After an afternoon of marching through downtown San Jose, protestors throw a block party at City Hall and incite a dance riot. Peaceful all night long because no cops showed up except for a helicopter.
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After an afternoon of marching through downtown San Jose, protestors throw a block party at City Hall and incite a dance riot. Peaceful all night long because no cops showed up except for a helicopter.
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After an afternoon of marching through downtown San Jose, protestors throw a block party at City Hall and incite a dance riot. Peaceful all night long because no cops showed up except for a helicopter.
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Op-Ed: Public Banking Can Recharge South Bay's Economy by Nick Cortez and Jake Tonkel (Green Party candidate for San Jose City Council District 6)…
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📅︎ May 13 2020
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Public Bank Advocate Jumps in San Jose’s D6 City Council Race (Green Party of California, July 2019)…
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📅︎ Nov 10 2019
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Citing the Trump administration’s treatment of migrant families, two San Jose City Council members announced Monday they have left the Republican Party…
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📅︎ Jun 26 2018
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Prop B Logistics: Where Will the Money Come From?

Came across this Bloomberg article last week and it got me to thinking about the logistics of actually enforcing Prop B if it passes. Some pertinent quotes from the article (though it's worth reading in full): >Clearing tent cities, it turns out, is expensive: The report determined that Chicago paid $3.6 million to respond to encampments in fiscal year 2019. San Jose, with a much higher proportion of people sleeping outdoors, paid $8.6 million. Costs for smaller cities also ran high: Tacoma paid $3.9 million to manage its encampments, several hundred thousand more than Houston despite having only a fraction of its population

>Overall, cities in the study paid between $1,672 and $6,208 managing camps per unsheltered person per year in 2019, requiring coordination across multiple agencies, with little to show for their efforts.

>Homeless encampments touch on other policy issues beyond housing supply and social safety net funding. It falls on police to enforce encampment ordinances, and the use of law enforcement resources for this purpose has emerged in activist arguments to defund police. But Dunton says that the role of police is sometimes misunderstood. In Houston, for example, police work with outreach teams to help unhoused people acquire various forms of identification that they are often missing, such as birth certificates, drivers licenses and Social Security cards. Police are, or course, also involved in the sweeps that create so much hardship for homeless people — so, it’s complicated.

>“When we say police, it means different things. In the case of several of these communities, it’s not your typical police force,” Dunton says. “A lot of cities have these homeless outreach teams, or HOTs. They’re smaller units within the police department. They’re really not focused on enforcement. They’re often going out with outreach workers and trying to build rapport with people living in encampment settings.”

To me, this article suggests that if Prop B passes, there will still be a long, expensive process of actually clearing the camps (and subsequent clearing out of new camps that pop up), made even more expensive by the fact that (to my knowledge) APD has no specialized homeless outreach groups as of yet - setting something like that up and training officers for it is not a fast, cheap, or easy process. Where exactly is the money for this going

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san jose outdoor movie

Howdy San Jose Folk. I slowly but finally acquired all the necessary components to show outdoor movies . (projector, speakers, amplifier) What do you think about a monthly moving speakeasy/underground movie theater. I've been enamored with the thought of it since seeing the movie Cinema Paradiso as a young child where a projectionist . Nothing official but find an empty parking lot or field and show a cult classic / crowd favorite.

Any comments/criticism is greatly appreciated. I know many cities have done this is the past, but I'm thinking of following the route of 'bike party' / 'silent disco.' Any ideas for locations? Will the man stop this before it even becomes a thing? How much trouble can I get into?

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📅︎ Jun 02 2021
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Jason Spezza - Untold stories of the ultimate hockey nerd

Grabbed this from The Athletic to share with you all. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


The ultimate hockey nerd: Untold stories of Jason Spezza’s journey from junior phenom to beloved Maple Leafs veteran

null By Jonas Siegel 7h ago 68 The Jason Spezza you may not know has some of the best fashion sense in hockey.

The Jason Spezza you may not know goes all-in for Halloween and listens to Billie Eilish.

The Jason Spezza you may not know tracks league news like an NHL insider and is so obsessive about his sticks it once led him on a desperate hunt for a power tool in Europe.

The Jason Spezza you may not know is also one of the most beloved and admired veterans in the NHL today.

“He was a superstar when I came into the league,” said San Jose Sharks defenceman Erik Karlsson, who played five years alongside Spezza with the Ottawa Senators. “I just remember how friendly he was and how outgoing he is and how dedicated he is to trying to teach and help other people out. That was probably the main thing and the reason why we became as good friends as we are to this day.”

Over the course of his 18-year career, with stops in Ottawa, Dallas and Toronto, Spezza has become one of the more familiar names and faces to fans across the league.

But to those in hockey who know him best, Spezza’s impressive resume and longevity comprise only a small part of what makes him one of the more fascinating and revered personalities in the game today.

There’s more. A lot more.

A humble phenom

Spezza played in the OHL as a 15-year-old with Brampton in 1998-99, putting up 71 points in 67 games while drawing comparisons to previous junior phenoms Eric Lindros and Mario Lemieux. At 16, Spezza suited up for Team Canada in the world junior tournament. While attending a Team Canada summer development camp in Halifax in the early 2000s, Spezza was asked if a local young phenom could follow him around.

Brendan Bell, Ottawa Senators teammate 2008-09: One day, (a staff member) said, “The trainers and the Hockey Canada staff are out skating at lunch. They’re just playing shinny. There’s a kid out there,” and he was talking more to Spezz than to me. He said, “There’s a kid out there that you should go see and I want you to meet.” And we go out and we sit on the bench and watch this kid playing shinny with a bunch of men. And he’s dominant — like, he should be skating with us. And it turned out to be Sid (Crosby).

Sidney Crosby: When camps were local like that, I either tried t

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Countdown to Kickoff 2021: LA Galaxy

Welcome to LA Galaxy's entry in /r/MLS’s Countdown to Kickoff!

This year’s edition references guides from years past, so check them out here, here, here or here. It also happens to be a 5,000-word overwrought beast. If you want a TL;DR, demand AEG #ReleasetheKleinCut. Or just cut Chris Klein. Either one works.


Nicknames: the Blue, White and Gold, LA, the 𝔊’z

Mascot: Cozmo (current), Twizzle (retired)

Location: "The Digs" (27,000 capacity), Carson, CA

Supporter Groups: Angel City Brigade, LA Riot Squad, Galaxians, Galaxy Outlawz


  • Philip Anschutz MLS Cup (5): 2002, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2014
  • MLS Supporters’ Shield (4): 1998, 2002, 2010, 2011
  • Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup (2): 2001, 2005
  • CONCACAF Champions’ Cup (1): 2000

Kits: Anniversary, Community

Affiliate: LA Galaxy II

Rivals: San Jose Earthquakes, Los Angeles FC

Coach: Greg Vanney

Captain: Jonathan dos Santos


Founded in 1996, the Galaxy are one of the most, if not the most, successful and best-known soccer teams in American history. In fact, it’s their ambition to succeed that, when combined with SoCal's own innate advantages, has led to their signing so

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Dev Davis and Raul Peralez running for mayor

The Mercury News reports:

> Davis currently represents San Jose’s District 6, which includes the neighborhoods of Willow Glen and Rose Garden, while Peralez’s District 3 encompasses downtown San Jose and the neighborhoods in and around Japantown.

> Peralez is a Democrat with strong support from the city’s organized labor base, and Davis is a nonpartisan with the backing of powerful business leaders. She severed her ties with the Republican Party in 2018, citing the Trump administration’s treatment of migrant families.

