Jamba Soups: The exact menu of Jamba Juice served up hot. Do you want a steaming peanut butter moo’d? That’s Jamba Soups.
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📅︎ Aug 31 2020
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Does the Jamba Juice on campus do secret menu items?

I used to work at a Jamba Juice back in Phoenix, and those drinks were easily better than anything they had on the menu. Do you know if they do secret menu items here? Like the other gummies, or sour patch kids, or butterfinger?

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👤︎ u/LukeyMacG
📅︎ Feb 06 2020
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Jamba Juice dropping 'juice' from name to reflect changes in their menu including plant-based options for their beverages. local10.com/money/jamba-j…
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👤︎ u/zayrhar
📅︎ Jun 06 2019
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TIL Jamba Juice has a secret menu of drinks you can order with names ranging from "Hello Jesus", "Screaming Orgasm", "Berry Depressing" and "Penis Shooter" amongst other flavors/names. juicingforweightloss.com/…
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📅︎ Jun 25 2013
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Jamba Juice secret menu

Hey r/secretmenus, I am a current Jamba’s employee so this is sort of an updated secret menu since a lot of the ones found online are either out of date or incomplete. If you don’t see the you’re favorite smoothie in the list below just let me know and if you do message me and I’ll tell you how to order it at any store and get past the weird looks or confused employees!

Blue Gummy Bear Pink Gummy Bear Green Gummy Bear Chocolate covered gummy Blue fruity pebbles White fruity pebbles Cinnamon Toast Crunch Butterfinger Reece’s pieces Pink starburst Sour patch Peach rings Strawberry shortcake Strawberry mochi Raspberry dream Pineapple dream Lava flow Chocolate covered strawberry Chocolate covered raspberry Apple pie “Fresh” orange dream

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👤︎ u/Txwrecks
📅︎ Aug 20 2018
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Jamba Juice to Launch New Plant-Based Food Menu Across Stores Soon onegreenplanet.org/news/j…
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📰︎ r/vegan
📅︎ May 10 2016
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TIL: Jamba Juice has a secret menu where sherbet is added. jambajuicesmoothies.com/j…
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👤︎ u/SatanMD
📅︎ Feb 08 2013
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Jamba Juice's Concept Store Ramps Up the Juice Bar's Ambiance and Menu la.eater.com/2016/5/5/115…
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👤︎ u/lnfinity
📅︎ May 11 2016
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TIL Jamba Juice has a giant secret menu! examiner.com/chain-restau…
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👤︎ u/cmortell
📅︎ Dec 30 2010
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The FULL Jamba Juice secret menu [OC] imgur.com/6cXr9
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👤︎ u/duble_v
📅︎ Nov 02 2012
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This is how the Jamba Juice employees' conversation went after I ordered a smoothie that wasn't on the menu. imgur.com/1IZTumP
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👤︎ u/Wifflebald
📅︎ Sep 14 2013
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TIL Jamba Juice has a secret menu with smoothies like the Penis Shooter and the Thank You Jesus jambajuicesmoothies.com/j…
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📅︎ Mar 07 2013
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JAMBA juice secret menu!!!

Hello Reddit, thought for my first post I'd put up a couple of the recipies from the secret/hidden menu. Most Jambas have a couple secret drinks preprogrammed, like the white and red gummi bears. I would like to post 2 that are almost never programmed. Give your order as it is written and they should come correct.

FRUITY PEBBLES: Orange dream No OJ, Sub Rasberry No Froyo, Sub Pineapple xtra Strawberry

CAPRI SUN: Orchard Oasis No Bananna, Sub Strawberry Light Peach, Sub apple juice

Thanks For Reading GlobalMayhem

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📅︎ Apr 07 2010
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Three months ago Jamba Juice changed their menu and now no one knows how to make my favorite smoothie.
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📅︎ Mar 16 2012
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TIL about the Jamba Juice secret menu (5) ranker.com/list/jamba-jui…
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📅︎ Aug 31 2011
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My friend's experience on pain killers from getting his wisdom teeth out

So my buddy posted this tale in a group message a few of us have, I thought it was hilarious so I asked him if I could post it here. Anyway here it is

Man okay when I got my wisdom teeth out it was a fucking experience. Before the surgery wasn’t too interesting but as soon as I woke up I saw the nurse next to me and was all like “hey… i think… i died… and now I’m in a parallel universe… and i gotta go back to my house and kill the me from this universe” and he was just kinda like “alright, you do that”. And then the other nurse kept going in and out of the room to get things and I thought there was like 5 of her that kept coming out of the room, and then so when she was wheeling me out in a wheelchair I was like “damn… why are there so many of you… there’s like 5 many of you” and she was just kinda like “alright, you do that”.

