Creating a synonym to a memory optimized table

One of the restrictions of a memory optimized table is that you can not do a cross-database query with it. Wondering if a work around to this would be to create a synonym to the memory optimized table in the other database and then the query would run within the context of the local database. Does anyone know if this would work?

Edit: It does not work

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In my mind, the Jimena dynasty will always be synonymous with Crusader Kings. So many memories. Anyway, here's my Empire of Spain.
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"Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory" is the most synonymous album for Dream Theater

Anyone notice how "Scenes From a Memory" represents the band name "Dream Theater" so much? The album's concept story setting takes place inside a DREAM and the story itself is like a THEATER. Just a thought.

Edit: inb4 hurr durr 2013's Dream Theater

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Ole Is At The Wheel

I know I'm a bit late posting this but the emotions are still high after that historic night in Paris (shame about the result at the weekend but we're still in the mix for a top 3 or 4 finish which was inconceivable only 4 months ago).

As a lifelong United fan, it’s difficult to put into words just how amazing last week's game vs PSG was!

When the God that is Sir Alex stepped down in 2013, after 26 years of continuous success, reality set in. I felt numb. To any non-United fan reading this, you’ll laugh at that and say it’s ridiculous. To any non-football fan, even more so. I honestly don’t care. I love my team and have stood by them through thick and thin since I can remember.

The past few years have been extremely difficult as a United fan. First, Moyes, who was chosen by Sir Alex as his replacement, took the reigns. Personally, I think the biggest mistake he made was to change more or less the full complement of backroom staff. He made signings I questioned, struggled to get the team performing and eventually lost the dressing room before being sacked.

Next up was Van Gaal. He came with a big reputation having had successful spells managing Bayern and Barca. But his philosophy of the game seemed outdated. He appeared to have been found out for a lot of his tactics, didn’t have much in the way of a plan B and as a result, like Moyes, struggled to get the team performing well. This went on too long and again he was sacked. (To be fair though, we do have him to thank for the promotion of Marcus Rashford to the first team).

The strangest appointment of all was the next man in the seat, Jose Mourinho. He again came with a great reputation, having had successes with Porto, Inter and Real Madrid. But he’d also had success with Chelsea. We hate Chelsea. Outside Liverpool, Man City and Leeds United, they along with Arsenal, are probably the next most despised team by United fans. Moreover, he was an incredibly defensive manager. His philosophy was the complete opposite of United’s. The great Sir Matt Busby had us going at teams from kick off to the final whistle. Sir Alex then took that even further. I remember watching us battering teams as a kid. Shot after shot on the opposition’s goal. Even if we were a goal or 2 down, we’d just keep attacking and going at teams, often snatching late wins. The highlight of that style of football was undoubtedly the famous Treble ‘99 season. This Mourinho appointment was so completely out of sync with that. As

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There’s a balance between action and non action. Honestly I think that there’s a balance between this teaching and the nature of a 5. Stillness and flow individually are not synonymous as any INFJ5 would know. There is a balance however. I want to share this with my fellow 5s. A perspective memory.
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First Contact - Third Wave - Chapter 402

[first] [prev] [next]

Moving from maintenance mode to low awareness.

Done. 317 seconds.

Mining Autonomous Machine 78462 has returned ahead of schedule.

Log files indicate machine surfaced due to megaton level impacts upon the surface disrupting mining operations. Upon gaining access to surface machine encountered heavy combat between unknown species, enemy species, and rebellious machine entities of enemy manufacture.

Machine suffered external damage in addition to damage to Grinding Array 17.

Ore bay 4 is nearly overweight.

Grinding Arrays servicing Ore Bay 4 did not process raw material to account for overweight.

Overweight occurred after Grinding Array 17 was damaged.

Machine returned to main processing facility for repair and servicing 126.43 years early.

More data is needed.

Moving to semi-autonomous mode. Initiating self-test checks on cryogenics systems.

The virtual intelligence ordered a scan of the interior spaces of the mining machine, waiting the long seconds for the system to interlock the equipment to ensure there was no communications leakage along any known spectrums that could be detected from the surface.

Inside the ore bay the virtual intelligence noticed a large mass of Substance W.

Files were loaded, comparing usage of Substance W to the approximate shape and size of the object. No data was returned.

The VI ordered the mining machine to transmit all logs of sensor readings on the surface and downloaded the logs for all seismic disturbances for the last 3.2 years.

In the last 289 hours there has been a sudden uptick of seismic incidents. Initial seismic disturbances are synonymous with large ships landing of Gatherer Class or below. Within 1.2 hours seismic disturbances synonymous with atomic weaponry have occurred.


Approximately 220 hours ago seismic events took place suggesting impacts registering in the megatons, far outstripped ease of use weapons. No secondary and tertiary signatures of standard high explosive munitions.

Deployed atomic weapons of such magnitude are outside of normal range.

*Approximately 148 hours ago sustained seismic events strong enough to bounce from the core to cause afters

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[Emulation] Nintendo Vs. LoveROMs: The hundred-million dollar lawsuit, the public apology, the self-proclaimed archivists who made it all happen, and the surprisingly heated legal dispute about playing old videogames.

Context: (you can safely SKIP this section if you know what a ROM is and how it works)

In this context, emulation refers to the process of running a video game on a host system to which it is not native. This is done with the help of an emulator, a special script that translates the game code into something the host computer can understand. Running a ROM (raw game code) in an emulator will produce a playable game. If the emulator does a good job, the code will function identically to how it functions on the hardware in the arcade cabinet.

These ROMs are exact copies of the data found on the computer memory chips in the arcade cabinet or game cartridge. Each game has a unique ROM, and the ROM contains all of the data the machine needs to run the game. It is functionally identical to a modern .exe game file. Owning a ROM is synonymous with owning the game, and pirating a ROM is synonymous with pirating a game.

Seeing the success of the homebrew emulation market and wanting to capitalize on the millenial nostalgia boom, the video game developers themselves took a whack at releasing licensed emulators. These mostly came in the form of (a) porting old games to other consoles, and (b) creating "classic version" re-releases of retro consoles that came pre-loaded with popular games. These attempts would receive mixed reviews, generally skewing negative amongst the enthusiast community. The biggest complaint: the emulation work was laughably horrid. It was good enough for the layman to enjoy a quick nostalgic dip, but those with reasonable baseline knowledge of how the game should look were shocked and offended by the quality of these official, licensed emulators. The PlayStation Classic famously got panned for including the European version of some games instead of the US version, even on consoles sold in the US. Europeans have a different screen refresh rate than "we" do (25 Hz vs 29.97 Hz) and this caused massive gameplay and graphics issues. It was quite clear that these consoles were meant to be quick cash-grabs, not faithful and well-intentioned re-creations of classic and beloved games. The game libraries were too small, and what few games were on the emulator were of very poor quality. These quickly became a running joke in the emulation community, further encouraging the piracy and continued use of the ROMs vis-a-vis the actual IP holder was not treating it with care or respect.

The main takeaway here is that the emulation community

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Kpop Numbers Thread - Hanteo Sales - December 2020

For those of you who ask every month, no, I'm not going to stop including the other albums that released this year. There are many people who like to see how albums are doing through the year. The chart will be reset in January after this year's numbers have been fully recorded and concluded.

Standard Items: Please note the Last Update column tells you what date the numbers go through. Not all numbers are pulled on the same date. If you want to do more advanced sorting than what reddit allows, please copy the table into Excel and sort to your heart's content.

As you probably know, Google Translate doesn't always play nicely with Korean to English and I'm not necessarily up on the correct name for every release. (For instance, for WJSN it gives me Space Girls or for one of Ryewook's album, it gives me Drunk to You instead of Drunk on Love). So if there's something wonky below, please let me know so I can update it.

There is a soft cut off for albums selling under 5K, for sanity's sake. I'm still pulling out albums that I know you guys might be interested in (like debuting girl groups!), but I don't know every group out there. If there is new release from the month listed in the title that I missed and you want to know if it's there, please request in the comments.

Source 1

Artist Album Version 2020 Sales 2020+Prior Date Released Last Update
1THE9 Turn Over -- 10,187 200717 200831
1THE9 Good Bye 1THE9 -- 5,962 200806 200831
AB6IX Vivid -- 127,792 200629 201231
AB6IX Salute -- 99,724 201102 201231
A.C.E HZJM: The Butterfly Phantasy -- 47,185 200902 201130
Apink Look -- 34,474 200413 200430
April De Capo -- 9,663 200422 200531
April Hello Summer Summer Day vers. 11,990 200729 200831
Astro Blue Flame -- 688 96,547 191120 200131
Astro Gateway -- 79,824 200506 201231
ATEEZ Treasure Ep. 3: One to All -- 11,195+ 109,950+ 190610 200831
ATEEZ Treasure Ep. Fin: All to Action -- 11,799 131,269 191008 200831
ATEEZ Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer -- 132,749 200106 201231
ATEEZ Zero: Fever, Pt.1 -- 367,583 200729 201231
B1A4 Origine -- 34,424 201019 201231
BAE173 Intersection: Spark -- 17,254 201119 201231
Baek Yerin Every Letter I Sent You -- 21,231+ DNC 191210 200831
Baekhyun Delight -- 926,624 200525 201231
BDC The Intersection: Belief -- 11,034 200924 201031
Blackpink How You
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Slang megathread.

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the slang used in Cyberpunk 2077. I've started the list, but if I missed anything, please feel free to comment and I'll add it!


