Test your synonyms knowledge - How many synonyms can you get correct?(pa... youtube.com/watch?v=-ma88…
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A Synonym By Any Other Name: From Alt. Labels to Knowledge Graphs opensourceconnections.com…
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📅︎ Dec 10 2018
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A Synonym By Any Other Name Part 1: From Alt. Labels to Knowledge Graphs opensourceconnections.com…
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Synonyms for Consensus based knowledge

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a schoolassignment about "consensus based knowledge", like for instance Wikipedia, and its reliability.

However, that word is quite hard to find. Are there synonyms I could look for to find something about it? I'm having a hard time finding anything, and looking for synonyms online doesn't work either.

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📅︎ Feb 28 2018
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Zucc (Verb): To look at a large amount of someone’s personal or private social media information without their knowledge. Synonym: creeping.
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TIL: The word "Dude" had a negative connotation during the 1880s and 1890s being used as a synonym for "dandy." It usually referred to a man who was overly concerned with fashion or clothing (hence the phrase "duded up") and/or had little knowledge of life outside the city. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/D…
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For True knowledge of Islam & Quran, it is imperative to study the holy books related to the same. What is the meaning of Allah in Islam? In Islam, the word Allah is synonymous to the Supreme Almighty God. Quran Sharif- 25:52; Clearly is the word, ‘Kabiran’ mentioned over here. This aayat clear youtu.be/zMa4pg-rKDc
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Ignorant means a lack of knowledge or awarenesses, and it's not synonymous with rude
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[UPDATE] 34 years old, posted a month ago about passing the A+, no IT experience, no college degree -- just got hired today after 2 weeks of sending out resumes. Wanted to share my experience and tips.

Not entirely sure how updates work but Original post here

TLDR: I got an awesome job with no experience and higher than average pay. I can't tell you what specifically worked all I know is that I did a LOT of things to get noticed and make myself look as good as I could. This post is long and I would just pass this by if you already have your first IT job.

This is not a clickbait title, this is real and it happened to me; I have zero reason to lie and I have so many reasons for wanting to type this out and give back to you guys. This might be a long read, but if you're struggling to find your first job in IT or a job in general then this might be very helpful for you. I hope it helps at least one person out, as this sub has helped me out so much.

First of all big shout out to this sub and everybody in it, big ups and huge thanks, extra shout out to Professor Messer and I wish I could give him a hug. I had been lurking here for awhile before passing the 1001, getting really hyped to take the test for the first time. Seeing all the "I PASSED!" posts was equal parts of encouraging and happy for you all and equal parts of mad jealousy and a bit of despair... would I ever get there too? Would I ever get to make an I PASSED post? I took all that energy into allowing it to burn a fire under my ass and get me pumped to make it happen for myself. Then I took the 1002 and passed about a month ago, you all were crazy nice for commenting on my post.

This is mostly geared toward anybody looking for an entry level job in IT and has the A+ certification and preferably some customer service experience as well. If anybody else would like to chime in in the comments please feel free. This is all based on my personal experience and I am very aware that I may have had a very different experience than many of you. We all have different personalities and backgrounds, so this is all what worked for me.

  1. The resume: I sat for roughly 3 hours with an advisor (my aunt) and completely revamped it, making my original resume look like embarrassing garbage. She told me "Uhh.. you haven't ever sent this resume out before have you?" That was a good indicator that my resume was terrible and her being my aunt she didn't sugar coat it and told me straight up, which I highly appreciated. Get some real resume advice from
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Finally Retiring from the GRE after 5 Writings – 336 166V, 170Q AWA – 5.0 (How I went from 281 to 336 Total)

The GRE kicked my butt, so I kicked it right back!

I will warn you that this is not your typical post of I picked up an old GRE book to study for a month and scored 170Q and 166V posts. This was an intense journey that covers my studying for the GRE for over one full year. It was exhausting, expensive, and I am really hoping by writing this out that others can learn from my experience. Note: In my write-up, if I indicate a sample, you can find it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CL9qhN3h-LX/

General Resources Used:

Official Guide to the GRE

Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Book

Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Book

GRE Big Book

Manhattan Prep Full GRE Course

Manhattan Prep GRE Math Strategies

Princeton Review 162+ Quant Course

Manhattan Prep 5lb Book (for Quantitative Questions only – did every single question every single chapter, multiple times)

Verbal Specific Resources:

Vince Kotchian's Verbal App

Vince Kotchian's Verbal Precision Course

Victor Prep GRE Podcast

GregMat's one-month plan.

The first time I wrote the GRE, I took it relatively cold. I was a GMAT dropout, and after spending a significant amount of money taking a two-week Manhattan Prep GMAT Bootcamp, I knew I was moving to the GRE instead.

After I made the switch, I watched EVERY. SINGLE. Magoosh quant video and filled two notebooks of notes for eight days. I then went on to solve all the easy, medium and hard quant questions in the system. I studied vocabulary a bit and went into the test, hoping for the best. That's right – not one practice test and went right in! I walked out with an incredibility disappointing score of 140Q, 141V and 3.5 AWA. That's right, a whopping 281 score!

I knew that I did not prepare and did not know enough about the GRE because I googled to see if a 281 was a good score right after my test. I was also dealing with test anxiety, knowing that I would not have an appropriate score for the program I wanted to attend. This would be a common theme throughout my GRE prep – feeling anxious and searching for a 2-week or 1-month magic plan to score in the 75th percentile. I gave myself one day off and started searching for a new strategy to prepare for my next writing.

I found Vince Kotchian's website and spent 8 hours on his site. I enrolled in his Verbal Precision course and took detailed notes to make a detailed Verbal attack plan. I was surprised to learn that the GRE was so involved with strateg

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[Various Sources] Cultural Icons, Metaphysical Murderers of the Aeldari Empire and Potential Gods in The Making. Who are The Dark Muses?

As many of you already know, Drukhari are egoistical as fuck. They see themselves as True Kin, absolute masters of the Galaxy and (aside from Incubi or those that join Harlequins/Ynnari) they worship no Gods.

However in this universe, you can't just not-elevate anything. Even Drukhari's delusions of power have some small limitations. And so, they decided that if they are not going to worship Gods, they will worship...themselves.

Sort of.

>The Dark Muses
>Though the Dark Eldar typically do not worship anyone apart from themselves, they do pay homage to those they respect. Vaunted warriors or dark artists may become revered amongst their own kind. In this way truly mighty Dark Eldar have become almost folkloric figures.
>They are known collectively as the Dark Muses, and are figures of terrible power.

Codex: Dark Eldar (7th edition)

So let's talk about them. In this post I will cover those particular topics:

  1. The history of this concept and how it led to The Fall.
  2. Every known Dark Muse - who were they and what is their cultural significance.
  3. Is it possible that they ascended into Warp-beings?

Anyway, let's move it.


What many people don't know, is that Dark Muses as a concept were invented during the reign of the Aeldari Empire, Drukhari are simply continuing the trend. It is even implied that first Dark Muses lived and died looong before Birth of Slaanesh.

Speaking of which, there is a direct corellation between rise of The Dark Muses and fall of the Aeldari Empire.

>From Light into Darkness
>In the wake of the fabled War in Heaven, the Aeldari rise to supremacy as the galaxy’s foremost race. Empowered by their supreme technology, they enjoy every luxury and pursue every curiosity. It is a golden age, yet as the millennia pass the magnificence of the Aeldari empire gives way to corruption, indolence and spiritual decay. Pleasure cults spread through their society, and the pantheon of Aeldari gods is gradually abandoned in favour of personal deification and insane excess.
>Yet the Aeldari are not becoming gods. Instead, the gestalt psychic outpouring from their descent into perverted madness nurtures a new deity in the warp, a Chaos God whose time creeps closer with each new act of debasement and debauchery.

