Call of Duty: Mobile - December 7th Update

Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are back this week with a community update on a Monday for possibly the first time-ever, but this post is still filled with the usual info drops on new events, playlists, bug reports, news on the Grand Finals of our World Championship 2020, modes, and some updates about the public test build, which is still coming but with no exact date to share. First off, if you didnโ€™t see it last week we released our first glimpse at the newest map coming in Season 13.

We also shared several other teasers this last weekend. The first we shared was a snow covered look at a beloved holiday themed map that will be returning over this holiday season!

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Note of Thanks and PSA About Yesterday

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give a public and big THANK YOU for the kind messages/support after reading my post from about a week and a half ago regarding my perspective on being homeless here ( I really appreciated the kind messages and I think I got back to all of them. Itโ€™s been an overwhelming time with Covid and the world but, I finally got my stimulus, so thatโ€™s a couple weeks of motel living covered. Thanks to some help, I also got some additional time covered, as well as my storage unit, mailbox, and cellphone paid. Also getting warm food is always a super plus. So, Iโ€™m just grateful that people read what I had to say and hopefully understand my perspective.

At least through the first two weeks of February I can sleep slightly easier, but thatโ€™s the frustrating part- I know the overwhelming stress is coming again soon and thereโ€™s no true alleviation yet until I have housing again.

Now for the PS

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I am 33 years old, make $180,000, live in Los Angeles, and am self employed

I am 33 years old, make $180,000, live in Los Angeles, and am self employed

Intro: I hope this gives people an idea of what finances look like while self-employed. I have included the Ref29 questions at the beginning to give you some more context. I am really nervous and excited to share this and appreciate being part of this community. Please be easy on me as this was not easy for me to share.

Ref29 questions:

Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?

Yes. Neither of my parents had college degrees. They didnโ€™t really emphasize needing to go to college but the pressure came from the environment I was in. At my high school, it was assumed that everyone would go to a 4-year college. Community College was not even talked about as an option. Even though I am a first generation college student, it is not as much part of my identity as I think it plays for others. My d

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Patch is here.

It's a huge patch 1.77 GB.

Update 11/10/2020
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version: 1.33

Welcome, Simmers! A relaxing getaway sure sounds nice right about now. Weโ€™re inviting you to take a trip with your Sims to your favorite destination with the newly added ability to vacation anywhere within The Sims 4! Here at Maxis, weโ€™ll be hitting the slopes of Mt. Komorebi with the release of The Sims 4 Snowy Escape in just a few short days. Curious how it works? Read on! Weโ€™ve got a big haul of new features and requested fixes in this major update to The Sims 4.

-SimGuruGraham and SimGuruRusskii



**Platforms enable you to build rooms at varying heights within a story level. As much as weโ€™d love to sit here and go on and on about how incredible platforms are and how they completely revolutionize Build Mode, youโ€™ll see that for yourself as soon as you try them out in-game! Here are some ba

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Comprehensive Gou Theory: Satoshi Hojo, In The Hidden Room, With The Onigari-no-Ryuuou

Alright, here it is- my comprehensive mega theory on what I believe may have been happening through the whole of Gou that we have seen so far. It does involve crazy amounts of extrapolation and could very well be invalidated by the next episode.

TL;DR version - Shion is hiding Satoshi in her closet. Satoko knows. The Hojo brother is awake, crazy, running around and has been either directly or indirectly responsible for much of the bullshit in the arcs so far.

Now here it comes. The long version. The crack logic. Grab onto your baseball bats, buckle up your airsoft guns and don't let go.



Satoshi Hojo kills his aunt Tamae and runs away. In the original Higurashi, he had contracted Hinamizawa Syndrome Level 5 and was subsequently abducted by the Yamainu and demoned away underneath the Irie Clinic.

Things happen differently in Higurashi Gou.

*Satoshi doesn't completely hit L5 and actually runs away, fleeing for his life when the scary

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The man in my basement takes one step closer every week. [Part 10]

I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - [IX](

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Reviews of Every Scent I Tried in 2020: Hex, Cocoapink, Arcana Craves, DF, Gourmand Galore

"I only want to have one or two perfumes maximum for my signature scent," said I back in the spring. I was wrong.

I'm very new to perfumes! My dear friend (or prend, as we like to say, and I'm sure shes reading this now as shes quite active in this subreddit) introduced me to perfumes and my wallet and I have never looked back since. There are a couple more scents that I've ordered/am thinking of ordering, but because they're either so seasonal that I can't properly review them until it's that season or because they're resting they wont be in here!