Biz - business

Braindance/BD - a recorded virtual reality memory or dream, at its essence

Chooh - gas pedal

Choom/choomba - friend; buddy

Chrome - cyberwear

Corpo/corpo rat - corporate personnel (credit to u/DGCDXZ)

Detes - details

Delta - leave; escape; gtfo

Doll - sex worker

Eddy/eddies - eurodollars; money

Enny/ennies - pennies

Flatline/flatlined - dead; killed

Flick - send

Fixer - middleman between mercenary and client

Gonk - idiot; dumbass

Input/output - girlfriend/boyfriend (credit to u/bowlinfortcolon)

Iron - gun; weapon

Klep - steal; a play on the word Kleptomania, an impulse control disorder that results in an irresistible urge to steal

Merc - mercenary

NC - Night City

Nova - cool; awesome

Preem - premium

Ripper/ripperdoc - someone who installs cyberware

Screamsheet - newspaper

Scroll - watch a braindance

Virtu - short for virtual; synonym for braindance

Zero - kill; murder

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Album of the Year 2020: Oneohtrix Point Never - Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Album of the Year 2020 Write-Up Series, where our users discuss their favorite albums from the year throughout December. Today, we have u/modulum83 taking on a discussion of the new record from Daniel Lopatin, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never.

October 30th, 2020 - Warp



Apple Music

Background by /u/modulum83

Daniel Lopatin -- aka Oneohtrix Point Never -- has had a wildly diverse and multifaceted career and discography, recording under a vast number of pseudonyms and side projects throughout the 2010s. Raised in a family of musicians, Lopatin’s first forays into music began when he inherited his father’s Juno-60 synthesizer and began using it to make short tapes and demos, culminating in his first release under the “Magic Oneohtrix Point Never” identity (named after a bastardization of “Magic 106.7,” a Boston adult contemporary radio station). This initial batch of releases -- including Betrayed In The Octagon, Zones Without People, and Russian Mind, along with a scattered assortment of other single-release cassettes -- were inspired by 80s new age, drone, and Berlin School progressive electronic styles, and were later collected in the compilation Rifts, a release which garnered Lopatin attention from the experimental music community.

In 2010, Oneohtrix Point Never released its debut album, Returnal. This was swiftly followed up by Replica, a shift in style and approach for the OPN project, being made entirely from chopped and collaged samples of 80s television ads. Replica gained widespread acclaim and further built OPN’s reputation in the electronic music scene. During this time, Lopatin was working on a number of side projects, including the synthpop Ford & Lopatin collaboration, and -- most notably -- Chuck Person’s Eccojams, under the synonym Chuck Person, which is generally seen as the starting point for the vaporwave genre.

Oneohtrix Point Never signed to Warp in 2013, and released his major-label debut R Plus Seven that same year. R+7 was inspired heavily by sounds of late-90s software, including MIDI instruments, artificial sound effects, and synth presets. In 2015, *Garden of Delet

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(Spoilers extended) A little theory on why I think Dany grew up in Dorne. No, its not Lemongate.

In her very first chapter of AGOT Dany remembers Willem Darry having hands as soft as old leather. This is unusual considering he's a former master at arms, and as GRRM once said, hand to hand combat and physical labor, etc. were common to result in hand injuries. And in context Dany is not being sarcastic either she really remembers them as soft. So the person Dany thinks is Willem Darry is probably not the real Willem Darry. That means that Dany is an unreliable narrator regarding her own past. She is mixing authentic memories from her childhood with stories her brother has told her. So if she never actually met the real Willem Darry then who is she reminiscing about.

First everything we know about Ser Willem Darry is that he was supposedly so sick he basically stinked of death and wasn't able to get out of the bed and later died. But in ACOK during HOTU visions, Dany sees him walking albeit leaning on a stick welcoming her and reaching out to her with his hand, soft as leather. Calling her "my little princess" with a kind and gruff voice. This is imo an authentic memory she has formed while at the house with the red door and the man she knew, because as soon as she sees the vision everything comes back to her and she remembers details like the animal carvings on the great wooden beams which support the house. The part where Ser Willem was on a death bed was not in the vision which means the person Dany saw and the Willem Darry she was told was sick to death are two different people and the information about the latter came from first hand account from Viserys. That means Dany and Viserys were separated, with Dany spending some of her childhood in Dorne and Viserys and the real Willem Darry going to Braavos, and staying at the sea lords palace as guests to sign the secret marriage pact. It makes perfect sense to me to separate the only 2 living members of the house. Bran and Rickon were separated after Winterfell was burned, so why not Dany and Viserys. The man she sees in the vision actually perfectly fits the description of Doran Martell. During his early stages of gout, Doran was still able to walk but with the help of a stick, his skin is described as soft and his voice ranges from hoarse (synonym for gruff) to soft. Dany always associates the house with the red door as a laid back, carefree place which Dorne is and Braavos isn't. And IIRC Dany never thinks about the Titan of Braavos, which is the city's main attraction. I mean that thing

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I'd prefer Zelda as an NPC companion than a playable character in the sequel

I really like this interpretation of Zelda. She's very emotional, her voice acting is pretty good, and I like that she fluctuates a lot from very powerful and very vulnerable quite frequently. Other than that, I didn't care much for the optional memories in BOTW but knowing those memories I'd love if they combined Zelda's relationship with Link with the exploration of BOTW which was the best part for me. Following Link on his journey to do whatever with some unrelated Zelda characterization, so why not combine the two rather than removing one. It could give an interesting R2-D2, C3P-0 personality duo with a goofy, reckless silent character and an expressive, serious, "protective?", cautious character. Maybe these playable interactions with Zelda will be fully voice acted. I know some people dont like her voice which is understandable but It might not have the same emotional weight if Zelda just uses a text box with sad and happy grunts. Also, I'd love moments like being force fed frogs by Zelda in the present.

She deserves to be in the game frequently, playable or not. Her magic abilities could gradually build up again which could be effective enough to take down obstacles and enemies without her being too overpowered. She's also a big nerd and liked exploring and researching in the first game so it makes sense for her to have significance in puzzles and exploring the entirety of Hyrule again, rather than just being stuck as a "damsel in distress" again for Link to reunite with at the very end. Also, fans need to stop using "damsel in distress" in every Zelda discussion. Find synonyms, it's getting annoying. I wouldn't even mind Zelda becoming a damsel at the very end. Imagine you've been developing with her, not from memories, but actually in person and making choices with each other for over 50 hours of playtime, just for her to get snatched out of nowhere at the worst possible time. That would cause a lot of emotions and it would be a unique and unexpected way of continuing the tradition of the save Zelda quest rather than removing it entirely.

They should only have Zelda as a playable character if they had an interesting new mechanic that Zelda happens to be perfect for, rather than forcing Zelda in as a skin for Link because fan service. I don't think swapping characters like Hyrule Warriors or a lego game is very fitting for a BOTW sequel either and I wouldn't care for a playable Zelda if she either just talks to herself, doesn't talk at all, or ta

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[Discussion] In Defense of Rem's Character

Lightly edited and reposted from here. (Because there's no way I'm writing ~2000 words on a topic and letting them sit there as a comment on some other post.)

Context: Been seeing lots of people "not getting the point of Rem" (as the linked post puts it). Decided to write a comment on it. Comment got long. Decided to edit comment and post it separately.

Less obliquely, and more specifically: I've been seeing a lot of people attributing Rem's issues to her relationship with Subaru, when in fact those issues existed well before she met Subaru, and were actually improving (quite rapidly, in fact) due to her relationship with him--not worsening. At first, I was mostly content to push back on this idea by writing a comment here or there whenever it came up, but I just kept seeing it all over the place--which finally kicked me into writing up what amounts to an entire essay on it. If you're the type of person who enjoys reading detailed character analysis, read on; otherwise I recommend clicking off, because this post is long.

You have been warned. Three... two... one... go.

In short, I don't buy the whole "Rem's relationship with Subaru is toxic" spiel. This strikes me very much as a hot take--and one that erases nuance just as badly as "Rem is the perfect waifu" does. The root of Rem's problem stems, not from her love for Subaru, but from her fundamental lack of self-worth, which is a far more pervasive problem that colors everything she says and does. This is a problem that was:

  • created by circumstances out of Rem's control (being born alongside a far more talented twin),
  • subjected to constant reinforcement during her formative years (never being as good as Ram, and hearing the adults praise Ram exclusively, never Rem),
  • exacerbated by trauma (seeing Ram's horn cut off),
  • and then was never addressed by anyone (not Ram because, as the focus of the issue, she's not in the right position to fix it; not Roswaal because he doesn't give a shit; and not anyone else because they don't even know Rem has a problem)

Prior to Subaru's appearance in arc 2, it's quite possible--indeed, even probable--that the only encouragement Rem ever received came from her sister (whose encouragement, again, barely even counts at this point from Rem's perspective). So when Subaru shows up, saves her repeatedly, at grea

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Until the Enemy is Us

The Xandarths from u/mrducky78 's The Fermi Paradox seem to have an unbeatable setup. It's hard to imagine their empire falling without a deus ex machina of an invasion from another galaxy or the Deus sans machina of their being the beast from Revelation and the final judgement is coming soon.

But i think i've found a more home-grown solution.

Mr. Ducky's story is eminently readable, so whether this is the same species in the same universe, or a different species with the same name and strategy, i see no reason to waste time rewriting the details of how they maintain their control. Without further ado...


Everyone knows how the Xandarth's maintained their empire. It is equally common knowledge that it was the humans who finally brought about its fall.

What is not well understood is how the humans accomplished this feat.

The pieces of the puzzle were there, it was only that no one had realized there was a puzzle to assemble.

Earth's pathogens jumped species at an astonishingly high rate compared to those of other worlds.

Humans were compulsive anthropomorphizers, projecting their own attributes onto animals, machines, inanimate objects, and even abstract concepts.

Humans found many of earth's species remarkably easy to domesticate--to the point that in a few cases there was some question as to whether it had actually been the humans who had initiated the relationship. They were not unique in having domesticated a predator species. That they had then put that predator species to work guarding its former prey--and convinced the domesticated prey species that it had nothing to worry about--was unheard of.

Humans were far from the only species to wage intra-species warfare. They were, however, the only species whose internal wars could turn genocidal in the absence of at least sub-species level divergence.

Few of earth's predators would attack humans. This had been true even before humans developed the numbers and technology to overwhelm any potential threat. Those animals that had the size or strength or numbers to prey on humans often would do so only under conditions that were equally likely to result in cannibalizing their own.