Codex: Harlequins (8th edition)

As we can see, as Aeldari's power grew, their respect for the Gods

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When did knowledge and reasoning become synonymous with "politically correct"

So worried guys ....

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Being chosen as “quietest kid” in my yearbook is genuinely making me feel like shit and I don’t think anyone realizes how much this title can impact someone.

Background information first. I’ve never told anyone about any of this, by the way. Not even my therapist or parents.

I (18F) used to be an extremely confident kid. This was the case up until sixth grade, when I got bullied by half my grade for “snitching”. Some of my friends turned on me. I never received help or support from teachers. This lasted around six months, which might not seem like a lot of time but I still haven’t psychologically recovered. I don’t think I ever will.

From that point on I just completely shut down and stopped talking for the most part. All the hate directed towards me just sucked the life out of me and my experiences with other peers made me incredibly insecure and unhappy. Since I was bullied because of something I said, I just didn’t really want to say anything anymore.

So, in my country, seventh grade marks the beginning of high school. Despite being around new people who didn’t know me, I still refused to speak my mind or voice my opinion often. I did talk, just not much.

Right now, I’m in twelfth grade and about to graduate. There’s this thing in our yearbook where you have to vote for the classmate who best fits the description (e.g. person who’s always late, person who’d get pregnant first, etc). Guess who got the most votes for quietest person? Lol. I might be overreacting but it really stings for some reason.

For the past six years, most of my classmates have probably just assumed I don’t talk often because I’m either a weirdo or a [synonym for female dog]. Thing is, I can’t control it. I’d love to talk more. I just don’t. And can’t. However, they have no knowledge of this, so I can’t blame them.

Call me a wimp for all I care but it just hurts being called silent or mute (even if it’s true). Do so-called popular kids even realize this?

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I went from 310 to 330 in a month. Managed to score 165V, 165Q, 4AW on only two hours of sleep! Here is a super comprehensive list of tips, tricks, and suggestions for studying, eating, and preparing for almost every aspect of the GRE based on my experiences

Hi everyone

I vowed to myself that if I got a good score, I would share my experiences and tips for studying, eating, etc. so people can benefit from them. After all, I benefitted a lot from this subreddit while studying for the GRE and it's only fair that I return the favor. I put my heart and soul into this and spent so much time on it. Please bump this as much as you can so this post can be viewed by as many people as possible. I don’t care about reddit points and I only just now made this account since I only lurk.

I have divided this ~4700-word post into sections and subsections so it would be easier to navigate and skip to the part you care more about. But I highly recommend that you read all of it.

My background:

I took an old practice test a month before my computer based exam. I did especially bad on verbal (around 152 or so) because I’m an international student and even though I studied humanities in an English speaking university, there were a lot of words I didn’t know. My quant score was better than verbal (around 158). But in the end, they both reached the same level (and I even got a higher percentile on verbal since 165V is 96th percentile but 165Q is 85th). Even though I only studied for this test for a month, I have extensive experience with standardized tests. The university entrance exam in my country is like GRE on steroids that are on steroids themselves. I ended up not going to university in my country but I still studied for that shit so I know what I'm about.

Studying materials:

I highly recommend that you MOSTLY use ETS materials especially if you don’t have enough time. But even if you have time, I wouldn’t recommend doing non-ETS verbal questions for practice. It’s better to do the ETS verbal questions over and over rather than finding new questions not made by ETS. The only non-ETS material you need for verbal is word lists. For quant, you can use other sources for practice but I still think ETS material is enough. HOWEVER, for truly understanding the mathematical concepts in the GRE, I recommend using other sources which I will explain in the quant section.

General studying tips

  • WRITE DOWN your weaknesses or things you didn’t know or remember (it could be formulas, words, a silly kind of mistake you keep making, etc.). Writing them down helps with remembering and it also helps with reviewing.
  • Take care of your mind and body. Studying nonstop for a month can take its toll on you. So, put some tim
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Distinction without Difference: A Theory on the Secret Fire and the Flame Imperishable

As Tolkien lovers, we are all at least passingly familiar with the “Secret Fire,” thanks to it being mentioned during one of the Legendarium’s most rightly famed moments:

>But Gandalf stood firm.
>‘You cannot pass,’ he said. The orcs stood still, and a dead silence fell.
>‘I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass.’

- The Lord of the Rings

It takes little effort to uncover what this Secret Fire is that Gandalf refers to - it is the metaphysical spark of “living”, granted in some measure or manner to all living creatures according to Eru Ilúvatar. Other, far more gifted scholars than I, have drawn parallels between this “Secret Fire” and the Christian conception of the Holy Spirit - both are life-giving, seem to be some aspect of the One true God, and are strongly symbolically linked with fire. Indeed, Tolkien himself explicitly referred to the Secret Fire as being synonymous with the Holy Spirit.

So far, so good. However, we then find a stumbling block in our understanding of the Secret Fire - namely, that Tolkien gives us a second name for it. The Flame Imperishable. Indeed, Tolkien uses both names for what seems to be the same concept in the Silmarillion, which seems....odd. Surely such a consummate wordsmith as Tolkien would have a reason for inventing two seperate names for such an important and holy entity? It is out of character for the Professor to bandy words randomly - so, then, why does he have these two seperate names that are (seemingly) used for the same thing? Is it because they are not in fact the same thing? Or is it simply a lack of care on Tolkien’s part?

I first became fully aware of this problem thanks to the “Prancing Pony Podcast”, where this topic came up early on. To summarise briefly, one of the hosts hypothesised that one was an aspect or a part of the other, hence the need for two seperate names - only to retract this idea later, as it did not align with Tolkien’s own writings on the topic. Other Tolkien scholars have also concluded that the Secret Fire and the Flame Imperishable are one and the same, and have been (to the best of my knowledge) unable or unwilling to expand upon why the two different names exist.

Since then, I’ve done a little background reading, to see [that this topic has come up on this very subreddit previously](https://www.reddit.co

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Why I hate porn (tw for some explicit language)

Pornography is the graphic, sexually explicit subordination of women to men. Primarily, it depicts heterosexual sex for heterosexual male consumers. This rhetoric has the most significant influence; if women watch porn, it doesn't matter because they are not the target audience.  It is not harmless, titular erotica. It fuses sexuality with aggression and hostility to women. This fusion is through orgasm, one of the most heightened and pleasurable sensations a man can experience. No other media is intentionally produced and used for facilitating masturbation in the same way. The average age a child first watches pornography is eleven years old. It's become a normalised part of puberty; this fusion is encouraged and discussed in male peer groups as an assertion of maturity and masculinity.  All we do is trivialise this exposure. This means it forms your perception of what relations between men and women are. It is more real than the diagrams they show you in biology and of course more gratifying. This is your first interaction with the female naked body in a sexual context. Consuming this sexual conditioning becomes a routine. Porn nurtures the sexuality of young boys, but it is not created for education or to demystify sex for those unfamiliar with it, it is created for corporate profit from the male orgasm. It has an estimated global worth in excess of 30 billion dollars and now our culture is saturated in it. It doesn't care about feelings. It doesn't care about morals. It's solidified position in growing up, coming of age and arguably socialisation means sex has become porn.

Porn hurts women and should not just be a simple fact of modern life. What once began as a product of the sexually liberated sixties with the intention of creating sexual equality with its anti-capitalist approach has ironically become the nerve centre of the mistreatment and dehumanisation of women. This is not the sadomasochistic material on the fringes (if there is a fringe anymore) of pornography, it is the mainstream pornography anyone can find with a quick Google search. Liberal feminism teaches us pornography is empowering and women choose to appear in it, but it is an industry characterised by coercion not unlike the that of street prostitution. It preys on victims of child sexual assault so a desensitisation is already present that can be exploited by pimps posing as artists. Money does not replace or compensate for consent and so if a sexual encounter would not exist with

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The Problem of TBM's saying they "Know"

There are two types of truth. There is Objective truth, and Subjective truth.