Anyway I got to the car and my dad was there and he was like “how ya feeling son” in the dadliest way possible and I was like “MAN I AM PUMPED LETS GET SOME JUICE I’M STARVED” so we drove about 3 blocks to a jamba juice, whereupon I say “I’m good I can do this” and run/drunkstumble 30 feet to the door. I burst in the door like a viking returning from some fucking battle and holler “WHATS UP FUCKS” to everyone in the store, which was thankfully just the 2 people behind the counter, who looked probably as scared/confused as a jamba juice employee could look. So anyway, as my dad explained the situation I looked up at the jamba juice menu and was utterly fucking lost in it.

Like I swear I was looking at this menu board for a year, deciphering this Rosetta stone of fruits. I distinctly remember that I was looking at each item in a smoothie, thinking of how it tasted, then moving on to the next thing and thinking of how that tasted, and how they would taste together. Since most smoothies had 3 or 4 items, this took some thinking. So my dad sees me in this extreme brain blast state of mind and says “hey are you going to order or what”.

Keep in mind I’m on the first fucking smoothie on the list here.

So I just say “shush man I’m trying to do fruit science”, and then when I realized that this process could take literal years, I just said “yeah give me a smooth regular” which for the uninitiated, isn’t actually a real thing on any menu. Oh, also I asked them if the “boosted” smoothies would give me super powers and then pointed my fingers at them and made “lightning noises”. So my dad just orders me the first thing on the menu and I g

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📅︎ Mar 26 2015
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/r/UCI Meetup @ Anthill Pub - Tuesday - 4/18/17 @ 6:30 pm

Our first meetup of the Spring 2017 Quarter! It'll be held at the Anthill Pub, located at the Student Center complex, next to Jamba Juice.

Menu - http://anthillpubandgrille.com/menu/

Yelp Profile & Reviews - https://www.yelp.com/biz/anthill-pub-and-grille-irvine

** CASH ONLY. There are ATMs walking distance from the Pub. **

You do not need to be 21 to enter/eat. You DO have to be 21 to drink. Please do not ask a older redditor to buy you a drink for your own consumption, if you are underage.

Look for the giant Zotbutt which will indicate you are at the right group/meeting with members of this sub.

Informal RSVP (in this thread) will be nice so we can have an idea of how many people will be stopping by.

Zot Zot

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📅︎ Apr 10 2017
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Top Ten Caroline Calloway 2020 Moments Ranked from Least to Most #GIRLBOSS

Hello, my name is Caroline (a cruel coincidence). Like two of you may know me from The Bachelor subreddit, where a few months ago I satirically ranked contestants from least to most #GIRLBOSS. I have lurked on this subreddit for months but this week I finally snapped and decided to write this. I'm including this as a disclaimer because the last time I wrote one of these I guess it was too convincing.

Thus, I present:



Unfortunately, Caroline made a terrible error with this endorsement. During his campaign, Bernie Sanders ran on a platform promoting, among others, racial, class, and gender equality. A true girlboss is a feminist, of course, but she has more important things to worry about than the struggles of other people. Women (who are rich and white) are most important - and that's not even trying to offend anyone, it's just following the sacred tenements of self care xoxoxox


Her decision in candidate was admittedly flummoxing - politically, girlbosses have two options: the first is to endorse the candidate who affects them the least - and Bernie would have made her pay taxes. In the words of Kurtz from seminal novel Heart of Darkness, "The horror! The horror!" #BOSSBABES earn their money and shouldn't have to give it to anyone else! But then I realized she was actually sticking with the second option. Caroline didn't actually agree with Bernie Sanders - fraternizing with a poor? Can you imagine? No, of course - she was only pretending to be ideologically aligned with Bernie because everyone else was! A true girlboss is always on the right side of history - in public.


Wearing a t shirt to mocking an unprecedented international tragedy for attention? Absolutely girlboss. Would be higher on the list, but unfortunately, it was tie-dye.


Every girlboss knows an animal isn't just an animal - it's a prop. Caroline's pet selection from a sketchy, immoral breeder was actually following a sacred #girlboss code of honor: surround yourself with things that won't fight back. Every time she grabs an unspayed, inbred

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📅︎ Apr 29 2020
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What was the worst or dumbest thing you’ve done at work in front of a customer?
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📅︎ Dec 13 2018
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Main source of calories hasn't been "good" lately. Dropping weight like crazy.

Hi, everyone!! I just found out about this sub, but I've known I had the disorder since basically the minute it got added to the DSM. I'm actually the one who told my psychiatrist it was a thing, and of course he agreed right away because I'm a textbook case. But to more recent events! Bit of a story because I'm so excited to find this community and I'm kind of stressing atm, which is new to me. This ended up way too long, but I needed to tell someone. If no one reads all of it, that's OK, I'm writing it out for me.

