps looked far too rounded and large.. but I knew I couldn’t RL as they were size 41, and Fisherman had already told me that the factory don’t accept returns. However, when they arrived I was so pleasantly surprised! They look like completely different shoes. The toe caps are perfect and are slightly pointed like the auths. The leather feels amazing and most importantly they fit like a dream! So comfy as well.

Rating - 10/10

I would highly recommend these shoes! I can’t see any differences to the auths. I love these shoes and they were such a good price in my opinion. Fisherman was lovely

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10 days after embolization and all back to normal – my complete experience

Throwaway account. I've been lurking for the past few months and have found the information here helpful, so I thought I'd share my entire journey with my varicocele in case it's helpful for anyone else in the future.


Embolization worked really well for me and I'd recommend it. The public health system was fast and smooth, and everyone was super friendly and professional. The actual procedure was a lot more unpleasant than I anticipated, but not painful. Recovery was fast (10 days to 95%). I am very happy to get rid of the constant dull pain and swelling. The whole thing cost me about $400 in total. Everything was free except part costs for the specialist and one ultrasound.

The local doctor

I'm 31 years old. Dull pain, redness, and swelling started about four months ago in the left testicle. Where I live (Sydney, Australia), the gyms opened back up again in June so I went back to the gym after a couple of months off and probably pushed myself too hard. That's when it started.

I had epididymitis about five years ago so I assumed it'd be that and antibiotics would clear it up. I went to my local GP and he prescribed some antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and a urine test, assuming it'd come back with evidence of an infection. Urine test came back all clear, so he got me to do it again, and also to do an ultrasound. He did a physical examination too but didn't come up with much. Went and got my ultrasound done and it showed a small varicocele on the left side.

I'd finished the first course of antibiotics / anti-inflammatories, and was feeling better. I initially thought the antibiotics had worked, but I think it was really just the anti-inflammatories keeping the swelling down. He prescribed another course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and was puzzled as to what it was. He referred me to a specialist urologist but I couldn't get an appointment for a few weeks. I kept taking the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, stopped exercising, going to the gym, etc.

The specialist

Went to my appointment and the specialist (Dr Carlo Yuen at St Vincent's Clinic) asked me a bunch of questions. Main things were pain scale, which side, worse in morning or night time, history of epididymitis, antibiotics ineffective. He had a look at my ultrasound and urine test results. Then he got me to take my pants off, stand up on a little stool, and did a physical examination of the testicles. He asked me to hold my breath and squeeze my lower abdom

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My parents are forcing me (15M) to be on their (41F, 46M) reality TV show (USA)

My family has a unique dynamic which my parents have been trying to leverage into a TV contract. I don't want to get into too many details, but think something like "19 Kids & Counting" or "Sister Wives" on TLC.

My parents sat us down yesterday and said they were "in talks" about a show for our family, and that all of us kids are expected to participate.

I'm not super comfortable with the idea of my parents broadcasting their own lives to the world, but ultimately I can't really stop them. What I'm 100% not OK with though, is being forced to appear on the show as myself. I'm worried about how it will impact my ability to find a job and a wife. I'm worried about being the subject of scrutiny for millions of strangers. (Have you SEEN some of the judgmental comments on r/DuggarsSnark?) I'm worried about whether I'll be able to walk in public without being recognized by anyone. Even if the show is a flop, I'll still second-guess all of my public interactions for years, wondering how many strangers know private details about my life. I'm also worried about my siblings, some of whom are too young to even understand what's happening. And finally, I know it might sound stupid, but I just don't like the idea of having my 15-yr-old self immortalized on TV. I don't even like looking in the mirror, I definitely don't want to see my face plastered all over TV and the internet. I'm incredibly awkward and hoping that it will get better with age, but that's going to be hard if my present awkward self remains the most public version of myself.

I've already told my parents I'm not comfortable appearing on camera, but they said that's unacceptable and that for the show to have its impact, the whole family must be on board. They are threatening to take away many of my privileges (internet, driver's license soon, and a small college fund, among other things) if I don't participate. I can live without these things, but I know if our disagreement continues, they will just take away more things or start punishing me more severely. I'm really not trying to be difficult. I'm just afraid being on the show could come back to haunt me.

How can I make my parents understand my side of things?

TL;DR: My parents are forcing me to participate in a reality TV show about our family, but I don't want to because I'm afraid it could hurt my future and the thought of being on TV is just too embarrassing. How can I make them understand?

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When Everyone Knows

"Hey, Four Eyes," Marcus yelled, and I winced as I heard his sneakers smacking the linoleum.

Marcus and I were far from friends. I've known Marcus since my family moved here when I was eight. My first interaction with him was on the playground on my first day of school. Marcus and his small band of cronies wandered up to me as I sat in the sandbox, clearly drawn over by the new kid, and made the dynamic of our future relationship clear right away. I had sand kicked in my face, a sneaker pressed to my chest, and before I knew it, I was on my back in the sandbox as Marcus informed me that he would be collecting my lunch money from now on, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.

As I lay there, staring up at him, without a teacher in sight to help me, I knew at eight what it was to be truly helpless.

For the next eight years, I brought my lunch.

For the next eight years, he took this as a personal challenge to make my life a living hell.

My lunches were stolen, my glasses were broken, my things were vandalized, and my friends and I were tormented by the ever-present shadow of Marcus Highens. I did make friends, of course, but many people avoided me simply because I had elicited the ire of Marcus. He was a constant presence in my life, always there, always looming, always waiting for his next opportunity to show me what I was; his constant victim. I never owned anything that he didn't try to destroy or take away from me. I never liked a girl that he didn't immediately woo and dump in a semester. Marcus made it his business to have anything I wanted, but couldn't afford so he could rub it in my face. I kept hoping, just as mother had always taught me, that karma would catch up with him, and his actions would be punished by that ever-present force of cosmic justice. It seemed, however, that karma was not on my side.

As we grew, Marcus became the darling of whatever school he attended, and I became known as a bit of weirdo. I was a quiet kid, I liked to write, my grades were fine, but I was an introvert and didn't like to show off in class. Marcus, on the other hand, was known and loved by all. I quickly learned that this was how he got away with his bullying. Marcus was large, imposing, but he had a way about him that endeared him to adults. I would never admit it to him, but he was also smart. He never had trouble with grades, never had to study for tests, and seemed to succeed with only minimal effort. He played sports through school and thrived on

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[Melas] - Chapter 61: Saved and Spent


A young woman finds herself dead and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that the world treats magic users the same way ours did— by hunting them down and killing them for heresy.

My name is MELAS?! As in Salem backwards? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!

[Previous Chapter] | [Chapter 1] | [Cover Art] | [RoyalRoad Index and Synopsis] | [Patreon] | Tags: Isekai/Reincarnation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Weak-To-Strong Protagonist, Female Protagonist

Water, earth, fire, fire, air, earth, fire, air.

Earth, air, fire, air, fire, water, earth.

Water, fire, air, water.

I glanced down at the final combination of symbols; it was not a common sight to see water paired with fire, since the two were supposed to be diametrically opposed in their real elemental forms. But this was simply a representation— the symbols were named as such because they roughly resembled the elements, however they were not the direct equivalence of said elements.

The theory behind these symbols was a result of complex observations, with its origins stemming from the Great Hero Xander himself. There were basic fundamental rules to creating working runes to draw the power out of a mana crystal— such as how increasingly complex polygons made out of the fire symbol would generally increase the energy drawn from the mana crystal— yet it was entirely possible to create a brand new, working rune out of a random shape with an arbitrary arrangement of the symbols.

So far, I had been making simple shapes: ones that had been studied thoroughly and was good for training, but had little practical use for real mana tools. It was like learning calculus as a mathematics major hoping to pursue a Doctorate in Mathematics in the future— I had a long way to go before I could create the kinds of tools my Dwarven companion did.

I was diligent, but I was not a genius.

I picked the piece of paper up, and inspected it carefully; there were no mistakes that I could see, which instilled in me a sense of accomplishment. I proudly laid the sheet back down onto th

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One for the Road

First Previous Next

We're closing in on the end of their time on Sulminda!

/ / /

The alarm sounded, trying to pull Karen out of her slumber. She kept her eyes shut as she reached out from under the covers, smacking at her comm to shut it up. After a couple of attempts, she grabbed it and dragged it back under the covers with her to snooze it. Chills crept over her, making her snug the covers around her while she scooted backward in search of Von and his warmth. However, her short search only found coolness when she edged across the bed.

Where did he…??

Realization finally pierced the fog of sleep as she remembered telling Von that she needed to go home to pack and actually get some sleep. While that had been a perfectly reasonable decision at the time, now she found herself grumbling about the lack of warmth that an extra body under the covers with her would have supplied and wondered if getting more sleep had really been more important than…well, she could still spend time with him tonight before heading out tomorrow. After all, she did want to talk with him about the job and that wouldn’t take too long. Plenty of time after that, right?

The petite brunette began a lazy stretch, then reflexively tucked her legs back tight against her body when her foot found a cold spot on her mattress. A short but rather throaty growl came out from under the covers as she gave up trying to get comfortable so she could sleep until her alarm went off again.

May as well get up and moving.

Resigning herself to getting out of bed, Karen swung her legs off the bed as she threw back the covers. “Holy shit!”

