Went shopping today, zero waste style! Just a little thing to reduce plastic in my homemade work lunches! Bamboo lunchbox, wax wraps, bamboo cutlery!
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Oct 22 2019
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Come wax your lunchbox
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๐Ÿ“…︎ Dec 02 2018
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Sticky B sugar wax by Lunchbox Alchemy
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Waxed but extra sensitive/itchy?

This is my 3rd time getting waxed on my hooha. I got waxed almost 2 weeks ago.. But for some reason this time around itโ€™s extra sensitive and itchy. I got more ingrowns, itchiness, and bumps than usual. Like it seems like an allergic reaction because it looks irritated and red. Now mind you I went two different places the other 2 times, one locally owned, one lunchbox wax, and 3rd european wax center, not sure if Iโ€™m allergic to the wax they used or if this is normal? Or maybe itโ€™s just all in my head since I rarely get waxed and itโ€™s just because itโ€™s been a long time close to 5 months getting waxed...

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If anyone would appreciate this, I think it would be you trolls! A waxing salon called "lunchBOX."
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[Let's Build] D100 list of children's pocket treasures

First things first, hello you there my dear reader! Hope you're having a good day. You'll have to excuse me, but I'm not an english-native speaker so please ignore my inevitable spelling mistakes.

I'm planning to make a campaign based around real-world kids from an orphanage being warped into fantasy heroes. I'm curious about what would be cool things those kids may have in their pocket (this will basically be their starting equipment) to become transfigured into this magical wonderland.

  1. A broken doll head.
  2. A bag of marbles.
  3. A small domesticated mouse.
  4. A half empty box of wax crayons.
  5. A little secret diary.
  6. A mechanical puppet that only says a single joke.
  7. A perfectly round rock, worn smooth. [ u/Crazy_Hat_Dave ]
  8. A fiery red tinted toy car. ("It's the fastest one") [ u/Broken_Banjo_Photo ]
  9. A handful of dried flower petals. ("It was a flower once, but it fell apart in my pocket") [ u/Broken_Banjo_Photo ]
  10. A small deck of cool looking leftover collectible cards. ("I know the rules, I swear!") [ u/World_of_Ideas ]
  11. A gnawed chapstick. [ u/World_of_Ideas ]
  12. A bunch of plastic army men. [ u/World_of_Ideas ]
  13. A dandelion flower tied into a ring. [ u/PiesNearbies ]
  14. An action figure missing a leg. [ u/PiesNearbies ]
  15. A small, but perfectly symmetrical shell. [ u/PiesNearbies ]
  16. A box of dead bugs and lizards. ("I've been feeding them everyday") [ u/clownfxcker ]
  17. A chocolate bar stolen from the dining hall. [ u/clownfxcker ]
  18. A shard of glass, sharp on one side. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  19. A piece of driftwood that resembles a mermaid. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  20. Three mismatched buttons. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  21. A medium sized hook with some worn frayed twine tied on. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  22. A single mismatched puzzle piece. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  23. A small wooden sword. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  24. A wooden top embedded with sharp nails. [ u/SeaPen333 and u/MaxSizeIs ]
  25. A can of vinyl glue just below half. ("It smells nice!") [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  26. A bag full of skipping pebbles. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  27. A green hand-painted maraca with a very small hole on a side. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  28. A very old looking bone comb with few missing teeth ("This is grandma's gift!"). [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  29. A sticky lollipop that only half has been licked, meant to last a long time ("Saving it for later"). [ u/OffbrandGandalf and u/MaxSizeIs ]
  30. A glass eye. [ u/Torvaak ]
  31. A half-broken locket. [ u/Torvaak
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Red delicious apples are extremely overrated

Red delicious are everywhere but they are the worst type of apple. They're the quintessential apple in tv shows, kids lunchboxes, and are always fully stocked at the store. Who is even buying these bullshit apples? They're boring as f***! They get mushy and bruised immediately after your first bite, are always covered in a gross amount of wax, and are essentially flavorless. If you're not going to eat a quality apple, buy a freaking potato you freaking ageusics.

Down with red delicious!

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Donโ€™t That Beet All!

Talking to a friend (Hey, Chai!) about beets reminds me of an elderly gentleman I used to know, with whom I became good friends, and who I used to help out around his place.

Earl had grown up in the Big City, a construction worker by profession, and a semipro boxer in his time. He had a wealth of fascinating stories about life on the streets as a boy, and the habitual petty larceny in which he and his merry band of junior thieves would engage. One among them was the mastermind of all of their schemes, and would go on to become a quite successful second story man, until he was eventually nabbed, and invited to holiday at an exclusive resort, all expenses paid.

One of their heists concerned the illicit procurement of watermelons. This was in the days when wholesale produce men would make the rounds of neighborhood greengrocers each morning, supplying them for the day.

A plan was hatched by the budding criminal mastermind, the scheme laid out in detail, and each assigned the role he was to play. Earl, being the smallest, and fleetest of foot, was to be the decoy runner.

On the morning of the watermelon heist, the gang hung out by one such purveyor of vegetative comestibles, and, nonchalantly awaiting the arrival of their chosen victim, with the occasional drag on a cigarette, scuff of a worn brogan, or wiping of a nose, trying to appear innocuous and casual, rather than a raiding party about to descend.

The prey eventually arrived in his slat-sided flatbed truck loaded with enticing green-striped deliciousness, and, at a nod from the leader, eight-year-old Earl stubbed out his cigarette on his shoe, did a few deep-knee-bends to loosen up, and prepared for action.

As Robin Hood and the rest of the band of merry thieves watched and waited, Earl, once the dealer in pulpy sweet red sustenance had gone inside to parley with his client, strolled casually over to the truck and lingered there.

Upon seeing that the supplier of wholesomeness had exited said establishment, and that he had his attention, Earl snatched a melon from the back of the truck and skedaddled. The owner of the liberated prisoner, with a shouted curse, gave immediate pursuit. Earl, once sufficient time had passed, glanced over his shoulder to see that all was well, and the operation in full commencement. Whereupon he threw his purloined provender into the air, and, with the greater speed thus gained by this shedding of ballast ( he was small for his age, and it was a big melon), l

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/itsallalittleblurry
๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 05 2020
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Fell in love with cards that were bad in grade school. Now I'm back, excited, and lost.

I am one of those people who used to play magic when I was in grade school. I remember opening one of my first packs and getting a 'silvos, rogue elemental' and thinking I was the actual coolest. When I decided to get back into magic, I almost immediately googled the worth of that card. 55 cents. Humbling has been the name of the game every step of the way here.

Internet was still dial up when I used to play in grade school, so netdecking was not a thing. Plus my parents, like many others, were skeptical of the game, and it almost seemed like I had to pretend not to like it "too much" lest I invoke the ire and suspicion of the adults in my life. It was an unkown to them. The cards were beautiful but also often violent, or sexual, or simply weird. This was exactly why I loved mtg, but can't expect all of the Karen's of the lunch hall to understand that necessarily. We played rushed games during our lunch period. We were all playing aggro whether we knew it or not. Our meta was "lunchtime" which meant play fast, because whoever had the most life when the bell rings wins. This taught us to be attacking and blocking always. Not totally bad habits in retrospect. I want to avoid too much waxing about the old days, especially considering I'm 29, but I have one more memory that is relevant to my ultimate question. In grade-school we had no MONEY. I remember being utterly jealous of my one friend who got something like 6 booster packs in his lunchbox one day, and I remember thinking "I will never be able to keep up with that. he is gonna win every game." But having no money was truly a beautiful thing, because we all just made the most of what we had. We fell in love with cards that were bad. And that was okay because everyones cards was bad. I remember when one friend put together a sliver tribal deck and utterly wrecked everyone because he had basic synergies in play. And another friend who got a playset of some card (playsets were unheard of) and he played all of them in one game, and I remember thinking how lucky he was to have 4 of one good card. I was working on a deck of all drakes, because I thought dragons and flying were cool. That was it. The whole game plan; flying is cool, dragons are cool. I was not a good player, but damn did I love the game.

So here we are in 2020. I have always loved mtg, and I thought I am in a good place to dive back in. Its been 3 months now, and Ive been consuming a lot of content, playing arena, and forming a little playgr

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How can I help curb my kindergartenerโ€™s sneakiness and love for slime?

