Why do we have 1 numerical system (Hindu-Arabic) worldwide but 100’s of languages? What caused this consolidation for numbers but not languages?

I’m assuming there were multiple numerical systems at one point? Why is 7 * 7 written like this in many cultures but saying β€˜seven times seven’ is very different.

I understand there are some dead base 6 numerical systems like Sumerian, and Japanese/Chinese characters are different, but the number of languages that are different is vastly greater than the number of numerical systems that are different.

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Why do we have 1 numerical system (Hindu-Arabic) worldwide but 100’s of languages? What caused this consolidation for numbers but not languages? reddit.com/r/AskHistorian…
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I made a compression algorithm for integer arrays that represents the numbers 1, 2, and 50 as Roman numerals.

For instance, [1, 4, 3, 2, 6, 20, 2, 50] becomes:


It’s quite LOSSy.

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I am unable to pass the numerical result of two functions that I have into another function to compare those numbers.

Hello, I'm new to coding and still learning. Apologies in advance for my noob question.

I'm having an issue that I am unable to get the numerical results of my first two functions available to be used in another function to compare the two. I want to be able to compare live prices on multiple exchanges at the same time.

I have been able to connect to two APIs,

I am also able to get these prices logged into the console on my browser.

But now I want to take the results of these functions and compare them to eachother and do an If else statement.

i.e. price on A is 1

price on B is 2.

if price on A is greater than price on B console.log('fire')

else console.log('No Go')

I want to be able to write a third function to compare the difference between these two. But my core issue is, I do not know how to call the result ( a number ) of the functions I created successfully and use them at a later time in my code. I really need to know how to do this and have not been able to figure it out over multiple days.

Everything I have tried has either led to the original numbers being shown on the console a second time Or I get NaN.

Code shown on https://jsfiddle.net/#&togetherjs=HrIgaCRDnT

Thank you kind people of the internet. I wish you well on your travels.


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I put numbers in numerical order
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Cistercian numerals, a compact numbering system invented by the Cistercian monks in the 13th Century. A single symbol can represent any integer from 1 to 9,999.
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A Numerical Mystery From the 19th Century Finally Gets Solved | Quanta Magazine | Two mathematicians have proven Patterson’s conjecture, which was designed to explain a strange pattern in sums involving prime numbers. quantamagazine.org/a-nume…
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This image shows all numbers in the binary numerical system
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Fun experiment: Give some stations named after street numbers/streets non-numerical names

I feel like the street/number naming system works for nyc and its grids, but I feel like giving official/unique names to stations would add flavor and character to a neighborhood/station. What are some names you’d give to numerical stations?

I definitely would rename the 23 st RW stop Flatiron. I would rename broadway lafayette/bleecker st station as NoHo. Prince street RW would be Soho. Spring st 6 would be Nolita. Delancey Essex would be Lower East Side Center. 86th st Q would be Yorkville South. 96th would be Yorkville North. 72nd 123 would be Verdi Square. Nassau Ave G would be McCarren. Greenpoint Ave would be Greenpoint. West 4th would be Greenwich Village-Washington Sq. Christopher st 1 would be West Village. Bergen st FG Cobble Hill. Carroll st FG Carroll Gardens

Would never rename east broadway dimes square or whatever tf it’s being rebranded as lol

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From College Panda Math: Chapter 1 Exponents and Radicals. I don't get it.. why does number 24 have a numerator of 1 even though the answer does not have a negative exponent?
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If I were to go to a random number generator and print 10 numbers between 1-10, and print 100 numbers between 1-100, what are the chances each scenario would be in numerical order?

Numbers can be repeated, only whole numbers.

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I have a folder with 10000 files in it, how do I rename them with numerical makes from 00001 to 10000, but assigning the numbers randomly?

I don't mind using freely available software.

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"And now for the cost: I have here three tiles bearing the numerals 1, 2 and 3, from which I shall make a single number; and for that many days you must join us in Hell."

Eagerly I signed with my blood, knowing that a few days was nothing compared to the promised lifetime of power and riches, but my excitement turned to horror when the demon arranged the tiles: 3^(21).

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Can someone explain how this proves that natural numers have a 1 on 1 correspondens to rational numbers. I don't get the proof
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COVID statistics for Travis County, October 20, 2022 - 85 RECORDED New Daily Cases - 0 deaths this week - 39 Hospitalized - 4 ICU - 1 Vent - Case Numbers are low and coming down slowly - Deaths are LOW - Hospitalization and ICU are low, and more or less steady.

