It is not death which fears people, it is living in this insane society where only criminals prosper and honest people get thrown under the bus because of laws and rules which enslave their freedom. Societies are designed by evil malevolent. This is the definition of true insanity.
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Malevolence Definition
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Their Malevolence fix definitely not WAI
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Most Malevolent Knighthood costumes can be individuality purchased once they return. Definitely a step in the right direction
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Hi! Does anyone get a feeling off this? I'm normally pretty happy with feeling these kind of things but I'm too attached to the home to be accurate. This is my parents house and it is definitely haunted but the spirits have never been malevolent, but something here feels wrong. Am I crazy or?
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First Contact - Disaster - 480

[first] [prev] [next]

There had once been a hospital there.

Then the PAWM had come, and it had been destroyed.

But the Terrans had arrived, helped rebuild the hospital, built shelters beneath it.

But the shelters had not been completed in time, and the Slorpies had came with their uncaring metal servants, seeking out the sick and injured children to take their brains to enhance their machines and, for the tall purple ones, feed on their dismay, misery, pain, and suffering.

A unit that was there to work on the shelters had built hasty fortifications and, armed with rifles, had done their best to hold off the Slorpies.

Stars had fallen as the Terran Task Force had jumped into system and into the waiting arms of a Slorpy combat fleet. One of the stars had landed at the hospital, turning out to be a unit responsible for munitions and resupply.

The humans had fought a desperate fight to keep the Slorpies from harvesting the children. Falling one by one, even as they continued to fight despite the burning red lights at the base of their skulls. Their allies, the Telkan Marines, had done a daring rescue via grav-lifter, hauling out the children, the doctors, the nurses, the family members who all been unable to do anything but huddle down and tremble in terror as the humans fought the Slorpies with atomic weaponry at point blank range.

A parting shot from the Terrans had wiped the hospital away.

But that war, like all others, had ended, and the hospital had been rebuilt. This time the shelters were deemed priority and finished before the hospital, with 150% over capacity.

Some believed it was a waste of efforts. The PAWM and the Slorpies had tried to take the planet twice, surely they would realize that the Law of Diminishing Returns meant that Hesstla was not worth the effort.

But for those who said they, they did not understand that their foe was alien beyond alien. That their thoughts were different, their ideas were different, that the entire universe was little more than a larder to fill their entire appetite.

Those who argued that the Law of Diminishing Returns were completely unaware, either purposefully or ignorantly, that what the Slorpies wanted was not copper or iron or warsteel or even water or oxygen

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The kids are definitely alright. (via MALEVOLENCE Facebook)
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"In the absence of empathy, which is the definition in psychology of a psychopath, you will always get malevolence". What does that imply about true AI? Is it possible to program genuine empathy, or would that be rather like a psychopath faking it?

Open discussion.

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Just finished DS9 for the first time (spoilers)

Please excuse my rambling I have to unpack this. πŸ₯Ί

Sisko - After TNG I hated him because he wasn't Picard , by episode 2 he had me sold. Brilliant actor, he goes places with the lines no one else would and sells it. His relationship with Jake was idyllic but nice to watch. He always seemed tougher than Picard, maybe not in mental fortitude, but in his willingness to get the job done at any cost. He had to sacrifice things, whereas in TNG a lot of the time it seemed like baddies would work to their strengths. Obv, Picard had the Kamin and locutus timeline, four lights! It just seemed like the world sisko was in was a little harsher, a little more dangerous, and sometimes hopeless.

Bashir/Obrian - I didn't like Julian on TNG, and I didnt really warm up to him until well into the third season. His friendship with Miles ended up being one of my favorite parts of the show. I always liked Obrian in TNG it was amazing to see him fully fleshed out. He has a bit of darkness in him from his time on the frontline and its something that doesn't really slide into focus until later on. Their relationship develops because as Julian gains field experience he becomes a more relevant companion for Miles and I like that. Julian became someone I ended up liking and respecting by the final credits. Hats off to the actor and writers.

I will mention Vic here as well. What a welcome addition. Like the Poker in TNG it was just a place you felt at home. Vic being flesh and blood in the mirror universe made me think they were going to pull a "moriarty" but I guess he likes it in the holosuite.

Dax - Jadzia is someone thats written to be instantly loveable. She always has a quip, but she is not one dimensional, we get to see every range of her emotions. I thought her relationship with Worf was weird, then I got used to it, then she died, then she came back as Ezri, then she slept with worf, and then she was in love with Julian. It was a lot to keep up with and from a rigid human understanding there is a certain underlying taboo to the whole thing but it was interesting to watch. On Ezri, her arrival was sudden, but the writers did a good job of establishing her character, it did leave you a bit disappointed by the end because you wanted to see more of her.

Worf - Worf is just...Worf. He is the goat, his one liners are the stuff of legend. I can't even describe what a joy it is to watch Michael Dorn he owns that character. I think the writers sort of bounced him around for a

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Ben Sisko is not a benevolent character, but is unknowingly a Bajoran God of War.

The Bajorans suffered for 50 years under the Cardassian occupation. It was incredibly cruel to the point it was more based on cruelty than objective results. In an universe with warp drive, phasers, robotics and AI, forcing people to manually labor with hand tools is not about efficiency, it's about humiliation. It's no surprise that the occupation was controversial amongst even the Cardassian civilians because any cost/benefit analysis would clearly show they were wasting their time with the way they were occupying Bajor. Meanwhile, the Federation, the closest neighbor, did nothing. They knew full well what was going on because they had Bajoran Officers in their corp, many of which fled the occupation. The Federation stood by and watched this horrible event happen without acting even though they had all the power and capacity to directly end it.

Yesterday, a person suggested a Theory that the Dominion War never happened in Jake Sisko's alternate future in the episode "The Visitor" because Ben Sisko wasn't around to help Weyoun destroy rebel Jem'Hadar who had discovered a Iconican Gate. This gate would have allowed them to stage a Quadrant wide rebellion against the Dominion and destroy it. The premise is full of holes. It also misses the real reasons why the Dominion War didn't happen in this alternate future.

The combined Defiant and Jem'Hadar attack group numbered fewer than 20 people and was not armed with melee weapons. This turned out to be a mistake because the active Gateway had created a dampening field which prevented their phasers and all electronic devices from functioning. They should have all logically died attacking the Rebel base. If the rebels had even a equal amount of Jem'Hadar guarding the gate, just on the sole basis of being armed with hand to hand weapons, the entire landing party should have been killed. This was not the case and they succeeded in destroying the Gate. However, even in the best case scenario for the rebels, if they got the gate working and didn't get attacked by Sisko and Weyoun, they would still fail to cause a Dominion wide rebellion because the Gates are an one way trip (as demonstrated in TNG episode Contagion) and would have tiny numbers of warriors. The fact that even Weyoun's Jem'Hadar remained loyal to the Founders even though they knew about the Gateway would likely apply anywhere these rebel landed as well. If the Rebel Jem'Hadar numbered in the thousands, they could potentially cause some sort of sho

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On DD Posts: A Response to HeyItsPixel and Correction of Some Incorrect Information

Someone said more paragraphs, so okay:

Last EDIT3 cause I'm tired and job:

This is the conclusion from Pixel's post today:

This conclusion posits 3 possible, immediate futures:

  1. Gamma Squeeze today. Likelyhood: "Likely, but not certain" Reality: Might've been likely, certainly wasn't certain. This did not happen today, so
  2. If not #1, then once we hit the SSR list again then Gamma Squeeze tomorrow by EOD. Likelihood: Unknown. Reality: Gonna have to see tomorrow! If you're certainty on this is 100% then there are a lot of really cheap FDs you can buy right now that'll print if you're right.
  3. If we don't hit the SSR limit for tomorrow, then Gamma Squeeze will start EOD at "last" (I assume this is "latest"). Likelihood: Unknown. Reality: This piece is unclear to me because it doesn't necessarily follow the previous logic. E.g. we could not hit the SSR list but still Gamma Squeeze tomorrow, right? Or is this strictly tomorrow only if we don't SSR, meaning this also didn't happen? Would need clarity to know. We didn't gamma today, so presumably that means tomorrow.

That makes it sound less certain than it is though! One of those 3 realities has already collapsed, and the second two require a gamma squeeze to happen tomorrow. Not 3/19. Not 4/16. Tomorrow. No other possibilities are given weight or time, and there is no assessment of the nature of the gamma squeeze and what holders might expect if it does happen (300? 400? Moon in the reaview?). Again, I have misgivings about this approach I won't go back into here. Posting this so you can laugh at me tomorrow when I'm wrong!

EDIT2: Not as dispassionate as I'd hoped, sorry gang. If you read this thinking I hit the white and wanted to take out a big figure in the sub, you'd be wrong, but I understand your perspective. I like and appreciate u/heyitspixel analysis. I agree with much of his general sentiment, as I say below multiple times. I've tried to clean up some of the factual disputes to make them more readable with point-by-point tl;drs. They're still longish, sorry; shit is complex.

Ultimately though, I stand by my point: hype posts that misrepresent facts are dangerous. They don't have to say "buy right now!" and they don't have to

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Theory on the callings, the shadows, and the tailfin

After last night's episode "Tailspin", I think I've finally been able to put most of the pieces together and decipher, at least to some extent, what has actually been going on throughout the past 2 and a half seasons, and where the show may be headed. I am going to preface this theory by stating my interpretation, which I am fairly confident of at this point, that all the callings, along with whatever force is behind them that has been resurrecting people, is malevolent. It appears as if it is priming and conditioning the passengers to be obedient, so it can later use them for something quite sinister, which will culminate at the death date on June 2, 2024.

