Really rough prototype leg joinery. Just test building some jigs tonight. Definitely learned some lessons. Definitely need to open the kerf on the tenon, make the back shoulder bigger, be more precise etc. just wanted to see if I could do an angled wedged tenon. I call it a success.
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📅︎ May 18
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I was gifted this beautiful piece of wood of ash tree and made a table. This is my finest piece so far, I learned a ton on this project and it was so much fun to make. No piece of metal in this construction, all traditional joinery. This was definitely not the last table I made
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👤︎ u/mp_habour
📅︎ Dec 13 2021
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My first real woodworking project. Christian Becksvoort's stool from Fine Woodworking. Joinery done with handtools. Linseed oil and paste wax. Definitely a lot mistakes, but for a shop stool, I'm very happy.
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👤︎ u/lkargl5
📅︎ Dec 25 2021
🚨︎ report
First table build, outdoor table made of merbau/kwila. Definitely could’ve done better, especially on some of the joinery but I’m stoked! 👌🏽👌🏽
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📅︎ Jan 08
🚨︎ report
More satisfying joinery. This one will almost definitely fail from swelling and pop the end off. You can see an “oopsie” where I already accidentally broke this one.
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📅︎ Jun 23 2021
🚨︎ report
I have been working on this box over the last couple of weeks, it is focused around invisible joinery, using mitered dovetails! Definitively my best work up to this point :)
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📰︎ r/Joinery
📅︎ Jun 14 2021
🚨︎ report
My bifold baby gate with cat door. Definitely made many mistakes along the way, but I learned a hell of a lot and had fun making it! My first project using all screw and nail free joinery. Pretty happy with the way it turned out!
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👤︎ u/TheBrig94
📅︎ Sep 07 2020
🚨︎ report
I expanded! Haha I made little friends for my first chair I made. Definitely easier to stain pre cut. Lesson learned. I have been converted to a pocket hole joinery. Now I have 2 more orders to bang out. 🙏🏽
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📅︎ May 19 2021
🚨︎ report
Joinery that looks like it grows out of one part and into another is definitely one of my favorite furniture details.
👍︎ 3k
📅︎ Oct 21 2018
🚨︎ report
I made this coffee table out of leftover terrace plank wood (lark) and the frame out of construction wood which is white waxed. Everything is planed by hand. I definitely learned that I should just ask the joinery next door to use their planer for a sec. And next time screws from below.
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👤︎ u/Hannebal75
📅︎ Sep 13 2020
🚨︎ report
White Oak Kitchen Table. With my coffee table and end tables done, I finally gave the kitchen table a go! No screws...all joinery which is a first for me. Definitely not perfect, but it works and is only a hobby for me so I'll take it!
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📅︎ Apr 20 2020
🚨︎ report
I tried out some staked joinery tonight, I will definitely be doing more of this joinery in the near future.
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📅︎ Nov 11 2016
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I don’t know if I should share this but….

If it helps one mother it’ll be worth it! Honestly, I had a super traumatic birth and always felt extremely attached to my LO. She’s definitely a “Velcro” baby and we would almost exclusively contact nap from the start. Not contact napping would often mean a 20-30 minute nap. Crib transfers never worked for us. Literally the only time I got her to nap in her crib was when I climbed in with her, put her to sleep, and climbed out. The naps would still only last 30 minutes.

I would try to leave her in the bed and “ninja” roll away but it started to feel unsafe for me because she would wake up frequently and was extremely mobile. Usually I would just go to bed when she did.

CIO was never an option for me.

But I did one thing that have made things a lot easier. I saw some negativity towards it in this sub hence I wasn’t sure if I should share it. But it has helped me so much and helped my marriage. I get more time for myself at night and during her naps.

I made a kind of floor crib, twin sized, for her nursery. It’s big enough for me to lie down with her, and bedshare if I need to, which I currently do for half the night. There’s no “transfer” necessary. It looks like some of the Montessori toddler beds on Etsy except the rails are spaced appropriately for a baby. It also has a gate. I designed it with a joinery company and can send pictures for anyone who wants.

I can now leave her there and get sometimes 4-5 hour stretches and have peace of mind that she’s in a safe space. I made it so that it can grow with her; when she’s ready for the big bed I can remove the rails.

It’s been a game changer for us because I can get free time when she naps or when she’s sleeping. Even if she’s just sleeping for 2 hours at a stretch, that leaves me time to watch TV or read a book if I want, shower, have dinner, spend time with my husband, etc — sometimes I fall asleep in my own bed before needing to go in. I now feel like I can sometimes try to leave her at night for just a dinner with my girlfriends nearby or have them over. Something I need to practice haha I’ve done it twice only so far. I still get major separation anxiety leaving her.

