Please comment on my itinerary!

EDIT: A huge thank you to everyone who replied to this post. I am blown away by this community's generosity and enthusiasm, and I will be going through each and every one of your detailed and helpful comments. I cannot wait for our trip!

Hi r/AskSF, I am going to be visiting your lovely city for 5 days in August. I've done a lot of research through the usual websites (including this subreddit) and come up with an itinerary. I would love if some of you locals could comment!

Some background info: I really agonized over restaurants because I am a big fan of food. I wake up in the morning, and my first thought is about what I'm going to have for lunch. I love all kinds of cuisines, and if I were traveling alone, I would absolutely be going for Burmese at Mandalay/Burma Superstar, Vietnamese at Hai Ky Mi Gia/Saigon Sandwich, Shaan'xi at Terra Cotta Warrior, burritos at a taqueria, or New American places like Rich Table/State Bird Provisions etc. But I am visiting with a parent who has a more particular palette, so I've adjusted my choices accordingly, focusing on Japanese (esp sushi and leaning traditional), Chinese (dumplings, dim sum), any and all seafood, and bakeries (mostly for myself). Essentially, "not too salty, not too sweet, not too heavy".

We are from NYC/Boston. Staying in Union Square (parent doesn't like AirBnBs). No car, so had to rule out day trips (Muir Woods, etc.). Preferred activities are seeing beautiful views and walking (as a reference, on our free days in NYC, we like to just walk through Central Park and the rest of Manhattan ~25,000 steps).


  • Land at SFO and take BART to hotel
  • Walk along California Street (Grace Cathedral, Huntington Park)
  • Lunch at Swan Oyster Depot (sicilian sashimi, smoked salmon, combination salad, anything else?)
  • Lombard Street, Ina Coolbrith Park, Washington Square, Coit Tower
  • Dinner at Rintaro (I think it's a pre-fixe menu right now)


  • ~Bakery Time~ Croissants at Arsicault
  • Lands End: Sutro Baths, Legion of Honor Museum
  • Lunch at Dragon Beaux (sea bass dumpling, scallop siu mai, abalone sticky rice, har gow)
  • Baker Beach to GGB to Sausalito
  • EDITED to add: Thank you all for your comments re: Baker Beach to Sausalito! We're going to try to walk as much as we can (maybe just to the bridge?) and consider Lyft/Golden Gate Transit to Sausalito
  • Ferry from Sausalito
  • Dinner at Sotto Mare (cioppino, anything else?)


  • ~Bakery Time~ J
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What's your favorite sandwich place in the bay?

I used to have an awesome sandwich place back in Boston but haven't found anything that quite clicks here yet. So wondering, what are folks' favorite places in the area? Won't lie I hope to hear about stuff on the peninsula but at this point I'm also willing to travel a bit to explore more options.

EDIT: Wow what a turn out! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, this will keep me busy for a good long time. For people who are interested to see what's been suggested without scrolling through the entire thread, here you go (organized by location):

  1. Santoro's Deli--->Alameda
  2. Dominico's Deli--->Alameda
  3. Lorenzo's--->Belmont
  4. Saul's--->Berkeley
  5. Star Meats--->Berkeley
  6. Yummee Sandwiches--->Campbell
  7. Lucca's Deli--->Casto Valley
  8. Mr Pickle's--->Castro Valley / Campbell
  9. Sam's Sandwiches--->Daly City
  10. Lou's Sandwich Café--->Daly City / SF
  11. Domenico's--->Danville
  12. Freshly Baked--->DTSJ
  13. Lunardi's--->East Bay / Peninsula / SJ
  14. Ike's--->Everywhere
  15. Roxie's--->Excelsior
  16. Jersey Joe's (original menu)--->HMB
  17. Ofelia's Kitchen--->Livermore
  18. Alotta's Deli--->Los Altos
  19. Los Gatos Meats--->Los Gatos
  20. Café Barrone--->Menlo Park
  21. The Refuge--->Menlo Park / San Carlos
  22. Leonardo's--->Millbrae
  23. Rhea's Deli--->Mission
  24. That's It--->Mission
  25. R Image Market--->Mission
  26. The Sandwich Place--->Mission
  27. Sandwich Spot--->Mountain View / Milpitas
  28. Molinari--->North Beach SF
  29. Italian Deelite--->Novato
  30. Jerry's Deli and BBQ--->Novato
  31. Banh Mi Ba Li--->Oakland
  32. Clove and Hoof--->Oakland
  33. Colombos--->Pacifica
  34. Driftwood Deli--->Palo Alto
  35. Piazza's Deli--->Palo Alto
  36. Fambrini's--->Palo Alto
  37. Little Louie's--->Point Richmond
  38. Woodside Deli--->RWC
  39. Prima Deli--->RWC
  40. Roma--->San Bruno
  41. Bara's--->San Leandro
  42. Ravioli House--->San Mateo
  43. Americano Deli--->San Mateo
  44. Michael's Sourdough--->San Rafael
  45. Jones Deli--->Sausalito
  46. Redwood Sandwich Co--->Scott's Valley
  47. Limoncello--->SF
  48. Deli Board--->SF
  49. Boy's Deli--->SF
  50. Gene's--->SF
  51. The Yellow Submarine--->SF
  52. Saigon Sandwich--->SF
  53. Zanotto's Market--->SJ
  54. Banh Mi Oven--->SJ
  55. Mexico Bakery--->SJ
  56. Amato's--->SJ
  57. Antipasto de Rose--->SJ
  58. Teriyaki Dude--->SJ
  59. California Sourdough--->SJ / Milpitas
  60. Annie's
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Vendor Review