Let's start from the beginning of the show, and I will attempt to demonstrate how each major clue is pointing toward this revelation that the passengers are being used by whatever entity is behind the dark lightning and the callings for nefarious purposes. At the end of episode 1, the plane blows up on the tarmac and Michaela states that she believed whatever force brought them here had no interest in being investigated. From this point forward, the passengers, or at least the inherently well-meaning ones like the stone family, are led to believe through their experiences with the callings that they are being used by some divine force to do good in the world; solving problems by using the callings. In "Point of No Return", the 8th episode of season 1, however, it is shown through the passenger who commits suicide, how telling other non-passengers about the callings gets those people killed, with the exception of individuals which are specifically asked by passengers to be spared by the callings, such as Jarred in Season 1, Episode 9, as well as Grace and Olive. The callings are shown here to have some sort of ability to manipulate events, which led to the death of those people. Events are either manipulated through giving specific callings to specific passengers, like moving pawns on a chess board, or by this entity's ability to manipulate matter through the dark lightning (Remember that both deaths in S1E8 were accidents relating to electricity). It also appears that anyone or anything that was already touched by the dark lightning, such as the passengers, Zeke, Griffin, etc. and the tailfin, which disappeared from the Eureka project the night Saanvi killed the major and appeared in the ocean, can be manipulated as well. These events all seem deliberate, and for the specific purpose of manipulating th

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So the Ending to Season One was Actually... Pretty Good


I mean the road getting there was pretty rough with some mind-boggling and outright frustrating narrative choices from the devs, but ultimately I think the ending was well worth it. Just wanted to share some highlights and then some speculatin' about what might be in store for the next season.


  1. They didn't kill off Baelo and Learte! I never knew how invested I was in some of these characters until the possibility of them being deep-sixed by the writer's murderous pen seemed imminent. Learte is probably one of the few characters in the game who has her wits about her, I mean she was the only one who instinctively knew that Viktora was untrustworthy. And Baelo, what can I say? He's just an adorable big lug! When they disappeared from the battlefield I was thinking "Gah! Muraga must have eaten them as well!" Imagine my relief when it turned out they were only captured by Fennes forces. I admit the soldier's exchange with Sterne when they brought the two before him was one of the more tense moments in the story. When the soldier questioned Sterne's loyalties for letting them go I thought he would change his mind and kill them instead. Sterne has a habit of being dangerously unpredictable when he's in a murderous mood. To my relief he actually does let them go. In any case they get live (and maybe fight?) for season 2, I can breathe easy again... for now.
  2. Mont's character finally grows some. Mont is probably one of the most poorly handled main characters I have ever seen in a game. There wasn't really much to like about him, but in the last few chapters we've actually seen him grow from an indecisive, naive princeling into a man who stands by his convictions and acts accordingly. It was a bit heartbreaking to see the two brothers fight their last few battles together only for it to climax with them finally crossing swords with one another. But Mont persevered and did what he had to do to protect Leonis, though I have a feeling he intentionally let Sterne live because he still loved him and couldn't find it in his heart to finish him off. That resonated with me a bit and had me wondering what I would have done if I were put in a similar position, blood is still thicker than water.
  3. Macherie not busting Mont's chops. 'Nuff said.
  4. The writers actually left a lot of interesting loose ends that definitely make me excited for the second season. This leads me to speculate on some of the more interesting
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Why Civil War is the greatest Marvel movie...
  • Most superhero movies have a clear hero who saves the day and a villain who rues it. In rare instances the Villain wins but it’s always clear who the hero and villains are.

  • In Civil War it is not and deals with the fact that there is no such thing as a person for good or bad who doesn’t have a clear understandable reason for what they are doing.

  • Also, you see in this movie how distinct the characters are through their distinct motivations and growth.

  • Iron Man is motivated by guilt of his β€œlegacy” in Iron Man (2008) and his wrath in Sokovia. He sees the need for accountability to those who have died.

  • Captain America is motivated by friendship and not letting bureaucratic and corrupt officials with jaded moralities interfere with him doing the right thing.

  • Black Panther is motivated by vengeance but realises along the way that it is a poison that changes a person into something malevolent.

  • Zemo is this malevolence as he has been consumed by it and wants the Avengers to pay for essentially killing his family. He does bad things but for clear reasons.

  • The beauty of Civil War is that there is no definitively right person, you can only do the best you can. It deals with the morality of what it is to be a good person.

  • The only thing I would’ve liked to see is that it should’ve been called Marvel Civil War not a cap movie as it wasn’t really a Captain America movie, it was a balance between him, Iron Man and Black Panther.

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The Chandrian: (Pt. III) Drossen Tor, The Ergin Empire, and Hubris


Before I discuss the other foreshadowing I'm pretty confident I've found, I'd like to break a name down.

Drossen Tor.

Better folk than I have pointed out that drossen isn't a word, while Tor is a word for gate among other things. But Pat does more than just rip old words wholesale and use them for names; each of the more significant names he chooses can be broken down piece by piece. For instance, Ferrule's name is

Fe + rrule Ferr + ule Ferru + le etc.

And each of those pieces has a significant meaning for the character. It's not just the name itself, it's also the pieces of it. So, let's see how that philosophy affects the Blac of Drossen Tor.

The more astute among you would (and have) pointed out that the Black of Drossen Tor sounds phonetically a lot like the "black dress" that Lady Lackless wears. But the pieces?

Dross: Noun dross (usually uncountable, plural drosses)

  1. Waste or impure matter.
  2. Residue that forms on the surface of molten metal from oxidation.
  3. The impurities in metal.
  4. A waste product from working with metal. quotations β–Ό
  5. (figuratively) Worthless or trivial matter. Synonyms: junk, rubbish

Basically just slag or iron waste, as well as the byproduct of making wine.


  1. (informal, transitive) To beat, to rough up. Ze hebben mijn beste vriend gisteren gerost met ploertendoders. They beat up my best friend with blackjacks yesterday.

  2. (transitive, dated, of horses) to groom with a grooming comb. Synonym: roskammen

  3. (transitive, Suriname) to rape. Synonym: verkrachten

It's at this point that I started to notice a dark pattern emerging. Sexual assault is a strong theme throughout the books, and for good reason.

Kvothe is a greek tragedy, complete with dead parents and a fatal flaw: his folly. He himself confirms numerous times that this story is not a happy one. It's a tragedy, plain and simple.

When a greek hero exhibits folly, it's generally classified as hubris. Hubris has three definitions that we can adhere to.

  1. To incur the wrath of the gods

  2. Arrogance to the point of folly

  3. An archaic legal term for sexual assault.

Given all of the foreshadowing with his experiences with intoxication, I think it's likely that Kvothe is going to be drugged with something that makes him lose control of himself-- possibly the Cthaeh's ophalum, maybe something else. But either way, Kvothe is going to be left helpless, just like when he took the nahlrout in the library and ambrose outwitted

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"The History of Feminism" by Elizabeth Hobson | Full Transcript

β€œThe History of Feminism”

A talk given at Cambridge University on 24th May 2019 by Elizabeth Hobson (Director of Communications, Justice for Men & Boys.)




Hello and welcome to The History of Feminism. I want to make two disclosures before I begin: firstly, that this lecture will concentrate on the Western world – particularly the Anglosphere. I am not suggesting that, that’s where feminism’s boundaries reside or denying its existence elsewhere but it does start here and here is where my real expertise lies. And secondly: this may come as a surprise to you but I am not a feminist. I am an ex-feminist but after studying the movement, I struggle to see how any reasonable person could know what I now know and be anything other than opposed to it. I’d like to thank the powers that be at Cambridge University for refusing to bow to pressure from the mob and allowing these talks to go ahead and I’d like to condemn the emotional reasoning of those who would have stopped them. The purpose of further education is not to make people feel comfortable, it’s to challenge preconceived ideas and to build the capacity to meet challenging concepts head on and to grow from those experiences. Universities should be arenas wherein students build resilience, tolerance and dignity but increasingly activists are subverting these spaces to feed anxiety, black and white thinking and hysteria within their communities which is harmful to the search for truth that they should be engaged in – and harmful to the individuals that they claim to want to protect (including themselves). So, finally, thank you to everyone sitting here now: to those who’ve come in support of our work, those here out of curiosity, and especially to anyone who’s expecting to be offended, yet intending to engage because that shows some strength of character!

Before I get stuck into the recorded history of feminism, I need to take a moment to illuminate the biological roots of the movement. Human beings are a gynocentric species – this means that we prioritise the needs and wellbeing of women over men. This is an evolved instinct that came about as a result of women being the limiting factor in reproduction – ie. women hav

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What makes a good anime antagonist?

The dark, the evil, the cunning and rebellious.

Forcing the protagonist to their knees, letting the world despair and taking everything they need to achieve their own selfish goals.

The antagonist.

But is that really all the antagonist is? A bad guy?

After establishing the importance of a good anime protagonist in the last blogpost, it is now due time to look at the other side of the story.

Why is it so important for the protagonist to have his equal impact from the other side?

Let’s find out together in this blogpost and answer the question of what makes a good anime antagonist.

Antagonist vs. Antihero

To start we will need to get some definitions straight, so the question we beg to ask is the following:

What is an antagonist?

Contrary to popular belief, the antagonist is not the same thing as the antihero.

The Anti-Hero is actually just a hero and who doesn’t exhibit the same heroic traits as the hero does. They might have the same or even a similar goal, but the anti-hero does not shy away from using illegal or even extremely harmful ways to get to that goal.

Often clashing with the protagonist because the hero does not approve of the anti-heroes mannerisms he might seem like the bad guy, but the role of a true antagonist is a very different one.

The whole idea of the protagonist is that he is the one who leads the plot, even if that might not happen in the literal sense, metaphorically it is the protagonist that strives to push everyone forwards.

A protagonist can turn the tide of the story in any direction. When he deems a force to be evil or against his ideals, he will at least try to defeat it. The protagonist is for justice, love, friendship or general harmony in life, which shows his idealistic thinking in wanting to build a safe world.

