Huge kahoot

So I am a kahoot teacher ambassador for Canada. I have been hosting big games. One of which went beyond max players up to 5500 attempting login. πŸ˜‚ this Thursday 2 pm EST. I will be hosting my next event. It’s targeted for 7/8 students but anyone is welcome.

Here is the link to the stream:

Sign up for the email list to get more details.…

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πŸ“…︎ Jan 26 2021
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Answers For Kahoot

Here's a guide. Many of you may already know this but:

  1. Join a Kahoot game normally
  2. Open up a new tab
  3. Go to (not to be mistaken with
  4. Sign Up or Login with any email address
  5. On the discover page, look up the quiz name that your teacher is currently playing. e.g. General Knowledge 2019
  6. Go onto the same quiz, and click "Show Answers"
  7. The questions will always be in the order shown, and the answers will never change colour. So all you have to do now, is press the right colour, on the right question. You can even spam it if you want.
  8. Here's a table to show you where the colours will appear on the answer stage
Red Blue
Yellow Green
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