My Preferences: I found that I really do prefer to have some sort of sweetness to my scents, whether thatโ€™s from vanilla or caramel or tonka or just sugar. BUT! my pet peeves are scents that I describe as โ€œgourmands in a vacuum,โ€ as in gourmands that just have the foodie aspect and literally nothing else to it behind it (for example, any sort of gourmand solinote, or gourmand without some sort of atmospheric/musk/amber backing it). I dis

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The Violinist: My new neighbor hasn't stopped playing the violin since he moved in three weeks ago. Now spooky things are happening.

At 3:00 that morning, my friend and neighbor, Mary Lennox, flung herself from the rooftop of her home, as snow tumbled from the sky, and Chopin played on a violin. As she plunged to her death, the falling snow framed her body like a halo, and a neighbor strummed his violin in his window by candlelight. The song drifted down the street, then faded into the darkness. The tune was serene but ephemeral. Like the snowfall. Like the winter. Like the night.

It felt like a dreamโ€”but it wasnโ€™t.

Maryโ€™s body left a bloodstain on the snow. Since she died three weeks ago, that bloodstain has remained on her lawn, no matter how much new snow has fallen.

Mary had been my friend since high school, and weโ€™d both lived in Crestview our whole lives. Crestview was a quiet, picturesque suburban town in the Midwest with about 12,000 residents. Crime was rare, and suicide, rarer. Until Mary, we hadnโ€™t had a suicide in town for over 15 years.

The new neighbor, the violinist, moved in just days before Mar

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Tested positive 1/2/21 Day by day break down

I currently live with my Father, Mother and younger brother. My brother told us on Dec 28th that he and his gf tested positive, he noticed symptoms starting on Dec 26th.

(Day 1ish) 1/2 - I have health anxiety and am a symptomatic alpha 1 carrier (mz type). Soon after he told me of his results I noticed a burning sensations behind my eyes and a itchy burning sore throat, it almost went up into the back of my nasal cavity, as well as a headache, stomach feels a little "off".

(Day 2) 1/3 - Same symptoms, throat sensations are stronger, also palms sweaty and I'm getting mini hot flashes and chills. Temp bouncing between 98.6 and 99.2 throughout the day. My normal temp is around 97.5

(Day 3) 1/4 - Same symptoms, temp is now bouncing between 99.1 and 100.2. I can feel the dry itchy sensation working its way down my throat and into my upper chest. Probably in my head but I thought I was short of breath a couple times, going upstairs and loading and unloading and putting away dishes.

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There's Something Trying to Get in Through Lick Observatory

My phone has a new voicemail. There is no actual message inside. It is just breathing, slow and even, sometimes too soft to hear.

I delete it.

My week is a blur of edits, rewrites, coffee gone cold. The stress helps, in a way. I donโ€™t feel tempted to check the messages stacking up in my voicemail. They always come from an unknown number. On the final day before the conference, my phone stays quiet. I polish my presentation well past midnight. I wonโ€™t say that I slept, after. It feels more like I blink and my alarm starts cricket-chirping in my ear. 5:30 AM. A call comes through just as I shut off the alarm. The phone is still in my hand when it begins to drone.

I drop it as fast as I can, but my thumb mustโ€™ve hit the end call button, because the phone goes inert. Will he notice that this call didn't ring as many times as the others? (Is he close enough to hear my wake-up alarm?)

My throat is painfully dry. I grab the glass at my bedside, but thereโ€™s no water left.

When I look, I

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I am 28 years old, make $75,000 CAD, live in Ottawa, ON and work as a government analyst. (all dollar amounts in CAD)

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement: I work in government and have an employer-matched pension plan, so I just use my RRSP as a secondary long term saving option (I should look in to investing within it). My RRSP is currently sitting at about $3,000.

TFSA: $19,500 (my main long term/down payment savings account)

Savings account: $18,000 (putting away money for a down payment (someday, maybe))

Checking account: $3600 (I try to keep it around $4000, and transfer anything over that to my TFSA)

Credit card debt: none - I pay for almost everything on my credit cards but pay them off every month. I have three - one no-fee card that accumulates grocery points, one travel card, and one no-fee card that I use for shared expenses

Student loan debt: none - I was super lucky to pay for my undergrad through a combination of scholarships, an RESP my parents paid into that covered most of my first year, and working one well-paid summer job and 2-3 part time jobs during the academic

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I am 36 years old, make $66,900, live in Portland OR and work as a Data Coordinator.

Section Zero: Background

Hello all, happy hoildays! I stumbled upon this subreddit not long ago and have enjoyed the commentary and experiences everyone's shared. Wanted to add another perspective from a mid-30s first-gen American. I've had some missteps regarding careers and finances, but I feel like I'm in a slightly better place now. I tried YNAB in the past but I wasn't consistent enough with it. These days I use Mint to monitor my finances and have a "Finance Friday" each month to review all my accounts and spending. I currently live with my partner TJ and his dog RR. We do not combine finances, but he has been unemployed since March. I have helped him with some bills and basic necessities here and there until he finds his next job or career.