She’s turning 10 months at the end of the month and I’m feeling optimistic and hopeful about the future.

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📅︎ May 26
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Can I make a folding table with no proper tools or skills?

Hello everybody,

I'm really humbled every time I see Japanese joinery at work. Now I want to make a folding table for my mom's small kitchen and I thought maybe I could come up with a creative design and bring it to life using Japanese joinery techniques without using nails or screws.

I understand mechanics to a certain degree and I'm not bad with balance/load/weight distribution calculations but I have no woodworking skills or experience. I have a few power tools (saw/sanding machine/drill) that I use for repairs around the house and that's it.

Do you think a noob like me could pull off a simple table without major frustration?

One more thing... I go all the way and try to learn/develop skills as much as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time whenever I become interested in anything. I can't afford go that route nowadays so I try to avoid getting a new hobby like the plague. I'm hoping to keep this as simple as possible without crossing over to the avid learner zone. Definitely don't want to buy any tools for this (no bonding/commitment).

I'd like to hear your thoughts.


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📅︎ Jun 15
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Yesterday's Hero - a story set in the Mass Effect Universe with original characters - Human and Asari - Chapter 1 – Stardust –

This is something that I've been working on over the past few weeks.

I have chosen to write a Science Fiction story set in the Mass effect Universe because it really interests me. This story has original content, in that the characters are my creation, the universe is the creation of Bioware.

I can't really say much more as [spoilers] will ruin it.

[Mass Effect is the creation and IP of Bioware - I am just playing in the universe they created]

- Chapter 1 – Stardust –

I have always believed in luck. From my standpoint, I am lucky. All my life things have just worked out for me. No matter what it was, I had some sort of weird light that shielded me from terrible things, like times that I was certain I would die got turned into near misses, or that I had been in the right time and place, the universe just made it as though I was someone that you’d call a Fortunate Son. The science fiction writer Larry Niven thought that luck was something quantifiable and I think he was right.

It was my luck that lead me to this. I had the insane notion that I would be a space traveller.

They always say be careful of what you wish, it must just come true…

~ October 22, 2180 ~

A haze of smoke hung over the huge hanger bay. Some of it was from fires that were burning around various parts of the hanger, resulting from hits from energy weapons fire and grenade explosions. Lileah’sah T’daari adjusted her helmets vision monitor. She couldn’t see anything on the thermal imaging spectrum nor sense any living bio signatures. "All hostiles eliminated."

A scene of carnage though was apparent. Bodies of the various hostiles lay strewn about the huge hanger bay of this smugglers base.

The battle had been intense, vicious and brutal yet thankfully it was over in a very short space of time. Asari Commandos were well known for their lethality and their excellence in conducting lightning fast strikes and devastating attacks.

She felt fortunate that her helmet was on, shutting out the smell of the battle and the dead. With a small gesture, she signalled all clear, her fellow commandos moving forward from where they had been taking cover to secure the area. Slowly, 7 more figures moved cautiously into the vast hanger space that made up a large part of this pirate base.

“All clear,” came the call over the commlink from another Huntress.

“Alright, secure this facility. I want Di'naka, Kasiss and Tre'mete to sweep the perimeter. The rest of you, spread out and see w

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📅︎ May 25
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Santa Claus VS. Zeus

An all-out brawl between the holly-and-jolly Santa Claus that we would see modern portrayals of in North America, the Father of Christmas and King of Elves, friends with the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, against the all-powerful Zeus, King of the Olympians, Lord of the Sky, God of Lightning and a pretty terrible husband.

Now, there are many iterations and legends surrounding both two figures, but for the sake of clarity, we're going to have one of both figures that will be in this battle, while I try to be somewhat accurate to the Ancient Greek myths and old stories of Saint Nicholas.

Santa Claus comes from the myths surrounding Saint Nicholas of Myra, a small town in modern-day Turkey. Zeus comes from Ancient Greek mythology, in Greece.

/ / /

Santa Claus:

• Longevity and immortality. He is like, a couple thousands of years old, and while he is usually portrayed as an old man, he must have some form of longevity to keep himself going. He probably is immune to most earthly diseases and infections.

• Spreads joy and cheer wherever he goes. He's known worldwide for bringing elation and ecstasy to the youth of humanity and helping Christmas cheer jingle through the air. My wording is corny, I know. However, Santa is known for his peaceful and pacifist nature and may be hesitant about fighting at all.