Sheโ€™s gotten the sneak trait from me, unfortunately. I was a horribly sneaky kid when I was little, and Iโ€™m sure this is the universeโ€™s way of repaying my mother. Also, I will admit that she watches a lot of slime videos when she watches YouTube (like Dr Squish or Slick Slime Sam), but Iโ€™ve been cutting them back (fuck me, the only time sheโ€™s not up to trouble, sitting still and being quiet is when sheโ€™s watching YouTube).

Unless Iโ€™m hovering directly over her, she finds ways to do things she knows sheโ€™s not supposed to do. I canโ€™t count how many times Iโ€™ve found half concocted โ€œpotionsโ€ around the house filled in random bottles and vials. Food in places there shouldnโ€™t be. Water in places they shouldnโ€™t be (like drawers in her vanity). Somehow these slime balls keep reappearing in my house despite me banning them, and sheโ€™ll cut them open. Thereโ€™s hot pink dried slime all over her shag carpet, pillows, sheets, etc. sheโ€™ll try to make slime out of anything. Iโ€™ve found wads of gum (sheโ€™s not allowed to have that, either), the wax casing from the baby bel cheese hidden places, sand from her sandbox outside, attempts at making slime from play makeup, random tiny containers (think those little play doh party favor size containers) with slime or glue or whatever it all is. Frequently sheโ€™ll mix in little toys or buttons or sequins. She found a container of glitter somewhere and spread it all over the house. Sheโ€™s an only child who likes to demand a lot of attention, but Iโ€™m a single parent whoโ€™s had the majority of custody since the school year started (dad has taken her overnight once in 2 months). I just canโ€™t constantly stand over her all day long. As it is right now, I feel like the only time I get to get chores done around the house is during the 2 days sheโ€™s at school (hybrid). The other 3 days a week, Iโ€™m basically her kindergarten teacher (which is a struggle in itself, but weโ€™re making do).

Itโ€™s obvious my daughter likes to do crafts/science experiments, so I try to do them as a supervised activity to mitigate the mess, but it still comes back to bite me. Thereโ€™s only so many places in my house to hide these craft supplies before she finds them. Just today, I found little grains of sand? Sugar? Dried potatoes? I have zero clue what they were, but it was all over her bedroom and bed. The other day I found her playing with a lunchbox full of slime that I definitely didnโ€™t buy.

I wouldnโ€™t have an issue with the mess so much if she wasnโ€™t sneaky abou

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My daughter has candles in her bedside drawer

12 years, 3 months and 5 days ago my daughter entered the world. Her birth was very peculiar, she didn't scream at first. She simply observed the room with her big, blue eyes. Watching the doctor that delivered her, the nurses, me, and at last, my wife. Her mother. Once she laid eyes on my wife, the screaming came. Low wails at first and then she erupted in the stereotypical baby scream as awaited. The doctor thought nothing of it, he thought it odd but told me not to worry when I pressed him about it, I'd never been in a delivery room before but from what I had heard and seen on TV a baby is supposed to scream when they get delivered. But if the doctor said it's fine then I guess it's fine. He is a doctor after all.

My wife came down with postnatal depression and sat in her room most of the days. She did feed her and change her diaper but for the first months of her life her mother didn't show her much of the motherly love that most mothers do. But it was understandable, she had a rough pregnancy with really bad morning sickness and nightmares almost every night. Sadly, my job as an operator in a mine didn't help, I was gone most of the days and the days I did take off were treasures. I tried to make her comfortable by giving her backrubs and foot massages but nothing seemed to ease her discomfort. She told me one night after we came home from the hospital that she felt too young to be a mother, which is understandable, we were both in our early twenties when Beth were born. But my wife's depression eventually eased and she became the loving mother that Beth needed while I was at work pulling long shifts to support them both.

As Beth grew older we noticed some slightly strange behavior. She wouldn't play with any of the other children when we went to the park. She once saw a kid get seriously injured in the jungle gym and she showed absolutely nothing. No emotion, no sympathy, nothing. Eventually, before she started first grade, we took her to get an evaluation. They ran several tests but they showed nothing. No anomalies, nothing. Due to her behavior though they diagnosed her with being on the spectrum and sent us home. I felt that they should have ran a few more tests but then again, they are the ones with the PhDs and the degrees and I'm just a guy that runs a digger in a strip mine.

But it just got weirder and weirder. Especially towards my wife. Her mother. It started with low grade insults, she called my wife a dumb face at first. Then a bad moth

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Looking to Trade Pepper Seeds

Looking to Trade Pepper Seeds

I'm looking for pepper seeds. I only need between 6-10 of each pepper you'd like to trade me. Let me know what you have! HAPPY TRADING

Located in Texas.

These are the Peppers I have In abundance that I can trade.

7 Pot Brain Strain x Carolina Reaper Pepper

7 Pot Pepper

7 Pot Yellow Barrackpore Pepper

Aji Lemon Drop Pepper

Anaheim Pepper

Ancient Hots Pepper

Basket of Fire Pepper

Borg 9 Chocolate Pepper

Butch T Trinadad Scorpion Pepper

Cajun Belle Pepper

California Wonder Bell Pepper

Carolina Reaper Pepper

Cayenne Golden Pepper

Cayenne Pepper. Long Slim Red

Chili Pequin Pepper

Chilly Chile Pepper

Chocolate Apocolypse Scoripion Pepper

Cowhorn Pepper

Devil's Heart Pepper

Dragon Cayenne Pepper

Filius Blue Pepper

Ghost Pepper

Gypsy Pepper

Habanero Pepper

Hawaiian Chili Pepper

Hot Cherry Pepper

Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper

Jumbo Jalapeno Pepper

Jamaican Red Pepper

Jimmy Nardello Pepper

Kung Pao Pepper

Leutschauer Paprika Pepper

Long Slim Cayenne Pepper

Long Thick Cayenne Pepper

Mariachi Pepper

Mini Thai Pepper

Mini Poivrons Pepper

Pequin Pepper

Piri Piri Pepper

Poblano Pepper

Purple Popper Pepper F1 (Fish x Pretty in Purple)

Purple Cayenne Pepper

Purple Flash Pepper

Red Habanero Pepper

Red Moruga Scorpion Pepper

Rezha Macedonian Pepper

Serrano Pepper

Serranoish Pepper F1 (Serrano x Fish Cross)

Shishito Pepper

Sugar Rush Peach Pepper

Super Chili Pepper

Spanish Pardon Pepper

Sweet Mini Bell Pepper Orange Lunchbox

Sweet Small Red Pepper

Tabasco Pepper

Tepin X Lemon Drop Pepper

Yellow Moruga Scorpion Pepper

Yellow Puerto Rican Habanero Pepper

Also have:

Crookneck Squash

Acorn Squash

Butternut Squash

Blue Lake 274 Greenbean

Yellow Bush Bean

Tendergreen Improved Greenbean

Top Crop Greanbean

Dragon Egg Cucumber

Straight 8 Cucumber

Marketmore Cucumber

Black Beauty Eggplant


Crimson Sweet Watermelon

Tigger Melon


Jack O Lantern Pumpkin

French Breakfast Radish

Gourmet Blend Radish

Sparkler White Tip Radish

Detroit Dark Red Beet

Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Yellow Cherry Tomato

HM1823 Tomato

Black Vernissage Tomato

Green Vernissage Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato

Sungold Cherry Tomato

Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato

Brown Turkey Fig

Schwartzenbeeren Blacknerry

Crimson Spineless Okra

Edit Updated List. Added a few more and took away seeds with low inventory.

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jun 30 2020
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Waxing places... for men ?