> Because San Jose has been led by business-backed mayors for the past decade, Davis’ election would continue the status quo, while Peralez would represent a significant shift.

Regarding their platforms, here what Davis said:

> As mayor, Davis said she would be focused on guiding the city’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and cleaning up the city to make it more inviting to residents, businesses and visitors. She has pushed for the city to work with outside agencies such as Caltrans to address blight on their properties and advocated for the city to set aside additional funding to tackle illegal dumping. Davis opposes the city’s “opportunity housing” proposal, which would allow property owners to build multiplexes on single-family lots in areas outside of transit corridors.

And Peralez:

> For his part, Peralez said his priorities would include helping businesses and residents recover from the pandemic, reimagining the role of police and finding ways to curb the region’s homelessness and housing crisis.

> ...

> On Wednesday, he also announced a plan to allocate $1 million toward the recovery efforts of local businesses and low-income communities of color who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

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📅︎ Apr 29 2021
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Turner Classic Movies' full daily schedule for the month of May, 2021.

All Airtimes EST)


(12:30am) Vertigo (1958/2h 8m/Alfred Hitchcock) (drama)

(2:45am) Victor/Victoria (1982/2h 14/Blake Edwards) (comedy)

(5:15am) Wait Until Dark (1967/1h 48m/Terence Young) (thriller)

(7:15am) Watch On The Rhine (1943/1h 54m/Herman Shumlin) (drama)

(9:15am) Waterloo Bridge (1940/1h 43m/Mervyn Le Roy) (drama)

(11:15am) Weary River (1929/1h 29m/Frank Lloyd) (musical)

(1:00pm) What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962/2h 12m/Robert Aldrich) (drama)

(3:30pm) The White Cliffs Of Dover (1944/2h 6m/Clarence Brown) (romance)

(6:00pm) White Heat (1949/1h 54m/Raoul Walsh) (drama)

(8:00pm) The Wizard of Oz (1939/1h 41m/Victor Fleming) (fantasy)

(10:00pm) Wuthering Heights (1939/1h 43m/William Wyler) (romance)


(12:00am) The Year of Living Dangerously (1982/1h 55m/Peter Weir) (drama)

(2:15am) The Yearling (1946/2h 14m/Clarence Brown) (drama)

(4:30am) Z (1969/2h 5m/Costa-Gavras) (drama)

(6:45am) Mrs. Miniver (1942/2h 14m/William Wyler) (drama)

(9:15am) The Smiling Lieutenant (1931/1h 42m/Ernst Lubitsch) (comedy)

(11:00am) Dear Heart (1964/1h 54m/Delbert Mann) (comedy)

(1:00pm) Oliver! (1968/2h 33m/Carol Reed) (musical)

(3:45pm) Gigi (1958/1h 56m/Vincente Minnelli) (romance)

(6:00pm) Woman of the Year (1942/1h 52m/George Stevens) (comedy)

(8:00pm) Pather Panchali (1958/1h 55m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(10:15pm) Aparajito (1956/1h 53m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(Mon MAY 03)

(12:15am) The World Of Apu (1959/1h 46m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(2:15am) The Big City (1963/2h 11m/Satyajit Ray) (comedy)

(4:45am) The Lonely Wife (1965/1h 57m/Satyajit Ray) (romance)

(7:00am) The Music Room (1958/1h 40m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(8:45am) Devi (1960/1h 33m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(10:30am) The Coward (1965/1h 14m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(11:45am) Three Daughters: The Postmaster (1961/

(12:30pm) Three Daughters: Monihara (1961/

(1:30pm) Three Daughters: Samapti (1961/this plus the previous two listings = 1h 54m/Satyajit Ray) (drama)

(2:45pm) The Holy Man (1965/1h 5m/Satyajit Ray) (comedy)

(4:00pm) An Enemy of the People (1989/1h 40m/S

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Full Mock Draft Pt. 3 - SEVEN-ROUND MOCK

For those who missed the earlier pieces to this MegaMock undertaking, here are links to the previous installments...

Part I - Results of the Team Needs Survey that helped put this together -

Part II - A handful of free agents and trades that I made to help ease over some major needs before the draft -

Also, do note, most of the first, second, and third round were done on Tuesday morning, so some moves are not adequately accounted for. I'll be doing one more of these post-FA which should offer some more clarity.


1.) Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson - The Jaguars add the draft's top passer here, as Lawrence has been pegged as the first-overall pick since his freshman year at Clemson.

2.) New York Jets - QB Zach Wilson, Brigham Young - After sending QB Sam Darnold to the Bears earlier, they find his replacement in the dynamic riser out of Provo, Utah. Wilson narrowly edged out Fields amongst Jets fans responding to the survey results.

3.) Miami Dolphins - WR Ja'Marr Chase, LSU - Chase is firmly the #2 player on my board, and especially now with Allen Robinson off the market, the Dolphins should have no hesitation about bringing in an elite pass-catcher, especially one as talented as Chase. Could have a Justin Jefferson-like impact for Miami.

4.) Atlanta Falcons - TE Kyle Pitts, Florida - The Falcons would probably prefer to land a defensive player here, but with poor value on one this high, and a lack of trade market this early, they sit tight and take arguably the most dynamic tight end that college football has seen recently.

5.) Cincinnati Bengals - OT Penei Sewell, Oregon - Even after signing OT Alejandro Villanueva, the Bengals should look to bring in Sewell, bumping OT Jonah Williams inside to guard. Sewell remains one of the cleanest OT prospects to come out of the college ranks in recent time.

6.) Philadelphia Eagles - WR Devonta Smith, Alabama - Some have concerns over Smith's skinny frame, but his Heisman winning season en route to a national championship should really ease those

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NY Federal Court Allows Polymer80 to Testify in Syracuse vs ATF

For those who don't know about Syracuse vs ATF:

tl;dr of the case is that Syracuse, San Jose, Chicago, Columbia as well as two of Everytown’s legal funds have sued the ATF saying that 80%'s are actually Firearms and they want 80%'s banned

Polymer80 petitioned the court and asked that they be allowed to testify because the plaintiffs in the case are attempting to attack the ATF letters that Polymer80 essentiallyl bases their business around. The Court has accepted their request. Email from Polymer80 is below:

>On March 19, 2021, U.S. District Court Judge Gregory H. Woods granted Polymer80, Inc.’s motion to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the definition of a firearm under the Gun Control Act and several determination letters lawfully issued by ATF in 2015 and 2017 to Polymer80. For decades, the definition of a “firearm” under the Gun Control Act has been applied by ATF without objection from Plaintiffs, which include the City of San Jose, CA, City of Columbia, SC, City of Chicago, Illinois, and the City of Syracuse, NY. Notwithstanding this fact, Plaintiffs sued ATF and, while not naming Polymer80 as a party, specifically targeted and attacked three determination letters issued during the Obama Administration establishing that Polymer80’s products were not “firearms.” Since recent, well-publicized actions by ATF have signaled a dramatic – and incorrect – shift in ATF’s application of the definition of "firearm," Polymer80 sought to intervene in the lawsuit to protect its interests, its customers, and other individuals throughout the United States that believe in and support the lawful exercise of Constitutional rights.

>In his Opinion and Order, Judge Woods expressly recognized that Polymer80’s “determination letters are directly impacted by the Court’s decision in this case” and that it should be permitted to intervene because “Polymer80 and its business will be directly affected by the Court’s ruling in this case.” Judge Woods noted that, in light of recent actions by ATF, Polymer80’s concerns about whether its interests are represented by DOJ and ATF “are tangible and real.”

