[CW: Slurs] Decided to use the BBC's new keyboard for kids, Own It, and do some testing with it. Apparently they think slurs against minorities are okay and get a :) rating.
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Best keyboards/synths for kids

Lots of discussion here about best starter keyboards/synths for adults, but anyone have an opinion on the best synths/keyboards for kids?

A problem I always had when I was a kid - cheap keyboards sound so crappy they kinda kill the fun. What's a good strategy for balancing cheap with fun? (My comments below)

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RGB is for kids, REAL MEN use keyboards like this. Tried to make a dust accumulated keyboard look photorealistic. What do you guys think?
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You kids have RGB on your keyboards, here we have RGB bridges for +15 FPS reddit.com/gallery/lvfcdh
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Anyone ever had to clean Gfuel out of your keyboard and mouse? Is this salvageable? I'm pretty new here. I'm not having anymore kids. This sealed it for me.
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Remember to clean your keyboard kids! (Iā€™m cleaning mine for the first time in 4 years)
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Looking for an old Yamaha keyboard I had as a kid, can't find it

I walked down memory lane today and remembered an electronic piano I had as a kid. I can't find the exact one, but I know that it's a gray Yamaha brand one with a blue glowing display and Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" as one of the demo songs. It's most likely a DJX model, but I'm not certain. Can anyone help me find it? I might end up buying it if I find it.

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3 out of the 4 Crucible rounds I played today ended up with me having a positive K/D ratio the moment I let my wife's boyfriend to sit behind the keyboard. This is huge as his peen for me, and I have no one else to share it with as my kids don't give a fuck about my D2 patrols farmer career.
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Loud keyboards are for kids
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Kid DEMANDS i give him my mech keyboard because "he needs it for fortnite" i make him break his keyboard

so i was working on a custom keyboard today and remembered this story.

Cast: Me=Guess who EK=entitled kid EM=entitled mom

Backstory: so i had just gotten a pc and i was looking into good keyboards to buy, i got really into it and ended up buying 4 different ones over the span of 1 month, i bought a razer cysnosa chroma, a redragon k552, an rk61, and my favorite an sk64. i got really into it and learned how to mod my keyboard, i had just gotten the things i needed for the mods on easter, but my entire family was coming over as we were hosting, ok to the story

So everything is going well, my relatives are showing up, popping in my room to say hello, and im just cutting band aids to add to my pcb, when in walks EK, the conversation went as follows

EK "what are you doing"

Me"oh this, im just modding my new keyboard"

EK" oh cool what games do you play"

the conversation started off normal, and he was very friendly. He seemed to be interested in my sk64 as i had a custom kakashi keycap set on it and he watched a little naruto too, we got called of to eat so i wrapped up and went to dinner. At the table i see EK whisper to his EM, she then proceeded to ask me, " so i saw you had a lot of keyboards in your room"

Me "yeah i have been trying out a buch of different switches, i want to find the ones i like"

EM" oh well do you think EP could have one of the ones you dont like?"

Me" i dont know, i spent a lot of my own money on the keyboards, i also bought custom parts and other thing for them that make them quite valuable to me"

EM" oh come on its just some plastic and wires, it cant be too exspensive"

i didnt respond to her remark.

After dinner i went back to my room, i spray lubed my gateron optical reds, i band aid modded the PCB, and finally i lubed the stablizers, EK came back into my room, DEMANDING i gave him the keyboard i had just spent 2 hours modding, of course i said no, which made him very angry. He ran off to i presume tell his mother, which he did, but what made me angry is he had told his and my mother i had hit him for asking for a keyboard. My mother didnt belive me when i said i didnt hit him, and told me to give him one of my keyboards, I WAS FUMING, i was so close to bursting out crying, but i thought of a plan, after my mother left, i told him about all the keyboards, but i told him my redragon keyboard was the best one, it worked and when he had to go, he said he wanted my k552, so i gave it to him.

i waited all the way until chri

... keep reading on reddit āž”

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This kids is what happens when you have too much stuff and no space :D (still have to find a place for the keyboard :(.)
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