Most species required a fairly advanced understanding of genetics before they could engage in even rudimentary genetic engineering. Humans, in contrast, had

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Could Albedo be "Adam" from Adam and Eve? What and who Albedo actually is, the fall of Khaenriah, the corruption of Durin, and could Albedo actually be the Alchemist Gold?


This post contains a heavy amount of spoilers, that contain information both in the game and leaked information. So please read at your own risk.

Lastly take these theories as a grain of salt, as I myself don't expect most of them to come true. All I hope to do is maybe inform people about some lore, and have them share the same excitement I do when I try and imagine what could happen next!

Albedo: The Homunculus or Artificial Human

This theory is multilayered where we first start off with the idea that Albedo is a Homunculus or “artificially created human” and if we take this concept further Albedo could potentially be “Adam” from “Adam & Eve” or something similar. So let's start off with the first theory, proving Albedo is a homunculus. We know Albedo’s title Kreideprinz translates to “Chalk prince”, which doesn't mean much on its own but Dainsleif has a quote saying, “Chalk pursues gold, in this time inopportune the eclipse is swallowed by the crimson moon” We know from this quote that Dainsleif is talking about the fall of Khaenriah since the ruling dynasty of Khaenriah at the time was called the “Blacksun Dynasty'' more importantly is that in it’s previous translation it was referred to as the “Eclipse Dynasty.” Next we should note that the only time we’ve ever seen or heard of a crimson moon is in this video posted by the official Genshin Impact Youtube channel. Which depicts Lumine traversing the destruction of what seems to be a kingdom, with the entire backdrop being that of a crimson moon. We also know that Lumine was stranded on Teyvat 500 years ago, which matches the timeframe in which she could see the fall of Khaenriah. This being said, the fact that Dainsleif mentions both Chalk pursuing gold, and the fall of Khaenriah in the same sentence we can conclude that these happened at the same time, or that these events are connected somehow. With this in mind we can conclude that Albedo was actually present at the fall of Khaenriah, thus showing us that he has an above average lifespan or could maybe even be immortal.

Since we’ve concluded Albedo is at minimum 500 years o

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Battlesuit's names, augment and costumes analysis [Round 6: Yae Sakura&Kallen Kaslana]

Hello fellow captain!

With a bit of delay comes my new analysis.

All disclaimer still apply, here more so because we heavily dive into Japanese naming, culture, and Buddhism, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Please welcome the famous pair, Star-Crossed lover of District 12- wait wrong franchise. Star crossed lover thwarted by the will of the Honkai, the Vixen of the Far East and the Sin Hunter, Kallen and Sakura!


Yae Sakura

Gyakushinn Miko:

The name Gyakushinn Miko comes from the term Miko, which means “shrine maiden”, and Gyakushinn, possibly meaning either “treachery”, or “treacherous retainer*”*, depending on which kanji is used, and could also be a synonym for “insurrectionist”.

In Chinese (still courtesy of Google Translate), the name would mean Reverse Kamiko. For Kamiko, I found several meanings, either “paper girl”, “little goddess”, or a kanji per kanji analysis “incense” + “beauty” + “子" is a word that comes after a woman's name, child.”

I like the “little goddess” because it ties in both her role (of Miko) and her very nature as a person controlled by a Herrscher (Reversed goddess).

Her battlesuit is a Miko outfit accompanied by a mask of a fox with a flame on it (in Japanese culture, Kitsunes, fox spirits, are commonly seen generating fire and lightning), and she sports ears of fox (a subspecies of fox with that kind of ears).

Unsurprisingly, her skillset is all about Japanese culture, more precisely the art of the blade, and the Sakura.

Her leader skill is Heart of Prajna: Prajna means “wisdom”, “knowledge”, “transcendental wisdom” “understanding”.

Her special is Combo: Shunmetsu: Metsu would mean “Destruction”, “Ruin” and I have Shun that could possibly mean either “Speed” or “Season”?

A passive of her is Punctured Kabuto, a Kabuto is a type of Japanese helmet.

Sakura no Haku, a skill she shares with Mei, means “Spirit of Sakura”.

Another passive is Iaido, the Iaido is a Japanese martial art which focuses on situational awareness and the art of quick drawing to respond to a sudden attack.

Crimson Naraka, her ultimate: a Naraka in Buddhism is closely related to the concept of Hell in Christianity. People are brought to Naraka because of their karma, and they stay for a predetermined time, mak

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I don't know what to think or do anymore, everything is so frustrating and confusing, and I'm just scared and feeling hopeless...

This is probably going to be a really long vent... I've just wanted to write a lot down and post it somewhere that it might be heard and just, understood, if that makes sense?... It's a lot so no pressure for anyone to read it. And I'm not asking for advice or help so I don't want anyone to feel pressured to help either, but any kind comments or advice is still welcome <3....

I'm tired. Tired of everything. I'm 19, turning 20 this year. I started taking my gender doubt seriously in Sept of 2018, dropped out of highschool Jan 2019, started HRT August of 2019, tried going back to school the following September and also got a job, but dropped out again and quit the following November when my ex outed me to my mum and I broke up with them...

Since then, for an entire year I've... I've been doing nothing. Nothing but sleeping, sitting around, browsing the web, chatting on discord, playing games or watching shows... I've spent so much time in bed and so much time sleeping but I'm still so, so tired all the time... Even though I've done nothing, I've still just been overwhelmed and put through so much that, idk feels it could have been avoidable but... Idk, the life of someone online is so strange and odd... People tend to joke and say "Lmao how is cyberbullying real, just log off" or "How can internet stuff affect you, it's not the real world?", but it's been my real world for the past year+.

To preface, I've had signs of dysphoria and issues with my assigned gender since I was young. Memories stand out, thoughts, wishes, confusion. I had a dream I was a girl and then taught myself how to lucid dream just so I could be a girl again. I've always been confused about who I'm supposed to be, or what I want to be, or what my sexuality is, or if I can even feel romantic love... I wrote a lot of it out in a letter to my mum a year ago, maybe I should go back and read that for comfort, it's kind of my "proof" that I'm trans, or at least that's how I see it. It's the observable thoughts and feelings I've had as long as I can remember that line up with what it means to be transgender/transexual/whatever. I don't know why I'm like this, I wish I wasn't, I wish I could have just been normal and happy...

To summarize the past 2 years or so, starting September 2019... It's the dumbest thing but, there was a meme in me_irl, back when I used to frequent reddit, and it was the one with the knights pointing their swords at the table, and each sword was a different "_irl

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2020 : the year of the ALBUM : NAME (CHAPTER 456)?

(just clarifying this post has absolutely nothing to do with Blackpink's The Album haha)

Kpop has always had some pretty interesting album names. Who can forget such classics as EXO's Exodus (releasing right after and during... the EXOdus); Wanna One encouraging us to do math with 1x1=1, 0+1=1, 1÷x=1, 1¹¹ = 1; SNSD revolutionizing the exclamation Oh!; SHINee encouraging us to multiple the groove with DxDxD?

However, recently with more and more groups choosing to do album trilogies/quartets/chapters etc., I've seen people talk about how a lot of album names these days tends to follow a similar format, i.e. ***ADJECTIVE :: EXTRA ADJECTIVE (Part x of y)***. You get the drift.

So I was curious - how many groups actually did follow this kind of title format in 2020, and is it recognisably more than previous years? After very extensive research, I have concluded the following can be considered as part of this list:

Some criteria: they should have been released as an 'album', either a digital single/EP/full album or however you want to call it, by a Korean artist in 2020:

Album titles with a colon:

  • ATEEZ - TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action to Answer
  • B.O.Y (B Of You) - Phase One : YOU
  • B.O.Y (B of You) - Phase Two : WE
  • IZ - THE:IZ
  • KittiB - 1718: psycho
  • GFRIEND - 回:LABYRINTH and Song of the Sirens and Walpurgis Night
  • Dreamcatcher - Dystopia: The Tree of Language
  • Dreamcatcher - Dystopia: Lose Myself
  • BTS - IONIQ: I'm on it **
  • Hong Eunki - Undefinable:LOVE
  • Stray Kids - Mixtape : On Track **
  • - The Glow: Eden
  • TOO - Reason for being : Benevolence
  • SuperM - With You - One World:Together At Home **
  • NOIR - UP THE SKY : 飛 (Fly)
  • DAY6 - The Book of Us : The Demon
  • DAY6 Even of Day - The Book of Us: Gluon
  • BOL4 - Youth Diary II: Flower Seen by a Butterfly
  • Tomorrow X Together (TXT) - The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY
  • Tomorrow X Together (TXT) - minisode 1 : Blue Hour
  • NCT 127 - NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round
  • NCT - NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
  • Kim Wooseok (UP10TION and ex-X1) - 1ST DESIRE : GREED
  • Eunkwang (BTOB) - **FoRest : Entranc
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  1. deserted
  2. closed
  3. alarm
  4. achiever
  5. confuse
  6. tease
  7. hug
  8. accurate
  9. calculating
  10. limping
  11. bent
  12. whole
  13. puzzling
  14. nauseating
  15. dark
  16. typical
  17. narrow
  18. omniscient
  19. cynical
  20. melodic
  21. serve
  22. border
  23. rule
  24. accessible
  25. absurd
  26. succeed
  27. bell
  28. yak
  29. one
  30. point
  31. room
  32. aware
  33. waggish
  34. motionless
  35. preserve
  36. blushing
  37. enchanting
  38. haircut
  39. appreciate
  40. regret
  41. stimulating
  42. load
  43. yard
  44. fanatical
  45. courageous
  46. choke
  47. elfin
  48. shake
  49. straight
  50. circle
  51. bake
  52. quickest
  53. bird
  54. play
  55. crooked
  56. silk
  57. tasty
  58. wacky
  59. chew
  60. wish
  61. fowl
  62. placid
  63. remember
  64. value
  65. sad
  66. signal
  67. mushy
  68. peaceful
  69. curl
  70. forgetful
  71. moor
  72. tight
  73. delicate
  74. evanescent
  75. cow
  76. cellar
  77. weight
  78. worried
  79. idiotic
  80. dangerous
  81. grade
  82. general
  83. playground
  84. wary
  85. sophisticated
  86. wreck
  87. second
  88. interest
  89. impress
  90. arrest
  91. scorch
  92. eminent
  93. damaging
  94. hurt
  95. back
  96. ink
  97. earsplitting
  98. self
  99. instrument
  100. wilderness
  101. macabre
  102. word
  103. found
  104. simplistic
  105. cabbage
  106. north
  107. legal
  108. faded
  109. expert
  110. air
  111. bustling
  112. bump
  113. grin
  114. distribution
  115. hook
  116. afraid
  117. bright
  118. teaching
  119. childlike
  120. house
  121. dead
  122. zealous
  123. bucket
  124. helpful
  125. wild
  126. crook
  127. surprise
  128. brother
  129. rain
  130. paltry
  131. money
  132. noxious
  133. fat
  134. copy
  135. standing
  136. sharp
  137. abortive
  138. dogs
  139. push
  140. rare
  141. redundant
  142. inject
  143. scale
  144. magic
  145. able
  146. kettle
  147. hunt
  148. same
  149. fry
  150. dynamic
  151. profit
  152. baseball
  153. thunder
  154. married
  155. mug
  156. nod
  157. dreary
  158. pack
  159. spotless
  160. frogs
  161. outrageous
  162. suit
  163. glow
  164. substantial
  165. handsomely
  166. fall
  167. quick
  168. public
  169. nebulous
  170. underwear
  171. finicky
  172. friends
  173. cakes
  174. clover
  175. absorbed
  176. trees
  177. nail
  178. daffy
  179. town
  180. plant
  181. far-flung
  182. sort
  183. spectacular
  184. madly
  185. satisfying
  186. march
  187. evasive
  188. hum
  189. locket
  190. float
  191. exchange
  192. sea
  193. ducks
  194. fireman
  195. zonked
  196. dull
  197. coach
  198. rhetorical
  199. synonymous
  200. impossible
  201. unit
  202. drawer
  203. fool
  204. makeshift
  205. swing
  206. earn
  207. jittery
  208. periodic
  209. pale
  210. selective
  211. discussion
  212. gun
  213. ancient 21
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How To Switch the Language you use at Home (a Guide)

So it's been 5 months since I wrote up this post, and despite the bleak tone of the response, since then I have been using my heritage language (French) instead of my native language (English) for everyday communication with my family 24/7, and I'd like to write up what finally worked for me.

A quick recap of my situation: My parents both are fluent French speakers but ever since we’ve moved permanently to an English speaking country, all of us have spoken in English. I’ve tried in the past to get everyone to speak in French to retain the language, and failed, but this time I’ve gotten French to stick with me. So here are the quick steps for kids of immigrants to start speaking your heritage language at home.

1) Realize that Your Actions are the Only One you can Control.

I had thought that the only way to do this was to get EVERYONE in my household to speak French and only French, and all the times I’ve tried this it’s led to guarantee failure. It’s a pleasant game that lasts for a day and a half which then gets immediately dropped because it is inconvenient. You need to make it so that no matter what language is spoken to you – respond in the heritage language. I had thought my parents would be more willing to switch completely to French (It’s their native language after all!) but even with them, five months in, they STILL default to English.

2) Your Family Won’t React Violently to Change, I Promise

Breaking your family’s social norms is nerve wracking, I get it! but It’s not like you’re doing drugs. There are clear and obvious benefits to knowing your heritage language better. And people are surprisingly quick to adjust to change. A couple of days in, they’ll start to realize you’re serious and will adjust expectations.

If you feel awkward making the complete transition out of the blue, do what I did, and go through each family member and ask, “would it be cool if I only spoke [insert heritage language]?“ they will say yes, and then you can run with it.

3) Don’t Make Exceptions with Members of your Family Who are Not as Fluent

There might be members of your household who really REALLY do not know or understand the heritage language in question, they tend to be younger siblings who grew up in a completely English speaking household and don’t have as much foundations as you.

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If asexuals don't exist, neither do homosexuals

Every argument against asexuals is that everything humans do is motivated by sex. It's hardwired into us which is how we procreate. So basically, the reason we raise and love children, cuddle, ask about your day is because it feels good to put your dick in stuff. That's an outrageously stupid belief. Types of attraction and their relation to sex are not up for interpretation, it's just a fact that sexual desire is just an add-on feature along with the two other types of attractions. It's a very good feature that keeps humans going but it's not the reason you feel fuzzy around your partner unless you're that shallow. btw, I know this sub likes to belittle allosexual people, but this isn't me saying that sexual people are dummies for not understanding asexuals, just that a lot don't and that's to be expected if they are unfamiliar with how attraction works.

I bring up gay people because humans obviously weren't biologically created to go inside the same gender. I'm not saying that same sex sex isn't sex, but gay people defy the rule of being motivated to procreate and increase their lifespan with the opposite sex. So with the logic that every asexual person has a sex-related trauma that they just forgot, how is that different to gay people? Because most people by now understand and accept the concept of homosexuality. My theory of why people don't get it is because 99% of people feel all sexual, romantic and physical attraction at once. They all give off the same feeling of arousal, and with arousal practically being a synonym for sexy feeling at this point, every attraction is basically sex. That's why breasts are apparently sexual objects even though they're not, they're arousing and physically attractive, having nothing to do with sex. I guess that's why allosexual people don't know the difference so it's easier to just say everyone in the asexual community are lying virgins or have repressed memories of sexual trauma.

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Chosen one (1001 spoilers)

One thing ive always disliked about shonen mangas was the common trope of the chosen one (naruto ichigo etc)

once the idea of the straw hat being rogers and joyboys and luffy eventually having it crowns him as the “chosen one”

Yet i realized something in the latest chapter when we see roger and shanks were capable of hurting kaido and now luffy.

luffy is the only one, since perhaps joyboy, that became famous and notorious WHILE wearing the hat. Roger had his final run w/o it and shanks became yonkou w/o it. No one mentions the hat belonging to anyone but luffy (except buggy and Rayleigh from memory) and luffy becomes synonymous to it.

Does this make it less of luffy being the chosen one and more of luffy falling into the role.

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Searching for the characters of Die Maschine's EE song "Alone"

TLDR: For those that don’t want to read the ~2163 word essay on a song in a CoD game about zombies. I’m more than 99% certain that the “we” in the song are Sam and Eddie, and “he” is Nikolai, whose soul is currently in the Dark Aether. If this is true, then the current Demonic Announcer is also most likely Nikolai. If you want more context to this without forming your own opinion on the lyrics, then start reading from the 4th paragraph from the bottom.

This song talks about 2 perspectives. A singular, “him”, and a plural, “we”. First I’ll analyze the lyrics to get as much info as possible, and then I’ll give a theory about who I think these lyrics refer to. I’ll also put the lyrics in the description if anybody wants to form their own opinions more easily.

“They buried a well where the seven fell” – A well is indicative of a stable and controlled cycle. It’s predictable and always happens in the same way. So “they” ended a cycle where seven people died. Buried can mean both ended, and hid.

“Our volunteers die by machine and living doors lie unforeseen now” – Some lyrics like these I can’t really place the meaning of, other than it giving some background context. The living doors are the Dark Aether portals. Volunteers can be just about anybody, the soviets, Omega Group, Requiem Strike Team, etc.

“Seal him in; Believe in; Project a means to an end” – The first mention of “him”. Someone was sacrificed in hopes of achieving a greater good.

“What he breaks we will mend” – Another line without any real information. It can be talking about anyone.

“He’ll keep it all for him; Imagine every answer with no one in his way” – Based on this quote we can get rid of the soviets as a possible “him”, as we have no singular person to attach it to as opposed to Omega Group’s Peck, Requiem’s Weaver or similar. Also “his” position is of knowledge, but not of power (at least absolute).

“Dividing as he conquers” – A common strategy in war. But there’s more to it than that. When the Megaton first splits Carver talks about divide and conquer. So this strategy is also used by the Dark Aether, and in many spots as well. It divides the West and East even more as it attempts to spill into our reality. It also divides beings and merges them together, conquering their physical forms and limitations. This also implies that “he” is currently in a state of war.

“We’ll send him far away from; Ad te omnis caro veniet (All flesh will come)” – I think it translates more to “All f

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What words became *less* common in well-written Mediaeval or post-Renaissance (Modern) Latin, compared to that of Classical Antiquity (ancient Rome)?

The short version is: is anyone aware of words with a history of Classical usage, whose usage fell even though the referent, the thing they are describing, continued to be relevant? Maybe they had a synonym during Classical Antiquity and the synonym overtook it, maybe a neologism was invented in the Middle Ages and the old word got forgotten, or perhaps a new or old phrasal noun overtook it in popularity, and perhaps the noun phrase got clipped in the wrong place?

Long version: As time goes on, stuff gets invented or discovered, and we have to invent the name of this stuff. We either use an old word and give it a new meaning (like computator, which now means a "machine for manipulating information", rather than a person who does the same thing, only with numbers), or we reach into our ass, rummage around for a bit, and come up with a new word (like autocinetum). This includes intangible stuff too: Hermes was the messenger (nuntius) of the gods with a lowercase g, but when we started to believe in Yahweh, the God with a capital G, His many messengers were called angelus (from the Greek), and we kept nuntius for the man who reminds housewives of God in a whole other way. This post is not about the new meanings of old words, and is especially not about new words.