Basically, the same somewhat good trend as last week.

We are WAY off the peaks. WHOHOO!!!

We're still losing around 366 people a day in the USA. That's like crashing a commercial jet liner full of people every day.

A little more statistical commentary this week.

Case counts.

Remember that at-home tests are not counted, so real numbers are probably a couple of times higher.

85 RECORDED cases for today. (7 day MA of APH data for Travis)

That is 11% of the peak for the summer 2022 wave which was 791 on July 7/12/2022.

That is 3% of the all time peak of 2731 from 1/6/2022.

Travis County all time Total cases 314,175, or 329 cases per day since 3/13/2020. (953 days, when APH started counting.)

USA all time Total cases 97,063,357 or 101,000 per day since 3/13/2020.


Travis had 0 deaths this week, but 7 last week. I'd like to think that is "real," but I don't have a lot of confidence it isn't something like delayed data entry or random variation.

However, 7 is pretty low. 15% of our 2022 weekly deaths high of 45 for 1/23/2022. 11% of the all time high of 64 for 7/15/2021.

Travis all time total COVID deaths - 1, 760 total or 12 per week since 3/13/2020.

USA all time total COVID deaths - 1,065,152 total or 1,117 per day, or 7, 823 per week.

Hospital numbers

5 county MSA totals

Hospitalized - 39 - 5% of the peak of 728 on 1/19/2022

ICU - 4 - 1.6% of the peak of 237 on 08/22/2021

Vent - 1 - 0.5% of the peak of 174 on 08/29/2021

USA current daily numbers

We have an average of 366 deaths per day. (CDC 7MA)

37,000 daily cases. (CDC 7MA)


I think it's OK to relax precautions a little more, but it's still a good idea to keep up some precautions. Please be ready to tighten up your precautions if case numbers, hospitalizations, or deaths go back up again.

Get your bivalent booster. It probably gives much better protection from Omicron and its variants.

Winter wave

Many experts expect a winter wave in the USA. I understand their reasoning and think it's sound, but I don't have a lot of confidence we will see it. It's still worth being prepared and especially getting the latest bivalent booster.

I see no signs of a winter wave starting in the USA. Not YET. Of course, there haven't been a lot of signs of winter or even fall in the weather till the past few weeks.

Europe is definitely into a winter wave, and it sort of looks similar to the wave we're comin

... keep reading on reddit ➑

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The first ever picture of Mars from up close. Mariner was sending raw numerical data which were stitches together and then hand painted according to corresponding numbers. magazine.caltech.edu/post…
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24. The scale, written in the form of fractional numbers, is called numerical 25. The scale r
  1. The scale, written in the form of fractional numbers, is called


  1. The scale r
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How can I sort this in ascending numerical order when there are letters at the end of the numbers?

Here is a sample of what I am trying to solve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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First Ortex gives weird numbers, now NYSE is getting a bunch of halts across the market, like it has 2 out of the last 3 months. 69 halts on 20 tickers today, up from 27 on 12 tickers yesterday. This is the most halts in a single day since September 1. 139 halts this week on 51 tickers.

Links to my previous DD about halts for context

Recent daily tracking post with info about halts going way past 16:00:00 EST

NYSE halt tracking page is seeing some glitches (or possible just odd behavior) over the last few days. (Posted 9/30)

Market Wide Limit Up Limit Down (LULD halts) significantly higher than normal. Over 100 halts today on 28 different tickers. (posted on August 2)

An analysis of every stock that had an LULD halt between Jan 27 and Jan 29 of last year. (posted 4 months ago)

