Driveway pavers - what do I need to know? 10’ X 75’

California home. Mid-SF Peninsula. 94 year old house. Modest “tudoresque”.

Our concrete driveway is long past due for replacement. We thought we’d go with pavers. So much to choose from.

Don’t want to break the bank, but hoping for more than plain Jane.

What should we be on the lookout for? Anything to be wary of? Are their appreciable levels of quality, price, etc.?

What about layout? Will a herring bone with more cut stones be much more than a simpler pattern?

We’ll be running our gutter drainage beneath. We will probably go with a matching walk to the front door.

We typically park two mid-sized cars in the drive, but may sometimes park or store another.

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Epstein, Bronfman family and El Chapo - did each of them have their own separate sex-trafficking operation near the Mexican border or they did it all together ?

Multimillionaire pervert Jeffrey Epstein signed a will declaring he was worth $577 million only two days before he died in a federal jail. In a bizarre twist of fate,

one of the witnesses to the Aug. 8 signing of Epsteins will was Mariel Colon Miro, a New York lawyer who worked for El Chapo during the Mexican drug lord’s recent trafficking trial in Brooklyn. ( Seattle Times )

The Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán co-opted human trafficking along the border to ensure it did not interfere with drug smuggling missions.

Did El Chapo allow competing sex trafficking organizations on his turf or they cooperated with the Bronfman sex cult ? Was El Chapo their supplier ? All we know is that Bronfmans NVXIM sex trafficking operators and El Chapos people were operating in the same city in Mexico - Puerta Vallarta. The sons of El Chapo were once kidnapped in Puerta Vallarta by the rival gangs , thats the same city where the Bronfmans sex cult leader Rainier was finally arrested. ( Los Angeles Times )

Epstein and Bronfmans were business partners for decades – since the 1980-s when Epstein began his career in finance. He was fired fby Bear Sterns because they were doing an insider trading deal with the Bronfmans but got caught. ( Vanity Fair 2003, The Talented Mr. Epstein )

Bronfmans have also been involved in sex trafficking near the Mexican border. In 2019 the Bronfman family sisters Sara and Clare were arrested for bankrolling the sex-trafficking cult NVXIM where women were trafficked from Mexico to the USA. A 2010 expose by Vanity Fair rev ealed how Ms Bronfman, along with her sister Sara Bronfman, had financed NXIVM to the tune of US$150m (AUD200m) over a period of just six years. ( Central Telegraph ) In April, former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato claimed inVICE Canada that Claire Bronfman had assumed control of

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Crouch-dash Tier List 1

After learning about some of the special properties and differences between crouch dashes: I wanted to see how all the crouch dashes in the game stack up. So I went and put together a tierlist.

This was quite a hard tier list to make. As with every rule in Tekken, there's about a dozen exceptions or special cases. Because it becomes particularly difficult to properly define and distinguish a special dash from a stance (some consider dashes to be stances themselves). I hate to be a purist but I've decided to exclude stances like Kat's HAR, Lars' SEN/DEN or stuff like Steve's duck cancelling and just stick to crouch dashes as most people understand them. And yes the Mishima wavedash is a crouch dash. The fullname is Mishima-style crouch dash. Wavedash is just a short hand for that long title.

You can find my tierlist here

How was each character graded?

The tiers are ranked primarily on properties of the dash itself. These properties include: ability to block instantly, constant high crush, speed and coverage. Utility and application of the dash is secondary. This includes stuff like: is there an actual mixup from the dash itself? Are ws/fc moves accessible from the dash in addition to CD moves?

So here's how the tiers were worked out:

A tier and above have instant block. IMO the most important quality a command dash could have, since regular dash blocking is already a powerful tool in Tekken. So these characters essentially have an "advancing guard" that covers more ground than everyone else. Possessing the qualities of all tiers below is also important for this tier.

(B+) tier can at least do something like this. Some in B+ can also access ws/fc moves from their dash in addition to their CD moves (Feng & Bryan)

B tier has a plain jane snakedash. Usually can't be chained together smoothly. There is at least a proper mixup from their dash.