Hey guys, valentines is coming , anyone know a place where they'll wax a hairy beast like myself ? Yes I mean everywhere

Thanks in advance

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/mikeystrauch23
๐Ÿ“…︎ Feb 12 2020
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What to Bring to College: The Best College Packing List Ever (Pt.2)

Toiletries - Products

Bar soap
Body wash
Body scrub
Hair Treatments
Hair Color
Eye cream
Face Scrub Acne medicine/cream
Complexion Pads
Face Treatment Oil
Face Sunscreen
Body Sunscreen
Moisturizing Primer
Mattifying Primer
Tinted Moisturizer
Eyebrow pencil
Lip balm
Makeup remover
Hair gel
Hair mousse
Nail polish
Nail polish remover
Antibacterial gel
Shaving Cream
Waxing strips
Hair removal cream

Toiletries - Supplies

Hand mirror
Toothbrush holder
Bobby pins
Blow dryer
Hair curlers
Curling iron
Hair straightener
Hair ties
Hair clips
Contacts, solution, and case
Eyeglasses and case
Eyeglass cleaner
Cotton balls
Cotton swabs
Makeup brushes
Nail clippers
Nail files
Pumice stone
Tampons and pads
Toilet paper

Desk/School Supplies

Tote bag
Binder clips
Paper clips
Business cards
Desk chair
Desk lamp
Desk organizer
Cards/notes to send home
File folder for important documents
Desk storage box
Notebook paper
Index cards
Sticky notes
Laptop fan/stand
Pencil case
Pencil sharpener
Pens/colored pens
Permanent marker
White out
Portfolio/portfolio case for interviews
Rubber bands
Staple remover
Three-hole punch

Kitchen Supplies

Microwave (if your school allows it)
Mini fridge (if your school allows it)
Toaster (if your school allows it)
Coffee maker
Oven mitt
Water boiler
Water filter pitcher
Water filters
Reusable water bottle
Travel mug
Bottle opener
Can opener
Chip clips
Food storage containers
Plastic wrap
Paper plates
Sealable plastic bags
Dish towels
Paper towels
Dishwashing soap
Hand soap
Disinfecting wipes
Glass cleaner
Mini vacuum

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Aug 23 2020
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Looking for a name for Waxing Salon!

Hello!! I am looking for a name for my company. I will providing services such as brow waxing, body waxing, and teeth whitening. I want a name that is elegant and not cheesy or age-related (ex: the lunchbox, pretty kitty, waxology, brow bar, etc) all of these are great, however, I prefer something a little more elegant, obvious, catchy, etc.

Anyone have any good ideas?? Or any places you recommend to help with naming a business!?

Thanks so much!

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/ash120314
๐Ÿ“…︎ May 25 2020
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Looking for a travel/around the house dab station and storage?

I basically want some thing that will be able to be used as a dab platform if I want but can also comfortably store or at least hold my Carta or rig safely. If it's a tray it has to have decent storage for wax and be able to hold a small rig without tipping or worrying about it falling if I carry it to another room. If it's a case it has to be comfortably big enough to hold all of my stuff and have an area or top that I could conceivably set my rig on and take a dab. If there's any random options you can think of lemme know, like a bath or bed tray or briefcase/lunchbox that is good. Also if anyone has any neat just home or desk dab stations I'd love to see as well. Thanks in advance?

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๐Ÿ“ฐ︎ r/Waxpen
๐Ÿ“…︎ May 19 2020
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Surfing the Electro-Magnetic Radio-Waves of Subdimensional Space, for Dummies, CH.1, Big Wednesday

This story will also be posted on Royal Road by the account that I own there with the name Kem_oSabe

Chapter 1

Big Wednesday

A sound akin to a klaxon moaned out through the salty, humid atmosphere of [FTL Transport Vessel #0127] as yellow emergency lights rolled down the hallways through illuminated tubes behind transparent guards. [Chromosphere of Ts'drp't'ss] gripped a handle on one of the walls and was pulled down the hallway. Artificial gravity had failed some amount of time ago, while she was still unconscious from the initial impact. Her left rhinopore was bent crooked from the sudden jostle and wouldn't be right for several more hours. Her thick, jointless right arm compressed as the handle stopped at the intersection of 6 hallways, absorbing her momentum so that she could switch direction, her left arm swinging around in an arc, extending around the right angle, gripping the next handle and pulling her around. A four-part door was almost pinned open as so much traffic was going into and out of it, two wall handles moving constantly out of the door way, while the two alternating were moving into the room. Nearly one hundred of [Radiance of the Magnetosphere caused by Solar Winds]'s crewpeople were frantically working their posts, their handparts planted to their input peripherals.

[Chromosphere of Ts'drp't'ss] activated the 0-g walking mechanism in her suit, the magnets in her feet grabbing the floor and alternating their charge automatically as she stepped, as she ran, to the central control table of [FTL Transport Vessel #0127]. She withdrew her rhinopores and vertically compressed her torso to lower her height in a deferential display, as little and as quickly as propriety would allow in the current circumstance. "Captain [Film of Oil on Water's Surface], [Chromosphere of Ts'drp't'ss] reporting, what is happening?"

The Captain of the vessel, his rank obvious by the polished, shimmering ceramic badges and rank denotators on his suit, returned the gesture but didn't lower himself below [Chromosphere of Ts'drp't'ss] before responding. "Your familiarity with the Navigational A.I.s is required." He gestured above the table, and holograms in three-dimensions came to life, the holograms already displayed minimizing automatically. "89.434% of their computational capacity has been corrupted or irreparably damaged. We have the power required for two jumps, but the [Children of Krrk'k'k'tshk] have us blocked from s

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Apr 27 2020
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Getting more anxious waiting for diagnosis

Hi all, I'm feeling a bit shitty of late while I go through the process of finding out what's going on with me. My neuro seems to be doing his utmost to dissuade me that I have MS or to say that at worst it's "mild" because according to him my symptoms are "vague" since I've never had what he would classify as an "attack".

I have the most pervasive fatigue and cognitive fog, to the point that it is often debilitating and has been having a heinous impact on my life for the last 10 years, but since it doesn't appear to wax and wane he seems unconcerned by it, but for me is the thing I'm most concerned about.

I had a brain MRI, the results of which stated:

"Patches of increased T2 signal intensity in the peritrigonal white matter and small focus in the centrum semiovale on the right, there is increased T2 signal in the periventricular white matter on the left anteriorly, these appearances are suspicious for demyelination".

I then had a spinal MRI recently which came back clear, and now I'm currently waiting on a lumbar puncture appointment for further testing.

Apart from the fatigue and fog, I also have the following issues:

  • blurry/smeared vision more so in my left eye, which is always present but seems to get more or less intense every other day, I've tried visiting an optometrist and have been given a prescription despite my objections and explanation that the vision issues change constantly, the glasses were useless because of this
  • intention tremor more so in my left arm/hand/fingers
  • an uncomfortably tight sensation that occurs from time to time in my abdomen, but also sometimes across my chest which causes me a great deal of anxiety, seems to persist for hours to days when it occurs
  • a tingling/searing/burning sensation in my left palm that sometimes spreads to the rest of my arm
  • occasional difficulty swallowing, food often feels like it gets stuck in my throat and I can't get it down without water so I typically drink a sip of liquid with most bites of food I take

He sent me for a huge bunch of bloods inbetween the brain and spinal MRI which came back negative for all the other autoimmune conditions he was looking for. During our last appointment he said that "many of the lesions in your brain might be accounted for by vascular reasons" such as suffering from migraines, and the fact that I smoked for 20 years, but that "several are 50/50 and point towards MS to me because of their shape and location"

I don't know

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Jul 06 2020
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Federal Bureau of Investigation opens new unit for profiling "Toxicity in Gaming," starting with League of Legends

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind."

Following the collaboration between Riot, Twitch and Blizzard to combat toxicity in gaming, agencies around the world stepped up their own efforts to fight the foe on the horizon: the taking up of words as shields and daggers over online games.

A lurking predator, toxicity wouldn't be noticed until late 2016, when master profiler Jane Masters noticed the same patterns in upset League of Legends players as serial killers.

"User Cremepie92 exhibits the same sort of manipulative behavior seen in some of the worst killers I've arrested," she claimed in a 2016 report, referencing her stellar arrest record. "He attempted to put my blood in the water using passive aggressive criticism, hoping the team would bite and blame me for bot lane feeding. Most offenders of this type hide behind the wrath of others to do their bidding. For example, like Charles Manson and the Helter Skelter murders."

The fascination with naughty players led Masters to push for budgeting--three million dollars for state of the art equipment to follow and investigate leads in the burgeoning cyberspace. Just a few weeks ago, the FBI Director gave the go-ahead, despite concerns that this would make SVU episodes look too informed about videogames for conservatives' comfort.

Jane Masters had years of independent study, yet knew she was outclassed in terms of experience compared to the private investigators over at Riot Games. She called in a favor with Riot Tryndamere... and noted the prospects of having toes in the FBI's spring.