Objective truth deals with matters outside a subject. Or in other words, outside of your or my opinion. Weight, height, width, color, density, chemical makeup, conductivity, volume, mass, acceleration, force, momentum, speed, acidity or baseness etc. This also includes facts about history, behavior, and events. These things are true for everyone.

Subjective truth deal with matters inside a subject. Or in other words, inside of your or my opinion. Pet peeves, favorites, habits, opinions, humor, disgusts, sexual preferences, love, hate, adoration, value, importance, priorities, fashion, boredom, etc. These things are true for individuals.

Each type of truth has a methodology for determining what is true within their own realm.

Objective truth can be determined through empirical observations such as sight (interpreting light waves via eyes/telescope/microscope/etc.), sound (interpreting vibrations via ears/stethoscope/seismograph), sensation (interpreting temperature or force such as pressure or impact with our hands or other instruments, i.e. thermometer or scale) smell & taste (interpretation of particles in the environment via nose/tongue/gas monitors/etc.)

Subjective truth can be determined through the feelings of the subject. The emotions that are generated in us when we come in contact with something help us understand how we regard something or someone. Frustration might mean that you are not moving forward as fast as you like. Fear might mean that you do not have the level of safety you need. Pleasure might mean that what is happening is a good thing. Disgust might mean you need to get away from something or someone due to sanitation issues. If we pay attention, our emotions can cue us in on who we are at the moment.

A problem arises when a TBM says "I Know the BOM is true" and proceeds to site an emotional experience.

What they are doing is claiming to have objective knowledge of something that was obtained via a subjective methodology. This is impossible and I can demonstrate it.

You cannot feel your way to objective truth. If there were human beings that could, casinos would not exist. For example, if you are playing poker, the cards the dealer holds are fixed and definite. A person would just need to reach out with their feelings and determine what those cards are. With that knowledge the player could then compare them against what they

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Movies where the twist is so well-known, people have forgotten that it's actually supposed to be a twist

Spoiler alert for Fight Club, The Sixth Sense, Psycho, and Rosemary's Baby, if you somehow don't already know what happens in those movies.

There's plenty of movies that have been identified ad nauseam as "movies where you can't avoid hearing someone say what the twist ending is at some point". The Sixth Sense is the go-to example: for fuck's sake, there's a Lonely Island song that spoils it. Everybody knows the twist is that Bruce Willis was dead THE WHOLE MOVIE OMG. But the thing about this example is that even people who haven't seen the movie know that this is SUPPOSED to be a twist, something unexpected. The same goes for Fight Club: a lot of people get the "Tyler Durden isn't real" twist spoiled for them without seeing the movie, but it's still pretty much universally understood that it's not something you're supposed to know until the movie reveals it.

I want to talk about a slightly different type of situation, sort of an eventual progression that seems to occur in some instances with this phenomenon. I would argue that there are movies where this has been taken to a further level, where not only is the twist common knowledge, it's so common that people have actually forgotten it's not SUPPOSED to be common knowledge. Psycho is probably the biggest example that comes to my mind. I feel like people have forgotten that it's actually not revealed until the very end of the movie that Norman Bates is the one killing people. Ask an average person who's never actually seen Psycho what they know about it, and they'll probably say three things: there's a killer named Norman Bates, he's obsessed with his mother, and he stabs someone in the shower while scary violin music plays. The name Norman Bates is basically synonymous with psycho killer. But people who have seen the movie know that it actually leads you to believe (up until the end) that Norman is in fact a hapless and very meek guy, who's simply covering up these murders because his mother is the one killing people, and he can't bear to see her go to prison. This is what fucked with the heads of 1960s audiences so hard. You actually kinda sympathize with the poor guy at first: sure, it's pretty fucked up that he's covering up murders, but if you were put in that position, where your own mother was suffering some sort of mental issues that was causing her to do this, can you really say with absolute certainty that you wouldn't do the same, or at least turn a blind eye? D

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DD: MindMed and the Psychedelic Sector

Long-time anonymous reader and (relatively) new member here! Found fewer psychedelic DD's lately than I'd hoped, so thought I'd provide one of my own to spark discussion. This is a new and growing sector, and I strongly believe it deserves more attention! I’ll cover it in three sections: a quick Psychedelics intro, a brief DD on MindMed, and then an overview of the sector as a whole.

Background on the Sector

There are three topics everyone who wants to understand the Psychedelic Sector needs to know up front:

1) Intent: This sector is fundamentally different from the Cannabis Sector in a large way. The target market is primarily medicinal uses rather than recreational uses. Cannabis has a large recreational movement, where psychedelics have a small one. While this may deter some folks, I find it reassuring: to play in this space a company must be serious and committed.

2) Diversity: There are a number of drugs in the psychedelic space - psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD (acid), MDMA (ecstasy), ketamine (anesthetic), to name a few. Each is in some stage of clinical trials, and each company is attempting to use different ones to treat different mental and behavioral health conditions. These conditions are diverse as well, though the largest target markets include ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and drug and alcohol addiction.

3) Delivery: Psychedelic research today is not seeking to put high volumes of over-the-counter mushrooms or LSD pills in your local CVS. Psychedelics are being researched in controlled microdoses, and the intended delivery is by trained therapists through guided psychotherapy sessions. Psychedelics on their own may give your mind a period of disconnection and subdued feelings of fear, but with proper guidance from a trained therapist this period also becomes an opportunity for "rewiring" old mental blocks that lead to mental illness. Some people begin to break through chronic mental health barriers in just a few appointments. CNN recently covered the sector in an hour long special under Lisa Ling's "This is Life" series called "Psychedelic Healing" (Season 7, Episode 6). This demonstrates the delivery method well, as well as several early success stories. It's available on several paid streaming services, including Amazon Prime and Youtube, but I'm linking a CNN article on the episode so you can get the gist of it abb

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UC(LA?) waitlist LOCI advice from a current UCLA freshman who got off the waitlist last year

Hey y'all, I'm a long-time lurker and a current waitlist-admit UCLA freshman. I want to give back to the community that helped me out last year ( :D ), so I thought I'd share some tips from my own waitlist experience that I think could be useful for my waitlisted peeps who have to write a LOCI. This post was obviously made in the context of UCLA, but I think it could help for other UC waitlists too.

(Disclaimer: This is the experience of just ONE STUDENT out of a whole lot! What worked for me may not necessarily work for you, although I sure hope it does! Also, this is long, lol, sorry.)

On grades: I had 4 A's (1 A-) and a B+ in fall, and I included those grades in the LOCI. If you have generally good grades that suggest consistent academic output, submit them! Showing that continued strength is good. At the end of the day though, this is a personal judgement call - if COVID and online learning really have you hurting, don't feel ashamed to not share them (imo).

On the "essay" portion: I wrote the rest of the LOCI in essay format, and I think it ended up being somewhat close to the length of a PIQ. I wouldn't feel obligated to make your LOCI a certain length, though - do what you feel is necessary to write something strong! That being said, here are some "topics" I felt were important (not an exhaustive list):

SHOW knowledge about the school combined with a personal connection. A LOCI really has that "Why Us" vibe to it, and you want to capture that as you write it. Visited UCLA and fell in love with something specific about the campus? Followed UCLA basketball your whole life, especially now as they play in March Madness? Talk about that! If you really like the school, you WILL have something genuine to share here! Personal example: For me, as an L.A. native, UCLA has always been THE dream of mine, as well as geographically both a cultural and academic icon. I also explored their website and namedropped a club I was genuinely interested in joining. Don't fake this, be honest! (Trust me, you will write something better if it is genuine).
SHOW personal and academic growth. What have you done since submitting your application? Don't get me wrong - keeping your grades high and staying involved in your extracurriculars is AWESOME, and I think you should totally talk about that somewhere in your LOCI. But, in my opinion, having new achievements since November is a gamechanger! Did you or your club/organization/sport (if applicable)

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My perspective on the long term viability of SOS and it's mining competitors

In the next five to ten years Bitcoin mining companies will soon have to reckon with the reality of mining Bitcoin becoming less profitable. If BTC prices stagnate or slow their growth for an extended period of time, the inevitable increase in mining difficulty will cut profits for miners and margins will be squeezed tighter than ever. But this isn't a bad thing for SOS.