Now you might know the many saying of how the good can only survive with the bad right?

How the brightest light will cast a shadow, or that happiness has no meaning without disaster.

This is a very important principle especially in this blog post, because the actual other side of the protagonist is the antagonist.

The protagonist comes from the greek word β€˜prōtagōnistαΈ—s’ which means first fighter. It resembles the driving force he exhibits, the one who assembles his team of fighters next to him or the one who is brave enough to fight back against the impending doom. The protagonist has a clear goal in mind, a tr

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Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman have a conversation about television

Bill: I’m running out of shows to watch. I really liked the newest Bachelor except I was bummed that they didn’t get married at the end.

Chuck: I’ve actually been rewatching, which I’m reluctant to say, and now I’m self-conscious that I’ve admitted my reluctanceβ€”I’m rewatching the show Girls.

Bill: Oh, I’m definitely Marnie.

Chuck: Okay, well, I guess if I had to chooseβ€”

Bill: But I was always more of an Entourage guy. Which was like the Sex in the City but for guys. Except that I didn’t like Turtle.

Chuck: Which one was Turtle? He was the invalid?

Bill: You know what I just realized? All of these shows have four main characters. And guess what else has four main characters? Mount Rushmore. What’s up with that?

Chuck: Well that’s a good point, actually. There must be something about our psychology where groups of four people feels explanatory for a larger construct.

Bill: Yeah. So how’s Girls going?

Chuck: Okay, well, so, before, after a long day of work, you would come home, relax on your couch, and watch television. And that show that you watched would be about the real world that you had spent all day in, and were now escaping from. In other words, it was an escapist experience that also reflected the world you were escaping from, okay?

Bill: Okay.

Chuck: Now, everything is different. Now, the world outside of my home doesn’t exist as it once did. And so now, when I watch Girls, it’s not escapism in the way that it once was. It just reminds me of world that doesn’t exist. It makes me think about when I first watched the show, back when the show was made, which, of course, is a time that I can’t get back.

Bill: It’s like now if I play 2013 Madden, I get mad that I can’t be Patrick Mahomes.

Chuck: Well, I guess the idea that watching TV now is no longer the transformative experience it once was, that it either reminds us of our current collective mundane existence or of the life we once had but don’t have anymore. Which is fascinating.

Bill: Lena Dunham got a lot of heat for Girls, which I never really understood.

Chuck: Well, a lot of that, I think, is internet reaction culture.

Bill: Which you’re a part of.

Chuck: I don’t know that I am. Seems like that’s more your job.

Bill: I try to be reasonable! But everyone these days is on one extreme or the other. And I end up disappointing everyone. It’s like that Dark Knight quote, β€œYou’re either a hero or you’re a villain.” I don’t know, I don’t like that movie but I know there’s a quote.

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Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, The Promised Day

A Pebble : Previous : Next : My Other stories

Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, The Promised Day

"Feel it right behind you, a grinning monster out to kill. Feel it grow inside you, a burning flame and force of will. Thoughts of a broken Earth in ev'ry corner of my mind. A loveless world, devoid of life, is what you hope to leave behind. Hear me crying! Whoa-whoa, can't hold me down. No doubt left in my mind, I will not fall here. Whoa-whoa! Prepare to hit the ground. I'll turn your laughter into fear!"- Day of Fate, Spirit VS Spirit, Team Four Star cover because it's great and I'm not sorry

April 3rd, 2173, 14:32 Coordinated Universal Time

Citadel Tower, Citadel, Widow System, Serpent Nebula

"Embrace the cycle human." Nazara the Sovereign's voice tore into Jeanne and Saren immediately snapped into action. The augmented spectre called upon his enhanced psychic might and rushed towards Jeanne.

"Go to hell!" Jeanne roared back, her barrier slamming into Saren's briefly, the turian's skin shifting and boiling, black ichor flowing through him. 'Nanites.' Jeanne thought and swung her sword at the bastard only for him to dodge out of the way, his mouth filling with nuclear hellfire and unleashing a directed blast of plasma and screaming radiation.

Screaming defiance, Jeanne's shields slapped away the attack only to be pounded by a flurry of warped gravity, burning the air with their passage. Flashing out of existence, Jeanne reappeared behind Saren, swinging down her sword and unleashing her psychics at full strength. The turian barely managed to dodge out of the way, his barrier flaring as a shockwave of twisting gravity tore apart everything in it path, unleashing a second explosion of plasma created from what had been the floor.

Sovereign watched the fight, eyeing the human greedily, their song focusing more and more intelligence within Saren. Driving the eezo within the turian to higher and higher energy states, further concentrating its power. Jeanne could feel the turian changing and knew she couldn't match it forever. There was a practical

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Reading/ Writing "x reader" fanfictions isn't that bad

Disclaimer: This doesn't apply to all which I'll mention at the end.


I find almost everyone jumping on the bandwagon of how wrong it is to write/read fanfictions and I had a very different view of it since some time ago.

To clarify, I was one of those people. It seemed weird to me. Why would you want to imagine dating and being intimate with people who knows nothing about you? Why not just appreciate them for what they give us? The music? The art? Why ask for closure?

And then with no reason whatsoever, I grew curious, opened Tumblr and decided to read one and see for myself. Now this is what I noticed:

  • If there are 100 cringey fanfics which you can poke fun at, there are a 1000 better ones you could read and enjoy.

  • Fanfiction writers have an extremely wild imagination. Their choice of words is just as good as Namjoon's lyrical skills and it baffles me how they draw a scenery with just words. I definitely have started admiring a lot of writers these few weeks just for how they write. I admire their ideas. Someone literally recreated a Daechwita world without using pictures and made the readers feel things with just imagining things. Writing is powerful.

  • This is the weird one right here: Fanfiction readers are never delusional. They just imagine. Secondly, I remember the first fic I read was a long sad series where Jimin had to break up with his partner because Army threw hatred towards their relationship. The responses from readers went like this:

  1. This made me realise how hard it must be for idols to come out with their significant other. If BTS comes out to be dating, I'll support them.
  2. This made me realise that this situation might actually happen. I'll try my best to create support for my idols when they date.
  3. If they bring out their s/o, I'll start making cute moments videos instead of getting on a hate bandwagon.

Now these are the usual ones. What about the ones which are troublesome?


Disclaimer again: This might seem a little controversial and i'll try to break it down into right and wrong. So take this with a grain of salt

  • Again with this, the creativity; I appreciate it. They make you feel things with just words. You don't have to go incognito mode to do your business, you can just read a smutfic from a talented writer. They create visuals. It's artistic in a very 180^(o) way and I appreciate the effort and creativity they require.
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The Song of Souls

WARNING TO MY USUAL READERS: This is not my usual story and features heavy elements of horror and madness. If that's not your thing, you might want to give this one a pass. If you do read it, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


I am a dreamer. My dreams are more real to me than reality. Here, I pass through each day in a haze, one moment blending into the next, one year blending into another. Most of my memories of the past are hazy at best, slipping through my history like a pickpocket through a crowd, grabbing hold of whatever strikes its fancy with no rhyme or reason I can discern. Faces of friends, words that were spoken, and promises broken all fade into obscurity through the passage of time.

On the other hand, my dreams are striking and vivid. Each moment has meaning and importance. Every setting is a puzzle to be unraveled. Every person has a role to play. The worst part about my dreams is waking in this world again and feeling the shadows smother my reality again. I find myself trudging through each day, waiting for enough time to pass that I can awaken into the world of my next dream.

I will tell you of one such dream. Some may call this a nightmare, but to me, it was just another living dream.

In this world, the world in which I am telling you this story, I have little to no musical talent. I might hum along with a favorite song and maybe tap my feet to a rhythmic beat, but that is the extent of my abilities. However, in the reality of my dream, I was a musician of some skill. Not enough to be important or well known, but good enough that I refused to give up on my dreams of something greater. I poured my heart and soul into my craft, and around me I slowly gathered great debts and fading relationships.

But I did have this one song I was writing. If I could only finish it, I'm pretty sure I could sell it. I just needed more time to finish it...

Eventually, things progressed to the point that I could no longer ignore them. I was in danger of losing my apartment and my instruments, and thus my dream. So that was why after a particularly unsatisfying set at a low-paying gig, I actually noticed an advertisement on the grungy particleboard next to my patron's bar. It simply said, "Wanted, piano tuner." and had a number to call.

Needing the money, I called the number. I still remember th

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Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, The Dead Cities of Feros

A Pebble : Previous : Next : My Other stories

Mass Effect: Logical Conclusions, The Dead Cities of Feros

"I'm dreaming of a dead city, where Deep Ones swim in depths of night. Where Cthulhu's sleeping while stars go creeping. Until the time when they are right. I'm dreaming of a dead city, with angles Euclid wouldn't know. That was built strange eons ago, and will soon come up from down below."- I'm Dreaming of a Dead City, HPL historical Society

April 3rd, 2173, 10:30 Coordinated Universal Time

Feros, Theseus System, Attican Beta

'Mother, we've arrived over Feros.' Athena double checked her sensors and ran several diagnostics, trying to pin down the unease coursing through her.

'My child, be careful. Something sleeps on that planet, something ancient.' Gaia replied and Athena felt a chill as the burst of data reached her. 'Something older than the cycle.'

'Why haven't we done anything?' Athena wanted to shout, to scream, knowing Jeanne would be leading the landing. 'We should obliterate it!'

'We could not risk such a course of action. We still do not know what it is, if it is one of the creators of the Reapers or merely something they tolerate. We have observed it from a distance and it has taken no action to contact us, though we are certain it knows it has been under observation.' Gaia paused, Athena sensing something had changed. 'However, it has clearly made contact with Sovereign. Find out what went down and if it is allies with the Reapers, the fleet that just finished clearing Therum will begin preliminary bombardment while antimatter charges are shipped over.'