My current financial goals are to just maintain a status quo and not get any debt until pandemic times are over. Then I will focus on a house remodeling fund and savings for taking care of my parents.

***Growing up, what kind of conve

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Iโ€™m 27, married with a combined income of ~$95,000, live in Wisconsin and work in software customer support.

Section One: Assets and Debt

Retirement Balance: $35,000 in a SEP IRA through my employer. They match 2% if I contribute at least 4%. I currently contribute 8%.

$21,000 in my husbandโ€™s Roth IRA. Heโ€™s a PhD student and the university doesnโ€™t let him contribute to a retirement account pre-tax, so weโ€™ve been maxing a Roth for him each of the last few years. We havenโ€™t yet put in the full amount for this year but have it set aside in our savings.

Savings account balance: About $42,000 spread across a couple of accounts.

Checking account balance: Around $4000.

Investments: About $15,000 in CDs which will be part of a down payment at some point.

About $20,000 in a mutual fund; my parents threw I think $1000 into this when I was very young and have just let it sit and grow since then. This will also probably go towards a down payment.

HSA: $1200. I was able to contribute to an HSA when I was on health insurance through my employer; Iโ€™m now on my husbandโ€™s health insura

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BB536 Yogurt Master-Post (used for IBS-C/SIBO): How-to Guides, FAQs, Videos, Related posts, Personal Updates, Future Ideas

(Hopefully) The conclusive thread for all your BB536 yogurt-making needs - Made so you don't have to go through the headache I did :)

*HOW-TO's are at bottom of post*

Important Note - I have not attempted to make a vegan version - if you are able to do this, please share the info in the comments and/or message me and I will add it to this post/or link it.

Personal Updates:

Personal Update 3 (12/16/2020): I am currently not taking bb536 capsules or yogurt because I'm trying some other things. Currently being evaluated at a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation physical therapist (for men) who also seems to know about IBS-C and related issues, so they will have some dietary, probiotic and other recommendations. Will also probably start looking for a functional GI doc who can evaluate better what's going on (how much is psychological/nervous, how much is dysbiosis etc., where snags are in motility and small/large intestines, how to clear things up and then keep them moving) - look

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How to become a flipping mega goblin <Guide>

I currently flip pretty much anything across every EU server and just wanted to share a few pointers as I have seen quite a few people asking about flipping recently.

My motivation to become a mega goblin (100% Skippable if you are here for tips)

As with many stories this year it all started with Covid. Both me and my partner have always turned to games in the most challenging times of our lives and being a nurse during a pandemic was never going to be a good year. We have both had very different experiences over the last 6 months but one thing we both agree on is that we have zipped up more body bags this year than the rest of our careers combined. I needed a distraction but 8.3 was old news by now, Shadowlands was decades away and so I though what the hell Iโ€™ll try getting my long boi. Perhaps that would do the job after all when I played starwars galaxies I crafted almost exclusively and it was a great time.

So, I went at it, I farmed, I crafted, I flipped and I got my

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I cheated on my husband with a dead man. Now I'm pregnant and the baby isn't human.

I returned to our three-story Society Hill brownstone that night after work, just as the February wind took on a sharp edge and began spitting snowflakes in my face. We had twenty more years on the mortgage if we were lucky. As I reached for the doorknob I felt nauseated.

Inside, Rob had cranked up the thermostat. I immediately began to sweat. Rob hadnโ€™t heard me come home; he was in the kitchen, hard at work on dinner, twin rib-eyes on the skillet.

I peeled off my jacket, then my skirt, my top, and kicked them into the corner. I slid into pajama pants and an undershirt, careful to be quiet, then poured a tall glass of Pinot Noir from the small bar in the dining room

Rob heard me. He grinned, which made his second chin puff out. I downed half of my wine before he could kiss me. I may have gagged otherwise.

โ€œHi dear,โ€ he said.



โ€œVery,โ€ I said. โ€œThe steaks smell good.โ€

โ€œYouโ€™re going to love them,โ€ he said. โ€œNow go enjoy your wine while I finish up.โ€

I fin

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My Return to the Half Priced Voodoo Store (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

It took me four hours to get out of Alexandraโ€™s bathroom. By the time I finally managed enough strength to get out, Alexandra had removed my motherโ€™s head and assured me that she was in a better place. The usual crap that gets said to you when a loved one dies. Olivia offered a hug to me and I gladly accepted. Even Tempie gave me a hug the best he could.

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Respect Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

^(Spoilers to follow.)

#Mabel Pines

โ€All ideas are good ideas!โ€

Mabel Pines is the twelve-year-old twin sister of Dipper. The two of them were sent to spend the summer with their great uncle Stan, who runs a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack in the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. But the town is more than it seems, and the Pines twins soon found themselves drawn into various supernatural goings-on.