(B-) tier has no real mixup but some utility.

I am thinking of doing another tierlist that looks at meta of the actual crouch dash game of each character to compare how effective each one would be in a real match. The same candidates for this tier list will be used.

[ALSO: For interest's sake here's the 1 tierlist I made which considers all sorts of hybrid dashes derived from cancelling stances or attacks, dashes locked

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The Predator (2018) [science-horror/monster]

Original post

a review by the Crow.

#The Hunt Has [D]Evolved


Set in the present day, The Predator begins with a dogfight. In space.

Specifically, it’s a dogfight between two Yautja (Predator) ships. The one being pursued launches some form of wormhole technology, and transports itself to Earth, leaving the pursuer in its dust. It crashes, but not before its pilot makes good its escape via an escape pod.

Thereafter, we cut to Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook), a sniper on a hostage retrieval mission in Mexico. Their mission is interrupted, just as Quinn takes out his first target, by the arrival of the escape pod. As Quinn and his unit investigate the crash site, picking up Predator tech along the way (I guess the pilot left a door open or something), they are set upon by the Yautja hunter, who has already taken out one man (quick work). Quinn manages to incapacitate the hunter with one of its own weapons before exiting the scene. As he runs off with some of the tech he has acquired — leaving the hunter unconscious at the scene — U.S. Government official Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown) arrives to clean up the scene.

Quinn arranges to have the tech he has stolen sent to his family in the States before Traeger picks him up in connection to the incident in the forest, and it is at this point that we are introduced to some of our other characters. We meet his son Rory (Jacob Tremblay), a child with some form of autism, who also displays a degree of savant syndrome, his ex-wife Emily (Yvonne Strahovski), and Dr Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) — an evolutionary biologist who is recruited by the government and told about the Predators.

Quinn is questioned, and then put on a bus with some other government detainees, including Coyle (Keegan-Michael Key), Baxley (Thomas Jane), Nettles (Augusto Aguilera), Gaylord “Nebraska” Williams (Trevante Rhodes), and Lynch (Alfie Allen) — all of whom are troubled soldiers who have found themselves in the government’s bad books.

Dr Bracket is brought to a research facility where the wounded Yautja is being inspected. She meets Sean Keyes (Jake Busey), the son of Agent Peter Keyes (a character played by his father, Gary Busey) from Predator 2. She — in an inversion of the usual trope — calls the Yautja a “beautiful [BLEEP]”, following a lame joke about the “Predator” moniker. And it’s

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Advice for adding a roof over my front door?

Hey, I am wanting to add a roof over the front door of my house to try and keep weather off of it. Basically I would like to know who I should call/contact about this? Being that it would be attached to the wall of a brick house I didnt know if I would need someone other than just a plain jane roofer?

I am located in Woodstock, Ga. 30189. Here is a link to some pictures:

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Some Observations on the Community

I've been considering doing this for a while, but after being in a stream recently for the first time in a while, I finally decided to sit down and write out my thoughts. It is my intention to honestly describe the issues as I see them, and to primarily not even touch on the actual game of SolForge. I'm using a throwaway account for the sake of anonymity and full honesty, and I will be brief. Much of this will be interconnected, but I will try to explain my thoughts well.


1 - Toxicity

The community is very toxic right now. I won't point out any individuals, but I see constant arguments, assumptions being made, and insults being tossed around. I've personally all but stopped watching SF streams, not because of the game, but because of the chat. There are so many misconceptions going around, but I can't get involved in those discussions because they inevitably become arguments, and that's simply not enjoyable. I'd rather spend my leisure time with streams watching other streams where I can enjoy myself and chat pleasantly while I play, instead of getting constantly annoyed with the chat I see.


2 - Trolls

Trolls will be trolls. The problem I see is that in this community, they are fed far too often. You see a troll? Ignore him/her. Move on and do something that's worth the effort.