• Vast amounts of wisdom and intelligence. He surely has accumulated tons of wise knowledge over the years, and must be really smart to be able to tactically plan out delivering gifts to billions of people and avoid getting seen at all in just several hours.

• Immense speed and agility. He is skillful and quick-witted, and can move at unnerving speeds to be able to deliver his gifts to the kiddies and eat the plethoras of cookies and milk on the tables. He can also teleport and appear anywhere he wishes.

• Toy making skillset and dexterity. He's known as the greatest toymaker in the world, so he must have a vast array of knowledge in painting, engineering, joinery, mechanics, sewing, and whatnot, not to mention all the other things that aren't toys, such as brand-new cars for your eager college student or a beautiful dress for your sweet daughter.

• Superhuman strength. Santa definitely must need some strength to carry his infamous sack of gifts and presents, which is basically a small pocket dimension holding the millions of presents. Most immortal deity-like characters also usually have godlike strength.

• Little critters and creatures by his side.

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Hardware or hard-headed?

Like most of us starting out nowadays, YouTube is my go-to source for both inspiration and advice. Something I've noticed around that neck of the woods though is that nobody there seems to ever use hardware like corner braces or mending plates to affix things. This has definitely given me an aversion to using them but... Why?

Is it that they're just another thing to buy and wood to wood joinery is just as effective or more? Are Brackets the beginner way to attach things until you get more comfortable with rabbets, doves, and dados?

I started building a miter stand last night and wasted a bunch of time trying to fix a wobbly corner instead of just using some brackets I had lying around. Once I got over that it went together right away and is sturdy as all heck.

So... What's the deal?

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👤︎ u/Mancupcake
📅︎ May 04
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Images of Tatami Room frame (Thuma Competitor)

Recently received my Tall Tatami Platform Bed and Tall Bedside Table and thought I’d share pictures, since similar posts on this site helped me decide which company to choose. Note that some pictures are mine, and others were actually provided by Tatami Room when I asked for additional images (shared with permission).

Overall I am impressed with the quality and sturdiness, so I highly recommend this frame and bedside table.

Update June 2022: Received the drawers! I’m overall pretty satisfied by them, but they have some minor flaws. See below for more details.

Overall things to note:

  • The bed frame took about 20 minutes to put together. Most of that time was reading the directions and making sure the rails and the like were facing the right way.
  • It took approximately three lifetimes to get everything out of the boxes and packaging that they came in. (This ended up being a good thing - the products themselves didn’t have so much as a scratch)
  • The bed frame can be assembled by one able-bodied person
  • I put pads on the bottom of the frame so the floor wouldn’t get scratched, so I can’t do a proper shake test. I’ve walked around on top of it, though, and it hasn’t budged.
  • Didn’t get the headboard because would cover the windows. You can see it in some company-provided pictures and a link to another Reddit review at the bottom though
  • The drawers on the bedside table open very smoothly
  • They took about two months to arrive, but I’m actually still waiting on the storage drawers that I ordered at the same time. However, I’m not remotely upset about any of this. For one, they had a banner on their site saying there would be long delays, so I knew before I even had the items in the cart. Also, when it was time for the frame and bedside table to ship, they reached out and confirmed that I wanted to go through with the order, and they told that the drawers wouldn’t be arriving until May (update: they shipped in May and arrived in early June)
  • Customer service was really responsive. I emailed them a few times, and they were happy to answer my questions. I still can’t believe they sent me additional pictures lol
  • I got the honey oak color. I was expecting it to be a bit more yellow from other Reddit pictures, but it’s definitely more brown. Still very nice. Also, there is one natural finish picture from the company below
  • My mattress is about 10 inches tall
  • Edit: It has two support legs attached to one middle support rail. See comment for m
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📅︎ Mar 26
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~20k Northside Chicago wedding need venue ideas!

I'm planning a wedding next summer for about 130 people and am new to Chicago. We're doing a church wedding on the Northside (Edgewater) but are really struggling to find a venue within 30 minutes that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Has anyone planned a wedding for around $20-25k total, or should I reset my expectations? I made a budget using average wedding costs in Chicago and it's freaking me out that this thing might cost closer to 40k. We want to save money where we can, but I'm finding the sheer amount for catering and venue averages around 20k alone.

My dream venue would be somewhere rustic, industrial, with some history in the north side or city to make it easy for our of town guests. Open to suburbs and more casual venues as long as we have space to eat and dance inside. Sharing some of the venues we've looked into and nixed in case that sparks ideas!