If I lived during the time of Publius Vergilius Maro, and I ran down to the butcher's and said, "Dona mihi, Domine, unam libram hepatis suis!", the butcher would think I was a bit posh, because hepar is a Greek word (the use of which is characteristic of the upper class) but he'd understand, because hepar had become thoroughly Latinised, with Latin declensions and everything. Needless to say, he'd serve me in accordance with my wishes one pound of pork liver. If I wanted to speak pure Latin, I'd instead ask for jecuris suis, but during the time of P. Vergilius, both words existed and were comprehensible. That said, jecur was much, much more common, whether to buy animal liver to a butcher, or describe pain in one's own liver to a priest of Apollo or Aesculapius (in loco medicorum at this time and place).

Fast forward 1500 years or so, and everybody is using the word hepar. It's like jecur faded from the collective memory of the human species, despite being the original word that Romulus and Remus would've used to talk about the seat of their emotions. Now, Mediaeval Latin has a stereotype of being debased from its Roman roots and hea

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Pelion: Third Layer of Arborea



"Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?"

--David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

--Percy Bysshe Shelley, "Ozymandias"

"The question underlying all of your other ones is 'Why?' Why is Pelion even here, on a plane dedicated to the grandeur of emotion? A desolate layer that produces nothing but sand and the occasional mummy. And that's because it is the most fundamental emotion of all that underpins it: the fear of annihilation. Pelion serves as testament to the idea that, no matter what you accomplish or how much your ideas permeate the lives of others, eventually you will be forgotten.

"But people also forget that there's more than dust to Pelion. The reasons we go there involve the tombs and monuments to races and creatures and heroes we've forgotten, to seek the last crumbs of their being for one reason or another. Even if it's for an ancient item, that item is often the crux of that time-eaten existence. And it echoes through the eons into our own, telling us that, no matter how much time may pass, those people and places are still important today, even if it is only for today. They have endured long enough to be sought by us, and that is why they have endured so long. If Pelion is founded on primal fear, it is driven by primal will: the triumph of the self over annihilation, the eternal echo of 'I AM' resonating through time."

--Kiri the Forgotten, cleric of Celestian, head priest of The Celestial Cathedral in the Market Ward in Sigil, and experienced planewalker.

No one likes Pelion. Even the Dustmen, who many think would be a natural fit for the layer, find it disquieting, but for other reasons than most do. Most simply see the constant dust and sand as a desolate wasteland, which it is, and write off the whole la

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[Anime] Mad scientist's lackey must clean up the consequences of experiments gone awry

I am beginning to suspect that I am out of touch with what animes the 'kids' these days watch. I think this is a REALLY well known anime but most of my anime watching happened about 10 years ago.

Did people just scrub this anime out of their minds, wipe their memories of it just leaving a nice pristine white spot where it use to reign supreme. Is it simply too acidic for people's taste?

Hint 14 is so exceptionally dumb it's almost brilliant but should be sufficient to solve as long as you know the name of the series.

Hint 15 is just a straight up a good bad explanation of the plot that anyone who has seen the first episode could get.

Hint 1 >!main character is the lackey.!<

Hint 2 >!The 2nd Arc of the series happens as a direct result of the mad scientist trying to hide and dispose of his experiment.!<

Hint 3 >!The third arc of the series is fighting the monster created in part from the thing he was trying to hide in Arc 2.!<

Hint 4 >!The main character is at least part 3 different kinds of things. He is actually 4 kinds of things but that particular arc hasn't been adapted to anime yet!<

Hint 5 >!It's a shonen anime!<

Hint 6 >!The mad scientist isn't particularly mad as mad scientists go. He is however a genius eccentric scientist who creates innovative products. So the label does fit but not in a quintessential way!<

Hint 7 >!One of the words in the explanation can be considered a weak synonym for the name of the series!<

Hint 8 >!Due to a training experiments the MC struggles to not let a monster have control of his body!<

Hint 9 >!Mad scientist loves pussy!<

Hint 10 >!All the training arcs in the series are essentially the main character becoming better at talking to himself!<

Hint 11 >!MC doesn't explicitly work for the Mad Scientist (MS) so much as implicitly. MS is always there to help him, mentor him and points him in the direction a problem they both want to solve!<

Hint 12 >!The Big Bad becomes a butterfly!<

Hint 13 >!A different evil mad scientist hatches a plot that would result in the MC friend's death. So the MC and Co have to infiltrate enemy territory to save her!<

Hint 14 >!Donald Trump 'recommends' it!<

Hint 15 >!Boy meets girl, girl stabs boy, surprisingly this does not lead them to falling in love!<

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The Three Facets of Being "Smart"

For some time, I have wanted to distill an abstract thought that's been churning in my head so that I can put it in front of an audience for critiques and/or concurrence. What follows is that attempt:

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that at some point in your life you have been told "You are really smart!" While that's always a nice thing to hear, it is quite a vague descriptor of a complex situation. For example, perhaps you heard this after solving a problem faster than anyone else, or maybe it was because you knew the answer to an obscure trivia question. Perhaps you've even heard it after a tough conversation with someone who was struggtling in which you gave them some solid advice.

In none of these scenarios is it objectively wrong to call a person "smart", but how is it that such a vast number of possible scenarios can be summed up by a singular word? Part of the answer of course lies in language itself and the accepted meanings of words, but I'd argue that something else is at play as well. We tend to identify and value the quality of "smart" in others, but if you asked 50 different people what the word "smart" means, you might get 50 different answers.

I would posit that the trait we refer to as "smart" is actually not a catch-all term for cleverness, intuition, or memorized facts. Instead, the quality we refer to as "smart" is an amalgamation of three distinct traits, present in all individuals in varying quantities. Some people exhibit more of one trait than another, whereas some strongly exhibit only one or two, and a rare group of "very smart" individuals exhibit all three to high degrees. These traits are:

Intelligence, which is almost totally inherent.

Knowledge, which is exclusively acquired.

Wisdom, which can only be earned.

Individuals can be intelligent without being knowledgeable or wise. They can be knowledgeable but not intelligent or wise, and so on. To elaborate:


Intelligence in this context is defined as problem solving ability and the application of logic. There is a large amount of research into what makes some people more intelligent than others, and the current consensus is that it's a mix of nature and nurture in the formative years. Nutrition is vital to intelligence, as are genetics and proper sleep habits, but even if all non-genetic factors were controlled for, some people would still have a higher "ceiling" of intelligence than others. This is a fact of life -

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*Discussion* A Very Serious Issue With the Anime as a Whole

Edit: This post may as well renamed to "DISCUSSION A Mini Critique of Oregairu's Elements.

I decided to turn this into a mini critique of some elements in the series upon seeing some replies. I will make edits to the main post with highlighted replies and my responses to them in a pastebin link since Reddit will not allow me to make this post really long. Please feel free to reply and give me your opinions or responses as it's fun to talk about this anime! Be civil! The first part what I originally wrote down beside the note below.

Note: I am not completed with LN content yet. This assessment is primarily an anime critique. But I don't mind LN spoilers should you mention them.

I remember watching this on Crunchyroll for the first time and being so genuinely confused by some of the dialogue that they were translated from Japanese. One of the biggest complaints the series has gotten from people who have watched it has been that the dialogues are too ambiguous and filled with too much subtext, and make the plot confusing and difficult to understand. This was the case for me when I watch this the first time around and I was genuinely disappointed because I cannot understand for the life of me what the big problem was with these characters and why they were behaving the way they were. (Not to mention the fact that so much material is cut from the sources that context is missing and character interactions are not fully realized as a result.) I think I finally understand why the series has gotten a bad rep from so many people regarding the dialogue and storytelling. I think it is just because the Crunchyroll subs are very poorly translated.

There are a lot of times where the subtitles are using a lot of complicated wording for the sake of adding complication. Highly descriptive words are used and characters that should be saying simple sentences to each other for us to understand our translated in a way to where they're using big words consistently and repeatedly. Basically simple words constantly get replaced with synonyms that are more complex and as a result makes sentence structuring difficult to follow in regards to the big picture of complications regarding our character interactions. The needless complication from Crunchryoll is not just with conversations that take place in regards to the big problem in the story progression, but also in simpler conversations that are typical among people.

I've seen videos detailing Oregairu's story, and t

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ZombieTrackerGPS 1.05

Version 1.05 of ZombieTrackerGPS (Winterbike Edition) has been released, with several new features based on user requests and feedback.

ZTGPS is a Linux+KDE native PIM application satisfying the same purpose as Garmin's "BaseCamp" software, which does not run on Linux. ZTGPS provides sophisticated query and sorting capabilities for GPS tracks. It is targeted at cyclists, runners, hikers, light vehicle use, and anyone collecting GPS tracks from handheld units, particularly if you prefer data storage on your own computer to cloud based storage. A feature description and FAQ is available on the web site below. Binary packages for several popular distros are available under the Downloads tab.

Recent additions include live capture from the Linux GPS daemon, support for GPX waypoint import, export, and management with auto-symbol selection from the US National Park Service map symbol set, localization support, and a more efficient internal point storage for 35-40% smaller memory and disk footprint for the same data. Other recent changes are below.

Version 1.05

  • Support for waypoints. There is a new Waypoint Pane, and they can be imported from and exported to GPX files. If the waypoint supplies a symbol, ZTGPS will attempt to find a matching waypoint icon from its builtin set. Otherwise, this can be done manually with the "Set Icon..." context menu. See the in-program documentation page for the Waypoint Pane for details.
  • The "Export All Tracks" option in the export dialog is fixed.
  • The program crash on exit if a secondary window had UI focus is fixed.
  • The US National Park Sevice (USNPS) map symbols, and some in similar style, are now available for waypoints, view preset icons, or other purposes.
  • If autosave on exit fails, the exit is aborted, to allow a chance to manually save to another path.
  • Numbered backup files are now saved at most once per session, rather than once per save.
  • Internal track point storage is more memory efficient by 40%, and on-disk track files are about 30% smaller.
  • Added Cache tag icon for tracks related to geocaching.
  • Sessions are now locked to prevent accidental co
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A gently trip under the hood of classes

Classes: under the hood

In this short tutorial, you will gain an understanding about how C++ classes are implemented. Specifically, how a hidden parameter is passed to methods which tell the method which instance of the class it is to refer to. The hidden parameter is the this pointer.