>Intervention in the lawsuit will allow Polymer80 to ensure its voice is heard and to defend the lawfulness of ATF’s longstanding classification of Polymer80's products under the Gun Control Act and the lawfulness and integrity of its determination letters. Polymer80 wants its customers and supporters to know that

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S-4 Highlights: CCIV Negotiation, Bloomberg Article, High Share Price => Larger PIPE, Liveris Connection

TL;DR; Lucid begins thinking of going public in Sept 2020 and talks to various SPACs. Bloomberg article comes out Jan 11, 2021 even though Lucid has not began talking with Churchill and later that day, Churchill begins talks with Lucid (inspired by the article). On Jan 19, Churchill says they will not comment on rumors but they already had a few draft LOI sent between them. On Jan 20, it began first of several on-site plant and showroom visits in California and Arizona (interesting since on Jan 18, people started talking about private jet from San Jose, CA to Phoenix, AZ). Somewhere between Jan 23 to Feb 20, Lucid decides to delay the Lucid Air launch after meeting with Churchill. The high CCIV share price prompted increasing the aggregate size and the per share price of the PIPE Investment. On Feb 22, Churchill wanted >$15.00 per share with a smaller PIPE size but was told $15.00 is the maximum per share. For Lucid's board, Andrew Liveris declared his role as an operating partner of the Sponsor and recused himself from matters related to a potential transaction with Churchill.


In Sept 2020, Lucid starts talking to investors. In December 2020, Lucid’s CEO was contacted by a SPAC regarding a potential business combination with Lucid. Lucid subsequently authorized Citi to contact additional SPACs regarding a potential business combination with Lucid. From December 2020 to January 22, 2021, Lucid and its representatives met and conducted discussions with representatives of five SPACs, none of which was Churchill, and discussed the terms of a potential business combination with each of them. Lucid did not enter into exclusivity, nor did Lucid agree to terms, with any of these SPACs.

On January 11, 2021, Bloomberg published an article stating that Churchill was in discussions to acquire Lucid. However, at the time the article was published, Churchill and Lucid had not had any discussions with respect to a potential business combination.

Subsequent to the Bloomberg article, Churchill began exploring a possible business combination with Lucid due to its interest in the electric vehicle industry, as well as Churchill’s familiarity with Lucid’s Chairman, Andrew Liveris, who is an operating partner of the Sponsor. Mr. Liveris did not participate in the evaluation of the Transactions on behalf of Churchill nor did he participate in any discussions or negotiations between Churchill and Lucid.

On January 11, 2021, financial advisors of Lucid

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What A Day: Deep Sixth'd by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (05/27/21)

"Who’s your daddy?" - A Trump adviser on the MAGA-fication of George P. Bush

Commission Impassable

Senate Republicans are poised to filibuster the bill to create a bipartisan January 6 commission, even after Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) specifically asked them not to.

  • Just three Republicans have come out in in favor of investigating a deadly attack on their own workplace, setting up the first filibuster of the new Congress and suggesting that Republicans might not intend to wield the rule as the unifying, coalition-building mechanism we all thought it was.

  • The family of fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick met with a number of GOP senators ahead of the vote on Thursday, urging them to back the independent commission. Evidently nervous that his members might have some sort of human reaction to this, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly asked certain Republicans to vote against the bill as a “personal favor” to him. A master class in ghoulishness.

  • Manchin took one last swing at shaming a radicalized party into putting the country ahead of the midterm elections, saying in a statement, “There is no excuse for any Republican to vote against this commission since Democrats have agreed to everything they asked for.” Asked if he was ready to reform the filibuster given their determination to block it anyway, Manchin lost the plot: “I’m not ready to destroy our government, no.” The next time a bloodthirsty mob storms the Capitol in an attempt to literally destroy our government, let us hope that they remember the intact Senate filibuster, and respectfully withdraw.

**While Republicans graciously demonstrate

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WTF Is Coming Out Friday? March 12th


Aevion - Meant to be (Movada Remix)

Alex Skrindo - Like I do

Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don't Play (Nathan Dawe Remix)

Armin van Buuren, Alesso - Leave A Little Love (Radio Club Edit)

Audien, M. Bronx - Leaving You (Riggi & Piros Remix)

AVIRA - Late Delivery

Badklaat - Feel Something

Binary Finary - 1998 (Jose De Mara Radio Edit)

Birdy - Loneliness (filous remix)

Bogdan Vix, Claudiu Adams - L'Evitation (Radio Edit)

Brohug - Fattoush

Brynn Elliott - Tell Me I'm Pretty (BEAUZ Remix)

Cajama - Don't let me down

Calippo - There for you

Cence Brothers - Back At Me

Cherub - Doses & Mimosas (Vintage Culture & Zerky Remix) (Radio Edit)


DAAV ONE - Alone

Dario Rodriguez - Back to me (DBN Remix)

Dario Rodriguez feat. Scott Abbot - Back To Me (DBN Remix)

Dhali x Bloodline - U GOT ME (DJ Quicksilver Remix)

DJ Kuba & Neitan - Sweat

DJ Susan - Chit Chat

Doja Cat - Streets (Disclosure Remix)/(Silhouette Remix)

Drone - M416

Dua Lipa - We're Good (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dubdogz, Ida Corr - Hotel Fellatio

dzill - Falling For You

Eximinds, Proyal - Say It Now (Radio Edit)

Faithless feat. Caleb Femi & Nathan Ball - I Need Someone (Yotto Remix) (Edit)

Farius - Wait

Fatum - Symphotek

Ferry Tayle, Betsie Larkin - Live For Tomorrow (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)

Forest Blakk - If You Love Her (Mark McCabe Remix)

Földes, Adam Marcos & Martin Eriksson feat. Skrilla - Get Funky (Pherato Remix)

Gareth Emery - You’ll Be OK (Andrew Rayel Remix)

Giant - Please stop

Glass Petals - Heartbeat

GRiZ, Ganja White Night - Ease your mind

Henri Purnell, Gia Koka & Karma Child - In My Feelings (Wankelmut Remix)

House Gospel Choir & Todd Terry - Everything Is Love (Blinkie Remix)

Ibranovski - Gimme

ILLENIUM, iann dior - First Time

InRp - I won't forget you

Jacknife, The Bloody Beetroots - Jericho

Jeonghyeon - Love yourself

Jose Amnesia - Even Closer

JSPM - On my word

Jubël - Weekend Vibe (Alle Farben Remix)

Kaaze - Midnight Runners

Kamille feat. S1mba - AYO! (PS1 Remix)

K Motionz - Ride to you

KVSH - Sicko Drop

Laura Marano - Something to Believe In (AFSHEEN Remix)

Le Pedre - Tonight

Like Mike - Best for You (Remixes)

LSDREAM - High Vibrations

LU2VYK, Sarah de Warren - Believe

Luca Debonaire x Just. As. Erik - Dancing Fool (MVRE Remix)

LVNDSCAPE, Rebecca & Fiona - Bad Trip

Maone, VJS - Walk away

Markhese, Sixth Sense - Save me

Mark Sixma, Amanda Collins - Super

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Which Actor had the best run in the 50s?

Best run in terms of anything and only Male Actors

Jack Lemmon: Some Like it Hot, Mister Roberts, Three for the Show, Phffft, It Should Happen to You, Once Too Often, Cowboy, Hollywood Bronc Busters, You Can't Run Away from It, Fire Down Below, My Sister Eileen, It Happened to Jane, Operation Mad Ball, and Bell, Book and Candle.

Max von Sydow: The Seventh Seal, Miss Julie, Ingen mans kvinna, Rätten att älska, Wild Strawberries, Prästen i Uddarbo, Kvinnlig spion 503, The Magician, and Brink of Life.