  1. Firehouse Chicago - my dream venue! It's historic and warm and beautiful, with gorgeous ivy and really thoughtful details. Unfortunately it has a max of 120 which means we'll have to make some tough guest lists cuts (and I recently read more people are showing up to weddings so Im thinking of inviting people we'd actually want to come and then do second tier invites). Plus, they're only available August of next year and our church doesn't have air conditioning, I'd have to split up people indoors and outdoors which might be fine but may be hard if its hot, and I think they only have 3 bathrooms total
  2. Newberry library - it's doesn't have the wood tables I envisioned definitely a linen vibe, but the high ceilings are beautiful, the location is great and convenient for hotels, they have a lot of thoughtful details so we could go all out with the nerdy book theme which we find appealing, and lots of parking and bathrooms. We're pricing out caterers but I think it'll be 20k with catering and venue
  3. Salvage one - we're not cool enough for this space and told $$$
  4. Colvin house - didn't feel like us and felt very small!
  5. Lytle house - too small
  6. The joinery - 10k venue, 30/pp bar although they are flexible on catering
  7. Redfield, danada house - too far away

I know this is really specific but any wisdom would be appreciated, from venues we haven't considered to even how y'all have thought through deciding on venues or researching them! Bathrooms and AC are important right??

RESOLVED: I think we found our venue!! Thank yall for the great ideas 💡

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📅︎ Mar 30
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Heating tips for winter

Hey all,

I'm looking for tips on how you set up your heat pump in winter (temp/fan mode/overnight or on a timer). I have a 9 month old, hubby and brother who live in the house. We do also get crying windows in the morning so am looking for tips to help combat this.

The house has aluminum joinery which I believe is pretty bad for crying windows (please correct me if I'm wrong).

We also have glass doors which the heat escapes through, last winter I put bubble wrap on our front door which definitely helped the heat and privacy but looked horrible.

Any other tips for keeping house warm and dry in winter?


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👤︎ u/mrsj010817
📅︎ Mar 10
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Bought a 1930's semi-detached house in the UK from a 90 year old lady who lived here for 68 years and hadn't redecorated since the 1970s.

We bought this 1930s semi-detached house in the UK in 2018. We spent about 80k on gutting this house and making it ours. This is our first house and definitely looked at the purchase as an investment, so we were only really looking at houses that needed a large renovation, but we definitely bit off a lot here. Our contractor commented a few times on the "liberties" and "creativity" of whoever did the plumbing and electrics during a remodel probably sometime around the 1970s when the large back room was added.

The kitchen and downstairs bathrooms were moved, every wall and ceiling was re-plastered, the whole house was repainted, the original hardwood floors were re-finished, and everywhere that didn't have original flooring got tiled or new engineered hardwood. We redid the electrics and plumbing, got new radiators, and installed can lights throughout the house. We are very lucky as my husband's step-father is a retired architect, and he helped us with changing the downstairs layout. We had to hire an engineer to help us with installing 3 steel beams that hold up the upstairs of the house after taking out the central chimney breast in the house. Outside, we put in a patio and had some massive bushes and dead trees cut down.

We started renovations in July 2019 which was ongoing until lockdown in March 2020, at which point everything was put on hold. At that point, the only thing left to do was paint the entire house and refinish the original floors, so we lived like that for more than a year. We're expecting a baby (any day now!) which pushed us to finish it all up, and the painters left a week ago. We decided to take photos in the same angles as the original listing photos from when we first saw the house, to show how far we've come.

Edit: I've added a before and after layout of the downstairs of the house for clarity of the changes we made with moving walls and rooms to the imgur post. :)

Edit 2: to comply with post requirements!

Our kitchen

Cabinets from Howden's (I believe the Chelford line) cost £4800
Countertop is quartz from Merchant House cost £3600
Refrigerator is Samsung RS5500k cost £1100
Dishwasher is Bosch Serie 6 cost £620
Extractor is Franke 90cm Extractor cost £419
Stove is Rangemaster Infusion cost £1800

Engineered hardwood flooring is from UK Flooring Direct cost £2800
All tiling from Topps Tiles cost £870
3 new windows from Alpha windows cost £1400
8 new i

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📅︎ Aug 28 2021
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Floating/non floating floors