>Adding a further TLDR per mod request; LULD halts are volatility halts on a specific ticker that halt trading for a minimum of 5 minutes on that ticker. Several months ago I realized that the NYSE records all the halts that happen every trading day and save them on a website. So knowing this, I wondered if I could possibly find other tickers that had a significant number of halts between Jan 27 and Jan 29 of last year. When I looked at the data, I found a lot of the usual suspects and a few other tickers that hadn't really been discussed previously very much as possible swap basket stocks. I also found that, while the volume of halts did spike in that period last year, the highest period by far in the available data was in mid March 2020 (the COVID crash). So I theorized that halts are likely correlated to market volatility and may provide an alternative metric to VIX.A few weeks ago I made a post going into detail about some possible glitchy behavior I was seeing on the NYSE tracking page. Starting 9/29 the final halt resume time of the day started behaving oddly. Typically, the final resume time is either 16:00:00 or 16:00:01 EST and is posted to the site within 2 minutes of the closing bell. 9/29 took over 5 minutes if not 10 for the final times to be posted, but the time listed was normal. Then on 9/30 there was a halt that didn't end until 16:23:15, which was the 5th latest resume since August 2019. 10/3 had the same behavior as 9/29. 10/4 didn't have a halt going into after hours. 10/5 had a halt that didn't end until 16:10:46. 10/6 and 10/7 both had

... keep reading on reddit ➑

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β€œRaw numbers and artillery” is usually the explanation for how the Imperial Guard ever wins anything, but aren’t Orks and Tyranids more numerous?

Also both races are liable to charge and have superhuman durability and speed. Even a gaunt is stronger than an unenhanced human.

I just can’t wrap my mind around how the guard is not always instantly overwhelmed. Is there a good novel that depicts this?

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Numbers 1-100 arranged in numerical order.
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First person to reply with the right number (1-20) gets a free commission! <3 (look at examples through my account)
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Bubble charts visualize relationships between various numerical variables. DataFocus Cloud provides bubble charts for different numbers of numerical values. reddit.com/gallery/y9fow9
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Pick a number between 1 and 20, and comment it down below
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Dear Bethesda…. Could you please give us round numbers for Armour Scrip, even if that means rounding down from 24 to 20 for 3 star legendary Armour so 1 star can be 5 scrip and 2 star can be 10 scrip?
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Where does your favorite number fall into these numerical digit ranges, positive or negative (and incl. decimal numbers)?

For the aforementioned decimal numbers (e.g. 0.5), we're only judging the numbers that's at the left of their decimal points for this poll, because those are always fixed, while decimals themselves can vary.

I'll give mine as an example:

>My favorite number is 5, and that falls into the Ones range.


(Update: Negative integers like -1, -0.7, or -2.6 cannot actually have or be whole numbers, so sorry for the rather odd-sounding info that's initially written above.)

(Update 2: The number zero/0 is actually neither positive or negative, so apologies if the title/question didn't consider that.)

View Poll

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When I was 11 I asked my teacher if β€œcent”, β€œcentury”, β€œpercent”, and the Roman numeral C were somehow all connected because they all pertain to the number 100. She told me it was just a coincidence

It’s funny because even back then I knew she was wrong

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[BUG] So leveling your followers past level XX (20) reverts them into non-roman numeral level 1...?
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The numbers 1 to 1 in numerical order
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I made a composite face of Wonderslist's top 20 women from number 1 to 20. Behold! The new Hottest woman in the world! reddit.com/gallery/y2kanb
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You have a magic 20-sided die. It generates $1000 per number rolled, unless you roll a 1. If you roll a 1, you die instantly. How many times (if any) would you roll it?

To those who said that they would rig the die to ensure that it can't come up as a one:

You could go that route, but consider that this is almost certainly a cursed object.
It was likely created with the intention of preying on a person's greed and tricking them into killing themselves. It pays a hefty ransom ($2000 - $20,000 per roll), but it's not enough that most people will be content. The expectation is that once someone makes that first throw, they will keep rolling the die until their luck runs dry and they eventually die. Are you confident that whoever or whatever created this thing didn't add a fail-safe that punishes cheaters?

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How difficult do you think it is to order a Date-Just dial for a dial swap from an AD? I purchased photo number 1, a 2022 white dial Roman numeral DJ from my AD last month and wanna switch to photo number 2. reddit.com/gallery/us196e
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Season 2 Weapons Tweaks detailed/numerical patch notes with numbers (plus new weapons FAQ, live document link in comments) gmbinder.com/share/-N0YCm…
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Assuming Deku is the number 1 hero 20 years later or so, who do you think would be number 2?
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πŸ‘€︎ u/Ashamed-Math-2092
πŸ“…︎ Nov 04
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I’m trying make WR wear numbers from 1-19 and 80-89,and RB’s 1-19 and 20-29,DL:90-99,LB:50-59,CB:1-19,20-29,S:1-19,20-29,30-39,40-49
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