Frank Sinatra: From Here to Eternity, The Man with the Golden Arm, Pal Joey, Suddenly, Double Dynamite, Meet Danny Wilson, Young at Heart, Not as a Stranger, Guys and Dolls, The Tender Trap, Meet Me in Las Vegas, High Society, Johnny Concho, Around the World in 80 Days, The Pride and the Passion, The Joker Is Wild, Kings Go Forth, Some Came Running, A Hole in the Head, and Never So Few.

Gene Kelly: Singin in the Rain, An American in Paris, Invitation to the Dance, It's Always Fair Weather, Summer Stock, It's a Big Country, Black Hand, Love Is Better Than Ever, The Devil Makes Three, Brigadoon, Seagulls Over Sorrento, Deep in My Heart, The Happy Road, Les Girls, and Marjorie Morningstar.

Ernest Borgnine: Marty, China Corsair, Vera Cruz, From Here to Eternity, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Mob, The Whistle at Eaton Falls, Treasure of the Golden Condor, The Stranger Wore a Gun, Johnny Guitar, The Bounty Hunter, Demetrius and the Gladiators, Violent Saturday, Jubal, The Catered Affair, Run for Cover, The Last Command, The Square Jungle, The Best Things in Life Are Free, The Vikings, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, Torpedo Run, and The Rabbit Trap.

James Stewart: Bell, Book and Candle, Vertigo, Winchester '73, The Glenn Miller Story, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Naked Spur, Rear Window, Harvey, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Man from Laramie, Strategic Air Command, Anatomy of a Murder, The Spirit of St. Louis, Bend of the River, Thunder Bay, Broken Arrow, No Highway in the Sky, The Jackpot, Carbine Williams, Night Passage, The FBI Story, and The Far Country.

Ward Bond: The Searchers, Mister Roberts, Johnny Guitar, Hondo, The Quiet Man, Singing Guns, Riding High, Wagon Master, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Operation Pacific, The Great Missouri Raid, The Halliday Brand, Rio Bravo, On Dangerous Ground, Only the Valiant, Hellgate, Bullfighter and the Lady, Thunderbirds, The Moonlighter, Blowing Wild, Gypsy Colt, The Bob Mathias Story, The Long Gray Line, A Man Alone, Dak

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Old Austin Tales: George Bonnell's trip to Waterloo and the rest of Texas - 1838

I'm glad to see we're all slowly getting back to something resembling normal, except for the lack of water coming from the taps in some apartment buildings. This sub is returning to posts about loud booms and missing dogs and soon the Bluebonnet photos will be upon us.

So Texas Independence Day is coming up on March 2nd and this time of year I like to share something with y'all from Republic of Texas times. Today I bring you the journal of a fellow named George Bonnell. He was a native of New York who came to Texas in 1836 as a journalist trying to chronicle the events of the Texas Revolution and eventually became a soldier in the fight. After the war, he was appointed Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the new Republic by President Sam Houston in 1838. As part of this job, Houston ordered him to organize an expedition tour of different regions of Texas and report back the state of affairs with the native tribes. To start his journey he (and two other traveling companions) traveled from Houston to LaGrange, where he followed the course of the Colorado River as far the first waterfall, which happened to be just a few miles west of the site of the village of Waterloo, later called Austin. While there he and his companions climbed the biggest hill in the area and took in the sights. This hill would eventually bear his name, although today some sources say it was actually named after someone else with the name Bonnell right before that. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The UNT archive has a transcribed copy of his journal and we can read the entries:

>1838 July 12th Left Houston through a 2x3 rate soil ---- 22 miles to Duckworths on a branch of White Oak Bayou.

>July 13th. To Robards 6 miles Groces retreat, on the Brazos 22

> Land undulating poor soil; Groces retreat famed for beauty of location & richness of soil, situated 5 miles E of the Brazos 14 miles below Washington

>July 14th. Passed over fine undulating country & well watered to Washington on the west bank of the Brazos. Inaccessible(?) for steam boat Navigation above this place. Is celebrated for its great beauty. It is healthy & surrounded by a rich body of land

>July 16th. Left for Independence formerly Cole's Settlement. Here is good society, rich lands, health & fine water. Traveled 25 miles.

>July 17th. Traveled today 40

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[Rassegna Stampa] 02 May 2021 - Summary of Juventus news from Italy, translated

Here is summary of Juventus news from Italy:

Previous, Udinese-Juventus 1982

01 May 2021 - by Fabio Ellena

Like the one in 1982, in the name of Paolo Rossi who returned to the field after being disqualified and ready for the world apotheosis.

Udinese-Juventus is above all the one in the imagination of the Juventus fan: the success in Friuli, the knockout of Inter at Lazio, the overtaking and the Scudetto at the last corner.

Before the Calcioscommesse misfortune did not put him out of action for 2 years.

Juve are on stage at Udinese who have almost mortgaged their salvation, while Fiorentina are at San Siro against Inter.

Meanwhile, the center in Friuli also enters history: he is the first overall with the Juventus shirt.


Juve in Udine to resume the Champions League race

01 May 2021 - by Roberto Nizzotti

Juventus, overtaken by Atalanta and joined by Napoli, resume the race to qualify for the next Champions League by stopping at the Dacia Arena.

The tactical attitude of the Friulians is usually based on creating defensive density (averagePPDAequalto13.45) and then hitting with the positive transitions that it knows how to develop dangerously.

In the offensive phase Udinese, as seen, is very strong in positive transitions, thanks to interpreters such as, for example, Roberto Pereyra, former Juve, or Rodrigo De Paul who know how to combine technical qualities with great physicality and are able to give important jerks, adequately accompanied by the thrust of the outside.

In the sequence below the goal of the advantage of the Friulians vs Benevento that bears the signature of Molina, excellent to accompany the play, served just as well by the usual Rodrigo De Paul.

For Juventus it is a challenge that is anything but easy, a match in which they will have to show a lot of balance, know how to attack with fluidity and speed, realizing what they produce, avoiding giving opportunities to a team that, albeit with the worst goal conversion value in the Serie A, however, has players with the skills to be able to hurt.


Ultimissime Juve: goodbye to the scudetto dream, Morata in the squad


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It's like I cannot even live my fucking life, for me myself and I. it's like I have to drop dead the rest of my life and give up my life as a transsexual woman legally female almost 15 years ( October 4th 2006 Connecticut department of motor vehicles main office wethersfield); I am non-binary

In other words I did not come out to look like the coveted Caitlyn Jenner, I've already told all y'all that story Newtown Connecticut 06470 she, as b Jenner, being the town's most converted super Jock hero of 1976. They never let us get done with that crap, not the Newtown Bee - our local paper published weekly, anyway. week after week, all we got to read about in Newtown Connecticut was Bruce Jenner this and Bruce Jenner that... I could never say I was impressed with the jockstraps as we called them back at Newtown high School; at least back in those days one could always tune in, turn on, burn out and drop out!!! In the words of dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, " get high as a motherfucker!!!"

which is probably the reason we didn't have the Columbine problem yet, this pre- dating the WAR ON DRUGS!!!! WHICH, LET ME SAY, WHAT STARTED BY RICHARD M NIXON ELECTED IN 1968, THEN RESURRECTED BY PRESIDENT Ronald Reagan in 1981, as many Americans know.

which brings me to my sister, someone who could, with her "personal popo protection in the pocket" (given to her by performer police officer boyfriend who was the Suffolk county popo something like 38 years-in what many call "Compton East / Compton Long Island, New York"; a place better known as Wyandanch, Brentwood, and yes, BABYLON-all of them in Southeastern Suffolk county, NY) COULDN'T ABLE HARDER, QUITE EASILY I WOULD PROBABLY IMAGINE, WALK RIGHT THROUGH WHAT THEY CALLED SKID ROW OR "THE SKID" HERE IN LA, CALIFORNIA!! She comes to a lot of Broadway plays and/or mostly off Broadway said if you walk 4 blocks west from Broadway the New York, New York you end up somewhere around West 57th Street at 12th avenue. Which today is probably the worst Hood in Manhattan; intelligence Central better known as Hell's kitchen for the Homeless. Like San Francisco most everything has been gentrified most everywhere in the five boroughs these days.