I work for a flooring supply and installation company in Utah. As far as “wood” flooring goes, we carry three main types. Laminate (usually mdf substrate with a Formica type lamination on top), LVP (luxury vinyl planks, some type of plastic substrate with a vinyl top layer), and hardwood (plywood substrate with about 1/16-1/4 top lamination of real wood. The laminate and lvp planks have a locking tongue and groove system that you have to engage on a slight angle usually. The hardwood has tongue and groove joinery but it does not lock. Also, the laminate and lvp is a floating floor, so we don’t glue or nail the planks to the subfloor or anything that would restrict it from expanding and contracting. We also leave expansion gaps so the floor can expand without buckling. The hardwood however, is glued and stapled through the tongue into the subfloor. My question is, why does the laminate and lvp need to float while the hardwood doesn’t? When I ask knowledgeable people at work, they seem to just give answers that they’ve heard someone else say or they confabulate something that sounds good because they don’t know. From my prior experience in woodworking and carpentry, I know that real wood expands and contracts more than plywood and mdf and I would definitely think more than lvp. So when people tell me hardwood doesn’t need to free float because it doesn’t expand and contract as much, that seems like bull shit to me. I want to know because I take care of warranties and I frequently see gaps in between hardwood planks from what I believe is shrinking. It seems to me that if the hardwood was installed free floating and had locking tongue and groove systems, then the joints would stay tight and all the expansion and contraction would be limited to the perimeter like with lvp and laminate. However I am new to the flooring industry so I’m not sure if there are other reasons they do things this way in my state. Sorry for the novel, and any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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📅︎ Feb 22
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Teds Woodworking Reviews Reddit | Don’t Buy Until Read This! My Experience!

>Teds Woodworking program - Everything about the woodworking program Teds Woodworking discussed. Detailed Teds Woodworking reviews by Ted McGrath!

Teds Woodworking Reviews Reddit

Teds Woodworking Reviews Reddit

If you're into woodworking and you've done the rounds online attempting to find the best woodworking plans to help refine and master your craft, you've likely come across Teds Woodworking.

Teds collection of woodworking "plans" has certainly gained a lot of traction in terms of popularity in recent times, and at first glance of Teds Woodworking sales page, one might believe that Teds plans could actually be the answer to all your woodworking projects prayers.

I mean, how could one woodworker go wrong spending a mere $67 on a staggering 16,000 high-quality woodworking plans with a complete "treasure trove" of in-depth video training tutorials hosted by the master craftsmen himself, Ted McGrath?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Like come on, we're talking about step-by-step instructions with detailed "blueprints" from the much-famed woodworking wizard himself, Ted.

Surely this couldn't be another online woodworking scam brought to you by those ethically questionable characters at Clickbank?

Well, let's dig a little deeper and find out if Teds "esteemed" woodworking plans are worth your invaluable time, and more importantly, your money.

Speaking of money, if you're interested in making money online from woodworking, you're going to need the right guideance, and woodworking plans. But are you really going to get that from Ted's Woodworking?

***>>>Click Here To Order Ted's Woodworking Program For The lowest Price Available (60 Days Money-Back Guarantee)***

What is Teds Woodworking?

To answer that question, you'd first want to know who

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📅︎ Dec 18 2021
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First big DIY woodworking project: shou sugi ban privacy fence/pergola corner - UPDATE

I meant to post more updates but was too busy to post due to my research work picking up, pandemic and family stuff, and TBH... replaying the Witcher 3. Anyway, lots of progress to report!

The "client" (aka girlfriend) is from the Southwest and wanted a gabion wall/bench so we watched all of youtube and taught ourselves about building those. We live near a creek/gorge that was a rock quarry so we were able to haul by hand river rock to face the gabions and then filled with rubble that we collected from neighbors and a nearby bridge construction site. It was actually a fun experience and a nice diversion from burning, brushing, and sealing boards with polyurethane in the hot sun. My only regret was not wearing heavy canvas gloves the whole time because we tore up several pairs of work gloves working the brace wires and placing rock.

We like the smooth look of the wood, so we wanted the finished product have no visible screwheads/fasteners. Because this is my first real woodworking project, I also want it to be pretty modular since my skills will "probably" improve. I took advantage of the steel PostMaster Plus fenceposts and made wooden cover panels with countersunk neodymium magnets. Hopefully this proves workable over the long term!

It took a hot second, but I finally made a gate as well. I really wanted to maintain the continuous horizontal lines of the fence, so rather than a diagonal wooden brace, I used half-lap joints and steel corner braces. Hopefully, this is sufficient to prevent sagging over time. If not, I'm ok with rebuilding it since my joinery game is much better. Similar to the fence posts, I made magnetic covers for the gate and used steel nail stops to attach magnets to the gate frame. We also found some old window sash weights while excavating the yard, so I used those to make a counterweight closing mechanism for the gate. As you can see in the picture, I need to adjust how the weights are attached because right now they look like rusted truck balls that got spaghettified by a black hole.