My main source of calories is my daily Jamba Juice. I get a smoothie there every day. Except, of course, that I don't like juice. Or fruit, at all. So I get the only thing on the menu that doesn't even pretend to be healthy: The Peanut Butter Moo'd. It's got chocolate, peanut butter, soymilk, froyo, and bananas. That's right, bananas! So smothered in chocolate and peanut butter that even I can't taste them, but I still get to say I'm eating them! (Of course, sometimes there's a banana chunk and it ruins my whole day but ANYWAY). I used to get a large one of these every day as one of my two meals, and it keeps me going. 1000 calories for energy (actual number), Daily Vitamin and Soy Protein Boosts, and 150 grams of sugar, which is definitely bad, but I'm not diabetic and it's better than starving to death

So, I've also been on meds for just about half my life (I'm 28 now) for some other stuff (OCD/bipolar). One of them is Zyprexa, which is known for making you gain massive amounts of weight. When I started them at 13 or so, my BMI was in the "anorexic" range. I've never actually been anorexic, I was just very skinny because I don't like food. Guessing some of you can relate? Anyway my BMI was like 15, but I was also a kid, so it wasn't as big a deal. Started the drug and was suddenly hungry!! I didn't suddenly start eating like a normal person, just the same stuff but in larger quantities. And bam, gained like 30% of my bodyweight within a few months. Grew up, gained a little more, and for the last few years I've been sitting firmly on the low-to-mid side of a healthy weight.

Then, for unrelated reasons, a few months ago, I tried getting off my meds. I was absolutely shocked to find that psychologically, I was... perfectly fine. Like, totally normal. After having been medicated since puberty, to find I'm just... ok... was a huge shock. But it was great! Except that I wasn't hungry anymore. So I got pretty complacent with my weight over the

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📅︎ Aug 13 2019
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The new craze drink that fucking pisses me off, rant

Its the Strawberry Açai with 3 scoops strawberry and 3 blackberries that are so fucking annoying and i hate them. Like, stop, please for the love of god stop. Like, it fucking gross and just a ploy for a smothe. There is a Jamba juice next door go there for something they have in the menu like i dont care. Who ever made that i hate you cause its awfull, and always take so much of our berries. We dont have much, we cant have a whole box in front. We go through so much of that shit, more then we should and always have to order more then we need, run out, or run out and get some from another fucking store! Like shit. Its a hassle to make and backs up bar for actual blended drinks like fraps that we need to make quickly.

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📅︎ Jun 01 2019
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Tried ordering a "Thank You Jesus" at Jamba Juice...

and was refused by a Jamba Juice in Provo. Thank-You-Jesus is an item on the secret menu at Jamba Juice and composed of lemonade, soymilk, strawberries, sherbet and ice. They knew what it was (and I'm assuming they had all of the ingredients) but I guess the title was too offensive. I got many dirty looks.

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👤︎ u/kipalip15
📅︎ Dec 05 2013
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IAmA Jamba Juice employee of over a year now. AMA

Come at me, bros.

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👤︎ u/Necara
📅︎ Aug 04 2011
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Free Jamba Juice smoothy on June 21st

Not sure if this kind of post is allowed, but Jamba Juice is offering free smoothies tomorrow.

"Celebrate National Smoothie Day Friday June 21st with FREE Smoothies at Jamba Juice from 2pm – 5pm! Cool off from the heat with a Complimentary Watermelon Breeze, Vanilla Blue Sky or White Gummi Smoothie! It’s the perfect way to Celebrate and Kick off the first day of summer! "

I’d recommend calling your local store to make sure they are participating, but this is advertised as a national event. Here’s a little more information you might want to know!

When is National Smoothie Day?

National Smoothie Day is the first day of summer, June 21st!

Which Jamba Juice Smoothies Are Free?

You can choose from three different flavorist – Watermelon Breeze, Vanilla Blue Sky or White Gummi

What Time is The Free Jamba Juice Smoothie?

Head to your local stores between 2-5pm during your local time zone to get your Free Smoothie!

Can I order my smoothie online?

No, you’ll need to visit in stores to get your Free Smoothie, while supplies last.

Can I substitute a different flavor or customize my smoothie?

No, these smoothies are pre-made and custom orders will be charged at the regular menu price.

Are there any stores not participating?

This offer is not valid at the Las Vegas Strip Stores, Safeway Stores, Vons Stores, Pavilions Stores, Convenience Stores, Airport or University Stores.

Is there a limit to how many smoothies I can get?

Limit one small smoothie per guests, You will need to bring the guests with you to receive a free smoothie.

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📅︎ Jun 20 2019
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hey food.reddit, I'm advising this new blog, which reports on all the hidden menus at your favorite dining establishments - I'd love to hear your thoughts/ideas hiddenmenu.com/
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👤︎ u/kn0thing
📅︎ Oct 13 2009
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I know there's a secret item on the menu at McDonalds, but are there any other food places that have secret items?

Where I live if you go to McDonalds and order a 'McGangBang' they will give you a McChicken inside of a double cheeseburger. It is so good and filling. What are some secret items that you all have discovered at the plethora of restaurants we have in the world?

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📰︎ r/AskReddit
👤︎ u/bearboner
📅︎ Aug 16 2012
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Hey chain restaurant workers, what are some interesting secret orders people can make

I know there are some restaurants that have well known "secret" orders like In-N-Out burger... but what about other fast food or chain restaurants. Any uncommon non-menu items out there that we would be surprised to learn about?