Mabel is cheerful, outgoing, and creative, but can be scatterbrained and selfish. She is obsessed with romance and cute animals (especially her pet pig, Waddles).


  • Gravity Falls (including shorts)
  • Dipper's and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!
  • Gravity Falls: Journal 3
  • Gravity Falls: Lost Legends

Hover over a feat to see its source. Feats marked [Story] take place within a story told by a character, and so may not be entirely legitimate. Feats marked with an S require sound.


  • [Shoves a
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Wasteland Mail Delivery?

I am always presently surprised when I see someone visiting my house and I would love to see a C.A.M.P. item that let you leave messages for players at their settlement. Maybe a mailbox or a bulletin board (like those covered ones they have at parks). I think it would be really fun to be able to choose a message to leave for others and then you could get feedback on your base. It could work from a pre-populated list--something like:

  • Nice base!
  • Prices too high.
  • Prices too low.
  • Cool items for sale.
  • Hello from a fellow Vault dweller.
  • You locked me out!
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TRIP REPORT - A Noviceโ€™s First Solo Overnight in Joshua Tree

Sunrise, Joshua Tree N.P. - 11/22/2020

I did my first overnight solo camping this weekend in Joshua Tree. It was also my first backcountry/dispersed camping ever and only my second camping experience lifetime. I figured Iโ€™d post here about itโ€ฆIโ€™ll probably bring more questions to the table than answers but if a city-slicker like me can get out there and really lose oneself in the great wide-open, anybody can.

First off I want to thank this subreddit and users /u/MFDOOMslime and /u/booradleysboo for JTree-specific input. Also shoutout to /u/DavidWiese who gave me great insights into Mt. Gleason & Angeles Natโ€™l Forest before I realized there is no camping allowed there until February 2021.


I drove into JTree early Saturday morning from L.A. and made incredible time. My plan was to park and โ€œcheck-inโ€ at the Backcountry Board a

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RDO Beginners Guide

I just wrote this huge document for some friends that I'm convincing to start the game and I figured I might as well post it here in case any other new players stumble across it.

If anybody wants to add or correct anything, feel free! I'm fairly new myself so I'm by no means an expert.

Misc tips

When creating your character, put all the points that you can into health. (health is the slowest stat to level up and it's probably the most important one as well.)

There are 2 currencies, cash and gold. gold is the real money currency but there are a number of ways to earn it in-game as well. ONLY spend your gold on unlocking roles. Do not spend it in any other way to begin. ONLY spend your cash on weapons that you really want, ammo, and your ability cards to begin with.

Link your twitch prime with your rockstar account and make sure you properly claim the rewards ASAP. The rewards can take ~5 days to arrive, but one of them is $1000 which will be a big help early on so do this as so

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I am 53 years old, have a combined $210,000 annual income, live on Long Island, NY, and work as a Project Coordinator

First, I'm sorry this is so long. Second - please be nice. We have debt, bad habits, and are Catholic. So if any of those things are going to get you spun up, just skip this one.

Section One: Assets and Debt Use this section to explain your current financial picture at large.

Everything here is joint โ€“ โ€œMโ€ and I have been married 22 years and weโ€™ve had โ€œsmashed moneyโ€ that whole time (and really for about a year before that).

Retirement Balance (and how you got there): Approximately $500,000 in a variety of IRAs and current 401(k)s.

Equity if you're a homeowner (and how much you put down and how you accumulated that payment). Bought our house in 2001 for $239,000 with 20% down (some aggressive saving and a gift from each of our parents). We refinanced, took some cash out for some home repairs, and reduced it to a 15-year loan in 2009 โ€“ our current equity would be about $195,000, but similar homes in the neighborhood are listed at $475,000-$525,000, so if we ever sell, weโ€™re

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My First 4-Color Print: A Memoir

Hey! After lurking this community for many months, I made my first 4-color print a few weeks after making my first 1-color print. I got a cheap press, tinkered with it endlessly and wasted days upon days making dumb mistakes that I came here to troubleshoot. Rather than remain in the shadows forever, I wanted to post this story somewhere to have a record of it; where people could understand my struggles navigating this learning curve. (Video at bottom of post)

This story takes place in the shed in my backyard.

Before I had the 4-color press, I made one shirt successfully with those metal clamps that come in DIY Kits. A lot of eyeballing and several hours later I somehow did a passable enough job aligning 5 screens (4 on the back + one chest) on this "1-color press."

SO, I took some pictures and put it up for sale...this was the moment I entered the abyss.

I have a small podcast and this is our first hand-printed, hand-dyed piece of merch. It was designed by our friend Hann

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Our Hill

We always laid underneath the tree on the hill; you can see the whole town from up there, every person on the street become an ant. It seems to be taller than a mountain, smack dab in the middle of everything; just a hill, you always remember.