The exclamation hung in the frigid air in front of her. Gooseflesh broke out across her skin while she curled into a ball and wrapped the covers back around herself in a vain attempt to retain some body heat. “Why is it so cold in here?”

Her comm decided this was the perfect time to sound off, chiming loudly in its effort to remind her that she needed to get out of bed today. Karen finally found its hiding spot under her pillow and silenced the noisy device. Moving around during the search had allowed more cold air to find her, which set her teeth to chattering while she jabbed at the comm’s screen to call Von. Her shaking was severe enough that it took a coupl

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A Mission of First - Part 5

[Previous] [First] [Next]

...and thanks to their valiant efforts, fire damage to the museum was minimized, however- what’s that? Right now? Ladies and Gentlemen I’m just now receiving word of a breaking news story. Humanity’s first faster than light capable ship, the Sacagawea, has splashed down in the Pacific Ocean weeks before it was scheduled to return. Details are scarce, but a nearby cruise ship was able to render aid to the ship and recover the astronauts on board. Photographs from witnesses aboard the cruise ship show the Sacagawea crew, consisting of Commander Glenn Thompson, Pilot Ron Parker, and Engineer Jack Takeuchi, alive and well after removal from the ship. Mysteriously, witness photographs also seem to show one other person being recovered from the ship, with rumors of a second extra person still on board. Neither NASA nor JAXA have yet to release an official statement on the events currently unfolding.

I laid in bed, listening to the birds sing outside of my window as I tried to push back the anxiety and panic from the previous night’s dreams. The days and nights were longer here, and even after more than a month I still found myself rising before the sun. Across the hall, I could hear the sound of snoring. Ron wasn’t awake yet, but the sun was beginning to rise and he’d be up shortly.

I stood up and stretched, sighing contentedly as my back cracked, then pulled on a t-shirt and some sweatpants. I wandered groggily to the kitchen. Feeling particularly lazy, I pulled a box of frozen pancakes from the freezer and turned on the oven. Sure, the microwave would have been faster, but I still didn’t trust something that emitted radiation with so little shielding. I opened the box and noted with dismay that it was almost empty. We’d definitely need to go out to get more. I sat down at the kitchen table and contemplated my situation.

The human government had allowed me a surprising amount of freedom, going so far as to allow me to go out in public, so long as I was under constant supervision. Not that I went out much. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with all the attention I drew. I almost think I would have preferred staying hidden from the general public altogether, but that wasn’t

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I Opened My Sister's Photoshop Files

When my sister Mary moved back into the house, it didn't sit well with my parents. She had moved out on her own for a year, and in that time had managed to blow every single penny at a casino. She claimed she would move out again, "Once she was back on her feet," but after eight months of her living with us, there seemed to be little hope of her leaving any time soon.

My mom and dad were desperate. They set up interviews, they forced her to job shadow, anything to get her a job. She was twenty-seven years old, and my parents were too old to be looking after her all the time. At my young age of thirteen, I wasn't able to move out, but I avoided being a nuisance.

Every day Mary would leave the house, normally very early in the morning. She would be gone all day. The only time I'd see my sister were at dinnertime, and that was it. After that, she would disappear into her room until she left again the next morning. Mary claimed to be spending all this time, "Networking," and "Searching for openings," but we all knew the truth; she was going to her boyfriend, Jeremy's place. None of us had seen Jeremy for a long time, as they never came over, but she would post pictures of them to her social media almost every day. They would be sitting on a bench at the park, or on a chair at the pool, or standing on the beach. In the standing pictures, Mary was always supporting Jeremy. He was leaning on her, arms around her shoulders. I learned to disregard her posts, as most of them were the same. However, I did notice that she had astonishing amounts of likes on her pictures. For some reason, I never seemed to picture my sister as, "popular," but it was a little strange seeing the hundreds of thousands of likes and followers she had.

A few times, I attempted to listen in on what Mary was doing in her room. I never heard anything interesting, just the sounds of her breathing and the trackpad on her laptop being clicked. During the day when she wasn't there, I didn't go into her room, as it was on the opposite side of our house from mine. On the rare occasion that I did happen to glance into her room, I didn't notice anything of interest, just some empty chip wrappers on the floor and several pictures of her and her boyfriend framed on her desk and nightstand.

I suppose I should tell you why I'm I'm explaining this to you. Well, I never thought much of any of her behavior until four o'clock one morning when I was aroused by the sound of the door slamming. It was unusual

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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 6, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.


1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002


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DMT experimentation lead to my death and rebirth

To preface, this is my first time posting in this subreddit and my first breakthrough experience with DMT. This may be long but I feel like I need to share what I experienced, because I’m still processing everything and would love to hear back from more experienced users.

So, I have been a long time user psychedelics and have grown an indescribable amount due to them. As I’m sure many have in this subreddit. One thing I’ve learned with psychs is that I throughly enjoy measuring all my doses and studying the effects/experiences I have with them. Now, I was recently introduced to DMT by a friend using a cartridge. That experience was extremely different, but wasn’t as intense as I was expecting from DMT, but it ignited my curiosity tenfold. I then found some actually powder shortly after, and last night was my first time to really buckle down and experiment.

I committed to 3 separate hits starting at 25mg, then 30mg and finally 40mg. At 25mg I definitely experienced the most intense visuals I’ve ever had in my life (as to be expected with powder). I’d say I had the typical fractal warp tunnel visuals combined with a decent amount of disassociation with my body. It was truly amazing, but I wanted to go farther. So then on to 30mgs. Now this is what confused me, my trip this time was actually less intense then my 25mg one! As a result, I grew a lot of confidence very quickly with DMT after 30mgs. So I said fuck it, and decided to load a 40mg hit. I had NO FUCKING idea what I was getting myself into haha. I queued up Dive by Tycho, took the hit, and almost immediately went into warp drive and entered a fractal dimension. As I’m zooming through this new place, I could still hear the song. But the tones were being stretched out into long high pitched tones that seemed to loop, except it was still musical. I’d say about after a minute and a half in this constantly morphing fractal galaxy that I was blasted into, I started to lose my body. I felt my limbs tingle and then freeze. I started to panic and for the first time in my life I felt like I was truly dying. My breathing started to diminish, then what really terrified me was this beautiful colorful fractal dimension I was in, suddenly turned black and white. Absolutely no color. Once that happened I used the last bit of my physical movement I had left and ripped my headphones out and took one big breath out of sheer shock of it all. As if it was my final breath in this world. Then everything went black and s

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📅︎ Sep 13 2020
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Steelcase Migration SE (Pre?) Review & AMA

Hey folks!

I promised a while back that when I finally received my Steelcase Migration SE, I would post a thorough review and answer questions, because as someone who obsessively researches products before making a purchase, I found it incredibly frustrating looking up this desk before buying because the information simply isn't out there.

Furthermore, I am committing to answering any questions about this desk either in this thread or via PM in perpetuity. So if you read this post 2 years from now, and want to ask a question, just PM me- I use reddit actively, and I will respond.

#Background Information

The reason this is being called a "pre" review is I cannot adequately review the desk at this time, as the controls to raise/lower the desk arrived damaged (totaled). As such, although I have put the desk together, it is stuck in its lowest position. I sent photos of the damage to Steelcase this morning and requested they send me a replacement via next-day air. Who knows if they'll actually do it 🤷‍♂️. I'm getting what information I can out now as I know some of you folks have been anxiously waiting... I will edit this thread in the coming days to add more information/additional context.

#Why did I choose the Steelcase Migration SE?

I almost went with the UPLIFT Desk, but ultimately went with the Migration SE for a few reasons:

  • This might sound vain...but I hate logos on products. When shopping for electronic accessories, I will always go with whatever doesn't have logos plastered all over it. For me, the idea of FURNITURE with logos crosses the line, and it's not making its way into my house. A lot of available standing desks such as the UPLIFT have a massive logo plastered on their legs, the touch controls, and elsewhere. The only logo this desk has is an extremely tiny and low contrast "Steelcase," and only on some models of the touch controls.
  • Steelcase is an extremely established brand in the office furniture space, known for high quality products. A lot of the hyped up newer brands' products are made in China, have low quality motors/controls, etc. I also read some concerning reviews, and one that particularly scared me was BTOD's review of the UPLIFT which claims it is "excessively greasy." I know BTOD isn't necessarily the most trustworthy source, but I wasn't about to spend $700 to f
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Entitled Neighbor hates the smell of fire pits and thinks he controls the outside world

Short time lurker, first-time poster so hopefully my formatting is alright. This happened years ago but I have recently found this sub and decided I may as well share.

EN = Entitled Neighbor

Background: So we live on a decent-sized lot for the area and built an outdoor fire pit because who doesn't like fire. This had two purposes, first and mainly that we love to sit out and enjoy a warm fire and occasionally roast marshmallows and we finally have a large enough space to have a good fire pit. Second, was to give us a way to get rid of studs and wood lath without paying to haul it away. We're restoring an essentially abandoned house and were in the early stages involving demoing some walls and rearranging the layout back how the house originally was before the horrible work that was done since the house was split over the past 70 years, tons of very old dried wood to burn (we kept any really old studs for re-use but a lot was the 1950s or later.)