The tutorial attempts to accomplish its goal by showing how very short class methods are implemented in assembly language. The assembly language used is AARCH64 (ARM V8). This is the ISA found in most modern phones and tablets. Most recently, this ISA is used in the Apple Macintosh.

You will also see examples of how function overloading works via name mangling and also see how function chaining works. Finally, you'll also see how to disable C++ name mangling using extern "C".

An example class

Suppose you are given this class:

class ClassFu {
	int64_t a;
	float   b;
	int32_t c;
	ClassFu &amp; MethodA(int64_t p);
	ClassFu &amp; MethodA(float p);

An instance of this class has a memory footprint that looks like this:

Variable Starting Offset Length
a 0 8
b 8 4
c 12 4

The sizeof operator used on this class will return 16. Note the offsets and lengths of the member variables.

If a general purpose 64 bit register such as x0 contained the address of an instance of ClassFu, the member a is located at that address (i.e. its offset is 0 bytes away from the start of this ClassFu). Similarly, member c is located 12 bytes away from the starting address of this ClassFu.

This short discussion may help you make sense of the assembly language.

Hidden parameter to member functions

Looking at the two overloaded member methods (both named MethodA), you see only one parameter listed. But there are actually two! All member methods have an unlisted hidden first parameter - a pointer to the class instance.

So, this implementation:

ClassFu &amp; ClassFu::MethodA(int64_t p) {
	a = p;
	return * this;

has two parameters at the assembly language level. In Linux ARM implementations, method / function parameters are passed in order in the general registers x0 through x7 as well as in other types of registers (such as the single and double precision float registers). The first parameter goes in x0, the second in x1, etc. This is a slight simplification as the x registers are used for pointers and 64-bit integers. 32-bit integers are passed in w registers but these are

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Re-evaluating Tchaikovsky: A Highly Uncomfortable Essay

So, this is going to be a bit hard for me to talk about, and I reckon it'll be hard for many of you to read about as well. But I feel it's something that needs to be said and heard.

Including a warning here: I will discuss subjects such as pedophilia/ephebophilia and child grooming in this essay. Discretion is advised.


I've been reluctant to write about Tchaikovsky for a while now- and by that, I mean to say, about what I've recently learned about Tchaikovsky a few months ago. For a long time, Tchaikovsky's music has remained very close to my heart- and although my opinion on Tchaikovsky the person has certainly changed for reasons I'm about to discuss, I have a feeling I cannot say the same about his music. It holds high sentimental value for me- particularly the First Piano Concerto, which helped me through a very difficult time in my personal life and, without that piece, I probably would have given up on my passion for art music altogether. I've written about Tchaikovsky before and how I admired his ability to express emotional vulnerability. I own a t-shirt with his face on it. Hell, my username is literally a playful pun on "Tchaikovsky" and "chicken nugget," which I was very proud to have come up with (and still think was pretty clever of me, I have to admit). So, for a very long time, I have held Tchaikovsky in very high regard.

The same can be said for many musicians and music enthusiasts around the world. Members of the LGBT+ community may find solace in the fact that the composer of such beautiful, famous music was attracted to people of the same sex, and those who have done a bit of research may have read the sufficient amount of primary evidence that suggests he was unashamed of it. Russians (and people of Russian descent) may be proud to know that such an iconic composer shares their national heritage. Dancers, musicians, and singers may appreciate his contributions to ballet, music, and opera. "The Nutcracker" alone is forever synonymous with winter holiday nostalgia. Tchaikovsky has been called many things: A martyr, a hero, an icon, an example to strive to emulate.

As much as people may call him all of those things, and as much as we can debate whether or not he fits those descriptions, unfortunately, there is something else Tchaikovsky was not as famous for, but still existed as a major part of his life that is constantly ignored or dismissed- grooming and pedophilia.

Before I discuss prominent examples- and there are multipl

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Very Long MBOTF Thoughts and Book Rankings Upon First Read

I have recently finished The Crippled God and so this is still all quite fresh to me. (I had started reading this series in July with some other non Malaz books in between)

I can see a few of these rankings changing for me over time (due to inevitable re-reads) HOC and TCG especially will most likely only grow on me more and more over time. But I just feel the need to write out my thoughts after finishing this Amazing journey in some form or fashion.

I’ve ranked them in order from Least favorite to Most Favorite. But also included how I would grade them as a work of fiction. (I’ve never had much of an issue deliberating between what I think is the ‘Best’ versus what I personally enjoy more. Hence why some books have better grades than one’s listed higher in the ranks of my favorites)

10 - Reaper’s Gale (A-)

This should be in contention for my favorite book, as it is certainly the one that invoked the most tears... I think this might be one of the best examples of how Erikson makes you care so much about people on both sides of the same conflict. There’s a number of characters whom you know can not all be happy by the end of the book once they engage in said conflict.... And all you want is for everyone to avoid it. And it’s tragic and heart wrenching to watch them all get closer and closer to that contentious moment. It’s something we see done so well and often in the novels of MBOTF, but this book has it clear as day. Adding beautiful and tenacious dread while reading it.

Reapers Gale only ranks the lowest for me on my list of favorites, because of a single structural decision that absolutely baffles me. Erikson in every other book does such a great job never putting characters on hold for the sake of Narrative structure or forcing them into a Climax to make it more exciting. If an event or character choice is going to happen, it typically just, happens. And that can massively impact the rest of the story, at any time. And I LOVE that about this series.

In Reaper’s Gale however, in the very beginning of the book, a certain character is literally made to just sit and wait for the climax of the book to happen before they do the only thing that character both wants to do and has the means to make it happen. That choice baffled me. Yes, if this person sat up and went an uh... did a thing, the climax and by extension much of the story would have to be radically different. And I do Really like the climax and the story and wouldn’t want it changed. But

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[OG+REMAKE SPOILERS] Thoughts about FFVIIR and future installments

Hi :)

I really liked FFVIIR and I'm looking forward for the next installments. FFVII (the compilation) was the games who made me discovered and love the license, althought I didn't play the original game at first until 2020 ahah. Impatient for the next installments, I made up some ""theories""; and I though it would be pretty interesting to share it in order to have your opinions !

The flashforwards in FFVIIR

The Flashforward who are seen firstly by Cloud and afterwards by Tifa, Red XIII and Barret always had made me think there is something strange about it. In fact, all the visions that the protagonists have seen seems to be "biased" and seems to have been carefully chosen to lead to misinterpretations. For example, during the final battle, Tifa see a vision about the Meteor BEFORE Aerith use the lifestream, there is also a flashforward of Red XIII where we see that the nature regained its right in Midgar at the end of FFVII (somewhere implicitely telling that the humanity may be extinct on this point of view) and finally Cloud see more flashforward of the death of Aerith, in the continuity of those he sees during the game, but this vision is more precise.

In fact, I don't think that the characters had, at first, any reason to fight against the whispers, especially Tifa and Barret. It seems that the visions that they see attack their weaknesses and fears. If these two joined Avalanche, it's because they care about the Planet. What I mean is that these characters gained the purpose for why they are fighting for thanks to theses visions giving them that feeling that what they are doing is right and in the continuity of what they were doing previously.

In that sense, it seems that it fits pretty well the original game. There was this disturbing presence of Sephiroth, but the game led us to believe that we were always one step ahead. During the original, Sephiroth let use believe that we are free and that our choices where fully made by us and not implied by something else. To a certain extent, FFVII PS1 showed us that nothing was due to chance or coincidence. I think it's exactly the same thing in FFVII RE, and that we are going to realize at some point of the game that killing the whispers (or the protectors of the destiny) was totally or partly a mistake, and that in reality it's Sephiroth who has one step ahead.

When the characters believed that killing Harbinger would be for the best and a better future with the support of the flashforwards,

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On the topic of black helicopters... posted this in response to an older thread but thought others might be interested

I've been living in DC for a while now (multiple administrations) and am a helicopter enthusiast and can tell you with 100% certainty that they have increased and that there are new types of helos flying around.

Obviously, the "black helicopter" thing is so synonymous with conspiracy theories that they made a movie about it, so it's hard to talk about without sounding like a nut.

Still, here's just my understanding of the airspace and observations over the last several years:

  • there are 5 federal / military groups that regularly fly in DC, in approximately decreasing order:
  • HMX-1, the marine squadron based in quantico that flies the president in Marine 1. They fly H-60s (looks like a blackhawk) and H-3s (looks really odd looking, old navy helo) but both are recognizable from the distinct green & white paint job
  • Air Force 1st Helicopter Squadron, which flies non-presidential VIPs on the blue and white vietnam-era Hueys (H-1s). I've also personally noticed that these guys seem to have the most fun and fly the lowest; not exaggerating to say i routinely see them about 150 ft off the ground.
  • Coast Guard flies distinctly orange H-65 dolphines. These guys probably have the most boring job as all they do is fly the perimeter of DC's air space patrolling it for violators (which I would have to imagine is almost exclusively lost PPL students in Cessnas from nearby flight schools.
  • Park Police fly blue and white helicopters that I believe are Bell Rangers, but they might have some Hueys as well. I don't really know what these guys do but I occasionally see them around the monuments or the Potomac. Presumably they only patrol national monuments or NPS territory, but they seem to be increasing in the last year or so.
  • The Army also has a helicopter unit that is theoretically responsible for VIP transport, and they fly very distinct black-and-gold helos. I don't know if it's due to their flight paths being different or some other factor but I have only ever seen them once, and I literally look at every helo that overflies my location.

In additional to these mil/fed units, there are also various private choppers coming and going. These are mostly the yellow and black airbus med-evac helos, although there are others as well (presumably police, among others, but to various for me to have catalogued).

Now, I say all that as a preface to say that within the last year there has been a huge increase in the magnitude of unmarked, black helos flying in

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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 11, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.


1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002


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Would Democrats benefit by dropping the 2nd amendment from their platform all together? What do you think the future of 2nd amendment politics is?