The main long term viability (10 years+) will be with the mining companies who adapt and grow with crypto. Bitcoin mining will eventually become less profitable after each 'halving' and the companies who recognize that will diversify into other cryptos or take steps to make up for that lost profit margin.

With SOS we already see immense foresight by them hedging against BTC mining and by also focusing on Ethereum. As far as I'm aware SOS is one of the only publicly listed company involved in mining Ethereum.

After their acquisition of miners we saw that foresight again with the hydropower deal sealing their title as a green energy miner, which I believe is nearly exclusive to SOS with only one other green miner I can think of that is publicly listed. Their goal is to be sustainable in the far far future. With climate change already causing catastrophic effects to earth, which will only get worse in time; in the world of 2030, 40, 50.. If you aren't green, you aren't permanent.

The third and possibly biggest hint at their long term sustainability is not focusing exclusively on mining for themselves. Those of us who are balls deep in this chicken coop know they intend to create a cloud mining service and a crypto insurance service. When bitcoin mining becomes more difficult, margins are squeezed. Retail miners with desktop computers were once the biggest force behind bitcoin, then profitability moved to ASIC miners, and now ASIC miners in low-energy-cost areas.

As costs for miners increase and difficulty increases, retail will become nonexistent leaving only private and public mining companies. The companies who refuse or are unable to go green will be the next to be squeezed out, leaving only large operation green miners such as SOS who can afford to invest in thousands of miners costing $10-$30k each or more. With retail still wanting to stay mining but unable to stay profitable due to location or cost, they will turn to cloud miners for a small profit. This route also somewhat protects SOS from crypto price volatility because they aren't directly holding the coins, but selling a se

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Face the Hydra! (Enslavement of Man: The rabbit hole never ends!) - Part 2

Please read the first part here:


None are so hopelessly enslaved. as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.
- Johann Wolfgang Goethe

So, what or who is the Hydra?

The Hydra is effectively a clique of bloodlines. They gain and accumulate knowledge and they can successfully operate the mechanisms of control by employing their offsprings. Just consider the fact that these royal types never marry a non-royal, even to this day, and all of them keep their titles. Titles like "Lord Rothschild" literally bind you to their manufactured reality through word magick and own you from birth. You have a CERTIFICATE of birth, which makes you an asset.

Almost every social movement, from the atheist path, all religions, every single large prosperous industry, almost every single modern war (post-Seven-Years-War), the debt-based financial system (which creates money out of thin air using clicks on a computer, and makes you pay it back as physical money, otherwise it takes your house), you name it, are orchestrated in unison (as documented by hundreds of people which you will never hear of through the flow of social media) by a number of people which can fit in a large music club. Total world debt is around 3 Quadrillion dollars. To whom? Do you understand the implications?

Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and all the others exist now as barriers to spiritual, personal, and social growth. For each group perpetuates a closed-world view, but it has been a mystery how this came to be, since this was not the case at some point in history. What if I told you that this cult has been infiltrating every above mentioned religion with the purpose of perverting its original message.

These people (which acts as a cult with its own "religion") have been MISIDENTIFIED throughout history as Zionist Jews, Illuminati, Freemasons, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group and some other umbrella terms, but the main focal point here is that every day that I dedicate to my research further points to this fatalistic conclusion, that at the top they are a single entity, working against humans, and even God. (G

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[A levels] H1 General Paper Advice

I'm just a bored NSF who wants to share his experience taking H1 General Paper. Take my advice with a pinch of salt, but hey, if you never try, you never know. Personally, GP was my favourite subject in JC, probably because there was no fixed syllabus for me to study and the skills taught in this subject will last a lifetime. In this "guide" I will detail my personal experience and how I eventually tackled GP at A levels. Some background knowledge about myself: Took A levels in 2020, got A for GP. Throughout my JC life, my GP grade oscillated between D and E, and I was in the lower percentiles for Prelims. In other words, never stop believing! As long as you feel you are going in the right direction and know internally that you are somewhat improving, you should be fine.

Firstly, I will detail how I studied for GP. What I did was I grouped Paper 1 and AQ together and the rest of Paper 2 separately, because of the different skills/knowledge required. For Paper 1, I took note of the recurring topics that came out over the years and studied the topics that I liked (I liked Arts, Media, Freedom of Speech, Poverty, Globalisation). The way I studied was in a fun way because I got an excuse to use my phone to watch Documentaries or read News Articles. For News, try to read both local and international ones often as the Paper 1 question may ask for either, also local news can help with AQ. Another thing I did for Paper 1/AQ was read the model essays my teachers prepared after every major exam, because those are loaded with good points and many many examples. (Also IIRC your school papers are probably your teachers' prediction of what's going to come out.) For Paper 2, I used a word bank to improve my paraphrasing skills. I used someone else's notes I found on SGExams website because I'm lazy (shout out to Zhang Zeyu from RVHS 2019), but you can also make your own. Analyse the commonly paraphrased words from TYS and find the many corresponding synonyms, as different synonyms are used in different contexts.

A common misconception about GP is that you have to be loaded with examples. From my personal experience, this is not true. You can prepare for Paper 1, but God bless you for AQ. Because you can choose out of 1/12 questions for Paper 1, but you have no choice for AQ. Worse still, Cambridge can throw you a curveball you or your school will never expect. A lot of people said Environment was gna come out for my year, nope, it was APOLOGIES. Tell me, how to find

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I believe the term "rape" refers to "forced penetration" and should not be used in the criminal justice system. CMV.

I have a few thoughts:

  1. Rape is defined as "the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person."

  2. Rape is also defined as "a crime of rape," which refers to a person who "subjects another to sexual intercourse without consent"

  3. The definition of rape is also "the carnal knowledge of the female body", which can be defined as "any penetration done to the vagina or anus without consent, no matter how slight."**

  4. The definition of forced penetration is also "any sexual intercourse or contact with the victim's body or a part of her body by force or duress" or "any act or omission by which an actor coerces a victim to perform an act that the victim is physically incapable of consenting to".

So in short, I believe that the terms rape and forced penetration should not be used as synonyms in the criminal justice system, but should instead be defined by the specific crime of rape.

EDIT: I should also mention that I believe the term rape should be more broadly defined as "any sexual intercourse or contact with a victim's body or a part of the victim's body by force or duress"

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A response to suffering

There is no mastery of suffering because suffering, in and of itself, is a byproduct of misaligned values and actions. As these become more aligned, suffering diminishes and pain (although still present) is an event rather than a state of being. Any dramatic shift in our perception of the world is going to cause suffering because of the "catch up time" involved to realign ourselves with the new knowledge. Eventually and ideally, we are able to reach a place where we each know ourselves so well that personal suffering ends because we are able to honestly approach anything that is handed to us.

Pain and suffering are not meant to be synonymous.

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Why was indiscriminate suicide bombing adopted by violent Islamist organizations?

The use of suicidal tactics in warfare is as old as warfare itself. Still, it only became systematized fairly recently. The most infamous instance of early 20th-century use of suicide bombing was of course the kamikaze, those special divisions of the Imperial Japanese army who were instructed to fly their planes into enemy warships. In fact, suicide bombers are still frequently referred to as "kamikaze" in some languages. Republican Chinese forces also used similar tactics as far back as the 1911 Revolution.

