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Smiths. That’s right, from the very beginning; long before there was a Book of Mormon to debate, people had issues with the family God would wait roughly 1500 years to be “prepared” properly before communicating again to man. Throughout reading this, one should keep in mind other possible families God could have communicated to throughout this period such as:

  • Martin Luther, who prayed and beseeched god for answers, and was willing to sacrifice everything in order to go against the doctrines of the Catholic church

  • William Tindale, who died putting the bible into the common tongue. Most Mormons will know him as the man who said “I will cause a boy that driveth the plough shall know more of the scripture than thou doest.” as a sort of preparation for Joseph Smith Jr., but the question should be asked; why not publish the Book of Mormon at the same time? Remember, the current Essay points out translation was possible without the plates, so them not being on the same continent is irrelevant.

  • Ellen G. White – Her writings would spread to more continents and more languages faster with more members than the Book of Mormon, if God had combined forces with her; it’s very likely the church would be over 15 million members today. I know that the standard position of the church is that anyone who produces scripture other than Joseph is “of the devil” or a copycat of God’s plan, so let’s look at her life and how she dealt with persecution

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder - certainly better at writing about contemporary issues, her books are still read throughout the world and were turned into a TV series. She also lived in Independence, Missouri for a time and wrote about devote religious beliefs. Ma and Pa would certainly have supported her in fetching the plates.

  • Alexander Campbell – A man with a massive following, he already espoused and taught much of the same doctrines found in the Book of Mormon, curiously. He also taught revolutionary ideas that bucked common faith, and he had Sidney Rigdon as a close compatriot. Are we to believe that this man would not have listened to an angel from God on minor doctrinal points when he believed so much of the same doctrines already?

  • [Mary Seacole](htt

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