The story: Within a month of setting up the fire pit EN climbs up our fence to look over and yells at us to put the fire out that the smell was bothering him. Us being neighborly obliged and doused the fire. For a few months, we continued to burn and kindly put the fire out whenever he complained but then he declared war and called the fire department on us. The fire department came and told us that recreational fires are allowed but unless we were actively cooking it was not a recreational fire and was not legal. Since we were not cooking at this time we had to put it out, so we did.

Now we only burned when we were cooking and knowing EN couldn't make us stop but we didn't want to be the a-holes who moved in and caused trouble so the next time EN told us to put the fire out I tried to have our first (and last) friendly conversation about it. I told him that we will try to keep the fire down to at most once a week so it doesn't get too bothersome. EN then responds that he will LET US burn once a month and on holidays! I tried explaining he wasn't letting us do anything that I was being polite by limiting our fires but he was having none of it. To fully understand what an uncaring a-hole EN is, during this conversation, he mentions that we were unneighborly by putting up a fence immediately after moving in (we have 2 dogs) but then comments that he put up a few small panels of fence facing our house a while ago to "hide the eyesore."

Next, we had the health department show up at our door. A v

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Just moved into our new home and it’s been a nightmare.

Hello all, everyone loves to hear the horror stories about buying a house so I’ll offer you my living nightmare that I am still currently experiencing.

Early July, my fiancé and I made an offer for our first home. It is an older house in our small town that had been recently updated by a large local real estate company. We love old houses and the price was good, and it had nice updates, like a walk in closet and an additional bathroom in the master bedroom. It had a ton of showings the first day, it was definitely eye catching and, objectively, a popular house because most things on the market in this price range don’t look as nice as this. We put in the first offer and we got it.

We got a house inspection and it turns out I know the guy (he was a regular at a past job of mine - small town!). He’s noticing a lot of small things, like dishwasher isn’t running and the drains under the sink weren’t sealed. Nothing major, but still annoying and I was a little shocked by it. The real estate company is big in this area and everyone around the area that I talked to had high expectations for them. During the house inspection, it storms. We are in the basement while it’s storming, and water starts pouring from the wall. It’s a stacked stone structure. When I say pouring, I mean you could cup your hand to the wall and it would fill instantly. It stopped raining before the puddles could get too deep, but we had seen enough.

We went a video and pictures to my realtor who sent it to the seller and he immediately said it would be fixed and that he had no idea. No one was living in the house, they just flipped it. We had bad feelings but we gave him the benefit of the doubt. We negotiated back and forth several times with the seller about the work to be done. We told him exactly what we wanted to be done and he hired a contractor to do it. We checked on the work as it was done and feel good about it. And actually, we haven’t had any issues with the basement since then.

On the day of closing, the fridge wasn’t working during our final walk through. We contacted the seller, who told us it was brand new (we figured) but he told us it was still under warranty, he gave us the warranty info and called them to set an apt for them to look at it two days later. We decided to close anyway, because we thought that either way we would just be waiting for the warranty company, so we might as well close and we can start moving in. We were also running out of time to get out of

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[The Scuu Paradox] - Chapter 33

At the Beginning

Previously on The Scuu Paradox…

&nbsp; Minomii, Cassandrian Front – 622.2 A.E. (Age of Expansion)

&nbsp; &nbsp; They’re clustering, Righteous Wrath said through the comm. Eighty-nine percent chance we’ll see a splintering in a quarter hour.

&nbsp; Eighteen estimated clusters, Origin transmitted. Trajectories suggest butterfly formation. Haven’t seen one of those before.

&nbsp; There’s too many of them to be fleeing, Guiding Light said. Does anyone have records of similar behaviour?

&nbsp; Remaining fleet, Priority orders! This is admiral ship Sudden Dawn. I’m assuming direct command!

&nbsp; “Received Priority orders, Captain,” I informed my bridge. “Confirming authority.” I sent a query to Command. Details were classified, but it was confirmed that there was an active admiral aboard. Considering the small numbers involved in the battle, this was unusual.

&nbsp; All designated ships cover escape points, Sudden Dawn ordered.

&nbsp; A list of names followed, but mine wasn’t among them.

&nbsp; “Authority confirmed,” I told the bridge. “Orders?”

&nbsp; “Disengage current targets.” Augustus sounded surprisingly calm. “Status?”

&nbsp; “Three percent hull damage,” I said, with a note of reluctance. A pair of Cassandrian missiles had managed to pass through my external defence grid, resulting in an explosion on the side of my hull. The damage was minimal, but the fact that I had been hit by such a sloppy attack so soon after arriving was upsetting. “Shields at full capacity. No internal damage. Missile bays are at seventy-two percent capacity.”

&nbsp; “Stop all firing, fortify outer hull.” The captain took a puff of his cigar. “Set up a firewall.” The man turned to his weapon’s officer, then gave him a brief nod. “Ready all shuttles and ground troops.”

&nbsp; “Are you sure, captain?” I rechecked all gathered data of the system. There were a total of twenty-nine large planets, none of them presenting any interest to us or the Cassandrians. The system had no strategic significance, planet life factors were negative, and resource deposits weren’t out of the ordinary. Still, I had served long enough with him to predict part of his behaviour. “Notifications sent out.” I plastered the message in all soldier quar

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Hi, How are you?

Morning drinking in Wolf Point, MT. I'm in the only hotel here. They don't care if you're plastered, & they serve room service. It's on an indian reservation.

Someone set fire to the field in front of the hotel. I was smoking & pacing & all of a sudden i see a huge fire in the field. then some native youth drove by & yelled "BOOM" @ me and sped off.

Favorite things so far:

  • Guy who left his room door ajar 24/7 with country music playing while stumbling around the hotel. i saw a huge stack of bud lights.

  • native guy who looks me over before deciding im trustworthy enough to pay cash for a room

  • border patrol guys: they could've arrested me. i wont go into details but yo, US border patrol are nice guys. Canadian border patrol were actually the very rude ones, believe it or not.

  • finding $50 in small bills right outside my motel room door. how? why? definitely wasnt mine.

  • waking up with someone elses room keys. they still worked...how..why?

I'll be here all day, feel free to shitpost with me. Love life!

Hi my name is yrbabiesacowgirl & I'm an alcoholic. Thank you for listening.

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[Update] I've been living with my girlfriend [26F] for almost a month, dating for 1.5 years. She's revealing an... increasing interest in Vampire role playing which was fun at first but now I'm [24M] worrying it's going too far

Original: https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/g17l6g/ive_been_living_with_my_girlfriend_26f_for_almost/

So I’m aware this is kinda a delayed update, but in all honestly after making the post I was fully prepared to leave it, move on and deal with it myself. As well as some personal issues I just didn’t really see this as a priority for me.

I just want to say I read lots of the comments, even a few of the twitter ones, and the first thing I want to get off my chest is that: holy fuck its ‘sanguine’ not Sam Gwein, I feel like such a fucking idiot, it made research so much easier. I even watched all of lord of the rings but didn’t learn anything about them. My friend is part welsh but he didn’t know what I meant and I had to drop it quickly to avoid embarrassment. There was so many results on it online and it seemed pretty daunting, so I didn’t read much into it yet, I’m waiting for when I’m in a reading mood.

I will just get straight to the point and say I don’t know exactly what I would call the current status on my relationship with her, but it is definitely ending.

I am thankful people recognised my situation as potentially abusive, it sounds weird but until it was pointed out, it hadn’t really clicked with me. She has always been somewhat assertive before as she works in a demanding field and knows what she wants, and I’ve been all too willing to go along with anything because she always knew better.

For the first week after my post I skirted around the idea of saying anything to her because she gets upset very easily and I didn’t want to have a confrontation. Most arguments we had seemed one-sided and I would always compromise in the end, even doing stuff I wasn’t comfortable with - the vampire stuff isn’t the first weird horror roleplay we’ve had. I was happy to go along with the vamp stuff because it required literally hours less preparation than some of the other stuff we did. The silver lining was that I never had to do much, she would do 95% of the prep, she spent hours one time doing make up, and all I had to do was get a red balloon. I think that level of dedication is something I really admire about her.

Things had calmed down for the 1st + 2nd week, probably because my gf’s work had picked up and she back into doing her long hours. She had mentioned some developments into memorising me, I think to draw, she is a really nifty artist, and truth be told a nice distraction from the world events. I have even begun cooki

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Best Options to Extend Wifi Range in an Old House?

Can anyone please help me figure out the best way to extend the Verizon FIOS Wifi in my house? Please excuse if I use incorrect terminology. This is definitely not my area of expertise, although I have done some research.

Current setup:
* House built in the 1870s with plaster & lath walls
* Our main router is the Verizon FIOS Actiontech router, located on the 1st floor, plugged into coax cable. It is on the top of a bookshelf with open line-of-sight to the front two rooms of the first floor.
* We have a Verizon FIOS Network Extender in the home office at the opposite end of 1st floor, plugged into coax cable, so that my husband could run an ethernet cable from his laptop to it. He uses a data-intensive subscription service and WiFi was insufficient.
* Apple TimeCapsule plugged into main Actiontech router via Ethernet cable

My daughters complain that they get virtually no wifi signal on the 2nd floor of the house. So we would like to do something to boost the signal up there.