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📰︎ r/AskReddit
📅︎ Aug 27 2010
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10 secret menu items at fast food restaurants cnn.com/2009/LIVING/wayof…
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👤︎ u/twolf1
📅︎ Sep 28 2009
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Vanderpump Rules Episode 5 - You're James' mother.. No you're James' mother!


The episode kick off with Lisa “The Queen of Class” Vanderpump eating a treat intended for dogs. The rest of the cast arrives to the dog place, including Scheena and Rob 2.0 (Adam). When asked if she wants to stay single for a while, Scheena responds with “Yeaaaaa…” with as much authenticity as if one of the cast members of Unanchored asked me if I like their show. The weekly requirement of James being disinvited from a party is taken care of early with Ariana/Stassi breaking the news that he is not invited to the winter extravaganza. James runs away from the conversation right before bursting into tears as he had already hit the cap for on-camera tears for the season at that point.

Brittany and Lala then head to the spa for something called a “Bootie Smoothie”. If I ever see anything called a “Bootie Smoothie” on the menu at a Jamba Juice I am immediately leaving. After enduring Lala talk about the sexual habits of “her man”, she reveals to Brittany the groundbreaking news that people don’t trust Jax. Surprisingly, Brittany responds by saying that she trusts Jax and that “he is a new man!” That’s so sweet Brit, definitely nothing to worry about going forward….

Next we see Jackie Kennedy (shoutout the actual Kennedy family!) meeting with Lisa to fight for James’ employment at SUR. In what surely had to go over well with the audience, Jackie defends James by saying, “I know now there is this whole movement of women, but women are attacking James”. After she is done offending all women, Jackie reveals to Lisa that Lisa is in fact James’ mother figure. Lisa responds by saying, “You’re his mother figure”, leaving Jackie with an extremely confused look on her face. I equate it to Andy Cohen saying to me “You’re my hero” with me immediately responding by saying, “No Andy, you’re my hero that I never deserved”. Left out from this imaginary scene is Andy then being extremely creeped out by my last comment.

Lastly, the crew heads to the Ariana/Stassi winter birthday bash. The decorations are purchased from a Christmas shop that somehow stays profitable in L.A in the middle of June (LAPD, if you are reading this, which come on we know you are, you might want to make sure there is nothing sketchy going on in that store behind the elf display). The party consists of the usual shenanigans of Sandoval taking his fashion game too seriously and Scheena being jealous of other people’s friendships. Due to the fact that it is required in her contract, Stassi

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📅︎ Jan 12 2019
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What are some restaurants you know of that have secret menus and have you ever ordered off of it?

I know In 'N Out Burger has a huge secret menu and I've ordered off of it before. What are some other food joints that have secret menus?

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👤︎ u/brilisk
📅︎ Jan 04 2013
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At El Pollo Loco, it's $3 cheaper to get a chicken burrito by getting a BRC and adding shredded chicken. What other little "loopholes" can we come up with at popular establishments to save money?

Sometimes they get pissed at me for requesting this, but more often than not, I manage to pull it off. Adding guac also makes for a great meal under $4 haha :D

Edit: I'll add some of the good ones as they come

Starbucks/Coffee bean/any coffee store:

  1. If you take cream in your coffee, order a tall in a grande cup, or a grande in a venti. Get those couple more ounces for free instead of pouring them out to make room.

  2. Order a few shots of espresso over ice with room. Go to the bar and add cream/milk/sugar. You will save a few dollars.


  1. order a burrito bowl. ask for extra beans/rice/2 tortillas (free of charge). wrap the burritos yourself and get two massive burritos for the price of one.

  2. never order "chips and salsa." Order chips, and after you pay ask for salsa, they'll give it to you for free

Jamba Juice: at jamba juice order a aloha pineapple, then substitute the ingredients for what ever you want to make any other smoothie, the best part is the aloha pineapple has an extra ingredient (yogurt) so you can add an extra ingredient and increase the size and amount of smoothie

Del Taco: for a cheap cheeseburger ask for a kids cheeseburger instead of a regular one. 1.49 vs 1.19 . same bun, same patty, same everything for about .30 cents cheaper. (also why you're at del taco for a burger I have no idea)

Pita Pit: you can build your own pita by just ordering a random one and substituting whichever ingredients you want. For example, you could get the chicken caesar with no chicken or caesar and just add beef, bacon and all the fixin's

McDonald's: This one keeps coming up so FINE...if you want a "ghetto big mac," order a McDouble and add onions and big mac sauce

Quiznos: A regular Turkey sub is $5 but a Turkey Ranch and Swiss is $8. Order the regular Turkey and just add swiss and ranch. Same sub, save $3.

Papa John's: You can get a pizza for $0.25 less if they don't give their workers health insurance.

Dominoe's: If you're ordering online you can get a large for the price of the medium. Just apply the coupon they have for a medium legends pizza first, then select your pizza and make it a large. Rings through at a medium price.

Taco Bell: Order a side of lava sauce for a quarter instead of ordering from the lava menu. Then put that shit on everything.