Just got married a couple weekends ago so I thought I’d do a vendor review. Hope this helps anyone with their planning!

Photographer: Caleb Rippetoe 5/5 I absolutely loved our photographer! I realize photography styles vary greatly but if you like his style, I couldn’t recommend him enough. We had an engagement shoot with him and photography the day of for 8 hours for under $3k. He was incredibly quick at doing family photos and got so many great shots during the ceremony and reception despite not having a second shooter. One of the big reasons I picked him was because he can take great photos indoors. I noticed other photographers in his price range could take beautiful outdoor photos but couldn’t seem to handle indoor lighting as well. He also got us all of our photos back within two weeks, which was amazing (although I know it’s due to us getting married in the off season).

Photobooth: Pixel Photobooth 5/5 This was an open air photobooth. The props were great, the onsite person was friendly, and everything ran as expected. Great service for the price. We got the “light” package and added an hour, so it was $600 for 3 hours. They also allowed us to have a 45 minute break at no extra charge, so we had the photobooth open during cocktail hour, closed for most of dinner, and open again after dinner.

Caterer: Smokin’ Woods BBQ 3/5 The food was amazing but there were a few mishaps, which is why I rated them lower. They were difficult to get ahold of over email but very helpful over the phone. However, after signing our contract, we verbally agreed to change one of the side dishes (no cost to change) but it wasn’t changed the day of. They also said they would monitor the vegetarian option since it was buffet-style but we heard that the vegetarian sides ran out and we’re pretty sure we had a few guests who didn’t have anything to eat because of that. These issues could be fixed (request and updated contract, have vegetarians get food first) and we got great food for a great price so I would recommend them with caution.

Rehearsal dinner: Joinery Beerhall (Sausalito) 4/5 The food was delicious and they easily accommodated vegetarians. My only problem was that our two tables (we had about 30 people) weren’t right next to each other. There was a small table in between us that other people were seated at.

Venue: Mill Valley Commu

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Packet radio BBS in San Francisco, still operating

A recently ran across this archived post by KE6JJJ talking about his BBS. I was afraid that the 2-year old post might be out of date, but I tried to connect and everything was still up and running. What fun!

Recipe for my setup, Ubuntu linux:

  1. Using Kenwood TH-D74 handheld radio, connected with USB to a linux computer

  2. Tune to 433.37 MHz, configure the TNC for 9600 bps and enable KISS 96

  3. Configure /etc/ax25/axports with a line like:

    thd74 MYCALL 9600 255 7 desc

  4. Attach the ax25 interface to the TNC, and configure params

    $ sudo modprobe ax25 mkiss $ sudo kissattach /dev/ttyACM0 thd74 $ sudo kissparms -p thd74 -t 100 -s 100 -r 25

  5. Open a connection to the BBS:

    $ axcall KE6JJJ-1

    KE6JJJ-1 │--------│

    Hello Micah, Welcome to the Bernal Heights, San Francisco packet BBS Help Level: 3 (full menus, descriptions and prompting) Current homebbs: KE6JJJ

    {macro 0: list mine unread} No messages match the search criteria you supplied.