Early Islamist-inspired terrorism during the '70s used conventional tactics, usually as a part of targeted assassination campaigns which the militants were meant to survive. Those were few and far between as politics in the Muslim world were dominated by secular nationalism at the time, and the organizations responsible were swiftly cracked down upon. At the time, suicide attacks were exceptionally rare and generally considered a bizarre oddity — such as when a porn actor flew his plane into the home of a powerful yakuza as part of an internal feud among Japanese right-wingers in 1976.

As far as I know, the first notable Islamist-inspired suicide bombing was al-Dawa's attack on the Iraqi embassy in December 1981 in Beirut. It was quickly followed by Hezbollah's attack on the US embassy in April 1983 and on the MNF peacekeepers barracks in October 1983, both also in Beirut. They were part of a same trend: Shia Islamist militants driving vehicles packed with explosives into political or military targets associated with regional turmoil. Those seemed to have been motivated more by anti-imperialist grievances than purely religious fanaticism.

Moreover, they were not the only organizations to employ such tactics during the '80s. Again in Lebanon, in 1985, the Eagles of the Whirlwind (the armed branch of the secular pan-Syrianist SSNP) sent a young woman on a suicide mission that was almost identical in motive and tactics with those employed by Shia Islamists. In Sri Lanka, the first Black Tiger (the suicide squad of the Tamil separatist LTTE) blew himself up in an operation similar to Hezbollah's barracks bombing. Later, the Kurdish socialist PKK also adopted suicide bombing as a tactic from 1996 on.

It all changed with the rise of Palestinian Sunni Islamism in the early '90s. The first suicide attack in Israel was carried out by Hamas in April 1994 with a school bus as a target. To my knowledge, this was the first time an Islamist militant had successf

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Differentiation between modes and scales?

Ive been playing bass for about 5 months and prior to that, trumpet for 3 years (although the only theory i learned from trumpet was note names). Ive been slowly learning theory as I start to learn bass but believe theres a hole in my knowledge. What is the difference between a scale, mode, and key? I have an okay understanding what scales and the key are, but I’m not sure I really know what modes are? Prior to a day ago, I was under the assumption it was just a synonym for the key, but now I’m not so sure. Could any of you dumb it down for me to understand?

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Fleausse's flower nicknames and what they mean.

Fleauesse's conversations with the protagonists often feature her calling them by the names of flowers as a pet name- so, being the curious person I am, I decided to look up what they all meant and see if they had any symbolism that fit the characters. And boy, did they! Here's the names she calls each character, the meaning of them in the language of flowers, and how that relates to the character in question.

> Bunny: "honeysuckle"

> Although the honeysuckle flower has had many different meanings throughout history, today, it is predominantly viewed as a symbol of happiness. Because the honeysuckle vine is notoriously hardy and challenging to kill once established, it can often be used to symbolize devotion and everlasting bonds, too.

Happiness and devotion are big parts of Bunny's character - her happy-go-lucky disposition and bond with Baron. Honeysuckle being difficult to kill is, sadly, reflected in her story as well- she is the only Rivaylian to survive the battle with Zecilwenshe and go on to confront Iceschillendrig directly.

> Selena: "buttercup"

> Because the buttercup is so closely intertwined with children, the symbolic meaning is understandably synonymous with this theme. Although there are variations, quite often the flower is said to represent joy, youth, purity, happiness and friendship. It can also mean playfulness, cheerfulness and sunshine, which reflect the bloom’s happy appearance. If you wake up from having a dream about buttercups, this can mean that you are missing some piece of your childhood and perhaps it’s time to visit the house where you grew up or call an old friend.

> Buttercups are also said to represent passion, as well as "childish impetuousness or ingratitude."

Selena is generally playful with Maiser and the orphans, and her outfit is mostly white and yellow, like a buttercup. She and Maiser are childhood friends, her passionate love for him is her main motivation, and she cares deeply for the children at the church. She is shown to be somewhat trigger-happy, showing the "impetuousness", and her refusal to believe in divinity despite the abbess's insistence could be seen as a form of ingratitude.

> Illganeau: "sweetpea"

The sweetpea flower represents goodbyes and fond memories, just as Illganeau fixates on her past and the loss of her family. They may also be poisonous in large amounts, showing how she is seen as dangerous and destructive.

> Sekka: "foxglove"

Foxgloves are associa

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Humanity Chooses Knowledge

Edit: Oops I didn't paste it all.

I think that I have finally found it. Finally, finally teased it out from the jumbled mess that is human philosophy, history, and religion. After years—actual spirit’s haunted fucking years—of research, hundreds if not thousands of interviews, and no less than seventeen different research teams… it finally hit me! The defining feature of humanity! That which at their most basic, primal state drives them as a race… or at least one such feature.

That’s right, I’ve finally achieved that which two dozen races have failed to do even after all these years: The ‘boiling down’ of the galaxy’s newest race. It wasn’t easy, it isn’t perfect… but it’s—at the very least—not wrong!

At every twist and turn throughout their myriad years, every ancient conquest, every brutal revolution… humanity chose knowledge. It is their… unquenchable lust for knowledge that has driven them from the shelter of the caves and forests that their ancestors inhabited, to the cold dark black alongside the rest of us!

You only need to look at their dominant language to catch a glimpse at this. Many of my fellow researchers—and indeed probably many of you—have heard the old German proverb “curiosity killed the cat.” At first glance, this is a proverb warning against the dangers of curiosity… and it is. But ask yourselves for one moment: why in all the hells would any sapient race need a proverb warning them against being curious?

This… that question right there is the beginning. The starting point, the place that humanity diverges from the rest of us. Every single other species in the galaxy has no less than half a dozen proverbs extolling the values of being more curious, several from my own species fairly nearly outright beg you to be curious. But with humans it’s the exact opposite, instead of drilling curiosity into their spawn’s heads they drill instead restraint, moderation, and other such synonyms. Because for them… curiosity is dangerous.

But we’ll get back to that, for now let us return to that old German proverb. While for many humans curiosity may have figuratively—and in a few tragic cases quite literally—‘killed the cat,’ for just as many it is the single most rewarding experience that they have ever had. Throughout my countless interviews with humans of all ages and sizes, nearly every one had both a time where their curiosity was a great achievement for them and a t

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The apparent cultural contradictions of the Poly Reddit community

I apologize if this message has been addressed ad nauseam before.

TL:DR - it’s even more important for poly people to be open, understanding, and to communicate effectively with newcomers, people exploring who they are and what they want, people with questions, and people who may currently be unwittingly ignorant. I believe it is egregiously hypocritical to do otherwise.

EDIT: I neglected to mention that there is a tremendous amount of very positive support in this sub. Perhaps I am noticing the glaring negative and giving it disproportionate representation. Thank you to all of the wonderful people out there who are genuinely caring and helpful.

My background: I am not an expert at poly relationships. I am not an expert at relationships at all. I do, however, professionally consult on effective communication strategies and techniques(at least in a business setting and marketing/development/social media/etc). I work primarily with non-profit or cause focused organizations. Most importantly, I have made tremendous mistakes in past relationships that I wish with all of my heart I could go back and correct with the tools and knowledge that I have now.

The issue:

It is surprising and disheartening to see such a volume of incredibly negative feedback in comments. To me, that seems incongruous with a community of people who, essentially by definition, or blessed with the ability and desire to live and love differently, to be more vulnerable, and to be more committed to communication and the work necessary to make complex relationships work for everyone involved.

Learning is hard. Relationships are hard. Communication is hard. There’s not a lot of easy in our lives. Most people still don’t even know that polyamory is a thing. Some people believe it’s a preference, others think it’s who you are. Some people confuse it with polygamy. Some people confuse it as synonymous with ENM. Some people don’t understand the complicated dynamics of the myriad types of poly relationships - most of us never really will. But people are here, generally, to learn from others who know more than they do. They are inquisitive. They are looking for some guidance.