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📅︎ Nov 16 2012
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Help: 3 months, 3 serious reactions

Wondering if anyone knows what might be going on with me. I’m w/o health insurance at the moment (not for much longer), otherwise I’d already have seen a doctor, but in the meantime I’d love to figure this out because it seems fairly serious. It’s lengthy to explain, but the details make the mystery.

Maybe 5 months ago, I got a smoothie from a health food store in town. Few hours later, I’m sneezing, nose literally pouring snot, eyes red, face swollen to the point where the bridge of my nose is nearly gone, WWIII in my stomach & toilet, and worst of all, horrific welting hives from head to toe for HOURS on end. I took a hairbrush to myself at one point. I took enough Benadryl that I was loopy the rest of the weekend, and my skin was sore the next day.

I know it was the smoothie because, by chance, it was literally the only thing I had eaten at any point that day. The ingredients were listed out for each item on the juice menu, and I actually checked with the employee about whether the one I picked had any bee pollen in it - it didn’t list it in the ingredients, but the smoothie above it on the menu did. I’m very allergic to bees, and I’m just not trying to eat “bee” anything (if only for the mental comfort). She said nope, no bee pollen in my smoothie. There were maybe 5 ingredients, mostly raw fruit (strawberries, orange?, banana?) and only 1 other thing: whey protein powder. I’d eaten each fruit listed countless times in many forms. I’ve had whey protein powder in many smoothies, many times. So, for awhile, I thought some amount of bee pollen must’ve accidentally made its way into my drink, and chalked it up to bad luck.


3 months later, empty stomach, I get a completely different smoothie (Peanut Butter Moo’d) from a different place (Jamba Juice), and I have the exact same reaction. The Peanut Butter Moo’d ingredients include something called “Chocolate Moo’d Base” - but no detail on what that contains. Given that the medium I ordered lists 20g protein, and whey protein is featured heavily throughout Jamba’s menu, I wager there’s a good chance whey is part of the “Base” ingredient. If not, at this point I’m thinking perhaps whey somehow made it into my drink since it’s everywhere there. I laser in on the whey protein because, if it was indeed in my smoothie, it was one of only two (more on that later) common ingredients between the two culprit drinks.

And then.

Like 1 goddamn month later, I MAKE MYSELF A SMOOTHIE IN MY OWN HOME, first t

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📅︎ Jan 23 2019
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What Are Some Hidden Food Menu Items?

I would love to see some gathered knowledge of different eating establishments secret menus.

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📰︎ r/food
📅︎ Nov 25 2011
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A Guide to On-Campus Food (non-dining) for Freshmen and Current Students

Hey guys,
Just recently graduated college and I've been meaning to do a foodie guide for incoming freshmen and current students. I've lived off campus from sophomore onwards so when I don't cook I normally eat at La Jolla Village Square (Chipotle woohoo) or on campus and spend real cash. I will go over the food in the dining halls in the end as I also have strong opinions on what to get and what not to get.
Please take note that these are my opinions only so don't get hostile if I talk shit about a restaurant you like.
I will first be going over the restaurants at Price Center (at least the one I've gotten a chance to dine)

Price Center
Tapioca Express - Get any of the snowbubble, Strawberry Banana was my fave. In general their drinks are great. I like the curry pork chop quite a lot, the first three combo gets boring after a while. If you're an international chinese student and feel nostalgic, go for the Pork Ribs, it will sort of remind you have home.. TapEx is a good place to eat often. 7/10

Santorini's Greek Island Grill - Throughout the 4 years here, I've only gotten a few dishes. My go to lunch/dinner is the Santorini Island Fries. It's basically a meatlover + fries and some other sauce I can't name. If you don't like the sauce like I do, you can just tell him to not add it. Otherwise it's great if you're a fries kind of person like I am. They also have good salad. They are probably also the best for breakfast. You don't have to wait in the normal line, you can get breakfast as long as it is before 12 pm. The omelette is the best imo, enough to fill you up for sure, I'm kind of sad I only picked up on that in my last quarter but oh well. shout out to the nice hispanic ladies behind the counter hard at work everyday! 8/10

Burger King - We all know what this is. The person behind the counter seems to feel like ass everyday so it kind of takes away the experience. My go to is the 2 for 5. But really I don't really eat there that much compared to the others. I only eat at BK when there's too much of a line in other places in Price Center. Also, I'm pretty sure they don't use good ingredients cuz everytime I eat there, my stomach hurts like hell (my friend feels the same way too). Their fries are dope though. Diarrhea/10

Bombay Coast - According to my numerous indian friends, this place isn't authentic. I'm really not surprised, just like how Panda Express+Tapex isn't authentic Chinese food, Bombay Coast is probably t

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📅︎ Jun 28 2017
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What are some awesome restaurant/store secrets that aren't known to the average customer? I'll start.
  • The secret smoothie menu at Jamba Juice is available upon request and has some of the most glorious concoctions I've ever tasted.

  • Less of a secret, but someone could potentially overlook it: the $1, $2, $3 burger deal at Burger King makes no economic sense, since three $1 burgers contain more bacon, more bun, and more awesome than does one $3 burger.