    {macro 0: list unread club} No messages match the search criteria you supplied.

    (Type HELP A for menu of A commands, etc.)

    1. KI6TWP de KE6JJJ [0]> INFO BBS

    ==== ABOUT THE BBS =================================================== This BBS is run by Jeremy Cooper, callsign KE6JJJ, in Northern Bernal Heights, San Francisco. It serves the San Francisco Bay Area and should be reachable from the East Bay (Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward), and the Southern edge of the North Bay (Sausalito, Tiburon, Mill Valley).

    Call Frequency Baud TNC Radio

    KE6JJJ-1 50.060 MHz 1200 Kantronics KAM+ Alinco DR-06T KE6JJJ-1 145.090 MHz 1200 Kantronics KPC3+ Kenwood TM-D700A, VHF side KE6JJJ-1 223.600 MHz 1200 Kantronics KPC Alinco DR-235MKII KE6JJJ-1 433.370 MHz 9600 Internal Kenwood TM-D700A, UHF side

    The BSS is running the N0ARY BBS software for UNIX, on a Soekris Net-5501, an embedded computer with an AMD Geode Pentium-style CPU running at 500MHz. The operating system is FreeBSD, version 10.3.

    The BBS and radios run on power system that has lithium battery backup and solar charging. It should be available even during severe disasters such as ==== More ... [CR] next page, [Q]uit, [S]croll, [!cmd] ====>


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yum patsta recipie

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Home Recipes Cooking Style Comfort Food 75 Incredible 5-Star Pasta Recipes Advertisement Caroline StankoUpdated: Jan. 19, 2021 We've gathered up our most-loved pasta recipes all in one place. From cheesy and hearty to fresh and seasonal, these dinners showcase just how versatile noodles can be. 1 / 75 One-Pot Bacon Cheeseburger PastaTaste of Home One-Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta When the weather’s too chilly to grill burgers, I whip up a big pot of this cheesy pasta. Believe it or not, it tastes just like a bacon cheeseburger, and it’s much easier for my young children to enjoy. —Carly Terrell, Granbury Texas

(Here’s a handy guide to how much pasta you need per person.) Go to Recipe

2 / 75 Sue’s Spicy Tomato Basil TortelliniTaste of Home Sue’s Spicy Tomato Basil Tortellini

A friend remarked about a similar baked tortellini dish at a restaurant, so I wanted to try re-creating it for her at home. My stovetop version makes it weeknight easy. —Cynthia Gerken, Naples, Florida Go to Recipe

Advertisement 3 / 75 Chicken Parmesan Stuffed ShellsTaste of Home Chicken Parmesan Stuffed Shells

When chicken Parmesan meets stuffed shells, it's love at first bite. The texture of the chicken holds up in the deliciously creamy and cheesy mixture. —Cynthia Gerken, Naples, Florida Go to Recipe

4 / 75 Peas Please Asian NoodlesTaste of Home Peas Please Asian Noodles

My Asian-inspired pasta salad doubles up on the peas for some serious crunch and sweetness. —Catherine Cassidy, Editor, Taste of Home Go to Recipe

5 / 75 Sausage LasagnaTaste of Home Sausage Lasagna

The idea for this sausage lasagna recipe comes from my mother-in-law, who always makes it for my three boys on special holidays. I've put an easy twist on Carole's classic dish, and it's become one of my go-to dinners as well! —Blair Lonergan, Rochelle, VA Go to Recipe

6 / 75 Cashew-Chicken Rotini SaladTaste of Home Cashew-Chicken Rotini Salad

I’ve tried many chicken salad recipes over the years, but this is my very favorite. It’s fresh, fruity and refreshing, and the cashews add wonderful crunch. Every time I serve it at a potluck or picnic, I get rave reviews—and ( always come home with an empty bowl! —Kara Cook, Elk Ridge, Utah Go to Recipe

7 / 75 Pizza Spa

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It's here! The Bay Area Bassheads Guide to the Bay Area for Baynectar/Be Interactive

Welcome to the Guide to the Bay Area for Baynectar/Be Interactive, brought to you by the Bay Area Bassheads!

Hi guys! We're so excited to have you all visit us in beautiful Northern California (and also super fucking excited to finally have a show here, lol <3 ).