I'm curious to see what you guys think of this. This might just be my internet perspective and it might not reflect reality, but it seems like gun ownership across the entire political spectrum is at an all-time high. Also haven't seen Biden tweet or talk about it in a hot minute and I'm wondering if there's a reason for that. I hardly see left-leaning people come out against guns in huge strides anymore (this also might be because there hasn't been a mass shooting event in recent memory, and the collective energy is focused on Corona + Trump). And when I visit any internet gun community anywhere it is usually chock full of single issue voters and more than enough people saying "well I want to vote dem but why would I vote away my rights." Honestly I think single issue voting is pretty much synonymous with the 2nd amendment and abortion is a distant second. Gun culture is so ingrained in American culture that I wouldn't call it a stretch to say millions and millions of people value the 2nd amendment on an equal level as the 1st. And maybe the Democratic party could tap into these voters? Or it's entirely possible that I'm misrepresenting the number of people that would flip their party affiliation over the issue. I'm guessing it's mostly male teens and 20-somethings who are vocal on the internet about this but never vote.

I'm not well versed on the history of this topic, the idea that democrats and left leaning people are now more pro-2A than ever before could just be my biased observation, but thought I'd put the question out there. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. maybe there's still significant support for firearm restrictions in other parts of the country. Would love to have a discussion on it thanks

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Royal Blood Explained

So I’ve seen on a few occasions that people have some confusion when it comes to the difference between subjects of Ymir (SoY), Eldians, and those who have “royal blood”.

To put it as simple as possible:

Subjects of Ymir: The race of people that can turn into titans. So those who can trace there genealogy to Ymir.

Eldians: The nationality of the people that lived in the Eldia empire. Most Eldians over the time of there empire became SoY so they’re almost synonymous but you don’t have to be a SoY to be Eldian. Example, some of the nobles inside the walls that the king couldn’t memory wipe. Also you can be a SoY and not identify as Eldian, like the SoY scattered across the world.

Royal blood: Subjects of Ymir that Ymir recognizes as carrying on the Fritz name. Now a lot of people get tripped up thinking that “royal blood” has something to do with an actual blood relation to Ymir but it’s more just her slave like obedience to those baring the Fritz name.

Now I have my own head canon on how the royal family could have started and differentiate form regular SoY which helped me make sense of things.

Let’s say that after Ymir died and her daughters ate her body the first daughter (Maria) inherited the founding, attack, and war hammer titan (I like her having this combo just to have her have a parallel to Eren). King Fritz at the time could have noticed Maria’s greater power compared to her sisters (perhaps by being able to control them) and decides to declare her the heir to the throne after his death. The other two daughters get married off to other noble families in the Eldian empire so they lose there Fritz name and don’t get the same buffs with there titans as there sister. Once all 3 of them have children (let’s assume 3) the nine titan shifters we know of today are formed with one of Maria’s children being the first only founding titan with royal blood. This grandchild would be the one to continue the royal bloodline.

I hope this helps and if anyone has any critiques on my head canon let me know.

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Discussion - Do you think Red Bull would have signed Vettel for one year, if he hadn't signed for Aston Martin?

Serious question, I was thinking that Dr Marko sounded a bit put out when Seb signed for Aston Martin in September. He said paraphrased somewhat, as I don't have the interview to hand but that that he had recommended him to take time out and that he had felt that other options would have come up for 2022.

I wonder, if he actually wanted Vettel to wait for him to decide and be a back up option for Albon not working out?

Albon wasn't doing too badly, around the time Vettel signed for AM and maybe he just didn't want to risk missing out on a seat altogether? Albon got a podium that weekend, if my memory serves me well...

I mean other factors are in play, (the way Vettel left RB is often mentioned, also that the car really doesn't look like it suits his driving style, and his form this year wasn't great either).

Ultimately, its only questioned because when I think of Red bull F1, its synonymous in many ways with Vettel- the 4 x WDC, the many wins. RB have even named a building him, so clearly his well respected by them...Plus they love to keep in it the Red Bull family of drivers and Dr Marko always seems to have time for Vettel.

So it makes you wonder if they wouldn't have gone to him for one year, if the option was on the table.

Wild speculation, and just a discussion point. Don't shoot me!

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Netflix's "Best of Stand-Up 2020" Reviewed

Jerry Seinfeld - I can't help but imagine the comedians who actually go out there and are truly killing it in the game at every level clenching their teeth at delivery and the touch-and-go writing quality of this absolute legend in comedy show business. His body of work speaks to itself, and it's hard to know why he seemed determined to re-prove his worth by doing something that he didn't need to. And while this type of thinking may say more about me than of his professional style, I did get quite tickled at the idea of the International viewers outside the United States struggling to understand what a "death-row inmate last meal at an all-you-can-eat buffet" is, or would even look like, and for that, the first 2 minutes of the special are worth it.

You can skip to minute 4 if you count yourself among the living.

Taylor Tomlinson - Plenty of critics might say she got too much too early with her career, but I think that type of critique is born of jealousy. I naturally second her praises and second-guess her critics, because she puts in the work, and it shows. Is she a prodigy? No. Is she on her way to eclipse those twice her age? In ways that would confuse even a flat-Earther.

Let me be the first to say, doing woke comedy is easy, but doing it well is hard, and she bridges that gap with layers that any fan of comedy can appreciate and understand immediately. The nuance of Facebook being the medium of dim wit, occupied by people we all know, and cutting with left-wing perspective can make anyone an instant fan even before her smart misdirect before taking us into a bit that requires just a bit of trust from the audience that she earned in spades the moment earlier. If I would give a note at all, I'd say it was a bit rushed, but true to the special's title, the white-knuckle cadence works to her target audience: people her own age.

If only she had stopped there, she takes us on a low-brow tour of a woman's perspective of other women's lives and their casual disdain for men in general that passes for fun, but can easily leave a careful listener wondering whether it was just a joke that missed the mark or some echo of a mean spirit on the keyboard or notepad of a moment soon after a failed relationship.

And to be as fair as I can, men get away with murder in comedy when bringing up the fairer sex. I've been a new fan of comedy for the last 4 years now, and I won't pretend I know the rate of exchange between who says what and how or why i

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Why Count (Shonarth 4)

Shonarth 1: What Counts

Shonarth 2: Who Counts

Shonarth 3: When to Count

Supply chain management. It was my new … thing-that-haunts-my-every-waking-moment. We had just expanded the Cloovatni holdings, and now … things were complicated. I was afraid that we would stall out at our current level of assets (and thus, complexity), and we couldn’t scale up any further. We had, to date, added a physical digital media company with several plants, a distribution company, an advertising company, a software group that also handled digital video effects, and a boutique construction firm; I was going for a vertically integrated all-in-one video production conglomerate, but the intricacy was killing me.

The human archive told me that the solution was Supply Chain Management. Problem: this huge collection of business knowledge apparently deems this knowledge “absolutely essential” – and then refuses to give even a cursory overview of how that was developed by their species. Or what it was. Or how it was applied.

I was about to go completely insane.

And, of course, it wasn’t the only issue on my plates. Zia was no longer functioning as my business partner; with 2 daughters to raise, she was already quite occupied, but then she brought a second Mama into our family. Thedriel was also quite smart, but she was also quite a bit meeker than Zia. It was fortunate that her introduction to our marriage wasn’t as … traumatic.

Upshot? I didn’t have Zia as an anchor or as a sounding board right now, and I’d discovered – almost accidentally – an issue that threatened to topple my burgeoning business empire before it was even built.

Nobody had a truly “post-scarcity” economy. It just wasn’t possible, no matter how the brainiacs theorized (they always neglected to factor in entropy and the God of Malevolence – you named him Murphy.) But we could come really close, which meant that we had more workers than we really needed in our economy – which led to the expectation that outside of some truly bad behavior, I couldn’t adjust my workforce to fit the workload.

Once again: I could not fire anyone.

And I had just discovered that somewhere about 85% of our newest hires had cheated on our placement exam.


Seriously? You have people just announce their own competencies, as if they can be

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My Beef With Beef 🥩

Yes, the meat. My former life as a JW has a long and storied past with beef and I just need to get this off my chest. Perhaps some of you may relate? Hopefully, this long read opens your eyes to an omnipresent feature unique to Jdub life—a feature just beneath the surface that you may have always known about but never really acknowledged until now.

Certain foods can remind us of specific periods in our lives, both favorable and unfavorable. Dave Ramsey, the financial advice guy, often recites his own story about being broke while paying off his debts. To this day, he says he hates tuna salad sandwiches. The taste, the smell, the wet lettuce and soggy bread all remind him of that miserable point in his past when he was stressed out and working his tail off to become debt-free. “It reminds me of being broke; I love knowing I’ll never have to eat that ever again.” Others may feel nostalgia; perhaps instant ramen and popcorn bring back the thrill & excitement of becoming an independent adult. Well, for me, beef (particularly in its roast beef and pot roast forms) brings back a flood memories from my JW past—all of which are unpleasant, not nostalgic. I’m interested to see how many of you also have unfavorable “JW associations” particularly with beef. I imagine this post will apply mostly to jdubs from the United States, but I’ll elaborate nonetheless...

Beef & ‘80s Witnesses’

Most of my JW-related ‘80s Brat’ childhood memories include roast beef as a staple. To me, as an American in general, beef was (and still is) synonymous with masculine, authoritarian white male patriarchy: it stokes the imagery of a strict, no-nonsense, stone-faced white man with weathered skin and a cowboy hat. It also brings to mind the “honey, I’m home!” trope of the ‘working man,’ announcing the return from his role as ‘provider,’ both as a welcome and as a veiled warning to his dutiful housewife who’d better have that pot roast with dark gravy ready to serve (or else, goddammit!). The JW views of gender roles fit right into that imagery, and the constant exposure to roast beef sealed everything together. Additionally, nothing more aptly fits the words of Genesis 1:28 to “subdue the earth” and “have dominion” over everything that moves on its surface more so than the unsustainable and environmentally devastating American consumption and obsession with beef. And in my observation, the jdub lifestyle, attitude, customs and worldview put us all front and center

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If you want to heal childhood trauma, you have to heal your body.