  • Chipotle has chopped jalepenos available upon request

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PSA: Meal Plans are maybe more expensive than you think

Hey guys, just wanted to put this up here. I'm a pretty firm believer that the meal plans at NAU are basically a scam, and I'm here to give you the breakdown. I'm not going to tell you not to go for it (unless you are a freshman on campus, then you have to get one, sorry!), but at least know what you're getting into.

NAU's meal plans for 2017-2018 are categorized into the following categories: Unlimited (kinda), traditional (x per week), and commuter block plans (x per semester). One academic year is considered to be 224.5 days, so each semester is roughly 112 days (16 weeks exactly). I will go through each plan and how much you are paying per meal.

Note that all plans provide dining dollars each semester; this is basically just transferring cash into an account where you can buy any food on campus tax-free (this is a good thing!). However, keep in mind that with or without a meal plan, you can always transfer money into your account at any time (dining dollars are the equivalent of us dollars). As such, I will subtract the dining dollars off both the cost of the plan, and off the benefits as well (cancelling them out). Do keep in mind that dining dollars roll over between fall and spring semester, but they do not roll over past the summer; use them or lose them..

Another note: All places limit you to 3 meal transfers per meal time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night). You can usually spend your transfers on friends if you'd like, unless you have an unlimited plan, in which you get 10 guest meals. Many of the retail restaurants are closed on Saturday, Sunday, or both. Many places are closed on holidays and all places are closed on breaks. The hotspot and DuB are usually open every day, but won't be open continuously all day in some cases.

One more note: below are the prices for continuing students. I couldn't find the meal plan prices for incoming freshman. If anyone can provide me links to those I can add them to this guide.

Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited hotspot & dub meals (these are buffets), dining dollars, 10 guest meals
  • You pay: $2172 / semester.
  • This one is tough to calculate because it is "unlimited". Assuming you eat:
  • 10 meals per week for 16 weeks: $13.58 / meal
  • 15 meals per week for 16 weeks: $9.05 / meal
  • 20 meals per week for 16 weeks: $6.79 / meal
  • Current hotspot / DuB price (dining dollars): $8.39 breakfast (mon-fri), $8.90 brunch (sat/sun), $9.82 lunch (mon-fri), $10.27 dinner (mon-sun)


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Low cal vegan options if you are at the mall (or wherever)

(if anybody knows of non-US fast food vegan options, please post them!)

Au Bon Pain soups:

12 Veggie 120 kcal

Barley & Creamy Lentil 140 kcal

Black Bean 180 kcal

Curried Rice & Lentil 120 kcal

French Moroccan Tomato Lentil 130kcal

Tuscan White Bean 150 kcal

Vegetarian Chili 170 kcal


Panera has some options from 200 to 370 kcal: https://www.panerabread.com/en-us/featured-menu/curated-menus.html#Vegan

Jamba Juice also has some good ( < 250 cal) things to choose from:

Cucumber Orange Cooler, Orange Supreme, Citrus Kick, Strawberry Whirl™ Smoothie (more on that page)

Other options from OneGreenPlanet.com:

Burger King french fries are 383 kcal and good if you don't have any other options.

Quiznos 4" Veggie Guacamole sandwich is 290 kcal if you leave off the cheese

Ruby Tuesday's has a "Create Your Own Garden Bar"

Starbucks Blueberry Oatmeal is only 220 kcal, plain bagel 280 kcal, and seasonal harvest fruit blend 90 kcal

Subway Veggie Delite is 230 kcal

TCBY has silk chocolate almond soft serve for only 110 kcal! Also, the sorbets are vegan and ~100 kcal.

White Castle veggie slider is 270 kcal

Taco Bell has a black bean burrito for 380 kcal

Bruegger’s Bagels Bagels - blueberry (310 kcal), choc chip (330 kcal) and others

Jason's Deli french onion soup without cheese is <200 cal (ask for no cheese), tomato basil soup (200 kcal)

Johnny Rockets Streamliner veggie burger is 420 kcal

Kona Grill has a nice low cal vegan menu (scroll down to "vegan")

Noodles & Company Japanese Pan Noodles 340 kcal, Penne Rosa 380 kcal

P.F. Changs Buddha's Feast Steamed is 250, stir fried eggplant 480 kcal

Ruby Tuesday has an Endless Garden Bar

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes salads and soups with the vegan items clearly marked on the menu

World Wrapps Teryaki Tofu Wrap 387 kcal

Fresh Healthy Cafe vegan options, everything is low cal (Vegan dishes are marked with a "V")

Pita Pit The Garden, Falafel, and Hummus pitas are vegan. You can calculate calories using the ["Build a Pita" pag

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{FAQ Redo} Restaurant Guide

ºoº What is dining at the DLR like?

Disneyland provides a large number of dining choices in and around the parks. Food service is available in number of different venues:

Counter service (CS) restaurants provide walk-up and cafeteria style dining. Prices are moderate, and (generally) no reservations are required.