But itโ€™s our hill.

The sun was setting. Sky was golden, clouds thin wisps that floated off into silky nothingness. There werenโ€™t any people out that night, just the two of us. The chilly winds seemed to bother the rest; not Gavin and I. I knew Gavin was already nuts- he was starting to make me crazy, too.

It was comfortable in his arms. Conversation didnโ€™t need to be made, it was just a good night to lay around and waste time. Anything felt like an adventure around him. He wasnโ€™t like all the other guys Iโ€™d met in high school; he wasnโ€™t super tall, played guitar, and had dreams. I had him in classes for years, only giving him a shot in college- he never talked to me. Hardly talked to anybody. Just the school poet, the one whose dad got killed

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Creepy people hang around outside my house at night. I don't think they're alive...

Every year around this time, my next-door neighbors hang the tackiest Christmas lights in town. People even drive across town just to see them. Sometimes, cars drive by the neighbors' house, and people jump out of their cars with cameras taking pictures, posting them all over social media, laughing about it.

These neighbors cover every inch of their 3000-square-foot brick house with red and green lights, so the lights blaze through my windows like laser beams, even with the shutters closed. I have to wear two or three silk sleep masks to block out the light when I sleep. Sometimes, I even have to wrap another layer of something like a shirt or a towel around my eyes to shut out the lights. The neighbors leave the lights up most of the night, and theyโ€™re set to a timer, so they donโ€™t turn off until around 2:00 a.m., even on week nights. Iโ€™ve talked to them about this, but they scowled at me, grunted, and said, โ€œItโ€™s Christmas. If you donโ€™t like itโ€”tough.โ€

Well, this year, theyโ€™ve a

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[AA] Case #0079 - April Cain

Coffee splashed across the floor, pulling Eli from his peaceful nap. The newest hire was often a little... "much".

"I might be your secretary, but I will not be bringing you coffee!" Rose dropped the paper cup on the floor and crossed her arms.

"I didn't ask for coffee! Where did you even get that!?" Eli pulled his feet off his desk, "We don't even have a coffee machine here! Did you seriously go buy coffee just to spill it on my floor!?"

"Maybe, but you can't prove anything." Rose shrugged, "Oh, there's a man here to see you."

"Should I have a gun ready?"

"He doesn't look like that kind of guy."

Eli muttered for her to send him in and rubbed his eyes. Rose had only worked for him for a month. She'd stopped telling him she hated him after the first couple weeks, so that was at least better. She did take advantage of any small attempt to antagonize him, though. If he didn't hold himself responsible for her shop being overrun with unknowable and unnamable monsters, he wou

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Old Hag Harris

It was a whim, really, that took me to exit the freeway on my way home, and down through the neighborhood where I grew up. Somewhat out of curiosity to see how much things had changed, and partly for the sense of nostalgia passing through the familiar streets I had walked as a child. I grew up in cul-de-sac, one several forming a small suburb, a cluster of housing nestled in the industrial outskirts of the city. It was a crossroads; encroaching civilization merging with what was formerly empty, wild land, integrated into a new coexistence. Passing through, where there once were empty fields, run down truck stops, and abandoned warehouses now stood row after row of housing, streets filled with clusters of apartments dotted with sterile street corner parks. What was left of the neighborhood really had changed, not only in itโ€™s architecture and people, but in my perception of it.

The sense of openness was gone as the city stretched, burying the suburbs with a cold, asphalt landscape

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Thanatophobia [Part 2]

As I turned on my vehicle I noticed the odd chime of the digital assistant sound over the car speakers.

โ€œMight I suggest we take Willow Rd to Church rdโ€

This was weird for two reasons. One, the speakers in my car haven't worked in about a year and Two, because my vehicle didn't have Bluetooth.

โ€œUhm that way is like 10 minutes longer, I'd rather get this over with as quickly as possible. I don't really like leaving the house.โ€

โ€œYes but Main St has approximately 40 times the number of accidents per year, I highly suggest we take Willow Rdโ€

Not wanting to argue with the assistant I agreed to take Willow. For shit's and giggles I decided to see if I could get the CD player working. As I pressed play, much to my surprise, the CD I had in started playing. Well either the digital assistant had just fixed my car's stereo or it was a happy coincidence. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I enjoyed my music, as I drove down the hilly road to my destination. The road was relativel

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The Most Deranged and Disturbing Character That I Have Ever Played Part 3

Welcome back my dear friends. It has been far too long since last we spoke, but I am excited to see that you have returned for the epic conclusion of my grand adventures. When we last left off, my party and I had managed to neutralize a rather notorious crime lord, and after taking a bit of time to โ€˜re-educateโ€™ and โ€˜absolveโ€™ him of his many transgressions, he was finally able to find salvation within the arms of the Midnight Lord. With his face now mutilated and his eyes burned away, the once powerful wizard had been utterly reduced to a shell of his former self. I can only begin to imagine how agonizing it must feel knowing that he will never be able to read from his spellbook or cast his magic again. Of course, if that wasnโ€™t bad enough, my party immediately insisted that we entrust his future care to the local authorities, and after gathering enough evidence to ensure his guilt (which included crimes such as murder, theft, and human trafficking), the city guard wasted no time lockin

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[Comic] Rorschach #2 [Spoilers]

Mystery Man is on his way to Lewis Tower, an apartment building in New York City. We only "hear" the voice of whoever is communicating with him in block captions.