We still have to finish the pergola top/beams, make a bench cover, and do some hardscaping, but it's really coming together. I'd keep working over the winter but my girlfriend will disappear me if I stink up the basement with poly fumes again. Come spring it will be done!

original post: [](

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Best way to design a large flat object so it can be 3d printed and assembled together?

I want to design and 3D print a large box-type object (a storage bin kind of thing-- four walls and a bottom). Is this something I should probably just make out of wood? Definitely yes. Am I too lazy to get out my tools and go to the store to buy wood? Also definitely yes.

My 3D printer can print ~200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm or so. I'd like to the bin to be around 400 mm long x ~125 mm wide by ~100 mm tall, with a wall thickness of ~5-10 mm or so.

What's the best way to design the bin in such a way so it can be printed in multiple parts and fit on my printer? Some sort of joinery sounds neat, though I'm not sure what joint would work well for joining large, flat pieces. I guess I would glue box joints together if I was doing this in wood, though let's be real, that's pretty advanced for my woodworking skills.

I'll be doing the modelling part in Fusion 360 if that helps. Thanks!

Bonus question-- how would you glue the joint if you were doing this in PLA?

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📅︎ Nov 19 2021
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My experience/advice as someone with SA

Hello everyone, merry Christmas.

FYI I do think at least some of this advice will help but these are just my personal opinions and everyone’s experience is different.

I’ve struggled with SA since I was about 10 or so (19 now) and I’ve come a long way, I definitely don’t have it as bad as other but it has been extremely difficult and has affected my life in a drastic way. Fortunately I’ve made a lot of progress and still deal with it today but my SA generally doesn’t prevent me from living a normal life like it used to.

I’ll now list some things that help me throughout my experience, hopefully you guys can try some and see if they work :)

-exposure I’m sure no one wants to hear this as it’s extremely difficult to put yourself out there and be in uncomfortable situations, but imo it’s really the most important. The thing is tho it isn’t about going to your local bar and doing karaoke or public speaking. It’s progressive little steps you take, and as you do this you’ll slowly start to feel comfortable in ‘uncomfortable’ situations. Obviously you all are experiencing SA differently so there isn’t a bench mark but please try to get out of your comfort zone

For me it was things like putting my mic on when playing games, or taking phone calls instead of texting. then I starting exposing myself to more ‘scary’ social situations and quickly realised that my thoughts were so irrational and these situations are not so scary. I still have a long way to go but this helps so much

-positive self talk!!!!! I recently joined this sub and I see a lot of post about people being in embarrassing situations and obsessing over it, which I used to do and is a normal thing with SA. But you can rewire your thought process thought repetitive positive self talk. So for example you get in a situation and it’s awkward or embarrassing and after I can’t stop thinking about it. I would just tell myself things like “it’s not such a big deal” “they probably don’t care and much as I think (which is too true” etc etc. I do positive self talk after any stressful encounter and it’s helped a lot but you eventually start to believe it. Even saying to myself everyone “ your confident” “your strong” “you can do anything you put your mind to” help tremendously, please give it a go!!

-what to do in social situations ( like a party’s or gathos) A thing I learned to do in social situations, especially when there’s a few people was to focus on things/people, what I mean is when your socially

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MBIE is updating the building code around insulation. Here's a summary of what's changing and how you can yell at them about it.

In 2021 the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment will update the building code. They are currently open for submissions on this year's changes, and the big focus is on shaping up our insulation. You can read all about it here.

There are three general options on how they want to proceed:

  • Go halfway to comparable international standards,
  • Match international standards, or
  • Go further than international standards.

By international standards, MBIE has made comparisons to several locations with a similar climate to NZ. These are Australia, England, Ireland, Wales, and California. This range seems to have been selected to represent the range of climate conditions in NZ. The comparison graphs between our current status quo and the international standard are both eye-opening and laughable. Here's a summary of comparisons of R values. (R values are a measure of how insulating a particular material is. Higher is better.)

Roof Window Wall Underfloor
NZ status quo 2.9-3.3 0.26 2
Australia 5.1 - 2.8
England 5 0.5 3.3
Ireland 6.1 0.32 4.8
Wales 6.5 0.62 4.8
California 5.2 0.6 3.7

(Note that I eyeballed this from the bar graphs in the report, numbers are not accurate)

So this table completely explains why our houses are so fucking cold all the fucking time. We put in less insulation than Australia!