Table service (TS) restaurants provide full service dining. Prices vary from moderate to expensive, and reservations are recommended (but not required).

Food carts provide various snacks and beverages. Prices vary from inexpensive to moderate.

Lounges and bars provide appetizers and drinks. Prices vary from moderate to expensive. Alcohol is not available in Disneyland, and is only available to adults older than 21 in DCA, DTD, and the resort hotels.

Character dining is also available, which includes a character meet-and-greet experience for children of all ages.

ºoº What types of cuisines are available at the DLR?

Disney has gone to great lengths to provide a huge number of food options for people of all preferences, requirements, and nationalities. Cuisine varies from fast food, fresh, Californian, and various ethnicities.

All of the DLR menus are available online:


ºoº I have food allergies or intolerances, what do I do?

The DLR has a number of resources available for you before you enter the park. Check out their special dietary needs page (https://disneyland.disney.go.com/guest-services/special-dietary-requests/) and their overview (https://disneyland.disney.go.com/ca/plan/guest-services/special-dietary-requests/) on the subject. Disneyland is very accommodating for all food allergies and intolerances.

Be sure to also make your server aware of your needs, in addition to contacting the restaurant ahead of time, especially during busier periods.

ºoº I’m a vegan, are there many good food options?

Yes, there are many great vegan and vegetarian food options in the parks. Each counter service (CS) restaurant has a few choices, as do the table service (TS) restaurants. Additionally, the TS chefs can create a dish based on your specific tastes, often making something that will be the highlight of your trip.

See the Disneyland special dietary requests page (https://disneyland.disney.go.com/guest-services/special-dietary-requests/) for details on how to plan your special meals ahead of time. While we’ve found most of the TS resta

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Jamba Juice - Not allowable with keto?

Fourth day on keto eating less than 20g of carbs. So far I've been very inspired by all of the FP that has been posted here and I've even tried to duplicate those egg-filled bell peppers. Came out great! Anyway, I've got to go out in search of ketosticks today and I'll probably end up having lunch out on the town. When I think of healthy places to eat out and about immediately I think of Jamba Juice and Panera (for the salads). Does anyone know if Jamba Juice is a no-go on keto or are there any menu items that someone can recommend to stay under 20g of carbs?

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📅︎ Jan 16 2012
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New campus dining program next year!

Center Court at the Sadler Center

• The Chop House, offering made-to-order salads

• Maize, featuring vegetarian and vegan options

• Natural, serving a menu tailored to guests with special dietary needs like celiac, gluten and dairy intolerances

• Taliaferro’s, offering handmade pasta and pizza

• Tidewater Grill, featuring handmade burgers and hot sandwiches as well as seafood options

• Reves Global, presenting time-tested, authentic recipes from the world over, setting a course for a voyage of delicious dining opportunities ranging from exotic Asian-inspired dishes to nouvelle West Coast cuisine to spicy Latin dishes

Commons (the Caf)

• Colonial Kitchen, serving comfort food and local favorites

• Chesapeake Kitchen, featuring local seafood

• World Kitchen, offering global flavors

· Simple Servings, serving minimally processed food prepared without gluten or seven of the eight most common food allergens: milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and wheat

• Artisan Kitchen Bakery, presenting made-to-order sandwiches, fresh tossed salads, vegan and vegetarian options and fresh in-house breads

• Queen’s Kitchen, featuring house-made sweets

• Breads and Spreads Kitchen, offering a wide selection of breads and accouterments

The Commons will also feature TJ’s Restaurant, a full-service dining destination with menus inspired by and showcasing local, seasonal ingredients. TJ’s Restaurant will be a new experience on campur, featuring local, fresh, sustainable, a la carte prepared items in a true restaurant environment.

Along with the changes in residential dining, there are also big plans for Retail Dining options on campus. This is what we know so far::

• Wholly Habaneros, William & Mary’s first-ever food truck, will offer a delicious selection of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and burrito bowls. The food truck will tweet its location and pop up in different parts of campus throughout the day and into the evening.

• Aromas, a community favorite, will open in Swem Library and will offer both hot and cold beverages, as well as a variety of bakery and café items.

• The School of Business will feature Argo Tea, which will offer a variety of hot and cold tea-based signature drinks, coffee, artisan sandwiches and baked goods.

• Jamba Juice will open

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5 Week Update - 27 lbs lost!

Well, I've actually stuck to a diet/exercise plan for 5 weeks, and hitting 27 lbs lost feels so good.

Got some comparison pics. First, August 19 [(Side View)] (http://i.imgur.com/WvAj7). And here's today (Side View)

I am 27, 5'8". My goal weight is 130 lbs, but I think I will stop around 140-145. My goal was chosen by picking close to the lowest healthy weight for my height, but I have a larger frame, so I will probably get to the figure I want before that number. I'm not counting on it, and will keep pushing for 130 until I hit a point I'm happy with.

My target date is June 2nd (my birthday is June 3rd). That requires dropping 3.35 lbs/week. Right now, I'm 3 weeks ahead of schedule, which helps knowing I'll have plateaus in there.