Some options I have looked into:

* Putting a second network extender upstairs. The reason I am hesitant to do this is that the first network extender reduced the bandwidth of the main router by about half. I used a wifi speed test site, and the Actiontech router got speeds of 25 Mbps or less with poor stability, while the TimeCapsule (which is plugged into the Actiontech) got 50 Mbps with good stability. I did some research and apparently this is a common problem with the network extenders. So I do not want to use a second extender and degrade the bandwidth even more.

* A mesh network. As far as I can tell, to use a mesh network plugged into the Actiontech router, I have to disable the Verizon network. This won't work because my husband needs the Network Extender in the office, and we can't replace it with a mesh device because we need to be able to plug in the coax cable. Could I run a mesh network off of the Time Capsule instead?

* So now I'm wondering if I should get a second FIOS router and plug it into one of the coax cables that are run into the second floor. Is this a possibility? Could I set up a second wifi network upstairs? I've done some research but the answer is unclear to me. I understand that if I have two networks, we would not be able to access devices that are on the downstairs network, like the printer, on the upstairs network.

Many thanks for any help!

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I'm a Supernatural Private Investigator and I Met a... Being in a Library and I Can't Get It Out Of My Head...

As a Private Investigator, libraries are sort of my second home. You wouldn’t believe how often I have fallen asleep on the ground surrounded by books and newspapers and far too much coffee.

I’m not however the kind of PI who stalks cheating partners or finds your runaway teen. It’s a lot more complicated than that. I’m a bit of a different kind when it comes to PIs I’d say… Mainly because I take the cases which the police considers as pranks or too “weird” to even look into. And partially because I’m probably less human than you are.

I’m not sure actually how different I am… you don’t get definitions for when you stop counting as a human or when you’re still clutching onto that last threat of humanity inside yourself.

But nevermind that. Back to the library.

It happened last winter, before we went into lockdown. The library was fairly empty when I arrived, therefore I assumed it would take perhaps two to three hours until I’d be completely alone and able to peacefully work through the night. I got a key, so the library is quite literally open 24/7 for me.

(I once got rid of a ghost here, and as a thank you, they gave me the key and very strict instructions on how the books should look like in the morning.)

I spent the time until 11pm in the section for medical textbooks, just reading random pages and writing down trivia information, when Rose, the young student from the main desk, informed me the main doors would get locked now and she’d be leaving. I smiled and said “Good night”, hoping it sounded at least a little bit sincere.

Most people call me an arsehole with a resting bitch face, but I’m trying, okay?

Once she left, I made my way over towards the section with mythology and folklore, spreading my notes out on several tables and picking book after book from the shelves. I was trying to find additional information on Banshees, anything I hadn’t come across yet which could potentially be relevant for the case I was working on at the time. The case itself isn’t really important for this story here…

I think what happened next was entirely unrelated.

I lost track of time… as everyone knows who has ever done research into a topic they are passionate about. The only reason I know around which time the temperature had started dropping was because my phone nearly fell off the table while vibrating. I dropped my pen to grab it before it could reach the edge.

The lock-screen read 1:27am, together with a message by my flatmate Peter asking w

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185 -> 152 (modified keto!!)

Never in my life did I think that I would leave the 180s. Leave the "overweight" zone my doctor always told me about. Ive been heavy since middle school, always bigger than the other girls (on top of being a loser too). High schools already sucky-ness was AMPLIFIED by being heavy. Got picked on in middle school, mostly ignored in high school, and spent every morning pinching my thighs on the bus, sucking in my gut, spending who knows how long plastering my face with makeup, and overall just completely hating myself. The only thing I had going for me was being the "funny, high energy big girl". But what really kicked my ass to "oh no, I need to lose weight", was when my NP mom pointed out that I was getting signs of diabetes, black lines in my neck roll, armpits, behind my kneecaps, I was devastated. I tried everything, calorie counting, exercise, vegan, vegetarian, mediterranean, juice cleanse, you name it and Ive done it. I managed to lose 5-10 pounds with a weird combo of everything, but then I got depressed and gained most of it back. Then my parents told me about keto. A diet I could eat as much as I wanted, meat, dairy, cheese, veggies, small amounts of fruit, as long as I maintained 20g of carbs. It definitely took a while to figure out, because wow are there so many carbs out there, but I freaking did it and I loved it. I loved everything I was eating, I changed it around to fit my needs, and the weight Very Slowly fell off. I decided instead of trying to lose as much as possible in a short amount of time, I gave myself a realistic goal. 2020, in one year, I wanted to hit 150. And thats IT. I didnt throw on 100 different goals for 2020, I just wanted one goal to focus all my attention on, and I freaking destroyed it. I move without feeling out of breath, I can sit with my legs crossed, I eat smaller potions because Im not as hungry anymore, I have a healthy relationship with food, more energy to occasionally exercise, everything in my life has looked up, and I am never going back. I look in the mirror and actually think Im pretty. Ive never experienced "self love" or confidence until now, but it has changed everything. I can focus on doing things I love now, instead of constantly bullying myself. Im proud of who Ive become, I completely changed my wardrobe, I dress the way Ive always DREAMED of dressing, Im not scared of going to the beach and feeling gross, people show genuine attraction to me (I dont even think that it was because of weight loss,

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Who is Audrey?

To be clear, this isn’t as much a theory post as much as it is me talking about which stories one could tell with Audrey and which I would find most interesting.

A common idea that I’ve seen is that it’s Henry’s daughter, who Joey kidnapped and was reading a story to at the very end of the first game.

This is an interesting idea. Most proponents of this idea believe that Joey was raising Audrey to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a saviour for the sketch dimension. Some believe that he fed her ink- this I take issue with, as if she’d been drinking ink since 1964, she’d definitely be a lost one by now. It is possible that she was sacrificed and transformed, however. There’s no rule saying that the cartoons the machine spits out have to be of the Bendy franchise- theoretically, anything Joey draws could be brought to life. Joey may have done this to make her stronger, to age her to adult, or even to give her her power.

Another idea I’ve seen floated is that she’s Nathan’s daughter. I find this extremely interesting.

Picture this: you’re the daughter of a wealthy business man. He was never abusive to you, but he was a nasty piece of work, and as an adult you’ve grown rather distant. One day you receive a letter in the mail:


This is your mother. About a year ago, your father purchased a mysterious machine, and as of now, he’s missing. What I’m about to tell you will sound crazy, but you have to believe me. The machine has the ability to create a dimension that your father is now trapped in. He is literally at the center of his own little world. He’s continuously making it bigger. Every night when he was still around, he would come back later, more ink-stained, and less coherent. I tried to get him to stop. Right now, he either can’t leave, isn’t sane enough to, or doesn’t want to. The dimension is growing to the point where it can’t be contained anymore. Objects in our house are beginning to look like the ones he creates, like the dimension is leaking. One of the creatures from the dimension appeared in my room yesterday. I can’t call the police- I don’t think they’d be much help, and I’m complicit in so much that he’s done. Audrey, I need you to go in there and save him. He can control the dimension. He’ll help you.


I like this idea. A lot. Admittedly it’s a bit repetitive from the last game (they’re both about a person turning their backs on someone toxic and then coming back to see what they’ve wrought), but imagine the poss

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Kpop merch, creativity and stuff I wish companies put out more of

I am definitely a fan who buys albums but I honestly can count on my left hand on much merch I've bought. Like once in 2013, I bought 2 pairs of fake ass, ugly ass EXO chibi socks and them shits broke after like 1 wash, thanks sketchy ass fan website.

Anyway, using EXO as an example, I'd say their merch over the years has been okay however some of it is simply so gimmicky that it's like what the fuck?? People really be buying this?? But some of their tour merch is WHEW kind of amazing. Shoutout to some of the Exo'rdium merch I still have from like 2017.

However, why is it that companies don't produce tote bags? I literally live for tote bags and tote bags only??? What about cute metal pins/badges?? Stationery?? BETTER quality hoodies and t-shirts?? Idk just stuff that can used in everyday life.

I also feel like many companies kind of just plaster the groups logo, maybe some member names and possibly the album title and call it a day on some of the merch. I feel like merch should definitely not be limited to this. It always looks so basic...It's gotten better of the years but meh, more can and should be done.

Also, I'd like to applaud BT21 merch, I feel as if it's really well done? Maybe opinions differ with actual armies but as a very casual listener/observer of BTS, it's some of the best merch I've seen. It qualifies as merch right? Even tho it's Line that seems to produce it? Or am I just misinformed? There's a line&friends store in my city and I work nearby and I really love the line of merch. I even bought a Tata pen once, good stuff.

Anyway, do you collect or buy merch? Has your groups produced anything you like or have bought? Is there any kind of merch you wish to see or hate to see?

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There are lots of choices for city council, not just the incumbents!

Please, please if you are a resident of Anaheim take a look at your candidates for city council. Most of the incumbents do not have our best interests as individual citizens at heart. Take a good look at this 'deal' where they are giving away the stadium for a fraction of what we, as a city who own this property, should be getting for it. Please don't vote for candidates just because they have the most money to plaster their names all over your community and waste paper stuffing your mailbox. I'm begging you as a resident of this city, and someone who works in Anaheim as well, please do a few minutes of research and vote the best choice, not just the loudest.

The city and county level is where your vote matters more than anywhere else on the ballot. Encourage your friends and family to vote, because one vote can definitely make all the difference here.