"I offered Tryndamere everything," Jane confesses. "I told him, 'if you want to let organizations fuck around in Australia, we'll turn a blind eye. Let's attack the real issues first.'"

With an around-the-clock unit scouring league games for toxic behavior, there was demand for a true expert. This is where freelancer Lyte came in. He has a PhD.

In the interview, Lyte clasped his hands together and then released them again just as quickly. "A lot of players assume the toxic person of interest is just frustrated and exhibiting irrational behavior, but raging is actually a trait that goes far back in the human genome. There are studies that prove the early cavemen would become petty and passive-aggressive as a way of gluing together their ego after a bad hit."

Reporters also got to hear about the division's first case.

"We're looking fo

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Looking for the best place (clean and friendly/professional) to get a Brazilian wax. Thank you

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[Thank You] ๐ŸŒง๏ธ๐ŸŒง๏ธLots a thank yous!๐ŸŒง๏ธ๐ŸŒง๏ธ

u/powelale000 - I loved your rant card! I will definitely be responding with some everyday vent/rants of my own! Haha and the bee wax seal is really pretty.

u/danielkaaa - I am in love with the bunny drawing you did. It is so adorable I really appreciate you doing that for me! Also thank you for the really pretty postcard (ahh the colors!) and the candies and tea! That was very sweet.

/u/daeneryswon - I'm jealous you have another vacation coming up! It may sound weird coming from someone who doesn't have a full-time job, but my schedule of pet sitting and dog walking has been super busy and crazy lately and I'm ready to scream! I like the nature postcard, always enjoy hearing from you!

/u/bananacreampiee - I love the "somebunny loves you" lunchbox note/postcard! Thank you for thinking of me :D

u/ardenscicindela - Sunflowers are my favorite! I love the postcard and the little bat drawing. I actually have that mini sunflower (with the even minier brown bunny) drawing taped in between my windows so I look at it every day. <3 thanks so much

u/rainskate - I LOVE THIS CARD! Let's summon demons graphic is great. Thank you so so much for sending this one to me. I'm actually ready for fall too. In the beginning of August I'm still like all summer, but as the month comes to an end I'm just like, let's get the depressing end of summer over with already! Lol.

u/anh05f - the penguin holding an umbrella postcard is a d o r a b l e!! Thank you so much!

/u/vickiiiie - I'm in love with this orange shiba washi tape card. It's so adorable and the color combos are fantastic together. Thank you so much for sending it to me.

u/catastrophy - I love the rho ophuchi cloud complex postcard. It's really pretty! And that bee fact is crazy. They are really hard workers and I respect those lil guys!!!

/u/vicsinn - Yayy thank you for the campy Dracula movie poster card. I actually do not know what campy means but I like the vintage look of the card!

u/shadow-pop - first off, the way you addressed the envelope was so pretty! and I love the card! I'm glad you like the stoner sticker and that it's going to good use!

/u/creepysoftware - the washi skyline card you made is super cute and creative! i love all the things that are possible with washi tape! thats why i love it. anyway, i'm glad you liked my national donut day card (damn that was a while ago!--take me back! lol)

u/amerilyn - wow, first birthday card this year! haha. thank you for the sweet words, i love th

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Don't use wax in Minnesota!

So this happened about two or three weeks ago, I was just chilling in class when I was called to the office, I'm in sped due to my ADHD and so it was my sped teacher that came to get me. Me being the fucking idiot I am I left the carts (as in THC carts) in my lunchbox. I was about to ditch them when one of the assistant principles started walking next to us. We had a small chat when we were walking to the building where the office was and we broke off before we went inside. We go into the 2nd assistant principles office where I say to her "I'm guessing this has to do with my IEP?" She responded with a small chuckle and said "no".

I. Shit. My. Pants.

She had me sit down an started questioning me about roomers of me smoking in the bathrooms (the wasn't entirely false but I didn't do it as often as she made it out to be) I denied the romor and started to get up. She said that they needed to search me. I nearly threw up. Oh and I forgot to mention I was fucking baked off my shit when this was going on. I start to hand them my bag when she says "the lunchbox too" so I complied and handed my shit over.

She found the shit almost instantly and asked why a good student like me was vaping. I said for stress (trying not to let her know it wasn't nicotine and THC instead) but then the fucking sped teacher ratted on me and told her that they were THC and not nicotine.

She have me the grimmest look I've seen and said that the police would be involved. I nearly fucking cried, but since I was high I couldn't, I was stuck in a mode of emptiness and was silent.

While the police were on their way she asked me things like "how many times did you do it?" I said once, they said a second student was involved and they wanted his name. I resisted at first but gave his name eventually, I didn't really care that much since he was a pos that stole $250 of shit from me.

When the cops got there they shook everyone's hands including mine, I was feeling like a smartass because of the weed and looked her dead in the eye when she shook my hand and said "and I'm the one your arresting today!" She lost the calm expression on her face and asked what it was. The principle told her wax and the cops eyes fucking lit up with joy, she was like "oooo wax you don't hear that everyday!" When her partner came in he had the same reaction, they were fucking excited to do this to me. I said to them that I'll take the petty misdemeanor and get done with this. But she said "oh it's not that si

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Traveling dab container to prevent melting?

Canโ€™t wait for my quartz quest to show up! How do you all travel with your concentrates and prevent them from getting melty and liquify? I live in the Southern California desert, so Iโ€™m thinking I might need to keep them in a lunchbox with a freezer pack or something? How do you guys travel with dabs?

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Kevin canโ€™t eat cheese

I do heating and air conditioning work. My company hired a new guy and I was training him. He was new to the industry, so he didnโ€™t know anything about it, but thatโ€™s fine, we knew that going in.

At first Kevin seemed ok, I was teaching him the basics and he was a bit slow on the uptake but not the worst Iโ€™ve seen. At least when I asked for a tool he could usually pick the right one to hand to me.

Then Kevin showed his true kevin-ness. Kevin brought a lunchbox packed with snacks every day and would constantly eat whenever we were in the van between calls. Constantly. If I was driving, he was snacking. One day one of the selected snacks was a babybell cheese. The little cheese wheels covered in red wax.

Kevin pulled one out of his lunchbox and proceeded to take a big bite. Then turned to me and with his mouth still full asked โ€œare you supposed to eat the wax?โ€ No Kevin, you arenโ€™t. Thatโ€™s why it has a pull tab.

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Possible neglect, and how to handle it?

My (24F) boyfriend (28M) have been together almost a year. Weโ€™ve known each other 5 years, and I knew his baby mama (30F) for this length of time as well. Iโ€™ve been in the picture with the kids about 8 months now, but living with my boyfriend for 6(ish?) months.

Initially, BM was excited or at least content with me entering the picture. We all took the kids (4M & 6F) to dinner and introduced me as Daddy & Mommyโ€™s friend. She wanted to do weekly dinners and such and for us to be like a co-parenting โ€œteam.โ€ When she started dating her now boyfriend, dinners slowed down (thank God; I was never a fan of bullshit.) Weโ€™ve created more and more space between ourselves and her as her behavior is increasingly disturbing/erratic and seems to be worse when we are involved.

Now, the issue of this neglect. The kids are very comfortable with me and I started taking care of their laundry/lunches/hygienic needs and such maybe three months back. It was something we eased into and mostly was just me dealing with one child while he dealt with the other to save time.

Tonight we bathed them, and I was brushing 6โ€™s hair. Itโ€™s curly as hell and almost down to the small of her back. Itโ€™s usually a process, but tonight, it took over 30 minutes to detangle. Parts were matted, nearly all of it was knotted. This leads me to believe I was the last one to brush it, this day last week. (I spent the weekend away from home so I havenโ€™t seen the kids since last week.) It could have possibly been washed or conditioned, but had it been brushed, the matts wouldnโ€™t have formed, right?

So as Iโ€™m brushing, Iโ€™m looking at her ears, and I see that she has earwax caked all along her ear canal and even into the tops of her ears. She naturally has a lot of drainage and I try to clean her ears about once or twice a week, but this was a lot worse than usual. I must also note that she got her ears pierced about 4 months ago. I pull her ear to look at the backs to see if they need cleaned, twisted, changed, etc. thereโ€™s brown wax -behind- her ear I immediately got a new pair of earrings and rubbing alcohol. As Iโ€™m taking the old earrings out, thereโ€™s a bad smell and some amount of pus-looking gunk coming out of her earring hole. Cause for alarm, right? And surely, if her ears were being properly cleaned, her mother would have noticed the smell, the gunk coming out around her earring, or the wax/dirt behind her ear?