We have collaborated to put together this in-depth guide for you to use when you visit our beautiful home. We hope you love it and it helps you out immensely, and if you have any questions or need more suggestions, feel free to reach out!

At only 49 square miles, San Francisco is a small city, but don’t worry: there is no shortage of things to do and see here. Locals refer to San Francisco as “SF”, or “The City,” but never “San Fran” or “Frisco.” That’s a dead ringer for an out-of-towner and for some reason it makes native San Franciscans hella bent out of shape.

The Bay Area also includes the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, San Leandro, etc.), which is a short BART ride away (more on transportation later).

The venue is located in the Tenderloin district of the city right next to the Civic Center. Please be advised: the Tenderloin is notorious for being a dangerous neighborhood. Which leads to this first and most important point…


San Francisco is a beautiful city. However, you will notice quickly that there is a particularly massive homeless population here, especially in the Civic Center/Tenderloin district. A large portion of the homeless in the Bay Area are SEVERELY mentally ill and/or suffering from severe addiction. I’m gonna mom you for a bit:


Do NOT walk anywhere alone if you can avoid it, and DEFINITELY do not walk around fucked up and making a scene. Don’t wear headphones, walk with your phone out, or walk alone. Don’t have large pieces of jewelry on that will make you a target. Mentally unstable people do some pretty jarring shit sometimes, so if you're not used to being around heavy drug addicts, it can potentially be very uncomfortable. Don’t engage, don’t taunt, be respectful. Be smart, be careful and you’ll be gucci.

Alright now back to the fun stuff.


The Bay Area’s weather is fucking weird. Ever heard the saying “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”? Well that shit is true (even if Mark Twain didn’t actually say it). It’s cold. Wear layers and close-toed shoes. It’s warmer in the East Bay than it is in SF, so if you’re staying in the East Bay and it seems super warm, t

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Looking for recommendations for sushi restaurants


I would like to finally eat at a "real" sushi restaurant, like the ones I see here on albums sometimes.

Not looking for something TOO expensive (I understand quality sushi will cost), maximum 150$~ for 2 people.

Recommendations for places in San Fransisco, LA and NYC would be greatly appreciated.


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I was a teenage boozehound—until age 48

Growing up in San Francisco, I don’t remember much sun. We natives were born into the fog and loved it as our own. To go to the beach you had to go to Santa Cruz. I think back and I can clearly see the blowing grey wet, not quite rain but enough to darken the streets and drip from the trees. This was normal, every day, how it was, the breath of the Pacific blowing through the avenues. Far from grim, I love this maritime landscape.

You get good at what do you. As kids here, we got good at bong hits, bombing hills, buying booze, riding MUNI, finding parties, skipping school, and climbing the many dark hills of nighttime San Francisco. Every hilltop — and this is famously a city of hills — was our midnight home, a high lookout over the glowing city lights, the bay, our streets. We all knew the city from above, where the smooth pavement was, the metal curbs, the smoothest and most gravitationally efficient ways to get from X to Y. We would often skate from one side of the city to another and back, much faster than what I have always heard to be the average speed of MUNI: 7 miles per hour.

The first time I got an alcohol buzz was in third or fourth grade. My mom packed a bottle of apple cider in my lunch and by the time I opened it, it had gone off; fermented and produced enough alcohol for me to feel it. I loved it. Not long afterwards, I stayed over at my friend Zack’s place one night when his parents went out to a movie (North Dallas Forty, and I recall that pretty clearly) and left us on our own recog. We raided the liquor cabinet and drank three (that’s what I remember) bottles of some sort of sweet white wine. Zack puked his guts out and pissed the bed. Feeling fine, I had an enjoyable evening playing Adventure (or maybe Zork) on his Apple I and then helped clean up the mess. Back in Noe Valley when I was nine or ten, some neighbors’ boys invited me up to their attic to smoke some weed. I didn’t care much for their company, but I took very easily to altered states, and started seeking out more interesting friends who liked to get high. By the time of my second year at Everett on 16th and Church I was regularly drinking and smoking weed with a group of friends from school. This was in 7th grade, at the age of 11 and 12. We started with beer and would switch it up with Popov vodka and frozen concentrated orange juice. And whatever else we could get our hands on. It’s hard for really young kids to buy harder drugs, but not impossible. I scored some LSD fro

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The Fine Woodworking - 52 Boxes in 52 weeks - Build Challenge (Amazing Prizes Inside!)