3 - Constant Complaining

I cannot visit the forums anymore because of the constant complaints. What used to be even a somewhat enjoyable place (and sometimes still is with the occasional thread) honestly feels like a cesspool. The constant slog through complaints and arguments for a thread where I can enjoyably discuss a deck or a strategy is simply just too tedious. That's why I currently default to reddit - those threads tend to not stay up front very long and it's easier to find threads/posts that are enjoyable to interact with. In a way, this very post is a symptom of this trend, but one that I hope can help better the community. For example, if you see a card you think is too strong, don't just complain about it - prove it. Don't just complain about X feature or Y card. Give legitimate reasons other than "I don't like it". A complaint with a legitimate reason and proof is far better than just a plain jane complaint.


4 - "Armchair Professionals"

This one really bugs me. There are far too many people that make assumptions based on extremely limited knowledge of game design, economics, or programming. If you have a concern, p

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Making Your Own Custom Album Pages & Albums

Ok All I have posted info in a few posts about how I make my own pages. I personally prefer this method to purchasing albums and refills etc because of the ease of customization and addition of variants (which most albums leave out).

I though that making a thread devoted directly to custom pages and albums would get people to add more input and options. I'm including a comment I made recently here to an individual on making custom pages. I will not place it in quotes so it's easy to read so below the line is that comment I made. Please feel free to add your own info or concerns. I would like this to be a good sub discussion.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ is by far the most accessible and easy to use pages. It's also the cheapest solution out there with little to no effort involved. For I think $20 you get a subscription for a year I think. You can download every country he's built albums for in that year. He updates pretty normally and will answer any questions you have. Here is a pic of an unused page from his site I printed out on my stock.

Another option is page layout software. The prices vary wildly from $19 - $100. This is pretty labor intensive and just as bad as using graph paper. Regardless of what you use it's the paper that's most important. It needs to be acid and lignin free paper (archival safe). I use a heavy card stock paper

It holds up very well, but makes for thick binders. The pages don't flex and cause you mounts or hinges to break bond.

I round the corners of my pages with this and also use cloth hole reinforcements on the ring holes like these but made of a fabric

If you're in the mood for bargain hunting you can find vendors that sell the lighthouse three hole binders with dust jackets on the cheap. They often sell then in packs of three.

This should be just about everything you need to make a better album. Mix it up and use your own colors pictures scalloped page edges etc... It's the neat part of the process. It also looks much better than a

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In the spirit of the top post of all time, an attempt to compile all of Trump's scandals and controversies.


Leaving out anything done by “supporters,” “allies,” or “aides,” but including some endorsements included at the end. Date, circumstance, and link.


  • Trump advocates for the U.S. to commit war crimes – killing the family members of terrorists. (3 Dec 2015, Fox and Friends,
  • When asked what he would do if soldier refused to commit war crimes, Trump said “They’re not going to refuse me. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.” (3 Mar 2016, Republican primary debate,
  • Trump says that even if torture is ineffective at getting information, “they deserve it anyway.” (23 Nov 2015, campaign rally,
  • Trump said he would bring back waterboarding, “and I would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” (6 Feb 2016, Republican primary debate,
  • Trump says the Geneva Conventions are a “problem” that make soldiers “afraid to fight.” (6 Feb 2016, Republican primary debate,
  • Trump “won’t rule out” using nukes in Europe. (31 Mar 2016, MSNBC interview,
  • Trump said that he would abandon Japan and South Korea in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack, suggesting that they should have their own nuclear weapons instead, contradicting the U.S. historical policy of disarmament. (2 Apr 2016, campaign rally,
  • Trump said that as President “I would borrow, knowing that if the economy crashed, you could make a deal,” or negotiate with U.S. creditors to accept less money than they are owed, potentially harming the global trust in U.S. debt as a safe and stable investment. (5 May 2016, CNBC interview,
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TRUMP declines to blame Obama on FOX -- BILL COHAN on how GARY COHN ‘fell for’ Trump -- KOCH network plans to spend 300-400M in ‘18 -- SPOTTED at MNUCHIN’s wedding -- FIELDS/WEINSTEIN nuptials pool report