The last and, to me, most major issue we dealt with tonight after bathing

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Bee Bears

This creature evolved on an Earth where humans suddenly vanished and the world was left to advance and adapt without them.

Bee Bears are not bears, and they are also not bees. Early explorers would have called them bears, but that goes for a lot of things. Did you know that ducks were originally called 'billed wet sky-bears'? Don't check my facts, Wikipedia is run by corporate interests.

It's another procyonid, yes, already. The Poccos aren't even done being downvoted yet, I know, but hey: raccoons are awesome.

These ones are not so awesome, but they're fun. Bee Bears are raccoons that have specialized. Normally, specialization limits what a species can do, and it does for Bee Bears, but it also allows them to limit where they need to bee be, making it easier to predict their day and defend themselves. This, in turn, means less predation. An overall easier life means less problems, which means less need for problem solving, which means less energy is spent on the brain, which means a smaller brain.

Which means Bee Bears are kinda stupid compared to modern raccoons.

In addition to a bunch of brain mass, Bee Bears have also lost their tails. They're stockier with shorter legs, and bigger but less-coordinated paws. They are hard to recognize as raccoons, having lost their masks, replacing them with one or two vertical black bars between their beady eyes. They also have two to five concentric black circles on their big round butts. Normally, having a literal target painted on your ass is not a great survival idea, but these markings are so unusual that a potential predator that comes up behind a witless Bee Bear may not know what he's looking at. The rest of the animal is normal raccoon brown.

Bee bears live in trees and eat in trees and sleep in trees and stay in trees all the time, only coming down to defecate. Starting this article off with poop, let's see how that goes. A Bee Bear doesn't eat a lot of fiber, and can hold up to five days of poop. It'll come down when full, and poop in the same place as every other Bee Bear in the area, creating a very unpleasant spot. Bee Bears urinate from a tree branch; look out below. Males do this standing up.

Bee Bears are not agile; they're stable. Instead of being light, fast, and balanced, Bee Bears have a little balance and a LOT of grip. Raccoon hands are strong, but Bee Bears are something else. Even one paw's grip can support several times the animal's body weight. Bee Bears can walk along the

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Looking to Swap for varieties I don't have .

Here is my Collection and I can trade almost all of these. There will be types I won't be able to trade due to low quantities. Feel free to comment or send a private message. Hot Peppers will get my attention faster than anything else :) Many Redditors have traded with me and can attest that I ship quickly. I can have your seeds in the mail within 2 days and always send extras! I think its fun to get a few surprises.

Peppers โ€ข 7 Pot Brain Strain โ€ข 7 Pot Brain Strain X Carolina Reaper โ€ข 7 Pot โ€ข 7 Pot Yellow Barrackpore โ€ข Aji Ahuachapan Pepper โ€ข Aji Lemon Drop Pepper โ€ข Aji Mango โ€ข Aji Melocotan Pepper โ€ข Aleppo Pepper โ€ข Anaheim Pepper โ€ข Ancient Hots Pepper โ€ข Bahamian Goat Pepper โ€ข Basket of Fire Pepper โ€ข Bell Pepper โ€ข Beths Chocolate Kiss Pepper โ€ข Biker Billy Jalapeno Pepper โ€ข Black Naga Pepper โ€ข Black Pearl Pepper โ€ข Bleeding Borg 9 Pepper โ€ข Borg 9 Chocolate Pepper โ€ข Bridge to Paris Pepper โ€ข Bullnose Pepper โ€ข Cajun Belle Pepper โ€ข California Wonder Bell Pepper โ€ข Carolina Reaper Pepper โ€ข Cayenne Goldenย Pepper โ€ข Cayenne Pepper. Long Slim Red โ€ข Chili Pequin Pepper โ€ข Chilly Chile Pepper โ€ข Chocolate Apocalypse โ€ข Chocolate Ghost Pepper โ€ข Chocolate Ghost Scorpion Pepper โ€ข Chocolate Scotch Bonnet Pepper โ€ข Cowhorn Pepper โ€ข Cubanelle Pepper โ€ข Devil's Heart Pepper โ€ข Fish Pepper โ€ข Ghost Pepper โ€ข Giant Emerald Pepper โ€ข Gypsy Pepper โ€ข Habanada Pepper โ€ข Habanero Pepper โ€ข Habanero Pepper. Red Carribean โ€ข Hawaiian Chili Pepper โ€ข Hot Banana Pepper โ€ข Hot Cherry Pepper โ€ข Hot Lantern Pepper โ€ข Hot Portugal Pepper โ€ข Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper โ€ข Jalapeno Pepper โ€ข Jamaican Red Pepper โ€ข Jimmy Nardello Pepper โ€ข Korean Pepper โ€ข Kung Pao Pepper โ€ข Legacy Big Jim Pepper โ€ข Long Thick Cayenne Pepper โ€ข Mariachi Pepper โ€ข Mini Thai Pepper โ€ข Mini Poivrons Pepper โ€ข Mulato Isleno Pepper โ€ข Naga Viper โ€ข Orange Bell Pepper โ€ข Pasilla Bajio/ Chilaca Pepper โ€ข Peach Ghost Pepper โ€ข Peach Reaper Pepper โ€ข Peppadew Pepper โ€ข Pepperocini Pepper โ€ข Piri Piri โ€ข Poblano Pepper โ€ข Pretty Purple Pepper โ€ข Purple Popper Pepper F1 โ€ข Purple Cayenne Pepper โ€ข Purple Flash Pepper โ€ข Purple Jalapeno Pepper โ€ข Red Habanero โ€ข Red Moruga Scorpion โ€ข Redskin Pepper โ€ข Scotch Bonnet TFM Pepper โ€ข Scotch Bonnet WHP II Pepper โ€ข Scotch Bonnet Schneider Farms Pepper โ€ข Scotch Bonnet Yellow Pepper โ€ข Scotch Brain Pepper โ€ข Serrano Pepper โ€ข Serranoish Pepper F1 โ€ข Sugar Rush Peach Pepperย  โ€ข Super Chili Stubby Pepper F1 โ€ข Super Chili Pepper โ€ข Spanish Pardon Pepper โ€ข Syrian Three Sided Pepper โ€ข Sweet Banana Pepper โ€ข Sweet Mi

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Decided to elaborate on my "everything ranked" list


If you recognize these ranks, it's probably because I posted them once before. This time, instead of being a comment, it's a text post, and instead of just the list, there's also a bit of justification behind each position.


  • Seven-Leaf Clover - Do I need to explain?
  • Fightsabre - I think the only explanation for this would be why it's above Gunther, which will be explained in Gunther's section.
  • Clone - I really don't need to explain.
  • Gunther - This probably seems really low to a lot of people. Well, that's just because all of the top 4 can pretty much single-handedly win a run. Gunther is amazing, don't get me wrong, but Fightsabre can block all damage from every boss when used properly and (for all intents and purposes) has just as much ammo, so it slightly edges out.
  • Makeshift Cannon - oh no. not ammoconda. i'm going to take damage now SKIP! I think this gun is the sole reason Ancient Hero's Bandanna and Duct Tape are Magnificent.
  • AKEY 47 - Infinite keys is godly. The AK-47 is very good. This is both!
  • Yari Launcher - It's not as impressive a skipper as Makeshift Cannon, but it does a similar job. Much less useful later on.
  • Gungine - This thing is great! It's good all on its own, and there's so many sources of goop that it might as well have infinite ammo. Especially in the Oubilette or the Black Powder Mines.
  • Black Hole Gun - Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to deal damage to me for the next 10 seconds? No thanks.
  • Clown Mask - Free blanks, a shotgun buddy, or an eternal stun on one enemy. Each one of those is great. And you can get more than one!
  • Owl - Same blank boost as Clown Mask, but with a couple of bullets too.
  • Glacier - Stupidly good for a C-Rank. Every shot explodes, and it slows and even freezes! The only issue is ammo.
  • Super Hot Watch - If you have time for it, this will prevent you from taking damage for the rest of the run. It's only so low because it's tedious to work with.
  • Drill (even without Clown Mask) - Infinite keys and more room drops? Sign me up!
  • Master of Unlocking - For all intents and purposes, infinite keys. Plus a bunch of currency to buy from Flint!
  • Mimic Tooth Necklace - Infinite keys and more active item charge? Hot damn! Mimics aren't that difficult anyway.
  • Shelleton Key - Infinite keys.