The only other choice would be, yeah, quality Helium Freeway.... A divided highway where all five Lanes including carpool lane, on both sides of the highway mind you, all go to the same destination. The land off Eastern Long island at the Pequot first Nation p

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Collecting newspapers, Part 1

Newspaper hoarding used to be about tales of the 90 yr old recluse who died after a 10ft stack of moldy papers fell over on him and trapped him in his apartment until he died of starvation, only to be found 3 months later when neighbors reported the odor of death to authorities.

Fortunately, things have improved slightly. Most computer rack units are sufficiently robust to be all but immune to falling over and trapping the hapless nerd. And newspapers take up so much less capacity now than they did just 25 years ago. My estimates are that daily newspapers are at about 5gb per year with mild compression, and less than 8gb without. Even the largest dailies will still be well under 10gb per year.

The entire stack of New York Times going back to its advent (were it available) couldn't trap even the weakest nonagenarian. It might well fit on one of the larger micro-SD cards at this point.

Many small-town weeklies are even more modest still. Those will tend to be in the 3-6 meg range typically, and look as if they won't even weigh in at half a gig per year.

This is so fundamental, it's always sort of strange to me that the hoarders over in r/datahoarder never talk about them. Especially those that are always on the lookout for big datasets to fill up the large NASs they're always salivating over. C'mon guys, this makes your stuff a real library. Like, for real.

So, where do you start?

Most people are going to be interested in newspapers in descending order like so:

  • Their national newspaper of record.
  • Their (nearest) city's newspaper of record.
  • Their hometown's newspaper (if not covered by the above).
  • Their regional newspaper of record.
  • Other large city's newspapers of record.
  • Foreign newspapers of record in their native language.
  • Random newspapers.

I've evaluated my storage, and I can cover the first four categories comfortably, but the 5th one is bad (here in the United States has at least 30 to 40 large newspapers, and foreign newspapers for the UK, Canada, Australia, and so on would add at least a couple more dozen to the mix).

Curiously, my hometown is so ridiculously hickish that I can't even get good digital copies of their paper. Most newspapers will contract out to the seven or eight companies that do hosting for this stuff, but no. Not my hometown. They paid some lame-ass software outfit in town to do it, and I think they're using a bad flippages Wordpress plugin to do it. No PDFs either, but just gigantic per-page jpeg image

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No justice, No peace. Fuck The Police! San Jose PD was circling and yelling at us from their helicopter all night long so a small impromptu group decided to lead them on an adventure through downtown for awhile.
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So you wanna be a vagabond? (Facebook copypasta stolen from a friend)

I get it You think you're gonna quit your job Throw on a backpack Hitchhike to Colorado Meet some girl who knows the breeds of rocks Play the spoons in a street music ensemble with her and her old man and her twin flame and a fella name of "Custard Bob" they met outside of Durango during the eclipse Listen to Custard Bob talk for hours about a friends uncle who works for the FBI gave him a document about chem trails Follow Bob down the rabbit hole Come to your sense 2 weeks later standing in a field strapped to a cardboard "bomb" filled with pork n beans and a note taped to it says "ARREST TONY HAWK" Find out you're in Utah Find out they robbed you Find out you have a pitbull now Go live in a cave in Moab with a dude who stopped using money 15yrs ago Kiss every single rock climber in Moab at the same party Steal toilet paper from McDonald's Charge your phone at McDonald's Eat 3 meals for $8 at McDonald's Be asked to leave McDonald's cause whatever Custard Bob got you strung out on gave you the "hippy screams" Learn how to hop freight in Salt Lake from a genderless dirty kid named Latté Ride in a boxcar full of air fryers all the way to Portland Get hooked on what Latté calls "Kansas City Dancing Shoes" someplace east of San Jose Roll your ankle hoping off the moving train Watch Latté land it flawlessly then steal your boots Limp 12 miles to the nearest Walmart Fly a cardboard sign says "Bad Advice $1" Split a kicked down rotisserie chicken with your new pitbull Hangout at Trader Joe's hoping a woman with a cart full of vegan snacks will see the dog and let you sleep on her couch if you pretend to care about astrology Wake up to her kicking you out for "inviting Capricorn energy into her home" but really its cause you slept with her roommate I say do it You have nothing to lose but your stuff and your teeth most likely Go. Be. Free.

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Collection of 107 remote jobs from last couple of days
  • Senior WordPress Developer ^([)^(link)^(])
    WPForms · West Palm Beach, FL
    engineering, full-time, programming, full-stack, anywhere-100-remote-only

  • Director of Philanthropy ^([)^(link)^(])
    TCC Group · New York, US

  • Content Marketing Manager ^([)^(link)^(])
    Drop Ship Lifestyle · USA
    sales-marketing, content-marketing, seo, strategic-marketing, project-management, editing

  • Creative Partner (Creative Account Manager) ^([)^(link)^(])
    Brilliant · USA
    tech, account-manager, project-management, ecommerce, customer-service

  • Finance & Grants Analyst ^([)^(link)^(])
    Civil Society Innovation Initiative (CSII)/Tides Center · California, US

  • Account Executive ^([)^(link)^(])
    TalkingPoints · California, US

  • Director of Partner Success ^([)^(link)^(])
    TalkingPoints · California, US

  • Bilingual Call Center Representative ^([)^(link)^(])
    Community Dental Partners · USA Only
    sales-marketing, customer-service, full_time

  • Executive Assistant ^([)^(link)^(])
    Bat Conservation I

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Beyond doom and gloom: A nuanced discussion of multifamily rentals / REITs in very high cost of living cities (VCOL)

Obligatory disclaimer: “predicting is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future”, and I’ve been very wrong before (most recently about the market rebound). But it’s fun to have a discussion and what else is there to do now that it’s cold with a COVID surge?

Full disclosure: Despite my arguments below, I hold modest positions in several of the apartment rental REITs. One reason is simply to hedge against me being wrong. I also think there’s a gap between the eventual modest decline in valuations and the 40-50% decline we’ve seen in luxury coastal apartment REITs (Essex, Avalon, Equity). The public REITs have investment grade credit rating, and several of them (Equity, Avalon) have recently issued debt at ~2% due to the accommodative corporate credit environment. Many also have suburban portfolios which could prosper from the urban departures.



There’s been a great deal of hysteria in the popular press / investment forums about “the death of cities”.

This is clearly ridiculous. “Cities” are the engines of economic growth in every developed economy. The 100 largest metropolitan areas contain 65% of the US population and 68% of total economic activity (and closer to 75+% of patents, intellectual property development, etc). Cities as a whole will continue to grow and expand in the United States as they have for the past 200 years.

On the flip side, not all cities are created equally. I think a very reasonable question to ask is how will the multifamily real estate markets in very high cost of living cities (VCOL), loosely defined as San Francisco, NYC, Boston, and maybe LA fare in the near future?