We all have choices. Do we consider each individual as unique, with a unique perspective and unique circumstances? Or do we project our own experiences onto them? Do we project other people’s experiences onto them? Are we positive and supportive? Or are we accusatory, punitive, and insulting?

Would you

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A quick breakdown of the anti LGBT bill just introduced in North Dakota and its Implications

As Biden is elected, the culture war against transgender individuals heats up. While losing in the national government Conservatives put a new focus on pushing out anti transgender bills at the state level. So far in 2021 13 states have introduced bills to remove rights of transgender individuals mostly focusing on minors. Most notably the majority of these bills are cookie cutter with select wording replaced. These practices are common at the state level with usually think tanks pushing out a template bill which state legislators then can just fill out the blanks.

This practice is being pushed right now in hopes of overwhelming ACLU, HRC and other pro LGBT organizations and hope to push this anti LGBT practice into the political mainstream.

> Chase Strangio, deputy director for Trans Justice at the ACLU. “At a time when perhaps bill-drafting and government might be slowed down by the states due to practical constraints because of COVID, you have well-resourced anti-trans groups that are drafting these bills and shipping them out to states. And they’re moving incredibly quickly.”

Over the coming months more and more republican states will push these same bills so today I decide to take a look at one of these bills to dissect what is really in them.

##Definitions and their meaning


I decided to start with North Dakota with HOUSE BILL NO. 1476. These bills have to have definitions to attempt to exclude trans people with the idea that future medical treatment won't be able to curtail. You can no longer ban trans women base upon estrogen levels because the last 50 years allow trans women to be biologically identical in appearance. So they settle on the one thing Medical Science can't change. Under this bill this is the following definition for the genders.

> 1."Biological female" means a person who was born with female anatomy and with two x chromosomes in the person's cells.

> 2."Biological male" means a person who was born with male anatomy and with x and y chromosomes in the person's cells.

Notice that these definitions say "At Birth" so that in case medical science learns to change chromosome they can still enforce these laws against trans people base upon their presentation before th

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Sonic Many Worlds and Cardinality Part 2


The Multiverse (Multiverses) Of ArchieVerse Is a Quantum One (Of Many Worlds) and Brane Cosmology Firstly The Verse Makes It clear that it Follows Quantum Mechanics By The Inclusion Of States Of The Quantum Level While Talking about the Nature and Effect Of Being The Embodiment Of Chaos https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vsbattles/images/2/2a/Sonic_and_Chaos.png/revision/latest?cb=20181104012617

^ And Chaos Theory as Well with Varying Constant Inconsistencies that Become Random and Unpredictable https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vsbattles/images/5/55/GIOFxlt.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20181104015302

^ Even More when he says “Chaos Is The Constant” Meaning there’s States Of Chaos And look at what that Relates to https://www.google.com/search?q=constant+state+of+chaos&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS795US795&oq=Constant+of+Chaos&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.16828j1j7&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Chaos Theory but What is that? https://www.britannica.com/science/chaos-theory “Chaos theory, in mechanics and mathematics, the study of apparently random or unpredictable behaviour in systems governed by deterministic laws. A more accurate term, deterministic chaos, suggests a paradox because it connects two notions that are familiar and commonly regarded as incompatible. The first is that of randomness or unpredictability, as in the trajectory of a molecule in a gas or in the voting choice of a particular individual from out of a population. In conventional analyses, randomness was considered more apparent than real, arising from ignorance of the many causes at work. In other words, it was commonly believed that the world is unpredictable because it is complicated. The second notion is that of deterministic motion, as that of a pendulum or a planet, which has been accepted since the time of Isaac Newton as exemplifying the success of science in rendering predictable that which is initially complex.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_theory

“Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the study of chaos—states of dynamical systems whose apparently random states of disorder and irregularities are often governed by deterministic laws that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary theory stating that, within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fract

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Kote doesn't mean disaster (spoilers)

Kote means God.

The popular quote is translated to
"expect "Kote" every 7 years"

As in expect Tehlu (and his righteous vengeance) every 7 years.

But there is a 2nd quote with Kote

"Kist, Crayle, en Kote"
...distraction here...
"Kraemet brevetan Aerin"

Which is translated into shit in God's beard.

There is a Kote in there.

If you learn to seek out the distractions and focus on them it becomes easier to see what Pat is hiding.

Kist, Crayle, and Kraemet could be shit (All are swear words elsewhere, kist and crayle going together).

Kist appears to be a holy stone coffin and kist and crayle may be a holy stone coffin full of shit. (which may be telling us what is behind the 4 square door...That nearly killed Elodin.


Kista may refer to stomach https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/kista

brevetan could be beard


Kvothe first seems to receive his beard after sleeping with Felurian and his beard is treated as a testimony to the truth that he slept with her because it grew so fast. In this sense Beard is used in the story in the same way as Brevet is used as a badge of achieving a certain rank in the military...

Aerin and Kote could be names of the wind (who's primary name is Kvothe)

Sure enough

Aerin is ethereal, pertaining to the air


So with the previous knowledge that Kvothe is literally the name of the wind in the searching for the name of the wind and both Kote and Aerin are synonyms...

We are left with Kvothe=Wind=Kote=Aerin=God

But there is a small story here:

Shit in God's beard (and stomach?)

God (Kvothe)
Shit in Beard
Shit in stomach if Kist is used to mean stomach

Kvothe is the literal name of the wind and I won't reveal how that is shown but it is directly stated.
The beard is shown in the Inn after he comes back from Felurian with a full beard
The shit in the beard is shown in Chapter 147 of WMF in Tarbean the grime is mostly horse shit and it gets in his hair (which includes the beard and this section goes on to detail it getting in his stomach)

Following the book requires very particular attention...
But if you apply the attention there is a deeper story and a deeper name...

If you pay close attention to the fake ruh troop killed by Kvothe there is usage of "tastes like shit" and "shit eater"

If Kist and Crayle is "St

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The test was on 5th Feb - British Council CD Academic Result : L = 8.5, R = 8.5, W = 6.5, S = 7


Practise a few tests first on ieltsonlinetest.com first. You don't have to listen, Understand and get caught up in that, all you need is to hear the answer, all you need to know is what they are testing, all you need is to know what they are testing, all you need to know is what they are testing, all you need is to know what they are testing, I cannot stress enough on this. Read the question and you'll definitely get an idea of what the answer may sound like, just wait for that. Be patient, stay calm and composed. Be all your ears. Listen for plurals, you may miss the 's, learn to write the date in a standard format, practise map type questions. Ability to understand paraphrasing is a must. Watch this video as many times as possible. I've seen 3/4 times before on the day before my exam, and also watch other videos in this playlist at least once. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8qmJeBxk4Q&list=PLOSo0A8ngEXW9lCsctVH4tUFZMtNeQ_nt&index=6


First things first, divide your time like 15, 15, 30 minutes for 1,2,3 sections respectively. The last section takes more time and also you'll have ample time to recheck. Skimming and scanning are very important, sometimes you don't need to read the whole paragraph. Ability to understand paraphrasing is a must. IELTS tests your true English level. Practise True, false, not given type of questions more. Never imagine what is not given. Read this 3/4 times thoroughly https://ieltsliz.com/how-i-scored-9-in-ielts-reading/

I practised speaking and writing with a girl who was also preparing for IELTS and had the exam on the same date as mine. She was much elder than me, pursuing a PhD at the University of Liverpool. We had like 7 online meetings. We had a writing task the same as the one in IELTS. Which was to be completed and mailed one hour before the meeting, so it gives ample time to correct. Once the meeting starts, the first 10 minutes each to discuss the writing task, later 20 minutes each for speaking. To choose the topics for the writing & speaking section pick topics from https://ieltsonlinetests.com/collection/ielts-recent-actual-test-answers-volume-1 especially from the actual previous test. There are 6 Volumes. ( YOU CAN FOLLOW THIS IN CASE YOU WANT TO PARTNER UP AND STUDY)


There are different m

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Cluster-B and me, an excursion into the darkest realms of psychology

This posting is based on my personal experience while having the awareness that I was dealing with a predator as I was "lucky enough" to make the rare insight and was being told by the predator that I am actually dealing with one.