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The American Tolkien Isn't George R. R. Martin. It's Stephen King

I wrote this for the Fantasy Hive last year. Also, spoilers below.

Time Magazine called George R. R. Martin “The American Tolkien” back in 2005. Since then, it’s been plastered all over his books. And why not? It explains, to a point, what A Song of Ice and Fire is about. It’s Lord of the Rings in reverse, in a lot of ways, a world where long-last magic is slowly returning. It’s about, in Martin’s own words, Aragorn’s tax policies.

But the quote isn’t ‘Westeros is the American response to Middle Earth.” It was “The American Tolkien.” And that’s a different matter.

When I think of Tolkien, I think that, to him, Middle Earth was a mythology for England. Westeros doesn’t have that for America. It’s a well-detailed world with lots of lore and history both ancient and recent for readers to fall into, but it’s not a myth for America the way Middle Earth is for England.

For that, we need The Dark Tower.

The Face of Your Father

In the introduction to his Dark Tower series, King mentions that the two key texts that brought The Dark Tower to his mind were The Lord of the Rings (his setting is called Mid-World, a pretty clear tip of the hat to Middle-Earth) and Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

When we’re dealing with American myth, the western is one of the key genres. Despite the fact that the world has moved on, there’s still a lot of that frontier concept in Americana. While other countries can have their frontier narratives, the history being focused on in a western story is generally American.

The Gunslinger shows us Roland of Gilead, a lone gunslinger following a man in black across a desert. This has become one of the most famous first lines in literature. Much of the first novel in particular is striking in the way King describes the desert—the apotheosis of all deserts. King wrote The Gunslinger significantly before even Carrie, and his style is drastically different from subsequent installments. The prose makes the setting feel even more alien.

The Gunslinger remains very much a western with horror and fantasy elements coming in at the edges. That changes as the series progresses, but The Gunslinger set a mood for those installments.

The second book, The Drawing of the Three, takes place in various points in American (specifically New York) history. Roland helps out a junkie named Eddie Dean in 1987, a civil rights leader in 1964 unaware she has multiple personalities, and then takes over the body of a sociopath in 1977, usi

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I wanna be one of the cool kids!.. so here's some Smell Bent reviews

Hi everyone! I've been slowly accumulating Smell Bent scents over the last couple weeks and finally compiled a massive review post. Still waiting on a couple samples that got lost in the mail and had to be reshipped (and customer service was AWESOME about that), but I think this is probably enough to justify a review for now.

The intro stuff:

TAT/Customer Service: Amazing. Had these samples in my hands three days from the day my order was placed. You cannot beat that. Each of my orders came with one free EDP sample, which was very nice, and they weren't duplicated across my three orders. Not sure if that was by chance, but I bet it wasn't.

Packaging: Very secure, nothing broke at all and the samples were well packed. The glass 4 mL EDP bottles are very high quality, and the label art is adorable.

Let's not waste a lot of time with all the jazz. On to the smells!

Werewolf Lumberjack (oversexed wolf musk sprayed atop a pile of freshly cut timber)

Whoa nelly. This is the kind of thing that appeals to a very specific customer. Thankfully, that customer is me. It is dirrrrrty. Like filthy, skanky dirty, but in a good way. Not baking in the sun for hours loaded up on BO sweat, more like you’ve sweat juuuust enough to get those pheromones flowing. It’s a dirty, slightly animalic musk with a lot of wood that was chopped moments ago, and still has that green wood smell. Longevity is great, but throw is surprisingly low.

I accidently tested this on a day my husband and I were supposed to go have a bonfire with our new neighbors (couldn’t Covid my way out of this one, there were only going to be like 8 people there, and it was outside on 10 acres…). And obviously, this is not the type of scent I would normally reach for on a day I knew I was going to be around strangers. But I had three people tell me I smelled good… which is pretty good odds out of 8, especially when one of the 8 was me and another was my husband, who is confused why I would even want to test a scent that smelled like “oversexed wolf musk”. And I get it, what exactly is an oversexed wolf and is that really something any of us want to think about?

And yes, I’m a coward, so when these people said I smell good I just said “thanks” not, “I’m wearing Werewolf Lumberjack”. I don’t think I’ll ever be that brave when I’m sober. Rating: 4.5/5 The concept of sex in the woods. Not wolf sex, human sex.

Disco Nap *(a dreamy blend of caramelized vanilla and ambergris softened

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Does anyone remember a TV channel called ‘Beneath the Static’? (Part 5)

I have dreaded this moment since I started recounting what happened. It’s the same sensation of something unseen grabbing you from a nightmare before you wake up. Only now I barely sleep and the dread never goes away.

I have said many times now that I am not who I say I am, that I’m sorry to those of you showing your support to me because your faith in me is so misplaced. I bear the responsibility for so much of what happened on that day, even if my friends tell me that it is not my doing. Guilt is a permanent parasite once you let it in, it nestles itself between the electrical pylons of your brain and makes sure you NEVER feel ease again.

I’m stalling, forgive me, I need to do this. This may be the longest entry of them all, the one that will leave with more questions than answers, but not only is it necessary I explain things in this manner, I have no other way of doing so. I apologise in advance if the structure of what happened is confusing, I have put both perspectives together. There’s also a song at the end, indulge a broken soul, it’s all I can think about now when I relive those moments.

There will be no immediate aftermath commentary, instead I will leave that onto whatever happens next.

I got a text this morning sent within a group chat with the others, I’m too sleep deprived and pain addled to discern the majority of the message save for the end of it;

“Flight gets in at six. We’ll see you for dinner. Time to end this.”

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 (FINAL)

I’ll start off by apolo

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Trainspotting and Finno-Russo-American cultural exchange

Almost feels childish posting a stupid conscript story in the middle of stories from actual veterans, but I thought maybe someone is interested in what goes on behind the curtains of joint international exercises. Or at least might find it funny.

One warm spring morn', the Americans came.

And they hauled a god damn army’s worth of bells and whistles with them. My Finnish Army conscript MP detachment’s job was to make sure there were armed dudes (preferably Finnish military personnel) standing next to said bells and whistles, 24/7.

First the vehicles had to be hauled on a train from a port to the exercise grounds some few hundred km’s away. The train wasn’t exactly inconspicuous, what with car after car of door-stopper shaped armour (APC’s? looked a bit like the Finnish Patria AMV), and those big off-road cars you see in movies and hip-hop music videos, albeit this time with fewer women in their underwear. My platoon was tasked with tailing the Yankee train in Land Cruisers and perimeter-guard it every time it had to make a stop along the way. This made it feel kinda like we were taking the President’s dog for a piss (Lennu is a national treasure and if something were to happen to him this country would implode). Apparently they were mainly worried about vandalism. Finland is a prosperous, civilised place, but NATO forces on your soil isn’t exactly a simple concept when you share 1200km of border with Russia and are not a nato-country.

I suspect prospective threats include but are not limited to:

  1. Old timers who support and believe in concepts like peat power, finlandization and the tooth fairy
  2. Hippies with their creative baby killer slogans
  3. Russian businessmen with totally coincidental GRU ties

The first category was repelled purely by timing the transport to nighttime. Hippies on the other hand had the perfect sleep cycle for this. However their loitering operators were routed without confrontation simply by the presence of uniforms equipped for moderate violence. Nice blokes, just wished us a good night from a train station. I doubt they were planning on actually doing anything, but who knows. The third category? Well… officially Finland is prepared to defend herself against the mysterious Yellow Nation, (relation to the Fire Nation is unknown) but Russia would probably be the next favourite candidate. There

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The previous tenant left a survival guide. Some families are more dysfunctional than others.

TW: animal abuse

My brain hurt trying to process the things I’d learned. Derek had never mentioned his family or that he, by blood, had a claim to the building. He was always so in tune with it, it made sense but it was never something I’d considered.

I woke on the sofa that morning confused. I had no idea how to continue. The vine had grown almost the entire perimeter of the flat, carefully weaving between my furniture and appliances, it’s waxy exterior reflecting sunlight from the windows. It stopped at the bedroom door, not crossing the threshold to Jamie’s prison.

I bit the bullet and decided to call Terri. I hadn’t spoken to her since her and the kid’s visit a few days prior and I wanted to see if she remembered Derek ever talking about his brother or if she knew of any basement. Terri had grown up in the building, she was bound to have explored more thoroughly than Mr Prentice.

Before I could get on to any of that I owed her an apology. My interaction with her had been rude and I had been too distracted to check on her the past few weeks. I had been a terrible friend.

I hit dial on video chat and waited for a response. When she picked up the phone she looked even worse than she had the last time I saw her. The dark circles were beginning to look like deep, inky tattoos, permanently stained on her face. Still, she smiled, just like she always did.

“Terri, are you ok? I’m so sorry about the other day I was just...”

“It’s fine Kat. I understand, everything with Ms Beckman must have bought back some tough feelings for you. I should’ve waited a day or two... I’m sorry.” My heart melted as she spoke, I’d never had such a loyal and genuine friend.

“Thank you. Don’t be sorry, it helped seeing you guys. How are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m ok. The kids aren’t behaving great at night, I’m not sure if lockdowns got to them or something else. I have to watch everything that they do. The other day I caught Eddie trying to take apart the washing machine with his claws. By the time I stopped him Ellie had ripped up the shower curtains trying to climb them.” She sounded defeated and, at best, definitely not ok.