'Antimatter?' Athena shivered at the thought. Humanity produced the substance in very isolated star systems, so far away that even the worst run away explosions wouldn't devastate settled systems light years away. It was a fervent belief that Antimatter was almost never worth the risk in military operations, the fact that Gaia herself was suggesting its use only added to Athena's worry.

'Yes dear. Something that has survived the cycles will surely live through anythi

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I deleted my two year old account

This is all I thought about this weekend:

I believe DFV was the catalyst and we will see that action on Monday. That's just a hunch based on nothing more than a gut feeling, and should not in any way be construed as financial advice.

I just deleted my 2 year old account today and started this one instead to browse with. I wasn't a true Redditor before GME (possibly because I came from /fit/), although I liked participating in advice forums and trying to help people. I got really into GME in January 2021 because I happened to be off work sick right when the squeeze was happening and my partner, who is hardcore into Reddit, told me what was happening.

I used that account to get past WSB's karma limits, assuming I was among friendly apes, on subreddits full of encouraging, positive critters who were all focused on lifting each other up and making sure that everyone had support along this wild and crazy investing journey. As a new investor, the support I received and the knowledge I gained were invaluable. So I kept redditing, not thinking at all that people would be going into my post history just to shit on me since most of my comments were positive and helpful.

Today I saw a post targeting Pink on the gme_meltdown page and basically discredited them for being mentally and physically disabled. Someone had gone into Pink's post history and started slinging shit based on that. I'm disabled myself by some people's definition and I'm 100% confident that my life choices, my intelligence, my critical thinking ability and grasp of logic is sound. Pink reported the post to the group's mods because of ableism (against the group rules) and the mods let it stay.

I didn't have anywhere close to as much clout as Pink and I don't want it. But at the same time, I didn't want to wait around and see what kind of shit people would start slinging at me just for being involved in GME.

There's a shit storm a-brewin'. I don't know how, when, or exactly why, although I have made my own educated guesses and adjusted my investment strategy based on that. What I do know is that fuckery is about to hit us from all sides. Hedgie shenanigans, paid shills, bots, infiltrators, the media, banks, Robinhood, and straight up haters are going to do whatever they can to smother this movement in shit. I didn't want to go through and delete my entire pre-GME post history, but I was uncomfortable with the idea that some malevolent force was going to dox me during/after the squeeze or otherw

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I Submit My r/Fantasy 2020 Book Bingo Card For Your Consideration

I started posting on r/fantasy for the 1st time about 11 months ago but I only decided to participate in earnest in the bingo challenge in the middle of last year when I realise that a goodly number of books in my to-be-read pile would fit nicely into half the squares. Anyway, here it is:

Novel Translated from its Original Language ^((HARD MODE: Written by a woman. Coauthor does not count)) The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin ^((EASY MODE)), The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin ^((EASY MODE)), Death's End by Liu Cixin ^((EASY MODE)) I initially wanted to go for hard mode with Murata Sayaka's Earthlings because its synopsis sounded very SF but that aspect of it turned out to be quite >!open to interpretation!<, even though many readers still file it under Magical Realism on Goodreads. I still think it would fit for the Bingo, but I don't want to risk it. Anyway, I've been meaning to read The Three-Body Problem trilogy for years and I finally understand what the rave reviews are all about. The writing (or perhaps the translation) doesn't really sparkle, and the 3rd book felt like it suffered from some sexist gender essentialist bullshit but the science discussed in all 3 books is simply brilliant. It felt like Mr Liu broke my mind over and over again, in the best way possible. I wrote longer reviews of the 1st book here, and the 2nd book here.
Setting Featuring Snow, Ice, or Cold ^((HARD MODE: The entire book takes place in this setting)) Frankenstein by Mary Shelley ^((EASY MODE)) I did re-read Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness this year for my local book club but since I already used a re-read for another square, I picked Frankenstein. Can it be argued that the whole book actually takes place in the North Pole since everything else are just stories within stories, haha? Anyway, the book absolutely belongs in the pantheon of SF greats, as relevant and thought-provoking today as it was back then. I did come out of it being less sympathetic to Frankenstein's creature than most people, since he is basically an incel. My full review can be found [here](
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Mullahoo & Yoink!ies Scoop Presents: Shhhcorpion Prince or, Vulpera Scoundrel Bouta Hit Da Boof (a spell with something new)

β€œThe mad lad’s really done it”-- thirty pages in three days: Pre-Nerf, Post-Nerf, Final Product. Check out the other two articles ( I wrote that precede this one, but this is the last piece of the trilogy.

As a brief aside: honestly I really do perceive these things story-like; one of the most intensely rewarding treasure chests within #gaming is The Quest You Have While You Game. How you play the game and why you actually explore is fundamental to plundering wonder from the world around you. I don’t put too much in the way of storyline into my Hearthstone Content tm, but I do necessarily write and talk with a hint of that wonder. I urge you all to try to engage with this opportunity to discover your own story and to understand a narrative of your own construction that surrounds your movement into and throughout videogames. We straight up take for granted that these goofy Experience Simulators truly do give us easy access to a way to grow and teach and learn that has never existed before in the history of life, really. In my mind the notion of a tangible narrative -- no matter how disconnected -- and the sense of purpose and direction -- no matter how surreal or unclear -- can drastically improve your life. β€œjust understand your ultimate purpose in life 4head” No, that’s the entire point-- even something as simple as seeing the three phases around these nerfs as a trilogy and one that will continue on to roll in the margins simply helps you feel. Simply helps you learn. Simply helps you grow.

Introducing The Shhhcorpion Prince, or, Vulpera Scoundrel Bouta Hit The Boof:

### Shhhcorpion Prince

# Class: Rogue

# Format: Standard

# Year of the Gryphon


# 1x (0) Preparation

# 2x (0) Shadowstep

# 2x (1) Blackjack Stunner

# 2x (1) Guardian Augmerchant

# 2x (1) Prize Plunderer

# 2x (1) Secret Passage

# 1x (1) Yoink!

# 2x (2) Ambush

# 2x (2) Dirty Tricks

# 2x (2) Efficient Octo-bot

# 1x (2) Shadowjeweler Hanar

# 2x (2) Swindle

# 1x (2) Tenwu of the Red Smoke

# 2x (2) Wicked Stab (Rank 1)

# 1x (3) Mankrik

# 2x (3) Venomous Scorpid

# 1x (4) Kazakus, Golem Shaper

# 1x (6) Jandice Barov

# 1x (9) Alexstrasza the Life-Binder




I won’t dwell too long on the cards I’ve already talked a lot about, which therefore means almost all of this article will be talking about Ve

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[Let's Build] d100 components for a ritual meant to destabilize the boundaries between planes

My BBEG is trying to destabilize the boundaries between the Material Plane and the Lower Planes, with the ultimate goal of merging them into one giant empire that he will lord over. He’s found the notes of a group of ancient mages who attempted a ritual that would do exactly this, so now the party is going to have to race him and his minions to collect the components in time. Help me come up with some interesting materials to send them after that go beyond typical spell components!

EDIT: Thanks so much to everyone who's contributed! I'm realizing I forgot to add a few people's suggestions before marking this list as complete, so I'll be going back and putting those in now. I'll keep adding new additions as long as they're being commented, or possibly just make a part 2? Either way, you've certainly given me some interesting ideas to think about!

d100+ components for a ritual meant to destabilize the boundaries between planes

  1. Metal forged in hellfire [/u/doctor-brightsiide]
  2. The blood of a fiend [/u/doctor-brightsiide]
  3. The blood of a celestial, slain by hellish power [/u/doctor-brightsiide]
  4. Raw arcane essence [/u/doctor-brightsiide]
  5. A modified scroll of Plane Shift [/u/doctor-brightsiide]
  6. A tuning fork resonating on the same frequency as the Lower Planes, as per the Plane Shift spell [u/just_a_chaotic_mess]
  7. Flowers burnt in the fire of the Hells, burnt while reciting a particular incantation [u/just_a_chaotic_mess]
  8. Foul soil from Pandemonium [u/just_a_chaotic_mess]
  9. A powerful artifact destroyed by the volcanoes of Gehenna [u/just_a_chaotic_mess]
  10. The blood of 9 Tieflings, each descended from a fiend of a different layer of the Hells [u/Splendidissimus]
  11. The hand or pact boon of a warlock with a fiendish patron [u/Splendidissimus]
  12. A weapon that has slain a fiend or celestial [u/Splendidissimus]
  13. A massacre of innocent lives [u/Ocrim-Issor]
  14. A gemstone from one plane, crushed up and mixed with the blood of a powerful creature native to the second plane [u/Canvasch]
  15. A fragment of a thought of a god [u/arcrinsis]
  16. A piece of adamantine naturally eroded into a disc [u/arcrinsis]
  17. Wisps of aether [u/arcrinsis]
  18. Flask of quicksilver mixed with blood from each caster [u/arcrinsis]
  19. Demonic ichor fused with gunpowder [u/arcrinsis]
  20. A feather of a celestial's wings [u/PurlPaladin]
  21. The blood of a paladin who sacrificed their life in battle [u/PurlPaladin\
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Silence in the Forest is never a good sign... but my Morbid Curiosity hungers.

Just a quick warning - Some of you may find this story very upsetting. Some stories stay with you for quite a long time. I lived the reality of this, and it plays in my mind constantly whenever I am free from distractions.

I haven't gone for therapy for it, and haven't discussed it with anyone before, but I feel like I'm finally ready to share it with people. I need to unload this fucking burden.

I hope you all don't take too much enjoyment from this. Perhaps just let it make you feel grateful for what you have got... and what you haven't got. If you're easily disturbed or have any history of abuse, you may wanna skip this one. It's quite graphic. Don't say I didn't warn you. And apologies for any grammatical errors a long the way.