In conjunction with Matt Kenney's AMA, the wonderful people at Fine Woodworking have been gracious enough to sponsor a box build off.


The concept is simple: Check out Matt's 52 Box series he completed last year, pick one you like, and build your own! Unlike Matt, you'll have more than a week to complete your version, but hopefully it can inspire you to get out into the shop to build more and stretch your sense of design and style. Rules

Because this is a sponsored contest with some amazing prizes, we've got some rules that need to be followed in order to be considered eligible to win:

  • Your entry must state which one of Matt's boxes you are building.
  • You may customize your box, but try to keep changes to color and wood species. Diverting too far from the original design will disqualify your entry.
  • Include progress photos in your submission. Nothing excessive, just make sure we can tell you build the box.
  • You must start your box after February 17th and complete it before April 17th

Edit: Many have asked if more than one submission is allowed in the contest. You are allowed to enter as many boxes as you wish, with the following clarification on prize eligibility. Each person can get a maximum of 2 entries into the lottery: one for a 'regular' box and one for a turned box. (But you can't win multiple lottery prizes.) All entries are eligible for the editor's choice, no limits per person.

How to Enter

Submit your completed project to SimpleCove and use the contest drop down menu to indicate you're entering the 52 Box challenge. (The menu is at the bottom of the post submission page) Due to the nature of the contest, this is a requirement to be eligible to win. If you aren't interested in a prize and want to build along simply for the challenge, feel free to use whatever image host you want. You are welcome to share and show off your project here or anywhere else.

Entrants must send a modmail message to me (/u/Clock_Man) with the following information upon submission:

-->reddit username: First/last name; Mailing address; email address

Tracking this information after the fact has been a big issue in past contests, this way prizes can be shipped as soon as the contest is completed.


Prizes will be awarded in two categories: Lottery & Editors Choi

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What are your favorite Bay Area restaurants and bars? (my list so far)

This list is my ongoing attempt to keep track of the most fun and tasty spots around the city that I've discovered in my trek so far. Always looking to expand and discover something new.

  • Sheba Piano Lounge - Went here with friends... great little nightspot that serves Ethiopian food and cocktails in an candle lit upscale piano lounge on Fillmore. A very cool spot for pretending you're classy if you also don't mind eating with your hands.

  • Tony's Pizza Napoletana - This one wins a lot of awards is considered by some to be the best damn pizza in the world and I think they might be right. Some great pizza dishes every time we go here it seems to impress. Expect to wait about an hour for a table on a busy night and about as long in line for the bathroom.

  • Benu - Haven't been here yet but it's getting insane praise from the Wall Street Journal: "Benu, a year-old San Francisco effort from Thomas Keller's former right-hand man Corey Lee (he was chef du cuisine at the French Laundry), has captured the imaginations of his fellow chefs. "Benu really is the best restaurant in America," said chef David Chang." Place is expensive as these type of elite dining things tend to be.

  • Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge - A retro polynesian tropical themed lounge in Alameda that serves crazy flaming tiki cocktails, shame about the remote location. Guess you need a DD or $50 cab ride to hit this one.

  • Deli Board - Fantastic sandwich shop in SOMA that serves up tasty creations and has a really enthusiastic staff and chef. They are really into making sandwiches. So if you like sandwiches you should go here.

  • Tadich Grill - Haven't been to this one yet but it was highly recommended by both Anthony Bourdain and the older cab driver who drove me to Rickhouse last night so that's good enough for me.

  • Smuggler's Cove - Finally a tiki bar accessible by BART. The current favorite tiki bar in the city where it's all spectacle and fruity drinks. Also features a drinking bingo game that seems to earn only respect and alcohol poisoning.

  • Puerto Alegre - This Mission Mexican place is great for giant burritos and pitchers of margaritas. The place is crowded and often crawling with hipsters, but worth the stretch. Also dangerous is the flight of tequila. They're no

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Visit to San Francisco, Mendocino (Stanford Inn) and related

There was a lot we did and I'm sure I missed some things but wanted to give a run down of our recent trip. If you are friends with me on FB, you probably saw some of the related pics.

##Places to stay:

Park Guest House - San Francisco

Awesome place to stay at the border of the Mission area and Castro. 2 victorian houses converted into a B&B with breakfast (fruit, toast/bagels, peanut butter, apple butter, etc) and tea/coffee available any time. They also let us use their fridge for our leftovers. The staff was very friendly (except 1 guy looked kind of grumpy) and the place was very clean and had a lot of nice victorian house touches. They have a wine happy hour but we never made it to it as we were usually came back after it was done.