A major part of the proposal is in defining six new climate zones across New Zealand. Previously, we've had three and going by the status quo graphs, I'm not sure that the rules between them were all that different. The three current zones are pretty much Auckland and north, the entire South Island and the central plateau, and the rest of the North Island. So Nelson, Christchurch, and Invercargill all operated under the same rules for insulation previously. The proposal will put them into zones 3, 5, and 6 respectively. You can see the maps in the first few pages of the report.

So here's a summary of what our R values will be for zone 1 (Auckland) and zone 5 (Christchurch) under the three options:

Roof Window Wall Underfloor
Status quo 2.9-3.3 0.26 2
Halfway zone 1 3 0.26 2
Halfway zone 5 3.8 0.33 2.2
Matching zone 1 5 0.39 2.4
Matching zone 5 7 0.55 3.5
Going further zone 1 6.5 0.48 2.8
Going further zone 5 8.4 0.68 4.4


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Why aren't there more painted projects?

I want to preface this by saying that I love the look of natural wood, and I definitely understand why woodworkers want to show off wood. That being said, I see almost no painted, or partially painted projects posted here. To me, paint allows you to use less expensive wood, cover up minor mistakes, and match a piece of furniture to a room that already has wood furniture without having to try and use stain to match the color. Paint is also one of the most long lasting, durable, protective finishes you can use. The Shaker's made extensive use of paint for those exact reasons. Overall, I think it's a great thing to have in your repertoire of finishes, and I think people shouldn't be afraid to use it, especially if you're working on a budget or aren't trying to show off hand cut joinery.

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Wedges cant be used to pack out joinery.

Using wedges in the building sector for joinery is pretty bog standard stuff. Unfortunately it's not allowed.

According to the E2/AS1 Clause

> Attachments for windows and doors

>* Install windows and doors using pairs of minimum 75x3.15 galvanised jolt head nails or 8 gauge x 65 mm stainless steel screws, through reveals into surrounding framing at: >* a) Maximum 450 mm centres along sills, jambs and heads, and >* b) Maximum 150 mm from reveal ends. Install packers between reveals and framing at all fixing points, except between head reveals and lintels.

It could be argued that wedges are packers, but I have not yet seen a satisfactory definition anywhere saying so. Unfortunately there is nothing defining packers in the interpretation and my google searches haven't turned up anything.

It is also worth pointing out that no packing should be installed between head and lintle. Another seemingly standard thing in the building industry.

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What were the developments in Neo-classicism in the 19th century?

Article Link:

We stand at The threshold of Modernity, with the gates thrown open before us. But hold your horses, before we cross over, a recapitulation is in order. We have crossed vast territories through the last 12 articles. However, before we delve into modernism, it would be a disservice if we did not tie together everything that we have learnt.

At the turn of the 18th century, we saw growing popularity for ‘Neoclassicism.’ In the simplest of terms, Neoclassicism was a revival of Classical Greco-Roman thought and the Renaissance style. The popularity of this movement found roots in the then-recent archaeological excavations of Greek and Roman sites. In the mid 18th century, Archeology was fast emerging as science and held the fascination of the masses. As a result, these excavations gave people unprecedented exposure to antiquity. Classical ideals of harmony, symmetry, and proportions piqued their interests. Further, the increasing ease of travel (at least for the rich upper class) allowed for an exchange of cultural ideals, a propagation through carrying away of ideas and mementoes across countries.

While Neoclassicism borrows heavily from classical thought, they differ in the essential sense. Classism emerged as a reach towards theoretical perfection. On the other hand, Neoclassicism was an aesthetic fascination with classical architecture. It focused on an idealistic process rather than embracing it as a modern way of life.

By the late 18th century, there was a great political and social upheaval spearheaded by the French Revolution. This gave Neoclassicism an impetus to don a more radical viewpoint. This was when the emerging Republican way of life and changing social structure reshaped the needs of the bourgeois. The subsequent need for n

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I think updoot reddit on YouTube saved my butt today.

So I work for a joinery company and was delivering a load to a construction site about an hour away from work, and whenever I'm out and about, I just play reddit compilation videos through my headphones.