So this all happened back in spring 2006. I was in high school. I'll not say where exactly I'm from, but it's in the UK. I'm using fake names for everyone involved in this, for obvious reasons.

There's me - Alistair aged 14 at the time, 2 of my mates named Jonny, 14, and Ryan, 13, and the jock arsehole of our year called James, 14. This was the group that I primarily hung around with. I was kind of an anxious kid but also very morbidly curious. I had a passion for giving myself mental scars. I saw the exorcist when I was 9 and gave myself nightmares for months after. I can't help it. If the thought of something scares me I need to explore it further. For reasons that will become apparent later, I feel equally gifted and cursed for having this trait. Jonny and Ryan were your typical run of the mil teenage boys. James was a cunt, but he was already 6ft 2 and about 170lbs at 14 years old, so we did what we were told. He was a bully, and a sociopath, but was the step-brother of Jonny, so this is probably why we continued to hang out with him despite all the verbal, and sometimes physical, abuse.

This all started when we were all on a lunch break from school. We were all allowed to leave the school ground on lunch breaks and hit the local corner shops and burger vans. I got my usual gravy and chip sandwich because I was a fat greedy bastard, and always asked for an extra helping of chips because I know half of them would be eaten by James anyway, unless I wanted my man tits squeezed off. James used to force me to show Jonny and Ryan the light blue bruises on my man tits, and they would laugh.... fucking arseholes. Anyway, Jonny was asking James what he did with his weekend, and James states "we

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Astrid Perfume: Long Review of General Purchasing Experience + 17 Scents

This has a chunk of TL;DR/caveats up front, so:

  • skip to the second ### if you just want to get to my general comments about Astrid
  • skip to the third ### if you just want the scent reviews!

Hi all! While I've had a long fondness for indie perfumes (a friend sent me three ammo boxes of perfume samples some years ago and that's started the love affair) it hasn't been until the last two years that my collection has really exploded and that I've really explored houses beyond BPAL. There are still a ton of brands I'd love to try out, but there really are only so many times in the day and places on my body to put stuff.

Today I wanted to dedicate a little time to do a writeup for a brand I now always look forward to purchasing from and which I often find myself justifying buys/swaps for: Astrid Perfume.

I think Astrid is relatively well known, but I wanted to talk about my purchasing experiences as someone who's done multiple orders, and offer my perspective on the brand beyond the products, since that's information I think everyone should be able to have and consider about any house -- information about customer service, what they do well, and what they don't. In case it wasn't obvious from the length of this review I'm very(!!!!!) happy about my experiences with Astrid. But I don't think this house would be to everyone's tastes, and what are cons for me might be pros for others, so I hope this post is in some way helpful to figuring out whether you want to get into Astrid!



My TAT may not be representative of larger orders -- I make relatively small purchases (biggest order I've made in the past had 4 FS bottles, but most commonly I'll get 1-2 FS bottles + samples if available).

Skin chemistry/scent preferences hugely vary by individual, so please take these reviews/impressions for what they are: one person's subjective opinions! What worked for me may not work for you, and vice versa. Lately, I've been trying to jot down my impressions of scents first without looking at the notes to try and train myself to pick up on individual things better, but I'm still likely to just describe things as impressions (e.g. 'warm' 'cold' 'floral' 'woodsy' 'sexy') without being able to elaborate on individual notes.

I'm listing my general scent 'profile' below so you have some idea where I'm coming from:

Yes Please: My top three notes (they don't always work on me, they're just the ones I enjoy the

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After thinking about the last few years of human history, I have come to the conclusion that the Prime Directive is at best misguided arrogance, and at the worst downright moral idiocy.

The easiest way to start the notion of this is by reframing the Epicurean paradox:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

The first example:

Imagine a species like us... roughly similar IQs, but a few centuries of technology ahead. Imagine them watching us from a starship in 2021, parked in orbit around our planet but using their technology to prevent us from seeing them.

Imagine knowing that they have the medical technology to have come up with not only an effective treatment for COVID in a day, but a one shot vaccine to boot. And they sit there and watch.

Who are they to sit there and not intervene as millions of sentient lives are snuffed out - often in agony - as their loved ones are forced to say goodbye over a remote viewscreen? Who are they to let an *entire species* suffer the mental health degradation brought on by a year of isolation? Who are they to say "well, they haven't developed replicator technology yet, so I guess we can just let those less well off financially (remember when we were like that guys? lol) put their lives at risk preparing food and delivering it to the wealthier folks"

It would damn well be unconscionable and unjustifiable in the extreme. You might as well look at a six year old child with an ugly infection and say "Well, she hasn't invented antibiotics, so we might as well let this progress to sepsis."

The notion that a species of sentient beings need to suffer the right amount and make it through the other side is even more horrifying. It's a sort of patronizing arrogance that says "If I suffered, you need to suffer too, never mind the fact that I never really suffered, but I definitely have historical records that say my ancestors suffered."

There are terrible, horrifying implications there. Consider the second example:

Imagine being in the Federation as it is written, and imagine observing a planet that has hit a level of technology that clearly implies (I mean, you've been an observer of many species by now that hit this point) that they are going to eventually hit warp drive technology. They're every bit as smart as humans, just five hundred years back on the tech curve. Airplanes, sent a rocket to their moon, etc.

They are facing some sort of Great F

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A Long and Extensive Look at the Next Saga (Ch. 135 Manga Spoiler)

I was considering making multiple threads, but I think it would make more sense to compile all the things I want to say in one. It's probably better to write after Shibuya really ends, giving proper plot hints, but postponing this writing will only gloat it even more.

It's super long, Take your time reading it.

TL;DR >!Brain wants to shamanize people, and Yuki Tsukumo may or may not join him due to her goal. I also talk about Brain's true goal, method, and characterization.!<

PART 1 : Brain wanted to backstab Mahito all along?

If you think about it, anyone who have read the prequel would at least consider the possibility of Brain exploiting the disaster curses all the while they read the main story up until Shibuya. He's a curse manipulator, so of course he will not pass up on the chance to control four special grade curse. However, there are many very subtle writing by Gege that made it seem like Brain won't backstab the disaster curses. I for one never considered the possibility at all, right until he actually did it.

First, We only know the disaster curses motive right when Jogo tells it to Brain, as if the alliance was made not long ago. Jogo also made it a point that he was asking Brain for help. Brain planning to capture the disaster curses would only make sense if Brain was the one who approached the disaster curses.

We also took for granted that Brain was simply humoring the disaster curses, because he's a villain in the prequel. There was no need to account a backstabbing since a villain teaming up with another villain feels right and Age of Curses still somewhat aligns with original Geto's goal.

Note: In Ch. 114, Geto's subordinate was the one who said the lines

Second, The disaster curses were not known by the Jujutsu tech. If Brain wants to collect them, it would make more sense for them to be common knowledge. The story presented the disaster curses as if literally no one knows their existence and that they are just coming out after all this time. So did Brain just strike gold when Jogo ask him for help out of nowhere? I guess, but seeing how manipulative Brain is, I doubt that's the case

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How to scare the bejeezus out of the party with Polymorph / Shapechange

There's lots of great advice on this subreddit about freaking players out (constant perception checks, spotting something out of the corner of your eye, etc) when they are actively heading into danger, but I found less information about how to run a session where the adventurers are being actively hunted. I'm not talking about having to rescue an NPC from an assassin or whatever, or even an Invisible Stalker encounter (although plenty of this advice will also work there), I mean "your party is being hunted by a malevolent force, and it wants you to know it."

To do this, you can use one spell / ability that enables you to play with your PCs: shapechange.

Set the Scene.

Your setting is important! Your adversary has picked a situation where the PCs can't readily escape. This creates a claustrophobic atmosphere, and ramps up the tension: there's no chance of the PCs escaping whatever is after them. At the same time, the environment should have lots of fodder: NPCs that the monster can use to toy with your PCs. And the environment should have lots of compartments, twists, and turns for PCs to be isolated in. These settings mean that the monster will have several passes at the party, each of which will ramp-up the panic.

  • A ship in the middle of the ocean, or a skyship high in the air.

  • The monster has orchestrated a cave-in, isolating a mining party and the PCs from the outside world.

  • A mountain village during a blizzard (bonus points for reduced perception while outdoors / moving from building to building).

Choose a Monster

There are a ton of spooky monsters out there, but here are three that have the Shapechange ability that I'm looking for (note: there are definitely more monsters that can fit this bill, including anything that has gotten its intelligent hands on a Wand of Polymorph).

  • Doppelgangers lack the malevolence that I'm going for, but its lack of additional abilities makes it ideal if you're running this encounter for a lower-level party.

  • Succubus / Incubus have the shapechange ability, and the background to toy with their prey. I like this if you have a particularly horny character because of the Draining Kiss ability.

  • Oni are my personal favourite for this sort of encounter, as their entire kit is made to be creepy with flight, sleep, invisibility, and darkness as innate spells it knows.

Split the Party

One reason why a ship works really well here is that you can easily give the PCs different jobs as an excuse to

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Empire Rising Ch 70

The Legacy of Man: Empire Rising

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After the meeting between the four of them, the rest of the day was tense preparation for the operation ahead of them. Derek spent much of the time watching the legion organize and ready themselves. The bulk of the infantry were still sword-and-shield, half because the Empire hasn't reached the industrial capacity to modernize the army rapidly, and half because the rest of the world are still using swords and arrows as standard weapons. If a good number of them attack at once, even guns can get overwhelmed, especially lever-actions.

The artillery crews had their emplacements all set up and were just finding ranges. Although Scarface had wanted to level the place to minimize friendly casualties, the imprisonment of the TΓΌton delegation complicated things greatly. So now, their fire missions are strictly limited to distances away from where the delegates are believed to be, and to perform light supporting bombardments at that.