Following up an open communication about the inner workings, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse, and the joy of sadistic pleasure in general, I researched the internet and clinical studies at the same time, being aware of what to research in specific. I will present it and this is the first part, in the manner of storytelling in order to create a bigger picture as we are talking about a timeline of 15 months and deepness in regards to this topic from posting to posting.

As this topic is complex by its nature, it is impossible to present you in a truthful way without taking the deep dives that were part of my experience and research. In upcoming posts, I will also present hard evidence like letters, handwritings, screenshot, chats, and photos including the upper and many more aspects basically starting at day one and telling the "important" parts of the story one to one or showing one of the hard evidence as I stored and recorded everything at the moment I was made aware by the individual that a was having a unique experience of a lifetime. Being able to record everything that you will find as rarely on the internet as rarely is that a predictor tells you that he is a predictor and how it is to be a predictor.

If you have a sensitive soul, the possibility to trigger a trauma in regards to abuse you experience or feel mentally unstable, you need to consider for yourself if you can deal with an intensive and detailed description or evidence of the topics above. Even though it will get very dark from time to time, I hope you will enjoy this journey and each story need an Intro, this post is considered the Intro of it.


I am pretty sure you all heart about the wolf in sheep cloth.

Who is the wolf you may ask? Well, that is the typical question that will pop up in your mind.

What does he look like? That's the second question that will pop up if you show interest in this kind of topic.

But have you ever asked yourself how the wolf is and how the wolf must be, structured in his workings internally while executing what he does on the outside, for the symbiotic workings of each and

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Thoughts on Sakura, Revisited

Hey, folks.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the knowledge that springtime’s no longer a dream for us in the Northern Hemisphere. It was a mild enough winter, though we had that crazy pocket of cold air creep down the Great Plains of the United States all the way to Mexico. 🥶 Still, it wasn’t that unusual; us Minnesotans need things to be pretty off-kilter to call a winter weird.

But even to people in the Midwest, where we ride dogsleds and eat Polar Bear meat, winter’s end is never unwelcome. I don’t think I could ever live in a place without all four seasons. The death and rebirth seen every year helps to… keep things in perspective.

I know I probably spend too much of my free-time—not that it takes that long, really—speculating and writing Nagatoro stuff, but I really enjoy doing it and enjoy that some others enjoy it. Plus, my chronic-insomnia’s kept me from slumbering more than four or five hours at a time for almost three years. 😬 It’s handy for some things (not really…), but I kinda miss the kinda of z’s I caught when I was a kid.

Meh… You didn’t come here for that. You came here to read another excessive discourse on one of the Naga-friends, and up to bat is the darling deity of the 🌸Cherry-blossom Disciples🌸, Sakura.

All hail Sakura, 3rd Place winner of the recent \"best-girl\" poll!

Really, I still don't know why Sakura's my favorite Naga-friend, but I'm not worrying about that today.

I’m sure I’ll repeat myself with some of my erstwhile malarkey from my other scribblings, but there are always new potential readers, and any piece of writing worth its salt can stand on its own. Looking further with other sources is helpful, but any such document should contain what’s needed to understand upon reading.

Also, please forgive my overemployment of elipses (…) and em-dashes (—). When I don’t have to write formally, I write how I think, and I think with a lot of pauses and in-subject tangents. It’s also how I talk.

Onto business…

What Is Perceived

Sakura appears the playgirl. She’s strung along numerous boys prior to and during the current storyline, individually and in groups. She puts forward a carnal-confidence that would rattle any but the most jaded male, and she’s willing to back it up physically, at least to a degree. Sakura knows what makes boys tick… at least the more foolish of

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How to use dialogue tags to make dynamic dialogues.

Disclaimer / background informations: I get this knowledge from my original, french language. I don't know if it translates well in English, but I hope so.

In french, we make a huge deal of two things when writing: stylistic devices and the synonyms/antonyms/things that end in ym.

For those of you interested in the stylistic devices, this video is in french with English subtitles and is very effective at covering the basic ones and what they are used for. (Watch it, the whole point is to be both funny and educative at the same time. The subject might seem boring because of our old languages classes but, like most things, a good teacher can make all the difference.)

For the second one, you'll see why it's important later.

When to use or not to use said

So, on the internet you'll usually find two opinions:

  • Never, ever use said. It's bad. In fact, said is dead.
  • Said is an invisible word, and you don't need anything else.

The first one, 'said is bad' is usually made with the argument that instead of said, you could use words to describe more accurately what your character is feeling or how the dialogue is conveyed (or you could just write some description)

The second one, 'said' is invisible, is usually made with the argument that readers are so used to it they will pass over it without seeing it.

Let's compare the two.

Example 1: Said tag everywhere

>"I wanted to teach him," he said.
>"And it didn't work?" she said.
>"He didn't want to learn!" he said. "Every single time I tried to teach him something, he would run off!"

Now, that's bland. Here, the said tag alone didn't work and ruptured the flow of the story.

But, let's try the other one, and use 'said' nowhere.

>"I wanted to teach him," he muttered.
>"And it didn't work?" she spoke.
>"He didn't want to learn!" he screamed. "Every single time I tried to teach him something, he would run off!"

Well, that's... Still bland. We now know that character is angry at the end, but the dialogue is dull. Maybe the secret to have good dialogues is to mix them up?

>"I wanted to teach him," he muttered.
>"And it didn't work?" she said.
>"He didn't want to learn!" he screamed. "Every single time I tried to teach him something, he would run off!"

Nope, doesn't change a thing.

So, let's try not having any tag at all.

>"I wanted to teach him."

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Honorary Title in Budo / Judo

The following is a google translation from german to english.

Don't have the time to smooth (working on a different Judo project) but in general german - english isn't that bad.

Better than my english :) Anyway.

Designations for teacher degrees

The reasons and motifs for the names and titles of teachers are derived from their extensive life experience, their proven teaching competence, their position in a hierarchical teaching system and / or their role model effect. Depending on the situation and qualifications, a teacher can be given different titles. For example, the karate master Kanazawa Hirokazu (born 1931) is generally referred to as sensei (teacher), hierarchically as jūdan (10th dan), with regard to his teaching competence and role model effect as hanshi (scholar), as well as with regard to his function in his organization as kanchō (style board)

Sensei 先生

The term sensei , whose literal meaning is “the one born before”, basically designates a teacher in Japanese who, due to his age, is far ahead of the younger generation in terms of knowledge, skills and life experience.

Although the sensei is always a master of his subject, the word “sensei” does not correspond to any academic degree or title that one could attain through university studies. Rather, the term is an expression of veneration with which one addresses the teacher / master in his presence or speaks about him in his absence. As a result, in Japanese the usual personal suffix "-san" is replaced by a subsequent "sensei" in such cases sensei through his holistic work inside and outside the dōjō , with and beyond the practice of forms, a role model for his students, on which they orient themselves in order to advance on their own path. A sensei conveys his teaching not (only) through rationally comprehensible explanations, but (above all) through right action that can only be intuitively grasped. In order for the student to be able to understand this teaching in its depth at all, he must strive for a close personal bond with the master, which is the prerequisite for “teaching from heart to heart” ( ishin denshin

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Commentary on D&C 29

INTENDED AUDIENCE: active members of the church

Commentary on a few verses from D&C 29. The church was still in its infancy, barely 5 months old, when this revelation was given to Joseph Smith in September of 1830. Many topics are touched upon, and several themes can be derived from this section, such as, resurrection, ramifications of a wicked mortal life, the Second Coming, Spiritual Death, and so on.