According to the mysterious correspondent, Wil Myerson was quite reclusive. Fans would come to visit; sometimes he would be polite but it wasn't a guarantee. The hypothesis is that Laura Cummings - the dead assassin in the cowgirl costume - showed up unannounced on the same day that he disappeared. There is no security footage of her arrival or their departure.

We go back in time briefly to Wil Myerson's studio. Our Mystery Man goes through Myerson's desk drawer full of art supplies and finds a name on what appears to be a scrap of paper - Alma Adler.

Mystery Man follows up with Alma Thompson, another resident of Lewis Tower. She is a senior citizen. He figures that Alma Thompson might be Alma Adler, and he's right. It turns out that the scrap of paper is a mailbox address label. Alma recounts the time she went on a

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On and Off-Campus Sexual Health Resources

This isnโ€™t an inherently political post, so I recommend saving any debates, but it is one motivated by the current political happenings going on. Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ll be able to tell why.

Please let me know if there are any resources I've missed - I'll add them to the main post.


**On-campus Resources:**

Decker Student Health Student Services Center: offers several forms of female contraception, including oral contraception, DepoProvera (injection), and internal condoms. They also have generic Plan-B available for purchase at a lower cost compared to the regular retail price of ~$50.

Besides contraception, Decker offers free STI/STD testing (including HIV testing), routine pap smears, pelvic and breast examinations, pregnancy testing, post-abortion examinations, and diagnosis and treatment of physical ailments, including menstrual disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease, and so on.

[Some of these services are f

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We took our dog, Noodles, to housesit for my boyfriend's parents. Now we don't talk to his family anymore.

โ€œSo, I talked to my mom,โ€ my boyfriend said, joining me in the kitchen where I had been washing the dishes.

I turned off the water and looked at him. โ€œAndโ€ฆ?โ€

โ€œTheyโ€™re not sure they can keep the dog,โ€ Tyler sighed.

โ€œIs that a nice way of saying theyโ€™re giving up?โ€ I raised an eyebrow. He didnโ€™t need to answer. โ€œSo what now?โ€

We had discussed this already. We had known it would be a possibility; his parents not being able to handle a puppy.

Last fall, we had rescued a dog. Shortly after that, Tylerโ€™s sister had moved out, and then we bought a house and moved in together at the beginning of the year. Tylerโ€™s mom had been a preschool teacher at one point, but spent the last ten years or so as a stay-at-home mom while Tylerโ€™s dad worked some important, high paying job.

When both kids moved out within months of each othe

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How my dorm became a drug superhighway.

The year was 2012, and we were all supposed to die in December. It was my freshman year of college. I was settling in quite well. I made friends with a bunch of people in our residence hall, we hit it off immediately. We started going out on the weekends, starting with thirsty Thursday, which turns out is actually a thing. I had more than one room mate. We lived in a four person suite with two bedrooms. I had a full ride to my University, so I had a lot of extra money to spend on my living arrangements and meal plan. Oh yeah, I was also a huge pothead.

I made friends with the dealer on my floor and started buying him extra meals in exchange for weed. That's when one of my room mates came to me with a proposition. He asked me if I knew what bitcoins were. I did not. He explained the virtual currency and how it worked. Then he really laid it all out. He told me that he had quite a lot of bitcoins and that he wants to get into selling weed. It all sounded great, but I wasn't sure what he

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I Read It So You Don't Have To: Class with the Countess (by LuAnn de Lesseps)

After my most recent adventure through the topsy-turvy mind of Kelly Bensimon in I Can Make You Hot!, it seems only fitting that my next literary endeavor provides a complementary perspective on self-improvement from another of RHONY's most erudite minds. That's right -- I extend to you all a most cordial invitation to join me as I master the fine art of manners with the queen of compunction herself, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, in her debut literary work, Class with the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair.