The rest of the legionnaires, ones who formerly used or had experience with Albert's rapid-fire crossbows, are armed with lever-action guns and are making sure they are cleaned and maintained well. Maintenance procedures was mainly written by Albert prior to beginning production, while Scarface devised tactics and training for it.

And it was here that Derek realized: Not only was he extremely lucky that his three rats, the playful and intelligent animals he had as pets before the Apocalypse, had survived that sudden and still unexplained event, but had also become nigh-immortal demigods, in a way, amongst the rat-men in this new world. Derek was disappointed that this wasn't the beginning of a new, possibly brighter, world than the one that was replaced. If anything, it seemed to have brought out the pitfalls of humanity in a much more open way, namely their seemingly instinctual tribalism. Anyone that doesn't look human in any way are the "other", a threat to their way of life that must either be controlled or exterminated.

But looking back, Derek can also see that not all is lost. The humans, and their "mutant" derivative races, still possess a desire for diplomatic solutions, evident by their current political climate where all human and human-born nations are allied and working together. If Derek can figure out how to get past t

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Wizard Tournament: Chapter 90

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&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; For a moment Draevin wasn’t sure if he was looking through a window into the dragon emperor’s strange world or not. After shifting his head a bit he realized what he was actually looking at was a sort of impression on the surface of the ice. Like some kind of moving portrait. It was the queerest use of cryomancy he had ever seen.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œIt is good to see you are both unharmed from the latest attack,” the dragon’s voice echoed from all around them.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œSo you knew she was going to do that?” Draevin demanded. β€œYou might have intervened, I very nearly died you know.”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œIf only I could,” the dragon said. β€œThe attack happened outside of time. It was not possible to predict or intervene in it. This was a calculated risk on Caelnaste’s part. Heresma informs me that she has been apprehended by your authorities. This outcome pleases me, but it is not why I have contacted you.” The dragon’s head swelled closer, covering the entire wall of the booth with one great eye focused intently on Draevin. β€œI must know if Tenna has made contact with you Draevin.”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œTenna?” Draevin asked in shock. This was the second time someone had mentioned her. β€œMy last opponent, the orcish mystic Gro’shak, mentioned her as well. He gave me a message he supposedly got from her.”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œThen the ritual worked. This is good,” Emperor Tarrish responded. β€œShe has not made contact?” he asked again.

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œNo… can she?”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œIf she does, know that it’s not a trick. Trust her as you would have in life.” With that the dragon started to pull his face back from the ice. β€œI will contact you again if fortunes shift.”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œWait just a second!” Draevin shouted at him. β€œWhat ritual are you talking about?”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The dragon stopped. β€œYou know of what I speak. The Ritual of Rebirth that you performed.”

&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; β€œI—” Draevin faltered. β€œI thought I failed, and how did you know I tried that in the first place? That was my own

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Dog Soldiers - Space Elevator to Hell

The orbital anchorage had to be taken intact. Centauri was worthless without it. It was that fact alone that had made the Vermin unassailable to everyone who had even considered an invasion of the system; the calculations had been made, and the material cost of rebuilding such a megastructure, not to mention the timescale involved ensured that a true counter-offensive could never hope to succeed without it. So it had to be taken, all eight thousand nine hundred and forty six floors.

Naturally, they used us Dogs.

The Lankeys brought us into Centauri in one of their compartment ships. I didn't like them, I still don't. They're too far from baseline human - I know, a Dog calling anyone "too far from baseline" smacks of a serious lack of awareness, but I can't help it. It's just how I was bred. I lived three years aboard their ships, and I never got settled around them; long limbed, grey skinned things whose eyes are too big. They all look like they're dying of radiation sickness.

We had a few baseline with us, trainers and handlers whose job it was to make us lean, mean and fighting keen, then send us to our deaths. I worry about them; three years in space played hell on us, so I shudder to think what a baseline is like after six.

We had a month of rehab in the forward outpost on Floor 8511 before heading down to the front lines ninety floors below. I was in Fourth Pack, Arizona Company, Five-One-Three Regiment, raised out of the Saturn breeding stock. We were a third generation regiment - "natural born" Dogs as opposed to the gene-crafted or vat-grown boys from the Solar War. We're better than they ever were, not that I'm the kind to brag.

We were met with a local regiment - the Cantauri 3rd "hothoused", a few squads of Lankeys for outside work and three companies of Terran Space Marines who never got the memo about this being a Dog war. Bless their baseline hearts. All together we had about ten thousand fighting men of varying definitions. We'd lose half of that in the first three hours.

If you've never faced them in battle, Vermin defy description. They're a little bigger than baseline humans, but wider, with eight furry limbs and too many mouths. Dead and stuffed in a museum they look slow and clumsy, but they're not. They're fast, so fast you're dead before you see one. Their guns burst men open and slather the walls with what they don't flash-boil, but the real terror of them are the mouths. They chitter and squeal and bite, oh they bite! They'll

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Rushing SLKR on a new F2P account is definitely not a good idea.

I'm not saying SLKR isn't worth it for late game players who already have a developed roster. If you already have a strong foundation to your roster, a Galactic Legend is definitely worth the time investment, even with the temporary setbacks to your GA matchmaking.

But I'm constantly seeing players (including Ahnald) advising brand new players on brand new accounts to rush straight from Phoenix to SLKR without skipping a beat; completely cutting out more accessible legendaries like Revan, Malak, CLS, and even Padme and GAS.

The common argument I've heard for this is that SLKR is more all-around viable than any of those other characters in a wide variety of game modes; so much so that it's worth completely sacrificing your time and GA matchmaking just to get him. While that may be technically true if you separate these characters with an "or," it's most certainly not the case if you use the conjunction "and."

First things first: A brand new account with no foundational legendaries shooting for SLKR will take somewhere in the ballpark of 1 full year (EDIT: This is a conservative estimate. Starting from scratch, it will likely take you far longer than this) just to unlock him. In the meantime, your only useable teams will be mishmash first order comps whose viability is C-grade at best. These aren't just your GAC teams, but your Squad Arena teams, your TB teams, your raid teams, your Assault Battle teams, and even your pilots. You are stuck with one otherwise underpowered faction for roughly one full year in real time, with the only light at the end of the tunnel being SLKR himself.

And when you finally unlock him, congratulations, you have finally made that team usable. What now?

It's still your one and only team in the game. You still only have one team for GAC, for TB, for TW, for Assault Battles, for Raids, etc. But at least you can take solace in the fact that a year ago, this was considered the best team for some of these modes.

Oh yeah, did I mention the meta in this game shifts? Because it shifts. I don't doubt that Kylo will still be a great character in a year, but as new GL counters open up and new content is released, the meta is constantly changing, and best character in February might not be the best character in July. By making a long term commitment to focus on one single character above all others, you are making the bet that he will still be just as good in a year as he is today. In this game, those are incredibly long odds.


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Welcome to the subreddit dedicated to discussing the lore of Warhammer 40.000 - FAQ

#Frequently Asked Questions

##Q: I'm a new person to Warhammer 40.000 and I'm a little lost. Where should I start?

A: Welcome new person. If You feel bad about being lost, don't be. Warhammer 40.000 is the universe that was first created in 1987, so over time it accumulated so much things that everyone is lost on a first contact, and sometimes even veterans are lost. That's why we suggest this thread called "So You want to get in to 40k?" by /u/LichJesus. It's a little lengthy post, but everything is explained there in easy and accessible way.

Text version if it were to be lost somehow:

> Wait, I do? What’s β€œforty kays”? > >Warhammer 40k is a science fiction setting, built around a tabletop game. > >The tabletop game involves players hand-assembling extremely customizable armies of miniatures, and taking those armies to war against other players. See /r/Warhammer40k for more on the tabletop. > > The tabletop game has spawned a very detailed science fiction universe around it, with hundreds of novels available to read; along with audio dramas and various other media for consumption. Alright, I guess. What’s the draw? > > A lot of people enjoy the tabletop aspect because you can make your armies yours in many significant ways, the models are often gorgeous, it’s very social for something so β€œnerdy”, and the rules are fun (and/or fun to hate). This being a lore sub though, I’m going to focus more on the wider universe. > > The 40k setting is defined by a futuristic human empire that has spread across the galaxy. It is probably the single most powerful faction in the galaxy, with uncountable numbers of warm bodies armed with extremely destructive tech to throw at its enemies. However, there are many hostile factions -- internal human enemies, subtle and dangerous aliens, and unending daemonic hordes led by malevolent Chaos Gods -- that oppose the Imperium from all sides. > > As the preamble to the setting says, β€œin the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war”. However, the setting covers 10,000 years of warfare, and in the process explores a huge swathe of social, political, and philosophical topics. Perhaps nowhere else in fiction can you find so much written on both the conquest of entire planetary systems and on the question of what exactly it means to be human within the same literary context. Sounds interesting,

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I have now completed my journey through Western Zemuria! (No Hajimari spoilers)

(Unmarked spoilers for all games NOT including Hajimari, that would be a dick move as many people have not played that one)

Around five minutes ago I completed Hajimari no Kiseki, marking the end of my trails fiesta, I haven't completed all the extra content after credits but I would still love to share my thought on the series. I am going to go through every game in the order I played them, share my opinions, and hopefully have some meaningful discussion on the ups and downs of the series!