1- Voice of Jesus Christ

Throughout the D&C, the voice is God the Son, Jesus Christ, who is giving these revelations to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

1- The Great I Am

This is one of Christ's many titles and names. This is the title that was used when Christ revealed himself to Moses on Mount Sinai.

2- As a hen gathereth

When danger is present, a hen will call out to her chicks who come running to her for protection. In a similar fashion, Christ calls to us when imminent danger is upon us.

3- Your sins are forgiven you

All of those (not just freshly baptized individuals) who have come unto Christ by baptism in our church have been justified by faith in Jesus, who have been faithful in their covenants, have been forgiven of their sins. Not all of us are fortunate enough to receive a direct revelation to hear these reassuring words from Christ himself, but essentially, we can feel similar blessings if we are on the covenant path, magnifying our callings to the best of our abilities, and remaining active in the church.

3- Your advocate

An advocate is one who defends you. In a judicial courtroom, the advocate is the defense attorney. On the Final Judgment day, Jesus is our advocate who will defend his faithful saints, and he never loses a case.

5- His good will

Good Will = Grace (synonyms in this context).

7- The gathering of mine elect

Just like chicks, the Lord's voice will extend to all people throughout the world. His voice includes anyone who speaks with the spirit, the prophet, General Authorities, missionaries, members of the church. Any who hear the clarion call, who listen to the whisperings of the spirit and obey are the Lord's elect and chosen.

8- Gathered in unto one place

At the time that this vision was given, the saints did not know where this central location would be. Sometime before the tribulation and desolation of the Second Coming, the Lord will have his saints gather to Jackson County Missouri. A final gathering place, which will also be known as Zion, will occur in that

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Making reading accessible *and rigorous* for English Learners

Engaging my higher level English Learners with intellectual rigor while maintaining accessibility for my lower level EL students has always been a challenge. I'm fortunate to work at a school that doesn't require me to follow curriculum to a T, so I'm free to do my own thing when appropriate.

What follows is an outline I've assembled over the years while observing colleagues and working with a NBCT mentor (along with something I'm trying for the first time now). I teach sheltered English 9/10 classes, which consist solely of intermediate/advanced English Learners. I obviously don't hit every single activity every time we read (I'm not an INSANE PERSON); this is more a bank of strategies/activities to refer to while planning than something to adhere to 100%


  • Vocabulary List assignment (20-40 difficult/key words from text) -- this takes time so I give students some class time to complete
    • For each word, Write an original definition, translation, 2 synonyms / 2 antonyms, original sentence, picture
  • Engage Prior Knowledge (Help students connect to a theme/topic related to the reading)
  • Use videos, visuals, other out-of-the-box activities to *activate interest*! (Or at least try)
  • Flip through the text, look at pictures and text features
  • Make predictions

While reading:

  • Provide a translated text for students (I often copy + paste the text into Google Docs and then hit “Translate Document” if I can’t find a translation elsewhere)
  • Periodically ask comprehension questions of varying difficulty to gauge understanding (5 Ws + H)
  • Text annotation
    • I like to use digital texts because I can put the text into Google Docs and have students annotate by adding comments/highlighting.
  • Close reading
    • 3 column document
      • Column 1: Sentence/idea/symbol from the text
      • Column 2: Rewrite/explain in your words (Paraphrase)
      • Column 3: Explain how/why it is significant
  • USE vocabulary so students don’t LOSE it
    • Vocab skits, warm-ups, presenting synonyms/definitions when we come across vocab words in the text, integrating vocab words during discussions and in other assignments
  • Personal Connections, Personal Connections, Personal Connections
    • ALWAYS be giving students opportunities to connect literally *any part of the text* to their own lives and experiences through journals, discussions, and other writing/speaking activities

1st reading Focus:

  • Literary Elements (These often change, but I
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[Emulation] Nintendo Vs. LoveROMs: The hundred-million dollar lawsuit, the public apology, the self-proclaimed archivists who made it all happen, and the surprisingly heated legal dispute about playing old videogames.

Context: (you can safely SKIP this section if you know what a ROM is and how it works)

In this context, emulation refers to the process of running a video game on a host system to which it is not native. This is done with the help of an emulator, a special script that translates the game code into something the host computer can understand. Running a ROM (raw game code) in an emulator will produce a playable game. If the emulator does a good job, the code will function identically to how it functions on the hardware in the arcade cabinet.

These ROMs are exact copies of the data found on the computer memory chips in the arcade cabinet or game cartridge. Each game has a unique ROM, and the ROM contains all of the data the machine needs to run the game. It is functionally identical to a modern .exe game file. Owning a ROM is synonymous with owning the game, and pirating a ROM is synonymous with pirating a game.

Seeing the success of the homebrew emulation market and wanting to capitalize on the millenial nostalgia boom, the video game developers themselves took a whack at releasing licensed emulators. These mostly came in the form of (a) porting old games to other consoles, and (b) creating "classic version" re-releases of retro consoles that came pre-loaded with popular games. These attempts would receive mixed reviews, generally skewing negative amongst the enthusiast community. The biggest complaint: the emulation work was laughably horrid. It was good enough for the layman to enjoy a quick nostalgic dip, but those with reasonable baseline knowledge of how the game should look were shocked and offended by the quality of these official, licensed emulators. The PlayStation Classic famously got panned for including the European version of some games instead of the US version, even on consoles sold in the US. Europeans have a different screen refresh rate than "we" do (25 Hz vs 29.97 Hz) and this caused massive gameplay and graphics issues. It was quite clear that these consoles were meant to be quick cash-grabs, not faithful and well-intentioned re-creations of classic and beloved games. The game libraries were too small, and what few games were on the emulator were of very poor quality. These quickly became a running joke in the emulation community, further encouraging the piracy and continued use of the ROMs vis-a-vis the actual IP holder was not treating it with care or respect.

The main takeaway here is that the emulation community

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To a2c,

I got rejected from UCLA today. I never expected to get in, but I held out hope until the very second I saw the letter. I was hurt for a while, I still kinda am. UCLA became synonymous with what I wanted in a college experience. I was ready to plan my life there and now I gotta take a look at reality I guess. I was just hoping that after all of the shit I’ve been through these past few months I could have one real victory. People tell you about the ups and downs of life; I know that I’m down right now, but I thought getting into UCLA, having such an amazing achievement would bring me up. For a second, I felt like I failed, but you know what? I’m not letting myself feel like a failure because of a school that rejected 100 thousand other kids. UCLA doesn’t get to define 100 thousand people.

I want to encourage you guys who’ve also been rejected from the school of your dreams. Within an hour of UCLA’s release, I realized that I do have good options that’ll probably be better for me. Within an hour, I went from devastated about one school to excited about the prospects of others. Be proud of yourselves. Don’t let the schools that rejected you steal the beauty away from those that accepted you. For months, “you end up where you’re meant to be” sounded like bullshit you told people for sympathy, it took my own rejection to realize it’s true. Start looking into the schools that accepted you right now. Don’t spend another minute lingering on a something that’s not for you, because there is a place for you. There’s people that reserved a space for you. A dorm room for you, future friends waiting for you. Find out where that place is and internalize that. It’s your future, and it’s going to be promising.

I’m probably leaving A2C today, I may pop back in when my last decision (likely my second rejection from Berkeley) comes out, but the truth is I need a break. I’m relieved that I’m done with the anxiety and the constant refreshing of this sub and my emails. You guys have been a great resource and I appreciate all of the help I’ve gotten here in the past year. Maybe I’ll come back with some sage knowledge one day to help the seniors of the future. For now, I relax and focus my energy into finding my future.

With love, A dude who just wants to go to college.

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Knowledge and human power are synonymous -Francis Bacon
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