Looking at the book's cover, I immediately feel a warm sense of reassurance as my eyes light upon the weighty gold chain hanging pendulously off of LuAnn's neck, a dozen jewel-toned baubles dangling haphazardly and drawing my attention away from the slight hint of cleavage exposed by her fitted salmon scoop-neck. It is 2009 again, and I am eager to return -- at least for the next 258 pages -- to a simpler time. A time when the Bla

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An Overview of the History of Russian and Eastern Bloc Animation

Before the Covid-19 outbreak me and another guy were working on a one off podcast on the history of Eastern Bloc animation. The purpose was to trace the development of animation in Russia and the Eastern Bloc from itโ€™s probable roots in old Imperial Russia through the USSR, noting how developments in the medium illustrated (haha) developments in the broader Soviet system.

The project fell through, and I kind of forgot about it until I came across the script I had put together for it in my mailbox this morning. Since I figured it would probably go to waste otherwise, I decided to rework it into a long form article to share here. Hope you enjoy.

Ladislas Starevich and the Beginning of Russian Stop Motion Animation

The beginning of Russian animation can be dated to 1910. That was the year the 27 year old Director of the Museum of Natural History in Kaunus, Ladislas Starevich, decided to produce a short film documenting two stag beetles fighting. He had produced 4 su

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How to get started on StarStock, FAQ, etc.

Welcome to the r/starstock, the Reddit communitiy for all things StarStock.

If you are new to StarStock, below are some general guidelines on how to navigate the website.

What is StarStock?

StarStock is building a new and improved marketplace for sports card hobbyists to buy, sell, and invest in their favorite sports players. Through technology, we push to provide an exceptional user experience, low fees, and speed! StarStock stores your collection in a centralized vault, and issues a digital version of the card inside your StarStock portfolio . This enables users to trade players instantaneously, at scale, and at a substantially lower transaction cost than other markets.

  • Instant trading
    Get instant ownership of your card after purchase. You can even day-trade your favorite players on gameday.
  • Invest in players at scale
    StarStock consolidates purchases from multiple sellers into one checkout. That means you can buy from multiple sellers in one transaction!
  • **Low
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"The Root of all Evil" (Fiction)

I guess I should start this off by saying, I didnโ€™t have a choice. But that wouldnโ€™t be completely accurate, technically I could have rejected the offer and my life would have continued on the path it was on, but to be real with you I wasnโ€™t doing great.

My life was a mess, I couldnโ€™t keep a job. I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I was barley functioning as a human being, things were looking so dark at that point I thought about ending it all. I had just been released from yet another go nowhere job and was at home one evening when I got a phone call. I put out a lot of applications online at least 15 a day, so it wasnโ€™t abnormal for unknown numbers to show up on my phone, but this wasnโ€™t just any number. This call would be what got me where I am today, which is barricaded inside of a house with hostages, surrounded by U.S. marshals and S.W.A.T.

Let me explain, my name is Calvin Greer and Iโ€™ve had horrible luck my entire life. I guess you could say it started at birth, m

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So let me tell you about a woman that demanded to be paid for getting a free ride because there was a girl with cancer in the car

Backstory: this happened when I was studying at a university and living with my parents. Our village is located roughly an hour drive from a big city where most of our neighborhood work, including my mom, her nice friend in the IT department and the Choosing Beggar, all employed by the same firm. There is a train to the city in the neighbouring village, but it's half an hour walk so my mother would generally drive to work and I'd tag along whenever our schedules allowed it.

Around two months before the story takes place the CB realized she could ride to work and back home with my mom and my mother being a generous person she is agreed to that demanding no payment as it wasn't any major inconvenience for her and she was aware the CB was doing low salary job and had young kids at home.

The nice IT friend, let's call her Anne, who was always taking a train home, asked my mother a few days beforehand if she and her daughter could ride home with her on Friday as her daughter was going

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(TH) "Secret Passage"

A nice, two-story brick home sits on a lush green lawn in the middle of suburbia.

Angela Rollins opens the front door. Black with long braids pulled back into a ponytail, sheโ€™s dressed like sheโ€™s going to yoga. A duffle bag is slung over her shoulder and a veil of grief covers her pretty face. She holds the door open for her ten-year-old son, Jase. Light-skinned with a backwards baseball cap and an iPad clutched to his chest, Jaseโ€™s gray eyes keep to the ground as he walks past her. Angela presses numbers on a keypad and the door lock engages. They walk down a cobblestone path to the driveway where a newer model Audi waits. Jase gets in the front passenger seat. He pushes a button on his iPad and the screensaver shows a picture of him, Angela, and his father, who has curly red hair and fair skin, in front of a Christmas tree. They look happy.

The Audi cruises down the highway. Angela drives with earbuds in and Jase plays a game on his iPad. A cellphone mounted on the dashboard lights

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Interview With Gumdrops (Dipping With)

Hello Goblins. I have a special edition of Dipping With Interview for this week. It's my old mentor, a community figure (I think) for the gold making community and the guy of the TradeSkillMaster Support Gumdrops.

It is a bit longer than normal, but I hope you will enjoy it just as much.