“I wish I were allowed to help. I miss you.” I sighed, longing for the day I could sit and drink tea with her.

“Are you ok Kat? You haven’t been yourself.” She asked; we may not ha

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Reflective surfaces on night maps.

So for a long time I havent been able to exactly put my finger on whats wrong with the lighting in night maps. Are the light sources too strong, flashlights and even the IR flashlight feeling like floodlights.

Its the surfaces - and more importantly how reflective they are. Bright surfaces regardless of material are so reflective that everything gets washed out by your flashlight. Its not normal for me to blind myself with my own flashlight while shining it on an uneven rough brick wall. Its the same with map placed light sources, but not as noticeable unless wearing night vision. With night vision sometimes the reflection of a light source will be more blinding than the source itself.

Yeah, some light will be reflected even from bricks or plaster, but nowhere near what the game reflects. For reference - https://i.imgur.com/vnl3H5X.png. The red wall looks bright, yeah, but I can still see the paint splotches and color. The white wall behind it though is completely washed out and the orange paint splotches are basically invisible in the middle of the light beam. It is normal for lighter colors to reflect more light but nowhere near what can be observed ingame, especially with non reflective surfaces like bricks, plaster and so on. This effect is even worse with night vision and the IR flashlight.

I dont know how easy would this be to troubleshoot and potentially fix by the devs but its definitely worth a look at least. Will improve the night ops experience by a large margin.

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I wish I had a different father.

I wish I had a different father.

I apologize for the length of this story.
To start off, I’m an 18 year old female. My parents relationship has been toxic for as long as I can remember, it was never concealed from me. Aside from their relationship, they weren’t always the best parents. Of course they provided me with food, clothes, toys and a stable roof over my head, but they didn’t really do their part as parents. They were bad in the sense that they never gave me advice or taught me any important skills, even as a young kid. They were rather careless, even if that wasn’t their intention as parents. I mean, they let me eat with my hands until I was around 8, my sister had to teach me to cut with a knife. I was definitely a troubled child. I was bullied significantly for my weight and my tomboy appearance throughout my elementary years. I also had a bad attention problem, I never listened or focused much in class. And they never seemed to care, never asked if I was okay or checked up on me. I was a violent child, a psychopath if that. I bullied others in retaliation from my bullying and I threatened violence to my family for fun, but that wasn’t the least bit concerning to anyone. I’m nothing like that anymore, I grew out of that after fourth grade. My mother worked nights until I was about 12, so I didn’t see her that much. Only when she helped me get ready in the mornings. So the responsibility of watching me almost always fell to my sisters, and occasionally my father. My sisters were great, but nights where my dad watched me weren’t fun. He has always been a short-fused man, his solution to every problem was to just blow up, whether I was an innocent child who had simply made a mistake or not. He would yell, swear, slam doors, just flip his shit because I had accidentally spilt something. Nowadays, I go into panic mode whenever I spill something, I immediately clean it up before he notices. He was verbally abusive towards my mother, my sister and I for years. He would yell at me to shut up or call me stupid or an idiot for small things. He was much worse to my mother, and she never stood up for herself. Although his verbal abuse scared me, I didn’t expect it to grow worse, but it hit a bad point. In 2013, when I was about 10, he hit her in front of me. We had just left a wedding and he was absolutely plastered. This was the first time he had ever been drunk in front of me. Off back home we went, dad believing that driving home drunk was the

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[A Lord of Death] - Part 47

[← Part 46] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Patreon] [Part 48→]

NOTE: Don't forget to use the butler-bot in the comments below this post for regular updates, or, alternatively, come on out to the reddit serials discord and type '?rank A Lord of Death' in #welcome-and-roles

Her face brightened up immediately when he agreed.

“Are you sure? I mean, I didn’t think that you were… well, that you were the type for… rowdy activities.”

“Let’s just say that even I have to take a break some times. Don’t expect me to drink anything sinful, though, even a drop makes the scars itch to no end,” he said, waving vaguely at his face.

“Of course, so then, tomorrow. I suppose I’ll see you then.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Paladin Lillian.”

“Just Lillian, please,” she said, departing down the hall.

“Well, then,” Efrain said to the empty library, watching as the vaguest fingers of moonlight began to play through the glass windows.


The hall wasn’t quite as uproarious as the last night’s proceedings, although that might have been that many of the participants had already departed for bed or other pursuits. Efrain took a customary set next to the duchesses’s, pleased with the ease that some of the remaining nobles incorporated him into their discussions. When that particular bit of unpleasant business was attended to, he flagged down a server and asked to be informed as to the location of Orthelli.

As it turned out, he was just outside the hall at the time, helping a junior clerk in the main hall. He nodded and joined Efrain near the tip of the stairs.

“How may I help?”

“Preferably by telling me that the duchess has plans for me before you take me to lunch,”

He held up his hands apologetically, in a rare instance without a book in either.

“Unfortunately, you didn’t ask.”

“If I did, would you’ve told me?”

“If I deemed telling you to be appropriate, and had not been specifically informed not to tell you.”

“So are you ‘specifically informed’ not to tell me something right now?”

Orthelli smiled as he placed a finger upon his lips, whi

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SHing Safely (TW: graphic description)

I think the majority of us on this sub knows that it's definitely not as easy to stop when somebody tells you to do so; for some, it makes it a lot worse. The urges can be strong and sometimes it's unavoidable to just not SH, as long as you're being as safe as you can.

Few things to note here:

  • quite a few of these may relate to cutting; I'm aware there's many different ways of SH but this is mainly what I have personal experience with

  • apologies for formatting, on mobile

  • if your SH is pretty serious (ie: bleeding out, deep, not healing at all, showing signs of infection), please seek medical attention

  • I'm not a medical professional at all so if you're totally unsure, see above point. None of you guys are alone in this at all, please be kind to yourselves and seek help if you can

  • first aid kit: plasters, skin closure strips, bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes/antiseptic cream, medical tape

  • if you can, make sure your hands and tools are clean to prevent infection. Change your dressings regularly too

  • rather than using tissue, use a [clean] rag instead; tissue, especially toilet tissue is designed to break down which means that those fibers can get into your injuries and can cause infection and/or irritation. Rags are also easier to clean

  • let your injuries heal; as tempting as it is to meddle with them, doing so can cause infection, prolong healing time and make the scarring worse

  • once your skin starts to scar and injuries have fully healed, keep your skin moisturised (vitamin E oil and coconut oil really help with repairing skin!) to help with scarring and healing

  • if your injury is bleeding profusely, apply pressure with a clean rag and hold it (where possible) above your heart

That's most of the points I have, please feel free to add more if you have any. Again, none of you guys are alone and you can get through this ♥️

Edit: spelling errors, formatting

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Breaking the Monotony

"Due tonight, or you'll never need to come back here again" my boss told me before heading back to his office. A tall tower of filed documents leaned on the wall of my cubicle, emitting a foreboding sense of dread and helplessness.

I wanted to say something. Like maybe along the lines of I’m no damn robot!! sending the pile of papers flying.

But of course, I couldn't do it. I just let out a sigh, stood up from my chair and headed to the vending machine. This was going be a long night, I needed all the caffeine I could get…

Working an office job isn't an occupation I'd relate to "Reaching my dreams!". Doing paperwork while being inside a box was one thing, being in a group of people who barely knew my name would be the straw that broke the dreaming camel's back. With fatigue and self-loathing coming together with the short and awkward conversations, it felt as though I never left college.

At the start of everyday, I would get up from bed, get dressed, eat whatever leftovers I had in the fridge and then head out. Where I'd go down to the same building to do the same damn job. After a long shift of hunching over a computer, it was time to go back home. Then repeat everything.

Other people would make things a lot easier, but friends were hard to come by. Oddly enough, none of them lived anywhere near my apartment. Walking home with someone was as rare as me cooking food I actually liked.

As a result, motivation ranged from Oh god, not another day of this! to simply Do people even know I exist? The monotony of the day-in and day-out work cycle seeping away whatever life energy I had.

Cutting the pretentious crap aside, I was getting sick of my life. I wasn't asking to be a multi-millionaire, I just wanted something more exciting to happen. At the very least, a good change of pace to make things feel less like purgatory.

Something to break the monotony in my life…

Holding a can of "HI-Octane Caffeine", I slipped a bill in the vending machine and pressed the button for a snack. The metal spring slowly twisted. Much like someone spitting me on the face, it stopped halfway, forgetting to dispense the candy bar I paid for.

“Of course…” I mumbled to myself.

Before I turned away, I saw a certain somebody hitting the machine with her fist. The treat inside got unstuck and fell down with a resounding THUD!

"Trouble with the vending machine again?" Tina asked, one of the receptionists and one of the only people that talked to me on a daily basis.


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I do not like finding myself in unexpected places, but I thought I was at least used to it. But when I woke up in a glass box in another country, I was not prepared.

I woke up on a concrete floor with a bright spotlight hitting me from the ceiling. As I rolled up and squinted, I saw I was in the corner of a room, but due to two thick glass walls, I was confined to an area slightly larger than a very large shower stall. I had no idea where I was or what had happened.