I was about 8 minutes into a video when in the middle of the town at a red light, with a bad feeling of deja vu. the video started buffering. I thought it was odd since I had good reception but was just going to wait it out. The light went green, and the video played just long enough to say the word "wait" and started buffering again. I couldn't see anything at all, The road was clear, but I thought I'd listen, looked left, then right again and there was a massive semi at Speed that appeared out of nowhere and ran the red light. It would have taken out the drivers side of the cab, and I'd have been toast if I didn't wait. Definitely reminded me of my own mortality.

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LN vs LV

I know there have been a million posts comparing these two companies and their offerings. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos but am still in that stage of “paralysis by analysis”.

I’ve been transitioning into hand tools for a few years now and am a hobbyist. I have some of the newer Stanley sweetheart planes and a Bailey #6. I feel pretty comfortable with both bevel up and bevel down planes as well as how to use them. With that, I’m looking to buy my more permanent tooling, which is why I’m stuck.

I have purchased a LN large routing plane and a dovetail saw since I felt like I wanted to stick with LN. I live in CT and having tools made close by is hugely appealing especially when I can take a weekend and go on tours up there and what not.

However, I have a lot of other tools from Veritas (honing guides, marking tools, mallets and gauges) and really like their quality and function. I love the aesthetics and classic feel of the LN planes but with the LV stuff I do enjoy the engineering (im an aerospace engineer by trade) and minimalist approach of the BU line (no frogs and chip breakers), not to mention the cost.

So I’m at a crossroads. Do i go with the cheaper tool that puts a new twist on the old classics or do I stick with the classic locally made stuff?

I’m not here to discuss the difference between U and BD since in the end it’s just personal preference, same thing with the aesthetics and ergonomics. I guess the question here is whether the additions of the LV stuff (like machining center screws, thumb slot for LAJ for shooting) is more of a gimmick over functionality? The blade comparisons seem to go toward the pmv-11 blades as well. Or go the route of “buy once, cry once” for aesthetic purposes?

I’m planning to get a BUS, BUJ, and LAJ from LV or a #4, #5 1/2, and # 7 from LN. the price is almost half for the LV stuff.

So for those of you who have splurged and use both brands, what are your takeaways and thoughts on the switch one way or the other?

Again, sorry for another one of these posts just looking for some recent feedback and to get my thoughts out into the sub. I know I’m all over the place here, just need someone to talk some sense into me! Thanks!

Edit: all, thank you for the feedback it’s gone a long way in helping me break through this paralysis. I think ultimately I’ll take things on a case by case basis but will lean towards LN, especially regarding bench planes. The joinery stuff will definitely be determined based on th

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Yesterday's Hero - a story set in the ME Universe with original characters - Human and Asari

This is something that I've been working on over the past week or so. It's still in draft form for now so there's probably going to be a couple of errors that I've yet to fix.

I plan on adding to it as I can. I can't really say much more as [spoilers] will ruin it.

Chapter 1 – Stardust –

I have always believed in luck. From my standpoint, I am lucky. All my life things have just worked out for me. No matter what it was, I had some sort of weird light that shielded me from terrible things, like times that I was certain I would die got turned into near misses, or that I had been in the right time and place, the universe just made it as though I was someone that you’d call a Fortunate Son. The science fiction writer Larry Niven thought that luck was something quantifiable and I think he was right.

It was my luck that lead me to this. I had the insane notion that I would be a space traveller.

They always say be careful of what you wish, it must just come true…

~ October 22, 2180 ~

A haze of smoke hung over the huge hanger bay. Some of it was from fires that were burning around various parts of the hanger, resulting from hits from energy weapons fire and grenade explosions. Lileah’sah T’daari adjusted her helmets vision monitor. She couldn’t see anything on the thermal imaging spectrum nor sense any living bio signatures. "All hostiles eliminated."

A scene of carnage though was apparent. Bodies of the various hostiles lay strewn about the huge hanger bay of this smugglers base.

The battle had been intense, vicious and brutal yet thankfully it was over in a very short space of time. Asari Commandos were well known for their lethality and their excellence in conducting lightning fast strikes and devastating attacks.

She felt fortunate that her helmet was on, shutting out the smell of the battle and the dead. With a small gesture, she signalled all clear, her fellow commandos moving forward from where they had been taking cover to secure the area. Slowly, 7 more figures moved cautiously into the vast hanger space that made up a large part of this pirate base.

“All clear,” came the call over the commlink from another Huntress.

“Alright, secure this facility. I want Di'naka, Kasiss and Tre'mete to sweep the perimeter. The rest of you, spread out and see what those scum have got here,” said Lieutenant Mi’nely Merevus. The squad nodded and moved out.

The hanger had a number of small ships, ground transports, cargo haulers and various carg

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