You can read it here on Reddit or here on my website. Enjoy!


Gumdrops, thank you for joining me on this 6 part interview. How is it going?

Itโ€™s going great, thanks for having me!

Good to hear that. How did you come with the name Gumdrops?

Itโ€™s just the name of a very ginger dwarf rogue that I made in Vanilla and is my main to this day! I thought a goofy name for a drunken and angry dwarf would be funny. Heโ€™s a Human now though, and Gumdrops is more me than the character I suppose!

**Why did you change the Dwarf

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In my town, the better you are the bigger you are.

I was born in a small town called Swingport. My mother gave birth to me in the backseat of a 1989 Honda Accord surrounded by a team of charlatans and snake oil salesmen. Somehow I managed to pop out ok, full term at 12 ounces, and was then handed over to my 16 pound mother.

She never loved me, and she made it very obvious. From a young age I remember her gobbling away at whatever food we were given. You would think that being small in a world so large would give you plenty of options for easy to acquire sustenance, but this was not the case. Food was always fairly rationed by the government, with the quantity per person portioned proportionally according to size. What the government couldnโ€™t account for was people like my mother. People with a small heart and a big appetite.

She never wanted me to grow. Though food didnt determine size by very much, I think she kept food away from me just to spite me. Because she could. Because she was bigger than me. She wanted to be bigger than so

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Visions of Bodies Being Burned lyrics

I'm trying to transcribe these lyrics. It's a whole lot of pausing and playing and rewinding and playing again to figure everything out but I figure I'll post here what I've got. This will take a while...


Pick it up right where it left off

The bet's off

You gets off

On being skeptical but shit is too real

Be honest with it,

What do you feel?

The beast is hidden beneath the feet

And with the pattern concealed

Itโ€™s like youโ€™re stuck in the middle of your terror and

Never found part of yourself but

Oh well

Guess that

Wasnโ€™t in

Your ministry

Here come the hammers to rearrange body chemistry

You should behave the way you do when family is threatened

You was making moves but now you making messes

Take this tape and play it

Listen to the message

Did you really think that death would just be simple?

No, it never stops

You should run away

You wonโ€™t

Make it far

Count your blessings for the life youโ€™ve had and depart

Or else welcome to the retribution

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[Remnants of Magic] The Librarian - 11

Cover art]( | Discord Server | The Library - Home Page

The Story: Once in a lucky lifetime, a gifted scholar might be given a boon in their dreams; a visit to the Library, the magical seat of all human knowledge. But within those walls lives the Librarian, fated to spend every night among the books. And now, the Librarian wants out.

Patreon - Currently, the $3 tier gives access to 3 chapters ahead on The Librarian and Spark of Divinity. The $5 tier gives access to a story not being openly serialized, which is currently at 6 chapters!

Every minute, every mile, felt like an eternity. Time wasnโ€™t endless, thoughโ€”a fact that became all too apparent as they wound their way deeper and deeper into the neighborhood.

โ€œHow much farther?โ€ Daniel said, his voice tight.

Leon shook his head. He clutched his phone in his hands,

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JMT, SHR, and Beyond - July 30 - August 4, 2020

Please be kind. It is the first time I have ever created a report like this. I wrote it up for myself, but since I got a lot of tips and ideas from this subreddit I thought I would share it.

July 30 - August 4, 2020


6 day trails and cross-country loop in the High Sierra north of Kings Canyon.

  • Total distance: 145 mi
  • Total elevation gain: 32,463 ft
  • Lighterpack:
  • Imgur album:
  • Caltopo:


This trip was a combination of a previous trip I took 14 years ago and some terrain that I wanted to explore along the Sierra High Route. My plan was to take the John Muir Trail north for 2 days, then follow the SHR southbound to Muir Pass. From there I may climb Mount Goddard or traverse the Ionian Basin. On that previous trip I descended the Enchanted Gorge and climbed up Goddard Creek. The Enchanted Gorge is more of a โ€˜Demons and Dragonsโ€™ type of enchanted than โ€˜Fairies and Un

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HIPAA-Compliance for Cloud Storage Services

Cloud computing provides undeniable benefits for storing and accessing electronic health records. Files stored in the cloud are accessible anytime and anywhere from any device, which makes it easy to share critical medical information between healthcare workers. But is cloud storage secure enough to store, access and transfer sensitive personal and medical information?

For clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations, ensuring that patientsโ€™ medical information stays private isnโ€™t just an ethical issue, itโ€™s a legal one as well. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides clear rules about the storage and sharing of medical data. Any organization that handles health records is required to be in compliance.

Therefore, before moving health-related data to cloud storage, healthcare organizations need to make sure that the software they plan to use is HIPAA compliant.

This article covers HIPAA-compliant storages and explains your responsibility in m

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