Trails of Cold Steel

At the time I was aware of the earlier trails games but I had no idea they were connected, so I simply chose between Sky and Cold Steel, and this one seemed more appealing, I played this one around May of last year. Oh my GOD what an introduction, I had a lot of trouble with the combat system but it was one of my first JRPGS ever so I can't really blame myself, one thing that really stood out to me was the soundtrack, there are just so many bangers: Belief, Don't Be Defeated by a Friend, Great Power, Tie a Link of Arcus!, Exceed, this is literally my second favorite soundtrack of all time. I think what stood out to me most here were the characters, they were just so fun and endearing, although looking back a smaller cast would have been nice. Overall, really solid starting point, and this game will always be very special to me.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Funny enough this game is probably one of my favorites, despite it being really low on others' lists, after that HORRIBLE cliffhanger I just had to play this one, the rivalry between Crow and Rean is what kept me hooked the most, I'm a sucker for a good antagonist and Crow is no different, he's just so relatable in that he never really cared for what's right, or whether humanity deserved to be ruled by Gods or not, he just wanted to kill the man who ruined his hometown, and he easily makes one of my favorite antagonists to date, this is one of the very few games that has made me cry, Crow's death, finding out Osborne is alive, learning that he's REAN'S DAD?!, all of this happened in a short span of time and it hit me like a truck. Overall, a very fitting finale to the end of the first half of ToCS.

Trails in The Sky FC

Fun fact, I originally thought that FC was the last game and that it meant "final chapter", I ALSO thought these games took place in Calvard because Liberl wasn't talked about too much in Cold Steel, but obviously some research helped fix this. I should preface this

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Small galaxy part 32

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Galactic Standard date: Year 11356 Day, 91. Sol Standard date: 4/3/3267

Basillius had Redemption run age reversal programs on Mizan's group before he scooped up Mizan. " You know, for a sentient alien cat, you're pretty chill. Although you are somewhat distant. So, I would like to ask: do you mind if I give you scritches? " he said.

Mizan was just staring at Basillius in confusion. " What are scritches? Are they tasty? Is it some form of upgrade? I need to know before you are given permission. " she said.

Basillius smiled. " Scritches are sorta like a massage. Nothing special. " he said.

Mizan's face was even more confused. " want to massage me? The Emperor of man wants to personally give some random nobody Xeno a massage? Suspicious..." she said, as she narrowed her eyes.

Basillius laughed, " If there is a single man woman or child that doesn't want to even try and give you scritches at least once, they aren't human. We love cute things. For some reason, after the whole eldritch event thing, this became even more true than it was before. We always imagined that we would move into a ' PURGE THE XENO SCUM ' kind of thought process.... well we actually did the opposite. We gained a lot of love for the nicer things in life. Humanity united as one, to love and live. " he said.

Mizan's eyes widened " You got attacked by those terrible creatures and your first reaction was to unite in love while at the same time, you built these massive ships of death? Again, suspicious... but, I will allow you to give me these 'scritches'... " she said, with caution.

Basillius smiled. " Yep, you're definitely a cat. I'm gonna start with your ears by the way. " he said, as he reached his fingers down to her head. Two fingers managed to engulf the entire top of her head as he started petting her.

Mizan couldn't take it. This man was only a few seconds into the massage but Mizan had already decided that he was the best massage chair in the universe as she lied down into his hand and stretched up his arm. " Yep... I hope you don't mind if I just stay here forever. Sorry for doubting you by the way. I had a lot of built up tension from all the shocking shit going on here honestly. You literally evaporated that though... " she said as she closed her eyes and started purring.

Basillius smiled warmly as

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Am I free to believe I have the right to disagree?

Is there any doctrine or belief so obvious in its moral superiority, the act of disagreeing denotes malevolence?

I've spent my life believing this was an rhetorical question with an obvious answer. Galvanized by a childhood ruled by religious dogma, I am of the mind that individual opinions are the only way to protect societies from the endless potential for cruelty, insanity and oppression that seems almost inevitable when humans are in groups.

Living with memories of every single person having their otherwise rational mind controlled by fear, fear of shame, fear of being ostracized, fear of social consternation, I have great apprehension of groups that require total unity of thought across the board. I see the biological proclivity for humans to form tribal hunting parties amplified whenever groups of humans settle on a doctrine as the pinnacle of belief structures relegating all other beliefs to being inferior or immoral.

Watching the rise of doctrine that teaches any person who doesn't comply is supporting an oppressive supremacists regime is definitely reminding me of things I escaped long ago. I've also realized that I have my own belief that I trust so completely, anyone who disagrees is seen as a threat, an agent of evil, or at least a fool.

The belief anyone who tells people what to believe is evil, that is my doctrine I think shouldn't be argued against. I think it's obviously the one belief everyone should agree on. I feel like I'm caught in a paradoxβ€½

Is the right for everyone to have their own beliefs just another doctrine that people should be to disagree with? I'm concerned I can't answer this because it's my belief, so of course it seems true and better than the alternatives. Do I have the right to have my own beliefs? Or is this just another fallible doctrine?

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Why do you think this is a 'hell' simulation?

I've been seeing this a lot lately - discussions about simulation theory concluding that we are stuck in a punishing, malevolent type of universe. Of course, this is easy to draw such a conclusion from a subjective point of view. But I want to look at things objectively. And by doing so, couldn't it be said that this is the best of all possible worlds?

If you think this is a hell simulation, what would you like to see changed?

Do you think this is a hell simulation due to religious reasons like Gnosticism?

Maybe this is just a trend kind of like the idea floating around now that there's no free will (talk about logical contortionism). Anyway, I have some definite views on the issue but I think I may be missing something. I'd love to hear some of your reasonings.

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Something strange is happening in my house.

tldr: I think my house is haunted. Weird markings on the walls, sleep paralysis, dog getting sick in certain rooms, sightings of shadowy figures, etc.

This is my first time posting and I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to post but I need help so here goes nothing.

I live in a house with my younger siblings and dog. We're all religious to an extent and my siblings are very spiritual. Things have started getting weird at home though. For some more background, we live in a normal suburban town in a normal house. We've been here for almost fifteen years now. Many family members lived with us and ended up moving out for so and so reasons. As of the current situation, my room and the guest room are on the first floor and my siblings have their own rooms upstairs.

A few months ago, my siblings both freaked out after seeing a white figure of a man with a top hat on standing at the bottom of the staircase. It really spooked them and they felt unsafe in their rooms so we all slept in my room. I suppose you could call the figure a shadow person. We came to a consensus that the figure wasn't malevolent because "he" doesn't show up anymore.

As of the past few weeks, my youngest sibling has been experiencing paranormal activity in their bedroom. Whenever they sleep in their room they experience sleep paralysis (visual and hearing), night terrors, or they can not fall asleep. They told me that they keep seeing dark figures / shadows in their room as well. We take turns sleeping beside our dog but whenever our dog sleeps in that room, they become lethargic and refuse to eat the next day.

Last night my sibling slept in the guest room (it's right below their bedroom) and they heard footsteps for over an hour from right upstairs. Before anyone suggests maybe it's just their imagination- I have also heard footsteps from upstairs and the basement when I'm alone in my home. And yes, my house is a bit on the older side so we have creaks and leaks and what-not but the sounds were distinctively footsteps. My other sibling was in their own room studying so it was definitely not them either.

Some other strange things about my house include:

  • an antique-looking Mother Mary "trading card" that was found in the ceiling of our basement when we were renovating a year ago. (I believe the contractor left the card in there).
  • Multiple and frequent sightings of these figures in specific rooms (like my sibling's room and in the hallways)
  • Our dog has become hypersensitiv
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"When Spirituality Goes Awry: Students in Cults" article + comments

When Spirituality Goes Awry: Students in Cults (from 2004)

Adolescents are objects of recruitment for religious cults. Identifying new religious movements, cults, and dissenting religious groups, understanding their practices, and discovering reasons for their attractiveness to some students are helpful to the school counselor. Suggestions are offered as to how to identify which cults are destructive, and how professional school counselors can assist students involved with such group.

The attraction of cults to America’s youth has been a source of study for the past 30 years (Singer & Lalich, 1995). The literature describes the activities of various therapists who have worked with people unwittingly seduced into becoming cult members or people recently extricated from a cult (Singer & Lalich; Soloman, 1991; Stoner & Parke, 1977). This article is designed to clarify kinds of cults, the reason some students are attracted to them, and what school counselors can do to help students who have become a cult member or who intend to become a member of one.

According to Merriam Webster (1996), the broadest definition a cult is a religion regarded by the majority culture as spurious or unorthodox. It is also defined as a system that gives great devotion to a work, an object, or a person (Merriam-Webster). There are two kinds of cults (Singer & Lalich, 1995). One type recruits members and exposes them to psychological and social processes that cause major shifts in perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs. The intention of this kind of cult, commonly called destructive, is long-term control of the cult member (Gesy, 1993). The second type of cult is less lethal. It is designed to sell a product, a course, or a self- improvement program. Some mind altering techniques may be used, but long-term membership and long-term effect is not intended (Singer & Lalich). It is estimated that as many as 20 million Americans are cult members (Gesy; Singer & Lalich).

The scope of this article is limited to religious cults and the students who are involved with them. A religious cult involves worship, adoration, and a set of beliefs outside of the doctrines and dogma of mainstream religions (Merriam-Webster, 1996). Many religious cults may be destructive, but all are not necessarily so. **Religious cults are considered destructive if their intent is to control and exploit. Suc

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Boruto reconciling the good and the bad within himself. (Character Analysis. In-depth.)

I've come to notice that Boruto has similar, yet different themes than Naruto did. Themes that are often used in fiction, but not used in Naruto until now.

The "lore" is different. Instead of a boy simply rescuing his friend, it's more like a morally grey area. We don't know if Konoha did something morally questionable, again. We don't know if the criticized Shinobi System is at fault. We don't even know if Boruto pardoning a system that did questionable things in the past while Kawaki wanting to destroy it is truly justified. Maybe it's just the flaws of humanity being projected through both of them and the shattered debris at their feet -- maybe they're both wrong, in their own ways, yet they keep fighting, fighting and fighting.

An endless cycle of fighting, which leads nowhere. Just causing more destruction. More suffering. Like the karmic cycle of destruction that inspires the concept of "karma."