  • Lament Configurum - Free Magnificent loot! Just... hope y
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Feeling hungry? Wait..... imgur.com/HkZhDJh
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Is my planer telling me it's time for new blades? imgur.com/BLiTu2Q
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Going to a huge pepper sale. Any suggestions for which varieties to bring home?

I'm going to an event that will have over 100 varieties of pepper plants. I've been pretty successful growing my first super hot (Chocolate Champion) and am looking to expand into new varieties. I'm new to growing super hots and am not too familiar with all the varieties. Any suggestions would help. According to the event website, they will have:

Aji Chombo, Aji Dulce #2, Anaheim, Ancho, Antohi Romanian, Arroz Con Pollo, Banana, Big Dipper, Big Jim, Biquinho Red, Biquinho Yellow, Black Hungarian, Bode Amarela, Brazillian Starfish, Bulgarian Carrot, California Wonder, Caribbean Red Habanero, Carolina Reaper, Caribbean Yellow Habanero, Cayenne Joes Long, Cayenne Long Thin, Cheiro De Norte, Chicken Itza, Chili De Arbol, Chinese Five Color, Chocolate Beauty, Chocolate Bhut Jalokia, Chocolate Habanero, Chocolate Seven Pot, Conchos, Corbaci, Costeno Red, Craig's Deluxe Trinidad Scorpion, Craig's Grande Jalapeno, Cumari Do Para, Cutlass, De Agua, Dedo De Moca, Early Jalapeno, El Jefe, Emerald Giant, Felicity, Fish, Fresno Chili, Gigantia Jalapeno, Gold Bullet, Golden Cal Wonder, Golden Summer Bell, Grill Master, Guajillo, Habanada, Hatch, Himo Togarashi, Hot Lemon, Hot Rod, Hot Serrano, Hot Tunisian, Hungarian Hot Wax, Hungarian Sweet Wax, Italian Rooster, Jalafuego, Jalapeno, Jalapeno Tam, Jamaican Hot Yellow, Japones, Jimmy Nardello Italian, Keystone Giant, Korean Dark Green, Lemon Drop, Lemon Spice Jalapeno, Leutochauer Paprika, Lighthing Mix, Lunch Box Red, Lunchbox Orange, Malagueto, Managanji, Mucho Nacho, Murupi Great, Nadapeno, Numexย  Joe E Parker, Numex Jalmundo, Numex Suave Orange, Orange Habanero, Orange Spice Jalapeno, Orange Sun, Padron, Pasilla Bajio, Peach Habanero, Pepperoncini, Peter, Poblano, Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno, Purple Beauty, Red Beauty Bell, Red Belt, Red Cheese, Red Habanero, Ring of Fire, Scorpion, Scotch Bonnet, Scotch Bonnet Orange, Scotch Bonnet Tobago Red, Serrano, Serrano Tampiqueno, Seven Pot Yellow, Shishito, Sugar Rush Peach, Tepin, Tequila Sunsire, Thai Burupa, Tobasco, Trinidad Scorpion, Tunisian Bakltin, White Bullet, Yellow Hinkelhatz, Yellow Monster, Yellow Trinidad Scorpion, Zimbabwe Bird

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๐Ÿ‘ค︎ u/babies_with_aids
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Unique words in Reputation vs Speak Now

I thought this could be an interesting comparison, Taylor actually uses a pretty varied vocabulary in Reputation.

So what I did was I made a word bank of about 85 of her longest songs and compared to that to see which words appeared only in one song. Then I sifted through the results to remove any words that appeared in other songs with grammatic modifications, like if she used "lover" or "unloved" only once, I'd still eliminate it because she uses "love" in other songs. However, "bride" and "bridesmaid" each still count as unique.

Unique words per song

27: End Game - chips, bluff, precede(s), stoked, tip, thumb, traits, paranoia, insecurities, protect, dope, deny, sprung, overdose, hatchets, bury, born, connected, print's, tongue, persona, whippin', g5, bang, enemies, liquor, beach

22: Speak Now - bride, bridesmaid, march, tux, organ, yelling, preacher, gestures, pageant, exchanged, snotty, uninvited, pastel, pastry, horrified, curtains, fond, occasion, veil, bargin', church, vow

18: Better Than Revenge - suspected, drum, frown, sophistication, deserve, prep, vintage, dealing, psycho, teach, trend, sabotage, underestimated, playground, mattress, saint, applause, revenge

16: King of My Heart - American, Motown, Range, Rovers, Jaguars, beer, crush, taste, cups, fancy, stuff, bones, ago, luxury, priorities, expensive

16: Long Live - confetti, decade, cynics, outraged, trophies, may, baseball, cap, ripped, hero, absurd, sidelines, forbid, dragons, mountains

15: Ours - riddles, jury's, judge, verdict, gap, teeth, sleeves, shadows, (lip)gloss, lurking, speculate, disapproves, elevator, snide, stakes

14: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - bass, rattling, chandelier, pool, swimming, champagne, sea, Gatsby, parade, gates, therein, axe, fence, stabbed

13: Getaway Car - candlelight, Bonnie, Clyde, prison, bag, circus, himself, motel, cursed, (old)fashioned, sirens, mystery, getaway

12: Dress - earthquakes, rebounds, lifeline, bathtub, electrified, explain, buzz, pining, anticipation, indentation, carve, bedpost

12: Ready for It - join, failure, robber, phantom, comparison, heist, Burton, vendetta, jailer, Taylor, tame, island

12: Gorgeous - whisky, unless, magnetic, field, ocean, Vine, boyfriend, ice, consequence, compliment, furious, gorgeous

12: New Year's Day - squeeze, forevermore, strike, lobby, candle, wax, polaroids, glitter, hardwood, bottles, anywhere, recognize

11: Mean - nails, chalk, cycle, pathetic, wildfire, humiliation, ranting, we

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Less plastic, please!!

am i the only person old enough to remember when most packaged foods were in glass, waxed paper or cardboard? raisins, breakfast cereals, bread, even drinking straws were always waxed paper. my favorite potato chips (Jay's, from Chicago/midwest) were a cardboard box with wax paper bags inside. even brown bagging lunch to school WAS in a brown bag (or metal lunchbox) with the sandwich wrapped in waxed paper. anybody have recommendations for cereals and chips in WAX paper? where can one buy snack food without plastic packaging? (yes, we buy from our local food Co-Op in bulk, but they don't have chips!). Ideas / thoughts?

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[Fluff] Dogs ate a bottle of fish oil. [Help] Can I wash them? (Read the story!)

I am fighting a losing battle of stopping my dogs from getting in to shit. I leave in the morning thinking everything they could/would get into is away. I come home and get to dig through the trash they leave behind to make sure they're not going to die. Every. Day. It's not like I'm leaving food out. These are normal things in normal places!! Ugh...


They got into a pill sorter, the Mon-Sun kind, and I'm really glad it only had my supplements in it. If you didn't know, Magnesium, Glucosamine-Chondroitin, and Fish Oil are safe for dogs. Now I know.

I guess they liked the fish oil because when they were done with the sorter, they ventured back into the bathroom and pulled the rest of the bottle down and went at that. I'm not going to try to guess how many they got to or if they shared vs one had a solo meal.

I did some quick googling. There are long term side effects for over-supplementing, but they were going to be fine.

But! I'm here a few days later and I'm noticing that when they get up from laying down anywhere, there's an oil spot. They're excreting all the fish oil from their fur and skin. They're both super soft, yay, but all my soft surfaces reek of fish oil now.

Now to the help part. I wanted to give them baths this weekend, but if they're just going to keep leaking oil everywhere, I might just wait. I don't want to wash them this weekend just to have them keep smelling like fish later and have to give them another bath. I know it's bad to give baths too often, but I don't know what that limit is.

So that's my story. My dogs are monsters. I appreciate any advice you have for me.