Now for the "how I do it" details:

As far as diet, while things have been a little crazy (we had family in town for 10 days, and ate out 7 or 8 of those.) my typical diet goes something like this:

Mon - Fri breakfast is a Slim-Fast shake, lunch is a Lean Cuisine meal and a fat free Yoplait yogurt. Monday is my cheat day, for dinner I have a tall Fat Tire and a half-order of Italian Nachos at happy hour with my coworkers. This puts me about 4-500 calories over. The rest of the week (except Fridays if the kids stay at my mother-in-laws) we have a Velveeta box dinner. Yes, it's processed crap, but it's cheap, easy, and something the kids will actually eat. Saturdays I've started trying to stay with a liquid diet (Jamba Juice mostly). I find it gets out of my system faster, so when I weigh in on Sunday mornings, I can get as close to my "empty weight" as possible.

For snacks, I like having a serving of Wheat Thins and a Jello Pudding every day.

Going out to eat is no longer a problem. I've gotten in the habit of looking up the restaurant's menu before we go, and finding something to eat that fits in my calorie budget. That way, I don't even open the menu while I'm there.

I track everything I eat on MyFitnessPal (feel free to add me, same screenname). I don't track my exercise right now, because I don't want to be tempted to get in the mindset of eating back those calories, or looking at what was a bad day where I slipped and seeing it as "not that bad".

For exercise, I drag the whole family out running. For the first 3.5 weeks we just did various paths through the neighborhood. Now, we go down to YMCA every day. I started C25K, and am now

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Shame on Jamba Juice. They market their smoothies as being "healthy," but the are loaded with SUGAR! The recommended amount of sugar consumption is 25 grams per day. Even the "healthiest" smoothies on the menu contain 38 grams of sugar (Berry Up BEET), 42 (Peach Perfection), 46 (Strawberry Whirl) ... for the small (16 oz) size! This is poison in a cup. They claim to contain "WHOLESOME" ingredients! I just drank a Kale smoothie from there - a 22 oz - and after some research, I discovered that it contains 96 grams of sugar!!! That's FOUR TIMES the recommended daily dose!!! No wonder I'm in such a shitty mood and feel like SHIT! Let's not forget about their "dessert" smoothies that contain well over 100 grams of sugar. Shame on Jamba Juice for advertising their smoothies as "healthy!" It's a big fat LIE!

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Fast food workers of reddit what are your secret menus?

Ive heard there are secret menus at most places (jamba juice for example has a drink that tastes like white gummi bears.) What are some secret menu items you know about?

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What are some secret menu items and how to order them?
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I figured r/frugal would appreciate this information. What other tips/tricks/ways of ordering food at popular establishments do you know that saves money?

I'll add some of the good ones as they come

  • El Pollo Loco

It's $3 cheaper to get a chicken burrito by getting a BRC and adding shredded chicken. Sometimes they give me a hard time for requesting this, but more often than not they don't care. Adding guac also makes for a great meal under $4

  • Starbucks/Coffee bean/any coffee store:
  1. If you take cream in your coffee, order a tall in a grande cup, or a grande in a venti. Get those couple more ounces for free instead of pouring them out to make room.

  2. Order a few shots of espresso over ice with room. Go to the bar and add cream/milk/sugar to make an iced latte. You will save a few dollars.

  • Chipotle:
  1. order a burrito bowl. ask for extra beans/rice/2 tortillas (free of charge). wrap the burritos yourself and get two massive burritos for the price of one.

  2. never order "chips and salsa." Order chips, and after you pay ask for salsa, they'll give it to you for free

  • Jamba Juice:

at jamba juice order a aloha pineapple, then substitute the ingredients for what ever you want to make any other smoothie, the best part is the aloha pineapple has an extra ingredient (yogurt) so you can add an extra ingredient and increase the size and amount of smoothie

  • Del Taco:

for a cheap cheeseburger ask for a kids cheeseburger instead of a regular one. 1.49 vs 1.19 . same bun, same patty, same everything for about .30 cents cheaper. (also why you're at del taco for a burger I have no idea)

  • Pita Pit:

you can build your own pita by just ordering a random one and substituting whichever ingredients you want. For example, you could get the chicken caesar with no chicken or caesar and just add beef, bacon and all the fixin's

  • McDonald's:

If you want a "poor man's big mac," order a double cheeseburger with a sesame seed bun and shredded lettuce. Substitute ketchup for big mac sauce. (This has been my go to ever since I found out. Big Mac for $1.50? I don't even miss the middle slice of bread.)

  • Quiznos:

A regular Turkey sub is $5 but a Turkey Ranch and Swiss is $8. Order the regular Turkey and just add swiss and ranch. Same sub, save $3.

  • Papa John's:

You can get a pizza for $0.25 less if they don't give their workers health insurance.

  • Dominoe's:

If you're ordering online you can get a large for the price of the medium. Just apply the coupon they have for a medium legends pizza first, then select your pizza and make it a large. Rings through at a

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