TRUMP declines to blame Obama on FOX -- BILL COHAN on how GARY COHN ‘fell for’ Trump -- KOCH network plans to spend 300-400M in ‘18 -- SPOTTED at MNUCHIN’s wedding -- FIELDS/WEINSTEIN nuptials pool report

by [email protected] (Daniel Lippman) via POLITICO - TOP Stories


Good Sunday morning. THE PRESIDENT left the White House at 9:16 a.m. “in golf clothes (white shirt, white cap, dark slacks),” per pooler Alexis Simendinger. “Agents are dressed in their khakis and plaid, baggy, short-sleeved shirts--attire accessorized with ball caps. One was just practicing a pantomimed golf swing in the driveway.” … Trump pulled into Trump National Golf Club in Virginia at 9:51 a.m.

STATEMENT FROM PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP (@realDonaldTrump) at 8 a.m.: “Hillary Clinton colluded with the Democratic Party in order to beat Crazy Bernie Sanders. Is she allowed to so collude? Unfair to Bernie!”

-- NOTE: Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party’s nominee 334 days ago. Trump beat her 229 days ago.

MICHAEL KRUSE in POLITICO Magazine, “I Found Trump’s Diary -- Hiding in Plain Sight: Legally risky, undiplomatic and sometimes wrong, Trump’s Twitter feed is a document for the ages. And historians don’t want to lose it”: “In the presumed absence, then, of a more traditional version of the form, Trump’s collected tweets comprise the closest thing to a diary this presidency will produce.

“And that is what makes the messages from @realDonaldTrump, almost 800 and counting since January 20, 2017, such a prize to those who care the most about lasting insight into the president and this administration. If @realDonaldTrump was to go dark, and Trump stopped tweeting to his more than 32 million followers, humans and bots alike, the loss from a historical standpoint would be acute.”

TRUMP ON “FOX AND FRIENDS” SUNDAY MORNING -- PETE HEGSETH: “Who’s been your biggest opponent? Has it been Democrats resisting? Has it been fake news media? Has it been deep state leaks? What’s -- when you think about it, what holds it up the most? --” … TRUMP: … “One of the things that should be solved, but it probably won’t be, is that the Republicans and Democrats don’t get together. And I’m open arms; but, I don’t see that happening. They fight each other. The level of hostility. In other words, this isn’t just Trump, this has been like this for years. You’ve been doing this for a long time, it’s been like that

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But he knows not what it means [my nirvana vinyl collection]

im missing a few key lps here, but i've been collecting nirvana lps since muddy banks. most of these are just plain jane releases, but the in utero gatefold in the back is the remastered release that came out earlier this year. if you are a nirvana fan, i highly recommend this release. it's a 3x12" with most of the bsides from in utero singles. it plays on 45 rpm which is always nice.

the in utero in the top left corner is actually the cd box set. i think i actually have a third copy of in utero on vinyl somewhere, but i wasn't able to find it for the pic. the one next to it on the top row is a bootleg show from australia. the one below the in utero cd box is hormoaning w/pink vinyl -i think it's just a generic repress. the unplugged is supposed to be a limited ed. heavyweight release. the wiskah is a first pressing. and bleach is definitely a repress on black vinyl.

the one directly in the middle is called illiteracy will prevail. it has the fecal matter demos, as well as some kurt cobain sound collages which are pretty neat, and also a band rehearsal from 1986. i got this at amoeba-sf earlier this year. here's a pic of the back cover -i'm pretty sure that it's kurt's personal collection of chimchim monkeys.

bottom row middle is called almost everything the bbc sessions, which apparently was recorded in england. i think the cover art for this one was taken from the poster of one of their first shows, if not the very first house party show. this was also bought from amoeba -they had a few of these left.

the majority of the lps were bought off ebay, with the exception of muddy banks -which i bought at the now defunct tower records. pretty sure live at reading was a first pressing also.

i know that this collection pales in comparison to hardcore fans, but i thought i'd share my collection with you all on this fateful date.

i also just made a quick mix of some of my favorite songs today. nothing too fancy, but i threw some rarities and crowd banter into the mix:

nirvana mix 04_04_14

what's your nirvana story?

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