I stood up, dusting my clothes off and looked around. Through the two glass walls I saw only an empty windowless room. I knocked cautiously against the glass. It thudded dully like a wall. I frowned and looked behind me where the other two sides of my little area were formed by the concrete block walls of the larger room. The floor sloped slightly to a small drain in the corner. The glass seemed thick enough to be used for a zoo aquarium. I swallowed down fear as I wondered if this room could be filled with water, and couldn't see the ceiling above me because of the bright spotlight.

"HEI!" I yelled out. My voice sounded like the room muffled it. It didn't seem like anyone would hear me.

My hand went to my pocket for my phone when I realised all my pockets were empty. No phone. No ID. No keys. Where was I?? I tried to remember where I'd been earlier, but my head felt foggy. I remembered going to work, teaching classes. Was that today? I checked my glucose meter, which I change every three days. Still okay, for now.

Moments later someone walked into the room, a stocky looking man with reddish hair under a baseball hat, wearing jeans and an open flannel over a t-shirt. His eyes were on me and he immediately walked up to the glass wall.

I found myself taking a step back. I didn't recognise him at all.

"Ah, you're here. Can you hear me?" I heard these English words in a loud and round-vowelled American accent from above my head. I peered up again but still couldn't see anything because of the light. I looked back at the man, and noticed a lapel microphone on his flannel.

He took my looking up as a sign that I did hear him, and he continued. "Great! Listen, I know this is, uh, unusual, but you didn't seem to be getting our emails."

I blinked at him and put my hand to my temple. "Emails?" I asked. I looked around the room again. "Where am I?"

The man gave a smile. There must've also been a microphone somewhere in the box. "Welcome to South Dakota! We've been trying to get you here for so

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Am I the only one who is liking the X-Force milestones?

The last 2 events helped a lot and got me into DD3 faster than I expected but all that blitzing definitely burned me out. So when they announced the X-Force event I was like, not again. But now that I have gone through it definitely feels quite well designed and casual event.

While the rewards are quite meh but the effort required is minimal, doing just normal blitzing, war and arena fights coupled with a few X-Force fights in between will get it done easily. I just hope they take feedback from this event and design the next ones with more rewards and a little bit more effort needed but not something that would force us to sleep 3-4 hours and keep our eyes plastered to the screen.

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What's eating Preston Williams? Breakdown of the Bills game.

After these past two weeks I was pretty down on Preston Williams, I've been a huge fan of him and was excited to see if he could mature into the WR we all know he can be. That has not been the case. He's been invisble basically. So I figured I'd take a look at the tape from Sunday, these are my notes.

I tried to cut down some of the crud and focus on the plays I thought were important.

TL;DR: Lack of effort on plays he deems lost. Bad attitude. Zero help from the play calling. He eventually started putting together a nice game, but Fitz missed him when he does succeed. Catch the god damn ball Preston. But more impressed than I thought I was going to be. He needs better get off the ball. He needs to clean up his routes. I'm excited to see him against someone other than Gilmore/White.

#First Quarter

Drive starting at 13:03

2nd&9 - We're going to see this a lot this game. Preston draws Tre White, Top 5 QB in the league. This is going to be a hard game for Preston who isn't a particularly well route runner or a very physical receiver either. Fitz sends Smythe on an in motion and then exit to get an idea of what defense the Bills are running, Jordan Poyer is on Smythe and follows him across the formation and back to his starting point. Fitz knows now that they're playing man with a single deep safety. White is in press coverage on Preston as he's up at the LOS with him, Levi Wallace is in press on Gesicki. Levi might not know it, but our entire team does, that's a HUGE mismatch. Preston comes off the ball and into the body of Trey, makes good contact forcing him back into the CB playing off coverage on Parker. This is a rub play with Preston running the pick. It's pretty well executed here and Parker's open in the flat. Wallace leaves the inside of the field open for Gesicki though because he's got safety help over the top, however the safety is way too far off the ball and cheating up top because Preston/Parker are in man coverage up there. This is perfect since Gesicki's running an in breaking route. 17 yard gain

1&10 - Preston again up top on White. Fitz sends Grant in a jet motion. Bills in a 2 man deep defense, Corners are playing press with two safeties. Preston makes good contact on the block, has white sealed off down field. All you can really ask for him on this play is to block his man and he did a good job of taking White out of the play, had the run gone further White wouldn't have been a factor here, so that's what you want

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Trying to get a nail in the wall and its like my whole wall is one big stud?

The nail only goes in a little bit before I hit wood... for the whole wall. Is my wall filled with wood or am I hammering wrong? Any way I can get the nail into the stud or that bad I am just trying to hang a shelf

edit: have determined the walls are lath with plaster with the shape of the house and how old it looks the place is definitely lath n plaster. I will be renting a drill at some point to hang my shelf I guess

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The neighborhood hoarder finally cleaned up his yard. I think he was making room for a cult.

In every little slice of suburbia, quietly tucked away in those “cute neighborhoods” referenced in the real estate pamphlets, there is always THAT house. You know the one. The “shit show.”

Welcome to Saddle Downs. At one time the best neighborhood in town, but now amongst the perfectly manicured lawns and driveways with nary a spot of oil leakage, an unholy abomination that looks like an episode of Hoarders made sweet love to Fred Sanford’s bread and butter elicits sighs and dramatic eye rolling from all who reside here. They wonder out loud “how someone who can afford to buy here could live in that kind of mess. Of all the damned nerve!”

Standing in the driveway--garden hose in hand and meticulously rinsing my yard tools, I surveyed my crab grass outbreak with disdain and BOILED under the surface about what he’s done to this once beautiful collection of domiciles. I know the property values here have completely gone to shit. How could they not? And it’s ME who has to live DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from him.

The trash. The junk. The 1989 Geo Metro with no hood. The kiddie pool full of slime and frogs. FFS, he has three VCR’s stacked beside the mailbox. Yes…I said VCR’s

And is it so damned hard to cut your grass on Tuesdays like the rest of us?? I want to try the new edger I picked up during a July 4th sale (40 volt, top of the line), but as of right now I haven’t even seen the point. My yard will look like shit no matter what, because of HIM.

The neighborhood association won’t help. If it’s anything other than potholes or barbeques, they have a “hands off” approach to governance. I plan to run for president in the spring.

Anyway…I could feel my blood pressure going through the roof that night, and the plant-based diet I switched to wasn’t doing shit to help bring it down. Something HAD to be done about him…

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Allen.

Mid 50’s, twice married and twice divorced, he works as an I.T. contractor for the state. Being stuck at home because of Covid, I hadn’t seen him outside in months. Who needs to go outside when you have GrubHub and your lawn mower is lying next to the house in 100 pieces? He had made a perfect hermit’s life, intrinsically safe from those of us who only asked for a little bit of respect for the neighborhood.

So, imagine my surprise when at 6pm last Friday evening, he suddenly stumbles out the front door, down the steps, and begins cleaning up his yard. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was so stunne

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I'm never going on a solo road trip again.

I had been counting down the days for the last ten days. Ten long days until I FINALLY got to leave for my second solo road trip. Another trip to Kansas, to see my grandparents.

The tenth to fifth day passed fairly quickly. On the fourth day I cleaned my car, inside and out. On the third day, I packed all the entertainment items. On the second day I packed all the essential. And finally, on the last day - the day of the trip… I wished I had never left my house.

It started off well enough. I got up bright and early at about 5:30 in the morning, too jazzed to possibly sleep anymore. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, washed my face. Picked out a cozy but outfit, and made sure I had extra masks in my car, just in case. I had coffee and threw some in a travel mug. I was floating on cloud nine with excitement.

It didn’t take long to get my things into the trunk. I was a light packer. Coffee in tow, podcasts ready for playing, I headed to the gas station. It was still early in the morning, and it was a Sunday, so it was pretty vacant in the lot. I pulled up to the pump closest to the door. I strolled inside; I wasn’t in a rush. I decided it was probably a good idea to hit the restroom, even though I wasn’t positive I had to go. I didn’t want to stop again until I got out of Ohio and into Indiana. Makes better time that way.

The first thing I noticed when I got in the bathroom was that it was occupied by someone. There were no stalls in this small gas station bathroom. It was just a room with a toilet and a sink. Startled, I apologized and began to excuse myself. The person filling the space was a young woman, presumably around my age. She had plain brown hair, very basic looking clothing, and no readily identifiable facial features. Before I could get all the way out of the bathroom, she turned and spoke to me.

“Wait.” she said. “Please don’t leave.”

“Do I know you?” I’m not sure why I asked that. It was the first thing to come to mind.

“No, I don’t think so. You don’t look familiar to me.” she replied. Wiping her eyes dry from the tears I hadn’t originally noticed, she continued. “I just don’t want to walk back to my car alone. There was a man outside when I got here who wouldn’t stop harassing me.”

This was not the answer I was expecting. Again speaking before thinking, I said, “The lot was empty when I walked in. All I saw was a car by another pump, and a car parked near the employee entrance.”


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📅︎ Sep 02 2020
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After every hurtful and abusive thing SO has said to me while drunk (or not), he finally said the one thing I can NEVER forgive. But there are extenuating circumstances.

Tldr; SO and I are in a different state with our daughter because his brother attempted suicide and is in the hospital. He got drunk, and while fighting I mentioned that I am being there for him unlike he was when my brother died. It was technically my God brother, so my SO laughed and said "Not your brother." as if that means anything. He said it purely to hurt me, and he succeeded.

