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[RF] For everyone's remaining breakfasts

Today feels like as if I could take on the whole world. The morning sky reeks grey, and it doesn't even bother me. For several days of going south and downhill, today feels like a new year—a good one. I sit in this dark room of mine, knowing full well that anytime, a speck of dust might just topple the mood that I am feeling right now.

It's 7:24 am. Six minutes before school begins and I'm in my room. Sitting in the corner while I dust the floor with my fingers, wiping it all until the polish of the hardwood satisfies me. Unaware of the running clock, I head downstairs to make breakfast—a good one. Ironically, breakfast is my favorite meal, yet I rarely ever eat in the mornings. So, right now that I can, I've decided to make myself a feast: French toast, fluffy scrambled eggs, pancakes, and to top it all off— a mug of hot chocolate. Most people say that coffee is the way. Not for me, though. Glutton possesses me as I gobble up thirty minutes of meal preparation in five minutes. I regret nothing, I really don't. I trashed everything in the kitchen sink and proceeded to head upstairs to take a bath and dress up for school. Good enough was it that I started doing things the right way—breakfast and all, it was even better now that I've got a full ten-hour sleep.

Heck, it feels so damn good to feel good.

It took me long enough to reach this point. Well, not really long enough. Just a span of a couple of in and out flashes of self-deprecation to actually be here. Now on the way to school, I pass by regular people doing regular things, just like always. I see them doing what they do… possibly what they'll be doing for the rest of their lives. While I pass the very sidewalk near the overpass of Don Antonio, I hear them every single day—the construction workers buying their food from vendors who sell rice meals in plastic bags. Workers in blue queuing up to ride blue tricycles. For someone late for his class, I'm very much keen on these small things… even the simplest change of mood in that newspaperwoman in front of that bakery which I love visiting from time to time. People chant their chants and curse their curses. And it begins, the scrumptious breakfast that I've eaten is now on its way to ride the river inside me, deeper and deeper, it spirals down.

I feel the boiling in my stomach. I feel the disintegration of my mind.

I pause—

It was about time to say goodbye to memories of happier hours.

I have accepted it. Whatever thoughts that are so pervasive

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📅︎ Aug 31 2020
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Lovecraft's Daughter

This Father's Day...let's look at someone often forgotten.

Her name was Carol Weld.

She was H. P. Lovecraft's step-daughter.

19 March 1903: Florence Carol Greene is born to Sonia Haft Greene and Samuel Greene, both Russian immigrants to the United States.

Her parents were married 24 Dec 1899; her mother Sonia was only 16 years old. Sonia had given birth to a son in October 1900, but he died in infancy in January 1901.

In 1908, Samuel and Sonia Greene are divorced. c. 1916, Samuel dies, from apparent suicide. The timetable on these is very rough; Sonia later described herself as his widow.

Florence Carol Greene is living with her mother, maybe her grandmother's family in New York at this time.

Sonia is working, going to night school, and becoming involved in amateur journalism as part of the Blue Pencil Club in New York. In July 1921 she attends an amateur convention in Boston and meets H. P. Lovecraft. This leads to a quick infatuation.

In March 1922, Lovecraft visits Sonia in New York and meets her daughter. This gives us our only view of Florence through Lovecraft's eyes.

H. P. Lovecraft to Maurice W. Moe, 18 May 1922:

"At dinner—about one-thirty—were Loveman, Theobald, Long, Mme. Greene, and the latter’s flapper offspring, yclept Florence—a pert, spoiled, and ultra-independent infant rather more hard-boiled of visage than her benignant mater."

Frank Belknap Long, Jr gives another description from Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Dreamer on the Nightside (1975) 50:

"Sonia’s daughter was very pretty, with freckles that met across the bridge of her nose, and blonde hair and a waist so slim it seemed a little unreal. Unfortunately she was soon to leave New York, to be with a young man to whom she had recently become engaged."

Accounts of the falling-out between mother and daughter are vague; one source suggests she wished to marry her mother's younger half-brother, but no contemporary account exists to confirm this. What we do know is that in 1927, Florence Carol Greene married John Weld.

Carol Weld worked as a newspaperwoman, on staff at New York American and the New York Herald Tribune. In the late 1920s or early 1930s she moved to Paris, working as a foreign correspondent. She gained some infamy as the first to report on the Prince of Wales and Mrs. Simpson.

By this point, Sonia's marriage to Lovecraft had deterioriated and a divorce had been filed for, although never completed, though only Lovecraft knew this at the time. There is little evide

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📅︎ Jun 21 2020
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📅︎ Nov 21 2019
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The Phantom Creeps (tinfoil warning)

Assuming there could be a relationship between Silent Hills and The Phantom Pain, I tried some combinations with the name P.T. and TPP... so I tried changing the letters associating them with numbers in an alphabetical order.

The result? 2016162016, what looks like a phone number, from New Jersey (yeah, sorry for that one, I cannot do international calls)

When you dial this number (thanks to user LUTHERLIVES) you will receive a voice mail saying "this number doesn't accept incoming calls, please message NJ23758."

Looking for this combination of letters and numbers on google it will result in like 8 or 10 search results about some random stuff, almost nothing of relevance if you may. But, the last of those search results took me to an .txt file online, that includes a very long list of different media, including music, movies and games, etc.

Heres the link:


I tried searching this file with some words of relevance, "Metal Gear", "Silent Hill", "Snake", "Venom", "Language", "Parasite", and so on, and so on... nothing relevant, at least nothing relevant for my search.

Except one of those attempts, "The Phantom...", which took me to a movie called "The Phantom Creeps".

The Phantom Creeps is a 1939 movie, based on the story of an Army intelligence officer and a good looking newspaperwoman, they are trying to chase a mad scientist called Dr. Zorka who's trying to conquer the world with some peculiar gadgets, like an invisible belt, robot insects that can that destroy life or paralyze it, but the most curious of them all, a giant control remote robot.

Where does he gets the power and technology to develop this creations?, from a meteorite that crashes on... well... Africa.

The main reason why Dr. Zorka becomes the bad guy is because his wife is killed and a lot of people during the film make fun of his ideas, his only motivation for world domination (and the movie makes it clear) is, as you may guess, vengeance.

The Phantom Creeps is considered a serial, it was shown on cinemas on an era where movies were featured in segments, episodes if you may (it was 265+ minutes after all). So you had to go to cinema every weekend to know what would happen next. The series was divided into 12 chapters when shown, but a long time after that (1990) the movie was organized into 2 volumes by Universal. Even thought, there´s also a third DVD, the "Collector's Edition".

I don't know, just a "co

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Rad Pittsburgher - Jane Swisshelm

Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm

Why is she so rad?

Jane Swisshelm was quite the righteous babe in her own right. She was a newspaperwoman who wrote, edited and published before that profession was necessarily "open" to women. She was an outspoken abolitionist who also acted as a nurse during the Civil War. Swisshelm Park is named in her honor.

Why is she less rad?

She was pretty harsh on Native Americans following the Dakota War of 1862. Uncool.

All things considered, Jane Swisshelm is a rad Pittsburgher.

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📅︎ Aug 15 2017
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N na naa naam naaman
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