Just to share, here's a list of things my dogs have gotten to:

  • Fish oil
  • Pill Sorter from bathroom counter
  • Insulated lunchbox from kitchen counter
  • Razor/Bikini trimmer from the bathtub
  • Wax for wax melt from TV stand
  • Neck Pillow on the couch
  • Fire stick Remote from TV stand
  • Bike Pedals
  • Dishes out of the sink (makes me do dishes though, so silver lining)
  • Cardboard boxes

Yes, I exercise them before I leave for work. They get tons of exercise. They have plenty of toys. They're always chewing on the toys when I'm home! sigh I'm working on it.

I'm done rambling now.

Edit: I'm reintroducing the crates!!

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Nov 04 2018
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**What to do in Calgary Thread - 2015 Feb 9 to 16**

What to do in Calgary Thread - 2015 Feb 9 to 16

Feel free to add your own events in this suggested format:

  • event - Date - Location - description

I am not going to update this top comment. I figured people will just scroll through this thread to see other events going on.

Concerts ----------------

  • 12th: Brenmar โ€“ Hifi

  • 12th: Grand Analog โ€“ Gateway

  • 12th: Dimond Saints โ€“ Commonwealth

  • 13th: Fred Penner (Adult Sing-a-long) โ€“ Gateway

  • 13th: Savage Henry โ€“ Lord Nelson Pub

  • 13th: August Burns Red โ€“ Mac Hall

  • 14th: Cannibal Corpse & Behemoth โ€“ Mac Hall

  • 14th: Napalm Death โ€“ Republik

  • 14th: The Elwins โ€“ Commonwealth

  • 14th: Valentines Ink โ€“ Fort Calgary

  • 15th: Nightmares on Wax โ€“ Commonwealth

Sports ----------------

  • Flames vs Canucks - 14th - Saddledome

  • Flames vs Bruins - 16th - Saddledome

  • Hitmen vs Prince George - 11th - Saddledome

  • Hitmen vs Saskatoon - 13th - Saddledome

No Roughnecks home games

Theatre ----------------

  • Lungs - Until Feb 14 - Motel (Arts Commons). - The play follows a young, educated, socially conscious couple as they tease apart how and when and why and whether they should procreate.

  • Circle Mirror Transformation - Until Feb 14 - Vertigo Theatre

  • The Sama Kutra - Feb 11 to 14 - Lunchbox Theatre

  • Cry Havoc 3 - Feb 13 to 21 - Pumphouse Theatre

  • Storybook Theatre Presents the Hobbit - Until Feb 22 - Storybook Theatreโ€˜s adaptation of Tolkienโ€™s classic.

Art shows ----------------

  • oh, canada - Until Apr 26 - various - Calgarians now have the privilege of seeing the largest survey of contemporary Canadian art ever undertaken outside of Canada.

Other ----------------

  • Bacon fest - 11th - John Dutton Theatre (downtown library) - The last event in the urban planning series curated by The City of Calgary's senior planner Rollin Stanley.
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My experience with a 20L Roll Top Daypack that I bought a few years back.

So let's get a couple things out of the way:

  1. No I don't work for Alchemy Equipment, although I wish I did because I love their luggage and can't afford it all - and I have tons of ideas.
  2. The AEL004 isn't my main "onebag" I stuff it inside the AEL008, which is what I traveled the world with. That said, I've done plenty of weeklong trips with the AEL004.
  3. I'm writing this because I'm an idiot. There was one feature I'd wanted the bag to have the entire time I've owned it, and it was on. the. bag. I just never noticed.

OK - Now that we've established I'm not a corporate spy, but am a moron...


Apart from my onebag, I've used it as such:

  • Motorcycle Bag. I've ridding probably 2-3000 miles with this bag. Sometimes through rain (if I know it's coming, I throw one of those compression bags and toss my stuff in that, it's almost like a lining for the bag). The waxed black canvas was sold out when I needed it. The chest clasp is really nice for riding.
  • Lunchbox. Can't tell you how many times I've spilt literal milk in this thing. Or gotten peanut butter/jelly in it. Once took it on a picnic and got sand mixed with chocolate strawberries in it. Magically comes out with a handwash and doesn't smell like anything.
  • Laptop bag. It's got a little sleeve perfect for my Macbook Air (13") as well as any accessories I need get thrown in there (headphones, chargers, battery slab, etc.)
  • Pillow. Just saying - sometimes you get stuck between places. I'd throw my clothes in there and top it off with my down jacket - worked pretty well.


I never truly understand what 20L means. So here's what I've fit into it. When I'm onebagging with it - I generally fill it to the brim.

  • 1 Macbook Air 13"
  • 1 Macbook Air Charger (the long one)
  • 1 Battery Brick
  • Apple Phone Charger (1x Cube & 2x Cord)
  • 1 Waterbottle
  • 1 Uniqlo Down Jacket
  • 2 Pairs of Jeans (Levi's Slim, only say that cause they probably take up less space)
  • 2 Tshirts
  • 1 Long sleeve Shirt
  • 1 Dress Shirt
  • 3 Pairs of Socks
  • 5 Pairs Boxers
  • 1 Pair Swim Trunks
  • 1 Pack of Smokes
  • 1 Mini Lighter
  • 1 Mini Bottle of Vodka
  • 1 Ring of 3x Keys


  • Stuffable. All that stuff above, I usually just throw in there and don't try and pack it nicely (though I do pack the AEL008 very anally). It's a lazy bag.
  • More stuffable. Since the top rolls, you can fit a bunch more stuff than you think.
  • Headphone hole. I didn't fucking know this existed until like 3 days ago. Usage for me
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Yesterday's finds from Manifest in Charlotte, NC. imgur.com/a/u9X9Y
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Initial Tool Review: Jet 208HH 20" Helical Head Planer

Instead of just posting a picture of "new tool day!" of my planer, I wanted to get it setup and use it for a little bit and post my thoughts and sort of a small review of it.

Here's a few pictures!

I'd been looking to upgrade from my 12" Dewalt 733 lunchbox planer for awhile and knew i wanted to jump up to 20", 15" just wasn't enough of a difference in width. Definitely was also getting a helical head. I chose the Jet over the Grizzly basically because the Grizzly equivalent was out of stock for months and I wasn't sure when it'd be back in stock.

I ordered it from Acme Tools based on good reviews I'd read about them as a company. Even though they never actually touched the planer, they're who I'd deal with if something was wrong. I ordered it late in the day on a Monday and it was sitting in my garage 3 days later on Thursday afternoon. Very quick order processing and shipping by Jet. It also helped that I was only a few hours from their warehouse in TN.

The crate and packaging was very well done. Everything was packed perfect and didn't look like it had moved at all during the shipping process. You definitely want the mobile base and another person to help you unload it and get it on to the base...it weighs almost 800lbs! Setup was a breeze, instructions were great, screwdrivers and wrenches were all provided in the packaging. Attaching and leveling the tables by myself were the worst part overall, nothing some clamps couldn't help with though. Waxed the beds, wired her up and she's running like a dream. It really is SO much quieter than the lunchbox planers.

tl;dr - planer is awesome!

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๐Ÿ“…︎ Apr 05 2017
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450 Random Junk Items for Post Apocalypse

Well it's for Fallout PnP specifically, but there are only like 5 items specifically related to Fallout. It's a combined list of multiple sources of random Post Apocalypse list and most of the random Fallout items lists and Wasteland 2 junk items.