356 pounds?! Are you kidding me, Michael? What the fuck are you doing to yourself?

Every morning I would wake up and watch the number on the scale tick up as I slowly allowed obesity to run wild and consume my body. Fat.

I was always the chubby kid. I shopped in the boy's husky section at Walmart as a preteen. Husky for the unware is the polite nomenclature for fat kids. I spent summers running around with my shirt on. I ate entire boxes of gummy bears for dinner. I never ordered just one of anything. In part, I recognize that those behavior patterns are tied to abuse and the other connected to not knowing anything about food or nutrition. I grew up in poverty, and let me tell you this - there is no kale on the corner.

My issues with eating. I dare say my disorder only began when I started to experience abuse at an intensified level. I have vivid memories and photographic evidence that I wasn't always a little thick around the waist. When I came across the ACE survey and discovered that the foundation was tied to weight loss and gain in adults and the correlation between obesity and childhood sexual trauma, my mind was blown. When my mother married my step-father, everything that was bad got a thousand times worse. And wouldn't you know it, the more I was beaten, criticized, abused, hurt, and dismissed, the more I hoarded food and ate myself sick. There is likely also causation is being threatened to not be feed and being beat for not eating Brussell sprouts, but I'm no doctor.

I find it peculiar and systematic that I come from a family of both obese and abused people. I also find it odd that we live in a society that obese people are often mocked and ridiculed when, in reality, they are probably dealing with some major shit. As a formerly obese human being, I know that the impact of the reflection in the mirror was enough to drive anyone further down the rabbit hole. Yet, we cast judgment on others. And I will say this I have been shamed, and I have shamed. No one is innocent here, but we can be better.

So, what do you do when you are faced with being stuck in a place of suffering, The Vortex and I so delicately have named it? Perhaps I am way off base here, but I believe that you have to first begin to heal your body before you can start to heal your mind, or it may be a synonymous result of doing each simultaneously. If you have read The Body Keeps the Score, you know that our bodies store childhood and adult trauma. If you didn't read it

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UrbanDictionary definition for a school near me

Avonworth High School

Synonyms: Hell, apathy, unhappiness

Antonyms: fun, fond memories, diversity, education

Avonworth is a small public high school in suburban Pennsylvania. It is located in a nice rural neighborhood on the top of a pretty rural hill and surrounded by pretty rural houses. There are about 400 students total here, and the attached middle school has around 250 students. There is virtually no crime and no fighting in the building, and everybody knows each other. There is an excellent student to faculty ratio and all of the teachers know all of the students. Sound like a wonderful place to spend your teenage years? I'll let you in on a little peice of advice on the topic, look into private school or suicide.

Let me start with the student body here at avonworth. There are only two places on this earth that are more non-diverse that avonworth: a KKK rally meeting, and Texas. As i walk through the hallways at avonworth, I can count the African-American students on one hand. This may actaully be a good thing considering how racist people actually are at this school. Yes, people are racist, they are just too stupid to realize it. Numerous times i have heard jokes concerning Black people, hispanic people, Asian people or any other nationality that is not a WASP. I actually heard a girl say she was proud that she was a true blond-haired blue-eyed jew hating Aryan. At this Hell hole its commonly accepted that all urban black people fall into the category of murderer, drug dealer, or "gangster." However this false generalization does not stop the people at this 97.3% white "melting pot" of blasting predominatley black rap music, modeling their wardrobe after black cultural style clothing, and driving around in their "pimped-out" ford focuses. Next there are the "jocks." Now when I say jocks, I mean the football players that think they are hardcore because they play on an abysmal football team that in the event that they ever actually won game, walks proudly around the hallways with their shirt sleeves rolled bragging about their win, and not mentioning their 1-10 record. All the other guys sports teams at this school realize that they suck and don't masturbate to their own "manliness." Don't get me wrong, there are some normal football palyers, just not many. about 60% of the women here fall into the category of stupid bitch with an IQ of less than their body weight. They all study for hours and hours and then like to brag about how smart they ar

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The similarities between Eren and Odin from Norse Mythology (Long analysis/Includes the Eren is a bird Theory)

Eren is constantly showing us his intentions, his beliefs and his motivations during the manga and the most I read the manga, the most that I feel that he is extremely related to the Norse god, Odin.

Eren is an egoistic character, ambitious and Odin was the same way. Odin during most of the myths where he appears is shown travelling around the world trying to adquire wisdom (Same as Eren did during his life, trying to be free and explore the outside world).

It is also known that Odin once sacrificed his eye and threw it into the well of Mimir (Also called Mímisbrunnr) in exchange for wisdom and the power to see the future . Eren did the same to disguise himself and adquire knowledge and information during his infiltration in Marley and to later adquire the full power of the founder Titan.

(Althought the eye of Eren would heal, its still a sacrifice to obtain information and knowledge).

Odin and Eren, both sacrificing the same eye for knowledge

After Odin sacrificed one of his eyes, as I explained before, the wisdom he adquired helped him to lead the Æsir ( gods of the principal pantheon in Norse religion ), but also made him be able to see the dark future that was waiting for him and the world (He would be killed by fenrir during the ragnarok and the world would end), theres a myth involving this (Wich I havent found the source yet) but it says that after Odin was able to get this knowledge, he was never able to smile again due to the cruelty of the future he saw(Same as it happened with Eren when he started witnessing the future events, we see a more mature and cold Eren with a very serious and cruel face most of time, because as Odin, he knows he will die in the future and also knows what is the role he will play during the rumbling).

[Eren during Ch 121, when he touched Historia's hand. We can see that he is in shock after all the information that was revealed to him, Eren would never be the same since then, he struggled a lot with himself during the timeskip, when we see that he is constantly suffering because of the role he had to take to try to save Paradis. ](

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Piecing together the show’s hints and details about the Mirror World and how it works (also: how does the Mirror World system for primes’ deaths work?)

So after my recent rewatch of Books 1 and 2, I considered some details, observations and hints in them about the Mirror World, and tried to piece together and figure out what the show says about what the Mirror World is and how it works:

(There’s a summary at the bottom of these four points)

  1. A line near the beginning (“I'm from a place called The Chrome Car. Well, that's what Tulip, my prime, called it. It's actually called the Mirror World.”) that seems to establish that “Chrome Car” is somewhat synonymous with “Mirror World”, like how Corgi Car is another word for Corginia. This seems to imply, if not directly state, that the Mirror World is JUST the world on the other side of the reflective surfaces within that car, another of the Train’s many worlds and realities just like Corginia or Straight-Up Italy.

  2. The flecs and reflections are considered denizens, and treated by the Train as such; Lake can’t get a number, can’t leave the Train without finding a loophole, is not treated as well as passengers in challenges such as the carnival games, and the flecs can’t leave the Train even with their ability to travel from one reflective surface to another; even with their powers they are still designed to stay with the Train. This continues to show them, and thus their car of origin—the Mirror World—as well, as things created by the Train just like other worlds and denizens.

  3. Lake, back when she was with Tulip, isn’t able to move or speak freely—and doesn’t seem to be sentient at all—until she’s in the Chrome Car. The Chrome Car is a reality where reflective surfaces hold a Mirror World instead of just being normal reflective surfaces, and in that Mirror World, reflections are sentient people who can act freely; so by existing within this car’s reality, primes’ reflections are “taken” and turned into those actual sentient people by the Train, and therefore are denizens. (The Train knows a lot about the minds and memories of those on it, so I’m sure it’s not hard to create these reflections with memories based on their prime’s memories from before they entered the Chrome Car. Reflections’ memories of existing before and reflecting their prime seem to be an important part of how the Chrome Car helps to get passenger numbers down, after all.) When the car works as it should, reflections are back to their usual place on the Mirror World side of the mirror by the time the door is open and the prime leaves the car. It seems that because there’s no actual Mi

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I'd prefer Zelda as an NPC companion than a playable character

I really like this interpretation of Zelda. She's very emotional, her voice acting is pretty good, and I like that she fluctuates a lot from very powerful and very vulnerable quite frequently. Other than that, I didn't care much for the optional memories in BOTW but knowing those memories I'd love if they combined Zelda's relationship with Link with the exploration of BOTW which was the best part for me. Following Link on his journey to do whatever with some unrelated Zelda characterization, so why not combine the two rather than removing one. It could give an interesting R2-D2, C3P-0 personality duo with a goofy, reckless silent character and an expressive, serious, "protective?", cautious character. Maybe these playable interactions with Zelda will be fully voice acted. I know some people dont like her voice which is understandable but It might not have the same emotional weight if Zelda just uses a text box with sad and happy grunts. Also, I'd love moments like being force fed frogs by Zelda in the present.

She deserves to be in the game frequently, playable or not. Her magic abilities could gradually build up again which could be effective enough to take down obstacles and enemies without her being too overpowered. She's also a big nerd and liked exploring and researching in the first game so it makes sense for her to have significance in puzzles and exploring the entirety of Hyrule again, rather than just being stuck as a "damsel in distress" again for Link to reunite with at the very end. Also, fans need to stop using "damsel in distress" in every Zelda discussion. Find synonyms, it's getting annoying. I wouldn't even mind Zelda becoming a damsel at the very end. Imagine you've been developing with her, not from memories, but actually in person and making choices with each other for over 50 hours of playtime, just for her to get snatched out of nowhere at the worst possible time. That would cause a lot of emotions and it would be a unique and unexpected way of continuing the tradition of the save Zelda quest rather than removing it entirely.

They should only have Zelda as a playable character if they had an interesting new mechanic that Zelda happens to be perfect for, rather than forcing Zelda in as a skin for Link because fan service. I don't think swapping characters like Hyrule Warriors or a lego game is very fitting for a BOTW sequel either and I wouldn't care for a playable Zelda if she either just talks to herself, doesn't talk at all, or ta

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