The cottages on river road (Guerneville)

Nice place to stay, it was clean and they have a nightly fire where you can sit outside by the fire but we didn't. They allowed dogs and we saw a few there. There was some road noise but it wasn't too bad. They had some continental breakfast but we didn't check it out so no comment on that.

Stanford Inn (Mendocino)

I know this deserves a post on its own but it truly was awesome. It was a low time of year so they upgraded us and we ended up in a suite. They had chocolates and cookies in the room as well as soy milk, coffee and tea. Each room has a microwave and a fridge as well as a fireplace. The staff was very friendly and helped us find hikes near us to start us out. They also offer an afternoon tea + dessert and breakfast is included, we did both of those the days we were there. They also had llamas, donkeys, horses and geese. You could get close to the llamas but they didn’t seem to want you to so we watched from afar. The inn also has a dog and a cat.

Marriott Waterfront by SFO airport

I'm only including this because we had an early flight and we get discounts at Marriott hotels. It is a pretty location but it was louder than I expected outside, even after the airplanes stopped landing/taking off.


Lucky Creation (San Francisco)

Yummy Chinese food, the menu indicates that it is Cantonese style which why it was different than we normally have had in the past.

Gracias Madre (San Francisco)

I was a big fan when we visited the LA location. The San Francisco location has small communal tables, which isn't bad in theory. Another couple was sat at our table and the guy joked about snapping his fingers to get the s

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📅︎ Nov 22 2016
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Who is your favorite builder? Who is the most skilled? What makes him/her great?

I love lurking and seeing the progress of builders. Two that stand out to me are Engin and Kirk. I don't really have a reason why they stand out to me. I met kirk at a show one time and he seemed like a great guy and I have since then continued to watch his progress. Engin on the other hand does an amazing job of posting his build process on flickr, and I have just always loved his work.

My aunt and uncle love Dean and they each have a frame from them.

The last shop I worked at (in Sausalito) dealt a lot with Paul Taylor and Ron Cooper. Both of which appeared great to me.

What/who are some of your favorites and why?

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Going to Coalesce? Here's is a Guide to the Bay Area, brought to you by Bay Area Bassheads!

Welcome Tipper and friends! We have collaborated to put together this in-depth guide for you to use when you visit our beautiful home. We hope you love it and it helps you out immensely, and if you have any questions or need more suggestions, feel free to reach out!

The Bay Area includes the San Francisco peninsula, the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, San Leandro, etc.), the North Bay (Marin, Sausalito, Sebastopol, etc.) and the South Bay (San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino, etc.).

Map of the Bay Area

The Richmond Craneway is located in Richmond in the East Bay. Please be advised: Richmond is not the safest neighborhood in the world. Which leads to this next, and most important point…


The Bay Area is insanely beautiful. However, you will notice quickly that there is a particularly massive homeless population here. A large portion of the homeless in the Bay Area are SEVERELY mentally ill and/or suffering from severe addiction. I’m gonna mom you for a bit:


Do NOT walk anywhere alone if you can avoid it, and DEFINITELY do not walk around fucked up and making a scene. Don’t wear headphones, walk with your phone out, or walk alone. Don’t have large pieces of jewelry on that will make you a target. Mentally unstable people do some pretty jarring shit sometimes, so if you're not used to being around heavy drug addicts, it can potentially be very uncomfortable. Don’t engage, don’t taunt, be respectful. Be smart, be careful and you’ll be gucci.

Alright now back to the fun stuff.


California may be notorious for warm, balmy weather year-round, but that does not necessarily apply to the Bay Area. The Bay Area’s weather is fucking weird. Ever heard the saying “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”? Well that shit is true (even if Mark Twain didn’t actually say it). It’s cold. Wear layers and close-toed shoes. The juxtaposition of the city to the Pacific Ocean means cold, damp fogs are regular occurrences and they will get you when you’re not expecting it and it will make you miserable. *Bonus fact: Bay Area residents call the fog “Karl the fog” and he has his own Twitter account. :)*


Finding a place to stay in this area may seem tricky, since Richmond is largely an industrial city. The cities closest to

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📰︎ r/Tipper
📅︎ Nov 24 2018
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