I’m personally a big believer that external shocks very rarely generate new trends but tend to accelerate existing underlying ones. And when looking at the future of VCOL areas we have a story about demographics, affordability, schools / child care, job dispersion, supply, and immigration.



My thesis is that VCOL, and in particular the dense urban cores, will see flat to negative growth in populations, rent, and condo prices as Millennials age into child-rearing years and move to areas with more affordable housing / better schools. Older generations will continue their preference for warmer, lower tax areas while foreign immigration remains depressed. This trend will be compounded by the increase in luxury rental units as projects initiated in 2018, 2019, and early 2020 move onto the market.

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The Transplant's Guide to Laredo

Buen día!

Welcome to The Gateway City. You're probably reading this because you are relocating to Laredo for work. Moving somewhere new can always be a chaotic experience, but I hope this extensive guide on all aspects of Laredo living will help make your time in Laredo as memorable as mine was. Grab a Dos XX with Tajin or a Margarita and enjoy. A bit about myself: I lived in Laredo from early 2016 - to late 2017 after I graduated from college for work. I periodically go back to visit friends since I live in Houston now. I didn't make a ton of money when I was there for my flying job, but I still had the time of my life. Please keep in mind these are my opinions and thoughts from my time there. I had a blast being there in my early 20's, but I know priorities and interests change as people age, however, I've tried to be objective when writing this guide for everyone.

Mods please please feel free to pin this post to help others out down the road.

Overall thoughts:

The best way I can describe Laredo is that it's like you took a trip to Mexico, but you get to keep all the cool benefits of being in the United States. It's kind of the best of both worlds, and I found both the people and culture of Laredo to be great. There is nothing like grinding at work during the week just to make it to hang out at the pool day drinking with your friends doing Carne's (short for Carneasada aka cookouts), going out, and the afters (after parties) on the weekends. Oh, I forget to mention the food is AWESOME. Also worth noting, anyone that is not Latino in Laredo is a minority which is kind of a cool experience in itself.

The Weather:

Take a look at your weather app for Laredo right now, if it's winter you'll notice that it's probably in the 50-70 degree range. In very rare circumstances it has snowed in Laredo, but being from the Midwest I found the winters are super mild. Summer on the other hand is a whole other animal, expect hot temps in the low 100's especially in mid to late summer. In reality, there is Summer and Fall in Laredo. Fortunately, it is a normally dry heat. It can get slightly humid though if the winds are out of the East from the Gulf, but it depends on the day. It's usually sunny a majority of the time though which is cool. Your summer wardrobe will be in use 9-10 months of the year.

Where to live:

Like anything this depends on your budget, however, Laredo is a very affordable city when it comes to renting and buying. I lived o

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Raymond Carver's Paris Review Interview about literature, his work and vices.

INTERVIEWER: What was your early life like, and what made you want to write?

CARVER: | grew up in a small town in eastern Washington, a place called Yakima. My dad worked at the sawmill there. He was a saw-filer and helped take care of the saws that were used to cut and plane the logs. My mother worked as a retail clerk or a waitress or else stayed at home, but she didn’t keep any job for very long. I remember talk concerning her “nerves.” In the cabinet under the kitchen sink, she kept a bottle of patent — “nerve medicine,” and she’d take a couple of tablespoons of this every morning. My dad’s nerve medicine was whiskey. Mos toften he kept a bottle of it under that same sink, or else outside in the woodshed. I remember sneaking a taste of it once and hating it, and wondering how anybody could drink the stuff. Home was a little two-bedroom house. We moveda lot when I was a kid, but it was always into another little two- bedroom house. The first house I can remember living in, near the fairgrounds in Yakima, had an outdoor toilet. This was in the late 1940s. I was eight or ten years old then. I used to wait at the bus stop for my dad to come home from work. Usually he was as regular as clockwork. But every two weeks or so, he wouldn’t be on the bus. I’d stick around then and wait for the next bus, but I already knew he wasn’t going to be on that one, either. When this happened,it meant he’d gone drinking with friends of his from the sawmill. I still remember the sense of doom and hopelessness that hung over the supper table when my mother and I and my kid brother sat down toeat.

INTERVIEWER: But what made you want to write?

CARVER: The only explanation I can give you is that my dad told me lots of stories about himself when he was a kid, and about his dad and his grandfather. His grandfather had fought in the Civil War. He fought for both sides! He was a turncoat. When the South began losing the war, he crossed over to the North and began fighting for the Union forces. My. dad laughed when he told this story. He didn’t see anything wrong with it, and I guess I didn’t either. Anyway, my dad would tell me stories, anecdotes really, no moral to them, about tramping aroundin the woods,or else riding the rails and having to look out for railroad bulls. I loved his company and loved to listen to him tell me these stories. Once in a while he’d read something to me from what he was reading. Zane Grey westerns. These were the first real hardback books, outs

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Living As Asian in America (The Racism Experience)


2021: Black man calls Asian American police officer a "chink" multiple times at Washington Square Park in New York City on June 2021 & tries to justify that he is not racist, citing Critical Race Theory

2021: Asian Woman has Purse Snatched, Threatened & Shot with BB gun in SF

2021: Asian woman gets her hair pulled and attacked in Philly

2021: Anti Masker attacks Asian American employee while mocking martial arts stereotype

2021: Elderly Chinese Woman Randomly Attacked, Fights Back, Aftermath in SF

2021: Asian Driver Brutally Beat, Nearly Executed and Has Car Vandalized in Philadelphia

2021: Asian Man Beaten in Own Car at Home in San Jose

2021: Couple of Asians Shot in The Arm, Pistol Whipped, Robbed While Their 2-Year-Old Child Watches in LA

2020: Group of Teens Threatens Assault, Robbery, Rape towards Asian Boy & Family

2021: Elderly Asian Man Assaulted and Robbed by 2 Men in SF

2021: 2 Immigrant Chinese Women Robbed in Front of Home in Northern California

2021: 70 Year-Old Vietnamese Woman Pushed to the Ground, Robbed in Oakland

2021: African-American male arguing with two people, suddenly decides to attack a random Asian woman on a scooter riding nearby in New York

2020: Group Caught on Video Sucker-Punching, Robbing Asian Teenager in Philadelphia

2021: 84-Year Old Thai Man Randomly Tackled, Murdered in SF

2021: 91-Year-Old Asian Man Randomly Pushed to the Pavement in Oakland (perpetrator also shoved two other seniors after this!)

2021: Random Attack on Asian Commuter in Bay Area

[2020: Asian Wo

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11-8 COVID-19 Update for Santa Clara County

The county reported 358 new cases today, and I count 349 of those falling within the past 7 days. Looks like some people decided to party for Halloween. The county does not report new deaths on the weekend. We are currently in the Orange Tier. The state monitoring chart is updated weekly, the site currently lists a daily COVID-19 case per 100k rate of 5.8 (for the week ending 10/24), with an adjusted case rate of 3.2 (there's an adjustment factor depending on how many tests per 100k you do compared against the state average, for Santa Clara's testing rate that adjustment factor is currently 0.554). The health equity metric score is 3.6 (Orange Tier).