Not the first time I've posted here, but no offence to y'all, I'm honestly so tired of having to.

My fiance and I have been together just over 4 years, and we have a 2 year old daughter. Our relationship has had more bad times than genuinely good. Most of our good times are just us sweeping our feelings under the rug until the next fight. We've gotten better over the past year and a half or so, but we almost ALWAYS fights when SO drinks. He's definitely an alcoholic, and a damn mean one, at that. He has verbally abused me literally more times than I can count. He's not always drunk when he's cruel to me, but he's always cruel to me when he's drunk. Our last "fight" was completely one sided, in that he was plastered after lying and going to a strip club, and got mad at me for being upset about it. I have an over 30 minute recording of him going from calling me a "fat c***" to sobbing saying how much he loves me in a span of a minute. That's how it always goes. That's enough background, I think.

Fast forward to now. SO's brother, and only sibling, is currently in the hospital after a suicide attempt Monday. We immediately travelled to the state he's in, and have been here since. I can completely understand that he is mentally drained, but all things considered he's been handling this remarkably well. Tonight was the first night he has gotten drunk since we got here. His friend from high school took him out on his motorcycle, then to his apartment, then to a bar, then back to his apartment, and then finally back to the hotel. I would have been fine with all of this, if I hadn't been told that they were only "going for a ride". To me, that means maybe 45 minutes tops. It gets to be an hour and 15 minutes with no word, so I tried calling with no answer. When I finally did hear back it was all "Oh we went to his apartment, we'll be leaving in 10-15 minutes". An hour later and I hadn't heard anything else, so I called and texted asking where he was. "We haven't even left yet." Okay. They finally get here, and the friend let's slip that they went to a bar. Of course they did, and o

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📅︎ Aug 30 2020
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I'm clueless - do I need to go through therapy for a diagnosis?

I definitely need help but I don't have the money. I just want the medication. I've held on for too long but now I can't cope stuff like all my schoolwork is literally piled up (I have no idea how I'm gonna complete lol) and I just can't do anything anymore. I've been in bed all day because that's what my body naturally does when I feel like this I can't control it

I'm probably gonna get called lazy bc no one knows what I'm going through. I stopped exercising, stopped cleaning my room, stopped giving a fuck about anything really

If committing suicide was easy I'd done it long ago, the only thing stopping me is that i can't think of a way on how to properly discard my own body/not let anybody find it lol lol, I have my problems but I dw to inflict problems onto other people after I die yk. Ugh.....

Physical classes start next Monday and I know I'll b dead meat <3 not just stress but the fact that I simply just can't do anything anymore except lie on my bed all day, my family don't even know shit and even if they did they wouldn't help at all. It takes me so much to get out of the bed and the fact that I have to from next week onwards + plaster on literally every aspect about the real me...... tiring. I just can't let anyone know I'm like this (and no one does!)

And no I don't have a single person I can talk to but it's alright if the meds work - I'll be good enough. I just need enough to get through the day as a functional person so I can properly think of ways to die lol. I feel like my brain is just so fogged rn I cant think

Ahh I'm this close to dropping out, packing my room items into boxes so it'll be easier for my mum, and running away to a nearby country but STILL how do I hide my own body??? 🤦‍♀️

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📅︎ Aug 29 2020
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I think I’m being haunted by a shadow man and it’s starting to get bad

Hello to whoever is reading this; all of which I am going to tell is true and I still experience most of this stuff to this day. Please feel free to leave any suggestions that might help bc I’m willing to try almost anything now. Ever since I was little I’ve seemed to have a special sense for the paranormal. I would constantly see or hear things others didnt and had so many imaginary friends that seemed so real to me at the time, that I often question now if they were something more than imaginary. I had one thing that’d I’d always see that I know for a fact is not imaginary though. I can only describe it as a plain black shadow figure. It’s very tall (maybe about 6ft-6’5ft) and it seems to be wearing a suit with a top hat on its head. I started seeing this figure around the age of 6. It started off as very brief in counters. I would occasionally see him out of the corner of my eyes or creepily watching me from other rooms. I simply brushed it off at the time bc well I was 6 and didn’t think anything of it. But as I got older it seemed to grow stronger. It began turning off lights, turning the sink on and off, stealing things, moving objects and furniture around. I know it was him who did it bc I would always see a glimpse of him before or after the event occurred. It also weirdly would happen whenever no one else was around. So eventually when I’d bring it up to my parents they wouldn’t believe me. The only things they did notice were the toys that’d simply vanish from me; of course they just blamed it on me being young and not being responsible with my stuff.

These events continued on throughout my childhood. I pretty much had just excepted the fact that this thing was now apart of my life and I was just gonna have to deal with it. I will admit though I did feel like maybe I was going crazy bc It didn’t matter where I was or what time it was, it always seemed to be there...watching.

Now skip forward to about a year ago. I was talking with one of my brothers at the kitchen table. I had brought up the idea of getting a ouija board to see if all the stories people told of it were real. My brother wasn’t completely on board with that idea, but me being me, convinced him otherwise and bought the cheapest board I could find (it ended up being like 20$). Now I won’t lie, I was excited to use the board, I definitely believed in it, but I didn’t believe it was capable of releasing any evil. My hope was with the board I could some how communicate with the “sh

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📅︎ Jun 13 2020
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I’m heartbroken and desperately need some advice. It’s a long read to anyone willing to do it. It would mean a lot to me.

Hello to anyone that reads this. This is my first time ever using reddit, so please bare with me as I learn. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

I’ve been dealing with some personal issues for the last couple of months, and I thought it would be helpful to get some advice from people that don’t know me or my situation personally. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends and family I could discuss this with, but there’s always that feeling of disappointment when you have to admit something to the people you love that you’ve been doing (even if you know you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place). So, instead, I’ve been keeping it all locked inside. I’m hoping this will help me get out of this funk I’m in because I just have absolutely no idea what to do or think anymore. I’m open to all advice and opinions.

But anyway, I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of 5 years a few months ago.

Despite some hiccups we had in the beginning, we actually got along really great. When we first met, he was in an off/on again relationship with a girl he had been seeing since high school (we were both 20 when we met). It had been a year since my previous (abusive) relationship, but this was my first time opening up to another person since then. He told me that even though their relationship wasn’t the healthiest, he had a hard time letting it go since it was familiar and he didn’t know what would happen with us. Unfortunately for us, we both experienced some things in our childhood that taught us to be dependent on others. This was something I completely understood, especially with everything I have been through myself. After a few months and some ups and downs, we stayed together and he never talked to her again.

We used to be obsessed with each other (an aggressive word choice). We have the same sense of humor and make each other laugh constantly. We used to play little games together. I would hide from him when he was coming home from work and wait for him to find me. We like the same kind of music, and our favorite thing was always driving around and singing in the car together. I fell in love with him so quick. There would be moments when I would look at him in total disbelief because I didn’t know if this was real or not. I had never met someone that was so nice to me and really loved me for me. He used to make me feel so weird because he was almost too attracted to me. I was so used to people calling me fat and ugly my whole life, and now suddenly I found s

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📅︎ Sep 16 2020
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I [30F] slept with my ex [33M] on a group trip that caused problems within his friendship group. Now they dislike me and I’m unsure if we should get back together.

A throwaway because I know a lot of people who are on Reddit. Ill be including vague(ish) details for the same reason (and for word count). I also don’t live in the US and these are all fake names. I’m not a writer so I tried to keep things as flowing as possible but please ask questions if you’re confused.

Also I originally posted this to AITA and it got removed so hopefully here is the right place.

a little background: I (30F) met my ex ‘Sebastian’ (33M) when I was 23. We hit it off immediately. It was a typical story, we met in a bar and exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up again when we weren’t trying to look after drunk friends. Anyway. The first date went exceptionally well, we met for coffee and talked for hours. About our lives and childhood and life dreams etc. He told me about how he’d started working for a place a couple of years precious and all about his plans for moving up in the company etc. I loved it. I think ambition is sexy and his ambition was incredible. It made me want to even work harder myself. So we started dating and everything was perfect for a while. We seemed to be compatible in every way and truly believed we were soulmates. I pushed him to his best and he me. It worked so well. We were so so happy.

Then things got a little bit rocky as they went on, especially after I moved in with him. His work hours doubled as he got more “successful”, and then came the business trips. I still didn’t mind too much, even if I missed him, because I knew it was everything he’d wanted. I wanted to be as supportive as I could and I stayed because everything outside of his work was amazing still. But soon it all got too much, he started missing holidays and forgetting special occasions and I felt more and more like his personal assistant than his girlfriend and fell deep into a depression. Eventually I called it off and moved away for work. It’s been about 4 years now since we broke up.

Now the situation in hand: Since moving away, I’ve made a new group of friends, some of which know people from my old town but were never really close enough with them for me to ever feel like I had to be worried about having to face anyone related to my ex again. It was pretty easy to ignore all my leftover feelings with the distance. I was doing okay living my life.

Well one of the girls in the group ‘Anna’ (who I’m not as close with) turned 30 during quarantine and when things relaxed again, she organised a trip to celebrate the occasion where w

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📅︎ Sep 15 2020
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