My geometry puzzle

3 points are randomly placed on a circle with circumference 2pi to form a isoscelies triangle. assuming the two vertices which connect the line of unique length are separated on the circumference of the circle with a arc longer than 1/4 of the total length but less than 1/3, find the average area of the triangle when there if a infinate number of trials.

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📅︎ Aug 03 2020
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I was so enthralled by the lesson on triangles

You could say I was in-trig-ed.

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LEAKED: internal pre-convention bulletins from the ISO…
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📅︎ Feb 14 2014
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A response to slander - the ISO addresses the attacks/leaks from Renewal Faction and others…
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More leaked ISO documents include rape accusation, an SWP defense on its handling of rape, and other internal disputes…
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[FT][SC] Canite's trade list


  • 5ll/196ed Arreats
  • 168ed Jalals
  • 25 res Vmagi
  • 15% DR String of ears
  • -5/+4 Lite lvl-up Facet
  • Seraph's Hymn ammy
  • Hotspurs
  • Infernostrides
  • Frostburns
  • Skullder's
  • Que-Hegans
  • 189ed Buriza
  • Visceratuant
  • Demon Limb
  • Nosferatu's coil
  • Lenymo (heh)


  • Tal's belt
  • Tal's mask
  • Trang helm
  • Laying of Hands gloves


  • 35 fcr Spirit Monarch 148def (perfect) superior
  • +8 ES memory staff


  • 4os ebug Laquered Plate 1171 def
  • 5os Flail
  • 143/135 white monarch
  • 3os Gmb +3 bow skills
  • +3 BO, +1 Shout, +1 increase speed 3os Barb helm
  • 4os Archon Plate 522def
  • 5os Phase blade

Looking for runes or a nice claw base: thread with claw iso

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👤︎ u/Canite
📅︎ Mar 16 2013
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