City Total Cases New Cases Added Today Total Past 7 Days Daily Average per 100K
Campbell 477 13 26 8.75
Cupertino 161 2 8 1.89
Gilroy 1831 15 73 18.78
Los Altos 152 5 15 7.01
Los Altos Hills 45 2 2 3.35
Los Gatos 224 4 11 5.08
Milpitas 706 9 48 8.85
Monte Sereno 23 0 0 0.00
Morgan Hill 750 12 44 14.33
Mountain View 701 7 30 5.29
Other/Unknown 1041 30 67
Palo Alto 351 2 6 1.28
San Jose 17474 248 899 12.51
Santa Clara 1249 15 64 7.24
Saratoga 153 1 10 4.63
Sunnyvale 1152 7 48 4.50
ZIP Total Cases New Cases Added Today Total Past 7 Days Daily Average per 100K
94022 103 3 8 5.90
94024 91 4 8 4.77
94040 321 3 13 5.18
94041 145 1 1 0.99
94043 223 3 15 6.81
94085 302 1 9 5.45
94086 398 2 16 4.61
94087 249 2 14 3.50
94089 195 2 9 5.76
94301 123 0 0 0.00
94304 30 0 0 0.00
94305 27 0 1 0.93
94306 133 0 2 1.04
95002 38 0 0 0.00
95008 468 13 27 8.29
95014 157 2 8 1.83
95020 1785 15 74 16.56
95030 67 1 2 2.15
95032 167 3 9 4.89
95035 704 9 48 8.84
95037 732 11 44 12.17
95046 139 2 4 9.48
95050 510 1 19 6.88
95051 445 11 32 7.87
95054 281 2 12 7.07
95070 150 1 10 4.56
95110 609 10 35 24.75
95111 1739 19 93 21.29
95112 1140 24 66 15.44
95113 62 -1 -1 -7.37
95116 1715 19 69 17.45
95117 602 6 35 16.90
95118 377 2 15 6.58
95119 78 2 4 5.46
95120 226 1 8 3.03
95121 578 17 39 14.62
95122 1988 22 78 19.28
95123 940 10 49 10.32
95124 356 6 16 4.47
95125 655 8 33 8.80
95126 616 13 43 17.07
95127 1735 34 99 21.53
95128 471 2 25 9.48
95129 177 1 9 3.23
95130 102 0 4 3.84
95131 289 2 11 5.04
95132 387 4 17 5.80
95133 451 3 26 12.93
95134 193 2 10 5.25
95135 99 2 7 4.47
95136 751 13 37 11.10
95138 218 10 21 14.45
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[Thank you] to so many wonderful people!

I've been so excited making my own Halloween cards that I've fallen behind on my thank yous. I have a huge stack of happy mail since end of September until now! I appreciate each and every single card! Thank you for all the love! I still have half a stack left, but it's bedtime for me now so I will have to save them for another day. Thank you for your patience! :)

u/marchbook - Thank you for the vibrant red postcard for World Postcard Day!

u/HufflepuffPuff_Pass - Thank you for my delicious looking postcard!

u/girlofgallifrey - Thank you for my Halloween card and vampire joke! "Coffin drops" hehe.

u/carleen1210 x2 - Thank you for the vintage witch card! I absolutely adore it! I love how you signed it "from my crypt to yours"! Thank you also for my "horsing around" card for World Postcard Day!

u/gettysburging - Thank you for my KQED's Bar Curius postcard! I actually watched a lot of KQED growing up. I've recently gotten in to podcasts so I'll have to check this one out!

u/aepeyc - Thank you for my Goosebump card! I remember this book! A scary movie marathon sounds amazing! If only I could get my husband on board. In the 5 years we've been together I think he's only agreed to watch 3 scary movies with me. I have a tradition of watching a new scary movie every day in October. It's becoming more challenging every year; I feel like I've run out of "good" ones at this point haha.

u/reddituserkoot - Thank you for my beautiful Halloween card! I love the mini gold skulls washi tape you used!

u/shady-lady68 - Thank you for my snuggly kitten card! They are so cute!

u/anfield456 - Thank you for my Yellowstone National Park card! Wow Austria! Very cool that you got to meet a penpal while there!

u/Mareepharos - Thank you for my adorable "support the postal service" card!

u/velocityoflove - Thank you for this gorgeous handmade card! "If at first you don't succeed, remove all evidence you ever tried." Sounds like good advice to me!

u/arstarz - Thank you for my Halloween card!

u/vampite - Thank you for my World Postcard Day card! The crimson-leaved canna is beautiful!

u/waxingmoonchild - Thank you for my Flower of the Gods card! I have an upcoming camping trip that I'm excited for! I can't wait to leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a bit and be in nature. I loved hearing about the little things that make you happy, like a beautiful sunset! I found some pumpkin jelly candy at Bass Pro Shop. They're orange flavor and the taste re

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2 month Central America itinerary feedback + suggestions

I'm a solo female traveller, going to Central America for two months. I'll fly to Havana, spend a week in Cuba and then fly to Cancún, travelling south from there, eventually flying out from San José. Should I spend more time in El Salvador or Honduras? Where should I go between Antigua and León? I don't dive but that might be something I'm into (although it also kinda scares the shit out of me), should I go to Utila? I'm not into partying or beaches that much if it matters. Also I'll most likely be in Guatemala during Easter - any tips where or how to spend it?

Here's what I've got so far - what have I missed and should I skip something? Map in the link, also described below.

Cuba - 1 week

  • Havana
  • Viñales
  • Anything else?


  • Cancún (just flying here and heading to Tulum)
  • Tulum
  • Coba archaeological site
  • Lake Bacalar
  • Chetumal (ferry to Belize)


  • San Pedro
  • Caye Caulker
  • Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Guatemala (Easter?)

  • Flores
  • Tikal
  • San Agustín Lanquín
  • Semuc Champey
  • Chichicastenango
  • Lake Atitlán (1-2 weeks here in Spanish school)
  • Antigua

Honduras / El Salvador

  • Possibly Copan Ruinas, maybe El Tunco?


  • León
  • Masaya Volcano National Park
  • Granada
  • Ometepe
  • San Juan del Sur

Costa Rica

  • Puerto Viejo
  • Santa Teresa Beach
  • San José (flying out)
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Well duh ................................ DoorDash has spent the past few months quietly adding new fees for users on its app.In the months since a coalition of app-based gig companies successfully passed Prop 22 in California, exempting themselves from reclassifying their workers as employees, DoorDash has been silently passing costs onto consumers. The company-funded Yes on Prop 22 campaign claimed that not passing the ballot initiative would result in higher prices for consumers, and in early December, news first broke that gig companies would be charging more anyway to cover the cost of benefits promised in Prop 22 such as a healthcare stipend and a minimum pay guarantee. It’s also not clear whether these new benefits warrant price hikes as an October 2019 study by the Berkeley Labor Center of Proposition 22 found that driver pay would come out to $5.64 an hour. Nonetheless, companies in the coalition signaled they'd have to pass costs onto consumers instead of absorbing them into their already unprofitable enterprises.  Now, DoorDash is raising its service fee to 15 percent in California, which according to an in-app description "helps us operate DoorDash & provide a minimum pay guarantee to California Dashers. Service fees are, according to DoorDash, also calibrated by market demand and Motherboard has seen receipts where the service fee jumped as high as 21 percent. A DoorDash spokesperson told Motherboard that the company is raising fee percentages for orders in California to cover Prop 22 and is keeping a close eye on the impact of these various price hikes and fee increases, adjusting them when necessary. It’s important to remember, however, that for DoorDash and other companies, that usually means when a policy is affecting the gig economy’s schemes to realize previously illegal profits. Recently, DoorDash has been experimenting with how to respond to the wave of governments nationwide placing caps on the fees that third-party delivery services charge restaurants. DoorDash has already introduced additional fees for customers in Denver and Chicago and abandoned plans to hike fees for Washington D.C. restaurants using DashPass, but has silently introduced new fees in California to offset commission caps introduced by regulators.  DoorDash also has a history of passing the costs of regulation on to customers. In November, San Mateo County introduced a 15 percent commission cap, whic

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What A Day: Castor Of None by Sarah Lazarus & Crooked Media (02/09/21)

"Vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz” - Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), fake-angrily reading Neera Tanden's true tweets

Playing Fast And Bruce

The unprecedented second Senate impeachment trial of disgraced former president Donald Trump has begun, with the first day’s proceedings focused on the constitutionality of the trial itself—or on the unrivaled radiance of U.S. senators, depending on when you happened to tune in.

  • Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) kicked off the opening arguments by summing up the absurdity of the question at hand: “Their argument is that if you commit an impeachable offense in your last few weeks in office, you do it with constitutional impunity.” House managers wasted no time before playing a 13-minute video of the violence on January 6 juxtaposed against Trump’s remarks egging on the mob, before launching into historical precedents for trying former officials, and citing conservative legal scholars who have argued that Trump’s post-presidency trial is constitutionally kosher.

  • In their final brief on Tuesday, House managers asserted, generously, that Trump’s lawyers were relying on “flawed legal theories” and trying to dump the full blame onto his supporters because they had “no good defense” for his incitement of an insurrection. Trump attorney Bruce Castor, best known for refusing to prosecute Bill Cosby, promptly proved them wrong by spending much of his opening speech rambling about, uh, how smart and beautiful senators are. Even Alan Dershowitz, who’s never met a bad legal argument he couldn’t happily make worse, thought Castor tanked it.

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Turner Classic Movie's schedule for March, 2021. (all times E.S.T.)

(MON MAR 01)

(12:00am) Walk Cheerfully (1930/1h 35m/Yasujirô Ozu) (crime-drama-romance)

(2:00am) Uncle Yanco (1967/20m/Agnès Varda) (documentary short)

(2:20am) Black Panthers (1968/31m/Agnès Varda) (documentary short)

(3:15am) Lions Love (...and Lies) (1969/1h 52m/Agnès Varda) (dramedy)

(5:15am) MGM Parade Show #11 (1955/25m/?)

(6:00am) The Dawn Patrol (1938/1h 43m/Edmund Goulding) (war)

(8:00am) The Toast Of New Orleans (1950/1h 37m/Norman Taurog) (musical)

(9:45am) Eye of the Devil (1966/1h 29m/J. Lee Thompson) (horror)

(11:45am) Tonight’s The Night (1954/1h 27m/Mario Zampi) (comedy)

(1:15pm) A Kiss In The Dark (1949/1h 28m/Delmer Daves) (comedy)

(2:45pm) A Matter of Life and Death (1947/1h 44m/Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell) (romance)

(4:45pm) Around The World In 80 Days (1956/2h 50m/Michael Anderson) (epic)

(8:00pm) Romance on the High Seas (1948/1h 39m/Michael Curtiz) (musical)

(9:45pm) My Dream Is Yours (1949/1h 41m/Michael Curtiz) (musical)

(11:45pm) Tea For Two (1950/1h 38m/David Butler) (musical)

(TUE MAR 02)

(1:30am) The West Point Story (1950/1h 47m/Roy Del Ruth) (musical)

(3:30am) Lullaby of Broadway (1951/1h 32m/David Butler) (musical)

(5:15am) It’s A Great Feeling (1949/1h 25m/David Butler) (comedy)

(7:00am) Storm Warning (1951/1h 33m/Stuart Heisler) (drama)

(9:00am) Blondie of the Follies (1932/1h 30m/Edmund Goulding) (comed)

(10:45am) Goodbye Again (1933/1h 5m/Michael Curtiz) (comedy)

(12:00pm) Make Me A Star (1932/1h 10m/William Beaudine) (comedy)

(1:45pm) Sing and Like It (1934/1h 12m/William A. Seiter) (comedy)

(3:00pm) Strictly Unreliable (1932/19m/George Marshall) (comedy short)

(3:00pm) Hill-Tillies (1936/17m/Gus Meins) (comedy short)

(3:00pm) Backs To Nature (1933/19m/Gus Meins) (comedy short)

(4:15pm) Kelly The Second (1936/1h 25m/Gus Meins) (comedy)

(5:30pm) Hips, Hips, Hooray! (1934/1h 8m/Mark Sandrich) (comedy)

(6:45pm) Smart Blonde (1936/59m/Frank McDonald) (comedy)

(8:00pm) Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry (1937/1h 20m/Alfred E. Green) (drama)

(9:30pm) Easter Parade (1948/1h 43m/Charles Walters) (musical)

(11:30pm) A Star Is Born (1954/2h 56m/George Cukor) (musical)

(WED MAR 03)


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Stolen from a friend. Thought it was worth putting in here.

I get it You think you're gonna quit your job Throw on a backpack Hitchhike to Colorado Meet some girl who knows the breeds of rocks Play the spoons in a street music ensemble with her and her old man and her twin flame and a fella name of "Custard Bob" they met outside of Durango during the eclipse Listen to Custard Bob talk for hours about a friends uncle who works for the FBI gave him a document about chem trails Follow Bob down the rabbit hole Come to your sense 2 weeks later standing in a field strapped to a cardboard "bomb" filled with pork n beans and a note taped to it says "ARREST TONY HAWK" Find out you're in Utah Find out they robbed you Find out you have a pitbull now Go live in a cave in Moab with a dude who stopped using money 15yrs ago Kiss every single rock climber in Moab at the same party Steal toilet paper from McDonald's Charge your phone at McDonald's Eat 3 meals for $8 at McDonald's Be asked to leave McDonald's cause whatever Custard Bob got you strung out on gave you the "hippy screams" Learn how to hop freight in Salt Lake from a genderless dirty kid named Latté Ride in a boxcar full of air fryers all the way to Portland Get hooked on what Latté calls "Kansas City Dancing Shoes" someplace east of San Jose Roll your ankle hoping off the moving train Watch Latté land it flawlessly then steal your boots Limp 12 miles to the nearest Walmart Fly a cardboard sign says "Bad Advice $1" Split a kicked down rotisserie chicken with your new pitbull Hangout at Trader Joe's hoping a woman with a cart full of vegan snacks will see the dog and let you sleep on her couch if you pretend to care about astrology Wake up to her kicking you out for "inviting Capricorn energy into her home" but really its cause you slept with her roommate I say do it You have nothing to lose but your stuff and your teeth most likely Go. Be. Free.

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11-10 COVID-19 Update for Santa Clara County

The county reported 232 new cases today, and I count 224 of those falling within the past 7 days. Looks like some people decided to party for Halloween. The county reported 3 new deaths. We are currently in the Orange Tier, with one week into the Red Tier. The state monitoring chart is updated weekly, the site currently lists a daily COVID-19 case per 100k rate of 6.5 (for the week ending 10/31), with an adjusted case rate of 4.1 (there's an adjustment factor depending on how many tests per 100k you do compared against the state average, for Santa Clara's testing rate that adjustment factor is currently 0.639). The health equity metric score is 3.7 (Orange Tier).

City Total Cases New Cases Added Today Total Past 7 Days Daily Average per 100K
Campbell 479 0 25 8.41
Cupertino 171 5 15 3.54
Gilroy 1855 7 88 22.64
Los Altos 155 1 13 6.07
Los Altos Hills 46 0 3 5.03
Los Gatos 227 2 12 5.54
Milpitas 716 3 48 8.85
Monte Sereno 24 0 1 4.09
Morgan Hill 767 3 48 15.63
Mountain View 702 0 22 3.88
Other/Unknown 1043 0 60
Palo Alto 356 4 12 2.56
San Jose 17831 183 1069 14.87
Santa Clara 1269 9 70 7.92
Saratoga 157 0 11 5.09
Sunnyvale 1171
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