But most interestingly, I am enjoying concept of duality that's popped up in Boruto -- polarizing thoughts in your head, things you want to do, you might even plan to do, but you can't do because of that conscious voice of reason in the back of your head, your stature, or society's norms.

Kishimoto usually resorted to Buddhist and Hinduist doctrines to guide Naruto's story board and story lines, but with Boruto, he seems to be more focused on more \"modern\" day issues. Such as the duality of mankind, the cycle of creation-destruction + sameness and misery, (aka karma), rebirth and re-death, the sins of humanity, technology taking over, and more.

With Boruto himself, the main conflict is duality.

This concept has been explored many times, many ways before. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg and The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson are good examples of this trope, which seems to be present in Boruto.

Side by side comparison of the works:

Illustrated: Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll cover parallel with Boruto manga chapter 34.

Recap of this story: "Dr. Henry Jekyll is a doctor who feels that he is battling between the benevolence and malevolence within himself, thus leading to the struggle with h

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Something’s Going On 0.2: Freemasonry

Something’s Going On 0.2: Freemasonry


It has come to my attention that progression in the study of esoteric topics is largely halted by a few long-standing misconceptions regarding a smattering of well known cases.

These misconceptions can lead budding researchers of truth to become stuck in ideological pig pens and remain there sometimes until their death.

The culture I speak of is what leads initially young and innocent hunters of truth to become stereotypical β€œBigfoot hunters” or β€œSpiritual Healers” and is, in my humble opinion, halting a large amount of progression within the field.


So to that effect I have put together a few of the common β€œfalsehoods” I see shopped around subs of this nature and have detailed the objective truth. I intend for each of these paragraphs to be used as copy pastas to be copy and pasted into any thread you see shopping around this nonsense that has the entire community bogged down and confused.


So feel free to share around where you see appropriate.


So without further ado, let’s find some blinds, quash some myths and find out what the hell is (really) going on.


Puppet Masters of The New World Order or Disheveled Ageing White Men Debating Morals?


Whenever you see a conspiracy you can bet your bottom dollar at some point somebody is going to pin it on the Freemasons.

Satanic blood rituals, secret handshakes and global child trafficking; the Masons have it it all levelled against them.

But then why does every major city in the UK and US have a Masonic Lodge?

Why can numerous celebrities be seen with pin and compass badges and other Masonic iconography?


Why, whenever any talk of political conspiracy occurs in the mainstream media are the Masons the immediate scapegoat?

This and more will be covered in today’s winter instalment of

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I became the most powerful entity in the universe. What could go wrong? | Chapter 8

Start from Chapter 1 | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

Chapter 8 - Maybe the universe is just screwed up

It was a good decision to leave our carriage so far away from the now forever changed site. Safe from all the shockwaves and the ongoing thunderstorm, the horses were just as healthy as we left them.

The three of us β€” Edith, princess Loeya, and myself β€” left the scene immediately before the city guards showed up to investigate. Don't worry, we didn't abandon the captives, but we didn’t take them along either. Before leaving, I gave them 3 instructions to follow. One, not tell a word about the three of us being at the scene. As far as they know, an unknown presence showed up, killed the kidnappers, and saved them from their captivity. Two, they should be aware of each other’s whereabouts for the next 12 hours. In other words, they should stick together for the time being. Three, they all ought to show up at my estate β€” under construction β€” the following afternoon. Of course, I’m going to make them my followers; is that even a question at this point?

Our ride home was pretty quiet, except for the thunders that followed us for half the distance. β€œUh… β€œ the princess abruptly spoke, searching for her words. β€œLord Zenith, I—”

β€œThat sounds forced,” I interjected, looking at her. She couldn’t make eye contact with me anymore. β€œCall me Zenith as you did, Loeya. I only expect respect in one's actions towards me, honorifics are not necessary.”

I also realized my pigmentation skill was still in effect, so I reverted it, morphing my hair and eye color back to black. That made her feel a little more comfortable, hopefully. "Understood. I was going to ask, Zenith, are you God?"

Well, I’m sure everyone saw that question coming. I answered, β€œTechnically, no. But by definition, it depends.”

β€œWhat do you mean?” She frowned

β€œTechnically no, because I was born a human. By definition, it depends on your concept of God. So, who is God according to you? Is he the creator or the destroyer? Is he the one you should worship, or is he the one you should fear?”

β€œWouldn’t he be both?”

β€œHm, If that’s your view, then there are two Gods. The one who created this universe, the Om

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6 books perfect for Bingo 2021 if I hadn't read them in March (with reviews)

Happy Bingo Day!

There has been many a post over the past couple weeks of r/fantasy users plagued by indecision... how to find a book to read without accidentally picking one perfect for the new bingo card? Alas, most of the books I read are book club picks or due at the library, so I had to forge on. Here are the 6 books I read in March that totally would have fit perfectly onto my bingo square, from most to least possible Bingo squares.

The Conductors by Nicole Glover

Hetty and her husband, Benjy, are former slaves who used to be Conductors on the Underground Railroad; now that the war is over, they solve magical mysteries in Philadelphia. But everything changes when they find one of their friends murdered in an alleyway, with a cursed sigil carved into his chest.

If you liked Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark, I think you'll like this one, too. The historical setting is really fun, and it's got a big cast of characters that are all lovable and interesting Although I think the pacing for this one is a little slow and is hard to follow at times, this was an awesome introduction to the series and I'm really looking forward to reading more books. The magic system where magic-users draw constellations for different effects is one of my favorites that I've read, but I hope Glover develops it more in future books.

Rating: 4/5

Bingo Squares: Found Family (hard), New to You Author, Revenge-Seeking Character, Mystery Plot, Published in 2021 (hard), Genre Mashup (hard: fantasy, historical fiction, mystery), Debut Author. There's also mention in a bunch of reviews about a trans side character but I might have read it too fast and totally missed itβ€”so for me that doesn't really fulfill the spirit of the square but if you want to use it for the Trans and Nonbinary Character square you can.

Revenge by Yoko Ogawa

>A woman buys a strawberry shortcake on her dead son's birthday. A bag-maker completes a commission for a woman whose heart beats outside of her chest. A writer's landlady grows carrots shaped like hands in her yard. This collection of interconnected short stories is a quiet peek into the macabre goings-on of a small town.

This was my first short story collection, and I think it's a fantastic choice for readers who are looking to try short stories or don't typically enjoy short stories very much. The last two stor

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Ashley aka "bock bock bitch" Catfish claims that she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 3. Does that sound realistic? SE 08 EP 15.

"Toddler May Be Youngest Person Ever Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes - Endocrinology Advisor"

What do you think are the chances that this compulsive liar and sociopath was actually telling the truth about her diabetes diagnosis? I'm assuming everyone knows already that she was on catfish ....twice. if you haven't seen her she's on two episodes in season 8 and is responsible for maybe the best line ever uttered on the show. Ashley was being really misogynistic and rude to the female co-host and said she didn't want to talk to "that bird." At which point the female co-host Kammie said "bock bock, bitch!" (Video here They even sell bock bock bitch merch now. More lies

  1. she was definitely never 630 lb. She just said that to make it look like she lost a lot more weight than she did before coming to doctor Now's office.

  2. she may have BOD but I feel like she is more malevolent than that. The way she speaks to people is so abusive and she doesn't seem scared of abandonment. She appears to take real pleasure in hurting others.

  3. that fake sweetness she puts on when she first meets doctor Now gives me chills. You can see her pausing to lie and being so satisfied with herself for telling that story about her dead grandma and losing weight due to depression. I love that he didn't buy it. But it was creepy to see her love lying like that.

  4. "I don't think I need a psychiatrist." πŸ˜‚

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Silence in the Forest is never a good sign.... but my Morbid Curiosity hungers.

Just a quick warning - Some of you may find this story very upsetting. Some stories stay with you for quite a long time. I lived the reality of this, and it plays in my mind constantly whenever I am free from distractions.

I haven't gone for therapy for it, and haven't discussed it with anyone before, but I feel like I'm finally ready to share it with people. I need to unload this fucking burden.

I hope you all don't take too much enjoyment from this. Perhaps just let it make you feel grateful for what you have got... and what you haven't got. If you're easily disturbed or have any history of abuse, you may wanna skip this one. It's quite graphic. Don't say I didn't warn you. And apologies for any grammatical errors a long the way.


So this all happened back in spring 2006. I was in high school. I'll not say where exactly I'm from, but it's in the UK. I'm using fake names for everyone involved in this, for obvious reasons.

There's me - Alistair aged 14 at the time, 2 of my mates named Jonny, 14, and Ryan, 13, and the jock arsehole of our year called James, 14. This was the group that I primarily hung around with. I was kind of an anxious kid but also very morbidly curious. I had a passion for giving myself mental scars. I saw the exorcist when I was 9 and gave myself nightmares for months after. I can't help it. If the thought of something scares me I need to explore it further. For reasons that will become apparent later, I feel equally gifted and cursed for having this trait. Jonny and Ryan were your typical run of the mil teenage boys. James was a cunt, but he was already 6ft 2 and about 170lbs at 14 years old, so we did what we were told. He was a bully, and a sociopath, but was the step-brother of Jonny, so this is probably why we continued to hang out with him despite all the verbal, and sometimes physical, abuse.

This all started when we were all on a lunch break from school. We were all allowed to leave the school ground on lunch breaks and hit the local corner shops and burger vans. I got my usual gravy and chip sandwich because I was a fat greedy bastard, and always asked for an extra helping of chips because I know half of them would be eaten by James anyway, unless I wanted my man tits squeezed off. James used to force me to show Jonny and Ryan the light blue bruises on my man tits, and they would laugh.... fucking arseholes. Anyway, Jonny was asking James what he did with his weekend, and James states "we a

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