D450 Name

  • 1 Old Tractor Tire
  • 2 Broken Wire Rimmed Spectacles
  • 3 Blunt Wood Saw
  • 4 3 ft. 2x4
  • 5 Handful of Rusty Nails
  • 6 Jar of Dried up Wood Glue
  • 7 Garden Hoe
  • 8 Glass Eye
  • 9 Wooden Chair
  • 10 Rusty Butcher's Cleaver
  • 11 Broken Bed
  • 12 Wooden Broom Handle
  • 13 Shopping Trolley
  • 14 Personal Sewing Kit
  • 15 Hand Bell
  • 16 Knitting Needle
  • 17 1d20 Christmas Ornaments
  • 18 Coffee Mug
  • 19 Teddy Bear
  • 20 Fountain Pen
  • 21 Framed Picture of Old World Politician
  • 22 Restaurant Menu
  • 23 Toy Car
  • 24 Hair Curlers
  • 25 Gardening Trowel
  • 26 Dried Noodles
  • 27 Nuka Cola
  • 28 Large Inner Tube
  • 29 Intact Book
  • 30 Boots
  • 31 Liscense Plate
  • 32 Empty Nuka Cola Bottle
  • 33 1d30 Ornamental Glass Beads
  • 34 Pocketful of Coins
  • 35 Steering Wheel
  • 36 Tricycle
  • 37 Hand Mirror
  • 38 Holorecord (Roll vs Luck for intact)
  • 39 Small Energy Cell
  • 40 Umbrella
  • 41 Woman's Brassier
  • 42 Taxadermied Fish
  • 43 Vinyl Record (Roll vs Luck for intact)
  • 44 Rucksack (Contains 3 rolls of Junk)
  • 45 Jar Full of Sand
  • 46 Lead Box (1d6x1d6x16 in.)
  • 47 Wooden Toy Bocks 1d10
  • 48 Box of Matches
  • 49 Bag of Marbles 2d12
  • 50 Child's Story Book
  • 51 Wedding Cake Topper
  • 52 Paraphan Candle
  • 53 Used Sock
  • 54 Whetstone
  • 55 Adult Publication Magazine
  • 56 Music Box (Roll vs Luck for working)
  • 57 Coffin Infant Sized
  • 58 Radio
  • 59 Rubber Duck
  • 60 Tea Towel
  • 61 Torn Skeleton
  • 62 Calendar 2076
  • 63 Pillow
  • 64 Lawnchair
  • 65 Ladle
  • 66 Food (1 Supplies)
  • 67 Leather Belt
  • 68 Box of Light Bulbs 1d30
  • 69 Bag of Used Cement
  • 70 Teeth 1d12
  • 71 Pickled Fetus
  • 72 Penknife
  • 73 Zippo Lighter
  • 74 Curtain Rod
  • 75 Flashlight
  • 76 Barbed Wire 1d20 Meters
  • 77 Dustpan
  • 78 Map of Wasteland
  • 79 Taxadermied Rabbits Foot
  • 80 Fork
  • 81 Spoon
  • 82 Knife
  • 83 Charred Diagram of Water Chip
  • 84 Pull-String Talking Doll
  • 85 Lunchbox
  • 86 Water Damaged Oil Painting
  • 87 Black Box with a Blinking Red Light
  • 88 Santa Nuka Cola Sign
  • 89 Bottle of Sun Tan Oil
  • 90 Dog Skeleton
  • 91 Broken Cybernetic Arm
  • 92 Clown Mask
  • 93 Astronaught Helmet
  • 94 Diary (Something about Talking Plants)
  • 95 Manequin Torso
  • 96 Cathode Ray Tube
  • 97 Ceramic Jar of Numbing Agent
  • 98 Walkie-Talkie
  • 99 Picture of Children Worn and Tear Damaged
  • 100 Ta
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Past abuse bleeding into current life. I feel life I'm wasting my youth.

Hello everybody and thanks for giving me your time. This is very long and typed at 2am on a mobile so Iโ€™m sorry. Iโ€™m not sure if this is the right sub and honestly Iโ€™m a super sensitive nineteen year old girl so I don't know if my problems are real or not. Backstory is below and if you want to skip, go to START or tl;dr.

Anyways, I have always wanted to make a post about my experiences but whenever I think about doing it, it makes me cry and I want to type with a clear mind. Today I started at the wall for two hours but my sister cheered me up so I feel ready. Before I start, I want to say that I have seen three different people about my problems when I was 15/16. They knew the outline of my problems but I never went into detail because they made me uncomfortable. Forced me to tell my dad everything I told them because I was a minor. Maybe if I said more they would've helped more. I am open to seeing someone again in the future but I can't afford it at the moment: -School counsellor said that children shouldnโ€™t worry about adult problems. -General practitioner said that I should stop drinking and maybe bad things wouldn't happen. -Psychologist helped diagnose me but only gave me colouring books to โ€œexpress.โ€ My parents are supportive but they are not expressive or overtly emotional people. They make fun of and get angry at people who cry. Iโ€™m not allowed to cry (I do it every day just in secret). My sister is really supportive but she just ends up getting sad and saying stuff like โ€œwhen youโ€™re sad, Iโ€™m sad" and she tries to hug me which I hate most of the time. Makes me feel mean. If youโ€™re into this sort of thing, Iโ€™m an INFP, dad is ISTJ, mum is an ENFJ, and my sister is an ENFJ. We all have valid but different coping mechanisms.

I am turning 20 soon and itโ€™s made me think of my life. Iโ€™m very happy with how far Iโ€™ve come but I feel like Iโ€™ve ruined my childhood and my teenagehood and will continue on to ruin adulthood. Itโ€™s like my body is broken and my mind just wants to keep hurting itself. Iโ€™ve got a great life but Iโ€™m too miserable to enjoy it, and thatโ€™s what stings.

I realise now that I had childhood anxiety (locked myself in closets and sheds, never ate, couldnโ€™t look at my own leg for weeks because it had a scab on it, cry if somebody had the same lunchbox as me, hung out with bullies and let them bully me, etc). It didnโ€™t help that I was mixed race in a country town. Made me a target. A man came up to me when I was in my schoo

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[Let's Build D100] Children's pocket treasures - 60% Done!

This post is a follow-up to the list I posted here a week ago... and the submissions I received were great and creative! Thank you sooo much!

Now, I'm back at it! I'm planning to make a campaign based around real-world kids from an orphanage being warped into fantasy heroes. I'm curious about what would be cool things those kids may have in their pocket (this will basically be their starting equipment) to become transfigured into this magical wonderland. I think that there could be interesting books, sketches or school related things to add, as well as sport-y or fashion-y things.

  1. A broken doll head.
  2. A bag of marbles.
  3. A small domesticated mouse.
  4. A half empty box of wax crayons.
  5. A little secret diary.
  6. A mechanical puppet that only says a single joke.
  7. A perfectly round rock, worn smooth. [ u/Crazy_Hat_Dave ]
  8. A fiery red tinted toy car. ("It's the fastest one") [ u/Broken_Banjo_Photo ]
  9. A handful of dried flower petals. ("It was a flower once, but it fell apart in my pocket") [ u/Broken_Banjo_Photo ]
  10. A small deck of cool looking leftover collectible cards. ("I know the rules, I swear!") [ u/World_of_Ideas ]
  11. A gnawed chapstick. [ u/World_of_Ideas ]
  12. A bunch of plastic army men. [ u/World_of_Ideas ]
  13. A dandelion flower tied into a ring. [ u/PiesNearbies ]
  14. An action figure missing a leg. [ u/PiesNearbies ]
  15. A small, but perfectly symmetrical shell. [ u/PiesNearbies ]
  16. A box of dead bugs and lizards. ("I've been feeding them everyday") [ u/clownfxcker ]
  17. A chocolate bar stolen from the dining hall. [ u/clownfxcker ]
  18. A shard of glass, sharp on one side. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  19. A piece of driftwood that resembles a mermaid. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  20. Three mismatched buttons. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  21. A medium sized hook with some worn frayed twine tied on. [ u/ofcbrooks ]
  22. A single mismatched puzzle piece. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  23. A small wooden sword. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  24. A wooden top embedded with sharp nails. [ u/SeaPen333 and u/MaxSizeIs ]
  25. A can of vinyl glue just below half. ("It smells nice!") [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  26. A bag full of skipping pebbles. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  27. A green hand-painted maraca with a very small hole on a side. [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  28. A very old looking bone comb with few missing teeth ("This is grandma's gift!"). [ u/SeaPen333 ]
  29. A sticky lollipop
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Was looking for an around the house/travel kit for storage and a platform to dab off of?

I basically want some thing that will be able to be used as a dab platform if I want but can also comfortably store or at least hold my Carta or rig safely. If it's a tray it has to have decent storage for wax and be able to hold a small rig without tipping or worrying about it falling if I carry it to another room. If it's a case it has to be comfortably big enough to hold all of my stuff and have an area or top that I could conceivably set my rig on and take a dab. If there's any random options you can think of lemme know, like a bath or bed tray or briefcase/lunchbox that is good. Also if anyone has any neat just home or desk dab stations I'd love to see as well. Thanks in advance!

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